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Archives: June 30, 2007

BOB HERBERT: When Is Enough Enough?

TIMOTHY EGAN: Courage Without the Uniform

Here's an interesting and compelling discussion about global warming

Soldier's Comments Allowed in Iraq Case (Mahmoudiya)

Who admits to using Bambie men?

Man survives road rage incident partly because UA surgeons on scene

Has anyone used the Tony Robbins tapes or Seminars?

Not a bad introduction to the history of The Fall

Is Philboy A Walking Harrassment?

Man, I just heard the Upbeat styling of Morrissey.....

"Who are you to wave your finger? You must be out your head..."

Who admits to using Ambien?

So there I was, thinking Facebook is so much better than MySpace,

Half of Milwaukee DU is in my store!

WAAAHHHH - have to go back to Texas tomorrow, and I DON'T WANT TO!!

Happy Birthday to Son of GoG the Younger

Good bye, Zen, my prince

Friday Night Flirts Pic Thread! :-)

Mario Cuomo's 1992 convention speech nominating Clinton (part I)

Fleetwood Mac - Dont Stop (at the Big Dawg's inaugural party, 1993)

Voting from the Heart

Fess up.. Who's been causing trouble..Whoever you are, you are responsible for special graphics..

A technical appreciation of DU from a (verrrrrry slow) dialupper

Freeper Sex Education 101 : How to Speak Dirty and Oppress People

Re Family Jewels - Why didn't CIA just 'zap' Saddam (instead of waging 2 futile Iraqi wars)

ACORN President Says Edwards an Ally in Struggle Against Poverty

Meet Iraq veteran Adam Kokesh, the new mouthpiece of the anti-war movement

For we, who grieve

Hate to tell you, Cheney doesn't give a fck about getting impeached.

I caught the end of Dennis Kucinich on Letterman. How was the rest of the interview?

Hospital, doctor visits up 20 percent in 5 years

New site for John Edwards fans

Was Obama's remark racist?

Richardson's campaign raises $7 million

Giuliani, Rodham Clinton Tied in Ohio

Jonathan Falwell Defends poor Annorexia Coulter.

Revisiting the Night of the Long Knives

Trampling the Constitution with great merriment

George Bush Jr. Just Doesn't Measure Up

FDA officials criticized for secrecy (AP)


"Undercover with D.C. Lobbyists for Hire" (Harpers Reporter exposes Dark Underbelly of DC)

New Mexico's new medical marijuana law requires state to grow its own

The Big Sleep

Justices to Weigh Detainee Rights

Congress and the White House should avoid a court battle over the U.S. attorneys investigation / WaP

Omar Khadr's tragic story mostly about child abuse

Editorial: 'Family jewels,' then and now (Berkshire Eagle)

Editorial: CIA abuses aren't history (MetroWest Daily News)

In Steps Big and Small, Supreme Court Moved Right

Fox News and Venezuela

NYT editorial: The "Grand Collapse" of immigration reform

The Break-In That History Forgot (Head Watergate Plumber in NYT)

For President Bush, a Reversal of Fortune on His Political Capital

An Awesome First Night for "Sicko"

Abuse of Executive Privilege

FRANK RICH: When the Vice President Does It, That Means It’s Not Illegal

Larry Johnson: Glasgow's Burning--Run For Your Lives

Speaker Pelosi's Constitutional Crisis

For Poor Families, an Added Burden of Too Many Pets

US military accuses media of reporting 'false' Iraqi claims

Another mysterious spy death in London

MAUREEN DOWD: Tears on My Pillow

What to do when everything is ‘Made in China?’

The '7 Point Pledge' announced by Al Gore to rally support against global warming

The consumoeconomy beat goes on . . .

Sea lanes outside Boston Harbor being shifted to protect whales - AP

Like the Polar Bears in the north, Penguins' struggle is a warning to world

Biologist Edward O. Wilson Warns of a Bleak World Without Bugs

Charity attacks rush for biofuels (BBC)

Toward a New Environmental Movement

Police bust illegal Amazon logging ring - reports (Reuters)

UNESCO removes Oman oryx sanctuary from heritage list - Reuters

Error: A main street in Hebron(West Bank) "closed by mistake"

Hamas: Int'l force in Gaza will be met with rockets

Olmert won't bring release of prisoners to government

Kidnapped BBC man's fate hangs on clan feud

"With Hamas takeover, tough calls for Israel"

Hamas TV show kills militant mouse character

Bush looks to his father to mend relations with Putin

Radio host was stabbed to death, hidden

Nato raid 'hits Afghan civilians

What to do when everything is ‘Made in China?’

