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Archives: June 22, 2007

State moves to revoke King-Harbor's license

Explosives make walking safer than riding in tanks

Girl's feet severed on ride at Six Flags in Kentucky

Lech Walesa calls Venezuela's Chavez a demagogue

joan rivers on graham norton....

There's a gnat that keeps landing on my glasses.

**I keep my promises....These are for philboy!**

Modern Drunkard

How do you feel about the amount of time you spend on DU?

Christians and War...

Went to the San Diego County Fair yesterday and I'm impressed.

Tony Blair to be a spokes person for the U.S. after he resigns as British PM

What do you look for in a Presidential Candidate besides partisanship???

By Executive Order, Crocs Aren't Chic - Bush's Prez Seal Socks & Crocs


No man is an island

LAT: Explosives make WALKING safer for U.S. troops than riding in armored vehicles

Guantanamo Splits Administration: Gitmo taken off agenda after leak to AP

Just on The Colbert Report, Stephen's guest, Vincent Bugliosi and his 1600 page "Oswald did it" book

H2O Man reached a benchmark today. Come and thank him here:

Incarceration Nation

Granite Status: Barack Returns. Makes Amends

Breaking!!! Mitt Romney's Major Corporate "Sugar Daddy"

Larry Sabato: The Hillary Delimma. (a fair article of pros and cons)

Bloomberg will make the Northeast competitive and hurt Hillary

Sicko, Meet Slicko

Edwards, introduced by Mario Cuomo, Revisits “Two Americas” in NYC

Don’t Veto, Don’t Obey

Breaking Through the Fog of War

Moore and SiCKO Are a Hit at Congress (Media Consortium, via AlterNet)

Free Speech is Alive and Well in Venezuela (AlterNet)

The Education Blame Game (Truthdig)

RJ Eskow| Libby Apologists Are A Gift to Anthropologists Everywhere

The Ripple Effect Of Refinery Fires


The Man Who Knows Too Little

CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry

THE GATES INHERITANCE,-----The tortured world of US intelligence

When Wilton High School censored a student play about the Iraq war, the cast went to the Public

Slave Labor, Poisoned Toys Give Global Capitalism a Black Eye (The Progressive)

Eisenhower's Cross of Iron Speech: "The Chance for Peace"


"On pigs, basketball, frames, and music" (Amanda Marcotte)

People are Disgusted with Them and Congress Doesn't Have a Clue!

Digby: Bloggers Are Part of a Revolutionary Participatory Democracy

Auditing the War

U.S. Corporations Aren't Disclosing Biological Warfare Research Work

Believe the worst when it comes to Bush and war, says veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern

Progressives Have The Mojo Now (

E.J. Dionne Jr.: 'The Left' Moves Front and Center (WaPo)

For Schumer, the Double-Edged Sword of Cozying Up to Hedge Funds

The Rampaging Rapist

Dilldo O'Lie-ly gets out-debated by a 16 year old!

If Reid were Rove (Regressive Antidote)

Inside 'Sicko'

Second Tier Candidates, First Rate Ideas


No Confidence in a Congress that Bends to Bush (by John Nichols for The Nation)

The Bush/Religion association is destroying religion

Schlock and Thaw

On the Rio Grande, Anger Swells Over Plans for Fence

Bush to New Orleans Jazz Legend: "Pick Up All the Trash" (The Nation)

The Doc's In, but It'll Be a While (BusinessWeek)

NY Times review of "Sicko"

Secret Service: Retired Bush will be high value terrorist target

Brent Budowsky:CIA Skeletons, The Mortal Sins of Dick Cheney, The Nobility Of Al Gore

The end of the wilderness: bears starve as poachers pillage Russia's wealth of salmon - Guardian

Students are pushing their schools to become models for the clean energy revolution

GreenVolts Signs Utility Deal

Galapagos May Get 'In Danger' Listing

Wind Companies Consider Molokai Ranch Land (Hawaii)

Sudden Windstorm In Vienna Kills Two, Briefly Closes Airport - Reuters

For Third Year Straight, Oil Majors' Reserves Slip Below Replacement Rate

As Icebergs Proliferate Off Antarctica, New Life Flourishes - Independent

Cartoon: Confessions of a Closet Conservationist

61 Hospitalized After Touching River Water In China - AFP

Experts: Darfur Faces Environment Crisis

Sizing Up Big Business' Climate Footprint

Galapagos experiment sparks alarm (iron seeding, geo-engineering) - BBC

19 Die As Romanian Heatwave Temperatures Hit 95F - Reuters

Climate resets 'Doomsday Clock' (BBC)

Just What Polluted, Overcrowded India Didn't Need - A $3,000 Car - Independent

Solar Energy "Ueberalles"

BMW's 'Turbosteamer' concept for cars. Can save lots of gas!

Alstom to develop CO2 capture plant - AP

YOUR Carbon footprint....?

Maybe 80 Years Left For Flowering Dogwoods - 35 States At Risk Of Losing State Trees, Flowers

The Peak Oil Crisis: Approaching The Cliff

U.S.-led move to back Abbas gov't blocked in Security Council

Israel air force training for distance missions

May I ask why this was moved to an I/P issue?

Should all American middle class workers help fund Israel?

Maxim Features Models From Israeli Army

There is a part of Israel that is 8 miles wide,right in the middle,next to the sea.

