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Archives: May 8, 2007

50 Years Later, Little Rock Can’t Escape Race

Global warming fight is affordable

Giuliani gave to Planned Parenthood

Happy birthday, kagehime!

Is anyone here a member of The Church of the Sub Genius?

Snap, Krakle, POP!!!

A blast from the distant advertising past,

Jesus' General dropped by a thread today.

Happy National Fucking Milk Day!!

So I Was Posting And I Was Thinking Damn, The Lounge Is Really Serious Tonight

Puppies are SO cute

The truth about Yosemite Sam

What' is this? National Fucking Milk Day?

Whatever happened to haruka3_2000?

"Killer of Sheep"

Replace part of your DU name with "Jolly"

Radio Lady Reviews: "The Iceberg" (Opens May 11 in Portland, OR)

Run Your Car On Water Today!

Greensburg Kansas & The National Guard

What do you MEAN I'm not going to die?

Did John Oliver of the Today Show really come behind

Fred Thompson backs U.S. staying in Iraq forever if need be - Warns of mushroom clouds over America

I wish B*sh was the Earl of Essex and this was the real Elisabeth today.

An excerpt from an italian tv documentary on 911

68 Iraqis dead today. 27 US soldiers dead already in May. Kansas in ruins. Dance, George, dance!

US Army to censor soldier's blogs, email, message board postings.

What do you think of a National Primary Day?

Here's a "perfect storm" for ya'...

I am concerned for the gasoline producers

Opinions about syringe exchange?

Banning surgical abortions: State-induced medical malpractice

300,000 people + no birth certificate = no Medicaid

"All powerpoint and no content" my version of "All hat and no cattle".

There is only one candidate who has the potential to heal this nation's soul.

This part of the new book about Rahm is not very pleasant.

At the Newseum, Bob Woodruff's vest, Murrow's microphone, Wonkette's slippers

McCain swears off tribal money, but accepts contributions from lobbyists

Teaching Recent History From Opposite Perspectives(Tenent vs Feith)

GAO Analysts to Seek Union Representation

Pressure on Bush to help military families fighting on two fronts (Guardian)

Sheik and Uninvited ‘Guests’ Mirror Iraq-U.S. Ties

Anti-U.S. Uproar Sweeps Italy (AfterDowningStreet, via AlterNet)

A Modest Proposal

Hard to Deny: Iraq Is All About the Oil

Decline in food safety is difficult to swallow (Chi Sun-Times)

At least 20 senior aides have either retired or resigned from important posts in the Bush admin.

How much more of this lying can we take?

Marie Cocco: A Bridge to the 19th Century (Republican presidential candidates)

Sex [R] or Money [D]?

The disappearance of war-broken soldiers


Katrina vanden Heuvel: 2007 Progressive Victories (from The Nation)

Condi Snoozed While Chevron Paid Off Saddam (by Jeff Ballinger at HuffPost)

Justice Dept. OIG and OPR to the Rescue in USAgate & Hiring Jay "White History Month" Apperson??

Security Council Discussion of Climate Change Raises Concerns About "Securitization" of Environment

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad WTO? (by Daniel Altman at HuffPost)

Hip-Hop's E-Z Scapegoats (by Dave Zirin and Jeff Chang for The Nation)

A Look Back From 2017

AFL-CIO Activists to Discuss Ways to Make Movement Truly Diverse

Doug Grow: Corporation's cold-hearted firings add fuel to unions' fire

A Few Reminders

The case for strikes against Iran - Diplomacy alone won't stop Iran's nuclear ambitions

David Sirota: How Many "Free Trade" Senators Can PhRMA Turn Into Corporate Protectionists?

Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary For May

Gen. Petraeus and the $2000 Payoff

The Nation: Spinning Hillary Centrist

Who's Afraid of the White House Attorneys Connection? (

US NEWS & WORLD: A Sinking Presidency ( delusional or resolute?)

Land of Make Believe

Retired Marine preaches, says killing terrorists is an ‘act of love for our nation’

When We Forget To Remember...

Coulter: Obama poll lead helps al-Qaida

Katrina vanden Heuvel: "No Shame, No Blame" (The Nation)

A Meditation on the Building of Walls

Conservative Assault On America's Families

Study ties coral disease to warmer oceans - Reuters

Delegates work on (post-Kyoto) climate change accord - AP

Scientists gather as Japan prepares for whaling fight - AFP

EWEA: 180 GW of Wind Power Possible in Europe by 2020

Moving New York City toward Sustainable Energy Independence

Experts Say (electricity) Supply Could Exceed Demand This Summer (California)

Group: 3 Oil Pipelines Bombed in Nigeria - AP

kansas (xpost)

Coconut oil powers island's cars (BBC)

New Mapping System shows Roadless Areas of Co-terminous USA

Rising Fears of an Ethanol Bust

Panel Approves Fuel Economy Increase

A Question

Wal-Mart to Install Photovoltaic Systems on 22 Stores

Tom Ligon on space show tonight, talks about IEC fusion

Group Hails Bill on Everglades Cleanup

Delaying tactics endanger US wildlife: report - Reuters

Indiana Ethanol Plant Starts Production

Wind power in your backyard

My EMC wants to install a Load Management Switch on my A/C

Subtropical storm off the Southeast coast (update, The Weather Channel)

The rich really aren't like normal people...

Arctic seal is found in Florida canal

U.N.: Not so fast with ethanol, other biofuels

Utility wants to keep rivers too hot for fish to live in

Recent data show Ethanol production in Dry mill plants achieves a 90% net energy gain, wet mill: 54%

Terra Preta a SILVER BULLET for Global Warming?

Significant warming event over Antarctica

Hamas TV slips kids Mickey to teach hate

You'll return from Gaza in a coffin, Hamas warns Israel

Barak calls on Olmert to resign

Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' wants Islam takeover

Stephen Glover on the Press Why Israel but not Burma? The NUJ's boycott astonishes me

Next British PM to change Mideast approach

West Bank split into isolated enclaves: World Bank

Completely bizarre GOTV flyer in Texas. How 'bout your state?