London Times: Nightclub bomb alert issued two weeks ago

US says report of 20 beheaded bodies in Iraq false

Iraq: EFP kills 1 US soldier, wounds 3 in southern Baghdad

U.S. military: 26 killed in Baghdad raid

Outdated Sensors Hamper Border Patrol

Justices to Weigh Detainee Rights

He spoke to Iran's poor - and now they are shouting back

Judge rules to let SkyWest pilots' union lanyards fly

ABC BREAKING NEWS: Terror Attack at Glasgow Airport

Guantanamo judge rejects charges for Canadian

Outdated sensors hamper Border Patrol

Status of (DUSTWUN) Soldiers Changed to ('captured'/) 'Missing'

NUMMI union leaders warn about possible production loss (Toyota began building the Tacoma in Mexico)

Hamas TV show kills militant mouse character

5 US soldiers killed in Baghdad Ambush

For Poor Families, an Added Burden of Too Many Pets

NY movie critic Joel Siegel dead at 63

Home Depot asked to fund labor center

Last chance for a contract (disrupt summer classes for 25,000 college students)

State (Minnesota) , unions reach deal

Two US soldiers charged with premeditated murder of three Iraqis

Canadian Pension Plan Wins Telecom Bid (largest takeover in Canadian history)

Reid: Democrats' agenda is progressing (radio address)

UK terror threat now 'critical'

Poll shows many Republicans favor universal healthcare, gays in military

Australia Plans to Withdraw Troops From Iraq: Report

Bush defends military buildup in Iraq

Bush loses authority to close trade accords

US says report of 20 beheaded bodies in Iraq false

Man born in 1901 becomes U.S. citizen

Union members (17,000) ratify four-year Delphi deal

Bush goes biking, fishing ahead of meeting with Russian president

Colombia rebuffs Europe petition on hostage deaths

Ivorian Prince Killed in Iraq Is Buried

NATO, Afghan officials probe report of civilian deaths

Ashraf Marwan, 62; suspected double agent in Yom Kippur War

US troops on Iraq murder charges

Breaking: BBC cites report of car on fire driving into Glasgow airport

Court to rule on records in bribery case (associates of Cunningham)

Ah, good, I thought I was going crazy... Saw talk of thrift store shoes, and your own signs

alright cats. I'm back. Who's here?

See this fish?

'Rainy Day' from Cape Ann, Massachusetts: Gloucester-- Do Not Watch This! lol!

I get my back into my livin'...

It's been seven months since one of my shopmate was struck while riding to work

What's more gross? Seeing a roach in your kitchen cabinet...

Let's all....

3:AM on the East Coast

So, who actually logs on at 1 a.m. to catch up on politics?

I think we're alone now

Bowzer testifying...

Housekeeping question

What . . . Is your point?

jesus saves

iPhone Stress Test... This is neat!

I'm not Taterguy, ask me something




I am so f**king SLOW. In all these years, I never saw the pun.

Jesus Loves...

La la la la, la la la la la la la la la

what kind of person are you?

My hometown in Texas is Flooded. - Pics

video of people lining up to buy iPhones

Wisconsin Man Could Be Jailed For 4 Years For French Kissing Boy's Pet Fish To Death

Funniest transfer truck ever! The Jesus Express

The Stereoscopic Skin Clinic

some saturday morning jacques brel

Now don't tell me...I got nothin' to do....

the moran family done boughted tehm a miniture van!!!!!!1111

Do you get along with your axes?


I just cracked up calling the "Sunsetter" commercial phone #

Replace any word in a movie title with "Orgy"

Time to play DU DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE!!!

keith moon revision

Does anyone know where the new iPhone is manufactured?

crazy Uncle Chuchan

I've got an AVI file and I can't view it, help? Please?

Post your favorite Maddox

Financial Aid question- once my school has figured out my "unmet financial need"

Well, here we fucking are...

hume on hummus

I'm listening to Sirius radio The Vault

This needs no explanation.

Great Twilight Zone short from the 80s

I'm so pissed! I just broke my coffee pot....

Free instant disposable email addresses for website registrations

I miss this band!!!

Would you watch datasuspect if he were a televangelist?

Wimbledon update womens singles (pics!) Sugiyama takin it to Sharapova in the 2nd set. You go girl!

Man, creepy...

My dog is very sick

I spend probably....

I just committed genocide. (dial up warning, and not for anyone that dislikes the creepy crawlies)

Who wants a chocolate covered pretzel?

cnn is again 'breathless' over IPhone story.

Ain't nobody here but us chickens.


