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'Fredo' Gonzales is no friend of justice

'We are under siege'

Waxman: White House lax on protecting secret docs

Quick! Make Starbucks Anarchist laugh!

Donut worry - lolcatz

Gwen Stefani sucks goats

Good Italian pop music--it must exist or have existed

Hey, make fun of yourself. Post a comment in which you make fun of the shit you tend to say.

Michael Moore is on Leno NOW (12:01 est)

#4 Installment of Cheney Expose

WSJ: Immigration and the GOP "The greater danger for Republicans ..."

LOL! Leno Cuts to Commercial When Moore Brings Up Uniinsured Leno Staff Member

Who/what is the biggest scapegoat for the world's problems today?

I wandered over to the FR, and am more confident than ever that we will win in 2008

The Philosophy of Dick "Deadheart" Cheney: "If I'm Going, You're All Going With Me" --->>>

O.K., I'm not sure I'm buying the Colbert Report's current Guest, he say's Gays have physical traits

Check out my review of Sicko (and read about how I almost went to Cuba with Michael Moore)

WA POST: Abramoff, Prison and a Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Live Earth Broadcast Schedule

Thinkprogress misquotes Aristide

What I would have LOVED to hear Elizabeth Edwards say.....

Anti-abortion groups focus solely on birth, ignore life issues

Katrina vanden Heuvel: A Just Security (The Nation)

Leaving No Tracks (Cheney!) By Jo Becker and Barton Gellman / WaPo

Will Your House Do the NASDAQ Meltdown? (by Dean Baker at Truthout)

Corporate Accountability International: ExxonMobil, Halliburton, Wal-Mart

Amy Goodman: Time Is Right for New Pentagon Papers

Sidney Blumenthal: A legal noose around Bush

Walton, Judge in Libby Case, Draws Fire Over Prison Sentence


George Will's Triumph Of The Wallace (

Bush's Loyal Mess-How the Bush years have showed us the dark side of a grand virtue

Robert Scheer: The Banality of Greed (Iraq war profiteering)

Turdblossom involved in prosecution of former Dem Gov in Alabama? NY Times

Guardian:Environment and US policy top global fears

UN Warns Urban Populations Set To Double

Charles W. Lindberg - Original Iwo Jima flag raiser

"It is time to impeach his ass."

Cheney’s Real Opinion of Democracy

Beyond Sicko (The Nation)

The Roman Road to Baghdad

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Our Gas Guzzlers, Their Lives

The Lobbyists Behind the Curtain

Even in Agreement, Scalia Puts Roberts to Lash

TIMOTHY EGAN: Red State Welfare

WP editorial: A Less-Than-Banner Ruling: Of bong hits and First Amendment freedoms

'Don't Snitch' in 'burbs - Teens do $18,000 Damage to House - Get off $750

The Man

World crisis of confidence in Bush

Eric Alterman: The Assault on Reality

China to force polluters to pay more - AFP

India's emissions may be higher due to dams: study - Reuters

Totally Boom/Doom Solartopian Green by 2030

South Dakota.: $300 Million Wind Farm Approved (200 MW)

World's first coal-to-oil mass converter due to start operation this year (China)

China moves to outlaw CFCs

Germany mulling programme to boost energy efficiency ($4.7 billion)

Spread Still Increasing For Malaysian Oil Benchmark As Demand For Low-Sulfur Product Builds - B'Berg

German Government Considering $5 Billion For Energy Conservation & Efficiency

Drought Hammering Farmers In Southern African Kingdom Of Lesotho - AFP

Wheat Hurt By Endless Rain In Western Europe, While Drought Grinds Down Ukraine's Harvest - Reuters

Another Big Chinese Lake "Looks Like Green Paint" As Algae Bloom Spreads

Waste Management taps clean power from garbage - Reuters

Texas A&M Fails To Reprort Q Fever, Brucella Infections In Lab Workers To CDC - For A Year

House Dems Boost Bucks For Parks, Climate, Environment - WH: "Irresponsible & Excessive" - ENN

Three Canadian Tar Sands Firms Borrowing Billions To Meet Higher Costs

Shell shelves oil-shale application to refine its research

700 MW of Electricity to Come from Landfill Gas

Microchip shawls to save wildlife (BBC)

Jury finds Citgo guilty of violating Clear Air Act - Reuters

(Europe) Carbon price won't push power sector away from coal - Reuters

EU's CO2 plan violates U.S. aviation pact-official - Reuters

EPA Gives Awards to Ethanol Plants

Cantarell Down 13K B/D In May From April - PEMEX Projects 15% Decline YOY In 2007

Leaving No Tracks (Cheney and the Environment, WaPo)

Chrysler, Ford join climate action group

Hansen offers his climate solutions

World cannot afford nuclear climate solution: report

I just saw my first honey bee in my backyard!

Driving 55 m.p.h. is looking pretty good

Iran to launch first nuclear power plant in October, says energy minister

Researchers: Antarctica ice sheet stable - AP

An Odd Understanding Reached in Israeli Prisons

Israeli forces kill 11 Palestinians in Gaza raid

John Bolton

Egyptian Jews fight to reclaim seized property

Saving President Abbas

BBC man will be held 'for 1,000 years or be slaughtered'

Abbas orders fighters to disarm


Secret talks being held on plea bargain in Katsav rape case

Thousands of Palestinians flee to Egypt

Supplies low as Gaza blockade takes toll

MNF-W forces attacked (1 marine killed)

Indian soldiers 'paraded naked'

CIA plot to kill Castro detailed

Blair at Palace to resign as PM

Alzheimer's drugs court challenge

Sunnis Threatened by Arrest Warrant

CDC: Number Of Uninsured Adults Rises (2 Million More from 2005 to 2006)

US:Al Qaida regroups in new sanctuary on Pakistan border

U.S. warns of "spectacular acts of terror"

Gordon Brown prepares to succeed Blair as British Prime Minister

Report blasts U.S. for failures in fighting terrorism

Cheney backs off on claim that he is 'fourth branch of government'

Iraq: Fatwa on Fishing in Blood-Stained Water (Dead Bodies Contaminate Tigris)

A.G. asks sheriffs to back Bush

U.S. military shows serious doubt in Iraq troops

Plan to send immigrants home is defeated

Leaving No Tracks

World: For First Time, More People In Cities Than In Countryside

Publishers Abuzz Over Possible Rumsfeld Book

EU, U.S. Reach Deal on Passenger Data

Cheney’s office abandons novel argument

Porn star is quizzed in cash-for-honours police probe

Iran fuel rations spark anger, pump stations burn

Iran helping to plan attacks in Iraq - US

Veto thwarts attempt to limit ballot initiatives (love our ?repug? Gov FL

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 27

Turkish Army Chief Insists on Incursion Into Iraq

US says two Turkish Qaeda operatives killed in Iraq

Roadside bomb kills seven in Samarra - Iraq police

Emirates will start pumping gas from Qatar despite Saudi objections

Elizabeth Edwards To Coulter: Stop Attacks

Bush to Name Envoy to Islamic Conference

California grocers, (65,000) workers back in contract talks

Home Depot seeks relief from day-labor rules

U.S. forces raid institute, ministry considers suing

Sweet column: SEIU official quits Obama ad.