300 olive trees replanted at outpost

Shock, awe and dread

The Arabs have been big part of their own sorry fate

No Charges In E. coli Outbreak Tied To Spinach

White House wants spying lawsuits tossed

Australian navy repelled Iranian gunboats in 2004

Voucher Students Show Few Gains in First Year

U.S. soldier killed during fighting in southwestern Baghdad, military says

Venezuela oil deposit confirmed

Pentagon sends another detainee to Guantanamo

UNICEF slams Iraq orphanage neglect as "totally unacceptable"

Afghan air raid kills 12 civilians, 20 Taliban

It's Official: Maine Rejects Net Neutrality

Venezuela's PdVSA Sees First African Deals By Year-End

Musharraf's Political Future In Doubt

Fed lawyers ask judge to toss states' domestic spying lawsuits

FTC tries to block Whole Foods' bid for Wild Oats' data

Obama Promises Sweeping Government Reform

Toyo awarded project in Venezuela

US, UK want to shut down Iraq arms unit at UN soon (UNMOVIC)

State Senator (R) Appointed to Fill Thomas Vacancy


Cheney in Dispute on Oversight of His Office

Delphi and U.A.W. Reach Tentative Accord

Rules 'Hiding' Trillions In Debt; Liability $516,348 Per U.S. Household

Wyo. governor appoints new U.S. senator

Romney aide is the focus of probe Allegedly acted as State Police trooper

Gonzales Tells Colleagues He'll Finish Term

Denmark mulls fate of Iraqi helpers after troops withdraw

German Officials Report Increased Threat of Terrorist Attacks

Guantanamo Closure Meeting Was Scheduled

Lady Bird Johnson Hospitalized

Space shuttle to land in Calif. due to bad weather in Florida, NASA says

Bomb strikes UK patrol in Basra (soldier seriously injured)

Officer: US May Reduce Forces by Spring

Bush Pick for No. 3 at Justice Withdraws

Army officer says Gitmo panels flawed

Iran cleric: Rushdie fatwa still stands

Plugged-in: Wal-Mart shuns gay groups

Cheney Defiant on Classified Material-Executive Order Ignored Since 2003

Video raises concern about firms' H-1B abuses

Obama promises sweeping government reform

US military's new Iraq strategy: religious conciliation

Lacrosse Attorneys File Motion for Criminal Charges Against Nifong

Democrats Pass Provision for Contraceptives in House Foreign Aid Bill Move Is First Challenge To Ant

Abandoned baby not that of missing woman

John Edwards advocates Smithfield union vote

U.S. Building Detainment Facility In Afghanistan

CIA to Air Decades of Its Dirty Laundry Assassination Attempts Among Abuses Detailed

US Senate seeks fuel efficiency

LAT: Tourists aren't flocking to the U.S.

Top Targets Fled Before U.S. Push, Commander Says

(UK) Attorney general to leave office

Lowering Flag for War’s Dead Brings New Rift

WA woman protests easy voter rules by registering dog to vote

(Sen.) Roberts fractures wrist in accident

Military reviews placing special ops on U.S. soil (domestic 'anti'-terrorism missions)

Firefighters inhaled as ton of pot burned, chief says

SOA/WHINSEC survives vote in Congress by a 6 vote margin

Arrest Made in Death of Denton Activist

"Purity ring" schoolgirl goes to UK High Court


The Cure... naughty naught naughty

KCK firefighters allegedly fill pool while on the job

My Celebrity Karma ROCKS! I just met Kate Walsh and...

Magic Gopher

It is almost midnight, Pacific time, Anyone out there awake....

Anyone up for a BAR FIGHT?

Do you think it helps to be able to walk?

Reptile Dysfunction

Name at least one obscure book

Woohoo! I made the Greatest Page! Haven't done that in awhile!

Which one should I purchase?

Message from Paris Hilton!!

Rabbit Breakout

I need some help.

How do people with chronic cuteness manage?

My daughter just did the nicest thing

What a difference a generation makes

Paris Hilton, hussy or night angel, you decide

Teen Killed His Mother To Use Insurance Money For Video Games

why are some youtube videos slow to load?

Tin Foil Hats Found to Amplify, Not Reduce, Government 'Mind-Control' Signals


Congratulations Horse with no Name!! 15,000 posts

Congratulations eridani!! 10,000 posts

I can't help it. I'm a sucker for cute kitties....

My daughters are playing GI Joe constantly. Question:

PBR @ 4.1% with DU'ers

Swedish man addicted to heavy metal gets disability benefits

last time I change my mind... Rising Phoenix

Anyone else a sticky prick when it comes to lap dances?

Need a quick favor; Last day to VOTE on Banana Malibu vid contest!

Anybody in Columbus Ohio going to Comfest this weekend?

Post all the smilies you can type by heart, without having to click on the lookup table.

My thrill of a lifetime moment this evening... I so have to share.

Lounge Vibes Needed here

What is the latest about Atlantis landing today?

Senator Joe Lieberman/Senator Palpatine similarities. TERRIFYING!

Loungers - I desperately need a hug.

Who else here isn't a coffee fan?

Whats on your To Do list for the weekend?

ebay question

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/22/2007)

It is thundering here in Maine. How is your weather?

Drama Chipmunk!

It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day

The View needs

what income is considered under the poverty level?

I'm pregnant too!

Is vegeturiunz

I'm going to see Spermalot tomorrow.

Has anyone seen the show Lil' Bush on Comedy Central?

Ever had a friend who wouldn't leave her spay incision alone?

Mark Jenkins - Sculptor.......(Pic Heavy)

First official photo of Harrison Ford back in his Indiana Jones gear

As self-declared loose lounger I say...

Anyone else here totally addicted to iced coffee?

Not a Smart Man

Finally the paternity results are in

As Lord Emperor of Absolutely Nothing, I hereby decree:

Someone called animal control and told them my husband was decrepit.

(Sigh) I'm 38 today.

Your cat desperately needs to be confused

73 posts until I hit the big 10,000. Can I do it today?

you can haz steenk eye

Just found out I am NOT pregnant!!!!

I came online for a reason but I can't remember what it was

Space Shuttle out-runs Imperial Tie-Fighter. Lands. Someone's gettin choked (pic)

Texas Republican Lawmakers Honor Registered Sex Offender

Friday Morning Questions

This weekend is GLBT Pride Fest

As Princess of the Lounge Losers, I Hereby Declare, WIMR can ONLY have Opinions about Barbie Dolls.

We lost a really beautiful and special person.

I just bought 15 shrimpy white guys named Jumbo.

Weldome to DU Rising Phoenix!!

Etch-a-Sketch Mayberry

X-post from the Sports forum: Roger Clemens 2057

Songs that should be considered war crimes

Paris reveals her life after jail


Would you paint your cat to look like this?

lolcatz iz swepin ur nationz

Beer and sex myths

Nate, Ruth, David, Claire, Maya Fisher, Keith Charles, Brenda & Billy Chenowith, Rico & Vanessa Diaz

it`s official..the "gay bomb" movie poster

Stephen Baldwin is no

Are you a folder or a crumpler?

