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Archives: June 17, 2007

Gaza: Not Just a Prison, a Laboratory

Looters raid Arafat's home, steal his Nobel Peace Prize

G.I.'s In Iraq Open Major Offensive Against Al Qaeda

In Iraq, the surge of optimism recedes

Suicide bomber kills over 35 in Kabul: police

Online Sales Lose Steam as Buyers Grow Web-Weary



I'm in the middle of a motel horror story

need a movie recommendation

fearless freaks and flaming lips

Favorite Bath and Body works scent/product.

Are you a Hoochie Coochie Gal?

Everybody's Crying Mercy (YouTube)

At any given time

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for June 17: Happy Father's Day

Michelle's got a crush on Obama!

Internet Radio May Cease to Exist July 15 - 90% of stations to go bankrupt thanks to RIAA

Sunday's Opus: "Atheist Best-Sellers"

NOW starting: Amy Goodman interviews Ralph Nader C-SPAN

Scooter & The Conservative Boo-Hoo

Pentagon may drop mental health question

Watching SiCKO now - holy crap!

Moscow Releases Nuclear Fuel for Iran’s Bushehr Reactor


"Hold someone accountable today!" (A new meme.)

Obama speaks of faith in the public square

The Unknown; Is Obama Ready

John Edwards and the cartoff bomb.

Obama says drug plan would save seniors 157 billion

Edwards challenges insurance companies

Edwards calls for engaging international institutions (supports International Criminal Court)

Blowback In Lebanon: Has the U.S. Helped Create Another Jihadist Monster?

Robert Fisk: A cry for justice from a good man who expected us to protect his son

Prison Time Is Urged for Griles; Ex-Interior Official Admitted Lying About Ties to Abramoff

White House and Lawmakers Alike Face Risks in an Executive Privilege Fight

Iraq Contractors Face Growing Parallel War

NATO Image Problem: Civilian Deaths (AP)

OUT OF IRAQ: We've Lost. Here's How To Handle It.

General Says Prison Inquiry Led to His Forced Retirement (Taguba)

Problems Continue With Defense Contracts

WP, pg1: FDA Scrutiny Scant In India, China as Drugs Pour Into U.S.

New U.N. human rights body faces moment of truth

US defense chiefs denied knowledge of Abu Ghraib abuse

Why Is the Pet Food Industry Killing Our Pets?

Political hypochondriacs-End of immigration bill isn't end of world

INTERVIEW-Guantanamo will close when Bush goes-lawyer

Mikhail Gorbachev: US Needs to Exit Iraq

Guantanamo will close when Bush goes-lawyer

ChiTrib: Gonzales' plan for attorney reviews would further politicize process

Lack of Compassion for Working People Typifies Bush Administration Policies

9/11--WHY THE TOWERS FELL--Two Theories By William Rice, P.E.

Why We Must Break with the American Crazies (Sunday Times UK, via CommonDreams)

Andrew J. Bacevich: Joint Failure

E.J. Dionne: GOP Identity Crisis


Snow Fall---The “war on drugs,” in its 37th year.......(coke price dropping)

The Second American Revolution, Is it time yet?

How Antonio Taguba, who investigated the Abu Ghraib scandal, became one of its casualties S. Hersh

TEXT Senate Bill 1348 = READ first, then comment.

A Wary Veteran Patrols the Daunting Home Front

A cry for justice from a good man who expected us to protect his son

"Laboratory for a Fortressed World" (Israel's Economy Booms) Naomi Kliein

A New Iliad: The Fixation of Dubya or The Wrath of the American People?

Epitaph: "They gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one"

U.S. should stop arming Sunni militias - PM Maliki

Why they won’t Impeach: A Guilty Conscience?

"Good news history has weakened Americans’ critical faculties...

Term Limits on the Supremes By Jayne Lyn Stahl

Climate change behind Darfur killing: UN's Ban - AFP

(Monarch butterfly) Wonder of nature under threat from illegal logging - Observer

Prepared Statement of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-6-MD) for the US-China Economic and Security Co

Will wind power be the next Kenedy (Ranch, TX) moneymaker?

$8B green refinery would employ 1,800 in S.D.

Kofi Annan appointed to chair Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa

Gas shortage showing up all over South Dakota-yikes

EU carbon allowances, record price !