White House lowers expectations of Bush-Putin meeting in Maine

U.S. attorney injured in Pike Co. accident; condition uncertain

U.S. to increase focus on Al-Qaida in Iraq (meet Plan B, folks)

China Shuts 180 Food Factories

Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole

House Votes to Accept $4,400 Pay Raise

Lawyers Make Final Plea To Save Libby From Jail

Power outage affects New York City

U.S. to increase focus on Al-Qaida in Iraq

Questions Raised Over Hiring of Foreigner to Run California GOP

Attack that killed kids likely missed target

$19bn later, Iraqi forces fall short

Kentucky GOP calls for dismissal of newsroom employee

Jail, Prison Population Jumps in 2006

White House Not Saying if it will Comply with Subpoenas

Russia kills ex-Guantanamo inmate

DeLay wins round in Texas court

Congressmen Describe Cheney 'Absurd', 'Highly Dubious', 'Mockery of Law'

NYT "Tooth May Have Solved Mummy Mystery" (Hatshepsut)

Flooding swamps Central Texas, leads to evacuations

Group shows FEMA anticipated Katrina's destruction of New Orleans

Ruling Could Spring [California] Inmates Early

CORRECT: Former AIG chief says US regulations too strong

Even in Agreement, Scalia Puts Roberts to Lash

White House, Cheney's office, subpoenaed (relating to warrant-free eavesdropping)

Lawsuit ends over boy-pilot's acne drug

No Bond For Ga. Teen In Sex Case

Breaking Now: Suspicious Package Found At (Indiana) Argosy (Casino)

Fashion House Founder Liz Claiborne Dies

N.H. poll puts Gore over Clinton

N.H. Governor Signs Law Banning Real ID

NRA challenges gun-control Democrats

Officer Accused of Choking Skateboarder

Hanesbrands to cut 5,300 jobs, close 9 facilities in 5 countries

Louisiana to Ban Cockfighting in 2008 (Last State)

Embarrassment as U.S. probes '£1bn arms bribe'

Coulter's Words Help Edwards Raise Cash

Wider Sale Seen for Toothpaste Tainted in China

Zimbabwe Seeks ‘Indigenous’ Control of Companies

“Comfort Women” Resolution Passes U.S. House Committee Vote 39-2

Protests at Iran fuel rationing

If you live anwhere near Rome,Ohio; you should consider this:

Ah, I just had a V-8

I must retire for the night.

Hold me now....

Concert for George

My neighbors are escaping

Why is it that whenever we get new mods

Does anyone remember a poem called Billion Dollar Squatter?

Instant Karma - John Lennon

Paul McCartney Playing in Hollywood Today for Free

How many lightbulbs does it take to change people?

Okay - I've gone 3 maybe 4 weeks now without a minimal rash...

So I'm sitting here...

You know, if something is deemed "inappropriate" .....

How would you describe my DU aroma?

How would you describe my DU odor?

How would you describe my PU odor?

Should I Get This Dress

Beetles on Larry King!

Will Ferrell Vs. The Landlord (his daughter)

For parents trying to explain the Benoit tragedy to your children...

Will Ferrell Vs. The Confessioner (his daughter)


Chris Benoit's son had Fragile X Syndrome and took growth hormone injections

Okay - I've gone 3 maybe 4 weeks now without a criminal stash.....

If someone were to listen to you speak right now, what well-known person

Study links candy canes to spleen pokers (no - I'm not kidding on that one)

Second day in a row my thinner glands have fallen through....

We FOUND it!!!! Do the happy dance

Second day in a row my dinner plans have fallen through....

Second day in a row my glitter pants have fallen through....

Here is a MUST-SEE video that will make your day!

UPDATE on streaming live internet streams to my TV

Nancy Grace secretes twins and is expecting marriage

I'm watching the news nekkid...


Porn star is quizzed in cash-for-honours police probe

For those who fought the good fight...

Fifty Plus Year Old Blender

So how come every time Coultergeist spews off at the mouth, it's "news"?

Any such thing as a "pay-as-you-go" Blackberry?

A quote for Independence Day (from someone who was there)

Should I get this dress?


Do fans of AC/DC use more electricity? It's getting hot in here!!

Bankruptcy Attorney meeting today. The fun never ends...

Hey, mortgage salesmen/women - listen up!

Should I just confess?

Rome wasn't built in a day

Oh, those kooky baptists...

how old is too old for banging? help.

My neighbors are critters

how old is too old for fangs? help.

My neighbors are escaping

My husband just rescued a spray mitten from crowning.

Is it time for a picture thread?

Fifty plus year long bender!

How much "work" do you actually do while you're at work?

Did I overstep the bounds of decency?

We're gonna die, die, die, die hard!

i dont understand how this thread has no copycats

My husband just rescued a stray kitten from drowning.



Mrs. V. worse off than we expected.

Jeebus it hot

I saw the movie 'Prayer for Owen Meany' last night and didn't even know it.

Should I just undress?

i dont understand how this thread has no kitty cats.


Anyone seen this LOLCAT before?

An odd but serious question

What do I get my dad for his B-J?

Do fans or AC units use more electricity? It's getting hot in here!!

It's 85+ outside and my toes are turning purple from the cold

Is matcom taking shots for some sort of street crud?

Oasis to exhibit giant guitar on London streets

So, I've got an ant problem and these cats are just lazin' about

No matter what you think of what I'm saying, remember this one thing:

I've still got 40 minutes to be at my desk, and I can't seem to stay awake

Wow - one of the most brazenly unconscionable scammers ever

Yogi Bear punk!

and you thought you had a long commute....

Pygmy hippo is born at Paris Zoo

I wanna know... if matcom's doing shots, why isn't he sharing w/ the rest of us

What should I get my wife as a gift...

My MP3 randomizer has a sense of humor

Nobody locks a thread better than Skinner.

JEEBUS I'm An Idiot!

I didn't. That's why I'm asking you.

My Father's Day Present (from myself) Came Today!!!

There's been an elevation in temperature, so please remove your garments.

