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Archives: June 10, 2007

Abraham lincoln declare runs for presidency

WP: New Labor Strikes Deals With 'Private Equity Guys'

pandemic death by "natural causes."

Swiss Everest pioneer dies at 95

Iran threatens Gulf blitz if US hits nuclear plants

MI6 probes UK link to nuclear trade with Iran

What the President said to 'His Holy Father'...

Federal judge orders party registration, vote ID for Mississippi

Can I Join the Caper Clique?

do you watch flip this house? Trademark properties

I should be in bed..

Today is our 34th Wedding Anniversary

Danica Patrick scored her career best tonight. 3rd place at the Texas Motor Speedway

miss_american_pie never sent me Godiva truffles.

Time to go to the mattresses w/ your Sopranos predictions...

Whats your best pizza recipe?

Crystal Ship.......

80s Music Vids

70 years ago, labor took control of Lansing streets

Keith Olbermann and Howard Fineman: "Strong-arm of the Law"

Any DUers headed for Bonnaroo?

Myanmar Releases HIV-Pos Activists

Hee! Great Tom The Dancing Bug Super-Fun Comix. Check Out "Loony Laws Of Other Lands"

(TOON) Steve Bell on BAE, Bandar and bribery

New York is hell for young Osama

Patrick Firzgerald is on c-span with Amherst speech and Q&A

Pics of Keith Olbermann in college.


COMIC: Dubya, Sleeper Agent for Al Qaeda

Found The Following Regarding Dale Peters (Monkeyman)

Yurp Greets Bush ---pix--->>>


Sunday's Opus: "David Dinkle Has Two Moms"

Is Kim Jong so ill he needs surgery?

Democrats, NRA reach deal on gun bill

Conservatives Worry About Court Vacancies

Poisoned Russian Had Sought Entry to U.S., Book Says

Sparks, and accusations, fly as 'Vulcans' go on defensive

Bush Is Losing Credibility On Democracy, Activists Say

Kurdistan's man in Washington By Laura Rozen

Iraqi prime minister isolated, beleaguered

50,000 Years of Resilience May Not Save Tribe

Libby Made No Statement Of Remorse At His Sentencing Because He's Not Sorry

When Eight is Less Than One

A Letter to Bush's Ex-Best Friend President Putin


flashback from 11/06: Iraq PM: ‘Our forces will be ready by June ’07’

Outing the Out of Touch By MAUREEN DOWD

Iraq, Still About Oil

Reading The Pictures: Have We Just Seen The Last Combat Injury In Iraq?

Linda Chavez-Thompson: It's Time To End Worker Exploitation

The Inequality Conundrum / NYTimes

Political meddling, no Iraq polls worry U.S. general (Reuters)

WP: Protesting for Peace With a Vivid Hue and Cry (feature on Code Pink)

Darfur's aid lifeline in danger - The Christian Science Monitor

Ken Silverstein: The great American pork barrel - July 2005

An interesting comparison between the US and the Roman Empire.

Bush "Preventive War" Doctrine a Glaring Failure In Middle East

39 Missing Prisoners (by Joanne Mariner at HuffPost)

Widespread Lies -- An American Woe

In Venezuela, Reality TV

Iraq, Pre-emption and Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game

A White House Plan to Erode Our Liberties (The Nation)

Microsoft Finds Legal Defender in Justice Dept. (NYT)

America's Secret Obsession


Robert Parry: Powell Belies 'Commander Guy' Bush

Newsweek:Bandar and the $2 Billion Question

Don't Know Much About Biology

We All Need Protection from Hate Crimes

Daily Kos: Fun at the Creation Museum!!!! (my field trip to CrazyLand)

What happens to kids raised by gay parents?

Bush's Surgeon General Nominee: "Ex-Gay" Therapy On Trial (by Max Blumenthal at HuffPost)

PAUL KRUGMAN: Authentic? Never Mind

As the Nazis and Adolescence Took Hold(exerpts from Rutka Laskier diary)

Is Civilization Dying from Terminal Stupidity?

China May Halt Coal-To-Oil Projects - AP

Dental cleanings and health issues.

