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Archives: May 5, 2007

Iraq Reimposes Freeze on Medical Diplomas

Patrick Cockburn: Iraqis now fear their own security forces more than the insurgents

Fuel Cell prices falling rapidly with high effeciency and high reliability

New Melamine Scare: As Many as 20 Million Chickens Tested

GOP convention papers ordered opened

Can Superman catch the Super Flu ???


NRA: Don't Ban Gun Sales to Suspects


What's Your Favorite Music?

Larry King Live -- 50 years in broadcasting -- brings back many memories. I used to date him, but

Water Woes

The Sainted Ronald Reagan Lying His Butt Off (Arms For Hostages)

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc.

GOP Convention Papers Ordered Opened

Who's your daddy?...

Color me shocked. NOT. ABC isn't outing madam's clients

Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens on Charlie Rose tonight

Bush's anti-abortion stand is motivated by greed?

Jeff Gannon is spreading the gospel

With all the Reagan worship on the airwaves, time to pull out an old favourite

Anyone know anything about The Blackstone Group

Guardian: Polls show Sarkozy moving further ahead

Pick Fred Thompson's Running Mate at!

Dick Cheney set to negotiate with terrorists next week

Writers for progressive news site

Did you hear the girl on Malloy's "Kid's Night" with the gargly, strangulated voice? What IS that?

How about drafting Rocky for 2008?

Carne Ross on CNN today said the US and UK fixed the facts about the war.

Sen. Gary Hart reviews "The Audacity of Hope"

Terry Jones


George the first and what W didn't learn

Goodbye rights: one step closer to a police state

Historian Howard Zinn Calls for Activism

The Nation: America's Idiotic Political Debates

Guardian: Sarkozy plays the race card - and our establishment cheers

Human Rights First Statement on U.S. Military Mental Health Report


New Orleans: Dark End of the Street

Web site 'map-journal' chronicles Ben Nelson's (D-Ne) trip to Iraq

Memo To Media: Public Supports Dems' Confronting

(Bush) Plan could give loophole to terrorists (as refugees)


NYT: With New Clout, Antiwar Groups Push Democrats

The Great Wall of Baghdad may be going up, but there's still carnage on the streets

George W Bush is undoing a century of environmental progress

The Real Iraq-Vietnam Connection

Economic Report: Lower-Wage Workers Less Likely To Have Paid Sick Days

Republicans defect to the Obama camp

GOP Candidates Remember Reagan, Forget Working Families

The Loyalty Enforcer

MAUREEN DOWD: La Campagne, C’est moi

High Iraq War Spending Leads to Slower U.S. Economic Growth

Playing ‘Survivor’ in Washington

Good Riddance to BP Exec

A Haunting Front Page -- Before 9/11 Changed Everything

Generational Tensions

If the United States leaves Iraq things will really get bad - The Anti-Empire Report

Tears, grief and a salute: A fallen soldier comes home

Terrorizing a Nation into Homelessness: Who is Responsible?

Lobbyists for free trade, fair labor spar over trade agreements

Bridging the efficient light bulb gender gap

NEW MEDIA: This Ain't Your Corporate Media Anymore!

A Scandal That Keeps Growing

Good news and bad news on ethics among US troops in Iraq

A Scandal That Keeps Growing (NYT editorial re: Gonzales)

Toy magnets kill young boy - Indictment of Consumer Product Safety Commission

FRANK RICH: Is Condi Hiding the Smoking Gun?

NYT: A Liberal Case for Gun Rights Helps Sway Judiciary

Hitler's Carmaker: The Inside Story of How General Motors Helped Mobilize the Third Reich (Part 1)

Apple's Steve Jobs tops list of highest paid CEOs

20 nations agree on new fishing limits - AP

Experts say lifestyle changes key to fighting global warming - AFP

Wave Dragon prepares for plunge

Illinois House Passes Renewable Portfolio Standard with Wide Margin (25 x 25)

IPCC scientists agree with Al Gore: nuclear won't be much more of a percentage than it is now

London's fire stations blaze the solar energy trail

Renewable energy’s new crop on the block (Camelina)

PSC: Go with wind and gas turbines (no coal for Delaware)

Fla. Gov. Expected to Sign Energy Plan

Are these new CFL corkscrew lightbulbs supposed to be this bright?

University of Maine (Presque Isle) announces $1.5M wind turbine project (500 kW)

VIDEO: IEC fusion for dummies

Carbon offsets "R us....

