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Campbell: We all had doubts about Iraq except Tony

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 298

Unit's Mission: Survive 4 Miles To Remember Fallen Comrade

In Iraqi Hamlet, 'A Funeral Service In Every House'

Some optical illusions for you and generally cool pics

Good night & Good luck - . . .

When are you planning on buying school supplies? (if you have kids in K12)

self delete

Should I even dignify it with a response?

Is *this* cat a GOP donor?

This time next week, I still won't be able to get married.

Does this guy look good in a tutu? You judge...

having a bad weekend - split a 1/2 bottle of wine at dinner and now . . .

This time, next week, I'll be unmarried.

So now it's Monday. The word of the day should be...

Speaking of dying, and drying....

My three day beard... should I let it keep going?

Democracy ~ Leonard Cohen

"Violent Weekend in Iraq Kills Over 220"

NYT Op/Ed: Last Term's Winner at the Supreme Court - Judicial Activism

Arrest Bush/Arrest Cheney First [PIC]

WP, pg1: Edging Away From Inner Circle, Pelosi Asserts Authority

Werbe's got a freeper online NOW

Look at how fucken powerful John Kerry was when he was protesting the Viet Nam war.

Homeless in Fresno, CA... forced to move again.

DU rules: Democratic Candidates and the Democratic Party

OK... Fess Up You DU Anti-Impeachment Pragmatists !!!

Richard Nixon chatting with Donald Rumsfeld, using the 'N" word.

To DU'ers Supporting Sheehan's Possible Indie Run Against Pelosi- Move It Off DEMOCRATIC Underground

This time next week, the oil fields in north Iraq will be invaded by a NATO member, will Cheney let

Neocolonial Elections and State Terrorism in the Philippines

White House Debate Rises on Iraq Pullback (NYT)

A pro-food farm bill - By Hugh Joseph (Boston Globe)

When Biker Barrom Brawl Rules Apply

Amy Goodman: Iraqi Oil Workers' Union Founder: U.S.-Backed Oil Law Is "Robbery"

Karzai, Bush, Pledges to Reduce Afghan Poppy up in Smoke

End It Now!

A Closer Look at Giuliani's Neo-Confederate SC Campaign Chair

Administration Shaving Yardstick for Iraq Gains

Looking Out for No. 2


In the Ambulance Together

Newsweek: Friends in High Places ... Why Bush Gave Libby a Pass

"He didn't care if he looked like an utter hypocrite,"--A Profile in Cowardice

My LTTE in Joliet Herald

Mainstream Media Where Are You?

Bush Erects Another Stonewall Against Accountability (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Report: Wars costing $12 billion a month (AP)

Peace Marchers of the Loneliest Kind

The Base Bails On Bush

IEA sees oil supply crunch looming

Great LTTE: The Badness of King George (Boston Globe)

Bush is Bluffing: The Farce of 'Executive Privilege' - Q & A's from NPR

Politics is a card game in a room in a building in a city in a country on a planet in a galaxy

Bush Iraq Plan Even Lonelier in the Senate by Anne Flaherty at Huffington Post

Dave Lindorff: On the Road for Impeachment

Voters Excited Over ’08 Campaign; Tired of It, Too - NY Times

Arianna Huffington: Democrats Can't Wait Around for GOP Defectors to End the War

Common Dreams: Chinese Imports Highlight Woeful State of Consumer Safety

Russia to begin China oil Pipeline in 2008

Contempt of Congress: What Is It?

Axis of Corporate Evil!

Starbucks On Trial (The Nation)


Feud between Bush, congressional Democrats heats up

BOB HERBERT: Abusing Iraqi Civilians

"Accidents" of War-The Time Has Come for an Honest Discussion of Air Power

Research Links Lead Exposure, Criminal Activity: Data May Undermine Giuliani's Claims

America's Declining Stature: How Did We Become Shorter Than Europe?

Woman Arrested for Not Watering Lawn

John Nichols: Sheehan Versus Pelosi?

China province vows water clean-up even if economy hurts - Reuters

Nigeria's huge oil wealth has brought misery

Expert says rising sea levels pose threat to rice - AFP

There's a lot of good news in this forum, and that really helps.

Lula raps Europe campaign against Brazil biofuel - Reuters

Two Tidal Projects Gain Speed in Energy Development Race

One of those laugh/cry toons....

Chena Hot Springs (Alaska) eyes hydrogen as energy source

Is Fear About Climate Change Causing a Nuclear Renaissance?

Anyone here running a WVO vehicle?

The perpetual myth of free energy

Best large scale energy storage device?

IEA sees oil supply crunch looming - Reuters

North Sea Study: Oil, Gas Emit More Radioactivity Than Nuclear

Study: W. Bank laborers earn less than 50% of minimum wage

Dutch gov't warns company to stop work on W. Bank fence

Mideast Policy in a Fantasy World

a wonderful thing is going to happen in Israel this week

Israel pumping Syrian water to Kinneret – experts

Hamas opposes bringing stranded Gazans back to territory through Israeli-run crossing

Worries about Palestinian democracy climb as Abbas strengthens role of military courts

U.N. halts construction in impoverished Gaza, throwing 121,000 Palestinians out of work

Mideast Policy in a Fantasy World

Slouching toward a Palestinian Holocaust

Indonesia warning from intercepts: Australia

Congress returns, ready to battle Bush

New Seven Wonders of the World announced

Congress Returns, Ready to Battle Bush

Abducted Iraqi Sunnis found dead

Iran ready for more U.S. talks over Iraq

Attacks rise on supply convoys

Blackwater manager blamed for 2004 massacre in fallujah

U.S. Military Losses Hit 4,000 in Iraq, Afghanistan

White House denies considering Iraq pullbacks

Iraqis warn of civil war if U.S. troops withdraw


Defend yourselves, politicians urge Iraqis

Nearly United in Opposition to Oil Law (may unite Sunni and Shi'ite parties)

Despite U.S. military surge, car bombings stay at same levels

Bush denies Congress access to aides

Fattening menus for troops in Iraq

Board Rules Hartford Nursing Home Violated Labor Laws ($4 million in back wages and benefits)

Colombian rebel leader found guilty of conspiracy

SoCal Harbor Workers' (750 clerks) Labor Talks Resume

Story wrong about Iraq pullback, White House says

Only 133 Iraqi refugees allowed in US so far this year

Sheehan threatens to run against Pelosi

Rove Takes Questions on Iraq, CIA Case ("Look, I make no apologies")

Bush denies Congress access to key aides

Bush denies Congress access to aides

Lawmakers drop union provision in 9/11 bill

Payday lenders lose interest in Oregon

Judge removes defense attorney in CIA fraud case

Sen Stevens fears impact of current probe

Official: Iraq gov't missed all targets

Drummond's Colombia rights trial begins in Alabama (hired murder of union workers)

(Iraq's) Foreign minister says Turkey has 140,000 troops on border with Iraq

Dozens of wildfires ravage the West

Kosovo appeals to U.S. for independence date

Official: Iraq gov't misses all targets

White House says Libby should begin 2-year probation term 'immediately'

Bush Not Considering Iraq Troop Pullout (NYT report denied)

