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Archives: July 10, 2007

A Letter to My Son Regarding the Problem of War

Betrayal of Trust (Military recruiter has sex with high school student)

World will face oil crunch ‘in five years’

Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations

Patton Oswalt coming up on the tonight show NOW

How many hours of sleep do you normally get per day?

Goodnight good people...

Another dental thread--re:sedation dentistry

Good duplicates check for duplicates!

I was shocked the first time I got an email from Jesus that said FU

Has anyone here done Film/TV Extra work?

Another vice gone and dead.

Ever wonder what happens if wrecking ball breaks loose?

I'm looking at this page and see no posts by pawpicker. WTF?

The dog just left a live 'possum at my feet.

Which Anglicism should Americans adopt?

What an idiot!

When my father was alive he used to take us to places and I

I almost wish Darth Cheney WAS running for President....

24 hour action in front of Coleman's office.. July 23rd.

Media echoed, uncritically repeated Snow's equating of Libby commutation with Clinton pardons

BBC: Tummy fat 'can grow new breasts'

9/11 Conspiracy Theories. What do you make of them?

John Birch Society: No, Mr. President: The Iraq War Is Not the American Revolution

The former head of Food and Drug safety administration has been executed

Mittens miss steps by Factcheck.

Betrayal of Trust (Military recruiter has sex with high school student)

Cheney's favorable rating falls to 13%, has the lowest approval rating of any recent VP


Now the U.S. military is assassinating Iraqi peace workers

more examples of great morals from RW Fundy repukes ..Kansas Theme Park to close after 2 months

Michael Moore has posted his rebuttal to Sanjay Gupta

What's the opposite of Bush?

Off road rules....there are no rules. ATV's and private property...alarming.

I think that soon we will have to look as a society at

House speaker faces 'impeach' chants at ribbon-cutting

Does Al Gore advocate single-payer health care?

Occupation: Dreamland - What an excellent film (Sundance now)

I love Mike Gravel

Obama Stumps in B'Ham

What if there was a major terrorist attack here…

ROFL - Vitter is Rudy's Southern Regional Chair!

Congressman Denies Affair With Prostitute, Says Charges Are Politically Motivated

Here in California, we had a congresswoman who used to support the war.

How many activists singing Michael Moore's praises today listened when he endorsed Clark in 04?

New Orleans Paper asks what you think of Vitter and the first one is a hoot!

Lesser evils and an exit strategy (Boston Globe)

Billions spent on US wars

Contempt Of Congress

Corporate Tested, Media Approved

Broken Promises of Unity From the Divider in Chief (by E.J. Dionne for Truthdig)

Robert Parry: Novak's Limited Plame-gate Hang-Out

The Other War: Iraq Vets Bear Witness (The Nation)


The SC's decision to deny home-care workers the right to OT pay is speeding the race to the bottom

U.S. Failing to Help Iraqi Translator and Family Targeted for Execution (AlterNet)

Amid 'Pullout' Talk: Remember the Wounded Troops

House speaker faces 'impeach' chants at ribbon-cutting

Short Bedtime Stories...

While Europeans Holiday, Americans Toil (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Jim Lobe: Neo-cons try to rally, bully Republicans

Wolfowitz - Return to Sender?

Eric Alterman: That's some catch, that Catch-22

Matthew Rothschild: Cheney's Fingerprints

A proposal for a progressive agenda

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Texas's Commuter-in-Chief (The Nation)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is talking tough, but he still could use a push from us

Vitter-Sweet on DC Madam (by Ari Berman for The Nation)

Real 9/11 Heroes Speak Out Against Rudy (The American Prospect)

Dying To Get Paid In Iraq

Neo-cons try to rally, bully Republicans

Iraq Awakenings, Four Years Late

Chinese product scares prompt US fears (BBC) {fireworks a success story?}

NGO Worker: 'Iraq Is Going to Fall Apart'

Seattle P-I editorial: Impeach Gonzales

Too Much Self-Esteem Can Be Bad for Your Child

William Blum: Neocons, theocons, Demcons, excons, and future cons

In GOP, Growing Friction On Iraq

Santorum Suggests New Terror Attacks Will Change View Of War

MAUREEN DOWD: History as an Alibi

A proposal for a progressive agenda

Iraq following the Somalia model

Judicial Tyranny

CNN: "Stomaching" Michael Moore (by Frank Dwyer at HuffPost)

Impeaching the Shadow Master

Fascism Unmasked

Hemp For Victory!

NYC's Jamaica Bay Wetlands Fading Away

Gore coal pledge "short-sighted": union - Reuters

Journal entry January 18, 2014...

Commercial Wavegen marine energy plant to be built in Spain

Missouri Governor Signs Legislation to Use Renewable Energy

EU bans mercury in barometers, thermometers - Reuters

Anyone here use a homemade passive water heater?

BBC business analysis: Investors to calculate nuclear returns

Railways set for a hi-tech revolution (UK)

Two Northern Plains States Waive Hours-Of-Service Rules For Truckers In Face Of Gasoline Shortages

James Lovelock at Adelaide Festival of Ideas

John Perkins: Jerk, Con Man, Shill by Greg Palast

Much-needed Pa. energy plan budget casualty (GOP opposition, short OpEd, more)

Could jatropha be a biofuel panacea?

The President has announced a "million solar roofs" initiative.

Brazil gives Amazon dams go-ahead (BBC)

New York City promotes tap water (BBC)

Fires In The Western United States: NASA

Garlic 'may cut cow flatulence' (BBC)

New battery packs powerful punch (sodium-sulfur batteries)

US leads search for climate solutions (BBC)

Sea Shepherd Investigates Galapagos Tortoise Killers

Ford sees plug-in hybrids in 5-10 years (AP/CNN)

The cleanest place on earth - and the dirtiest

New ocean power technologies look promosing- claimed cost effective

Costs Surge for Building Power Plants

'No sun link' to climate change (BBC)

"Energy obese" UK could be emissions-free by 2027

Home-Front Ecology: What Our Grandparents Can Teach Us About Saving the World

Arab League Sending Delegation to Israel

Hamas spokesperson threatens Ma'an News Agency

Blair seeks broader Middle East role: diplomats

New envoy to U.K.: Jews must do more to put Iran on the agenda

Netanyahu: Barak brought Hezbollah to our border

IAA approves of building museum on ancient Muslim cemetery

Hamas bans Israeli produce in Gaza

Growing trend to delegitimize Israel worries Jewish leaders

Sheehan Launches Pelosi Challenge

Marines' killing of Iraqi was 'old-fashioned' murder: prosecutor

Bush cites exec privilege, refuses to let aides testify

American Soldier Killed in Afghanistan (Two Children Killed in Exchange)

Suicide Bomb Kills 11 Afghan Civilians: Police

U.S. Army Falls Short of Recruiting Goals Again: Officials (Second Straight Month)

Bush Aides Seek More Time for Iraq Plan as Senate Debate Starts

We spend $6,102 per person on health care (by Brad Hamlett)

GOP Iraq critics get a White House shrug

Republican David Vitter Used Prostitution Service in Past

Democrats Discover that They Really Do Have a Spine

We spend far more, but our health care is falling behind

Gallup: Bush Job Approval at 29%, Lowest of His Administration

FirstGroup to face US union protest

Zimbabwe arrests over price curbs

Freightliner union ends strike

White House Panic Mode on Iraq Is 'Bunk,' Snow Says

Big 3, UAW tackle health care

Pa. has reopened for business (24,000 public employees and the partial shutdown of state government)

US faced with Iraqi Army turncoats

Bush press secretary defends Iraq policy.

UK terror suspect worked in aviation

Betrayal of Trust (Recruiter forces himself on 17 year-old, broke no laws)

(Al) Franken leads incumbent in fundraising

WH predicts a "New Way" in Iraq.... WTF?

