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The CIA's torture teachers (Psychologists helped the CIA)

Blumenthal: Imperial presidency declared null and void

Griffin denies wrongdoing; Pryor says call for probe appropriate

White House delays border passport rules

Japan renames island of Iwo Jima

Missing GI's Wife Won't Be Deported

Ashcroft says prosecutor firings have not harmed Justice Department

Evangelical named LA gang 'tsar'

Hanging with Michael Jackson = $117/second

Jesus. I nearly hit someone's imbecilic little rat-dog tonight.

Best. Stroller Mod. Ever.

Woohoo! Jeff Weaver just threw a 4-hit shut-out for the Mariners against


Cialis commercials need new background music. Post your picks.

This is so sad. I had so hoped they would have found him by now.


I think I just heard either the Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly in a Cadillac commercial

"9/11 Truth Seekers", "9/11 Truthers", "LooseChange" and anti Semites.

"completely native to believe democracy in a country which is primarily Muslim

A trip through rural North Texas and I got to see the thing that always unites

OK, I'll profess my ignorance. WHO is Bloomberg?

Where's Plaid Adder??

Researchers Light Up for Nicotine, the Wonder Drug

I'm taking another sabbatical from this place;

Bloomberg may have a chance, the people are disgusted, congress approval at 14%

Playing cards teach US troops to respect ruins

If I could pick *ANY* politician for President (electability not an issue)...

Kool... I Just Got An E-Mail From Al Gore !!! - Wants To Watch TV With Me On July 7th !!!

Conyers Sets Up Web Site for Justice Department Whistleblowers

Of course the GOP Senators are working to kill pro-worker legislation

Warmonger Blair to be named Middle East envoy by * administration

Florida: HRC 37, Obama 21, Edwards 20. Ghouliani leads Thompson on "R" side

My Conservative friend told me he could see voting for Obama

SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE: Private military corps in Iraq raise questions, stakes

Exposed: The Anatomy of a Torture Scandal (AlterNet)

Fair and Balanced, My Ass! The Bizarre Reality of Fox News

Immigration: The Issue That May Tear Apart The GOP

Why Americans Keep Getting Fatter (Baltimore Sun, via AlterNet)

How Commercial Banks and Private Firms Are Dictating Who Goes To College (Newsday, via AlterNet)

Who's Afraid of Liberalism? The GOP (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Undoing Bush: how to repair eight years of sabotage, bungling, and neglect (Harper's)

TIMOTHY EGAN: Republicans Losing the West

Robert Parry : Bush's Mafia Whacks the Republic

Did no one notice the savage hypocrisy of Bush’s stem-cell veto? (

WaPo: Political Hiring in Justice Division Probed

Reaming College Rankings (by Marty Kaplan at HuffPost)

Poll: Progressives Favor Obama (Bill Scher at

AMA vote on "internet/vid-game addiction" as med condition

Why Don’t Affluent Baby Boomers Give More Money Away? (AlterNet)

This Hostile World- Violence Against Women

How Liberal Activists Outfoxed Fox (

States outpace feds on minimum wage (

Bush aides quit amid little sense of purpose

The CIA's No-Questions-Asked Travel Agent

Are Americans Unready to Boil?

The hearts of all sane men


The Record on Venezuela of the Newspaper of Record

Within the Architecture of Denial and Duplicity: The Democratic Party and the Infantile Omnipotence

The Progressive Politics of Gen-Y

US Is Fighting A Contractor War

SiCKO Is Boffo (by David Corn for The Nation)

Secrecy News... June 21st 2007........

The Hillary Dilemma: Does Sisterhood Trump Peace?

Mexico’s Supreme Court Accepts the Case of Oaxaca

Split in organized labor over immigration

WP | Crocs and Socks: By Executive Order, Crocs Aren't Chic

Giuliani's loyalty to an accused priest

The Good News for Gay Rights (The American Prospect)

Pope worried about 3%

Cheney in Dispute on Oversight of His Office

Gas at $6 per gallon? Get ready.

As McMansion subdivisions spread into forested areas, wildfires are becoming more dangerous.....

The Day America Died

Tyranny and the Military Commissions Act

Hedge funds--another savings-and-loan bailout, or even 1929, waiting to happen

Be careful what you wish for: Sicko and insurance companies

Troops inured to politics

"When sex toys turn green — for health, that is.."

(UK) Govt launches personal 'carbon footprint' calculator - AFP

Research president discusses the economic threat of peak oil

Crosspost: Watch this for a chuckle

House kills 'Yucca Mountain Johnny'

EPA to Propose Tougher Smog Standards

Ontario Launches $150M Home Retrofit Program and Solar Initiatives

SunTechnics to Build 1.9 Megawatt Solar Farm (California)

House Plans to Become Carbon Neutral - AP

GOP Blocks Tax Hikes for Oil Companies - AP

China says exports fuel greenhouse gas emissions - Reuters

Poll: Who are people blaming for high gas prices...

Bush Touts Proposal to Cut Back on Gas (at visit to Alabama nuclear power plant)

Indian waste food project wins green award - Reuters

Science Panel (US National Academy of Sciences) Finds Fault With Estimates of Coal Supply

PORTUGAL: Making Up for Lost Time in Renewable Energy

Getting hooked on wind (backyard wind turbines)

not soluble in water/stable in storage plant sugar bio-fuel replacement for ethanol

“Roof of the World” Testifies Early Global Warming

Missing: Large lake in southern Chile

Japan Kicks Off Coastal Whaling Season

A paradigm shift

Britain’s Environment Agency: Go Vegetarian to Stop Climate Change

Warmer than normal summer for most of U.S.: forecast - Reuters

Prius mpg?

If you read only one article on climate change....

Arafat's legacy fading, fate of Fatah in question

UN's Ban faults rights council over Israel

Top PLO body urges Abbas to call early elections

Poll: 75 percent of Palestinians favor holding new elections

Netanyahu calls for deployment of Jordanian troops in West Bank

Oren: Fatah Isn't the Answer

One Palestine, Kaput

Keeping Talk Radio Pro-Israel

US may cut financial aid to Egypt

Gays celebrate victory in Jerusalem

Britain's Trade Union Boycotts Israel

Woman jailed for testicle attack

Mine kills NATO soldier in Afghanistan

Showdown looms for EU leaders over new treaty

Baquba bomb hits wrong house, wounding 11

Russia says relations with U.S. "inspire alarm": Tass

14 U.S. troops killed in Iraq in 48 hours

China says cancels debt owed by Iraq

Cracks appear in Pakistan's pro-Musharraf coalition

Chile plans register of Pinochet-era torture centers

Former U.S. attorney to testify (Heffelfinger)

Strict Standard Set on Investor Suits (Supreme Court)

Cuban, U.S. Social Scientists Meet in Havana

Hundreds flee homes as Turkish forces battle Kurdish fighters

Police fatally taser gasoline-soaked suspect

Unions Differ on Immigration Legislation (AFL-CIO formally came out against the bill )

U.S. Trains Ex-Sunni Militias as Iraqi Police

Gas at $6 per gallon? Get ready.

