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Archives: May 31, 2007

Minnesota case fits pattern in attorneys flap

US Internet 'Spam King' arrested

Venezuelan opposition leader demands release of jailed protesters


Oh dear. I'm going to be up all night.

Any Real Estate Appraisers in the House?

Sally Field for Boniva=senior hottness

Bow Down Before Me, And Know That I Am...

Calling all Grammar Nazis!

World's Shortest Psychiatrist Joke

Relationship "Deal Breakers"...

Powell and Rice assure us Iraq is no threat before 9/11

Giuliani knew the WTC was going to come down?

Iraq "Surge" is "increasingly costly in terms of American blood."

Woman On Oxygen Dies After Power Cut - Guardian

Radio station drops Headline News over "anti-war" coverage of Memorial Day

Mr. Google takes pictures of you outside of adult bookstores

NYT editorial, "Injustice 5, Justice 4": Supreme Court is "increasingly protective of the powerful"

Guys, you'd better start wearing pants when you step outside.

Who here would bet their lives that we won't have any national emergencies until 1-20-09?

Olbermann Countdown up 72% in Ratings over last May

The economy and how people are suffering

Get ready freeway, someone's coming to decorate!

Michael Moore's new movie, "Sicko" looks good...

The future of the U.S. economy....local and sustainable?

My daughter stood smiling at her best friend across the street

Georgia woman continues her fight to rid school libraries of "witchcraft-promoting" Harry Potter


OMG Freeway Blogger You are the best! One for Cindy to bushitler!

Fred Thompson: Registered Foreign Agent, 20-Year Lobbyist, S&L Criminal


DFA Training in Baton Rouge this week-end.

'Surge' Complete: 5th and final brigade arrives for the party

Among the many reasons DUers have for feeling down these days,

I don't ever do this...but THIS deserves to be recognized.

Griffen Arkansas AG is resigning. ONE down!

Free Speech and the Corporate Media

Bush Breaks Neocon Taboo (Joe Conason)

Where Are You, John Ashcroft?

Democrats in Congress must deliver on promises of strict lobbying reform

The Mounting Failure of Abstinence Education (AlterNet)

Well Slap my Face and Call me Mary: O'Reilly Comes out of the Closet

Conyers: A Hero of the Constitution

Falwell and Savage Christians: A Legacy of Hate and Violence (Black Agenda Report, via AlterNet)

A Call To Lower the Speed Limit to 55 (AlterNet)

Exit From Iraq Should Be Through Iran

So Fla Sun Sentinel: A Divider (Cindy Sheehan)

Mozilla Patches 6 Firefox Bugs

A Spreading Terror (Iraq a school for terrorists)

Lieberman Confronted By Troops In Iraq: ‘When Are We Going To Get Out Of Here?’

House GOP Cuts Off the $un$hine by Paul Kane / WaPo

IRAQ: Cancer emerges as major cause of death in south

Endgame Ahead (Dave Broder Does the Apocalypse)

Chrysler At The Gates Of Hell by Jamie Lincoln Kitman

V.P.'s Identity Ruled Secret

The 2008 Angle on the Zoellick Nomination --Cillizza / WaPo

Moving the bar again: Iraq surge deadline may be too early -US commander


Of Idiocy and Optimal Climates (by Chris Mooney at HuffPost)

The Case for Bombing Iran

Nigerians file $2 billion case against Pfizer (AP, via Yahoo)

Iraqi PM doesn't trust his military, says coup possible

Plame, Simon&Schuster sue CIA (Publisher's Weekly)

Meet Fred Thompson: Friend of Felons (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Haircuts and Gossip -- Pageantlike Presidential Election Coverage (alternet)

Gore and Sheehan Join Forces (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)

Scott Ritter: Repudiation, Not Impeachment

Words in a Time of War (The Nation)

JOSEPH L. GALLOWAY: Congress goes on vacation while more 'honored dead' come home

Gore in the balance

War Is a Government Program

Is Martial Law Coming? (By Matthew Rothschild for The Progressive)

‘Wild-Eyed’ Bush Thumped Chest While Repeating ‘I Am The President’

59-trillion reasons for a let-them-work ethic

It’s the Two Economies, Silly

David Sirota: SECRET TRADE DEAL - DAY 21: Dem K Street Lobbyists Begin Whipping Votes

Asylum requests dwindle, as do approvals

David Yespen(Iowa) on Biden

Bush kills off hopes for G8 climate change plan

Silencing Soldiers

Another Surveillance Program or a Lie?

Appropriate Disillusionment (on Sheehan & Bacevich despair with Democrats)

Kerry's Regrets About John Edwards

U.S. Food System Deeply At Risk (

The Case for Conservatism (George Will Does Comedy!)

A Presidential Daughter Gears Up for the Next Chapter in Her Life

Editor&Publisher SPECIAL REPORT: As Cuts Trim News Pages and Newsrooms -- What Gets Lost?

FDA: Don't Eat Monkfish -- Three guesses where it's from!

Rolling Stone | Giuliani: Worse Than Bush

Presidential IQ By Chris Bowers


Iraq Is Korea? Bush's latest appalling historical analogy

Libby trial judge joins secret FISA court

The Pleasure of the President - Lessons on Impeachment from 1974 - I

An Egghead for the Oval Office

Women Lost at Reading Maps

Riot for Austerity 90% Emissions Reduction Project. (reduce consumption to 10% of US average)

Nepal census shows decline in rare rhino population - Reuters

Whale meeting condemns Japan hunt (and protesters too) - BBC

NASA's latest

A report from the farm about what ethanol is doing to the landscape

Green Gears In Motion? (

George Bush - 15 member climate summit?

China To Unveil Bold New Climate Plan At G8 - Without Any Committments To Reduce GHGs, Of Course

UA Fairbanks Professor - Alaskan Forests Facing Multiple Challenges From Climate Breakdown

Philippine President - Any APEC Emission Trading Plan Up To Australia

Gulf Stream disruption?

Japanese Study Finds Much Less Carbon Absorption By Forests Than Thought - Yomiuri

US urges new greenhouse gas goals (targets by end of 2008) - BBC

Bush Bureaucrats Rewrote Owl Plan (The Oregonian, via CommonDreams)

USGS - Organophosphorous Breakdown Products 10-100X More Lethal To Amphibians Than Parent Pesticides

World Bank Report - Global Carbon Emissions Up 16% 1990 - 2003: US Up 20%, Japan Up 15%, EU Up 3%

Barbara - First Tropical Storm Of 2007 - Forms In Pacific, Heading For Acapulco - Reuters

John Howard Abruptly Changes Mind On GHG Targets, Carbon Trading - IHT

Tainted Soil Forces Closure NJ Middle School (What? NJ Has Some Untainted Soil Left?)

