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Archives: August 12, 2007

I went to a beer tasting and brewery tour today and it was fun

Apparently, PBS is now the Old Music for White People on Quests

Is it hot where you are? I have a solution! Take one can of ice cold beer...

hey elrond!

Lethal Weapon 2 Actress Patsy Kensit and Liz Hurley get, ahem... Close

What's the best PC CD/DVD burning software?

Lethal Weapon 2 Actress Patsy Kensit reveals her large, ripe melons

I haven't been on the internet for two weeks.

Has anybody seen "The Swarm"?

tired of cooking for parent's 50th anniv. party - anyone got a funny story?

Best film set in an airplane?

I just got my new driver's license in the mail...

Derek Jeter burns Jessica Alba with herpes??

One man's soliloquy on his experiences with discussions on Religion and Politics.

How to prove a person is a religious bigot.

Howard Dean wants to know what I think...

Boca Raton man who beat up two Hatians required to learn about tolerance as part of plea deal

Meet The Press-Heads Up

Freakonomics on Terrorism

Tomorrow's (Sunday) Candorville comic is outstanding.

what about me

Lord God Relieved at Poll Results

Support the death penalty? You almost killed 124 innocent people

Mine Collapse. Reason no miners found. They wouldn't be behind engineered collapse.

Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition


What would America look like if DUers ran the country?

Why the draft would cause more casualties...

100 Injuries From Scalp To Toe Before She Died

Couple Dead in Murder-Suicide After They Were Featured on The O'Reilly Factor

Man Goes Through Vasectomy To Get iPhone

On Fleeing the Country --- Ben Tripp

Woman Kills Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands

John Nichols: Dr. King's Candidate

Iraq's Arms Bazaar-Missing Guns (Link to "suicide" of Col Westhusing?)

Kucinich Calls Out Clinton’s Nuclear Blunder


A real bad ID law

Bush's Property Should Be Seized.


From Sniper To War Resister: My Journey

How the Fight for Vast New Spying Powers Was Won / WaPo

Pinochet's suits on sale ... to supporters only (Nixon's Chilean dictator)

Pander Bear Hillary - Linda Chavez media's track record of ignoring & mocking impeachment movement

FISA courts dismantled just in time

The Antiwar Majority - Look Quickly, You Might Miss It!

Mosul's Christians Live in Fear

Got a queasy feeling about all these domestic spying ‘needs’

The great surrender

All the Print That’s Fit to News

Resist the beginnings. Consider the end.

Sectarian 'cleansing' in Baghdad

Iraq Occupation - By the numbers

Gruesome Mystery Of Eight Skeletons In A Forest

Independent UK: Global credit turmoil piles pressure on central banks

Military opens door to more dropouts (AP, via Yahoo)

The Gay Squirm Factor (by Jim David at HuffPost)

The Goal: Preserving Health The Obstacle: Medicare

Citizens-Times: Impeachment drive is dead serious and mounting

PAUL KRUGMAN: It’s All About Them

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Delaying the Inevitable

Why the Government Tests Few Chinese Imports by Joel S. Hirschhorn

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No 303

Pet Saver Defends His Actions

China's heavy industries increase power use - Reuters

Inside the nuclear plant hit by earthquake

WILDALERT: Spotted Owls and Northwest Forests Need Your Help E action

A heads up on the tropics next week...

World's birds on death row: Race against time to save 189 species from extinction

Amazon deforestation drops sharply: Brazil govt.

(Press Release) Plextronics' Organic Solar Cell Technology Breaks World Record

15 Green Fashionistas

Bush Admin Says Technology Climate Key, But Pinches Pennies While Shoveling Money Into Fossil Fuels

World Bank Doesn't Even Try To Calculate The Climate Impact Of Projects It Pays For - LA Times

Coral Reefs disappearing 5x faster than rainforests- there are NO bright spots

The Earth is headed for a record-setting heat wave after 2009

University Of Bremen AMSR Update 10 August - Rapid Decline Continuing Between 75 & 90 N

Fraser River Sockeye Run Collapsing - First Low-End Estimate Of 3.3 Million Now Down To 1.2 Million

How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad

South L.A. Hospital Is Losing U.S. Funds

After Iraq: Guardsman finds it hard to put horrors behind him

Pinochet's suits on sale ... to supporters only (Nixon's Chilean dictator)

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq

Man says hold the cheese, claims McDonald's didn't, sues for $10 million

US slipping in life expectancy rankings

Romney fund-raiser quits after indictment

Ex-UK commander says troops in Iraq being picked off one by one

Fatigue cripples U.S. froces in Iraq.

