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Archives: August 11, 2007

A scary assault on civil liberties (Seattle Times)

'Draft Karma' - Originally Written November 2004

BOB HERBERT: A Bloodbath in Newark, and Beyond

Toymaker knew about lead

Farmers Call Crackdown on Illegal Workers Unfair

Reported Drop in Surveillance Spurred a Law

Check out this ad, fix your teeth at home.

Hats off to the Minneapolis rescue workers

Merv Griffin in intensive care at Cedars-Sinai

Did the Lounge comment on the 17 baby lady not get a DUzy this week?

I am watching Halloween on IFC.

"...Meanwhile, back in the year One..."

Ya know, compare to the flowers and the birds and the trees.... I am an apeman

Zephyr in the Snow

My new book

The Prairie Muffin Manifesto

Can you buy and wear off-the rack without much alteration?

May we please have sexiest female VOICES?

OOPS! CWA Calls for Openly Lesbian Fire Chief to Cease On-The-Job Activism or Resign


Richardson: Homosexuality is a choice

Mark it down... car loans will dry up, and then credit card companies will raise rates & fees...

Larisa Alexandrovna On New Documents Re: Canadian Citizen Arar/Extraordinary Rendition

NYT Op/Ed: The Need To Know (Evisceration Of FISA)

I've been watching the Utah mine situation closely....

Daniel Ellsberg: A Personal Vision for Cindy Sheehan's Campaign

Marcy Wheeler: Republican Self-Hate

Convicted Marine speaks about murder of Iraqi civilian

GOP Leaders Accused Of Leaking State Secrets...

who else works with a bunch of clueless Neo-cons?

I met the father of a a soldier serving in Iraq a few weeks ago, he told me

List of the 40 Most Liberal Country Songs.

"Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekht has spoken for his people."

"Church Cancels Memorial for Gay Navy Vet"

Obama leads Ghouliani by 1, Thompson by 7

How We Won the Mainstream (Susan Gardner and Markos Moulitsas)

DNC exec committee and Dean are in Burlington this week-end for a meeting.

Kucinich Helps the AFL-CIO Prove a Point

O'Reilly calls Edwards a liar about Faux News' bias

Obama: Enough With "Black Enough"

Biden discusses impeachment in an interview. I like his answer.

Editorial: The Need to Know (NYT)

Still no charges in fatal shooting of bodyguard for Iraqi VP

Marine Released Early From Brig

AT&T May Have Censored Bands Political Speech In The Past

Marjorie Cohn: With FISA Law, Democrats Give Bush a Blank Check for Domestic Spying

When Will America Awaken from "The Bush Ultimatum"?

Lebanese Strike a Blow at U.S.-Backed Government

Give Peace A Chance — And A Name


The tide has turned on Iraq

The New Wiretapping Law: A Blank Check for Domestic Spying

….The WH, Feingold said ....has identified the one major remaining weakness in the Dem Pa

David Sirota, The Nation Jan 3, 2005 issue: Debunking Centrism

Matthew Rothschild: The UN Mirage In Iraq

The Anti-Empire Report

Reforming a Prison Nation

How the Ship of State Became the Ship of Fools

Guantánamo Man’s Family Release ‘Torture’ Dossier

Check out the last line

Maria Made Me Cry

Ex-DOJ employees spar with administration - The Politico

The Architect's House Tumbles Down (Rove)

Abortion Under Siege in Latin America

Conventional Wisdom: It's time to make the Presidential Conventions relevant again.

The Sceptics Beat God In Bestseller Battle

Major NYT article: How ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad: Intelligence, resources diverted to Iraq

Roger Ebert's 4 star review of "No End In Sight".

How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad

Yet Again, The Democrats Roll Over by Helen Thomas

MEDIA MATTERS: CA newspapers side with rigged electronic voting machine makers NOT voters

U.S. lags Behind 41 Nations In life Span

NYT editorial: World’s Best Medical Care? "Michael Moore struck a nerve in his new documentary..."

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq

U.S. Firm Says Outsourcer Holding Its Data Hostage Offshore (India)

FRANK RICH: Shuffling Off to Crawford, 2007 Edition

Clash of Civilized Ideas – How Can We Reconcile Religious Freedom and Individual Freedoms

Hugo Chávez Editorial

After Iraq: Guardsman finds it hard to put horrors behind him


Subprime or Subcrime? Time To Investigate and Prosecute

Analysts See ‘Simply Incredible’ Shrinking of Floating Ice in the Arctic

Massachusetts Accelerates Renewable Energy Industries

Jets could be fueled by algae

Energy geeks compete for coolest solar home (MIT, 2007 Solar Decathalon)

California embraces an udder way to make electricity (manure methane)

Are the Bees Dying off Because They're Too Busy?

