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Iran: Russia will block US missile defense plan

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 295

The Measure of a Life, in Dollars and Cents

Sometimes lyrics say it best...





I have a question about Hybrids

Michael Moore on Letterman 6-15-07

Can we add a "SNAP" smilie? n/t

Iraq newspaper editor found dead

Iraq deployment could last a decade: US

IAEA Chief Declares Any Attack on Iran "An Act of Madness"

Anybody Else Having Trouble Getting On Fair.Org ???

Question: Would Cheney Have To Recuse Himself From His Own Impeachment Trial ???

Former tennis partner of George Bush Sr. and the NYTimes’ longtime Baghdad bureau chief

Arrianna Huffington - Iraq: The Battle of September Has Already Begun

Gore: The once and future president?

Join Michael Moore and tell congress it's time for National Health Care!

Universal health care and the 'socialism' red herring.

Is this administration fascist?

Ex-Conn. Ex-Con GOP Governor Reflects

Where is Hillary's Health Care Plan? She's Recieved Almost A Million From Health Care Industry

Hillary-supporters: why do you trust your candidate?

NICHOLAS D. KRISTOF: Dinner With a Warlord

Little Relief on Ward 53 - Walter Reed

Gina Nahai | The Unintended Benefits of the Mess in Iraq

Larry Johnson: Quelling the Iran Bogeyman

Testimonial Two-Step: Mastering the intricate dance of congressional testimony

Civilian casualties up in Iraq, Embedding more U.S. troops in neighborhoods increases risk,

From conservative Chicago Tribune, doubts about the "surge"

Will the Different Voices Make a Difference? (BushCo Turnover))

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Blackstone Greed (The Nation)

Four American citizens are now "detainees" in Iran--and pawns in a high-stake game of chicken

Interview with Keith Ellison

No Pardon Anytime Soon By Dan Froomkin / WaPo

Boston Globe : War's sacred toll

TOON: Scooter 'n' Paris

Mitt Romney's Porn Problem (by Chris Kelly at HuffPost)

Wake Up America:

Iraq: The Battle of September Has Already Begun

A Culture of Atrocity

It’s Official: The Crash of the U.S. Economy has begun


IRAQ: Threats, violence in Baghdad threaten new wave of displaced

Rivers of Doubt,,( endocrine disrupters .... feminization of male fish )

Secrecy News: DoD Updates Policy on Conscientious Objectors

Impeach Pelosi - NOW!

A Moratorium Wired to Stop the War (The Nation)

Coleen Rowley & Other Intelligence Veterans: How Not to Counter Terrorism

Clinton's greatest risk

Bush to Congress: Drop Dead (Signing Statements)-- Mother Jones

The Capitol Steps Does "TB on a Jet Plane" & "Pardon Me, George"!

"...moral vanity has always been one of the president's besetting sins."

Innovative deals with angry staffers (nix healthcoverage/Variety

Arianna Huffington| Iraq: The Battle of September Has Already Begun

Take Back America: 'This Is Our Time'

Pope Bendedict Argues Catholic Church 'Purified' Indigenous Peoples

You’re Just Too Nice

Bush's Veto Strategy (Wash. Post Op-Ed)

The vast and messy neocon experiment in Iraq and the Middle East

Don't Short-Circuit American Jobs ( UNION card is the straightest ticket into the middle class)

North China drought highlights need for water diversion scheme - AFP

My 30 Days of Consumer Celibacy (OnEarth Mag., via AlterNet)

Wave Energy Bill Approved by U.S. House Science Committee

Rebate program for solar switch taking hold (Calif. Solar Initiative back on track)

Dengue Up 300% In Phnom Penh, Largely Thanks To Urbanization - 109 Children Dead So Far In 2007

Chinese Coal Production Tops Government Target By At Least 16% - Reuters

Flood Warnings Across Britain - Birmingham Gets 1 Month's Rain In 24 Hours - Reuters

N. Greenland Spring Arriving Weeks Earlier Than 10 Yrs Ago - Plants, Animals Adjusting - AFP

(Renewable) Energy Measure Blocked by Republicans in Senate

Gov. Goodhair Wants 9-Year Extension For Houston, Galveston To Meet Ozone Standards

Give ethanol a chance: The case for corn-based fuel (a Grist essay)

Democrats Press Plan to Channel Billions in Oil Subsidies to Renewable Fuels

Gasoline Shortages Friday Across S. Dakota, Sioux Falls TV Station Reports

Spring Arriving Weeks Earlier

Many Arctic Plants Have Adjusted to Big Climate Changes, Study Finds

Toyota Delays Launch Of Prius 3.0 Until Spring 2009, Says Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun - Reuters

recycled rubber roads?

pulse plugs for auto's, thoughts on

Militants hold Nigeria oil base

Bees dying of mysterious infection

98 tons of plants per gallon

(Maine) Governor signs global warming law

China plants trees to hold back desertification - Reuters

It's a grain reserve that's needed

Brown's Ferry Unit 1 Reactor Reaches Full Power After Refurbishing.

NY Times Op/Ed: "Millions of Missing Birds, Vanishing in Plain Sight"

Powerful interest groups stymie Democrats' energy bill (AP/CNN)

Rare manta ray born in captivity (Reuters/CNN)

"Laboratory for a Fortressed World"

Top Fatah leader in Gaza urges inquiry into defeat

Hamas gives ultimatum to those holding BBC reporter

Israel restores normal fuel supplies to Gaza

Abbas cabinet vows to exert control over Gaza

B'Tselem to Hamas, Fatah: Put war crimes suspects on trial

C'tee might probe 2002 killing of Hamas commander Shehadeh

Should Israel really be asking for an increase in US aid?

