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Archives: June 23, 2007

Coach, 40, Weds 16-Year-Old Student

I just realized I hate the Jankees more than I hate Barry Bonds

Any DU'ers here in Bakersfield, CA?

back to front, front to back, or sideways...

Goodnight lounge...

Lounge.... A Saturday Night

Dear Lounge Lizards ~ Can you help DU a local poll?

KFC gave me a small chicken sandwich.

Anyone else find DU's pages loading excruciatingly slow?

2 hours left until voting ends on a contest I am in - Could you VOTE?

So I spent the night at LAX

Downloading music to mp3

Just saw the 1979 film "Over the Edge" for the first time.

so i bought this tp today, it was cheap & all, but i still have a bad, bad feeling about it...

Narcotics Officer switces sides

Stand Up For World Peace

Is your city experiencing "copper theft" problems too?

Jimmy TINGLE - Iran Contra, Poppy, RAYGUN

What's in your vitamins? Here's a list of quality assurance documents for 40+ supplement companies.

2 hours left until voting ends on a contest I am in - Could you VOTE?

Its all just new bullshit replacing old bullshit.

About talk radio

I saw this video today, tried to post it, but Monkeyman beat me to it:

When God's on your side.

McLaughlin Group on in Houston now; the immigration issue is killing

MySpace Page Pushes for Letters to Congress About Impeachment

Were you always a Democrat??

And Now For Something Completely Different: Would You Guys Like To See Something Beautiful ???

Can we all at least agree that if a Democrat doesn't win in 2008

ALL democrats beat the GOP in recent Newsweek poll.

Killing the humanity of our soldiers...techniques to overcome inherent human resistance to killing

Obama may outraise HRC by a whopping $9 million in the second quarter

Why I like HRC over BO but still hold out hope for JE....

Take Back America conference: Democratic candidates seek “progressive” support

TIMOTHY EGAN: This Land Was My Land

Mileage Vote Reveals New Configuration in Senate (NYT)

BOB HERBERT: Mr. Mayor, the Nader of ’08?

PM's Iraq war 'helped drive Catholics out of Downing Street'

Editorial:More White House hide-and-seek

No veep is an island (LAT)

Hey Dude, Where's My Vacation? (In These Times, via AlterNet)

A new film..., The Purple Brain, makes absurd and unsubstantiated claims of (pot) "brain damage."

Robert Fisk: Welcome to ‘Palestine’

James Connaughton: The Bush Era Personified (by David Roberts at HuffPost)

Changing Patterns in Social Fabric Test Netherlands' Liberal Identity

SiCKO Is Michael Moore's Best and Most Powerful Documentary (The Nation, via AlterNet)


People to Bush, the GOP and the Congress: the Constitution is not Negotiable

Jim Hightower: The Bushites Have Outsourced Our Government To Their Pals

U.S. Officials Have Absolutely No Clue about Iraq's Oil Law

Pissed off? Damn straight!

Bush’s Secret War on America

Robert Parry: Sen. Levin's False History and Logic

Hey Dude, Where's My Vacation?

Larry Johnson: Swamp Fox Goes to Iraq

Serving America's 'Muslim army' (BBC)

There's a new Congressional Report on Venezuela...

White House of Mirrors

Bush's secret war on America

Editorial | Cheney: the imperial veep (Philadelphia Inquirer)

US must stop yelling at Iraqis, says general

Bush's Incredible Shrinking "Coalition"

Minister Says U.S. Is Escalating Media War against Venezuela

Robert Parry: Is Obama Getting 'Colin-ized'?

The American People Know What Time it Is

MAUREEN DOWD: A Vice President Without Borders, Bordering on Lunacy

FRANK RICH: They’ll Break the Bad News on 9/11

Venezuela says some oil majors reject takeovers - Reuters

Wind: The Farmer's New Cash Crop (E Magazine, via AlterNet)

EPA to rule on Cal global warming emissions request by year’s end

Al Gore And Vandana Shiva At Friends Of Trees Conference In Barcelona

In Case We Can't Give Up the Cars -- Try 16 Trillion Mirrors

Hurricanes in California?

European carbon allowance, new record price !

UK may have to do without nuclear power

Israel seizes top Hamas leader in West Bank

An Ex-Member Calls Detainee Panels Unfair - Lawyer Tells of Flawed 'Combatant' Rulings

Michelle Obama stumps in Iowa

Improvised explosive device strikes MND-B patrol (2 incidents, 3 dead)

Bush claims exemption from his oversight order

Gitmo Panelist Slams Hearing Process

One U.S. soldier dead, two wounded in Afghanistan

Hardline Pakistani students kidnap Chinese women

Obama pledges to drive out the old cronies

Texas Democrat chastises Bush on vets' health care

EU Leaders Reach Agreement On New Treaty

(1956) T-Bird Swiped in 1976 Returned to Nest

Iraqi tribes paid to protect power grids

Romney aide takes paid leave amid probe. Operations chief denies impersonating officer.