I've been humped

I'm making the biggest chef salad known to man for dinner tonight

Provide a classic DU post...

I'm making the biggest chest salad known to man for dinner tonight

I feel dirty -- I was just watching Dr. Phil braid his grey chest hair

My old dog just chowed down on Dr. Phil's G-Spot.

"Honey, I have a splitting headache"

A classic Simpsons clip

What are you giving LostInVa and Haruka for their wedding?

Rare zebra foal born at Detroit Zoo

Liz Claiborne has died

I felt Philboy - with dirty people just watching!

At the doctor's today for an examination, the nurse said I should stop masturbating.

Paris Hilton reads 6,000 letters while in jail

So Skinner how many posts are we away?

Britney Spears to join "True Colors" show in Los Angeles.

Oh lordy, Reefer Madness is on IFC now.


So someone has hacked into my myspace

30,000,000 bottles of beer on the wall

What's this I hear about Elizabeth Edwards and Dave Matthews?

South Beach Miami Ink is a fucking hole.

Hell has froze over ........ Diana Ross: I want to thank Mary Wilson

So this idiot mortgage saleswoman calls me...

Dr. Phil searches for Oprah's G-Spot with a 3 1/2 inch needle.

CaliforniaPeggy is a PEA!!!

WWE Wellness policy has a loophole, former wrestler speaks

Whats For Lunch

California Peggy is a PEZ!

This Guy Nikolay Valuev is Insane!

For the love of G-Spot and all that is holey!!

CaliforniaPeggy is a PEZ!!!

Dear Abbey Dear Abbey A hitchhiker's lament

Are you a weather fanatic?

I've been undumped.

Do the Harlem Shuffle, biatches!

Muskrat Love

Screw facebook

Dr. Phil. On Acid.

Invisible Karaoke

I can't log on to myspace

Cats vs. Dogs

I has gspot

George Harrison, My Sweet Lord?

I'm so angry I can't see straight (Re: Daycare)

Gray chest hairs? Hawt? Or not?

G-Shot, A New Procedure To Enhance The G-Spot? Ladies, This Involves A 3 1/2 Inch Long Needle

CaliforniaPeggy is a PEV!!!

Cops catch up with Wienermobile; determine dog isn't hot

Southpawkicker...... I has G-Spot ??? for u

Do you generally prefer female or male jizzpots?

Time To Celebrate Beverages For Everyone

High School In Maryland Having Their 20th Class Reunion Soon

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/27/2007)

Hot Dog Eating Champ Diagnosed with Arthritic Jaw

Well I think that's what the point was!

What's up with all the cat and sex threads today???

Hmmm... just noticed my calendar has Ash Wednesday 2008 on Tuesday

I has quesjun

It was rigged, I demand a recount!

The official DU "Lame list" - Brought to you by Seattle's Heavy Metal Community

Whoever posts the 30 millionth post will win a prize! What SHOULD the prize be?

I haz Wyne! I kan gets fuxed up now? Yay? Moew?

cheeseburger with fries!

has matcom shot his street cred. . .?

Attention Ancient History Buffs!!

I'm going to start paying cash for gas

Seriously, is DU antipathic?

Stew on a Summer Night...

Raise a glass for my friends!

"G-Spot" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "G-Spot".

A lady barber cut my hair better for $9 than a stylist who cut it for $40.

I'm not easily offended, but this is over the line.

How old is too old for bongs? Help

Seriously, is DU antiseptic?

Coffee Anyone? Let Me Know Who Wins Skinner's Prize!

Apparently I have Buns Of Steel!

Self delete - I don't need a personals ad, it was a joke. sheeshh


Caption this photo.

Anyone see Live Free or Die Hard?

I spent my night getting sick and near panic attacks!!

A Sad day for us all: Announcement

has matcom shot his street wad. . .?

i rented 2 movies, "Little Children" and "The Descent" which one to watch first?

So you go dancing with your friends and they request

Whoa! Wicked coolness!!

JESUS GOD is on my ignore list.

Best drink in the whole GOD DAMNED WORLD!

Holy DRUNK am I fuck

The funniest concert rider EVER. (Iggy Pop)

Was writer drunk? n/t

The "OWNED Compilation" at YouTube - - - A "MUST SEE"


Anyone see a pattern or rationale in these words?

Screw the world. Dress and groom as you wish. Agree/Disagree?

Attention ravers, club kids and other dance freaks

Ugh. JackMN insisted on listening to S&G's "Cecelia" ALL freaking day.

I apologize to any Afghan Hounds in the audience

I humped MissMillie

Love your LOLcats? Howzabout some LOLpresidents?

I'm not sure, but I think writer may be drunk. n/t

Some great pictures today at

T-minus 6 months and counting until I can have a kitty of my own.

JESUS: GOD, is my "Ignore" list getting long.

Incredible Origami

ok weird time

I am not interested in your webcam or barely legal pics, goddamnit.

How old is too old for bangs? Help?!!

Goed night lounge

Because there aren't enough kitty pics on DU

Holy FUCK am I drunk.

Do you generally prefer female or male G-Spots?

This is great!!


Paris Hilton Pic...

G-Spot run, run G-Spot, run...


Boston, Denver, LA or Tennessee

Tomorrow morning I'm getting all of my teeth out except for my wisdom teeth.

The absolute worst Post on DU I've ever seen.

It's the blimp, Frank! It's the blimp!

CaliforniaPeggy is a PEACH!!!

Why is everyone getting wasted on a Wednesday night?

Just received my 20 year high school class reunion notice in the mail

Southpawkicker...... I has A ??? for u

Happy Birthday Left is Write

Here's what PARIS HILTON means to me: (PHOTOS)

How young is too young for bongos? Help

Hump-day YouTube Sing-a-long

Ladies of the lounge

I'm going to start paying cash for ass

Oh Fuck... (dial up warning)


Help needed! Looking for a reading for a friend's wedding

Who likes fudge?

Study links hurricanes to teen smokers (no - I'm not kidding on that one)

I feel dirty -- I was just watching Dr. Phil

What do I get my dad for his b-day?

9:00 watch Paul Simon on PBS

The Official 30Million Thread Post

Well, what's your dream ticket for 2008?


how old is too old for bangs? help.

Do you generally prefer female or male singing voices?

Anyone watching David Letterman?

Tomorrow morning I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth out.

Don't read this if you are squeamish. Especially men. Female hygeine involved.

Lolcats- a rebuttal.

Provide a classic DU line.....

Introducing Maya (pics)

John Doe (of punk group X) "The Golden State", new vid on YouTube

JESUS GOD is my "Ignore" list getting long.

How many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Report from the land under water....