Voter Action: "Welcome John Bonifaz"

Hmm, perhaps i should just breathe heavy instead of clearing my throat to get attention?

X Is stealing 7 million votes an impeachable offense?

Diebold Election Systems Signs Agreement with SOE Software

EMERGENCY ACTION: Don't Let The House Dismiss The FL-24 Election Challenge

Monday /Tuesday Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News May 7&8,07

HR 811 Reported Out Of Committee and on its way to the full House for vote!

Rice set to visit Russia, skips Israel

Concerns raised on China's global health disclosures

(GOP'er Ensign)Planned fundraiser co-host fights deportation

House memo targets Rove e-mails(Waxman expands on the April 20 letter w/ detailed instructions)

Chevron Seen Settling Case on Iraq Oil

Car bomb explodes in Iraq's Kufa - police(Dozen killed and wounded)

World Bank panel finds Wolfowitz broke rules

House Democrats May Seek Short-Term Financing of War

Historic return for NI Assembly

Brownback disputes Guard shortages

Blackout plunges Iraqi parliament into darkness

War memorial paints park red and white

The disappearance of war-broken soldiers

KLM accused of helping Nazis flee

Area cities brace for flooding

Cheney to seek help on Iraq, Iran (AFP)

Hiring Process Was Bypassed for Prosecutor (Apperson)

Brownback disputes Guard shortages(WH aka Tony Snow puts the blame with the Gov)

House Democrats Unveil New Iraq Proposal

River Tigris becoming a graveyard of bodies

Iran orders all TV drama to feature prayer

Voters Pack Windham House Party

Mysterious illness kills pigs in China-China Tells Little About Illness That Kills Pigs

Hamas 'Mickey Mouse' wants Islam takeover

White House rebuts Guard shortage claim

NATO Convoy Ambused in Afghanistan

New York Gov. Spitzer to endorse Clinton

LA police reassigned over clashes

Depleted uranium may pose health hazard

Cost of war: Why we don't feel the financial pain

Six jailed in plot to attack NJ army base

18 Big GOP Donors Dine With the Queen

Dallas- Man threatened VA Tech type shooting

SEC: Insider Trading on Dow Stock

'Poison pill' kills drug import plan

Iran seeks to prevent rise of moderate Tehran mayor

Alcoa urged to drop Alcan bid

Iraqi parliamentarians disagree over postponing summer holiday


Dem leaders brief party on new Iraq plan

HBO CEO Takes Leave, Apologizes For Arrest

Iran willing to help US develop Iraq 'exit strategy': Deputy FM

U.S. soldier filmed scene after Iraq killing (of Italian agent)

U.S. Plans to Deploy 10 Brigades to Iraq

AP: Russian Photojournalist in Iraq Died Doing What He Loved

Bush won't give up military option on Iran: Rice

6 held on terror conspiracy charges in N.J. - MSNBC

(Hollinger/Neo-Con - Lord Conrad) Black's aide accuses him of fabricating deals worth millions

China says firms exported tainted protein to U.S.

U.S. digs in as Europe queries Wolfowitz's command

(Sen) Chambliss says Iraq progress "truly amazing"

Gas Station Owner Told to Raise Prices

Jury chosen in former "enemy combatant" trial (Padilla)

Poll: Americans disapprove of Bush's Iraq veto

Farmed fish fed contaminated material

Study: TV Is Babysitting Kids, and Dumbing Them Down

Doctors Reaping Millions for Use of Anemia Drugs

4.6 Earthquake in Western Montana

U.S. commander laments civilian killings (Afghanistan Mar. 4 ambush)

One dead in shooting near Fresno State

Retired U.S. Army generals to make TV commercials criticizing Bush's handling of Iraq war

White House, Kansas governor argue over storm response

Pentagon identifies 35,000 more troops for Iraq

US attack 'kills Iraqi children'

Pelosi threat to sue Bush over Iraq bill

Marine says found live children among Haditha dead

Feingold proposes legislation to end war, cut off funding

US urges World Bank give Wolfowitz 'fair process'

Judge throws out Posada Carriles' indictment

Brown plans to banish the legacy of Blair by engaging with Iran

Colombia's vice president casts doubt on close ties to United States

Federal Student Loan Official Quits

Who uses services from big box stores?

"I killed my brother Todd!"

"I am a goldenrod"

For the love of God please stop posting milf threads

Endorphins are your body's way of rewarding you for not exercising

someone left salt water taffy on my desk

Yoga and my bony knees. I can't do downward dog or even sit with my legs behind me and sorta sittin.

'Melamine Chicken' sounds like a cool recipe

Congratulations LiberalFighter!! 10,000 posts

Dang, I am tired of these broken ribs!!

Man Injured While Riding Couch Towed Behind Pickup

I'm 1000 !!!

Are obtuse people really to blame?'s notes on the first draft of Spider-Man 3

Man Dropped Pants And Flashed Motorists - Blames Prescription Medication

Can I ask a practical question?

If you have trouble paying your mortgage, some advice:

Man changes his name to Andy Griffith and runs for sheriff

Lexmark wireless printers: Any of you tried them yet?

The mystery is finally solved

Requesting visual aid from Pastafarians

Alternate meanings for common words.

About fat people......

The smartest thing you NEVER did?

I got a new monitor, but I can't get it to the appropriate resolution. Any thoughts?

I made homemade banana nut bread last night

I've cut my commute time to 11 minutes - walking! :)

Verizon cellular customers: please help me with the "New Every Two" concept.

On a cold and grey Chicago morn, another little baby child is born

Stephanie Miller just read my e-mail on air

Stuff you've survived?

Question about Chat Rooms

how are you doing?

Favorite "Silly" Love Song

I know I need to mow the lawn, but it's so pretty right now with

Anyone else have posting or emailing dyslexia?

Do you fill up with gas before you really need to because you figure

Our gas just went up again (Missouri) to 2.97. It seems like it

Wow, GD is not scary, it's immature and insane

On this date in 1429...

Stephen Stills "Manasas"

I don't know what to make of this picture.