Qaeda's Zawahri threatens more attacks in UK - tape

U.S. Officials: Iraq Report Will Show Some Progress

Ford sees plug-in hybrids in 5-10 years

Egypt's FM, American VP, Secretary Of State Oppose Aid Conditions

McCain's Campaign Manager, Strategist Leave

Chief siege cleric killed as rebel mosque falls

IED in Iraq kills two contractors for Huntsville center

FBI Would Skirt the Law With Proposed Phone Record Program, Experts Say

Iranian Automaker Pushes Duel-Fuel Cars

Thirsty in the land between the rivers (Iraqis desperate for water)

Fort Dix Prosecutors Seek Anonymous Jury

Dems Call for Combat to End by 2008

Neo-cons try to rally, bully Republicans

Sunni extremists put village under siege

Part of Times Square Shut Down in Bomb Scare (Owner of Red Bag Found; Just Forgot It)

Breaking: Up to 35 Mortars Fall on Green Zone; Three Fatalities

Pentagon denies plans to add third carrier in the Gulf

Barrage of Mortars Strike Green Zone Tuesday

US warns tourists of Naples waste

Obama 'electrifies' crowd with his message, mingling

Rotting bodies spoil Baghdad's taste for river fish

Stillwater Mine Workers Set to Strike

Panel moves to cut off funds to Cheney

Tori Spelling becomes minister online (weds gay couple)

Bush Says No Iraq Shift; Criticism Rises

NGO Worker: 'Iraq Is Going to Fall Apart'

Bush finds no way out of Iraq as approval ratings plunge

Al-Qaeda threatens war against Iran

Starbucks Defends Itself at NYC Labor Relations Trial

Sea Shepherd Investigates Galapagos Tortoise Killers

Bush Finds No Way Out of Iraq as Approval Ratings Plunge

Impeach Cheney, (Rep. James P.) Moran says

Bush Writes Gaddafi to Strengthen Ties

Bush stands behind current Iraq policy (OHIO speech today)

Discrepancies Reported in Versions of LA County E-Voting System Source Code as Submitted & Escrowed

Clinton, Edwards and Obama agree to participate in historic debate on LGBT issues

Buenos Aires Snow, First in 30 Years, Strains Energy Grid

McCain Shakes Up Staff (manager and chief strategist resign)

Crisis looms for Bolivia as glaciers melt


Data on Americans mined for terror risk

Surgeon General Sees 4-year Term as Compromised(Bush tried to weaken/surpress public health reports)

Report: Sunni Extremists Attack Village (Diyala province)

Argentine president stands by minister with 64,000 dollars in toilet

(Dem) Plan to ease middle-class taxes falters

Giuliani on Vitter: ‘Some people disappoint you’

U.S. opposition to Iraq war hits new high: poll

Pentagon Bomb Squad: Half Contractor

Preacher admits sex abuse, avoids jail

Dollar falls to record euro low

Bush: US commander to decide Iraq troop levels (not "political figures in Washington")

Report: Fake Drinking Water Hits Beijing

KB Home shutting down in Indianapolis

McCain Slams Iraqi Progress on Benchmarks (Petraeus good, Maliki bad)

Terror case collapses against Colombian

China executes former drug safety chief (taking bribes related to flawed medicine)

Cartoonist Doug Marlette Killed in Crash

NSA Snooped on Lawyers Knowing Spying Was Illegal, Suit Charges

Sprint Cuts 1,000+ Customers For Excessive Complaining

Bush performs brain surgery

Homeland Security chief’s 'gut feeling' is 'Increased risk’

New Orleans Madam Claims Vitter was Once a Client

'Chicago Sun-Times' Looks to Redefine Itself as 'Liberal, Working-Class' Paper

Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel


GOP official says Vitter should resign; read senator's statement

Former Bush surgeon general says he was muzzled

'Hustler' Call May Have Prompted Vitter Admission

Firefighters Burn Giuliani (Releasing 13 Minute Video Wednesday)

Pope: Other denominations not true churches

Judge: Civil rights-era murder case to be tried next spring

(Conrad) Black jury unable to find verdict

Senate Panel Cuts Off Funding For Cheney Office

Iran 'adulterer' stoned to death

Third US aircraft carrier heads to the Gulf

Mortars strike Baghdad's Green Zone

All right, my dogsitter has arrived so I can get to bed.

my thanks to my

So apparently I'm a baby killer

Someone just sent me this bush joke don't know if it's new

Getting up to splash my face

I'm semi-new to the whole Credit Card scene... quick question for you

The miracle is not to walk on the water but to walk on the Earth.

Frustrated- ok, if you're married

Peaceful. :)

Do you steal booze at your grocery store?


Thieves Steal 4,800 Golf Balls From Driving Range

you're not so special

How would the world be different if more Three Stooges-esque slapping took place?

men should never order 10 drinks

Oops! Dupe

anyone know the name of that actor in the Ford commericals

Hell Explained!!

Wrecking ball gone wild!!!! 1 mile rampage in Pa.

self delete

"It's such a good feeling to know you're alive!" Yeah, right...

Tiki Barber: "Today Show National Correspondent"

So I stepped on Rusty Wallace; what treatment should I undertake?

Teen Loses Cherry Spitting Crown By Inches

I stepped on Rusty Joiner; what treatment should I undertake?:

It's all Jesus' fault!

Drunk Man Drives 7 Blocks With Dead Man's Body Lodged In His Windshield

So why was the seaweed penis thread pulled? nt

The lounge's alleged 'weatherman' (underpants) is doing a sucky job.

Employment opportunity in China

Woo-HOO! I am semi-perversely excited by the weather!

Attention All Of My Minced Onions

Ex Classmate Suing Porn Star For Stealing Her Name

Zealots on both ends of the political spectrum hurt their causes.

this picture was on the comcast homepage today.

I smell like cumin, cardamom, clove and turmeric.

just received this e-mail from my sister

So I just stepped in a rusty nail - what treatment should I undertake?

I'm a dude, and I want to learn how to sex.

Your Awwwwwww moment for the day

How to impress your male friends AND make time with the ladies.

I feel like being evil this morning....warning...

I like pie.

Why do I have to be an organ donor to use the search function?

Battle of the Gibraltarian "bands"

I have a craving -- Who wants to go to Culver's for lunch?

So I make a couple of calls to the DC Madam----------

I got _______________

So I stepped on a rusty trombone; what treatment should I undertake?

I've given up coffee.

Woo-HOO! I am semi-perversely excited by the hamburger sale!

So where's the nerd clique?

So how's your day been? Mine's been entirely uneventful... ;)

I am switching over to DS9 from Enterprise in 3 weeks

Congressional Group Concerned About Climate Change Propose To Make Oceans Deeper

Who has been to Upper Crust in Santa Fe, NM?

A divorce poll for Gen-X'ers (revised)

Tempted by...the fruit of another.....

I'm a prude and I want to learn how to "NO!"

Isn't hydrogenated oil "trans fat"?

Official copycat thread

Sorority Girls From Hell!

Robber Stabs Restaurant Worker In His Penis - Worker Ties Tourniquet, Finishes His Shift

Congratulations Freddie Stubbs!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations One Blue Sky!! 15,000 posts

Now I know why georgie came here to Cleveland (and I bet he is pissed)

Do we need DU Lounge Anonymous?

Congratulations Debi!! 15,000 posts

A lady laughed at me on the phone today

Think twice, young lovers. Divorce is hell.

so, the call I knew would come eventually has come

Seven Elephants killed in Kenya Sanctuary

For my 5000th post I want some ass...

HUGE dog, check this one out.

Canada bogin' like there's no tomorrow!

OK, NC-Du'ers: Pros and Cons of the Winston Salem area?

i started a log, little help?

I started a bog, Does that make me a cranberry farmer?

I started Egg Nog

How can Kelly Clarkson sing with her tongue in the way?

A couple of vacation pics, attempt #2 (dialup warning)

ATTN: July babies...

i know you guys do vibes and stuff

Speaking of Simon and Garfunkel


Heads up Richmond- it might rain

I started a dog. Does that make me a bork?

I am switching over to DS1 from Matcom in 3 weeks

Do others find DU dangerously addictive? My first ever Lounge post :)

Not seeking Medical Advice....does anyone have

what is the more laudable goal?

Crappy day

bratzlefratzin ferschluginer murtchlefritzin *#@/%$^* A/C.

OK. You Youtube freaks...

Porn star!

Haow kin yew ar-gew with results like these?

Build your perfect piazza.

In spite of underpants' most stellar efforts at forecasting,

I'm a dude, and I want to learn how to stew.

which version do you use?

Who's tired of these song threads?

Were you ever "paddled"?

Can't seem to upload an avatar, help?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 7/10/2007)

I'm a dude, and I want to learn how to sew.

By the severed testes of Uranus, Batman!


When are you gonna put your foot down?

So how are yer benchmarks doin' today?

was it kant who said something along the lines of:

I finally decided on my second tattoo!


Screw you, AccuWeather, and your so-called "weather advisory"!


I'm a dude, and I want to learn how to sow

Ooh, ooh! A Harry Potter revelation!! (May be spoilers, but mostly guessing!)

Spiderpig spiderpig does whatever a spiderpig does.

Anyone Have Any Good Amtrak Travel Stories?

I'm a dude, and I want to learn how, too. So...

I've been thinking; y'know what's cool about my neighbors?

Music sucks!! Don't listen anymore!!

I Love baseball and I'm watching the All Star Game! Anyone else going to watch?

I'm going to get a new shirt! Yay!

DaveTheWave's summer travel tips

Omg! Best idea ever! I have career advice for a certain someone....