Please - good vibes for Simba

Keeper or ??? (Ick! The shit that sometimes comes to my MySpace Inbox~~ICK!)

Separated at Birth. Let's play!

Dixie Chicks


Did your Mom (or does your Mom) ever make Hamburger Helper?

Gwen Stefani fucks goats

How far can you get in this game?

Dumbest Country Song Ever

Radio Lady Previews: PiXAR's Ratatouille is coming... be ready!

Mayweather Jr, ready to fight "overrated" Hatton...


Printing workers on strike (Prominent customers include Hallmark Cards Inc. and Sprint Nextel Corp.)

14 Pennsylvania University faculties (5,500) could strike

Philip Morris to close Concord cigarette plant (2,500 workers, including many BCTGM members)

$1.5M back wage dispute settled

Waste Management Wash Recycling Drivers OK New Contract

Gallo Vineyard workers vote to oust UFW, a move the union said it would challenge


The Star Spangled Banner

Batiste on the Surge

Olbermann Montage of MSM News Paris Jail Freedom Coverage

House Democrats on the Crumbling GOP Stonewall on Iraq

Helen Thomas

You don't know Dick

Waiting for the Great Leap Forward (updated)


Laura Bush on Refugees

O'Reilly deflating

Pro-Choice Fred Thompson

A Conversation with John Edwards

John Edwards responds to Ann Coulter's politics of hate

Seven Minutes - The Bush 9/11 Split Screen Video

Stephanie Miller responds to right wing fool re: Coulter

Senator Durbin challenges Judge over Detanee Issue

Talking with my old man

A really Good Article

Another great depression? It's enough to make you depressed..

What would it have Been Like if Cheney was never VP

A CiA info dump..

"Fall Of The Peacemakers"

dupe -- delete please

Ironically the Taliban owes its origins largely to Mujahideen fighters that were once armed by USA

Frank Rich (NYT) will be on "Mornin' Joe" during the current hour

Three foreign contractors reported killed in Iraq

Beware! There's a Dem/Progressive here that loves U AWL!

Don't eat those tires!

A $13,000 mistake: Lawmakers vote to demolish room wall

Land use planning must address "wildfire plain"

Time to listen to Iraqis


Rev. Brown of First Baptist Church says Benoits "a regular family."

And that is the end: Fugg you Tony Blair

The U.S. and NATO say they don't have civilian casualty figures

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda starts proceedings against Catholic priest for Genocide

Senior Anglican Priest faces child sex charges

Cartoon contest: Bush war on science

Legal scholars

So what are doing this Sunday?

The history of immigration.

L'Affaire Némirovsky.

Outsourcing your own job

Can You Guys Do Me A Favor And Keep An Eye Out For DUer "Hell Hath No Fury"

Bush or Castro?

Crashcart TOONS

Tweety & Scarborough trying to justify Coulter's comments on

Idaho: Protesters "force" Gonzales to relocate news conference

Screw the family jewels...

How your group can sponsor a 'SiCKO' screening (and get discounted group tickets):

Now comes this bullshit that republicans will somehow take credit for a withdrawal from Iraq

Following Threat To Cut Off His Funding-Cheney Admits He's Part of the Executive Branch

This good old boy would be in some big trouble if his name had been Mohammad

Look at what this "nice" company is doing for our soldiers.

What makes big dick tick? Didn't his mamma love him?

I sure wish Feingold would have run. Today he will discuss the death penalty

U.S. Marines in Iraqi City See Signs of Progress in an Outhouse

tweety on morning joe, talking about coultergeist

The head of the Agency HATES Net Neutrality - (Fox in the Hen house)

Eye of Newt Gingrich thinks the American People are all idiots

The real news that the media is ignoring is the new "Family Jewels". By Larry C Johnson-

When Lions, Buffaloes and Crocodiles Attack—At the Same Time

Lyrical inspiration from Ben Harper:

GOP shows growing skepticism on Iraq conflict

Soldiers describe 'referee' duty keeping Sunni and Shia apart - Not sure its been taken advantage of

U.S. on Sidelines as 148 Nations Gather for Major Global Tobacco Treaty Meeting

CHINA: Al Gore Visit Posponed "The Reason For-Cancelation-Gore Considering A Presidential Bid"

Youth pastor's trial begins on sex abuse charges as Gate City Christian Church keeps him on staff

Filmmaker Moore wishes Bush well at L.A. rally

But get caught with it, go directly to jail, for life, or death.

An embarassing confession

Right-Wing Blog: "What Is Happening To My Party?"

Leahy vs. Cheney

(Way under my radar) Senate committee approves war czar

Islamic Cleric Would Rather Die Than Use Gay Nurse He’s Used For Two Years. Now That's Dedication


Feds suggest state GOP broke law in hiring immigrant to key post

Don't get sick in Tulsa - How is your states Health Care - MSNBC/Newsweek

Jib Jab - The Star Spangled Banner

diane rehm show: the supreme court

Correction: Statement by the Press Secretary on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Florida TAX Update... Just Heard On Local News... Tax Cuts For Florida

Dick Marty blasts CIA jail silence, says truth will out

CDC: Number Of Uninsured Adults Rises (2 Million More from 2005 to 2006)

Planned Parenthood clinic won’t face charges

More than half of the world's population will live in cities by 2008

Americablog: Do You Love The Kid or Not?

KC police chief recommends officer be fired for cramming his night stick down suspect's throat

Early shot against Moore detected - divide and conquer

Shadow's DVD reccomendations- "Letters from Iwo Jima"

Air Force Going After Former AF Chaplain and Anti-War Activist Rev. Lennox Yearwood

Dead bodies and blood contaminate Tigris River

My uncle's up fighting the fire in Tahoe

Rumsfeld Shopping Memoir On Iraq Failures For ‘Large Cash Advance’

Progressive Radio Shows List:

I wonder if they will get cable in prison? (Rigas and son)

How 1,000 Officials in Pentagon Keep Secrets, Warp Democracy

CNN latest poll has Bush at 32% - but their last poll had him at 38%

I was a victim of Rove, convicted Dem governor claims

NCLB and now this disastrous immigration bill...what is wrong with Ted Kennedy these days?

In your opinion who is responsibe for more death and destruction in the world

Big Business, Bad Business (

Release of “Family Jewels”, CIA Acknowledges Years of Assassination Plots, Coerced Drug Tests...

Jonah Goldberg: 'It’s A Sign Of Integrity That Cheney Doesn’t Care’

Oh my, I need help with this one...

Any update on the DeAnza sexual assault case?