I just got a 27" widescreen flat panel tv/computer monitor

Kitchenwitch -- you need to pimp your new toy

Wow, GD is not scary, it's immature and insane

I'm hopelessly addicted.....

anyone going to a coffee shop today?

oops dupe

Only in Japan...

How can I spend a fun night with friends and still feel lonely?

Anyone see After the Wedding or Jindabye? Any good? I need a good movie to see in a theatre. I saw

Geez....I leave the Lounge for one day and I miss the Great Coffee House Wars of 2007...

Pickles moved out of the White House...three weeks ago!

Question for New England (MA, Cape Cod) loungers: freakin', frickin' or friggin'?


Revelations in the Dark

So I got asked to the Porn!!

I give up.

The tire shipment WILL be late *repeat* WILL BE LATE

Has anyone visited or lived in Peru?


Ha! I finally figured out how to do Sudoku!

So, I'm considering going to a coffee shop today. Is this an ethically good decision?

Public Service Announcement - If you feeling at all sad, or homesick

So I got asked to Prom.

Which coffee shop should I go to today?

What Is The Best Coffee?

how often do you have to donate to be a donor?

I am abandoning my entertainment center.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/8/2007)

Theatre humour

Ty Pennington, "Extreme Home Makeovers" arrested for DUI in

Can we talk about facial cleansers?

Also going to a Pagan festival this summer

I'm thinking of starting an "intentional community" or commune, any takers ?

It's May, and the freaks are out in force in GD

I am very annoyed by a cow-irker.

Cops aren't even hiding it anymore - local news story

If You Dont Drink Coffee, Can You Still Go Into A Coffee Shop?

Man Gets 750 Year Prison Sentence For Creating Child Porn In Basement

The most under-rated rock group from your teen years...

What is the most annoying TV theme song?

Anyone here a real estate agent?

Sweet, leggo men do Monty Python's camelot song

It's good/bad getting a diagnosis.

Baby Falcons!!!!!

How do you Feel about the Small Screen?

Flovent, Flonase, Zyrtec, and Xopenex...

Damn. Cate Blanchette just dieted the hotness right out of herself

We got us a "Frog choker" a goin' on.

vibe request thread--need some positive energy, please

Hmmm just realized that I reached 10,000 postings today

Should Skinner change the Lounge to the "Coffee Shop?"

Let's come up with names for the Duggars next dozen or so children

I've given up. I'm letting the Beagle dig a hole in the yard.

I'm a wiiiiiild child...come 'n' looove me...I want Yoooooou.....

Congratulations truthisfreedom!! 10,000 posts

I have to go to a Catholic Mass

Why did the GreatestThread disappear?

My 1,000th post. Ask me anything!

Paris Hilton - is she over 18?

Weekly Check In! How is everyone?!

Vienna Library Launches Erotica Hotline

'Son Of Sam' Now Born-Again

Just got an email at work that started with "Attached herewith..."

Serious Philosophical Issue

Flame me, I don't care! I'm going to say it anyway.

Can anyone help me with Firefox? Sorry if this is not appropriate to ask

Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury in movie

Is 2:30 late enough in the day to start drinking?

PSA: Driving To Orlando? Beware Of The "I-4 Dead Zone"

Take me, wishing... Cause my wedding will be later than you think.

If you have a SO, is their personality much like yours?

playing the field

Have reservations about my trip to Brothel

And my first thought was "Bob Dole" This frightens me

Sigh. Too many dumbasses.

Have reservations about my trip to Gitmo

Is it me, or is it warm here?

Listening to Stephen Stills cover Marvin Gaye's "Ecology Song"

It's been 9 months, 2 weeks, 7 days...

Could you answer an iPod question?

Hear Me Roar! Ha Ha Ha!

Tuesday Morning Questions

Final episode of Deadliest Catch on at 9:00!

"Please Remove" fans...I'm mirroring it.

Quick! I'm using the library computer, and I only have 49 minutes left.

She's always a woman (Video from Lost)

No ID theft, balance in my account, why would the store refuse my debit card?!

I just ordered some Mother's Day chocolates. Will they arrive in time?

Early Mother's Day Story

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

Who besides me remembers this?

Just bought the Cagney & Lacey DVD set

My letter to the LA Times: Paris Hilton Saga

Justin Morneau baby...!!!!!!!

Are obtuse people really to blame?

I'm going to BevMo - what beer should I get?

Little Richard is now running DU.

Anybody else watch Sylvia Scarlett on TCM.

Visualize a chocolate chip cookie dough MILKSHAKE. Is that so wrong?

Is This Gawdesses Day In The Lounge Or What?


Yes! It's 'Can You Top This on Gas Prices?'

Griffith Park Fire Threatening the Observatory

made my reservations for my trip to NoHo

Atheists and Theists - common goals?

Flamewar 2007, MAY edition: America's Greatest Writer

What a pile of s**t this guy is:

Happy birthday kagehime & Kurovski

I just can't go on.... Face another day... What's the use.....

Favorite frozen treat

Tool: The Pot

Favorite aphorisms for the 21st century.

Tootie had a baby!

Woolworths used to have a damn fine coffeeshop

Tony's Sopranos tip last Sunday busts Fort Dix, NJ terrorists

"House" Love it? Or Hate it?

That's it, I'm moving to Vegas - it's gay heaven

I'm having a good day and can't deal with it. Send your negativity and hate, please.

What's your opinion of Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream ice cream?

This is prolly inappropriate considering, but the Gov of KS is hot

My unemployment hearing is in 10 days

Breaking: Arkansas Mom Prepares for Birth of 17th Child

does anybody subscribe to Country Canada (the CBC's digital channel)?

Take me fishing... Cause my wedding will be sooner than you think.

DU this animal rescue site

Flash Gordon themed wedding?! I don't think so!

Paris Hilton petitions for a pardon, you'll never guess why

3M sticky bear is really glad to see you

Worry about my 10 year old son or no?

Could I get some college advice please?

Oh great ... another fire in the hills above Hollywood

Now that crim son is in Oregon, Do they have the internets there?

"Pasteurized Process American Cheese." What the HELL does that mean, exactly?

What set you apart from your peers when you first started school?

