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Death networking: the latest e-trend

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 296

Rice defends U.S. policy despite Mideast strife

Bush aides consider an Iraq truce at the Capitol

World failing Darfur, says Rice

My newest porn...

I have a huge anterior pelvic hangover

The world's shortest poem

What fiend bought this black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream

Dealing with an alcoholic loved one

I Have A Huge Life Hangover

Yes!! I finally got SCREWED!!!!

my name was #2 the year I was reborn. Who is #1?

Crap, my piece of crap minivan is dying and I'm nerved up (semi-bad timing).

This Ren-Faire guy reminds me of someone....

Associate freely...

Sweet the sin, but bitter the taste in my mouth.

Bush loves Mexican trucking

Michael Moore at Academy Awards 2003 - 'Shame on you, Mr. Bush!'

"Recruiting Trench Liberals and Leftnecks' hot off of

Police: Woman Attacked For Not Cooking Dinner

"White House Subpoenaed" Week, Cheney enters stage right, spotlight on Dick

Scott Ritter will be on the Peter Werbe show at 10PM Pacific, midnight Central.

Chavez Warns of Resistance War With U.S.


Gift Cards for Cash? New Bill Says Maybe

Monday's Installment of cheney

What has happened

Newsweek, Number of Americans who believe Saddam-9/11 tie rises to 41 percent

Here's the Murdoch story the NYT RUSHED TO PRINT: Ruler of a Media Empire Reaches Out for More

Edwards fans: Edwards is on C-Span right now nt

Is a candidate's religion ever fair game?

Onion: Greenspan Comes Out Of Retirement For One More Interest Rate Hike

David Ansen: Michael Moore’s Cure for What Ails Us

Reflections of a Vietnam War Widow: It Doesn't End When They Come Home


The twelve powers of a President.

The short, unhappy life of HR 1167

"Sicko" Campaign Asks: Who Will Fix U.S. Health Care System? (by John Nichols for The Nation)

WP,pg1: Schools Pinched In Hiring: Teacher Shortage Looms As Law Raises Bar and Boomer Women Retire

Global economy faces 'chaos' - Report From Singapore in The Brunei Times

Tom Hayden: A Call to Bring All Troops Home

Crisis Group ME Report#67: Where Is Iraq Heading? Lessons from Basra

Bill Moyer: The Leaders and Ideas to Run the Country

Remember Checks And Balances? (

Rethinking Patriotism

Castro says Bush ordered a hit


Is it surprising “DEM” appears to be “Deny Election Mandates” & “GOP” appears to be “Grab Overseas P

John Nichols: Calling Cheney's Bluff (The Nation)

Extended Tours: Can a Draft be Far Behind?

USA Today Opinion - Cheney; Above The Law (Has good links)

White House liars cooking up "withdrawal of forces" stories

A new report finds horrendous violations at factories making goods for the 2008 Beijing Games.

The Cheney-Perino trifecta

Ronald Reagan: The Original Cutter & Runner


Will the Progressive Majority Emerge?

Suppressing the Vote (by Katrina vanden Heuvel for The Nation)

Ground Zero victims: 'A little too late'

CIA Skeletons, The Mortal Sins of Dick Cheney, The Nobility Of Al Gore

You Have Done Nothing

Something strange has happened to food in the richest country in the world: Fast, but it ain't good.

Stephen Crockett: Time for Republicans to Choose: Bush-Cheney or America

Despite Large Majorities, Democrats Are Chicken on Gun Control

NBC News: 'Has the vice president gone too far?'

Those Lazy Iraqis

Vigilantes surface in sea lion control - AP

ABSOLUT(R) Vodka Joins Forces With Live Earth to Combat Global Warming

Renewable energy not 'silver bullet': Shell chief - AFP

Automakers eye House after fuel fight - Reuters

Armies must ready for global warming role: Britain - Reuters

228 Dead In Karachi, 100s More Across S. Asia In Wake Of Violent Storms, Flooding - AFP

Mushrooms become source for eco-building - AP

70% Of Indonesian Mangrove Forests Damaged Or Degraded - 6.7 Million Hectares In All - Antara

Dam Removal On Fossil Creek (AZ) Brings Native Species Roaring Back To LIfe

Greenland ice may melt much faster: U.N. scientist - Reuters

BIS Annual Report - Oil Prices May Soon Spike Thanks To Non-OPEC Peak - Bloomberg

Most Of Jakarta's Groundwater Still Contaminated - Cholera, Diarrhea Likely If Drunk - Jakarta Post

British Distance Athlete Plans 1-Kilometer Swim At North Pole To Highlight Warming - G&M

Kuwait Will Boost Production Of Heavy Crude - Aims For 10X Increase By 2020

Plans Progress for 70 MW Biomass Plant in New Hampshire

How global warming helps and hurts Vt. agriculture

Maryland faces steep energy challenge

Eleven firms qualify for Dead Sea-Red Sea canal: Jordan - AFP

Displacing farmers: India Will Have 400 million Agricultural Refugees

Auction would avert U.S. windfall CO2 profits: report

Floating wind turbine may be in N.Sea by 2009: Hydro (Norway)

'Southwest wolves can’t write Congress, but you can.' (Defenders of Wildlife)

Tyson Foods To Build Plant Run On Chicken Fat

Peak Suburbia

Heavy industry could save a quarter more energy: IEA

Lighting up lives in rural India

China's Western Desert Lives & Breathes In 45 Degrees - 10C+ Above Normal - AFP

The Great Biofuel Hoax (Independent, via AlterNet)

Water to fuel?

Too little, too late: Gore blames scientists for climate crisis

Next generation biofuels to turn human waste into diesel

Grid Failure In Karachi After Storms Teeters On Brink Of Ethnic Riot - Daily Times

Cheap. Green, Food Friendly Biofuel Produced In India

Torrential Rain In UK As Mediterrenean Hotspots Approach 110F - AFP

Enticing/supporting the birds and bees etc. in your neighborhood. Some simple options.

Electric cars are not practical. No, really.

Okay, stay with me here, I have an idea forming in my head...

In general, if you're an American, here's where your electricity comes from. (Pie Chart.)

Al-Zawahri: Muslims should support Hamas

PA official: Abbas asked Israel to close Gaza crossings

Everything is possible

The Light at the End of the Gaza-Ramallah Tunnel

Israel announces mass prisoner release

Formerly captive Israeli officer stripped of rank

Getting up close and personal with Hamas

Sharon's Son to Serve 7 Months in Jail

The three-state solution?