Male circumcision overstated as prevention tool against AIDS

White House: Afghan prison is no Gitmo

Gov't Struggles to Cope with Wounded GIs ("signature wound: traumatic brain injury")

Karzai Angered by Afghan Civilian Casualties (90 Killed in NATO, U.S. Operations in Just Over Week)

Iraq Push Revives Criticism of Force Size - Baghdad Offensive May Shift Violence Elsewhere

RIGHTS-COLOMBIA: US Firms Face Charges for Aiding Paramilitary Killers (right-wing death squads)

Six civil servants in N China being investigated for forced labor scandal

Feds deny protests affected immigration arrests

Chirac refuses to testify over dirty tricks scandal

Bush Prods Vietnamese President On Human Rights and Openness

Christie (Whitman) blasts Rudy on WTC air

Romney objects to campaign attacks

NATO: 60 insurgents killed near Pakistan

2 al-Qaida leaders captured in Iraq

PKK stages suicide attack in E Turkey-sources

Islamist sniper, bomb kill four Lebanese troops

Democrats plan to cut Cheney out of executive funding bill

Day labor sites at issue in immigration bill

Fundraising Gap Likely to Persist For Campaigns - McCain, Edwards Expect To Lag Behind Leaders

Blair tells Pope: Now I'm ready to become a Catholic

Bush risks losing trade powers after talks collapse

Roadside bombs in Iraq kill 7 troops

US, N.Korea set timeline to shut reactor

Bush claims exemption from his oversight order

Obama says some have 'hijacked' faith

Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer Afflicts Blacks - Scientists Look at Genes, Breast-Feeding Patterns

Body believe to be missing worman found

Is your city experiencing "copper theft" problems too?

I just installed a cool water fountain on my bedside table ...

I gave a small chicken a sandwich.

Ok, now this is just a cool story about a T-Bird

How many of your favorite songs were worst ever?

I was bored so I drew this picture

The KGB gave me a small chicken sandwich.

We can make it happen

And in the morning you can tell me your dreams.

The Thrill Has Gone

This is my 5071st post.

Let's do the time warp again!

Someone just smashed one of our front windows

Who is up? Im feelin shitty

Dear God, I can't get the scream out of my head


Only 20 minutes and I can go home.

we need a late night lullaby

This place is dead tonight

Damn me.

this song/video gets to me everytime..Mad World

CNN Headline: "Episcopal Congregations Struggle With Homosexuality"

So, I've been called a bitch twice in the space of a day by people I don't know.

Bush's Waterloo (YouTube)

my grandfather was a closeted homosexual during WWII

So I spent the night because of EX LAX

Chiropractic question - what causes the cracking sound between the vertebrae?

I just found the coolest video on YouTube: Lots of screen goddess pics

Help Paris Hilton make license plates! She's still in jail, so there's still time...

is there anyway that one could place certain words on ignore?

I found this really weird looking bug...

Funny Lenny henry comedy sketch! (from 1996, BBC)

Apple's Mac market share on the rise

Are you a "cat person" or a "dog person"?

Why would two men talk in a parking lot while the child of one of them waits behind the door?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/23/2007)

It's The Asperger's Syndrome Test!

what CITIES have you been to?

Mild-mannered pit bull recovering from feline attack

First look at the new Indiana Jones

Salary Negotiations????

My Giants are in their full swing of "June Swoon".

I'm out of here, y'all scare me

For the same amount of money, which would you get?

Sam Adams brews 50-proof beer

I just told someone to go fuck themselves in GD

So the good thing about global warming...

N.J. dog crowned world's ugliest

Bailed Him, Fed Him, Gave Him Sex. The Sex Is When The Problems Started


Password advice

HypnoToad: Sex Sycophant

I started moving into my new condo today

Need to vent, rant, etc.

What would you being doing right now...

What do you eat in bed?

From Cute Overload, this puppy is so cute and has beautiful color!

HUGH!11111111! MySpace fight in the Belle/Finn house!

Technical question

Do you spread your germs when you have a cold?

The Definition of "I"

Here's a tribute to the Dixie Chicks from Mary Chapin-Carpenter. I love her even more now!

I am a proud circumcised Democrat!

