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Archives: July 21, 2007

Court Tells U.S. to Reveal Data on Detainees at Guantánamo

Poet, Performer Sekou Sundiata Dies (cRummy connection)...

U-M (Michigan) changes tuition policy for military families

I just re-met (?) a cute guy! WooHoo!

If I start a pic thread asking that you show your upper half of your body...

whoa!!! I was just in GD and thought I was in the lounge for a second

I've got an idea for a new show for NBC. Let me know what you think.

Check Out The New Army Recruiting Video

It's just after midnight, and I've settled into my easy chair with a cup of cappuccino

Call me a cab!

My bra size, apparently is 46A....

Who owns a White German Shepard?

My wife thinks I drink too much water with Crystal Light on the Go stuff

A beautiful picture my daughter just took: Father and Child.

My baby is over the Atlantic this very minute!!!

I'm thinking of changing my name

Can you predict the content of a thread just by reading the thread title?

A question about chest hair.

who has family and/or friends who refuse and dont like to read?

Sliding into depression

Ok. Anyone Else Here Think About Shit Sometimes That No One Else Would Think About?

The Cheney Doomsday

The contrast of the torture announcement and the Exec Priv on same day.

Those horrid Iraqis are taking a month off. What is our prez, and Congress

Charlie Rose: A Sunday talkshow on Friday and another episode of China Today

Game of divide and rule in Iraq

By rethugs voting down the Reed/Levin and Webb amendments, they

Did you guys hear about the woman who was forced to perform oral sex on her son?

Nancy Pelosi Writing her Memoirs

Will Cheney spend his two hours in his bottomlessBunker or the Oval Office?

Won't it be nice in in Jan. of 09 to have a VP primarily known as "What'sHisName"

Didn't Libby represent Clinton in Whitewater or something? Can't remember the details.

Results of Bush's colonoscopy

Wingers Going Crazy Over Cheney as Official Prez.

Some timely observations on tyranny from Aristotle, Churchill, Chomsky and Douglass....

Cheney Wasn't Satisfied With Ousting Colon Powell...

Can we have a forum for people who deny the perilous state we are in?

NYT Op/Ed: In Iraq War Debate Bush Is The Great Denier

CRS in re 'Contempt'

I'm living in a tropical rain forest, in Houston. How are you doing?

Denmark secretly airlifted 200 Iraqi translators and relatives

Cop Searching For Suspect Dies In Traffic Accident, Suspect Later Convicted For His Death

OMG OMG BREAKING: I think they know where Saddam hid the WMD

here is how and why the war ends.

the poetic meanderings of Senator John Kerry

Poll Shows Sununu (R-NH) in Deep Trouble

US: Presidential Order Affirms CIA Secret Detentions (HRW)

Dahr Jamail: After Reporting in Iraq, America Feels Like a Bizarre Disneyland


White House Declares Bush Emperor (by Chris Weigant at HuffPost)

Bush and Congress Are Heading for Courtroom Clash on 'Executive Privilege'

Dave Lindorff: Democrats are their Own Worst Enemies

The New York Times Sells Cameroon for $250,000

The American leap of faith -- and ignorance

North Dakota and legalized hemp

My wake-up call: Watch for another 9/11-WMD experience

In and Out of Pakistan, U.S. Policy of Force Has Failed

Lessons Learned - Obsidian Wings

Buzzflash: How The White House Will Manipulate

JUDITH WARNER: A Crack in Team Bush

Nigerian Pupils Browse Porn On Donated laptops


The Invisible Government By John Pilger

The Export of Democracy and Corporate Foreign Policy by Malcolm

What Comes After The U.S. Empire? By Johan Galtung

Al-Qaeda is Stronger Everywhere Except in George Bush's Mind ...

NYT editorial: The Iraq War Debate: The Great Denier

House To Defy Bush With Spending Bill - by Annie Flaherty at Huffington Post

"America’s Best Days Are Ahead": President Al Gore’s Inaugural Address

Facing the Truth

Juan Cole: The Last Neocon Attacks Hillary

Another war reopens trail to Canada

Cheney, Briefly Assuming Bush's Duties, Says He Enjoyed The Downtime

"The 9/11 Generation": a report from fantasy land compliments of the Weakly Sub-Standard

Beware the H-1B Visa

The Washington Post is on Crack

Chris Floyd article from 11/01 about this admin: Weather Report: The Hard Chill Begins to Bite

Blood pressure buster: Bill Kristol's latest, "They Don't Really Support the Troops"

Chris Floyd: The Legal Pervert's Parade: Executive Privilege Über Alles

Constitutionally, Is Impeachment An Option Or A Required Remedy?


John Kerry Does it: Breaks the Taboo...

Enlisting Madison Avenue Or Drafting Joseph Goebbels

How to squeeze jihadi culture out of Pakistan - by Vali Nasr

MAUREEN DOWD: A Woman Who’s Man Enough

FRANK RICH: I Did Have Sexual Relations With That Woman

This "Presidential Executive Order" is Grounds for Arrest

Scientists fear impact of Sakhalin energy project's noise on whales - AFP

15 Green Cities

BP means 'bad pollution' for the Great Lakes

EarthFirst! Defeat NATO in the Netherlands

Whole Market Foods?: Why the FTC is right to block Whole Foods' buyout of Wild Oats

Vermont Yankee employee fired after drug test detects marijuana

Vattenfall Idles a Second German Nuclear Plant

Environmental Protester Slain in Siberia - AP

Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Arctic- related to climate change?