Soya king changes face of pampas - Observer

Baby boom for endangered tigers (BBC)

Two China lakes menaced by algae outbreaks - Reuters

Debate heats up in US over coal fuel for cars - AFP

Moscow Releases Nuclear Fuel for Iran’s Bushehr Reactor

Cows, Climate Change and Carbon Credits

Gasoline refinery expansions scaled back - AP

If you want to see what a future of population decline looks like

Virginia drivers flocking hybrid, alternative fuel wheels

Mexico oil output drop may spark crisis

How Hamas turned on Palestine's 'traitors'

Bush Met With Jewish Leaders

Crocodile Tears (Uri Avnery)

"The Torah Offers Insights into Bush Aministrations Iraq Fear Tactics"

Abbas outlaws Hamas movement

Abbas wins Arab states' backing

Gaza Islamists uproot statue for Arab dead

Palestinian group denies deal to free reporter

EU to keep paying Palestinian government salaries in Hamas-controlled Gaza

Israeli-American failure

Israel halts fuel deliveries to Gaza: radio

Israel could be responsible for a disaster, Meretz MK says

Katyusha rockets hit northern Israeli town

US and Israel Stir Up Palestinian Crisis

Haredim protest gay parade

EU to pay gov't workers in Hamas-controlled Gaza


Serb war crime suspect arrested in Montenegro

U.S. attack helicopters kill 4 in Iraq

Kabul police bus bomb 'kills 35'

Iran: Putin Pulls Plans on Radar (Azerbaijan)

In U.S. Attorney's Offices, Help Wanted

Gulf Arabs won't be base for attack on Iran: Saudi[

Latin American governments move against long-entrenched racism

N.C. panel disbars Duke prosecutor

Curfew lifted in Baghdad

'Legitimate concerns' about arming Iraqi rebels: US commander(Petreaus deployment could be a decade)

Bush suffers court setbacks in war on terrorism

Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel

Radical group issues death threat against BBC journalist (denies a deal for Johnston's release)

Chicago's biggest mob trial in years set (Fitzgerald)

3 U.S.-led coalition members, 1 Afghan interpreter killed in roadside blast in Afghanistan

The War Inside

Among Firefighters in New York, Giuliani Is Both Hailed And Hated

Wounded British troops wait hours to reach hospital

Toxic algae pose new health scare in China

Sarkozy gets reduced majority for reform campaign

Millions of desperate Iraqis stream into Syria

Kurdish rebel leader warns Turkey against Iraq incursion

Culinary Union (14,250 workers ) ratifies deal with Harrah's Entertainment

GE reaches tentative labor agreements with unions

FBI Name Check Cited In Naturalization Delays

U.S. Strategy on Sunnis Questioned

End Looms For Iraq Arms Inspection Unit

US pours soldiers into ‘lawless’ Baghdad

G.I.’s in Iraq Open Big Offensive Against Al Qaeda (Petreus: "that is really it, right now")

Mom Says Disabled Son Illegally Deported

U.S. set to lift Palestinian embargo

End Looms for Iraq Arms Inspection Unit

U.S. Ambassador Notes Frustration With Iraqi Progress, But Cites Complicated Situation

Gen. Petraeus and Sen. McConnell at odds over surge

Residents emerge after Baghdad lockdown (3 US troops killed SAT)

Sarkozy gets reduced majority for reform campaign ( no landslide)

Iraqi Sunni leader dies of heart attack

Mother searches Tijuana for mentally disabled man ... illegally deported

Grand jury examines Stevens' ties to Veco

With Gaza in crisis, Israeli PM arrives for talks in US

U.S. experts canvass Cuba on embargo impact

Edwards: Organized labor is the key

Petraeus Says Iraq Plan Won't Succeed By September

U.S. attorneys fallout seeps into the courts

Democrats Press Plan to Cut Oil Subsidies

Lords to look at legality of Iraq war

Brownback Aide Chided on Anti-Mormon Bid

Britain feared US would 'nuke' Afghanistan: ex-diplomat

Shunned prison whistle-blower is rehabilitated as new top auditor

Moore Says He Didn't Interview GM Head ("Anyone Who Says That Is A ... Liar")

Man calls for EMS, gets police Tasers

Iraq on verge of genocidal war, warns ex-US official (Jay Garner)

Oil industry scales back refinery plans

Video links Colombia militia boss, Uribe

Cubin, Sansonetti plead for a friend (Griles)

Which of these commercial characters would you most like to hang out with?

To my fellow DUers - dreadgully drunk right now, but DU is awesome

It's late, and I'm dreadgully drunk...

They said Louise was not half bad.