Five U.S. soldiers killed south of Baghdad

Faction war fears in Iraq city after convoy attack

Mosul's Christians Live in Fear

Army says 'New Republic' stories by U.S. soldier in Iraq are false

Pakistan, Afghanistan agree on fighting militants

More human remains found at bridge site

Iraqi Sunni Claims 'Genocide Campaign'

Contractors accused of firing on civilians, GIs

Gonzales says legal system in Iraq shows improvement

Canadian Bar Association calls for Khadr's release

Economic Policy Mistakes Hurt Iraq: US Official (Unemployed Easy Targets for Insurgent Recruitment)

Democrats quietly fear a backlash from Clinton

Heathrow protesters set up camp

Mine company CEO sues W.Va. Democrats

4 US soldiers killed, 4 wounded in Iraq

U.S. Pays Millions In Cost Overruns For Security in Iraq (p. A01)

Denmark's expedition leaves for Arctic to stake claim

CNN Breaking: Gunman kills three people in MO church

Four soldiers killed in Afghan fighting

Battle over 35 (drowning) deaths at St. Rita's (NOLA nursing home) set to begin.

The GOP YouTube Debate Is Back On

Lieberman to push India nuke deal

US 'surge' in Iraq 'likely to fail': British lawmakers

Iraqi PM calls for crisis summit

Musharraf 'to join Afghan jirga'

Romney: Iowa Straw Poll Win Not Hollow

Italy probe unearths huge Iraq arms deal

U.S. homeowner woes felt around world

Utah Rescue "Has Not Gone Well" (Mine Co-Owner Murray)

Video Surfaces of Cheney, in 1994, Warning That An Invasion of Iraq Would Lead to 'Quagmire'

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez Proposes Gas Pipeline to Cuba (Update2)

Tommy Thompson Quitting Run for the White House

East German Shoot-to-Kill Order Is Found

U.S. and Israel Close Gap On Defence Aid Payouts

Poll: Americans Know Little About Latin America

Phila. school district removes history months from calendar

Gunman Opens Fire in Missouri Church Killing at Least 3

Kucinich's Cleveland Office Vandalized

Protesters show up in force near Cheney home

Merv Griffin dies at 82

Shuttle gouge penetrates through shielding

Study: Trees Won't Fix Global Warming

I'm watching the new: Stir Of Echoes w/Rob Lowe on SciFi, it doesn't seem as creepy...

Bored with a Bic lighter and a digital camera

'Monterey Pop' is on a local PBS station

I don't wanna go to work tomorrow.

Okay, I'm going to get a wireless PC card

"I don't mind stealing bread, from the mouths of decadence.."

The Fearless Vampire Killers

Time for some FUNK!

Woman Kills Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands

Ever see a thread on DU that makes you want to wash your brain?

Admit it, you nailed a falafel...

Replace any word in a thread title with "falafel" and post it here...

Have you considered fucking as a career?

OK, now I have a great case of RED EYE, thanks to a stray

I love On Demand TV...

What's the best documentary you've ever seen?

Best Kid Movie

If I were a woman, I'd be fuckin ugly

Wow, my bank did a really stupid thing with their website.

Well, I'm back.

I wish I could edit PMs.

Anybody seen 'The Good Shepherd'?

I wish I could edit PMS

A poem, with wishes for Autumn

My friend stuck a fish down the back of my pants today.

Sing along with Andy Kaufman!

for you classic Star Trek and bad 80's pop music fans out there

Question for Johnny Cash fans...

I wish I could edit SCORN

Do you like Piper Laurie?

I wish I could edit CORN

I wish I could edit MORN

I wish I could edit PORN

If you see something, run like hell.

Can you buy and swear off- crack without much deliberation?


Look what I just found!

Went for a physical last week. It's time for me to get serious about my health

I wish they had a cologne called Cannabis for Men

Here's a country music song that's almost perfect.

Well guys, it's time to wash out the Jacuzzi again. Ask me anything ...

why do people post stuff like this

To is a preposition, come is a verb

A year ago today i hit my 4000th post milestone..I just did the math

Have you considered sucking as a career?

In honor of Merv Griffin ....... Here's CHARO!!

nominate your shortest, most accurate descriptions of Republicans

I went to the "drags" yesterday

Have you considered f*cking as a career?

Did your parents play favorites among their kids?'s the last day of my holiday

ADA question: What happens when 'my tooth' gets pulled?

Wooo! Hooo ! The advance of the Weakerthans new album is finally out!

Do you like Piper Alpha?

DU'ers you've never met

ATA question: What happens when 'My Du' gets full?

I have to ask you an extremely important question.

I like the song "Uptown Girl" and up yours if you object.

Funny protest pics - this guy was great...