Japan quake not seen slowing U.S. nuclear revival - Reuters

Lake O's muck not fit for fill..... arsenic and other nasties, but

Pickering loses third reactor to downtime (Canada)

Fear and fury in shadow of Japan's damaged nuclear giant

People living near nuke facilities at higher risk of leukaemia

The Tamarisk Hunter by Paolo Bacigalupi (A glimpse of the future?)

Teamsters Negotiate Tentative Agreement for Newly Organized USF Reddaway Workers (2000)

E-MAILS: FEMA knew about Toxin

White House Politicized Drug Office, Democrat Says

Denmark Says It Secretly Flew Iraqi Employees Out of Iraq

Daily Attacks in Iraq Hit New High in June (Highest Daily Average since May 2003)

A White House Warning on Contempt Charges

US says Iraqi rebel head is an invention

Task Force Lightning Soldier attacked (Diyala province, Friday)

Via Rail (Canada) and CAW reach tentative agreement,

State eyes wage gap in suburban NY illegal-worker case

Rocket launcher tube found on NJ lawn

British Army reserves almost non-existent -report

Ft. Bragg Soldier Dies in Iraq

UK soldier killed in Iraq attack

Investors bet on new dawn for Zimbabwe

Missing GI's Wife Won't be Deported

Russia, West May Face More Conflict

Turkey (PM Erdogan) threatens Iraq incursion

Televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner dead at 65

France detains two Rwandan genocide suspects

Romney Scales Back Straw Poll Plans

Lankan minister in Riyadh to help appeal for maid’s life

Iraqi PM: Parliament Should Nix Vacation

Britain almost out of troops, memo reveals

India Names Its First Female President

5 polyps removed from Bush's colon

Italy police raid 'terror school'

Former Texas exec pleads guilty to military contract kickbacks (Iraq war contracts )

U.S. choppers kill ... who? Enemy or innocents?

Former top Iraqi figure Tareq Aziz in intensive care

Bush reclaims power after colonoscopy

Texas Flooding Strands Passenger Train

Taliban claims to kill German hostage

U.S. Airstrikes Hit Shiite Stronghold

Tammy Faye Messner dies

Sununu Wouldn't Campaign With Bush `In This Climate'

Gas Prices Rise on Refineries’ Record Failures

Iraq 'football' gunfire kills two

Workers at four of DHL's independent carriers join Teamsters

India names first female president

Gangster `Jorge 40' dominates testimony (US coal company sued for death squad contracts on workers)

Bush Ponders Royal Riddle from Queen Elizabeth

Parody of Gibson's novel, `Neuromancer'

Now I'm freaking out!! LOL!

I need a bit of computer help -- is there a special area here to get it --

Looking at cleavage is like looking at the sun...

*Please Delete*

How many dogs to change a light bulb?

I can't think

Computer question

I could really use a Lapdance

thought you might enjoy a pic of my lap-dancing partners . . .

okay - it's 4:42 am - guess i should go back to bed and get a few more ...

I need a lap dance far more than GoPsUx does, and I make more money than he does!

I hate Harry Potter.

For all you lovers out there...

I just powerwashed my bok choy

Post songs you don't want to hear while dancing around a maypole.

Things not to say while sucking

Things not to say while fucking

Would someone please give GOPSux a lap dance?

Another Mac question

Harry Potter is out.

Mac question

Breaking - Diagnosis on Bush surgery

somebody gimme a fucking donut

Is there such a thing as a layered mullet?

And another MAC question . . .

how can you mend a broken heart?

As much as I am thankful to have a job I am willing to give it up for my sanity.

Today we're going to ______________

Oh! oh! oh! I'm so excited!

The dream I had yesterday

things i miss

Ever watch the TLC show, "Clean Sweep?"

Innocent Bird Gets Taken Out by a Huge Space Shuttle

What song is your earworm today?

Let's have a big argument about Harry Potter and sleep deprivation.

Should I start reading Harry Potter or save it for the plane trip?

I just bought a Hairy Potter

I'm so angry...

Hey! You know what would be funny?

I am buying taterguy a lap dance

How'd you like to make a 50?

Are there any other women out there who DON'T have a shoe fetish?

Fox (the mammal) on a rampage!

Heisenberg Uncertainty and the Photographing of Cats

It what's for dinner...(not vegan friendly)

Why do hip-hop artists keep asking if I know what time it is?

i am not runny anymore

OMG Amazing Animal Video - Cool Ending

I'm getting braver.... A new post in GDP....

I'm 32, and I'm falling apart.

Hey guess what?

I never realized how many trucks drive by my house...

