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Archives: June 2, 2007

BushCo Climate Meltdown - Chimp Offers "Aspirational" Goals As NASA Chief Wonders If Problem Exists

Canada to pitch its own climate change plan to G8 - AFP

Pure Comedy Gold: Harper Promises To "Pressure" Bush On Climate Targets

FDA Says U.S. Suppliers Put Melamine in Feed

I see there is a need for the running of pleasant interference, so...

Why can't *they* make a container of cookie dough with little globs of ice cream in it?


Best lolz cat evah! Or, at least I think so.

An apology to the Lounge for my ill-conceived gag.

Gore: The Integrity and Freedom of the Internet must be protected

After two tragedies, maybe they should call off the wedding...

Kids Plead for Dying Mom's Stolen Letters

Tin Foil Hat Alert: TB Boy--practice run for the intelligence services?

A Veteran Under The Gun.

Blue grit Democrats, worth checking out ,imo

Did Schwarzenegger Stogie Break the Law?

Dan Bartlett, why is he leaving?

"We Must All Recognize the 'Leader' Within Ourselves."

Central Florida Barry is about to end your drought

Venezuela question: Did the 2002 coup attempt generate as

East Cleveland mayor orders firefighters to double as landscapers

Is It Me, Or Does fred thompson Like Like The Creature from the Black Lagoon?

A CBS/CNN merger? "...up against O'Reilly and Olbermann, I'm not sure it would do any better..."

did this "TB Scare" actually scare anyone here

Here's your totally useless fact of the day:

CONGRESS TO CALL ASHCROFT TO TESTIFY-Re Hospital Rm Eavesdropping-Confrontation

Please read, "We Must All Recognize the 'Leader' Within Ourselves."

Are DU readers and participants susceptible to Psychological Operations?

So I'm at IKEA tonight, and here's how ridiculous some people

Affidavit links Rove, Siegelman prosecution

WH officials had lengthy debate before deciding to call visitor records confidential(back to * Sr)

Ex-Chief Calls for Scrapping Justice Dept. Watchdog


Angry Shareholders Confront a Bloated CEO (AlterNet)

Looking to Congress for Justice on Wage Bias and Gender Discrimination (AlterNet)

Bush breaks his silence on the the detained US citizens in Iran

Arguments Against Impeachment Fall Short

Time for Bush to follow in fallen buddies’ footsteps

Stopping the Torture Flights (by Anthony Romero at HuffPost)

Containing TB / Wa Po Editorial

Dying For Bush’s Mistakes

Paging Sergeant Joe Friday....

The War Room: Bush on Karl Rove and America's soul

Making Iran our friend

NYT/Reuters: Gore Unsure Of Political Aptitude: Report

The guy AG Gonzales should have fired (Boston Herald)

The Eighth Wonder of The World

A Rendezvous With Destiny

Homeland Security could face transition problem

Venuzuela's Co-op Boom

Our Future Is In Your Hands (Gettysburg College commencement address by Harold Prince)


Moqtada al-Sadr: The man America has in its sights

Religious conservatives at the faith-based feeding trough are getting rich controlling sex education

Gitmo: A fetid and cancerous symbol

MAUREEN DOWD: Men Will Be Boys

Al Gore, Live Earth Concert, and the Coming Surge of American Optimism

Michael Isikoff: Congress Wants Ashcroft's Testimony (Newsweek, via Truthout)

Pirates of the Caribbean..the Fundies and the CIA by Daniel Hopsicker

Michael J. Copps: The Price of Free Airwaves

Bush's West Wing Texans are on the wane

Tom Hayden: Democrats Likely To Harden Anti-War Stance As "Surge" Fails and Election Year Approaches

Even the diplomats have had enough of crazy Uncle Dick

Eugene Robinson: America Likes an Idiot, but It Needs Al Gore

The Assault on "The Assault" : Mark Buchanan (subscription req)

"Potemkin Paper" ( Agenda Conservatives We Aren't Aware of) Eric Alterman


US may collapse as a superpower: analyst

FRANK RICH: Failed Presidents Ain’t What They Used to Be

Going Green In the Subdivision

Global Warming might lead to wetter Earth

Abuse and incompetence in fight against global warming

'A ticking nuclear time bomb' - Russian nuclear waste dump corroding faster than expected

World First Production Ready Compressed Air Car

Wanna see something wasteful? Let's go to COSTCO.