ESA Presents Sharpest Ever Satellite Map Of Earth

Hong Kong Red Tide Spreading - 15 Beaches Closed In Biggest Oubreak Since 1998 - AFP

Action call: Renewable Power Standards and the Senate

China Vows To Fight Copyright Piracy, Climate Change (Actual Headline!) - AFP

Sea Water & Neglect Corroding Soviet-Era Nuclear Dump In Arctic - Risk Of Fire Or Explosion In Waste

Explosive Growth In Dengue Fever In SE Asia - 2007 Likely To Break 2006 Caseload Record

West Kansas Farmers Facing Diesel Fuel Shortages As Harvest Approaches

Iran threatens Gulf blitz if US hits nuclear plants

Cyber warming: PCs produce same CO2 emissions as airlines

How plants are near perfect at using solar energy

Ready for justice: Idaho downwinders applaud request for oversight hearings

Growing US ethanol market may not be able to absorb supply - AFP

Oil race at top of the world

Deadly Storm Hits Sydney & Towns To Its North "Like A Quake" - AFP

Detroit Whines That It Can't Meet Efficiency Standards - But Hits Tough Targets In EU, Asian Markets

Cost Of Kuwaiti Oil Production Triples In Six Years - Ministry Inquiry Under Way

Suddenly, the bees are simply vanishing

Finkelstein Denied Tenure [compendium]

DePaul denies tenure for controversial professor

Violence Across Iraq Leaves 28 Dead

Seeking advice about the GOP convention from afar

(Kyoto) So is the world a better place after the G8 summit... (Bush's inane hubris w/Merkel)

Major revamp of LAX is stuck at the gate

Controversial Hariri court comes into force

Iraqi Gov.: Violence escalates during 5-hour U.S. military raid

Democrats, NRA Reach Deal On First Gun Control Legislation Since 1994

Truck bomb in Iraq kills 7 policemen

Iraq court to give genocide trial verdict on June 24

Explosion in Istanbul street injures

Military Envisions Longer Stay in Iraq

Bush greeted as hero in Albania

Lieberman: Bomb Iran If It Doesn't Stop

E Coli prompts Tyson to recall ground beef (2nd recall this week)

Lial: Bush to blame if there's war with Syria

Nicaragua leader in Iran,calls for new world order

Richardson: Total Iraq force withdrawal

U.S. pilots in Israel for joint air force drill

Snow: Bush standing firm behind Gonzales

Despite promises to fix it, the Gulf dead zone is growing.

Embryo custody a split decision

Israel and US begin air exercise

Snow: Bush Not Giving Up on Immigration

U.S. military reports 3 more American troops deaths, including airman killed in roadside bombing

US general paints candid picture of Iraq army, police

Durham DA heads to trial over Duke case

Sarkozy party 'set for landslide'

Tesco's warning from US unions

Taliban say fire rockets at Karzai's meeting site

Iraq speaker ordered on leave after brawl

Harman demands law to curb CIA flights

Please Occupy Us

Iraq bridge collapse traps U.S. soldiers

Yahoo CEO Faces Shareholder Backlash

Democrats, NRA Reach Deal on Background-Check Bill

Medical examiner: Sports cream caused teen's death(Like Ben Gay, Icy Hot)

Colombia reopens homicide investigations against U.S.-backed security forces

Soldiers struggle to find therapists

Shah's exiled son: Don't attack Iran

Powell gives Obama foreign policy advice

Hero's Welcome For Bush After Violent Demo

Colin Powell calls for immediate closure of Guantanamo prison camp

Alzheimer's cases may quadruple by 2050

Economists See Housing Slump Enduring Longer

Romney’s Run Has Mormons Wary of Scrutiny

Lieberman: U.S. should weigh Iran attack

Former Justice Official Blasts Gonzales

Russia calls for new economic world order

US confirms it is arming Sunni insurgents, paper to report

Studies say death penalty deters crime

Ever had success NOT giving up on someone?

Ian Hunter rocked tonight

Hurry, hurry, before it is flagged - someone is giving away hugs on CL

* talks with a real cowboy...

Ok, Baseball fans...Answer me this:

Here it is - the 9 ways a batter can reach first base

Damned baseball threads!

Boo, I didn't know you had to be a paying member to post in the photography forum.

That's Amore, baby!

God damned hayfever!

This Five Tool idjit is going to bed

Pete Rose - should be in, or shouldn't be in

have you noticed a lot of TICKS this year?

Wanna see some REALLY early Ted Nugent?

Finally! Got me some Goldfinch!

I walked 3 miles yesterday and my legs are telling me "Don't do that again, dolt."

Finally! Got me some Goldfinger!

OMG, Britney Spears' initials are "BS"! We should have seen her coming a long time ago.

PSA: today is NOT Father's Day.

This is not a thread about Paris Hilton.

Okay Baseball Fans: What do you think of Lex's cat?

What do you guys think about Noam Chomsky and Libertarian Socialism?

Okay fans of Paris Hilton: what do you think of baseball?