Hollywood's Walk of Fame, "twinned" with Camden High street?

Hip hop "desert island"; best albums suggestions

She's Everything... (a dedication to Oktoberain)

9 posts to 10,000 (Let's try this again!)

Eww, Zombies

Anyone else watching Le Mans?

Bo DIETL harassed "Sopranos" producers to get on the show - & they dissed him.

Happy Father's Day to all the DU dads!!!

San Francisco (YouTube)

There must be some weird law in Indiana

Happy Father's Day to one of the Greatest Liberals ever. My dad.

LCD TV owners, which brand did you buy and why?



Why Liberals are still dominating Conservatives on the Web

Today I applied to college

The pain is gone you are receding...

This guy was in front of me in line at Lowes today

What's up Paris Hilton on this fine Saturday night?

Yo, DUers, this is the AAT!!!

"That lady has my seal of approval!" I guess I passed the test

Great PIC: Space Shuttle launch from International Space Station

WTF is this "ROMAN" BS???

Scott Bakula

Soup cat is watching you...

Why bablyon 5 is better than Star Trek (or not?) Warning, spoilers from two dead TV franchises...

i went into town this morning to take a walk

Okay, the world is going to end because of peak oil and greed. (hypothetical)

Poll for those who have seen "The Devil's Rejects":

Anyone seen billyskank?

And I thought this was going to be a boring Sunday.

Things that go clunk in the night.

So my friends were playing Duck Hunt on NES the other day, and there was a glitch (Dial-up warning)

Just back from Vacation - with a warning.........

"Hold someone accountable today!" (Pass it on, Lizards!)

Anyone watch Now with Bill Moyers on Friday?

Fresh from the camera

What if you stop playin scared and just start doin?

Mating hares block Milan airport runways

PARENTS: Do you cut your kids' hair yourself? Or entrust it to the professionals?

Robot to act as Master of Ceremony at Korean wedding

Teach Your Children

Bill Frist, Cat Killer?

If you met a member of that forum that shall not be named what would you do?

When father doesn't know best

If you are a father does YOUR dad send you a father's day card?

If cats and dogs could blog -

Kobe Bryant is a JERK

So what are everyone's plans for Father's Day?

Twenty years ago at this very moment....

Hannity, Colmes, Ann Coulter and ?

Okay, it really is party central in our backyard...

Spoilers wanted: Fantastic Four Silver Surfer movie...

Not quite the photo op he thought it was... (pic)

Dammit! My friggen earbuds have a short in the wire!

The is probably the greatest salad dressing recipe ever.

It's 85 degrees outside, 62% humidity, and I'm comfortable.

So what's wrong with LCD?

What style of clothing will go down in history as being the worst?

Anyone here still use CB radio?

Travel regs question

Congratulatons dsc!! 25,000 posts

Congratulations Warpy!! 25,000 posts

More garden/other photos...

A man's remote control (pic)

Congratulations lizziegrace!! 10,000 posts

The eyes have it.

Remember Wacky Packages?

Keith Olbermann will have a BALL with this story...(O'Reilly thrown out of Mets clubhouse)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/17/07)

who's bored tonight?

Pet wigs

Am I the luckiest SOB there is, or what? Here's my Father's Day dinner menu:


FATHER! Do you wanna bang heads with me?!

Sony Bra appreciation thread!

40 years ago today....

Vegan S&M for lizziegrace.

Skinner...Happy Father's Day

Can someone go to Coffee Cat and get me a coffee?


Looking to buy a new TV? This web site is invaluable, but for a reason you may not be thinking of.

I am so sad.

Are You Living Fearlessly? Take the quiz! - What is Your Life Path Number?

I sorta flipped off a kid today.

Some very early Rolling Stones

Put the cell phone down and drive, dammit!

Weird/useless bridal shower/wedding gifts

I'm eating my first watermelon of the season

Homemade peach-strawberry ice cream!

Prophetic? A song from 1994:

Paul Potts wins British talent contest

Deep Blue- A nature documentary

Color Preferences Reveal Your Personality . Take the Quiz!

I hate season sets of TV DVDs!

PUPPY PICS: Introducing Fern

Lazy, lazy Sunday

Congratulations Fenris!! 25,000 posts

It's Father's Day and the TV died

I like colorful food. How about you? {dial-up caution}

Happy Sunday!

Lil' Cheney and Babs gettin' it on

To the Trucker Dads! (youtube)

I don't know...

Too cool. The Doctor meets up with not one, but TWO old friends.