Montana halts plan to kill 300 wandering bison - Reuters

It's not the war, stupid - it's the occupation

Six days of war, 40 years of pain

Hamas proposes one of its own as interior minister

Israeli army explodes barricades in W. Bank town

Shin Bet, police severly tortured Palestinian suspects

White House follows new path to secrecy

US warship bomb targets in northeastern Somalia

Gates won't say who's winning terror war

Three more US soldiers die in Iraq

SEC to Side With Enron Plaintiffs

Merkel says U.N. must lead climate change efforts

Violence mars G-8 protest in Germany

MPs write to U.S. House Speaker

Vice Chairman of Joint Chiefs Says He’ll Retire in August

Rove Linked to Prosecution of Ex-Alabama Governor

War-weary? Many troops have yet to fight

U.S. helicopter forced to land in Iraq

FOX NEWS Reporter calls Black Councilman a Son of a Bitch

Number of Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad Rose Sharply in May

Perry off to secret forum in Turkey

VFW backs vet in trouble over protest (Adam Kokesh, etc)

Bush previews European trip initiatives (radio address)

Insurgents destroy major bridge in northern Iraq

Report: AP Cameraman, Carrying Rifle, Killed in Iraq Opposing Al-Qaeda

Thousands to protest upcoming G-8 summit

Man eats record-breaking 59 1/2 hot dogs

N.C. State graduate joins Bush team(Karl's new asst)

Kyrgyz protesters demand U.S. troops pull out

US-India nuclear deal talks fail

Rice: US not preparing for war with Iran

US says tank fires at bombers, 3 Iraqi children die

Democrats berate president's global warming plan

Democracy stuns Polish coma man

Turkish army says troops harassed in northern Iraq

US ex-spy Plame vows to battle CIA over free speech

Judge Halts Award Of Iraq Contract

Italy PM hopes his ministers avoid anti-Bush rally

Lebanese Army seizes Fatah al-Islam positions

Panelists allege election tampering

Schwarzeneger stogie flap (Cuban)

Explosions as US warplanes circle Baghdad-residents

Traffic fines are being issued electronically ( prediction..US in less than a year.)

Soldier Says Army In Way Of Donating Kidney To Mother

Boat carrying 60 Taleban sinks in Afghan

Gene therapy 'hope' on impotence

All 26 Americans Who Sat Nearest TB Patient Found

Report: Feds arrest 4 in alleged JFK airport plot

Exclusive: Putin threatens to target Europe with missiles

Bush Campaigns for Immigration Bill

Experts: Katrina Death Toll Still Rising

IRS questions church's activities

More than 150 police hurt at G8

Rice raps Spain for 'hasty' Iraq pull-out

Anti-crime teams sent to 4 more cities

Yippee-ki-yay, motherf'er!

I hanker for a hunka cheese!!

Dinner made me a little sick...

It's in COLOR!

tipsy, that iz all...

No one has ever called me a "trumpet."

Come to decide that the things that I tried Were in my life just to get high on

From now on I will be referred to as "The Hardcore Legend"

That's when things got out of control


The ROT Rally is in Austin TX this weekend...

Kickass Civilization 4 mod I just found...

From now on I will be referred to as "Libertine Extraordinaire"

Insomniacs? Wanna play some music?

Where is Spider Jersuleum?

Ok first miss_pie than u4ic and now Writer turned down my marriage proposal


Announcement... RetroLounge, Rev_Acts, and I are moving in together!

what the fuck GoPsUx?

Humans and dinosaurs once coexisted, and smoking is good for you

Announcement... GoPsUx, his left hand, and his right hand are moving in together!

They had Cigarettes in the stone age

Announcement... Hypnotoad..Ben Stein..Babs Bush,and I are moving in together

Good morning, Loungers

it's all his craft and artfulness


USAF - how to catch a terrorist....

thanks for the fun morning I am out for the day

Ahrrr! Which is your favorite PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN film?

Where the heck has MAHNY been lately?

Sopranos tomorrow

happy birthday!!!!!

ill conceived gag?