Iraqis risk jail time by carrying vital fake IDs

Mortar bombs strike Green Zone in Baghdad

Hundreds flee homes as Turkish forces battle Kurdish fighters

G4 talks collapse, throw trade round into doubt

Court Backs Rules Governing Prison Terms

Allen: Fallujah to be clear of al-Qaida (by August)

Army sees spike in accidents, suicides

Gates: Longer Iraq deployments unlikely

Captors of Britons in Iraq linked to Iran - Petraeus

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 21


Poultry workers test positive for TB

Supreme Court upholds limits on high school sports recruiting

Libby Draws Conservative Appellate Panel

Blackstone raises $4.13B in IPO

Political Hiring in Justice Division Probed

100-foot deep Andes lake disappears

Russian general derides, warns U.S. on missile shield

McNulty says he didn't seek to mislead U.S. Congress

Iraqi orphans moved to better facilities

Needham (Massachusetts Republican) doctor's license is suspended

Poles demand more EU votes to compensate for war(II) deaths

American Airlines pilots oust union leadership in election

Plan to Cut Federal Security Unit Decried

Split in organized labor over immigration

Nebraska Democrats mull Feb. 5 caucuses

White House contempt

AstraZeneca, Bristol Overcharged on Drugs, Judge Says (Update1)

Kucinich supporter does about-face: Anti-war activist will run for his seat

1,000 join search for missing Ohio woman

Lebanon Claims Victory Over Militants

U.S. military: 14 troops killed in Iraq

Iranian weapons still flowing into Iraq -US general

Nuclear watchdog might not cope in atomic crisis

Man Drenches Self in Gasoline, Police Taser Him

GOP Block Tax Hikes for Oil Companies

Iraqi orphans moved to better facilities

Giuliani: Joining Iraq group a mistake

Bush Administration Nears Decision To Close Gitmo

House OKs plan to broadcast to Venezuela

Spy Chief Scraps Satellite Program

ACLU gives St. Louis residents video cameras to monitor police

Pentagon confirms email system hacked

New Photos Show Secret Pakistan Plutonium Plant; Fear of More Weapons Being Made

Ashcroft: Officials Fought Over Snooping

In latest scare, China finds fake veterinary drugs

House Republican wants to restrict Pelosi’s travel

Weather scraps today's shuttle landing

Iraq Deaths Don't Mean Failure, Pace Says

Big Oil companies spared tax hikes

Waxman Decries Cheney Security Exemption

Costa Rica Mulls Gay Partner Bill

U.S. Refuses to Free 5 Captured Iranians Until at Least October

How Low Can He Go? (Newsweek Poll Bush at 26% Approve 65% Disapprove)

Documents concerning firing of U.S. attorney Graves released

Poland invokes Nazi occupation to bolster EU case

Hagel to discuss Iraq strategy at town hall meeting

Nader ponders run, calls Clinton 'coward'

Vice President Exempts His Office from Protecting Classified Info ("not in exec branch")

Post-Katrina New Orleans death rate shoots up

Lawmakers Seek to Open Cuba Trade

Australia plans to ban alcohol, pornography for Aborigines to fight child abuse

Oh shit....

Has your email spam decreased since they arrested the spam king?

Any Rescue Me fans?

So I just saw part of SiCKO

Breaking: Dick Cheney has died

GHOST STORY THREAD!!! (Real or fictional)

The "Democratic Underground" on wikipedia

Bored out of my skull, and not sleepy.

Lollipop, baby!

Study finds guys not so naughty, gals not so noble

A Truly Honest Bumper Sticker for Boston-Area Drivers

UPDATE-Tommy Lee NOT part of lawsuit against management

Riddle me this, Batman. How in the world does less than 4 oz.s of liquid

2 posts away from 3000!

:cough: :cough: :HACK: :cough: :HACK: HACK:!!!! Friggin' allergies!

Okay, babies of the Lounge: My ultra, all-time, fav pick you up and

We haven't had enough of silly pop songs

Hey, y'all. I've been up for nearly 24 hours, so I need to get some sleep.

Squirrels Set Fire To Man's Home Twice In 8 Days


The end of the world is here

Why oh Why, garbage dogs for dinner.

Why oh Why do my cats overeat then "purge"?

Missing: Large lake in southern Chile Reward offered, no questions asked

Cops charge 3-year-old as rioter

babybunnypants is gonna have a rough day

"I don't know what this caller is talking about, so I'm giving the call to you"

Teen Lesbian Girls Kicked Off City Bus For Kissing - Driver Calls Them "Sickos"

Earworm of the day

The Stephanie Miller listener who did the "Sock" jingle

Severed Goat Head Prompts Suspicion In Death Of Baby Dolphin

Pictures of pretty bugs (dial up warning)

12 yr olds, geesh. my haircut, i am BALD, ruINEd, the end of the world, yesterday

Rabbi's Advice -ROFL joke!!

I just heard the strangest sound outside

Since nothing seems to be private....

CONSUMER ADVISORY: Coca-Cola Zero Vanilla sucks big time.

**Seraphim Falls**

Ha s the Atlantis been cleared for landing?

I just passed my CPA exam!

I miss making mixed tapes.

Anyone ever see the CSI on Narcocorridos?

we need a laugh-resurrecting the "Shit Sandwich"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/21/07)

Coolest hypothetical album title

My daughter sings "The Scooter Libby Song" on the "It's a Small World" Ride at Disney World

I can't help myself. Many interactions for me tonight about music. So,

I just ordered a Bose radio w/CD.....

Your favorite Airline logo?

OMG!! I think the Chick Track guy is off his rockers - new track is whack!

Roll on tattoos

Shatner Furious - Nimoy Gets Part In New Movie But He Does Not

In your experience, are political views a good judge of character?

My sister told me that I'm so far left that I almost meet the right at the other side

Oh, THAT'S why!

Squirrel Problems? Just Build A Catapult! (With Video Goodness)

My garden again

Alaskan Man Pleads Guilty To Sale Of Seal Penises

I'm the Murphy Brown of the stone wall building profession!

Coffee Enemas - you're unfiltered untamed opinion

I miss circle jerks

how to use a smaller font?

Unsolicited advice on relationship breakups

Ex-Marine Kills Bear With Log

What do you own that's going to around in 100 -150 years from now?

I haven't done shit all day.


I keep stickin my toe in GD, and it gets bit

Evil twin kitteh

help - vague memory of a movie scene

BREAKING - EarlG admits to MOD LOUNGE!

"Come with enough supplies to last you 24 hours."

Anyone else here love Sandy Denny?

Renee Zellweger.....

Coffee Enigmas... Your mysterious, unclear opinions.

Led Zeppelin's Coda - your honest opinion?