You know how sometimes when you cook dogs hot, they split open?

I don't want to show up


I don't want to blow up!

Cindy Lieberman-Sheehan Shoots Bible Over Fight With Larry King-Gupta Moore

Do any of you folks know Jeff Dunham?

a funny story: The Night Of The Seven Fires by Chris Miller

DU' about some prayers and good thoughts for my Dad?

Ok someone else did this the other day

I started a blog. Does that make me a dork?

Kansas Shoppers Step Over, Ignore Stabbed Woman As She Dies

Naughty Pixar lamp!

Does anybody over in GD actually read anything?

Spam I just got...

Man flies 193 miles in lawn chair

Shrimp boats are a comin'...

Has gas jumped in price for you today?

Southpawkicker is at a SUPER SECRET meeting

Were you ever 'paddled' in school?

Congratulations GoPsUx!! 20,000 posts

I am sleepy.

DU Fantasy Football - Lock your players in - you have until the 14th!

Some important pictures for someone...

Congratulations bigwillq!! 35,000 posts

Has anyone tried those "legal herbs"

Am I the only one here who's ever heard of Acid King?

Doug Marlette is dead

Name your official song for people tired of song threads:

Man Avoids Jury Duty: Claims to be Racist Homophobe

Lame cell phone question.

Haha, Nickelback are idiots

how old were you when you realized that the world doesn't revolve around you?

Tori Spelling becomes minister online (weds gay couple)

which region would you destabilize?

Is it actually ILLEGAL to read someone's e-mail?

Anglicism Poll #2:

a sad day for berwyn

what are you least tolerant of?

So, does anyone else here floss for the wrong reasons?

Photo of Shuttle Atlantis flying from Cal to Fla

Al Quaeda or Al Gore?

With all due respect to GIC but I just saw Transformers

It's too darn hot!

i am kissing feet in my face first

Is there anything better than Ketel One?


I'm Nifty!

This is love


One of our tadpoles grew legs. What the hell do I do?!

Joke Comprehension May Decrease With Age

Evidence that NPR is part of al Queieeda?

Name a song of which you're already sick

UD etah I (mirror thread)

Heh heh heh = Sen. Vitter (R-LA) just described on COUNTDOWN as "up and coming"

Ugh....Good Vibes for my family please?

so apparently Michael Moore announced running against Pelosi on the Cindy show today

So Springfield, VT is home to the Simpsons.....

Oh, wow, man. Freshly made homemade apple butter.

lick it up

Is the GRE sample test in any way indicative of


Holy Crap!! My sister just sent me a check- out of the blue!

Attention all DU Amateur Sports Psychologists - Help!!!!

Please help this poor deluded soul

Anybody else notice during the All-Star introductions

*grumble* Barry Bonds *grumble*

Shameless plea for SERIOUS good vibes, prayers, spells

Pour some sugar on meee..

Please extend your best vibes/thoughts to this family.

You know what the Lounge needs? Yep! A kilt thread!


All Star Game coverage rant...enough of F*ckin Barry Bonds...and ...

Y'know how sometimes when you cook hot dogs, they split open?

Anyone else having trouble with their image hosting site?

Have you ever had moonshine?

Build your perfect pizza.

Has anyone heard any more about Don Imus' lawsuit or whether he is pursuing another radio show?

I am missing teef and my face hurts.

Tales of BAD BOSSES.

DU Men: How Old Is Your Underwear?

Is there anything better than K-Tel? Anyone?

So I put the baby asleep in only a diaper----------

I am switching over to DSL from cable modem in 3 weeks

I can't believe how much I despise humans...

I hate DU

somewhat serious relationship question

air your grievances here: what kinds of threads are you tired of?

Do they sell booze at your grocery store?

Need your input on a email I intend on sending...

Uh-oh. Which DUer won the 30,000,000 post prize? I've completely missed THAT.

Heads up my fellow SciFi network dorks!

How old were you when you realized the world revolves me, and not you?

Time again for "Our Song" thread - pick a number between 1 and 7475


Post an internet abbreviation you despise.

One of the funniest songs I have ever heard

We are stardust,we are golden

Sheesh! It's been too long. How about some birds?

Another puerco-bellies picture thread (wet one this time) Death-2-Dialups WARNING

I need some love. I worked on this all day. Thank you. - Rated R for language

I don't want to grow up!

So...the new god is destructive. Need Deity Advice, please!!

Allow me to sum up what GD has become, in one picture:

So I stepped on a rusty nail; what treatment should I undertake?

Post Your Greyhound Horror Stories

pat phrases you despise. Here's mine:

Those new Diehard Battery commercials, anyone else really hoping and would like to see Negative...

Monkey chant

What song are you most glad William Shatner never covered?

Who's more deserving to be in the Rock Hall Of Fame: Spinal Tap...or Gene "More Cowbell" Frenkle?

For my 15,000 post I want to ask..

I am as light as a fart

What is an All Start Game, and why should I watch?

I asked for space, so she moved to Seattle

Kitten pictures!!!

we let go of Scarlett this afternoon.

Give me some book recommendations - fictional thrillers please.

Rosie: Grow UP!

So...The new dog is destructive. Need Pet Advise, please!!

Woman Leaves 11 Month Old In Hot Car For Over An Hour - Blames Great Sale At Store


Name some songs about trains.

how old were you when you were first purchased alcohol?

Name one song in which you never get tired of hearing..I'll go first

Gnomes Implicated in Reptilian Smuggling Ring

Oscar had a hunk of ass

Why is there so much abject anti-Apple rage here on DU?

I want _____________

Need advice with wild baby bunny...

What is wrong with people? Why can't they be polite?

What's the worst movie someone with seemingly good taste convinced you to watch?

I has a Madam

Today in labor history (an adviser to American presidents, and a champion of racial equality)

Union suggests timetable for GAO organizing effort

OPINIONS & LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Cheap labor hurts some businesses

City settles with its attorneys-Teamsters Local 214 was disbanded Monday

It's a derelict and seemingly forgotten spot, site of the 1916 (IWW) Everett Massacre

Dutchess LOOP workers seek more benefits

It's Hot Out There! Short-sleeve T-shirts from The Union Shop Online

Big 3, UAW tackle health care

AP: Union at Rockport, Ind., AK Steel plant ratifies 6-year contract

Hospital agreement reached; settlement over charges of unfair labor practices to reimburse 300 nurs

WGA (Writers Guild of America) has $9.2M strike kitty a week before negotiations are scheduled

Just Born Inc., maker of Peeps candy, settles with workers

You helped us secure $200,000 worth of financing (update on fund raiser)

NYT: Manhattan: Ex-Restaurant Workers (NON-UNION) Sue

Talks fail to end strike at Columbia Ford

Teamsters Local 70 Workers Locked Out, Company Pays $600K Per Day ... of Taxpayer Dollars

Each U.S. Auto Worker's labor Produces $300,000 In Value To The Company

Black lung: dust hasn't settled on deadly disease

Racing Fans to NASCAR: Cintas Stains Our Image!

Can't find enough skilled workers, even though the company pays an average wage of $54,000

Human Potential

The Moron in Chief

Breaking on "Countdown," "a complete shutout": Iraqi government has met no benchmarks

Deciphering Congress's Upcoming iPhone Hearings

Ask George: Responses to Matt Stoller and others

Net Neutrality

Wolf Blitzer & Lou Dobbs Further Discuss Michael Moore

Senator Gravel - David Bergman's Question

DSCC 2008 - McConnell, bring the troops home!

Raging Grannies Sing "Impeachment Hits"


Live Earth AFI performs David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust"

"Terror" by George W Bush (What You Think You Heard Him Say)

Climate Counts - Make A Difference

Sanjay Gupta's CNN 'Reality Check' that Got Moore Fired Up

Gravel Spells Out How To End The War

Gore Vidal

Michael Moore vs. Sonjay Gupta pt1

Olbermann on Rove in Aspen (Audience Laughing at Rove; 'Worst Person In World)

Michael Moore vs. Wolf Blitzer - Day 2

Bush on Health Care

Bush Blog: Scooter Libby

3 20yrs kille d in action... for what?

Trust me if you are a wayward politician there is no better state than Louisiana to have on the

Things we've learned...

Army Misses Recruiting Goals for 2nd Straight Month

Where the Bombs Are (nukes that is, ours, not theirs). With Google Map goodness!

India announces submarine capable of launching nuclear missile

Watchers on the Hill, Part II

There are no blind followers, lockstep marchers, or thought police here!


Stuff like this pisses me off.

CNN Gets Blitzed, Moore asks to demand CNN apology for bad reporting (link)

411. If you already have the number, 411 will give you the name and address.

Vitter Caught With Hookers in 2004

Bow down to the combustion engine...