UK - Met Office Gives One-In-Six Chance This Summer Will Surpass 2003's Record Heat - Reuters


Blue whales 'making a comeback'

I'm confused about something...

Zoo: Rare rhino death leaves only 13 worldwide (AP/CNN)

Japan threatens to quit whaling forum - Reuters

Study - Full Fossil-Fuel Exploitation Will Produce Damage Lasting For Millenia - CanWest News

ExxonMobil shareholders rebuff concerns on climate change - AFP

Hundreds Of Australian Farmers Plan To Cut Down Protected Trees In Land-Use Protest - Reuters

Freed Chinese panda dies in wild (BBC)

A Metal Scare to Rival the Oil Scare

Greenland Continues to Slip-Slide Away

Chinese Study - Tibetan Plateau, Source Of Much Of PRC Water, Losing Snow & Ice @ 7%/Year

Rice Needles Germany On Green Credentials At G8 Meet - AFP

For or Against ...Significantly Higher MPG, at least 50% higher?

Lieberman says Israel should bomb Gaza

In the Shadow of the Six-Day War

Israel 3rd from bottom on Global Peace Index

Officials: Israel ready to transfer tax revenues to PA

A two-state solution is still the way

Boycotting Israel as moral masturbation

U.S. envoy to PA slams Israel for refusing to ease PA conditions

Olmert explores, via third party, resumption of talks with Syria

Can the Iraq 'Surge' Be Salvaged?

Suicide bomber kills 20 in Iraq's Falluja-hospital

Gitmo detainee found dead

Iraq says seeking release of kidnapped Britons

Oral Dissents Give Ginsburg a New Voice on Court

Guardsmen train with wrong equipment

Ex-KGB spy: UK tried to recruit me

Iraq's bloodiest month for US troops since Fallujah(2 more Soldier killed Wed)

Wednesday night massacre

Rival insurgent groups clash in Baghdad-residents

Iran says dead rebels had US-made arms

Albania finds small, crude bombs before Bush visit

U.S. says fourth Iranian American detained in Iran

Progress against Baghdad violence limited so far: US general

Marine War Protester Faces Discipline

Venezuela: don't let student slaying fan protests

Iraqi police chief is arrested

FBI: Violent crime still increasing

India's GDP expanded at fastest pace in 18 years (9.4% growth)

Cease-fires eyed to stop Iraq violence

Bosnian Serb war crimes suspect Tolimir arrested

White House envisions "Korean model" in Iraq

Why is NASA using tax money to build a moon base and not trying to solve global warming?

Derby trip violated law on contributions, GOP says

Marine vet faces hearing over protest

A Presidential Daughter Gears Up for the Next Chapter in Her Life

Bush wants global climate change meet

‘Wild-Eyed’ Bush Thumped Chest While Repeating ‘I Am The President’

Iraq Qaeda group says killed US embassy couple

Guantanamo prisoner had U.S. military training

TB patient ID'd as Atlanta lawyer

Judge says letters about convicted ex-Cheney aide will be released in CIA leak case

Violence forces Iraqis to give up meat

Union chief wants United to start talks

APTN Cameraman Killed in Baghdad

New York voters favor Clinton (over Rudy): poll

GSA chief to fight charge of Hatch Act violation, attorney says

Dell Lays Off 8,000 As 1Q Earnings Fall

Iraq: Cancer emerges as major cause of death in south

As relations with Russia worsen, Bush asks Putin to family retreat

California Casino Labor Dispute Tests Dem Presidential Candidates

Klobuchar seeks answers about new revelations in targeting of Heffelfinger

Russia: Cold War arms race is starting again

Man Claims to Have Loch Ness Video

Whale meeting condemns Japan hunt

US immigration courts inconsistent in asylum cases: study

Bush pushes new climate change plan (he will try anything for his legacy)

U.S. trying to open a dialogue with al-Sadr, commander says

CBS: Iraqi PM doesn't trust his military, says coup possible

Border agent ignored warning for TB traveler

U.S. paid nearly $31 million in condolence payments to Iraqis, Afghanis

Bush Tells Talabani US Firm on Iraq Aid (plus Meghan O'Sullivan's new job)

Judge awards ex-Tyco executive severance pay

New Hampshire governor signs bill legalizing civil unions for gay couples

RNC fires phone solicitors

Bill would give voters say on war (CA Presidential Primary)

Official says Britons' captors posed as government workers, overpowered guards

Gates, U.S. General Back Long Iraq Stay (Korea again)

Blue whales 'making a comeback'

Bush, Talabani Cite Progress in Iraq

Turkish general: Ready for PKK strike

Molson (Coors) workers stage walkout; Beer supplies unlikely to be affected by strike, company says

DoJ expands probe into attorney sackings

US urges new greenhouse gas goals


Malaysia rules against right to choose religion

NPR, Others Challenge Online Royalties

Iraq elections held too soon

Liberty student held after testimony of violent plans

GALLUP: What Americans Would Like to Tell Bush About Iraq

Tonight's the Night: Iraq's Leader Had Told Reporters U.S. Could Start Pullout By June 1

Gun-toting teens alarm residents

Putin issues sharp warning to US, vows to counter 'imperialism'

On Iraq, Bush Says Public is With Him

MRAPs can't stop newest weapon

(UK) Awol soldier commits suicide

Baghdad Embassy Plans Turn Up Online (and are deleted)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday May 31

Murder term again a possibility for woman in S.F. dog-mauling death

Ex-spy Plame and publisher sue CIA over her memoir

NASA Administrator Not Sure Global Warming A Problem

Venezuela's Carreno Says Universities Fuel Protests

TB patient ID'd as Atlanta attorney, 31

Hoffa: Let's unite to fix Michigan

Drivers flood S.F. gas station for $2.99 fuel

Venezuela Lawmakers Allege Calls Link Opposition to Protests

Venezuela uproar concerns Carter Center

U.S. Company Used Melamine in Feed

(Gov) Perry off to Secret Forum in Turkey (Bilderberg Conference)

Iran says dead rebels had U.S.-made arms -media

Sunnis revolt against al-Qaida

New birth control pill for men announced

The all new seven wonders of the world

Chuck Norris wrote to me!