Does anyone still touch any of the people they knew in high school?

Okay fans of Lex's cat, what do you think of baseball?

Lasagna is what is on the menu for the final Sopranos

Any poker players here?

Yo Ho!

more thoughts on London....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 6/10/07)

Amazingly dreamlike song and video from Miho Hatori

Topless Carwash!

Hehe. "Invasion of the lolcats!"

You have offended my family, and you have offended the ShaoLin temple.

If you smile at me, I will understand

note to self: 'bite your tongue'

PSA: The kids of today should defend themselves against the Seventies

Today I am not posting from Indiana

PICTURE - my package (Mods, I'm new, is this allowed here?)

I was going to take courses in ad design and journalism to further my degree...

complete this phrase: "You can bite my shiny metal _____"

Invent Google Searches which should give 0 hits game

Video Game Players- Has your file ever been corrupted?

He may have wrong politics but Christopher Buckley writes fabulous satire

"Do the chickens have large talons?"

A g-g-g-g-g-g-g-GHOST?????

Fast Food Nation

Has anyone else ever picked up HAM radio broadcasts on their computer headphones

Menopausal ladies?

Mother, please! I'd rather do it myself!

Post a satellite photo of your credit card number. n/t

Post a satellite photo of your junk.

Post a picture of your hemorrhoids

Who contributed more to the rise of Southern Rock?

In a 20 year marriage

you need a hazmat endorsement to handle my package

trying to manually catch feral toads probably isn't the best idea

im in ur living room, playin with vista

I Love the Dropkick Murpy's!

Need help, looking for a soundbite or video

Avast there! Find yer inner pirate!

It's not exactly cold out, but it is gray, dreary, rainy and a little chilly.

Happy birthday Penndems & ZombyWoof!!

Is it all - really - about feeling good?

This guy is probably lucky to be alive.

It was all so much clearer then

Arrr! Here be pirate smilies!

Played petanque today - Ask me anything.

What happens if no carrier wants to handle your package?

TOP TEN Most Dangerous Toys of All Time

Disorder In The Court... Just received this in my email and thought I'd share.

Depressed ex-President from a crime family starts seeing a Psychiatrist...

I'm not Christian Dior, but somethin' tells me this is a fashion fox pass

Congratulations SwampRat!! 30,000 posts

Speculate: Will Tony Soprano be alive at the end of tonight's finale?

trying to manually catch feral kittens probably isn't the best idea

10,000 POSTS!!!

Can I have some good Karma for my job interview?

Cathy's Cooking Tip For The Day

Is there such a thing as "the noblest occupation"?

Almost done w/my PhD application!

My first try at photography.

Bacon, sausage, country ham, pork barbecue....

Why am I watching 'Grease' (1980) onVH1?

I wanna spend a day with a stunt man!

eBay advice anyone?

im in ur kitchen, makin pasta

Well, I sure hope the Sopranos Finale is a good one!


Broadway fans: Tony Awards on CBS now :)))


Any poker players here? (2nd attempt) (card players included)

Picture a post in your eye.

Don't you lounge lizards

Summer = Making ice cream from scratch at home.

Everything is so lush and inebriated in my apartment (pic for proof)

Some classic (and classical) Jethro Tull...

More dial up warning blossoms, my dear friends,

tonight, i watched my first ever episode of the sopranos

post a picture of your eye

OMG!! That Was The Best Sopranos Episode EVER!! (Spoilers)

let me guess - it ended in such a way that there's a possibility of sequals, etc?

Ipod help

I saw a very interesting sight in North Carolina today!

"9/11 was Made in America" - AJ to Tony

I am confused on what to do here....

Looks like we've decided on Boston.

Does anybody know where I can join a cult?

Paris Hilton just whacked Tony Soprano.

Great take on Sopranos finale...

PICS: Introducing, the puppy named Templeton

I just watched that show "The Loop", and I have to say that Diora Baird is GORGEOUS!

Seriously, the best advice I got as a kid.

Soprano's is done, anyone watch John from Cincinnati?

I was just reminded of an Artist I love - Regina Spektor

Congratulations CaliforniaPeggy!! 40,000 posts

Tonight's Sopranos finale... SPOILERS...

How to create the perfect case of heartburn

So what happened....did Voldemort kill Tony????? n/t

Well, we just introduced a new cat into our four cat houshold...

Some eyes will roll, but I must know - Priest, or Maiden?

How did this become a flamewar?

David Hasselhoff - "Hooked On A Feeling"

If you're in NYC turn on Channel 2 they will interview Dominic Chianese!

