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Archives: June 3, 2007

Robert Fisk: Can the Lebanese army fight America's war against terror?

MoD to pull troops out of Iraq within a year (Telegraph)

Woo-hoo!! TRUE CARIBBEAN PIRATES on the History Channel!!

Whole wheat and oats homemede bread - from scratch!

Magnolia Blossom. Mmmmm . . . smells so sweet.

Is it true that edible underwear tastes like shit?

We just saw "Shrek the Third" and loved it - why the criticism?

Homicide: Life on the Street is on Sleuth TV now!!

Announcement: Rosie Palmer and I are moving in together.

What is your favorite smelling laundry detergent?

Surely this is a LOUNGE topic!!

It's a Great Party When . . .

I am SO pissed off right now

Man shot dead for bad singing in Philippine karaoke bar

For the bird lovers out there

Ugh! Just cleaned the finished room in the basement, and now my

Now I know I've been watching too much "Oz"

Ok, I'm about to watch "Hannibal Rising"

Keeping vigil tonight for daughter's stalker...

USA shuttle workers vote to strike

Blast From The Past: Sidney Blumenthal FEB 2004 - "There Was No Failure Of Intelligence In Iraq"

"The Iraq Study Group says it's time for an exit strategy. Why Bush will listen."

Elizabeth Edwards was on NPR this morning

Is there a good record of how Joe Lieberman was picked to be VP for Al Gore?

How many here believe what they read/hear/see in the media?

Anti-Crime Task Forces ~~ Additional Information

Help! Is 105 volts on one side sufficient to run C/A during an electrical brownout?

Another Effort to End the Internet as We Know It

Gay man beat "to the point of disfigurement" by three 19 year olds

New Democratic Congresswomen Boyda (KS-2) running ads

BBC News describes northern Kurdish Iraq as 'autonomous'.

Take Back America conference and Democracy Fest both in June.

obama's Image Problem

The overwhelmed FDA (Boston Globe)

Infighting splits US war protesters

Looking to Congress for Justice on Wage Bias and Gender Discrimination

What ‘Support Our Troops’ Entails

Their cause? Drafting Gore

The Lady and the Veep

Partial-Birth Confusion-The Supreme Court puts doctors in the hot seat


U.S. Health Care Is Bad For Your Health (SF Chronicle, via CommonDreams)

Hey, journalists, enough with the fancy leads already!

The Bird Brain Flu

I'm Plotting to Blow Up LAX (by David Goldstein at HuffPost)

The Republican Scare: A Branding Nightmare


White House Revises Post-Disaster Protocol

Firm to be sued over 'torture flights'

Gore on Bush Propaganda

When in the Course of Human Events...

The Media is Priming the Pump for A Dictatorship in America

Dick Cheney Rules / WaPoEditorial

Gorbachev criticises US 'empire' (BBC)

Commanders Say Push in Baghdad Is Short of Goal

Apple iPhone Coming June 29th

Impeachment Action: History, Rationale and Resources (AfterDowningStreet)

What If Our Mercenaries Turn On Us?

Supreme Court Chooses to Uphold Discrimination (by Byron Williams at HuffPost)

All They Have Is Each Other...

Democrats Missed it Badly on Iraq War Funding

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 293

CITES authorises sale of African ivory to Japan - AFP

China set to confront climate change, defend growth - Reuters

US told to toe line on climate

India to resist Bush pressure on global warming - Reuters

Merkel vows no 'lazy compromises' on climate at G8 summit - AFP

Robert Parry: Bush's Global Warming Foot-Dragging

The World Must Isolate Bush Over Climate Change (Independent UK, via CommonDreams)

Scientists scramble to save U.S. shorebird - Reuters

idea for renewable energy off-shore platforms - is this possible?

Lula rejects Bush move on climate change talks (Guardian UK)

Wyoming Produces More Carbon Dioxide in 8 Hours than Vermont Produces in a Year.

Push for Tougher Rules on Wind Industry - AP

The Green House exhibit at the National Building Museum

Just watching the debate and wondering why

What is permissible for America

Four soldiers wounded in Gaza mortar attack on Erez Crossing

PM: Israel will not negotiate, Gaza Strip operations to continue

FM Livni issues formal invite to Jordan, Egypt for talks in Israel

Israeli doctor humiliated by airport check

Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

My search for the West Bank's 'invisible' town

After 40 Years Under Israel, Jerusalem Rifts Deepen

Gaza women protest extremist group's threats of beheading

Iran retells the story of Nazis and Israel on state TV

Livni to war probe: I voted for one-day IDF operation in Lebanon

New report condemns Israel's 'blatant violation of International Law' in West Bank