Fake "museums"

ANNOUNCEMENT: The entire Lounge needs to get tested

For you wusses afraid of discussing politics in GD - try this forum instead

why parents drink

lionesspriyanka and Grovelbot have moved into my house

Listen moran. If the fax STILL hasn't gone through TWO FREAKING DAYS

Bought my oil-change stuff at WallyWorld yesterday

What a shame Mary Jane had a pain at the party.

Mmm, fresh strawberries, head of butter lettuce, local fresh eggs . . .

2 June 1967, UFO club, London

What is your favorite 'reality' show? (with a twist)

I planned to go to the beach yesterday but...

Y'know, if Certain Other People had posted the 'ill-conceived gag'

Yippie yi yo kayah

Has one of your kids ever asked for romantic relationship advice?

Announcement... GoPsUx and I are moving in together!

I had a wierd dream

Cwydro since you have ALL this time on your hands

Good morning, Lounge...

Am posting from the Whoa_Nelly Garage Sale...and yes, am in the garage

Does anyone need any help with the application of cream?

I was just listening to Buffalo Springfields For What Its Worth, it could have been written today.

The squirrel situation revisited

Somebody tell me a good joke

OK, alright, so hubby DVR's this thing called: Star War IV, A New Hpe...

i just took a ride in a silver machine

Happy Birthday Writer

I'm truly amazed...

Is it GoPsUx's birthday today?

I saw Roger Waters last night - amazing amazing concert!!!

You know, I actually do have a bit of room over here in Colorado...

Doctors/nurses - what do I do with pinkeye.

Happy birthday GoPsUx (the clean version)

BabyG got hurt today during an AYSO tournament...

Phillip K. Dick - Charles Freck attempts to commit suicide

Last night at work I wanted to slap the shit out of some boy's mother.

our own little mini-hurricane......strange. what would you name it?

Peanut Butter

I don't know where this video belongs

Faking menopause

Bush taps "TB Man" to head CDC...developing...

Fucking testosterone

the secret life of cats

The person whom I smote is in my bathroom

The person with whom I am smitten is in my bathroom.

Due to an inner ear imbalance, bicycle riding is difficult.

Which Lounge Lady Should Move in with Rockit and Me?

"massive beer recall announced, key ingredient imported from China...."

Why can't I sell my gnome?

Why can't I sell my body?

Cheese food, cheese product, or cheese ?

It is by will alone

Whatever happened to "Severe thunderstorm watch"?

You're invited!

Don't let your cats leap off the fridge.

Bin Bushy! LOL!


So i just watched Pan's Labyrinth - spoilers

You mean Writer isn't leaving her husband....

jocko homo

Is there a weather forum here at DU?

Like, trippy, man...

How can I be both a Bettie Page & A Mystery Girl?


Finally saw "Infamous" - the OTHER Capote movie....

My Iguana has passed....

So what color is mold supposed to be?

Do we truly know matcom isn't an immortal, killing world leaders for tens of thousands of years?

What is your favorite "nasty" food item?

Caress Me Down....

Hey, I'm going to go shave my earlobes. Ask me anything!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/2/2007)

Saturday night dick thread!

Ever mix Root Beer and Irish Whiskey?

Saturday night pick thread!

I figured out why Britney keeps going back to rehab!!!

So, this "real world" thing kinda sucks ass. And I feel guilty for even feeling stressed.

FYI: Men's Cargo Shorts from Old Navy are surprisingly comfortable!

Loving wife spanking in a Christian Marriage

Uh-oh. I think my computer is buggy now.

Has anyone here read "Prodigal Summer" by Barbara Kingsolver?

I dare you all.

Favorite Disney Cartoon

Announcement...Rev_Acts04 and I Are Moving In Together

Happy birthday wishes to.......

OMG!!! I'm 109 from 6000 posts!

My 22-year-old son is out with Missy tonight. I hope he can handle her, because

It's Naughty time again!

Unprovoked red wasp attack - WTF!!?1

I dedicate my 400th post to...

OK. I Admit It. I Don't Like Chocolate

How many people know what 420 means?

Who Created the Beatles?

Fuckin' Food Network, keeping America dumb. Pressure is measured in force PER UNIT AREA, douchebags.

Announcement...GoPsUx and I are moving in together!

An apology to the Lounge for my ill-conceived genocide.

Just saw a fawn get mowed down by an SUV


I just about died today driving.

Why so many food threads in the lounge?