Day after my birthday Picture Thread!!

Yay! My wireless is working again!

You probably noticed I decided not to end existence today. Now I declare it Negroni night!

I just had my passport photo taken. Ask me anything!

I am here....and very glad to be!

Going to Lake Tahoe/San Fran this winter. Is there anything to do out there?

Lawyer Wants RIAA To Sue The Bush Twins For Copyright Infringement

What's your favorite Was (Not Was) song?

Hey LA DUers! Wanna go to the SiCKO sneak preview??

If Mick Jagger had a lick of sense, he'd have asked Merry Clayton to join the Stones

Friday night game thread: Can we name songs with all 50 states referenced?

Have you ever wondered ..

If you had a time machine, which of these places would you most like to visit?

10 worst jobs in science...

In the spirit of the average man


Village Green (Video)

Famous Last Words

The leader of the band is tired,and his eyes are getting old........

My nephew made chili. Chili powder,jalapenoes and piment rouge,then he ADDED habeneros.

How do you like your toast?

my next tat

Any cell phone companies with night minutes starting at 7:00 p.m.?

Black humor (no, not Sinbad)

Anyone ever hear this pick-up line?

looking forward to next weekend

DuZys (MADem) just gave me my new stage name: Boobsy McBigBust!

Wasn't some DUers sister on Jeopardy tonight?

Why does my Yahoo browser keep hanging ???

I'm going to the Padres-Red Sox game at Petco Park tonight!

I just combed my hair.


Did KMart ever not suck? When?

Does anyone else hate shopping at the ABC store?

What sort of crazy crap do/will you make your kids do?

Name your all time favorite song ever.


My great, great grandfather was in the Civil War

very well...

**Good in the kitchen=good in bed? **

Scottish Fold kitten

Rise of the Capri Sun Man.

Why was John Lee Hooker too black for the Blues Brothers soundtrack?

Allow me to introduce to you...Prudence!!!

I was going to post a copycat about runny craps but only managed to shit myself

I'm gonna throw this out there as a public service to you all...

Ever had a pet who wouldn't leave her spay incision alone?

No takers for this in GD


What do you have an aversion to?

I defy you to find a cooler war protest song....

I iz Ted Stevenz.

Honest answers..... anonymous forum

that's *it*, you people need a leg-up: The ABC's of DADA (1 of 3)

I'm going to NYC tomorrow!

Cut or uncut?

F#%@n' Murphy's LAW strikes AGAIN. Damn damn DAMN.

Caught an amazing Roger Waters concert in Vancouver last night

What do you want to die doing?

Watching AKIRA again for the first time in years...


Anyone have a good cure for writer's block!?!?!?

To the insomniacs here!

Grey's Anatomy's Isaiah Washington is such a dweeb

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Gas stations in your town. Pay first then pump or pump first then pay?

I'm going to see Spamalot tomorrow.

Yahoo stupid headline - High blood sugar level during pregnancy puts newborn at risk

NBC news just reported that older sibs are smarter

LOL - Actual bill introduced in the Minnesota Legislature - in rhyming verse


My bank assigned my credit card an A.P.R. of 27%, and I want them to explain to me 'why'

Someone called Animal Control and told them my dog was decrepit.

I took this pic of an Ad for a local amusment park - I love it

I had a UPS driver today throw a box over my fence clearly markedGlass

I'm getting hooked on the tv show "Bones"

Just bought 15 pounds of jumbo white shrimp.

I'm going to a Catholic wedding. Pray for me.

For my 10,000th post I want to thank

Show me your puppy pictures!

Describe a time when you stuck to your principles.

I didnt know she had the g.i. joe, kung foo grip

I try not to buy anything from China

This pic may get me chastised (WARNING: ADULT AROUSING CONTENT)

Why? Why? Why all the prurient copycat threads?

Who knows the 'dead' language of Latin?

Help! Ancient iMac question and dolt user.

Are you anything like you were in High School

David Lee Roth: Sex God

I just had the crappiest run, ever.

As King of the Lounge Losers, I Hereby Declare...

7 Years, and 3 terms as board member of professional association, and I'm done. Ask Me Anything!


Let's all start wishing Kajsa a Happy Birthday!!!

Catspeak: What Trilling Means

My wife's new HP, Vista keeps crashing

Outdoor lumber for kids to play on

my Grandfather was an infantryman during WW1

Packing for vacation with older kids is so great, I must say!!

Paul Potts - WOW, brought tears to my eyes

I just impressed my 16 yo son

Let's play Movie Quotes.

Roger Clemens 2057

Kevin Durant's Strength

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for June 24 (two days early this week)

Help Save Farm Workers' Lives This Summer

Business, labor do battle over unionizing bill

Workers claim mistreatment by Pulte subcontractor (STORY & VIDEO)

TUSD union wary of $700K payback (for an accounting error in health-care coverage)

Teamsters Law Enforcement League Supports House Committee Action

Pensions dominate Teamsters’ talks with UPS, freight carriers Union files unfair labor practice charge against GAO chief

Texas Kroger Workers Prepare For Strike

Is Cheney Above the Law?

Outfoxed: What you can do to take back the media

Cheney's Branch Onto Himself


Crazy Redux


Christy Moore - Hey! Ronnie Reagan


Bush was wrong about the Stars

Sen. Clinton on the Employee Free Choice Act

Dems Rallying Cry: Just One Victory

Hillary Clinton was on the Wal Mart Board of Directors

SICKO Saves--Michael Moore, You Just Saved My Home

War Made Easy Part 1-Excerpt from Democracy Now!

War Made Easy Part 2

War Made Easy Part 3

War Made Easy Part 4

War Made Easy Part 5

11 Out Of 900 Lobbyists Invited Attend Screening Of SICKO

I Want Tomorrow

High Cost Of Medicine Documentary Manipulated Clinical Research

The Fukin Newz! 6-22-07

Olbermann Mocks O'Reilly's "serious reporting".

