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Video: Coming Out Insurance

Hey DU. Grab a cold one & please check out my band's latest video clips...Jazz/Jam improv warning..


Boy beaten to death while mom serves in Iraq

So I'm probably buying a Wii in the morning

blech - dog/skunk altercation

crim son! I miss you terribly!

Give Me Some Advice. . . . . In 10 Words Or Less

Michael Scheuer Refutes Rudy

Al Gore rerun on Larry King Live (CNN) right now!

Congress Finally Addresses Katrina Recovery - but with a Catch

The Swan Song for the Democratic Party

Conspiracy theories?

If you are reading "Armed Madhouse" by Greg Palast

Citizens Of Tompkins County New York Sending Impeachment Resolution To Legislature (Read the text!)

Let's Impeach the President for Lying...A little Saturday night wish

Phrases I loathe

About 8000 seniors may lose Medicare coverage in one county. Not just Florida this time.

Edwards says Washington failed America with war spending bill

Gallup: Despite Campaign,.Familiarity with Candidates has not changed

Vote Caging: The message I sent to my Congressman

Why the US is losing its war on cocaine

Vietnam veterans see parallels with war in Iraq

What more does Congress Need to Impeach?


A man without a country; The price of Truth.

Gates To Naval Academy Grads: Press and Congress Are Not The Enemy

Larry C Johnson: Treason is As Treason Does

Frank Rich: Operation Freedom From Iraqis

Secret contracts may surface in ex-Qwest CEO's insider trading appeal

Fear-Mongering and Fiction: Cheney Addresses West Point Grads

‘Sicko,’ Castro and the ‘120 Years Club’

Shining on Justice scandal with Starr light

What is the Surge Doing?

I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. My Democratic senators say "don't blame me"

With allies in enemy ranks, GIs in Iraq are no longer true believers

"as many as 30 top DOJ officials would have resigned" Newsweek

Dropping the Act: Honoring the Office and the Presidents

When Afghan children are forced to eat mud, it's clear we have squandered billions of dollars of aid

No silence for the late Jerry Falwell

Russia and the rule of law: Poisoning case underscores Europe's doubts

Bush administration faces difficult task to fill vacant U.S. attorney positions

Rosie & Elisabeth R Us

Rachel Carson’s Alarm Still Echoes

Failing Grade...License All The Pundits.

Sally Quinn: My Father

Hit Those Democratic Betrayers on HR 2206 Where They Live

Ray McGovern: Lost Whales & a Lost Presidency

The Sociopathic Disease of Conservatism

What Congress Really Approved: Benchmark No. 1: Privatizing Iraq's Oil for US Companies

Yet, the war goes on --- Jim Hightower

Green Sabotage as "Terrorism"

Jean Edward Smith: Stretching Executive Power in Wartime

Editorial: Bush's war

Check and balance--Democrats make a valuable contribution to the Iraq debate

Militants Widen Reach as Terror Seeps Out of Iraq

David Sirota: Democrats Hire George Orwell to Run Their PR Shop

US Media: Distorting the Venezuelan media story (FAIR)

Editorial: This Memorial Day, weep for our failures

Conservatives exposed (Canadian Ones)

Bill Maher: When Democrats collapse

PAUL KRUGMAN: Trust and Betrayal


Cheney, Israel and Iran: Frustrated with Bush, the Veep Urges Israel to Attack Iran

New Reality Is That Man Bites Shark

Desert pupfish in hot water: only 42 left

Global warming-hurricane link spurs controversy

G8 leaders fight over global agreement on climate change - Observer

Defense: Arsonist fell under spell of ecoterrorism guru

Freak weather brings winds of change to the West Coast

James Hansen: Scientific reticence and sea level rise

Exxon little changed to activists, investors - Reuters

Researchers eye ancient plant as source of biofuel

Unions line up behind carbon cuts

Tesla selling batteries to Think in $43million deal

Permit switch, (federal agency) secrecy ended (mountaintop removal) mine challenge

Nuclear key to Japan's climate plans (incl. hydrogen, efficiency gains)

Combating Climate Change: Farming Out Global Warming Solutions

European Coal Ash Investigated for Producing Uranium.

Israeli Man Killed in Rocket Attack in Jerusalem

Gen. Dayton admits US is helping Fatah

PM: We may continue operating in Gaza even if Qassams stop

At The GE Talks: GE Health Care Below Inflation For 2002 – 2006

Leading Muslim calligrapher shot dead

Food scares help China's nascent organic market

FLOC Says Mexican Case In Organizer Murder is Fabricated

Ten US troops killed as Iraq debate heats up

Yemen says will take most Yemeni Guantanamo inmates

Montreal mayor warns union he's no pushover

U.S., Iran to hold first formal talks in 27 years

NYT: Doubts Grows as G.I.’s in Iraq Find Allies in Enemy Ranks

Iraq war toll grows by dozens of Iraqis(45 bodies found Sunday, 631 victims so far in May)

Labor unions of two banks to strike for benefits (China)

Russian police arrest international gay rights campaigners

Taliban says frees 3 workers for French aid group

Blast hits foreign forces in Afghanistan-witnesses

Strife Foreseen in Iraq Exit, but Experts Split on Degree

Pakistan's Imran Khan banned from Karachi

Iraq urges Turkey to resolve PKK issue politically

U.S. - Cuba Food Trade Survives Political Hurdles

U.S., Iraqi troops raid Sadr City again

Police used Tasers on the mentally ill

Sadr meets lieutenants to discuss new direction

Anti-war groups protest Cheney visit

For Democrats, Debate on Fox Reveals Divide

Permit switch, (federal agency) secrecy ended (mountaintop removal) mine challenge

Texas House speaker refuses to cede post

Hiring of immigration judges may have violated laws

Bush set to launch CIA ops to topple Iran mullahs

Iran says EU nuclear talks postponed

U.S. frees 41 al-Qaida captives in raid

Solution sought in Lebanon camp siege

Venezuelans protest Chavez's TV move (AP)

Medical experiments to be done without patients' consent

Bush to be pressed on troop withdrawal

Mironov Tells Kyoto Experts The World Is Getting Cooler

Sessions: Time to draw down troops is coming

Biden says U.S. losing its credibility

Anglicans 'obsessed' by gay issue

Zimbabwe says activists detained over bombings

Help!!! There was a response to my Letter to the Editor.......

Ya, 'Fargo's startin' on PBS, don'cha know

So I'm probably taking a Wii in the morning

Rattlesnake season is supposed to be really bad this summer here in SoCal

Anyone else watching the season finale of SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO?

I was just scared half to death

Any members here?

I lost you so long ago.............

it is past 4am, what the hell am I doing up?!?!?!?

I've seen people wouldn't believe.;

Road Trip...

Please read this.

Captain Nemo sailed away..

King in yellow,

Da I miss you.

Sunday Morning "I can has preshidunts" Fark thread reminder!

The ride of the valkyries.

This thread is a drive-by post!

UFC 71 video: Quinton Jackson vs Chuck Liddell

It's the pleats. . . the pattern on the pants. . . not flattering in the, in the crotch-el region.

keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars

I had to post may belong in GD, or maybe it was posted before

Yesterday was a great day for (local) baseball

2 day old hippies

Beach day today...w00t!

So last night, someone had the nerve to walk through my veggie garden and

I'm drunk- shes asleep - ask me anything

whatever happened to "wilding" incidents?

We watched "Night at the Museum" last night...

Some classic quotes from the UK Mail on Sunday's Quotes of the Week:

What's that smell?

songs that have the words 'kiss my ass' in the title --post 'em here

My husband hid my crotchless pantaloons from me

Stories Of Being Fired and/or Evicted...

The Police reunion tour starts today!!!

I'm at my wit's end. Does anyone have a link to a map website

Should I wake up my husband?

sa da tay for the tippie tais my damie

The new Pirates of the Caribbean movie

It's beautiful and sunny out.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/27/07)

2 day old puppies

I love giving the "true believers" food for thought

I drove into the wrong lane.

Back from the gym

Best heavy-equipment ad EVAH!

I'm trying to figure out what a great benefits package is & how to negotiate a salary

how sad is it....

I tried on my bathing suit

lost two more pounds this week!

WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY down inside, you need

Ten years ago today......................

Beaches Ban Picnics, Lewd Drawings, Camels

look how cute....

disposable diapers are the ruination of civilization

Yankees now TWELVE games behind Boston

My nece is named Arriana. Her dad calls her Hunniffington

High school drama sucks ass.

GD & The Lounge--same world, different planets.

sorry *cough* daughter links fixed...*cough*

Will you Marry Me?

My five year old daughter made up this joke tonight...

CLYRC has lost 38lbs in less than 3 months! I am very proud of her...

The Gieco cavemen's rip off of Phil Hartman frightens and confuses me

sorry *cough* daughter gets fixed...*cough*

28 Weeks Later...a pretty decent horror flick.

How William Shatner Changed The World on Hist Channel

Runaway Train

Same redheaded daughter ...displaying unfortunate birth defect...

Dumb question: Exactly how do they know how to fairly "restart" the Indy 500 with everone

"Sloshball" ...

I did a stupid thing and I'm feeling quite foolish and ashamed

We know who will marry GoPsUx, but who will marry ME?

Sopranos question ....

Glenn Beck can't do anything without a strawman,

Who gets the LA Times?

Which of these three is the most tragic character ...

Oi, if I ever got married, d'you think I'd ever shut up with my second favorite topic?

Me + Narrow street + Bicycle + Hummer = Frat boy taking a swing at me out his window.

You know what irritates me?

Have you ever watched "Final Approach" (James Sikking)?

Dispute Ends in Trailer Fire (w/ VIDEO)

Any other heavy metal fans in the Lounge?

So....uuummmmm Mile High Club

In llama land there`s a one-man band And he`ll toot his flute for you.

Beantown Duers, I have a question on getting to the Cape

I have this on my Ipod

Happy birthday Brigid & BlueGardener!!

songs that have the word 'red' in the title --post 'em here

Aaarrrggghhhhh! ^%#*&%)*&^_*%!!!

Need some help here...

Site Sells Fictional Real Estate

A quick couple from the Young Rascals

I am going to Costco with my wife...Discuss this picture.

I will NEVER drink vanilla flavored protein powder mix ever again!

So, what are your plans for tomorrow?

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine was dancing really ugly?

5 months later, did Christmas 2006 feel all that special for you?

For my "dotter"

One final L O S T observation and question.

So when John Wayne died....

My daughter, the graduate!!

I don't know why I like this song

found two more pounds this week!

Rant alert.... WHY should I have to hear you pass gas by my home?

Good night.....I'm drunk and it is pouring outside. Time for bed

Two funny beer ads...

Rant alert.... WHY should I have to hear you pass by my home?

This is why they try to make her go to rehab.

8000 Posts!

Do you have yearly large trash pick up where you live?

Pirates, $112 million opening weekend, Shrek did $51 million

In honor of Willie Nelson (and his great weed)

how do you grill corn on the cob?

287 to go...

Hmmmm Only a California adventure

We all know some of the cartoons made in the 1930s-1950s were racist.

Any lovers of old photographs? Check out Shorpy

Would there be any interest in a genealogy group here at DU?

You guys wont believe where i went for dinner yesterday....

"Ladies and Gentlmen... Start your engines!"

The Return of the Son of the Post An Unflattering Picture....thread

Zen art (dialup warning)

i just got my new passport and i'm embarrassed

I just joined this dating site last night. Today I got a "hello" email from this guy.

Proof that peace-niks hate Christians!

I Terrorized My Cat Today

I have been playing around on and am having a weird time

I made a tofu convert this evening!

Carb Withdrawal

Michael Vick is a sick bastard


I did Cat

If you could have any LIVING t.v. chef to cook for you for the rest of your

Today's underwear poll

What's for breakfast DU?

I just spilled red wine on my key board. Am I buying a new one tomorrow?

I posted my daughter's profile on a single site to get her away from her loser boyfriend.

Hypnotoad was right all along

The Venture Brothers is a fantastic cartoon.

Cat people, help me figure this one out

He wrote back to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caesar's been with me 14 years today!

Yes, this is a picture of myself. All nice and pretty.

another song dedication thread

So my 20 year old cousin has this loser girlfriend that he needs to leave and i figured...

Bad bosses, do you have one?

Quel un bummer - the old horse chestnut tree has to go.

Family Reunion Update...

What are YOU looking at? --- Kitten Pictures (add your own!)

Check out The Texas Chainsaw Messiah on YouTube...

I'm a Little Pea

Have any of you bought a New Mattress Recently? One that you Can't Turn Over?

Long overdue update--remember the bird found walking down the street?

New England DUers, you live in a beautiful place

Art thread. I finished this painting yesterday.

It's official....I no longer look forward to going to the movies

Do you remember seeing "Star Wars" the first time?

Ichi the Killer: a review

Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End was outstanding.

I ran into the first BushBot I've ever encountered

Oh My God. Catlovers, why? Just, why? (new kind of cat, very odd, picts, BEWARE!!!!!)

Post number 1000

songs that have the word 'blue' in the title --post 'em here

How many rum and cokes is too many? Be honest, now

Crab Balls

I found my grandfather's immigration on Ancestry last night!

Currently listening to Nine Inch Nails Year Zero.....thoughts on this CD?

Any heavy metal fans in the Lounge?

Boxing (May 27 thru June 2)

UFC 71 Video: Quinton Jackson vs Chuck Liddell

I'm officially getting old when I know more Senior PGA players than PGA players.

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for May 27: Shaba-Daba-Doo!!

Can Danica Patrick save Indy style racing?

Agent helps vets, honors Purple Hearts

Take one moment

Today's working family toon

AFSCME 4 year contract approved for 986 workers at Altoona Regional Health System

(retitled) Unions are dealing with the usual issues, including safety and international trade

Unions line up behind carbon cuts

Workers fired for gossiping lose appeal

GE to idle up to 900 workers for a week demand sluggish for dishwashers

Miami Joins State And Local Governments Supporting Employee Free Choice Act

Black Trade Unionists Call for Building Political Strength

700,000 defense workers battle Bush union-busting

Oh Exxon (High Gas Prices Theme)

Levi Stubb's Tears

Ralph Nader on election night 2000

Political Cartoons...