What is it about XXX that always make me have to YYY (Fill in the blank)

DO YOU FEAR THE WIND? by Hamlin Garland

Man With Blunt Behind His Ear Stops To Ask Cop For Directions - Arrested

For those of you who simply must have speedcore...

Do PlayStation 2s play MPEGor AVI movies?

What do you think is the worst mistake in history?

Yes this is a true ad/Insert punchline

Post here and I'll reply back and help boost your self-esteen

So what should I change my name to?

Stray Cat Strut (Pic Heavy)

Black jelly beans


True or False? - "I never met a carbohydrate I didn't like."

So, when you're in the public bathroom and someone is in the next stall talkin' on the cell phone,

New Simpsons trailer released!

My new username will be.....dumdadum

Drama Prairie Dog

Which GD thread title would foment the most fractiousness?

What are Your Thoughts on Salman Rushdie?

I've TOLD her not to post her pic in the lounge, but does she listen?

Worst hair cut experience. Tell me about yours so I don't feel so bad.

Dinner at the Prophets. What are you eating tonight?

South Florida DUers....

I had dhokla for dinner tonight: what about you?

Anyone else a sticky prick when it comes to starbucks?

Who is the most overrated comedian or comedic actor?

How come I can't NOT wear earrings with someone commenting?

DU Mommies HELP!

I think I'm sophisticated cause I'm living my life like a good homosapien...

Stevie wonder experts.... Question

Any other George Carlin fans here?


1.78 ERA

I bought a new deodorant scent, "paradise winds"...

The oldest, most tried-and-true get-rich-quick strategy in history: Marrying rich

make that Phoenix77

He Followed me Home

Avant-garde movie experts! Need some help please

Extree! Extree! Read all about it! Yanks swept in Colorado by lowly Rox!!!

The Compact Disc is 25 years old

MP3: Jack Kerouac reading haikus with a saxaphonist

Picture thread! I haven't seen one of these in awhile

Fyi: you ALL missed my half-birthday. I'm taking notes.

I'm back from So. California....tired, but back home

Should I wear my Obama shirt to a Reba concert?

What obscure musical instrument do you like hearing?

Jeff Bridges AWSOME speech from "The Contender"

A few things have been *bugging* me about the Rushdie knighthood

I am so proud of myself today!

10 lb. fish jump from rivers, bruise up boaters (video)

Bob Evans has bought the Farm at age 89

Come feast your eyes on something delectable in my house....

I wish Microsoft would hire people for Qualtiy Control...

Godzilla,Gamera,King Kong and Carrot Top Appreciation thread

Netflix Delivered two of Brucie Springsteens Greatist Hits! By Accident!

What Was Lt Uhura's First Name On STAR TREK

MySpicers: Who are you, and are you looking for spices?

Here is an earworm for you - since I was earwormed with it at the school party

Has anyone ever used the Plent of Fish Dating website?

Hypnotising chickens

More new kitten pics and video ....

NBC 'pays $1m' to talk to Paris Hilton

MySpacers: Who are you, and are you looking for friends?

Can anyone reccomend some Celtic music?

Music Video - Je Suis Un Homme by Zazie

Anyone know how to find the "A-team"?

Hookah anyone??

All of your drinking stories suck compared to this one...

Oh my god! My friends are going to GITMO!!

Why isn't there a health/medical forum on DU?

Have a Slogan!

I need tech support. Printer problems. Help.

Here we go with the thunderstorm warnings again!

The future ?

Sometimes I feel as though people don't take me seriously.

Daisy Chains

My stove is dead

Current topic of conversation at home tonight:

Two knuckleheads at rest. (dog pic!!!)

Happy birthday YellowRubberDuckie!!

Blessed Solstice to all my DU friends (and even the freeper lurkers)

If I say get a thread locked, and the Mod says "Duly Noted" - am I in trouble?

anybody have a link to "Shoes"? or even know WTF?

Oh, by the way....

Help me solve a Mystery.....

Two pics of me. The first one is 31 years ago, the secong is this afternoon.

Afternoon delight

About the couple that "fell" from the roof...

Bra and panties cause flooding, road collapse

HypnoToad, the movie

I have to write an article for a magazine that was interested in an idea I submitted,

How come we don't eat banana peels?


Playing guitar on a moving car can't possibly be safe

Thursday Questions

Just a little rant about dogs roaming off leash

Healthcare - my delimma

I'm so excited, it's the annual solstice "Drink till you puke, lads" weekend!


I gots no place to turn

List 1 major thing you wouldn't tolerate in a relationship.

If You Need A Clue, Just Ask Me

Catwoman, the movie

What are your favorite albums of 2007 (so far)?

Meet the new AFI 100--same as the old AFI 100. (Titanic for Fargo?!)

New White Stripes album - Icky Thump

Congratulations maddezmom!! 45,000 posts

Watched the movie "The Fountain" last night....

X-Post. The search for a plumber or someone who knows more than we do

Does DU have a smilie that depicts...

So is it "soda", "pop", "cola", or something else

My father called me a 'zero' to my face....and in front of others.

i hate my arms

I am the Bubble Witch! (Dialup Warning)

***June Photo Contest Preliminary up in GD****

BYE BYE Miss American Pie

Had my 50 yr physical - good and bad news

I don't want to jinx myself, but I love my new job! (Happy post!)

Why Janeane? Why did you do this to your yourself?

OK, that's it. I am officially off the Hillary bandwagon.

Congratulations Norquest Nemesis!! 15,000 posts

Trip to California/Niece's Graduation (Pics):

Man doesn't pay attention during lap dances, is arrested...

Poll on Tattoos

Your strangest, but entertaining, workplace incident

Apparently NOTHING is sacred anymore...

Hello DU...

Reminder: My sister will be on Jeopardy tomorrow night!! (Friday June 22)

I miss penpal circles.

Oh CRAP. It's not a banjo... IT'S A FREAKING MANDOLIN!!!

Can anyone reccomend some hellish music?

Military DUers, sound off!

Congratulations H2O Man!! 25,000 posts

my Grandfather was an anti-aircaft gunner during WW2

How come banana peels don't eat us?

"YOU don't believe in God? And you're an American?"

How do people with chronic illness manage?

Girl's Feet Cut Off At Six Flags

The Rockies have won more against AL East teams than the Yankees!

When is a homerun unearned?

Wounded veterans? The Republican solution (as with all things) is to play golf

Candidates Make Case to AFSCME Members

American Airlines pilots oust union leadership in election

US Airways flight attendants join battle over liquor license

IWW Victory for Fired Starbucks Barista Isis Saenz - Starbucks Hit With Yet Another Labor Board Comp

Richardson: Union Membership is Good for America’s Workers

Bob Dylan - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Witness to a war crime- Fallujah (warning graphic war footage)

A Tooth for a Toe: Chloe Freedom Leader 08 OUTTAKE

What Universal Healthcare?