What ballparks have you visited?

Driving in NYC: I need some lounge advice.

2 more websites I just launched..

Describe a time when you stuck it to your principal.

Who is it?

What a wonderful movie - "La Vie en Rose" ....

Describe DU and DU-ers in the lyrics of a song; any song.

Is cutting an infant's umbillical cord at birth mutilation?

How do you circumcise a whale? Send down four skin divers!!

My Quaker oatmeal is disrespectful of religion

So should I post my ex-partner's circumcision reversal pics?

Um, what's with all the circumcision and mutilation threads?

Is being a Proud Democrat that favors circumcision and ear lobe removal a mutilator?

How many years (if any) did you live with your parents, after 18?

(1956) T-Bird Swiped in 1976 Returned to Nest

Anybody care to join us for a few beers at the Top of the Hill later tonight?


My great, great grandfather was a deserter!

Hold my place,

my great, great, great, great grandfather was a Lt. Colonel in the revolution

Jerry Falwell has returned and is locking threads with

Why? Why? Why all the prurient pussycat threads?

Why? Why? Why all the purina cat chow threads?

To any cheerleading friends I have in here, on ESPN2 at 4pm EST

Fore-skin and seven years ago.....

My grandmother was Joan of Arc.

DUers! Give me a vacuum cleaner recommendation!

Just got back from seeing 1408 with John Cusack. It had a lot of potential but

My husband and I used a lead testing kit today...

Networks to Paris Hilton: Thanks, but not thanks!

My great great great great great grandfather was General Stonewall Jackson

Need advice on international long distance calls - to Australia

My great grandfather was a professional baseball player..

Who's on stage....

Cripes, longest thread I ever started!

"The Logical Song" Supertramp Lyrics for WillyT-cuz now its stuck in my head :)

I finished reading 'The Godfather, by Mario Puzo'.

I just recieved this from DU, and quite frankly, I am not amused

Cat Update ....... it's all good!

Tequila! (YouTube)

Sir Francis Drake circumcised the world with a 100-foot clipper.

humorous thread title conflating Nader, circumcision and Olive Garden cuisine.

So far no luck in finding my purse

Don't let your cat near your decks

1408 - a brief review :)

and the best anti-war song ever written(IMHO) Sam Stone

Stupid question - for computer geeks

another song that gets to me "What it's like"


Post the names of everybody you have in your ignore list! I'll start:

deadhorses everywhere

video game fans-- Super Paper Mario for the Wii kicks all sorts of trippy ass.

Circumcision wars, and talks of cutting off earlobes going on right now.....

Good evening. I'm all showered, fresh, clean and ready to post with you.

Did Michael Moore's "Sicko" have a segment on circumcision?

I figured I would bring a time honored tradition into GD

Lounge has preemptively invaded sovereign GD

Teenagers are strange.

*sigh* The days when the PC industry actually had competition...

My grandfather was an infantryman during the Circumcision Wars of 1879

Ok lovers! Lets get it on! (theme music)

little memories

Laughing Gulls, well, make me laugh (Dial-up beware)

I slept with a female last night - ask me anything

Teaching a baby pig how to sit

Oh well, another Saturday night...

If a circumcised man walks down the streeet wearing nothing but sunglasses

The Mind of Mencia? Seems he got his mind from everyone else...

I am proud I circumcised a Democrat!

30-Second Bunny Theatre Presents... Borat!

Vigo or Fred Thompson, you decide.

For All The Animal Lovers In The Lounge~~The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Just curious: What's your screen resolution?

Webcam with good audio for recording a piano?

So far no luck finding my perch

I'm back from Berlin! Their trains (and buses) really do run on time!


My grandfather was a pegboy at a Poconos resort in the 1930s

Racists in the work place..

More thoughts about London, plus, if I were King....

THE WINNER: World's Most Ugliest Dog

Where are they now?

Help! POST A PICTURE and please wish my husband a happy 73rd Birthday!

one of our local policemen just wrecked his car out in front of our place just now

Question for Computer Tech Savvy people: HELP!

I lost my glasses. Am wearing sunglasses as I type this. Can barely see the keyboard.

Calling All Grammar Nazis!

I just pre-ordered my copy of Harry Potter 7, ask me anything..


Memo___What Now, Bitches?___

Civil War re-enactment

My great grandfather missed the boat!


i got a gig lighting Phantom's touring company, i'm stoked, rehearsals monday...

If foreskins are evolutionarily disadvantageous then why do so many mammals have them?

Post your favorite photograph of all time.

Amazing Rare Garth Brooks Video

People suck, two dumped kittens up the road, what to do?