Resumption of US aid to Palestine

Shooting erupts at Israel-Gaza crossing

Abbas aide says Iran told Hamas to use violence in Gaza

Unmoved by the humanitarian crisis

How war was turned (by Israel) into a brand

A different kind of hell for one American in Iraq (an American veteran tortured like an Iraqi)

Congress Seeks New Direction for Nuclear Strategy

North Dakota Land Sale Under Fire

A sordid chapter on Enron is ending

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (3 killed)

Italian judge suspends CIA trial

Abbas to Bush: Resume peace talks now

Hamas gives ultimatum to those holding BBC reporter

U.S. soldier killed in IED attack

Turkey opens investigation into Iraq's Barzani

(Supreme) Court Embraces Rights for Car Passengers

Widely Ignored By Press: A 'Surge' in Iraqi Displaced Citizens (Red Crescent Report)

U.S.-led air raid kills seven Afghan children

Commissions clear Dutch officers of Iraq abuse

Iranians Pay for Rejecting Jesus

Iraq: Basra police chief fired (over Sunni mosque attacks)

Court Sides With Wall Street Banks

Soldier, 2 police killed in Afghanistan

UnitedHealth: Court upholds ruling (against doctors)

US open to negotiations on cluster bombs but no ban

Newly Empowered Democrats Draw Wrath of Voters

Darfur mission faces US funding hurdle (US in arrears for peacekeeping)

Police smash global pedophile ring

Rice, Iraq's foreign minister meet to assess situation in Iraq

5.6 Earthquake Hits Desert in Iran

More Than 100 Die in NATO-Taliban Battle

Federal appeals court agrees e-mail search without warrant violates Fourth Amendment

Kerry: Military Power Alone Won’t Win Iraq, Terror Campaigns

White House denies prior knowledge of Abu Ghraib abuse

Employees picket amid rumours plant is closing (Canada)

Google Launches Public Policy Blog

Attorney: Padilla Co-Defendant Rejected Violence

Milan judge suspends trial challenging CIA extraordinary renditions

US-led airstrike kills 7 Afghan children


Iraqi union leader urges opposition to oil law

Bush reassured about Iraq

Iraq now ranked second among world's failed states

Kip Kinkel lawyers to argue for new trial this week

Chaldean priest abducted in Baghdad is free and in good health

Quakes could be sign lava is about to spew from Hawaii volcanos

(Wyo. GOP) Candidates rip through the issues

Suicide bomb teams sent to U.S.A, Europe

Coalition raids target flow of Iranian aid to insurgents

36 Killed in Clashes South of Baghdad

Yahoo CEO Steps Down (40 Million Dollar Man)

U.S. reporter's Iraq saga wins top non-fiction prize

Bush administration touts latest (much lower) estimate of uninsured children in proposing funding

Lawmakers used campaign funds to pay relatives

Cuban revolutionary Vilma Espin, wife of acting president Raul Castro, dead at age 77

Company Threatened to Annul Insurance as Woman Faced Blinding Eye Disease

(Supreme) Court sides with Wall Street banks

Cuba Castro

Sen. Leahy Resurgent in New Democratic Congress

Enron Internet Chief Gets 27-Month Prison Term

Iraq Embassy Staffing Called Inadequate (Ambassador is "panicking")

White House aides' e-mail records gone

Farmers File Federal Lawsuit Over Hemp

BREAKING: Secret Service Evacuates White House Press Office

Judge: Disbarred D.A. Must Leave Now

Bush Administration Joins Industry to Block Anti-Terror Regulation of Chemical Plants

Senator Demand Justice Dept. Investigation Into Tim Griffin, RNC 2004 Vote Caging Allegations

U.S. Homebuilder Confidence Declines to 16-Year Low

Teamsters, Machinists at Columbia Ford Strike for Affordable Health Care

Wall Street's undertow: drugs and anxiety

Congress to Vote on School of the Americas this Wed.

Exclusive: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe

GAO examines signing statements cases

Colombia shaken as paramilitary leaders testify

Newly Empowered Democrats Draw Wrath Of Voters

Arctic spring's 'rapid advance'

Police nab 700 in global pedophile ring (rescued 31 children)

N.Korea plans to seal reactor in July: Russia's Ifax

Pakistan condemns Rushdie honor

The Use of RNC E-Mail Accounts by White House Officials

Ex-Duke lacrosse player doesn’t ‘feel’ for Nifong

Howdy ...

tears for fears...

Some word jazz

I got my head, but my head is unraveling...

Our governor was Anita Hill's attorney.

anyone ever been to Isle Royale National Park?

I was lucky enough to have a super day.

Does this remind you of anyone?


Does anyone have any advice....

Alright you perverts. Who's awake? n/t

There is a thread here...

Chewbacca's face appears in church ceiling

Chaser or chase-e?


Flying Dog Lands On Man Walking Down The Street

Car Stolen Twice In One Day - All Thieves Arrested

The Rolling Stones - Before and After (Loving Cup)

Bumper sticker of the morning!

Woman Sues Funeral Home For Cremating Husband's Prosthetic Leg

I want to go home!!

Pol Pot won Britain's Got Talent?

I am worried about Delenn--one of my furkits

How Make Glowing Printer Ink Video

Happy Birthday BabyMidlo!

Moving is a bitch!

I'm starting a 3 week road trip today and I'm already procrastinating....

mr. jones...

Man Sets Fire To 4 Cars While Trying To Steal Gas (by drilling through gas tanks)

Naked pic of myself (Mods, this is for a medical question)...

'God' Arrested At Payless Shoe Store

Naked pic of philboy (Mods, it's for a question of medical oddities)

For the geological record, I am depositing chicken bones in my backyard

For the record, Pagerbear and the Pagercub can't legally get married.

For the record datasuspect isn't getting married.

For the record I am submitting this writ of certiorari

NEVER trust a pirate.

Does ANYONE in Hollywood have an original idea?

Credit Card Fees From the Future (a toon)

Need a FAVOR - View & VOTE for my Banana Malibu Contest Entry

Doing a massive kitchen reorganization today....Weeeee!

My great-uncle died last night.

I fucking HATE Asphyxiation...

Rosie is interviewing for the price is right!!!

Me, I'd have stuck with the original $67 million lawsuit

For the record Gizmonic and I are already married.

When I die - I want to be reincarnated as a rat owned by a member of DU

Does ANYONE in the Lounge have an copycat idea?