Celeb Gossip Dork "Perez Hilton" Trashes Moore's CNN Appearance - DU his comments!

Franken raises some serious money

Apparently some DUers are against free choice!

Health Care: How would you like to go to hell?

Gusciora seeks Gore delegates for 2008

Racist "FEMA" Gold'n Ticket from Republicans

Last Call at the Green Zone Bar & Grill

USA Today fronts: Anti-war views on Iraq rise to record

Health Care and The "A" Word

My position on Michael Moore's latest movie:

China may export labour to ease population pressure (Reuters)

Michael Moore on T.V. Today:Part Two with Wolf Blitzer

I think there are something like 14 divisions of Turks

God, democracy and oil

How Generals in Iraq Became Bush's Flacks

Head of US hurricane agency ousted in storm of controversy

For DUers who missed Rangel on Tucker yesterday

a wonderful thing is going to happen in Israel this week

"Bring the troops home now or face Mutiny" Do you remember this from 2006?

US faced with Iraqi Army turncoats

Are there neo con secrets that if revealed would enrage Americans?

California to build 'world's largest' solar farm

The USA's "goals" and "benchmarks" in Iraq...

Sununu Grows Testy When Asked If Thompson Lobbied for Abortion Rights

Vitter Flashback: Clinton should resign

U.S. Envoy Offers Grim Prediction on Iraq Pullout....We're gonna hear this babble everyday till Sept

Mika Brzezinski is anchoring on MSNBC (10:30 a.m., ET, Tues.)

I can hear the cloak rooms now regarding recovery efforts and Vitter

Six-month anniversary of escalation in Iraq

President Queeg and his Senate poodles

"WJ" has a clown on, in support of the war

McClatchy: Rising fuel prices hits Air Force, other services hard

Are Amerikins ready for a "Don't Worry World." message.

WJ this morning: Executive Privilege

Iraq Debate Starts With Troop Focus

A portant harbinger from the CEO

Did Tony Snow used to be Max Headroom?

Amid 'Pullout' Talk: Remember the Wounded Troops

The 10 Commandments per Republican standards.....

Dave Vitter, Kinky Congresscritter...did'er

Michael Moore vs CNN Part II Poll Finds Libby Commutation Boosted Support for Impeachment

Maine soldier injured by bomb dies

Another Gonzo lie: Knew of FBI violations, but denied knowledge of wrongdoing

Are we REALLY making ANY progress in Iraq? Any progress at all?

Marketwatch - IEA Sees Oil Supply Crunch After 2010

My hat is off to parents, coaches and other "influencers"

America versus it's own president. Can you believe this shit?

Regarding Miers/Taylor and others speaking in private with no transcript

Bush Plans To Stress Next Phase In Iraq War::Next Phase mr. bu$h* 'GET THE FUCK OUT'

Bush Plans To Stress Next Phase In Iraq War-GOP Dissent Spurs Change In Message but Not Course

(Woe is Sen. Brownback!) Senator yields for vote on judge

Six-month anniversary of escalation in Iraq - "accomplishments"

Friday Afternoon in Asheville - Impeachment Ringing in my Ears

BOB FERTIG: Libby Commutation Boosted Support for Impeachment

Proenza out as NHC Chief.

Katrina Recovery Hearing on cspan now.

Oversight Hearing on the Office of the Surgeon General live now, 9:19amCT...

Is it this week Senator Johnson is to be at work in the Senate?

Catholic School Opens Gates to Hell Boy

Dingell Playing Troublemaker?

CNN and Sanjay Gupta's Weak 'Sicko' "Reality Check" Segment That Preceded Michael Moore Interview

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Huckabee: We're fighting fanatics who want to combine religion and government.

Vitter in June 2006: "no issue more important" than same-sex marriage ban

A Naive Question Re: Cindy Sheehan

Iraqi Media: More than 20 mortars land near PM residence in Green Zone

Spain withdraws contaminated Chinese toothpaste (Reuters)

McCain on CSPAN2 talking about his latest trip to Iraq, 10:19 am CT. nt

Which One Of These Is A GOPU Meme?

Is Nancy Pelosi the waiter, the chef or the restaurant owner?

Bush hits new low in USA Today/Gallup poll (29% approval)

My stupid brother in law wants to go to Afghanistan !!!

Tony Blair's Top Aide Publishes Diaries

The sad part of this is that in LA, Vitter's numbers may actualy go up

So how are the DC Madam numbers traced exactly?

Argghhhh Here comes the rain again

John McCain pimping the war in Iraq. It is ALREADY a disaster mr mccain.

If we don't give up we will win the war to save our Constitution, not the illegal war in Iraq though

Pope Fascist the First Says Other Religions Are "Wounded"...

Bush's Shielding of Musharraf at Risk: "The main centre of global terrorism is in Pakistan…"

Signing Off From Live Earth

What YOU Lookin At? ---pix--->>>

I would be willing to pay a small monthly fee

Vitter: A Hypocrite Of The First Order

Before their was "SICKO" there was "HOO Cares!" (tenth anniversary plug)

I will make you a deal Senator Vitter. I'll forgive you IF ...

Second to Last Stand - One Friedman ago they said:

Sen. Alexander’s Doublespeak: Claims He Wants ‘New Strategy’ In Iraq, Continues To Support ‘Surge’

(Sen. Ted) Stevens Secured Big Federal Money For Business Partners

Breaking : Rebel cleric leader of "Red Mosque" killed in fierce battle

US lags on pledge to admit Iraq refugees

So yesterday I get flamed to no end for this post...

Scorched-Earth Subpoena Strategy: "obsessive to the point of criminal in expanding Executive power"

"Not Made in China" by Sara Bongiorni

Caption time!

Cindy Sheehan's Third Party Challenge?

X-Posted from GDP, It's Official -- I Have a Candidate for '08!

Gupta/Moore on Larry King Live tonight

John McCain's campaign manager and also his chief strategist resign.

Since when is a US Senator not "newsworthy"?

Impeachment by Frog-Marching Congressional Oversight

Why do we circle the wagons so quickly in regards to Cindy Sheehan?

Former State Rep. Anderson (R-Alaska) guilty on all 7 counts

I thought yesterday was D-Day for Contempt Charges

3 Murder Charges From Ky. Highway Crash

The when will McCain drop out poll

Democrats Are Proposing Billions in Unnecessary Government Spending

Repent America calls Christian soldiers to DC to fight LGBT hate crimes protection

Aspen Daily News Columnist: Is That Rove's Laughter Mingling with Fiddling Sounds?

LOL Snow VIDEO- the "new way that started six months ago"

Why Fred Thompson will be our next president

We need to stop investigations and start passing bills...NOT!!!

IRAQ: Nissrin Muhammad, Iraq, “My mother was killed for not wearing a veil”

Report: Gonzales Knew of FBI Violations

Right Wing Watch - Dinesh D'Souza supports Cindy Sheehan's run

WH-We're At The Starting Point Now

Update: Green Zone mortar barrage kills 3

* reaches historic milestone, disapproval rivals Nixon

they are still paying them to say the same old thing

Bend over Wolf-'SiCKO' Truth Squad Sets CNN Straight

Bushco is sending out his minions on a campaign...


No Justice at Lt. Watada Pre-Trial Reply; Anti-War Organizers Again Subpoenaed by Army

A question for D.C. residents:

Boxer invoking her cooperation with Lieberman in scathing anti-Bush speech

Green Zone mortar barrage kills 3

100,000 people affected (adversly) by rainstorm

caption this * pic...

Heard something about the Prius. Sounds like BS.

54% of Adults Favor Impeachment of Cheney NOW.

David Vitter = Mark Chmura & "F" them both!

Captions needed - * pics

Freeper making money off emotions? Say it aint so!

"The votes aren't there"

Senate Debate Iraq war Official thread #1

Ed Schultz now calling for impeachment

All those phone numbers and only one politician found? What gives?

Looking for a link to Senator " I sleep with whores" Vitter where he wants clinton to resign

Remember all the sex details Kenneth Star revealed about Clinton, Mr. Vitter?

WH predicts a "New Way" in Iraq.... WTF?

House Reconvenes Today - Which Representative Will Next Honor Their Oath of Office? (HR 333 Cosigns)

Send me to Washington ASAP, I'd like to have some sleazy fun too!

Is it merely a coincidence that Chimpolini is currently slinging verbal poo regarding healthcare?

bush to speak at 1:45pm et from cleveland

Kucinich on MSNBC now, 12:00 CT. nt

Please let me know when it's safe to turn my TV back on

Bush: "I will once again explain the consequences of failure...and ... the consequences of success"

See letters to Sen. Vitter (R-horndog)

I'm just so darn proud!!

Sen. Vitter (R,LA) is Rudy's Campaign Chair for the South

Napolitano takes action on illegal immigration - tough employer sanctions.