Keith on BillO "Hard News R Us"

Bush Loves Blastocysts!

Michael Moore at Premiere of 'Sicko' in D.C.

Sweet Home Gore-Obama

Wes Clark on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Chloe VS Hiliary: Campaign Song Winner Freedom Leader 08

Kucinich Speaks at the Take Back America Conference 06/20/07

Jon Soltz at Take Back America Part I

Jon Soltz at Take Back America Part II

Olbermann Interview w/ Gen. Janis Karpinski - Heard by Her Several Times: 'They're Only Iraqis'


DU Assignment of the Week: Buy Joe's Garage and Listen to It

Isn't taking away an ex-felon's right to vote a violation of the 8th Amendment?

Federal Reserve launders money for North Korea

Do you know of any non-invasive glucose testing devices?

New York Civil Rights Commission on Bloomberg: high handed, arrogant, snobbish & clueless

SiCKO makes one cringe, ZEITGEIST...

The sounds of war...

What's the absolute WORST that would happen if we impeached

High court has been good for business-rulings have been a boon to corporations

Man Who Killed Family formerly CIA??

IRCO: Nearly 2.5M Iraqi Refugees Under Age 12-Humanitarian Tragedy of Unprecedented Proportions

A vibrating condom has sparked a fierce debate in India

as I read the current "Rolling Stone," a new presidential ticket occurred to me . . .

In America, ANY well connected multi-millionaire can be president, & that sucks.

‘Act of madness’ gains allies in complacent media

Moore's 'Sicko' Makes Washington Debut (AP)

NYT: New Orleans Still at Risk, Army Data Show

More measures on stem cells expected

When will the democrats in congress put General miller under oath?

At Least They Didn't Mean Well....

14 U.S. troops killed in Iraq in last 48 hrs.

The town that attacked Civil Rights is now going after the First Amendment (blogger)

Michael Moore endorses Conyers/Kucinich HR 676

Giuliani says he made a mistake in joining Iraq Study Group

John Conyers: Write Congress To Right Justice-new website for whistleblowers

Top Ten Nominee

Bauer References Manhattan Project in Attacking Immigration

How do Brits feel about this idea of Blair being

Evangelical named LA gang 'tsar'

Annoyed, hospitalized teen unplugs neighbor's life support

Internet Radio Day Of Silence - Next Tuesday 6/26/07

Impeachment: If not now - then when?

Does Giuliani secretly plan to get out of Iraq?

WH immigration advisor on cspan now. Talking of report that argues new

Small percentage of invited lobbyists show up for Moore ‘SiCKO’ screening

"Obstructionist" Republicans!

Question on a possible new angle on Vote Fraud

Threats Force SC Library to Cancel Summer Program

1,000,000 for Paris Hilton, Day after Jail interview.

The administration may claim Iraq's violence is all 'al-Qaeda', but . . .

Okay the "SiCKO-This might hurt a little" poster is just too funny

Sam Brownback Pregnancy May Put Squeeze On Presidential Bid (Humor)

Bloomberg Is Too Short to be President ---pix--->>>

Couple duped NY family by claiming ties to Dick Cheney

Bernie Sanders---cspan1 now--Right of worker to join Unions (bill up for vote

GAO Uncovers Bush 'Power Grab'

Weird email exchange found between Richard Perle and an unknown person


Iraq Moratorium info from the Nation.

Iraqi Workers score a victory against Foreign Corporations and Hydrocarbon Law

12 yr olds, geesh. my haircut, i am BALD, ruINEd, the end of the world, yesterday

"F" You Ralph Nader

Lincoln and the Iraq war

"The disposal of human embryos should be illegal!!!111!"

Giuliani Skipped ISG Meetings For Motivational Events Featuring 'Christianity' & 'Pumping Music'

Giuliani Skipped ISG Meetings For Motivational Events Featuring ‘Christianity’ And ‘Pumping Music’

Top Iraqi Officials Growing Restless-VP Tried to Quit; Shiite Leaders in Disarray

Who's tuning in today -- CSPAN 3 Noon/11 Central!

Petraeus admits terrorist attacks in Iraq may NEVER end

House blocks *, halts funds for new nuclear warhead

How to spot a Republican politician.

NYT Guest Columnist Egan: When the GOP Blows Hard on Immigration, Democrats Gain Seats

War And Other Peoples' Children

Salon: The CIA's torture teachers

Schlozman's Intimidating Remarks-Even Being A Republican Wasn't Good Enough

Libby draws conservative appellate panel (to include Iran-Contra enabler)

Need a link to the lunacy of ron paul...

"Manufacturing Dissent"... what's the real story?

House Committee Hearing: Dismissal of U.S. Attorneys

Petraeus tries to blame increase in Iraq violence on al-Qaeda instead of resistance to his "surge"

You didn't thing Nader could bypass the pot of gold (matching funds) and

Harlyn Geronimo accuses Prescott Bush of having stolen the bones American Indian leader Geronimo

Iraqi politicians agree deal on sharing oil, says Kurd minister

Transcript of The Times interview with General Petraeus (Sept. changes nothing)

How Bush Can Save the GOP and His Own Legacy

Bush wants warmongering partner in crime from across the pond to be his 'peacemaker' in Middle East

Rice ORDERS That Diplomatic Jobs in Iraq Be Filled First

Post Modernism turned in on itself

Vietnamese appeal 'agent orange' suit in New York

Former Gonzales Asst. Palouse Endures 'Awkward Moment' - Employees Erupt in Applause For Her Critics

UK Guardian: The west has created fertile ground for al-Qaida's growth

Report Says U.S. Misled New York City on Dust From Ground Zero

Phone privacy case pits Justice Dept. vs. states

Is it time to talk about our philosophy? Time to discuss in full

And now McNulty goes under oath to 'explain' his inaccurate testimony earlier...CSPAN3

Humor me for a is giving away free peace sign hats

Cruel static electricity experiments with puppies

Ah, where was this comic gem during the 2004 campaigns?

Please Al, Save Us.

The RNC just called for my boss asking him to join their small business advisory board

Gonzales to Deliver Speech at a Civil Rights Monument in Mississippi today.