U.S. Envoy (Crocker) Offers Grim Prediction on Iraq Pullout

Three guilty over 21/7 bomb plot

Report: Wars costing $12 billion a month

US man accused of plotting to blow up pipelines

Residents start learning to curb urge to drive

Grocery store workers fired for not punching out to watch military funeral

Lake Okeechobee arsenic levels high

White House in 'Panic Mode' Over GOP Revolt on Iraq

Tunneling Near Iranian Nuclear Site Stirs Worry

Judge bars Vista from releasing names of day-labor employers (victory for ACLU)

Marcos clan publish 'bright' side of dictator's life

Canada To Increase Military Presence In The Arctic Despite U.S. Objections

Bush Plans To Stress Next Phase In Iraq War

Dual-language classes in Texas stir debate

US Senator David Vitter (R-LA) issues statement on DC Madam case

Former Alaska Lawmaker Guilty of Bribery (Republican)

Dems React to Privilege Claim

Study finds smoking wards off Parkinson's disease

Judge: Army can try Watada again

Edwards to Launch Road to One America Tour in New Orleans

DC Madam Releases Phone Records

U.S. cruise missile defense said possible in 14 months

Pumpkin offers hope for diabetics

Pakistani forces enter mosque compound-military

Army Missed Recruiting Goal Again

IEA warns of 'supply crunch' in oil despite high prices

Proenza out as hurricane center chief

(Britain's) Miliband gives Iran nuclear warning

Drummond's Colombia rights trial begins in Alabama (2001 deaths of the three union leaders )

Ethiopia prosecutors seek death in opposition case

This time next week, i'll be hairy

Find out how common your name is

Someone please help! I just put 105,573 people on ignore...


I'm going to bed....

Just got home from a wedding...

MAD Magazine - Pirates Of The Constitution

Late night poll: Which video would you least want to see?

I can't sleep. Ask me anything, I guess.

Check it out - I found one of THESE in my garden today!

Tour de France - live updates

Mama said there'd be days like this.

Police Raid Apartment After Neighbors Complain Of Nasty Smell - Find Man With Smelly Feet

Chinese Women Crave Bill Gates' Sperm

content to spend their days sitting under orange trees ingesting LSD

Extremely loud bolt of lightening woke me up at @ 3:30 AM!

I have 105,579 DU members NOT on ignore!

fuck fuck..I slept-dreamed that someone burnt me with cigars

Please wake me up, I'm having a NIGHTMARE....

Pity URGENTLY Needed: Came HomeTo Find Apartment Flooded

Why does firefox display a pointer instead of a hand?

Need good Lounge vibes here... Gave myself a hell of a boo-boo...

Man, I have a bone to pick with LostinVA's future trophy wife

Have you ever eaten an Athena Melon? I am about to for the first time!

Do I look fat in this . . .

could shifting magnetic poles be a cause of global warning?

Okay, it's Monday, but screw it.....

You notice a piece of toiletpaper on the bottom of a guy's golf cleat

Phillies rescue the opposing team's grounds crew

We are going to the beach today, in celebration of our anniversary

I hate celluloid

I have the list! Who wants it?

People are now robbing ice cream trucks

Church school won't accept son of Hell

Healing souls and wearing panties since 1996!

Why has my tolerance for coffee gone down?

can you tell me the name of the Radio Shack part I need?

Paris Hilton will never die from cancer

Anybody else have trouble sleeping last night?

It took nine hours to clean my room.

And I thought I was *so* smart...

School 'rejects boy called Hell'

OK, so I don't deal with forced change very well,

Any ideas on buying a power washer.

knife games


Woman Blocks Machete Attack With Baby Stroller

Post Celebries you don't want to see! PIC THREAD - DIALUP WARNING & GRAPHIC WARNING!

I hate cellulite

Currently taking minion applications

It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and tiger mixed...bred for its skills in magic

Playstation question???

Chef In Trouble For Serving Half-Dead Fish (Still twitching to show freshness)

People keep on learnin',

Woman Pleads Guilty To Child Neglect After Her Toddler Wandered Onto Highway (Also Pregnant Again)

right about now I'm wishing the U.S. was one of those countries...

Attention All Of My Minoans


Attention all of my bunions:

Live from Live Earth (or why I should invest money in a better camera phone)

My dryer just died on me

Attention All Of My Onions

My 5000th post is coming up! What should I write about to make it extra-special?

Looks like this is Oedi Sucks Up to Women by Saying Nice Things About How They Look Day


Any other craigslist commandoes?

Jesus Christ, am I the only one who HATES Kelly Clarkson's stupid songs?

Dan Patrick leaving ESPN after 18 years

At least 5 skin flicks have been found at work!!

The Lounge Scorecard?

I bought a whole lion and tiger mixed...bred for its skills in magic, how should I cook it?

I think I can beat Mike Tyson

Question to the girls *gross-out warning for the guys*


New Hampshire Bank Robbed by a Tree

Bought a whole cow today. How should I cook it?

PMDD is a bitch.

My deep, dark secret...

Did anyone else hear the Weather Channel nutjob call W one of the "seven wonders"?

Dude! Spiccoli is playing shortstop for the San Diego Padres!!

Roger Waters is officially an ass

This sounds like a stupid question, but if someone specifies


Jogging Woman, Listening To iPod, Loses Legs In Freak Train Accident

Dude! It's 420!

Well, it took me AND NoelMN, a pair of scissors,

HELP -- I am falling asleep. What can you offer to wake me up?

Where do Terminal Nannies go for rehabilitation?

Need Good Vibes, luck, etc.... paper due tommorrow

of all the awful movie adaptations this one will top it

Grammar/etiquette question for you.

Is it okay to omit a degree on a job application?

Diabolical Corporate Conspiracy. THE BASTIDS!

FBI Called After Clay Aiken Beaten Up By Girl On Flight

FBI Called After Clay Aiken Beaten Up By Grill On Flight

Religious Bookseller Hit by Lightning

The Oozinator

Who else puts things in a "safe place"?

I wonder how they will judge this contest????

Default assumptions and the texture of common sense

Some guy in my building just called me an inconsiderate fuckface.

No baseball today

I have a confession to make: I am an inconsiderate fuckface.

Name your favorite sound bit from 'The Rachel Maddow Show'

My dog sure gave me a scare this morning, I just got home from Austin and we had to go to the Vet.

Heres my Tat ... show me yours!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 7/9/2007)

Bolt From The Blue II -- Religious Book Seller Struck By Lightning On A Clear Day

I have a throbbing

Roadside revelations ........Separated at birth?

I just feel bad today.

Jackie Chan fans check in

Anyone who's seen Evan Almighty

If cats were more intelligent, would they be more likely to do work?

We just got the sweetest sympathy card from our vet

Boycott ..I just learnt me supthun

Lame AOL IM (Instant Message)

I have a little love to give this morning.

Ah, my namesake beer...

It is not possible to spell "seize" correctly on the first attempt

I just watched Stranger than fiction.And I enjoyed it!

How many songs are in your PC music library?

Ice cold watermelon -- YUMMY!!!!!