Post here, if you want Harry Potter to give you a lap dance....

turning over is powers for a colonoscopy? jeez it's not like he was having brain surgery...

i am not bunny anymore

Laundry Advice - Gum squished into 100% cotton shirt

Here is an interesting site for you poetry lovers out there

Time to save our stockings

LeftyKid has a new haircut

Harry Potter Funny Spoilers

Hah! Finished HP 7, eight and a half hours after starting it. (No spoilers in OP)

Harry 7: I've read spoilers.........(none here, though!)

Click here to learn who dies

I am still here and still pissed


I may hurl a plutonium-laden object at Faux Sprots and Major League Baseball

Discovering new musical talent

My neighbor is selling a set of 'Jarts' at his yard sale

I think Harry Potter ends with a lap dance.

I'm 32, and I'm calling a tart.

powerful music video-Linkin Park "What I've Done"

Fuck Harry Potter

Does anyone think Harry Potters girlfriend Ginny is not at all attractive and Hermionie is the

Are you a speed reader or not?

You've seen Alanis' 'Humps,' but have you seen their 'Milkshake?'

book snobs, literary elitists, and high culture down lookers, check in here!

my friend's YouTube video: "Michael Vick Is A Lesson For Us All"

I just bought a copy of Harry Potter

anybody up for a bowl of dick?

Taboo topics?

Help! All of a sudden, every time I click a button on DU ("My DU," "Post," etc.) it opens a new

I've got a loverly bunch of coconuts

whoa! talk about an omelet fest

I hate being on-call!

I haven't whacked any weeds in a long time.

I am off... going to a country and western bar to hear 50s music

We just had our first summer brown out here in CA

Beatles song used to hawk disposable plastic diapers

Your favorite track from the Instant Karma CD? -graphics-

*I* stopped "reading" Harry Potter....

FOUND! The OFFICIAL Theme Song Of Free Republic

Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra, and God's Will

That Britney ...... such a classy lady!

This picture is useless without threads

I have to wait to buy the new Harry Potter

Matcom News: Dolphin voyeurs kill the mood for saucy submariners

whoa! talk about a sausage fest

Here's Brenda, our new FAT FREAKING CAT.


Stockings... Pantyhose,,, Lace Top...Tights... Fishnets... Bare Legs

I am taking a chance here...

On understanding men

? for computer nerds regarding twain.dll

This just in - Jesus is in a frying pan

Post here if you're done with the new Harry Potter book

The DUzys have become so corporate lately

i am not punny anymore

I'M WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pick a beatles song to match a product advertisement

OH SHIT! there's a roadblock up on the cloverleaf

i am not funny anymore

Wii Fit.... HILARIOUS!!

This place has been really quiet today

The universe is a real hateful fucking bitch sometimes.

What's for dinner, DU?

It's that time again....How are you, DU?

I was pissed off; now I'm just disappointed.

Breaking: CBS to replace Katie Couric w/ Stephanie Miller

Does anyone use a propane smoker?

Is anyone interested in reading about my dogs?

Sly and the Family Stone's "There's a Riot Goin On" - yay or nay?

Tonight is movie on the backyard deck night, everything is ready to go.

Would you call someone you barely know at 11:00 at night?

so - i saw a wonderful movie last evening that made me wonder . . .

ESPN's coverage of the Chelsea-LA friendly?

Sigh, whenever I go into GD, I end up on someone's ignore list. . .

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter....

Woman’s lighter sparks blaze at gas station

Serge: The newest member of our family.

79 posts to 7000...

FYI : Linkin Park's new cd Minutes to Midnight KICKS ASS

Need opinions on this - started out as a joke,

What's your Intergalactic Corporation's motto?

Damn mosquitos.

I propose a countdown!

How do you let go of something that causes you a lot of pain?

I'm going to...

All those fucking helicopters...

window shopping

I've been convicted and have to get a third cat.

One of my cats has a bad skin allergy - vet stumped. Any suggestions?

Classify Galaxies for Kicks

THREADJACKING! Good clean fun or insidious Lounge menace?

I bought my wife the new Harry Potter novel. Will I get laid tonight, or will she just keep reading?

Name the shittiest right-wing song of all time...

I do not have the new Harry Potter book

I need advice on what to wear to a wedding.

How do I find out if I'm on someone's ignore list?

I want to go on record saying that the required secrecy involving the Potter book

Another dog park incident

DUer you most want to be like?

Lochinvar... .a lovely song I listened to earlier

It's that time again....What's your fucking problem, DU?

Boy I got the flame thrower in GD again

Burning bridges

We have a new great-niece.

Windows Vista Home Basic or Premium

Look at what got released on DVD!

My reading list for tomorrow at the beach.

Beautiful Song...

Ever wonder how Cheney survived multiple heart attacks?

Because I miss all the picture threads

Tammy Fay died

Haha, here's a great little hand-dance video.

Hey Loungies - should we go play Whack - a - Mole in GD tonight?

I just finished it, and it was great (No spoilers)

Just call me comrade Droopy

Spiders are arachnids.

Son of GoG the elder is 20 today...(pics)

My Harry Potter is here!! Shall I read the last page first?

Fuck Harry Potter, we're only a week away from Shark Week!

Post songs you don't want to hear while getting a lap dance

Cats in sinks

BillySkank appreciation thread

I just found out that a little known DUer Massafra passed away

Woman, get your tongue out of my ear... (my dogs)

I have never read a Harry Potter book...

