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Bill Scher: How We Can Retire Ann Coulter (

26 June 2007 Drought Monitor - UNL

Ship salvage hopes ride on tide

Congressman questions role of ex-Interior staffers in water deals

BAE Systems gets U.S. Navy deal

FBI Advises Dive Schools To Watch For Unusual Students

ACLU files suit on behalf of shirt maker using soldiers' names

I had my first driving lesson today.

My dear fellow Americans, what do you think of canasta?

Non loopy update post: I still have all of my teeth

Just started a thread in GD-P....

40 Strange Things You May Not Know...just stay with it you'll see

Mebbe we don't need more alcohol

I'm so tired of dealing with drama!

Just Watched The Last "Studio 60" Episode Tonight

Ok, I'll stop with the hay jokes

Britain To Delete The Term "Prostitute" From Law Books

How the intro to "Won't Get Fooled Again" was created

A question for the guys

Beverly Sills Gravely Ill with Cancer

Woman Sues Police For Removal Of Her Breast Rings With Pliers When Arrested

San Francisco area DUers — the Dem debate is about to begin on tape delay

Help stop killing polar bears for trophies.

RE: This whole new gig for Tony Blair.....

Black high school students in Louisiana threatened with lynching (

Narrow Victories Move Roberts Court to Right

Yes Men: Exxon "Hacks" The Yes Men Vivoleum Site

If you hear gunshots in your neighborhood.

Few police officers ever charged in steroids cases

Supreme Court liberals dismay: "It's not often in law that so few have changed so much so quickly."

Dave Lindorff: Congress Needs to Stop Playing in Bush's Court

Which do you think is the "American Way"?

Is there a difference between a slave ship and a bus?

Buzzflash presents it's first Media Putz of the Week!

We need to get you fitted for a flight suit. An open letter to Joe Lieberman.

I guess the Simpson family (the bad music one, not the cartoon) has taken a turn left


did you see this? Reid, Pelosi to announce ‘coordinated effort’ to end war.

How come its always the candidate that didn't run or didn't get the nomination

NY Times: Domestic Issues Frame Debate

Can I find tonight's debate(s?) online?

Please excuse my dumb political question...

Night Of The Living Brain-Dead BushBots

Hillary Could Defeat Giuliani in Florida

What do you expect of the debates?

When A Democrat Wins The WH In '08...

Hillary gets a standing ovation at debate

Could you imagine Teddy Roosevelt running for President today?

Someone needs to explain this (DLC) book to me RIGHT NOW

Okay, I haven't watched yet.Who won the Debates? Your opinion please

House, Vichy Dems vote to ban FCC enforcement of the Fairness Doctrine!

Eugene Robinson: Standing in the Schoolhouse Door

Scientists perform successful DNA transplant.

Why Is My Dog's Health Care Better Than Mine? (by Sharon Glassman at HuffPost)

Eugene Robinson: Unmaking History (Supreme Court/segregation)

Health care in America is un-American

Thanks for Dick Cheney


Surging Past The Gates Of Hell

Cheney’s Super Secret Clubhouse-W R Marshall

"You Don't Know Dick"

Bush wishes Cuba's Castro would disappear

John Dean: The Misunderestimated Mr. Cheney:

Let Them Drink Rapeseed Oil: In Tajikistan, U.S. Runs a Distant Fifth in the Race for Hearts and Min

It Ain't For Free

The Wal-Mart Declaration

Diabetic Man Missing After Being Kicked Off Train

Right-Wingers Are on the Defensive About Talk Radio Dominance (AlterNet)

Dick Cheney is Richard Nixon On Growth Hormones

Shirley Smith: Bush 'not worth impeaching'?

Scalia and Thomas: Originalist Sinners

Roberts, Alito and The Rule of Law

Did Dr. King's dream die on a summer Thursday?

Huff Post: Winners, Losers, and Other Debate Observations

Surviving the U.S. Health Care System

San Francisco's bold foray into health care ready to start

Sicko – A Depressing, Funny, Earth shattering and Incredible perspective on our Health Care System

Stare Decisis v. Ugly Babies


Juan Williams provides cover for racist slime like Rush with criticism of Brown decision

On Murdoch, by Bill Moyers (Huff Post)

Questions which continue to tormet the American soul.

Juan Cole: Bush Turns Iraq into Israel/Palestine; Gaffe endangers US Troops

The transformation of Justice Ginsburg

Bush looks to his father to mend relations with Putin

Bush Cites Israel As Model for Iraq

Christians' Addiction to Porn Blamed on Technology

Agency's Strangeloves altered mind of a girl aged 4

Dave Lindorff: Congress Needs to Stop Playing in Bush's Court

Independent: Extreme weather wakes US up to climate change

Who Owns The Sky? (

2007 seen as second warmest year as climate shifts - Reuters

China to raise water quality standards: officials - Reuters

Renewable-energy bill passes 1st vote in (North Carolina RPS)

Fort Halifax Dam deal rejected (dam removal, Maine)

U.S. Retailers Save with Solar PV & Energy Efficiency

Schwarzenegger Fires CARB Chairman - LA Times

At Least 500 Dead In S. Asia After Storms - Riots Break Out In Pakistan - AFP

Earth Policy Institute On Biofuels, Food Prices & The Global Poor

California has worst U.S. traffic: study

Oceanographer - Plastic Toy Ducks May Reach Britain This Summer After Crossing Arctic Ocean

Völkerwanderung - A Very Useful 19th-Century Word For The 21st Century

Mysterious Clouds Creeping Out of the Arctic

India Quietly Continues Work On 2,050-Mile Fence Along Frontier With Bangladesh - Boston Globe

National Academy Of Sciences Raises Serious Questions On US Coal Reserves - ODAC

Russian Scientists Say the Arctic Is Theirs - NYTimes Lede Blog

Logging plan halted in Kentucky forest

This planet ain't big enough for the 6,500,000,000

Wind shear decline (over Gulf) expected

Does anyone have opinions about heat pumps?

Huge sowings ease ethanol crunch on U.S. corn - Reuters

IEA Chief Economist - W/O "Exponential" Iraq Oil Output Increase, "Deep Trouble" By 2015 - Le Monde

Confiscated booze becomes alternative fuel

Invasive Decorative Plants Targeted - AP

Lebanese troops fire on refugees

Abbas supports isolating Hamas, fighting extremists in Lebanon

Hamas TV Kills Off Mickey Mouse Double

Rafah Crossing: Will it open today? Will the Egyptians take a role?