Al-Qaeda seeks unity with Hamas

11 firms qualify for Dead Sea-Red Sea canal

After Gaza

Israel braces for July war with up to five enemies

Hamas releases audio of captured Israeli

Middle East mediators near deal on Blair as envoy

ILA destroys Bedouin homes to make way for Jewish town

Eric Margolis: "The Coup Against Hamas"

Israel announces prisoner release

'We Will Try to Form an Islamic Society'

Bush Pledges Hike in Military Aid to Israel

Death networking: the latest e-trend

Suicide Car Bombings in Iraq Kill 16 (Beiji & Siniyah)

Romney Gains Credibility In Early Primary States - Push in Iowa, N.H. Puts Him in Top Tier

BBC reporter shown in new video

Bombing Rips Through Baghdad Hotel

Al-Zawahri: Muslims should support Hamas

U.S. forces besiege Adhemiyah in Baghdad

Rice: Democracy will come to Middle East

U.S. military probes Afghan detainee abuse report

FBI to restrict student freedoms

Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power (Cheney power)

Court loosens limits on election ads

Shhh . . . There Is Corruption in Iraq

Supreme Court Bars Suit on Faith Initiative

(Supreme) Court Will Hear Louisiana Death Case

UN nuclear inspectors to go to Iran

US: Iraqi Security Forces Improving

KBR Criticized for Food, Fuel and Housing Deficiencies in Iraq (audit for 2006)

U.K. official denies urging Iraq apology

White House opposes move to declassify report on Iraq's WMDs

Supreme Court Rules Against Student In 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case (5-4 Decision)

Attorney general wins "sitting duck award"

Congressman(Tom Feeney) linked to Abramoff scandal starts legal defense fund

(Supreme) Court to hear Web cigarette sales fight

Bush Decries Cyberattacks in Estonia

Mum Warner likely to move on

Chief of Baghdad Children's Hospital Killed


UN no longer seen as neutral, says former chief

TV reporter who supported candidate is out

NATO, Russia Clash Over U.S. Missiles

GAO slams US for failing to coordinate law enforcement agencies' anti-terrorism efforts overseas

Justices put new limit on student speech (Supreme Court, Bong Hits 4 Jesus)

Convoy hit by gunfire (Baghdad, 1 soldier killed)

Blast kills Iraqi peace poet

Militant Students Capture Masseuses to Make a Point

Jessie Davis Update: Myisha Ferrell Arrested - Obstruction Of Justice

Trove of F.B.I. Files on Lawyers Guild Shows Scope of Secret Surveillance

Iraq War Divides U.S. Mayors

In Second Term, Roberts Court Defines Itself - Many 5 to 4 Decisions Reflect Narrowly Split Court Th

California wildfire destroys 165 homes

Court: Protecting trade secrets takes priority over election transparency

(CDC)Survey: Almost 44 million in U.S. are uninsured

GAO: Fox appointment didn't violate law

Ex-EPA Chief Grilled Over 9/11 Response

Former officer sentenced for kickbacks (rigged Iraq reconstruction bids)

Kurdish government approves draft oil, gas law

ICG Learns "Lessons From Basra" - Report Assesses Failures of Operation Sinbad

Mormon church obtained Vietnam draft deferrals for Romney, other missionaries

White House backs Cheney in latest document dispute

Plaintiff Gets Nothing in $54M Case of Missing Pants

New Scrutiny as Immigrants Die in Custody

U.S. begs for passport workers

US (Supreme) court: taxpayers can't sue on faith-based plan

Terminally Ill Man on Verge of Execution

Gay adoption: A new take on the American family

Scholars urge Bush to ban use of torture

Rep. slammed as 'chickenshit thief' for 'borrowing' Democratic sign

GOP senator says Iraq plan not working (Richard Lugar)

German prosecutors want CIA agents extradited

Three foreign contractors reported killed in Iraq

U.S. to Fingerprint E.U. Visitors

(Sen.) Dodd tells crowd in Rochester impeaching Cheney won't help

Iranian forces crossed Iraqi border: report (UK tabloid The Sun)

Looking at Thompson's lobbying past

(Fresno mayor) Autry quits mayors group over Iraq pullout vote

Anglicans vote No on blessing same-sex unions

'Vote caging' allegations arise in probe of U.S. attorney firings

US Home Sales Fall; Properties For Sale At Record High

(Newsweek) Poll: More Than 4 in 10 Americans Still Believe Saddam Involved with 9/11

Iwo Jima Flag Raiser Lindberg Dies at 86

Iowa radio ads encourage Gore to run for president

Castro charges Bush ordered him killed before he took office

Court allows issue ads near elections

Sunni Clerics Ask Shiites to Halt March

Illegal Immigrants Targeted By States - Impasse on Hill Spurs New Laws

Oil firms reject Venezuela deal

Chavez warns of resistance war with U.S.

Wrestler Benoit, Wife and Son Found Dead

So my dog's been helping me with the gardening.

Did you kiss me? I didn't freakin think so.

Nothing wrong with my asthma

I think I missed it...

Some soothing lyrics for those in pain tonight

It's a good thing that I don't get my courage from my nether region

Anybody in Vancouver B.C. - I'm getting married and need a favour

Please sign this petition asking for progressive legislation.


A bear attacked a group of U.S. tourists on a remote trail in the Carpathian Mountains

Will Farrell meets his landlord (video)

Confused Monkey Missing Some Teeth On The Loose In Neighborhood

Male Teacher Had Sex With 15 Year Old Student (Claims He Thought It Was With Her Sister)

A Woman Wrapped In Sausages, A Bag Full Of Elephant Manure, A Skinned Monkey

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a dog to stay still for it's leg being soaked?

Grandmother Celebrates 75th Birthday With Plunge From Plane

Disabled Man Denied Access To Wall-Mart's Electric Wheelchair

I find this performer to be INCREDIBLY sexy...

Who is this celebrity on the Yahoo front page?

anybody got a good pruno recipe?

i love my hula ho...

Argument During Game Of Yahtzee Leads To Stabbing Death

Guess what I did this weekend.......

First ever visit at Cracker Barrel. I was not impressed.

Bicycle arrested for soliciting 51 year old man.

My oldest son is now officially a teenager!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/25/2007)

Oh Lordy -- you have GOT to DU this poll!!

What happens when DU reaches 30 million posts?

so, for this fashion season, is "nasty" the new black?

Strip Club Hosts 'Teen Night' (Club is called The G Spot)

More tornadoes?!