Does ANYONE in the Lounge have an copycat idear?

Lounge thread juxtopositions

Running through my mind-SNAKES

libruls rule, publicans drool!!

Take Me Back To The Sixties

These Pictures of a Lady feeding Hummingbirds are Adorable. (Pics)

This is my 1000'th post!

The sign says that the urinal is out of order. Should I trust it?

Does ANYONE in the Lounge have an original idea?

Damn I HATE Fireants!

Cute dog video "You're my best friend"

I fucking LOVE asphyxiation.

Tuesday's coming...did you bring your coat?

Fresh taken

Love LOLCATS and programming? Check this out:

Can I tell you something?


We're having our home razed Tuesday morning.

Any John Prine fans? I just saw him in concert this weekend

Doing a massive kitten reorganization today........Weeee!

Ok so I liked the Movie ..Knocked Up

For her mother, it's been Kayla's most poignant birthday so far...

How would you describe Bush and the Republican Party?

Our new neighbor is chopping down a beautiful old sycamore

My hovercraft is full of eels

Found: Page One of the Bible

" Fiktivní výbuch atomové bomby v Krkonoších (Zprávy ČT24)"

I got my paaaaassword... so I can pooooost now...

Fashion Statements

Ask me almost anything, cuz I got time to waste

'Full Frontal Nudity'

Tribute to Reggie (Yes Men video)

New York Style Garlic Bagel Chips...I got 'em...and if I could...

Don't shoot me, but this is GENIUS!

Would you live in a house that had reached critical mass?

It is freaking HOT in my house.

Would you live in a house where a mass orgy had taken place?

Ask not if you would live in a house where a mass orgy had taken place; ask whether you live...

Does ANYONE in the Lounge have an Aboriginal idol?

Would you live in a house where a massive burger had taken place?

I'm here to report back to duty in the field of wiseassery which I have served with so much love

There are 3 types of people in this lounge...

ATTENTION! New Rule For the Lounge!

Happy birthday wishes to...

The heat is hot

I have 99,999 e-mails in my main e-mail account. What does it mean?

Would you live in one of these for the winter?


Urgent request - old Mac accessories in Chicago?

PAUL POTTS WON 'Britian's Got Talent!'

WVU Campus Pictures! (dialup warning!)

I wish I were naked.

Down the drain?

Happy Birthday to Bonehead

I would like to redress the evils of clothing.

Post here if you want either GoPsUx or me to redress in the next 24 hours.

Clearly my sis no longer loves me

why the hell do kosher dill pickles taste so damn while you're high?

Honest question from a Californian: Why so much Texas pride?

Simply because I want to, a dial-up advisory.

Is Keith back tonight, or is he the next Johnny Carson for vacation time?

Anybody been in GD lately? Sheesh, who needs Mastercard telling us to live it up?

Post a pic ... of something that makes you happy

Chicken Crossing

I fucking HATE Air Supply...

Monday Supper. I dedicate mine to...

Any way to figure out what Pfaltzgraff pattern I have?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/18/2007)

Spice Girls vs. Air Supply

new pics! You post some too!

Post a picture of something interesting and unusual

Coco Crisp.

So I lost my job today because I have been sick....


Love LOLCATS and HTML? Check this pic:

Oh Cheesecakes, Oh Cheesecakes, You Are Sooo Good, But So So Bad

Hi Lounge, How are you?

I used to think Prince Harry looked like James Hewitt

What should I expect to pay for a lady on heels?

FREE HUGS Campaign On Boston Common?

Air Supply got stung by a scorpion last Friday!!!!!

I have a million other things I should be doing....but before I go...

Does Damien Rice sound like David Gray or is it just me?

Just another reason to appreciate living while you can, people...

Is there a "Periodic Table of the Ideologies"?

Ok..Where is the Official Lounge Hoser???

I've been here since 2001, and my first "ignore" was about 3 weeks ago.

Gorgonzola or Goat Cheese

Salman Rushdie personally commits suicide bombing in Iran

Looking for wedding gift idea for a couple ages 72 and mid 50's.

Beans, beans...the musical fruit

OMG!!1!!! Kyra Sedgwick ("The Closer") sounds jes' like Peggy Hill!

Does ANYONE in the Lounge have an original idol?

I won a Wii today!

I like that show about "exes" cuz they blow up things.........

All this Air Supply talk had me thinking about this old Peach of Immortality

Attention Plz!


Another Mike Gravel 2008 ad!

After a few of these, I've been known to do this.....

I believe that with, uh…the advent of acid…

Can you reccommend a good new book?

Paris Hilton's mom on Countdown.. she's afraid of bruthas!

I feel the urge to eat an entire Chocalate cake all by myself. - Intervention needed.

Have you ever been mistaken for somebody else?

My Dad made out like a bandit.

I need a little bit of advice.....

iTunes is so fucking stupid

OMFG, my cat just brought this HUGE grasshopper/whatever in and ATE IT!

I had my last Belly Dancing

There has always been homosexuality in Africa.

Should Wile E. Coyote continue to chase The Road Runner?

Ummm, watermelon, ice-cold, WITH SALT!!1

Kristy Swanson Arrested!!!

Are you fucking kidding me?


Would you live in a home in which Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, and American Idol were played constantly?

Male Restroom Etiquette

More kitty cat video !!

Watching HELL'S KITCHEN while eating Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream...

Name a popular song that is either the best or the worst you've ever heard

Quarter till 7:00 here in Florida, and the humidity still makes it feel about 90 degrees.

Can Water Bugs clog up a water pipe/drain?

WHAT oil-based dye spill?

Post here only if you have been Naked in the last 24 hours

Would you live in a house where a mass murder had taken place?

My in-laws from the Netherlands are visiting. Ask me anything.

"REM is Air Supply" got me to thinking about rock equivalencies.

Anyone here ever eat at "Famous Dave's" BBQ?

GUESS WHO YOU ARE?? I passed 2 DU'ers in the street today --

65% of Republicans don't believe in evolution

What should I expect to pay for a home on wheels?

Which do you prefer?