So now...what's your "LOST" theory and why? (Spoilers)

Give me some lies for my resume

Has anyone taught a beagle to retrieve?

what a disappointment 'Big Love' has become...

So my little sister is gone camping and she wants me to feed her "Webkinz"

Has anyone taught a wango to tango?

the newest DUer is entering this earth tomorrow

I'm talking to a fake FBI agent on IM.

I ate sushi tonight - ASK ME ANYTHING!

Has anyone taught an eagle to grieve?

I has sought a vlingo to dlango (nt)

Cherish worthy thoughts...

can extreme heat outside kill a battery

Rosetta Stoned Lately? Can't remember what they said....

If anyone is interested in reading any of my stories...

How much time do you spend on the computer every day?

The Howard Stern Show, The Daily Show, and Colbert Report taking simultaneous 2-week vacations never

Free Hug Thread! Get your free hugs here!

JESUS!!! I just got back...did Engi post the doodle?

Question for the gals re: buying a "supportive" swimsuit

I put JackMN down for a nap and I went outside,

Is anybody else groovin' on "Flight of the Conchords?"

I went to my grandma's birthday celebration saturday. Guess what my uncle gave her?

I just watched Sicko on Goggle video.

Weirdest news story yet this week (dumb criminals division)

Someone in GD just called me a "gullible ass"

I just cleaned and restocked my fridge. Post a pic of yours!

There is a dead oxen in my basement. How should I cook it?

Please join me...

blitzen is a gullible ass.

Why...why does she dookie on the leather couch?

One of my uncles passed away over the weekend

inconsiderate fuckfaces are ruining the DU experience

Lounge wanna dance :)

For really, there aren't allowing no saxes in The Lounge? For what for?

Anyone been watched by Big Brother? (lame copydog)

Mr Milton? You are sole proprietor & owner of the Whizzo Chocolate Company?

70 Y.O. Woman Hit In Face, Arrested After Police Tried To Give Ticket For Not Watering Her Lawn

I am 18 post away from 20,000 ask me anything

I am so tired, I haven't slept more then 4 hours a day for the last 5 days.

There is a HUGH! fly buzzing my head

What's your favorite musical fruit ?

Whelp - so much for buying that great condo

My biggest pet peeve about the Live Earth concert on Saturday...

Well, in 9 hours...

OMG I just learned of the existence of deep fried TWINKIES!!

Dinner Tonight: Chickpea Curry, Cilantro Chicken and Couscous!

When my father was alive he used to take us to places and I

Sly and the Family Stone ~ Everyday People.....

Where is America's real Springfield?

Has anyone taught a dingo to tango?

Keeping things in perspective. Tonight's topic: Inconsiderate fuckfaces.

goodbye DU

Oktoberain is inebriated

HypnoToad !!!

Our local Kwik E Mart - (7-11 converted for Simpson promotion)

The lounge Scorecard!

Figures - I find a great radio station and it's owned by Clear Channel

Who Likes Role-Playing Games??

Bought a piston engine today. How should I cook it?

Am I the only person here...

I think my cat is a FReeper...

Anyone here have an osteopath (OD) as primary care physician?

Anyone been watching Big Brother?

Animal Lovers- this is one of the cutest things ever

So, I just joined the 21st Century-opened a MySpace account

Pete Best was ROBBED!

What's your favorite musical?

BBC: Tummy fat 'can grow new breasts'


Our AC is busted - but that's a good thing

Grow breasts with belly fat - SEE! This is what we're missing

DU librarians


My daughter's friends keep getting pregnant.

For my 20,000th post

What was the best decade for rock and roll?

5 Year Old Boy Denied Enrollment In Catholic School Because His Surname Is Hell.

Has anyone taught a seagull to believe?

Why does the dork on Versus keep saying "Tour DAY France"?

What mixes with Amaretto?

I have pneumonia again

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the Boeing 787. What do you think? (pic heavy)

We need advise/help with a dog problem. Please help!

Do you boycott anything?

Give me some totally horrific and inappropriate lies for my resume

Just found out my credit card number was stolen...

10 drinks men should never order

Hey Lounge, Could I Request Hugs and Good Vibes for Cwydro?

I'm taking a voyage to my graduate alma mater tomorrow.

OMG! OMG! I'm totally schadenfreude-ing about Next Food Network Star!! (spoilers)

Army says bomb-resistant trucks going to Iraq

Anyone catch this thread elsewhere on DU?

Today in labor history July 09

SoCal supermarket labor talks resume after recess

Teamsters picket Orange County transit system in contract dispute

Support growing for striking TD-Canada Trust employees

Kick-Off Event for Western Pennsylvania Jobs with Justice

One of the deadliest days in Iraq since the beginning of the war.

City Adrift: Cora Charles (part of a series on New Orleans)

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Probing The Candidates

Bill Moyers 20070630 - Housing Market Meltdown 1of2

Yiddish With George and Laura

Don't Make Me Shoot You (Operation First Casualty)

Never Again: The Permanent Anti-Genocide Movement

True Iraq Insurgency

Our Government Uses Two Sets of Books

Bush On Net Neutrality

FOX ATTACKS the ENVIRONMENT (Brave New Films-Robert Greenwald) & pls. sign petition!

Bill Moyers 20070630 - Housing Market Meltdown 2of2

Save the Internet -- before July 16! ---> 6 days to go!

Michael Moore **CLOBBERS** CNN and the mainstream media!

Rep. Conyers on Impeachment

Mike Gravel on CNN

From the new movie NO END IN SIGHT -- Rogue Contractors Shooting Iraqi Civilians

Burning Saltwater

Talking Post Trauma Blues

"Dear Governor Bush Sir: I Did This Awful Crime"

Put simply, a country where it's leaders are above the law is not free.

my worst nightmare

Iraqis Urged to Take Up Arms for Defense

Concord Monitor: Dick Cheney's Secrets Are Anything But Silly

I'm beginning to think that Al Gore is now bigger than RFK was to my generation in 1968.

Just a reminder to be sure you see Sicko.

God, Bill Wattenberg compares environmentalists with terrorists

On Du/rules/cindy/dem candidates - a recipe if I may

The Kogi Indians

An open letter to Nancy Pelosi and any Democrat in office

Analysis: Cash, but Doubts for Obama

APN Chat with US Rep. Bob Filner on Impeachment

On September 15, Demand: End The War Now! (New Endorsers for March - Howard Zinn,

Should we start begging for cash to build a Counter-Chimp library?

Cindy rocks! Hey, I like Pelosi too; But I think she needs a hearing aide....

MSNBC crawl; every 2-3 minutes, for however long it's left up,

Attacks rise on supply convoys

Iraqi government calls for civilians to arm themselves

The Independent Weekly: Live Earth Concerts - Pop Goes The Planet

"WJ" What would be the best strategy for IRAQ?

Good letter in today's Boston Globe

Post-surge redeployment? Seems as if the wh doesn't have a clue

In Iraq, the real mess is about to begin. We haven't seen anything yet.