Call or email these General Electric Executives and Demand Bush end the war.

Oregonian floats 193 miles using chair, balloons

All Aboard the “I” Train

"There is a House in New Orleans".. time to revisit this, maybe?

Anyone hear the asshat just now on Washington Journal

PHOTO: Front page of Vitter's senate website, Vitter "protecting marriages"

Senate Democratic Leaders Seek April 2008 Deadline for Iraq Redeployment

What is so damn difficult to "get" about the Cuban segment in Sicko?

And So It Begins: 'Dem calls for Special Prosecutor to investigate Gonzales' lies to Congress'

Waiting.... for Dobson and Perkins to weigh in on Sen Vitter's revelation....

Video:..... Vitter extolling the virtues of 'traditional' marriage"

Bush speaking to a crowd of "have mores" about the medical care middle America can't afford?

GOP senator sorry for 'serious sin' in 'D.C. Madam' case

Leahy up on the Senate floor now, talking about Habeas Corpus

Vet can't get a referral to major cancer hospital from the VA

Michael Moore's fact list (send this to CNN)

CNN cuts away from Bush to cover security breach at Oakland CA airport

WTF?? George Bush is discussing Health Care after Michael Moore

What subject should Michael Moore cover in his next film?

I heard Sanjay Gupta apologized recently on CNN

Why has Interpol not the slightest clue about "London bomb plot"?

Rut Roh! (Sen. Ted!) Stevens Gives Earmarks To Developers Who Made Him A Millionaire

Dems need to speak out now! "We are not going to let the Troops take the blame...."

Call and demand senator " I sleep with whores" Vitter to resign...cause he wanted bill clinton to

U.S. lawmakers prevented from leaving Green Zone

Voted To Ban Gay Marriage Christian Conservative GOP Senator Linked To DC Madam

I's SOOO excited! the PRESIDENT will talk about Iraq in 15 minutes!

Harry Reid responding to Bush on CNN now n/t

Go-Again Bags - reusable shopping bags

Please DU this poll

When do we the people march his sorry ass out of office? STAY THE COURSE????

Iraq: The GOP agenda finally makes sense!

Can you spot the bastard child of Jerry Falwell and Moe Howard sitting in Chimpo's Peanut Gallery?

Why has no one made a movie depicting an impeachment and trial, etc. of Bushco?

Muslim Booted Off Flight For Asking To Pray

Wheels falling off McCain Campaign (R.I.P)


On being "China Free"

If Harry Reid responds and no one is covering it, did he really respond?

Giuliani names chief Neo-con Norman "bomb Iran" Podhoretz to foreign policy team

Betrayal of Trust (Recruiter forces himself on 17 year-old, broke no laws)

The real problem with 'everybody's al-Qaeda'

Gold Foil Theory: Vitter and "phone list" a BushCo warning...

BLAIR's ex-press secretary (KELLY suicide) publishes diaries

Chertoff Squawking "Terra, Terra" while 130+ Vacancies at DHS?

"Impeach Vice President Cheney -He is not above the law!" Jim McDermott

Navy sends third aircraft carrier to Gulf region..... More war, party people?

Webb speaking on senate floor now

If we withdraw, they'll follow us home

Some examples please, of right wing vitriol directed at Democrats.

I wonder how much some of these hosts on...

The $200 million ‘white elephant’

Here's what I don't get DU. People accuse some of us for blindly siding with Democrats

New book by Bill Clinton due out in September

Randi: "OK, let's talk impeachment" (just before top of hour break)

Caption this * pic

Unpopular Congress Enduring Tough Times

does anyone have the link to the Denver U.S Attorney story

Domenici: I Want My Involvement In The Attorney Scandal To Be Over

REPORT: Six Months Later, Time’s Up For Escalation Proponents

The new food crusade

It's looking pretty ugly for the US dollar this morning.

NBC's Reid: DC is "surprised" by Vitter-"Madam" connection because Vitter says he's a conservative

Donna Hanover's restraining order against Rudy's mistress, Judi Nathan, under seal

Vitter out of sight, scandal not out of mind

What if Duke Cunningham really isn't in prison? Was he a client of Deb Palfrey in 2006?!?!

correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't see glorious fluff pieces about bushys birthday

Hey, help me out with this- are the people in DU. for or against Cindy Sheehan?

lindsey graham on c-span2 senate floor speech now

Get your Vitter excuses/statements/apologies right here....

Put on your Terra-Terra-Terra hats, folks

About Larry Flynt's $1M offer for dirt on Congress' illicit sex.

It's Flyntmas time, Lerry Flyntmas everyone

Sen. Webb Coming Up on CNN Situation Room

So if you are a GOP bigwig and know you are on the DC Madam's list...

How Pressure on McConnell Helps End the Occupation


Senator Vitner had a discussion with God.

Has Fred Thomspon ever hired an illegal immigrant?

We have a "little sex scandal" here in Washington

He's back telling everyone that "Its your money"


Has anyone else noticed that the rhetoric just got turned up a few nothces?

Bush Administration lowers Iraq report expectations

About Vitter: We need to mobilize and inundate with Washington

Catholics Against Rudy website is launched with a very interesting omission:

Vitter and others did nothing wrong.

Bush Pardons DC Madam before Phone Records Released

Taxing Porn?

Proof that W will not leave office!!!

RW quotes about Iraq from 2003- from the Archives.

Green Friendly Lightbulb Really Work

Conyers to Pursue RNC for White House Emails

Lieberman Launches Unprovoked Attack On Harry Reid On Right-Winger Bill Bennett's Show

CNSnews quotes Kagan and Keane saying "surge" is success, fails to note that they came up with it.

Impeachment Question for CNN/Youtube Dem Debates 4th Most Wanted Question - VOTE to get it asked

Anybody else's gas prices just take a 30 cent jump?

Ignore the Iraqi Governance Progress Report?

Leahy, Specter To Introduce Habeas Legislation

Cons: Baghdad is no worse than Detroit or Los Angeles

What did Karl Rove know and when did he know it?

vote this question into youtube debates

Do I have this right, in September Betrayus will issue a report on his own performance?

Say 'no' to New York State forced electroshock!!!

OK, we all seem to 'get' that this admin is extending this illegal occupation,

Anyone remember when Republicans ruled ....the bedroom?

So all I gotta do is ask God's forgiveness

John McCain thinks Iraqis are "moving in the right direction"?

Giuliani on healthcare..........

Miers to Invoke Privilege, But Conyers Calls Her Anyway

Is TalkingPointsMemo down?

Giuliani enlists Norman ‘bomb Iran’ Podhoretz

How new food crops(GMOs) are being forced down Kenya’s throat

Is Stephanie Miller's website down?

Bush to Republicans on Iraq: I can't hear you!

The Free Republic (of Homophobia)

LEAHY & SPECTOR Will Introduce Legislation On Friday To RESTORE HABEAS CORPUS Protections

Michael Moore back on CNN....Now

Gonzales hearing postponed

Small Plane Hits 2 Florida Homes

I, too, will support Sheehan over Pelosi

Gupta apologizes for only one of his errors re. Sicko.

Per Durbin, rethugs want to fililbuster Webb's amendment, to get the

Breitbart: Michael Moore Mocks Indian Anchor’s Name During On-Air Tirade Against CNN



A Letter From Kabul

thought better

Is Neoconservatism a failure as a political force?

Wolf Blitzer Showing Interview With Michael Moore Part 2 NOW

CNN anchorwhore: "If you can stomach it" referring to MM's appearance upcoming on Wolfie's show

Anybody else suspicious about Wolfie/CNN's "complete and unedited" claims

Oh Geez.Tucker is complaining about the attacks on Vitter.

I just got off the phone...

Looking For Trolls & Truth

Bush Iraq Speech Today Likely To Further Alienate Defecting Republicans

Help DU this poll: Which country will the US invade in the future?

Argument over bible leads to shooting.

Why do they keep calling Lieberman a Democrat?

Vitter's troubles extend beyond DC Madam

My e-mail to the Democratic Party & Howard Dean

"NYC Pastor Objects to Naked Display"

My state paid out in unemployment benefits during the last 10 years what the war costs in 3 days.

BILL O’REILLY: They’ve got six months and that’s it.[The O’Reilly Factor, 1/24/07]

People ARE getting more stupid.

Did anyone hear the WH insider on NPR this morning?

Joe Lieberman is a Diaper

Do you think there is any serious effort by anybody to dig into that pile

"minimum number of minds needed to change for new Iraq policy :1"

Wow! This former writer for National Review says on PBS, "I was wrong to

What ever happened to good old Zell Miller?