Palestinian PM wants to work with Israel

Beloved Hamas Mouse Rewarded With 72 Minnies

U.S. soldiers kill 4 Afghan civilians: rights group

China Approves New Contract Labor Law

Barbra Streisand receives French medal

FDA blocking import of 5 species of fish from China

NATO says weighing Iraqi request for T72 tanks

Iraq's main Sunni bloc to boycott cabinet

Palestinian children in Iraq must leave for urgent medical care: UNHCR

Frank Sandoval has been designated a casualty

Wikipedia user admits Benoit posting

UN shuts down Iraq weapons inspection unit

Supreme Court to Review Guantanamo Cases

Marines drop case against Iraq veteran (who protested the war)

Morales' land reform targets vast holdings of Bolivian opposition leader

Congress letter to Bush: Close Guantanamo

Mitt Romney Cruel to Family Dog

(Tammy) Duckworth on homefront as husband off to war


Missing Seattle talk show host reportedly found dead

(Rep. Anna) Eshoo calls for federal probe of Cheney

Dems take next steps toward enforcing subpoenas

Second London car contained bomb parts, police say.

'World leader' Perry on lavish Middle East networking trip

2007 seen as second warmest year as climate shifts

Romney's treatment of family dog on 1983 vacation becomes issue

Reporter Sanctioned for Approaching Bush

Bill Clinton derides missile shield plan

Protest peaceful across the country

Five U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad bomb blast


Worst 3 months for U.S. in Iraq since war began

Justice Department official resigns (Another Gonzo Bot)

U.S. military deserter seeks refuge in Ottawa

Last US Horse Slaughterhouse to Close

City May Seek Permit and Insurance for Many Kinds of Public Photography (NY)

Did Feds Try To Stop Calif. Emissions Law?

Wikipedia notes death of Benoit's wife BEFORE body found

Secret trials for terrorists, says US judge

Veteran White House Correspondent (Hutcheson) Leaves McClatchy for P.R. Firm

Poll: Calls To Get Out Of Iraq Escalate (CBS Bush & Congress 27%)

McClatchy: Bush Wrong to Blame Iraq Woes Mainly on Al-Qaeda

Fitzgerald eyed perjury early for Libby

U.S. Supreme Court Allows Vt. Student's Anti-Bush T-Shirt

Designer Enzyme Cuts HIV Out of Infected Cells

British police defuse suspected bomb in London

CIA spied on left-wing Canadians in '60s, '70s: documents

Gore spokesperson denies latest 2008 rumor in Asian newspaper

FOX News Poll: Bush Approval Rating Hits New Low

Reporter sanctioned for approaching Bush

(UK) Terror Plot Involves Islamic Extremists; Police Have 'Crystal Clear' Picture of Suspect

Conoco Could Keep A Foothold In Venezuela

Homicides Soar in Some East Coast Cities

South Korea, U.S. Agree on Trade Pact

House Rejects Bid to Withhold Cheney's Funds

Deputies Find Diabetic Man Kicked Off Train

British draft compromise on Iran

ACLU settles suit in Santorum book-signing case

Half of Baghdad now under control

Remains found at home of former radio host

U.S. Border Fence Protrudes Into Mexico (3 Million $ Mistake)

Just one night in smoky bar can be toxic

Turkey has plans to move against Iraq Kurds -Gul

Bolivia releases US woman detained at airport with ammunition in luggage

CIA Leak Documents To Be Released

Overheard a FART

Overheard a BLAH.

David Blaine Street Magic

O.K., so everyone is going gonzo over the iPhone, but I'm just starting to love...


To those attempting to assist me Thursday morning,

i feel like baked ass


Tell us about your worst "personal sports" moment.

i just got the "spiceworld" directors cut on DVD!!!!1111

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!

i am creeping myself out

Veggie Taint recalled due to bootie concerns...

Say something indifferent about the United States

Help! I've fallen and can't find SiCKO anywhere!

OPUS makes a point.

Tell us about your worst personal "sports moment."

hey what happened to those really cool people who said "is that your final answer"

Mooooooooooooorning stretch \~*^*~/

Anyone watch (or watching) Studio 60? One of the characters just

Remember when the US didn't suck *quite* as badly as it does today?

Breaking: Mickey Mouse files for divorce from Minnie Mouse--

Music fans! "*~Spice Girls~* re-uniting for world tour!!!

Delicate question for pet owners

I just listened to a Michael Bolton song.

I think it's conventional wisdom to rid yourself of relationships that are not healthy for you

Let It Be or Being There

I just experienced good customer service

One of the more interesting things I've found on youtube: 1905 NYC Subway MOVIE!

Man Destroys Cornfield Running From The Cops & You Can Scratch 4 Cop Cars Too

Bush/Cheney weren't happy with unitary Executive

..and now, a prayer

ForrestGump Exposed!!!! Here he is celebrating his birthday (Actual pictures)

So, should I get rid of my facial hair?

Benoit's Wife's Death Posted On Wikipedia 14 Hours Before Body Was Discovered

Cheney resigns

i'm sitting on a pallet of iPhones*

does anyone like to color?

Another one for you puzzle/game fans!

So, do you have any last words?

Alright, which of you hid my camera usb cable?

Update on our new hard drive

JFK Airport Day Rooms??

BEFORE Marilyn Monroe's blowing upskirt--1901 NYC film

Oh shit--I work right next to an Apple store.

So just a couple of days after I post this:

IF you mix an Italian horse with a German zebra - you get.....

I visited a crop circle in Wiltshire, England yesterday

Anyone know how I can look up an old navy buddy?

So, should I get rid of my glacial bear?

So, Should I get rid of my glacier Beer?

She used to be so Gorge-ish

I have solved the Chicken or the Egg riddle

Should I get rid of bbernardini's facial hair?

Okay, I am buying into the iPhone hype

BWuhahaha! Alex Lifeson goes off on Paris Hilton during La Villa Strangiato

I'm in the parking lot at a Mall in Atlanta waiting to steal somebody's iPhone

I'm in line at a Mall in Atlanta in front of the Apple Store waiting for my iPhone.

I went to install my swamp cooler yesterday

Which of the seven deadlies do you think is worst?