Report blasts U.S. for failures in fighting terrorism

Fox News: 'Fairness Doctrine' no match for ratings and money

Senate Republicans block bill making it easier to form labor unions

Are you poor?

Is there anyway to customize the Greatest page and sort

U.S. soldier killed in Iraq in Mehdi Army clash - What no Al-Qaida?


3fer: 1) REGAN flack wrote O.J.'s book? 2)Cameron DIAZ apologizes for Mao 3-McCAIN unwashed

How do you think this Supreme Court ruling be decided next time it comes up?

MSNBC crawl: John Edwards using Coulter to raise money on website

Retired Fisherman Spoke with FBI about Stevenses

Waxman & Oversight Committee: Worsening Contracting Trends Under the Bush Administration

Day of Action in D.C. ACLU Teams Up for Public Outcry to Save Constitution

Famed Iraqi Poet Who Called for Unity Becomes Casualty of War

ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips refuse to sign Venezuela deals

Very revealing: Edwards, "stop personal attacks" coulter, "stop writing?"

CNN "debates": Is sexual orientation a choice?

Gun Forum

GAO Report blasts U.S. for failures in fighting terrorism

Waters, Lee, Woolsey Say Impeachment Way to End War

I think Fox News has just admitted that they're not Fair and Balanced.

question about coulter

Is being short a bigger obstacle to the presidency than being a female or a minority?

WTF? Australia sends soldiers to confiscate alcohol, porn....

Lugar steps up and further promotes his defection from his party's support of Bush's occupation

White House, Cheney's office subpoenaed for papers in wiretapping probe (Update From AP)

Feingold on Cheney: “I Think He’s Confused.” (by John Nichols for The Nation)

David Sirota: Do Dems Lack Strategery, Or Are They Avoiding It?

Post number 4000. It's taken me nearly six years to get to this number

Walk in their shoes: codepink street installation

Renting from Alamo? not!

I've had hemroids before.

DeLay Wins Appeal, Case Continues On

Contempt of Congress wiki

Paul Newman on Current Stuff - he is my hero. Here's what he has

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Cheney Claims Vice President Is ‘An Important Part’ Of Executive Branch

Planning a test-run of a Talkshoe talk show...join in?

don't touch the water in Lemolo Lake, Org. - algal poison

Now that Cheney's been subpoenaed re: the "Terrorist Surveillance" program...

DeLay Wins Round in Texas Court

Top Calif GOP Offical: An Illegal Immigrant?

BUSH on BLAIR: "I’ve heard he’s been called Bush’s poodle. He’s bigger than that."

"I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING": Satan Concedes Coulter Was A Major Fuckup

So it's 'roid rage' for the wrestler

Question for DU men only (re: Ann Coulter)...

Ann Coulter believes that Nazism was a "civilized culture", attacks Jews

where your car tires made in China?

Sky Dwellers, Pie Eaters, and Their Political Enablers: Faithful Defenders of the Status Quo

Will * recognize the nation's birthday or his own?

Feds suggest state GOP (CA) broke law in hiring immigrant to key post

SJC Wants WH, DOJ's Own "Family Jewels"

What should we do about the problem?

New CIA Documents Linked to Watergate

video:Senate Conservatives Aggressively Obstructing Critical Legislation

caption this * pic..

Is it just me, or is the "China is killing your pet, your teeth, your car tires (etc)" campaign

Rudy attacks Bill Clinton: "Bin Laden declared war on us. We didn't hear it."

from the DNC: More on the Subpoenas

Yes you are...

E&P: Going Where Editorials Fear to Tread?

Time Is Right for New Pentagon Papers

Getting the New iphone?

The Family Jewels

Hey, DU has nearly 30,000,000 posts! need your help

Why isn't w's absolute failure to get Osama more of an issue?

CREW Report: FEMA Anticipated Katrina's Destruction

MSNBC Poll: Who's right -- Coulter or Edwards?

He Sought No Fame as a Blogger, Just Advocacy for the Promise of America...

Craig Crawford's Trail Mix: GOP Lawmakers’ Stance on Iraq Still a Rhetorical Question

Michael Moore is on The Daily Show TONIGHT! (6/27)

Feds Talk to Another Ex-Doolittle Aide

Durbin: Judge Misled Senate About Role In Forming Detainee Policy As WH Lawyer

Questions Mount about Dem Governor Prosecution

So, is Gretta replacing Pedro?

Has anyone else noticed the posting problems have disappeared?

Can anyone 'splain this?

NYC DUers: It appears the entire subway system just lost power

19 billion dollars later, Iraqi forces fall short

He’s Been Called an ‘Old Bull,’ but Never A ‘Dingellsaurus’

More DOJ Scandal: GOP/RNC Justice On Their Side, Unequal Justice for ALL

Coulter is finished...soon she will get help.

Do you Feel there is enough discussion of the Status of Christians in General Discussion DU?

Who got the brilliant idea to raise taxes on Internet radio stations?

Christian vs Christianist

Environmental Defense: Delivering Environmental Declaration To Congress On July 4th

Bush hails "strong guy" Blair, rejects "poodle" talk

Repubs can't wait until Sept, the Nightmare is engulfing them RIGHT NOW.....

*** Immigration Reform Bill Debate NOW = C-SPAN 2 ***

Operation : Adhamyia

Michael Moore is almost frighteningly prescient..

Ann Coulter reminds me of that scene from The Exorcist

Why so Glum DU?

Prayer attributed to St Francis of Assisi

Liz Claiborne has passed away. I'll get details in a mo....eom

40% of Foreign Service Officers Serving in Dangerous Posts Suffer Symptoms of PTSD

Al Groan (TOON)

More Dollars, Less Sense: Worsening Contracting Trends Under the Bush Administration

Viseo by Dave vonKleist of The Power Hour

Did Matthews & Elizabeth Edwards make Coulter cry?

Chickenhawk Freepers break-in, rob and vandalize anti-war Catholic priest's church

Will anyone be criminaly charged in the CIA?

Alexander joins revolt on Iraq -Repub Senator from TN

It's offical, I can't stand Ann Coulter and here's why

Ed Schultz WAS on Tucker! He's

I Can Tell You Right Now That The White House Will Not Respond To The Subpoenas

3569 Reasons Why The DSM is Important


here's a little poll on Cheney that's going the right way but needs DU treatment

Cheney May Meet his Match in Democratic Rep. Emanuel

McClatchy: More GOP voters keen to exit Iraq; could shape '08 race

So why are there reported power outages in NYC?? Hmmmm....

Has Elizabeth Edwards challange to Ann Coulter affected your support for Edwards in the Campaign?

Tom Tomorrow 'TOON -- Conservative Jones, Boy Detective!