Organic gardener out to change the face of lawn care (Maine)

S Pacific to stop bottom trawling (BBC) {25% of ocean protected}

What European country produces the most renewable energy???

Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Buses For Vancouver 2010 Games

New Power station harnesses Sun's rays-Spain-Now

Ethanol industry, automakers facing off

Failing the Energy IQ Test

WaveRoller, Using bottom Ocean Swells To Generate Power Now

Bangladesh Watches In Horror As Nation Gives Way To Sea

(US-Europe) Progress on global warming is questioned - AP

Qassam hits Sderot home

Democracy Now interviews Azmi Bishara/former Israeli Knesset member charged with treason

Fact-Checking Marvin Kalb: Harvard's Twisted Report on Israel's Invasion of Lebanon

Hezbollah says ready for new showdown with Israel

Now this is civilised. From a French blog called, Expatica:

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, May 5, 2007: In Memory of Andrew Weiss

New York to Grill Voting Machine Testing Lab

GOP contenders embrace Reagan legacy

Hagel Says He Would Consider Presidential Run as an Independent

U.S. Troops Lacking In Ethics, Army Reports

YouTube facing football lawsuit

Tornadoes Touch Down in Kansas, Illinois

Former, Current Alaska Lawmakers (R) Charged

George the first and what W didn't learn

The Google Interview: Internet Giant Muscling Its Way Into Presidential Campaign

Jet with 114 aboard crashes in Cameroon

Anti-Bush license plates may be recalled

Giuliani Says Saddam Paying for Offenses

5 Iraqi officers slain in central Iraq

Deadly twister flattens Kansas town

(Bush) Plan could give loophole to terrorists (as refugees)

Northwest gives CEO $26.6M stock deal

Va. Tech faces decision on bloodied hall

The Elephant in the Room

Gunman wounds (senior) U.S. commander at barrier wall in Baghdad

Gay remark effect called low for long-shot Tommy

Turks step up pro-secular protest

Deadlock: Bush, Dems Demand New Iraq Bill

Nation's Largest Historically Black University System Suspends Its President With Pay

Iraqi Courts Seek Lifting of Sunni Lawmaker’s Immunity

McCain criticizes Clinton's Iraq move

Schumer says Bush veto won't deter Democrats on war strategy

New flurry of twisters strikes Kansas

New Story for Firing Emerges (Ex-U.S. Attorney McKay Clashed w/ Bosses Over Murder Probe of Wales)

Propaganda Fear Cited in Account of Iraqi Killings (Haditha)

Wal-Mart labels Boerne (TX) nuns a security threat

Qaeda's Zawahri says Iraq bill shows U.S. defeat

Discharged gay sailor is called back to active duty

Clinton Criticizes Bush Administration's Response to Katrina

The Elephant in the Room (Bush 28% Approval Newsweek Poll)

'Contact lost' with Kenya flight

Search under way in Greensburg for tornado victims

Brazil bypasses patent on U.S. AIDS drug

From China to Panama, a Trail of Poisoned Medicine

Mass graves found in southern Colombia

GASOLINE- Kucinich calls hearing on prices

Chavez Threatens Largest Steel Maker

Republicans defect to the Obama camp

Iran arrests student editor over insulting Islam

A fighting question...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/5/2007)

Help Car Guys/Women! I need to trade my jeep in for a

Jesus' General is having a fundraiser

Woman Fights for Chimp's Rights

Nude Biker Spotted in Sweden

Has anyone here used "Chantix" for smoking cessation?

This is so cool

"Riding for the Son"

Cinco de Mayo

From the Mexican "American Idol" Daniel Zueras -"Yo No Quiero Enamorarme"

Apparently my avatar destroys my street cred

For how long have you been surfing the net?

I think Paris Hilton is hiding out next door

If I Had A Rocket Launcher


How do you pronounce potato?

So, it's Cinco de Mayo AND Derby day

I swear, sometimes my wife and I would just love to move...

For GoPsUx!!!!!!!!!

Do you believe Lynnesin gave Elad the $60?

How much will you donate to DU if the mods/admins lock Lynnesin's $60 limit thread?

So what do you put on your big hot dog?

A beer story or my brewday *Dial up warning*

Who is most likely to disrupt *ahem*?

"Free Paris" Petition! (LiKe OMG!!!1!!11!)

9 hours sleep, 1.5 hour nap...Yeah, I'm ready to start my day!