The Joker! (aka wildhorses) ;)

How about a song thread?

16 yrs ago I was flying home to watch my mother die.

Goddamned ant invasion

Kids are taking up to 750mgs of Benadryl to get high?

I'm broke. Who will rip me off the least for Mothers Day flowers?

alcibiades_mystery EXPOSED! (first DU images: DIAL-Up warning)

CONFESS!!! Name 3 things you want to do before you die.

The Duggar's expecting 17th child

What are the chances my lawnmower is still working?

Favorite T.V. show of all time...

Miracle Whip vs. Mayonnaise

Is BATMAN one of the great 20th century literary characters?

What are your Mothers Day Plans?

Best TV Theme songs?

Post a rock band that no one thinks is the worst rock band ever.

I just had a generic freeper encounter

Alcoholics Anonymous.

I'm lusting after a Lincoln Mark IV...

Revelation 13: 16-17

WP, pg1: For Some Muslim Wives, Abuse Knows No Borders

Student punished for writing spaghetti code

Are our Genes our actual Soul? The never seen, but actual part of all of us.

Here is what I always liked about Diego Corrales...

Diego "Chico" Corrales Dies In Motorcycle Accident.

Mayweather: Without a Doubt !!!

Brewers are toast of baseball

NHL playoffs Round 3!


AP: Many in Congress' watchdog agency, the Government Accountability Office, wants a union

Obama to address unionists in Trenton

Unions object to NWA Chapter 11 plan because of management payout

Philadelphia inquirer: Legislation would protect workers' right to unionize

Thought I heard a blurb that the Kentucky River ruling was being reviewed. Anyone know

Technicians, Writers, Theater Workers and More Choose Unions

Regulate Carbon—and Trade—to Attack Global Warming

India Times Says US workers angry as IBM jobs move to India - NO Really???

Bill Maher on 'Elite,' Pat Robertson U., and the Bush Admin...

Air Traffic Controllers Poisoned with Carbon Monoxide

VideoVets: Lindsey Baird

Pat Robertson Is Awesome...

Michel Griffin - Russian Dolls - The rape of Iraq

Oprah For Barack Obama

Disgusting while somehow predictable - Fox News Obituary Trashes Kurt Vonnegut...

Elizabeth Edwards-----Education

Your Green Report for Wednesday - April 11, 2007

Henry Rollins Tees Off on impeachment

Traumatic Brain Injury Centers

Know us before you hate us

A Star dies in Brightest Supernova

KO--Federal Prosescutor Scandal- Voting Rights

Henry Rollins - Drawing Conclusions -

Bill Maher on CNN's Situation Room 05/08/2007

"Plug-in hybrid vehicles / Reduce oil dependence"


Life, Interrupted

Joe Biden in Davenport

Al Gore For President 2008

Poll: Fox News Makes You Stupid

The Global Water Crisis/Our Moral Reckoning

"Actor" Kirk Cameron debates atheists; complains they were sarcastic, mocking, "viciously anti-God"

Wisconsin GOP shows it's stupidity again...

3,378 U.S troops now dead in Iraq

On the I word and other things that make politicos

I'm listening to a "radical radio" stream that has included MLK, Zinn,

Content analysis of O'Reilly's rhetoric finds spin to be a 'factor'

Southern California's driest year on record

Women are ignorant, murdering sluts, don't they know their place?

Are obese people really to blame?

Star dies in brightest supernova

Good Night everyone...this world is makin' me feel old... n/t

SF Bay Area alert: Kindasleezzy Lice on Charlie Rose

"And in denying their humanity we betray our own."

What if Joan and Melissa Rivers

John Conyers: HR 676 Update

'Life's Short. Get a Divorce.' -- Chicago Billboard Turns Heads

To Parker, Dems' letter tter was "hissy fit" rather than rebuttal of Broder claim

Having promised "update" of Feb. column predicting Bush's comeback, Broder forgets about it

Doonesbury today -funding bush's war

OBL 2,639. GWB 3,378.

(TOON) Steve Bell on Sarkozy's win

Anybody here on Facebook?

Cost of war: Why we don't feel the financial pain

What does $456 billion buy?

Military families are caught in a horrible situation ....

In the last 24 hours I've learned that DUers would rather bash Al and Jesse than take action

Have you seen this Terrorist Mouse?

Latest from McClatchy's Iraqi Staffers in Baghdad: Too Hot, No Sleep, Where Did the Money Go?

An innocent old man, yet they shot him

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

WP: Troops at Baghdad Outposts Seek Safety in Fortifications

If Congress cannot see fit to put through health legislation,

The GOP Plan B: Stutter & stall the war on forever.

Bush meets the Queen - and she ages 200 years

Rudy (Il Duce): Freedom is submitting to authority (speech from 1994)

Limbaugh suggested Obama needs Secret Service protection because of "Clinton Inc."

So I'm watching CSpan 1

September is not a deadline or a benchmark. It is another "Friedman Unit"

I've got a busted watch in my desk drawer. It's right *twice* a day...

US firm applies to test 'incredible' stem cell technique on humans

Blundering Bush makes ANOTHER gaffe as he winks at the Queen

"Washington's 60 Sizzling Power Couples"....Media...

Does anyone care about repealing Medicare Part D and replacing it with something better?

Ty Pennington, "Extreme Home Makeovers" arrested for DUI in

Lives and resources lost in Iraq war are gone for good

WHY did the D.C. Madam scandal die?

Why are the truck drivers so passive on gas prices? Diesel is more expensive than regular.

Sources say CBS is hotly pursuing Rosie O'Donnell - may offer monster deal

Has anyone visited or lived in Peru?

Didn't Tom Daschle need extra security because of RW Hate Radio?

Pink: Dear Mr. President

Sebelius warned Bush last year about Guard shortages

TPM's Grand Old GOP Docket, updated May 7, 2007

Condi's date - Gene A. Washington

If W was to publicly grope the Queen of England at tonight's dinner

Most vile member of the Bush administration (including those who've left)

Prediction: Wolfowitz will be forced out, and Bush will name someone of Boltonian badness

The Cost of War, Unnoticed: Iraq Set to Become Nation's Second Most Costly War

Reagan still rules as rivals try to win over GOP faithful

Skycap Fired For Broadcasting Anti Gay Messages

Alberto Gonzales, "Eternal General" of the United States...according to George.