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Most Improved Awards

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

MarkDayComedy!!! US Military Vs. YouTube & MySpace FUNNNNNY!!!!

What have I got against religion?

Vigilante justice...Man killed by crowd after child ran over

Turning degrees of failure into degrees of success...

election for NEW "Seven Wonders of the World"


Israel's bikini diplomacy

AP movie critic loses me. Watch her buttering her toast

Great line by SEIU president Andy Stern on Charlie Rose

Jonesboro school murderer is already in trouble with the law again

Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution

Want to see a totally psychotic LJ posting?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - the big squeeze (fri 6/22)

Cheney - can't hide no more? (executive privilege)

School considers bringing back spanking

NYT: Agency Is Target in Cheney Fight on Secrecy Data (Nat'l Archives)

Call to Action June 24: Impeachment: Partisan Politics or a Defense Against Tyranny?

Greenwald on the psychopathic Podhoretz clan

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

== Should You Get A Bad Tattoo? = By Mark Morford

Yes Men are at it again!

Paris Hilton, hussy or night angel, you decide

Why, in my opinion, I think peak-oil theories are crap.

Republican Mom Leaves Party to End Stop Loss

Lieberman Helps Collect Cash for Collins; Host's Fundraiser For Her

Who is this Crazy Man on WJ ...this a.m. Thomas P.M. Barnett,raving about our Globalized Military!

President Clinton's - White - Preserved and fully Search-able

Killer dope!

The problem with Democracies is occasionally they elect Criminals to office....

What's wrong with amusement parks? Another tragedy.

Freak winter is Europe's warmest for 700 years

VoteHope 2008, a 527 group supportive of Obama, just labeled a Swiftboat-style

Bushco is slowly but surely manipulating the country once again: They effectively present Iraq as an

Phil Donahue Strikes Back

Cheney claim not to be in the executive goes back to 2002

Solar powered public trash bins?

What do cafe's have to do with the energy bill?

This day in 1944: FDR builds the middle class, creates upward mobility

The Asshat Has the Presidential Seal on his Presidential Goddamn Socks >

World trade talks collapse in acrimony (global trade deal maybe after bush is out)

Homeland Insecurity: DHS Acknowledges Own Computer Break-Ins

Foot patrols gaining in popularity in Iraq-fear of EFPs main cause

Michael Moore Conquers Capitol Hill with “Sicko” (The Progressive)


Pakistan said building third nuclear reactor

Bush's Make-Do Team

Cheney not a part of Executive Branch? Simple Answer

Keep Calm and Carry On

Halliburton was using Enron-style accounting to pump up stock value ...

Fight Over Secret Satellite Program Is Revived

Left Wing Watch ... We're fucking the elephant!

What Rudy Giuliani's greedy decision to quit the Iraq Study Group reveals about his candidacy

How the Bu$h runaway war train is outlined by Shostakovich's String Quartet No. 3.

What is wrong with everyone here? Dick Cheney IS above the law.

GOP (Gaggle of Phonies) Poll

Tricky Dick must GO!

Diane Rehm's Panel discussing whether Cheney is Executive

From Baghdad to Tehran: On the Road to Gambler’s Ruin

U.S. Corporations Aren't Disclosing Biological Warfare Research Work

WaPo: Cheney Defiant on Classified Material

Former Bush EPA Chief: Giuliani ‘More Concerned With Image Than Safety’ During Anthrax Scare

I actually think Cheney has a point.

Retired Bush: 'high value terrorist target' per SS.

Aboriginal abuse curbs on alcohol and pornography deemed 'racist'

GOPer's Amendment To Prevent Pelosi From Consorting With Enemy Suffers Crushing Defeat

MODS! There's an ad at the bottom of DU that says

American Research Group Poll: Bush Approval at 27%

God DAMMIT This Picture Haunts Me...

Cheney, you Dick, if you didn't want your work made public, you shoulda stayed out of public life!

Right Wing Watch - We're Strangling the Donkey

Thick smoke rose over the heavily fortified Green Zone of Baghdad

If Cheney is not a member of the executive branch, is he entitled to SS protection

The baseless insinuations against John Edwards and poverty

Write your Representative...we need to keep on 'em!

ARG Bush Approval 27% - Newsweek 26%

Rudy has absolutely NO shame. Just saw him on CNN shaking hands with Edwards at

Meanwhile: A veteran patrols the home front

National Dems Are On Verge Of Recruiting Two Big 2008 Senate Candidates

Dennis Kucinich at Take Back America

Cheney is right...VP office is not part of executive branch of US Government...

Hartmann on now

McNulty: Domenici Call Was Key to Iglesias' Firing

American M.B.A.s Flock to Asia to Acquire Overseas Experience

Should Dems soft-pedal reproductive rights because this writer was told abortion was a factor in 04?

Lightning kills man beneath cloudless sky

It is far past time to get MAD and MEAN.

David Honish's brother arrested for his murder. North Texas peace activist.

Domestic Terrorist Tax resisters finding allies in cyberspace

Dick Cheney: Hell's Subcontractor

Hey, GOP Pols: Lots of your voters depend on the people you want to deport

Thursday, June 28.

Your Racist, Joking Pesident....

WJ: RE Cheney - How much secrecy is necessary

The only response to the "Christian" Republican Housewife for NJ

Major Pharm & Biotech Firms Concealing Nature of their Research For U.S. Gov't

Why CAN'T we be more like Europe?

Let's jump to conclusions ......

Skelton And Conyers Introduce MAJOR NEW HABEAS REFORM Legislation

Does anyone just what the hell is going on in Iraq?

Hillary Clinton People Deny Story about Talk Radio Conversation

United for Peace and Justice Update: Anti-War Assembly Today


glen beck, Why Is He STILL On CNN? Well, Why?

Wouldn't it be fun to see cheney's options dry up??--see here.

CREW: Is Cheney Creating A Fourth Branch Of Government?-If So He Is Subject To These Senate Rules...

Robert Borosage: Progressives Have The Mojo Now

Question about medical insurance premiums

GOPer's Amendment To Prevent Pelosi From Consorting With Enemy Suffers Crushing Defeat

Libby Judge Files Expanded Opinion

Canada's first ambulance for obese patients on call

Anyone know when the next Democratic debate is?