Its Saturday afternoon and the men in my neighborhood are not screaming "fuck"!

WTF?? I can't post pics via Photobucket??

The reason for the current tat craze:

Lame request for some good lounge vibes

I'm on your keyboard

Is it just me or are terrorists these days giving the keystone cops healthy competition?

An observation:

what is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you?

Who needs two DVD+RW disc?

Why the hell ain't "nooner" a word?!?

I'm slighty bored, and feeling naughty.

Man punches 'rude' drive-thru clerk

I command you to go to Google Earth right now

Sunni Patterson - We Made It...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/30/2007)

RED SOX game tonight! We will be there!

Why the hell ain't "noone" a word?!?

Question answered, thanks

Happiness is...

A half-ton of hypocrisy

Wish me luck - going to go replace fuses for my central air!

I cracked a molar & yelled "EFFIN' EXCREMENT !"

Video: EXTREMELY lucky to walk away

In Honor Of Bad Weddings- Post some REALLY BAD wedding pix and stories

Favorite James Taylor songs

I saw "1408" this afternoon.

Sappy movie, National Treasure, in the background

I need to see your earliest baby pics of yourselves -- here:

I'm not taking calls from mostly everyone now.

Pet owners: have you ever walked in on something like this?

I'm not sayin' that I'll love you, I'm not sayin' that I'll care if you love me...

Sicko did $1,330,000 in only 441 theaters Friday

Is anyone else having problems with the latest edition of Firefox?

Just getting over a two day migraine

Scotch really makes you think about know?

Monumental Man Creates Monumental Cheese Carving

This is funny!

Attention Mike Rowe fans! (Dirty Jobs, Deadliest Catch) YouTube gold inside:

where are the fucking "forgive or forget with mother love" season 1 dvds?

Hey Matcom...I got scotch!!!!

It is raining here again. But just what the hell is "it"?


Ugh, stress, ugliness... body being a bastard

Gymkata movie trailer

I have the oddest sensation, I've never really felt it before. Could this be puberty?

Where the hell is SPK? Heard he got a "Bruisey" or something?

Bad psycho pic of my girl dog... 'Your mother sucks puppy blankets in hell"

You know what I fucking hate?

Who is your favorite Wild West gunslinger?

Confession Time

I've got some new DVD's coming!

I'm bored and miss having DU friends; Talk to me.

After putting in 80 hours this week, I'm checking in...

Adam Carolla OWNS Ann Coulter on Radio Show

"The most humiliating thing..."

Who wants rich chocolate Ovaltine?

Remember - giant rising moon tonight

I have to drive the big old 1972 Cadillac and I am little nervous about it.

Is 7/7/07 Transcendental?

If someone can offer advice, I sure would appreciate it.

Ok, you naughty single DU'ers... help me out here...

I'm back from Synod, and I see the ground hogs are still here.

Philly area: Family night this Sunday (July 1) at Maddie's in Frazer, PA with yours truly!

I fed a camel

Beyond the Valley of the Naughty Girls...

I'm considering learning Arabic, anyone have advice, thoughts, or suggestions?

What sold you on the iPhone?

My dog is barking in his sleep

I'm bored and missing my DU friends; Talk to me.

Oeditpus Rex Appreciation Thread!!

This is a delicious drink for people who take fiber for regularity

HOLY CRAP! Alert for Tinfoil Hatters!!!

Are you "wanting?"

I cracked a molar for fun and excitement.

Someone in GD called me an asshole in a subject line. Ask me anything!

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

what is the absolute best thing that can happen to you?

Are you "lonely?"

I Got A Fucking Duzy!

Need help, please, I'm in melt down

July 5, 2007--the 60th anniversary of the most important event in history

What's the best/safest way to get rid of a yellow-jacket hive?

Do you get along with your ex(es)?

Favorite lines from Pop Songs... I have two....

the gonna-be-surgeon general shot that dude

I got my password back, and I can post again!!!

Take me to the River

Favorite Reno 911! character.

I got a new haircut...

Why do people shoot off fireworks?

A few (quite a few) avian pics.

Need help, please, I'm in near melt-down, no sleep

What are you listening to right now?

You asked for a new hair pic

I got the Second to the LAST IPhone on my Hawaiian Island, still scortched, but REAL Happy!

An inexpensive way to give to charity

Do Cats Get Colds and How Can I Help Him Feel Better?