Lion remembers and greets old friends who raised her--amazing and touching video

DUers you wish you'd never met

I wish I could edit GORN

Van-the-man-Morrison pwns ass.

a joke

Jane Pippin rocks! Know why?

Overheard at the grocery store deli today...

Marriage agrees with Tiger

Pics, Part 2: Ieper/Ypres & Aalter, Belgium

So this is what "Milking a Goat" means?

Elrond and Kaghime

Well shit, I can't find my driver's license

Damn, it was 109 today in Houston,

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/12/07

The next time someone sends you a gooey "friendship" email send them this:

famous people you have never shaken hands with or spoken to

The Carpetbaggers... Whoa, BABY!

Who's ready to ROCK?

My, that *is* a big board

I'm obsessed with the list threads....

Parents of teens, what's your "dating" rules?

I hit 3000 and didn't even notice


Help, what do I do with Green Beets? What do they taste like? How do I cook them?

Absolutely KICK-ASS digital art at this site:

Help! What do I do with "beet greens"? What do they taste like? How do I cook them?

The world is full of energy

Uhh, elad? I can't get to My DU now.

things that just generally tick you off...seemingly mundane things...


YESSS! Unless I am very much mistaken, (John Col-)Trane makes the big sticky board!

Help, what do I do with Green Berets? What do they taste like? How do I cook them?

Oh look!! Every time we spend $10 Grovelbot will make us sticky!

Holy shit! Refreshed the page and was zapped by Grovelbot!

I'm warning you - I have a falafel tool, and I'm not afraid to use it

Hey! Meteor shower tonight! Sweet!

Have you considered plucking as a career?

FYI Lounge: ATHF Marathon on Cartoon Channel tomorrow nite

O's wanted...

This can't be good...

Why IS Google highlighting my search terms,

Imagine ruling as the god of an entire gender for more than 40 years - Forrest appreciation thread

Damn it looks hot and muggy in Kansas City.

U.S. Version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares coming to Fox!!

I see I donated a moment after primate1

Anybody figured out how to adblock or otherwise eliminate the stickies yet?

I donated..I donated!! Hey Ma!!

Number Nine...Number Nine

Galactica! SPOILERS! Oh! My!! GODS!!!

Imagine ruling as the gods of an entire genre for more than 40 years - Sabbath appreciation thread

Welcome Back lost-in-nj...

I'm very close to 1,000 DU posts

Post a cute picture of you!

OMG - there is nothing in My Posts - must remedy this situation - STAT

And then there were 4......

So. Are any of us watching the Flav comedy central roast? n/t

Opinions wanted...

Finally put a bumpersticker on my Jeep

The enigmatic Blank Post Of The Day (08/12/07)

Just wanted to let all of you know...

If I don't post ever again after a few days you'll know why.

Woooo... First Contact's on

A whisper of kosher dill brine + really cold vodka = yummy in my tummy

Severus Snape vs. Flavor Flav?

Holy cripes! There was a Gay Pride parade today in my home town!

Some amazing drawings done in pencil....

For those who enjoy language

Welcome to another episode of "MrScorpio Says Nice Things About Republicans"

Er...The Two Coreys?

Welcome to yet another episode of "MrScorpio Says Nice Things About Republicans"

crossposted by request: 15 Green Fashionistas

I baked bread last night.

Official God Hates Me post

You know it's seriously humid...

Boy is my face red!

And now, My 20,000th post!

I just donated

Well yes I'm back.....

No War Has Ever Been Fought In The Name Of Independence, Borders, or Succession

What's a favorite evening snack of your's?

Merv Griffin dies

Fuck, this pisses me off

The greatest lyricist?

Tom Cruise appreciation thread! W00T!!!!

Random thoughts from my weekend...

CB4 was underrated, I say

Have you considered trucking as a career?

Post a picture of someone other than you, who has the same name as you.

I hate Cris Collinsworth. Who's with me?

Advice to Myself: Don't Give Up...

The munkee has landed

Famous last words

Best veggie burgers

Rudeass people

Our Apache died last night

DU'ers You Wish To Ea...

Well, I think we can safely say the cat trap was a bust

My dogs are acting weird

Post a NORMAL pic of you!

Awkward teenage photo thread

Please take a look at my group formation OP in GD

Am I the only one who finds Hugh Hefner and his 3 "babes" kinda creepy?

Funny how after all this time I only really know two people here on DU...

What'cha listening to?

Do you like Piper, Billie?

Do you like fortune cookies?