Amnesty urges Israel to tear down West Bank separation fence

Iran president sees "countdown" to Israel's end

Demands made over kidnapped Brits

NATO soldier, Afghan interpreter killed

Pentagon chief says Somalia strike possibly ongoing

Watergate lawyer, gay activist Garrison dies at 65

Uruguayans Support Legalizing Abortion

Infighting splits US war protesters

New Jersey couple seek answers in daughter's death during school trip to Ghana

Authorities charge 4 in NYC terror plot

Authorities Foil Terror Plot Against JFK Airport

G-8 protesters clash with German police

U.N. still on WMDs hunt

Iran president sees "countdown" to Israel's end

UK Army hero quits over new 'abuse' inquiry

British Iraq pull-out plan

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (1 dead, 2 wounded)

Mercenary firms fear bloodbath in Iraq

Iraqi Sunni lawmaker threatens to withdraw from parliament, urges moderates to follow

Car bomb kills at least 6 in Iraq's Diyala: police

Taliban threaten to kill Afghan doctor, nurses

Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq Grow in Lethality, Complexity

San Diego Union Tribune INCORRECTLY adds Al Gore to CNN Debate

TB Patient's Relative to Be Investigated

Khadr to appear for arraignment hearing in Cuba

Wal-Mart faces another class action lawsuit

Larijani calls US missile plan 'joke of the year'

Democrats Clash on War on Terror, Iraq

US can forget about winning in Iraq: top retired general

Hustler offers $1 million for sex smut on Congress (any branch of govt)

Most Americans Regard Global Warming as Fact

Six U.S. soldiers reported killed in Iraq attacks

More Nudity than Normal hits Amsterdam

Two Guantanamo captives face tribunals for second time

Alamo ordered to pay Muslim woman more than $280,000 for discrimination

Fighting in Lebanon spreads to a 2nd camp

Baird echoes U.S. on climate deal

Cuba shows new images of Castro

Turkish forces shell northern Iraq - Iraqi leader

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

Informant plays key role in JFK plot

Mafia prosecutor now has Bush in his sights

Colombia fights U.S. diver for treasure

Catholic priest shot dead in Iraq

U.S. Announces 14 Troop Deaths in Iraq

Parents' fury ... advert for Mormons in middle of children's show

Post a pic of yourself taken when you were twice your current age.

Unprovoked red roman catholic attack - WTF!!?1

This GD thread makes Baby Jesus cry

Radio Lady Discusses: The movie "Apollo 13" from 1995 -- just a great film!

I just saw a Maserati commercial

Is it too early in the morning to request positive vibes?

Every one says that David Crosby is a fat no talent,

Please help this indecisive Toad decide!

Who created the Rutles?

Anybody use CoQ10?

Well, it's 3:06am... time to make tacos!

Quick! Can you help with French to English translation of this phrase?

I just joined my local chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America

Bugs and Windows

The Tao of Wetzelbill

OK, I need some help here.

?Home Repair Question: Bathroom Tile?

No! I don't want your stinking love (man, woman, toaster, etc) stop asking.

No! I don't want your stinking toolbar (google, yahoo, etc) stop asking.

post a picture of what you'd like to look like

Parrot owners - that 'baby' conure on sale at the big box store...

gunpowder, gelatine

Sandra Lee is about to make a seaside tablescape!

Yell Fire! - Michael Franti (lyric and YouTube link)

did anybody else enjoy reading dark hotel, suck?

Your Mind and We Belong Together (Promo)

For the nerd lovers out there

Are canned tuna/salmon COOKED? Stoopid ques but SMART answers come from Lounge!!1

I need answers, darn it!

Well, got in trouble with my credit card.

i just saw "ernest goes to prison"

Sergeant Pepper Album 40 years old. Am I really that old already?

Bad handwriting...

Post a pic of yourself taken when you were 1/50th your current age.

i am the god of hellfire

I am the fun blame monster

Man - what a mixed-up crazy dream last night.....

So DU, what's the water like where you are?

ever want to OWN an analogue motorola dynatac (brick phone?)

Job Dilema

Brand new lolcats

Okay - I HAVE to say it ......

I have enjoyed this no-news, no-politics weekend

I fell in love!

which one of these innocent words or phrases sounds the "naughtiest"?

All I have done since Friday afternoon is read MAD magazines

It's now 2:00 PM ....

which one is it?

I'm gonna send him to outer space, to find another race


i ate for two just now

Last video taken of my cat Chevrolet.

I finally saw 'Being There'

Lenovo Notebooks. Any good?

Well, that was interesting....

bragging time....lost three more pounds

40 years since Monterey Pop?

On this rainy, gloomy, lazy Sunday I'm watching The Wedding Singer.

Polar Bear Knut at 6 months old - pics!