A Thought About The White House's Illegal Use Of Unofficial Communications (E-Mails)

Justice Official (Schlozman) Said To Have Questioned 'Loyalty' Of McCain Voter

Media silent as 14 troops killed in the last 2 days

TOON: The Yoostabees! (special guest: Joe Lieberman)

Republicans pass sperm cell research

Ohio Gov.: Stolen tape had taxpayer info (225,000 taxpayers) - AP

Do not miss Russ Feingold's speech at the Take Back America conference

yep, another fuck Lieberman thread.....throwing fundraiser for Susan Collins

Congrats Americans - I Saw A Crawl On A NewsChannel That Gas Supplies Are Up......

more food crops ruined, this time in Bulgaria

Nothing will shock us enough to drive us to the streets en masse

LIUNA action alert, employer retaliates against workers --> union

Planned Parenthood Criticizes FOX and CBS Networks for Refusing to Broadcast Condom Ad

Police fatally taser gasoline-soaked suspect

we need a laugh-resurrecting the "Shit Sandwich"

Conyers comes up with the best idea this week:

Relax folks, CNN reporting on 12 Soldiers killed

Tax evaders taunt police as standoff continues in New Hampshire

US flags for American military uniforms were made in Thailand

Ashcroft: U.S. Attorney Scandal Has Not Damaged The Justice Department

War Crimes Are The Policy Of Bush Admin-Not Only Do We Torture-But We Teach-HOW TO TORTURE

Analysis: McCain No 'Happy Warrior'

**** Official "Paul McNulty on Firings of US Attorneys Grilling" Thread ****

Your Tax Dollars At Work ---pix--->>>

Do PlayStation 2s play MPEGor AVI movies?

$32B tax breaks for alternative energy fails in Senate

Another progressive eats its own. What a disgrace :PUKE:

NYT editorial, "Bush's Stem Cell Diversion": "smaller than the period at the end of this sentence"

For my 1000th post

JesusFreak Morons Force Cancellation Of Summer Reading Program For Teens In SC

Ron Paul submits bill to abolish Federal Reserve Act

Lieberman: A recap of hypocricy

A re-post inspired by Sicko: The stages of grief.

shouldn't the US be paying Syria, etc. for excepting Iraq refugees?

Judiciary Committee subpoenas warrantless wiretapping documents

Code Pink Protestors Removed From Attorneygate Hearing


Retired General Thinks U.S. Troops Should 'Suck It Up'

Propaganda books connecting "liberals" with terror or enemies

Diplomats working for the State Department may soon be FORCED to go to Iraq

Vietnam War Question on Tours of Duty


How to fight against Bush's skirting of the law

I had to drive a vehicle with a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker

I posted about this silly billboard about a month ago

Coke or Pepsi? Amazon or Yahoo? How does your company score on climate change?

3545 US. Troops have died in Iraq: 14 killed in recent multiple attacks.

top four reasons/excuses .... "My way" or " the highway"

Could the persecution of Bill Clinton be a good thing? Aides CAN testify.

LAT: Doctors change course again on estrogen therapy

Dow Jones employees suddenly having second thoughts about that whole "will of the marketplace" thing

Everything you've ever wanted to know about DUers

Bush's SCOTUS turns out to be very "business friendly." SURPRISE!

Is is Twelve or Fourteen Dead?

Newsweek Poll: How Low Can He Go? - * at new low of 26%, a record 65 % disapprove

Trans Fats - Read Your Labels!

C-SPAN3: Conyers is now asking McNulty about caging.

First Manta ray born in captivity in Japan dies --after being abused by its father

Your tax dollars at work - 78 BILLION at that

Newly Released FBI Documents Reveal That Osama Might Have Chartered One Of The Flights

Are YOU mentally competent to vote?

The ultimate Mindfuck..Gates: Longer Iraq deployments unlikely

China crackdown on slave labour

It's official: 91 percent of the total weekday talk radio programming was conservative

Remember Rachel Paulose? Colleagues Clap for Her Critics at Retirement Party

America is Going Crazy

US-IRAN: New Arms Claim Reveals Cheney-Military Rift

Guest Of CNN’s Beck: Watching Someone Murder The Clintons Would Be ‘Great’

Which is most important to you?

Guard Opens Fire Outside Walter Reed

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Bush...

Looks like Wikipedia on the 2008 election page is predicting a four way race. With Greens winning!

General Pace reacts to a journalist's question (try to guess the question) - pics

March of the People

Caption this pic of *

Caption this attack by Nature!

TBA transcript: Digby vs. "The Irrational Fear of Hippies"

Rep. Pelosi responds to boos on war

McClatchy : Mortars hit Green Zone on near-daily basis

GOP bill proposes tolls on I-79, other highways in Pa.

Harry Reid Email Solicits Help for Tim Johnson

CNN: Dow Jones board to take over negotiations with Murdoch for sale of WSJ and Dow Jones.

Problem facing species displaced by warming: nowhere to run

Guest Of CNN’s Beck: Watching Someone Murder The Clintons Would Be ‘Great’

Michael Savage vs. Brian Lamb.

14 U.S. troops in Iraq killed in 48 hours

CNN has AssWipe Tom DeLay Commenting on Immigration

Cheney wants to abolish the National Archives?

More on Romney's financial chairman and the abuse at his "troubled teen" facility

Top Impeachment Scholars at DC Area Forum Jun 23

Why so many PSAs on AAR?

Go Randi go!

Ashcroft Confirms Comey Testimony-Questioned Legality of Surveillance Program

More Americans Disapprove Of/Hate George W. Bush Than Populated The Entire U.S. In Nixon Era

Cheney's Secret Energy Meeting Pays Off in Just 6 Years: Iraq Prepared to Hand Over 2/3 of Its Oil

a Dem mentioned family planning and Repugs equate with Abortion last hr

**** Official "Paul McNulty on Firings of US Attorneys Grilling" Thread REPLAY ****

Bush now in statistical tie w/ Nixon for lowest approval ever!

"increasingly less likely Gore will run"

Can you write a one line email to Rep. John Bohner and Senator Mitch McConnell? Sure you can.

Can you write another one line email to Rep. John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell? Sure you can.

Hillary drops, Obama hits ceiling then drops, Gore soars, Edwards stays level.

Putz Smirk-onish subbing for Smarmy Tucker on MSNBC:

Here's the Washington "Moonie" Times take on what's newsworthy:

Amistad ship retraces slave route (BBC)

Our real enemies are the relgious right in this country

The Enhanced Language of Guilt

Slap Doesn't Stick: Corrupted Congress Will Help Bush Escape Court Ruling

Politicians in our political institutions practicing politics . . . shocking, I tell ya

OK, lots of us seem unhappy with the pro-corporate, pro-big $$ focus

Where the Embryos Go: IVF Patients Want to Support Research

The Number ONE Reason to Vote for HILLARY If She's the Nominee...

Guest Of CNN’s Beck: Watching Someone Murder The Clintons Would Be ‘Great’

I have just watched Sicko.

Whistleblower Accuses Halliburton Of Accounting Irregularities

Greg Palast ...BBC NewsNight Video - Vulture Funds

Halliburton Accused of Accounting Irregularities

3545 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

There was a day when 5 soldiers killed in Iraq in 2 days was a big deal--- now....

26% -->

14 US Troops Killed in Iraq in Two Days


doesn't scooter have to apply for a pardon?

Ashcroft speaks, sort of: Officials fought over snooping

Trent Lott on Illegal Immigrants- "One Of The Ways I Keep Goats In The Fence Is I Electrified Them"

Drug Convictions and Student Loans: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Lugar: Reconsider plans to end Russia treaty

Nice graphs of Bush's all time best effort to make Nixon's approval ratings look better.