Have you ever been sitting on something that you know you need to get done

Anyone Remember a song in the early 80's called "Get High On Yourself?"

Happy Birthday, Karl Marx!

I was listening to Classic Rock radio this morning...

De la Hoya vs Mayweather


Everyone backed out on me tomorrow

KAMAKIRIAD is a pretty weak album for Fagen, but I love this particular song from it:

I just realized, today's my half-birthday

Surely others have noticed all the blue and yellow ads, no?

Has Anyone Else had Religous Difficulties Over the Past Couple

Any experts in searching YouTube?

When was your last moment of peace?

dupe please delete

Just F'n pissa. My AC is broken. I hate Florida.

Would you ever ask a store clerk out?

My kids just came in with a humming bird that they caught...

Can someone tell me how to find the family members of someone who..

Happy Anniversary to Crim son & I

My pick for the derby- Scat Daddy!

Favorite non-political site?


This report just in from the Public Breastfeeding Patrol

What're you doing tonight?

I have only five posts in the last forty-eight hours, including this one.

my fave headline today

Anyone else occasionally get the overwhemling urge to just shout:

I'm collating church camp brochures. Ask me anything! nt

Has anyone heard of

Someone has issues.

I received a snotty post, but it was deleted before I got to see it.

Cleaning out the leftover beer...

Any suggestions on interesting places to stay, things to do near Napa, CA?

The Enchilada Two-step, by Ptah

Anyone watch Shear Genius?

You know what really depresses me?

Share a favorite poem.

"What to wear when your wife pulls out the honey-do list!"


A new game for the lounge....

Boomer! Boomer!

Lakisha!! And I have NEVER watched Idol until....

Are You Bored? Fun and Funny things to do.

Bwahaha! todays Brewster Rockit!

Which do you prefer?

How close do you live to your job?

a version of “My Generation” on YouTube

food fight!

White or wheat bread, or do you mix it up?

Do you purchase bottled water, and if so, why?

I found a tick on my head.

Will you continue to eat chicken?

Do t.v. commercials perturb you, generally speaking?

My DVD player skips

Have you ever consulted a physician, based on a t.v. commercial?

Conversational openings Bush should avoid

Marsupials scare me.

Do you have recurring dreams?

Anyone watching that boxing match...Mayweather


One month until the WSOP. Anyone have a spare 12 grand?

Should Joe Fields continue making a new thread for every thought they have?

I was gonna suggest a DU Lounge Procrastinators Club

Ptah saves Youtubes and plays them back later

"Wall Street" sequel 'to be made' (BBC)

I'm depressed tonight...Advice?

If Paris Hilton visited a veretans hospital -

It's Derby Day

De La Hoya vs. Mayweather

"I love Paris in the springtime" -- and next week, we'll be there! Ask me anything.

Anyone remember this?...

I'm going to kick someone if I get called "Maria juana" one more time

10 nonsensical musical industry observations:

Saprophytes scare me.

I've changed my mind, i do like boxing

Apple's newest product: the iRack (youtube)

Apple's newest product: the iRack (youtube)

deleted - dupe glitch sorry

Concerning honey bees- a poem my father wrote

Um.... what?

What I discovered today


Mayweather fight on computer....

This is where I babble incoherently for a while.

Tonight we combine Frozen Yogurt, strawberries, banana and

Great site for choosing an anti-virus

I'm drunk!!!!1!

Why is the best snack food on the planet all made around Lancaster County, PA?

It's Time For A '90's Rock/Metal YouTube Post

crim son!!! Are you leaving tomorrow?

Is this strange? Sunday we'll be at the Hilton, Paris. Where will Paris Hilton be?

Is there a time to visit Ft Lauderdale when good weather and good hotel rates coincide?

strange calender pictures from 1800`s-1900

6 years ago today

Ok...if I wanted to broaden my appreciation in classic films...what would I see?

Do you laugh when people hurt themselves doing stupid things?

Wahhabi Appreciation Thread!

Lounge Vibes Helped

My DUzy Acceptance speech

I'm tired of coughing - it's been two months

god bless youtube, This vid is glorious:studio version of "Kashmir" synced over live performance

As the World Bank Turns

You're going to be the lead singer of a band!

Thank you lounge. I love you.

Oh Oedipus Rex, I'm so sorry. You're not going to like this I think

OK, the Google ads are getting spooky

Whoa! I missed my 2 year DU anniversary: May 2nd.

Okay...anyone watch Spiderman III yet?