NASA's Climate Change Satellites: White House Cuts Leaked

'Simply Incredible' Polar Ice Shrinkage (UIUC Study)

Wind turbine whining unwarranted

Nukes and Coal

World Water Week to focus on climate change, biofuels.

Venezuela's Chavez says oil headed for $100 barrel - Reuters

Germany thinks big as it taps into the sun

My efforts are finally paying off!

Cuban Custody Case Details Revealed In Courtroom

Wallace-era attorney general dies (Richmond Flowers)

Clinton touts support for middle class during stop in Houston

Israeli officer testifies against Hamas in US

Colombian general fired as army officers arrested on charges of working for cocaine cartel

Iraq Militants Target Sunni Sheik's Home

Howard warns Maliki: act or face pullout

Analysts See ‘Simply Incredible’ Shrinking of Floating Ice in the Arctic

Canada announces location of Army base/port in Arctic

GOP looks for clues to Hagel's (R-Ne) plan

Democrat Rep.: Troops need more rest (radio address)

Army starts new psychiatric program

Bombing in Southern Iraq Kills Governor

Abortion Under Siege in Latin America

U.S. Icebreaker To Map Arctic Sea Floor, But ’No Flag-Dropping’ Planned

Despite recalls, China's trade surplus up 67 percent

British firm under scrutiny for export of Bosnian guns to Iraq

Ecuador Eyes U.S. Drug Surveillance Move

Russian: Georgia faked missile drop

Iowa straw poll tests 2008 GOP contenders

NYC Police Operations Back to Normal

U.S. commander claims success in key Iraq province

Canada to strengthen Arctic claim

Milk Prices Rise to Record Highs

Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protesters

Thousands flee Philippine clashes (US advisers involved)

Argentina to Sue Coup Perpetrators

Bomb kills Iraqi provincial governor, top cop

County Board to vote on impeachment [Madison, WI}

Border Crackdown Working, Numbers Show

Romney Wins Straw Poll

Ohio beaches' bacteria level worst in nation

Venezuela, Argentina sign Bolivia energy accords

Iowa GOP holds huge straw poll (Diebold machine problems)

In China, a High-Tech Plan to Track People

Italians protest at politician's anti-gay outburst

Ex-White House writer accused of taking undue credit

Immigration rules may hurt economy

Romney campaign official quits after indictment

Taleban 'free two of the Koreans'

King-Harbor fails final check, will close soon

Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years

Lutherans to allow pastors in gay relationships

Dems hit Sheehan candidacy

U.S. ranks just 42nd in life expectancy

Poisoned city fights to save its children

John Edwards Lashes Out at Draft Revival

Cuba frees long-serving dissident

Coca-Cola, McDonald`s subpoenaed by Trade Commission

Romney's niece involved in 'fender bender,' law firm says

Church cancels memorial for gay Navy vet

When you get there we will welcome you again... and still you'll wonder at it all

Picture of where I grew up. Comments?

Bruce Springsteen - The River (On a street in Copenhagen)

Friday night movie thread and preview thread

Open thread and diary rescue.

Comments of where I grew up. Picture?

I give up.

Picture of where I brew up. Comments?

Weird bugs outside, what the heck is it?

OK - Billy Graham, Chance the Gardner, and Forrest Gump. Discuss.

Picture of where I threw up. Comments?

Come as You are.

Du Hast

Emma by Hot Choclate

I am watching this terrible movie on IFC called Gummo.

Goodbye DU...

The Green Manilishi

Is your dog this lazy?

Just got a threatening phone call

You Know I'm No Good

How acurate is this list based on your experience?

I am STILL up and it's 5 am!

Audioslave Like A Stone

Comments on where i grew up

2 year old survives tumble from car....

"Pull my finger"

Gorgeous IN-FLIGHT photo of San Francisco -- taken by an Internet blogger!

Etiquette question: Thank you cards for condolences


What good is a coffee table...

Picture of where I grew up. Comments?

Taking a collection for a beer run

So when my car stereo went BANG! naturally I assumed it was fried.

VOIP--do you have it? is it good? who do you use?

A picture I took out a moving Taxi Cab of the Brooklyn Bridge.

I got recognized in public last night.

Memorize the ten-codes

So I saw Bourne.

Welcome to Saturday

"Capitol of Punk - d.c. Space"

Stevie Ray one who died before his time...