Economic class and driving

I'm seeing KC and the Sunshine Band tomorrow, wooot

Why Do Boyfriends Leave Jessica Simpson?

Favorite Movie Devil!

Well, ol' Georgie had a colonoscopy today and they found

I Just Waited In Line 90 Minutes for The New Harry Potter Book...Ask Me Anything!!

Reason no. 431 why baseball is better than other sports:

What is your opinion - could a tap dance be considered a sexual act?

Harry Potter and the Death of Reading

If you didn't get a chance to go to your local Farmer's Market this morning . . .

Best Star Trek series (other than the real one)

An even bigger FUCK YOU to Fox Sports

Should Barry Bonds' home run record be acknowledged?

Post 2 youtube songs..The original and a cover

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 7/21/2007)

Name something you love about where you live . . .

Lounge Pev Roll Call...Sound Off Now!

TO ALL THE KIDS WHO SURVIVED the 1940's, 50's, 60's and 70's!!

What movie lines stick with you?

This Is Our Society: I'm pulling into a parking space...

ARRGH!! I have been to the VA two times. I just got the statements.

CN Rail Union Must Accept Company Offer, Arbiter Says (not the Via Rail agreement)

Labor cartoon for the week

Today in labor history July 21

Amtrak, Union Reach Tentative Labor Deal

Heads up: Harley-Davidson and two unions begin talks on new contract

Join Garbage Picket Lines

Presidential Candidates Compete For Union's Support

Researching Companies

San Francisco Bay Area IWW leaflets Starbucks in solidarity with Starbucks Workers Union

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Bush Legacy and WW3...

"You'll have to answer to the Coca-Cola company"

Liam Madden-Marine War Resister-Boston 6-7-07

Catch 22 -- The Opportunist

Eagles - The Last Resort

Sen. Sununu: I Don't Want Bush To Campaign With Me

Insurgents or Terrorists?

Political Science Randy Newman

Ready for Terrorist Attack?

AV Minutemen July 14 07 Clip A

Repubs try to break from the herd.

William Rodriguez's story (9.11 hero)

Not One More Man

Michael Savage Assault CSPAN...

The Onion: OMG! All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash!!!

Black Bush

Health Care - Frustration In America

Lynn Samuels and Ann Coulter Debate Sex Ed (7.20.07)

My Space Dirty Little Secrets Exposed...part 2

David Brooks now confused about Iraq

Bush Obstructs Justice & Forbids Contempt

Senator Landrieu blast Republicans in overnight Senate Session

In anticipation of Cheney's "presidentcy" tomorrow (from the motion picture Dr. Strangelove)

Draft college republicans: Generation Chickenhawk...

My Space Dirty Little Secrets Exposed...part 1

Bruce Springsteen-Souls Of The Departed

"No War Hero" fake Giuliani ad #2

Bishop Gene Robinson on "eternal life"

Bush Ponders Royal Riddle from Queen Elizabeth

Bernie Ward on the Valerie Plame decision

iPhone review ongoing now on Bernie Ward,

Suspicious Activity?

Comedienne Loni Love on Comedy Central just said "Barbara Bush is a man. I don't care what y'all say

A Bouquet AND a Brickbat to Ted Koppel

Fitz is presented with a scooter at “Wait Wait ...Don’t Tell Me!” taping

A perilous state

Joseph Galloway: NIE Report Card Gives Bush A 'D' In Anti-Terror Fight

Fatal Ambulance Wreck Kills 5 in Ohio

I just realized: As of yesterday,

Galloway thanked Saddam for cash

China’s not the sole source of tainted imports

Republicans should be scared, too.

Pranksters make targets of fluorescent warning signs

Bribery Network to Bloat War Costs Is Alleged

Mickelson misses cut

Hub of the online universe: City plans a virtual Boston in 2nd Life

Daily Show: Bush has 'attained enlightenment' from terror

UK troop reserves 'almost gone'

Government Must Share All Evidence On Detainees

photoshoppers, what's wrong with this Bush picture?

POLITICS: Young Hmong Americans Confront a Dark History

Fraud charged in close 96th vote (Virginia)

House to Defy Bush With Defense Bill

Federal court orders Shell Oil to suspend Arctic offshore drilling program

I know they won't print it but at least I tried....

Secret Interrogation Techniques

Shell Ordered to Suspend Arctic Drilling

Bush And Congress Are Heading for Courtroom Clash On 'Executive Privilege'

Here are the top stories per CNN: How bad is the news???

The bulletin, reads like a chapter out of Ian Fleming's "Thunderball" where a terrorist group...

"The vice president is now serving as acting president,"

Have We Suspended Disbelief?

my partner snarked a good one

Police official cited for remark (Said sexual assaults part of neighborhood "courting ritual")

The economic news, both good and bad

Unimpeachable logic

Bushco's wanton Madison Avenue waste

Your tax dollars at work *or* Another day in paradise

Calif. Senate Locked Down Over Budget

Hey Kids! Here's a handy graphic on waterboarding fun!

When our nominee faces off in the general election and the repub starts talking

Sea Shepherd Ocean Conservation News

Cover story Aug 2007 Harpers...Fate worse than

I've an apology to make to DU...

