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Audio Interview with Nazareth-based British journalist Jonathan Cook

Just tried Hersheys Malt flavored Chocolate Syrup.

Dear Jean Shepherd:

Ricotta cheese

I have a ZIT!!!

Did anyone else watch the boxing match tonight?

Bullshit ....... De La Hoya Kicked his Ass ......

Bullshit ....... De La Hoya Kicked his Ass ......

daddy bush was a bumbling fool, jr bush is a dangerous fool

Lest we forget.. The Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic are heating up

Why is Earthlink censoring my emails?

Is stealing 7 million votes an impeachable offense?

Kansas is just getting hammered and will be all day tomorrow radar update...check it out..

Bill Clinton warns of looming disasters

God God God God God God God Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan God...and, oh..., Reagan.

On Iraq, Gates may not be following Bush's playbook

For Iraqi Soldiers, A Medical Morass

Playing 'Survivor' in Washington

(DOJ) Federal red tape delays benefits to fallen firefighters and police

The Grand Old Party is in trouble - Edward Daley (parody?)

Bush looking for war czar begs the question who has been in charge the last 4 years?

From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine (NYT)

Obama: Bush veto not 'last word' on war

Will Accountability Prevail? From Watergate to Gonzogate

Ex-analyst tells a tale of twisted Iraq intelligence

Happy talk and denial just damage America’s credibility and enable more repression.

Rove: Time for GOP to be bold

Tenet-Bush Pre-9/11 'Small Talk'

20 Peace Groups to Reid and Pelosi: Don't Back Down

Bring them home (LA Times OpEd)

GOP is pro-life in the womb, not necessarily after

Bush's Iraq policy confronted by big questions, little time

5/3 poll: Dems win w/Nat'l % of vote: (O/H/E) 50/49/50 v Rudi, 58/57/64 v Mitt, 52/50/52 v McCain

The Ongoing Iraq Intel Fraud

Keith Olbermann's New Role at MSNBC

U.S. report citing island corruption like the pot calling the kettle black

Now is a nasty repeat of the past


Keep promises to troops-U.S. must fix broken veterans health care system

Sunday With The Lamestream Media (DU mentioned!)

Keep Cheney Away from U.S. Diplomacy?/ HuffPo

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebrates Workers’ Struggle for Justice

Reflections of A Solitary Peace Protester

America's Idiotic Political Debates (The Nation)

American Dream Sours as Housing Market Collapses (Telegraph UK, via CommonDreams)

In the money (died from the asbestos-related disease mesothelioma in 2002)

Congress Needs To Save A Flawed Presidency

U.S. Workplaces: Unsafe and Unprotected

Reaping the Whirlwind (Review of Tenet's Book by Bob Woodward) --WaPo

A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin: Does Darwinism support conservative philosophy?

Ahmadinejad "We Will Crucify Pseudo-Students"


The Ecology of Impeachment

Some Americans Expect Jesus' Second Coming in 2007

Fabricating inspiration in a time of war

Barrick's Gold Mining 'Dirty Secrets'

Report: Occidental Petroleum Polluted Peruvian Amazon and Poisoned Indigenous Communities

Is U.S. Natural Gas Headed Toward Excess Supply? (Electric Power Research Institute)

Severe Forest Fire Season Predicted for Western U.S.

Solar Energy Coming of Age (

Work starts on solar power generator (AP/

Full steam ahead for Nevada solar project (CNET

brief intro to some presently marketed solar PV/T systems...

Fuel economy drive gaining momentum (so beware)

Solucar/Abengoa, DU, and thermal solar

U.S. Accepts First Irradiated Fruit Imports

First Hybrid Energy Home in California

No bees on my azaleas. I have two large azalea shrubs (10ft tall) that

what ever happened to fusion?

Seriousness of Honeybee "Colony Collapse Disorder" wildly overblown?

Conservation Law Center: Maine Decision to Replace Nuclear With Fossil Fuels Causing Difficulties.