Poland's Nazi taunt inflames EU summit

a challenge. . .

Defeat the Modernity? Romney's power point on terror. Priceless.

FYI: I just fixed my "Cookie Problem" I was having here with Firefox, might be a bug?

Rawstory: Conyers Admits Justice Dep't Whistleblower Website Was 'Premature'

Thousands arrive ... to honor 9 South Carolina firefighters killed in blaze" rant

Another devastating Bush legacy..."Democracy’s been given a bad name"

Violent Rhetoric, RE: Clintons Falls On Deaf Ears...---But Watch What You Say About *

Lynn Woolsly talking of sy Hersch torure pics on House floor right now.

Democrats Mull 'Criminal Contempt' Charges for White House in 'Attorneygate' Probe

GALLUP: Only 29% Say U.S. Winning War on Terrorism -- Lowest Number Since 9/11

If Darth Cheney Is No Longer Part Of The Executive Branch

OK class - let's extrapolate this graph...

have you written your letter yet???

A Sane Strategy For Disengagement In Iraq

If Darth is not subject to Executive Branch rules, is he next in line for the throne?

O'Reilly wants to "burn down" Media Matters

The CIA's Family Jewels:Agency Violated Charter for 25 Years, Wiretapped Journalists and Dissidents

Fallout from MSNBC story on media workers' political donations: MoveOn donor axed

NPR: White House Denies Talk of Closing Guantanamo

Live WH presser coming up on cspan1--they just announced it. Here is is now.

Rep. Feeney opens legal defense fund

CREW Asks 'Is the Vice President Creating a Fourth Branch of Government?'

Anyone else seeing John Edwards in NYC tonight?

DU on March 2003, this article lays the war in Iraq out for all to see.

When will Bush's approval rating drop below 23%(Nixon) for lowest of all-time?

Sorry dumb question... why do owners of hedge funds and private equity firms have so much power?

Its Friday Ya Bastads!!!

"I'm a Liberal." ........ "I'm a Progressive" ...... well ...... I'm confused.

What is up with Condosleezbag's subpeona?

(Lindsey) Graham’s approval plunges on immigration

In case you missed it the last time...

Bush aides quit amid little sense of purpose

Has anyone here ever called the White House comment line?

WaPo: House Votes to Revive Iraq Study Group


Small percentage of invited lobbyists show up for Moore's "Sicko" screening

Article II, Section 1

Ms perino will get back to the press about the VP---Is VP an entity of the Ex Branch?

Outraged parent says class was shown 'bootleg' copy of new 'Shrek' movie


Low power FM coming up again, call your congress critter.

Former Alabama Governor Speaks Out Before Sentencing

The Man Who Knows Too Little (Rudy)

That noise may not be so harmless

Ed Schultz: ‘How Many Markets Do I Have To Beat Hannity In Before I Get 200 Or 300 Stations?’

That caller on the Ed Shultz show

Perino Confirms White House Canceled Meeting On Guantanamo Closure After AP Report

Space shuttle is 40 minutes away from landing.

A Thank You to all the fire fighters in our midst

Hillary Smoking Gun Video

How do they know they've killed 68 'al-Qaeda militants'?

Why does Congress set so many far off goals for everything?....

Send a one line letter to Representative John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell re: paper ballots

Impeach Cheney NOW!!!!

Australia Prohibits Aborigines From Buying Alcohol and Pornography

Bush And Cheney Waltz Into The Sunset ... ...

High incidence of blight in Bt cotton

Biden: It's time Democrats tell the truth about Iraq war

This does more to hurt Obama than it does Hillary.

Hope 'Springs' Eternal With The Bush Cabal In Iraq

Avoid air hassles with discreet behavior

Another week and Alberto Gonzalez is still Attorney General

NASA TV fans, Space shuttle landing in about 8 minutes at Edwards AFB

Doctors' beliefs hinder patient care

After Police Seize Huge Cache of Explosives in Colorado, Man Out on $50,000 Bond

What a great boss!


Is Melanie Morgan Anne Coulter's mother?

hardball: robert kennedy vs melanie morgan

Officer: military ‘pressured’ me to name ‘enemy combatants.’

Talk show hosts are Olbermann's Worst Persons for "whack" the Clintons comment

Will no one save us? (Yawn.)


Investors’ Suits Face Higher Bar, Justices Rule

Separated at Birth?

Bush is about as popular as all day arc gouging barefooted.

I was starting to think it forgot to rain today! Nope, here it is another storm.

Coming up on Tweety's show: Ask Annie!

Mortality of livestock linked to Bt cotton yet again

Chairman Waxman's Letter to Dick Cheney

House defense appropriators consider shutting down Gitmo

Extraordinary Hearing On Extraordinary Rendition

george bush did something very kind today

What have we here Mr. Rove?

Apple now third-largest U.S. music retailer: survey (Reuters)

Working to elect the Democrats we want is fine, but in the end we DO need a majority in Congress

Our building (in San Diego) just went THUMP, THUMP!

The Organic Divide

The Big Profits in Biowarfare Research - Corporate America's Deadliest Secret

WND reporting on smoking gun evidence against Hillary.

June 2005: Halliburton subsidiary gets $30 million to build new Guantanamo prison

GITMO Army officer: we were pressured to declare detainees "enemy combatants," often without any

Volunteers wanted for trip to 'Mars'

Need some economics help on universal healthcare

Healthy applause at 'Sicko' (NY Daily News)

I wish people would stop with the impeachment talk

FBI investigates white supremacist death threats from friend of Washington Times editors

On The Day After Al Gore Announces Who Will Your Preferred Nominee Be?

My question for ANN on softball with tweety

U.S. lawmaker urges condoms for border control

Randi is on the attack

Soldiers and Cells

Paul Rieckhoff: Care for Those Left Behind

White House Won't Say If Cheney Is Part of Executive Branch

Local Couple Says Michael Moore Saved Family

Sandy Levinson: If Cheney really is a branch unto himself, the vice presidency must be abolished

Farms Fund Robots to Replace Migrant Fruit Pickers

Dick Cheney vs. Nancy Pelosi. Dick Cheney just won.