Who ARE these people and what do they DO for a living?

If diaper man vitter steps down who are the big losers???

"Executive Order" = Royal Decree

Bush has only 18 months left to impoverish us

Your prayers are requested: I now support* Bush.

Falwell: Striking Back at Planned Parenthood

We live in a great country.

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

Bush's Colonoscopy........

Wexler, Waters, Schiff, Wasserman Agree To Meet On Impeachment

Bush signed an executive order yesterday defining what torture is acceptable and what will be banned

Bad news for Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Ore.); polling below 50%

Buying offices for millionaires and billionaires will not get you representation

Why haven't the cons used anagrams in Obama's name to attack him yet?

Colonoscopy over, now it's time for Bush's proctology exam

Bush: 'We Found' Banned Weapons - Cites Trailers in Iraq as Proof - May 31, 2003

Yet ANOTHER reason to hate Mitt Romney

University of Colorado Set To Fire Ward Churchill

Breaking News - AP: Bush reclaims presidential powers from Cheney after colonoscopy

McCain accepts sole responsibility for 'failures' in his campaign, struggles to 'sustain' White Hous

How's Your Bullshit Detector?

"SiCKO" in 500 new theaters this weekend....See it, or see it again, and again and again...

China Province To Destroy ’Prayer Mountain’ Churches

Court rejects limit on detainee evidence

C.I.A. Allowed to Resume Interrogations (torture)

Lawsuit involving Foley priest settled

Integrity Vulnerabilities in the Diebold TSX Voting Terminal

Gates Says He Hasn't Seen Sen. Clinton's Original Letter

Democrats Are Their Own Worst Enemies

Don Imus's choice for US Senate Rick Santorum announces "We have found WMD in Iraq" - 6/21/06

Remember: Rumsfeld threatened to fire anyone mentioning the need for "Phase 4" planning

Does dick become pres. EVERY time w gets his ass looked at, or is this the 1st time?

Bush reclaims power after colonoscopy

Democrats take uncompromising stance

How Many Children Do You Have?

"Any of the people who I write to in prison would make a better president than the one we have now."

Operation Yellow Elephant turns a bipartisan trunk toward the hawkish Young Democrats of America

The biggest thing that keeps this bush* cabal in check right now is they are not sure how the people

Must see movie "No End In Sight"

large hail fell on Cananea Sonoroa, Mex. for an hour

While Bush "surges", innocent Iraqis get "purged". Evidence of Sectarian Cleansing in Iraq.

What time does the ass get his ass reamed?

BREAKING: Diagnosis from Bush's colonoscopy:

Generic drugs from foreign countries. You all remember how the repubs are

Iran gives al-Maliki's government an aircraft as a gift

Former Md. lawmaker to admit to bribes

I Thought Arctic Drilling Was Off The Table

Federal minimum wage rising this week

U.S. Military interference and occupation on Canadian soil in Québec

We're in Iraq because Saudi Arabia wants us there or else

Do You Know What a 26%er Sounds Like? Read Pro-War Chickenhawk Josh Levy Here....

Bush's White House has descended into calamity

The way to prevent a new MIHOP is to predict it.

Doctors report unexpected results from Bush colonoscopy.

What happens if the Iraq report in September is great?

I say, let the religious right breed

So, did you survive Harrysteria Potter?

Giuliani: Asked About HIV, He Answers With 9/11

Why no 911 movie? I mean, most other tragedies soon are replayed as a movie.

Bait and switch OP titles. (eom)

Reuters: Attacks in Iraq Have Surged During 'Surge'

Gosh darn it! The problem with this War, it hasn't been branded properly!

AP: Doctors to hold press conf on Bush's colonoscopy

Wacky Religionists...Leading Mexican exorcist priest: Harry Potter may help devil enter kids' minds

How not to be an asshole: a guide for men.

Bush's Colonoscopy?

You know what really ticks me off about some Democratic

Anyone see the BBC Series "The Power of Nightmares"?

Evangelicals who once worshiped w now think he SUX. Get Over It already.

Did Gods voice really tell Bush to invade Iraq or was it one of those Son Of Sam things?

Erectile Dysfunction, Viagra, and God's Will

"Like a rock... only dumber"

The Rambo Granny of Melbourne, Australia

President Puts Terror Detainees Under Geneva Convention

Some issues behind charging the Executive with criminal contempt for ignoring subpoenas

Political fun at the grocery store

why is the FBI investigating NBA referees instead of focusing on dog fighting?

In Flyover Country, two funerals and a waiting

Priest stripped of status as cleric

I can't believe the asshole had a colonoscopy this week. I have one Tues. He has to fuck up everyt

Hagee Questions Carter Center Funding

I have a question.Isn't it censorship when a book is already released

How would you feel if you were one of this Iraqi mans 11 children?

Court Tells U.S. to Reveal Data on Detainees at Guantánamo

Bush claimed we had to attack Iraq because Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had a leg removed in Baghdad

Michael Moore Faces Off With Stephen Colbert {VIDEO}

You do realize it wasn't really a colonoscopy, don't you?