Israeli defense minister to resign

Beware the Siren Lebanon

Yet another socialist dream goes belly-up

One wounded in Qassam attack

Palestinians open fire on UN school

Palestinians 'routinely tortured' in Israeli jails

HOW USA SCHLOTZMAN TARGETED ACORN: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 05/06/07

GOP "Voter Fraud Scam Fails in Milwaukee Test Market"

Connick, Other Jazz Fest Performers Help Hurricane-Stricken Communities

Resilient Infections Worry Military Doctors

13 police killed in Afghanistan

Japan promises $121m for clean energy

9 Peacekeepers Die in Sinai Plane Crash

(Iraqi Parliament) Lawmakers reject US pressure (re: 2 month vacation)

On Iraq, Gates may not be following Bush's playbook

Three U.S. troop deaths announced by military

6 Iraqis wounded in Sadr City raid

Embattled Pakistani judge acclaimed in Lahore(10's of thousands march)

27 slain in Baghdad car bombing

Voting brisk as the French decide

Karl Rove Appearance (Punta Gorda FL) Protested

Turkey's Islamic-rooted party dealt blow

UK soldier dies from injuries sustained in Iraq

Sarkozy 'wins French presidency (first results suggest)

U.S. brigade heading to Baghdad (will complete the escalation/buildup/surge)

Egypt's blog rebels silenced by jail

Afghan soldier kills 2 U.S. troops

(GAO) Agency seeks subpoena power

South Korea and European Union open free trade talks

Help wanted: War czar with clear vision

Hamilton Sundstrand Workers Approve Deal (avoid midnight strike)

Dupe, asked to be combined

Optimism for Improved US-Syria Ties

John Edwards: Union man

U.S., Iraqi forces find Sadr City torture chamber

Sunni politician blasts Iraqi government

Snowe: Iraq must improve to justify surge

World Bank to meet this week on Wolfowitz future

Nevada Democrats Woo Hispanic Voters

Jordan has enough uranium for developing nuclear energy: minister

Author drafts a novel case against Bush

Thousands of supporters of Israel march in New York

Boehner acknowledges GOP nervous on Iraq

Famous Caymans coral reefs dying, scientists sayBy Shurna Robbins

Police battle anti-Sarkozy protesters

Major Dow Jones shareholder opposes News Corp. bid

McCain is Finished, Head of Conservative Union Says

Rep. Doolittle hits back at feds over home search

Russia seeks role in Iran-India pipeline

Iraq's Christian Minority Flees Violence

Freshman senator's stand raises hackles of party leaders

Iraqis jail many innocents, U.S. says

Over 20,000 Canadians march for legalizing marijuana

Report: Turkey FM withdraws candidacy (Gul)

Whistle-Blower On Student Aid Is Vindicated

Greensburg tornado rated EF-5

Evangelicals begin urging flock to adopt (to blunt anti-abortion criticism)

12 U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq attacks

Flavoring Suspected In Illness; CA Considers Banning Chemical Used In Microwave Popcorn

Nurses call state of NOLA (New Orleans) healthcare "horrific."

BREAKING NEWS: Sarkozy has won French presidential elections. Ahead with 53-55 %

whatcha drinkin tonight?

OMG, but I'm exhausted! I helped my daughter and SIL move today.

Todd Rundgren's "Who's Sorry Now?": Released in 1991, still (unfortunately) applicable today.

Is it 02:03 04 05/06/07 yet where you live? Soon, huh?

Most over-rated rock group from your teen years...

I saw the lady with the invitation on her forehead

Kitten overload!

OK--At almost 11:30 PDT am still here --are you?

My beer froze. Should I toss it in the microwave?

Over and out

Paris Hilton fans are fucking FREAKS!

I just busted two lovebirds knockin' boots in a car on my driveway.

Kitten overlord!

You no longer need to go Olive Garden to find breastfeeding kittens!

I know I should go to sleep, I just refuse to

Welcome to England CaliforniaPeggy!!

LOL watch this video of Simon Cowell in Africa for "Idol Gives Back"

Morning has broken!

Name a movie coming in 2007 or 2008 that's being made from a kitschy tv show!

Falcon hatching watch


Am I the only one who thinks Deadliest Catch is the best thing on TV?

Speaking of spiders, here's a great story.

How should I cut down my Bittersweet vines?

Falcon porno watch

Birds: What's all their incessant chirping about?


Our toilet has gone berserker...Time to call maintenance...D'oh!