Spock's memoirs! (Youtube)

Influenced by TOhioLiberal, which song presented below is better?

So a robin ate some of my special grass seeds...

i'm going to kick someone if they don't pass the mary jane

I have the house to myself all weekend, how should I celebrate?

Being a Republican makes sense

Happy birthday SOteric!!

What would you like to see more of in the lounge?

I should be in Hawaii right now, but instead, I'm...

How do you pronounce short-lived?

did your parents let you drink beer, wine, liqour??

International tongue-twisters

I have just one wish

What time do you usually go to bed on Saturday night?

Addams Family or Munsters?

So my parents have decided to get back together. God help me.

Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not Chaka's

Rockets vs. Jazz

Question About Horse Racing

Help needed for Marine

Almost a year and a 1/2, from group to forum and starting to grow

Tell Nike to support union factories and reopen BJ&B!

Tenement Museum workers in NY seek to join union

China’s labour law raises US concerns

IWW members in Sioux Falls South Dakota demonstrate in solidarity with immigrant workers on May Day

Union is in the cards for Kaiser nurses

Wal-Mart accused on union tactics

Winning Sick Leave at the Citywide Level

Economic Report: High Cost Leaves One In Four Kids Without Health Insurance

Edwards touts labor credentials before Seattle union crowd

Magna Apparently Wants Its 50,000 Workers in the UAW and CAW

Check Out Video of Town Hall Forum with John Edwards

Union employees to get $277 million in NWA claims

Denver Post: Unions await labor plan

The Hill: Employee Free Choice Act Restores Right to Organize (video)

Employee Free Choice Act button just $1

NW Flight Attendants Win $65 Million Stock Bankruptcy Claim

Q: What's With Unions Supporting 'Free' Traders?

IBM to cut 1,315 jobs in U.S., union says

Toast the Earth with Exxon Mobil

Jon Stewart-----Glory Goals

Give Peace A Chance

Have you ever had a cop in your face?

Mazzy Star :: Into Dust

Abramoff White House Leak?

Jon Stewart--- Bloggers

Johnny Cash-Ring of Fire 1963

John Edwards - We The People (With More People)

The Anti-War Movement

How many presidential candidates don't 'believe' in evolution

Lady Liberty - A Look at the Bush Administration

Rocky Anderson v. Sean Hannity Univ. Of Utah Impeachment Debate PART 2

Rocky Anderson v. Sean Hannity Univ. Of Utah Impeachment Debate PART 3

John Edwards - SC Democratic Convention Part II

John Edwards - SC Democratic Convention Part III

John Edwards - SC Democratic Convention Part I

Bill Maher----- New Rules

Bill Richardson on Teachers


Poverty in America

Robert Kennedy Jr. in Burlington Vermont October 13, 2006


Denver Emergency Veto and Peace Rally

Conduct Unbecoming

Tommy Thompson on Healthcare

Rocky Anderson v. Sean Hannity Univ. Of Utah Impeachment Debate PART 4

Keith Olbermann MSNBC GOP Debate Coverage

OUTRAGEOUS! LAPD beating a CHILD during the May 1st demonstrations

Rocky Anderson v. Sean Hannity Univ. Of Utah Impeachment Debate PART 1

The John Pilger Collection (full-length documentaries)

Leaked video of US troops in Iraq

Bill O'Reilly challenges celebrities, says he would


LA (Katrina) Recovery Program Is Running Short of Money

Reporter: Fall 2007 Could See An 'Uptick' In US-Iran Tensions - RAWSTORY

Illegal immigration

Bay Area - Bill Maher on Charlie Rose KQED Midnight

three alaska legislators arrested....bribe allegations...

3,363 U.S. troops now dead in W's Iraqi war

Stars & Stripes letter: Holding Wolfowitz accountable

Study Proves Bill O'Reilly Nothing More Than Fifth Grade Bully

What value idealism?

Romney's phantom menace - Ackerman

That fred thompson guy is a "movie star"? WTF?

Letterman on Bush's Cinco De Mayo celebration

a question about Al Gore . . . can he make the necessary leap . . .

Flickr to Replace Yahoo Photos (

IRAN (and Condi) : DIPLOMATIC BUMP AND GRIND---seductive dance

Op/Ed: Responding to a letter defending our racist immigration policies.

Purported tape from "dead" Qaeda leader put on Web (Reuters)

Sex offender sentenced to life for student's murder

Kerala: Criminal Charges against Divine RC Director, Nine Others

Radical Fringe toons - where are they?