3632 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Mitt Romney Holds Up An "Obama/Osama, Chelsea's Moma" Freeper-Styled Sign: PHOTO

Bush has 5 polyps removed during colonoscopy

Mysterious Clouds Creeping out of Artic

When bush was swarn in .

Bush On Iraq Amputee: "Good Man, We're Gonna Get Him Some New Legs..."

Can someone photoshop this picture of Romney with "Get a Brain, Morans"

Mississippi to hold festival, and maybe a pardon, for "Man in Black"

Will Dept of Labor update its minimum wage page on Tuesday?

What did the doctor say after Bush's colonoscopy?

Bush really wants Iraq to pass that hydrocarbon law

Can you tell if someone is racist even if they don't make racist remarks?

Richard Gere: "We Have A President Now Who Is Clearly A Liar. The Vice President Lies Constantly"

Wait, you will need a passport to leave the United States to go to Canada soon?

patrick fitzgerald - npr's wait, wait, don't tell me

"Just an ordinary life" - a cautionary tale

Stinging Rebuke: Court UNANIMOUSLY Tells BUSH ADMIN to Reveal ALL Data on Detainees at Guantánamo

Question about inherent contempt......

Report from the "public square" in New Hampshire today.

Bribery Network to Bloat War Costs Is Alleged

Drivers of small cars: I've always noticed that when the price of gasoline

Bruce Fein on Randi friday afternoon, Does a transcript exist ? or Pod or MP3 ?

John Kerry Does It:

"Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy

Tell me more about the NAU.

Did anyone catch Replay of FEMA (Formaldehyde) Trailor Hearings on C-Span this a.m.?

Analysis: GOP senators nervous about war

Christine Jennings announces she will run again for the Florida house seat stolen from her

Iran's Revolutionary Guard clashes with US backed God's Brigade in southeastern Iran

McClatchy: U.S. choppers kill ... who? Enemy or innocents?

Anyone else watching "The Day After" right now? (Or, as I call it, Jan 21, 2009)

This 'toon says it all.

Air Force, Navy seeing growing duty in Iraq

"Jean Schmidt's War": Summer anti-war campaign focuses on Congressional 'surge' supporters

Beijing’s ‘war on terror’ hides brutal crackdown on Muslims

The British have more class than Americans-especially when they are reporting troop deaths

Force-Feeding at Guantanamo

This just in - Jesus is in a frying pan

Wall Street Journal: Edwards, Trailing Rivals, Holds Sway Over Party's Agenda

I'm interested in purchasing a gun. I live in the country and have no experience with weapons.

Ah! bwakawa pouss, pouss

I Was Wondering How Long It Would Take: The Microchipping Of Workers

Cheney was angered over Rumsfeld’s ouster

ALERT!!! CNN has FDA "Director of Food Safety" Dork ..Throw out all Castleberry Chili Sauce!

Conservatives usher in era of unprecedented obstructionism

I Will Not Fear

Iran to fund Syrian arms deals - report

Suspend Micheal Vick from NFL...PLEASE..

10 lessons we should learn from Iraq

Army Recruits with Criminal Records Exceed 11%

anybody interested in solving a mystery about area 51

Iraq leader urges parliament to cancel vacation.

I am watching "Ambush at the River of Secrets" on CNN...these guys are just babies!

Why is the GOP Congress and SCOTUS so willing - even eager...

Veterans, advocates say Army shortchanges on disabilities

Iraqi PM: Parliament should cancel break

Which "Compassionate Conservative" group is the most vile and heartless?

Did Jet Blue pull due to negative emails or threat of a boycott? Can't we do the same?

Key election in Turkey

Can America have 5 polyps removed ?

The GOP Oath of Loyalty - no joke

JUST IN: American citizens being subjected to torture mercilessly everyday:


Can I drive into Canda without a passport?

Inherent Contempt Outlined (FYI)

Lies and threats of VIOLENCE from 'christian' Right groups over Hate Crimes Bill

House to Defy Bush With Defense Bill

Breaking: CBS to replace Katie Couric w/ Stephanie Miller

Email from the Christian (Getting) Action League about their GOP Fundie caught with a whore

Happy Birthday Sen. Paul Wellstone

2 important Iraq issues virtually not covered

Dear George,

Fox is now attacking the working class: "Fox attacks restaurant worker in Md. "

"Bush played with his dogs, Barney and Miss Beazley, and planned a bike ride in the afternoon"

When does Bill Maher come on?

if you have HBO-"Bill Maher-The Decider" is on tonight at 10PM ET

Mitch "the bitch" Daniels, Governor of Indiana

Jeb Bush talks education

Was this a good week or a disastrous week for us?

Even more translators fired for being gay

Why I hold the Press the most responsible for our problems today

Reuters: Attacks in Iraq Have Surged During 'Surge'

Movie reviewer rips (Giuliani supporter) Sandler over his new movie.

Groening, 'Simpsons' Creator, Comes Out Against His Boss -- Murdoch -- Buying 'WSJ'

Natural Balance Recalls Food Due To Botulism Risk

Bush yields power for colonoscopy

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DainBramaged- the anti-socialite it's okay to abuse.

Darwin award nominee...