Do You Have A Bad Girl Reputation?

A History Lesson: April 26, 1992- riots on the streets

Fucking menopause

Who can I move in with?

OMG! I'm just under 200,000,000 pounds away from weighing more than 200,000,000 pounds!!

An hour on the treadmill. That was a first.

Docs: Many Men Have "Small-Penis Syndrome"

Well, we did it again ...... NEW CATS

How to heckle a baseball pitcher, the JVS way.

Does anyone have a great sangria recipe?

Man eats record-breaking 59 1/2 hot dogs

why can't I sell my home?

would you pay $25,000 for this guitar?

This is a sign of the Apocalypse:

Food You Won't Eat ... Under ANY Circumstances


ANNOUNCEMENT: The entire Lounge can move in with me

Which Famous Pinup Girl Are You?

Announcement....XemaSab and I are moving in together!1!1!!!!11

***News from Khashka***

D*mn, another white, male, viking football fan just moved into the

Post a pic of yourself taken when you were half your current age.

what was the biggest disappointment you ever had to work through?

SNARF! Clemons won't be ready because of a fatigued groin

Wow, former NFL player Johnnie Morton just got KTFO in his MMA debut...

Senena is still alive at the French Open....

Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

The Devil Came on Horseback Trailer...

Capital G - Nine Inch Nails

Marine Vet Adam Kokesh Defends Right of Dissent

TX Gov. Rick Perry Attends Bilderberg in Istanbul, 2007

The Troops Would Like to Know ... When Do They Go Home?

Politiquiz: Guess the Subpoenas!!!

I'll say it again - PEACE NOW!!!!

12 year old and monster pig...

so when did that guy from "Back to the Future" die?

When you Buy iTunes, Your Username/Email are Embedded in the Song

Words in a Time of War: Stunning Mark Danner speech in Editorials

Federal Judge HALTS Mercenaries Iraq Contract

In listening to the WJ this AM, I now realize just how hateful Pubs really are!

Letter from Ambassador Joseph Wilson To The Senate Select Committee On Intelligence

"there will be a regime change in your country."

Forced Labor, Appalling Living Conditions & Abuse - Building Baghdad Embassy?

Barbara Lee Condemns WH “Permanent Occupation” Policy; Cites Critical Need for...Intervention

Lt. Watada retrial on hold for double jeopardy ruling


State Dept. officials ‘furious’ at Cheney hawkishness.


Congress Should Remove the President and Vice-President from Office Now

Risking nuclear war, neocons tried to reverse China policy.

Kirk Cameron, acting like a douche as usual, AGAIN...

Tuesday, June 5th, Michael Moore will be on Oprah to discuss 'SICKO':

Calling John Ashcroft-Congress wants to 'chat'!

WaPo: U.N. Team Still Looking for Iraq's Arsenal

Number of Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad Rose Sharply in May

History Channel: Mail Call

When did Fred Thompson start to resemble Jaws in the Roger Moore-era James Bond movies? (see photo)

(Jonathan) Falwell: Explaining the Foundations of the Universe

George Bush, in the name of justice, I arrest you!

Novak: Scandal-plagued Lewis will retire

Number of days since: "dead or alive"

Carville and Matalin on MTP tomorrow

Johnson Despairs In 1964: ‘It Looks Like We’re Getting Into Another Korea’

Idiot Nation?

VFW backs vet in trouble over protest

We're At War With Somalia?

Did anyone else see a clip on maybe CNN in which that breathless twit Mike Allen of Politico

Paging Sergeant Friday. Please Report to the Democrats on Capitol Hill. They Need You Badly.

From The Desk Of Patrick J Fitzgerald

3,479 U.S. Troops dead in W's war

'Flip This House' star accused of fraud

Mario Cuomo was right: As a politician, Wes Clark has a lot to learn.

Dutch donor TV show turns out to be a hoax

For Pornographers, Internet’s Virtues Turn to Vices

Is there a Republican Underground?

Wealthy New York couple accused of keeping Slaves

Dan Bartlett - White House Council Resigns, says to spend more time w/family...


Letter from Ambassador Joseph Wilson to Rockefeller

Bartlett's resignation - put on your tin-foil thinking caps....

VFW backs vet in trouble over protest

Whatever happened with those 2 missing soldiers?