Film festivals you put together

If most people who you work with are mentally ill, what does that mean?

Hands off, Jeremy, hands off

Much love to the animal lovers of the world!

Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Rice were here in Sheboygan today!

I never got an Easy Chopper Guillotine as a child.

OK fess up...I wasn't the only here who watched Flash Gordon

What sort of birthday gift does one give to a 3-year-old boy?

Mmmm! Cleavage Sign!

It's a conspiracy!

Wingnut hullabaloofest going on: Doris DAY and Arthur GODFREY

I never got a slot car racing set as a child...

Verve Bitter Suite

Best. Show. Ever.

BEAUTIFUL snake I saw at Earthfest today.

Space Age duct tape

can you upload to you-tube using cassette and still photos?

I just watched The (original) Omen AND The Exorcist.

Goodnight you lounge lizards

Your favorite tongue-in-cheek chock-full-o'-innuendo song from the 80s?

Here is a post that contains no naughty innuendo! Yes, it's from me!!

I got the job - ask me anything!

Only 909 posts to 30,000. I guess I'd better get chatty.

Muaahhhh, the French Champagne!

It is very hot in the desert.

Darth_Kitten's fantastic nostalgic back to childhood journey.........

Mr. LIW has left for the races. The LIW children are playing upstairs.

Hey DU guys--- What kind of bathing suit do you wear?

Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones, "Do You Take This Man"


Applebees - any good in your neighborhood?

My new ride!!!

Any land buying tips- I have to buy this property & owner knows it.

Advice needed on dogs wandering off.

Should i put on underwear?

I just flipped someone the bird while driving. Am I doomed to hell ?

I just discovered that I do not like the music from High School Musical

My Rhapsody player is on a massive 80's kick

I coulda been a millionaire if......


Go Grizz! (no hair cut)

Shine hasz giveen me thewa keyzzh to enolightnwenment

Hill Street Blues

Update: I put a trap out for little gray kitten

Y'all behave. I'm going to take a bath.

Whaddup Lizzards! Hey, how to you keep bugs out of stored clothing?

What flower is this?? I Love it!

Let's talk luggage: what do you use/carry?

Anybody else get wanderlust?

I dare anyone on DU to have a better dinner than I'm having

Thanks to GoPsUx, I need a drink!

So THAT'S why my computer is running slow...

I am a fountain of goodwill for all of you tonite..........

The strangest Army training film you've ever seen

Shit. Turnitin went down and I have 3 papers to submit before 11:59

Summertime Art and Wine vs beer

Home, home again.

Does your supervisor demean your job?


Mistress Mandy gets blocked!

All I can say is KARMA is a BITCH Asshole!

Goa/Psytrance listeners, what do you recommend?

Judge pursues dry-cleaner fight

Some of my latest images

Oh damn, I eat this shit.....

For anyone who has flown (on an aircraft): Nigel Carruthers, King of the Skies

So who was in Redding today?

Man Goes Through Vasectomy To Get iPhone

Mmmm! Sinus lavage!

NBA Not so fantastic: demo quotas at NBA Fan Forum

what's everyone drinking tonight?

An urgent, controversial, and divisive issue that has yet to be resolved: Muffins or bagels?

Did you learn how to drive with a stick shift or automatic?

Is it wrong for a man of 24 years of age...

What are your favorite "almost cuss" words?

Anybody gonna watch the Perseid Meteor Shower?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poem Thread, 8/11/07

Dilbert gets political?

If I were a Woman, I would be a Lesbian.

Is the Cheesecake Factory on DU's shitlist along with Olive Garden?

Total Dork Time...I'm going to watch Babylon5 ( the lost tales) 2007

Is it ever ethical to be two faced?

My Little Girl Is Going To School........

Places I will never go to. (Dialup warning + fear of heights warning)

duz pm'ing yer butt make it fall off eventually

I'm back! Pictures, Part 1: Gent, Belgium

List some SEINFELD Food references!

I just saw johnnie's band.

I just got a court summons

Road Trip! Foley, AL (near P'cola) to SAN DIEGO!

woooooooooooo beeeeeeeeeerrr

I might like you better if we slept together.

i bought some $4.99 Riesling from Trader Joe's yesterday.

Bush's response to the Lyme disease issue ...

I had a verbal skirmish with a racist this evening, and now I feel all giddy and warm inside.

Thermostat is at 73. House temp is 80.

Is there any movie better to watch when you're drunk than

Pet surgery. How much is too expensive?

I feel a strong need to recommend to you all Carl Sagan's "Who Speaks for Earth?"

anyone see "Masters of SciFi" who watches Battletr Gallactica?