Yet another reason to Impeach


------Official Bill Mahers thread----post the jokes here

Did you know that in the UK pepper spray can put you in prison?

Reuters: Attacks in Iraq Have Surged During 'Surge'

Wexler, Waters, Schiff, Wasserman Agree To Meet On Impeachment of Cheney

Our Democrats in Congress are being blackmailed and threatened, just read between the lines

Bush is prepped for his colonoscopy: Pic #2.

Sitting ducks: Iraq insurgents target UK base/ IndependentUK

Military Sonar Threatens Whales... Help take Action

The wingnuts are on the HBO boards eviscerating Bill Maher

How many of you think we're going to set foot on the Moon/Mars?

Two good-sized quakes in Brazil and Argentina

New photo for the MORAN GALLERY at MOMA*...

The Militarization and Annexation of North America

What can you tell me about the radio host Pete Wilson of KGO who died yesterday?

Man of the left

Ah, memories. A song parody I wrote after the 2000 theft

Accessibility Isn’t Only Hurdle in Voting System Overhaul

Bill Maher is on FIRE tonight, people.

You don't think "A Picture says a Thousand Words" ? This one Does!

LTTE: We must demand impeachment

Should the US Senate and House remain in session for August?

The Hard Chill Begins to Bite

Everybody take a deep breath...*sigh*. It's going to be OK. n/t

After reading this...I need a drink:

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug on Sen. Vitter

Amnesty Intl responds to Bush's executive order on treatment of detainees

Chief Justice John Roberts Would Preside Over Senate Impeachment Trial

Coleen Rowley , Ray McGovern, Deborah J. Palfrey On Coast 2 Coast Tonight

John Conyers, the rebirth of the Democratic party

FUNNIEST ONE-LINER blurted out by my 85 year old "liberal" professor about BUSH

US: the costs of spam, viruses and spyware

Hateful Speech (racial ignorance in an affluent Little Rock suburb)

After watching some of the Larry King interview with the lady that died

The only crippled soldiers the media ever spotlights are those who still support bush & his war.

"It's morning again in America". Remember that stupid ad?

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Disabled soldier feels abandoned by Army-Ordeal crushed his body, then his spirit

Microchip Implants Raise Privacy Concern

Tammy Faye headlined a benefit for HIV patients. See what FR had to say:

To pro choice Americans. Send this letter to the Repuiblican party

"Sniper" (a poem)

Tammy Faye's Last Interview with Larry King a couple days before she died

article about Sheehan in todays Hook (Charlottesville) - called us "anti-war" vs the pro-troop

15 Unfortunately Placed Ads...funny stuff

White House Declares Bush Emperor (Chris Weigant)

From an idea by blondeatlast: I hate Dick Cheney

Lead Headed Coincidence Theorists!

70 House Members yesterday delivered this letter to Shrub

I wish DU had been locking threads discussing ridiculous assertions like this one a few years ago

Did the Reagan Administration MURDER an American Citizen? (Ben Linder)

So what did Dick Cheney do with his 150 minutes of power today?

Mark Foley, Alberto Gonzalez and Rep. Bob “I’ll pay you to

If Bu$h gets his way and does away with the next election somehow

Human Peace Sign - Portland, ME

Rant: Tired of conservatives having it both ways on choice/pregnancy/out of wedlock births

'terror expert' at Cato puts together what I and others have blogged for years

The nice thing about giving king george an asshole exam is:


It's time to be stepping away from the computers and having neighborhood meetings.

I am ready to give up , not that anyone should care

For those of you who keep wishing gasoline prices will go higher just on principle....

Just saw SICKO

Bring it on. I look forward to a Constitutional crisis. The process and the publicity

We have a new Moran sign--- and look who's holding it.

Jesus... How Did I Miss THIS ??? 'When I Came Home' - Film On Homeless Iraqi Vets (Trailer Here)

A total stranger stopped at my house today to say he liked my yard sign

Wouldn't having a child be the worst thing a person can do for the environment?

Dahr Jamail: After Reporting in Iraq, America Feels Like a Bizarre Disneyland

Pastors for Peace arrives in Cuba

Who owns our government?

July 23, '07

The monetary system is the biggest scam in the history of mankind

Assistant Pastor at Saint Joseph's Catholic Church Arrested for Lewd Acts in Public

Church Leader Faces Charges In Sex Assault of 15-year old Girl

You don't have to be a 'Fundie' ...

CNN: Tammy Faye Baker has just passed away. Breaking.

The "D" word, and how we should use it.

DeFazio (D-OR): "Maybe the people who think there's a conspiracy out there are right"

Conyers: 3 More Congress Members and I'll Impeach

Women are Human.

Holy... It's Inherent Contempt or BUST, people. READ THIS

A call to action for lurkers who do not have a DU account, to end the war.

Have you heard of Rex 84, FEMA's Blueprint for Martial Law in America

Help me find a country where men are second class citizens

Homeless due to payments to self-storage facilities

August could be the most dangerous month in our history....