I would like to request two lounge forums.

Favorite obscure band. My latest is: Telefon Tel Aviv

Guy almost hit me. I honk and he gives ME the finger!

Anyone here read "The Glass Castle"?

new linkin park record - i likey! great lyrics about war, katrina, idiot bush

When I die - I want to be reincarnated as a cat owned by a member of DU

I'm thinking of having a few drinks. Anyone drinking? n/t

A Different Creation Story

I got stung by a scorpion last Friday!!!!!

Querelle appreciation thread!

anyone tried the new x-13d doritos?

June 19th - World Sauntering Day

Has anyone heard from Dangerously Amused?

ATTENTION! New Rules For the Lounge!

Oh meh, ignore this thread

Your favorite Stooge?

I adopted a kitten (pics)

Does the estate of Dale Earnhardt have the right to do this to me?

Would you rather go to the beach or to the mountains for vacation?

I live in PA and want to go on vacation this summer somewhere I can drive

What's your favorite kind of bean?

Man's porch demolished by steamroller...

Do you know how many US states you have visited so far?

Does anyone actually watch poker on ESPN, etc.?

Boxing (June 20 - 23)

Biden to Speak at AFL-CIO Rally Tuesday 6-19-07

The AFL-CIO (Phoenix)will hold a town hall meeting with presidential candidate Gov. Bill Richardson

What To Watch For This Week (Obama at AFSCME)

Teamsters Golf Tournament Raises $150,000 for Variety - The Children's Charity (Canada)

Episode 21 USW POWERcast! (Women of Steel)

OSHA News: Teamsters Support House Bill to Protect Workers From Diacetyl Exposure

Shelby County Deputies File Federal Lawsuit Against Sheriff, County

Protect Your Right to Form a Union Call your Senator NOW!!!!!

Review of Michael Moore’s New Film,”SiCKO By USW International President Leo W. Gerard

How the Feds Force States to Hire Unionbusters

AFSCME Prepares For Political Battle To Elect Pro-Worker Government

Card Check: The Vote Nears, Contact Your Senator

Supernews state of the Union

Pop Quiz: When Did 9/11 Happen?

Lil Bush - Fathers Day

For fans of the Sopranos - Arabic translator fired from the Navy for being gay

How not to hire an American

So, How's Paris doing?

Church members claim the face of God has appeared on their sanctuary's ceiling

Studies Find DNA Damage from Anti-Coca Herbicide

Head of US military 'forced out'

Another kleenex alert - by Tim McGraw

Mr BROOKS...a film,,Kevin Costner/Demi Moore: a thriller: Good Movie/Bad Results

Chewbacca's face appears in church ceiling

Jesus God, if you say "booga, booga" long enough, you'll scare yourself, Jane Harmon.

QE2 set to become floating hotel (in Dubai) - BBC

The Fates of Two U.S. Iraq Vets, Captors of Saddam

'Wash Post': U.S. Secretly Funds Private Security 'Army' in Iraq

Did Tweety really ask a female journalist about the 'mature man's shaving cream aroma' factor...

IRAQ: not a surge

A different kind of hell for one American in Iraq (an American veteran tortured like an Iraqi)

Question on current affairs books that extrapolate into future possibilities

WaPo: Congress Seeks New Direction for Nuclear Strategy

There are over 3000 copies of Sicko on the internet

Six killed at a Charity Event for Children

Michael Moore refocuses healthcare debate

Report from DC (pics) Take Back America conference

Defense Lawyers Are Citing Attorney Dismissals As Evidence Cases Have Been Infected By Politics

local meteorologist and global warming koolaid

Darwin nominees at the lake (and it's not even summer yet)

IRAQ: Plight of refugees worsens as Syria, Jordan impose restrictions

Iraq on verge of genocidal war, warns ex-US official (are you listening, Petraeus?)

U.S. attorneys fallout seeps into courts

White House responds to NYer article on Taguba by Hersh

Mentally Disabled American Deported To Mexico

Did anybody notice the explosion in the background during Meet The Press?

Heads-up: TAKE BACK AMERICA conference on CSPAN3 - 2:15 p.m. today

Democrats Press Plan to Channel Billions in Oil Subsidies to Renewable Fuels

Has anyone seen anything on the Seymore Hersch article? Do you

Cspan question this morning:" Has God blessed America?

A Brief History of the USA by Michael Moore

Father-son war trauma

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Michael Moore on Howard Stern now!

Biden: Iraqi Civil War Continues - He doesn't know that 80% of all attacks are against our troops?

In 2002, the UN estimated that roughly 1.26 million Iraqi children would die if we invaded


A Failure to Protect the Troops?

Three Iranian diplomats briefly detained in Iraq for curfew violation

Lieberman on Iran: "If we knock out base of theirs, they may Respond"...Watch It!

If Bush is treating an American FBI informant like this in Iraq imagine how he is treating Iraqis

VIDEO: Seymour Hersh on CNN yesterday, on Gen. Taguba, * and co. dishonesty

Here is an idea that SHOULD be used as Congress debates how to get out of Iraq....

Ricky Sanctimonious to attempt swaying Election '08 with movie-making

Revealed: rising toll of deaths before dishonour.

U.S. embassy official: advances had been made with Iraq's hydrocarbon laws

Hey, I wonder what the backlash was like on the Gov't investigation of Moore's Cuba trip?

Which GOP candidate scares you the most?

Post-traumatic Iraq Syndrome

Dems Need To Step Up and Say If Bush Pardons Libby We No Longer Have Justice In America...

Watergate at 35: How 'Woodstein' Did It

With the VERY little that we know, what do you think about that crash in Selmer, TN?

British troops 'kill 36' in Iraq attack - I wonder what they are doing with all the bodies?

If you could have one political wish come true what would you wish for?

Excellent Amy Goodman article about Iraq war school play.

Ted Rall: Enhanced Torture Techniques (TOON)

Sibel Edmonds, Bandar Bush and BAE - Similar But Different

RE the various arguments over the word "Fascist"

Britain feared US would 'nuke' Afghanistan: ex-diplomat

NBC President/CEO Courts Jon Stewart

Why is telling the truth about something considered being "negative"?