Vista draining laptop batteries, patience

Cell phone rudeness: A sign of the end of the world?

Cats: What's all their incessant chirping about?

I report, you decide! This report is about Video card chipset manufacturers!

I report, you decide! This report is about -- your favorite Marcie!

Schedule for the end of the world

beings as how eating is second to politics to me, a necessary pleasure actually

Really funny: Redstate Update.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/6/07)

I've been up since 4AM, ask me anything!

Fun article about Philip K. Dick in today's NYT

I invented a game - Spin the Bible - Here's how it's played:

Locke: Jedi Master or Batshit Nuts?

Is California Peggy, Now "English Peggy"?

THANK YOU for all the fence installation advice! (Dial-up warning)


Happy birthday Corgigal!!

I just got off the phone with Sugar Smack.

Tips on viewing a space shuttle launch?

Best Cheap Beer, I ask you

Got home just in time - wind blowing against me, I ran a block to the store for anti-allergy dope.

So I have trouble taking drugs...

Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC. (Mac PC Parody)

Both my email and phone mail inboxes are full to the brink

I have a TIT!!

The spiders are just mocking me now.

Google maps is fucking brilliant

The coolest thing about Star trek III - The Search for Spock:

Hey all

The spiders will be mocking me tomorrow.

Thank you Heidi for your wonderful present!!

Puke Alert! Paris Hilton: I'm a Victim of Cruelty

I went to a play last night for the first time in about ten years!

So I have trouble finding drugs...

I have to take my dress measurements in a few minutes...

I was following this hottie around the grocery store

SF/Fantasy fans: Is THE MATRIX still popular?

Why are people so unreliable?

What can I do about this? Debit card charged 7 months late!

So I noticed this bloke stalking me at the grocery store last night...

I love Goat Yogurt.....i however still HATE fucking group projects!


Go play outside.

one of my cats just brought me a present!

Pot roast is in the oven

Relay team uses banana as baton, gets disqualified

The Sky is Crying

That loud series of booms you just heard was

Fuck Shakespeare. All he did was string together cliches and famous sayings.

Roger Clemens Back With Spankees - Will Make $4.5 Million Per Month

Can anyone tell me why does Colbert

I say in all honestly that I am quite sure the freeper/Jesus-Crispy Republican party is done.

I think we get the point that Tony Longoria's girlfriend is in the stands...

Anybody ever see The Big Kahuna?

My new Yahoo Group ------ Paris goes to jail!

RC: Weekend Golf Scores...

Judging Restaurants

Anybody ever see The Big Kahlua?

Congratulations bridgit!! 25,000 posts

How to save money


Say hello to my little friend!!

Just watched In Cold Blood on TCM. And what are they showing next?

*Cooking or baking?

What's on the menu this evening, DU?

Was this song ripped off for Fight Club

looking for positive vibes

What is up with the price of cheese these days?

What's your biggest time waster?

My friend lost her job--2nd time in 18 months

KANSAS live dopplar:

Jeez, I don't know what to watch...

Computer problem? Can't find Top 10 conservative idiots

Favorite cereal

You gotta see this (dial-up warning)

Why are people friends with those who treat them like crap?

Holy body modification! You Spin Me Round '85 vs. You Spin Me Round 2003 redux

Am I a bad person because I enjoy watching To catch a Predator?

How do *you* pronounce....

For those who haven't seen Dreamgirls...

If you could go back to one year what would it be?

Hey, Loungers, could you support me on this?

No, this is not photoshopped

I know I'm late to the party with this, but as of today I officially love Vonda Shepard.

I really hate the Sopranos [Warning: Spoilers]

Yankee Fans!!!

Hey, Loungers, could you contort me on this?

How do you pronounce hanger


Does the popular vernacular of the 80's come back, along with the fashion?

i'm bullish on delete. its going places.

I went to a boxing match party last night

As if there weren't already enough going on around DUers in grocery stores, I was hit on by a clerk

What is your greatest talent?

Do your cats bring in the things they catch and release them indoors?

A slasher movie with Ronald Reagan as the killer?

Monty Python fans invited to contribute to Wikipedia page

I report, you decide! This report is about George Clooney!