After Iraq: Guardsman finds it hard to put horrors behind him

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq

VFW post members divided on future of building

The Walk

Back In The Trenches: A Perspective (xpost from GD)

Today in labor history August 12

Today's working family cartoon: Buy company

Picket Metro Lighting in Berkeley in Solidarity with IWW Members

Iran: More Workers Arrested As Unionists Picket

Teamsters Call for Immediate Release of Jailed Iranian Union Leaders

Time Warner workers OK contract two hours before strike deadline

St. Mary Hospital Workers to Vote on Union (Chief Executive got a 38 percent pay increase)

Duluth long-term care workers join AFSCME

Crandall Canyon Mine Owner Murray: Nuts Over Talking Squirrel

In Memory of Gary Puleio 8/15/2001 $6,000 OSHA fine for REPEAT violations and accepted no wrongdoing

Out with outsourcing? Jobs coming back to USA!!!

Statement On The Growing Number Of Latin Workplace Deaths (Cintas involved in 1 again)

From June 21: New Mine Safety Bill Would Give Workers Major New Protections

Serious Safety Violations Found at Cintas Following Gruesome Workplace Injury

Cliff Schecter asks: If you could be a loofah, what kind of loofah would you be?

Laura Bush Music Video (Liberal's Just Another Word...)

W: all ignorance and arrogance on the subject of statutory royalties

Family Guy Barbara Bush

There is something terribly wrong with this country

"Black Ops" General Absent from Pat Tillman Hearings

David Swanson - A Call to Action

Dennis Kucinich 'Strength Through Peace' Pt. 2

OSHA Inspection Meadville Redi-Mix Part1

Teamsters and Bloggers - inspiring video

Krugman on the Housing Bubble

The Constitution in the Bush Era...

San Francisco FPS Officer - We Are At War Now

Kucinich on 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos'

A Symphony of Lies

Censored Pat Paulsen (in blackface) clip from Merv Griffin Show

Dennis Kucinich 'Strength Through Peace' Pt. 1


Markos Moulitsas: Be proud to be a Democrat

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

Billiam the Snowman responds to Mitt Romney

PART 2 OSHA Inspection Meadville Redi-Mix

Bush on Infrastructure Funding

Nazi Police Officer?

Gnomes vote for Kucinich

5 Injured In Orlando Restaurant Shooting

If you look like him, you could be a real Bushie

Infection: Avoid the unhappy and unlucky. (Law #10 of /The 48 Laws of Power/)

" No Light, Just Tunnel: The Bipartisan Guarantee of Continuing War in Iraq" Chris Floyd

Russian companies may default because of huge corporate debt

Russia bans import of poultry from U.S. state of Nebraska

8 Million Iraqis Destitute...fighting for food and water.

CNN: "The scientists AREN'T SO SURE it was an earthquake that caused the mine collapse."

Tommy Thompson Drops Out of Presidential Race

Its OK to be a bigot about religion. But not about gender, race or sexual orientation.

Armed With Checkbooks and Excuses, First Casualties of Va. Fees Go to Court ($1150 Speeding Fine)

Hey, it says I have donated this quarter. And I didn't

Mrs. Sarkozy sure has a lot of class

NYT: Wrong Way Out of Iraq

My LTTE re: CBS censorship in KC - Early Show taping

Somebody Tell Me I'm Not The Only One Watching The NASA Channel ???

President Asshat ---pix--->>>

Mother of Army cavalry scout confronts Senator Snowe in Maine: "We need to get out."

Why are there national demonstrations planned for the same city in the same month endorsed by...

Pimpin' my own thread

((((( )))))

If dogs and cats can get along, why can't people (awesome video)

French first lady goes for walk in town day after Bush snub

It's Official! Tommy Thompson has

mine owner Robert Murray cartoon

All of the presidential candidates should model thong underwear.

Amnesty to defy Catholic church over rape victims' abortion rights

Caption Sarkozy ---pix--->>>

Mea Culpa-I apologize for finding Mormon temple garments amusing...

British Lawmakers: US Surge Likely to Fail

Space Shuttle Gouge Penetrates Shielding --MSNBC Reports LINK

Teaxs Prepares To Execute Another One: But This Time They Know He Didn't Do It

Religion is rarely a choice

This morning I got exiled into the future and found myself 40 years younger

So if Bush OKs Attacks on Iran's Revolutionary Guard, What Will Happen Here In the U.S.?

What if the Banks and Hedge Funds Are Hiding Fact They Lost HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS?

U.S. soldiers must answer to an authority.

Jeb sez, "Leaders Shouldn't Separate Faith and Politics"?!?!

We need THIS wall!

Minimum-Wage Hike Celebrated With Name-Brand Ketchup

Space shuttle may need to be rescued

The week that wasn't

Bush: Iraq Strategy Sees Good Results

If Dems were smart, they'd

Musharraf's days are numbered - Sharif

Major Accused of stealing $9.6 Million in Iraq's Largest Bribery Scandal Remains a Hometown Hero

You guys are not keeping up with the news.