Bill O'Reilly fears end of 'white Christian power structure' (McCain agrees with him)

Brooding by moonlight

I'm feeling paranoid this morning

June 26: ACLU Day of Action to Restore Law and Justice

Oh yeah, but ain't that Amerika (photos)

Why are Massachusetts people so panicky?

Ingraham-what a wench!

Andy Johnston has made his first posting to his blog abut his CPT experience

Please petition Dave Letterman to invite Dennis Kucinich on his show.

A Brave New Authoritarian World

After Bush's surge, sectarian murders, civilian death toll climb; nearly 2000 killed in May

But....but...IRAQ is THE Central Front On the War On Terra

Abstinence-Only Industrial Complex

Randi's Book Club: Will You Be Reading Gore's Assault On Reason?

What was our original reason to declare our right to be in, with force, the Middle East?

Boulder High School Students Join Forces To Demand An Apology From Bill O'Reilly

'Wire' Report: HBO Series Filming at 'Wash Post'

I know our troops have a hard enough time keeping themselves alive . . .

Excellent Op-Ed in WaPo by Michael Kinsley. "The Troop Funding Trap."

Pictures of a Funeral

Every local District Attorney should swear out Warrants for the arrest of Bush**, Cheney, Rove, Rums

Jeb Bush ‘a poster child for gay marriage.’

caption *

And she's supposed to be a role model?

I think the earth just shifted on its axis..

Holy cow, John Stossel is really outdoing himself in the "media whore" category

Should the US Media be allowed to call for a violent overthrow of the Bush Regime?

Locals Rise Up Against al Qaeda -- at a Cost

Soldiers of God Invade United States Markets

How about a Museum of Stupidity?

What is more insidious

So if Thompson is the perfect GOP candidate, (he must be

Rice lays guilt trip on Spain for hasty troop pull out of Iraq.

Crowd, police clash at protest of G-8

Kids in NYC have no baseball fields or equipment...

MSNBC now: Alleged terra plot at JFK in NYC. Four men involved.

More Cheney Censorship

Are Gun Owners More Likely to Kill Their Relatives?

VFW urges military to back off activists

Swank Leads International Run For Safe Drinking Water

CNN is applauding the 'success' of the JFK terror plot arrests

"The Troop Funding Trap" doesn't exist.

Al Gores "The Assault on Reason" is #4 at Amazon right now


CNN: JFK plot was not imminent, nor was it a "big one".

*CSPAN2 12noon - Panel with Valerie Plame (and Alan Alda, Krugman, and Simmons)

Protesters Clash With Police At G8 Summit In Germany (VIDEO)

May auto sales: Cars beat light trucks. Prius sales up 184.9%

No Bush, we have not forgotten Poland

NYT: Bridge Bombing Increases Tensions in Northern Iraq

If Iran is destabilized, what will happen?

Asshole injured while riding bull

Why is there such a paucity of Iraq War films?

Labor Relations Question -- Looking for expert help

What do you think of the lionel show on AAR

California Primary Ballot May Include Iraq Question

"15 second deal" - 80 car's windows blown out, 2 cars piled on top

CSPAN: Al Gore speech from George Washington University - NOW

Maybe the Bush Administration should just be impeached for just being stupid

India, US close to nuclear deal

U.S. Army veteran stops a $475 million Iraq contract

Why is there such a paucity of Iraq War films?

WTF?? No cameras at press conference?

Plame vows to battle CIA over free speech

***Our guys in Congress aren't even in the know, but we CAN help them out!***

NYPD: 'This plot is similar to others in the past.'

Something I noticed when listening to news about the terrah alert

"Blame Coal: Texas Leads Carbon Emissions" Texas spews 1 1/2 TRILLION POUNDS of Carbon Dioxide

It's Official: Veterans are not troops (just has beens)

Blame Coal: Texas Leads Carbon Emissions

LTTE: It must really exasperate liberals knowing that the worst president of all time was better...

Occupying Iraq is better than making peace with Chavez?

Graffiti artist tags Round Table Pizza- Silcon Valley style

Rice admits bush regime are "the crazies"

MSNBC Cast of Characters:

Amid the Surge, an Army's Shortage

GALLUP: Only 3% of Americans support sending more troops to Iraq

"You Know, The Democrats Have Been Trying To End The War"

An unexpected surprise -- Nascar Angels

"Acceptable losses"

Sick of Their Government is TV for liberals

"Rice rolled her eyes, turned to US reporters and silently mouthed, 'Don't hold your breath.'"