Afghanistan Is A Growing Disaster

A Libby pardon will make for one powerful Democratic ad campaign next year

Association of Alternative Newsweeklies Molly Ivins Award Goes To Keith Olbermann

Three Thousand Five Hundred Twenty Six

The truth about Immigration/ outsourcing

Bush Suffers Court Setbacks In War On Terrorism

Fred Thompson helped raise over $5 million for the "save Scooter" defense fund

The Citizenship Path Not Taken.

Vietnam vet speaks on Iraq war

Funny at first link.

Lionel is full of shit.


Noooo!! Just heard the most disturbing news....

Anyone have the scoop on Mayor Phil Gordon in Phoenix supporting McCain and his warmongering?

Larisa Alexandrovna's Suggestion: Pulitzer's Should Be Renamed Hersh's

Heartbreaking pic on Rosie's front page.

Failing Pakistan Policy 'Essentially Being Run From Cheney's Office'

Democracy Now! - An Hour With Michael Moore On "Sicko"

View it again for the first time: President Al Gore on Saturday Night Live!

WP: Magazine Ranks Iraq Second Most Unstable Country (Foreign Policy magazine)

Rolling Stone has excluisive audio stuff from AL GORE up

" Saudi royals will be chased to the end of the Earth and back"

Why is Tom Ridge suggesting anything? Wants new traveler's fee implemented

Hello! We're the Yoostabees!

'When President says "Get Out"..."Get OUT!" Scarborough about Hurricane Season coming up.

Iranians Pay for Rejecting Jesus

Christina came home Saturday! Welcome home Christina!

I really hate Mallard Fillmore, but hmmm...

Gonzales is planning on holding one-on-ones with every U.S. attorney

Man, even the guys from MST3k knew that Iraq was a bad idea

Strong local gangs keep national thugs at bay

Censorship at WaPost comments

SB 1348 Immigration Reform: National Guard duty authorized "along the southern land border"

CREW: 96 Congresspersons Benefit Family Members

Iraq: Hundreds Go Missing or Get Killed at Checkpoints

Laura Ingraham changes a young Mexican man's life

Was Karl Rove behind Bush's "16 words" ?

Grand jury probes Alaska senator's ties to oil-field contractor (Sen. Ted Stevens!)

Anyone remember this unbelievably creepy painting?

Soldiers revisit Iraq in virtual reality

wow! Montana dealing with severe weather

Cohen: Are Media Out to Get John Edwards?

2 Years as Voluntary Cannon Fodder = Green Card?????

Do you want your children to learn about chemistry? Be careful, you could be breaking the law

Had a strange thought while filling up the Zook this morning...

Letter to Mayor Phil

Why We Can't Let Them Tamper with Habeas Corpus

Pressure mounts for Libby clemency

Have You Had Trouble With Your Insurance Co. Paying Claims?

Seymour Hersh coming up on CNN

Computer question about updating DU threads

al-Maliki has replaced the Basra police chief over failure to stop attacks on Sunni mosques

Opening remarks from Take Back America conference today:

Take Back the $435,670,415,231 (

Abramoff Crony Proposes ‘Community Service’ With Lobbyist Group In Lieu Of Prison Sentence

Whiskey Fire: Most of us who opposed the war did so because it was OBVIOUSLY A STUPID IDEA!

What Time’s ‘New Action Heroes’ have in common

I've been cleaning up my old, lost e-mail from the last 10 years and, remember Joke Forwarding???

Edwards -- Gasp! -- Blasts General Petraeus

Muslims in America are more likely to identify themselves by nationality rather than religion

Edwards Goes After Petraeus

Rove may lead Bush library

The "media" says Barack Obama doesn't have enough experience

Yet another article that shows how the Supreme Court has changed

BRAD BLOG | Palast Exclusive: The Tears of a Clone

Latinos in Florida flip sides on normally strong GOP support.

Courtesy of the US Taxpayer: 172 Million Bullets for Iraq

WH Official: "Look at us in Iraq—how much difficulty we have in saying we will anoint people to run"

AP: Blockbuster to favor Blu-Ray HD Disc (could this be the tilt in the format war?)

Christopher Hitchens: Scooter is going to jail because he made a telephone call to Tim Russert

Bush holds video conference with Iraqis -* is impressed and reassured by the progress they're making

""We are handicapped patients, too. Cut off both my legs, but give me my sanity."

Wish Bush a Happy Birthday! And give him some money!

One company, Exxon, makes NET PROFIT over a $100 Million Dollars a DAY

Claim: Blair feared U.S. would ‘nuke the sh*t’ out of Afghans.

Separate Interrogation Rules For Special Forces?

If the Iranian people are seething toward the mullahs, is a US air strike a good idea?

Iraqi union leader urges opposition to oil law (Reuters)

Escalation Architect Fred Kagan 2 Months Ago: Iraq Turning Corner; Today: More Time Needed

Kucinich on cspan now...

Video: Kucinich press conference announcing articles of impeachment

Iraq's Oil Law: Backsliding on Benchmarks

Snow: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Iraq War Has Helped Stabilize Middle East, It’s ‘Hard To Say’

"Wait Till September" Is Open and Transparent BS

The Hill: ‘Iraq Summer’ hopes to isolate President (sic) Bush

3527 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

No Harry, You Didn't Raise The Bar Too High-You Ducked Under The Bar

I miss Monkeyman. That's all.

Seymour Hersh on Hardball! Catch the repeat if you can't see now!

(Precious Quote of the Day!) ABC’s Charles Gibson slams Fox News

DoD Error: Publishes, Pulls Poignant Photo

North Dakota Farmers Sue DEA Over Hemp

The Republican Corruption Scandals are like a series of tubes

Do you "get" the Gravel video? What do you think it means?

Afganistan Is A Growing Disaster

One of the Worst Republican Disses I've ever Heard.