The iPhone. BFD.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/29/2007)

The Bachelor (the show) is having a hard time finding woman


After watching the movie "Dreamgirls", I got curious...

Washington: "I Was Fired Because I'm Black"

and now, a praying mantis

I wrote down my utopia last night.

AA bought a Blackberry yesterday

What Were The First Words You Ever Said

It's Friday guys

I have a job interview Monday!!

I have a mob interview Monday!!

I have the BEST girlfriend ever.

What's it called...

IN line, or ON line? What do they say in your region?

non-sequitur post from your cache thread

Mysterious Two. Anyone ever see it?

Posted without comment:

Evidence Mods don't exist

It is Friday - Bounce em double time today

Evidence iPods don't exist


Just did my Superman workout.

Picture of Romney's dog walker exercising their dogs

Well, I'll be dipped.

I can't get past #7! Please help!! (that game thread from yesterday)


Anybody here breed cockatiels or know someone?

What Do You Do?? Advice

I just joined

As soon as Marshmallow gets home we're heading to the Chinese buffet

I dont understand how Thomcat is so very Pleasant and Upbeat


Got Wood?

Please fill out the petition to Impeach Bush if you've not already done so

OK. I give. What is IBTL?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Should I buy this Harley Davidson?

OMFG!!! Best crop circle evaz!

I am very glad that it's 5pm on Friday.

Overheard on BART . . .

The word for today is "Ohiosmith". Modify a thread to include "Ohiosmith" or a variation thereof.

Amelia Bedelia

What's all this about Apple Phones? Why would you want a phone shaped like an apple?

Urban Legend or not-- I can't find it on Snopes. Oliver Stone and the George Washington Bridge

Ladies and gents; Summer colour?

Im going to see Sicko tonite!!!

Orgy Planner Wanted: Odd Jobs and Curious Callings in the Ancient World

Evidence God doesn't exist

Took my desktop computer in for wash, wax, lube & oil change.

Anybody using Spambayes? I'm going nuts.

Chixie Dicks

my new phone

Joel Siegel is dead

I have a 2nd job interview on Thursday.!!!!

Michael Moore is on NOW (PBS) now!

lettuce spray...

Anyone ever heard of Big & Rich

Any Temptations fans out there?

I can't stand the sound of ..

Steer's Owner Ticketed For Excessive Mooing

If there was ever any doubt that I am a horrible human being, this shoud clear the matter up.

At Chez trof tonight: Snapper Almondine

Listening to now...

Should I get the Altima Coupe?

Star Trek: The Next Generation Was Utter, Complete Bullshit !!!

Yummy! There was something crunchy in my soft drink!

The Lie Thread!!!!

Alton make things you'd rather just buy.

I'm digging this song as of late

To Anyone Who Wanted To Know, An Update On My Wife's Cancer Follow Up This Morning.

What is your guess?

Okay who is going commando

Okay. Now I'm REALLY Pissed Off!

Ugh. I am so disappointed tonight.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ForrestGump!!!!

"Fifth-grader DeMarco Winbush, 10, said he can earn as much as $90 for five hours work on a hot day"

Fantasy Football Update - 1 SLOT LEFT!!!!!

Count Floyd fans,check in here.

Twins smokin the Tigers... 1 1 - 1 bottom 9...

Remember the Scene that used "Surfin' bird" in full metal jacket?

Friday News Dump: What Are They Telling Us?

I Don't Practice Santeria!

Rex Reed: the Clive Barker of food critics


Man Goes To Jail For Not Planting Grass In His Yard

Let's play I spy!!!

You know...

Post something odd about the United States.

I just finished writing a 25 page paper. Ask my anything

Dave & I got a new camera today! (dial up warning)


Were you/are you in a garage band? Whatsa name of it?

So some fart decided to kick my raging drunk thread from two nights ago...


Whats Your Favorite Colour?

For the love of god- why does FAMILY have to be so difficult?

I'm so excited, my best friend finally has a good fertility doctor.

I've got a date

I am a walking embarrassment.

I love me some sangria .....

I FINALLY got the cast album to "Spring Awakening"

kick for night crew

Yes, it is legal for women to be topless in Columbus, Ohio

How scared should I be now that we find out my hubby has periodontitis?

The Greatest Music Video You Will Ever See In Your Short, Miserable Life



I wish I felt nothing....

I go nuts for Crystal Light On the Go packages..

Has anyone brewed up a batch of sangria tonight??

What was the first car your family owned?

This time of year I must hear Paul Simon's 'American Tune'

I am a walking harrassment.

Got a question about grease spatter as I get ready to make Sloppy Joes...

I'm starting my own @#$@#@ birthday thread.

Beverly Sills gravely ill

Goddamnit. Demote Fuentes from closing until he STOPS blowing saves

Just did my Supergirl workout.

Anyone notice who's the hottest club in baseball?

Help! My roses are sick! What do I do?

Friday Morning Picture Thread: PLEASE post your own :)

This kid

Raw Emotion.... How do you really feel RIGHT NOW????

Post a crappy youtube music video that really really sucks

GOP Candidate Fundraising Promotions

Mmmmm. Moose Tracks ice cream with Turtle(TM) Magic Shell...

Live Free or Die Hard (making a lot of money)

Say something good about the United States

Tony Larussa just gave a shirtless post-game interview

What was the first computer you owned?

What.. Is your quest?

I guess its the drunk thread


Oh! Quagmire said "Roofie Colada", not "Ruthie Colada"

The new Dropkick family baby is here!!!

Are there any TV shows that you like that are not main stream?

Job Dilemma

Worst. Earworm. EVER. Anyone else here know what Johnny and the Sprites is?

I have an online gallery! Whoopee!


Holmes on homes

I just wanted to let you know that I am not afraid.

my very first

Evidence God DOES exist!

Frankie ate my shoes. (Querelle - can I get some sympathy?)

Who else couldn't give a rat's ass about an iPhone??

Age Discrimination

She used to be so gorgeous.

Friday Morning Questions

Best comedic role for an actress?

Love in the Library

mind control survivor poem

Hey matcom! What's up with that job?

A question for the spys

Come and stand, said the poor man, in the shadow of Carnegie...

I bought a SAMSUNG i600 instead of an iPhone

In honor of upcoming DU weddings-Show all your beautiful pics here!


Post songs you like to drive to here...