If Jon Stewart is reading this

TENET'S BLOODY LIES: "He Has The Blood Of American Soldiers On His Hands" (Larry C. Johnson)

MSNBC: Ft. Dix Terrorists Trained in the Poconos...FBI Tip Off Foiled Plot!

Black-Market Scandal Shakes India's Ban on Organ Sales

WP: Cost of War, Why We Don't Feel the Financial Pain

Once again Bush has met all of our expectations..

Why isn't the House in session today?

Memorial honoring fallen soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan runs out of room

Modern Cyborgs

Will Bush get a "Broder bounce" from the Fort Dix plot?

General: Air fleet wearing down-Warplanes have cracked wings

Are we generous enough to our Veterans in the United States

DEMS New Plan For Iraq-"September Is Going To Be A Very Bleak Month For Bush Admin"

If George W Bush was a cow herder, a Big Mac would cost $500

Giuliani praises Bush as 'great president'

Fight in the White House? Is Cheney going to the middle east to undo what Rice has said and did?

House ethics committee relaxes rules on free plane rides.

VA claims take about 6 months

Police officer injured in tornado dies Interesting Slideshow on the Costs of Bush's Mass Murder & Illegal Invasion of Iraq

Will the Queen's Visit be a + or - for Bush?

Complaining about newspaper coupons is "a terrorist threat"

It's horrible when we don't have enough regulation for food coming into the country, but

NYT: In 2000 Condi lead Chevron's public policy committee, during the Iraq oil-for-food scandal

Queen Elizabeth's WWII Service

Goodling was the one who covered Lady Justice's breast

Sen. Jon Tester Kills Liquid Coal Amendment

Pentagon tells 35,000: Prepare to deploy

MSNBC doing excellent job keeping us informed on a critically important issue

So there are terraists in New Jersey.

Blast destroys 30 m of Ukraine pipeline (gas)

DU this oil poll

In 2005 Gov. Sebelius wrote to Rumsfeld pleading for the replacement of equipment for emergencies

DoJ says Godling can have use immunity.

TSA Hard Drive Missing

So Rudy and Fred are lead balloons, and Mitt, well Mitt,

Democrats are the "WE" party. Republicans are the "ME" party.

MSNBC: Who the hell is this Larry Elder guy?

OPUS Fans: Berkley Breathed coming up on Diane Rehm!

Interesting Guest List:

Worst Stryker attack ever kills six

UK Independent: Brown plans to banish the legacy of Blair by engaging with Iran

KLM accused of helping Nazis flee

Blackwater Rising

"He believes the correctness of his policies may not be recognized for 10, 15 years"

Hard to Deny: Iraq Is All About the Oil

Tom Tomorrow: When It Comes to the Bushists, Failure Is Just Another Word for Success

"Pentagon Tells 35,000: Prepare to Deploy" IN AUGUST??? I thought we were going to withdraw troops

Oil for Food Scandal!! Oil for Food Scandal!!

Price Tag for State Dinner During War

My 10 year old son just wrote this about Iraq

Jeffery Taylor interim USA due to Pat Act, skips vetting process for Jay"White History" Apperson

Pickles moved out of the White House...three weeks ago!

Ex-President Clinton still getting it done.

Stop Beating Up Republicans Over Their Worshiping of Reagan

Corporate vs. Social Welfare

Bipartisan Texas lawmakers rebuke TX House Speaker

NATO Convoy Ambushed in Afghanistan

U.S. military apologises for Afghan civilian deaths

Conservative Assault On America's Families

Last night I watched the replay of Prince Philip recoiling from Pickles' grasp

So when is Rice supposed to appear before Congress?

Genes Take Charge, and Diets Fall by the Wayside

‘Abuse happens, unfortunately’: local soldier back from Afghanistan

Queen Elizabeth should be used to Gaffes-Her hubby is quite an expert with "gaffes" (racist ones)

The disappearance of war-broken soldiers

George Tenet cashes in on Iraq (his pockets are stuffed!!)

Do my taxes pay for Rush to sing Barak the Magic Negro on Armed Forces Radio?

Chevron to acknowledge aiding Saddam (oil-for-food scandal)

Dick Morris is a contemptible Pig

Post from Rapture Ready:

Anybody watching David Gregory GUSHING

Anyone notice * and queen in archway, he kept pulliing his hand back.

U.S. eyes $500 mln ammunition sale to Iraqis - I thought Bush calls them terra-ists?

New Jersey to consider abolishing death penalty (Reuters)

Tonight on Countdown

Fort Dix Plot: Did they follow us home from Iraq?

Dean says Dems playing nice -- for now... speaking at Dartmouth.

Brownback Disputes Guard Shortages

Heavy artillery arrives to support Canadians patrolling near Pakistan border

Protesters Favor Soft Hats, Tough Lyrics-the Raging Grannies

How Will You Look Yourself In The Mirror, Mr. Tenent?

VA told PTSD system flawed-evaluation, compensation changes needed

PIX--Non State Dinner fashions and incidents, please look.

I received a call from "Obama for President" last night. I asked about impeachment.

Rice: ‘Iraqis Need To Know That We Are Not Looking To Leave Iraq’

"Bush is hellbent on January 20, 2009, when he walks out of the door, leaving a box stamped Iraq.."

Condi "The Useful Idiot" Snoozed While Chevron Paid Off Saddam

Katrina Redux: Blame the Governor....

"We Are A Nation Of People Who CAN Change" - Confessions Of A Loyal Bushie

Latest Prewar Iraq Intelligence Report Awaits Approval

Caption Pissypants ---pix--->>>

Dear Chicken and Pork Producers

". . .White coup. . ."