New Guitar Hero (Rocks the 80s) coming next month

has anyone seen the heaven/hell, alice cooper tour?

I really hate fucking mosquitoes.

Can bongs be used to smoke other things besides illegal drugs?

Billy Jean . . . . . via Steve Martin

Post a pic of the best lay you've ever had

Going to the dentist in about 30 minutes... send good vibes!

Showing their Assis in public (PICS)

It's 4:20 a.m. I learned there are no 24-hour marijuana dealers anywhere in my city.

MatcomNews Update: Dry Cleaner In $54 Million Law Suit WINS! (Batshit judge loses case)

Egg whites, glue, hair spray, gel...

It's 4:30am, I've been up all night with food poisoning, ask me anything.

I turn 28 years old tomorrow at 10:50 am

the sky god is displeased again

eeek! extreme AAAAWWWWW alert!

Who owns Gators around here?

A local radio program is doing a poll on whether men should wear capris.

Anyone remember enormous blackbird flocks in Ohio?

I only know ONE person that likes Country music. Well, two if you count my brother...

Racist POS.

the mood I'm in floyd's "mother"

What part of "I'm stealing this" do some security people not understand?

Prayer Request Inbound!

Enough is enough, I'm calling my lawyer RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Bong hits for Jesus


Enough is enough, I'm calling my bluff RIGHT FUCKING NOW

everybody plays the fool

Enough is enough, I'm calling my mommy RIGHT FUCKING NOW

Everybody filets the pool

Don't judge a man until you've...

Hey Matcom! Wouldja get off the phone already?

I've got a prisoner in my own home

Coke Zero...what the hell is it?!

anyone else like sludgy devil music?

I don't why ....... but this is SO funny!

Enough is enough, I'm calling in my favors RIGHT FUCKING NOW

"Oh you don't know...'THE MAN'?"


Any Interior Designers Here?

You'd think I would learn after taking the Spawn of Satan in for a dental cleaning

Enough is enough, I'm calling Congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW

How the hell does someone stiff you for a $1 book? or what I learned at our yardsale

We're going down tuuu in a luleelurah

Invent a conspiracy theory

whats for dinner?

Everbody into the pool, RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!

Thanks for the cogent advice, buttwads. I TRIED to call Congress,

How many of the DU men own a pair of these???



Who remembers watching the mini-series "Roots"

We bought the bucket truck today!

I really fucking hate mosquitoes.

Enough is enough, I'm FUCKING NOW


How many BFF's have you had in your lifetime....

Two ads from a 1976 National Geographic

Stayin Alive, 2007 style....

What is the best tool for a shedding Boxer?

Gay Pride 2007 Pics (NYC)

Going to Boston for the 4th.

I need to vent before I lose my mind

Well, it's that time of the year again.

What part of "i need to hit my monthly projections" do some customers just don't understand

"Larry King is not only a world-renown journalist"

Angelina Jolie on Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo, starting now!

The weirdest question you'll ever hear. Made Mrs. V. howl with laughter.

Absolute pure energy

Speaking of toilets - how do you handle the "Your're a peein'" toilets?

Man Busted For Having Sex With His Bicycle

K so i am circumcised and I like Oasis also I like to breast feed at the Olive Garden

Four Strong Winds - Neil Young

Ok. Sorry all. Looks like those good vibes are needed for TOMORROW

I am now officially a cat owner.

if you were on death row and were to be executed next week

Speaking of toilets - how do you handle the European toilets?

Rising Phoenix "stole" my tatoo idea

the passing on of the boots

A mean man made me cry today!

does anybody really know what time it is?

Utah's Public Enemy #1 captured

OMG, I just opened the freshest box of CHEEZ-ITs ever! Ask me anything.

I'm a prisoner in my own home

Malcolm in the MIddle had the best guest-stars

I am getting strong whiffs of Honeysuckle

If You're Going to Wear A Belly Shirt, Please Clean Your Navel

Play cut up dolls

Dammit. I can't find my crank puller.

Make a difference....

Can anyone recommend a web-hosting service?

I no longer guess whether a man wears boxers or briefs.

I hate war

Apparently I insulted someone's way of life today


Monday Questions

What's this I hear about Matcom and a bicycle????

chris benoit found dead

What was the last thing you ate today?

I can't remember what I was talking about.


I have to take a moody piss

Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

Older Moms - Did you have your babies after 40?


"Oh, fuck me senseless..." Chef Gordon Ramsay, HELL'S KITCHEN

I'm in such a missy, dude.

I'm in such a prissy mood.

i'm watching Charlie Chan: In The Secret Service, what are you watching if anything...

English Only

Who owns Crocs around here?


Now this is self portrait photography I can identify with

Wow... I just miscalculated my age and scared the shit outta myself

At 4:30 AM this morning I learned there are no 24 pharmacies anywhere in my city.

I've been PISSED OFF lately, so I went out and found a new obsession.

I guess the universe decided two weeks without a job was enough

I'm in such a sissy mood.


Has anyone heard from Shine?

How about serving up some of that DU mojo for Blue-Jay?

Just got this in my email....

So what do you think? Moonlight Path, Warm Vanilla Sugar, or Juniper Breeze?

How do you say "Long Live Socialized Medicine" in French?

I have a hypothetical question..

Man, BigAgribusiness™ isn't even PRETENDING to be human anymore...

OK, fun time is over

Home improvement rant.

Good News: I'm naked

LA on high altert: Paris gets out of jail in about 12 hours!!!

John and Elizabeth Edwards on the Tonight Show

Exactly how much is a shit load?

I have had a stressful day - tell me something good.

Tell me something interesting

Tell me something hopeful .... something to look forward to ....


Awright, which one o' youse mugs told me about L'oreal tan-in-a-tube?


Heeehee... watching "To Catch a Predator"

Caption this picture. But please try to be tasteful when you do so.

"Prom Night Dumpster Baby"

Answer for obnoxious neighbor

Aha, I love Latin.

SERIOUS good vibes needed IMMEDIATELY!

More Pretty Bugs (dialup warning)

A conversation I heard outside my door a few minutes ago...

Kathy Griffin: Everybody Can Suck It! On Bravo right now! ROFLMAO!

THE ultimate weight loss plan!

Non-picture thread!

This is WORSE than mockingbirds - it's a CAT - a white CAT teasing my dogs!!1

Coming Saturday I will go to a re-union

Frogs could easily be domesticated.

Do you give a rat's ass who dies in the last Harry Potter book???

Post here if you don't 'get' the lolcats thing.


How many of DU men own a pair???