So, where would YOU go during a zombie attack?

So, I've been called a bitch twice in the space of a week by people I don't know.

Bolt Out Of The Blue: Lightning Kills Man Beneath Cloudless Sky

Who Is A More Disgusting Human Being: Dick Cheney Or Gene Simmons?

If your last name is Scheine, your first name would be??

Serve me up some of your favorite youtube music videos.

Haruka's cheating on me

what do you do for a living?

Cubs at White Sox series this weekend

Henry to Barça looks near completion ($32 million)

Strikeforce EliteXC Middleweight Title fight: Frank Shamrock vs Phil Baroni

Symphony pay gap flap off-key, chairman says

Garbage collection talks stall, strike looms (500 garbage workers throughout Alameda County )

Stillwater Mining Reach Tentative Deal With USW International Union On New Contract

Steelworkers ratify agreement with Simmons Canada Inc.

Teamsters: Port firms breaking city's wage law

End Of "Dues Check-Off" Could Be The End For Transit Workers Union NY Local 100

Bill Fletcher: Choices for Black labor

Expert says both sides know pain of grocery strike

UAW : Carmakers Posturing on Labor Costs

Impeach Bush for War Crimes!

Olbermann: Firefighters' Funeral Turns Political

State of the Union - Rise Against

Howard Zinn on Convening a Progressive Cabinet

bush amnezia

The Case Of Scalia V. Jack Bauer

The Only Bush Press Conference You'll Ever Have to Watch

Even Sheriff Taylor knows warrantless wiretapping is wrong...

Mike Makes a Surprise Appearance at 'SiCKO' Opening Night

Al Gore: The Hope For America

Dubya & Fredo Sing "I Got You Babe" (My Latest Cartoon)


Mitt’s plan makes Moore ‘Sicko’: Big-mouth director knocks Mass. health plan

Life after death

Full-time Toter cop for Manteca

Did Cheney forget his claimed status when he opposed FOIAs about the Energy Task Force?

Breaking news....Cheerleading Controversy Brews In School District

Fresno moves to require permits for homeless encampments-few options other than church-run shelters

"I wonder if the Mexicans who dream of America might dream of Canada instead?"(adult Language alert)

What's with the media's fixation on how candidates smell?

Little boy Eric John Lamberti headstone found in a storage locker.

An easy way to contact Minority leader John Boehner and send him legislative demands.

HEADLINE: Inclusion Run Amok: A Muslim/Episcopal Priest

A Third Way? Americans want an alternative to the two-party system,

Tsk, tsk. Top Romney campaign aide accused of impersonating Mass. State Trooper

Can the neo cons be arrested for ANYTHING?

dick cheney does whatever he wants & you are powerless to stop him.

Lingerie company chief rejects MBE

The Most Overlooked Non-Testimony Of The Week, With Thanks To John Conyers

The FDR-JFK-Al Gore Revolution

Update a 40 year old memo

For The Record ...

A US General in IRaq is the guest on cspan right now. Taking calls

Man convicted in 1982 gang rape is cleared

American prisoner speaks out about his torture by the U.S. military in Iraq

Read who abducted the 5 British "contractors" in Iraq last month

577 days, 1 hour, and 33 minutes until Bush gets away with his crimes...

AT&T Quietly Introduces $10 DSL Plan

Why is this being touted at the Dems Health Care Plan here in Calif???

The only problem with the Democrats is there's not more of them.

Feeling "SiCKO" today?

Blowback, from Palestine to Pakistan

who thinks the Countdown format has started to wear thin? (edited title)

Bam & Edwards hit NYC for funds

Spending grandkids' money — on Iraq

Job Approval Ratings from American Research Group

US Army Officer Raises Doubts About Guantanamo Tribunals

FOLLOWUP: Penn Wiretap Charge Dropped In Police Video Case

The Unelected Unexecutives


People to Bush, the GOP and the Congress: the Constitution is not Negotiable

Iraq Push Revives Criticism of Force Size-Baghdad Offensive May Shift Violence Elsewhere

US struggling to staff new Baghdad embassy

Eight US troops reported killed in Iraq 6/23, one in Afghanistan

"Triggering" a gun incident was O.K., but will Tweety get "warned" over his on-air potty mouth?

National Guard member files complaint against sheriff's department

michael moore on "wait, wait, don't tell me" today.

Broken Government

'Bloomberg couldn't win but he could force the House to pick the next President.'

At the essential, elemental level, is there any difference between .......

Lowering Flag for War’s Dead Brings a New Rift

Will your Mayor Think Outside the (water) Bottle?