Stephanie Miller is losing me with the Scooter Libby song parody.

John Dean said on Rachal Maddow

Poll: How many crimes has Dick Cheney committed?

Bush presses Vietnam leader on human rights

Elizabeth Edwards scheduled to speak at Gay Pride event- her appearance is seen as breaking barrier

McClatchy: Presidential ambitions are interfering with hopefuls' votes

Bloody hard to run a forum in Sweden – Lawyer speaks

Could someone plese send me a link....

Bush’s Scandal-Ridden DoJ Nominee Withdraws Over Fear Of Senate Fight (Mercer)

Why is the USA number in one crime in the developed world?

Did anyone see Amy Goodman today ?

One of life's great mysteries:

Pelosi speaking on cspan1 (previous speach---)----while house is voting.

OMG! Has the Chimp Ever Looked Worse? ---pix--->>>

Bobby Kennedy is about to devour

..and about that loofah-luvin' idiot Bill O'Liarlly...

9/11 workers from Moore film fear political attack (AP)

Helping the web become world wide (BBC)

White House On Cheney Ignoring Executive Order: ‘It’s A Little Bit Of A Non-Issue’

Would someone please fugging tell me

'Sicko' leaves top Democrats ill at ease

Support Eli Israel, military war resister, currently in Iraq. Update

CREW Asks 'Is The Vice President Creating A Fourth Branch of Government?'

Our country was not founded in Christianity

Lieberman's Support For GOP Sparks Increase In Liberal Fundraising

Should all American middle class workers help fund Israel?

ACLU: Day of Action Comes at Pivotal Moment-Restore Our Rights/Pls. Sign Petition!

OK, here is what we can expect for talking points against single-payer healthcare

See The Republican Party of Today:

If Dick Cheney is not a part of the executive branch than I think we need 60 Senators to ratify

KO: "Who is this Cheney guy anyway?"

Former police sergeant gets 8 years for offering bribes

Personal exemptions: the new paradigm. Or is it Schrodinger's cat?

Why arent RW racists outraged about "illegal employers"?

The New Colossus

Al Qaeda in Iraq ready to target Europe and beyond.

The overwhelming negative reaction from Americans regarding

You pool your money for defense. Isn't that socialism?

Gitmo Army officer says he was pressured to classify people as "enemy combatants" with no evidence

dupe; please delete

The politics of obstruction

GOD DAMN IT!!! I oppose closing Guantanamo!!!

Nuclear power N.Korea to invite Rice to Pyongyang soon to test US willingness to normalize relations

For how long has Nancy Pelosi held the highest leadership post among House Democrats?

Isn't There Supposed To Be Some Team Libby Filing In Court Today ???

What drives you to support your presidential candidate the most

Alternate Reality: Al Gore is in his 7th year as President.

Wal-Mart Bows To RW Religious Freaks - Stops Donating To GLBT Groups

Lawsuits and Health Care Costs?

Afghan air raid kills 25 civilians, 20 Taleban

I think it's safe to say that the "New Direction For America" is officially dead

bUSH APPROVAL RATING at 26% - -- (cnn) ha ha, bush, you asshole.

Anybody else see that horse's ass Ghouliani at the memorial for the S.C. firefighters?

Single Payer Healthcare WILL COST LESS than any other system. Period.

NBC news just reported that older sibs are smarter

Outsourcing: How to Skirt the Law

Another one bites the dust: Department of Justice No. 3 Resigns


If you knowingly hire even 1 illegal immigrant..

The Regents and Ward Churchill "this is not about footnotes"

At White House, Renewed Debate on Guantánamo

We scored some tickets to tomorrow's "SiCKO" advance screening....Anyone else going?


WP, Dan Froomkin: Method to Cheney's Madness (He stopped filing reports in 2003.)

O'Reilly To Reporters: Americans 'Hate You'

What did Cheney start doing in 2003 that gave him reason to prevent executive branch oversight?

North Dakota Farmers File Lawsuit Against DEA

Researchers: Post-Katrina Death Rate 50 Percent Higher In New Orleans

Does Cheney have to be out of office before he can be indicted?

Shooting off fireworks on June 23rd??? Is this childish entertainment?


At a crossroads

My wife's new HP, Vista keeps crashing

Why does my Yahoo browser keep hanging ???

Robert Byrd casts his 18,000th vote

Pope Still Fretting About Christians Fleeing Iraq - Oh, my goodness

Caught an amazing Roger Waters concert in Vancouver last night

Have I missed the DUzys?


Friends Of The Earth: Senate Energy Bill Disappoints On Global Warming

AT&T Quietly Offers $10 DSL

New Names Submitted for Goethe School (HAH!)

70 month to date Iraq; 10 Afghanistan

I just impressed my 16 yo son

'Mile-wide UFO' spotted by British airline pilot

Help! Ancient iMac question and dolt user.

Firefighters inhaled as ton of pot burned, chief says

The Rev. Al Sharpton will launch activist chapter in Bakersfield

Bush's Incredible Shrinking "Coalition"

Army Veteran peace activist shot and killed by pro-gun brother

Wont'cha help a DU'er with a local poll?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

"Dumbest guy in the business "- Tim CONWAY on the O'LOOFAH circus

How many missing black or hispanic women/children have you seen in the front page of CNN?

ruh roh - senator bridge to nowhere in more hot water....

Chinese Labor Safety Standards summed up in one picture

Should doctors be allowed to deny patients treatment if it conflicts with their personal beliefs?

The only thing saving us is that CHEENEE is OLD and SICK

what would it take to appeal to most "third party splinsters",

If "outsourcing" transfers wealth from the U.S. to third world countries, is this bad?

WTF is WTF????

Health Insurance Industry, Big Pharmaceuticals Launch Michael Moore Smear Campaign

A most dangerous would-be leader: a man who doesn't seem to know how much he doesn't know.

Is Unquestioning Loyalty To A Political Party EVER Good For That Party ???