Viewed an awesome HBO movie last evening......

tell me one unique thing about you....

Wrestling fans: Chris Benoit and Family found dead

I almost got my ID confiscated

What the hell is it with white supremacists that they're not just trash

Post a pic of an animal most people haven't heard of

what nicknames/cutesy names do you use for kids?

Dialup warning-I made some new LolCats just for the Lounge...

Chinese sedan crumples like paper during crash test

Revealed: Laura Bush's designer!!

Authorities believe wrestler Benoit killed wife, son then himself

What part of "I'm just browsing" do some salespeople just don't understand

HERE IT IS! Your chance to see Radio Lady climbing the ladder of success in my first job!

RIP Chris Benoit and family

Cutts was the father of her fetus or her baby???

I just got a call from my sister, my Father is in the hospital with a blood clot in his leg.

Please, some Lounge vibes....not for me...For my husband...

Hanging tough in South Lake Tahoe!

Tell me something interesting about MonkeyFunk.

The 2nd headline is funnier, but... "Coach, 40, Weds 16-Year-Old Student"

I'm in such a pissy mood.

A champion mouser

Marion Jones Broke

Fair Play is tough

USC Offers Basketball Scholarship to 8th Grader

PSU disciplines 10 players for fight-- The thuggish behavior of the Big 10 must stop,

Gay former Marine in Showtime documentary

Delphi plan calls for keeping four UAW plants

John Edwards speaks about economic inequality

Health Care Rally w/Michael Moore in Denver

Chipmunk Speaks Out for the Nuts...

AlternateFocus:The Bases Are Loaded

O'Really O'Reilly: Media Matters is far-left & an assassination site...


Law Firm teaches how to avoid hiring Americans

Edward R. Murrow - My Hero

Thoroughly Confused - Dana Perino...

Again, The Scent of Fred Thompson

KO slams Laura Ingraham...

Citizens Arrest for Bush Cheney

Boulder High student Jesse Lange on O'Reilly Factor

Officials, policy experts: "Sicko," like "Inconvenient Truth," likely to have broad political impact

Chinese woman breaks silence on sex slavery horror

Ali leading going to round 5 in The Thrilla in Manila - now on ESPN Classic.

Sprinklers douse hundreds at LA airport (AP)

Man in Black

a Toy SUV

A New Week...A New Tally of Dead in Iraq

"Golden: Brand America - Is anyone buying it?" Tourism to US falling, US image worsening

building green

"Army Wives."

Thinktank berates Iraq policy and warns of country's collapse

Good Morning, America! It's Another Day In Iraq! Here's your Surge Update...

Day Of Silence For Internet Radio, June 26th

The things bush/cheney have done in secret are UNbelievable, literally.

WaPo: Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power

ANOTHER "Saddam/al Qaeda: connection" yo-yo at work...AAAIEEEEEE!

Please sign this petition asking for progressive legislation.

How Rupert Murdoch benefitted from political contacts

Six sheikhs among 12+ killed in Baghdad hotel bombing

"Surge of suicide blasts in Iraq kill 29"...ah yes, the surge.

Trent Lott does NOT want citizens calling him; I wonder how many others feel the same way?

What happened to the DU button for Google toolbar?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

chris matthews: 'we've got Patton & John Wayne on our side' (women can't be presidents)

cspan - the weirdos untie! Immigration discussion and talk radio

Dan Quayle conversing with Cheney in 2001:

dick's unprecedented power is only possible cause bush is anxious to get out of the way.

Those 2 missing G.I.'s sure dropped off the media radar.

USA Today - Lawmaker challenges Cheney on executive order

Iraq: too luxurious

Americans bring down gas prices by driving less. gas under $3.00

Republican Fred Thompson sews up the draft-dodger vote early

Anyone else notice the syzygy between the WP Angler series and Hersh's Abu Graib/Taguba article?

Is Sicko opening at a theater near you? It's not by me.

Chemical Ali is going to DIE ... (again)

Marine bases in Iraq have "more comforts" than they "really need,"

The nation must be 70% Republics.

Failed logic has led to unnecessary carnage in Iraq

Seatle! Woot!

Tomorrow's news... today!

Wow! CSPAN caller wants a Ron Paul-Bernie Sanders ticket. Now that's a new one.

Outrage pimp Bill Donohue reveals way more about his evil mentality thanU probably ever wanted 2know

Darth Cheney - What ever will our leadership do?

2001 article on Cheney and his role as VP - the title is laughable

US Army rebids Halliburton Iraq contract

China's slave scandal kilns used 53,000 illegal workers (AFP)

" In Reality, Iraq Already is a Failure"!

Who are the political cartoonists here?

US generals: Iraqi army can't hold our gains

Social sites reveal class divide

Al-Qaeda seeks unity with Hamas

Did you know Nora O'Donnell (MSNBC) had twins in May?

LAT: Bush aides consider Iraq truce at Capitol

NYT and other media referring to nearly the entire population of Iraq as being members of Al Qaeda

In a Sea of Optimism, Why Some Forecasters Warn of Recession

Cheney Coverage in Penatagon Post, Delayed, Watered Down

"SiCKO" sells out all 43 sneak previews Saturday; Tickets scalped for $40

Imagine if our media were to actually spend time on issues people care about instead if immigration

Stem cell update: "Doctor: Couples Open to Donating Embryos"

Former Winston-Salem Minister arrested on charges he had sex with two boys

The man who invented the cash machine

Monday TOONS: Bork and King Dick edition

Jay Leno will have John Edwards on Monday, June 25 and Michael Moore Tues,June 26

Americans Set Record for Charity in 2006

"Don't Privatize Our Spies": Private contracts account for 70% of U.S. intelligence budget

Freepers Tremble In Fear Over Gay Pride Promo (SF Chronicle)

So many excellent documentaries - here's one more: "Maxed Out"

Another thing Colin Powell has kept quiet about when, for the good of

Pushing the Envelope on Presidential Power (excellent tome on "Cheney's Cruelty" in WaPo)


Exxon for President!

House Judiciary Committee hearing on HABEAS CORPUS and Guantanamo

"Robust" used to be a good word until Dick Cheney got

U.S. attorney was ‘cheerleading’ for GOP caging scheme

Casey Sheehan's Father Finds Meaning Amid Grief

Per MSNBC, drycleaner beats judge, no $54M settlement!

"Bush Eyeing Iraq Truce With Congress?" (here's a plan let's divide up Iraq)

Is it time to outlaw food-based biofuels?

an alternative approach. . .