A request for donation and something fun at the same time: John Edwards

I do hope they bring back those little colored coded dots to let us

Col. Katherine Scheirman, USAF (Ret.): War isn't back-page event

More Scarey Stories To Distract The Bush Base

Number Two

what's the latests on Dr. Laura's son's Myspace?

Aw man, not ANOTHER one! *sigh* Guess what this attractive teacher is accused of.

I don't know where this video belongs

What do Duke students write on their campus graffiti walls these days?

It's time to relisten to this speech.... Barber's speech from last year to NAACP..

Explosions As US Warplanes Circle Baghdad

(WTF?) Iraqi PM: No Talk Yet of Permanent US Bases

NYT: "Korea is an attractive analogy for...Bush...for a host of reasons" (complicit MSM, take two!)

RW'ers and Iran UNITE against George Soros

Should the US issue fewer H1Bs and accept fewer guest workers?

Another U.S. base moves to monthly memorials

Article on U.S. spending of $5.8 trillion on nuclear

New Group Request . . .

Iraq (and Iran) Rag

Mexican truck driver forces his way through Lincoln Tunnel

Is Andrew Speaker a Republican?

Did I get scammed, or wasn't I paying attention?

delete, thank you

'clear signature of persistance' What the hell does that mean?

Bush Administration fights to keep records secret

Immanuel Wallerstein: Ending the Iraq War: Two Competing Plans

Why does it seem like everything is a scam these days?

Looking for countrry of origin in my toothpase

Fine and/or imprison the illegal employer

Shame on the Congressional Black Caucus Institute

Bush taps "TB Man" to head CDC...developing...

"massive beer recall announced, key ingredient imported from China...."

Goodbye Houston: An Alternative Annual Report on Halliburton...

Holy crap! You guys have to check this out. Article: "Closing the 'Collapse Gap':..."

Bending Big (Intellectual Property Rights, Disease and Vaccines)

FOX NEWS Reporter calls Black Councilman a Son of a Bitch


Pope martyrs Austrian beheaded by Nazis (What???)

Did anyone see the roundtable with Peter Hart on Cspan ...

Yesterday It Was Pet Food, Today It's Toothpaste. What'll China Poision Next?

on CNN - We were Warned - what is this? It looks scary. How does it "end."

People at DU know everything, so help me out here. When

TB guy might not be actually married, after all.

Bush is bombing all of these countries...

ABC News has truly sunk to new lows

Now we are suppose to be surprised because of the alleged terror conspiracy...

CNN "We Were Warned" Airing Now, 8 p.m. EST

Former Guyana legislator arrested in U.S. plot, defended at home

Loving wife spanking in a Christian Marriage

Bob Herbert: "Poisonous Police Behavior"

Rightwing Nuts Stay Delusional on Plame

But a spokesman for Buckeye Partners said, "Pipelines don't blow up"

Check out this crap being peddled on NewsMax!

Amazing - The Weather Channel "Forecast Earth" treats climate change as a fact.

Caption this pic

Champions of solar Technology? Give Up? The Amish

Flamewar Poll

Fear and luxury lure foreign legions

We need a name for Lone Assassin Whacka-doodles

Iran warns US over detained US-Iranians

Civilian death toll in Iraq spikes in May - Bush is liberating Iraqis at record pace

Is the New Iraq the same as the Old Iraq or even worse?

Need some tax advice


Anger over DRM-free iTunes tracks (BBC) {contain E-MAIL ADDRESS ?!?}

Tank fires on suspected insurgents, 3 Iraqi children die

You're invited!

Gary Hart: "suppose Bush had read and knew something about....the region"

Elderly cancer patient hospitalized after ordeal at hands of Wal-Mart security

I wonder what they're saying @ FR about their prez pushing this immigration plan?

General Says Bosses Knew U.S. Marines Killed 24 Civilians in Iraqi Town (Haditha)

Dick Cheney and the Crazies

How long would Bush last if someone launched an "Arkansas Project" aimed at him?

Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007

Bush's Climatic Poison Pill - Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

remember this?

What happened to threat of no-confidence vote against Gonzales?