Our new hard drive is now fully installed

Pictures of Sam Alexis Woods

Thunder and rain (Frank Thomas and Craig Biggio)

Can the VA replace health insurance? I am wondering if I can drop


This week’s POWERcast Episode 22 – June 25, 2007

NLRB delivers labor jab to FedEx

Florida Postal Workers Protest Increasing Privatization Of Mail Routes

Would you cross a picket line? Have you changed stores since the last strike/lockout?

What is a tyrant? A music video by KMFDM

Fred Thompson: Cubans = Terrorists?

Help Patrick Leahy Restore Habeas Corpus!

The Fairness Doctrine

TPMtv: More Rove Dirty Work?

TPM - The Sad-Sack President

Free Market Reports on Iraq

John Edwards: "We're going to FIGHT BACK!"

A Bill Moyers essay on Rupert Murdoch and The Wall Street Journal.

Chris Jericho on Nancy Grace regarding Benoit tragedy Pt. 1

Chris Jericho on Nancy Grace regarding Benoit tragedy Pt 2

Michael Moore Denied Entry Into NYSE

It's The Fukin Newz! 6/29/07

Who Stood to Benefit from War with Iraq? (March 17, 2003)

Kathy Griffin skewers Ann Coulter

Jon Stewart in the No Spin Zone

Calling Stellanoir...

"You don't know Dick" Part 3 replay on Daily Show Now!

'Sicko' Filmmaker Tells CNBC: Investors Should Dump HMO Stocks

Les Aucoin at Huff Post: "You Don't Know (Morbid) Dick"

Sicko is not to be found within a 50 mile radius of my area...

Clarence Thomas would vote to return blacks to a state of slavery.

F.D.A. Issues Alert on Chinese Seafood

Need help re US Attorney scandal!!

"In a democracy," Bush said, "the head of government just can't decree the outcome."

We should've seen this coming a mile away.

Physician sex offender to be removed from sex offender list because

On Target...or not.

Here is something everyone should sure fascinated the shit out of me

Interview: Mike Malloy Doesn't Mince Words -- And His Progressive Talk Radio Fans Love Him for It

Well, well, well...

Not good news: Body found at Mike Webb's (former KIRO-AM host) home

Black box voting, diebold??

OMG! *Bush takes questions at the Naval War College and shows he's Clearly INSANE!

In an act of DUicide I ask people to lay off our Democratic majority a bit


Meet Inmate No. 28301 - 016

Tavis Smiley Attacks Media Matters and David Brock

'His presidency is essentially over', he 'loses his legacy', is that why he's so weepy?

This Is Your Brain On Politics

Alberto Gonzales' Not-Welcome Party at the Seattle Westin

5 U.S. soldiers killed, 7 wounded in Iraq

Four photos from today's news.

Well well well: the Vatican is back to Mass in Latin.

Potentially Viable Explosive Device (PVED) found in my driveway!!!

Vehicle in London packed with explosives (Yahoo News)

Reid, Pelosi to announce ‘coordinated effort’ to end war today

Amtrak passenger booted off train found alive..

London is still safer than Detroit!

House votes to ban FCC on ‘fairness’

Top-ranking US judge calls for secret trials for "terrorists"

Former Gov. Siegelman sentenced to 7 years, 4 months

The pure, blatant fear-mongering and speculation on CNN is disgusting.

Franczyk: Diocesan Closings = 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Buffalo, New York

Today is the Day for "Sicko"

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new national motto:

The Little Rock Nine--under a Conservative SCOTUS and a Republican President

Pakistan to help as the US's jailer

Britain to delete term "prostitute" from law books

John Edwards' $9M Campaign - only a short way to go...

Dumb Plain Dealer LTTEs, Part DLCXVI !!!: A quick tutorial in U.S. and global economics!

Republican Presidential candidates blow off largest conference of Hispanic elected officials

Bush, Congress in Legal Limbo Over Privilege

Bush Parody on global warming video

Good Morning My Prettys...

News so bad for * lately, we're back to Terra, Terra, Terra again

LOL- Meredtih Viera stumped by iPhone on live TV!

Illinois' governor - Rod Blagojevich

Battlefield breakdown: The full price of war in Iraq

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Norristown, PA Minister Charged With Bigamy

Former Del. priest pleads guilty to sexually abusing boy

Masilotti wants to set his own date for surrender

Chiropractor sentenced in drug theft

One problem with the term "potentially viable explosive device".....

a good mother goose comic this week

Fox is still banging away

Surprise, the new york post doesn't like SICKO

So, Conyers threw the gauntlet yesterday

Leonard Pitts: Must be doing something right to stir up neo-nutsies

Charity attacks rush for biofuels

Democratic Congressional leadership loses some support, but Dems still favored over GOP

And so it is to the printing press--to the recorder of man's deeds, the keeper of his conscience, th

Recent toons from Mick Luckovich

anyone watching c-span wj w/aei guy?

It Ain't For Free

WP: For Bush, the Fun Begins at Recess (Appointments - 105, so far)

5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attack

What exactly are our sons & daughters dying for in Iraq? A noble cause?

CSRF Vulnerability: A 'Sleeping Giant' Important Computer Security Info

Pre-Cog Wikpedia posting on Nancy Benoit's death a "terrible coincidence," claims author

c-span - pelosi/reid press conference

LOL Check out this cartoon!

Diane Rehm show ..Friday News Roundup....NOW!

Add one more freeper to the * buyer remorse club

This war would end if they put it on t.v. for one week.

Supreme court to hear Gitmo Inmate's case for being there.

This was mostly ignored in the Pelosi interview where she remarked on impeachment

Is anyone else worried what Bush/Rove will try next?

Reid, Pelosi on CSPAN now, 9:07am CT. nt

"Rider Banned Over Birth-Control Advice"

Is The Simpsons still subversive?

The DCCC just called looking for money.

The Rudpundit says plainly what we have long suspected...

Barbra Streisand receives French medal. "You are the America that we love,"

CODEPINK: Hunger-Striker Collapses in Lieberman's Office

Comment of the debate:

Mortar bombs strike Baghdad Green Zone -witnesses (Reuters)

Henry Waxman and his hesitation in helping Sibel Edmond's cause.

U.S. Military surge, Lieberman contends, has the enemy “on the run.”

