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Archives: June 13, 2007

Global warming drops off the radar

Allies Cited for Human Trafficking

Yemeni Languishes at Guantanamo Long After U.S. Approved Release

Oil demand ‘rising faster than expected’

Tragic Catch-911 for dying woman (Writhing on Hospital Floor and Ignored)

Secret UN report condemns US for Middle East failures

grammar police: pluperfect of state VS pluperfect of action

I think I saw a possessed noun...

Should we do an intervention on the Possessive Pronouns?

What is your favorite thread by BlueIris?

Ur Appreciation Thread

Just play the goddamned game.

You know you have "issues" with home improvement when

Different pronunciations of *same word* depending on whether you use it

Physics or Pataphysics?

Which brings to mind a question...

I once dangled a participle!

Thread for overlooking

Since Sting was once an English teacher,

Grammar police: to bring or to take?

A dream I had...

Please tell me if you think this is true?

Barney Frank on Mitt Romney (great quote)

19th-century weapon found in whale

Does anyone know what is going on on the floor of the House right now?

Bush Ain’t No Churchill

Why is this case a $54,000,000 lawsuit instead of the Judge Judy case it should be?

Lieberman to Meet with Peace Activists on Thursday

Aw crud. The watch wasn't stolen

Thor Hearne's ACVR Scrubbed on Wiki; DiFi's E-Voting Bill Said a Disaster; Libby Gets Borked; MORE

NYTimes Editorial: Sound of Mr. Gonzales Not Being Defended Was Deafening

Fred Thompson is BORING


I'm gettting too beat to fight the system anymore

Edwards campaign announces 99 county chairs in Iowa

How many Women here support Hillary and how many don't?

The Neocon Threat to American Freedom

Is Threatening Universities An Appropriate Use of Congressmens' Time?

Beyond Gonzales: Scrutiny in US attorneys case may shift to Bush staff

The War Room: Deputy attorney general to testify again (McNulty)

(DOJ)Officials rebuked for disclosing Rove's connection to firing of U.S. attorney by Sara Taylor

Doubts arise over Iraq's ability to meet US benchmarks

New State Department center aims to counter terrorists' messages

MS Sufferer Montel Williams Makes the Case for Medical Pot (AlterNet)

Iraq Holds Its Breath, waiting for the fallout from the Samarra mosque bombing

Neocons Hope Bluster Will Undercut Iran Talks

Caging the cagers


Who Killed Pat Tillman? (Metroactive, via AlterNet)

A Neo-Nazi Field Trip to the Met - VV

Oliphant toon

Robert Scheer: 'President' Lieberman: A Cautionary Tale

Robert Parry: America's Fragile Republic

Watch and See

America's Progressive Majority (

Who Killed Pat Tillman?


Put your questions to Afghan villagers

The Administration That Cries Wolf

Wal-Mart's Latest Ethics Controversy

Justice Department Scandals Draw Subpoenas (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Sgt. Kevin Benderman: Responsibility

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Bernie Sanders Fights for Green Collar Jobs (The Nation)

Eric Boehlert: The Media's Assault on Reason

Has Baghdad Captured Petraeus?

Cenk Uygur: Democrats Are Playing Politics With Iraq

10 Million Pages of CIA Declassified Records Available

The dying continues in Iraq while at home we bury our heads in the sand

Woman Jailed For Testicle Attack

A Purge Of Prison Books

Boeing's Frequent (Kidnapping) Flyers

What America Owes its 'Illegals'

Indigenous justice in Colombia

The Siege of Baghdad

Prescription for Outrage (SiCKO)

Summers of Love: What the Media is Missing About the Summer of Love (by Glenn W. Smith at HuffPost)

A Gender Gap in Cancer(progress against prostate cancer greatly lags breast cancer research & treatm

Bank Shot: The President Shafts Enron's Victims (by Robert L. Borosage at HuffPost)

Breastfeeding and Blow Jobs (The Nation)

A world without oil

America is fighting for its spiritual life

Katrina vanden Heuvel: It Ain’t about Dan and Katie (The Nation)

CalCEF Conference "The New Economy of New Energy -- California's Path to a Clean Energy Future"

National R(enewable) P(ortfolio) S(tandard) to Include Coal & Nuclear?

Coal Growth Soaring - Global Fossil Fuel Use 9.6 Billion Tons In 2006, Up From 9.3 Billion In 2005

2/3 Of China's Cities Fail PRC Air Standards, Have No Centralized Sewage Systems - Reuters

Oxygen trick could see organic costs tumble

Jellyfish Blooms At Spain's Beaches Tied To Warming, Overfishing, Drought - MSNBC

Sir Wally Herbert Dies At 72 - May Have Been First To Reach N. Pole w/o Motorized Transport - AFP

WMF - Once Frozen, Captain Scott's Hut In Antarctica Rotting As Water Seeps Into Walls & Floors

League of Conservation Voters - where the candidates stand on global warming

China's Premier Demands Action After Toxic Blooms Cut Off Water From PRC's 3rd-Largest Lake - AFP

On guard for terrorists, New York City police find radioactive truck.

More Commuters Driving to Work Alone

Vermont: Al Gore calls H.520 a "terrific bill" and hopes legislature overrides governor's veto

Mass wildlife migration in Sudan (BBC)

Ethanol Will Take 30% Of US Corn Crop By 2012 - GAO Report - Reuters

Arctic Warming Moving (All Together Now!) Faster Than Expected - Reuters

Small Australian Town Isolated By Floods Receives Emergency Beer Shipment - AFP

Southern Baptists Take on Global Warming

Alberta Energy Board - Province's Natural Gas Production Peaked In 2001

Indian Official - Climate Plans "Cannot Superside . . . Maintaining Our Current Rates Of GDP Growth"

Weather Said to Blame for Bee Die-Off (Maryland)

What do you do in times like these? I HELP

Cellulosic ethanol from landfill waste demonstrated to be cost effective

Shin Bet stops 2 suicide bombers

Shimon Peres to be the next President of Israel

Palestinian violence forces UN retreat

Fatah Quits Palestinian Cabinet Until Fighting Stops (Update1)

Hamas pushes offensive against Fatah in Gaza

Gaza: Armed Palestinian Groups Commit Grave Crimes

Senate Resolution Reaffirms Commitment to Two-State Solution

"Gaza lost" as Fatah arms running short -diplomats

It's All About Israel; What's behind the calls for the U.S. to bomb Iran?

UN workers killed in Gaza, most operations suspended

A British Boycott of Israel?