So, How's Paris doing?

These lyrics from The Call's "The Walls Came Down" sure apply now, don't they?

My sister passed away last night

For Harry Chapin fans

Good Evening...

Open Your Mind

The father's day memory I will take to my grave.

What's an old protest/political song especially good for today?

What do you eat when it's just too hot to cook?

Video - Paul Potts winning performance - OUTSTANDING!

TV fans...The 4400 and The Closer


The Rolling Stones - Before and After (Honkytonk Woman)

Dave Barry for President

Okay, any ideas for keeping the damn mosquitos out of the yard?

Happy Father's Day, DU! Does anybody have any POSITIVE memories of their father to share?

Dear Dad, Sorry you have Bipolar Disorder

In Honor Of GOPisEVIL's 60th Birthday Today, I Give you...... (DIAL UP WARNING)

We're having our home appraised Tuesday morning.

Has anyone ever opened an online store?

Mel Gibson Blues - Denis Leary

**Final Thread of my vacation photos** Pic heavy...

Black & Decker appreciation thread!

I think one of my cats has passed away

My boss actually told me I should...

Sopranos theorists: the Bob Harris take

I love my Dad. And I'm happy that I got to see him this weekend...

So I inadvertently evicted a mouse family today...

Favorite Coen Brothers' Movie?

Manhattan Skyline Pics and Dinner Pic (DIAL UP WARNING)

Happy birthday GopIsEvil!!

WTF is this "MORAN" BS???

Hey, if any of you were 25 again...

Join me in the Sunday evening, bored out of my skull I need attention thread

This weekend I stayed in a haunted hotel... and went on a mountain hike. (picture heavy)'s Day style.

For those of us who are missing our dads today...

Ok, If you could travel back and see any 3 concerts, which ones would you pick?

A Father's Day Story that made me cry... If you live near Hamilton NJ please read!!

The search has come to an end - The Worst Movie of All Time

Happy father pop dad padre pa & da day to you, me buckos

More thoughts about London

I have a PAYPAL question. Any experts?

Can you remember every concert you have ever been too?

A topless worth 29,000$!

Tiger: RIP 1996 - 2007

DU is linked on my front page

I hate father's day...who had a really crappy father?

I just built the coolest birdbath!

Post a picture of the perfect discomfort food.

Please post a picture of you and someone famous

What are the WORST songs ever?

Au revoir, monsieur Baddeley

Real Madrid takes La Liga (Becks finally wins more hardware)

Meet Louis Hamilton. The Tiger Woods of Formula One. He just won the USGP

Barry Bonds adds Fenway to his trophy case

Anyone paying attention to the College World Series?

USW hosts public free trade forum

Offer Angers Union

FedEx Home Delivery Drivers Vote Yes for Teamsters in Connecticut

UFCW Canada members raise record $1.424 million for leukemia charity

(Canada) Electricians' union shocked by shortage of work

Janitors march for wages

Teamsters President Hoffa Outraged at Assault on Strikers CP Rail Members Accosted on Picket Line

NFL Retirees slam Upshaw over benefits

Teamsters International takes over Local 331

Today's working family toon: Wal-mart

Rachel Maddow's Campaign Asylum: Huckabee's Mini-Skirt Madness

George W. Bush Warns Osama

Living With PTSD - Emille Tracy

Living With PTSD - Richard Hoffman (Viet Nam)

Genetically Modified Organisms - unnatural selection...

Cheney's End Run

A Father and Son Reunion*SEN JIM WEBB & SON* HOME FROM IRAQ

Right-Wing Policies Never Work

Before You Enlist! (updated)

Anyone have any links to documented threats against Michael Moore?

China: Worker abuse boss caught

Retiring Raleigh NC Columnist: "Yes, I was wrong when I supported this war. I'm sorry."

"Trial of Tony Blair" Sunday 6/17 8pm BBC America

Is rightie convinced we will attack Iran??

Do you think we'll ever hear from Osama bin Laden again?

U.S. Helicopters Kill 4 Suspects in Iraq

I learned an important lesson this week. Never give up hope for a lost child

Director Eli Roth (Hostel, Grindhouse and Cabin Fever) is a worthless POS...IMO

Veterans peace group barred from northern Minn. parade

Prosecutors Detail Favor Trail between Abramoff, DoI Official (TPM Muckraker)

Crooksandliars: The Lil Bush gang visit the Green Zone

Shrub's ambassador to Iraq on MTP looks PTSD, inspires no confidence

McClatchy: Millions of desperate Iraqis stream into Syria (1,000 daily)


Although written in May, this is an appropriate message for Father's Day from a father

Major project to address homelessness

A Letter to Secretary Rice on Standards for Permissible Interrogations

Just shook hands with da Kooch

Edwards calls for engaging international institutions

Ms. Rodriquez and Class Warfare; A Dime for a Dollar

OMG MTP..Ambass Crocker...yawn

Diagnosis Confirmed:

CNN Show This Morning On Fox News Coverage

Hip Hop challanges America on torture and habeas corpus

LTTE: history will record Dick Cheney as one of our greatest leaders

NYT's: "F.D.A. Tracked Tainted Drugs,..

Audubon Society: Populations of 20 Common Birds Are Down by Half Over Past 40 Years

Washington State Activists Go From Protest To Resistance, Block Military Shipments

Admin messing with the courts, pushing for mandatory sentences

AARP-Must read-Old money - finances of the American Association of Retired Persons-6 page story

So just WHY is the US bee population being killed off by neoconitoids?

Turkish immigrants at the root of ancient Italy - at least, of a big part of it.

Bush blasts Democrats over U.S. budget spending BWAHAHAHAHA

In an Iraq where people favor attacking U.S. troops, they're hanging those who do

steve adubato (A) Says Rosie Lacks Courage - Fuck Him!

Lieberman showed his Ninnyhood

'Exxon reps' unveil human flesh fuel

Abu Ghraib Investigator Details Pentagon Cover-Up

Injured Contractors In Iraq Are Being DENIED Claims For Pschological Insuries

It's not "the private sector"

Multi-National Corporate Rule of the USA

DU this poll on global warming.

Afghanistan hit by largest bombing since 2001

Why is Russert interviewing Dana Carvey?

U.S. Should Stop Arming Sunni Militias: PM Maliki

climate refugees are already fleeing . . .the Indian Sundarbans

Shark Fins and Hong Kong - Rejecting the Cultural Justification for Slaughter by Capt Paul Watson

Dude on Book TV almost said WW3.

Biden: Reid Should Not Apologize For Pace Remarks

La. Murderer Built Coffins for Grahams (A nice story)

The Beijing Olympics...Brought to you by Child Labor and other brutal labor conditions

I'm famous! On The Watch

Abu Ghraib Investigator Details Pentagon Cover-Up: ‘I Thought I Was In The Mafia’

Tiger: RIP 1996 - 2007

Iran gathers an intelligence bonanza from HAMAS VICTORY

Gen. Petraeus and Sen. McConnell at odds over surge

Tenn. Car Crash Death Toll Rises (now at 7)

Lawmakers expected to attend D.C. screening of new Moore film

Running the numbers

*** OFFICIAL Stephen Colbert NOW starting on C-SPAN 2 Ken Burns intro ***

Petraeus: Escalation Not Done By September, 50-Year Iraq Presence A ‘Realistic Assessment’

Clinton supposedly granted a respite to someone while he was President

Paula Zahn loses 8 p.m. Friday slot on CNN, has less prominent presence on the network

Lou Dobbs--the young Bobby hill?

Bill Moyers Journal is on PBS in Georgia now. His guest if Andy Stern.

Week of June 17th..What Wont The Dems....

Meet Louis Hamilton. The Tiger Woods of Formula One. He just won the USGP

Conditions in Iraqi refugee camps 'atrocious': UN official

11 people being held in Iraq for providing tape of an interview of a woman who says she was raped

Video - Mortar Attack On US Soldiers in Iraq

U.S., Russia: Iraq had no WMDs - UN agency looking for WMDs being dismantled

Totally "Sicko" at little Bellaire (Mich.) Theater on Saturday

Bodies of Members of Iraqi Tae Kwon Do National Team Found in Anbar Yesterday

Bush Realtime Reaction to Colbert Speech

Will Libby spend any time in jail?

Please pass the butter.

New Seymour Hersch article about Gen. Taguba's departure show US Army is corrupted...

Robot to act as Master of Ceremony at Korean wedding

Joe "the window is closing" Biden

Inflation problems in China.

A sad show I saw the other night

An idea that might really help clear up some of the confusion on DU

For everyone who hasn't gotten it yet...

Stephen moderating a panel on book TV C SPAN @ 3 p.m.

This looks like a military ship to me

The false poetry of war. Disgusting euphemisms, at best.

Redux: Message to Mitt Romney. . .

Will the Internet collapse from overload?

Gulf Arabs Won’t be Base for Attack on Iran: Saudi

3524 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Okay! I just had an Amber Alert come over my tee vee!

Iraq Vet: "...he poured a gallon of camping fuel over himself, got into his car & started a fire"

Someone posted about a jigaloo add.. What is a jigaloo? n/t

The American Lemming

WaPo: In U.S. Attorney's Offices, Help Wanted

I'm watching SiCKO

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Gay Pride in Rome: reactions from the Vatican...

Sunday's Doonesbury: Terrorist Follows Ray Home From Iraq! Daily Show Runs Real News! Feminazi?!...


The Chimpster's Father Day: Rain, neckties and a CD

Mortars rattle nerves in U.S. haven in Iraq

NY Times: "When Demagogues Play The Leprosy Card, Watch Out."

"Concerned Catholics of America" bemoan gay marriages upheld in MA:"God have mercy on their souls!"

Cunningham helped Hunter push for locally made jet (or, Duncan in deep doo-doo?)

Pressure Mounts For Libby Clemency - Politico

funny article about a man who wanted to get Jenna pgers...kind of sick

NY Times: "Don't Listen To What The Man Says."

Caption * on Fathers Day:

BushCo member, past or present, who you'd most like to see tossed in jail....

We should all have an ex like this one

Hannity, Russert on Dems going ‘further left than anybody would have anticipated’

UN declares Gandhi’s Birthday as Day of Non-Violence

The nutzoid column of the week: Dawn Eden on "The Summer of Love"

Anybody know what happened to blognewshub?

Is Al Gore "running"?

Paul Potts wins British talent contest

Make the Pie Higher - A Poem

Chinese Demand Drives Global Deforestation Crisis

The Trial of Tony Blair is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! It's on now on

Unwanted newborns left in 'hatch'

Today I declare a peaceful war against BIG PHARMA.

Help stop the spread of Teenage Affluenza!


Wait a damn minute, here. What happened to "the rule of law"????

This Modern World Hello! We're the Yoostabees! - Lieberman Model Statesman

Hey! I just thought how we take back the Congress!

I worked with a republibot last night

Why aren't we making moves to become energy independent?

Florida DUers, before buying that new car you wanted, read this:

Which RW mouthpiece would you most like to see captured on film ...

Top 100 American speeches: bookmark for reference

Harris Does Online Poll On Impeachment, Does Not Publish Results

Attn: New Yorkers! - Tell Albany Not to Weaken NY's Voting Machine Law!

Happy Father's Day 2007 ....

Maliki asks US to resist arming (Iraqi tribes)

Heard a shocker at Church today. .

Inside Iraq: Iraqi family typical day

Fox News on the anniversary of Church State ruling (lies)

Happy Father's Day, Daddies!

Reaffirmation of the Constitution

Garner:Iraq on verge of genocidal war, warns ex-US official

McConnell: Support growing for Iraq Study Group plan

All it takes is one simple blood test to check for prostate cancer -

have I been missing the top 10 idiots conservative awards they do every sunday?

Walter Reed Patients Say Mental Care Falls Short.Little Relief on Ward 53

Roy Torcaso 1911-2007 -RIP- Hero of Separation of Church & State.

If Shrub invaded Iraq to...

CBC just re-aired "Mississippi Cold Case" on its Sunday Night broadcast

AT LAST! A pot at the end of the republican rainbow

We are fighting a war for oil to be used to fight that same war!

Gonzales (Under fire, not in retreat) plans to ‘tighten the leash’ on attorneys.

C&L:Sy Hersh on Taguba’s Abu Ghraib investigation

APOLOGIZE? Are you out of your damn minds? (From Daily Kos)

French conservatives win parliamentary seats.

Creation Museum being sued

ZeitGeist , The Movie an eye opener

Latest WSJ Poll: HRC beats Rudy and Barack beats Fred !!!

Generals will always find a way forward, but they shouldn't be the ones who decide to continue on

Borowitz: Congress Hires Illegals to Write Immigration Bill

U.S. Attorneys Fallout Seeps Into The Courts - LATimes

Britain feared US would 'nuke' Afghanistan: ex-diplomat

UN to finally give up on search for WMDs

Lordy, we went window shopping for a work car today and a Prius or any other hybrid are not options.

A new way to raise wages to $10 an hour as a minimum and lower the price of patented Drugs.

Right-wing smear machine gearing up...

Speaking of universal health care....

In 2001, * reversed the right of public access to presidential papers.

NYC Firefighters Slam Giuliani

New Orleans turns to international aid

Should Israel really be asking for an increase in US aid?

What does the I/D mean after Lieberman's name?

Reminder: The Trial of Tony Blair is on tonight on BBC America...

Clarence Thomas: "Clerical error? Too bad, you rot in jail anyway" Talk about "enemies, domestic."

Carton of Kleenex alert...I am bawling my eyes out after watching this:

Shine a spotlight on the torturers!

"WAHHH!!! But their signs aren't in ENGLISH!"

matt lauer corners Bush on Torture

Question for Hillary supporters

Generation Fucked

NBC's Brian Williams says he is in the "terrorism" business.

Did you know that HR 676 (Medicare for All) now has 74 co-sponsors?

Dear Medical Insurance Corporations

Who would make the best VEEP for Hillary? (compare, contrast, compliment, and complete)

WE should just get the hell out of Iraq

Did anyone see the (gasp) Jigaloo ad on CNN?

A request from Pets and Animals in Distress

That Makes 80 Towns and Cities for Impeachment......

Biden seems to be a good candidate to me...

War of aggression in Iraq is ’supreme international crime’

Illegal immigration. Is everyone missing this?

immigration floodgates will not be opened.

Email Form: Tell Congress not to limit the humane treatment of animals

just heard Daniel Shorr of NPR calling Bush admin a "junta" and comparing their sins to Watergate

Why hasn't Rumsfeld been charged?

Thoughts on the 2007 "Trafficing in persons" report.

The “Cloud” over Dick Cheney Just Got Darker!

Lieberman remarks outrage constituents

Why Ashleigh Banfield was fired from MSNBC

Key Al Gore Speeches 2002-2006: A Brief Compendium

Harris Poll results leaked, 54% of likely voters favor impeachment.

800 MILLION dollars stolen in Iraq, on "60 Minutes" tonight...

McConnell: We've given Iraq a tremendous OPPORTUNITY to be a normal country!

Oil Industry to Scale Back Refinery Expansion

Who can answer these Questions? ......

They're "Only Iraqis", it's o.k. to torture & rape them. (just don't call us Nazis)

Why Can't I Own A Canadian?

Joe Conason Reviews Al Gore's "The Assault On Reason"

Press reporting of the Taguba article by Seymour Hersh

Let us embrace a pro-life agenda and work to protect family values

Lawrence O'Donnell on the Mclaughlin Group: The Dem. Nominee will choose Wes Clark as VP.

Did Princess Diana ever date a US Senator?

Rumsfeld and Cheney go to a Party

Does Michael Moore's "SICKO" Have It's Facts Straight?

If we haven't found Osama and his Mountain Fortress by now do you suppose we ever will?

Duke University has its first dish of crow!

Anyone drive a Chevrolet? Are they any good or still crap cars?

MR. BUSH, Tear down this wall. Open the border with Mexico NOW!

AARP: Good? Bad? Indifferent?

Bev Dudley (aka Harris) attacks Keith Olbermann, sides with GOP talking points

Edwards says (Iowa) caucus is key to nomination

Edwards Campaign Launches Young America For Edwards

Edwards Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Union Political Funding

John Edwards: Prizes, Not Patent Monopolies

Could Tom Tunney beat Rahm Emanuel?

Can someone tell me what was the thing GW signed that makes him Emperor?

Barack Obama to Paulson: Defend American Workers and Businesses by Challenging China’s Currency Mani

Gay Candidate Loses Dallas Mayoral Election

Discussing NEW PENTagon report of NO progress in IRaq now on MTP

AARP, Business Roundtable and SEIU Deliver Endorsed Health IT Principles to Congress

leaning Left; Will 2008 Be the Liberal's Year?

Senate vote THIS week on Employee Free Choice Act

Pentagon uses 53 MIL Liters/day for war efforts: more than Swiss daily consumption!

Religious Leaders: Employee Free Choice Strengthens Families, Communities

Obama campaign offers apology for memo's tone

U.S. Losing Ground Through Tribal Allies

Why W.’s Secret Service code name, “Tumbler,” is perfect (aside from the obvious)

US Ambassador Says Iraq Not Hopeless (AP)

'Renegade' Joins Race For White House: Obama Is Given Code Name by Secret Service

Two websites worth checking out?

Looters raid Arafat's home,

MSNBC was showing the "I've Got Crush on Obama" this a.m.

Mason-Dixon SC poll has Obama, Thompson as frontrunners

mexico, corn, migration and trade policies

‘Iraq Summer’ hopes to isolate President Bush

Anti-Hillary dirty tricks war hots up (Observer)

Bush's European trips bring out crowds too, but they're usually calling enthusiastically for his

The grim number of Fatalities and Wounded in this illegal War

Code Name: Renegade

The Question Isn't Why We Went to China -- It's Why Wouldn't We?

Lets stop with the "afraid" stuff....

good report on NPR now re: Watergate and current events reporting by media/press

This has been Obama hate week over here

Iraq Contractors Face Growing Parallel War (funded by US in the Billions)

USINPAC Sends Letter to Senator Obama Regarding Allegations of Indian American Stereotyping

Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Thousands of Patriot Act Abuse Documents

LA Times article - A Democrat, yes, but not that one

Perhaps Edwards pays $400.00 for a haircut because....

Obama's "Father's Day Podcast"

Political Money Could Dilute Edwards' Populist Message, Analysts Say

The current administration must be removed and its policies reversed.

"Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised" ever hear of this book? You should, it is

Grassroots campaigning runs deep in N.H.

Computer Game Shows Voters How to Win the Redistricting Game

Grand jury examines (Ted) Stevens' ties to Veco

Take Back Impeachment

Why Are the Clinton Supporters So Afraid Of Obama They keep Hashing

Raimondo (R-Ne) preparing for Senate campaign (Hagle's seat)

Newsweek - Fred Thompson: Not So Conservative?

Elston, became the fifth department official to bite the dust

Hugh!111 pro-war rally in Tampa, I'm series1. U r so screwn:

Dem self-loving exercise one: What do you admire about Hillary the most?

Obama credits Edwards with leading on Iraq

Joe Lieberman

The Poll questions I'd like to see:

Republicans try to woo youth with blog guide

Secret Service tags Obama 'Renegade'

Democrats Press Plan to Cut Oil Subsidies

THE Meme for 2008: the Republican Party is the party of frightened spoiled children.

Congress Seeks New Direction for Nuclear Strategy

Edwards: Organized labor is the key

NY Times: Staking His Campaign on Iowa, Edwards Makes a Populist Pitch to the Left

Today I declare a peaceful war against BIG PHARMA.

Redressing Taft-Hartley

Obama slingling mud at Bill Clinton before Fathers Day..

Gravel: at the water's edge ...

White House denies prior knowledge of Abu Ghraib abuse (AFP)

Obama's folks on the phone, just got my first campaign call of the season

Obama out of town at time of fire in his D.C. apartment building

Biden says Obama, Clinton risked putting troops in danger, with their "NO" votes on funding

Clinton supporters pick up tab at eatery

Gore Backers Second Choice?

SC poll has Obama, Thompson as frontrunners

We have a wonderful slate of Dem candidates...lets give all of

St Pete Times: "Dems say 'not us', but Dean knows better"

Carville: Clinton Or Obama Will Win In 2008

I have had 3 responses in the past 24 hours that said they will not

Please provide links to actual statements when opposing a candidate.

The Elephant in the Room That No One Will Talk About


Right-Winger Sues Blogger And Wins

"Wish You Were Gore" song

How the hell are we supposed to take our Dem Party BACK? (A RANT)

Taking Dean's advice...Hillary conceding nothing...warmly welcomed in Oklahoma and Texas...

Obama's New Kind of Politics Closely Resembles the Old (It's the hypocrisy, stupid!)

Hillary Clinton: The Candidate Most Qualified to be President

"Renegade' Joins Race For White House"

Edwards: Bush "can't walk and chew gum"

OMG! Obama Has An OPPOSITION RESEARCH TEAM. But Why Are Mediawhores carrying Hillary's water?

Will Immigration Amnesty help the National Economy?

If You Don't Vote For Hillary In The General

Would this kill the Obama campaign?

New Mason- Dixon South Carolina Poll

Edwards has disappointing showing in South Carolina poll - distant 3rd

Iraq is NOT Korea, it's Northern Ireland and we're the Brits

If we were given an opportunity to revise the Constitution.. what should be done?

Lawrence O'Donnell-Whoever the Dem. candidate is, will choose Wes Clark as V.P.

Guys - please read: My new column - yesterday it was the LEAD in OpEdNews!

Possibly the only remotely bright spot from the vote to invade Iraq