Du'ers you wish to meet:

I never got an Easy Bake Oven as a child.

So what do you know about South Dakota?

Hey GOPSux, where my pic of your ass??

Stephen King's thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows...

Ever see a picture that makes you want to wash your brain?

I have an internet problem. Perhaps someone can help me.

The BEST REASON EVER to buy a Kanye West CD!

famous people you have shaken hands with or spoken to

Once again, the most perfect musical metaphor ever for premature ejaculation


Are you a cat lover or a dog lover?

Worst thing about the Star Wars films?

My daughter and her husband bought a 13-week old Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel!

Man says hold the cheese, claims McDonald's didn't, sues for $10 million

I'll tell you a SECRET! I HATED the movie "The Bourne Ultimatum"... Did YOU like it?

Natural dyes for hair. Can we use coffee to dye hair?

DUers you've met?

Administration Fights Dem Plan to Boost School Aid for Vets

Labor cartoon for the week of August 6, 2007

Labor joke for the week of August 6, 2007

Today in labor history August 11

Video: LBJ Addresses AFL-CIO Convention

Law Student Union Summer Building Next Gen of Labor Lawyers

Outdoor retailers urged to adopt foreign labor standards

Congratulations: The best week ever on the labor forum, bar none


One School System -Press Conference - July 30, 2007 -Part 1

One School System -Press Conference - July 30, 2007 - Part2

"No End in Sight" - Colonel Paul Hughes (Part 2 of 4)

"No End in Sight" - Director Charles Ferguson (Part 3 of 4)

Old video...Nixon's piano...on Jack Paar show

We Interrupt This Empire...

Run to the Rock II

New Strategy for Iraq: Bring Back the Draft!

TBR (The Blue Republic) Year in pictures...

"No End in Sight" - Director Charles Ferguson (Part 4 of 4)

How To Bring Democracy To The Fish...

Errorism: A comedy of Terrors - The Envelope...

mythical (neocon) victory over evil empire...

Richard Nixon Talking About The Jewish Media

Digby at YearlyKos

Celine Dion talks about Katrina Hurricane


On "War Critics" O'Hanlon & Pollack

President Bush's symptoms of lyme disease (great Jimmy Kimmel Live clip)

Chris Matthews' hormones get the best of him

Stu Bykofsky - We Need Another 9/11 To Save America

Gays For Giuliani:

"No End in Sight" - Colonel Paul Hughes (Part 1 of 4)

Why did bush change the summit date,moving it ahead 2 days??

Giuliani: I misspoke about ground zero (transparent political fraud)

Just what does anti-union Murray Energy pay coalminers in Utah?

The Man with the Plan

How much do our states' Senators and Representatives 'talk/negotiate'

Do the demographics of progressive radio listeners differ much from RW hate radio listeners?

"It's we have an amazing country where people's first instinct is to help save a life!"

Whatever happened to Auntie Pinko?

NYT: States Try to Alter How Presidents Are Elected

Bush's Muse Stands Accused (Michael Gerson)

Iraq airport dismisses report of attack on Swedish airliner (AFP)

Question about deployment of Natl Guard troops to Iraq

"Intentional Manipulation Of The Facts" To Get Surveillance Act Passed

breaking news on primaries:

Officer reprimands for Tillman death offer mild criticism, some PRAISE

"Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, ...........

NYT: Like Father, Like Son, Even When They Are Under Suspicion

How to recognize a compassionate conservative--

Unverified terra terra terra threat from who???? Al Qaeda Where? Wall Street

A weird thought--If we were to begin impeachment & the market crashes,

Eugene Robinson: Fun in the Sun, for Some

Weekend TOONS! Nate the Neoconservative is Back!

Joe Conason: If you think they hate us now

Citizenship question

Toll records trip up philanderers

Bush Baby Einstein

"No End In Sight": Col. Paul Hughes on Tavis Smiley

This mine owner guy in Utah is a real jerk.

Ward Churchhill situation on cspan now. University faculty member is the guest.

Does your state have emmision tests when you have your car inspected?


mr murray personally rescuing miners in his mine. pic

The bombing of Iraq

NYT: Federal Effort on Web Obscenity Shows Few Results (and look who's getting $$$)

Bush can't recall on Tillman

NY Times, USA Today repeated Bush attack on Dems without noting bipartisan criticism of Gonzales

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 8/11 - NOW! Easier to move than ever

We conquered Iraq...

Troops Worry Relatives Could Be Deported

Gonzales Visits Iraq

as someone here said: it was sad watching tony snow on the countdown interview....