Wars weigh on VA health care, experts say

VFW to Corps: Don’t Stifle Freedom of Speech

"I love oil! Oil means shoes and cars and purses!"

Drunken NKoreans sent home after sailing to SKorea

Sometimes we need a little help from our friends.

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall


The right wing blogs are all giddy over their hero Chimpy busting the lastest terra plot

The May toll - still rising

Sunday Talk Shows

Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and media controversey (Robert McChesney)

Thousands Rally for Changes to Immigration Bill in Congress

Ron Paul is Grover Norquist's man

NYTimes Editorial: "What 'Support Our Troops' Entails"

Plame Leak: All roads lead to Cheney, Congress must act

Are DU readers and participants susceptible to Psychological Operations?

Alberto Gonzales's Role in the Plame Cover-Up

Why is it when I hear about the TB man, I think of the movie "The Stand"?

WOW! The War Prayer, by Mark Twain

Gasolinelessness the new homelessness?

Is Anyone Else Watching This 'I-Rack' Skit On MadTV Right Now?

Gitmo: A fetid and cancerous symbol


Baby Boomers Will Eat Bad Subprime Loan Investments Made By Pension Fund Managers

"Plot not technically feasible"

"They're just trying to get a piece of the mercenary action," he said.

The Christian religion show on cable tv right now is funny...

A Modest Proposal For Beheading Journalists

John Stossel on Gas Gouging

DC Madam thoughts. Imagine having to go to Dick Cheney's house???

That ole' time religion

FDA: "throw away toothpaste with labeling that states it was made in China."

One man stops a $475 million Iraq contract (mercenaries)

Another TERROR plot foiled the John Kerry Way. Meanwhile, 4 more troops killed in Iraq

The real reason we aren't invading the Sudan over Darfur

As a Texan I am disgusted but not surprised.

DUers vote 131-to-1 against censorship, but Chavez is /for/ it!

My Granddaughter graduated from HS Today

Caption this Fred Thompson pic

after "Fighting for our freedom in Iraq" Iraq vet arrested

The terrorist training school Bush helped to establish by invading Iraq is doing quite well

"But there's some concern about the vice president's office."

It's time for a DU project: What should I do for a website on

Report: In Meeting, ‘Wild-Eyed’ Bush Thumped Chest While Repeating ‘I Am The President!

A report from the 2007 New Hampshire State Democratic Convention

I have no hope for impeachment so now what ?

I hereby apologize to TB guy.

Most voters don't care one lick about the Constitution

"Surge" Report Card Not Good-"Metrics" of Surge Show Reverse Effect And Widening Conflict

Heads Up To Any Ambien Users Here.

Has anyone on DU requested military records for deceased relatives?...

JFK terror plot : USA Bush appointee Roslynn Mauskopf needs another look

New Jersey couple seek answers in daughter's death during school trip to Ghana

Love this Guiness commerical "Stand by your man". brought a tear to my a good way

How many 'terra' threats between now and NOV. 2008???


Kay Lucas knocks it out of the PARK!

Culture of Corruption goes international. Police raid Liberal Party headquarters in Queensland.

In 2000, the argument from Nader was that there was too little difference between Gore and Bush

JFK "terror" plot: I smell a fish .. another red herring. Here is why ..

Poll Question: Which Dem can actually WIN the general election?

Get off the Chaves thing...

Watergate lawyer, gay activist Garrison dies at 65

Good Grief! Biden just said, "This war must end"

Does it seem that a malaise has spread over DU?

Spelling bees in America...

Toothpaste, after the morning warning I looked at

A tale of two countries--which is which?

Name The Metropolitan Areas in America Where You Can Live A Full Life Without A Car

Is it just me, or does it seem like EVERY business is a ripoff scheme these days?

For those who have been waiting for an "Executive Action" DVD:

Venezuela's RCTV: Sine Die and Good Riddance

A New post from Milo Freeman. For those of you all that may not know who

Study: 45% Of Men Have "Small-Penis Syndrome" 85% Of Women Say It's Okay Honey

US warship shells Qaeda targets in Somalia

Just a reminder that 14,000 docs want national health care

(opinion) JFK Assassinated - Why?...

We have lost Steve Gilliard!