Barbara Walters, Rosie, criticize Bush's 'American Idol' appearance

Military: New Iraqi school (girls) had bombs built in

Pentagon Casts Report Of Increased Combat Stress Among Troops As Positive News

Media Matters link conerning Glenn Beck's SPECIAL on Global Warming comparing Al Gore to Hitler etc.

Deal allows identities and numbers of suspected sex abusers within Catholic Church to remain secret

WJ: republicans only.."tell us how much you love Fred Thompson"

Law & Order -- Kidnapped Children Who Don't "Try" to Escape???

BBC: Despair Stalks Baghdad As Plan Falters

Virulent Homophobe Peter Akinola Preaching Stateside in Woodbridge, Virginia

"TSA Loses Hard Drive With Personal Info"

Gay Iraqi Arrested, Tortured, Ransomed. American Forces Implicated In Atrocious War Games

U.S.: Pet food ingredient mislabeled (AP)

Beyond The Green Zone, Bush's Surge Is Failing

John Clayton: Elizabeth Edwards charms the Queen City

Army to Bloggers: We Won't Bust You. Promise.

GOP Convention Papers Ordered Opened

Government says no decisions have been made about border fence

Republican candidates range from ignorant to dishonest.

Do you think the media was bias when they...

Rapist Pastor misused $12,000 in grants, state audit finds (Living Word of God Ministries, Illinois)

Democrats that do not support Impeachment NOW are complicit! Bush Cheney in Jail NOW!!!

Hospital’s patient load has U.S. medics in Iraq keeping skills sharp

AP Uncritically Reports Giuliani Campaign’s Efforts To Marginalize Olbermann

Sandy, Oregon pastor, from Northwest Deliverance Ministries, arrested for securities fraud.

Straight talk from the 'commander guy'

Body lost after state autopsy- MA Gov. Patrick suspends medical examiner hired by Romney as reformer

From Ned Lamont ---- Clear the Roadblock

Christians and Atheists to Debate Existence of God in First-Ever 'NIGHTLINE FACE OFF'

Sappho-Journo Threatened After Anti-Obama Op-Ed

Now chickens involved in the contaminated feed from China

Iraqis are terrified because they do not know if the men in uniform they see are death squads

Let's see if we can create an evolutionary process

One party is for religious discrimination, and the other is not

Walter Reed Leadership Reshuffled After Probe

Study finds lapses in battlefield ethics

For how long have you been surfing the net?

NWA Awards CEO Doug Steenland 26.6 million in stock.

Paranoia strikes deep.

Rep. Rohrabacher: ‘I Hope It’s Your Families That Suffer’ From A Terrorist Attack

Bill Richardson: De-Authorize the War Now, No Residual Troops

TSA loses hard drive | "It's seems like there's a problem with security inside Homeland Security..."

Whose dollar bill was this?

U.S. prisons groom dogs for Iraq war veterans

What's a good benchmark that indicates progress in the Green Zone?

LOL. Republicans mentioned dead Reagan more times than they mentioned Bush in debate.

Do you think Americans desire accountability or is it my own little pipe dream

Discovery causes renewed pain for family (Misdeeds by Calvary Cemetery, Brockton, Mass.)

Jeff Gannon Gets New Gig with International Bible Reading Association

The Commander Guy didn't make TIME's 100 most influential people.

Kansas/Nebraska: Tornado watch Saturday

France Imposes Water Rationing Amid Drought Fears

Britain's Labour Party suffers losses in local polls

Schmidt Will Again Be Target - Cinncinatti Post

Wasn't "Pay as you go" part of the Democratic agenda?

"That's what they call a softball"

If you're the highest paid CEO in the United States...

"Bill O'Reilly Versus The Truth"

Hey East Coast and Mid-West. How was Real Time tonight? Worth watching?

C&L VIDEO: Colbert Tries To Explain "Doobie" To Rep. Tom Davis (R)

The Eternal General Alberto Gonzales.

Bush comes off like a holier-than-thou Richie Rich

GOP Presidential Candidate beats all other contenders in Poll

* prepares for a bike ride

Local news sucks so bad

Imagine bush walking down the street alone in any American town.

Secrecy -- It’s what’s for dinner

Does Pissypants wear a white tie when he visits families of dead soldiers or

I just watched Mitt Romney on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Strain on soldiers worse in Iraq than WWII

Has anyone seen this chain email yet?