Police Called To Gas Stations Lowering Prices

Handicapped Woman's Wheelchair Didn't Fit On Train - Forced To Crawl To Seat - Passengers Do Nothing

Should you still pm a picture of your ass given these conditions?


Olbermann won't be on Countdown again tonight, but I won't miss him

Men Robb Restaurant - Run Into Each Other During Escape Causing One To Shoot Himself

Priest Says Woman Can't Lead Choir Unless She Stops Selling Sex Toys

Man Stole 1,500 Pairs Of Girls' Shoes Because He Liked To Smell Them

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/31/2007)

*NEW* 'Studio 60' tonight at 10PM

4 real questions

Endless Horizon...

Nobel prize winner in Literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Have you ever had nights where there is just never a point where you want to go to bed

Ever meet a DU'er in person and found you liked him/her, but

Slightly disappointed, but I like my version better.

Saw where a new Mini Cooper D coming with 72 miles to gallon.

Caption this pic (Dubya)

Okay, I'll say it. It's not chic.

what are you wearing

I just found out a passed my Praxis II!

Post a picture...

I said i'd go easy on the yankee apologists

Spanish town votes in Elvis flares and nude pool - pretty funny

Introducing the Hipster PDA

Truck versus BMW

Musician Canned for Focus on Wrong Organ

Hey, that guy with TB that flew? He's a PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER

are there any true work from home plans that work???

Well, This Is One Way To Get Kids To Exercise

Postage stamps are .41 cents now aren't they?

What the hell...they took down the fundraising graphics!

please go ahead and retire boss.

Yay! We get to get a kitty cat!

Should I Invite Thomcat for a Brooklyn Du'er Meetup ?

Windows Vista. What a pain in the ass!

Please don't hate me because I like jelly bellies

I like to wear cowboy hats and roll my own smokes....

kitten/cat thread (dialup warning)

Last night, on my way to dinner, the HazMat team pulled into my neighborhood.

Do you remember the movie Twins? Here's a pic of my Dad, my brother and me

The guy with TB who flew - Exercising his right to travel or thoughtless dhead?

Any DUers in jelly, KY, this Saturday, June 2?

I had a root canal AND screamed GD today ...

Please don't hate me because I like leadbelly.

Watch out for "the google"

I want some legos

Stone Cold and The Rock singing songs together

Any DUers in Lexington, KY, this Saturday, June 2?

My legal political limits.

A Nancy Drew movie?!

And while we're at it — Barry Bonds is a big doodyhead

I have just ONE question:

Pick a new U.S. flag!

MY Favorite Book

I have an interview this afternoon. I don't want to go. I want to be lazy....

please don't hate me because I like big ol' bellies

Ebay auction....the Miracle Jock

so I got this letter from Margaret Carlson

I fucking hate it when people start threads and bash my favorite beers!

Best age for a kid to get a cat

Whats Your Favorite Book

what is that great smell of a clean baby?

Most self indulgent, wanker in punk rock?

Reggie Bush is a Saint

it's 5:33 p.m. EST here

I can NOT get the, 'e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y wants to rule the world' song out of my head, today.

Man Tries To Certify His 5-Inch Long Nipple Hair As Guiness World Record

How can she walk in those heels?!!!!!!

CONFESS!!!! How old were you when you first bought beer and what brand was it??

My friend was a "Jane Doe" for 13 hours.

George W. Bush is a saint

Happy 7th Birthday Brendan!!!

I has a stik

Okay, everyone needs a laugh!

Time for another "Back in My Day"....

Catholic church organist fired for selling sex toys

Harry Potter theme park set to open

Man, the neighbors are stroking sex toys bought from a Catholic church on the front porch


Time again for 10 Questions - with a musical twist!!

Any Angeleno's remember the Oar House?

Catholic church organist fired for selling sex toys

The Best Soap Opera Ever!!

Best two-cut opening to a classic album

Man, the neighbors are stoking doobies on the front porch

I'm an insane person - Gardening

UFO flying saucer,teaching you how to manufacture,not a joke

Cthulu: Eater of Souls, Roaster of Dogs

Don't you hate it when people who you can't ignore call you for

Pirate Master on right now

There's a litter of white-tailed squirrels

Police: Explosion may have sparked blaze

Do you live in a urban, rural, or suburban area?

Would You Smell Your Cat?

Yeah. I am really unhappy being home.

My neighbour said "hello" to me......


This is why you should turn off your computer at night

Bob Dylan - Charlie Chaplin - Beyond The Horizon...


Don't mind me. I just wanna see what my new avatar looks like

Stop-motion Piano and Drums video

God FORBID I should make a stupid comment.

After reading all the comments about the guy on the plane with TB,

I just found out our old neighbor died.

Memorial Day Salute: In lieu of barbeque

Like YouTube? Then you'll love GODTube!!

Would You Spell Your Cat?

should i change my 'sup...' welcome pic to this one...

YouTube Flashback: Bruce Springsteen singing "Trapped", Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, 8/15/1985

Anyone ever had Little Kings beer?

Check out this video with ping pong balls

Need advice, please

I don't like the magic cookie bar

I like to go out to dinner by myself


We just ate Japanese Seafood Buffet!

They should bring back Billy Beer

Today's Dumb Headline: "Donovan leaving Florida to coach NBA's Magic"

Blossoms, hands and glass

Why cannot we all be friends?

Happy birthday Radio_Lady!!

Just curious - how many loungers know who they want to support for the 2008 prez race?

OMG WTF Bush eats kittens!!!!11!one

Wow, Dr. Death is being released from prison......

I love this song!

Woman Sues After Slipping On Vomit At Wal-Mart

I bet they call your butt a butt because it abutts stuff

There used to be a certain magic about Rolling Rock beer,

For the House/Wilson fans: Brokeback Hospital

Her Cups Runneth Over

Would You Sell Your Cat?

Officer Sues Over 'Mucousy' Sandwich

Long jokes that end in a horrible pun

I need a hug...

Where did you have your last lunch or dinner out? Did you like it?

The monster pig story is a hoax and I can prove it.

But is there any doubt about the best beer?

Congratulations Sarahbelle! You graduated nursing school!

Spelling Bee - Grognard?

I feel like a murderer

Any Gardeners?

Be Nosey: Ask Me Something, Preferrable via PM

GOPisEvil is flying home today.

where do think you prefer to fit in?

My Crotch is Wet and Sticky

Iron City Beer - was there any beer worse than this bottled p***-water?