Editor Chronicles Efforts to Help Badly Wounded Troops

Randi returns LIVE on Monday

Melida & Carlos Arredondo Join Team Sheehan to Push Pelosi to Impeach Cheney & Bush

Candy Crowley on C SPAN Washington Journal now. Call in

Tricky Ricky: Staying the Course

Republicans bail on Bush over Iraq surge

Poll: Impeachment talk gains steam after Libby move

"WE" are telling Iraqis to "take up arms?"

Life During Wartime

Not a PEEP from Scarborough/Ridley about Live Earth or apology to GORE

Denver Post: Man in Aspen to Rove "Go Home;" Also, Rove's Audience Groans

"Iraq is not Vietnam. IT IS MUCH WORSE."

Kucinich coming up soon on MSNBC, talking Cheney impeachment. (8:28am EST)

Iraqi politicians: "Arm yourselves, Iraqi civilians! We can't protect you!"

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights..............

Support for occupation is crumbling among Republicans

Precious. Army worried about weight gain, high cholesterol in troops in Iraq

Reservist fighting his fifth war call-up

Crawford tourism sinks right along with * approval

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Conyers: The American People Want to See Bush, Cheney Impeached

CNN worried that Americans are taking too many unnecessary

An Afghan soldier shot dead two U.S. soldiers in the capital Kabul in May, but...

Blood on Their Hands

Has McCain returned from Iraq?--I have not heard a peep about him since

McClatchy : Congress braces for fight over Fairness Doctrine

Bush's 'Catch-22' stay-out-of-jail card

fascinating Cspan- Ken Silverstein of harpers

Mr. Gore: "America needs you need to lead us now more than ever"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Program teaches young people to fight injustice and promote tolerance

This is either someone trying to be funny or this is the biggest ignorant moron ever

Today is July 9th - how will Bushco deal

To those who vote Republican...

WH Debating Whether To Provide GOPers With Cover They Need By PRETENDING To Leave Iraq

Democratic lawmakers to work on shutting down Guantanamo: Senate amendment would grant legal rights

Rep Hoekstra: comparing Clintons pardon record will be an advantage to the Republicans

Met someone offered a job as a paid discussion board troll

Kucinich: 'Imperial' vice president needs to be impeached

The dim one is live on CSPAN now, 9:32amCT. nt

The Next Question: How Do We Withdraw?

Adviser: Bush aided Libby to avoid 'fracture' with Cheney

my letter to Speaker Pelosi

CHENEY-"Investigation Not An Effort To Get To Bottom Of Abuse-But Powerplay By Dems To Seize Duties"

"This administration is the worst in history" - a far-right conservative

Sheehan said she will run against the San Francisco Democrat in 2008 as an independent

Radio Lady Discusses: A New Internet Radio Concept (YOUR COMMENTS GRATEFULLY APPRECIATED!)

USNews: Quit the Senate, McCain Is Urged

Turkey has '140,000 troops on Iraq border'

Research Help...Bush's Torture Bill Signing Statement...

More from the 15 year old Iraqi blogger.

White House: 'way too early to grade surge, urges patience, not a success, not a failure either.

"Advancing the Cause of Social Justice in the Americas." C-Span 10 AM...

avert your eyes - karen hughes live on c-span.

Nat'l Hurricane Center Staff Seeks to Remove Its Director

Bush considers gradual Iraq withdrawal - There he goes playing right into the terra-ists hands

please stop talking about treason, lies, WMD, attorney-gate, the Plame outing, etc., etc., etc.

Time To Say It Again: Bush's Presidency Can Not Survive Another 18 Months

Live Earth breaks video streaming records (UK "Guardian")

Novak: Hadley's Capitol Hill scouting trip didn't go so well ~

There is only one talking point any democrat needs to remember...

Bush's Collapsing Presidency! Must be getting pretty bad out

Rove: Weight gain is the main problem at Guantanamo Bay, the Bush adviser tells a groaning audience.

Padilla: Governments Star Witness And Terror Expert Very Skittish About Discussing Torture

Elderly in trouble making ends meet

Weekend of Death and Destruction Dents Bush’s Hopes of Turning the Tide in Iraq

Rove: Iraq Will Not Be A Big Issue In The Next Election

Well, let's make the Supreme Court make their move

So, Firing U.S. Attorneys for Political Reasons is a MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY, eh?

Just curious about the wounded soldiers in Iraq...

*gasp!* I can't wait!!! Dandy Candy (CNN) on CSPAN today!

Libby, Bush-Cheney and Impeachment: Don't "Move On"

Assessing the Surge in Iraq on C-Span. | 2 PM- SENATE - H.R. 1585, the Defense Authorization bill.

2 Billion mice over run Chinese lake region

Republiclown compares Iraq war to a patient in intensive care.

New NYT Public Editor Clark Hoyt: "Seeing Al Qaeda Around Every Corner"

Gore/Etheridge 08!!

"Everyone’s particularly worried about what happens when McCain gets back from Iraq"

Boeing rolled out the new 787 yesterday. Production is sold out through 2015

An Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

Bush urged to explain Libby move - House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers

'The Blair Years': In '03 a Rumsfeld News Conference caused Blair to go "bonkers"

Do we really want to win in 08? What we have to do

Notice our media is doing its best not to mention the UK attacks were revenge for killing Iraqis

Do you support the DU rule on independent campaign advocacy?

Who's Really Responsible for Defending the Iraqi Regime?

9/11 families decry McConnell obstructionism (leg. implementing 9/11 commission recommendations)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Mon 7/9 ... higher pie?

Here It Is! A Handy Guide To All The Democrats' Plans To End Iraq War

'Nobody knows what [Bush] thinks,' says official, 'even the people who work for him'

I am just curious are you folks this insidious..this mean-spirted real life?

Crawford tourism plummets with Bush’s unpopularity

You know, I am seriously considering registering republican...

Caption Bush!

Every man for himself

I wonder if the fact the Pelosi is 3rd in line to become Pres -is what is

Rep. Nadler's Op-Ed @ NYT on Christie Todd Whitman's complicity

Favorite DU sanity tool:

Iraqi security chiefs heading to Saudi Arabia - I wonder if they are going back?

Snow: ‘There Is No Debate Right Now On Withdrawing Forces’ From Iraq

How will the Supreme Court rule on executive privledge, and what will Congress do

Pete Best was ROBBED!

Am I the only person here...

Thousands Of Workers Say Pesticides Made Them Sterile

JUST ASKING: Executive privilege question

The Napping President

Impeachment debate: I don't get it. The main reason for impeachment is not the high crimes and

(Oye!) White House rejects ‘tone’ of Dems’ inquiry

NEWSWEEK: WH reluctantly concluded that the jury had reached a reasonable Libby verdict

I am starting to notice that MOST Americans want to believe the Fox News fairy tales

Which is stupider? The Running of the Bulls, or the running of the Iraq war?

a national security problem - babies

Ford, So Cal Edison will explore plug-in vehicles that recharge overnight, return power to grid

The GOP's Iraq "Anguish"

US Iraq chief warns of long war (decades) - BBC

Spain intercepts arms shipment from Israel to Nicaragua - 1,085 pistols/guns

Snowjob on CSpan 1right now

Live Earth's experiment in cultural interconnection is as big as a planet, small as a PC.