Supreme Court reverses course, will now hear appeal by Gitmo detainees

NO mention of the SCOTUS decisions while I watched the "news" yesterday. (rant)

Buzzflash's Reaction to Phone call with Nancy Pelosi (Not Good)

Another Bush Administration casualty - America's Job Bank

Executive Priviledge doesn't exist if crimes are being investigated.

Black high school students in Louisiana threatened with lynching

What this really all about: SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS coming to the US!

How many times do you write your Representative or senator each month?

Bush hits new low in Fox Poll -31% But beats Paris Hilton - 7%

'Sicko' (3.5 out of four stars) probes ills of health care (The Flint Journal)

2fer: IFIL disses Media Matters re LUNTZ. & WashPost continues its anti-GORE slant

WP Editorial: A Blow to Brown: Court enables the resegregation of schools by race.

Jim Nussle, *'s pick for budget director, to be grilled by Dems

DHS To Track Domestic Terrorists

SICKO - 89% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes

Anyone have a link to the Wapo 4 part series on chaney? nt

first they had to drain the swamp is what I just heard Nancy say

A Surprise (message) for Elizabeth Edwards

Daily Show: Lewis Black Exposes Right Wing Media Paranoia

"George Bush is beyond being a lame-duck President. He's a dead-duck President."

Murder! Insanity! Death!

McMansions, SUVs, Mega-Churches and the Baghdad Embassy

Iraq PM al-Maliki: "Al-Qaeda is surrounded and is suffering heavy blows in Iraq"

Mass Anti-War March in D.C. - Date Set For SEPT. 15

Supreme Surprise: Top Court allows student's anti-B*sh T- shirt

Cheney resigns

Breaking on ... another suspicious car allegedly found in London (near palace?).

Passerby Tackled After Ripping Fox News Mic From Anchor

Brite Hume:"...a lot of people like to wring their hands and pretend that the bad old days are back"

Skinner, if you are still seeking input about "crashing"

concerning the British gas story today

Expected but Disappointing Reply from Representative DeGette

L.A. Times' Kenneth Turan reviews "Sicko": Moore's "most important, impressive, provocative film"

McClatchy : Congress letter to Bush: Close Guantanamo

First artificial life within months...

What's this crap with startling new interpretations of the law?

DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey - Dick Cheney

Personal Sicko distribution experience


The Rude Pundit weighs in on the Supreme Court's Decisions

Executive privilege is a MYTH

They're already trying to swiftboat Roosevelt Sims (Amtrak Guy)

Arguing semantics with a Freeper who claims Coulter never said Edwards was a "faggot"

These words may be the stupidest ones ever uttered by a US president

Who's afraid of the big bad jet?

Why isn't SiCKO playing in Portsmouth?

FUX Poll: Chimpy's Lowest Ever (for a FUX poll): 31% approval

BREAKING: SCOTUS to hear Guantanmo Case-Reverse Course Agree To Review Indefinite Confinement

Now they think the president should enforce even laws he doesn't like

Video: Coulter wishes Edwards had been killed in assassination plot

9 Coalition troops killed yesterday (6 US, 3 British)

Here's why Congress might realize it is powerless


Nader's Ego Enters 2008 Race

Mexican president says immigration vote 'a grave error'

NY Daily News cover: Dead Duck walking (W) - re: immigration bill defeat

Terrifying scenarios discussed at US think tank

What's with the "Sicko" limited opening?

Mitt Romney - another pathological killing machine like GW???

Isn't it convenient that Cable News had so many TERROR stories ready today?

Police in Plantation, Florida, say ex-Marine within his rights to shoot armed robbers in Subway

Vice President Cheney's Role in Illegal Water Diversion Prompts Congressional Investigation

London on high alert - Police discover a second, and possibly third, suspect vehicle.

Coulter Disses Tweety (But Not By Name)

Good Lord! Castro Answers Bush's Comment That GL Will Take Him

Tillman death prompts new notification procedures to prevent problems like misinformation

Outrage over SEC terrorism ‘blacklist’

How the "smallest" component of violence in Iraq" became Bush's "main enemy"

New CNN Poll: 57% believe Dem Congress good for country, and GOP still unpopular

About the Fairness Doctrine that was voted down decisively

22 killed by Iraq car bomb today - And if you are watching US cable news you wouldn't know it

Michael Moore is on Thom Hartmann's show now.

Impeach Cheney-Associate Deputy Attorney General under Ronald Reagan,

Local Covenant Church feat. Oli North

Tavis Smiley is on the Washington Journal right now. .

"That that doesn't kill you will make you stronger"

Ann Coulter reads DU. Here's proof:

Rahm Using Cheney to Raise Money

NY Daily News: Bush is "DEAD DUCK WALKING"

In case you missed the can watch, listen, or save it as a podcast here:

Sicko in Canada

NFL pulls the plug on European league

Liberal journalists outnumber conservatives by 5-1?? Need help refuting

A Just Security - Katrina vanden Heuvel

Michael Moore cut from Larry King to make room for Paris Hilton!?!

(Great story!) Paul Rieckhoff: Vet Rewrites The Law To Help Others

The seven steps

sexie freedie represents the Fred Phelps Clan

Who is in charge of Iraq's Homeland Security? Malaki? Chalabi? Who?

It's PATIO GAS! Run for your lives.

20 Decapitated Bodies Found; Turks Brand US Biggest Threat; Muqtada calls for a million Man march

Powell Tells Of Dysfunctional White House, ‘We Weren’t Aware Of The Advice Cheney Was Giving’

Chinese Lollipops. Funny. And also not funny.

An insight into the Fundamentalist mindset

Contact Obama's Office Regarding Impeachment Statements there were stopped plots in New Jersey as well as London..per ABC

Police have released a picture of the Haymarket Bomber suspect

Impeach For Peace: Ellison (D-MN) Signs On, Ellison Office WILL NOT CONFIRM

I wonder how Bush's "Iraq looking like Israel" plan went over with the Maliki regime?

Stolen saint's relic was found and returned to a church within hours, and police arrest 2 men

Pace: Success In Iraq Based On Whether Iraqis ‘Feel Better Today Than They Did Yesterday’

Cheney sez : new war-skeptical British PM must be reminded how vulnerable London is....

Slampoet made an excellent point about Romney and the dog:

Hero Cop May Have Saved Scores Of Lives

Passerby tackled after ripping Fox News mic from anchor.