Crazy Rabbit

How do you deal with a passive-aggressive spouse?

A-Rod Shows His "Sportsmanship" One More Time

Beatles' Sgt Pepper celebrates 40 years (June 1, 1967)

This time tomorrow I'll be at the Wach watching Roger Waters do "Dark Side of the Moon"

Drinking - an article and questions

What does the SM in the Army Strong commerical stand for?

Figured out why I find bras uncomfortable

I touch myself....Spock and Kirk.

I know Madonna's phone number...

Can you cook with onion flowers?

California DU'ers!!! Please help!

If you see me walkin' down the street...and I start to cry

AT&T sales strategy

It's been a while since I started one of these - Pic thread!

Post for lovers of the pipes - Gaitas (Spanish pipes)

My first post on my new computer

Our baby chicks came Monday.

A criminally underrated band...

Beatles Or Stones

Boomers — did you have to sing 'patriotic' songs in grammar school?

I has a money.


Anyone have any good suggestions for learning photography?

Got Sacked Today

Ever pick up a Hitchhiker?

A criminally overrated band

Delayed steal (baseball).

A-Rod speaks up while running bases and Blue Jays call foul

Karl 'The Mailman' Malone Delivers to Louisiana Tech

The MMA Education of Brock Lesnar

VA Health care enrollment question

Pro-union bills are veto bait for Bush

2000 UMW construction workers ratify contract

Toledo Newspaper Unions Approve Contract

Legendary IWW returns to Grand Rapids, Mi (Starbucks Union)

Romney’s ‘Business Experience’: Firing Workers, Hiring Them Back at Lower Wages

Chinese and American unions shake hands

UNITE-HERE Launches American Eagle Outfitters Campaign

How does a Guest Worker program work? Badly.

I find it just shy of incredulous that Republicans can accuse

Clear Channel to U.S. Military Veterans:“No Jobs in Massachusetts for You” Vets ask J Kerry 4 help

Impeach on the Beach

Richardson spells out his Energy plan to DFA

Dead Man's Chess

Stand By Your Man

'Enough Is Enough'

Harry Enfield - Women know your limits

Nova janitors- Your jobs are not safe! The Most Vocal Union Supporters at NSU Still Without Work

Neocon movement in America

Republican Terror Scenario

"Back to Baghdad" - Hometown Baghdad

John Edwards in Conversation with Google

Edwards Family - Military Care Packages

FOX News Plan To Bash John Edwards Doesn't Turn Out As Hoped

RCTV - - Report on statements of Chávez on the press

Nancy Grace Pranked

KILL EVERYBODY: American soldier exposes US policy in Iraq

IVAW Takes Manhattan - Operation First Casualty

America--what was and what should never be

A summer school physics class idea...

Troops Confront Lieberman On Iraq Visit: "When Are We Going To Get Out Of Here?"

Can Congress stop paying the salaries/expenses of the Executive Branch?

A blast from the past

Salt of the Earth

Giuliani facing tough opposition of NY firefighters

How can I prove that Bush's # 1 bench mark with Iraqi Gov. is a passed oil bill?

Fort Lewis ends individual memorials

U.S. imposes trade sanctions on China, South Korea and Indonesia in paper disput

Could Alberto Gonzales be disbarred? From Think Progress

There is a plan and it does not include us

Guiliani is * in a slicker package.

What do you think of "republikins"?

Communists in India say no to Wal Mart

Can the Iraq 'Surge' Be Salvaged?

Minnesota USA Targeted for Protecting Native American Voting Rights

Big Disparities in Judging of Asylum Cases

Attorney Targeted For PROTECTING Native American Votes (LAT)

MRAPs can't stop newest weapon-Vehicles need extra armor, military says

Gitmo detainee apparently kills himself

Barbara Slavin On C-Span's Washington Journal Now

Want to know what happened to Cindy Sheehan?

Regarding This TB Dude.....

The S&P 500 Breaks Old Record !

4 More Years

Debate question I'd like to hear asked of all Prezidential candidates who voted for the IWR

Here comes hurricane season 2007

Republican voters increasing pressure on GOP legislators on Iraq

Louisiana: SUPPLIES IN DEMAND-many of its high-water trucks remain in Iraq

the Fundies will go crazy --- Harry Potter coming to Orlando's Universal Studios in a big way

Marine veteran faces hearing on discharge status for wearing uniform at protest rally

New York taxi license hits record price: $600,000

delete dupe

Banksy comments 911 ...

Ha ha female right wing WACKO escorted out of FOX er uh FAUX NEWS

Forget China. Toledo, Ohio, company put melamine in its products.

International Whaling Commission meeting Alaska - day 2 report by Capt Paul Watson

dupe; please delete

D'oh! Economy has worst growth since 2002

Anyone catch Barry Macaffery on NPR this morning?


Why are male Supremes better paid than female


Fitzgerald says Plame was a covert agent

Dayum, a Fred Thompson Democrat caller on Washington Journal.

Man bites dog, pronounces it "yummy"

Tulsa, 31 May 1921

5 Days

Since Fred Thompson thinks he can win the Prez, when is James Spader entering the race?

Why Do You Support Treason, Fred Thompson?

The Unitary King George

AP:Economy Has Worst Growth Since 2002

Presidential Library Destroyed by Flood

GOP fear fallout from new ethics probes

a conversaton with Al Gore

To whoever gave me a star - Thank you!

LA TIMES: USA (MN) Targeted for Firing for Supporting Native Am Voting Rights

Fiore: Meet the Genocide Group

Whichever R candidate puts on an actual reagan mask will win.

George W. Bush & Family - 2007 Official Portrait ---pix--->>>

Was The F. Thompson Guy Who Just Called In On Wash. Journal On The Toilet?

Maliki Warns Of Iraqi Army Coup Schemes

Your FDA -- Always Quick to Respond

Anti-Occupation Protesters Dog Bush In New Jersey

Shrum: Kerry's Regrets About John Edwards

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines


Someone should do a documentary on Cindy Sheehan.

The Republican Plan For 2008 Begins Today - Thom Hartmann

FYI: Ari Berman, The Nation, on Democracy Now! today, RE: Clinton

Poor Tommy Thompson

Baghdad weather forecast: 114 degrees.

Ted Gup on Diane Rehm today

Ex-ally may challenge 'damaged' Doolittle(R- CA) in GOP primary

This is why we need to elect Democrats

Will they ever make hybrid family cars (at least before I have kids (if ever)?