Is it normal (during mid-life) ......

Unibroque - - Trois Pistoles

Since the Lounge topics are almost all about age and midlife today.......

I have the f*ing flu.

Classic baseball manager meltdown

Update: Thanks for the positive Lounge vibes this morning!

A A A A A A A R R R R R R G G G G G H H H H H H H H !!!!!!!

Lot of pirate stuff on the telly lately

"Nail me to your car and I'll tell you who you are"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/3/07)

Sunday Afternoon Musings...

I got myself a digital camera!!!!

Just got back from Son's Graduation Party and I got a present too!

Question about Anti-wrinkle creams...

I could be a movie star!

Do you find that you have certain inane memories indelibly etched

MTV Movie awards

"Inside Brookhaven Obesity Clinic" on TLC channel .....

Anyone here a fan of Twelve Girls Band?

It was twenty-four years ago today

Tony Blair and cabinet explain how they screwed it all up

The Tudors - Showtime's answer to HBO's Rome?

The new bassist for the Smashing Pumpkins is my new #1 dream girl

Politics aside ......

why do so many people from cicero

Coming out to my parents was one of the best things that I did.

I just watched Deja Vu - Good Flick!

iPod shuffle help requested!! And they say Windows technology

I just dropped a Python bomb on LBN

Hilarious out-take from one of the "X-Men" movies...

? and the Mysterians

Did Larry the cable guy change or did I change? I cannot abide

At what age do you consider a person in "mid-life"?

Am I the only one that loves and hates listening to Townes Van Zandt while drinking?

i am such a fraidy cat!

Well, the last beer in the fridge has been opened. The aptly named Steel Reserve 211!

Ive been waiting for something to happen

What Would Jesus Drive? A musical meditation

University of Arizona Softball - Bear Down

what is your contingency plan for when you the lottery?

Which Wizard of Oz Character are you?

Informative study of psychedelic drugs on spiders

Why do the rates for the same rental car differ so much between agencies?

This explains why we have George W as president

99 F / 37 C

Some jerk took my shopping cart in the grocery store today

Melissa Etherige always references Bruce Springsteen,

Tim Allen's group was weird at Bucca di Beppo


Good Bye...

KNOCKED UP is the funniest movie I've seen since BORAT

Woah, there's some crazy stuff on PostSecret this Sunday.

have you ever found love past the age of 35?

Bogus "Country" Performers

it is the third of june

Say hello to the newest addition to our family! (Kitty pics!)

Hey you Massholes, what's fun to do up round Salem on a summer day?

String Cheese or Phish?

What can you tell me about the Valdoro Mountain Lodge in Breckenridge, Colorado?

Tell us something embarrassing about your childhood

Post a real-life situation and I will match it with a Morrissey lyric

and they say teenage girls are bad! sheesh!

Who has found their love through the internet?

Do you use coupons?

Post a pic of you making out at the beach

We just got back from Paris, Brussels, London and Edinburgh... ask me anything!

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End was fantastic!

How many stinkin times can you mow the lawn

Ok who watched The Sopranos tonight?****possible spoiler alert****

I found a BLOOPER in a movie BY MYSELF - in "Zorba"

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

Since there are several threads about finding romantic love who has found

Flesh-free diet.

Is DUer Trof the retired airline pilot around today?

Help me understand obesity.

Post Something You Remember About Your Early Days On DU

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for June 3: eight advance in Elista

K-1 Dynamite video: Brock Lesnar vs Min Soo Kim


Today's working family toon

I will be mostly offline until after June 19th

GE unions seek improvements as company seeks to cut


Wal-Mart admits increasing unpopularity as unions organise huge protests outside glitz-fest

This Is Sea Shepherd

Ike for President ad 1952. Cute and catchy

Mime 9/11 - Warning! Mime in video.

Mike Lebowitz Outlines the Defense in Adam Kokesh's Case

When the Levees Broke - Clip 2 (when guy tells Cheney to "go *uck himself")

John Edwards: New York Times Magazine interview with Matt Bai

Dick Cheney and the Unnecessary Military Pay Hikes

Elizabeth Holtzman Calls for Impeachment-Bush and Cheney

JFK ad against Nixon by using Ike's words. I like it. From 1960

Stephen Colbert, Ken Burns starting now on CSPAN2

WP,pg1: Attacks on Troops Grow in Lethality, Complexity: Bigger Bombs Cause High May Death Toll

Before War, CIA Warned of Negative Outcomes

CREW: Bush/Cheney White House Does Not Want You To Know Who Meets With Them

Bush/Cheney want it both ways...