General: Bush knew about Abu Ghraib

Justice Dept. opts out of whistle-blower suits

The "we have to find a political solution" meme is getting on my last fucking nerve!!!

Does anyone else remember that Michael Moore had done some....

dKos: Top Ten Things Still Polling Lower Than President Bush

Pandora's Planet

George W. Bush - Sociopath, Comedian

Decision near to close Guantanamo-AP

AARRGGGHHH!! Petraeus: U.S. Has Occupied Iraq Long Enough That We Have ‘Become Liberators Again’

McNulty Was ‘Cut Out Of The Loop,’ Learned About Controversial Memo From Press

Can someone tell me the names of 2 of the biggest medical insurance companies in this country?

World Refugee Day: Name Every Victim

Thursday TOONfest: Stem Cell edition (dialup warning)

Cheer Up! Here's the audio of the inspiring "peance-freeance" speech

Can you write a one line email to Rep. John Bohner and Senator Mitch McConnell to raise the min wage

Cheney Sought Elimination of Secrecy Oversight Office

Ok... We've Issued More Subpoena's (Judiciary\NSA Wiretap), But...

Nader's chances...

Jesse Jackson at TBA

Republicans block $29 billion in additional taxes on oil companies

Texas Rangers with MLB approval has a horrible commercial out anti-working mothers

Similar to a binding deadline, Sen. Levin may come to support cutting funds for Iraq a year from now

Gates May Seek New Iraq Plan, Tracking (Clark) Clifford Path

Lott Compares Illegal Immigrants To Goats

Juneteenth Violence...Why is it not talked about?

A POX on politics as usual

Who gave to what party. MSNBC investigation of the media.

Lawsuit Vs. CNN, Grace Goes to Court

It's OK to kill millions in Iraq, Saddam did it too - Bush's spokesman

Explosions Slam Baghdad's Green Zone

National Media Reaction to Giuliani's ISG Dodge: *YAWN...*

Congress at 14% approval? Well... maybe not.

Islamic Scholars Counter Rushdie Knighthood With ''The Sword Of Allah'' Award For Bin Laden

House Republican wants to restrict Pelosi’s travel

why is tweety speaking to cross-eye again about Libby?

If Bush-Cheney Can't Be Impeached, Nobody Can - Swanson/Black Agenda Radio

Another Goodling doc dump, and it's not even Friday!

Anyone watch Oprah today?

U.S. Refuses to Free 5 Captured Iranians Until at Least October

Get back at LIEberman

Have you seen "An Unreasonable Man" yet

Former Interior official seeks to avoid jail

Who's watching Nader on Tweety

Please take a minute to help pass the Matthew Shepard Act

Will Moore Endorse Gore?

Petraeus attempting to stop Congress from answering his promised September 'report' w/ policy change

NC-08: Poll shows Kissell well positioned to close the deal

What do you suppose is in the missing White House emails?

Edwards Enters Union Battle

None of Romney's sons has served in military

Will you send this one line message to Rep. Boehner and Senator McConnell about healthcare?

Idiot n.

Capitol Hill struggles over how to close Guantanamo prison

KO breaks the Gitmo closing news for MSM

Mr. National Security Prefers His Godfather Imitation to the Clintons' Sopranos

* in the control room at Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Athens, Ala. - pics

Would Bloomberg take more potential Dems

Will you send this one line message to Rep. Boehner and Senator McConnell about min. wage?

Military reviews placing special ops on U.S. soil

14 dead in last 2 days

You gotta read some of these comments - MSN article on Bush "How Low Can He Go?"

Ever notice we don't hear much about the children's wings at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prison?

Breaking: Senate votes to raise car fuel standards (UPDATE added)

Dick. It's a "rogue nation." Surge it.

better late than never-Katie Couric states Californian's/others are DYING From Air Pollution

Minority women transferred out of DoJ to make room for 'good Americans'

As liberals, we MUST destroy the myth of "small government"


be careful what you ask for. I have been asked to send LTE....want to do the same?what subject ???

Iraq Summer

Video: U.S. Troops shoot wounded Iraqi then cheer

Do you think we'll see the Praetorian Guard in the streets of

Dumb teevee newzreader ..........

What SHOULD the minimum wage be?

Can we have some rationality on mercury and autism, please?

White House contempt

Keeping Talk Radio Pro-Israel

A Crisis of Public Confidence Faces America's Political Class

McClatchy: Pace: Don't judge success in Iraq by level of violence

ANSWER: Proposal To Anti-War Movement 1 Million Strong March - Update

Ouch, LOL !!! - Mad TV's Darlene McBride - Take Back America !!!

Don't Touch That Button! ---pix--->>>

Falafel Boy says Pig Puppets are "unappetizing"

Like A Good Neighbor.. State Farm Charged Under RICO For Katrina Payments...

'Sir' title sought for bin Laden

Girl's Feet Cut Off At Six Flags

The fundie nutjob in the next cubicle


'SiCKO' Sneaks Across America This Saturday!

Bob Evans founder dead at 89

Pace encourages public not to judge success in Iraq by level of violence

Pebbles flag ~

"This event contains a brief moment of explicit language."

Caption this pic of the *'s

NY Times Op/Ed: "When the Bush presidency ends, there will be a great deal of damage to repair"

My daughter needs to purchase health insurance...

Cheney makes a BIG mistake - Says his office is not part of the Executive Branch

Ashcroft: Officials fought over snooping

The CIA's Family Jewels

Marsha Blackburn is a real ugly Mint Julep!

Bush at 26% approval!

HERSH: Rummy/Cheney/Bush All Knew About Torture At Abu Ghraib

Soldier wounded in Iraq in 2005 dies following skull operation

The correct tense is 'run,' morans, 'run.'

Anyone who support Ralph Nader Candidacy on this board is my political enemy.

Free trade dems may help Bush give Peru the shaft.

Stephen Colbert- Sporting the Dry Look!!!!

Why does Tweety give Nader 20 minutes as if he had ONE THING to say?

NOW C-SPAN 3 Ben Bradley = "Career and Presidency of Richard Nixon"

Jesse Jackson At "Take Back America"

House OKs lifting contraception aid ban

Steny hoyer is smacking em on cspan...

SNOW: It's OK to kill millions in Iraq, Saddam did it too

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

County's 'Most Annoying Neighbor' Heads Back To State Prison

35mpg by 2020!! Just how much of our Congress does the oil industry own?

'Sicko' spat reaches fever pitch ("We will be happy to debate Delay in whatever prison...")

A portrait in perseverance, soldier slips away

Ralph Nader

Please see Robbien's sig line

CSPAN: Rep King is getting slapped around for his amendment regarding Pelosi

Bush admin. asks judge to toss states' domestic spying lawsuits

Cheney is trying to shut down a unit of the NATIONAL ARCHIVES!