Levin vows to continue fighting against Iraq occupation in Democrats' radio address

Pelosi promises congressional contempt charge for Harriet Miers (& impeachment not on agenda)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sat 7/20... won't somebody PLEEEAASSE think of the ____

22,000 BIC Lighters Confiscated By TSA EVERY DAY

Maybe I'm Just Nuts, But I'm A Little Scared

A 9 year old Democrat supporting Hillary Clinton

Sunday Talk Shows

The Logic of Impeachment - Robert Parry

It is time to be a grammar Nazi

Gays fleeing Poland by the thousands

Reagan Administration told Contras to blow up hospitals, schools, and other civilian targets

An UnOfficial DU "Last Straw" Straw Poll On Impeachment !!!

Al Gore Has Found His Calling

Abolitionists Then and Now

Democrats - fighting for our troops over here, so they don't have to fight over there.

Cabarrus official to resign Baptist post. Commissioner is on state convention's executive committee

Coup; From Daily Kos

Every feel really good, but also really bad - all over the

Does this Mean If You Protest Against The Iraq War They Can Take your Home, Bank Account, Etc.?

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Bush reclaims power after colonoscopy. MSNBC reporting.

Romney Backs Interrogation, Patriot Act

Howard Zinn LIVE on Cspan2 NOW

In Regards To Dr. Bob Fitrakis of

Well, one good thing about Gore not being selected in 2000...

Colonoscopy Is A Cover Story - * Went Up To Camp David To Have......

Ed Koch ‘bailing out’ on support for war.

On edit: Walter Mosley and Howard Zinn LIVE on Cspan2 NOW

Candiates & money

Stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons is "the greatest challenge of our generation"

Constituent offended by Auburn NH Republican Dudley Dumaine's obscenity-laced email

The Religious Right Propaganda Machine

WP, King: "Abolitionists, Then and Now": Leonard Grimes and Barack Obama

Edwards Challenges Bush to Visit Impoverished Areas of the Country (letter to Bush)

The Iraq War Debate: The Great Denier

Edwards campaign sets forums that will go "beyond 'sound bite' answers."

"Juan Sanchez Admits He's An Illegal Immigrant"--most excellent 'TOON by TOMtheDANCING BUG

Is * using his med procedure to seek out for a meeting in Turkey?

We've seen the Obama girls before:

Editor&Publisher: 'NYT': Ron Paul for President -- Of the 'Wackos'?

Edwards to Answer Viewers' Questions on Webcast following CNN-YouTube Debate

Clinton wonkish but commanding

Bush: al Qaeda safe haven in Pakistan "troubling" (weekly radio address)

It can't happen here.

Will RFK Jr. run for President?

Colorado Democrats Back Early Caucuses (AP)

Yesterday I Read Somewhere That * Will Be Getting Versed For His Colonoscopy........

House game plan on Iraq

Desperate Romney holds "Obama Osama and Chelsea's Moma" sign

"Bush Reclaims Powers from Cheney" is the headline.

Conservatives usher in era of unprecedented obstructionism /CHART!

Idea for President

ES&S and Diebold

Senator Hagel Takes a Swipe At Democrats and Defunding--Dangerous! Devastating!

Governors' conference kicks off in Traverse City

Edwards fans: Alternet and The Elizabeth Edwards Interview

Bill Maher Special.

Oh my God... doesn't Tammy Faye Messner look awful? Poor thing!

Romney and Thompson on Collision Course

Great Quote

Impeachment fever

Well, call me a liberal!

Obama tells activists he would walk picket line as president

The Spin Tank Is on EMPTY--What Happens Next?

Obama, if this is actually legal, it's brilliant. What say you?

Should CNN favor the "top tier" candidates on Monday?

Do you think Bloomberg will run on a 3rd party if Hillary is the nominee?

Let's Go See Sicko!!!!!!!!

Republicans fear Edwards' message (Taylor Marsh at HuffPo)

Georgia Supreme Court Hears 2 Appeals in Teenage Sex Case

Garbage Lady Takes On Lockout: the Video (video)

Obama table in Madison: July 21 Edition

Obama urges local voters to 'See America as it can be'

Obama's Dream Support Team

Democrats should bust out THE NUCLEAR OPTION.

I'm sorry, but liberal vs conservative no longer applies

Clark: "I don't think you can deter Tehran just by sanctions and pressures."

Any Presidential Historians in the House?

Federalist Papers # 65 - Hamilton on Impeachment

Baltimore Sun: Obama invokes spirit of MLK, RFK

Why Clinton vs. Obama seems like iPods vs. Windows

Did our Primary Candidate "Bashing" Give ROVE any ammo in '04?

Eric Alterman writing in The Guardian: Whither John Edwards?

Then & Now

Why is "Impeachment off the Table" for the Democrats in DC?

The retirement age for social security should be indexed to average life expectancy.

The REAL 9-11 Generation

Democrats: "Iraq has weakened our ability to hunt down Al Qaeda"

Crazy talk from Edwards (in case anyone has forgotten)

Republican Congressman Christopher Shays Apologizes For Altercation With Capitol Policeman

Gore Daughter: '08 Run Not Happening

Am I th only one that is bothered by this Obama statement? Social security

Did anybody see THIS Romney pic from TMZ? He holds up anti-Barack and Hillary sign

Conyers: 3 More Congress Members and I'll Impeach

Did Vitter use taxpayer money on Hookers?