WHO'S AFRAID OF,...a "constitutional crisis"????

Iowa radio ads urge Gore to run

Armstrong Williams called Elizabeth Edwards "pathetic" for calling in

Time for some tee ball - * pics

Did anyone notice the little wanna-be Anne Coulter robot standing behind Coulter?

NBC claims internet piracy is hurting America’s corn farmers! What the…?!

Wrestler Benoit Saw His Doctor the Day He Killed His Wife


Blair - exits to the right and becomes envoy... for whom?

Saudi Prince Bandar Bribery Case Crosses the Atlantic

Tucker wants to know why it is a bad thing to call someone gay

Ann Coulter is to the right as (fill in the blank) is to the left???

most in polls believe gays can't change

I don't think we can afford to ignore "people" like Coulter.

delete dupe

Report: ‘Shadow Goverment’ Of Private Contractors Explodes Under Bush

Rethugs trying to blame Tahoe fires on environmentalists

General Batiste: Let's Not Conflate al-Qaeda and Iraqi Insurgents

So what's wrong with getting a spine and speaking out?

Oil Company Stockholders on Spiritual Quest in Israel

I have an idea!

Du'ers that have seen Sicko--is appropriate for a 13 year old?

Sara Lee is laying off hundreds in their new company statement to become th cheapest global supplier

The Independent's frontpage suggests a manifesto for Broon

Chairmen Write to AG Gonzales on Vice President’s Office’s Handling of Classified Information

"Why is it bad to call someone gay?"

Eleven, count them, ELEVEN Coulter...

CONYERS Has His Sights On Gonzales: "The Attorney General Is Too Close To The President"

List of people convicted in Abramoff scandal - SO FAR

A Good Idea That Will Conserve Energy and Protect The Environment: 4 Day Work Weeks

Mourn the tragedy of the Tahoe fire, but please recognize the wasteful futility of it all

Caption a picture of Coulter

I found this very funny view at Ann Coulter's bulletin board.

Oh! Ed Schultz just asked Tucker if Ann Coulter wants to do John Edwards!

Elizabeth Edwards will be on The Rachel Maddow Show on AAR

Are we headed for another 'Watergate-like' meltdown?

Need a lawyer with a keen sense of justice to answer a question

"White House faces tough crowd on Iraq" Hadley's going to Capitol Hill on Thursday

No to the agrofuels craze!

Report: Gore to attend Live Earth in NJ

Coultergeist didn't score any better ratings for Tweety

Coultergeist coming up on CNBC..

The anticipation of the 30 millionth post is killing me

I wonder if the Server will go down when the count rolls over.


Like the old days on the school bus:

DU has moved you more...

the 30,000,000th post

Mark your calendars - Gonzales to testify again

quick let's take bets on what time the 30 millionth post will be

My favorite political quote:

How about a circumcision thread? Or an abortion thread? Gardasil anyone?

Arnie tours Lake Tahoe - pics

Whoever posts the 30 millionth post will win a prize!

Who got it? Who got it? You should post the 10 before & after too...

Movie "No End in Sight" coming in July

Is this the 30 millionith post?

I did these bumper stickers almost a year ago... damn it feels good :)

Ann Coulter -MSMs Independence weekend symbol for America


I Get The Good Feeling That Gonzales Could End Up In Jail

OK, 11:42 pm GMT was THE time. I think we can all agree on that.

Richardson moves into 3rd in Iowa. -

So Who Here Is Planning To Go To The Live Earth Show At Giants Stadium? Anyone Got Info?

Why Ann Coulter is your friend. Really.

Check your email boxes. Maybe the winner was notified.

Guantánamos Across America

If you are a news addict, this is a nice news-blog

New Post-Katrina Investigations Reveal More Federal Waste And Incompetence

She didn't call people gay

"NH Closes Doors to Indie Candidates"

Texas DUers

Did you notice the sudden jump from 29.999.950 to 30,000,026?

1 or 2 more young male soldiers lost their genitals yesterday

Pasteurized almond rule has raw food fans going nuts

cheeseburger with fries!

You have an "Atomic Brain"

"Fuhrer Fred" Thompson calls for "a War of Will"...CNN's

Whatever else you do tonight

We interrupt your normal television programming to bring you a message from BushCo....

Star Spangled Banner

Jokingly--is DU pro-Christian?

NY Times: "Young Americans Are Leaning Left."

Why is CNN giving credence to the false notion that homosexuality can be reversed?

Damn, I love the Rude Pundit! Here's his latest on Coulter:

Bush calls for Muslims to speak out against radicals

Leahy demands DoJ investigation of (Judge) Kavanaugh.

WH Gives NO INDICATION That It Will Comply With Subpoenas

Are You a Gun Owner

Kremlin lays claim to huge chunk of oil-rich North Pole

Coultergeist just got slapped down on TODAY show. .

(TOON) Steve Bell on the end of the Blair premiership

Viewing the threads just before and after the winner. It is easy to do.

Bringing sanity to Religious Discussions...

Today's Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold on issued subpoenas!

OK, time for another contest: the date of the 40 millionth post

If they don't comply with the Subpoena.. take them to court, if they lose....

If, when all is said and done,

Rumsfeld Seeking 'Large Cash Advance' For Iraq Memoir

Can we discuss the equivalency given Elizabeth Edwards and Ann Coulter on the airwaves today?

LEAD STORY on the front page of the NYT today: New Poll Finds That Young Americans Are Leaning Left

Randi Rhodes on the Coultergist: I'd like to kick her in the nuts!

Nearly 6 out 10 people behind bars nationwide are black or Hispanic.

Thousabnds of innocent people SLAUGHTERED in Iraq.

"Don't serve the time; let the time serve you"

Another Republican bites the dust

Dick Cheney: No Fish Left Behind, Or Alive

Iraq is pumping about 1.5 million barrels a day of oil

Kerry: Four Years and $19 Billion Later, Iraqi Security Training "Disaster"

from the Office of U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy on Bush Administration Subpoenas


Poll says distrust of U.S. is growing

4 days left and counting.

BushCo-Ignored Its Own Gulf Coast Hurricane Plan-Never Implemented Due To Incompetence

Is the Justice Department Improperly Ruled by Religion?

Ex-Cicero cop guilty of beating man who videotaped him allegedly assaulting homeless woman

Michael Moore On Jon Stewart--Daily Show

Bill O'Reilly says Jessie Davis and Nancy Benoit had it coming!

Coulter on Glenn Beck

U.S. majority: Gays can't change

Any openly bisexual posters here?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!