In Defense Of Sweeping, Broad-Brush Generalities

Britain's Got Talent

Mesopotamia. Babylon. The Tigris and Euphrates...what we have done.

Charlie Rose: SEIU pres. Andy Stern on China, healthcare, Walmart, labor laws, wages

The Daily Show guest (On Now!) is a Science Fiction Writer that was hired by (DHS)Homeland Security?

Our government planning to use weapons on it's own citizens? I asked...

Definition - "Compassionate Conservative"

I'm Beginning To Understand Why Studio 60 Is Going Off The Air......

I see a lot of people feeling hopeless on DU.I went through that,too,until ..

So what happens to the "surge" when the Iraqis figure out they have tube artillery?

McClatchy: Clashes between White House, Congress could get (??) bumpy

Does anyone watch Hardball anymore, i have it dvr'd as a series, but two days of...

Juan Cole's Advice to Hillary on Iraq: What She Should Have Said

Man Drenches Self in Gasoline, Police Taser Him

Did Nine Eleven make Everybody Crazy?

"Mister Bush, I spit on you and all your generations for a thousand years"

Are the illegal Guest Workers actually holding up our economy?

Once again... I should NOT be the only one to "Boo" The Animatronic Bush at Disney World!

Waiter! Gimme Another, Wonshu? ---pix--->>>

so when hillary wins the nom and inevitably goes to the right, then what?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

New houses vs. old houses.

Global Peace Index: See Where the US Falls

Randi just slip some wonderful news

Pace: Iraq Deaths Don't Mean Failure: "If you had zero violence, and people weren't feeling good..."

Care packages for soldiers?

2 girls kicked off Ore. bus for kissing, driver called them "sickos"

Starved Orphans In Iraqi Orphanage Reduce U.S. Troops To Tears


Tracking The Political Donations Of Journalists And Reporters

"Open Wide and Say 'Shame'" A.O. Scott's Review of 'Sicko' - NY Times

Poor Paula - about to lose her CNN slot AND her husband

On impeachment, and faustian choices

"I choose to wait" billboard

Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions

BREAKING -- judge walton's opinion on libby sentence

House Democrats to pursue a CONTEMPT of Congress motion if subpoenas not responded to

MSNBC just tried to end the careers of 144 journalists

It's Official: Maine Rejects Net Neutrality

Rahm Emanuel To Cheney: Please Get The Heck Out Of The White House

100-foot deep Andes lake disappears

Ray Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451 is about How TV Destroys Literature

OK. Enough Already!

K.T. McFarlane (R-NY) sez Bloomberg is great because he stopped the 'squeegee men'

Hannity today was full out scared about the "war on right radio" and told listeners it was on them..

"I don't care"... A very disturbing email from an ignorant "Christian" Republican...

Who has watched Lil Bush satire cartoon on Comedy Central, raise your hand. And

Catholic bishops weigh political involvement in 2008 election

CIA to declassify "family jewels" -- 1973 dossier


HRW slams Iran for executing children

**** Official "Paul McNulty on Firings of US Attorneys Grilling" Thread TWO ****



14 yo girls kicked off bus for kissing - you won't believe the backlash!

Polar Bear Protection Act (S. 1406/H.R. 2327)

Brent Budowsky: Abu Ghraib Cover-up About to Explode

My dad's in the ICU

The Lionel Show 06/21/07: What we learned today

Bush lawyer, according to Sidney Blumenthal: "Not everything we've done has been illegal."


Americans are honking for impeachment!

Message to the Grass Roots

Dave Matthews Band petition on treatment of veterans

The montage KO played last night to showcase O'Reilly's not covering the news?

Black protest against illegal aliens in L.A. Sat. 6/23

Let's clear a few things up---a rant

Hypocrisy and zero tolerance....Florida janitor could lose job over shoplifting..27 years ago.

NY Times: "Republicans Losing The West."

Take action for the Matthew Shepard Act.

David Schuster: "You guys are winning. The mainstream media is losing our audience by the day."

Impeach dick and bush before their next wargasm.

"Warning GOP Driver Watch For PreEmptive RoadRage"

Note to ALL Democratic Senators: CUT THE CRAP - IT... IS... OVER!

Gore calls for elimination of payroll taxes

Did anyone just hear Lou Dobbs blaming the left wing for being

Nader set to offer 'real choice' in presidential race.

The men on c-span talking about abortion should STFU.

If you favor anther run by Ralph Nader, do us both a favor........

BREAKING: Missing Pregnant Woman, Cadavar Dogs react strongly

Breaking: Senate Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoenas For NSA Domestic Spying Documents

If Gore announced today

are we victims of some huge psy-ops operation re:The war?..hear my paranoia out...

A brutal, searing, visceral reaction unexpectedly kicked my entire ass today.

Texas Juneteenth mob attack neither a mob attack nor related to Juneteenth.

The Fatal Flaws in George Bush’s “War on Terrorism” - as Told by those Who Have Participated in it

Gastric bypass can cure diabetes--*immediately* after surgery

House Republican wants to restrict Pelosi’s travel

Fatherhood, Muhammad Ali and Moral Courage

Oh God Nader is thinking about running again; Calls Clinton a Coward

HOLY SHIT! Talking about Osama Bin Laden post 9/11 flight on CNN NOW!!!!

Have any of you all listened to the H.O.R.N lately? If you haven't give it a

Senator Levin, you should be *ashamed* of yourself

FOR or AGAINST the banning of handguns??

Can we get a "Fuck Nader" avatar?

Thoughtful Obama says he's Ready to Lead

More Measures on Stem Cells Expected (AP)

Should school 'zero tolerance' policies be amended? Call 1-800-642-1234 or

Obama Campaign Goes Mobile for 08

George W. Bush's amazing firsts

White House Report Lauds Immigrants’ Positive Effects

Scarborough pushing booing the troops meme hard

Der Mittenfuhrer has ties to scandalous WWASPS program

So The Plan For Withdrawal From Iraq Is Out There Now.........

Liberals Convene — and Air Differences Over Democrats

The plain truth of the matter is that when it's time to pull the lever on election day,

Tax Returns Overdue

Interesting quote from Fred Thompson's TV Character

Somebody needs to sit Gov Blagojevic down and tell him to get his act together

EUGENE ROBINSON: A father's absence and a son's message

Bloomberg's gamble

14 More US Troops Killed in Iraq -- 3,545... Are we through surging yet?

Guiliani So.Carolina chair indicted-cocaine distribution

Journalists dole out cash to politicians (quietly)

Hillary is Wearing Well

Anybody have a link to Conyers new website? eom. ww

No, Despite the Polls, It’s Not Really a Horse Race (Not Yet, Anyway)

Log Cabin Republicans - is there a more pathetic group of people in America?

This date in ronald reagan history

Thompson's in

Poll: Would you vote for Hillary or Bloomberg?

Does anyone know that McNutly is testifying on C-SPAN 3 NOW

This was mentioned in an earlier post... A must read, long but good...