Radio Lady Invites You to View: Bruges and Ghent, Belgium... (PHOTOS)

Kids in the Hall appreciation thread

On 60 Minutes tonight - "Robert Johnson" is on the No-Fly list!

Good news Wilburys fans! Vol. 1 and Vol 3 re-released next week!

Aphex Twin

Hug thread...

"Paris Hilton Never Worked a day in her Life"

just for fun~

one-line happiness

how highly do you value your U.S. citizenship?

To whoever recommended Jacob's Ladder....

It's coming in only 10 minutes.... The Sopranos SERIES FINALE!!


my rainpoem

What happens when your package is too big for the mail slot?

Sunday afternoon questions

So who whacked Tony?

Another picture thread!

PROGRAMMING ALERT! Young Frankenstein on AMC at 8:00 PM!

"Anti-lottery" contests: bad idea?

I have new, very strange neighbors

What did I NOT see or hear at the Renaissance Faire today?

Everything is so lush and green in central Massachusetts (pic for proof)

Weirdest Lecture in College

Did some humanitarian work today

Boy do I feel stupid - edited to add photos.

Baby back ribs, cole slaw & ???????. Help me out!

When will my baby cats like me?

I killed a spider tonight...

Thoughts on mast**ation?

Video of my Italy vacation

My dog, Knuckles was killed today and I'm a complete mess.

PICTURES - The beauty of transformation

OK--what the hell just happened on the Sopranos? Cuz my TV

Sopranos: What do YOU think happened?

I'm in my PhotoShop, captionin more kittehs! (dialup warning- pix)

If you were stranded in the desert, what would you rather see?

Stop Robert Goulet!

Saying goodbye to Rocky

Okay Baseball Fans: What do you think about Noam Chomsky and Libertarian Socialism?

Post a satellite photo of your house or apt.

Should Lynyrd Skynyrd be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

OMG-- awesome cat pic-- risque warning....

Soprano's Finale Thread (Warning: Spoilers likely --- you haven't watched don't read....)

Happy Birthday ZombyWoof!!!

Anyone here own a PT Cruiser? Thinking of buying one.

My mother passed away just over two weeks ago

Hilton didn't eat for 3 days in fear of toilet photo

Viewership for NBA finals tonight will be low for the first hour... because of the

A Mets fan bows to the power of the Tigers

Chad Johnson races horse, and wins.

Things that will happen before a Cleveland team wins a world title in anything.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for June 10: Leko ½ point from Mexico City

Boxing Hall of Fame (6-9-07)

The TRUTH about Monkeyman

Today's working family cartoon

Leticia Zavala, Farm Labor Organizing Committee Dudley, N.C.

Tom Paine: "We're tired of living between ‘hard times' and ‘bad times,'"

Pay a sticking point with rail union

More On The Teamsters, Mark Penn And Hillary Clinton

Coreslab, Teamsters agree on contract for drivers (strike ends)

Danger: Educated Union Member T-shirts for sale

Baldemar Velasquez: Music for the Union Soul

Janitors union in the works, SEIU says

WP: NFL(PA) Dispute Heads to Congress

Miami: Third Annual Justice for Janitors Day June 15th

Student workers vocalize desire to unionize, eliminate unfair discrepancies

Pilot unions view rest as a prioriy

In Seattle The UFCW Highlights Gap Between Worker Income And Living Expenses


Assault with a Delicious Weapon

lewis black on homeland security

Hillary's Kucinch Plan and the American Sheeple

South Park - "They took our jobs!"

Affleck on Hardball, June 2007 (part 1)

Heavy Metal Baghdad - Part 5 of 5

I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag

Investigative Journalist Seymour Hersh Speaks on Bandar Bush and US Support for Terror Groups

The Fukin Newz!

Affleck on Hardball, June 2007 (part 2)

Sen. Mikulski Gets Picketed over Iraqi-War Funding

Happy Birthday, John Edwards!

What I Learned At The Creation Museum

Seven Beauties - Opening Scene

UN IAEA Inspectors in Iraq destroying missiles (2003)

Helen Thomas: 'If Cheney becomes President I'll kill myself'

Today is our 34th Wedding Anniversary

Where is omega minimo?

Watchdog Group Slams Google on Privacy

Bush talks shit with Blair at G8 -- disgusting table manners

Japanese robot likes sushi, fears president (bush)

The CIA's favorite form of torture

Problems of the world (pretty interesting)

You're Using iTunes, But Are You Missing Some of the Fun?

3,506 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

OMG: Scooter Libby Meets Paris Hilton

Albania Prepares To Welcome "President of the World" Bush - BBC

I've seen the world turned upside-down...