What's your opinion on Democratic opposition research?

Word is Thompson is lazy and wants the nomination handed to him

CSPAN: John Edwards campaign event 5/21/07

Listen to this Laura Ingraham ant-W whinefest

Verizon awaits report on use of undocumented workers

Creating Talking Points for 2008 Republican candidates

No, Sam Brownback Doesn't Believe in Evolution

Why do people feel they do not have to honor a contract?

What we've been missing

another city's water supply made toxic by algae

Wachovia to buy A.G. Edwards for $6.8 Bil. Creates 2nd largest retail brokerage firm in the US

"A Borderless World" - Interesting RW take on immigration debate.

Laura bush on Cspan - "leadership" speachification.

Bush Officials Spreading Lie About Governor (Sebelius) Who Blew Whistle On National Guard Shortages

Caption Pickles

Helen Thomas: Bush Buys Time On Iraq

To establish credibility, the Iraqi government may be forced to "demand" the U.S.'s withdrawal

How's That Jim Beam Treating You, Pissypants? ---pix--->>>

The Coffin: Another Way Out of Guantanamo

UK involved in spy's poisoning

LOL- B*sh Fights to keep his $500M Library empty!!!

Characterize their character. The bush cabal are:

U.S. "imperialism" means new arms race: Putin - Welcome back to 1961

Charges Iraq Invasion Was to Keep Lid on Oil Production

Cease-fire eyed to stop violence in Iraq

Does anyone know how Al Gore feels about the electronic voting machines?

Did he buy a pair of shoes for Condi?

Comedy Central has a new show called "lil bush".

Iraqi Army or Mahdi Army? Video Shows Iraqi Soldiers Covering Mahdi Army in Attack on Sunni area

He’s still in the bunker

Iraq vets who attend anti war protests are being investigated

Chairman of Neocons, Norman Podhoretz, Calls For Bombing Iran Now in WSJ

Anyone notice the D.C. Madame case dropped right out of the MSM...

Apparently, according to TODAY more people are using Nannies

Who here is familiar with Order W199I-WF-213589

A co-worker said, "Bush has aged in office because he cares too much..."

Yes, we officially have a deranged, psychotic man in the Presidency...(Froomkin)

Bush Administration- or HITLER???

Which ISPs are spying on you?

Goal: 100000 Now: 92974

watch out for "the google"

Democrats seek to overturn pay ruling

Death of a small tornado ravaged town

About Directive 51

Iraq residents rise up against al-Qaida

Paul Wolfowitz: ‘I’m Not An Architect Of Anything’

The Decider's WAR, what is it good for?

PHOTOS: Memorial Day at Arlington West

Uh Oh....Bush's Mom is forming off Western Mexico and is expected to become our first hurricane!

What Is It About Combat PTSD?

Astro-stalker Nowak to receive NASA medal

Oregon man uses pigs to trash own house after foreclosure

Homeland Security hiring science fiction writers - really!

Franklin Graham's thoughts on the state of evangelism....

GALLUP: What Americans Would Like to Tell Bush About Iraq

Bush, Translated by Andrew Gumbel - Huffington Post

Lack of low-income mental health facilities/treatment is progressives' fault? SINCE WHEN?

General Odierno: Surge has brought 'small progress'

As US & key allies reject Iran overture of partial suspension of uranium enrichment..

If Gore is not going to run, then I am undecided.

Drugs Giant Faces Criminal Charges Over Clinical Trial (Pfizer)

One of world's top 10 spammers held in Seattle

I am NOT undecided about '08.

MSNBC Seeks Morning Show Feedback from You

U.S. Government Gave Airtime to Terrorists, Official Admits


Why is it NOT ok to criticize a certain government's lobbying of a certain Senator?

Obama's Healthcare Plan

Alex Witt-less on MSNBC re: the health of the Iraqi Head of State:

Protesting Marine's Fatigues Bring Charges

Corporate Sales Strategy

GM progress being made in Europe, says Monsanto chief

News Anchors Pretending to be Poor

US General Says He May Need More Time to Assess Iraq Surge

Snarky Decider : "For those that remember September the 11th..."

Louis Freeh : Wanker

Has anyone heard from Monkeyman lately?????

Republican hypocrisy once again

Bush sure loves to beat up on girls.

Slogger: U.S. Embassy In Baghdad Built With Forced Labor?

The Vast Unapologetic Rightwing Treason Apologists, No Corrections or Retractions Necessary...

Bradblog: Chance Meeting W/ Karl Rove - Rove Gets Told About "Regime Change Here at Home"

Protesters March In Edision NJ Against Bush Visit (PHOTOS)


what is the thing with Yahoo slandering Patric kennedy on Yahoo.. only caught the last of it..??

Surrender Monkeys?

I'm the "metal yarmulke" guy. Here's how I see it.

Coerced Labor Building Baghdad Embassy?

Raw responses to Gallup's question: What would you say to Bush regarding Iraq?

Soldier demoted after questioning official 9/11 story


WorldNutDaily letting terrorists speak their minds?

Like Goodling, Schlozman Politicized Hiring At Justice Dept's Civil Rights Division

Ex-spy Plame and publisher sue CIA over her memoir

Caption this pic

Donna Brazile is an honorary moran:

Ok, Google: Mr. President Gore

TinFoilHat Poll: Will George Sieze power before '08?

What Would Americans Tell President Bush to Do About Iraq?

You are here! (the ARM reset edition)

New U.S. Attorney Nominee’s 1998 Campaign Was Run By Rove-Protege Tim Griffin

Crashed chopper had dropped off troops

Ex-Rove aide to resign as federal prosecutor

Ok, this is the first of my straw polls

Lieberman: ‘I see progress.’

Pentagon ‘Migrated’ Soviet Cold War Torture Techniques to Guantanamo, Iraq

Blogger unmasked, court case upended (Hey, if this is a dupe, flame me, we're lacking drama)

This sucks! has shut down.

Randi Rhodes, I love you, but

"Putin: U.S. Has Triggered New Arms Race"

At the end of yet another Friedman

GOP Voter Fraud Bigwig Complained to White House about Canned U.S. Attorney

"Bush Calls for Global Emissions Goals"


Uh oh---the Iraqis ARE following us home!

Doesn't HIPAA apply to the TB man? Why is his

Troops to Lieberman: "When are we going to get out of here?"

Cutting off funds would not end the Iraq occupation.

Seriously,..... Fred Thompson? Is that all you got?

Is Randi going to do the entire show on white kids with dreads?