So I went to Barnes and Noble today

AP: "Thousands" march in support of Chavez

What Happened??? From George Washington to George W Bush...Where did we go wrong?

Bush vs. Gore, the 'Arkansas Project,' the USA firings, and the Swiftboat Admiral

Doan Hearing Postponed (to June 13)

Foreign Reporters See Star Power in Democrats

Obama fires up Seattle crowd

PRESLEY MARQUE FOR PRESIDENT!- What the media does....

Clinton Lands Coveted Endorsement in Iowa

2 US soldiers killed in June already

The media (Tweety) should shut up about Hillary not reading

W H Blames NASA Chief’s Global Warming Denial On His ‘Wry Sense Of Humor’

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Can the Iraq 'Surge' Be Salvaged?---Officials Talk of Next Steps

Michael Kinsley: The Troop Funding Trap (this is a good one)

Bush mask for dunk tank forbidden

Your government authorizes legaized murder or at the very least plays dumb

Barack Obama yesterday at Silverado High School in Las Vegas and a rally in Seattle

Obama Feels the Love from New Hampshire's Famous Skeptics

To turn around our corporate controlled government...

Valerie Plame on C-span2

The RNC Bites It

Caption this?

Should John Edwards donate his presidential salary to charity?

New US Terrorist Plot Uncovered! Breaking News!

Photos: Thousands of people protest in Rostock against the upcoming G8 Summit in Germany

Libby Learns Sentencing Outcome Tuesday (AP)

Here they are! The official news conference about JFK Airport plot

Who is more economically/fiscally progressive: Obama or Clinton?

What if something happens to the nominee of either Party right before the election?

Democrats Likely To Harden Anti-War Stance As “Surge” Fails and Election Year Approaches

Giuliani Attacks Reversing Bush Tax Cuts To The Rich, Then Refuses To Sign ‘No-Tax’ Pledge

"Coming to Terms with Hillary" -Tom Watson...

Fred Thompson = Bob Dole

I just got a call from a friend in Dayton who told me

The Right Wing Will Squawk Against Executive Authority As Soon As A Dem Is Elected

Senator:Governor 'acted like a thug' on health-care vote

Kucinich Seattle appearance now availabe online

Obama addresses 3500!! at Seattle

Al Gore is Running (calm down folks, it's an editorial)

Randi on yesterday's Washington Journal.

House Dems Show Historic Level of Unity

ABC obtains report of Troops Staying until at least 2009, then pulls story

IMMIGRATION: The Times They Are A-Changin'

Vice-President Bill Clinton?

The politics of optimism.

Iowa Democratic party fundraising dinner on C-Span NOW! Sen. Dodd now speaking.

Clinton II shifts stance on health care

Pardon my shor term memory, but I need to ask..

Reporters without Borders blasts Hugo Chavez...

Kos ranks the Dem field at this point

Big Mistake for any Dems to skip those FOX debates

The Unnecessary War Prevention Act of 2007

At Camp Obama it's not About Sun and Fun; it's About Politics.

Steve Gilliard, 1966-2007

Al Gore says NO again to at Tennessee bookstore....

Party of Effete Quislings

Favorite vs. Most Electable

I believe the Democratic cave in has doomed our 2008 chances.

Dems say Edwards' visit to Utah a sign of change

House Dems Show Historic Level of Unity

Attacks on U.S. Troops in Iraq Grow in Lethality, Complexity

Cnn showing lots of footage of riots at G8 lots of blood

Time: Obama's Inconvenient Truths

Is anyone else reading "The Assault on Reason"...

Moyers and Bob Kerrey on PBS....Kerrey still spinning and twisting.

* support my candidate *

Edwards' first act as president: Close the camps at Guantanamo Bay

John Edwards' populism, focus on poverty is a risky bet

Did this slip through the cracks, Bush orders new sanctions against

DLC Dems - Driving Bush's Getaway Car

What did Hillary accomplish as First Lady?

Got a Call to contribute to Obama. A very agressive person...

Sojourners debate on Monday

Okay, so just what CAN we expect of this congress?

Of the big 3 Republican '08 candidates, who has the most evil campaign contributions list ?

"a chilling 1964 phone conversation between President Lyndon B. Johnson and one of his top aides"

Obama Web Site Seeks to Rally The Faithful

Obama Feels the Love from NH's Famous Skeptics