Mugging the G8: leaders know that Bush's new climate change proposal will lead to nowhere

Gates Warns Turkey Not to Invade Iraq

Kossack Mataliandy: Now we know how to end the war

Rudy Giuliani’s Problem With The Truth–From Terrorism to Health Care

TB Patient's Father-in-Law to Be Investigated

Uruguayans Support Legalizing Abortion

Can someone bring it back to 9/11 and run on the fact that no one knows ...

Dick Cheney nickname poll . . . do you like this?

AP: Democrats hide pet projects from voters

OMG! Condi said something I totally agree with (but she might not)

US accuses former sailor of selling military equipment and hoarding automatic weapons

Gore fans and Obama fans - please help get Gore's message about coal liquification to Obama

Doonesbury: Memorial Day 2007, Part II

Channel 8 shut down for political censorship in Venezuela

Immigration debate splits 2 friends: South Carolina's senators (Graham, DeMint)

Terrorists using Iraq as a launching ground for terrorism

Cheney challenges Rice on multiple fronts.

Top Ten Signs You're A Fundamentalist Christian....

Creation Museum to be Built... In New Zealand?

Will President Bush pardon Libby?

Joe Shithead Klein on Tweety Show:

Google ''Street View'' Hits the Streets, Raises Concerns

US helicopters thwart attack on Baghdad's Green Zone (Reuters)

Will reason be left behind by us also? Al Gore, "the enemy of reason is fear"

Kervorkian for Falwell -- Sign of social change ?

What will Mikey do without his best source?

What concerns you more?

Another dumb CNN poll: Destruction of JFK impact...

A RW organization that steals?

China rejects U.S. warning on toothpaste (Says DEG at safe levels) - AP

US can forget about winning in Iraq says another top retired US general

so has the MSM brought up Adam Kokesh? Or are they waiting for orders from bush?

Looks like our government is putting up any liar they can find to railroad Jose Padilla

3 Innocents Killed in US Bombing Raid in Iraq * Graphic *

HA! Kokie Roberts just the Pubs don't have a candidate!

They were luke warm to Thompson on FOX News

Kookie&Sam see Fred THOMPSON as RAYGUN,Geo.WILL does *not*!!1

Out of all the

Maliki in 2006: Iraqis could assume security by June 2007

so the plot thickens-the Law firm of Bracewell/Guiliani and global warming

Anybody watching Book TV?

Murtha Says He Has ‘Lost A Lot Of Confidence’ In Military Leaders, Including Petraeus

So another hit piece has been written by Andrew Taylor?

Murtha Says He Has ‘Lost A Lot Of Confidence’ In Military Leaders, Including Petraeus

Talabani Says Iraqi Troops Will Be Ready ‘Next Year,’ After Making Same Promise Two Years Ago

MTP, what's wrong with Mary Matalin?

The Pentagon's "Martyrs" And Other Tales of Collateral Damage

Officials now acknowledge that Iraq’s insurgency has grown more complex, with a greater array...

Alleged soldier imposters skip court hearing

From the Journal of Incredibly Bad Decisions....

United Nations still pissing away millions of Iraq's oil money looking for Saddam's WMDs

AWOL soldier left for her daughter

Notice the resounding silence from LIEberman today on his trip to

The Irrational Wacky Comedy Meeting - International Whaling report - Capt Paul Watson

Would you buy meat from THIS butcher shop?

Our "loyal opposition" Democratic party has jumped the shark

global survey; World Publics Reject US Role as the World Leader

Weekend TOON roundup

The Coming Surge of American Optimism

Will He OR Won't He?

New Florida congressmen trying to prove they belong (what the hell ever happened to Mark Foley??)

Newsweek's portrayal of Condi the diplomat clashes with reality

Only a couple of years to go before these old God Damn media pundits are dead.

Unity '08, Schmunity '08 - these "third-party" Repuke agents are going DOWN

TB patient's relative to be investigated

I don't think this Iranian T.V. website quite "gets" the "Quick Vote" concept yet

Recipe for Impeach Pie

Turkish troops massing on Iraq's border

You know that 2002 NH phone jamming case? You know the US Attorney controversy?

Gillespie might replace Bartlett

Fox Noise says terra plot is "scary," "chilling," "terrifying," "very very frightening"!

Al Gore Is Not A Good Politician

Fox News tries six degrees of seperation/Chavez

The Meaning of Liberalism

If you were President G W Bush right now...

What the heck is vote caging, and why should we care?

Haven't you heard? The surge is working!! Thanks, CNN....

Democrats hide pet projects from voters

is anyone here aware of any dental charities available in Texas?

LTTE from the literal bastion of conservatism--Tyler, Texas

The Price of Free Airwaves (FCC license renewals )

Blatant hit piece on Democrats from the AP

Danish ship and crew hijacked off Somalia WHERE'S THE TOP CAT GUYS WHEN YA NEED THEM?