Hahr!!1 LIMBO was traumatized by a high school feminist!!1 Yaas, THAT's the ticket!!1

Ads to criticize Bush on Iraq war - ads will feature retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste and Paul Eaton

Linux evolves for mobile devices (BBC)

Norman Solomon: On the Media Horizon: "We Invest, You Decide"

David Swanson from on The Guy James Show today. Cindy Sheehan on Thursday

"Pentagon tells 35,000: Prepare to deploy"

Say WHAT Mitt?

Democratic funding bill will fund the war through July

Blue Dog leader rejects Bush pitch for Iraq funds

Howie Klein: Chris Carney Lied to Dems Before the Election and Is Betraying Them Now

Bill Clinton Announces AIDS Drug Deals: Once-a-day AIDS pill for less than $1 a day

Thank You Mods

Help Pat Leahy protect your privacy

Shooting(s) at UT Dallas, breaking on MSNBC

“We should gum this to death.”

How stupid can people be , always in hind sight issues

WH regarding Kansas: Bush has made money available for purchasing heavy equipment from contractors

Chevron Admits Kickbacks to Saddam

Caption McCain and Rudy...

e-bike assault giant oil companies and high gas prices

Now it's 'Islamic Radicals' who planned attack at Fort Dix.

35,000 more troops to Iraq - how much is enough?

So THEY are over here now, can we leave Iraq ASAP?

Weren't there some "terror" suspects

mystery deaths?

Racist Freepers show their true colors against Michelle Obama

What does GOP stand for?

British Queen Is Not Amused by Bush's Gaffe About Her Age

California’s Secret Death Chamber

622 days left, people!

US attack 'kills Iraqi children' plus the US's Shame in Afghanistan

*'s nominee for consumer safety watchdog agcy was former top lobbyist

Finally--- A shooting you can blame on Video Games.

WaPo: Cheney's visiting ME when US is no longer seen as "tough, powerful and credible"

Breaking: Arkansas Mom Prepares for Birth of 17th Child

Terra, terra, terra!

Rice: "Iraqi's Need to Know that We Are Not Looking to Leave Iraq" WH trying to spin extended tours as a kindness to troops and families

So in 15 years, will Bush be hailed as perfect?

Study: Child abuse, troop deployment linked

Hmmm just realized that I reached 10,000 postings today

Hey, dude! Where's my "hide thread" button?

Got a letter in mail from US Coast Guard, came with a complimentary ink pen made in China.

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, some advice:

KLM to probe flights for fleeing Nazis

DNC: Is Kansas Another Katrina?

WHY did the Greatest Thread simply disappear at midday today?

Bush won’t give up military option on Iran: Rice

IRAQ: River Tigris becoming a graveyard of bodies

Congress members sponsor bill to shutter Guantanamo Bay

Robin and The View Shill "loved" Condi's dress...

WH: Who cares if Wolfowitz is guilty? World Bank needs his leadership.

My idea about gasoline awarness

Crooksandliars: Daily Show's John Oliver crashes the GOP debate

Wonder how it feels to have no personal integrity

Drunk Driver kills 5 immigrants and shatters American dream

Macy's exec to newspapers: Get that war news off your front pages

Lou Dobbs is now going after legal immigrants. I thought his problem was with illegals?

Oh, the outrage!!! Starbucks is persecuting Christians now. What to do? What to do?

Bloody September In Iraq

BREAKING CROSS-POST: FEINGOLD INTROS BILL TO END WAR (with support from Reid and 8 others)

"WE THE PEOPLE" isn't a noun phrase, dammit

Would you rather have your family member killed by an immigrant drunk driver or a Marine one?

Another Uni. attack and you won't believe the name

The US Terrorism Plot That the Media Ignores

Women would-be astronauts to get honorary doctorates (CNN)

We Must Go Beyond Politics To Morality

Alberto Gonzalez is still the Attorney General.

Can someone here explain a rationale against late term abortion

Embryonic stem cells vs protecting the pharmaceutical industries profits?

Florida, of all states, is taking Global Warming seriously

Tony Snow ate some crow

Quick question: Does Condi actually DO anything???

Christian Newswire: Jamestown has "kowtowed to native Indian and black activists"!!!111

Great pic of cheney with Queen Elizabeth - needs a caption

Northern Ireland's power-sharing government: Independent frontpage and Steve Bell

Psssst... george... they're already here... and they didn't come from Iraq...

Racist Comments Force CBS Website To Pull Obama Comments

Can Anyone Speak To The Differences Between Road Runner vs. Verizon Fios?

Lisa at AllHatNoCattle is BAD: Her fashion tip to Pickles

What would you do with over $100million dollars annually?

Big dog is on CNN. He brokers a deal to lower AIDS drug prices.

10th tornado victim dies (daughter married at his bedside before he died)

This dreck is what passes for right wing "satire?"

Couric gives CBS Evening News worst ratings since 1987 BAD BAD BAD

Gregoire Delays WASL Math, Science

83 Year old forced to smoke crack

Proposal: National STAY AT HOME day -- Sunday 6/24/07

She's baaaaack! Coulter talks shit.

The truth is getting him fired

the Gnus From Heck

"FBI arrested 6 morons"....K.O.

WaPo, NYT, AP reported Boehner's new timeline for Iraq progress without noting his previous one

Happy 123rd Birthday Harry S Truman!

Season of conception tied to school performance (pesticides link in summer months)

Betcha Liz & Phil chortle their way back from junkets boozed/HIGH about

McClatchy: Opposition may delay or repeal Real ID program

So, Farewell Then, Jacques Chirac

Edwards says he took hedge fund job to learn about poverty...but making money was a good thing too

Nasa sees brightest supernova

LOCKDOWN!! An overreaction?

Nat'l Geo: A City's Faulty Armor-Experts Question Repairs to NO Levees

I just watched a funnel cloud dip out of the sky along the Texas/Oklahoma border

Controversial U.S. Attorney Schlozman To Testify (Background On The Case)

Mcdonalds not so happy meal

She's baaaaack! Coulter talks more shit.

Veterans pain - Get ready, military doctors warn as soldiers return

McClatchy: Sunnis give al-Maliki one week to rein in Shiite militias

So which of our fine, loyal Democratic senators defected last night to Big Phrama?

Letterman: It's all part of Bush's no oil company left behind program.