Our Troops Slipping Morale

Media Quarters Get a Lift (at the White House)

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: The Air Force drops a bomb on Bush's wars

DU Vets: How do feel and or respond

So Bush throws down the Gauntlet, Knowing the Supreme Court is stacked in his favor

CONYERS: Re: Exec Privilege "Contrary To What WH Believes-It Is Congress & Courts That Will Decide"

The Human Future: A Problem in Design

New Blog Launched Today -- the "Open Left"

British Treasury Plans to Shut Down Secret Arms Sales Dept. (BAE)

Colin Powell….Go F*** Yourself!

According to Tony Snow, Dick Lugar says the 'Surge' is Working. He JUST said this.

LIMBOsevic is alienating the vast majority of the musicians

can someone help me find where scooters wife was gonna tell all she knew?

A mood stabilizer to lighten the discourse if only for a few minutes

Iraq War on CSpan1

TPM Video......... What Patrick Fitzgerald said and then how it got spun ...

Band Member Detained

caption time...

Murder On Sesame Street

Huckabee Suggests Escalating The Escalation: ‘It’s Possible’ We Need To Send More Troops

John Olver Believes Bush Will Cancel 2008 Election

Which kind of "Democrat" do you love the most?

Bomb that killed six Canadians in Afghanistan biggest army has seen: colonel

Now the U.S. military is assassinating Iraqi peace workers

Breaking on MSNBC - Bush invokes Exec Privilege

Senior WH Official: When you count up the votes that we’ve lost (over Iraq) it looks pretty grim

Novak: GOP Senators concerned a depleted U.S. military will be blamed for the Iraq fiasco.

Al Franken outraises norm coleman

Information warfare is part and parcel of all political websites-DU is no exception. Agree/Disagree

US Army Misses June Recruiting Goal

What's your argument against "warrantless wiretapping is okay, I have nothing to hide"?

Sen. Cardin Declines to Oppose Impeachment, Lays Out Case for It, Says Senate Must Wait for House

There are THREE ISSUES for the next election:

"My phone is bugged, but it doesn't matter," Hassoun says on a 1995, wiretapped call. Yes it did


Major New York Magazine story on Katie Couric reveals stressed Couric slapped staffer

"Right or wrong, we need to support our president", yeah, right.

Did anyone here watch Olbermann on July 2?

140,000 Turkish Troops Massed on Iraq's N. Border --What Does That Mean? LINK

CREW's Hurricane Katrina Report Exposes How the Government Ignored Its Own Gulf Coast Hurricane Plan

Poster "Redacted " Appreciation Thread

Why are the same Bushbots from wingnut think tanks like American Enterprise Institute always on TV?

Bush Unites Iraqis Against His Oil Law (the 'uniter' strikes again!)

Romney: Hillary Is A Marxist

Much-Investigated British Defense Company About To Sell More Planes to the Saudis

I think that losing over 100 soldiers a month in Iraq is a clear failure

Hurray For Bree Walker!!

U.S. Military Losses Hit 4,000 in Iraq, Afghanistan (Update1)

Well well look at how clever the Boston Globe thinks it is (Live Earth)

Harry Reid/Senator Webb Live on CSPAN2, 12:40pmCT.

Rep. Don Young (R-AK): Pork Is My Job

This Modern World The mysteries of the quantum Cheneyverse!

Jim Webb on Cspan 2 now....eom

YouTube took down all the Live Earth content, including Bobby Kennedy :(

Official Nickname for Fred Thompson?

Sometimes I wonder if each side will try to impeach the other sides president

White House: Probation for Libby (making it up as they go, again?)

Wow Randi loves Al Gore

TPM makes a handy guide for all the coming Dem initiatives on war

Speaking of DU rules....

"There are currently no active tropical cyclones in the Atlantic or Eastern Pacific."

Clarence Thomas says that he ...

CNN talking about Leaving Iraq all of a sudden

White House, Congress set for showdown over subpoenas

If AttorneyGate goes to the courts, I think that is BAD.

White women get all the press

The Two Americas of Food:Reflections on the 2007 Farm Bill

Too bad DU doesn't report the lottery numbers

Turkey Holds Rally Denouncing Rebels, U.S.

Cost of war: $12 billion dollars a month (nearly $3 billion per week)

Iraq Comes Home: Soldiers Share the Devastating Tales of War

I say we should make a deal with IRAQ

Bush Denies Congress Access to Aides ......What Now?

We are now a fucking theocracy...


Nothing's been accomplished under Pelosi leadership?

The US Kidnapped A 13 yo Iraqi Boy in Sadr City

If Bobby Kennedy Jr. ever ran for anything, I'd vote for him....

30 Day.......30 Days.........For The DEMS.........

Police Investigating Break-In At Obama's Iowa Campaign Office

Impeachment question for upcoming Youtube/CNN debates 5th most wanted question!

Has Cindy Sheehan recieved more attention since stating that she might run against Nancy Pelosi?

Iraq invites foreign investors to oil locations

Anybody else find it odd that the Rio Christ Statue is one of the new "7 Wonders"

Republican Support to Bush's Iraq Policy Collapses

Powell: If everyone involved in Plame case did what Armitage did, there would have been no probe

IEA warns of 'supply crunch' in oil (LBN)

Question: Who would be Speaker of the House if Pelosi lost to Sheehan?

Oh wow... here's what US automakers have in store for us...

Miami Herald: Feds, Key West stage catfight over Hemingway House

Shuster on Tweety re Iraq now /nt

Anyone have a link to the caging lists posted online? Also, info on Dem Vs Repuke military voting?

Saxby Chambliss's Response on Healthcare

I couldn't care less if the President addresses the country.

Former East Paly police sergeant returning to Iraq - He doesn't like the word mercenary but...

Alaska Sen. Stevens Under Investigation

Are Cable TV companies still required to have a "Public Access" channel?

Kucinich: 'Imperial' vice president needs to be impeached

Alfred Regnery's Estate Sale

Urgent For Health Freedom

Big snaps for

Turkey Massing forces on Iraq border

SICKO - moore to be interviewed by Wolf CNN - coming up now

Sen. Stevens worried about his ‘employment potential.’

Can we make it against DU rules to quote the DU rules at people?

Pelosi Stops Dingell's attempt to harm global warming initiatives

Kucinich Reiterates Dropped Support of Holt Election Reform Bill

CNN reading DU now? Big story on Cindy vs Nancy

Reid, McConnell reach deal on 9/11 conference

Finally, Bush Unites and does not Divide (re: Iraq Oil Law)

For Freedom's Sake, Make the President Fear Impeachment

NBC answers WP's sniveling critic Howard Kurtz on climate change "debate"

I hope C&L have video of Charlie

Question: Who would be Speaker of the House if Pelosi lost to Sheehan?

"Impeach Cheney" the number 1 video on Youtube

Totally stupid "I love that guy' thread

Snow Falsely Asserts Lugar Believes Escalation Is ‘Working’

Bush's Iraqi puppets warn of civil war if US troops withdraw

GOP blowback: Hispanic voters throwing allegiance to Democrats by nearly 3:1, including in Florida

Very simple way to solve many problems all at once and get to the bottom of Treasongate

Lou Dobbs poll: should we begin withdrawing our troops from Iraq?