Local Anti-Immigrant Ordinance Cases

Government Cuts Wounded Alaska Soldier's Aid

Couple name their new baby after a computer operating system

"Hustler" Offers $1 Million For Evidence Of Illicit Sexual Encounter With Member Of Congress, Gov't

I don't find it hard to be a Democrat lately, and I'm never going to stop being a Democrat.

FOURTEEN soldiers killed this weekend

Finding it hard to be a good Democrat of late...

Bushes SURGE Policy is Werkin.......,

Astonishing column in Sat. Indy Star...

Hillary's other Man (Bernstein gossips about Hillary's relationship with Vince Foster in book)

Just read details on the latest HUGH "terror plot"

Iraq Veteran Begins Weeklong Tower Guard Vigil in Bellingham, Washington

Poor guy

Mafia prosecutor now has Bush in his sights

Al-Maliki: Fight 'Them' Anywhere But Here

The High School Graduation Ceremony of the Future

I watched Face the Nation today. Republicans make me SICK!

'I think we’ve had a very great week this week’

Hanutty and O'Loofah

“Msg To The Left: I’m not saying you should impeach him, I’m just sayin’...go with your hearts."

3494 Reasons Why The DSM is Important


DU writers, where do I start to find a literary agency? A NEW Big Brother type website that allows you to report your neighbors

Complaint filed with IRS after Tampa televangelist compares Romney to Satan

Game theory proves: Men should leave the seat *down*...

eHarmony sued for excluding gays

Newt may well be the smartest Republican out there


awesome scene at the airport tonight...a soldier coming home into the arms of his family

Man wakes from 19 year coma

States Attempt Crackdowns On Puppy Mills

Kindly sign a petition to stop "drive-through mastectomies"

Iraqi War Top Issue of Democratic Debate: CNN

Are we overly focused on the 08 Presidential race when we should be

MONITOR radio: LUCY KOMISAR on the secret underbelly of global finance; BRAD FRIEDMAN on DOJ scandal

Be afraid.

I didn't know that Fred Thompson was a PORN actor!

Is anyone watching the CNN pre-debate coverage?

The trouble with the left and the real war on terrorism (not Iraq).

"give the troops their money" trumpeted George W. bUsh

San Diego Union Tribune INCORRECTLY adds Al Gore to CNN Debate

Folks, you gotta see this video of Chris Matthews, WEDDING SINGER...

16 Americans Killed in the first three days of June in Iraq

Joni Mitchell in Canada 1965

CBS News - The Terrarists are coming!


I like the "Tier" system the Corporate Media has created this time

***Official Democratic Debate Thread # 1 ****

Neocons Tried to Reverse China Policy, Says Powell Aide-Risked Nuclear War

Bill Maher: Still taking names

***Official Democratic Debate Thread # 2 ****

bush bumper stickers

Anybody going to watch the debate tonight?

Tonight On 60 Minutes:

***Official Democratic Debate Thread #3****

Gore Joins Today's Democratic debate (San Diego Union Tribune ???)

If ANYONE Invades MY Country, I Will Have No Choice, except to

***Official Democratic Debate Thread #4****

***Official Democratic Debate Thread #5****

The candidates are now considering a big issue: a job for Bill Clinton


same old shit in the debate: 'frontrunners' get multiple questions before others get their first one

Pope to bring up Iraq 'problem' with Bush

Death by burbs

understanding the frustration with the two party system


The Questions From The Audience Are 100x Better Than Wolf's

Anderson Cooper has a British accent.

PNAC expert help needed, please

Likelihood is that more people will eventually die from the cleanup than from the original accident

Do you think Americans should be able to RECALL


OMG! Edward's hair looks fantastic!

CNN does Dem Academy Award Show! Kucinich with his Lovely Wife and Brazille actually Praises Kooch

CNN has four White Guys with White Hair as Pundits Pre-Dem Debate!

Newsweek Cover: After Bush What the world needs is an open, confident America.


In order for Good to prevail, must there be an equal distribution of pain?

Bill Schneider: Obama is a great communicator

Show of hands: if someone kidnapped your parents and gave you the choice

Clinton couldn't be Truman

US opened fire at elementary school, killed 7 children, injured 3 more

States attempt crackdowns on puppy mills

Democratic Debate Pictures - ** broadband intensive

"Hollywood is out of touch with America." I guess that includes Fred Thompson, right?

Impressions, impressions from the debates

Need Opinions Please!!

Big winners: Clinton and Obama! Edwards did OK.

Biden for Secy of State and Chair of the JCS, concurrent appointments.

Hillary Parrots Bush Fearmongering at Tonight's Debate!

What the hell? Hannity is giving the story of Juanita Broderick???