Political Cartoonist fired after contributing to Dems. "Liberal Media" again!

Juan Cole: I doubt they have Bin Laden's telephone number

American theocracy

Officer: Navy trying to muzzle me

Deleted by OP ...can't find more inf...

Paper: Coast Guard admin courts stacked

Supreme Court Loosens Limits on Election Ads

Dry cleaner wins $54 million missing pants case

NBC News: "Has The Vice President Gone Too Far?" (Growing Concern...)


Now Edwards' nonprofit to fight poverty is being used by to swiftboat him!


REPORT: Stop Training Iraqi Security Forces And Redeploy U.S. Troops

US House votes to deny all aid to Saudi Arabia

Democratic Billionaires

Haircuts and hatchet jobs

US Supreme Court takes no action on Enron liability case

I hope Keith Olbermann makes note of the switch from 'insurgents" to "Al Qaeda" by the media

What is that web site ?

National Presidential Caucus Set for December 7, 2007

US Code on War Crimes

Congressman Who Urged Nixon Impeachment Dies

More details emerge on last weeks Green Zone mortar attack - Ambassador Crocker's office hit

Andrew Breitbart of ""

Former tennis partner of George Bush Sr. and the NYTimes’ longtime Baghdad bureau chief E-mail: Retired Generals "Going Public Today" Calling For Torture Ban, Gitmo Shutdown

911 Mother of Victim Says Giuliani is Part of the Problem!

What's the news on Rahm Emanuel bill on cutting funding for the VP office?

Congressman Linked to Abramoff Scandal Starts Legal Defense Fund

My new Myspace rant

Things are Crook in Tallarook

If you are busy and intent on spreading the lie that Democrats aren't DOING anything . . .

Is this how it felt to the Germans that hated Nazism?

Had the Republicans regained control of Congress would Bush have invaded Iran by now?

Hey Hush and Cheney - the gig is up!

Gonzales "acts like he has the confidence and support of the American people. He has neither."

** Official EPA Ground Zero thread ***

Will Cheney Still Be In Office on Inauguration Day 2009?

Radack:WaPo "Unseen Path to Cruelty" Was Totally Premeditated

Have you personally ever been involved with Domestic Violence?

Gonzales listened as lawyers lined up against Addington, then he ruled in favor of Addington

Diane Rehm....Panel of Legal Experts on Cheney Authority NOW

The Dems can see the writing on the wall and I don't blame them

Whitman again faces questions on post-9/11 air (today, CSPAN3, at noon, I think)

I would say "DU this poll" but, it's so decisive, you don't need to, just look at it:

So the Supreme KKKourt advocates a Theocracy?

"The Survivor" (an interesting Clinton Timeline"

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Howard Kurtz–An Unreliable Source?

ALERT: PBS Selects Luntz for Democratic forum analysis...

Ed Schultz discussing the 41% who believe the 9/11 Saddam link.

A jaw-dropping e-mail from my pastor...

The right consistently constricts rights....

Why do most people think that 'closing the borders' is the best option to stop illegal immigration?


Huh? Cheney is Above the Law. Bush is Above the Law? Where is Congress?

Bill Gates urges more H-1B visas and green cards for tech workers

The Rapture Index is now holding at 156 - The prophetic speedometer of end-time activity

Cheney Author: 9/11 Didn’t Change Cheney, Gave Him Opportunity ‘To Put His Views Into Action’

"vice president stands by the view that Bush need not honor any of the new judicial and legislative

Seen on CNBC a little while ago: "Oil flirts with $69"

caption pickles!

Smart for a white girl, but not smart enough for a minority?

Did Andy Card REALLY say to Bush, "America is under attack?"

Reading "those other sites" is like going to the zoo.

How common is catcalling?

Triple bomb attacks in Iraq kill 40, shaikhs among dead

Most opium now processed into heroin and morphine inside Afghanistan

Why do Republicans Hate America?

Bush hasn't tried to slam any more tax cuts for his wealthy cronies through Congress lately

Juan Cole gives a good example of what's wrong with the surge

caption BushCo

Iraq Bomber Strikes U.S.-Allied Sheiks

Just sent to Olbermann: double nomination for Worst Person & runner up

Perino is trying her best to spin what can't be spun - CSpan1

It is really impossible to criticize "Sicko"

War protesters revving up for St. Paul in '08

2,000 brain injuries treated; docs think less obvious cases have gone undetected

White House works with US Congress on Iraq compromise: report

Wanna bet that on the day SICKO is released..

Generals Campaign Against War - ConcordMonitor

Why has congress been afraid to stand up and protect our constitutional

Dem Now! today: "The CIA's Torture Teachers" and Rocky Anderson:

Woo Hoo!! My nurses' association just sent me a flyer for "Sicko"!

Schumer: Gonzales not fit to rule on Cheney’s role

Now Michelle... Is This The kinda Thing You Want Out There On The Internet ???

On this date in history:

'Dam, Dam Bureaucrats' , Are people looking for humor to take their minds off depressing world events

Articulate Teen Riles Up O'Reilly

is New Orleans the birthplace of American Music?

A Rising Voice: Afro-Latin Americans

GE Chief Pulls Plug On Paris, Brian Williams Helps - Also Tucker loses 4PM Show

I just found out my Son was injured when he was in Iraq!!!

Murdoch Reaches Out for Even More

Anyone know about the internet radio also affecting talk internet radio ?

Jessie Davis Mom Letting the Media

Former Tribunal Head: No Problems With How We Classify 'Enemy Combatants'

I don't think the media is worse now than it was 30 years ago

This brings a smile to my face; I hope he perseveres

Right-Wing Radio Hosts Hewitt, Boortz Advising Senators On Immigration Bill

Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with, destroyed and overlooked'

Westboro Baptist Church releases "God Hates The World" music video.

Larisa Alexandrovna on WaPo Cheney Profile: "The Triumvirate..."

I just did a forum search for "a" and "the" and got no hits..

Karl Rove Bucks Up Conservatives: “Now is not the time to go in the fetal position and whine."

Damn, I didn't know Quaeda had so many fighters in Iraq!

Addington's Methods

Will The Washington Post Articles About Cheney Increase The Pressure To IMPEACH Him?

Those of us on the left have no carrots and but one stick..

Zombie by Cindy Sheehan

Congressman(Tom Feeney) linked to Abramoff scandal starts legal defense fund

Immigration - did wacko talk radio drive this issue to the fore?

Do some countries now possess high resolution satellite imagery of Bush's bloody and brutal surge?

Watch it while you can: David Shuster in today for Tucker!