Demand to Alberto Gonzales Seeks Relief for Marine and Soldier

anyone care to speculate on what might be in the "annexes" to Directive 51?

I think Tom Toles has been listening to Kucinich (TOON)

Mortgage meltdown contagion

Home from America's wars, yet homeless in its suburbs

State does not provide for enforcement mechanism for residential camps

Looting fear as Iraqi state library seized

Anyone who thinks the 3 leading Democratic nominees will get us out of Iraq, think again:

OK, now this is weird: NASA video of current teacher in space watching Challenger explode on YouTube

What percentage of the million Iraqis we've killed were terrorists?

anybody remember iraq? 5 u.s. troops killed saturday.

U.S. lifespan slips to 41st in world

My proposed solution to religiously motivated wars:

(U.K) Army warns on Basra deaths

new Fox TV show -- "Are You Dumber Than A Fox News Host?"--

Why does the WH press corps and the rest of the media bring up Iran but never mentions Saudi Arabia?

Mugabe cites U.S. program to justify wiretapping law.

(U.K.) The troops will leave, but should we cheer?

Crocodiles, cobras found in Saudi's luggage

David Gregory sitting in for Timmy Russert-MTP-now (CT).

So are mc cain, giuliani & thompson TOO GOOD for Iowa repubs?

After Iraq: Guardsman finds it hard to put horrors behind him (xpost from Veterans)

Buying Blue: Where Can I Shop?

Cheney calls Iraq a quagmire....(in 1994)

UN staff forced back into Iraq to provide ‘fig-leaf cover’ for US

Back In The Trenches: A Perspective

Catastrophe Looms on the Tigris - The Cracks in Saddam's Dam

Welcome to the Jungle: US Military Psychological Operations and You...

Israeli web site sparks terror alert (Reuters Reports Fri eve bomb)

MTP: Kos and Harold Ford head to head, David Gregory subbing, on now.

Could This Be The "Second American Revolution"?

BBC: Iran urges US pull-out from Iraq

About Google's Cache... And President-For-Life Bush.

Bwahaha! Al Maliki signs oil alliance without the approval of King George

So Mitt admits his five sons are chicken hawks

Contractors accused of firing on civilians, GIs (AP)

C2C AM George Noory has PROOF Valerie Plame lied

St. George

Maliki calls leaders of Iraq to attend an emergency meeting to save his government from collapsing

SW Baptist Seminary starts program on "biblical family and gender roles" for women

I replied to a post with this statement, but I felt

Allah Be Praised, Where Did We Get All These Arms?

Church cancels memorial because he was GAY. WTF?

If Bush declared the moon was made of mozzarella cheese would the NYT quote him without question?

Progressive Mural Project Minnesota Burn by Robert Palmer , 1-5

162,000 trapped. Fatalities reach 3,864 and are expected to rise

WTF is wrong with these people? Love Demonstrated Ministries?

"Church Lady at "cancel a ticket" Traffic School class."

A shooting in the Old City of Jerusalem

The Economist: Is America Turning Left?

"No End In Sight"

AP; Dem Leaderership worried about the Hillary effect

The Three Vices: On Fleeing the Country

Bushitler War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look

Help please, I am looking for the thread about the new "crusaders" in Iraq led by

Is Harold Ford The New Joe Lieberman Jr. ???

Libertarians on Nova M Enraged Saying that Diebold Machines Stole Iowa Poll from Ron Paul

Question about Desert Storm

Who just felt the quake? Bay Area.

Subprime or Subcrime? Time To Investigate and Prosecute...

Markos rips the DLC a new one!

Church Cancels Memorial for Gay Navy Vet

How long will military stay in Iraq under a Dem or Rep ?

PLEASE help support this presidential candidate as a write-in

Merv Griffin dead at 82. I grew up with you, sir. Rest well. Link:

Dear Friend Are you a Republican?

Sunni Leader says genocidal campaign is being waged inside Iraq

Frank Rich - Shuffling Off to Crawford, 2007 Edition...

WaPo: Court twice said Bush wiretapping program was illegal.

Zeigtgeist movie - Does anybody have a link to this movie. I've heard some

caption these pictures

Need advice....TIA

Murdoch and Hillary


The Cost of Caving

Poverty and impunity - the two most alarming trends affecting human rights in a divided world

It's time to stop accepting Bush's failures

Who Was The Worst Republican President?

What would you do if the * Administration tried to draft you? (age 18-25 DUers)

I have a question about the voting machine legislation.