Albuquerque, Taos

how many du'ers phone numbers do you have?

Music that people on DU wouldn't expect you'd like

No these are not "photoshopped"

Are obese people really to blame?

Some weirdo was following me around the grocery store

The Secular Humanist Holly Bible Quiz (from Landover Balptist)

Imams Refuse To Play Soccer With Girls, Take Ball Home

WP,pg1: Conservative Northern Virginia Priest Installed as Anglican Bishop

Man Fired For Being An Atheist

Starbuck's Coffee: The New Fundie Litmus Test???

IFL fighter Jeremy Williams found dead tonight....

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for May 6

Game 6 Rangers vs. Sabres...can NYR pull this off in 7?

Suns vs. Spurs

UFC lightweight champ Sean Sherk was sitting ringside at the fight...

Is DLH our generation's Tommy Hearns? Evaluating DLH's place in history

Yankees sign Clemens


Sunday morning cartoon

Yesterday I bought RC not Coke, BLVD wheat not Miller Genuine

University workers vote to join union

By a 2-1 Victory, 461 KC Screeners Vote SPFPA

B.C. (Canada) ferry union vows to defend fired crew members

State (NY) AFL-CIO urges National AFL-CIO to support Hillary Clinton's for president

Retired president of Ohio AFL-CIO says goodbye

Union, Yokohama approve 3-year contract

(San Fran) Saturday May 26 Forum On Mergers, Labor Power, Union Democracy And the Future of the SEIU

US Airways Reaches Final Transition Agreement With TWU Flight Crew Training Instructors

Wage freeze upheld at top level, US Supreme Court lets ruling on BTF stand

USW Ratifies Collective Bargaining Agreement with Merck at West Point Facility

Rep. Tim Ryan - Support Our Troops, No Escalation

Rahm Emanuel Reads a Love Letter

Randi Rhodes-------Softball Debate (GOP)

Iraq Veteran Speak Out Against Iraq Occupation

VICTORY! - Mission (nearly) Accomplished...

Saudis: Bush's Iraq Failure...

Rep. Frank - Support Our Troops, No Escalation

Saudi Arabia Slap the Face US & King blasts IRAQ accupation...

Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton - Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz had no security plan for Iraq...

Daily Show - Going backwards in Iraq...

Rep. Keith Ellison on the Hate Crimes Prevention Act

Stephen Colbert &Even Stevphen---HMO's and Existence of God

Iraq Poll: Despair /Okay to attack Americans! (ABC News)

Jon Stewart------Clusterf##k To The White House (Dem Debate)

Bill Maher--Sean Penn &Harold Ford Jr.

Save the Internet: Selma's Video for the Fight!!!

Lou Dobbs and Christopher Hitchens - God is not great.


Bush -The Fool On The Hill

Greensburg Tornado declared a F5

Ray Taliaferro - Bush's Definition of Success In Iraq?

Bush talking to Democrats about Iraq

Is it 02:03 04 05/06/07 yet where you live? Soon, huh?

Bullshit ....... De La Hoya Kicked his Ass ......

Caption this pic...

Saudi-Egyptian-Kuwaiti plan for two bridges to span Gulf of Aqaba could block Israel's outlet to Red

Jim Crow Gets a Vote

Those who won't accept evolution go extinct.

What the HELL is going on in China?

MANY Democrats were once republicans.

Humvee destroyed in Sadr City on Sat...anyone hear anything on casualties?

Casper DUIs 'out of control'.. ( Hey.. It's Cheney country)

Media and French elections - a good example of what is wrong with the US media

What words are used most by Dem candidates? (tag clouds)

Pulitzer Prize-Winning History Prof's Op/Ed: Americans Should Fight For Impeachment of Bush & Cheney

Strange associations:

funniest "left behind" bumpersticker ever. This is hugh!!!! You will want !

Now Fish & Game is after Max Mayfield (NOAH)

For shit sakes, well over 3000 Americans gave their lives defending you and your government

Time to Vote Wolfowitz off the Island (hahahaha CBS News)

Keeping the party going in Iraq

Bush's friends the Saudis are so enlightened...

In the Primary Wars - Which One Are You?

The question is.. can we even afford THIS much time?