Get Shrunk at Your Own Risk

Yahoo shareholders protest CEO's $107 million pay

Child Tied in Hot Car As Couple Dines

Battle lines drawn over GSA politics(Doan hearing today)

Wis. Veterans May See Cut in Benefits

Michael Moore in Sacramento to Promote Health Care Reform

3 U.S. troops killed in Iraq

Gates wants more trainers in Afghanistan

Bush weighs in on investors case


Tax-cut letdown: Numbers may not add up

UAE aid security team member missing in Afghanistan

Iraq Sadrists suspend parl't participation

Iraq Gov't to impose Curfew in Baghdad from 3pm

Road contracts inquiry possible( Gov. Ernie Fletcher)

Army to 'muster' 5,000 reservists

Fired U.S. Attorneys: Justice 'declined' under Gonzales

Sex crime drug treatments planned (UK)

White House threatens spending bill veto

Libby Trying to Put Sentence on Hold

Schlozman says DOJ did not direct him to file fraud case

Britain 'on course' to hand over Basra base next month: Defence Secretary

Large Majority Supports Path To Citizenship

New State Department center aims to counter terrorists' messages

Iraqi PM likens country's conflict to U.S. Civil War

Subpoena Vote Is Set in Wiretap Inquiry

Senior Iraqi journalist kidnapped in Baghdad

Bush no money magnet

(UK) Press officer wrote 'dodgy' WMD dossier says MP

Lebanese MP reported dead in Beirut blast

Nobel winner says still denied access to US-Iranian

Afghans free US 'bounty hunter' (Jack Idema)

Bishops Exhort Lawmakers on Gay Marriage

Blast rocks Beirut waterfront

2 More Subpoenas Issued In Fired Attorneys Case (Miers and Taylor)

Blast at revered Shi'ite shrine in Iraq's Samarra

Couple finishes restaurant meal while child tied in hot car

Sadr bloc boycotts Iraqi parliament in protest against bombing

New Hampshire School Program Trip to Planned Parenthood Debated

Joint Chiefs head worried about Iran

Georgia attorney general criticized for teen's case

Democratic leader calls for Bush to fire GSA’s Doan


Killings prompt call for protection of Afghan women

Lantos Raps Former European Leaders (German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder a `political prostitute.'

Anti-war Marine gets general discharge (Adam Kokesh)

FBI Terror Watch List 'Out of Control'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 13

Union claims new witness found in suit over Colombian killings

DoT Tells Waxman It Didn't Break The Rules

Federal Grant for a Medical Mission Goes Awry(2 Cutters given to Faith Based Group)

Sunni mosque south of Baghdad blown up -police

Pentagon: Iraqi violence still rising

US concern at 'Iran Afghan arms'

FBI Takes Down Cyber Hijackers

AT&T 'Spy Room' Documents Released, Confirm Wired News' Earlier Publication

Breaking: Ed Gillepsie to be Bartlett's replacement

U.S. tries to temper expectations on Iraq progress

Bill passed in response to Va. Tech attack

Top UK court rules on Iraqi deaths (human rights law doesn't apply to "collateral damage")

Charges dropped in Wash. war protest

Fresh Del Monte Confirms Customs Visit

American said to run Afghan jail freed

Cholera among children in Iraq causing concern

Democrats Focusing on Powell's Speech; Who Fed Him False Info?

In Detroit, Less Than One Fourth of Students Graduate from High School

Airplanes Can Be Shot Down Without Warning

Bush Job Rating Hits Record Low In NBC/WSJ Poll

MacKay says he’s raised Khadr case with U.S. counterpart

News Corp. to sell nine Fox stations

A deliberate torture policy

Don Herbert, TV’s ‘Mr. Wizard,’ dies at 89

Vatican suspends aid to pro-life Amnesty

Graham: Wife To Be Buried In Charlotte

New FBI Guidelines Aim to Curb Abuse

Hurricane Satellite May Fail Any Time

Bush admin. calls for cutting spotted owl habitat

Iraq surge a failure, top Democrats tell Bush

US expected to open BAE investigation

Iran moves to execute porn stars

Iraq vet dies on Army base during training in Texas

Report: About half of Georgia teens graduate

Calif. GOP hires Canadian for key state position

Justice Dept. Reshapes Its Civil Rights Mission (To Religious Oriented Cases)

Coalition says soldier may be missing in Afghanistan

Waxman Says GSA Chief Threatened To Retaliate After Testimony

Bush tells Baptists he won't sign any bill that destroys embryos

Ruth Graham in a coma, close to death

NGOs unveil scathing report on impact of US-led war in Iraq

Republicans abandoning Bush

Blair: Blame me for BAE

Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for 60 Million Girls Missing in Asia

Religious extremists in 3 faiths share views: report

Arizona sextuplets' mom stable after heart failure

Wal-Mart Struggling With Rising Loss From Shoplifting and Employee Theft

A world without oil (Running out sooner than predicted)

U.S. officials call shrine attack "act of desperation"

Misinterpreted 'hostile takeover' comment leads F-16s to intercept plane over Okla. air base

So, I always knew goldfish weren't the brightest of animals, but this one really takes the cake:

its 12:30 at night and my ice maker water line decided to spring a leak

It's Only You.....

News person just said 'Duct tape does not work in the vacuum of space'

Don Herbert, TV’s ‘Mr. Wizard,’ dies at 89

My laptop has directional issues...

Well, this is just great...

All yer smilies are ourz!

A VERY cool way to help the homeless -

How was your day?

Ker Boom!

YEARRRRRGH!!!!! Freakin' allergies!

Damn - local movie prices went up

Who is here? n/t

Mohinder Saresh from Heroes is full of too much bullshit to handle

Throw away your letter openers!

I'm so Fucking Drunk>>>>

I've you've been wanting to buy the Olsen twins a drink...

I'm scared.

I'm in a kick ass mood - ask me anything or put me in my place

Some people should not fucking speed!

I don't wanna go to work this morning...

we line things up.

I get high by climbing trees.

This is a joy to watch.......

Once you're engaged, ladies stop sending you sexy picture PMs.

Its evaluation day at work-who cares.

MatcomNews Update: Judge Suing Dry Cleaners For $54 Million Leaves Courtroom In Tears Over Pants

Don Herbert, TV’s ‘Mr. Wizard,’ dies at 89

I figured out what happened to Tony Soprano (Spoiler)

you'd think if you're doing someone a favor, they could make it as easy on you as possible....