Milwaukee DU Meetup Pictures

Minnesota Teamsters Endorse Al Franken

Teamsters, Funeral Directors Association Reach Settlement

Starbucks reaches settlement with Kent worker (disability discrimination and union activity)

Gaylord, union fail to reach labor deal

AK Steel Reaches Tentative Union Deal

PA Universities, Coaches' Union Announce Tentative Labor Pact

NYT: Delphi Workers Accept Pay Cuts

Support 25 ClearChannel Workers on Strike more than 100 days (Art on the Line)

Workers at XM Radio Show "Oprah & Friends" Enter Into Their First Collective Bargaining Agreement

Lawyers’ strike enters 96th day (India)

OMH nurses OK contract, AFSCME employees reject theirs

Catholic teacher exempt from union, judge rules

666 Pennsylvania Ave...

Freudian Slip - GWB

Sunni Patterson - We Made It...

Stephanie Miller on the naughty nurses (part one)

Global Warming Predictions coming true

Stephanie Miller with the irate nursing association worker (part two)

Two Tribes Video Destructo

bush the psycho...

Iraq un-winnable war...***warning: graphic content***

Occupation in Iraq - A disaster, and no end in sight...

Mike Malloy - Republicans Have Driven Me Insane

This guy is real smart, yessum

IRAQ WAR 'Bring 'Em On?'

SpongeBob Tribute To Michael Moore: Thank You For Being A Friend

Stephanie Miller failed TV show commercial from 1995

Materialism in America

They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Haa (Anti bush slideshow)

Randi Rhodes: Dick Cheney above the law

Clarke: British bomb plot proves we're no safer. (2006)

Kaziah Hancock

Iraq Should Be Like Israel

grade A* republican

Larry Johnson on Countdown re: Car bomb and damage


St. James Infirmary

It is time to IMPEACH THEM NOW !!!!!!!

My response to Man Coulter


Man Grabs Microphone Of Fox Reporter & Runs Off

Jena Six, A Photo Story. Racial Tensions in Jena, LA - Nooses Hung Under a "White's Only" Tree at HS

Michael Moore's TV Nation: The Health Care Olympics

Biden and Obama on HIV Testing

US Nuclear Strike on Iran - Martial Law Declared in US...

President Cheney Addresses the nation...

Global warming predictions coming true

Too cruel for parody

Why do they hate dogs?

America, your president is about to launch World War III

Hypothetical situation

The immigration issue. Stupid Republicans and MSM repeat falsehood that Democrats want Hispanic vote

Who's the bigger, dog abuser, Romney or Dobson?

I may be tin foiling it too hard, but I just don't like the London story

U.S. military deserter seeks refuge in Ottawa

You said the human being and the fish could coexist. You even screwed that up. A letter to Bush.

Another mysterious spy death in London

Hope: In serious but stable condition

WJ - the Supremes decisions

DNC spokesperson chews up her RNC counterpart on Hardball (video)

Washington press corps is too busy cozying up to the people it covers to get at the truth.

A Reversal of Fortune for Bush’s Political Capital

"You Can't Impeach Me, I'm Delusional!"

George Tenet Lied America to War and Got A Medal For It.

lol.. good quip by my partner

Cheney Bags First Bald Eagle after Bird's Removal from Endangered Species List

NYT Editorial: BUSH ADMIN Has Made It CLEAR-It Does Not CARE About Integrity Of DOJ

Assistance from fellow DU'ers..i hope I am posting it in a right area =)

Londoners shrug at latest bomb threats

Brits, help a clueless yank, what's with the new P.M.?

Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan - Surveillance?

If a Democrat becomes pres. will the repubs leave impeachment off the table?

Is Bush Administration's manual advocating "rally squads" more proof that the Iraq War was planned?

wasn't there a terrorism and foreign policy forum on DU ?

Saw SICKO tonight --

U.S. SOCIAL FORUM: "We're Living a Nightmare Called Katrina"

Soviets final withdrawal from Afghanistan began in 1988. Al Qaeda was founded in 1988

Bush has lost his 'fast track' power for trade agreements

Did anyone watch the news this morning? Operation Kaboom


No evidence ties al Qaida to recent bombing of a Shiite shrine

To see Sicko, I have to drive 28.38 miles

War President Works Up Courage/Visits Rhode Island

London Finds Linked Bombs, a Qaeda Tactic

911IraqAlQaeda 911IraqAlQaeda 911IraqAlQaeda 911IraqAlQaeda

This made me laugh for too long

How's that surge working Bush, you lying piece of shit coward?

Deadliest three months for US troops since Iraq war began

The Presidency is just like gas prices - they are testing us to see how much we will take

Did Dick Cheney kill 70,000 salmon?

Does anyone know where the new iPhone is manufactured?

Anybody else having trouble posting Photobucket links?