Here's the thing about the outrageous behavior of LAPD

70 Years Later, Survivors and Witnesses Recall Last, Fiery Moments of Airship Hindenburg

Has Anyone Seen This Website Created On Bush As The

Abusing the Troops

War czar wanted, but who's been holding the fort down til now?

Wal-Mart pulls Baby Bibs containing Lead.

UK Government To Release WMD Dossier

Canada's Al Gore Fires Up Environmental Debate

Debunking "Clinton offered Bin Laden's head on a silver platter 5 times" ?

Ayman al-Zawahiri supports the "surge"

Blitzer's list of recent Washington sex scandals included only Democrats

Friend of mine wrote this for the Phila. Inquirer this AM:

China orders resettlement of thousands of Tibetans

Edwards appearing now on ABC 's "This Week" ... n/t

I was thinking of starting a thread likening the current regime to La Cosa Nostra

Congressional Iraq memorial runs out of room.

W the terrorists what they want

Tweety hosting Philly Mayoral Primary Debate Monday:

Matthews Meter = Peter Meter (Al Goldstein's Mag)

beings as how eating is second to politics to me, a necessary pleasure actually

Karl Rove Appearance Protested In Punta Gorda FL

Repost, in light of the Wal-Mart leaded bib recall:

Congressional Memorial Honoring U.S. Dead In Iraq, Afghanistan Runs Out Of Room

It's Sunday, it's MTP, and George Tenet

The other black female rightwinger is defending Bush on CNN.

"This is not a civl war. This is about fighting Al Qeada..." says Boner (Flat Earther - OH)

"It burst into flames! ... It's fire and it's crashing!"

CSM: Key US Army ranks begin to thin

Just a typical Sunday in Iraq...

IBM to layoff 100,000?

The radical right just can't debate

Well isn't this sweet? A republican just got out of prison and he is sorry

AP Uncritically Reports Giuliani Campaign’s Efforts To Marginalize Olbermann

E-MAIL INBOX TODAY: STOP pumping gas on MAY 15th

It's the difference between climate change and global warming

Page A3: Faculty Majority Distrusts Evangelicals; A4: In GOP, Religion Becomes Politics

Will the Iraq Oil Bill Increase Violence in Iraq?

maggiegault, I honor your brother today

Newsweek Poll: Edwards would beat Romney by 37pts, narrows Clinton lead since March...

DoJ Finds "Unwritten Exception" for Pre-Election Voter Fraud Indictments

Electoral Votes in the South, and why Edwards has advantage...

Operation Top Knot showers support on military moms

Yvette Coil: Keep My Husband Out of Jail

Can America have a Special Election to address the so called war?

Our voting turnout compared to France, which has a 75 to 80% voter turnout is pathetic

With New Clout, Antiwar Groups Push Democrats

Fox Spins New Zawahiri Tape, Refuses To Mention That Al Qaeda Supports Bush Iraq Strategy

Injured Iraqi Soldiers Are Left To Fend For Themselves

It's All About Voter Fraud & Giving Republicans an Electoral Edge

Question: Will there be protests at the White House dinner?

***** Tell your US Rep to co-sponsor ***** H.R. 2129, Feeding America’s Families Act *****

LAT: On Iraq, Gates may not be following Bush's playbook

The real scandal at the World Bank


Shock Radio Plays Rough and Shrugs at Imus’s Fall

Some Gulf War veterans have different brains

WP: For Iraqi Soldiers, A Medical Morass-Lack of Facilities Leaves Wounded To Seek Own Care


"Be a good American, hug your Flat Daddy or Mommy and don't question the war."

Mother demands justice in son's murder in China (he was a teacher)

House leader Boehner acknowledges GOP nervousness about troop increase

Defence of the Earth

A Man for No Season:George Tenet

Can anyone help me answer question about Iraq?


Another tornado in Kansas last night!