Let's get rid of Bush....anybody who thinks like him....and get rid of the deep disease.

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huff Post: Bill O'Reilly Loves Matt Damon

Please help me by voting on my poll?

Still Averaging About 2.8 Per Day

Where Congressman Jerrold Nadler Stands on Impeachment, Iraq, FISA

Local food networks reflect progress and potential

Jesus is blonde...

"These guys keep moving the center, I stay in the same place, and suddenly I'm a Marxist."

Woman shoots panhandler who asked for 25 cents

Iraq caught making massive black market arms deal

BankAmerica suckage -- Thanks Bankruptcy Bill!

Tom The Dancing Bug: Nate The Neocon - "War Debate Is Hell!"

What a great country this used to be, that I could live sixty years

bush reduces troops....along the US-Mexico border

Kucinich would get Rid of Nuclear weapons! on abc now.

America's Incompetence Obvious In Rescue Fiascos

DHS doles out millions for street cameras - Big Brother has arrived!


Watching Ford and Kos reveals the

First Pelosi-Sheehan Poll Results

106 Degrees

Paper ballots necessary to preserve democracy

Jonathan Alter: I Know What You Did Last Summer

Just saw "Shut Up and Sing" -- what happened next?

Molly Ivins on Bush's illegal American surveillance: "This Could Scarcely Be Clearer"

Are failing to make headway, because we're pissing on too many fires?

Anybody watching ABC on the Pacific coast?

Recommended TV: 9/11 Press for Truth - FSTV Chan 9415 on Dish Network

So, did Tommy Thompson drop out yet?

DAYM! Virginia Outrage: First Casualty of New Speeding Laws ($1050+!!)

Foot and mouth outbreak 'was sabotage'

3689 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hurrican Flossie (dial-up warning: graphics/images)

Merv Griffin dead at 82....

Home from America's wars, yet homeless in its suburbs

Today's Episode Of What Darcy Burner Said....

Surge of Weapons in Iraq

Salt Lake Tribune: "Romney seems to have become afflicted with Karl Rove-itis."

Sarkozy to Bush: we're a family. What a lovely one, indeed...

A randon thought: Why do people run for the Presidency on a promise to reform Washington?

What Unites Iraqis: Blocking Western Petroleum Companies

Robber wtfowned by a dog

The Word according to Dubya: 50 religious insights from George Bush

Tomb of the unholy martyr (Saddam Husseim's burial place)

One more brave Vet speaks out: "From Sniper To War Resister: My Journey"

The Fear Of The Woman

Three boys to blame for the drowing death of another, aged six

We all have worries

Imagine: A Sunday Night song for Peace

Romney Didn't Win, Folks...

Is Will still gone? I hope he is off probation and that he may consider coming back to DU.

Rolly: Mitt Romney appears to have taken a page from Karl Rove's playbook

Wow! Grovelling 2.0!!!

Mittspoken Romney on C-Span

Latin Americans Voluntarily Go To Iraq As Security Guards

Hey Tucker Carlson - I have a bag of used cat litter worth more than you

US bridge 'design issue' detected (BBC)

Somebody gave me a star...

Wall Street Needs Social Security (SS) Money Far More Than SS Needs To Be Privitized

3 killed in Neosho, Missouri chuch shooting

Holy war! Game tests troops' rapture readiness

Were you aware that Bush was already drafting Iraqis into the Iraq army?

wow! very splashy kick off to the quarterly fund drive!

Independent frontpage: Amnesty vs The Catholic Church

John Perkins

When I donate, do I HAVE to deal with the "sticky" thing for my donation to register?

Is it over? Has Hillary been "made" as the candidate to be in 2008?

Ron Dellums just left my gallery. What a cool guy.

Memo shows mine already had roof problems in March

27 horses dead - gas leak - arguments - Idaho

Suspension "ends at 03:34 PM, Monday August 13th". Why do I find this so ---uh, bothersome?

Hundreds Protest at Cheney's House in Wyoming

Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years

Seminary's new courses focus on home

I just doubled my gas mileage!

Glenn Greenwald deserves an award for his interview with official war booster Michael O'Hanlon

Watching 60 Minutes? This rapper "Cam'ron" is a low down POS

Candidate's Wife Has Pacemaker Implanted

CNN idiot Joe Johns to guest: Is Iran active in Pakistan? Guest: What does that mean, active?

Is the American Civil War Still being fought?

O’Hanlon: Iraq Trip Relied On ‘The Itinerary The Defense Department Developed’

YAY Grovelbot's back!!!

DU Toolbar Broken?