Fisheries Netted In Federal Alaska Probe-Ted Stevens likes fish, too!

Coming up on FOX news channel: '"Right" to Cheap Gas?'

"Legislating morality" OR legislating against the poor?

I never heard a single follow up on this story

Zalmay Khalilzad Is Not Fit To Represent The United States In The United Nations

Jim Kenefick and Moorewatch as presented by Michael Moore in Sicko SPOILER WARNING

An innocent man may be executed Georgia

RAM Ruling Portends a New E-Discovery Brawl

* Rare Book and History Geek Alert: CSPAN2 11am *

John Kerry: A Step Forward on Energy

A dangerous fall.

Who's here on DU/GD and why? No Nader fans? (keeping it honest!)

Bush claims oversight exemption too

Introducing Rudy Guiliani's Inner Id (pic)

U.S. healthcare: Will this country adopt universal coverage in the next decade?

Rat meetz Ratzinger

Study: Prison Population On The Rise

DU this CSPAN Poll: Should the U.S. close the Guantanamo Bay detention center?

Congessman Hungate......

Paris Hilton prosecutor under LA ethics probe

Sam Adams brews 50-proof beer

Notice all the Iraqis who don't want to live under US occupation have become al Qaeda terra-ists?

Globalisation 3.0 isn’t about ‘empowered individuals’

Attorneys at law. Since Bush and Cheney can disregard


Gov't Struggles to Cope With Wounded GIs on GW Buxh

Lawmaker urges condoms for border control

Dreaming about a new kind of solar water heating device

A previous thread concerning the identification of those killed by US forces...

Editorials Add to Cheney's Warm Bucket

Paris Hilton to be released on Tuesday

Aid To Saudi Arabia????

"All foreign wars, I do proclaim, live on blood and a mother's pain' please view!

its not just the US that has ever rising food prices

If Sunni and Shiite Iraqis are so busy having a civil war how do they find the time to kill GI's?

Bombs kill 7 U.S. troops in Iraq

90 Afghan civilians killed in a week-Karzai Angry Over West’s Tactics

The impeachment thing.

Gonzales To Give Speech Co-Sponsored By Prominent Creationism Organization

Heads Up

I am a proud circumcised Democrat!

"Cheney expands the definition of torture to include tortured logic." Durbin

The real problem with voting "third party"

So, where would YOU go during a zombie attack?

DHS Security Chief Dismisses Congress's Hacking Questions

How do you circumcise a whale? Send down four skin divers!!

Third Parties and US History

The 5 Biggest Pricks in Congress

Is being a Proud Democrat that favors circumcision and ear lobe removal a mutilator?

Um, what's with all the circumcision and mutilation threads?

HEADLINE: "Talk shows influence immigration debate"

Is cutting an infant's umbillical cord at birth mutilation?

Fore-skin and seven years ago.....

PBS banned muslims against Jihad

Great post at Lawyers, Guns and Money about the surge's latest failure

All This Third-Party Talk Has Got Me Thinking...

Gore: China in for more pressure on pollution

But no no no. The Democrats are most concerned about not offending Bush's base.

Bill Clinton was just elected president and there was a sizable Democratic Majority in Congress

America's war wounded: between 35,000 and 53,000

Vets: Military is attacking free speech

Is this the musician whom B*** told to pick up the trash?

This should outrage all Democrats - Cohen & Grigsby & Lebowitz trampling on Americans

The Jessie Davis murder is sad, but so is the case of Stepha Henry. . .

***ACTION ALERT***As of Today Foods Carrying the Organic' Seal Are Now Allowed to Contain Factory Fa

Just Updated - Silent Tribute To Our Bravest

Laura and Barbara Bush are telling George that Gitmo is a "blot on the US record abroad"!?!?!

Meme: "If we don't fight them over there, we'll have to fight them over here."

***ACTION ALERT*** Support Low-Power FM radio in your community

"America's war wounded, a toll that has received less attention than the 3,500 troops killed"

President Says Facility Was Always Meant to Be Temporary (Gitmo)

Tony Blair visits Vatican, may become Catholic

Michael Moore really hit it out of the park with Sicko.

Moore and "Sicko" visit New England

Eight American servicemen dead in Iraq today; four-day total at least 25

Jerry Falwell has returned and is locking threads with

Man Allegedly Held As Illegal Immigrant, Despite Valid ID

3555 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Founder Of Anti-Violence Group ''No Guns'' Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Gun Charges

FDL - Libby won't like this Supreme Court Decision!