Activist Stockholders proposing changes at EXXON

Bill Maher has a copy of DC Escorts TV ad :)

The sons and daughters of some iconic Republicans (Ike! T.R.!) are contemplating crossing the aisle

Sarkozy wins french election

Sorry if I offend any fundies here;

Six U.S. soldiers and a civilian journalist killed near Baghdad

The End of Life on Planet Earth? A Biocentric Solution by Captain Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd

Royal concedes French election to Sarkozy

Afghan soldier kills 2 U.S. troops outside top-security jail near Kabul, wounds 2 more

Romney Criticizes Single People At Pat Robertson U Speech

Congressman Jim McGovern: ENDING HUNGER

Gas prices: $2.99 vs. $2.95

Being anywhere near Cheney is mighty inconvenient

Bancrofts, Dow Jones Board Sued By Shareholder

Case of Alaska Repub's alleged corruption has international implications.

It's baa-ack.. Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Unit 1 comes back to life (mothballed in 1985)

With the surge failing in Iraq, is an attack on Iran still on the table?

Gas Price In Seattle.....$3.69 gl

Who interests American "Family" Association (anti-gay, fundy whacko organization) for President??

My Prisoner, My Brother

So for at least 3 years now...

Who Censors Don Imus? The dump-button guy, of course!

Another weekend, another 12 dead troops relegated to the crawl at the bottom of the screen

NYT pg1: Shock radio "remains as...insidiously untamed in the days after Imus’s collapse as before"

Puzzler-in-Chief: Bill Clinton Provides Clues for 'NYT' Crossword

When will the PSA's be resolved...

The Haditha Killings: Rotten to the Corps

Revealed: the deadly invader that is bleeding Great Lakes fish to death

Criminal vs Civil Possibility?

Clinton leads Democrats in Nevada; Republican field split

73 = Number of US troops killed in Iraq since the day of the VT massacre

A military coup would secure the oil...

Too Many Kooks Spoil the Broth

Jazz stars help New Orleans revival (BBC)

Deaths of 11 U.S. personnel reported in Iraq (Is this his "surge"?)

3376 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Amurka aparrently needs to launch a "war on

You've just been appointed IRS Commissioner. Make some changes

Good Colum by Frank Rich

Mitt Romney's house...

Attention Newz Media Moguls: Can we cut the 'coalition forces' crap? Finally?

jebus some people really are stupid look at this... "in fox we trust" puke now

Boehner Says Iraq Results Needed by Fall; Schumer: significant reflection of fading support for war

A solution to all the Republican party's woes: a nuclear war

If Bush thinks tying funding to progress is crucial for this nation's schools

Petraeus Set for Encounter with Angry AP

IRS Proposal Could Impact Millions of Internet Users

Colorado State employees selling voter data to the GOP!

Has DU helped shape or change your opinions?

Free Republic is going all out to stop Giuliani from the getting the nomination

UC Riverside students are rather apathetic about politics and Iraq occupation

Gainesville, FL tops list of 400 cities in U.S., Canada

Just think ... If Ségolène Royal had won the election ...

Obama, Limbaugh and the Magic Negro paradody

McClatchy: China orders resettlement of thousands of Tibetans

Declining Voter Turnout in America Is a Myth and Misunderstanding

CBS News/Russ Mitchell BURIES 8 dead American soldiers behind the French elections.

Nakedly, a freedom rally in Mexico City

Conversation with Uncle John during the Twins/Sox game

The debt collector vs. the widow

MadTV: Save the Irack! Video Hysterical! (Mods: Not U-tube format)

Jesus' General rocks Goofus and Gallant


Judiciary Committee Set To Open Investigations Into VOTING SECTION Of DOJ (McClatchy)


Atrios refers to the Cheney faithful as "lizard brains"

Journalists find an ally in Conyers

Nicolas Sarkozy elected French president

Sunday TOONs: History Never Repeats Edition

Just got off the phone with DLL??? legislative leaders??? wanted money

How Many More GeorgeBush...

Is anyone watchng 60 Minutes?

Would this be a good time to push for a change to presidential pardon powers?

How bad do things have to get before Americans pay attention to economic policies like trade?

U.S. war in iraq is going to end one of three ways:

I guess you just do what you can and that's it .

By their own admission

had to go to Walmart in Wichita...had buckets for money donations to Greensburg then they will say

Mad Nazi dream of racial purity revealed

Vicenza, Italy to be the largest US military site in Europe?

Fired Atheist To Get Human Rights Hearing - "I can't have someone like you here."

George Tenet's flight of self-absolving fancy on Meet the Press

Watch for the aid amounts for Greensburg, people..