To the Freeps lurking

The Saint

If the pro-fetus crowd claims abortion is a "big business"?

Morgan Freeman for President!!!

Our great leader...

Danica Patrick scored her career best tonight. 3rd place at the Texas Motor Speedway

Titanic was doomed before it set sail

Did Cheney's Personal Lawyer Release Dick's Statement on Libby?

But insurgents responded to the newly armored vehicles by building bigger bombs

Did we get anywhere this week

Code Pink turns up the heat in florida... interested ...

After Bush: Zakaria's Cover Story in Newsweek

If Trump is "The Donald," Why isn't

Was powell Talking About His "Bullshit" Moment In 2003 On MTP This Morning?

Is the 'christian' Right connected to Ethnic Cleansing in Latin America?

British Company Caught Selling Weapons-grade Uranium to Iran

Arguments for NOT pardoning Scooter:

Culpeper police officer resigns to take job in Iraq as mercenary - Wants to broaden his horizons

Marcy Wheeler, emptywheel of Next Hurrah and Firedoglake, is on c-span2/BookTV now.

Britain's version of NCLB comes in for fierce criticism!

Iraq Is Backdrop for Graduation Speakers: "...patriotism judged by love of country, not love of war"

Powell: Close Guantanamo Now, Restore Habeas

Rudy The Dictator

Missouri is missing out on stem-cell research

6 dead, 1 child injured in Wisconsin shooting

The missing Million

I don't get it. Howard Kurtz anchors CNN's

MSNBC reports AA female, Stepha Henry missing!

Has the Vatican ever declared the war in Iraq to be unjust?

Teacher wins retrial in porn case (faced up to 40 years for adware porn popping up)

A gem from last year's G8: "Stop this shit"

How long before the dollar crashes?

Navy bars outed gay sailor from return to service (3rd time)

from C&L: McDonalds Wants To Literally Redefine "McJob"

nother caption

"Holocaust Industry" writer denied tenure at dePaul

A Plan to Pay Cash for Top Scores on Some Tests Gains Ground

Plots, Politics and the Weight of Page 1: NYT chose not to run JFK terror plot on the front page

Speaking of Criminals on the run, where's Condi?

Iraq WMD Forgery Gets Venice Art Spotlight

Gee, "This Week" is so fair and balanced

The GOP Talking Points on Libby Debunked (WAPO)

DYING for a caption

A U.S. helicopter fired flares on a crowd on a square in eastern Baghdad

Listen people I don't know how you're gonna stop a war if ya can't sing any better than that!

Breaking! Another Explosion in Turkey...this one Injures 14!

LIEberman on Face the Nation, beating war drums against Iran.

WP's Thomas Ricks: Some officers suggest deadline for stable Iraq is not September, but 1/20/09

Microsoft Finds Legal Defender in Justice Dept. (influence for sale)

ThinkProgress: VIDEO COMPILATION: The Assault On Reason, Paris Hilton Edition

WP, pg1: Hollywood Stars Find an Audience For Social Causes

NPR national paid republicans...

Iraq occupation violates international law Letters

Someone needs to write a parody of this

have the labor stats for May been downgraded yet?

Richard Rorty, 1931-2007

Spain braced for fight against jellyfish bloom (could cause bad economy)

A Drought for the Ages Spreads Across U.S.

Speculate: Will Tony Soprano be alive at the end of tonight's finale?

Question: Do you really think our politicians...

Lieberman claims to be a Dem...

JOHN PILGER ("The War on Democracy") on with Bob McChesney NOW - stream link

iGasm sex toy rubs Apple up the wrong way

Fox News gives Iraq war less attention (AP)

The game is rigged. Why Libby will walk on appeal.

Internet Radio Under Attack

Reverse minstrel says...."close Gitmo today".....

Caption this * pic

Dominance of Navy in high posts causing resentment among other branches

Broder on Libby: ‘This whole controversy is a sideshow.’

Dumb question: Can Bush FIRE Cheney?

Meet the Press will be early in the East today due to the French Open

How could we be so easily fooled? The truth about Lieberman

George can't even pour a beer

Did the Republicans leave themselves open for attack on suggesting Libby be pardoned?

Colin Powell: Guantamano should be closed

CAPTION Bush pic: pouting in Albania

Riverbend--has she been heard from? Last I read, she was

Richardson Seeks Total Iraq Withdrawal

Iraq Bridge Collapse Traps U.S. Soldiers

Ben Franklin, 2007

Hey Lieberman, got any time to watch this?