Clinton leads Obama by double digits in new poll

David Shuster sitting in for Fugger

diane rehm show - "Betraying Our Troops"

Al Gore radio interview this afternoon, don't miss it.

Bt cotton can kill farm animals; centre order probe

It's 5PM on the East Coast! Let's play Highball!

US {Supreme} court weighs school desegregation (BBC)

CNN saying some report finds Iraq to be the deadlest in world

I have it- Lieberman/Nader!

Joint Failure: Bacevich argues that the Joint Chiefs are as culpable as Bush for the Iraq fiasco

Woohoo! The energy crisis may soon be over

Yoo: Court Rejection Of Bush Detainee Policy Is An Effort ‘To Deny What Happened On 9/11'

Home loan interest rate? Which way is it going to go?

Caption *

Flooding in North Texas (pictures)

Whatever happened to...

How many here spent time in the USSR

David Shuster subbing for Tucker!


Consumers Guide to Gasoline

Odd conversation at the children's museum today

W's* biggest project comes in second place..."Failed State Index"

Report: Bush "Signing Statements" May Have Affected Implementation of Laws

Music fans- Why don't we have a music forum?

Sometimes I answer email - messages -

Bob Barker Endorses Rosie As His Replacement

Monday: 1 GI, 71 Iraqis Killed; 204 Wounded

I 'm going to include The Assault on Reason

Sibel Edmonds, Bandar Bush and BAe - similar but different.

New GOP Talking Point: "War on Prosperity"

Amy Goodman chats with Michael Moore about "Sicko," health care and Dr. Frist

Who is this stupid RW punk on Hardball?

Defense Company Paid For Bandar's Daughter's Honeymoon

New Organization Formed to Help Small Farms and Consumers

US Attorneys Fallout Seeps Into the Courts: LA Times

seymour Hersh on MSNBC

Bush - you are 100% responsible for anything that happens

Fox News Channel intern says it's God's will for her to pursue journalism

U.S. instigating civil war, not spreading democracy

Yoo: Court Rejection Of Bush Detainee Policy Is An Effort ‘To Deny What Happened On 9/11

Monday TOON Roundup


KO and Shuster discussing those myriad emails

The Terrorism Index

Investigation Uncovers ‘Extensive Destruction’ Of RNC Emails, Violations Of Records Act

Reid wields July 4 threat

Big oil companies facing prospect of heavy tax hit

Centralized Food Production Collapse

So far today MSM Report of Sy Hersh "Rummy/Cheney Abuse Story": PBS/Matthews/CNN


Ralston's Deposition

I pay $3 once a week to dream what I'd do with tens of millions.

Iraq Contractors Denied Medical Insurance

NBC Prez Jeff Zucker wines and dines Jon Stewart

Church files on pedophilia accusations may be made public, judge rules

Forbes polls for the Creepiest Presidential Candidates

When RWingers bitch about the border

Since Hersch has revealed more about Abu Ghraib, can another investigation be launched?...

Play Missile Defense! W Style!

Nader was not the reason Gore "lost"

There really is an Agent Mike at DU. Member since May 1, 2004. 0 posts

Exclusive: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S., Europe

Gore's Assault on Reason - does Al read DU?

Tony Snowjobs the Deleted RNC Email Scandal

A question for regular Hardball viewers .....

The fattest kid on earth

The Reign of the Tyrants is at Hand Is Bush Planning to Nuke Iran?

Just Started Reading 'The Assault On Reason'. Can Anyone Here Tell Me Who Wrote The Inner Flaps?

Gore writes a new, hard-hitting foreword to a reissue of his bestselling book "Earth in the Balance"

My wife and I just bought a $400,000 home 2 months ago.

so next time you see Willard (Mitt) - let this shape your mental image

Does anybody shamelessly plug themselves more than Toe-sucking Dick Morris?

Looking for link to Latest Time Election Index

Eerie parallels in race for White House

Question: Are our top 'Generals' obliged to uphold and protect our Constitution OOORRRR

Bob Woodward: Yes, I Should Have Probed Iraqi WMD More Closely

Someone please explain to me how Homeland Security is better than the Gestapo.

US trying to help keep opium poppy profits from Taliban

Government watchdog says Bush ignored law after 30% of signing statements

please critique my 85th ltte for accuracy,effectiveness re:PTSD

Tonight on Countdown. KO is back

Today (June 18th) in 1815....

FASCISM - n. [fash-iz-uhm]

An Iraq Caucus of One

Could Pakistan fall to extremists? (Christian Science Monitor)

Anybody see Ryan C. Crocker on Sunday morning?

Is anyone else experiencing intermittent error messages and bugs w/DU?

Does the estate of Dale Earnhardt have the right to do this to me?

If you look at the Yahoo top story now -

Provocative post from Josh Marshall about criticism:

Gingrey just said (Hardball) that Pelosi WOULD NOT give Petraeus a meeting?

Following Bush Signing Statements, Federal Agencies Ignore 30 Percent Of Laws Passed Last Year

Bush and his generals substituting their judgment for the American peoples' in Iraq

700 suspects in pedophile probe

McClatchy Covers Rove RNC E-mail Story (from Miami Herald) "Rove E-mails May Have Broken Law"

Flashback: Another person who was "Nifonged", Richard Jewell

Anyone Looking for Work?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Setting the record straight on the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq

Few senators read Iraq NIE report

White House considering Libby pardon

Politico's Allen ignored polling data showing Libby pardon to be extremely unpopular

James Gandolfini (Sapronos) is teaming up with HBO to create "Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq"

Wonder what just got blasted into space?

Flashback: Still another person who was "Nifonged", LaCresha Murray

Democrats in Congress: The Wheels are Coming Off

What if we cut off all Donations to the Democratic Presidential Candidates

A step beyond Purity Balls: Father dates his daughter.

You know that "Fudge" pic of Mitt? I took the liberty of captioning it

Gas prices may rise after local refinery leak (previously had vented toxic gases into air)

Sir Isaac Newton - Religious Fundy Nutjob

Special Ops the Pentagon Doesn't Want Anyone To Know About.

Christina came home Saturday (no longer missing)! Welcome home Christina!