I wanna fight a revolution - Let me be something good

Bush: 'The way I'm going to play it as commander-in-chief'

What is an All Start Game, and why should I watch?

Lord God Relieved at Poll Results

Prince William County: Standing on the Outside

Weird pic of bush using soldier as photo op prop

Michael Moore AND Sonjay Gupta will be on Larry King tonight! It looked like they would be on at

"Buy some sandwiches."

Evangelical family settles case with Oregon over war protest

"the face of the future": races in Brazil more mixed than realized, DNA reveals

Will Cindy Sheehan run as a Democrat? If not, I hope DU doesn't allow campaigning here.

All This "Plan B" Crap for Iraq is Rovian. It's More Like "Plan Z"

Poll: "Should Vitter Resign?" Help me out here!

3607 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Say it with me now; "Chimpy- chimpy- chimpy- chimpy- ch..."

Caption the Brain Surgeon!

Philanthropy is such a strange and alien concept to the bushes...

The Most Wanted Man in Iran

Man Flies to Idaho on a Lawn Chair

WaPo's Murray: "YAAWWN. That's my view of the Libby flap. What did people expect Bush to do?"

Vermont town named Simpsons' hometown, will host movie premiere

Giuliani Stands by Southern Strategist David Vitter after Confession in DC Madam Opening Salvo

Why is there "business/manufacturing" at all?

Somebody asked what was DU like back in the day?


Webb: ‘I Don’t Know Where Lieberman Gets His Opinions About How Well We’re Doing’

Bush faces Republican revolt

Message: Stay the Course-There was nothing new in Bush's weird, rambling speech

Crucial to restore habeas corpus....let your voice be heard!

Michael Moore will be live at HuffPo tonight after Larry King

Growing Trend To Delegitimize Israel Worries Jewish Leaders

I think I would rather have had Bush/Cheney over Gore/LIEBERMAN now with hindsight

The Systemic Rot In Our Government Didn't Start With George W. Bush

OPUS gets an iPhone

NPR -- National Propaganda Radio?

Report: Apple plans cheaper, Nano-based phone (Reuters/CNN)

Olbermann Report on Michael Moore/CNN Appearance Coming Up - "It's a Shut-Out"

hummm Chertoffs "gut feeling" is convenient about all these subpoenas and the cheney cut off huh

LMAO! Ghouliani DISAPPOINTED with Vitter!

What Will The Senate Look Like After 2008?

"Thank you Wolf and thank you for telling me during the break that you really liked the film."

KO doing a fact check on Bush's lies today

Somebody observed yesterday that Tony Snowjob

Latest News from Chairman Waxman: White House Security Violations May Be Widespread; Surgeon General

McClatchy: Bush again links Iraq violence to 9/11

One thing that puzzles me .


Jonathan Turley on Justice Department: "President Bush has RUINED the Institution"

BUCK PASSING COWARD: Lord Pissypants the Decider blames US military for Iraq failure

Call your senator and ask them to support the Webb-Hagel ammendment and our troops! Urgent!

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Per Keith Olbermann, Chertoff's "gut feeling"..........

Bush is Tough Talkin' Texan today: Pissed at Impeachment, Repub Revolt, & SICKO.

Please write a letter defending Michael Moore.

Breaking: US Senator knows God's mind!

Here is the 4 step neocon foreign policy strategy

Al Quaeda or Al Gore?

Al Gore and International Artists Sign Gibson Live Earth Acoustic Guitars

I need some love. I worked on this all day. Thank you. - Rated R for language

Impeachment would mean RePUKES could get the stink of Iraq off them before 08

Analysis: Rumors of Syria-Israel war

Declaring victory?

HAGEL's brother on the Tweety circus

CNN knew Micheal Moore was going to hit them with both barrels and still put him on

Al Qaeda is coming! (Or they may be here already...)

U.S. Miners' Union: Gore's Pledge On Coal "Shortsighted"

Reason # 736 righties are against stem cell research:

I was a naughty girl at the doctor's office today.

I change my political opinion due to DU discussions....

Moore To Live Chat On HuffPost After Tonight's Debate w/Sanjay Gupta

Embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Conyers to Pursue RNC for White House Emails

Can we get Cheney & Libby through FBI translator Sibel Edmonds' case?


Is this the new anthem of the Bush administration?

Pine Ridge farmer struggles to grow hemp

KO compares Chertoff's 'gut feeling' to breaking wind.

Vermont town named Simpsons' hometown, will host movie premiere

3609 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Mentioned on Countdown: How did ABC happen to miss that Republican Senator in the madams book?

little fucker tucker is defending Vitter

LOL - Jonathan Turley just compared Gonzales to Chauncey Gardner

Bush Erects Another Stonewall Against Accountability

Asshat Tucker Carlson is saying on Dan Abrams that Sen. Vitter

Iraqis Urged to Take Up Arms for Defense - Haven't we been killing any Iraqi caught with a weapon?

ATTN: The dollar has fallen to a record low against the euro

Woman Claims Officers Enticed Her To Show Breasts

What, no Peace Forum??

Senate fl NOW---Reid wants to add amend. and McConnell is OBjecting

They march us into war, no outcry, but sex, scandalous!

So...NBC News Says Chertoff's Little "Gut Feeling" Is Because He Feels Terrorists Like the Summer...

Psychologists to Review Stance on Gays

This just in....

Does anyone famous live in Riverton, WY and why would they call a hooker in Washington, D.C.?

It sucks to be a hypocrite

Bill O: Why do you hate Bill O?

Sen. Durbin hands Cheney his hat (defunds the heart of darkness)

Vitter and the Hooker

Jesus Was a Homeless Bum...

Help me out here - now that the Senate panel defunded Cheney, what next?

Speaking between us equals...

Lou Dobbs said at least Sen. Vitter "didn't call Al Shaprton or Jerry Falwell (sic)"

Security conditions in Iraq prevented Bachmann from meeting any Iraqis, leaving the Green Zone

Explain these "WTF" numbers...

Breaking: Green Zone attacked

If there were a terrorist attack within the US in the next two months would you think it was staged?

George Bush’s Iraq Obsession: America Held Hostage

How many health care-related bankruptcies are there in Canada,

"Kudzu" Cartoonist Doug Marlette Killed in Crash

Democratic Presidential Candidates to Have First-Ever Gay Debate (8/9/07 on LOGO &

How many health care-related bankruptcies are there in Canada,

According to Arianna Huffington, Democrats need to show...

Responsible Redeployment from Iraq Act.

Iraqi woman mourns her husband, a US soldier

White House Is Accused of Putting Politics Over Science---DUH

Michael Moore wins Algae Award

The damned claims of the GOP

Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke is a phony

‘Marines’ killing of Iraqi was “old-fashioned” murder’

Please take a few to email UPS about denying NJ gays health benefits

Do you think the media is warming up to the idea of defunding the war?

Sun not responsible for global warming trends

Another whistle-blower: Dr. Carmona, former Surgeon General.

George Bush's Iraq Obsession: America Held Hostage

Got to Love Vitter's wife's comments re The Clinton's............

So, is it time for me to make a run for the border?

I'm glad I won't live all that much longer

Suggestion for the next yr+, good information (about trolls) to make life easier here...

Tucker is such a fucking tool

Vitter hides as the Senate GOP circles its wagons

Anyone else wondering what the deal is with the live chat at Huff Post?

Regardless of whether you support Cindy Sheehan's run

CNN's Dobbs said Clinton is "selling out our middle class" on H-1B visas, but ignored GOP candidates

Say it over and over again - it's a coverup

Canada 'to reclaim Arctic waters' !!

Water Officials Warned: Get Used to Drought, Says New Climate Report

Canal Street Madam: Vitter hired girls for "activities with fellow politicians"

Hustler: We are going after the 'Moral Hypocrites' only

Former Bush surgeon general says he was muzzled

Does anybody remember the days when CNN used to actually be an accurate news org?

Doesn't it suck to be so right for so long?

What would $12 bil/month buy? (The cost of wars now)....

You don't need to be an expert to 'undelete' files from your computer

bbc: US senator admits 'serious sin'

What does CNN stand for?

Dr. James Holsinger can kiss my gay ass!!!

Why doesnt Moore go on Olbermann show

Sanjay Gupta sez...

I Am Worried That My Concern Is Overshadowed By My Lack Of Anxiousness

I think I'm going to throw up... "Rumor Mill: Rupert Murdoch Poised to Purchase Wall Street Journal"

The Moore/Blitzer exchange shows exactly what is wrong with our country.

E-mail shows CNN, Gupta given the right facts before getting them wrong

Is Future Shock real and if so, how bad is it?

Pissypants Pays a Visit to Wounded Troops Still Aboard Transport Plane ---pix--->>>

John Edwards needs us today: cast a key vote for substance

A forgotten piece of luggage in Times Square - pics

Why I love Wrigley Field.......

Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladens phone numbers found in DC Madam call logs

Michael Moore and Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Larry King tonight

The Gupta report = CNN wanting to prove to rePUKES "we hate that fat Michael Moore too"

Something big will happen before September?

Military's only black four-star general tapped for new Africa Command

Conyers's Libby clemency hearing schedule: Noon Wed Jul 11. Witness list:

BUSH HAS DECIDED. "Stay the course." Will veto Iraq troop withdrawal.

Would $500 billion wasted on Iraq have kept out any al qaeda cells now in US?

The Official Thank You Michael Moore

We're fighting them there so we don't have to fight them here except in the summer

Bush justice is a national disgrace: John S. Koppel, US department of Justice

YearlyKos Registration Closes July 14

Is Bush going to end his residency with mind-bendingly low approval ratings?

Clinton/Obama vs The Top Three Republikans

Jesus' General steps up to defend Vitter.

**Reminder-Sara Taylor testifying before Senate Judiciary tomorrow**

Seldom seen picture of Bush as a baby

Can this Republican Sen. Vitter continue on as a "lawmaker" if he admits breaking the law?


Edwards' Poverty Tour: Following in the footsteps of Martin Luther King, Jr. & Robert F. Kennedy

Anyone think that the Unity 08 campaign is going to bite us Dems in the ass?

Libby, Bush-Cheney and Impeachment: Don't "Move On"

Homeland Security faces continued vacancies in high-level jobs

Andrew Sullivan: Impeach Cheney

In honor of Kyra/Wolfie: Who's the most annoying (non-Fox/Glenn Beck) TV "news" person?

So, CNN has thrown Blitzer and the Gupta/King combo at Michael Moore, and Moore's deflected handily.

What's so wrong about buying sex?

Homeland Security chief warns of 'Bush Failure to Defend US’

The H1-B Visa Program Deprives Americans of Jobs

Hilarious: WWL-TV video of New Orleans Madam discussing Vitter

Vitter will have to resign

Caption this pic of the idiot

Leahy ‘deeply disturbed’ by new Gonzales allegations

Instead of NYT "Bush Is Firm as Criticism Over Iraq Mounts", how about...

BUSH Is Wrong That Executive Privilege Can PREVENT Aides From Talking

What's up with all those tip jars?

Who will sponsor the next terror event in the U.S.A.?

Vitter got his start in DC on a resignation due to infidelity. VITTER -- RESIGN NOW!

Rep. Jim McDermott adds his name to HR 333!

KKK Applauds Supreme Court Ruling (for real)

It's my Party and I'll cry if I want to

Michael Moore just made the best point about waiting time in Canada vs US

PHOTO: Terrifying evidence! Al Qaeda cell on their way!

What's with this "God Bless America" stuff at the All-Star Game?

From 2002: vitter's FIRST Hooker scandal, he just can't stop himself!

so officials are worried about a summer terrorist attack, hmmmmm

Larry Flynt- "More stuff coming tomorrow".

Should I Invest in Gold?

Bigger Than A Blue Dress :)

On CSPAN3 at 5am: LIBBY TESTIFIES--as Marc Rich's attorney in 2001 GOP probe

How much does one day in Iraq cost us?

Joe Lieberman a sponsor for regime change in Iran

Bush Performs Brain Surgery (Now there's a headline you thought you'd never see!)

ABC News reporting the WH is calling an urgent multi-agency meeting Thursday on new Al Qaeda threat

* boards a transport plane to greet returning wounded soldiers - pics

Black Bear Ranch

Today, I met a soldier, just back from Iraq

Giuliani rejects medical marijuana use

BALCO (steroids) leaker invokes Libby in plea for leniency

Senate Democrats Cut off Cheney funding

How China is dealing with the pet/people poisons in its products.

So...should we relegate Chertoff to the ranks of Miss Cleo?

Don't forget Michael Moore's coming up on Larry King n/t

Despicable Newsweek article covers for Giuliani: compares NYC firefighters to Swift Boat Liars

Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way...

Happy Birthday Cindy Sheehan!!

Steve in LA to Michael Moore on HuffPo Chat: Tell Gupta we're not looking for "Health Care Utopia"

Chicago Tribune national desk phone number found in DC Madam call logs

Joe scarborough is an asshole and his baldheaded buddy...

Giuliani Co-Chair Called Blacks "Retarded"

Paging Dr. Gupta! Paging Dr. Gupta! Look up the definition of the word FUDGE.

Northern "blue" state? Southern "red" state? Not much difference between the two

The Scooter Is Safe

“Always been this administration’s position that public health policy be rooted in sound science."

Would those who say all areas long for a tough-talking progressive explain the CT Senate race?

Pelosi: House Will Vote to Change Course in Iraq THIS WEEK

The problem with Cindy

Important medical discovery

What's up with the Gore '08 but Joe Liebermann is Satan people here?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Hang up your towel." Peer pressure study.

Kerry Says Defense Spending Bill Offers Chance to End the War in Iraq

Interesting "SICKO"-inspired Comparison of Taxes and Benefits in US/Canada/UK/France

IF Rudy Guiliani was a Democrat

Sad....Gang Rape Raises Few Eyebrows In FL Housing Project

Can anyone tell me exactly what the hell "WINNING" in Iraq means?

I'm a KO person by design and by implementation

Is marijuana legal in other countries...

I think I'm a little giddy...

"The Reason Why Everyone Wants Al Gore To Run" (From Randi's Show)

Conservative commandment #1- The war on poverty destroyed the black family.

Questions to all those pro-Sheehan people on here

So why haven't we heard anything about the economy ...

SEPT. 15 - March in Washington to Impeach the Bastards!

This nutty couple on with Larry King - he hired someone to blind her

Wrong time for impeachment hearings.

State GOP official: Vitter should resign or join the Dems

DC Madame's phone records: Is Cheney on the list?-- Palfrey implicates Cheney

NYT Editorial: "Overprivileged Executive" - With Gonzales-Related Testimony, Congress Should Compel

What part of this equation do health care "free marketers" not understand?

Homeland Security chief’s 'gut feeling' is 'Increased risk’

Why did Cindy Sheehan say that Democrats started every war in the 20th Century?

LOL! "Is America ready for a trophy wife First Lady?"

Senate panel cuts off funds to Cheney

Actual front page headline: "O'Reilly snared in lesbian scandal"

Is an employee at the Dept of Justice *newsworthy* on the Madam's list?

Oh Please powers that be at DU, make david vitter a conservative idiot next week

China executes former head of food and drug safety...

China executes ex-head of food and drug agency

So I headed to the woods

My Email to CNN on the Anchor's Anti-Michael Moore "If You Can Stomach It" Comment

I think this one may spell the end of Gonzales

A break down of Gupta's comments concerning Moore

George Bush, Brain Surgeon ---pix--->>>

... he announces, “This is the President of the United States and I’m here to help you!”

Antiwar divisions could hurt Democrats in 2008

Iraq was not a mistake!

Who's the DU'er on Mr K right now??? KTLK !!!

I was told this at the health food store today, is this bogus?

This survey needs DUing

Oh my fucking gawd, the motherfuckers!!!!

Wiccan Warriors discussion of the Bill of Rights...2nd Amendment

DAILYKOS: Dick "John" Cheney on her list too?

Please write CNN and ask them to remove Dr. Sanjay Gupta for lying about stats given in SICKO

Sicko in Texas

Florida has more small plane troubles...2 killed in Nchols crash

Folks, this is REALLY REALLY BAD, Wall Street has finally figured out housing is going BUST

I am thinking about becoming a Republican....

Something New: Capturing the National Scream (brainstorming thread)

Regardless of how you feel about Cindy Sheehan, this should piss you off

X-post from the OR forum: Just got back from Ken Burns' talk about his new doc, "The War" (WWII).

Sanjay Gupta's impartial expert: Political contributions. Care to guess?

E-Mail Shows CNN, Gupta Given The Right Facts Before Getting Them Wrong

What are the stances of the major democratic candidates on gay rights?

Lieberman Pushes Iran War Resolution in Senate with Kyl/Graham

Wow Tony Snow is up early

American Psychological Association to review 'reparative therapy'

The Outsourced iPhone

My worries about Cindy Sheehan and her "bait and switch" with Congressional Dems

"Sanjay Gupta is lying" says Michael Moore!


Stupid Letter of the week - only "small sacrifices" involved with national ID cards

Where our outrage should be directed: a bunch of threads that can be used for indictments

Surgeon General told to mention Bush 3 times on every speech page, not to go to Special Olympics

OK, I think I've found someone who's important in Washington, D.C. on the D.C. Madam's list!