Who ever wins will bring the rest along for positions of power in the next Admin....

Who else besides Biden supported public financing at the debate?

BBC readers respond to tonites debate

Kervorkian: "It's A Tyrannical Country"

Best line from the "debate"?

Group Behavior 101

After Sanctions, Doctors Get Drug Company Pay

OMG: Tuesday!

Retired Gen.: "I am absolutely convinced that America has a crisis in leadership at this time."

Dems rule!

Obama and Clinton fans, please stop! We are getting dizzy

38% of Repubs like their Pres Candidate Choices. What % Dems like their Candidate Choices?

Dumb article blaming sexism for Couric's destrcution of CBS Nightly News...

TelegraphUK: Prosecutor Of Mafia Now Has Bush In His Sights

Why is the choice always presented as: kill bin Ladin or wimp out?

Sam Donaldson: George W. Bush "is not an evil man" - WTF?!?

stop corporate crap: "the Time-Warner Democratic debate"

My Take on "Acceptable Losses"

I know this sounds shallow but the production values of tonight's debate

The Godfather II last night, Dr, Zhivago today.

LimboSEVIC & FAUX are doing their "comedy"

5 More To Go to 3,500.

Obama won debate, according to online poll...

Man Shot Dead for Bad Singing in Philippine Karaoke Bar

During the break in the debate--How can Wolf Blitzer be used if CNN fires him?

What's this, "they were there for you, now you be there for them," shit.

GOP Voter Fraud Bigwig Complained to White House about Canned U.S. Attorney

Vote on CNN's "scorecard"

Excellent site regarding the U.S. economy

(US) Officials discuss ‘detailed’ plans for permanent bases (in Iraq)

Fascinating video of Orcas using waves to get at a seal on an ice floe -not graphic or bloody.

The ads that kept Romney out of the Senate

Debate was great, CNN needs help

Daily Kos Poll; going into the debate who are you supporting?

Bloggers react to debate on CNN, next!

McClatchy: American among those killed by U.S. attack in Somalia

KAKISTOCRACY: "Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens."

NYT: With Korea as Model, Bush Team Ponders Long Support Role in Iraq

In Los Angeles, You Say, 'Hola!' I Say, 'Ahn-nyung'

On Comedy Central, I'm watching Larry The Cable Guy doin' stand up and

58 U.S. troops have been killed since May 24

Tim Russert marries Fred Tompson in a private ceremony.

Biden: We don't have the votes

Interesting graphic from Desert Rat in another thread. Guess who got most air time?

Columnist/Author released after being arrested at debate

Poll: Why Would Hillary Clinton Be Our Best Choice for Dem Nominee?

Am I the only one who thought Obama failed the debate?

John Lennon, c. 2007

GOP chief: New strategy key

Clinton, Edwards, and Obama @ a Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty - June 4 on CNN

Is "Amnesty" a bad word around here?

Edwards winning AOL debate poll

A very disturbing issue--China harvesting organs

Elizabeth Edwards, facing cancer, writing letter to her children

A Debate I would like to see...

Canuck MP questions whether SPP negotiations are foot in the door for deep integration,

The Next Front On The Great War On Terror! Da Caribbean mon!

DNC’s Dean rallies Dems, slams Bush during state visit

John Edwards Tells Us: Your Country Needs You

Candidate by candidate brief rundown, (dissatisfied, NEED HELP)

MSNBC: Gravel, Kucinich Hurting The Democrats?

Eric Alterman Released After Arrest in Debate Spin Room

Can you say Republican vultures??? I can.....

CSPAN is taking callers

Please for the love of Christ stop playing God

bbuutt...I thought Global warming was a "hippie liberal thang" on

Law and Order: They are guilty, and you know the jury won't convict. Proceed anyway?

What's the problem with "no -knock" searches? They kill innocent people.

What Do You Think of "Lionel"

Right-wing publishers worry about future

These Health Care Plans....

What the hell is on CNN right now?

Did it surprise anyone when Hillary took the lead tonight?

I am writing this post to thank Babylon Sister

Why Do You Support Treason, Fred Thompson?

So it's okay to kill innocent civilians?

Still A Passionate Advocate For Assisted Suicide (Kervorkian)

haha...check this out ...Michael Moore schools Fred Phelps and the anti gay WBC AWESOME

Post-Debate Poll:


Barnes & Noble and Al Gore's 'Assault on Reason'

Dean scream, Gore sigh, and Dukakis calm

"Scientists don't know why a compass points north."

Did You Watch The Debate Tonight?

the big LOSER was Wolf

Why were there so many earthquakes in the last 24 hrs?