"If there are all these great safeguards in place, THEN WHERE ARE THE E-MAILS?" Blanton asked.

Bush to New Orleans Jazz Legend: "Pick Up All the Trash"

I am a proud, partisan, Democrat

Single Prayer Healthcare - Bush's faith-based answer

The state of law in the United States as of now

If We Can't Impeach Them Then The Next President Better Prosecute Them

SD's Tim Johnson (D) is going to get some of the FEMA Mobile Homes released to Indian Reservations!

Body found in Ohio missing woman case boyfriend arrested for murder

LOL !!! - The Sopranos (Alternative Ending)...

Is the backup quarterback on the payroll?

Rep. Tom Feeney (R-CA) forms legal defense fund = Jack Abramoff associations

Y'know how republicans want us all to believe that the private sector can solve all our problems?

Air Canada adds pets to no-fly list

Attn NBC News we are not @ war with al Qaeda in Iraq

FYI: American Perspectives, CSPAN1; Woodward and Bernstein -Watergate

Why do the republicons hate Hillary so much...

You Can Tell the PUG's YOU work with

(FIORE) Innovations In Energy

25 US Soldiers KIA just this week !!! -- 79 KIA in 23 Days!!

We need a social CATHARSIS in this country

Who are America's Leading Terrorists? This is a "Name a Terrorist" thread.

Rep. Maxine Waters Speaks Out for Impeachment

Eight Americans Killed today in Iraq

Ever caused fear in another person?

Are we over vaccinating our pets?

36 MPG by 2020? By 2020? I got 54 avg. YESTERDAY! (Rant)

"Sicko" on the internet: what's the real story here? Approved by MM or not?

pet yellow lab dies from drinking algal bloom water in Minn.

Democrats plan to cut Cheney out of executive funding bill

NYT: General’s Report on Iraq Progress Has Competition

Who should we be more worried about...

George Bush's Diary

Is Melanie Morgan really Stifler's Mom?

Michael Moore: Kucinich is 100 per cent on board with health care reform!

Lawmaker urges condoms for border control

Presidential candidate pledges to cut military budget by 50% and spend $ on inner-city development!

Karzai warns NATO Afghan life not cheap

Could Ahnuld S. qualify for VP?

EMANUEL-VP Has Choice To Make Or We Will Cut His Funding From Exec Branch

Brown wants to lift Iraq protests restriction

Release of the declassified version of the 9/11 CIA’s Inspector General report.

Saturday TOONS: Crashcart Edition

They took Carl von Ossietsky And broke his body - but not his mind


Aint no doubt--- It's "Dick" day here in GD.


Why is the Boston Globe kissing Romney's butt? He's just a failed MA ex-Governor!

Central Fla. Residents Facing Eviction Prepare For Battle

People who want the Democratic Party to move left: how can it be done?

Why Dick Cheney Doesn't Think He's Part of the Executive Branch:

Bob Fertik Answers Rangel: "Would Impeachment Rescue Bush?" - No, Americans Can't Wait Til * Is Gone

Mr. Bush, it's time for you to arrest Mr. Cheney....

"Subpoenas. Nixon ignored them, and so he had to go."

Great custard pudding! Has this place turned to ParentingInfantsUnderground?

The practicalities of impeachment

A rant on bush/cheney

Clinton, Obama & Edwards ALL beat Guiliani, McCain, Romney & Thompson!

And so it begins again, the Dems lost the war in Iraq by stabbing America in the back.

Time to impeach this mad man, madam speaker

O’Reilly and McCain on Preserving the "white, Christian, male power structure."

Bloggers Knew about Cheney for Years....Politicals & M$M Just Woke Up!

Iraqis to Bush: “You have left us with nothing”

The American Gulag

Something (Mao slogan) about Cameron DIAZ triggers media frenzy in Peru

Is this the part of the EO 12958 that Bush/Cheney claim allows them exemption from oversight?

New Hillary hate books tank in book sales - nobody cares about the trash it seems

QUICK! turn on SNL now. one of best openings ever, re Bush

Bush's first job

X-Posted Pissed off? Damn straight!

Weird CNN headline: Homemade Iraq bombs kill 7 U.S. troops

"...neither Mr. Cheney or his staff is above the law or the Constitution."

Glenn Greenwald: Everyone we fight in Iraq is now "al-Qaida"

High-fives Could Mean Detention For Students In Va. ''No Touching'' School

search called off for missing pregnant woman Jesse Davis

For those who think Cellphones spying on your life is tin foil

Boy. For a "loser," Ralph Nader sure has "us" in an uproar!