CNN discussing Fed approval of retreat mining


Mitt Romney linked to Bush family;

Military Helps High School Drop Outs Get Their GEDs To Join Up

Home Razing Angering Owners In New Orleans

Watch out Missouri...Tuesday forecast is 103°F with up to 115°F heat index

Merv Griffin, 82, dies of prostate cancer

MUST read: LTTE from my friend about the censorship at CBS Early Show in KC

Where's dead in the head Fred on the donation bar?

Poll Time - Help DU

Get that damned bug off my screen!

Caption *

Katrina Survivors Face New Threat: City Demolition

Raining Perseids!

One house's trip through the boom and bust

What is the value of a man's sweat, a woman's labor, a day's work?

Cheney urging strikes on Iran: McClatchy Newspapers

Is Making Fun Of Mitt Romney's Magic Underwear Appropriate?

Could Gary Hart have beaten Reagan in '84?

Uh oh: Edwards daughter received Murdoch money

Fatigue cripples U.S. froces in Iraq.

What do people mean when they say Sen Clinton is "Polarizing"?

Work and Compassion, Large Photo Content

Dogs in war receive loyalty, top care

OHIO -- 2004 ballots not preserved; pres. vote cannot be verified

I'm broke - can somebody spot me a star?

Home razing angering owners in New Orleans

Credit crunch threatens growth

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sun. 8/12... deck of cards

No War Has Ever Been Fought In The Name Of Wicca

Opus TOON: "Just WHO are the 26%ers?"

"Fair Dinkum" - Aussie Woman Busted For Swearing???

Army says 'New Republic' stories by U.S. soldier in Iraq are false

From Most Liberal To Most Conservative - Our Candidates

Pope Howie KURTZinger blesses sL-IMUS's return to the air

Gunman opens fire inside Missouri church

La. could drop 19,400 from voter rolls

Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times Guest Commentary: Impeachment Drive Is Dead Serious and Mounting

Teacher Quits After Fla. Porn Star Date

romney: "I want to clean up the moral pollution on TV & the Internet'

R's romney, huckabee & brownback, 3 religious weirdos come out on top.

Why do we defend Choice when it comes to Abortion, but abandon it when

Interesting and amusing event at Chateau PCIntern:

Please help - who is the congressman who stood up to say that his cte. knew

Woods wows them in Tulsa Ok., PGA Championship Tourney by 2 strokes

Romney Jokes about Cheating in Poll – “…so thanks for cheating!” Mitt Romney

Freedom isn't free!

Look Out Hawaii, Here Comes Flossie!

BookTV..How special! LewRockwell/Newsmax "author"

This Modern World: Republicans and Democrats - A Brief Parable

The Attack on Medicare: An Attack on National Health Care?

GOP Congressman "Thought About Packing" Firearm to Fend Off Protesters

A Tale of Capitulation

Americans Lose Their Stature as Tallest Country

Impeachment supporters protest Pelosi's Stamford visit

200 Impeachment Books Sent to Speaker Nancy Pelosi

* hosts Sarkozy, sans 'freedom fries'-"We're going to give him a hamburger or a hot dog, his choice"

So NOW we begin the payment of the Bush Tax Cuts...

The politics of higher education ------

DUMB letters to the Plain Dealer, Part DCLXVI: "The Anti War Left just DOE'NT GIT IT!"


The first serious threat of the season seems to be organizing in the Atlantic.

Look for the Union Label...

Am I getting this right? Did Richardson vote for DOMA

Who are "The Flaming Lips" and "John Butler Trio"? They claim, this a.m., they were censored, too.

so if campaign contributions..err Bribes, were made before deregulation of loans, can they do a RICO

Grovelbot tries his hand at lol-cat

Police: Christian Boot camp girl dragged behind a van after she fell behind morning run

Chris Floyd: No Light, Just Tunnel: The Bipartisan Guarantee of Continuing War in Iraq

Political Reality and THE DRAFT

Homeless vets: a hidden crisis

Gonzo leaving Baghdad to come to Michigan and the Indians

“Michael Parenti is a towering prophetic voice in American life. We need him now more than ever.”

Why didn't the Dem leadership

Kos vs. DLC

African Glaciers Disappearing

Dem leaders & Health Care - Dog that's not barking

What is it with Florida and children?

The Draft Ends Wars

"May the work I've done speak for me." - Oliver W. Hill Sr.: 1907-2007

Why aren't we free?

Would you support capital punishment if it could be perfectly applied?


"Prostitutes face jail under tougher law" - The Guardian

Got the hell kicked out of me doing community service...

Florida: 18 residents of boarding home found in windowless rooms, no air conditioning

Democrats say leaving Iraq may take years.

Texas Church Cancels Memorial Service for Gay

Are Bush Administration policies driving the World to Feudalism?

About That Pakastani State of Emergency.....