Senior officers lied about Haditha massacre, feared public relations problem

The Harlem Children's Zone.

With New Clout, Antiwar Groups Push Democrats

Pick my new sig line quote. And contribute your own.

Reply from Murray's Chickens:

WH "atwitter" over Queen's visit but Poppy didn't make the guest list

you think your town sucks? try mine

My latest email to my Congresscritters on gas prices...

Iraq for Sale update

US commander predicts more casualties: "As we have surged, we find the enemy surging as well,"

Hey, Did you know that there's a "National Change of Address" date base?

Why didn't Tweety ask all ten Republican thugs if they supported reinstating the draft?

Why are we not like 'most' Americans?

No slow shift at ‘Baghdad ER’

BRODER Uses SCIENCE To Explain How Chimpy's Dismal #'s Are BAD For DEMS!!

Imus Lawyer: Bosses Could've Cut Remarks, sues CBS for $120 million

DNC Dean: Bush Betrays 'Family Values' for Cinco de Mayo

I know I'm not the sharpest knife in the technology drawer, but, can someone explain this.....?

"Evangelicals for Mitt" blog... "mad props" to their snake-oil salesman

"What to wear when your wife pulls out the honey-do list!"

Deployed troops fight for lost custody of kids

2008: First Word from Fred Thompson

I saw a werewolf walkin' with the queen...Pic & caption

Major severe weather outbreak possible today in Plains.

I came across an old bootleg tape of Joni Mitchell and James Taylor

Is "Al Qaeda in Iraq" a franchise, standalone, or

Doctor testifies in Mount Hope Church trial (personal injury and defamation)

Watching 'Journeys With George' on MSNBC... and through my disgust and anger,

AP: Man who married teen in Kansas is leaving prison

Iraq, Afghan Wars Cause Concern in US Military About Readiness

Justice Served! Paris Hilton will spend 45 days in JAIL

Iraq: The Women's Story

Va. Tech faces decision on bloodied hall

Sean Penn Rocked on Bill Maher


Traffic Directions for America

Enough of the abuse by this Administration - circle the wagons in your communities

Transit Pass Price Poll

Anyone see the Hannity-Anderson debate?

The Power Of Truth/Al Gore's Comments/Sierra Club

Gas Prices Poll

Even the well is gone

28%er @ my employer gives advice about Middle East....

If Paris Hilton visited a veretans hospital -

Boycott Barnes and Noble.

If you are running for prez, and you wear a hearing aid,

AP doesn't believe in "truth squad" journalism as per this report on Olbermann..

CNN anchor: "Queen Elizabeth has had a lifelong love affair with horses."

I think it's a good thing that gasoline prices are going up.

Bush: Get up off your couch and walk, jog, pedal and swim!!!11

Notes To The GOP Hopefuls: Um, Evolution Is True and Reagan Was NOT A Great President

RW anger at the lit table today.

Share a favorite poem.

Biden (D-DE), Cantwell (D-WA), Smith (R-OR) and Kerry (D-MA) introduced

An Argument to make to your disillusioned GOP voting acquaintances, who can't quite bring themselves

Can someone tell me how this is NOT being partisan and violating the laws of the FEC and the IRS?

Daniel Ellsberg on AAR - STRATEGY TO END THE WAR!!

Interesting analysis of the GOP's "Southern Problem" from a ?wingnut? site's article:

Debate Questions Corporate Media Won’t Ask

Call Congress, Demand Hearings: Superfund environmental clean-up stagnates under Bush

Fuck Pat Roberts and Todd T-hart are doing a PHOTO opp in Greensburg. no Katrina here Fuck them all

Anyone watching that boxing match...Mayweather

Sunday Talk Shows

Ways to avoid biotech food

I grew up in a small town like Greensburg. I can't imagine the horrible destruction

"Wall Street" sequel 'to be made' (BBC)

It's Derby Day

Ex-Rep. Mike Martin (R) pleaded guilty to perjury, is now running for city council as Wayne Martin

What's the Use? Dems pass great Laws, Smirky justs Vetos them. IMPEACH!

"We who are about to die salute you."

More on federal indictments of Alaska Repub state legislators

THE SURGE IS NOT WORKING (2 Articles from Today)

C&L: Rocky Anderson Obliterates Sean Hannity At Univ. Of Utah Debate On Impeachment (VIDEO)

We seem to have tried everything , now what ?

75% of Greensburg Kansas is destroyed

When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro

Number one reason why none of the repubs. at the debate will win.