Sunday Talk Shows

Just saw the sneak preview of Sicko

FEMA ordered to explain $21.5 million in mysterious payments, apparently to pro-Bush loyalists

Ivy League Professor Bets Al Gore $10,000 He’s Wrong About Global Warming

Transparently Bush - Lies About Secrets and Secrets About Lies

Newsweek Poll: Hillary beats all republicans and Bloomberg, leading Obama 43%-27%

Cheney and Bush -- Words, Words, Words

The question at hand. What do we have the numbers in congress to do?

The FR file on Rudy Giuliani

The 'I' word - Boston Globe Editorial

Man In Wheelchair Ticketed For Riding In Street

Michael Moore interview on the Howard Stern Show from Monday (mp3 of full 42 min interview)

*John Perkins on CSPAN2 now! 10pm - new book - Secret History of US Empire*

The penny dropped - I recognize the source of Bush's "walk"

Digby: Wonk who urged Dems not to alienate anti-choice women is a wanker

Michael Moore in Denver THIS SUNDAY!

If you're upset over the high price of prescription drugs, consider this:

Muslim girl told to remove scarf

I just returned from one of the sneak preview showings of "SiCKO" ... Wow.

Cheney Bypassed Environmentally ‘Clueless’ Bush To Craft Administration’s Climate Change Agenda

US Soldier in Iraq Refuses to Help Any longer with the Occupation

Michael Moore Believes Film Leak Was An Inside Job

When did Americans last fight a war to protect American freedom?

Something ain't right...Most secretive US admin ever to release CIA history

Would anyone like to read 'It Can't Happen Here ' online?

Democrats Plan to Cut Cheney out of Executive Funding Bill.

Sunday NY Times Op/Ed: Bush's Secrets - "White House of Mirrors"

"Why a growing grassroots movement on the left wants to impeach the president" ...

TPM's Steve Benen asks Tough Questions re Cheney Not Part of Executive Branch!

FISA JUDGE: "You Can't Trust The Executive"

So what ARE Americans entitled to?

How come I live in such a "red" area, but everytime I'm in public...

Teen Given Detention For Hugging

watched united 93 last night . thought it would be fluff on * but really showed incompetence

Everyone we fight in Iraq is now "al-Qaida"

A note to "We don't have the votes" impeachment naysayers

Rolling Stone Blows CHENY/BUSH Secret Campaign (Enforced By Rove)To Deny Global Warming Wide Open...

Ah the good old circumcision debate

"The Friday GITMO Bombshell You Missed " (even if you didn't miss it, this is still has great info)

Would repubs squeal if a Dem Pres. had unlimited power like bush/cheney?

Restoration of Habeas Corpus:

ACLU Day of action coming this week, June 26, 2007

Promotion of alternative fuels, such as ethanol and hydrogen, as a solution is a fraud.

HBO's "John From Cincinnati" being trashed by Right wing newpapers - Spirituality is dangerous

New Sanctuary Movement

Has Anybody Noticed The Increased Use Of The Word "Logic" Around Here Lately ???

Waiting in line at the ice cream shop, just turned 5 people on to DU. Every little bit helps.

Are the "I'm depressed and have lost hope" threads the new "concern" posts?

What is Democrats excuse for not impeaching at least Cheney in light of his defiance of oversight?

Harry, Nancy we have TYRANTS!!

Rudy won't ax scandal priest (child molester pal) from payroll

GORE WILL run and WIN. Here’s WHY? See what happens to your shoreline.

Cheney ordered visitor logs destroyed, uses man-sized safes for documents, report says

Do you have a scrap of paper and 5 measly minutes this weekend?????

Desalination 'not the solution'/WWF

Let's put this "You gotta vote for any D" thing to rest shall we?

Get This: "Christie Blasts Rudy on WTC Air"

Would you consider having an infant's earlobes cut off at birth as "mutilation"?

Which part of the Pledge of Allegiance is most important and why?

For Anti-Circumcision People: What Say You About These?

Isn't it time to just say thank you Michael Moore? A simple thanks?

Radio Lady Discusses: I saw a preview of Michael Moore's "Sicko" this week. Ask me anything...

Who Would Jesus Endorse?

Are Boxer and Clinton hiding from talkradio?

For 2008, Candidates Need People Who Know People

Immigration before Health Care - for Republicans

Edwards predicting big second-quarter drop-off

The Case of the Absentee Attorney, William Mercer, Montana (He is NOT

An easy way to contact Minority leader John Boehner and send him legislative demands.