Impeach Cheney First - a song!!

If Laura Bush moved out of the WH and has taken up residence at

VA and DoD DON'T share medical records, and it might take years to do so?

Azeris jailed for 'insulting Islam'

A Few Reminders

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

CNN is spinning the National Guard story - - It's all the Governor's fault.

TAKE ACTION: House Comm Said to Dismiss Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney Election Contest Tuesday Morning!

Caption this pic

The Queen received the wink with a frosty glare....

Newsweek: Goodling tried to block the hiring of a prosecutor for being a "liberal Democratic type"

CFL question for you.

Can't forget this pic, why would anyone trust this guy?

Marsha Fucking Blackburn (R-LoonyToons) - a typical TeeveePublican

Sunday night I had the honor of helping a Burundi friend...

Did I just lose DU for an hour?

Boston Legal for the left coasters is about torture at Gitmo.

Pet Foods, Pork, Chickens & now farmed fish..Melamine again

Tuesday TOONS: McCain and the Ghost of Ron edition

Anyone watching Boston Legal

Tenet On the Daily Show Right Now!!

Latest satellite wind map for the special disturbance off the SE coast....

Lloyd's of London: Climate change is "fact, not hypothesis"

U.S. Attorneys to Leave in '09, but Conservative Political Hirees in Justice Dept. will Remain

Do you think that a Hagel Indy campaign could be viable?

HEADLINE: US soldiers to receive free Christian T-shirts!

A picture of Condi few see, fewer still remember

Ronald Reagan: The White Supremacist's Man

My response from Limbaugh sponsor Barnes and Noble:

NYT Editorial: "Suspending habeas corpus is an extreme notion on the radical fringes..."

Few at Commerce Want Iraq Stints

John Edwards - gathering 100,000 voices to end the war

Patrick Cockburn: What the Bush Administration Has Wrought in Iraq

DU went down for me, and I'm glad, because "We're In A War"!

Email from Kansas Dem Party about National Guard and Greensburg

Which would effect a larger, stronger impression, no buying or not using gas?

Man Subject Of NW Apartment Raid In Court (FR's Kristinn at Bail Hearing for this DC FReeper)

O'Lielly Lifts Boycott of France

I am PISSED. It is nearly impossible to get a mammogram in Sarasota FL if you have no insurance.

Dick Cheney on D.C. Madam's list?

Tell your story of sharing, help a family in need...

Dem Leaders Brief Party on New Iraq Plan

KLM accused of helping Nazis escape Europe after WWII

Remember the good old days? You know, when people were pissed at Clinton for $1.35 gas?

Public Figures as Looney-Tunes characters.

Richard Clarke: "For as long as I'm alive, there will be Iraqis who hate us"

Oh Boy! Mitt pissed off the fundies by not denying Evolution at the debate

Federal Levees along the Missouri River...

Is it time to stop with the "Bush is an idiot" routine?

39% Of Americans Support Impeachment - 55% Don't Give A Shit

All pet owners, another possible recall, please put your

We need to examine wheat flour for melamine contamination.

Police are using armored vehicles in Pennsylvania?

Boomers' Good Life Tied To Better Life for Immigrants

Microwave Buttered Popcorn is slowly killing its workers

Yoo hoo, Charlie Crist....look what they are doing to Kathleen Sebelius

BOTH Chief US Attorney and Senior US Prosecuting Attorney found DEAD in their homes.


I said I wouldn't do this, but I have to. My one and only Paris Hilton thread

don't fuck with my gov'ner. she is solid Mrs. Sebelius

Maher: "We've experimented with a President we want to have a beer with."

A funeral for a Marine who never met his newborn son

"Where the hell is our outrage? We should be screaming bloody murder"!

Ex-FDA head: "Simply put, our food safety system is broken."

It's Time for MoveOn to Start Talking about Impeachment

Story changed! 'Islamic radicals' added to terror plot

Paris Hilton petition for a Governor's Pardon

More Evidence of Global Warming - Gardening/Hardiness Zones Shifting North

QUICK! Look around you where you're sitting right now and tell us what you see thats made in the USA

In Imperial Germany, the human race began with the 2nd Lieutenant.

Woman who lost teaching degree over MySpace photo sues university

Dick Durbin, Mike Gravel and Sibel Edmonds: When Silence is treason

Is Polywell fusion the cure for Peak oil and Global warming? Listen tonite

It wasn't a 'gaffe', it was deliberate.

Sen Rockefeller: PHASE II INTEL REPORT - Is Ready To Submit For Review & Release to the Public


Republican Glamour ---pix--->>>

Pissed at gas prices? Get used to it.

White House Blames Gov. Sebelius For National Guard Shortages

Loads Of Recent Talk Regarding SEPTEMBER, So Please...Take A Trip Here...

David Obey swears at Kucinich

Aflac has joined with Select Comfort to sponsor Glen Beck's global warming denial....DU MIA??

Can Prison-Bound Paris Hilton and George Bush be Cellmates?

Former Marine claims illness from mystery vaccine

USDA: 20 million melamine-tainted chickens cleared for sale

How many on DU own/drive a Hummer/Bushmobile?

Melamine found in apple juice, lemonade, children's cereal.

Is it PC to ask a prospective doctor what their political affiliation is

Why doesn't THIS warrant a BREAKING NEWS banner?

Have You Seen Thomas Jefferson's HOUSE!

Has anyone ever seen an explanation of why someone would vote for Hillary?

PBS' The News Hour: Melanie Morgan was rude and interrupting

Pissed At Gas Prices? Alternatives To A One Day "Boycott"

WHAT Corporations are Selling the Tainted Chicken released by the USDA? Let's Boycott Them!

TOON: Toosday's Doonesbury

What if John Edwards Worked at Wal-Mart?

No ORGANIC Bee losses

The High Cost of Being Poor

Who Won Iraq? Everyone that stayed out

I-80 Berkeley! No they can't!

Jon Voight condemns those who speak badly of Bush.