Thoughts on a classic Right-Wing statement

Do You feel you are the Master and Commander of your Life?

Thousands expected at K'port protest

What it means to have a Republican for State Attorney General

Thank You Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekht

Cut government waste and rebuild America

LDS newspaper headline: "Were union miners kicked out of the rescue effort?" (Deseret News)

The Utah Mine Owner Kept Rescuers From Digging Cause Of Non-Existant Seismic Activity!

Bush selling point for his 'surge': Iraqi forces getting killed at a faster rate than our own troops

Billions of Defense Dollars Lost to Incompetency and Failure of Oversight

poisonous algae mess up Canadian nuke plant

George Bush Went on Vacation and All I Got Was This Lousy Terror Alert --->>>

Results 1 - 10 of about 2,230,000 for Bush Patience. (0.12 seconds)

Need to know background - the Jena 6

Why I think the FISA thing in Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's fault

ex-CIA Agent on Fox News

Some major Iraqi players...willing to talk to the United Nations, but not the United States/Britain

Idiopathic seizures in children

Do we have two presidents named George W. Bush?


Glenn Greenwald eviscerates the Brookings/AEI foreign policy "scholar" establishment

No election anytime soon. Why aren't gas prices being jacked up?

No earthquale @ the Utah Mine

Idiot Organization - Southern Baptist Convention

Gonzo Goes to Baghdad

This is what's driving Bush to create a wedge between Iran and the new Iraqi regime

Good news and bad news about Gonzales

I said they couldn't continue the occupation without a draft- I said they were already planning one

*** Please *** read and K&R this thread:

If the US were to begin a complete, one year, phased withdrawl from Iraq and

Bush: "I will have to have a heart-to-heart with my friend the Prime Minister...."

America, stop waving the nuclear threat at potential adversaries

Very interesting information about Lyme disease..

A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran


Hungary has rare Cosmic event

John Howard tells Maliki to share oil (I.E. Pass the Hydrocarbon Law) or face pullout

Bush in Trouble II: Summertime Blues

(Sen. Gordon) Smith (R-Ore) backs Cheney, farmers in fish-kill debate

check out bob murray on cnn....he's got his mining gear on

The Real Liberal: John Edwards is Third in the Polls, But Don't Count Him Out

Nancy Pelosi on AAR right now

It hit me this Morning....Can anyone Remember RW'er Repugs being FOR Spying on Americans?

C-SPAN 2, Michael Weinstein "With God on Our Side" is on! Did you know

Baghdad Funeral Industry Booming

Bushists vow to block funding education bill for returning vets.

Radiological Terror Alert in New York City, L.A. & Miami!!!... cnn

Matewan, West Virginia and Harlan Cty, Kentucky -- still relevant as ever

Re Stu Bykofsky: Isn't this what Couter said about The Left??? Hypocritical Scumbags!

US withdraws from international study comparing math and science students

Isn't it great to live in a Judeo Christian nation?

ACLU Sues TSA Official, JetBlue for Discriminating Against Passenger Wearing Arabic T-Shirt

Official thread #3-- Iowa Straw Poll. Cspan now: RON PAUL next

"To save America, we need another 9/11"

(Need a laugh?) Gonzales visits Iraq to offer advice on legal system

Perseid Meteor shower peaks this weekend

Ok, so there is survivable space is 5 1/2 feet...

McClatchy: Middle East already planning for Bush's departure

Iraq contractors accused in shootings

Official thread # 4- Iowa Straw Poll. Cspan now: Duncan Hunter up

Guiliani Wants National ID System

There's a live Army recruiting ad on the Dodgers-Cardinals game

Judge dismisses case over 'Impeach Bush' sign; Prosecutor filing new charge

Food allergies!

Chief federal judge too drunk to remember night at strip club

Gonzo is in Baghdad!

McClatchy: Bush, Congress could collide on Iran

Impeach Gonzales First!

26 Americans killed so far while Iraq parliament and bush are on vacation.

Wisconsin's Tommy Thompson on CSPAN now!

Pig Murray "We made NO mistakes"

Lutherans to allow pastors in gay relationships

Day After Gordon's Latest 'NYT' Front-Pager -- Bush and Cheney Threaten Iran

They Wouldn't Really Attack Iran, Would They?

Imagine It Was A Democratic President...

Unbelievable hypocrisy from CANDIDATE Bush in 2000:

National Post (Canada): "Roll-out" of Judith Giuliani not going well

I hereby nominate ..........

"What we're dealing with here is nature" -Bob Murray

iTunes users might want to check out the free tune there....