Gay and be in the armed forces? No way. Anti-Semitic and be in the armed forces? That's OK!

Should the Pope be playing footsie with an admitted mass murderer?

What do Hispanic citizens think of illegal immigration?

Ever wonder, why Joe Lieberman on TV every time and never another independent

Reject ALL Bush nominations until Gonzales is gone. Even those that are less

WaPo: Bush Is Losing Credibility On Democracy, Activists Say

"Lieberman favors military strike on Iran" and other crazy talk

Is there a book award Assault On Reason could win?

1 in 85 Americans will have Alzheimers by 2025

Bush in Albania /Knee-jerk reactions

Caption * closeup Pic

Iraqi Oil workers in Basra strike...

How Did Ann Coulter Get On A FOX Financial Show?

It's 2007, why do people not have their children GPS tagged?

was Judge Walton impressed by Joseph Bottum's letter?

"Kurdistan was a bright spot in Iraq, but it looks set to take a turn for the worse."

What should appear over the main entrance door of the bush* library?

Ten to 12 months training normal. Soldier will get 10 weeks.

Alarm over gender-bending chemical

So Pat Robertson's cohort, Wolf Blitzer, is getting to decide the next POTUS?

Babysitter dares 8 y.o. boy to touch her boobs - 8 y.o. charged with lewd conduct...

No, you can't walk in the door unless you show us your passport!

G8 in death throes under Shrub's clownishness. Like other institutions.

LOL Ted Rail TOON on the demise of the GOP

Giuliani's ties to black New York troubled: He was "vindictive, brutal"

Here's how they do student loans in the UK

The film Why we Fight

Report: Video appears to show off-duty officers started fight

How Plastics are Choking our Seas - Ecology notes by Capt Paul Watson

Can't trust anyone--this is true--Santa and Easter Bunny help scam NJ parents

What do you guys think about Noam Chomsky and Libertarian Socialism?

You know how they say the smell of s**t just doesn't wash off?

Women have had abortions forever. CHOICE to me is being able to get safe, legal one.

Sam Brownback better never meet me face to face

Grim times for Graduates--where have the hopes and dreams gone?

wrong forum

25 most popular blogs...

Private Loans Deepen a Crisis in Student Debt


For those who listen to Malloy last friday ?

Congressional Junket to Iraq Canceled Because Its Too Dangerous

Gore Vidal: "US is not a democracy, nor was it ever intended to be"

Bush Receives Hero's Welcome in Albania

Would bombing Iran hasten US defeat in the Middle east or slow it?

Torture is NEVER justified...and our spineless leaders must find the courage to tell that to Bush

Long Island Poet Deprived of Being Named Laureate Because of his Anti-Bush Writings

A Fiendish Insurgent Low: Coffin Bomb

C-Span Doing a "Talk Show Host" panel....Anyone see it? tired, tired, tired.

Was C.S. Lewis a Racist?

Snow: Bush Will Not Listen To No Confidence Vote

Katrina vanden Heuvel now on CSPAN 1, Q&A

New online episode of Lil Bush: "Baseball"

Is there anyone here that believes in "mandatory sentencing laws"

Has anyone looked at ?

E Coli Conservatives who hate the "magic of the market place"....

Lord help us, Lionel on CSPAN 1 right now, on the future of talk radio.

E-mail your representatives about Gone-zalez vote!

Troops struggle with finding therapists - military insurance is cutting payments to therapists

Io to Earth: My volcano is bigger than yours!

If It’s Sunday, It Must Be Albania...Imagine a national population made up entirely of Republicans

Former Democrat and current nut Lieberman: U.S. Should Weigh Iran Attack

"Enhanced Interrogation Techiques"

BlueGrassRoots: "Fun at the Creation Museum!!!!"

I couldn't help myself, I just burst out laughing!

"Paris Hilton Never Worked a day in her Life"

Message to the DU mods: I was framed by Ron Paul!!

Iraqi Labor Event in San Francisco and Berkeley

"My man, Mitt! ComMITTed to Romney!"

Fox news, CNN, MSNBC have become tabloid TV

"9/11 was Made in America" - AJ to Tony

Albania!! AlBANia!!1 n/

Well, there goes Bloomberg's chances of a presidential nod...

The werewolf of Washington...

Saw my first Romney for president bumpersticker

Australia storm death toll rises

OK--what the hell just happened on the Sopranos? Cuz my TV

So who whacked Tony?

Sheehan Selling Protest Land to Radio Host

Doesn't Mitt Romney Look Like....

Bush receives hero's welcome in Albania....WTF!?