George Will: George Wallace stood up for an "aggrieved minority"!!

This is what happens when we defund education - "Taco Bell High"

Elevator Falls 26 Floors at Las Vegas Hotel

Australian Prime Minister fuels talk of Iraq withdrawal - They left Vietnam right before we did

Supreme Court Slams Courthouse Doors Shut on Taxpayers in Religious Liberty Case

Insurgents Exploit Soft Underbelly of Surge - "Barney Fife" Iraqi Security

Is the left (collectively) afraid to end the Iraq war or is it

Help! I want to start a DU Fundraiser for "the most wounded Iraq War Vet that made it Home"

Why doesn't Philadelphia have any liberal talk radio?

Sacramento Bee editor puts pro-Bush letters 'to the top of the list'

80 Countries - Al Gore

Dems urge State Dept. to hire gay translators (back)

So much for principles

Lars Ulrich of Metallica on Global Warming:

Funny email from dead letter office...

Supreme Court Rules to Allow Interest Groups to Go After Candidates right up to Election Day...

Thomas Jefferson felt impeachment was "inefficient" in his time

ABC helps Coulter promote 'Godless' paperback

NewsCorp earned $9.4 billion in profits over two years but paid NO taxes (NYT)

Why even have a Constitution is they're not going to uphold the damn thing?

I'm going to stop using public transportation for my commute.

Where are the subpoenas? Where is the enforcement of those already issued?

What the heck are the repug Senators yammering about?

Message to the world, "we dont' impeach, we let the get away with it, unless

Congress takes up WTC air quality at hearing

I'll give the Jessie Marie Davis story just one or two more days before calling it ..........

Expert fears U.S. will win Iraq battles but lose war

Huffington Post has it right!

Here's Your Senatorial Target List For The 2008 Elections

Mormons got Vietnam deferals for Romney

*** Official EPA Ground Zero Hearing Thread 2 ***

Rumsfeld's Lawyer in 2001: "Take the Gloves Off" on Lindh

I've been thinking about this immigration bill. I hope it doesn't pass.

I fear that many voters won't associate the Republican party with Bush

Merry Christmas

Bush popularity poll graphed radially, Jan 01 to present (the downward spiral)

Is being a hired killer an honorable profession?

Thanks for telling me how to stop

Mexican Government Vs. Second Amendment

'al Qaeda in Mesopotamia': The Numbers Just Don't Add Up

CBS's 'Sicko' Spin-Americans Don't Want Single-Payer Health—Except They Do

The wall separating religion and gov just lost a brick today

Letter to MoveOn: Whip Votes for Impeachment or you are Complicit in Crimes

Pat Buchanan -- the working man's friend

Student scholars urge Bush to ban use of torture, present letter to him at WH

Health care, have your cake and eat it too?

Is withholding votes the only way to affect change?

Was Whitman asked about the White House intervening and editing the EPA reports?

So how did the military get my unlisted phone number if I opted out

Journalists embedded with 82nd report prisoner abuse! Threatened Dragging..

Would pro choice Dems continue to vote for a Dem who cast anti choice votes?

ANGLER II: How...Bush/Cheney Circumnavigated Supremes & Still Practicing Torture!

Existing-home sales drop to 4-year low

High Noon for Justice and the Rule of Law - A BuzzFlash Editorial

Armitage was THE leaker, BS!

White House: It Would Be ‘Awkward’ If Bush Were Investigated By Executive Agency

Karl Rove: “War on terror is a defining factor of this generation,”

Been twice to a Unitarian Universalist church

Apparently I insulted someone's way of life today

News Flash: Black Folks STILL All Look Alike!

Melanie Sloan is on Tweety

A Congressional priority should be pulling funding to the RW propaganda machine.

Washington’s Farewell Address Translated into Everyday Speech

SiCKO: "please know how deeply it pains me to admit this - it was absolutely briliant.

Pat Buchanan -- Economic Nationalist

Isn't it TIME to have a "WAR on TURDBLOSSOM"?!?!?

Damn -

American Congress For Truth......This Will Make You Mad

The RW/neocons have no intention of giving up their war; now sending vets to attack

100% Certified GOREGANIC

Political Satire becomes Reality.

Bush/Cheney or the Republic

"UK Gov boots intelligent design back into 'religious' margins"

Actual conversation I participated in today:

How Come So Glum, Chump? ---pix--->>>

If Ann Coulter decided to turn liberal ala Arianna Huffington

** C-SPAN NOW Conyers just introduced Holt speaking on Election system abuses **

Did anyone just hear Tweety say that they were going to stake Ann Coulter out in the sun????

my friend's first "paid" column in our red paper-please write the paper

"ink-stained wretch" arrested today

There Used To Be This Millionaire

The 'I' Word - BostonGlobe

McClatchy: Nuclear weapons treaties: No nukes is good nukes

**Breaking** "Giant penguin roamed what is now Peru"

bu$h* Supreme Court : Business Prevails in Environmental Case

Convicted killer executed, but was he guilty?

"That poll is just not true," McCain said of second poll that shows him slipping into single digits

How exactly would/did the Fairness Doctrine work?

Castro Says Bush 'Authorized' His Death

STUDENT FREE-SPEECH RIGHTS DEFINED: Supreme Court rules against "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" student

If we get the presidency back what are the chances of replacing one or two Supreme Court Justices?

Richardson's Amazing Speech On Iraq at the TBA Conference

Zyklon B on the U.S.-Mexican border WHERE DO YOU THINK HITLER GOT THE IDEA?

Do You Trust Your Mechanic?

Schools call roll at a border crossing

You know -

Schroedinger's VP- Dick Cheney, Master of Quantum Realities

Buzzflash: High Noon for Justice and the Rule of Law

Video:Rahm Emanuel:Vote to defund Cheney’s office

If the Cheney Tree Falls in Forest...and No One Hears It...Did it Fall?

If you got a few free seconds feel free to DU this poll...

NOW Can We Impeach Cheney???

Out-of-Afghanistan rumblings on the Hill

Once we get a filibuster-proof Senate and a Democratic President

U.S. troops fighting and dying for a "piece of political quicksand."

Racism as a cause of sickness

CNN Dumps Michael Moore For Paris Hilton

ABC's Tapper, Stephanopoulos call Bloomberg a "liberal Democrat," despite Bush endorsement in 2000

If only Fitzgerald would step up.....

The Cheese Stands Alone

Is it just ME???

Is it worth debating Someone who Constantly Claims Michael Moore Lies?