US high court refuses to halt Guantanamo inmate's repatriation

Romney FLEES Iraq vet question on pullout

Could Parker Decision (gun rights) help D.C. gain full home rule?

Troops Worry Relatives Could Be Deported

C-SPAN: As Fair And Balanced As Fox News?

Saving FBI the trouble of tracking...once tracked,artist offers website tracking of himself

This week's Dumb Lawsuit story

U.S. Lags Behind 41 Nations in Life Span

The New Environmentalists

Do you think the Democratic pols are concerned that the Bush regime might stage a terror attack?

Don't you feel sorry for this guy?

NYT: Democrats Now Say We Will Be in Iraq for MANY MORE YEARS (?????)

Police to use terror laws on Heathrow climate protesters

Why is an industrial accident rescue ; the mine disaster,

Rep. Rangel Rips Giuliani, Calling Him A 'Bum'

US quietly withdraws from international math/science test

Iowa straw pollers are in the process of getting their RED thumbs:

Iraqi governor, police chief assassinated

New Hampshire tax evader threatens police

Didjeridu: Weapon of terror

Navajo poet Luci Tapahonso will be on NPR tomorrow

Defeat Hillary Clinton and Jane Fonda? - pic

Official thread #2 Iowa Straw Poll. Cspan now:

How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad

Speaker Pelosi marks her 20th anniv. in Congress -cleaning the gardens at the National AIDS Memorial

If you could ask bushie one question, what would it be?

This is why the republicans chose immigration for this election's bloody shirt issue

Bush ignored warnings from U.S. officials about Afghanistan

Some Yahoo On CNN Says We're Winning The War On The Ground

See You in September (Not Good)

Fears for Iraq archive after soldiers arrive smashing windows and threatening staff

Mark Fiore: Aye, Spy!

What do Bush and Mugabe have in common?

NYT: Bill Richardson stands apart from ClintonEdwardsObama on Iraq

"Iraq for Sale"

Bomb kills Iraqi province's governor, police chief

Caption this pic

For real: Bush's boyfriend the Mayor of Knoxville!!

Gov (Arnie) Says GOP Senators Are Holding Up Health Bill

Y'know how states get their back up when people mention a standardization of voting?

"The Reagan Diaries".. has ANYONE of influence ever asked?

U.S. Sen. Sam Brownback Gets MAJOR CELEB BACKING for President

Baptists reach out to gays, to make them 'ex-gays'

Britain's leaving Iraq, Australia's leaving . . .

Militias Compete like "Mafia Families" over Oil Rackets and Public (while

Dick Cheney '94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire

This mine owner is getting on my nerves

A Trip Through the 60s...The Women's Movement

Peggy Noonan pens an incoherent op-ed on the decisiveness of Petraeus by

Why Is It Strategically Sound to Fund the War?

How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad (NYT, 08/12/2007)

New Iraq report to warn of attack

Question for Someone in Academia: Is there really a huge group of unemployed conservatives profs?

Push polls -- who knows anything about a firm called Venture Data?

A little help, please, if you have time

Funeral services @ church denied because victim was gay.

100 Injuries From Scalp To Toe Before She Died

Reuters: New York City maintains "radiological threat" alert

Anybody else experiencing DU slowness?

Chimpy can't seem to keep his hands off Sarkozy

Legal and illegal, untraceable and smuggled, sea of weapons floods Iraq

This ought to hold 'em back

When Hillary's President, the wingnuts will sing a different tune

Grandmothers attacked with Hammer

Aware of Slowly Becoming Frog Soup, But Unable to Jump

I am PROUD to live in Massachusetts today (gay rights)

E&P: After Assault, Shots Fired at Georgia Newspaper Office

People support the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity because illegal immigrants are taking their jobs

can i get third party insurance when renting a car? please help!

If Pelosi wont impeach until she knows she has the votes, why'd she bring the spy bill to the floor?

Couple Dead in Murder-Suicide After They Were Featured on The O'Reilly Factor

Caption this pic from the Ames republican straw poll.

The irony of unwarranted domestic surveillance

Obama polls higher than McCain amongst Republicans

I found the worst USSC decision of all time. Any candidate who will undo it deserves the White House

Moe Fishman Dies at 92; Fought in Lincoln Brigade

Moonies get to Appoint Head of World Food Program

Recovering a Christian View

Open Letter from 9/11 Rescue Worker to Rudy Giuliani

The Hill: Rep. Schakowsky: Petraeus hints at decade-long Iraq presence

Are you concerned that the Bush regime might stage a terror attack?