Screening system protects ports from deadly cargo (PopSci/CNN)

"London Car Bomb A Scary Reminder" of how they would "follow us home" if we leave Iraq

Anonymous Wikipedia editor found dead on Pepper Ridge Road, Stamford, CT (NOT!)

Central Florida paper calls on Waxman to help poor Cheney through an identity crisis.

Guy Swipes [Fox News] Reporter's Mic During iPhone Live Shot

anyone know about adbusters magazine?

We are playing a chess match, and we've taken checkmate off the table

An old, old short story.

3577 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

TOON: the Supreme Court Term ends...And we see who they really are...

I have to say Senator Dole is looking..

Iraq reaches an awful milestone

Wouldn't It Be Funny If Brit Police Release A Picture Of The Guy Coming Out Of Said Car Bomb......

First wave of Iraqi refugees heads for the US

Will Ambassador Crocker Undercut Petraeus -- And Give Antiwar Movement Big Boost -- Come September?

Former UN WMD chief: We always knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction

Cable News is Out of Control

Another Great Sicko Review (SF Chron)

On MTP, a correspondent for Pat Robertson's CBN to join discussion:

The Littlest Victims Of War

Time for YOU to Get Local With Impeaching Cheney, then Bush

Here's an idea, Democrats should attach the Iraq Timetable to the federal budget...

Conyers:How We Get Closer to Ending the War in Iraq

Has anyone seen Ted Kennedy's "Simpsons / Springfield" tv ad?

Dick Cheney v. Aaron Burr : Risky Business

Court to release (some of the) CIA leak case documents to justify subpoenas for Miller, Cooper

Life in the American Empire in MMVII: AL Gov. says pray for rain to fall from heavens

Anyone else pick up on KO using Will's dicK inflection

Another sponsor for H.R. 333 on the way...

Ex- Wife Of Pastor / Police Chief Awarded $60K In Civil Rights Suit

"I think Fox News IS the Fairness Doctrine"

"Today, Raw Story" — Faux goes after RawStory

OMG Sicko is absolutely wonderful!!!

I hope all this China crap inspires

If Nancy Pelosi Brought Impeachment to the Floor, would the House vote to Impeach Bush?

"Iraq Ambush Caps Bloodiest Months for US" Pay NO ATTENTION to this...London has cars with bombs!

Tweety: Tell us how the telephone system was used to

Today Show Reuses Gregory Clip During Duff Performance

Liberal Seattle radio host found dead in his house (Mike Webb)

Worst 3 months for U.S. in Iraq since war began-5 killed Thursday, toll to 329 for past quarter

Analysis: 'Sicko' numbers mostly accurate; more context needed

Wouldn't you just LOVE to slap this?

"Somebody call animal control...

Just now on MSNBC, Lisa Comuso, Republican Nat'l Com'te

I'm Shocked! Wolfowitz Returns Home To Neoconservative Think Tank AEI

Official Audiance Poll says John Edwards won the Debate

Brownback Writes of 'Hatred' of Clintons

Froomkin: Put a Fork in Him

Juan Williams tells us "Don't Mourn Brown (vs. Board of Education)"

Bill Moyers on Rupert Murdoch: “He’ll eat anything in his path.”

Darrell Issa Must Be Defeated 2008

Cheney has broken poor David Broder's heart

my 89th ltte-in honor of Monkeyman

Yet another wingnut implodes. I love this

Justices say Bush went too far at Guantanamo

McCain is finding out that he's about as popular as Joe LIEberman.

Supreme Court - Reversed Course Today - Will Hear Case on Detainees (Guantánamo)

Roberts and Alito Confirmation Hearings - Transcripts/Articles

U.S. Shields an Accused Iraqi Killer

One of Bush and Gonzales' replacement attorneys up and quits Justice Dept. position

What ever happened to the pet food poison incident ?

Alito and Roberts were entrenched. IOW, they were partisan hacks!

Pelosi indicates delays on Bush-backed trade deals

Michael Moore on NOW tonight PBS 7:00 CSDT

The local media is camped out in front of the Apple store in Pasadena - should I harass them?

Sicko reviews - why do so many miss the point?

Ion Sancho on the radio WGDR right now

Didn't know this was even possible.

Dead from Diseases Acquired in Iraq?

what in the world is wrong with David Shuster?

Hamas TV Kills Off Mickey Mouse Double

NY seeks Moves To Ban Public Filming And Photography

Reality check on bombs without oxidizers

Look at what I've found. A caption for your thought?

ACLU Seeks to End Ban on Sales of Shirt Listing Iraq War Dead

Three Words for Bush and His Judges

Third straight month of 100+ US killed in Iraq


Gore does not support impeachment

Popular Movie Critic Joel Siegel Dies At 63

Holy crap! Bernard Kerik is on the phone with MSNBC talking about

DU this Poll - AOL Tag Series

Michael Moore Barred From New York Stock Exchange

Hmm...London *police* foil plot, but we need new, mega-bureaucracy DHS

Did the Chimp use the Homeland Security Department to push the immigration bill?

Now watch this reel...

Note on the Whitehouse Door: Gone Fishin'

Hearings Set for Controversial Surgeon General Nominee

Let's dissect the FACTS as we know them so far...

What is wrong with progressive talk radio?

please help: calling WGN radio to "talk" to wingnut host who says M. Moore "just makes stuff up."

For which of these two men can you find the more kind thoughts?

Okay, Let's have an understanding...

Post your ultimate "Bill Maher's Real Time" panel.

If you are tired of complaining about Ann Coulter

PROGRAMMING ALERT! Michael Moore will be on Now! on PBS tonight as well as Larry King

He's not a lame duck

Keith Olbermann is going to report on dog torturer Romney, cat killer Frist and

Crazy PNAC'er Frank Gaffney on Kudlow saying Chavez buying Soviet Submarines...

Here's an interesting and compelling discussion about global warming

China's Brilliance BS6 sedan fails German crash test in spectacular fashion

Iraq Ambush Caps Bloodiest Months for US

Funny reviews for Sicko from some of the yahoos on Yahoo

President Romney after doubling Gitmo invents new roof rack for cars

Family Media Inc polls Bush and Cheney at 0%

Is Michael Moore going to go on Faux News?

But, Whatever happened to "Sealed vs Sealed"?

Two aligators found in Levittown, PA creeks

Another brilliant Glenn Greenwald dissection of Authority-loving warwimps of the Right

VFA has assembled a list of Rape crisis centers for female soldiers

Antibiotic-Resistance DNA Showing Up in Drinking Water

Border Barrier Accidentally Built on Mexican Soil

!!!!Caption This!!!!