CDC’s Ability To Respond To Tuberculosis Scare Hampered By Bush’s Budget Cuts

U.S. Knew Man had Rare, Contagious Disease; Yawns as he Enters Border. "Homeland Security" Indeed

Help! Anyone know where to find transcripts on the Nixon investigation?

White House nears completion of new torture guidelines

Time magazine makes me an offer I can refuse

3474 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

And just think... he coulda been our president.

Will Al Gore be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year?

Center For Constitutional Rights Condemns Death of Fourth Guantanamo Prisoner

What Global Warming? (mainheadline on Faux's web page)

Now what? By all accounts, Bush and Condi are actually the voices of restraint.

How many times under Bush has GDP been revised downward??

Lieberman says Israel should bomb Gaza

Heres Joe Lieberman, showing off the latest Baghdad fashions

AP says cameraman killed in Iraq

New helicopter footage from April 28 — “IMPEACH NOW!” morphing into “PEACE NOW!” — 2 minutes

Ron Paul - who cares what he thinks re: 9/11 - read this

OMG: Baghdad Embassy Plans Turn Up Online

Serving overseas, but homeless here

Doomed GM plant is nation's most productive (

I can NOT get the, 'e-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y wants to rule the world' song out of my head, today.

Veco’s Adventures in Sub-Contracting

Officer Sues Over 'Mucousy' Sandwich

Man sues Minutemen over fence Har har har

George F. Will: The Case for Conservatism

Consumers should bear true costs of energy: industry official CANADA

Baghdad Embassy Plans Turn Up Online

Catholic church organist fired for selling sex toys

Worst bumper-sticker in the world! Spotted on P/U truck in Greenville, S.C., today.

TIME Magazine: Amid the Surge, an Army's Shortage

I have (Gore) noticed (Gore) something (Gore) different (Gore) here (Gore) lately (Gore)

If MSM newscasts are for profit - how do they make money if nobody watches?

Gore's twofer

So has Rush jumped the ship of Bushco

The Soldiers Who Left Something Behind

Interesting quote from a conservative British newspaper

Bill O'Reilly: Fighting the Attack on white, Christian, heterosexual male dominance....

Dell Profit Rises; Company Plans to Lay Off 10% of Work Force

Iraq Cease-Fire: The Real Answer

Plame sues CIA for blocking her memoir

Cranky Uncle Lou Dobbs Stacks the Deck

(thump thump thump) "I AM the President" (Thump thump thump)

Them GOP guys sure know how to pick Prezinents...And..they want us to TRUST them AGAIN??

Bush spreading cheer at Bethesda

Iraq’s PM Al-Maliki doesn’t trust his own military: Threat of a Coup

I had this dream about 2008...


AFA and NY Post totally misrepresent Pew Survey

Statement from TB researcher father-in-law of quarantined TB patient.

Venezuela Uproar Concerns Carter Center

Thursday: 3 GIs, 75 Iraqis Killed; 68 Iraqis Wounded

White House regrets failure to do more blog outreach.

The tunnels are shut down in Pittsburgh

Why does no one challenge the Terrorist Bush when he falsely asserts,

Tweety's hypersalivating again...get him some atropine.

Is one of the repug strategies to run buffoons to make the

Bush Talks Oil

Do the Dems even know about bushs 51 power grab or

Has Cindy Sheehan joined the 9/11 Truth Movement?

Bush to Send Meghan O'Sullivan to Iraq

Time’s up.

Wolfowitz will receive $400,000 "performance bonus" tomorrow from World Bank

Quarantined Man's Father-In-Law A Tuberculosis Specialist At CDC

Impeachment support growning. Lookie.

Study finds cocaine, pot in Rome's air

According to CBS News, we are at war

Mr. Deity

Ever feel the terror scares coming out of the WH sound like plots from bad sci-fi novels?

Iraq's reconstruction is more bad news

Dupe - sorry...

IRAQ: Cancer emerges as major cause of death in south

Former Jeb Bush aide Justin Sayfie lands White House appointment

How do you contract drug resistant TB - I always associated it

Marine feels killing ‘right thing’

Iraq war vets could face disciplinary action over protests

Peanut butter an athesist worst nightmare

Troops your death doesn't count to Gen Pace unless you're KIA

Scarborough very HORNY on MSNBC...

How soon til our party leaders get it? you CAN'T triangulate Iraq.

DeMint rips war ‘wimps’

DU this poll!

Katie Couric's Audience Falls, Sending CBS Evening News Ratings to a 20-Year Low

Christian Defense Coalition castigates Edwards, Clinton: "Would Jesus fly in private jets?"

Atrios: "Democrats went to war because they were scared of losing their elections. They stay ...

head of NASA says he's not sure global warming is a problem

Hillary and ShowBiz

Repudiation, Not Impeachment-Scott Ritter

I think I'm getting more spam since the so-called "Spam King" was arrested.

Dan Froomkin: 50 More Years in Iraq?

Call me a cynic, but I bet it will come out that TB carrier Andrew Speaker...

If Chavez would sell the traitor stations to Fox, would that be fair and balanced?

Right-wing viral e-mails--where are they coming from? What can we do about it?

Susan G. Komen for the Cure Commissions Study on Environmental Factors Linked To Breast Cancer

He also made it clear he was setting Iraq up so his successor could not get out of "our destiny"

Shrum: Kerry's regrets about John Edwards

30 seconds alone with Michael Reagan. That is what I really want right now.

Senate Panel Questions C.I.A. Detentions

ACLU Sues Boeing Subsidiary for Participation in CIA Kidnapping and Torture Flights

US scrambles to remove plans for new Baghdad embassy from Internet

If you believe in unity in the anti-war movement

Why I love Rosie

Can't Go to Live Earth Concert? NBC Networks to air almost wall to wall Coverage of Concerts.

'SICKO' Goes to Sacto: California State Capitol to get a house call from Michael Moore

RNC fires all 65 phone solicitors

Let us discuss more about Fred Thompson

Libby's Lawyers Argue Against Prison as Fitzgerald Seeks 30 Months

Iraq war justification hits lowest point in US

Thursday Toons: A little Bit of Everything Edition

Rep. Barbara Lee on modeling US military presence in Iraq after S. Korea~

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Freepers turn on Bush

I'm planning on joining the Iraqi security forces.

A soldier in Iraq asks in despair: "Why are we here?"

How would you categorize the "Maoist Internationalist Movement"?

Anybody have any thoughts on this National Spelling Bee?