"Special Operations Prepared for Domestic Missions"

If Gore doesn't jump in, I'm voting for ______ in the primaries

Jefferson Parish wants to get rid of Taco Trucks

If it were filed today, how long would impeachment take, 2 yrs?

While I have a lot of anger like that expressed by Will Pitt, my heart is also breaking.

Hurry, hurry, check the new Dick Cheney wikipedia entry

They didn't die for America, they died in vain for dick cheney.

Indy Star: Burton (R) hires relatives; voters should fire him

Taxpayer ALERT: Chimp to receive massive Secret Service protection post-presidency

is there an outbreak of armed robberies in your town?

Thank you, Mr. PRESIDENT OF THE SENATE Richard B. Cheney

Not advocating it, but not voting for Prez is an option in many states due to the electoral college

DK: TWIRLING WITH GAY GLITTER: Elizabeth Edwards at SF Gay Pride

SKELTON/CONYERS Introduce Habeas Reform Legislation Today

What effect do you think Sicko will have on the political scene?

Dow closes down 186 points

Sunni and Shiite tribal militias struck violently in Baghdad and Basra against the occupation forces

The lost contest slide show.

White House Defends Cheney Over Secrets...You knew this shit was coming!

Death in Los Angeles hospital exposes social crisis in US

Dick Cheney vs the Constitution

Thom Hartmann conducted a straw poll on his radio show just

Impeaching Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Tony Blair to convert to Catholicism

About kids in backyards...I have a story for you:

Rules 'Hiding' Trillions In Debt; Liability $516,348 Per U.S. Household

CARTOONS: Bush In Free Fall ... (Approval Down To 26%) ...

Conyers:A Big Endorsement for HR676, Michael Moore

Bush can no longer be comforted by being more popular than Jimmy Carter at his lowest point.

Illegal hiring is the cause of...

I think we should support the world's athletes at the Chinese Olympics

DU- July 20, 2001...What we were talking about before "everything-changed-on-9-11"


FDA issues new safety rules for vitamins

"It's Addington..." (Regarding this recent Cheney thing)

The Last Caucus

The Lionel Show 06/22/07: What we learned today

Cheney DID NOT say he is no Longer a Member of the Executive Branch: The Real Story is Much Worse

"Diaries are forbidden now"...

So Basically... The War Continues Because The Republicans Are Cultists, The Democrats Are Afraid...

Those interested in "CIA Revealing the Jewels" story check out Matthews tonight!

Did Bobby Kennedy "personally manage" Castro Assassination? (WaPo/CIA article)

Single-Payer Healthcare

Ironic isn't it?

What do you believe now that you didn't a few years back? (CIA Secrets)

Alberto Gonzales and the Texas Youth Commission Scandal

Democrats attack Cheney for secrecy...Reid calls for hearings.

White House postpones meeting on Guantanamo. Should Guantanamo close?

I long for the day when Hate Radio no longer pollutes my airwaves

Any links to the South Carolina firemen telling Rudy

Congressman who sponsored impeachment against Nixon has died

Adults and Their Noisy Noise

John Kerry: A Step Forward on Energy

So explain to me why it needs to take until 2020 to make cars more fuel efficient?

Secret Service: Retired Bush will be 'high value terrorist target'

Report: 91% of talk radio is conservative

Gingrich tries to get cute in London, and guess who nails him?

Al Qaeda fight to death in Iraq bastion - Sounds better than Iraqi people fight to death

"Let them eat cake!"

No longer allowed to use the word "Rape"

Is your city experiencing "copper theft" problems too?

Just a thought: if you like a thread enough to nominate it, a kick

Impeachment and "battered Democrats syndrome"

Conyers Caves To GOP On Whistleblowers Website

Nancy Pelosi can redeem herself.

TPM: GTMO Hearings Severely Flawed, Army Intelligence Officer Says

***DUzy Awards for week ending June 22, 2007***

Is your cell phone spying on you? Listening and taking pictures? The answer is clear.

How Liberal Activists Outfoxed Fox

Prius or MINI Cooper?

Fitzgerald's Response To Libby's Request For Bond Pending Appeal

Don’t Veto, Don’t Obey

Why do I feel I'm the only Democrat who likes

Why should we insist on impeachment even though they say there isn't enough time?

Book TV Schedule: June 23rd - 25th

There is no way to round up and deport 12 million people.

The most racist government policy in America.. And no one wants to talk about it.

Are you still terrified from Sept. 11th, 2001?

Should parents of screaming kids be held responsible?

Logistics Mean an Iraq Exit Can't Happen Quickly

Liar Dana Milbank on KO said the only way

Giuliani's Best Friend Is An Accused Child-Molester. Fer fuck's sake...


Teacher with 3 DUIs and other violations still in classroom, janitor fired for 1980s shoplifting?

circumcision part 2 - warning...graphic material.

Well... This Ain't Good - Lifelong Dems I Know Going Green & Independent

This is it. If they can root Cheney out of his bunker, they will find

Let's Put This Whole Voting Green/Indy/Not Gonna Vote Thing To Rest, Shall We? Use Logic.

I have missed my Stephanie Miller!

US Code, Title 44, Chapter 22, Section 2207. Vice-Presidential records

CONYERS Did NOT Cave on Whistleblowers Website = ONE WORD Was Changed

FITRAKIS: Ohio, the DOJ scandal and "Thor" - the god of voter suppression

The screaming of children in quiet Portage, Wisconsin.

Bloomberg shored up Lieberman's campaign by sending a team and money.

Bush to host Vietnam president in historic visit (Reuters)

NYT: Senate Adopts an Energy Bill Raising Mileage for Cars...but R's block other key provisions

Who do you think employs the most people at DU?

Who Wants To Interrogate Ann Coulter?

Enough of the Bill (of impeachment) can't win BULLSHIT! It's simply not true

Micheal Bloomberg Is A Disgusting Self Centered, Attention Seeking Motherfucking Asshole

an increase in # of veiled (full veiled0 women fueling debate in UK

Your Guidelines to Blogging the 2008 Dem Race

Monuments To Republican Political Chastity & Other Asshattery

Energy Bill

Who are these Democrats?

I got a call a few days ago from the DCCC...