OMG!!! This is SOOOOOOOO Good! "CNN: "Stomaching" Michael Moore"

Larry Flynt outed Vitter

Insanely Greedy - Why Apple broke my iPod!

A quick attempt to end stupidity (re Sheehan)

Which of the Declared Democratic Candidates For President...

The DC MADAM, Monica Goodling's Attorney, John McCain, and all that lobbyist MONEY $$$$

Michelle Obama on NPR today..

Activist endorses Obama

I and other Obama supporters was just called a BROWNSHIRT

self deleted thread

I think we need an official, pinned "Look where the phone records have led" thread

ABC reports on Senator Vitter's 'sin', Fails to mention their reporting sucks.

Forget impeachment. --instead have a trial lawyer sue him for "product misrepresentation" !

Vitter to spend 8 hrs in rehab

Can someone help my wife and I-- My wife says that Miers and Taylor have to show up at the hearings

Big 3 need Bush's buy-in, not a bailout, Governments in Japan, Germany intervened

Select a meme that would put the Bushco machine on the ropes.

Poppy failed to get Saddam - Jr. takes him down ...

From Biden ~ We have not been paying our dues to UN peacekeeping operations

Act Blue just turned three birthday mailer for room to grow

BREAKING....Top McCain Campaign Chief leaves the MORON!!!

Six-year wait to wait more for an end to Enron drama

People in the South will vote for a crook over someone who is condescending to them

Obama's views not always what some expect


From Indiana: GOP can't find candidates for city council, judge, clerk

Any good sites for reverse phone directory?

Reservist Fighting His Fifth War Call-Up

Republican Admits to 'Serious Sin in My Past'

David Vitter called on Bill Clinton to resign because of his "mess."

Vitter, David- (R - LA) reports that his wife has forgiven him for using the DC Madam's services

Faux and CBC considering having debate with just Kucinich, Gravel, and Biden

WTF... Black America's PAC gave money to...George "Macacka" Allen? And what's with Chuck Kalogianis?

Barack Obama: Not so nice (It isn't about being nice, civility, gentle is about power)

What cars do the candidates drive?

The Rude Pundit: Dear Religious Right: Give It Up

(Al) Franken leads incumbent in fundraising

Sen. David Vitter (R-LA)—“On the Issues”

McCain campaign has 2 more to jump ship!!!!

Larry Flynt appreciation thread!

Right leaning Rasmussen Reports : 47% Strongly Disapprove of Bush

Giuliani's key supporters ensnared in sex, drugs (Newsday)

"David Vitter is a good republican and is a man with needs like any other man


Dear elected Dems: Impeach & Withdraw now or get beat by the Repubs

bush's incredible incompetence kicked off front page by christian conservative's cock

When you think -Coke and hookers ....

NJ activist seeks Gore convention delegates for 2008

Photos: Barack Obama speaking at a townhall meeting today in Des Moines, Iowa

LA Times poll: Should the healthy pet bill be enacted into law?

One of the WORST consequences of Clinton's impeachment

I will support Sheehan over Pelosi

* approval falls to a new low in Gallup poll. 29%. Opposition to war reaches record high

Up soon on CNN... Michael Moore. "The Sicko Smackdown" they call it.

Bomb Scare in New York City right now on CNN

Have you taken a look at the poll over there at this site...

A "what if" - Obama gets the nod and picks

Boxer and Biden coming up on Sen. floor (following Hawaii Senator)-cspan

More than 60% of Americans now belive Iraq War was a mistake. Gallop Poll as

We don't need another establishment candidate

ARG Illinois: Obama leads Hillary by 4...

So let me get this straight.... If, according to Lieberman, Iran and Al Qaeda

Lieberman must a have pipeline to Rove.

Get ready, Michael Moore coming up on CNN with Wolfie.

On Lou Dobbs: could State Department employees be forced to take

Holy Joe (DLC-CT) Launches Unprovoked Attack On Harry Reid On Right-Winger Bill Bennett's Show

NOLA radio host wonders if vitter's chances of being VP have been hurt

Bill Clinton "Prom King," Mitt Romney "hassled student council president."

Ghouliani on Vitter: "Some people disappoint you."

Trick fucking a conservative about vitter

Shuster at it again-tearing apart Matt Continetti!

Jim Lehrer News Hr--Former Surgean Gen. who was muzzled by Bushco-coming

Our voices must get louder and louder and....LOUDER!

Go blue, young Westerners: Millenials are leading the way toward a more Democratic West

Christine Craft is wonderful n/t

Michael Moore and Sanjay Gupta debate tonight on Larry King

Olympia Snowe on Lou Dobbs tonight. Is she dropping her support

"Crowds" vs. "Communities"

Ok, DU, I need help RE: Clinton pardons

Obama has demonstrated his experience, judgment

Candidate's Supporters Turning Virginia into Obama's Country

What the republicans are passing around at work

What was Hillary's stand on the war when she ran for re-election in 2006?

The Case of the Jena Six - Democracy Now

Tell the Louisiana Rethuglicans what you think about their Values

Leahy: White House "Contemptuous of the Congress"

Priceless freeper reactions to the Vitter scandal

Vitter’s Problem Grows as New Orleans Ex-Madam Says Vitter Was a Client

Michael Moore & Sanjay Gupta up on Larry King to talk health care.

Moore versus Gupta: Larry King - CNN - 9pm (ET)

Will Al Gore face his inconvenient truths about our stolen elections?

Fred Thomson's Wife A Trophy Wife?

No Do Overs on Issues like War

Iraq tests Boehner’s leadership

Edwards campaign opens SC headquarters in Columbia

Bush threatens to veto Iraq bill as Repubs jump ship

GOP tries to derail Dems’ use of Iraq amendments in defense authorization

It's Official -- I Have a Candidate for '08!

You Fuck up in China, You get Fucked Up!

Can Kucinich save the presidency?

Bush says we should wait until Petraeus comes back and give assessment

Statement from Senator Feingold: Reacting to the President’s Remarks on Iraq

Do you think the media is warming up to the idea of defunding the war?

Partisan, Malicious, Vindictive and Mean-Spirited: Bush To The Nation’s Health Educator

Thanks to those that contributed to the allowed this to begin...

Latest poll from Illinois.

If Vitters would resign....

Well well! Chertoff 'Gut Feeling': Worry of Summer Terror Attack...

C. Everett Koop finds Surgeon General Carmona's treatment under Bush administration an embarrassment

Louisiana politics .... a gumbo of "good stuff"

Marc Ambinder: Race Rankings.

Presidental Candidate Supporters Turning Virginia into Obama Country

McCain is left stranded

Clarke to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Obama, Clinton, Edwards at LOGO forum in August

Michael Ware: Lieberman has taken an excursion into fantasy.

Where is the outrage?

Question for Obama Supporters: Should He Go With Kucinich's Health Care Plan?

Gravel telling Malloy to calm down?

Mrs. Edwards' mother suffers a fall

Was Vitter apologetic before he got caught....

Sam Seder filling in for Malloy on Thursday

Wapo: Clinton, herself, has said there are no Do Overs

A Senator’s Moral High Ground Gets a Little Shaky

Bush Brushes Aside Republican Dissent on Iraq

Half Way Home: Chuck Todd assess the 08 Race at Halfway Point

Vitter, another madam comes forward

NY Rep. Yvette D. Clarke Endorses Clinton/Entire NY Democratic Congressional Delegation on board

AP: Obama challenges rivals on Iraq war says, "There are no do-overs..."

Larsen: The president in waiting

Presidential Candidates In First Ever Gay Debate

Tucker Carlson’s Vitter defense was simply unbelievable to day on MSNBC.

Kucinich: Iraq Four Years Too Long, Can Iran Be Far Behind?

X-Posted: It's my Party and I'll Cry if I want to

BREAKING: Fear mongering from ABC News


Dick Durbin: Quick End to war "Not Realistic"

Clinton presents plan to end Iraq war (within 60 days of taking office)

The "Cindinista" Movement

Al Gore ( I love him) reminds me of an old boyfriend who said:

If leading Democrats did not support Holy Joe over Lamont would Lamont be in the Senate today?

Wow, Ed Shultz using the "I" word today

Cindy Sheehan Poll:

Older Vet engages Obama on Vet Benefits

Hey, help me out with this- are the people in DU. for or against Cindy Sheehan?

Please do not call Cindy Sheehan mentally ill.

Edwards pushes food safety and country-of-origin labeling

China whacks corrupt Gov't official

How does Louisiana fill a vacant seat when a Senator resigns?

What will Obama do for Hawai'i?

What will Clinton do for Hawai'i?

What will Edwards do for Hawai'i?

Comparison of the voting records of Holy Joe, HRC, and Obama on Iraq


Senator Obama was in Huntsville, AL yesterday and was insulted.