Cue up the iPod for next year's election

Our minister made an interesting observation and statement

Soprano's Finale Thread (Warning: Spoilers likely --- you haven't watched don't read....)

POTC and a group of annoying idiots!

Sgt. Tyler J. Kritz, 21, of Eagle River, Wis.

If you're in NYC turn on Channel 2 they will interview Dominic Chianese!

Do the insane realize they're going insane?

Don't you wish the U.S. had labour protections like these?

Drunk drivers ought to be charged with attempted manslaughter (possibly murder)

Mom's execution: One daughter dreads it; the other welcomes it

Is the Iraqi resistance blowing up bridges to cut off the supply lines for US?

West Brook father successfully campaigns to get school bus seat belt law enacted

Saw a mega-SUV wearing a front plate bearing the mirror image of "MOVE"

Here in Los Angeles, why are so many cars allowed to be driven with no license plates?

This is interesting... the few cars which still sport

What is the point of "securing" or "protecting" Americans if they're all unhappy & depressed?

Note written by Abraham Lincoln to Union officer in 1863 found

Conyers To Cheney Re: Libby - "There Was A CLOUD Over Certain Aspects Of Your Conduct"

The "genius" Petraeus put Anbar in the hands of a highway brigand...Now it's falling apart

Faux News analyst Laura Ingle: cook your e-coli infected beef thoroughly

A little perspective on Bush in Albania (my trip to Russia in 1972)...

Former Justice Official Blasts Gonzales

(Fake)NewsMax brags about DU's power and control on Wikipedia

History making day F1 racing

One of the most sickening, disgusting, infuriating, barbaric, depressing videos I've ever witnessed

Time for cake - Caption these * pics

What does our military call the Iraqis who were killing our GI's last month? The Baghdad Patriots

ESA Presents The Sharpest Ever Satellite Map Of Earth

Thank you Al Gore for Liberating Me Too

will you watch tonights Sopranos--Will Bush Co use tonight to pull something

Bush's hijacking of the country in eloquent words

Diego Garcia played major role in secret CIA prisons

Guardian: Attorney-general knew of BAE and the £1bn. Then concealed it

Whether You've Done It Or Not, Driving Drunk Is Quite Simply Stupid.

Ten Ways Dick Cheney can kill you

£30m a quarter - for 10 years - was paid to accounts controlled by Bandar at Riggs bank

The Bandar cover-up: who knew what, and when?

US confirms it is arming Sunni insurgents

the permanent debt pool...

Per military, what a US pullout from Iraq would entail:

Watch the $huttle dock with the $pace $tation.

Scientists develop pill to delay the menopause

Ever use your wireless laptop at a hotel? read the fine print?

GOP Senator (Coburn)To Propose Vote of No Confidence -- In Congress

If you haven't voted in MSNNBC's News anchor poll, here's your second chance-

Gorilla pack storms Golden Gate Park -- raising cash for conservation efforts

Are we truly much better off than in the dark ages? After hearing of the atrocities at Abu Ghraib

America is THE BEST country in the world. Why?

Sad how the posts about Paris are the most viewed

A VERY stupid question about college loans

Critique my arguments with a freeper if you like.

China forcibly evicts 1.5 million people for Olympics

The wrath of 2007: America's great drought

Colin Powell is advising Obama? Is that good or bad?

The TRUTH about Monkeyman

Congratulations, Speaker Pelosi, on 20 years in the House

Can you say President Nancy Pelosi? Follow this scenario.

re: Brownback thread: birthing & politics from the time of Kings

This woman on 60 Minutes looks like a complete fool

Abortion for religion's sake!

Cicero got it right about tyranny and tyrants:

Experts: Driving Tired Is Like Driving Drunk

I spoke with Harry Reid last night...

Given Senator Lieberman's call today to bomb Iran...

Al Gore's book debuts at number ONE on the NYT bestseller list

Is it really worth having lieberman, just to maintain the majority in the Senate?

This Modern World The way they were: A typical day at the Justice Department circa 2005

Kucinich to tell Rep. Holt he will NOT support HR 811 false "reform"

Moran Sanchez on CNN castigating Dubya-toons creator:

'Blue wave’ sweeps Sarkozy to poll victory

Do you owe Sallie Mae or other student loan companies

Angriest I've been reading news: Private Loans Deepen a Crisis in Student Debt

What America needs is another "sexual revolution"

WOW! Nice e-mail from

Does anyone Remember DU Poster "OneEighty" and can you tell me how to search for him...He Died

Dennis Kucinich gave this speech 5 years ago, June 9th

America's Secret Obsession: "The explosion in government secrecy since 9/11 has been breathtaking."