New road will likely harm 157 year old home. Months of effort to no avail.

Caption Condi and Babs

Faux News' question mark chyron: National Health Care: Breeding Ground For Terror?

No underlying crime meme--there is no underlying crime because

IMPEACH - Arrest Cheney First - pic of Cindy Sheehan

I heard or read somewhere the CIA has mostly been privatized . is

WTF? A few weeks ago, CNN praised Sicko for being "fairly accurate"

Not having fun anymore - * pics

In Campaign 2008 Only One Person Has Really Stood Above The Rest (Opinion Only)

My translation of what Melissa was saying & asking at Live Earth

Michael Moore to be repeated this hour on CNN

McClatchy: Bush stays course on Iraq, rebuffs demand for change

Keith Olbermann to debut first piece on NBC Nightly News tomorrow 7/10

"White House Invokes Executive Privilege." What's Bush hiding? What will Congress do?

How best to combat dangerous right wing policies?

MSNBC Circle Jerk...

Reid vs. Bush -- Caption

Glenn Greenwald: The ongoing journalistic scandal at the New York Times

Speaker Pelosi solicited and accepted $$$ from me for her campaign but her staff won't

Michael Moore's Wolf Bashing next - CNN

I know I shouldn't - but FoxNews just said .......

Y'all here about this new movie? "Pirates of the constitution"?

Subpoena Battle: What's Next?

On CNN's allowing Moore's stinging criticism of them to air:

Reframe: being tough on terrorism = being "smart on terrorism"

Yet another reason for Universal Health care

Dem Mark Green says....Bushies will stretch out Investigations until '08.

Why didn't Clinton claim Executive Privilege with Lewinsky?

Ezra Klein: Cheney's Role

LOL - Sanjay Gupta's ears must be burning like fire

Novak's Limited Plame-gate Hang-Out

LOL... Tina Brown on Hardball... "xanax zone"


Comic Relief: ** Man disguised as tree robs bank **

Libby, Bush-Cheney and Impeachment: Don't "Move On"

Sweet Jesus, I hate Bill Kristol

Official: Report says Iraq government hasn't met ANY of its benchmarks

what set Moore off?

FYI: CSPAN 2, Webb up, talking about his Iraqi amendment. 2:47pmCT. nt

Naval Carrier Group Deploys

What Other Liberals / Progressives Should Learn From MM's Appearance on CNN

DU Rule Reminder, if I may be so "lockstep"

What's the procedure for going to Iraq (as a civilian)? Congresscritters and candidates do it

Can you use the words "Hardball" and "Pinhead" in the same sentence?

Medicare *is* socialized health care and it works.

I Wanted Them To Walk In There And Impeach The Bastard

Is there a link to the Cat Stevens performance at LiveEarth??

Sanjay Gupta actually did a pretty good piece a couple of weeks back about Sicko.

CDC: Antidepressants most prescribed drugs in U.S.

In pockets of Mississippi's coast, Katrina survivors battle the foe of despair

damnit I hate all this rain. Global Warming is causing us to have the wettest summer ever Roof has

Something I was listening to today

Hey America, Texas has been awake going on 8 years now! What are you doing?!?!?

If the impeachment movement were to gain enough traction where..

Michael Moore was very good....

Report: Wars cost US $12 billion a month - Iraq alone has cost $450 billion

Twice today I have heard Lou Dobbs compare Michael Moore to Hugo Chavez. Whats up with that?

Why won't Al just say the 5 words...."I'm not running for president"?

Lieberman: Congress ’sniping’ at troops

JOHN EDWARDS: Building One America: National Poverty Action Week: Mon. 7/16 - Sun. 7/22

What was that clip of Karl Rove on Keith's show?

Official: Report will say NONE of Iraq’s goals met

Al Franken Outraises Norm Coleman For Minnesota Senate Race!

Sanjay Gupta: MSM shill or decent medical reporter?

A Message For Speaker Pelosi - pic

Afghan Girls Traded, Sold to Settle Debt

tweety actually did his job!

Smoking may prevent development of toxic substances that interfere w/proper neurological functioning

Sara Taylor - another Conservative blond babe

Conyers to Bush "waive executive privilege," Clinton did it.

Is Harry to force a vote for a pullout?----(I have not been able to tune in since


Common denominator in Repugs Calling for Iraqi Pullout? They All Face Re-Election in '08!

Is "post-surge redeployment" similar to "peace with honor?"

Last 3 months were the deadliest 3 months for US troops in Iraq since the invasion in March 2003

I challenge ANY right-winger to step outside and deny that global warming is real

LOL. Bill O'Lielly corrects the record on the "Pink Pistol Packing Gangs"

White House asks Dems to be nicer

To those of you who continue to attack the Democratic Party to the benefit of one woman:

Cindy/Ralph for President/VP 2010!!!!!!!11

"Democrats shouldn't impeach. We should focus on the positive."

Finally figured out who this pic reminded me of

Spay Neuter bill barely passes through the Assembly

America's highways approaching Third World status. "No money for roads"

Michael Moore "I dont talk in sounbdsbites" to wolf on CNN

Bush in Book: "I'll Kiss Your Ass" After Vote

The CNN M Moore throw down video is up.

Bush administration, Ohio governor continue to spar over Guard

Court-martial begins for Marine charged with murder

Iraqi FM Claims Turkey Amassing 140,000 Troops Along Border

4 GOP Senators To Be Targeted by DSCC Ads

Hey Dan Abrams you fuckwad. It's not political and you don't need a crime!

Nobody Wants to Join Bush’s Army

Did Michael Savage just call for violence against Muslims in Britain?

Do you boycott anything?

Is there a way to get to just the Cat Stevens performance

Kerry Says White House Stonewalling is a Disservice to Democracy

No double jeopardy for Lt. Watada

Wow! 'SiCKO' "well within FDR's expanding vision of freedom"...

Sheehan's Diary on Running

My response to a response to a canned jingoistic email...

Rove: ‘I Make No Apologies’ For Any Of Administration’s Mistakes Or Lies

Has Ralph Nader ever done anything to stave off the power of corporations?

Peruse these 2 pictures: Never Mind...Please Delete

So if a republiKlan wins in 2008 who will they blame for their

Davud Boies is a punk

mike Mallory talking of Wolf /Moore showdown now-with clips-HERE:

Why can't Dem politicians sound like Michael?

Bush and Backstage Crew in a COMA....Confused/Frustrated to the point of mumbling incoherently

Bush's stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality is driving the Repubs to desert him...soon in droves

Lion siblings reunited after two years forced separation

Do you believe Executive Privilege exists?

6 days left to Save the Internet! Post Your video & Send the FCC a message!

BREAKING: Not a single "benchmark" has been reached in Iraq.

Stuart Browning: Dead Meat

XM-167 (Air America Radio) changes: Mike Malloy returns, Thom Hartmann airs earlier

Now the U.S. Military is assasinating Iraqi Peace Workers.