The List: Journalists and which party and candidates they wrote Checks to.

Despite Polls, it is not really a Horse Race

Unlikely Alliance: Put The Impeachment Movement on Steroids

60% of infertility patients willing to donate their frozen embryos

Edwards and the Electability Question: Head, heart, or both?

Elizabeth Edwards Slams Matt Drudge

Gates: Longer Iraq Deployments Unlikely (AP)

Ask your question on YouTube for the presidential primary debate

Clinton or Giuliani -- who will be the first to wear women's clothing in the Oval Office?

Great Frontline on PBS about just how F'd up the war in Iraq is

Could the missing government e-mails be found in the

Child Sexual, Physical & Emotional Abuse Lawsuits Hit Romney Money Man

"Progressive Champion for America's Future" Award--goes to~~~

On impeachment and faustian choices

Ant-War activist challenges Kucinich for Congressional seat

Cheney's Office Scoffs at National Security Rules - Literally

Harry Reid Email Solicits Help for Tim Johnson

Stupid Repuke says poor people should vote Republican, cites ex-Republican Mayor Bloomberg!

We're reminded again by how full of shit the media is....

House wants Iraq Study Group revived (AP)

Cleaning Up Congress & Campaigns (by Ari Berman for The Nation)

Ashcroft: Officials fought over snooping

Someone Else is pondering an 08 bid for President

BREAKING: Senate Judiciary Committee Issues Subpoenas For NSA Domestic Spying Documents

FYI - U.S. Constitution: Article II

RNC e-mail affair betrays a White House enthusiasm for lawlessness and secret government

Which candidate would Bloomberg's entering the race hurt the most?

Edwards' daughter chooses... Hillary!

Hillary gets support from big names in state's Upper Valley - Madeleine Kunin ,

Take Back America straw poll: 29 Obama, 26 Edwards, 17 Clinton, 9 Richardson, 8 Gore, 5 Kucinich

New York's UFCW Local 1500 Endorses Clinton

Bloomberg Question?

Sneak preview of "Sicko" Saturday!

Feingold, Obama Push For Strongest Ethics and Lobbying Reform Bill Possible

Eric Alterman: Think Again: Poll Faults

DSCC Could Hit Recruiting Mother Lode

Gore or Feingold or someone not in the current field.

Gore and Dole Versus William J. Clinton and G. W. Bush

The Rude Pundit: Why Does Conservative Spooge Bucket Kevin McCullough Fear Women?

SurveyUSA: Interesting results with Bloomberg included

Obama Campaign Picks Donors for Dinner

Obama Releases Earmarks

National Latino Groups Call Bill 'Immigrant Apartheid'

Republicans block a $32B package of tax breaks for renewable energy financed by taxes on Big Oil

Big Ed: Nader could be big problems for Clinton or who ever gets the nomination

Pawlenty (Gov. MN-R) Campaigns for McCain Today, Again.

Nader calls Hillary Clinton a COWARD!!!!!

Multi-state survey sheds light on HRC vs. Obama on electability (HRC does far better)

The new bash HRC meme -

Would a Thompson/Giuliani ticket be threatening?

White House official web site says Vice-President is part of the Cabinet ...

Obama Publicly Lists His Earmarks Today. Challenges other candidates

Sounds like Tom Harkin doesn't think much of Mayor Bloomberg...

Bloggers are calling their Congressmen asking them to make public their Earmarks

Did Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert imply that Bloomberg is gay last night?

NY Times: In Aiding Poor, Edwards Built Bridges to 08

DSCC Could Hit Recruiting Mother Lode (Shaheen in NH, and Kerrey in NB)

Bloomberg Hurts Giuliani more than Clinton

Report: Sen Inhofe "overheard" Clinton and Boxer discuss legislative fix for talk radio

Meanwhile Olbermann, on successive nights, entertained two Generals ..... well, three ........

Trent Lott - "Talk radio is running America" - says it's bad for GOP

This is worth a repost here... A must read in my opinion.....

Obama again blames staff for miscues, choice of aides belies rhetoric about a "new kind of politics"

Mitt Romney's money man targeted by lawsuits alleging physical and sexual child abuse

Regarding Bloomberg

Zogby: Think Bloomberg's a total long shot? Think again

Poll: Edwards only Dem candidate to beat all 4 top Repubs in NC (15 electoral votes)

Comedy Central's "INDECISION 2008" hits the Web

Edwards should HAMMER that bumper sticker point

Keith Olberman says we should invade Cheney

Lieberman Holds Fundraiser For Republican Collins Tonight

hannity's choice of music

Nader hit the nail on the head...Obama is homogenizing

Edwards Statement on Death of Nine Firefighters

Bush's approval rating at 26%

Nader set to offer 'real choice' in presidential race - Guardian

I just got a fundraising call from the DLC. I not so politely told them that I

Nader sees his matching funds going down the tube and his ability

No matter what the polls say or how much the MSM spins it, Iraq withdrawal is a big issue in 2008

Enough of the Hillary can't win BULLSHIT! It's simply not true

The far left: How vital to Clinton's campaign?

John Kerry: Support the Matthew Shepard Act-sign the petition

Edwards: Building One America--Taking on Abusive Lenders and Helping Families Save

Hillary's Mean Machine Scores a Hit!

tangling with Hillary Clinton comes at a painful price

Bloomberg-Hagel, or vice versa?

Ralph Nader is a political predator, and I am his Chris Hansen.

Edwards Statement on Army Corps of Engineers' Report on New Orleans

Democratic controlled House votes to lay the groundwork for war against Iran

So does Hillary's campaign employ ANY men? Any at all?

Rahm Emanuel Mocks Dick Cheney...tells him to "move out"

Newsweek poll: Bush approval at 26%!

Might I suggest a "Take a Republican to Lunch " Day?

This is NOT a doctored photo of Mitt Romney

Bush's worst legacy? SCOTUS. Precedents Begin to Fall for Roberts Court

Congress is at 14% approval? That's awful;

Ralph Nader Is A Disgusting Self Centered, Attention Seeking Motherfucking Asshole

Ron Paul blocked from Iowa debate (by RW group)

Roll Call:Obama Releases Earmarks, Other White House Candidates Decline to Follow

This message goes out to all the third-party splinterists.

Vote for Bill - Bill of Impeachment

Video of Howard Dean at TBA...closing rally.

New Obama biography...paints him as a more calculating pol than his supporters believe

DLC, their minions and the phrase "far left"

Feingold, Levin dispute anti-war bona fides

Pillorying Hillary

NYT: Main beneficiary of Edwards' non-profit is Edwards himself

Will You Listen Now Congress? Americans' Confidence in Congress at All-Time Low

If Bloomberg announced before January, would that affect the Primaries?

Pelosi, Bush, Congress, Iran, War

Sen. McConnell says he’s in the ‘most difficult’ reelection bid of his career

The next time someone tries to tell you how 'good' the dems are doing,