Anti-war protesters to picket airhshow (US Air Force's elite Thunderbirds in Ireland)

Quote of the day -- this one's a keeper

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons


Fundraising Woes For Edwards

Lessons Learned as Obama Shepherds a Following (NYT)

The source of the problem

A bid to build centrism in US politics

Sweet Home Gore-Obama

How many alleged criminals can a law-and-order candidate be associated with before it starts to hurt

Daily Kos slams NY Times article on Edwards poverty center.

If John Kerry only used this as campaign 'theme music'...

Jim McDermott ... Dear Colleague; Iraq Oil Law

you say you want a revolution?

The Center Has Drifted to the Left

Watch LIVE: Barack Obama to Deliver Major Faith Speech at 11:30am PST, 2:30pm EST Today

Examination of the use and ties of Lobbyists to top three Dem Candidates

Paydays Were Twice As Nice, truck driver may be told to pay back $157,000

Ukrops grocery store -- another IMHO crazy fundie organization

Clinton Pollster, Penn, Sues Bloomberg Pollster

For me, its time for a third party!

Obama aide criticizes "craven" act by Edwards, Biden, and Dodd (Obama disavows aide's actions again)

Michael Hayden ........ ?

Tabling today and a mystifying encounter with Clinton workers.

Cook Political Report: Clinton 32%, Obama 22%, Edwards 16%.....Clinton down 8%, Obama down 3%

There is a way to get Universal Health Care support from the Business

What's Not to Like

8 U.S. Troops Killed in Iraq; nearing 30,000 U.S. troops dead or wounded in the Iraq war

The Rage at Nader Is A Distraction....

Is it best to vote the Party or vote the Man (or Woman)...?

Rahm Emanuel threatening to cut off Darth Cheney's money...

Singer (Paul Simon) to join Dodd's campaign

Is Obama profiting from health care?

The republicons love to talk about what Ronald Reagan taught them...

Judge Criticizes Bush's Warrantless Wiretap Program

Why Dick Cheney doesn't think he's part of the Executive Branch:

What's Not to Like

Michael Moore Attacks the Grotesque Profit Motive of the US Health Care System

If Dick Cheney is not part of the executive branch.

McCain's staff with most Lobbyists of any 08 Candidate; Hillary tops for the Dems...Obama with none

Fun Facts About Presidential Candidates and Missed Votes

How much of Obama's support is simply because he isn't Hillary?

Republican Rep urges condoms for border control w/ Mexico

Obama-Colin Powell (R-war crimes) ties: Will they boost or hurt Obama?

Cheney bypassed Evironmentally clueless Bush To Craft Policy

Support for Gore poll. Would you vote for Gore in '08?

O'Reilly's attempts to talk down John Edwards are failing

Go Mitt? Only 72% would vote for a Mormon, 88% would vote for a woman, 94% for an African-American

Nader? Nada

similarities between corporations and Al Qaeda....

Newsweek: Three top Dems beat Repubs...Hillary fares best against Guiliani

House votes to ban aid to Saudi Arabia (Reuters)

If you haven't read Al Gore's book,

Obama Picking Up Where Dean Left Off...

Astounding. 41% of DUers DO NOT CARE about their rights.

Trippi is right, and I hate to admit it.

Angler-The Cheney Vice Presidency. 'A Different Understanding With the President' (4 Part WP series)

Musings on the Assault on Reason, how to counter

"What the hell just happened?" Secretary of State Colin L. Powell demanded, a witness said, when CNN

This won't make me popular (not that I am now), but I'm gonna defend lobbyists...

Newsweek Poll, Hillary beats all republicans and Bloomberg, leading Obama 43%-27%

Imitation the sincerest form of flattery: Obama "borrows" words from Edwards, Clinton

Old girlfriends cast their vote for Thompson

One thing we shouldn't do - is Impeach Too Soon!

Richardson to outraise Edwards in 2nd Qtr?

The I Word in the Boston Globe

From Reagan forward...

I have concluded that Oklahoma has sent the biggest Neanderthals to the Senate...

Only 2 votes against this???

My handwritten letter to Al Gore

Wonder what Bush is going to say about Iraq in September?

Obama tells crowd that right-wing evangelical leaders have 'hijacked' Faith

Obama, Kucinich, or Edwards?

From here on out could all Dems refer to it as THE OCCUPATION.

The Bloomberg Factor

Al Gore and the New Game in Town

Questions for Clinton supporters

From 2004, Howard Dean's views on crossing party lines to vote with extremists.

What makes people think that Al Gore would win the nomination if he decided to enter the race???

10,000 flock to church to hear Obama speak

Moore is ok with "Sicko" downloads ...get it here