4.5 a day since may 1st.

USNews: Bush is relaxed as ever, doesn't allow the pressure to get to him

Town May Double Taxes On SUVs --

It takes a special kind of Dick to get the evil eye from the Queen

Will Gore run?

What does "conservative" for the French really mean

watching a taped Real Time...Shandling just needs to shut his drunk ass up


Seen the trailer for "Civic Duty" yet?

NYT editorial calls for "explicit benchmarks and timetables" backed by "veto-proof majority" we go again...hold on to your hats...3 days in a row of this shit...I am tired

I would like to hear some opinions about flu shots. Are they

White House prepares lavish welcome for Queen

Hugs to DU member Midnight, who's nephew was killed

Tornadic Vortex Signature (TVS) north of Lawton, OK. Max top 65,000'.

Celebrating with the Queen

Schumer: Probe rising gas prices

Why dont Republicans attack National Geographic and the Journal of Nature?

Egypt's blog rebels silenced by jail

McClatchy: U.S. casualties will rise in next 90 days, commander says

For Iraqi Soldiers, A Medical Morass

No WONDER it's gone so badly for 4 yrs., we have no War Czar!

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - week of May 6... Bush Manners

Anyone remember the 1972 Democratic National Convention?

Um.. Kansas IS changing

Please take a few minutes to watch this important short video.

Taking back control over your food.

Is it time to have another Constitutional Convention?

What should Iraq's national motto be?

Giuliani Complains To MSNBC About Olbermann

What if no one went to the Summer Olympic Games in China

Now this is Funny! This new video from the "Onion News Network" spoofs Fox/CNN "Breaking News"

Alright, I'm pissed! Who are Rush's sponsers? Boycott!!

Hemp: Part of the Green entrepeneurial revolution the U.S. needs.

Are protests just meaningless, feel-good exercises, or do they make a difference?

O'Reilly recalled when "everybody in the country was behind [Iraq war], except the kooks"

pics- mile wide tornado devastates Kansas town

I didn't realize Lou Dobbs was a farmer and married to a Mexican-American.

"We can save you. But you might not be what you were."

Humour is a very personal thing in a way - even though much of it is enjoyment

Former Jordanian MP arrested after accusing government of corruption

Something has changed... feel it? Even the MSM is cracking... LA Times says time to come home

Okay everyone I just had to share this picture, blast from a happier past:

Now that the Newsweek poll has Obama beating all the Republicans

I'm on vacation and I got this... look what the Milwaukee Democrats are reading!

Ok who in here can tell me what democratic programs were miserable failures?

Why boycotting Exxon alone won't do it either

Tips on viewing a space shuttle launch? What is the best venue?

LOL - 2 things repukes hate all in one photo shoot.

MRSA #3: Lab work in .. no MRSA! It's a massive Staph. aureus abscess (Carbunculosis).

Charlie Crist will have his hands full with Rubio and Donna Arduin.

By popular demand: This post gets its own thread -- Why US voter turnout is so low

DU this Poll PLEASE!

Your library can be required under the Patriot Act to turn over your reading choices

Whoever is determined to never give up documenting the crimes, naming those

I wish there was a "Good News" forum.

Having a draft would be a FANTASTIC idea. No, really!

Missouri attorney a focus in USA firings = Bradley Schlozman

TRAITOR TENET-Cashes In On Iraq-As Shadow Government Gives Him Top Secret Rm To Write Book (Salon)

The Century and a Half War against Socialism in the United States

From March 2003: "Blood Remains on the Hands"..a Breslin classic. Tragic.

Memorial Honoring Fallen Soldiers In Iraq, Afghanistan Runs Out Of Room

El Presidente Arbusto jumps the shark "The Eternal General" MP3 clip

Searching for a leader

Newsweek: EVERY Top Tier Democrat Beats EVERY Republican Candidate

I have returned from the dead...

Yet another socialist dream goes belly-up

State (Wisconsin) GOP official pushed vote fraud issue

The smoking gun? Rove a coached a DoJ witness on Congressional testimony.

What exactly did Rudy do after 9/11 that was so great?

Can you trust a candidate with the nuclear codes?