Just how "involved" should government BE?

KOMO (Seattle) investigation: Broken soldiers, broken promises

Any time now, Bush's approval will be lower than

Cheney is responsibile for 9/11

Robert Greenwald to testify before Congress needs help ( Iraq for Sale)!!!!!!

Blasting Buffoonery

Women understand what abortion is about. When I listened to the Republicans

Bush finally conquers his fear of horses


They hate us for our habits

Resilient Infections Worry Military Doctors

To People who say "Men Should Have No Say in the Abortion Issue"...

Final 'surge' contingent, US Aviation Brigade, headed for Baghdad

TOON: Ted Rall - "The People, Well, Hate You"

France's Health Care System; Worth looking at

Bush Job Removal Ratings: 2001 (90%) > 2007 (28%)

Just a reminder: "Big Oil" does NOT set oil or gasoline prices. Wall Street does.

OMG -- If looks could kill!

Romney: Pat Robertson ‘Strengthens And Nurtures The Pillars Of Our Country’

Is Warren Harding interesting?

Did anyone else see that footage of the Kurdish Girl that was stoned?

Giuliani praises Bush as a 'great president'

Tornado Emergency for GREAT BEND severe as last night maybe

While in Cherokee N.C today, I bought this t-shirt.

To our newest DUers: Welcome to DU! FYI - we have a DU Glossary that might be helpful to you...

Republicans defect to the Obama camp

NYT: Stress on Troops Adds to U.S. Hurdles in Iraq

Is Shrub the first U.S. President since Eisenhower to

Devil's Advocate: Greed, Oil, and the Constitution

Could there be a positive effect from higher fuel prices?

Mrs R and I were wondering: Can't Governer Arnie step and in put a leash on the LAPD?

KC Star waters down story to protect GOP

U.S. Sen. John Edwards Speaks at National Black Mayor's Conference

OMFG, these gay people are sick assholes. They disgust me.

Income Poverty and Material Hardship among US Women with Disabilities

Judith Miller defends NYPD @ RNC - WSJ "When Activist are Terrorist"

What is the Smirk That Rides (sort of) Like A Man keeping in his little pack?

Panel will investigate research firms' ethics


Berlusconi gave Niger Forgeries DIRECTLY to Bush

Walmart's afraid of some nuns: labels them "security threat"

Greg Palast Article On Hillary Clinton

Bhutan to pay for the climate sins of others

ABC Decides exposing more names Not Worth Mentioning,in Escort case?

Having a large majority in the House and Senate is as important

Tighter restrictions on military blogs anger US soldiers

GM gets 7,000 applications for 400 technical jobs

If you don't think Fred Thompson is going to run - watch this.

Meteor Blades Reminds Us ALL: "A Nod to Those Who DID Vote 'Nay'"

I finally made it to CA - some thoughts from my trip.....

Viva! el Cinco de Mayo!

LOWEST APPROVAL RATING in a generation. Even LOWER than Daddy's

I grieve, and I am one of the lucky ones.

If you were to come face to face with Queen Elizabeth

President crams for first white-tie dinner - What an embarassment

How to deal with evangelists at your door----dial up warning

My husband just had Wes Clark ask him for directions in Santa Cruz, CA

A Portrait of Hunger, the Social Safety Net, and the Working Poor

if Imus sues boss for 150 million the Women should sue him an take it away...!!!

I just couldn't do it.

NRA pushes to protected suspected terrorists' right to own guns

True conversation between Bush and the Queen

Hate crime bill veto is vowed (because wh thinks it's unnecessary?)

al-Qaida No. 2 Mocks Iraq Pullout Bill

Hometown Paper Runs Full-Length Article On Death Of maggiegault's Brother In Iraq

Is America ready for an atheist president?

Boston Globe: 'Hawk'ish Father Of Dead Soldier - "I Trust God & The Voters To Judge Them For It"

I just paid $3.16.9 for a gallon of gas

If the LAPD wants to shoot and beat unarmed brown people ...

Teacher merit pay test given to students had many errors...French test given to German class.

Deployed Troops Battle for Child Custody

A Non-Economist’s View of Capitalism and Socialism/Communism

Air controllers call for criminal investigationEyewitness News Exclusive

U.S. Wheat Gluten Industry Decimated By Cheap Imports

Whadaya think of the call for a gas boycott May 15? Are you in?