Injuries soar in brutal preview to G8 summit

WTF: Eric Alterman arrested in spin room

Mr. Gore says: ‘You can call me ticked off’ - (NYTimes Book Review)

Arkansas GOP head: We need more 'attacks on American soil' so people appreciate Bush

What are the right wingers saying about cheney's new grandchild? /nt

Newsweek: Beyond Bush

Post debate preference poll

Open letter to Gore and Clark: Time to Step Up

LARRY FLYNT DID IT AGAIN! He bought a FULL PAGE AD asking "Have you had sex with any Senator or

Anyone notice Gore added to candidate polling, negatively affects Edwards' Numbers?

Debate Thus Far (Summarized) -- Updated Again

CNN: Edwards is slipping, Obama a "curiosity" and has peaked, Kucinich a distraction, Hillary is #1

NYT: Value of Cheney's Halliburton Stock Options Has Ballooned Due to Iraq Profits --->>>

I liked Richardson's proposal for a 'Heroes Card' soldiers could use at any hospital or any doctor

Notice a pattern here?

Food Irradiation ***ACTION ITEM***

It is NOT POSSIBLE to "blow up" a fuel pipeline! GRRRR

American companies say we need to get educated, get qualified? Fine.

CNN has a debate scorcard. The final tally has some surprises.

DOD forms task force to study Iraq fraud

Presidential Directive To Dictatorship/ National Continuity Policy

Interesting clarifications on TB man. One key point is that he has active TB.


Al Gore - my impression after his last stint

Kerry's Regrets About John Edwards

Re: the debate... at the risk of sounding like a party cheerleader... you go, Dems!

Who impressed you the most at the "debate?"

"BULLY OF THE BEACH" Starring George Bush & Harry Reid - This Modern World

I'm turning this crap off.

It occurred to me that they "exposed" this "scary" terror plot

The Power of Blogs

"We Need More Attacks On American Soil-So People Can Appreciate BUSH"-Says: Ark. GOP Head

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

I saw "V for Vendetta" tonight..for the first time. WOW!!

Immigration law anyone?? I've got questions.

Name better potential moderators than Wolf Blitzer

YouTube video-It will make you cry

June 2, 2009: President Gore signs the Media Accountability Act

My take on the Debate thus far: "Paging Al Gore!".........

LTTE from a soldier in Iraq

I threw my neighbor out of my house last night.

Gravel, Dodd, Kucinich all irrelevant, step out and reduce dilution

Woman Goes on Rampage, 35 Injured, 7 Severely

Moby 'believes' God destroys Republicans

Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi choose governors this year.

Hillary: ''I believe we are safer than we were.''

Why I think the plot at JFK was authentic

Top 5 myths about America

Why are there no self hating heterosexuals?

Driven to Extremes (re: commute times of 90 min or more)

Army Vet STOPS a $475 million Iraq Contract !!!

on leaving a difficult place

Can a Canadian put in her two cents worth on the debate?

President Gore is still my choice!! There i said it!!

Fighting Corporate Personhood: An introduction and resource guide

Al Gore's Promise to Us When Democracy Was Usurped in the Bloodless Coup of 2000.

New York Times: A Hot-Selling Weapon, an Inviting Target

Please, Kindly, Go Fuck Yourself. Semper Fi.

Gore/Kerry for 2008??? What do

Florida can't figure out FCAT test mistakes, so they hire an FCAT auditor.

How about an Anthropology group?

Proposed New Forum: Peacemaking & Community

Conn. lawmakers limit eminent domain use (AP)

Carville is still attacking Howard Dean to college audiences.

After the GOP's trashing of the Power of the Purse, they'd better like all wars as much as this one

WP,pg1: Clinton Makeover Accents Her Midwestern Roots (and her Mom)

Ahem. We are going to win the Presidency in 2008

People Are Hungry For Change

We hope there would not be a unilateral military action across the border into Iraq

Celebrate 6/10/53 : John Edwards Birthday!


Moqtada al-Sadr: The man America has in its sights

TAKE ACTION - Tell President Bush he can't have it both ways

What is a Religious Right voter going to do?

More GOP family values!

Gore Joins Today's Democratic debate

Seven more US soldiers killed in Iraq

unfortunately, Gore will NOT participate in tonight's debate

Strategic Energy fund to Invest in - Clean Coal

Eric Massa NY29: Rescuing our Environment........

Privatization in Action - The DOJ USA Purge

abc George S: The Pentagon released the names of 37 soldiers killed in Iraq

LOL nice face lift mary!