Will Melinda Gates be the primary or secondary on an IND ticket?

Diplomat's suppressed document lays bare the lies behind Iraq war

Extremity of debate

LA TIMES Editorial: End this War

Republican pledge of allegiance

Support Hunger Strike @ U. of Vermont!

Bush Water Boy, David Broder Drives Up My Blood Pressure Again...

Most Influential presidents of the past century ...

So What Was Your Take on MTP This Morning

Elect Lee T. Horne?

Hamilton Project, Lieberman campaign, against antiwar liberals in primarys, against Alito filibuster

Gingrich To Conservatives: Don’t Talk About Iraq, Katrina, Walter Reed, Attorneys, Or Bush

In February, Diane Feinstein proposed de-authorizing the war.

Eric Massa, NY29: "Stand up to the Corporatists"

Waxman ---the State Department is now refusing to let Dodge speak

Newsweek Poll: B*sh Hits All-Time Low

Fox Noise "Power Player Of the Week": Richard Land

Anybody catch John Prine on pbs tonight

Interesting analysis: Real fight is in Midwest/Interior West

Rep. Doolittle hits back at feds over home search (claims FBI stole wife's iPod?)

11 U.S. soldiers die in Iraq attacks

Washington Post Corrects Story Claiming Dems "Backed Off" On Iraq

From AP's series of personal questions for the candidates: "Your worst habit?"

I'm really feeling in the shits today .....

Fred Thompson warns that people in the United States should be made to sacrifice

Why aren't any of the Dem candidates...

Bush does have a "benchmark" for Iraq

Attention! Here's a very good resource to see where candidates stand on the issues!

Tenet on MTP: I was No Hero...

If you expect perfection your bound to be dissapointed...

Lou Dobbs on 60 Minutes: If I reported it, it's a fact

95 Iraqi dead ('sectarian violence on the rise): 11 US troops killed today in Iraq

And the Riot in France Begins! CNN/International showing Crowd getting Tear Gassed

Philadelphia area DU -- mayoral debate is on WHYY right now

french election comments on huffington---read them if you dare....

Rudy Giuliani is WHINING again

U.S. Jobs Growth Slows, Wages Stall

Richardson and 2004 election...

Politico wrote about Edwards haircut 8 times......Glenn Greenwald covers it.

Glen Beck Accusing a Republican guest of losing power because of Corruption

Des Moines Regiser: Obama Urges Iowans to Lobby Congress to End the Iraq War

here`s a great picure of the next president of france---

Did Stephanopolis grill Edwards to shill for Hillary

Republicans and the 'Culture of Debt'

Grrr what is wrong with these parents " Prayer service for missing girl"

Bob Kerrey Blasts Giuliani: On 9/11 Rudy Should Have Said 'Why the fuck didn't Bush call us...?'

Electrifying Edwards video(full speech)- CA Democratic convention

NEOCON--Dem Candidates, Say The Word!

But will the Bushies celebrate this?

John Edwards: Union man

John Edwards can fix what ails us

"Liberal" media, eh? WHERE?! Certainly not here at the WaPo with crap like this >>>

Why wasn’t Romney Excommunicated?

"Death is a much better subject for television than life"

Snafulopagos to Edwards: Is this apologizing becoming a pattern?

Is Fred Thompson someone to worry about?

I've now heard 3 different centrist, libertarian type famous comedy guys indicate they'd vote Obama

Saw Biden Tonight - Video for you

Washington relief at Sarkozy win

Edwards on This Week -- the video

Joe Galloway: Bush determined to prolong lost war

Nicolas Sarkozy Family History

How closely is party allegiance tied to family and upbringing?

Laura Bush: The Suffering Continues

Top Three Dems Solidly Trounce Top Rs in Match-Up

TIME: Undoing Jeb Bush in Florida

Latest Rasmussen Report 05/05/07

Be fair about that China trade bill vote for which Edwards is being criticized.

Boortz To The Rescue

Whenever you see a poster who claims to support Clark bashing a good Democrat for a past vote,

How dare Edwards feature a lesbian who works for the HRC in his ad?

NYT "Celebrity Crossword": Clues by Bill Clinton

I was pissed at this W bumper sticker, then I looked closer!!!!