Breaking: RF Kennedy Jr.-Says Rove's Former Assistant-Griffin Under Investigation For Election Fraud

Eleven Members of Congress Now Under Investigation, PLUS ten former members

Repuke Presidential "Also Ran" Tommy Thompson Apologizes for Anti-Gay Comment

"They're *ALL* crooks." Sigh.

A night of glitches, rejected ballots, and lost votes..............sound familiar?

Memo To Media: Public Supports Dems' "Partisan" Confronting of White House In "Partisan" Manner

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

Pelosi: Bush has 'tin ear' on Iraq

List of documents Waxman wants from Condi -

Protest Bush May 23, and Cheney on May 26 - End The War, Impeach Bush Now!

A simple way of ending the Iraq War and any talk of invading Iran...

AP Uncritically Reports Giuliani Campaign’s Efforts To Marginalize Olbermann

C-SPAN Capitol News poll: Who won repub debate?

Iraq Reimposes Freeze on Medical Diplomas In Bid to Keep Doctors From Fleeing Abroad Turns Off Comments on Obama Stories

Is *Co Saving The Finding Of Osama Bin Laden Until Just Before Nov 2008?......

Widow's estate is frozen as puke lawyer investigated

Obama fairs best head to head and top GOP candidates

Waxman Questions HHS About Barriers to Global Staffing

Should politicians be expected to follow the "half + 7" rule?

Al Qaeda's #2 PR Man Speaks Out

Reagan Ghost Chasers.............

In response to the mention of Clinton at the Repub debate

Sex Isn't the Only Thing for Sale in Washington (Ann Woolner)

Who will drop out of the race next?

Romney: Pat Robertson ‘Strengthens And Nurtures The Pillars Of Our Country’

Gay remark effect called low for long-shot Tommy

.....Clinton's support for revoking the war authorization is not new.

The Elephant in the Room

Support William and Mary Workers and Students! E action

REPORT: Karl Rove’s Politicization Of The Federal Government

News of secret Gonzales memo irks lawmakers

The Elephant in the Room (Newsweek re: Bush & 2008)

IMPEACH NOW! "When in the Course of Human Events..."

I think I can sum up in one word what America wants and what the 2006 election was about

Copper Futures Climb on U.S. Economic Data, Peruvian Strike

Mission Accomplished?

1.8 Million U.S. Jobs Lost Due to China Trade

24 arrested in UC-Davis food-service employment protests

Children of Icon Republicans deserting the GOP

Fineman: Keeping Obama Safe -Why we’re all relieved that the Secret Service is protecting the

Honor Our Fallen Service Members E action

In pictures: French voters

Edwards blasts Bush administration for refusing foreign aid (Hurricane Katrina)

Prominent Civil Rights Activists Endorse Edwards for President

‘No Trade Deal With a Corrupt Regime’ (Colombia)

What did Rice Know (about the Niger Forgeries) and when did she know it...?

2008 Whale List Grows

Feith’s non-denial denial (RE: Tenet)

Less than half our soldiers believe civilians should be treated with dignity & respect

Jimmy Carter says Al Gore is best qualified to be president but he is not going to run

"We're better off than people in Darfur, so * is doing a great job"

National AFL-CIO To Consider Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy for President

I like any of the Democratic candidates better than any of the Republican candidates.

THANK YOU DU members 4 the cards, meet David Macklin

Polls, polls and more polls

McCain, Edwards Lead in Iowa (Angus Reid Global Monitor poll)

Million Phone March To Keep Stephanie Miller On MSNBC

"" and journalism in America

Admit it -- Katie Curic is Foxy!

Help....I'm not sure I like any of the candidates....

Edwards Statement in Response to Republican Presidential Debate

I don't know about you all, but

John Edwards will be on ABC This Week tomorow

Is It Fascism Yet?

The Guest Who Stayed Past Election ...: Someone needs to tell Ralph Nader it's time to go home

Boneheaded Move Of The Week: Edwards Campaign Ad Presents Washington Insiders as 'We the People'

Edwards Statement on House Passage of Hate Crimes Bill

Repukes defect to the Obama camp (TimesOnline)

Wiki: Mitt Romney claims relative died from illegal abortion.

Impeach Already!!!! What more does Congress Need????

College student arrested for threatening to kill Clinton, belonged to "Stop Hillary" Facebook group


Dick Cheney -- The D.C. Madman -- Is About To Crack ... (up?)

Richardson's call to de-authorize the war requires a supermajority. What about Hillary's?