Push for increase in biofuels causes oil industry to scale back refinery expansion

War Is a Racket pamphlet

Biden: "Voters Are Going To Be Mad With Us Until We End The War"

Stephen Colbert just gave Toby Kieth a hard time for "the boot up your *ss" song"!!!

Rosemary Woods, Fawn Hall , And Yet Another Reason We Need To Impeach !!!

Hey, Clark fans! This just in...

Looking past '08, who is your dream presidential candidate for someday in the future?

Report: Veteran Homelessness on the Rise

PALAST: Conyers Closes In On Karl & His Rove-Bots

European Space Agency signs contract for global warming spacecraft

GAO: Bush ignoring laws -- often

Baptist Clergy as Sexual Predators?

bush voters who now hate him, are they unpatriotic traitors like they said we were?

Frontline Tuesday - General: "Never a Mission" to Defeat Iraq's Insurgents

I was at Union Square in Somerville Mass yesterday

Does people bringing up Libby's or anyone's children as a reason not to go to jail bother you

Italian judge freezes CIA kidnap trial - Having Italy still under US occupation has its benefits

How the Military Commissions Obscure Gitmo's Real Purpose

Beautiful statement by Mildred Loving on the 40th anniversary of Loving v Virginia

As more toys are recalled in U.S., the trail ends in China

No impeachment? Here is a List of What is Still On the Table, Thanks to Sy Hersh, Gen. Taguba


I've been wondering about something in the "Morans" guy's picture

Is this picture Mitt Romney's "John Kerry in a bunny suit" photo moment?

Things I learned about Al Gore today

Human/animal clones...I did not make this up...

I just met Al Sharpton!

Is this the Summer of '67 or '68? It's either one or the other...

An Assault On Reason - by Al Gore

face it folks- we are TOTALLY screwed...

Investigation Uncovers ‘Extensive Destruction’ Of RNC Emails, Violations Of Records Act

Will Libby's Pardon Be Enough For You To Demand Impeachment

Reason to unite behind the Democratic nominee

Your late-night blast-from-the-past giggle...

Does anyone else think name-calling is childish?

Which is the best progressive/liberal magazine?

Democrats Didn't Have the Votes to End the War

"We have the best healthcare system in the world!"

The Demise of our First Amendment Rights – And How that Enables Rampant Militarism

a morning question on W.J. - 'has god blessed america' - (for real

If I do not get PM'd I don't log in to respond.

IT HAS TO BE GORE-If He's Serious About Climate Change-He Has To Run For President (Guardian)

To: David Waid Chair, Arizona Democratic Party

Belated notice: DU Anthro group is up and running!

GOP Ready To Threaten Valerie Plame With A Subpoena

Kirsten Powers is a scumbag

Taguba: "‘I Thought I Was In The Mafia’"

Question: the WH responded to Taguba article - has anyone in Congress?

Question about Bush's "I can hear you" moment at Ground Zero...

U.S. circumcision rate drops

Can anyone think of a single repuke/RW idea

Who Would Have Ever Thunk It?

Truth about Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - Debunk The Right Wing Myth

Blood test may replace colonoscopy

Jersey Girls Deliver Petitions, Request Support

OK... Let's Take The Pulse Of DU... Are You Satisfied With The Democrats In Congress As Of Now ???

2300+ year-old words describe our present situation perfectly

Corrupt Colleges, Student Debt (The Nation)

Sens. Kennedy, Whitehouse Demand Justice Dept. Investigation Into ‘Caging’

Mildred Loving on 40th Anniversary of Ruling, Loving v Virginia

Couple Wants 50k To Not Abort

Shocking New Details Of Abu Ghraib: Father & Son Forced To Do Acts Together

Boy, 11, killed by bear at family campsite

How to increase gas mileage by 39%, or why the truckers are going to be pissed

Former Reagan Official: Bush Should Be Tried As A War Criminal After Impeachment

McClatchy: Liberal or progressive? Some Democrats abandon the `L' word

Duke Reaches An Undisclosed Settlement With The 3 Accused Lacrosse Players

1957 Plymouth - Decaying Icon of our culture and arrogance.

SB 1348 Immigration Reform: 11,600 new border patrol agents, 1,250+ new investigators

I saw a man beating his child -- I followed him and gave him hell.

GORE: “I have not ruled it out entirely because I’m only 59, and 59 is the new 58"

Election 2004: The Urban Legend

Not political, just a Gay question..

I am astonished by Al Gore's ASSAULT ON REASON--he actually says what most other Democrats don't

The Democrats are doing an amazing job. We are turning the tables on Rove.

Nader Wasn't Right Then And He's Not Right Now. The Democrats Are Not The Same As The Republicans.

Guys, Waxman dropping a bomb on * today, your attention needed

What's the absolute WORST that would happen if we impeached

I Say Support Dennis Kucinich!

The Plan to Disappear Canada

I can't beleive the digusting things I've read here about the Duke rape case the last few days


I remember this freeper, "Seventhson", to be exact

SB 1348 Immigration Reform: construct "at least 20 detention facilities in the United States..."

Abu Ghraib: The American public needs to understand we're talking about rape and murder here

Last I looked, it's not the GOP who've been holding hearings in Congress

I'm told that welfare reform worked.

WAXMAN: 88 WH officials used RNC e-mail, KARL ROVE = 140,216 e-mails YAOZAAAH

Republicans try to woo youth with blog guide

Clinton-Obama '08 is the inevitable result.

Turds found in Capitol, but no Blossums in sight.

Clinton Hints Obama Will Out Fundraise Her, Downplays Importance...More in Interview with Salon

Grassroots campaigning runs deep in N.H.

Romney builds support in early states (AP)

More Obama HATE on MSNBC: from Joe Scarborough

The Watergate Story: Read the original Woodward and Bernstein stories,

Petraeus, Gates, and Snow paraphrased. And by the way, Petraeus is a dunce.

This Modern World: Hello! We're the Yoostabees!