Edwards goes to Las Vegas, speaks to union members

Inouye To Help Lead Clinton Presidential Campaign

Dingell's trying to address global warming....this gives me hope

Pre-Debate on CNN now. I don't know, I really don't trust the analysts


I'm Reaffirming my position as a Green Party supporter...can't take DLC Dems any longer

If you would like the entry of third parties in American politics

Cleaning Up the Justice System: A Modest Proposal

Fred Thompson: Washington, D.C. Lobbyist, 1975-1992

The Latest Terror Plots

Attendees at RAINBOW/PUSH say Bill makes deciding between Barack, Hillary tough

Come senators, congressmen, Please heed the call.

If the Dems actually stopped the funding of the war

Ron Paul the leading Republican candidate, second overall on facebook?

"A look back at the GOP 2008 victory"

CNN does Dem Academy Award Show! Kucinich with his Lovely Wife and Brazille actually Praises Kooch

US can forget about winning in Iraq: top retired general

Murtha Says He Has ‘Lost A Lot Of Confidence’ In Military Leaders, Including Petraeus

Gore fans and Obama fans - please help get Gore's message about coal liquification to Obama

Debate Blog - Enter your comments about Debate

Man I wish Keith was moderator

Watch the Debate live on

U.S. charges four in plot to blow up JFK Airport..............Okay, nothing more to see here........

On Darfur: Richardson just lost points with me. Biden scores.

I know this isn't news, but Cokie Roberts is dumber than dirt.

"Hero's Health Care Card"

First four 2008 primary/caucus dates will decide the Super Tuesday winner

Sicko? The truth about the US healthcare system

Anyone reading Assault On Reason, by Al Gore

Help! I can't stop watching those terrible Sunday political shows

Elizabeth Edwards with Wolf This Morning

On one side, Democrats talking about the issues

Biden and the V-bottom Humvees

Did anyone catch Kucinich.... RE: the funding bill...

Do you have a more favorable opinion of Edwards after watching the debate

Sam Seder's guest just said the Blue Dog Dems had a meeting with Bush.

Edwards wins DailyKOS poll on debate!

Do you have a more favorable opinion of Clinton after watching the debate?

Do you have a more favorable opinion of Obama after watching the debate?

For Shrum fans, his opinion on the first debate:

Will the debate be replayed...anyone know?

Bumper sticker of the day: "Support Terrorism. Vote Democrat!"

There is not going to be a Democratic debate tonight.

Clinton/Lieberman 2008.....

What did you think of the format of the debate?

Here is something Democrats should consider as they debate Iraq

It was the Hillary. Obama, Edwards show...check it out for yourself

IMO: round one - #1 Obama, #2 Clinton. Round 2 - Clinton #1, Obama #2

The losers are the Republicans

Clinton by far.. the most knowledgeable

I Find It Disturbing Nobody Ever Asks About Russia In These Debates

Hilary Inc. - Advisers affiliated with unionbusters, GOP operatives, conservative media

Please support our Democratic Leaders

Biden just replaced Richardson

Should Bill Richardson drop out now?

Anyone see Drudges poll on who won the debate: SHOCKING numbers so far

What an incredible field we have this time

Andrew Sullivan on the Dem. Debate

Pretend Hillary didn't say "we are safer"

Health Care: Time for Universal Coverage?

Edwards revealing leadership and distinction on issues

Sunday, nauseating Sunday

This Is How I'd Rank The Candidates Performances Tonight....

Only one candidate (Edwards) mentioned poverty tonight...

CNN Debate Scorecard Up! Surprise! Carville favors Clinton! Go Vote!

Have you been following this story?.... More on the JFK airport terror plot (BIG update)

Germany is going to wish they weren't having that conference...Breaking CNN

Biden won the debate. Hands down.

If Gore or Clinton is the nominee, watch for Nader to rear his ugly mug.

The Nation's Eric Alterman arrested at debate spin room

Extended downtime this week (Tuesday)

Hillary, Biden, Obama gained most tonight. Edwards biggest loser. ... says focus group.

Hillary Parrots Bush Fearmongering at Tonight's Debate!

DEBATE #2: What's On The Agenda??

36k pork requests hidden deliberately by Dems (spin) OR is it that the HAC Committe is overwhelmed?

Attention Clarkies: If Clark Doesn't Run, How Many Of You Will Back Al Gore?

Edwards on permanent military bases in Iraq: Administration "has completely lost touch with reality"

nytimes BestSeller has Al Gore Assult on Reason # 1 YEAH

Kerry's regrets about Edwards

Debate site photos--looks nice

Iraq: Is it genocide?

Okay, DUers, time to work on party resolutions! Let's see 'em!

Debate Winner - OBAMA!!

To me, Edwards , Dodd and Kucinich kept it real

Why the Media Hates John Edwards

Hillary - Bush has made us safer --- Edwards/Obama no he hasn't

More startling Hillary revelations from Bernstein: People suspected an affair with Vince Foster!