Gay Jaws (video)

Between you and me and the bed post has Bush ever done anything right?

Bush's Only Legacy - a Right Wing Court?

Lieberman calls for more patience on Iraq

You HAVE to check this out.... "" tv media Dominated by the LEFT.!! ..LINK>

UK police hunt suspect who fled bomb car (AP)

Any Kennebunkport in a storm

Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale

[Seattle ] Schools' legal fight could get more costly

Bush Is Told to Justify Executive Privilege: Could lead to criminal contempt, referral to prosecutor

What do you think about the "Counter-Media"?

Does anyone have an update on the NH couple that barricaded themselves in their home?

cnn is again 'breathless' over IPhone story.

Do you think US press is way more obsessed with Chinese product safety than US product safety?

Trampling the Constitution with great merriment

Slate's Guide To All The Political Markets - Slate

Our president is bad but Farenheit 9/11 is misleading and presents no alternatives

Best argument that you can make for watching a lot of TV...

The Big Sleep

Our pResident must have already made friends with the new PM in the UK

The idiot in chief is 0 for 3

Losing the War in Afghanistan, One Civilian Massacre at a Time

Five US soldiers die in coordinated Iraq attack

Dad injected his kids with heroin so they would know what it was like to get high

A Sicko review by Christopher Hayes

"Build that fence!...More border patrol!"

The KKK -- At home in the GOP and on the Supreme Court.

Excellent. The history and future of immigration. 'Völkerwanderung'

How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?

U.S. Raids Baghdad Slum; 26 Iraqis Die

A Realistic Look at the Question of Progress in the Area of Race Relations

Ever notice how some employees just can't get fired?

Check Out The DCCC 4th Of July Ad Against Republicans !!!


UNH professor charged and ordered off campus for alleged threats

KO's NewsHole and an interesting comment found there

Ex-priest opts for trial in sex case

Report: Priest May Plead Guilty To Abusing Boys

Con-artsist Pentecostal pastor demanded woman's life savings and her crucifix to cure her pain

Officials say London car bomb linked to "or inspired by" al qaeda

How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Fred Thompson bombs in New Hampshire

So is george bush a courageous man?

Why is the Pentagon ordering 2400 Taser stun guns?

Court says separation of church and state bars suing faith-based marriage counselors

Impeachment Impressions

And About this "Thin Majority" In The Congress Bullshit ...

Of the 26 major rulings on the Supreme Court this past term:

Fascinating picture...wounded KKK member and surgeons...

Breaking accident in Glasgow

A lot of people don't like the Canadian system,except the Canadians.

Stoic Londoners Shrug at Latest Threat: "Given the stance our government made on the war in Iraq..."

Dayum, I forgot.. You can't weed the garden or something may blow up.

Another Dem forum tonite

The enemy behind every bush.

Breaking News: Someone Attacks Glasgow Airport and Burns a Jeep.

Be Afraid and Buy an iPhone!

so who owns the mercedes?

David Shuster fans FYI: He's anchoring on MSNBC (Update edit: Alex Witt on now.)

Anyone else feel like we're walking on a treadmill?

77% In CBS News Poll Say War's Going Badly, 40% Urge Withdrawal Of All U.S. Troops

5 US soldiers killed in Baghdad Ambush

(Satire) Political Attention Deficit Disorder - New Psychiatric Condition

"Dems are evil, cloven-hoofed punks!" Did you know that?

RepubiCONS are so frustrated with their president that they will say anything...

how much do message board disruptors/rw meme merchants actually get paid?

You know the amusing part of the Glasgow accident

Meet R BOT 001, Russia's New Robocop

Does anyone know where I can find the military recruitment videos?

The BBC is ignoring the terror in Glasgow story

What are we really dealing with? Political patronage or bribery?

CHENEY Testing We The People-What Are WE Going To Do About It?

bu$h* wanted this guy to be head of Homeland Security.....

Judge: Miss. County Biased Vs. Whites

Free instant disposable email addresses for website registrations

Burning Man in Nevada....Is it terror, or do I just have a case of the "Global Jitters"?

Misogynist review of "Erin Brockovich" from CAP Alert


OK, Gordon Brown gives me the willies.

Want to take a pic in Times Square? You could soon need a permit from Big Brother first.

Sweet Googly Moogly

Instant revisionist history?

Health care in Canada - from wikipedia

Hank Johnson supports impeachment of Cheney

*TINFOIL ALERT* Sicko came out yesterday, terror today *TINFOIL ALERT*

I have 2 cars and a lawnmower full of gas in my yard. Bottle of booze inside. Should I be terrified?