I've found one thing I like about Lionel

Dear Britain: Steed and Mrs. Peel. . .you're needed

Reid threatens to call off August recess

Elizabeth Edwards: "Yes & one of the terrorists he'd go after is Osama Bin Laden."

If the House Impeached President Bush, would Harry Reid the Senate Convict?

Salt water as a fuel ? - watch it burn and decide for yourself.

Will 52% of Americans Refuse to Vote For Hillary IF She is Dem Nominee? ...LINK

Another DOJ official resigns

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! TGIF!!!!

Bill Moyers Rips Murdoch On PBS Show Tonight

A Public Accounting Of The Crimes Committed

Florida Sheriff Uses Intimidation Tactics to Catch Illegal Aliens

Everybody sucks.

Lionel sitting in for Randi on Air America in L.A.

Why Is PBS Using Frank Luntz To Evaluate Democratic Candidates

Surging past the gates of hell

Joyful Critic Joel Siegel, Gone at 63

Our new hard drive is now fully installed

Why I Declined My Congressional Health Coverage

Nasty Scam - This is a new format - the copy is the same old stuff

And which corporation(s) are your candidates in bed with?

Cheney Bags First Bald Eagle after Bird's Removal from Endangered Species List

Former first lady Lady Bird Johnson leaves hospital (Reuters/CNN)

OK, I'm watching 'To Catch a Predator', and the Dumb Schmuck is wearing, get this;

Who built this POS that will cost $3 MILLION to fix? 1.5 Miles??

Romney's treatment of family dog on 1983 vacation becomes issue

The Canadian dollar value is on par with the US dollar.

When the SiCKO critics crawl out from under their rocks, as we know they will

faces of (most of) 100 OIF KIA , June, 2007

I'm sorry, but Mitt Romney is the Paris Hilton of the political world.

To our current candidates for president (graphic images warning)

Roberts, Alito and The Rule of Law

Because I'm a nice guy: last chance for those who predicted the iphone would flop to recant

Marines drop case against anti-war Iraq veteran

Help me name my drug?

Chaos grips New York in wake of iPhone shortage....

Liberal Radio Host Mike Webb Dead at 52 (Confirmed)

What Ann Coulter desires

Conservapedia and the War Against Truth

I'm goanna buy a few oranges and store them in a bag away in my closet

Poppy Bush: "...I don’t think too much of the neocons myself.”

Breaking...Rep. Ellison has signed House Resolution 333 to impeach Cheney

stare decisis and not-so-surprising lies before the Senate

Update on our new hard drive

WP, Robinson: "This court would have been happy for me to go to the 'black' high school..."

To set the record straight! "Astronaut's attorney: She did NOT wear diapers"

DUers with personal experiences in the types of programs (even the redacted ones)

Yeeeeeh HAW! George Is Having a HIGH Old Time ---pix--->>>

Ohio Secret Ballot Compromised - Methodology Exposed

Sicko vs. the corporate media. Whose coverage of the health care issue is more balanced?

Radio Host Mike Webb Found Dead

BREAKING: Conyers and Leahy Name July 9th D-Day to Take it to NEXT LEVEL

Please remember how hard Senator Kerry worked to stop Alito

GODDAMMIT! Down with all this socialized stuff:

"He truly is the people’s candidate. He is like us."

McDermott (D-WA) to Cheney: ‘Resign or face impeachment’

I have been meaning to tell you: I SUPPORT the so-called North American union idea

Talibangelical review of Sicko

If dick died or resigned for health reasons, what would happen?

I Got an Outstanding in the WOMBATS 3!

McCain plans to return to Iraq on Monday.

ACLU obtains Presidential Advance Manual which calls for 'rally squads' to drown out demonstrators

Juan Cole on Bush’s monumental stupidity

"if this is the birth of a new constitutional era . . . what an ugly baby"

Ex-'Grey's' star: Racism a factor in axing

Democrats to renew pressure to withdraw troops from Iraq

Britian’s National Security Experts: Threat of Terrorism Increased As a Result Of War In Iraq

I think many here owe jason leopold an apology

My dad died

Romney: Dog ‘enjoyed’ riding on car roof

ABC News: Did Romney's dog suffer on the car roof?

As a health insurance agent

Why impeachment is so imperative.

How Kucinich Moves Up Into the Top Tier and Wins!

Roseanne Barr: Impeach the President and VP, they are traitors to America

Bush Can't Even FISH Without Assistance ---pix--->>>

Who the hell makes a car bomb out of a Mercedes?

Global survey shows rejection of U.S. idea of democracy

Anderson Cooper's going to Keep Them Honest

Kucinich is a funnyman on Letterman, tonight 11:30

Court Reissues PlameGate Opinion Adding Karl Rove's Name

Now I know why Republicans don't want the return of the Fairness Doctrine

"GB is a lovely man, from a lovely, patriotic family" N. Pelosi

Book TV Schedule: June 30th - July 2nd

fred thompson

Former Russell County Church Bishop Faces Sexual Abuse Charges

DUers, what is your health insurance situation?

I think Jason Leopold was set-up. Long post from tin-foil land...

Levin Says Pressure on Bush Will Force Course Change in Iraq

I'm pretty sure that the closed-captioning was out of sync with the video, here. What do you think?

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 29, 2007***

Vote for "This is Hell"!

Michael Moore got almost everything right about Canada's health care system.

London Bomb--What a Crock of Crap!!

Barack Obama and Juanita Broaddrick

Michael Moore is on Larry King Live Right Now ET. eom

SiCKO, it's not about Moore's politics, yours or mine. It's about health care.

Where is Sicko playing? Here's a search tool.

Wow! I saved $70 from my DWP bill, using recycled household water

Went to see "Sicko" earlier

Obama: The Reagan of the Left?

Lawmakers pursue remnants of failed bill (AP)

Democratic debaters still need improvement in appealing to voter's emotions.

Biden, Richardson, Gravel, Kucinich

Another Debate, Another Good Night for Hillary Clinton

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (turn and face the strain)

Lucky Bush & Co... another Terror Scare knocks GOP (mis)deeds out of the news cycle

Quinnipiac Florida: Hillary would beat Guiliani, McCain, and Thompson in general ...