So where are the CIA "family jewels?"

Ha Ha, We win.

Gale Norton urges leniency for Abramoff crony.

Maybe there is one more thing -

* to Host Putin in Maine, Thousands of Americans Expected to Protest

Marines To Train At New Israeli Combat Center

Rudy's A Lock In South Carolina: Got Himself A Gooood Bigot To Chair Campaign...

Second in NYT Murdoch series: Murdoch’s Dealings in China: It’s Business, and It’s Personal

"Poll" about Christians watching R-rated movies leads you to THE lamest e-cards ever.

R.N.s to Host Sicko Screening 6/29

Michael Yon??

Noooooo! Antioch College (Yellow Springs OH) might be closing.

Giuliani blocked efforts by Whitman to force WTC workers to wear respirators?

Cheney is really an evil bastard .... My List.

Since Dick Cheney has declared he is no longer the VP for the executive branch,

Howard Zinn: After the FBI and CIA Secrets Come Out, Very Little Will Change

Cheney Inserted Himself In Jefferson FBI File Seizure Probe

Republican Rep. Doolittle’s Former Top Aide Working with Feds

Here is a chilling vision of what the Republicans have in store for us. [VIDEO]

Cheney and his documents/shredding

I have just finished the last assignment for my POST GRAD degree

PBS taps Frank Luntz to conduct poll after their Democratic debate.....!!!!!

I used allusions sometimes when I said things -

WP,pg1: Iraqi Youth Face Lasting Scars of War: Psychological Impact on Children Is Immense

B-52 Saboteurs, Freed by U.K. Jury, Highlight Anger at Iraq War

Want to hear about a protest riff?

EDITOR Begs For Pro-Bush Letters: "A Badly Written Letter In Favor Of Bush-More Likely To Get In"

MEXICO: Uprising Rekindled in Oaxaca?

EU Experts Clash on Approving Latest GMO Maize Type

I just watched the Coulter GMA interview, from this morning, at Media Matters.

Tom Hayden ('Ending The War in Iraq') on with Colbert tonight

Mandatory Monday Truthseeker Check-in!!!!

Edwards on Leno

A person such as this guy has serious problems....

Orange - The Color Of Impeachment

Washington Post Expose - The Cheney Vice Presidency, Part 3: "A Strong Push From Back Stage"

Man, I Wish cheney Would Crawl So Far Up his Own Ass That he Disappeared!

New Daily Show! Trying to sort out the Dick Cheney not part of the Executive Branch thing!

I don't wish anyone's death...

Chileans protest US torture centers in Guantanamo

3562 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

"America is being destroyed."

Meet Ms Managed Care (This is who CNN had on to spin Sicko)

High School Seniors Hand Bush Letter Urging Him To Ban The Use Of torture

Argument Against Global Warming

'Taco Bell High' or 'Wal-mart Public School' Coming To Canada?

Thank you - you guys were a vent to me.

Cheney Author: 9/11 Didn’t Change Cheney, Gave Him Opportunity ‘To Put His Views Into Action’

Gays find a struggle bringing partners into U.S

Always two there are, a master and an apprentice.

Arizona schools struggling to meet new law (mandatory US flags in classrooms)

The OTHER missing Ohio woman.

50,000 Iraqis Forced Into Prostitution

LOL... Dan Abrams got a really bad dye-job

Science Idol: Cast Your Vote!!

LAT editorial: Democrats Step Up: Work ahead, but leading Congress in a new direction

Rove: I was the one to inform Bush about the first plane crashing into the WTC

Doolittle Ex-Aide Talking to Feds

House Passes Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation Prevention Act

(TOON) Rowson: The Pun is mightier than the sword

Hope You Get "SiCKO" Soon >>>> ACTION >>> Please Share!

Lugar: U.S. Must Reduce Military Presence In Iraq

Tech Companies Tell Congress: American Workers Are Stupid, So We Need More Insourcing & Outsourcing.

Some laugh at the thought of a Woman President-- yeah, like us Men have done a great job!

Larisa Alexandrovna: Michelle Malkin's Human Rights Straw Man - Selective Outrage on Iran Atrocities

WaPo: Cheney & SCOTUS Nominees - VP "Steered The Selection Committee"

Cindy Sheehan: Zombie

Video...Rahm Emmanuel says he's Going after Cheney this week,cutting Executive Funds!

Cheney Part 3 is up

David Addington explored a possible presidential candidacy for Mr. Cheney.

Why I don't want to buy a Dell computer

Just a word on the FAIRNESS DOCTRINE

Caption *

So how bad are French taxes? (title is ironic)

Bizarro cartoon: "Catastrophic Wasteland"

bwhahahahaha local church begging for donations for legal bills They are being investigated by IRS

And so it begins: Bobby Cutts is our new OJ Simpson

Heh. Wonder if his girlfriend ever took him home to meet her family?

Breaking: Pro Wrestler and family, wife and son found dead in Ga home (Chris Benoit)

Ever See A Yearbook Pic Of A Kiss? Not If It's New Jersey And They're Gay...

Ann Coulter was SO boring today on GMA

British Judge Lets Off Rapist Of A 10-Year Old Girl, Because "She Didn't Look 10"

PBS Using Discredited GOP Pollster to Provide Analysis of Democratic Forum?

I never really said thank you properly -

WaPo part 3 on DicKtator Cheney

Dodd tells crowd in Rochester impeaching Cheney won't help

The Kids pass a note to the President

Listener owned radio stations – a NovaM Radio idea

Universal health care: Bad jobs, bad marriages.

Germany: Movies Can't Be Filmed There If Scientologist Are Involved In It

Heatwave Causes Deaths in Greece, Romania

A very good article on Frank Luntz w/ interesting video interviews

Our government tortures people. How does that make you feel?

Sen. Mike Gravel: "Why Hillary Scares Me"

Coulter to appear on June 26 Hardball - first time since "brilliant brain" called Gore a "total fag"

John Kerry Statement and Letter on Cheney's "ridiculous claim"

This Marine has figured it out

its March 25, 2008 and the Senate just failed to vote to convict Bush on Impeachment charges

"All the memories are gone" . . .Lake Tahoe fires burn on

3498 American soldiers have died since Bush taunted the Iraqis with "Bring them on."

Conyers Hosts Forum to Discuss "The State of American Freedoms"

One in Three U.S. Men Had at Least 15 Sexual Partners

Faith Hill gently expresses her opinion on Bush.

5-4, 5-4, 5-4, 5-4...

Who wants to Buy a Hybrid But Can't Afford the Price?