Myths About Jittery Markets

Telegraph: Hedge fund panic was behind global stock markets collapse

Does anyone on DU support PBS? They're having

On Faux News Channel, Next... 'Victory Or Retreat? The Surge.'

"The mosque attack was...a confirmation of the Iraqi civil war that Mr. Bush refuses to acknowledge"

Humboldt County CA Democrats Lead the Nation in Challenging Bush on Dictatorial Powers

Politico: New Iraq report to warn of attack

Guantanamo detainee's family release 'torture' dossier: report

TOON: perfect example of GOP hypocrisy (WARNING: graphic content)

Stand by; another R/W e-mail

Hah-HA! GOP straw poll delayed because of electronic voting machine problems.

For I was Hungry

emptywheel: A Reverse F.U.

Disgusting Romney: Drops pork chop on ground outside, puts back on grill citing 5 second rule

Could Mario Cuomo Have Won in 1988?

Violent Homophobia and Misogyny...South Africa

Why I Believe Al Gore Is A Great Man

If you want to undermine right-wing power, which group do you go after -first-?

"The president has found out that he can break the law and the rubber stamp"By HELEN THOMAS

U.S. paid two British security firms $548 mil. over past 3 yrs to protect Army Corp of Engineers

Elevating and tearing down common folk/heroes...

Utah Mine: What happened to the oxygen?

Oh Shit!!! Endeavor's heat sheild damaged and gauged by ice during takeoff

That first little harbinger when I knew the American consumer was well and truly screwed

Bush plans to veto removal of mercury in vaccines for infants

Why are so many Democrats caving in? Why does almost everyone fear Bush?...

Who Should We Fear More?

Church Cancels Memorial for Gay Navy Vet

Kenneth Foster Slated To Die 8/30

Canada plans Arctic bases and expanded patrol force to keep the Russians away

My Precious... Any Of Our Candidates Say They Will Give Back The Powers Bush Took For Himself ???

This is clever, cover up your rear window with bumper stickers - pic


Elvis spotted in Iowa, and he is voting for Duncan Hunter! - pics

Mine owner Murray to Sen. Boxer: "I resent you bringing up injury rates at my mines"

FISA changed the game.

Right Wing Zealots Cheer For Mass Murder In The US.

Ex-DOJ employees taking on the * admin

An urgent appeal for all you Dennis Kucinich supporters: PLEASE STOP

Romney Wins Straw Poll

Could Bobby Kennedy Have Won In 1968?

Animal Rights activists aim to kill researcher at UCLA

For all the Al Gore fans on DU....a toon by me.

Fatigue cripples US army in Iraq: "It's like we've become no more than numbers now"

On Lutte's statement of the need for a draft


Minutemen Caught Shooting At Mexican Immigrants

Love Shack, Baby! Giuliani's "Convenient Love Nest" in WTC 7

Amazon selling pro-dog fighting books, DVD's and clothing

I Am Afraid My Air Conditioner Is Going To Blow Up -How Hot Is It By You?

New Iraq NIE to warn of attack similar to Tet

A little more 60s...Abbie Hoffman says....

TREASON defined: Article III Section 3 of our US Constitution

Mine owner Robert Murray's political contributions:

Aside from the front row "Sign Jockeys", the Iowa straw poll

We Have No Unity, No Unity at All

New Harlem residents clash with park drummers

Happy Anniversary

Jane Harman: White House “very skillfully played the fear card.”

Seattle Action: Freedom from Fear Campaign

Tread softly w/respect to Ghouliany and Rummy

What is so important about the word Marriage?

Grow Up, America.

Reality Check RE: Martial law in the US.

This just in- Valerie Wilson lawsuit appeal.

E&P: Poll: U.S. Public Sees Media as Biased, Inaccurate and Uncaring

Al Gore: Leader of the Courage Wing of the Democratic Party

Amy Tan on her Lyme Disease

Why dont we make Robot Mine Workers?

How the Democrats Blew It in Only Eight Months

President Goober W, "fixing to sit down with the President of France"

eBay, collectors, flea marketing, antiques -- any interest?

The Best Political Science Fiction

"Little Soldiers in the Culture War"...questions about a values curriculum in schools.

Think you're middle class? Think again!!!

Billy Graham: “I’m getting a little depressed about Iraq…" (worries about what it's doing to Bush)

Pentagon Adopts Missionary Position on Homoerotic Art

Cal Ripken joining the BushCo diplomatic corps, will work with Karen Hughes

Redstockings Manifesto (1969)


Who do you support in the CA-8 race?