Supreme Court race decision tops Dems’ debate

Dems on C-Span NOW - "A New Direction"

Saw this from LGBT For Edwards

Hillary snags major Neveda Endorsement...

Romney's in the doghouse with some voters (Boston Globe)

Ned Lamont hedges his bet on Obama and Dodd. Ned Rocks!

Gravel was absolutely right on the war on drugs

the vibration starts slowly ...

As the duck gets lamer, the fuck gets bigger


An email I just received from Joe Biden....duh!

The Romney Myth

Bill Had His Al, and Hillary Might Have Her Bill

Robert Borosage Blog: Expose The Obstructionists

Minnesotans Sen. Mark Dayton, Joan Growe and Bill Pohlad endorse Hillary...

Coming to Iowa...HillCam

Ralph Nader Contemplating Running For President

Digby Weighs In on Last Night's Debate

Neil Conan on NPR yesterday.

Bush losing `fast track' trade powers (AP)

Compounded Anger

Democrats to renew battle over Iraq war (Reuters)

Bruce Willis to be on Hardball tonight.....ugh.

Be considerate of conservatives as you post this afternoon

The Nation: Another Debate, Another Good Night for Hillary...

CIA "family jewels"

A clue that Gore is running? Paper says he has canceled all scheduled events for next 6 months.

CNN article: Like House colleagues, Senators keep Earmarks quiet

Mystery pollster is asking about support for Bloomberg in billion-dollar self-financed campaign

Illinois State Rep. Franks Endorses Clinton

Freeper thoughts on Cheney, Pelosi and Fred....

Wisconsin Lt. Governor Lawton Joins Clinton Team

Impeachment!!! Trying to get the cart before the horse,,

“politics is the shadow cast on society by big business.”

Hillary doesn't like AIDS, but did she vote for the WAR?!!??

Edwards becomes the first candidate to support "open source" for voting systems

Democrats hope to close Guantanamo (AP)

Forget impeachment !!! Are there any candidates who think this

If the media leans left why do we not hear regularly from Noam Chompsky,

"Score One for Hillary Clinton" - David Yepsen

Burying the lead? It's not the dog.

Impeach Cheney Now!

God Bless Eureka Springs, Arkansas (Same Sex Registry)

Is HRC more electable than Obama?

San Francisco's Bold Foray into Health Care

Which is a better ticket, Gore/Clark or Gore/Obama?

Debate Reviews of Obama's Performance

Did I hear correct? Re: KO

Der Mittenfuhrer asks for another 45-day extension to file FEC disclosure papers

Minority Voters Support Clinton

Assuming HRC gets the nom...

The Reviews Are In: 'Score One For Hillary,' 'An Overwhelming Victory,' 'She Connected'

Obama's new nickname is CAPTAIN KIRK

Political Wire: Clinton faces Electability Questions

Christine Craft rocks!

I would never shag Joe Biden.

TIME: Democratic Debate Report Card

Mittens Romney: "my dog likes fresh air"

Owners Trying To Protect Editorial Independence As Murdoch Circles Wall Street Journal

On the SCOTUS' repeal of 100-year-old antitrust law

Wal-Mart pushed to improve poor civil rights record

The All-American Presidential Forums debate is online to watch or watch again

Bill Moyers on Rupert Murdoch

Bush’s political capital spent? "...losing control over a party that marched in lockstep with him."

The GOP idea of a balanced ticket: Romney/Frist

To our current candidates for president (graphic images warning)

Richardson Fails to Meet Goal of Topping Edwards in Fundraising

Reporter’s press pass ’snatched’ by Bush aide.

Official Audiance Poll says John Edwards won the Debate

Was Obama's remark homophobic?

Live chat with John Edwards supporters

I supported Kucinich through DUs Act Blue Page. Have you?

New Coulter Column Has More Harsh Words For Elizabeth Edwards

Hillaryis44's suggestions for Edwards and Obama's campaign songs

Webb To Ratchet Up Role Against Iraq War - "it's time for us to stop"

CBS Poll: Hillary negatives at 40%...highest fav/unfav ratio with Dems..including Gore.

Toking with Norm Coleman

No More Roberts or Alitos?

CBS Poll: Hillary nearing 50% Democratic Primary support....doubles up Obama...

My bad. I had earlier posted that Bruce Willis would be on

Can Hillary win?

Fred Thompson Underwhelms In New Hampshire

Why Rupert Murdoch really wants to buy the Wall Street Journal...

Pollsters like financial advisers should be required to issue a disclaimer.

Hillary's comment about AIDS and white women was egregious pandering.

We're Going to Kennebunkport on July 4th...

Question: Is impeachment heading to too limited a scope?

Avoiding the Executive Privilege Sand Trap

Obama's Solution to Outsourcing: JOB RETRAINING???

From's angry rant the day after the Alito "betrayal".

Just Asking... No Need To Comment.... But PLEASE DONATE TO

I just made my first ever donation and it was to Obama!

Pelosi On Bush Lawlessness: "The American people really don’t even know the half of it"

Bush looks to his father to mend relations with Putin

Damn, this guy IS the best candidate for President!

Edwards up to $8.7 million from over 58,000 donors

Obama most popular candidate among Arab-Americans, poll shows

Minnesota Leaders Endorse Clinton (40)

Hillary supporters, with 52% of voters not liking Hillary, why should I support her?

Kucinich and Edwards supporters should unite and form a true grassroots anti-neoliberal campaign

John Salazar (D?-CO) votes to continue Cheyney funding.

Join Clark in helping Pryor...

they'll never be asked and they'll never tell you

How many people have seen/plan on seeing 'Sicko' this weekend?

Al Gore is the only candidate the Democratic Party can run in

Barring a serious blunder on her part, Hillary will win the nomination

Eric Alterman, "The Assault on Reason": The media's loathing of Al Gore

Romney's treatment of family dog on 1983 vacation becomes issue

What Breed of Liberal Are You?

Why the corporate media want to silence John Edwards...He is "dangerous"

Just call the House Judiciary Committee office. Only takes a minute.

Sobering Numbers: 52% Wouldn't Consider Voting for HRC

Interesting take on last night's PBS Presidential Debate

New Mason-Dixon Poll: Hillary's High Negatives

Question: Why did Roberts and Alito turn out so conservative? Answer: Partisan entrenchment

What if Hillary Clinton loses the election?

Obama's homophobic remark