Coulter, circumcision, Jason Leopold and terror alerts

R. sam brownback says faith helped him stop hating the Clintons.

Whoops! Our Top Diplomat makes India mad.

Blair is gone. TERRA ALERT!

Nancy Pelosi is lower than whale shit.

Sunni Patterson - We Made It...

Was the Glassgow Truck Fire a CIA job?

The reason why so many businesses here in Charleston

Call all your Bush-loving contacts. The terrorists have FOLLOWED US HOME!

Why aren't these on MSM

3 teens indicted in hate crime against transgendered woman; Mass. DA speaks against intolerance

Glasgow attack takes the media away from the CIA Documents

My Bold Statement

Terra Terra Terra Terra Terra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm finally ready to declare for a candidate...

LIVE Fox News feed!!!111 For those of you who don't have Fox News!!!11

No Bush/Gordon Brown telephone call as of yet since the UK incidents....

A 4 hour car fire on my TV. They don't seem to be putting it out AND its not spreading.

Where's the 'Glasgow Airport Terrorist Attack' Press Conference?

Damn. This isn't working.

Bush: The Ethics President

The Glasgow Story Is Morphing Into The Evacuated Hospital Story

CAPTION: 2 Drunks And A...? (Bushies)

Juan Cole: "Long may terrorists be clueless screw-ups who can't start fires!"

AP's first salvo against Sicko: break out the tiny violins for the poor, voiceless health care indus

Greenwald: Our rotted press corps, a division of "Camp Victory"

I am glad that none except driver got hurt in flaming car thing.

Protesting Bush: If Not Now, When?...


Car still on fire on Faux

New British PM get's WARNING about being SOFT ON TERRA!

I'm evil. I just turned the dog loose on a couple of bible thumpers.

How long does the Impeachment process take?

Why is Vladimir Putin made to go to bush's poppy's house in Kennebunkport?

Update: Men drive flaming Jeep Cherokee into Glasgow airport; warned two weeks ago

Could Fred Thompson be the Ultimate in do-nothingness?

I got the Second to the LAST IPhone on my Hawaiian Island, still scortched, but REAL Happy!

Both CNN & Fox News using Ruppert Murdoch's "SKY NEWS" all DAY for TERRA!

War squeezes businesses owned by reservists

“Deal” on Trade is Slippery Slope – Take Action Now!

Progressive Insurance and its Big Brother policy

What sold you on the iPhone?

MSNBC to drop Saturday afternoon newscasts, go to taped programming

Here's a question I haven't yet heard posed:

Why is Tony Snow encouraging attacks on small airports in the US?


How would healthcare change under a D admin?

US-IRAQ: Blackwater Blues for Dead Contractors' Families

Peace George ---pix--->>>

Is 7/7/07 Transcendental?

pretty coincidental that these attacks happened just when the fire was on Cheney and Kerik was in

Can we talk about the possibility of PAID operatives on discussion boards,...

For those who had questions about the WWE Wellness program, plus Johnny Isakson....

Impeachment Forum Videos

If someone said to you "I think Nancy Pelosi is lower than whale shit", how would you respond?

Too much. The anti-abortion crowd rags on people with large families.

I need help finding something.... a top 10 idiots item

foreign terrorists? we have our own terrorists who are just as dangerous....

US Attack in Sadr City: 'the victims were civilians killed in their homes'

Is Ariel Sharone still alive? I just watched one of the political videos

My daughter bought me a Bush voodoo doll :) Anybody have any hexes they want to me to do?

U.S. Raids Baghdad Slum; 26 Iraqis Die

Small Turnout For Moore "Sicko" Screening

Yet another Sicko report....

Gathering of Intel Goes Private

Donkey vs. Elephant

NYT Al Gore:Moving Beyond Kyoto

Last time I was in Washington, we visited the eternal flame memorializing JFK

U.S Supreme Court to take close look at Guantanamo

What was your favourite part of Sicko?

Back from my early 4th of July Party

Refuting the critics of Michael Moore

Everyone get out the plastic and duct tape. It's OFFICIALLY a 'terrorist act'.

UK raises security level to "CRITICAL indicating attacks are imminent

Who will be the "winners" in GLOBAL WARming?

Tribute to Mike Webb

Michael Moore's Sicko

OK I've finished taping up my windows and am now in the basement

FDA Officials Criticized for Secrecy: Public calendars blank, no record of industry contacts

***Impeachment FAQ***

Weekend TOON roundup: iHype edition

Candy Crowley calls Fred Thompson speech ("Cuban immigrants pose terror threat") 'REAGANESQUE'!

Not rocket science

A word about the Democratic Party.