54% Favor Impeaching Cheney; 45% Favor Impeaching Bush

Scouting the Hill on Iraq

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) in DC Madam Records

Fox now owns Photobucket?

I heart Michael Moore

Exclusive: Interview with Senator John Edwards on Science-Related Topics

Catholic school closes, then opens, its gates to a boy named Hell

Link to coverage of Vitter and DC Madam list

Fly an Impeach Cheney Banner Over All Star Game on Tuesday!

Contact Senator " I sleep with whores" Vitnner and let him know what you think

Contact for senator "I like whores" Vittner call and let him know what you think

Less donuts, more range time.

I have no interest in seeing Nancy Pelosi over turned...

Impeach Cheney Banner to Fly Over All Star Game? UPDATE!!!

So President Cabeza de Mierda won't let aides testify... Constitutional Crisis, anyone?

Official: Iraq gov't missed all targets

CLG has received 'DC Madam' phone records - preparing list for release

Conyers Hearing on Libby Commutation: List of witnesses

Toon: Running the clock out

WP, Eugene Robinson: George of Arabia, "Resolute Amid the Wreckage"

The man who's ALWAYS wrong (Kristol) advises *: "Hold firm..." on Iraq

You want a real solution to the Impeachment issue? I have one.

Lindsey Graham: Escalation ‘Is Working Beyond My Expectations’

"N" Word Funeral held today in Detroit

Remember the guy who tried to build the "Counter Clinton Library"

Ruh-roh: Little mention of Vitter on connie/neo-connie websites!

First of indicted Alaska state Repub. lawmarkers found GUILTY

CAPTION: Emperor Chimpus Maximus is not pleased

David Vitter on the sanctity of marriage (and damn that Hollywood left!):

My one David Vitter thread-Did he use campaign funds to pay for hookers? He should be investigated

Proceed With Caution --->>>

So how about us folks at DU..

YES, there IS an underlying crime and it is called TREASON

LOL Right Wingers say Live Earth/Gore was flop!

That's going to mess with his head.

Why Has "Red Dawn" Been On AMC Like A Gazillion Times In The Last Month Or So?

Lou Dobbs just now: "Michael Moore is as big a left-wing self-promoter as Hugo Chavez."

Is There A Transcript Yet Of Michael Moore's Monday Night Smackdown Of leslie (wolfie)?

I guess a long time ago - not to me - we used to be able to

Arab League Sending Delegation to Israel


THANK YOU, Michael Moore, for giving one of the "leading" MSM

Michael Moore blasting CNN...ON CNN!

Insane monkey noises

Medicare Privitization Scam

On the Road for Impeachment (or If Folks are Cheering, This Must be Texas) (YES!)

Draft of September Report on Iraq leaked!

Why would anybody oppose single payer ?

Passing The Message Of Live Earth On

Breaking: Pix of Katie Couric @ a staff meeting

Coalition of 'Pro-family' 'Christians' to stage protest against hate crimes bill

DC Madam Scores A Direct Hit !!!

Did anyone else here this weeks "This American Life"? Download and keep this one!

If you hate watching self destruction and circle firing... List of forums outside the fire.

Here's the "Don't Believe Al Gore" Banner Flown Over Live Earth ---pix--->>>

Cindy Sheehan did something amazing this morning:

Who would you vote for in a Sheehan/Pelosi race?

Report: War costing US $12 BILLION a month

Kerry Bill Would Prevent President from Misusing Signing Statements

My 79-year old dad carved this, inspired by some pics

Who is pundit Ceci Connolly?

Wolf Blitzer Appreciation Thread (not a joke)

New Seven Wonders of the World announced

E-MAIL From: "" = Want to Impeach Cheney? Think July 23rd.

Official Cindy Nader/Ralph Sheehan Bashing Thread

Cheney's approval rating at 13%. Yep. One three.

Who else can we use besides photobucket. Fast answers please!

Who is this Susie and why is she running for president?

Bwhahaha repuke senator Vitter on Madam's list

Anyone Know, What, if anything, that congress has passed, Has made It Through the Bush Veto?

LEAHY: Taylor Will STILL Appear For Wednesday Hearing-Before Senate Judiciary Commitee & Miers-Thurs

Ex- convicts and addicts may get DoD clearance

Glenn Greenwald: The ongoing journalistic scandal at the New York Times

Dan Abrams: Impeachment

Anyone know of some anti-war active duty military blogs out there?

Let's have a purity purge of the Democratic Party!

I challenge anyone to name even ONE real achievement of republicans

Which kind of "Democrat" annoys you most (poll)

Iraq in ONE sentence: We're not leaving until Iraq signs over their oil to Dick's Buds

I thought Cindy was going to take a rest??

8/25/2007 - Kennebunkport

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Franken leads incumbent in fundraising

So, honestly, what exactly has changed?

Reid: "No one is calling for a precipitous withdrawal in Iraq"

BBC World News trying to Break Into US Market! Call your Cable Company and Demand it!

And Now ABC News Has Some Apologizing To Do Re: No Impt Names On Madam's Tel List....

Would a Separate, Non-Partisan Progressive Sub-forum be a bad idea?

Pelosi's Office Reaction on Sheehan, Does Not Mention Impeachment

John Edwards - 1 in 8 Americans live in poverty

A DUer's open letter to Cindy Sheehan

WAR ROOM Tim Grieve: Sara Taylor will appear at Judiciary hearing despite Executive Privilege

Well, I got some good news today!

US Sen David Vitter (R-LA) releases statement on DC Madam listing

Is there ANY chance that Pelosi will seek to impeach because of Cindy?

I can't believe what I just heard on local news - rich kids stealing "just being kids".

Escalation Architect Kagan: ‘Whatever You Can Say About The Current Strategy, It Has Not Failed’

Final Days: Tell the FCC to Save the Internet

PHOTO: "Call My Madam!"

Sen Snowe calls for binding resolution to bring troops home. breaking MSNBC.

Chart of Excuses for Libby

CNN just reported

About the Shehan thing...

'DC Madam' Phone Records posted (22-Jan to 22-Aug 2006)

A challenge to the Pelosi bashers ... haters .... critics .... whatever you call yourselves .....

This mans cojones should be bronzed.

Keith Olbermann has just introduced his "Bush-Nixon Countdown Clock"

And One More Time, For Those Who Refuse To Learn From History !!!

Mrs. Wendy Vitter: The Democrats have squashed our values!!!!11

How's That (Surge) Working Out?

Holy crap.......Vitters wife compared herself to Lorena Bobbit

'SiCKO' Builds A Movement

Good Samaritan gives CPR to dying man, receives $8,000 hospital bill

Texas Lawmaker Shoots Suspected Thief

Fess up,,,,Did you vote for Ralph Nader in 2000? (edited)

I am concerned that DU is out of touch with middle America

IMPEACHMENT: It's going to happen.

Cindy Sheehan: Cindy for Congress?

Regarding Sheehan and blind support for Democrats

Tweety's imitation of Schuster on today's show is not half bad

Ted Stevens worried about corruption investigation hehe

Is anyone else pro-choice on prostitution?

I have to ask...anyone else experiencing this? "Hearing" nature?