Watching Your Own Funeral

Larry C Johnson: Revisiting the Family Jewels

11 New Hampshire residents charged in child porn arrests

Quinnipiac: Only one Democrat beats Guiliani in Ohio: Al Gore

Wrestler and Wife Argued Over Child Care (Son had Fragile X Syndrome)

Sgt. Trista L. Moretti, 27, of South Plainfield, N.J

Lowest level of support for Iraq occupation reported - republicans support slipping

Consumer Privacy Alert - Amazon "Wish Lists"

My perception of Coulter's problem -

Bush gets 45 to life for killing wife

Former KS state AG gets shot down once again

Hugo hosts soccer Copa America and disses U.S. & all other unfriendlies

Is McCain Toast?

Keith Olbermann & Dan Patrick are on Letterman tonight. (nm)

Foil Hats! Getcher Foil Hats Here! Foil Hats ...... two fer a buck ....... Foil hats!

George Bush: Maybe the US Military "Just Not Very Good"


Marty Lederman on the the "substance" of the Addington letter

Mountains O' Things / Glamorous

Meet the new British Prime Minister (Gordon Brown)

Does anyone know if Cheney et al have formally received the subpoenas yet ?

John Edwards Supports "Open Source" for Voting Systems

I had an amazing vision that John Kerry was Attorney General in the next admin.

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Regarding Elizabeth Edwards, John Edwards, and Ann Coulter

Does Bush's agenda in the immigration bill include Mexico's oil?

Raw Story: White House, Cheney Issued Subpoenas

I am completely confused with this immigration reform .

Very interesting..."A GI's guide to Iraq" from 1943

Did anyone comment about Jon Stewart's

My first encounter with a rabid Freeper!!

Elizabeth Edwards just mentioned Democratic Underground

Gore Wins Miss Tennessee Title

18 inches of rain in 6 hours - reported in Central Texas

It is spelled Ann without an e

Getting fatter? Check your prescriptions..

I Think It Was Said Best Back In The 70's... "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me " - Doobie Bros

Jesus. Benoit's son was retarded

Gore Environmental Movie Given To Ontario Schools

Noise (Just a poem I thought I'd share here.)

Ann Coulter's books don't sell that well (really). Neither do O'Reilly's, Savage's, etc.

Our Dem leadership is retarded

"hip" iPhone tethered to GOP-supporting AT&T

Is the US currently running CIA type operations in Iran?

Is anyone else still undecided on a candidate? I had a much easier time deciding last time.

Gordon Brown can now be PM, old bag Windsor said so

Happy birthday, Mrs. Edwards

Warren Buffett: I pay 17.7 percent on taxable income; my receptionist pays 30 percent

San Francisco Mayor To Cut Off Flow Of City Funds For Bottled Water

Kucinich...."We have just a few days left....."

500 posts to go!

Family of slain soldier blames exhaustion

White House, Cheney's Office Subpoenaed

The unbeatable ticket would be

FEMA Anticipated Katrina's Destruction, new report shows.

Tweety's Show - I'm done

2,500 jobs affected in Philip Morris closure

West Coasters: What's the general situation with water supply (or lack thereof) in your parts?

Maybe Elizabeth Edwards shouldn't have confronted Coulter...

AP: Coulter's Words Help Edwards Raise Cash

Would you switch support from your current Dem of choice to Al Gore if he runs for President?

LEAHY Demands DOJ Investigation Of Judge Who Lied To Congress Re: Detainee Policy

The House needs to censure the president it is that simple.

The Gathering Storm

Two FReeptards try to assault an nice young couple in a BMW. Oops !!!!!

Then get off your dead ass and IMPEACH Senator Kennedy!

And the winner of the 30 millionth post contest is...

Did Gore's agent just tip his hand?

this is great...smaquing Larry king for dumping MM for poptart whose Labia has seen more sunlight...

Chrysler, Ford join climate action group

Stop feeding Ann Coulter

The Reason Why The MSM Keeps Putting on Anne Coulter

Mitt Romney takes family vacation, ties dog to top of the car.

A simple question: What makes you a Christian?

Bush’s domestic surveillance targets remain unknown.

BREAKING HARD: Congressional Democrats have conducted a joint caucus

I just got word that two local Cinemark theaters have decided not to

"Mind your own goddamn business."

Elizabeth Edwards: Why I called Ann Coulter

Banks 'set to call in a swathe of loans'

Don't That Beatle?

Bob Fertik:Bruce Fein's DEVASTATING Indictment of Dick Cheney

Help - brown out due to partial power outage -

Not only am I a Commie, I'm stupid as well

Insurance Industry Prepares Counteroffensive Against 'Sicko'

Are men cracking up?

Speaking of Presidents and Subpoenas... (A Bit of a History Lesson)

Kerry calls for "full disclosure of the facts" in BAE probe

My Step-Father is living "Sicko"

IMPEACH CHENEY-The VP Has Run Utterly Amuck & Must Be Stopped (Slate Magazine)

FBI Whistleblower Describes Government Muscle Tactics (Sibel Edmonds)

Let's get every professor in America packing heat!!

We asked for journalism. You gave us Ann Coulter. An open letter to the corporate media.

Shouldn't we be suspicious of folks working to convince us Democratic efforts won't succeed

Frightening sights in DC

Leahy: Bush administration's lawlessness worse than Nixon’s

Genarlow Wilson Denied Bond. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!

Breaking on MSNBC: Subpoenas sent to WH, Cheney,

Some examples of the darkside hijacking Christianity that DU's Christians oppose

6yrs later, likely someone in the WH has been secreting evidence for use at a time like this....

Good news on Darfur!

Citizens march in Kennebunkport, ME -July 1st - to impeach Bush and Cheney,

TURLEY: WH Stonwalling May Force Congress To Charge BUSH WITH IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES

No, DU is not anti-Christian. It is anti-bigot, anti-hypocrisy, and anti-theocratic.

Dear Joe Scarborough:

Cocaine + Corn Field = Modern Art

House Dems Move To Cut Cheney's Funding

Reverend Moon's reason for starting the Washington Times....fulfill God's desire to save the world.

MORE SUBPOENAS: Feds Talk to Ex-Doolittle Aides, documents given to prosecutors

ABRAMOFF Scandal: J. Steven Griles Ordered to Prison, Highest-Ranked Bush Administration Convict

Lugar: Plans To End The War Are ‘Very Partisan,’ ‘Will Not Work’

Why Do Bush & Cheney Hate Habeas Corpus?

what about a Gore/Waxman ticket

Dumb Plain Dealer LTTEs, Part DLCXVI !!! ("Universal Care: Never")

Rep. Pelosi reminds the left that she’s on its side

Blessed are....