Russert on Fox: Candidates shouldn't shun Fox -- or NBC

Storm Aid as the New Ethanol

On stem cell research, scientist says of Hillary: "She gets it."

For U.S. and Key Allies in Region, Mideast Morass Just Gets Deeper

New Rasmussen Poll: Clinton solidifies frontrunner status, Edwards bounces back

Internet lift for 'Dr No' in White House race

Obama "most appealing" Democratic candidate

Hopes of Gore running remind me of .......

Dana Rohrbacher on CSPAN-2 disputing global warming...

Virginia Macintosh: A vote for Clinton

So much for Gallups's last poll. Gallup: Clinton 39% Obama 26%

General Batiste is liveblogging with Eric Massa, NY29

Surgeon General to be...or not to be?

Ed Gillespie, we hardly knew yee (from the Va. Dems)

If John F. Kennedy, Jr. hadn't died back in '99...

Coming Soon: The Swiftboating of Hillary Clinton

Scenario - If the people of the US revolt and captures Chimp and Vader

What is Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) trying hide?

CNN: GOP's Romney Surges In Early Voting States

POLLS: Slew of new state polls shows mostly good news for Hillary vs. Ghouliani vs. Bloomberg

My letter to Judge Walton, Scooter Libby's Judge

I expect my choice of candidate to hold the Bushes accountable in 2009.

Elizabeth Edwards - Rage for Justice

Obama: Campaign's 'Punjab' remark was 'stupid'

Tell Congress It's Time To Pass National Health Care Insurance

SurveyUSA 16 state gen election survey...Guiliani, Clinton, Bloomberg.. Hillary flips 4 Red States

Rasmussen: Hillary 38%, Obama 27%, Edwards 16%

Defining a "new kind of politics"

is Mike Gravel on acid?

A) Democrats need to let go of crimes of office because they don't matter.

The unknown: Is Obama ready? (Comparisons to the Big Dawg, circa 1991)

Marc Ambinder, formerly of ABC's The Note, leaks Second Qtr. Fundraising Predictions

Barack Obama's Walk for Change

Michigan State Senator Mark Schauer: Why I'm For Hillary

So- what happens in September when Patraeus reports the surge is making an impact?

35th Anniversary of Watergate...what's it going to take to bring down *this* administration?

Teen actors moved by war denied a stage

Here are links that should disgust anyone with any humanity:

How will the internet change campaigns when all the candidates...

What Real political Experience does Hillary Have?

When repugs control the Senate, it takes 50 votes to pass things - when dems control the Senate,

In Iraq, the militants have a plan, does the U.S.?

In New Hampshire, Senate Candidate Swett Sours On Lieberman

Turkish tanks in northern Iraq: an unlikely solution

Have you been polled yet regarding the 2008 Democratic Nominees?

I can't believe the level to which many Obama and Clinton supporters have sunk

Name that popular blog Presidential poll

Obama calls Clinton memo 'dumb mistake'

Former President Clinton to Campaign With Hillary in Iowa next month

White House aides' e-mail records gone (AP)

8 different Obama scandals in one week. Coincidence?

You can write Congress and tell them to end their shameful endorsement of the Iraqi Oil Law here:

Vote for Hillary....

Did I just hear Chris Matthews right? Anybody?

Gore: I haven't ruled it out

I am so sick and angry about Democratic complicity in criminality.

Is Iran complicit with the NWO/BushCo?

Maria Gilardin on WTPRN radio right now.

Would One of Those Blonde Bimbo Right Wing Shills Give Bush a Blow Job Already, So We Can Finally

Obama osmosis on the campaign trail...

I was threatened with arrest at the premiere of F-911

"This is an administration that is very careful about obeying the law," he said.

Employee Free Choice Act Bottom Line: America’s Workers

WaPo's 2008 Presidential Field Database is up and running.

Question about Hillary

Wes Craven endorses Obama! Bwahahahahaha!!!!

HRC erases Obama's lead in Gallup poll, now leads by 12. Gore only 3 points out of 2nd

Edwards Statement on General Petraeus Comments

In a hypothetical Gore/Thompson matchup ...... who takes Tennessee?

Bill and Hill will campaign together in Iowa next month

rubber stamp republicans blocking democrats in the senate.

Super Tuesdays on MSNBC

Let me see if I've got this straight re: Congress' approval rating

The candidate from Illinois is WOEFULLY INEXPERIENCED.

Wes Clark on Ed Schultz today!! Transcript!

Charles Gibson should look in a mirror

Will the deleted emails result in Fitz reopening the Rove

DLC president/candidate

Barack Obama apologizes for attack on Clinton

Red States Hillary can win or be competitive in

I am delighted more Hillary people are supporting her at DU

Poll Suggests Gore Entry No Threat to Clinton

A website EVERYONE should be required to bookmark- Public Eye

What differences are there between the platforms of Obama and HRC?

"Sicko", Hillary, and BIG INSURANCE


DU Flashback One Year Ago: Powell Was Told His UN Speech Was Fabrication - Said It Anyway

Name Your Favorite Republican Revisionist History Story.

Obama believes Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Libby, and Wolfowitz are noble, patriotic souls?

Just out of curiosity, would you vote for a primary candidate you "knew" would lose

My First Post

In Polls, Clinton Loses to Republicans

ABC News: Suicide Bomb Teams Sent to U.S.

True or False poll on repukes versus Democrats

If the Democrats are just as big corporatists as the Republicans...

Schuster: Leave Gravel Alone, You Dipshit

Edwards: "I can campaign anyplace in America" (Hillary and Obama, not so much)

Think of this incredible fact: if Hillary is elected, we'll have 36 years of either Clinton or Bush

Edwards said IT before! "I have the strongest chance of changing the electoral map"

A ticket I'd love to see: Obama/Spitzer '08!

SurveryUSA: Gen election head to head ..Clinton, Guiliani...16 states

CREW releases report on nepotism: Use of campaign funds for family members

Is Edwards right? Is being from the South a huge advantage for a Democrat? The facts say "yes"

DU rules: Democratic Candidates and the Democratic Party

Well, if Hillary is our nominee, will you vote for her?