Note to Cheney: The title is 'Vice President', not 'Viceroy'

Is a Nader 3rd-party run really that much of a threat anymore?

US House bars funding for UN rights council (AFP)

POLL: 29% say they will definitely vote for Hillary, 46% will defintely vote against...

The Hill: Gore’s 2000 team stays on sidelines

High-income, well-educated Dems' Obama support not enough for nomination

Achievers' Support Not Enough for Obama

2008: Obama, Edwards on Government Reforms

Latest Whitehouse '08 Matchups: Clinton, Obama vs. Giuliani, Romney, Thompson. No McCain.

Is Ahnuld about to follow Mayor Mike to the Non Party?

" Hil's 'Sopranos' spoof slays Rudy, draws half-million hits"

So, according to Lieberman, the biggest growth in party affiliation is 'No Party'.

Too much time to sit and think. So I was thinking everything's going

Corrupt Corporations Hire Corrupt Law Firms to Cheat Qualified Americans out of Jobs!!!

Rember when Dick said that his income "didn't come from the government"

US Congress plumbs depths of unpopularity (at 14%)

Health insurance choices

Petraeus: September "Not A Deadline For Change In Policy"

House rejects cuts to notorious school (of the Americas) - AP

Crocs, Pro-Republic

Kucinich getting lots of votes in Hartman's on air straw poll


Obama again blames staff for miscues

Rezko cash triple what Obama says

LA Times Op/Ed: "Hillary Clinton : Politics = Celine Dion : Music"

NYPost: Steven Van Zandt 'Silvio' turned down Clintons' Sopranos spoof. He backing Barack Obama.

"If I am elected president" by Chuck Norris. He has a WND column now.

It is time for the Congress to create a Constitutional "crisis"

self delete

Report details Healthcare's Massive Spending in Campaign...Hillary and McCain receive 40% of money


Remarks of Senator Barack Obama: Taking Our Government Back (text and VIDEO)

You say you wanna 'change the party' or you wanna 'take the party back' .........

Obama Proposes Sweeping Ethics Reforms

Obama Ringtones, AKA The Worst Idea Ever

Hillary announces Arkansas endorsements...led by Sen. Pryor, former Sen. Bumpers..

Friends of the Earth-Don't Believe the Hype: Send a memo to congress

Dodd, Leahy condemn Coburn's (Nut-OK) delay tactic on Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crime Act

On Feb 5,08 will the market be above 12,000 or below 8,000 and

If 'We the People' And Congress can close Guantanamo,

* condemns Obama-Grassley pro-employer immigration proposal

Conyers admits Justice Dept. whistleblower website was 'premature' after GOP complaints

Ed Koch: Progressive means a RADICAL democrat out of the main stream

Actual letter from an Iowa resident and sent to his senator

Morning Joe Show - How Many Are Watching? Conservative Slant

Matthew Rothschild: Kucinich Sings of the Centrality of Peace

'Sicko' leaves top Democrats ill at ease

Arkansas Leaders Endorse Clinton

Hillary aint got nuthin on Chris Dodd's campaign song

Backing Obama...without his blessing

Dick Cheney is the real decider.

"24" May Have New President Next Season... And It May Be A Woman!

Mayors From Across California Endorse Clinton

Tweety: "If they (Democrats) are pro-choice, why don't they respect other women's choices?"

Obama memo boosts Indian-American fundraiser, support for H. Clinton

Did you know Lou Dobbs is married to a Mexican-American?

Hillary’s NH Support Continuing to Grow, including 43 state legislators.

Jon Bon Jovi on Al Gore: "I think the needle is closer to an absolute 'No' than it is to a 'Yes'. "

Bill (of impeachment) wins Straw Poll of AfterDowningStreet conference

Corporate Media Tunes Out Progressive Radio

Franken 'wins' Ben Stein's money for Senate run

Cynicism and Generosity to Congress

Hillary even outsourced her campaign song!!!

Conyers seeks Contempt of Congress against White House for DOJ-Gate

friends, it does matter. just not so much.

Huge ''Wildlife'' Meth Problems In National Parks and Forests

Elizabeth Edwards Is First National Candidate Or Spouse To Appear At Gay Pride Event

Edwards' Investments with Hedge Fund may be at odds with his policies on lending, gambling and tax.

Obama's plan to "tone down" his "liberal image."

Instant Runoff Voting

Obama Gains in Hillary's Backyard. Developing...

Oh heck, why don't we just call him King? But that would create a problem: what to call the presiden

Parsing Obama's Punjab Flub

Please tell me this couldn't (or won't) happen. President Cheney

leadership? there just ain't none ...

Need help DU'ing a local yocal poll ... pretty please???


Who is the "far left"?

Elizabeth Edwards, symbolism, and substance

"Terra Preta" was mentioned a few wks ago on DU

Edwards Campaign fights back against NYT hit piece

what's the philosophical difference between blue dogs and repubs?

Have you seen this from Larisa Alexandrovna?

Politician joke

Obama's five step plan on ethics

Moore says Weinstein Wanted Clinton Scene Cut from Sicko

Look at this Philadelphia radio station talk show schedule

Peggy Noonan Attacks Hillary and attacks pro-hillary website

There are about 5000 people here maximum in any given week.

In 2004 I fought for Kerry from the beginning, and I didn't belong to DU at that time

Are libertarians more likely to be Republican or Democrat,

Washington Post Rejects Clinton Oppo on Obama

Justice Department pushed aside three minority women to "make room for some good Americans"

Class gap in support bases for HRC and Obama

Clark/Clark get anyone excited?

All those waiting for a Gore Presidency, please check in

(Senator) "You are remarkably cavalier with any idea of justice."

Tx Gov Rick Perry at Bilderburg & Israel

Doctors refusing to care for patients based on "values"

"Changing the Party" by not voting for a Democratic nominee

9 guys died in that fire and were honored as heros. And here come the political assholes to exploit

Want to know how to completely dismantle the HRC machine...

Edwards: Gap between 'Two Americas' growing

Michael Moore on Obama and Edwards: "I can tell you why their healthcare plans won't work."

At state level, GOP, Dems learn to get along