Ann Coulter Smears Barack Obama as a terrorist on Fox

Turk army chief reaffirms need for N.Iraq incursion - Reuters

trent lott stirred the pot when he said talk radio runs America

Washington Monthy June Issue - A MUST Read.....

Mixed Signals from Der Mittenfuhrer's fundraising campaign

Sorry - dupe!

In the footsteps of comes

Richardson: Moderates key in Iran - AP

DU this Poll: Edwards vs. the Harpie

Al Gore's Live Earth Concerts: I'm trying to host a party at a local reataurant

Who's running this nation

Retired Fisherman Spoke With FBI About Stevenses

3:01 " I think it is a little more complicated than that...

Wars casualty status (which should be on news like the weather)

Michael Moore's "Larry King Live" Appearance Postponed Due To Exclusive Paris Interview

Delay still faces two charges

The "CEO candidates", Clinton, Edwards, Obama and their pro-corporate health care plans

Are the Congresscritters and candidates hearing us?

Hillary Is 44 (Wow!)

Maybe I'm nuts, but didn't....

Thank you, Elizabeth Edwards...

Reaction to Cheney Subpoenas...Whoo!!

Hillary Clinton announces national LGBT steering committee


"Conservatives Enable And Support Domestic Terrorism And Murder"

Cliff Schecter on Mark Penn

gun ownership is MANDATORY in Switzerland?

If anyone hasn't seen Dennis Kucinich's TV spot "No more blood for oil," please check it out

Is there some reason Coulter is all over the airwaves?

Senators miss votes while out on the campaign trail

Raising money as a candidate is the toughest job they do...

"as the cliff get's closer, they will start to jump..." (Josh Marshall)

Cook Political Report: Obama, Clinton lead all three GOP Frontrunners....Obama by wider margins

Mass. Gov. Duval Patrick to Play Role in Debates

FL OH PA - Quinnipiac Presidential Swing State Poll 6/18-25/07

Quinnipiac: Clinton fares better than Obama in three key swingstates.

Hey, political bloggers -- do you feel this way, too?

Democrats top issue after Repubs win in Iraq?

Hardblogger on MSNBC Site evidently got so many negative

Sekula Gibbs to try again for Congress

sean hannity whines about "talk radio running America" then a gop senator calls in

Clinton ties Giuliani in Ohio

About the tit-for -tat that is going on here.

Fox morphs into a Ferret

Tweety Twit On Morning Joe; basically campaigning for Fred Thompson.

Hardball = Edwards / Coulter analysis

ABC - Power Outage in New York City - Subway System Affected

Cheney's office resorts to more lame excuses; Dems on the case

Coulter Attacks Help Edwards Raise Cash

Richardson, Edwards tied in NH 6/20-24/07

Clinton, Richardson Fault Policy on Iran

Fredo the Fraidy Cat (Gonzales Runs and Hides)

South Carolina NAACP Head Blasts Rudy For Keeping Ravenel

ATL; US Social Justice Forum March

Edwards and Obama pass Clinton in Iowa

For The Thousandth Time: Don't Call Them 'Push Polls'

France bans ministers' BlackBerries (BBC) {security risk--servers OUTSIDE the country!}

Hillary's hard-won experience

Scholar Mulls Whether US Even Needs A Vice President

Big Ed: Whats the fascination Ann Coulter has with John Edwards does she want to do the guy

N.H. poll puts Gore over Clinton

The Wal-Mart Effect: 200,000 U.S. Jobs Lost To China Trade

Daily Kos: 2008 Straw Poll for June

Republican Grip on Rural America in Doubt for '08

Clinton ad tests well for Dems but hints at divide

Funny how Clinton and Richardson seem to be working together

Wanna contact MSNBC, here's real contact info, not BS ones for viewers

Is the Post series an attempt by Poppy to displace Cheney?

2008 Dems head to Iowa for July 4th

House Hearing on Katrina Shows Massive Wage Abuse by No-Bid Contractors

Annie and the RNC....

GOP's Paul to Crash Iowa Forum

Plutocracy run amok - America for sale

Fred Thompson's Christian Nationalist Pander

I got a call from the Obama people yesterday

OK, I'm Out Of The Closet


Edwards Statement On Senate Failure To Pass The Employee Free Choice Act (pro-union/pro-worker bill)

Obama has cracked...His entire campaign is going down in flames..

Republican featured in Obama ad under fire, defends himself by arguing ad helps Illinois repukes

New Security Center Has Lots of Clinton Ties.

Can we do something formal on DU to thank Dennis Kucinich for introducing articles of impeachment

Warren Likes Us, Too!

How come it is that every democratic candidate slip is broadcast

Tonight's guest on The Daily Show is Micheal Moore! (on Now!)

My Health Care LTOE was printed in the local paper today!

Tony Blair will mostly be remembered as .............

MSNBC Tweety : more BASHING of John Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards liveblogging

Our "top tier" candidates are, unfortunately, all senators.

Your ideal cabinet

Video: John Edwards did a great job on Hardball. Elizabeth great on AAR tonight.

Can Cheney be made "A Man Without a Country" ?


Edwards Expresses Concern About Radical Shift Of Supreme Court

Compare FDR's response to Pearl Harbor with that of Pres. Bush's response to 9-11.

Guys - I'm in OpEdNews again! Please read - I'm calling out cheney

Republicans using the word "Liberal" to mean something dirty

Poll: Clinton on Course to Win NH (but Gore wins when added to mix)

Nader's Ego Enters 2008 Race

Pollster: Adding Richardson to the Top Dems

Is Hillary push polling?

My email to the Stephanie Miller Show

Part 4 of the Angler series on Dick Cheney

Obama has 10, 532 donations since Monday!!!

President GORE Leads In New Hampshire

PBS Selects Frank Luntz for post-forum analysis - Action Alert!

Are the RW Cons actually turning against corporatism / globalism?

Hillary Clinton - just blowing smoke ...

"we have about 10 years to put into effect the DRACONIAN MEASURES needed to curb CO2 emissions"

Is there any way we can BLOCK Hillary Clinton's nomination?

Were US Attorneys Fired for Recommending Against the Death Penalty?

Early Gambling Line Says Hillary Wins It All

Can we do something formal on DU to thank Elizabeth Edwards for standing up to Coulter?

Should Richardson now be considered a first-tier candidate?

Time for DU to show some backbone and contribute to John Edwards. Stand up to the MSM

Romney strapped family Irish Setter to car roof for twelve hour drive from Boston to Ontario.

Would you have voted for Eleanor Roosevelt if she had run for president?

Clinton Surpasses Obama in Site Traffic Race

Do you support the current immigration bill currently in the Senate?