Who else knows their BFEE here?

The Bush/Cheney Regime's War Against al Jazeera

Interview With the First Two iPhone Campers In NY

First bees disappear. Now Birds.

Remember when Katherine Harris said "God is the one who chooses our rulers"?

As John, Clarence, Nino, Sammy and Tony assault free speech, consider Congress' power

Thank God shrub wasn't president...

Please sign this petition asking for progressive legislation.

Torture Czar Gonzales To Give Speech Co-Sponsored By Prominent Creationism Organization

Democratic Foot In Revolving Door

Hillary's first night as president.....(a sick joke received in an e-mail today)

Signing NAFTA, Telecommunications Act, and...

Can we stop using the word "neocon" now?

Democratic Primary Candidates and TV News Appearances

Can A New Psychiatric Condition Explain Bush?

Emanuel Seeks To Defund Office of the Vice Presidency

Obama, Poet (two poems of his from 1981, in The New Yorker)

Suicide blasts kill 30 in Iraq

Why record amounts of campaign cash are now more important than ever for Democrats

delaware plan

The seeds of Revolution

The Republicans want to discuss things on their level field..The BS LEVEL

What is a Liberal?

We now have a "wedge" issue, but is it being utilized?

The Rude Pundit: The Motherfuckering of America, Part 1: Keep Your Mothers Away From Dick Cheney

(Supreme) Court OKs special-interest "issue ads" close to elections


Breaking! Business Groups and Lobbyist to the Rescue

This Modern World: The continuing adventures of Conservative Jones, boy detective

"Monday, Monday..................."

cheney apologist makes ass of self on Diane Rehm Show

Attn: Congress: Would you know a coup d'etat if you had to face

From the group that supported four more years of Bush and delivered Lieberman to the Senate

Indecision 2008

"Military experience rare among '08 candidates" - Reuters

Florida Rep. Corrine Brown Endorses Clinton

McCain could pull out of race by autumn

if this is not your candidate's number one theme, get another candidate

I only know ONE person that likes Country music. Well, two if you count my brother...

Senator Warner Likely To Retire

Today's Media Focus - ABC Breaking Court rules in favor of dry cleaners

Zoellick okayed as next World Bank chief (AP)

Do you think journalists should be allowed to give to political campaigns?

to which branch of govt DOES cheney belong? as far as I know, there are only three-- is there

Our Newest Exported "JOB" - Honey Production

Court bars suit against faith-based plan

John Kerry should keep a (very) low profile during 2008

Barack Obama and Russ Feingold Push for Strongest Ethics Reform Bill Possible

DFA Night School joined by Zack Exley and Act Blue for training session.

Siena Poll NY: Hillary with commanding lead, Obama in tight race with Guiliani...Bloomberg for Gov?

MSNBC's First Read:"What Happened to Celine Dion?"

Kucinich on cities, foreclosures, education, healthcare etc......

Rahm E.. on Hardball re: Cheny

Obama to air first campaign ads in Iowa

Rudy's New SC Chair Has History Of "Racially Charged" Remarks

Torture Czar Gonzales apparently not probing Cheney exemption.

Ann Coulter-Best Agent in the Business

AP: Looking at Thompson's Lobbying Past


Read this in Harper's, then tell me if we're living in a fascist country yet

California: Clinton - 37%, Edwards and Obama tie at 15%

Obama is a big hit with crowd at San Antonio speech; Spurs basketballer "star-struck"

Obama vs. Romney

Richardson would use support of Roe V Wade as a litmus test.

Lawyer Tied to Obama Donor Helps Clinton

Has anyone else read this crap e mail about illegal Immigration???

"Who is Business Betting On?" - Fortune

Barack Obama's Statement on Cheney's Secrecy

Sen. Dole escapes challenge from Rep. Miller

Hate was on air on C-span this morning when the issue was immigration and talk hosts making a diff..

Definition of Progressive/Liberal/Moderate

"If the Democrats don't nominate Kucinich, I'm voting Nader in protest"

TV reporter who supported candidate is out

Edwards Campaign Blasts New York Times Over Poverty Story

Student in Edwards' College for Everyone program speaks about his experience (CMSM won't print this)

CNN Poll: Hillary 43, Obama 25, Edwards 17...Bloomberg a Perot like effect...

Obama and Clinton Seek Chicago Money on Same Day

GOP senator (Lugar) says Iraq plan not working - AP

Rasmussen Poll: Clinton 37% Obama 25% Edwards 13%

Nader is wrong. There is a difference between ...


Isn't it important for the 08 nominee to have party support?

Oliver Willis calls out Politico's Mike Allen for dissing DNC research.

Could Bloomberg have his eye on Albany rather than Washington...

Richardson claims to have overtaken Obama in Iowa, moved into 3rd place...

Bush to African-American musicians: "Make sure you clean up all the trash"

Mad As Hell? Moon The SCOTUS!

GWB Progress Report...... If it ain`t ruined, he ain`t finished.

Senator Edwards is moving middle class economic issues front and center. It's time.

I only know ONE person that likes Country music. Well, two if you count my brother...

Senator Gravel: Why Hillary Scares Me

"GWB ran as a conservative. He is governing like a liberal"

Tweety: Obama better start attacking Hillary or he's not going to win this race

Counting votes for impeachment and conviction is un-American.

Statement of Russ Feingold on the Supreme Court's Decision Today in FEC v. Wisconsin Right to Life

Is John Edwards the greatest rags-to-riches story ever?

Cheney has declared himself to be an... exotic, extraconstitutional beast who answers to no one

Trade secrets ruled over voting transparency

Supreme Court hands victory to Bush on faith-based initiative:

GOP Gives Employee Free Choice Act Fear-And-Smear Treatment

McCain To Hold Fundraiser With Swift Boater

Kucinich: Cities have been pushed aside

Clinton Cautious on Health Care Reform

Coulter on commenting on JE: "I'll just wish he has been killed in a terrorist assassination plot."

Biden's Plan for Iraq getting serious attention

The GOP chose a crazy man to babysit a fool.

Would someone PLEASE (politely) explain to me just WHEN the Articles of Impeachment

I called Di Fi's office today around noon to ask her to Impeach

Rasmussen: Edwards STILL only candidate to beat all Repubs

Clarence Thomas said freedom of speech does not apply to public schools

Top Calif GOP Offical: An Illegal Immigrant? (The Nation)


The Legacy

By all means, let's just not vote -

In 2004, were you pro-Kerry or just anti-Bush?

My Dad walked out of church