Do you think that a Gore/Clark ticket could get over 60% of the vote?

Fifth Democratic candidate for Hastert's seat enters the race (Yes, 5th!)

Texas principal invokes double-secret probation over beach ball incident

Top NASA ADMINISTRATOR draws guffaws of ridicule from top NASA CLIMATE EXPERTS

RNC FIRES Its Entire Phone Banking Staff

Gore take on Liberals that criticize Congresspeople who blinked

Bill O’Reilly: The White, Christian, male power structure is in jeopardy…

Why is NASA using tax money to build a moon base and not trying to solve global warming?

Bush moves up in the war-monger president ratings...

RNC fires phone solicitors (all 65 of them!)

The Times they are a changin? 6 NYT LTTEs complaining about David Brooks B.S. review of Gore's book

IRAQ: Adeela Harith, Iraq "I have to scrounge around rubbish bins to feed my children"

Iraq Oil Workers Union letter to our congress on oil theft law

Bush calls for biggest greenhouse-gas emitters to cut emissions--but not before "the end of 2008"

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: Karl Rove Goes Memorial Day Shopping, Gets Told About 'Regime Change Here at Home'

Scalia Daughter Pleads to DUI Charge

HEADLINE: "President arrives to hecklers"...knock me over with a feather!

Movie director detained after saying his reason for flying into LAX was to "Shoot a Pilot"

EXCLUSIVE BRAD BLOG VIDEO: New Orleans 20 Months After Katrina

"Assault on Reason" by Al Gore for $7.49! At, membership is $7.49 monthly for three

Light bulbs

Word of the day: kakistocracy

"If We Were Half As Good As Bacteria At Evolving..., We'd Probably Now Rule The Universe"


VIDEO: An Oldie But a Goodie "Media-Opoly"

MSNBC Growing Faster Than Fox, CNN

Libby seeks probation in CIA leak case = Proposed Sentence Too Harsh

Calling for Primary challenges to Democrats is stupid stupid stupid!!!

Murray Waas: The Scales Of Justice-How Repubs Interacted With DOJ IN Pursuit Of Partisan Agenda

Surprising birthday cards slamming Bush et al

Fred and his child-bride

Catholic Church Organist Fired For Selling Sex Toys

Should minorities be allowed to vote?

Kirk Cameron...Fundamentalist Nut

"I said to myself, here are a people who have suffered

Did US allow TB-infected man to travel, to get EU to turn over passenger data in future?

Are all your car trips really necessary? Tell the truth

**BREAKING** "Contagious Man" has a name.

Congratulations lwfern and DU!!!

B R E A K I N G: Judge Walton has ordered the release of the libby-letters to the media!

Jeb Bush and Ken Mehlman in WSJ: "We believe this legislation will be good for the GOP."

So, who else is going to see Al Gore in Seattle, Monday, June 4th?

DeMint rips war ‘wimps’ (according to him, that would be Dems)

The real truth about the giant hog - it was a Canned Hunt

caption holy joe

He died in Walter Reed and icasualties lists it that way.Never seen that before.RIP PFC Matthew Bean

From a 15 year old girl in Mosul.

Clinton is impeached lying about a BJ. - Dems allow Bush to skate on Iraq war impeachment

I just saw John Edwards speak...

A Spreading Terror - BUSH - Thumping Himself On The Chest 3 Times-Repeating "I Am The President!"

The O'Reilly-McCain call for male, Christian, white supremacy. (Hey, Thom Hartmann listeners...)

one of my best friends was sentenced in federal court today...

romney says Hillary is a European caricature who'll have us all on WELFARE!

Do you believe a national emergency resulting in the...

GORE-Against Impeachment-Does Not Think It Would Be Successful

Watching the tropics: Invest 92L

Shilling For Justice Department, Kyl Placed Secret Hold On Open Government Act

May God bless Barbara Rossi-Fogman

US debt could trigger dollar collapse, UN warns

OLBERMAN On NBC Nightly News?

"In Flanders Fields" sounds so anti-war, until you get to the last stanza.

Justice Ginsburg reads "forceful dissents from the bench": "This is not law, it's politics"!

John Kyl is Senator who is blocking Open Government Bill

I knew it! TB Guy has a beautiful blonde wife.

Bush to mother of soldier killed in Iraq: "Don’t go sell (presidential coin) it on eBay.”

House Hearing Announced: "The Constitution In Crisis"

World's Largest Embassy Plans Posted Online (brilliant!) ------>>>

State Dept. Orders Site To Take Down Photos Of The $592 Million U.S. Embassy In Iraq

And the "secret senator" who did not want to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act is ...

(Bill) Gates Foundation and Genetically Engineered Crops in Africa. Is this aid?

Sen. Kyl Placed Secret Hold On Government Act To Protect Justice Dept.

Michael Moore to Testify at Landmark Sacramento Legislative Briefing on 'SiCKO' June 12

Why doesn't the MSM ever include LOBBYIST on Thompson's resume?

TB Patient's father in law works at the CDC- as a microbiologist

I don't know what forum this belongs in but I wanted to share some Razorback Pride in Iraq

Anti-war Iraq vets reenact occupation at Washington DC landmarks (Incredible)

DU this news poll

Because of several requests to repost this.

What grade would you give Nancy Pelosi and company thus far?

Olbermann up 72%!

Congress knowingly throws billions at graft, incompetence and a growing mercenary army

Tom Noe of Coingate fame & funneling illegal donations to Bush/Cheney in MORE trouble.

...And the Buzzflash GOP Hypocrite of the Week is.... Drumroll....

Free Speech and Criticsm on Democratic Underground.

"wild-eyed" George; "I am the president! I am the president! I am the president!"

a NON- ad- hominem exposure of Lou DOBBS: "mixes opinions and UNtruths"

Why is there no discussion on DU regarding Immigration?

What would YOU put in the Bush Presidential Library?

Caption this pic of * and Mrs. *

TB patient was told not to travel, CDC insists. He disputes that.

Andrew Speaker-TB guy's FIL works for the CDC, he's microbiologist in the control and prevention lab

US debt could trigger dollar collapse, UN warns

Just recommended by a librarian.... Funnies about *

Life used to be bettter!

Should we support a primary challenge to John Murtha for voting for the war funding?

If Turkey invades northern Iraq, what will happen next?

lol...eHarmony sued for excluding gays

What is your top political issue right now?