AT&T, SPYING, and the IPhone......

NYT Op-Ed by Al Gore: Moving Beyond Kyoto

TOON: The founding Fathers meet King George

Presidential scholar confronts the president

I saw SICKO last night, SICKO is not about the the uninsured

Giuliani responds after car bomb scare in London

House Moves to Prohibit Return of Broadcast 'Fairness Doctrine,' Just in Case

Sunday Talk Shows

He spoke to Iran's poor - and now they are shouting back

Let's go all Howard Beale on Cheney's ass!

The interesting story of Ali Mohamed

Someone needs to ask Romney how he feels about prayer in school. Here's why

Iraqi Youth Face Lasting Scars Of War

O'Reilly invents the news again! - busted lying about "lesbian gangs"


Video....... Kucinich on Letterman "Right on the war, right on

The Two Redacted Pages: Fitz Was Prevented From Identifying A Different Culprit (DICK)

Today is the 1st anniversary of my "Sicko" experience.

Welcome to Nineteen Eighty Twenty-Seven

Teaching Chilren to Hate... Palestinian Mickey Mouse 'Marytred"

Which version of the Ten Commandments should we post in schools?

When bush said i am not into nation building, did you think he meant our nation?

Poll: Only 6 nations have favorable US image. Hughes:Could be Iraq or bad experience on a US airline

Two remarkable things happened in the last two days within half a mile of each other,

Do people in the health insurance industry have good insurance? Would they back single payer?

Caption Bush

Iraq war manufactures terrorism vs. All terrorism reports are scare-tactics.

Who knew a car could burn for 24 hours?

Happy 4th of July...Create your own Display on line

Karl Rove's ruthless tactics helped a judge win in Alabama in 1994. Involved a recount.

Your DU Exercise for the Week: Go Downtown and Count the Shuttered Stores

One reason why I like Germany

Invasion Of Iraq Originally Called "OIL"-"OPERATION IRAQI LIBERATION" Bush & Rove's Inside Joke

The "I've seen SICKO" Thread.

New Law Requires State Of New Mexico To Grow Its Own Medical Marijuana

Do we believe the Iraq war is breeding terrorists? Then how can we dismiss every incident...

Proposed Post-Birth Abortion Ban Could Shut Down Iraq War

wingNuts say jobs are leave'n NC cause of smoking bans.. in El Paso TX the restaurant attendance

houston report on Sicko

The Bush Family Mansion ---pix--->>>

Do you support impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney?

"your concern is noted"

Why has Congress's popularity plummeted since the election, especially Peloisi's

Video: Our soldiers winning their hearts and minds.

REPORT: Public Expresses Solid Opposition To Bush On Iraq; Iraq Surge Brings Heavy U.S. Casualties

Please note: The United States is rated 37th in the world in health care by WHO.

Our healthcare system is bad. But SICKO is pretty misleading in its presentation of alternatives.

Obama and Poverty

$1000 a month

The Link between Education and Democracy – and How the 2004 Exit Polls Document that Link

CNN fact checks Sicko: Finds few inaccuracies

I just got a Recruitment Call for the US Army FROM INDIA!

BBC: Glasgow car accident "not being treated as a national security threat."

Brown, Roe Are in Mortal Peril

SCOTUS is TESTING us folks with these trial balloons! We need to DEMAND some impieachments...!

Matthews and Coulter: No Shame

How Much Do You Reckon Pissypants' Little Fishing Trip Cost US? ---pix--->>>

Our Coming National Nightmare

Look, I know this is probably a waste of time, but

How does one run this up the flagpole? (Long, but damn inspiring)

Yearly Kos Auction - Kewl Stuff- ***ONLY 3 DAYS*** LQQK

Have y'all considered that maybe some things that happen in this country have nowt to do with Bushco

And Another Asst Atty Gen at DOJ resigns, .... LINK

Stan Goff's being threatened with foreclosure for growing vegetables

Why are some DU'ers downplaying a real act of terrorism?

So, the Glasgow incident turned out to really be terrorism?


Do you consider National Public Radio to be liberal?

Cognitive Dissonance

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Bring 'Em on Home

NYT: Abuse of Executive Privilege

Cheney vs. Environment: Killing the Forests for the Trees

I talked impeachment with Nancy Pelosi

"Undecided" gets 96 endorsements

CBS: Early Polls Often Unreliable or "Whatever happened to the Lieberman-Gephardt ticket?"