OK lets put the cards on the table: ROMNEY BELONGS TO A CULT

Happy Birthday NAFTA

Can someone tell me why this Bushie would talk of a draft?

Need help ranking Poll Companies.

Impressment or Draft?

John Nichols: Ready, Ames, Fire: Straw Poll Winners, Losers

Venezuela's Chavez says oil headed for $100 barrel

Art of the Campaign: Race to Frame 2008 Is On, and the Winner Could Take It All

Howard Dean has Big Plans for Dems....

George W. Bush finally says something truthful!

Ideologywise I'm more with Kos, however when it comes to strategy I'm more with Ford

Heres a bit of humor for your Sunday, in case ya all didn't catch this...

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

What's with John Edwards and Rupert Murdoch?

If Ron Paul wants to eliminate the IRS,

Liveblog with Eric Massa NY29

Watch Huckabee be added to the GOP first tier

Tweety on big men running for President

In NYT article on Democrats say leaving Iraq may take years, guess who isn't mentioned?

Where will voters take their votes, when their candidates drop out of the race?

Skinner, could you PLEASE do something about your search engines?

Huffington Post Marty Kaplan: I See Dead People

You won't see this story on the major cable news stations

...make a law that says the crime we committed is no longer a crime. And then call ourselves heroes

Grandmothers For Peace to hold informal picket

Pander Bear Hillary - Linda Chavez

great condorville cartoon today with Obama and 4th US pres James Madison...

Democrats increasingly taking position, ending a war as complicated as starting one

It's time to rank the Poll companies: DU style.

Arianna Huffington on Clinton's nuclear weapons flip flop

Name the GOP Ten Dwarfs

Where the DEMs squandered their majority and really showed ineptness

clean air act in maine (a little humor )

Down to two Dem candidates

Dean's Democracy Bonds: Is DU involved?

Kucinich knocking them out of the park on This Week

Thompson's run is all but done

INN World Report: Additional insights on JFK assassination.

How come young people are the only ones expected to be protesting this war?

My response to Draft-loving idiots.

Mittens Romney still defends putting family dog on roof of car

They already ignore us. Why would they pay attention if there was a draft?

What you should know about Rudy:

Democrats quietly fear a backlash from Clinton

Has anyone noticed the rash of Mormon commercials on network television?

Repub Youtube Debate On for November...but no comittment from Mittens yet.

Rudy and Harold Giuliani: Like father like son?

I'm not voting for a Republican but I can't say I'm too enthused about the Democrats either

Edwards supporters: heads up. Another Smear Story out.

Predict the '08 Presidential Nominees


They fear Obama's too hot!

"Dems should stop ‘dangling’ nuclear options, Kucinich tells

Back Home, More Frustration (Olympia Snowe gets earful on Iraq)

Thompson is out! (Tommy, that is)

French first lady goes for walk in town day after Bush snub

Can anyone explain the appeal of Mitt Romney?

Democrats quietly fear a backlash from Clinton

I wonder if Democrats quietly fear backlash from Clinton...

Agree Or Disagree? How the Democrats blew it in only eight months

Truth About Michael O' Hanlon's Iraq Trip Revealed

National security stance seen adding to Clinton's image of strength

PERFECT TICKET: clinton/harold ford!!

I'm so sick of this Draft talk.

How the fuck did Tom Trancredo get 14% of even Repigs to pick him????

Business Week interview with Edwards (20 August issue)

Fund-Raising: Clinton's K Street Play

Why is Obama top tier?

FISA Court Ruled NSA Taps Illegal - Twice

BOY the media must really think Edwards is a serious threat. guess what there talking about now

Democratic self-appreciation exercise # 3: What do you admire the most about Barack Obama?

Want to end the war? Then end Social Security.

Bushco Interment Camps.

AP: Democrats quietly fear a backlash from Clinton

Wonder if this Marine will be in deep trouble once

Hillary: The DLC Candidate...

Do we have to choose between the DLC types (Ford) and Netroots types (Kos)

GOP cartoon for today

Is America turning left?

"May the work I've done speak for me." - Oliver W. Hill Sr.: 1907-2007


Congressman Fired Up by Prospect of Draft (Rangel)

Clinton a drag? --- Democrats fear her Negatives

Charlie Rose/Joe Biden interview --Aug.10-2007 (google video link)

Gary Hart: Barack Obama was right to be candid about Pakistan

We are long past the need for a draft. Shoulda been done already

"At This Point, I Would Run" Says Bobby Kennedy Jr.

Miners to drill third hole (on an angle this time) to where they think the minors would

I Predict that Kucinich will win the Presidency

A DRAFT: Straight Up, Yes or No?