My candidate won in the primary yesterday.

Don't just stand there

DU Mind Readers, check in for your message for today

An anonymous poll for those here with ADD/ADHD

Does any one know of a class action lawsuit I can join?

A message from the premonition police: I can't tell you - it would spoil your day

For all you Central Va DU'ers


FOXYMORON'S!!! (lame copycat)

These girls will be ready to deploy to Iraq in a couple of years

Zeppelin RULES!!!

Man Stabbed With Swordfish

If you have brown nose, stay the fuck home

If you have red ass, stay the fuck home

Does anybody know anything about....AUSTRALIA??

I'd hit it.

I went to Knox College!

If you have Schwetty Balls, stay the fuck home

Another NASCAR question: How does everyone keep from losing their hearing at a race?

NASCAR question: How do viewers keep from getting burned?

If you're crabby and you know it clap your hands

Weird quirks/odd habits?

New addition to the living room?

Was this guy cool, or what?

Have you heard of Hatebeak? Death metal with a parrot.

If you make the weevil sigh, drive your truck home!

Who would buy squeezable relish more than once?

Burglary Suspect Calls Mom For Ride Home From Crime Scene

Oh, goody. I just found out that I'll be in a "rustic" location on Monday and Tuesday.

Woman crashed into church and it is a sign?

dang I am getting a six percent payraise on 7-1

What I've gathered about the Sopranos finale...

Boy Band Memorabilia Auctioned Off To Hundreds

post your recent youtube views

Anybody ever bruise your fingertips?

I have found this new, "fantastic" web site. It's called You-Tube

If you have funky spunk, stay the fuck home

If you walked a mile in someone else's shoes....

My "restraining order expired" fucked up X just called me and asked

Spiced Shine - anyone have any recipes?

Bob Dylan is an amazing talent but without a doubt, singing is not one of his talents

NASA Decides Duct Tape Can't Be Used In Space Shuttle Repair

OK, flame me or not about what I did last night.

If you have brown eye, stay the fuck home

Which basic type of PC do you prefer? Laptop or Desktop?

Some people should not fucking bread

I'm thinkin of gettin me some more trainin'....

If you have the evil eye, stay the fuck home!

if you're gonna use the microwave to reheat stinky ass fish-based ethnic food, stay the fuck home

Firefighter Charged In Amish School Arson

19th-century weapon found in whale

What's your favorite desert?

The puppy just brought a gift in and I think I'm going to hurl.

Whose lesbian bridal shower can I crash?


Man Shoots Computer After Catching Wife Chatting On MySpace

Has anyone else tried the new Lays Rosemary and Herb chips?

People stared at the makeup on his face

I don't often do this, but I could use some proppin' up

Pronunciation police: Iraq is not pronounced "eye-RACK."

27 years, no letters, no phone calls, i guess she meant it

who is that can move like tigers on vaseline?


I'm going to chat with someone by phone today who I'm a bit pissed at.

With the car threads, I propose this. Douchebags who won't go the fucking speed limit,

"Ear-sucking" is the phrase for the day. Modify a thread to include "ear-sucking".

Is any body else having trouble getting some You Tube Videos to load?

My man-in-a-tube isn't working.

Did Your High School Have A Cool Kids Table?

LynneSin reviews Snapple's English Breakfast Iced Tea

Aside from Christmas music, do you associate certain songs with a season?

Post a pic of yourself wearing crocs and black socks

Would anyone consider buying a car with 99,000

Dyslexics of the World: UNTIE!!!

Post a pic of yourself wearing ONLY crocs and black socks

You know that sexy Clive Owen? I love him check this out

He got out of THIS with a sprained ankle and a small concussion. Wants to race next week at Indy.

Why wasn't drivin'n'cryin' huge? Seriously

How onerous are you? says it's 89

Women Prefer Men Who Look Like Dad


Does DU ever make you want to stick pins in your eyes?

Anyone else looking forward to the Lil Bush premier tonight?

Someone at the Orange County Register has a sense of humor

I just got back from doing a very sexy thing...

what can i do to propitiate an angry god?

i really need to vent

Things you should never ever be photographed with in the nude:

Kitty pics!! (*Dial-up warning*)


Judge cries about his pants ...

Wonderland is the only word I can think of...

Women prefer men who look like dead

I feel dreadful. Hateable.

Dear Master:

Remember concerts like this?


How do I forgive a friend for nearly killing me? (And how do I forgive myself?)

And while you're at it, say one for our schools

can i request a prayer?

How much is too much beer?

Ever wonder..

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 6/13/2007)

It was a nice summer! All one week of it!

Question RE: Downloading Podcasts on a Ipod

Daddy 's Little Girl (lyrics)

New movies to be seen in 2008

I got a Job....I GOT A JOB!!!!

Is Keith Olbermann on vacation this week?

I need coconut flan!


I am Bizzaro- Diogenes and I am in search of a dishonest woman.

What does "fiend" mean to you??

A friendly reminder:

Does anybody else here work a part time job ?

to be mailed tomorrow:

Storm photos from 2 hours ago (dialup warning)

Serious Computer geeks - a question (see cross post in computer help group)

Yummiest thing EVER.

An observation and a lesson learned..

My tan-in-a-tube isn't working

So this song came out of left field

Contractor Finds Human Skeleton Next To Pile Of Porn Magazines

Wow! Just Wow! Humble Pie circa 1970...

Things they probably don't have in hell:

I am hooked on a feeling. Does that make high on believing

Anybody else have an ear-sucking cat?

What does "Friends" mean to you?

how amorous are you?

any Lord of the Rings fans out there?

Who here is thinking about applying to be a Rocker?

Left Lane Drivers Unite!

Found this, just had to share. (JPG)

Have you ever had a lucid dream?

Alright, grammar police....when should learnt be used...

You've got to be taught

I just got back from doing a very scary thing...

Whaaa.... No Lil' Bush threads?

I am a bitch looking for a bitchmaster.

Impeachment - a Town Hall Forum

What does "friend" mean to you??

I am booked on boobtube. Does that make me a Sheep?

Gaw Damn! The middle of June, here, and we actually turned on the fireplace

I'm hooked on eating SPK's does that make me a cannibal?

Cat Lit on Fire, Tossed into Boston home.

Amazing story of Clive Wearing aflicted with 'memento' syndrome.

Hehe, What's for Dinner DU?

Well, I picked up the tuxedo today...ask me anything!

I just ate an entire bag of Trader Joe's chocolate mint wafers

has this been done? replace a word in any song with the word freeper....

So apparantly I called a Nader Voter an Idiot.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something really stupid?

Don't Look at Her Chest Please

Watch it now, watch it!!!

I am hooked on Youtube. Does that make me a Creep?

Little girl who will go up against the Welsh Opera singer on "Britain's Got Talent":

Incredible...1800's weapon found in whale's blubber...

Rescue Me

Geometric song titles

ATTENTION LOUNGE: there's gonna be a panty raid in GD at midnight

I think we lost an inmate tonight

If you have pink eye, stay the fuck home

I am going to touch improperly my best friends girl!!

boston meet up?

Ask me anything!

Your favorite ELO album?

2.5 Hours of Dental Work Yesterday - Mammogram Today - Afraid for Tomorrow!


Word for the day..........TOTALLY. Go ahead and use it in a sentence

Lemon Curry?

Your favorite ELP album?

What's your favorite old time radio show?

I need a great digital camera. HELP!

I am hooked on boobs. Does that make me a creep?

Greatest male rock vocal EVER.

In line at drive-up fast food...bumper stickers

A couple of new poems on my blog...

11:45P.M. EDT, 06/13/07: It's now been 24 hours since my last cigarette.

In 1977 NASA shot the following photograph into outer space

It is opera

I would love to change the world, but they won't give me the source code

miss_american_pie is Lurking. Everyone say Hi...


What's your favorite cut of beef?

Our daughter will go to kindergarten next year. We just found out that

the local sheriff's department here has a scary motto:

Are we the only ones up Misshoneychurch?

What is with attorney's? Are they ALL cheap?

I swear I think someone put a curse on me. Everytime I try to move forward something holds me back.

Dale Jr. be goin to Hendricks

Keep the hot side hot, and the cool side cool.

"What the fuck were they thinking?!" moments

Top Chef homies....reminder: Season 3 starts tonight at 10!

WTF? Bush wears black presidential seal socks with Crocs?

would you want the olympics in your city?

Wish me luck...


Sloganize your DU name.

I am SOOOOOOOO Relieved. My Cat is not Going to die

Rate these in importance to the White House

The first thing we must do is kill all the travel agents

Any denture-wearers in the house? Help me advise my Mom...

Packing for Take Back America - How to dress for Gala Dinner?

Who here is thinking about applying to be a Mod?

If I host a bridal shower for Haruka & LostinVA at the Times Square Olive Garden would you come

depression keeps getting worse, man... ugh

If thou hast the plague Eye, stayest the fornicate at thy owne hous!

YouTube link I found in GD

The Most Annoying Voices In Music

I'm so confused!

Yogi's St. Louis University commencement speech

Paging Will Pitt - Paging Will Pitt

Paging Will Pitt - Paging Will Pitt

No Dale Earnhardt Jr. Threads? You Blue State Elitists!

VA health care

American Ranger is Coming


Bush says Shit

Sweeping the World!

Canadian Seal Hunt :warning(Graphic footage)

Countdown w/o Keith Olbermann "Helping out" the White House?

Tommy Chong On The Colbert Report

Why We Fight - Doc Segment

Waxman nails Lurita Doan on contradictions in her testimony

Bush Drops The Gay Bomb

changing the ROMs of a Nedap e-voting computer in 60 seconds

Al Gore Criticizing Bush 41 on Iraq in 1992

Truth, Justice and the Air American Way

If we don't impeach Bush, apologize to these presidents

The Immigration Debate

Stupid and stubborn trumps wise and compromised

More info on the oil shortage! ;-)

What I learned from Fred Thompson tonight.

Justice Department firing squad targets Indian country

(Norm) Coleman faces challenge from his former adviser (GO, AL!)

Minister stonewalls on Bandar's £1bn

Waxman and Leahy getting cold feet or what?

California Nurses and Michael Moore Make History-Huffington Post

The good, the bad, and the...damn she's hot! Can I have a cheeseburger please?

Barney Frank: "Romney is the most intellectually dishonest human being in the history of politics."

Just heard Liveleak bypasses Pentagon's YouTube ban for troops.

Engineering the Public MOOD.....The DEMs Way...for the COMMON GOOD...or the PUBs Way, SELF INTEREST

Act now to stop Congress from legalizing spyware!

***UPDATE*** Tennessee Apparel Relents -- Grants Woman Time Off To Donate Kidney

Which of the R candidates do you find the most convincing liar?

Larisa Alexandrovna - Spying on the spy: Raw Story interviews former FBI investigator Eric O’Neill

LOL.. Police Officer Steals Marijuana

Former senior Civil Rights Division Hans von Spakovsky will appear before Senate Committee Today

Minarets on Iraq's Golden Dome destroyed

Company refuses time off for woman who wants to donate kidney

Help needed. I need the full transcript of Valerie Plame Wilson's

This just kills me - "the Baby Holy Joe"

Any news on the 3 G.I.'s who went missing last month?

"irrefutable evidence" Iran arming Taliban, claims U.S. Undersecretary of State Burns

SCOOP = Election 2004: The Bush Urban Legend

Dead Guantanamo prisoner had US military training

Federal Grant for a Medical, Faith-based Mission Goes Awry

Ten year old phone calls tie Padilla to terror, prosecutors say

Popcorn! Get your popcorn! T minus 28 minutes and counting...

Lieberman: "diplomacy is only likely to succeed if it is backed by a credible threat"

Energy bill would raise mpg standards about 40% by 2020

A Top General Sees Years Before U.S. Ends Security Role

(Duncan) Hunter vigorously defends funds steered to La Jolla aerospace firm

a bill to lower gasoline prices

I was just over at C&L and this is one obscene picture.

SEAL's father: Survivor's book dishonors son's memory

Police officer shot by gun kept under pillow

I brung Nancy to the dance but she runt off with George. Will I ever learn?

Thinking you wanna live healthy?? Living Blue State is living Healthy

Another Mosque bombed in Iraq

"Who is Tim Russert"

Bush no money magnet-Dinner tonight confirms that Rep. confidence in a state of collapse

Unusual Zogby question

Safari for Windows, 0day exploit in 2 hours

does the lack of a GOP rally round bush (immigration meeting)

If You Have An Extra Surname You're Not Using, Please Donate It To China

You think your auto insurance rates are too high. Want to know why? Forget it

Duncan Hunter called on his membership in the MIC.

‘President’ Lieberman: A Cautionary Tale (by Robert Scheer for Truthdig)

Black Denial in Dominican Republic (think race relations are bad here?)

The Kelsey Smith media overkill continues


Call or e-mail CSPAN....Make sure they're covering "Take Back America" next week....

Subpoenas Issued !

19th. Century harpoon fragment found in Bowhead Whale.

"Turd Blossom" Knee Deep in Attorney Firings Scandal

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Bush to Nominate Gracia Hillman for Four-Year Term on EAC

Iraqi Workers Strike to Keep Their Oil

*** Official Watch Lurita Lie GSA Hearings with Waxman ***

Michael Moore to be in San Francisco today City Hall-time???

TV Review: Children don't play nice in animated 'Lil' Bush' (Spoiler Warning)

Paris Hilton v Iraq vet Pamela Richardson

Iraqis Are Failing to Meet U.S. Benchmarks

NYT: Casting Ballot From Abroad Is No Sure Bet

Sen Snowe: "Republicans Would Still Be In the Majority If Not For Bush's Failures"

Anyone have an explanation for the Dean-Obama bumper stickers

Condi directs US officials to change the subject when international orgs ask about monies owed

== You Are So F--ing Obscene = By Mark Morford

Here's a snip of a conversation between Jonathan Turley and KO, RE: executive privilege

Who's administration is more corrupt Clinton's or Bush's?

Bloomberg Poll: Most Americans Back Stalled Senate Immigration Bill

Our Common Struggle BY NOURI AL-MALIKI (WSJ op-ed)

TX Nat'l Guard charged with smuggling illegal immigrants across TX border

"civil disobedience will not be tolerated"

What is the government's role in artistic and cultural content?

*** Official GSA slimey Tom Davis loves Lurita *** Thread 3

Temple garment and Mitt

CDC scientists swap genes between bird flu and human strains to plot the path of a possible pandemic

Kucinich to Hold Press Conference on Renewed Effort to Impeach Cheney

So, who's winning? Gore or Reagan?

Large majority supports path to citizenship (63%)

Hackers manipulated German voting machine within 60 seconds try

Who is the biggest tool in politics right now?

FBI wishes to hold 6 billion records by 2012

I know DU will oppose this because of "ethics, ethics, ethics"

US Undersecretary of States Burns: "It's certainly coming from the government of Iran"

Duncan Hunter steered $ tens of millions to La Jolla firm for aircraft Pentagon didn't want

Larisa Alexandrovna: EU... Not Really Interested In CIA Secret Prisons Investigation

Wes Clark Smacks Down Joe Lieberman on Iran Remark

Marcy Wheeler: The Secrets They're Still Protecting

Big, fat yucky e-mail and I can't find anything on snopes to discredit it:

Possible constitutional violation via faith based earmarks

Should they at least pay the immigrant workers minimum wage?

If we're going to get to the bottom of this...

Tommy Thompson, First Republican Campaign Casualty?

Explaining Why Attacking Iran Is Not A Good Idea (Randi's Rant 6/11/07)

Hey, Turdblossom, Looks Like A Subpoena May Be On The Way Soon? Hmm?

Watching a Rupert Murdoch Takeover In Action - Dow Jones (Wall St. Journal)

Removal Of Seated President From Power

Is GOP Senator Kit Bond A Liar Or Just Plain Stupid?

Where's Randi's book discussion going on?

What happened last night in the House? They were still in session at 1:30 a.m. when I went to bed.

Which of these two would you choose to protect your constitutional rights?

WH Furious That DOJ Officials Disclosed Rove's Connection To DOJ Firings

Ask your Republicans friends this simple question...

Lou Dobbs: Give it a rest, Mr. President

90% rise in May for home defaults

How's That "Surge" Working Out for You There, Chimp?

How many times did our military and media report WMD's had been found in Iraq AFTER the invasion?

How many will Bush allow to die in Iraq before he gets his "benchmarks"

Greenwald on the al-Marri case--"Does that even sound remotely like the United States?"

I'm calling on President Bush to pardon Paris Hilton!


BREAKING: Top White House Officials Subpoenaed Over Attorney Scanda

Did Gen. Clark leave Faux?

What are the 'lessons' of 9-11 & hurricane Katrina?

*** Lurita Doan "This is Unfair" GSA Hearing *** Thread 4

Jake Gyllenhaal Eyeing Broadway Debut (character based on Howard Dean)

sinking Chimp re Rasmussen - approval down to 33%..

Feingold To Continue Push To End Open-Ended Mission In Iraq; Offer Feingold-Reid As Amendment

Obama's campaign legal counsel calls for a pardon of Libby

Gay Marriage Foe Bob Barr Calls For Repeal Of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’


Expect a media onslaught at Michael Moore

Blair Hints At Online Journalism Editor! An Attack On Freedom Of Speech.

Tort Reform

sad when a museum has to resort to this

Rush slammed by Broward County (FL) Govt.

Satire makes sense to me. Hire illegals to write immigration bill.

*** GSA "Lurita is Beautiful" Hearing *** Thread #5

By Lieberman’s Logic, the US May Have to Bomb Itself

Hey Fairfax County - please dump Rep. Tom Davis next election!

O' Reilly: does another bombing in Tikrit mean anything other than war is hell

Has it occurred to many of us in here that both sides accuse the media...

Joe S. is really pissed at O'Lielly...

Dem source: "We want to build up and get documents to have basis to ask questions of Rove"

Lessons from the War of 1812 relevant to Iraq

If Hillary becomes Pres, what should Bill's role be?

Iraqis Are Failing to Meet U.S. Benchmarks

I like to paraphrase Dick Gregory in debates about universal health care

reading Nation (a great journal, BTW) I was struck by a deep question.

Mom's Baby Monitor Picks Up Shuttle Atlantis Video

Empowering youth empowers us all.

U.S. Auto Industry--why so little clout on trade and so much on mileage standards.

Russia and china arming the Taliban too.?

New Quinnipac Poll: Bush's Job Approval at 28%, All-Time Low; 18% U.S. Moving In Right Direction

Quinnipiac: Clinton, Obama, Gore catch Giuliani in National poll

If your tired and blue at DU

YearlyKos - announces Dodd will be joining the party !

7.2 Quake off Guatemala Pacific coast...just now on CNN

Did Tommy Thompson quit? I had heard he had a 3:00 PM presser?

It's "hard work."

Reps. Waters and Kucinich Speak On Impeaching Cheney - June 13, 2007 (VIDEO)


Quail? In my neighborhood?

Nineteenth-Century Harpoon Found in Live Whale

Halberstam Hailed at Memorial Service: "...on the phone, David sounded like God."

Bush told Maliki that we are a nation of 12 year olds.

Meirs & Taylor. It is gonna be a long and hot summer.

CONYERS: After 3 Months Of Stonewalling-We Issued Subpoenas Because Evidence Points To WH

I just wrote a 400 buck check to Bill Clinton

For Kucinich Fans, watch for him at 6PM on the Repeat of Tucker on MSNBC

THIS is an odd picture

Terminally ill inmate will still be executed

‘Iraqi security forces lose equivalent of NYPD in 18 months.’

Filipino Worker Recounts Escape From Iraq

Ed Gillespie to replace Dan Bartlett

Terminator: The Sequel

Blitzer is beyond Dildohood...

Quote The Progressive Case for a Libby Pardon End Quote

Developmentally disabled US citizen deported to Mexico

Flag Day email I received - warning you may need a stomach distress bag

caption this bush, rove, and pope pic...

Regarding medical insurance...

Fred Thompson may know how to act Presidential, but his voting record is scary as hell!

Quinnipiac Poll: Bush down to 28%

Senate Judiciary Committee to Vote on Southwick on Thursday

My letter to Michael Moore

Christian Newswire touting Fred Thompson. "If you support Giuliani, you don't support family values"

From Henry Waxman to Judge Judy. .

Wes Clark needs to punch Tucker in the Face

The Internet Is The Voice Of The People: SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!!

Barack Obama OP-Ed in WaPo: Faith In Common Ground

Michael Moore: ""There's No Room For Concept Of Profit When It Comes To Taking Care Of Sick People"

Media: Democrats out to get Rove......Not Congress, Not lawmakers

Rudy -- Gotta be more careful pulling up my zipper (keyboard warning)

Democrats Focusing on Powell's Speech


Condi Refuses To Obey Subpoena; Waxman Says He's Delaying His Request For Her To Appear

Judge Bork (tort reform advocate) sues Yale Club for 1M

I want to find a militant progressive Kentuckian to help lead a peaceful revolution. PM me please.

the ghost of Nixon scares Democrats, but it shouldn't

Kevin Phillips on The Reagan Diaries: Gipper Worshippers Won't Be Flattered

This benfit record for Darfur looks really good.

"Iraq may get better; Iraq may get worse. We may be successful in Iraq; we may not be."

Iran arming Taliban? So is Pakistan. Do we bomb them first?

Kucinich coming up on Fugger

Iraqi Boy Works in the Streets-Fears Attack, Sexual Abuse While Selling Trinkets to Help Feed Family

Tweety: " Why are the Democrats so predatory?"

What is most distracting while driving?

CONYERS: New Docs Show "WH Played Integral Role In Firings & Their Aftermath" (WAPO)

Women in Agriculture Scholarships Available July 1 application deadline

What Does It Say About Bush That He Routinely Pockets His Watch Before Working a Crowd? --->>>

Why don't repukes rally around Brownback, Huckabee, or Tancredo?

Tony Snow & bu$hco are Setting Dems up for's press conference.

COMMENTARY: The dying continues in Iraq while at home we bury our heads in the sand

Petraeus: ' This Is a Serious Blow'

Paranoid Freeper hate for Michael Moore.....

Can a good Muslim be a good American (crappy email I got)

Al Gore's OTHER lapse in judgment

That's it! We have to start someplace and the first step

Iraq bombers (armed by US) hit key Samarra mosque

Small publications, and our democracy, in jeopardy

Last 24 Hours in Iraq --- "Surge" working well"....

Senate Committee Advances Whistleblower Protection Legislation

New Study: Two-Thirds of Voters Fail to Notice Vote-Flipping on Touch-Screen DRE Voting Systems

Just on CNN, Ruth (Mrs. Billy) Graham in coma

Provocative pieces on Obama , the Sopranos at

BRAD BLOG: GOP Vote Fraudster Lied on Tax Forms, Continues to Scrub Wiki Entry...

CONYERS: "Let Me Be Clear: This Is NOT A Request-It Is A Demand"

what is your annual household income?

To be a conservative

Wednesday TOONS: Liberman the crackpot edition

anyone know about Dailyhowler?

don't go near Lost Creek Lake it's toxic again - includes animals too

John Dean: "Bush's greatest problem is Harriet Miers. I doubt she is ready to go to prison for him."

what's the history of this image, and why does it creep me out?

So myers and taylor are supeanoned. When they say the don't recall

A question, if retail prices go up 10% and the quantity of shit sold

Wednesday: 3 GIs, 43 Iraqis, 1 American Contractor Killed; 47 Iraqis Wounded

Cheney’s Iran-Arms-to-Taliban Gambit Rebuffed

Afghans free U.S. torture jail man

I know - do not trust oil lobbyists -don't trust oil intersts generally.

Army to 'muster' 5,000 reservists ~~~ (Argh!!!)

Anyone remember the old Chick religious tracts?

Miami Herald: Intenet mystery solved: Lt. gov. did it

*** Lurita Doan Lies again to Waxman Again ** Thread 2

So what WAS that Censure Vote all about? If Subpoena's were going to be Issued?

Theft Rising at U.S. Wal-Mart Stores

Remember the TJX massive data breach?? Well....

Woman dies in ER lobby as 911 refuses to help

So…have the right-wingers admitted that Valerie Plame was covert?

Ed Gillespie to replace Dan Bartlett

Doan: " in a position to encourage both funding and votes to the GOP"

Amnesty International-Instant Karma- Musicians to Save Darfur

Antarctica Cements Act for Gore’s Live Earth

RNC calls Obama "Pander Bear"

Bush calls watch story ‘ludicrous’

John Conyers: "Sicko" is one of the most important developments in the national debate....

Republicans have locked up the pundit vote

Reid, Pelosi Write Bush, Tell Him To Listen To The Will Of The American People On Iraq

LEAHY on the Senate Floor NOW "E-mails were not lost..." = SUBPOENAS

McClatchy: Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer can't recall his role in controversial policies

what shall we do with the big big US embassy in Iraq?

Father's Day - I want to donate in my Dad's name

OFFICIALS: Subpoenas for Bush figures

Will The Neo-Con Become A Con?

Earmark-Loving Conservatives Threaten To Shut Down Congress

Mark Geragos is representing Brent Wilkes?

Little girl who will go up against the Welsh Opera singer on "Britain's Got Talent":

At least it's Alison tonight

Right-Wing Publishers Worry About Future

Hey, Dan ABRAMS, your slo-JOE-mo-slo-bo-mo SUCKS!!1

I wish you all well.

A - (somewhat) - Inspirational - Reminder


Seven Years of the Condor

Kerry: Coal to Liquids...I'm against it. Strongly.

Paging Will Pitt - Paging Will Pitt

Bush Water Carrier Spector to WH: Let's make a Deal!!

any Lord of the Rings fans out there?

YOU TELL ME,...what I am suppose to BELIEVE IN!!!!

Security Is Focus of Revised Effort on Immigration

I am sorry I ever figured out that login thing -

Toothpaste Labeled Colgate Recalled In 4 States (FDA tests found antifreeze chemical)

NBC News - Right Now WSJ Poll

TPM: Waxman to Doan: STEP DOWN (video up)

Tracking the Energy Bill in the Senate. (And the amendments)

New Bush Aide Has Extensive Corporate Lobbying Ties

Secret UN report condemns US for Middle East failures

Giuliani Claims Clinton's Response To U.S.S. Cole Terror Attack Was "Let It Go"

Tony Snow - he looks worse than before

I am SOOOOOOOO Relieved. My Cat is not Going to die

DC Area Impeachment Activity - A Town Hall forum for Impeachment

China now has too many Wangs...

Live Earth concert to be held at the Seven Towers Fortress, Istanbul, Turkey!!!

Bree Walker ‘Camp Casey’s’ New Caretaker

Cat Lit on Fire, Tossed into Boston home.

If some Blackwater "soldiers" misbehave in a far-away land

Conyers Post at DKos On Issuing of Subpoenas ("wanted to share reasoning behind significant step")

Spooks Infilitrating UFO Community?

Watching "Breach" opening scene. Amazing they found someone to make Ashcroft

Request from the DNC - seems to fit perfectly with DU's skillset

Dad worth $10k less than mom

If Lorita Doan's not being a lawyer excuses her from violating - Who wants to be a part of judicial oversight?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Congressional Map

Li'l Bush!!!

Question about Electric cars.

Reminder, new cartoon "Little Bush" premieres tonight.

It is eerie quiet right now in Iraq-

Lurita Doan has more balls than anyone I've ever seen,

3 threads at the top of GD:P tell this Kucinich supporter which "top tier" campaign is well run

The face of a ferret to replace the brave globe hopper

Conyers: Subpoenas are a demand. Rice's demand happened on 4/25/07

MSNBC: Record Low - Bush ratings lowest ever

When the Repubs were in charge, they proposed deals. Now the Dems are in charge, the

An Obama Patron and Friend Until an Indictment

Kucinich: "We’re there because he [Cheney] promoted those lies to the American people"

Jon Stewart on New U.S. Plan to Arm Sunni Insurgents: "It's a plan so crazy, it just might..."

WOW! Faux Noise actually gets something right re: childhood obesity

A great letter to carry around....

Buzzflash Interview: Mikey Weinstein Tackles the Evangelical Coup in America's Military

Hypothetical Presidential election: Pro War On Drugs Democrat vs Anti War On Drugs Republican

Buried car in Tulsa being unearthed after 50 years

Breaking on BBC & MSNBC-Beirut bombing

Caption: The four doofus'

OH GEESEE! Ed Galespie is joining the administration!

FBI Seeking To Create 6 Billion Record Database Similar To Total Information Awareness

The Progressive Majority: Why a Conservative America is a Myth

serious question: if ann coulter died tomorrow.....

Couple finishes restaurant meal while child tied in hot car

since some LDS beliefs are being pointed at....

Pelosi and Reid Call on BUSH to Listen to the Will of the American People on Iraq

Joe Klein: "Bloggers hate me." Interviewer: "Like who?" Joe Klein: "I'm using unnamed sources."

Will the 'surge' stabilize Iraq? Don't hold your breath. (A look at all the OTHER plans in the past)

Kucinich Working On "Renewed Efforts" For Cheney Impeachment

What if Fox News had been there for other key moments in World History?

Subject: Huckabee on women's private parts

Michael Moore On GMA: 3,500 Troops Could Be Alive If Media Had Done Its Job

Cyber cold war?

Britney Spears's mother is under the impression we have all shaved our heads at one time or another.

**** C-SPAN NOW repeating today's Oversight Hearing = Doan & Hatch Act ****

"L'il Bush" debuts tonight on Comedy Central. Anyone planning to watch?

Broward County Florida To Radio Station: "If You Want To Be Hurricane Radio Station, Fire Limbaugh"

Right Wing Watch - School Vouchers?

TOOBIN: WH Will NOT Allow Former Admin Officials To Testify-EVEN IF They Want to

As Franklin Graham Faces Losing His Mother, May He Be Reminded of His Cruelty to Michael Schiavo

This might have something to do with SUVs selling so well

The licensing standards for drivers in the US are pathetically low

Fashion Advice from George W. Bush

Why John Edwards?

Dallas nurses fired after voicing concern for their ICU patients

Disappointed in Tom Joyner today. (He wonders why Black Congressman won't endorse Obama)

Would you quit your job if you had enough money to live on and had health care?

CIA Veterans Write to RNC of Their Concern Over Republican Threat to Rule of Law (Plame)

Music Video Has a 'Crush on Obama'-- Risqué YouTube Song

Hypothetical Presidential Election II: Pro-Gun Democrat vs. Anti-Gun Republican

$300,000.00 Reward....

FBI Terror Watch List 'Out of Control'

Are torture porn movies all the rage because torture is cool now?

Al From in 1999 said the GOP was trying to steal their Third Way policies.

China-made vitamins C, A, B12, E, penicillin, aspirin, Tylenol.

Thanks For Thoughts On Ben & An Update About What's Happened To P & Me

Why They Did It

Thanks to a DUers comment, I have become a "hypermiler."

Wesley Clark Ditches Fox - Signs With MSNBC!

Rasmussen showing Edwards ahead if the Presidential election were held today.

Holy Shit. The Lurita Doan Vaudeville Act

Dean is making a HUGE mistake - says Florida primary will not count

Ron Paul on Colbert Now! eom!

Theft Rising at U.S. Wal-Mart Stores

Hypothetical Presidential Election: Pro-Choice Republican vs. Pro-Life (i.e. Anti-Choice) Democrat

Wes Clark is right about Iran

Help! Key bill stuck in Senate committee. Divest for Darfur

My anwser to Rudy's 12 Committments

NYT, pg1: First official recognition of early symptoms of ovarian cancer: when to see a doctor

The Big Secret Revealed

Have you signed on to save the Internet yet? .

$1000 fine for bumper car is 100% powered by vegetable oil

Who thinks they can drive safely while using a hand held cell phone?

Republicans abandoning Bush -- Freepers react -- very revealing

Showing some respect for a freeper who has passed on

They hate us for our Porn

My argument to defenders of U.S. health care system

Liz Cheney joins Fred Thompson's "all star" team

Are You on the Terror List? 509,000 People Are

have you seen this wonderful YouTube? The guy from Wales in talent competition?

Do you think something like the Holocaust could happen here?

Scoop & Autorank: Election 2004 vs George On The Block & The White Ghosts Of NYC

Scoop & Autorank: Michael Collins Full Report - "Election 2004: The Urban Legend"

Information warfare ammo-dump #2

GOP Self-Destruct Sequence Continues, 6...5...4...3...2.....

Officials rebuked for disclosing Rove's connection to firing of U.S. attorney

A Strong Military for a New Century

Internet spells end for political spin, says Joe Trippi

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Clinton Impresses at AFL-CIO Town Hall Meeting

A Republican Who Wasn't Listening (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Miami's Rep. Meek to work on Clinton campaign (#2)

only a Pollyanna on helium would believe...

The "Clinton name recognition" meme goes both ways.

Democrat who supported Allen loses primary in Virginia...

How many knew Virigina held a primary election yesteray?

Let's take a look at what tony snow patriotically refers to as just numbers

Dick Cheney To Help Fred Thompson Pick Running Mate

Be part of the DNC Rapid Response team

The Army wants to recruit illegal aliens

Need help answering this:

This is why I think the DU praise of Ron Paul is misguided. . .

New 2008 Q Poll: Gore Beats Giuliani in Head-To-Head Match-Up

Obama moms" cradle campaign

Capitol Hill Blue: The *uck stops here!

Pardoning Scooter — Still A Bad Idea...

Rudy: Iraq Is "In The Hands Of Other People"

Who was it on DU that said Steven Spielberg is going to support Obama?

Education and Ideology

Former Frist aide nominated for federal judgeship

Large majority supports path to citizenship

Sioux City Women For Obama Event

White House officials subpoenaed;Democratic congressional sources:will never happen

Tony Blair's attack on the media and call for a tougher regulatory system for newspapers and broadca

ARG Nat'l: Hillary 39, Obama 19, Undecided 16, Edwards 13...

"Republicans have locked up the pundit vote"

Lieberman a loose cannon -- does that mean Al Gore . . .

ME-Sen: The 51st Democratic Senator by Ned Lamont

US should think again on its refusal to talk to Iran

If Karl Rove gets squeezed ........

When the sun sets on DC tomorrow ...... will Scooter ......

Is there some ONE thing the media says about your candidate that you can't STAND?? I have an idea...

Is GOP Senator Kit Bond A Liar Or Just Plain Stupid?

Do all the candidates feel this way about staying in Iraq?

"Home State Blues"

The Connecticut for Lieberman Party is calling on...Lieberman to resign from the U.S. Senate

Polls Show Top Hopefuls in a Statistical Dead Heat as Barack Obama Gains Ground on Clinton

Edwards to attend Chicago fundraiser


Fred instead? Thompson surges in poll...

GOP issues rules to avoid Macaca moments

Bush names Gillespie as new counselor

President Lieberman: A Cautionary Tale

Impeachment - a Town Hall Forum

Why do pukes refer to us as The Democrat Party?

Hillary Clinton and being female in America

Bush picked a former Enron Lobbyist to be White House Counselor.

Smart asses at FR covering DemFest in pictures...insulting comments.

Clark has left FOX and is now an MSNBC analyst....

Latest Republicant PUTRID FECALY CAKED dirty trick!

The poverty platform: John Edwards speaks in Wakefield

Edwards to appear Thursday in Detroit

Edwards raises Chicago cash

Edwards Gains Momentum in Missouri

Iowa: Edwards 29%, Obama 24%, Hillary 16% (Strategic Vision); Edwards 29%, Obama 23%, Hillary 21%

Hotline reports Wes Clark is moving to MSNBC

General Clark is on MSNBC -- right NOW!!!!

Guess which of these endorsement threads make a Kucinich supporter jealous:


New DOJ Email Dump links Rove Aide to Attorney Firings

Top general quoting Iraqis"You know, we were a lot more secure and safe during the Saddam regime"

Clinton can boast wealth of earmarks

If bush doesn't have a conversation with anyone about anything is that conversation Privileged?

Not going to roll over....standing his ground.

The RNC has inverted the Constitution

Libby's lawyers cite Martha Stewart in motion asking judge to allow Libby free pending appeal

QuinnipiacPoll: Hillary leads Dems by double digits, bests all Republicans, Edwards tanking......

Tim Ryan: You Have to See This

Obama inspires crowd with excitement, hope

Steven Spielberg Endorses Hillary

Obama's General Counsel urges Libby Pardon? Huh???

I want the opportunity to vote for Al Gore in 2008.

Network News is Dead because it focuses on Brain Dead Over 60 Crowd...

BET billionaire Sheila Johnson endorses Obama

Obama clarifies position on liquid coal fuel.

Senator Clintons Endorsements (excluding Spielberg)

Bubblicious...Can someone tell me what hold Scooter Libby has on everyone in Washington

Menendez (D?) on the Senate Floor

Has anyone other than Wes Clark responded to Lieberman's attack Iran comments?

TPMCafe: Obama Opposes Libby Pardon

Reuters: Bush job rating hits record low in NBC/WSJ poll (29%)

Obama Talks One on One

The GOP's "Masculine Mystique" -- What IS it, and how do we fight it??

Was the Aristide Quote on Tucker True?

Obama Inspires Crowd with Excitement and Hope.

Bill Clinton: Al Gore Could Enter Presidential Race (paraphrase)

Fred Thompson's easy ride "starting to get a bit bumpy"

Wealthy blacks back Obama's campaign

MC Hammer's anti-war video

How about a campaign song written for a presidential campaign?

Why John Edwards?

Daily Kos: EDWARDS Gave Warnings of Terrorism BEFORE 9-11-01

Edwards makes being a campaign donor affordable

Albert Arnold Gore, Jr.

"Fight against gay marriage and abortion but also broaden the agenda to include....the environment"