Idea for Political Cartoon re: Romney Dog Incident

Obama to meet his fundraising goals: over 350,000 donations; over 250,000 people

Defending the border, wherever it is

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Coalition of Religious Leaders, Labor and Environmental Activists Call on CD&R to Make New Acquisiti

United for Peace and Justice sets course to end Iraq war

Obama may spend 4th with Iowa Cubs

Rove dirty tricks - The Fall of a Democratic Governor

Coulter/Lauer are examples of RW cats paw strategy.

Leaders of five religions denounce violence in religion's name

Chimpy: "The fight in Iraq has been tough, and it will remain difficult..."

If Gore ran for President and lost (God forbid) - could he not just pick up the pieces of what he is

I Don't Want To Unduly Alarm People - But..........

When Democrats Rule -- "All politics is local."

R.I.P. - Fast Track Authority (6/30/07)

Are Dems about to get tough with Bush? May press criminal contempt and refer to federal prosecutor

The Candidate Groupies have taken over

Guest Lineup for Sunday TV News Shows (Leahy w/ Timbo, Mark Green of Air America on FauxNews)

9/11 responder's medical bills mount

There was a thread a while back that outlined the many faults of Ron Paul

Obama killed Hillary's mother with John Edwards' chain saw!!!

Transcript of the Third Democratic Primary Presidential Debate

Obama: "I Have some Jay-Z and Beyonce on My iPod"

Nadler / Conyers hearing on C-Span: chilling

(Hillary) Clinton slams GOP rival's Cuba remark - AP

ABC: U.K. Raises Security Level to Critical Meaning Attack is Expected Imminently

today a commander in iraq claims :

Iraq War Support Reaches All Time Low in US.....67% Oppose It; 63% want some sort of Withdrawl

This is what Bush supporters are like these days

"Naderus Obsessus"

Powell leaks real reason for SSN (tracking citizens)

Malkin (Coulter wannabe) uses yesterday's terror plot to attack John Edwards, NYT

How Many DUers Believe

Cable Photo's show Putin at Kennebunkport as "The MAN in BLACK"...T-shirt ,Jacket!

Brownback Writes of Clinton Hatred, The Stunning Apology to Hillary

Walz: In Congress, in debt and not alone

I need a link to the place to listen to free stream of the last show on AAR


HillCam: Bill and Hillary like you've never seen before, coming soon

Clinton: White House Needs 'Clean Sweep'

Putting aside ideology, I really can't stand Fred Thompson

A male french politician calls "bitch" a female opponent. Should he resign?

Michael Moore: An Awesome First Night for "Sicko"

Anti-poverty Group Says Edwards an Ally in Struggle Against Poverty (in response to NYT hit piece)

Current Status of the Primary Polls, State-by-State

Here is one way to deal with sign-stealing, from the 2004 election.

How come I haven't heard about this upcoming debate?

John McCain is risking our soldiers lives by announcing his trip to Iraq

Dem rep. declines congressional health coverage.

We saw SiCKO last night!

Activist/candidate Diana Peterson-More: How I Became A Hillary Supporter

Novak: Hillary Moving to the Right on Healthcare?

I Just Got This E-Mail From A Friend That Is Still A * Supporter - I Would Like To Refute It.......

Cheney Impeachment Bill Quietly Comes to Life in House Judiciary Committee

John Edwards Raised $3.4K In Ten Days!!

I Just Made My First Campaign Contribution Ever

Which Health Care Plan?

Media Matters: Luntz retracted prior smear of Clinton as "shrill," now concedes it is "passion"

Wal-Mart: Anywhere But America

Edwards Only Needs About $140,000 More With 10.5 Hours To Go!

AP: When Coulter talks, Edwards raises funds

US air attack on Afghan city lasts for hours, 80 to 100 or more killed. 26 dead in Sadr City

"Who Is Hillary Clinton?" - Good article from progressive writer Barbara Ehrenreich in The Nation

Obama Campaign reaches goal of over 350,000

Why Do Democrats Keep Losing Elections: video

Come join us!

When will the travel limits/scanning be stopped when flying?

I just wanted to say to Edwards supporters

The Hill Report: Unmarried America growing, leaning Democratic

Inspirations led cynical voters to donate to Barack Obama's campaign

Edwards Gains Support From African American Leaders

Who can unify the Democratic Party?

How friendly is John Kerry?

JFK address to Southern Baptists, 1960

Supreme Court: Have We Already Lost America? Thank you, Ralph.

NPS to Edwards: stop filming or leave park (mid-June)

Did the DLC feed the tape of the Dean scream to the media?

Kucinich- A democratic administration started NAFTA....

Poll: Which of the top-tier candidates will provide the best Mid-East foreign policy?

Gore v. Clinton? no contest ...