The Five Pillars of George W. Bush’s Republican Party

English as our national language?

What should appear over the exit door of the Bush* Library?

Watchdog Group Slams Google on Privacy

Confessions of a chronic water waster.....

"Myth of Seperation Between Church and State"

My Abortion

Libby’s Supporters Learn That Letters Take on New Life on the Web

Alcoholism...Nothing to do With Stupidity

An urgent campaign: Undermining the "official story" on Peak Oil

Senator Leahy gets an earful about impeachment at home

ROVE's Fraudulent "Think Tank" On "Voter Fraud" Vanishes Due to Revelations Of DOJ Wrongdoings

Doubts about Monkeyman's military service.

Jim Dean at Dem Fest...change from "culture of incumbency" to "culture of activism."

Saw a great T-shirt at costco today.

Warm welcome for Bush in Albania--LOL Too bad noone saw it!!!

On Iraq, pope's message to Bush is quiet but firm (LAT)

Curiously metaphorical article about chimps in Texas…and a bunch of monkeys

Some candidates seem to think they can win by what they say, not who they are.

Alert: Another Bad Bush Nomination in the Works

Face to Face with Barack Obama (video link)

Gingrich's Ideas Benefit Contributors (AP)

War Opposition Made Easy

Well Old Joe just kicked off the war plan for Iran on "Face the Nation".

What kind of General says something so foolish:

Do we have a foolishness gap with the GOP?

Sponge Bob / Tinky Winky ‘08

For once, Clinton didn't do it

(Kyoto) So is the world a better place after the G8 summit... (Bush's inane hubris w/Merkel)

AP Interview: Gore's Tennessee home on track to be 'green' & 'no plans to run'

Huffington Post: Exclusive—Obama to beat Clinton in second quarter fund-raising

Democrats, NRA Reach Deal on Background-Check Bill, by J. Weisman for WPost

(Reuters) It's the year of the flip-flop in U.S. politics

Clinton offers Detroit automakers: tougher fuel economy standards in exchange for health care aid.

Powell: Close Guantanamo Now, Restore Habeas, Think Progress

today's quiz: "How does he do that?"

Karzai unharmed in Taliban rocket attack - Reuters

Huckabee on Guantanamo is out of his mind

Curser in Chief -- Bush gaffes damage FCC anti-profanity rules

Question: What makes us Democrats?

Anyone know what is on 60 Minutes tonight?

Bush Says We’ll Be in Iraq for 50 Years ........., at AlterNet

"big tent" centrism equals muddled compromise and bad policies

Iraqi Workers Fight Intimidation, Forced Labor

Support Displaced NSU Workers

Last night on this week at war....

Clinton: Under Bush, Working People Have Been Invisible

Beef recall expanded to 5.7 million pounds

Nurses Call to Join Michael Moore´s March in Sacramento on June 12

Even if you don't like Hillary Clinton you should be outraged at Gerth

Bush Is Losing Credibility On Democracy, Activists Say

al gore for veep?

Contact Sen. Joseph Lieberman please!

Is Lieberman Really Cheney's Sockpuppet?

Haven't heard this on my Tee Vee news; The wrath of 2007: America's great drought .......

What Democratic presidential candidates will say about the Sopranos final show

Is the term "illegal", as a noun, racist?

Senator Clinton has the highest unfavorable rating of any democrat candidate

Powell: Close Gitmo and Restore Habeas Now!

The New War on Hillary - Newsweek

Lieberman urges military strike on Iran

A small Point overlooked by Networks today

Presidential lawyers should operate as stewards of the rule of law; must be allowed to tell him "no"

GOP Senator To Propose Vote of No Confidence -- In Congress

Hello. I have a question for those angry at Democrats for "caving" on the Iraq funding bill.

Just back from John Edwards 54th birthday party in Chapel Hill this afternoon

CNN Re-running Dem Debate from Last Week...Hillary says I READ IT ALL and voted for War?

Richardson seeks total Iraq withdrawal (AP)

Great reason for a lefty to be leary of Ron Paul......

Article characterizes the choice for president (D-Neocon) or (R-Neocon)

Is Edwards going to appear on Hardball tomorrow (Monday)?

Sarkozy's blue wave + Lieberman statements + Bush = bad omen

Harold Ford main speaker at Al Wynn's MD kick-off fundraiser. Wynn has opponent.

Colin Powell Gives Obama Foreign Policy Advice

The reasons Hillary should be our next President.

Bush going into the US flag waving crowds in Albania. People kissing him etc. Lots like