AP video: Dems Address Gay Rights in Televised Forum

the 51% solution is no solution at all.

Another stupid hypocritical email trying to stereotype Democrats and my response

best way to fight the repub electoral vote power grab in California?

Kucinich on 'This Week with George Stephanopoulos' Sunday

Bloggers unionize for Kucinich??

Markos will debate DLC Chairman Harold Ford, Jr. on Meet the Press

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week in 'Toons

Bush: Iraq strategy sees good results (weekly radio address) - AP

Iowa Republican Straw Poll hoopla on C-Span NOW. Romney will be the first speaker.

Guests for Sunday's TV news shows

Bush playing our Iraq fear card against us.

Video toon: Republicans Debate Healthcare

Report: Iran Less Than 10 Years Away From 2016

I thought they were joking about Laura Ingraham in Ames (Yikes on C-Span now)

Professors love Obama

The War on Terror™, so far

Tommy Thompson made of ton mistakes. . .

Are You Buying the "Lyme Disease" Story???

Glimmer of hope at mine on CNN? - there is a survivable void and potable water but

How a ‘Good War’ in Afghanistan Went Bad - NYTimes

Obama sends letter to Toy Industry Association Head about contamination in Toys

blogging from beyond the grave: the return of Abraham Lincoln

I remember the first time I tuned into Fox News...

Banks pump billions to calm the markets (Central Banks pump $100 Billion into markets)

Clinton's Position Appears To Be Strengthening

Question for our Democratic Presidential candidates: Will you pardon George W. Bush?

Democrats’ Third Rail: Free Trade

Obama singing in spanish

Terrorism on the Rise:

Remember In '00, When Conventional Wisdom

Activists in India protest against Wal-Mart

U.S. official promotes free trade agreements

Fox News, you will not be surprised to learn, is at the Iowa straw poll and will report results live

Video: Pearl Jam's AT&T Censored Segment

Obama: Enough with the black enough talk

Video on Polling

Photos: Barack Obama and family at a town hall-style meeting yesterday in Las Vegas

Charged with shady business dealings, Romney fund raiser resigns

Expect Tommy Thompson to drop out in a few days

States requiring picture ID, proof of residence for voting

No, It Wouldn’t Happen. Couldn’t. No Way. What if two New Yorkers were the '08 nominees?

Iowa Republican straw poll is a joke Romney practically brought the whole thing

Why is the War on Some Drugs not even a campaign issue?

Sincere question for Hillary supporters (only)

"Romney spent around $5.7 million in Iowa and got 4,516 votes - $1,262 per vote." (Jane Hamsher)

vote your heart in the primary

MSM forever discredited if Kucinich, Edwards or anyone other than Hil or Obama wins primaries

1994 Cheney Interview: Iraq Occupation = Quagmire

the Army exceeded its recruitment goal for July,

NASA's Climate Change Satellites: White House Cuts Leaked

Just saw my first "Hillary" bumpersticker

Richardson didn't gaffe, homosexuality can be a choice

Link to video of Obama addressing "Is he black enough"

If you were a political cartoonist, which new president would be the most fun to draw?

This is the reality re: gay marriage

Mechanical Problem Delays Iowa Straw Poll Count. Priceless! Reportedly used Diebold machines!

USDA employees called on to lobby against black farmers

Iowa moves way of ‘Mitt the Mormon’


Would mandatory health insurance really be preferable to the current state of affairs?

Electoral, Media, and Family Traditions

What is blockading desperately needed change in America's political system?

Markos v. Harold Ford, Jr.

Obama table in Madison: August 11 Edition

Kucinich calls for federal oversight to quell market volatility

NYT: "Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years"

Bush War Adviser Says Draft Worth a Look ....This will make me "Take it to the streets" My Son is 19

First we were for the draft before we were against it - this is about the only way to stop it...

Romney Wins Iowa Straw Poll with 31%. Huckabee is a surprise second with 18%.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich: guardian of the American voter and

Novak: Dem insiders don't take Hillary poll lead seriously

Ok So who is America more ready to vote for as President

Who is the voice of modern liberalism? Moyers? Olbermann?

For those who have the patience - Biden on NPR

Dean says he's only just begun to build the Democrats' power base. Vermont meeting today.

Voting for Nader is a choice.

Clinton Know-How Wows Scientists

Obama has his own magazine on sale in the magazine aisle of my local soopermarket

It Really Is a Democratic Congress

Pelosi leads Sheehan by 59 points

Quote of the week, if not the CAMPAIGN, from the AFL-CIO forum: