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Archives: June 16, 2007

Turning a deaf ear to suffering (The Age re: Mamdouh Habib)

Seattle-Area VA Hospital Criticized ("immediate threat to life")

Tusk treasures Mastodon fossils found

ABC Apologizes for Marion Barry Flub


Election day tomorrow in Houston, anybody here from Houston get out and vote.

o.k., no more stink-eye. Here's a smile.

Best TV Sitcoms Ever - Someone's Opinion...

If you had a time machine where would you go?

Bush and Cheney just don't stop rattling the sabers and marching the Dogs of War

Glenn Greenwald on manliness and the right wing

Rapist dodged prison for 32 years

Charlie Rose might be good.3 nat'l security advisors advising! nt

I'm watching McLaughlin Group. Is the economy in decent shape?

On exercise and me recommending a product

Conservative bloggers in full revolt over immigration

If you missed Bill Moyers Journal tonight, you missed an outstanding interview with an amazing woman

Talk Radio is Ruining America

Bill Moyers on the Libby situation, this is one hell of a piece of

Gonzales will possibly be nailed on witness tampering

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

The next president will be the last president unless they are capable of handing

Agencies Asked to Preserve Electronic Info

Obama: Where's the beef on "unity"?

Saying 'no' to tyranny by ballot (Marriage fairness "in the best tradition of James Madison")

Robo-Tripping at Abu Ghraib

Hamas Victory is Bush "War Against Terror" Failure

CUBA: Proposed Reform Would Give Gay Couples Equal Rights

David Michael Green Takes on Ann Coulter and Immigration

"Thomas Agonistes" (review of the new Clarence Thomas bio)

Scorn us now all gay apparel

Bush Faces Crises from Palestine to Pakistan


A futures trader would invest billions on the liberal/progressive "trend"

A bloody epitaph to Blair's war

Bush's Document Dumps Undermine Democracy

Leaving Iraqi Refugees in the Lurch

Albania's street names celebrate 'BOOOOOSHY!'

"Nuke The Unborn Baby Whales While There's Still Time"! modified bumper sticker

Morning in Post-Katrina America (by Bennet Kelley at HuffPost)

'Honest Conservatives': Oxymoron? (

Alarmist predictions of a talent shortage of high-tech workers are driving the race to the bottom

Presidential Stone Walls

Flip Side of the Dream (by Bob Herbert for NYT, via Truthout)

The Book George Should Have Read In Place Of My Pet Goat

Ruling opens U.S. to foreign retaliation

America: The country where politicians give the finger to the majority of the citizens

Government Shows No Compassion for Medical Pot Consumption (AlterNet)

Shrum and Dumber-Memoirs of the man who thrice saved us from a Democratic presidency

The Day After We Strike Iran

Jonathan Alter: Guys Gone Wild

FRANK RICH: Scooter’s Sopranos Go to the Mattresses

Paul Krugman: America Comes Up Short

Health-care industry braces for 'Sicko' (MarketWatch, via

Iraq is not just Blair's dark legacy: it defines the future

Twenty Things You Should Know About Corporate Crime (AlterNet)

Missing the Point on Distrust of Bush Administration

How a Democrat Can Get My Vote - Bash the Generals

Coal? Yes, Coal.

Mediterranean to get more deadly hot days: study - Reuters

(Brazil) Extinction fears for pink dolphin - Guardian

From Peak Oil to Dark Age? (BusinessWeek)

Bush Admin. scales back climate science via satellites'- cuts back warming monitoring programs

U.S. Senate unanimous consent on 25x25

Climate activists glued to doors at airport (UK)

Surf's up, dams up in Sydney and NSW

The call of the running tide (OpEd, The Providence Journal, RI)

World Bank supports energy supply to rural areas (Sri Lanka)

Despite appeal of wind energy, projects have foes (Maine)

Democrats Call for Fuel-Efficient Cars

Tainted Foods Are Daily Problem in Asia

NRC sees "nuclear renaissance" in coming years (27+ new reactors)

EasyJet Plans For Greener Aircraft By 2015

Wonders bid for heritage status (BBC)

Feeling the pinch of compact cities (BBC) {opinion piece}

New Coal Plants Will Represent a 2.5 Trillion Dollar Investment.

Arizona requires utilities to add renewable energy sources

X-rated yards save the environment (CNN) {X for Xeriscaping}

Grobal Food Crisis Emerging -- here it comes

Aussie convection tower to generate 200 MW

EU reduced emissions of greenhouse gases

Fatah Gunmen Storm West Bank Buildings

Robert Fisk: Welcome to 'Palestine'

Robert Fisk: Welcome to 'Palestine'

Two Fatah men killed in Gaza; Hamas threatens W. Bank battles

Olmert: New Palestinian government a peace partner

Iran gathers an intelligence bonanza from HAMAS VICTORY

Former radio host (Mike Webb) has disappeared, family, friends say

Three Iranian diplomats briefly detained in Iraq

Political battle looms in Lebanon

Cost of Gas and Food Rose Sharply Last Month

2nd Sunni Mosque Destroyed

Padilla jurors hear taped conversations

NKorea invites U.N. nuclear inspectors

British soldier dies in Basra crash

Robert Fisk: Welcome to 'Palestine'

Thousands of Thais in anti-junta rally

Pakistan's soldiers 'huddling in their bases' in tribal regions

(Wyo.) GOP scoops up 31 flavors

U.S. calls Pakistan's Musharraf "agent for change"

Challenge to Ore. prison guard union rejected

Taliban Launch Second Day of Afghan Suicide Attacks

Official close to attorney firings quits

Colombia gay rights step closer

Osborne (R-Ne) aids fundraising for Bruning's Senate bid (to take Hagel's seat)

Indian American Group Denounces Obama's Campaign

Suicide bomber kills four in Afghan capital

U.S.: 60 pct of Baghdad not controlled

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Energy Dept. acknowledges lab's e-mail security lapse

Abbas aides: U.S. pledges end to embargo

Missing 2 Days, 5 - Year - Old Found Alive

Diocese ordered to disclose records

Abu Ghraib Investigator (Taguba) Points to Pentagon

Teamsters Official Is Expected to Succeed Indicted President of Central Labor Council

DESECRATION OF THE TEMPLE: Jewish temple targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti

FDA Scrutiny Scant In India, China as Drugs Pour Into U.S

Bush warns he'll veto spending bills------"I am not alone ...," Bush said,

Oaxaca Officials Apologize for Death of NYC Journalist

A Sacred River Left In Peril By Global Warming

F.D.A. Tracked Tainted Drugs, but Trail Went Cold in China

China to investigate into "slave labor" incident (Police rescue 548 slave workers

Troops head to Iraq as gloom deepens

US launches new offensive around Baghdad

Zoellick warns Venezuela is heading for trouble

'Steamroller' Sarkozy set for landslide

SUV tax cut under attack

Kidnapped Athletes Found Dead in Iraq

Romney Says He Wants 'Big Stick' (100,000 more troops and $$$$$

U.S. finds IDs of 2 GIs missing in Iraq

TSA denies it mistreated ‘sippy cup’ passenger

Blair knew US had no post-war plan for Iraq

COLOMBIA-ECUADOR: Studies Find DNA Damage from Anti-Coca Herbicide (Monsanto's Roundup)

N.C. State Bar: Nifong Guilty of Ethics Violations

Hey guys. pepperbear here soliciting a jam break for the late night crowd. our show is playing...

Toddler served margarita in a sippy cup - big deal

Iced coffee is great no matter what the hour.

If you had a driving machine where would you go?

Goodnight all!

Michael Moore got only mild applause on Letterman

You know those cute adorable little squirrels in your yard?

Top 13 Redneck Man's pick up lines

Pull my finger ... then...

Things I enjoyed today

Serious religion question


My collection


Bye Bye Miss American Pie!

Eh, it's just a little rust

should I use m pre-approval, or get a co-signer?

Make sure you check out this joke

Tweety loves Fred Thompson's smell of Aqua Velva and cigars ..

Hmmm. All those 32" LCD sets and yet, when push comes to shove, I'm not buying.

Congratulations antifaschits!! 10,000 posts

Congratulations cryingshame!! 20,000 posts

"Today a young man on acid realized that...

Free association thread - song titles only

This is why I majored in English

Close call between the dog and a squirrel

Who Got Paid

There's a mother spider showing it's offspring how to build a cobweb in front of my computer desk...

Bridge to Terabithia

This pic desperately needs a lolcats caption!

Congratulations AZDemDist6!! 35,000 posts

Someone start a picture thread so I can be late to it.

oh, that poor 1957 Plymouth

Redskins fans long season ahead

Is there anything you can give a dog to rebalance electrolytes?

What's the least you can spend for a new laptop these days?

Help! If I buy a cell phone with a camera

Rockit's Sister and My Brother Are Coming Over For Dinner

the dude abides.


Ok...I know I'm nuts...But I gotta know...

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to....

I'm done trying to get anything accomplished today

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/16/2007)

I'm headed back home for the celebration parade for the SA Spurs

2 weeks until I know the test results.

render unto caesar what is caesar's, and render unto the lord what is the lord's

I love cantaloupe

Katie Couric has changed her name!!

What are some good crack pipe recipes?

what's your favorite, "the guess who" song?

Check this dude out, he is amazing (in my opinion)

Rod Stewart got married today in Italy...

is "ow! my balls!" being optioned by fox?

I haven't posted any new pics in a while...

i like the smell of diesel exhaust

If you had a slime machine where would you go?

Some real assholes at our "Stop the War" table today.

Question: If you surge too much, will hair grow on your palms?

What if your home... what if your family... what if your *dope* was on fire?

Dear lord, please tell me this isn't THEE Carlos Santana

damn, i smell good today

I am going to be an auntie for the 9th time!

Pitcher Thread: Post your pitchers

Anyone seen my commentary--the New Interpreter's "Luke"?

Only 21 people voted at my precinct today in Houston, voter turnout was very low.


Has anyone here ever been found by relatives that you didn't know about?

Barker Says Rosie O'Donnell Could Replace Him on The Price Is Right

I loves me a good margarita

Good evening Lounge...

Da las Crawfish

Care for a laugh

Chris de Burgh

Where shall I go tonight?

Took my dog in for a routine check up today (pic thread)

Tonight I'm meeting the new guy's teenage kids. Ack!

Buffalo is the Lonely Hearts capitol of America?

For some reason, this guy irritates the hell out of me

So, you want to go to Europe? Cute joke, for you New Yorkers... (READ IT NOW BEFORE IT DIVES...)

Playlist Game

A little story and a fun song

Saturday afternoon, raining outside and bored..

damn, i taste good today

will someone slap the emo out of me?

Vinyl (records)

Frisbee still flying high after 50 years

Is it really *impossible*?

I was disappointed in Knocked Up

Happy Anniversary ThinkBlue1966!

Congratulations The Straight Story!! 10,000 posts

I made my 7-year-old nephew cry today.

Son of a Bitch. future FIL needs some lounge vibes--he's in the hospital with a stroke :(

Wonder who called you and there was no Caller ID info? Try this site:

I like the smell of my hair treatment...

Congratulations sfexpat2000!! 45,000 posts

First barbecue of the season!

What's up DU on this fine Saturday night?

I got no type of facial today.

Post a picture of the perfect comfort food.

What kind of a liberal are you?

No Country for Old Men: Coen Bros: Trailer: Wierd.

Anyone else (female) had problems with Stores Harrassing You?

I'm gonna play gay bingo tonight.

Rockit Offering the Lounge an Eskimo Cookie

My newest website. Check it out and tell me what you think please?

I'm wondering if anyone here was born to a parent or parents much older than the norm

Things that get on my nerves.....

Tell your tale of disgusting co-workers

For the record: Haruka and I are indeed getting married

A beginning is a very delicate time.

DU aviation and WWII geeks: I saw an Avro Lancaster in flight today!

I do not understand the ending of /The Sopranos/.

Trust me, this will make you scream in rage.

I Got A Micro-dermabrasion Facial Today


Live Video Stream from Bonnaroo:

Well, the "yes" votes won... (DIALUP WARNING)

Why do people have penises if they don't use them?

Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream

In the spirit of the music threads tonight, do you have a fav singer/musician?

Federal Agents Raid Vick House

I challenge everybody in this forum to an MMA fight...

Top Redskins pick Landry misses practice with paintball injury

US advances to Gold Cup semis

Tomato Workers Need Your Support in Burger King Campaign

This week’s POWERcast Episode 20 – June 11 , 2007

Congress, at USW Request, Seeks Emergency Protection for New Drummond Witness

Space Shuttle Workers on Strike

GE strike averted for now 2,700 employees at Appliance Park

Statement of Hillary Clinton on Culinary Workers Union Local 226 Agreement with Harrah's Entertainme

Union review: What will come of the Teamster pensions?

Raiders Cancel Offseason Workouts, Players' Union Complains Of Practice Violation

Joe Biden: Biden Receives Unanimous Endorsement Of The Delaware State AFL-CIO

Court decision goes against San Manuel casino (force tribes to allow union organizers and picketing

Tama might face strike (Textile workers at Tama Manufacturing plan to go on strike Monday )

Union ratifies new contract with The (Baltimore) Sun (480 newsroom, advertising and administrative)

USAToday: Nurses offer aid to (Michael Moore's ) 'Sicko'

AFL-CIO Calls Del Monte 'Irresponsible' (Tuesday's immigration raid and arrests in Portland)

SolidarityMail - New Webmail Service for Unionists, Progressives, and Radicals Hillary Clinton's labor problem

Lenders Seek Help From AFL-CIO to Protect Student-Loan Subsidies

Middle Class Workers Thank Government Leaders (Senator Evan Bayh and Congressman Joe Donnelly)

The 1983 GreyHound BusLines employees strike.

New York City Building Contractor Rep Strongly Supports Unions

Sheriff can't fire food-service workers, state high court rules

USW, Gamesa Ratify First Contract

Employee Free Choice Act Call Your Senator

Michael Moore Testifies Before CA Legislature June 12, 2007 Part 3

Michael Moore Testifies Before CA Legislature June 12, 2007 Part 4

Hillary Clinton Speaks at Jewish Orthodox Union


CNN You Tube Debate Question

president bush vs governor bush

Michelle Obama speech in Colorado

John Edwards: Q&A on Democrats and Iraq

Michael Moore on "Nightline": "Sicko" "comes from a spiritual place."

Losing Janina - Republican Family Values in action

I'm with Joe (Biden): Sam Latham (Delaware state AFL-CIO )

May Day 2006: the Campaign for a Trade Union Freedom Bill

Helen Thomas and Tony Snow: Bush on the Front Line

Employee Free Choice Act Press Conference, 2/6/07

Bill Moyers Journal: The Libby Pardon

Complicated Game

John Edwards: The Man with the Plans

SiCKO: The Final 5 Minutes From The Film

Working Class Heroes - Green Day

Michael Moore asked his opinion on downloading his movies

Brian Lamb reads emails from Michael Savage listeners on C-span

LisaNova does Rush Limbaugh

Bombshell Bush - luv this vid

While we wait for Sicko, a look back at one of Moore's best pieces ever. Funeral at an HMO.

Beekeepers suspect neonicotinoids,

Paul Potts, the opera singing cell phone salesman, semi-final round

Memorial to those who died because of Republicanism.

Mike Elston is resigning (linked to attorney dismissals)

Guess what visionary said "None of us like war; people suffer from it."

"Synthetic-Conventional" faith visualize through Centralism

Pentagon may drop mental health question

Former radio host (Mike Webb) has disappeared, family, friends say

Ruthless Russia - White Nationalism Rampant

Mississippi - One Less Ghost of the Sixties

Lowest Food Supplies In 50-100 Years Global Food Crisis Emerging

Amazing BBC bilboards - you can vote on the choices too!

How Ontario is ramping up alternatives quickly

What does Bush chant every morning when he turns on Fox?


Glitch Holding Up NKorean Money Transfer

Interview with an Arab atheist - Does Islam drive its youth away?

Colombia to recognize rights of gays

Deleted by poster as found already posted other location. eom.


Rahmatullah Hanefi freed from accusations: Emergency confirms

A little bit of hope, my friends. This may seem strange, but in this, the

Local Army Mom Unhappy With Media Coverage About War In Iraq - She hates the body counts

US Buying 172 Million Rounds of Ammunition for Iraqi Army and Police

When the Heck did the MSM do this type of reporting on Bush?

Democratic Underground was plugged on C-Span....

4,500 letters & parcels sent to Walter Reed never delivered.

How many will Bush allow to die in Iraq before he gets his "benchmarks?"

The uniformed kidnappers of Baghdad

The Book Of The Dead

Military's Brave Face Begins to Crack

NYT: Iran Strategy Stirs Debate at White House (Rice vs. Cheney)

Has there ever been a study to show if regular conversation in cars increases accidents?

Iraq contractors face mounting losses

Iraq Contractors Face Growing Parallel War-As Security Work Increases, So Do Casualties

'Osama' mentioned in Padilla trial wiretap call - I thought Osama was a pretty common name?

The London chef who was forsaken for five years in Guantanamo

Where do you get your news from?--question on cspan.

Bush Shafts Enron Victims

The Unitary King George Homeland Security Presidential Directive: an Unconstitutional Bombshell

the new face of american terrorism..

A plane really did hit the Pentagon

US 'Prepares for a Coup by Arming Iraqi Factions'

'Wash Post': U.S. Secretly Funds Private Security 'Army' in Iraq

Militias Clash Despite Lockdown in Sadr City, Baghdad

WaPo: Jefferson Memorial's Signs of Sinking Raise Fresh Alarms

What can the United States do to avoid this economic collapse?

Iraq: The Slimiest Benchmark

Bill Moyers: Begging His Pardon

The Problem With Anti-Outsourcing Rhetoric

"I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy.

S. Phila. man finds that his dinner rattles him ( A Snake's Head)

Nick Anderson teaches us about missle defense - play the game

World Tribunal on Iraq, new book out, looks like a keeper.

A Neo-Conservative International Targets Iran - (names)

Axeghanistan Day 5: Reconstruction, with F-16s

HAMAS Wins! Thanks to Us

WaPo article makes no mention of 20,000 to 30,000 U.S. "private combat troops" rules of engagement

Sheesh it's not even summer yet and look what is happening!

welcome to Texas-State agency approves permit for TXU coal plant

Bob Barker backs Rosie as his replacement.

U.S. Citing Conservative Calls To Bomb Iran To Pressure Diplomats

Bush in Crocs! (Not safe for well-bred eyes!)

Reid tells it like it is

Prison Time Is Urged for Griles-Ex-Interior Official Admitted Lying About Ties to Abramoff

Trent Lott : “Talk radio is running America."

Kokesh Penalty Reduced to General Discharge

If Hillary wins the nomination, will the whole Whitewater thing be dredged up?

Fuck a Bunch of Hearings

2 more US troops killed on Friday (buried in another story-no headlines)

LTTE: Use diplomacy, not nuclear weapons in dealing with Iran

A Letter to a Child Not Yet Born - to be delivered in the year 2057, to an American soldier ...

I am so fucking tired of this crap: Bush says he'll veto excessive spending bills

Another official quits in controversy over ousted U.S. attorneys

sorry, i see


So how long after Nifong is disbarred will he lay out in disgrace before

One Last Assignment: Give Your Teachers an A+

Missing BBC Gaza reporter Alan Johnston's photo. He's been gone since since March.

There it is: 1000 posts. I'm glad to be here with you...All of you. Thanks for being here with me.

*** Saturday TOONs: Immigration ***

Romney Says He Wants 'Big Stick'

This July 4th I would love to see or hear:

Have Progressives staked out any common ground on immigration reform?

A song I have listened to a kazillion times but never really heard until today:

Nightmare at Reagan National Airport -- A Security Story to end all...

National Hurricane Center chief told to button his lip.

Was it 7 eleven and McD's that started all the chains ?

those against entitlements usually have all of the entitlements

U.S. backs Musharraf to deliver free and fair elections - Musharraf is the only one running

Is Neo-Conservatism (And Neo-Liberalism too) just another way of saying "Far Right"?

I.D.'s of 2 Missing Soldiers Found

Realized he had entered a moral dungeon / reading Holocaust memoir to pick up torture tips

Since when does Tom Delay stutter??

BUSH "Strangely Quiet" on 'Attorneygate' subpoenas (NYT)

Not Sure Whether To Laugh, Cry, Or Throw Up Here...

Remember the "Guardian Angels"? Well, they're in my town

Would you ever trust and befriend anyone who did an "Abu Ghraib" to your fellow citizens?

PLEASE, Everybody, sign this petition. Employee Free Choice Act

Does Germany, Italy, and Japan have the option to EVER tell us our soldiers must leave there?

How many here think Michael Moore made the documentary "SICKO" for money?

Looking for an image.

'His unilateral warmongering could lead to a new World War III.' (LieberBush)

Interview with new right wing president of France, Sarkozy, puts not just GOP to shame here but most

Are you smarter than a 4th grader??? Not these Freeptards (global warming)

Now It's 12: New Hampshire Impeachment Resolution Introduced

Question: If you surge too much, will hair grow on your palms?

How much does one day in Iraq cost us?

Marcy Wheeler on OSC Investigation: "Finished with Doan, Bloch Turns to Rove"

Bush says he’ll veto excessive spending bills

Pres Carter and Three Mile Island

McClatchy: U.S. general frustrated by the pace of progress in Iraq

Citizenship for playing in BFEE war - incredible

Do all prosecutors get disbarred when a woman's rape claim is dismissed?

Yesterday I was in the hardware store and the women clerks

Any guess as to what is on Bush's socks in this photo?

When did calling women "whores" become acceptable around here?

Things that get on my nerves.....

A boy that beat every odd has one giant to slay: The insurance industry

al gore- have you ever seen a demand for a candidate to run

Schlozman: The Only Good American Lawyers Are White, Male Christians

CBS News: President Bush And The National Debt

N.C. panel disbars Duke prosecutor spins altruism.

U.S. Losing Ground Through Tribal Allies

Immigration: Law, justice and mercy

Why can't we just invade & occupy Mexico?

Frank Rich:When Godfathers Of War Speak Of Never Leaving A Fallen Comrade-They Speak Of One Another"

Family Values, My Ass... I'm Cryin Here...

Lieberman Slams Reid Over Pace and Patraeus

Hollywood meets Bellaire (Mich.) as Moore gives sneak peek of "Sicko"

"technical" question


Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran Iran

Tax cheat saves $100+M through gov't "typo" (AP/CNN)

How can * claim he wants to protect America when he promises to veto the DHS bill?

Alternatives to war

U.S. Internet defamation suit tests online anonymity

"We're the good guys" Five Hundred Years of Injustice

“When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one

Katie lookout for Kelly Wallace at CBS - she just did the evening news.

NYT: Bush Strangely Silent On Subpoenas

Child slavery revelations shock China

Why is US Ambassador Ryan Crocker protected by Blackwater and not the military?

Wow... Didn't Realize This Had Already Happened...

Sometimes I pity the people that work at Free Speech TV

Does anybody here take Elavil for anything but depression?

Moore expects 'onslaught' to follow 'SiCKO' release

Barker Says Rosie O'Donnell Could Replace Him on The Price Is Right

Mail Sent To Walter Reed Hospital Never Delivered

I find it funny that anti-abortionists cry the loss of life yet PRAISE the killing of innocent Iraqi

It just seems insane .

Stephen Colbert's New Book: "I Am America (And So Can You!)" LOL (also, he's on CSPAN2 tonight)

Anyone else (female) had problems with Stores Harrassing You?

Pentagon Report Criticizes Troops' Mental-Health Care

State Department BLOCKS Foreign Relations Committee on Surge update

*** Dallas, TX Mayoral Election Results (6/16/07) - Official DU Thread ***

FDA Scrutiny Scant In India, China as Drugs Pour Into U.S.

The Vietnam Wall will bring a person to tears.

Now that America had a taste of Bush for 6 1/2 years...Suppose Al Gore and Bushie had to face off

Things that bush excels in.

"War Made Easy" Documentary Now On DVD (Sean Penn Narrates)

Does the immigration 'problem' affect you? Are you angry? I'm not.

SiCKO Movie -- Michael Moore Wants to Hear From You

Freepers and Reality Don't Mix re: global warming....

Looks like the deal Bill Richardson helped broker with North Korea is going through

Special Counsel Probe Into Rove’s Politicization Of Government Advances

Hey Alabama - Let Bush Hear You!

Office of Special Counsel probing into Rove's contact with 18 agencies.

Sunday Talk Shows

Question: Why is polling expensive?

A personal message to you from the president:

the v-22 osprey revisited.

Sorry, I just don't understand this mindset

Impeach the President

Soldiers Haunted by War Struggle to Get Care

Pakistan's soldiers 'huddling in their bases'

Kos member will file complaint to disbar Miers, Gonzales

Public figures twice as likely to be the object of women’s sexual dreams than in men’s

he grabs the "oh=shit" handle in Kansas. Bush is a MORAN>>look at the pictures

Romney's evangelical problem on front page of LA Times

"I always tell people Abu Ghraib was Apocalypse Now meets The Shining,"

Spokesman for President Bush Posts on Free Republic About Immigration Bill

The Dems have to lose their "woe and betide" attitude

Neocon “Scholars” Call for Dismembering Bill of Rights

Special Counsel Probe Into Rove’s Politicization Of Government Advances

It's just "bloody shirt" season..everyone calm down :)

THANKS for NOTHING...CNN & MSNBC...You drove me to Fox for News on Saturday Night!

Scientists Examine Cause of Bee Die-Off

Among Firefighters in New York, Giuliani Is Both Hailed and Hated

General who investigated US troops sexually humiliating Iraqis at Abu Ghraib prison-Rumsfeld lied

I really wish I could afford a $400 haircut...

Yet another encounter with a Republican idiot.

U.S.Military Wants To Enlist Illegal Immigrants

Question about Wikipedia use of my name. My real name.

Report: Blair Despaired at Iraq Planning

God. I feel dirty and sick. Is THIS what the GOP thinks?

Disbarred Nifong to be sued? Charged criminally? What do you think is proper?

Almost 21 years of Lies and Crimes from Republican Presidents

Is anyone watching Nader with Amy Goodman on CSpan1

National Hurricane Center Director gets letter of reprimand - White House pissed at his complaints

Just Go: Iraqis' Views of the American Occupation of their Country

Ok, this is the best OP-ED piece I've ever seen..

Finally, some good f***ing news!

Vitamin D Council's report on Autism

What kind of real impact will "Sicko" have on our society and healthcare industry...?

Judge Orders FBI to Release National Security Abuse Records Used To Spy On Ordinary Americans

Was at the car place getting the car serviced, and all of a sudden,

Clintons sell off stock that could have proved a political time bomb

Everytime someone or the Dems say pull out of Iraq or...

UPDATE on TSA Sippy-Cup story

Florida Missing Woman.

Utah and AZ won't prosecute polygamists - for real

Right-Winger Sues Blogger And Wins

watch the video of my first sign was "rich mans war poor mans blood

Okay, this just makes me ill... (political nausea warning)

Scooter and the Magic Letter People

Judge orders domestic surveillance docs public

CIA letter supports assertion that OBL “confession video” was a sting operation

Fertility drugs - God's will? Or subverting God's will? (third sextuplet dies.)

Excellent And Depressing New Seymour Hersh Article: "The General's Report"

Can Democrats Walk and Chew Gum At The Same Time?

A friend in Argentina just e-mailed me saying that Argentinians

House, Senate aides quiz USA Mary Beth "Chong's Bongs" Buchanan on USA firings

Shameful! - Houston Chronicle - Security guards rescue kitten tied to tracks

The prosecutor in the Duke University lacrosse rape case was disbarred Saturday.

Want to make Freepers heads explode?

Most Canadians think we suck, & who can blame them?

dKOS: White House Subpoenas by Congressman John Conyers

Security bounces O'Reilly from the Mets clubhouse! (A day after KO is welcomed.)

Impeachment Without A Conviction? Hell Yes!

Nifong (Duke Prosecutor) Admits He Should Be Disbarred.

OK, OK! Now, I'm On Board, Too! Here's How We Win in 2008! Who Else Is With Me?

Political compass orientation?

Enough is enough! A petition to bring back Sam Seder's weekday show

China shocked by footage of child slaves being beaten and whipped

a few good links about the Bush Crime Family

If everyone passes you on the right....

Rolling Stone: Al Gore's Fight Against The Climate Crisis

Conyers: New FBI Report Confirms "Worst Fears" on FBI abuse of NSLs

Obama campaign rankles Indian community

Problems deepen for Iraqi prime minister (AP)

Obama stops by famous soul food restaurant in Jackson, Mississippi, last night

‘Give People the Same Protections as Dogs and Cats’ ((S. 367 and H.R.1992)

Lieberman: Let's Murder 2.6 Million Iranians Now!

Chicago Starbucks Settles Case with Barista Over Anti-Union Termination

This is how the Bush administration views its responsibilities to the more than

2008 electoral prediction from Dave Atlas' site

Party head lambastes Lieberman on Iran.....asks him to resign

If Harry Reid and Nancy aren't doing a good job - who would be better?

Thompson asks state for $360,000 in legal fees, expenses

Hammer-time ( Get Out of Iraq) [VIDEO]

Purge Thug, Resigns... (5th one to do so!!)

How Do You Feel About Harry Reid?

AP: Bush warns he'll veto spending bills (weekly radio address)

The Extremism of Tim Russert

Let's not be too quick to rejoice about the Republican split from Bush over immigration.

Baghdad morgue indicates they are back at pre-"surge" levels.

I need help understanding this Pelosi e-mail that I got. This makes NO

Georrge W. Bush and his Lackeys are One large Crap Pile

Cornyn may face tough opponent in 2008 race (Lubbock Online)

I saw Wesley Clark on MSNBC this morning...

The Iraq War and the Democrats: the 100 lb Gorilla in the Room.

New Bush Aide Has Extensive Corporate Lobbying Ties

The Times They Are A-Changin':

Blow the Whistle on Coke E action Just click the link

Huge Swiss tunnel opens in Alps (21 MILES)

Russert joins Ailes in saying Fox debate skippers aren't ready for the White House

Who is that Dem on AAR right now?

The prosecutor in the Duke University lacrosse rape case was disbarred Saturday.

Possible CNN skakeup (It's not looking good for Paula)

There are still some wealthy brain-dead Americans...

60% of Baghdad not controlled

Excerpts from leaked draft of major Bush speech on Iran!

Gates says Iraq troop surge only starting to bite (AFP)

Dedicated: To the 28%: We Didn't Know--The Mitchell Trio

Should Joe Lieberman be allowed to continue to caucus with the Democrats?

Clinton's First Upper Valley Stop a Crowded One

Clinton's Labor Problem

Do you have a landline phone or cell phone only?

When is the FOX/CBC debate?

Democrats take their stand with Tancredo. He says "the people have spoken".

Democrats look beyond Clintonomics

What government position could Nader run for and WIN?

Change is Off the Table: on the notion of running out the clock

DU a poll: Should the seal hunt be banned?

Bad new for Obama has alot of Silver linings.

Will the GOP become the anti-war party?

Even in defeat the GOP still runs Congress.

Oregon Church backs immigrant families in wake of raid

Alberto Gonzales' Approval Rating Now at 10%

Omission Watch: Hillary Pressed to Remove Mother Teresa Photo From Campaign Ad

Would a Al Gore run for 08 have your support?

Edwards, Gore top NJ Young Democrats straw poll

If someone is repeatedly talking ridiculous smack about the primaries, why bother with them?

The Clinton campaign gave "Obama memos" to NYT and are declining comment on how memos were obtained

War Criminal Powell ready to jump on Obama bandwagon; endorsement may be coming

Do Neo-Con/Artists really believe their own B.S.?

Right-wing Obama fan Andrew Sullivan dreams of an Obama-Powell ticket

Do We Really Need Primaries, In Light Of The "Overwhelming" Lead Of The "Top Tier" Candidates?

Hillary leads big in California- Clinton 46%, Obama 28%, Edwards 14%

Leadership and Good Judgment

"Why Barack Obama Needs a Whuppin’: Honest Abe, He Ain’t"

Why does Obama suck up to Hillary in debates and doesn't call her the Senator from Punjab?

Why Do Democrats Support Amnesty?

Obama's sleazy move with the memo to the Times and his attachment to Colin.

Bashing Indians

Edwards Statement On Supreme Court Decision On Union Political Funding

I applaud Obama for his supposedly xenophobic remarks about Clinton's position on outsourcing

Must read from Salon's Joe Conason: Hillary Clinton's Labor Problem

Fred Thompson appears to be King of Freeperville

Do you believe in the North American Union?

Shall employers be responsible for health care?

Why did the Clintons liquidate their blind trust?

I am a moderate liberal, more left than right, activist as opposed to office holder....

"SHADOW GOVERNMENT IN WAITING" to propose 2012 withdrawal