Mississippi, Louisiana haggling with FEMA over Katrina reimbursement

For Any Iran Contra Aficionados - a Georgie Porgie Poem

Man arrested in death of (his) cat

An email from Al Gore

A DU collaborative investigation: Thelma Colbert, Shannon Ross and other deaths at DoJ

Senator Byrd Scales Back but Still Takes a Stand

oops! Giuliani gave to Planned Parenthood Six Times!

This is disgusting. Pls. write CBS13 to support them..

Help on understanding this vote to modify the FDA

Obama Criticizes Auto Makers

My GOP Senator (lott) is running out of patience with bush and Iraq by gawd

Swiping Bush's Playbook: Sarkozy Holidays on Malta while parts of France Burn

Parsing the Poll Numbers

So who will Bush pick to replace Wolfie at the World Bank?

**FOLLOWUP** - South Dakotan Gets To Keep License Plate: MPEACHW

Some help please: Curtis/Feeney Election Challenge

Gore Backers Hold On To Cash; top fundraisers 'hedging their bets'

Does anyone care about repealing Medicare Part D and replacing it with something better?

So * and Her Royal Majesty are talking at this party....

U.S. Fights Off Bid to Punish UNESCO Official

Democratic Excess-Media find too many candidates—at only one debate

Who you gonna believe Kansas? brownback or MGEN Bunting

Bush Blocked Justice Department Investigation (7/18/2006)

Nevada Caucus Poll for self identified likely caucus goers

Third Post Debate Poll (Gallup): Clinton Rebounds to 15 percentage-point lead over Obama

September song

Has McCain ever supported abortion? Because it looks like Giuliani is sinking like a stone

100,000 Voices To End The War

Clinton up 21 points in California

My latest column for our local newspaper

White House: World Bank Can Be Effective With Wolfowitz

GOP Senator Susan Collins Has An Official Dem Challenger

It's Revolting: Why Aren't We?

I wonder who is going to get the kiss of death moron* endorsement for prez? nt

Giuliani vows to cut 1/5 (20%) of civilian federal workers

House Admin Committee Set to Dismiss Clint Curtis/Tom Feeney Election Challenge According to Curtis

I wonder who is going to get the kiss of death moron* endorsement for prez? nt

Giuliani gave to Planned Parenthood

You know, give these guys and gals who stopped this attack on

Posting the truth about candidates doesn't seem important here anymore.

CSM: It's not just about fired US attorneys anymore

My John Edwards conundrum..*NOT a JE bashing thread*

"Obama is the only candidate who mentions AIDS on Campaign Website"

My little brother is working with Noam Chomsky this summer

Four in Ten Back Impeachment, including 42% of independents

Patrick Cockburn: Iraqi minister says US may release Iranians

Murtha: Bush May Double Forced Iraq Extensions

Double Jeopardy - Answer - The firing of 8 in 2006 would come back to haunt DOJ in 2007

Six People Arrested in NJ for Alleged Plot to Storm Ft. Dix

New York favorable/unfavorable polling: Obama 55(f)-23(u); Edwards 52(f)-29(u); HRC 50(f)-42(u)

Online Journalist Honored for Upholding Freedom

The Queen, Bush, And Truman, Too! An Unforgettable Wartime Evening

Poll: Most back Congress over Bush in war funding fight (CNN)

For my thousandth post: Impeach the War Criminals

Memo to Howard Fineman

Obama smackdowns: the greatest hits.

Conyers, Ellison Ask Gonzales for Answers about Minnesota USA

Bush makes ass of himself...again

Poor Wolfy having to beg: "I urge the committee to reject the allegation that I lack credibility."

McClatchy reporting: Bush uses criminal justice system to affect election outcomes

'Grand bargain' reached on immigration: US senator (AFP)

SUSA Wisconsin: Hillary 37, Obama 25, Edwards 17, Biden 6...

Fred Thompson in 94 "Abortions should be legal in all circumstances "

Breaking: Feingold proposes bill to end the war, cut off funding (Bradblog)

Russell Simmons Endorses Dennis Kucinich, Calls Obama a "Mouse"

Morris: It’s ‘Convenient’ To Keep U.S. Troops In Iraq So Terrorists Can Kill Them ‘Around The Corne

Former CIA Director George Tenet is the Guest on The Daily Show Tonight!!!

Maryland Governor to Endorse Sen. Clinton

Will there ever be another Bobby Kennedy?

Gov. Tom Kaine joins Obama in Virgina fundraiser tonight

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer to Endorse Clinton Next Week

White House Struggles To Fill Senior Posts

Go, Democrats.

Compromise is Concession on the Iraq Question

"Mass Exodus": At Least 20 Security Aides Have Left Bush Admin In Last Six Months

Desperately Needed: A Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion

GOP Senator Susan Collins Has An Official Dem Challenger

Rep. Poe Quotes Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard On House Floor

Rice Speaks Out in Lebanese Editorial (AP)

Garrison Keillor on Obama (Salon)

TIME: Who's Afraid of the White House Attorneys Connection?

hey chucklenuts bush...don't fuck with my governor. She has facts to back her up

Al Gore: Our Moment -- Our Movement

Would Roberts and Alito have been confirmed if they would have .....

Remember it was Hillary who urged Bill to bring Dick Morris to WH, he brought in pollster Mark Penn

Got Email from GORE boosting KERRY Book -- SOOO INSPIRING!!!

(AARRGGHHHHH!) Romney Says It’s ‘Entirely Possible’ That Saddam Had WMD And Hid Them In Syria

Group calls out CEOs 'paid for failure' Executives got $1.26 billion while firms lost $330 billion

Is America ready to accept dynasty politics?

It wasn't a vote in favor of Pharma

Edwards: Wealth hasn't changed advocacy

Hillary leads in fourth nationwide post debate poll...Negatives dropping...Marist

Edwards supporters: Who is your second choice?

Edwards Discusses Hedge Fund Job (AP)

Congratulations to Hillary. Shame on Obama, Biden, and Dodd

Thinking ahead to 2008: Impeachment of the Supreme Court justices

met Bill Richardson!

Ted Stevens' Son Identified In Corruption Case

I don't give a shit about the IWR. There. I said it.

Biden in Iowa