Tonight on Cspan will be a Focus Group on the Presidential candidates

Olbermann named Hannity (on Edwards) "Worst Person," with Bay Buchanan (on Clinton) as runner-up

PA Freshman (D) Altmire takes flak at Townhall for vote in favor of war funding

PBS good show last night

600 Days Left in the bush Regime...

When's the next Dem candidate debate?

Candidates intensify efforts to grab Latino vote

Miller (R) Murphy (R) Renzi (R) Calvert (R) Doolittle (R) Lewis (R) Jefferson(D)Mollohan(D)

Presidential Candidates Seek Support From Ethnic Networks

Free Speech and the Corporate Media

Democrats draw bigger crowds, more donors, more energy than Republicans in New Hampshire

Bush Sees U.S. Armed Forces In Iraq For Next 50 Years

Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Obama On A Roll

Clinton to Push for Tech Funding

Clinton's search for campaign song makes her "No.1 with a bullet."

The Rude Pundit - Cal Thomas: "I'm a Goddamn Idiot Who Can't Read" Or Words to That Effect

An anecdoatal two-for-one for Hillary fans.

Long-shot candidate Gravel keeps beating anti-war drum

NYT Magazine "Hillary's War"

Bush's detention facilities

Hmm. VERY Interersting. Quinnipiac poll: In PA, GORE runs best against Giuliani

Let's remember who the REAL enemy is

Economic growth skids to a near halt with worst showing in four years

Cheney attorney asked for data to be destroyed

Andrew Sullivan on "Enhanced Interrogation"

In the event that Gore doesn't run, I think I'm supporting Bill Richardson.

Gore at GWU: I’m thinking about running

A Presidential Daughter Gears Up for the Next Chapter in Her Life

Impressions from a second meeting with Lynn Woolsey, and four questions not asked

Gerth and Van Natta falsely claim Clinton did not speak about terror before 9-11

Pat Oliphant is right on target - Dems and Jimmy

MSNBC Seeks Morning Show Feedback from You

OK it has been almost a week-- Why no News on the New Minimum Wage on Dept of Labor's site

I hate it when the Bush family takes those damn CNN quick vote polls.

Presidential Contenders Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton First to Confirm to Speak at National Ur

"Somebody told me he's the "ultimate papa bear."

WSJ: Can the Iraq 'Surge' Be Salvaged?

USDA to free market: Go Cheney yourself.

What does everybody think about FairTax?

I Went to Baghdad and All I Got Were Fake Oakleys (Larry C Johnson)

Michelle Obama is up next on NBC with Brian Williams

Compromise Or Capitulation?

Pennsylvania Retired Americans Oppose Bush Cuts to Older Americans Act

whether or not you support the current imm. bill, would you support something like the DREAM act?

Illegal immigrants join lawsuit against janitorial firm

U.S. imposes trade sanctions on China, South Korea and Indonesia in paper dispute

Freddy the actor was.......

Bush's Nation- Wide Power Grab - Tribal Governments Included

Human Rights Watch, protecting civilians during war, Hillary Clinton voted "NO"

Bush sends top aide to Baghdad (AFP)

cspan is showing a focus group for the 08 elections. good cross section of people.

With politicians focused on the military, is the military now leading on the political side??

So Bush wants to bring 7,000 Iraqi refugee's in this country

Today’s Mittpiphany: Hillary Clinton Couldn’t Get Elected in France

Clinton makes campaign stop, Presidential candidate discusses immigration, Iraq, other issues

John Edwards tells Google employees: Internet should be more affordable

Jeff Cohen: Are Media Out to Get John Edwards? (Buzzflash)

What will the Chimperor see in Putin's eyes at the G8 Summit next week?

INdict dick cheney------------interesting web site

If Alabama is serious about apologizing for slavery,

Anyone remember THIS?

Edwards Unveils Plan To Relieve Families From Rising Gas Price

Hillary: Does she support Unions?

So Tim Griffin quit his USA job! Bet I know why!!!!

Al, Don't Run - The Nation in 2001

Edwards launches plan to boost ethanol use (Reuters)

Three more U.S. soldiers were reported killed in combat

I might as well post against the GOP would-be--

When Bill Was President - Clinton evokes Bill during speech to 200 in NH

Edwards Wants Probe of High Gas Prices

C Span focus group is on Now

Can you PLEASE call/email your candidate and ask them to attend??

Thousands volunteer for candidate Obama in Nevada

CQ's Craig Crawford’s Trail Mix: Obama On A Roll

Obama sees political gains in conservative Nevada

Edwards calls for probe of oil industry, offers energy plan

Warrior for Social Justice Alan Solomont joins Obama's camp

Is Fred Thompson the next Dick Cheney??

Reno Supporters Flock to Rally With Senator Barack Obama

Will Bush pardon Libby if he's given a prison sentence and can't await his

Call your Senators and tell them "No on Southwick" !

Have you heard this? Bush a dictator in dictator in the event of a federal emergency?

If the GOP nominates Fred Thompson, which "Law and Order" star should we run against him?

Let's not sell Al Gore short as a mere" Politician"

Will anyone in the administration ever be prosecuted for their crimes?

Nancy Reagan and Larry King Tonight

Iraq, Cowboys, and the Enormity of 18 Months

Are Media Out to Get John Edwards? (by Jeff Cohen at CommonDreams)

"Just for the record...another clearcut case of ignoring what the troops on the ground need."

Will Fred Thompson '08 be the Repu version of Wes Clark '04?

Cafferty just read my email on tv

The DLC Likes Al Gore's The Assault On Reason

Gore Does NOT Support "Troops Out Now"

Does Al Gore have it wrong?

Hillary wines and dines and raises big $ at home of News Corp. president...

Barack Obama’s Healthcare

Presidential Preference Poll--Edwards vs. Obama runoff

Blogosphere fury at Dems on Iraq vote

Clark or Gore?

HRC's unfavorables surpass her favorable rating. Do the math...

I'd hug Cheney. Would you?

NYT: The Obama Health Care Plan by Atul Gawande, surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston

Everybody Matters

"just another year, just stay the course"

Presidential Preference Poll

Poll: Hillary leads South Carolina by 8 over Obama...Edwards by 18

John Edwards and the 2002 National Intelligence Estimate

One week ago today, this was imminent:

Human Rights Watch on Hugo Chavez...

Obama says, YES..Gore says, NO!!!!

Clark: "Sometimes politics doesn't work"

Clooney and Damon support Obama: "He walks into a room and you go, "That's a leader.""

Craig Crawford; Obama on a Roll