The 'take the Cindy campaign elsewhere' meme was manufactured to cause strife here.

US Carrier Locations, get yer hard cold facts not that age old hype

My own two cents about Cindy Sheehan's announcement, for what it's worth

Male Sexual Harassment Is Not A Joke

"They Have Destroyed Everything": Terms of Debate on Iraq -- by Chris Floyd

Question about Impeachment

"Speak Out Now or Forever, Perhaps, Be Silenced"

The Saudi Prince's Secret: Bush, Sr. Sold-Out CIA to Build Pakistan A-Bomb

Even "anti-war" Repubs just spin, spin, spin

Partial Government Shutdown In Pennsylvania

Gravel and Paul should debate each other, no?

This is embarrassing--PA slots parlors stay open while museums and other state services shut down...

Ghouliani's Introduction to the Nation of Nascar - a hilarious piece in today's NYT

Adviser becoming a liability for Hillary Clinton

A two-step plan to save the world

Levin leads charge on defense bill

Want to Impeach Cheney? Think July 23rd

Reagan appointee at DOJ: Bush admin has committed "high crimes and misdemeanors"!

AP Analysis: Doubts Continue to Nag Obama

The Rude Pundit - Sgt. Pepper and Sgt. Botta: The Twisted Treatment of Soldiers

candy crowley On Washington Journal, Let's Give candy A Call:

The Truth about Kos: Truth... Or Mere Allegations?

Sheehan publicity stunt?

Central Air Conditioning: The end of democracy as we know it

Crawford Tourism Sinks With Bush Approval

Bush, Democrats Seek `Very Big Fight' With Each Other on Budget

The Atlantic Online's Ambinder: Stonyfield Yogurt Guru Endorses Obama. Originally endorsed Vilsack.

Putting Q2 Fundraising into perspective

Rasmussen: 39% favor impeaching Bush

White House Rebuffs Congress, Nears Legal Showdown

Democrats cash in as Republican woes grow

Fly Impeach Cheney Banner Over All Star Game

Core Democratic Values - a reminder.

Novak: Bush to wait until they're depleted, then will blame the military for Iraq losses

Did you know that right wing radio had nothing to do with the failure of the immigration bill?

Lieberman: I May Even Support A Republican In '08

Powell: I tried to talk Bush out of war

Cindy will be on Randi's show in the second hour today

MODS please delete, dupe post.

Dear CIA.....

"Unvarnished Advice"

If we leave Iraq, Civil War will break out and chaos will ensue

The fighting in Baghdad is at the "very beginning!"

Where do the candidates stand on a living wage?

Fingerprints of Libby and Cheney on the Marc Rich Pardon

Brain researcher/author: Hearts over minds: Democrats must connect with EMOTIONS to win

Maine Republican Enters House Race — Then Reports for Iraq Duty

High foreclosure rates in places like Atlanta and Cleveland are far more troubling

Charlie Rangel just admitted we went to war for Oil on Tucker

Who does Labor support in the Dem primary? Is there a clear consensus?

Obama=Bill Clinton? HRC=Al Gore?

USA/Gallup(7/6-7/8): Clinton - 37%, Obama - 21%, Gore - 16%, Edwards - 13%; MOE=5

Novakula:Republicans predict gloom and doom in 2008...triple whammy...

PDA: Jamie Eldridge for Congress from the 5th Congressional District Ma special election this Sept.

Watch Now! Michael Moore Interview Replay at 4:30 PM Pacfic on CNN.

If there's even a remote possibility that you could vote third party in '08

Help Final Push to Impeachment

Nagging doubts continue to plague Obama

Medicare For All - Yay or Nay?

Anyone who does not want their advice to the President made public

Obama Wins Hirshberg Endorsement

Iraq vets to stump for Obama

KO had a video clip of Rove being laughed at

which are there more of???

Demand National Health Care For Everyone

Animal House----the movie and its Effects on America:

UnFreep AOL poll -- Sheehan threatens to run against Pelosi

Norquist, Nader Join Forces in Push for State Spending Transparency

Rasmussen: Bush job Approval at 39%...highest since May 13th...

From the DePo: Read this and tell me if we're ever going to recover from the last 6 years

When will we ever know the truth about:

DU lou dobbs' poll...

Should you take a short break from bitching about Pelosi...

President Clinton is on C-SPAN 2 giving a speech to an enthusiastic crowd.

If Cheney's impeachment and removal looks to become a reality

Low hanging fruit- not one more witness nor one more word is required to impeach Gonzales

Freshmen, Southerners Among Leading House Dem Dissidents

delete plz - wrong forum

Should Nouri al-Maliki get a Pension? Secret Service protection?


One thing Democrats and most Republicans agree upon...

Pelosi lines up Iraq votes

Nader in his own words on Democracy Now

Obama's statement on Bush's Executive Prevlidge today

Is the Robert Kennedy video available anywhere? I'd really like to keep that

Randi stop your Al Gore should run shit he ain't doing it

How far back do they want to turn the clock?

Direct link to DC Madam's phone records.

Big Surprise....Republican Senator on DC Madam client list

Executive Privilege means we got a helluva lot to hide from you evil citizens

The Latest Christian to be persecuted in America

Will Rahm Emmanuel endorse Obama or HRC?

"The real question is how the White House proceeds with post-surge strategy in light of the report"

Freedom for Carapina...will it actually happen, will he get run over by a bus, or what????

anyone else notice something in the newsweek cover?

Navy reasserting control of shipbuilding ($3 billion apiece for the first two)

Micheal Moore goes off on Wolf

Damn - I think I got an erection watching CNN vs Michael Moore

proving wrong all yo shit.

Made in China: tainted food, fake drugs and dodgy paint

Sen. Mike Gravel Has "No Problem" with new 9/11 investigations

A stunning look back. An inspiring push forward.

David Vitter Appreciation thread!

Fox Radio News - They really are comedians

Can Anyone Remember A Greater Smackdown Than Michael Moore's wolfieBLITZ?

Anyone read BLUE GRIT by Laura Flanders?

Campaign Memo: After Six Months (Clinton campaign)

Al Gore should *not* run in 2008 . . .

Webb Stepping Up On Excessive Troop Deployments

Does Edwards know what he is talking about?

Santorum dedicated to applying "Judeo-Christian moral tradition to critical issues of public policy"

Hillary, Obama, and Edwards on the environment

Obama's spark may be embracing his Muslim heritage

Photos: Barack Obama campaigns in the South today, Birmingham and Huntsville, AL

Righteous Ralph is part of the OPPOSITION, just as surely as any

Oh geez....I like Matthews today.

Quote of the day, re: torture

Obama's Iowa campaign office burglarized!!!

LIbby Commuted to Pacify Cheney

You won't believe what Wendy Vitter said in 2000 about unfaithfulness.

Poll: Hillary flips another Red state...West Virginia...

An Ill Wind

Edwards to go on 8 state tour to highlight poverty in America. Will stop campaigning, fund-raising.

Pelosi is demanded to pull a rabbit out of a hat

Sheehan: Dems Party of Slavery

Don't kill me....

Politico: "Kristin Gore on the Clinton White House?" From Kristin Gore's new book...