A look at the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (1)

Ron Paul on Bill Maher

Olbermann Commentary: Bush Goes 0 for 4 in terror claims...

Al Gore on Futurama

Ron Paul? I'm Out For Presidents To Represent Me!

America's Thoughts & Prayers are with you O beloved Patriots

How to: Create paranoid propoganda. 'Daisy Girl' - 1964

Al Gore joins the Stargate SG-1 team

Ann Coulter - Brainless

Pat Robertson Says God Told Him Of 2007 Mass Terror Attack...

JRE: 1 Day, 5 Town Halls: Our Veterans

Monica Goodling, Regent University & God

AL Gore beams aboard

the TRUTH...

Memorial Day

Michael Moore on Bill Maher re film

3452 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

US Death toll Tops 100 for May in Iraq.

(a sad first for the Iraq war) 104 Dead in April 101 Dead so far in May

why haven't I seen any advertisement for "Sicko" ? Is it getting a wide release ?

Did anyone see Bill Moyers Journal: Poetry and War?

Kennedy on Iraq Supplemental

"Frog-boiling" and torture - US vs. al-Qaeda (WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES AT LINK)

My son graduated from high school on Thursday...

Romeo foxtrot, shall we dance.

IF - the unforgiving minute

Apocalypse No! & attacking the very legitimacy of the Left.

At 70 dead a month,this "lame duck" sure has a legacy.

Moore to debut 'Sicko' in Michigan

WaPo: Critical Care Without Consent

Hiring of immigration judges may have violated laws

watching the goodling testimony...

McClatchy: Abortion decision could pave way for more restrictions

As a Christian I say George Bush is evil.

DC Area - Come out Friday and support Adam Kokesh

CIVICUS: Bush and Blair Undermine Democracy

Top officials cite gains as eight more troops killed in Iraq

Where can I watch the Charlie Rose w/Gore interview?

Frank Rich Examines the Most Overlooked War Disaster: The Fleeing Iraqis

Handful of Senators don't pass legislation, There'll be no one to save with the world in a grave,

Tammy Duckworth on Gupta's House Call on CNN:

Let's put pride back in saying I'm a liberal.

The Second Coming

A Mass Resignation At The Justice Department Contemplated After Brazen Visit To Ashcroft's Hospital

I just don't understand this Democrartic Congress

The draft should only be introduced for the children and grandchildren of our political leaders n/t

ICE and the Immigration Judges

West Point graduates enrolled at the beginning of the occupation, will graduate into same war.

I know why the gas prices are elevated!!!

Agriculture inspectors told to lie

I want to smash the whole thing into a pile of junk. For bush on Mem. Day

Politicians bullshit & ride in limos, Soldiers fight & die. Crappy Memorial Day

1000 G.I.'s dead since last Mem. Day, so next year it'll be 4,500 +

Right Wing Itches to Strike Iran

Free web hosting: which options are good? which ones suck?

"Why are bush & cheney in charge? Because we haven't stopped them yet, that's why.

Al Sadr may be the key to how long the US stays in Iraq...

CSIRO 'dumps' anti-GM expert

MSM pushing link between Iraq insurgency and al-Qaeda

Some smart kids

Top story at 8am on Today, CNN, MSNBC is L.Lohan's

When we fine companies it is punishment but if we fine immigrants it is amnesty

I assume bush, cheney & all the rest will 'get away with it'.

Cheney Criticizes Geneva Convention in Commencement Address at West Point

Permit switch, secrecy ended mine challenge

Bill Richardson on MtP: Semi-auto ban "does not work," strengthen gun purchase background checks

Another Memorial Day

GREG PALAST Interview: Vote Caging, Media Blackout, Internet Control, Katrina, More!

With all due respect to Molly Ivins...

MSNBC Lindsay Lohan and lost whales. Rinse and repeat all holiday weekend.

Oh blackwater

Ask the Magic 8 Ball: "Will we go to war with Iran"?

Dick Nixon, I Am Lt. John Stulett, U.S. Army, 1st Cav. Div.

CBS correspondent tells of day the bomb went off

Who is going to Take Back America conference June 18 - 20?

Critical Care WITHOUT Consent - unbelievable...

Whole Foods Recalls Sesame Butter for Possible Salmonella

I have seen all the hypocrisy I can ever take

Iran wants to develop shared oil fields with Iraq

Big Brother getting bigger: NEW ID database for all workers

Canadians,Brits, Australians,New Zealandiarns,South Africans all follow

Taxpayer $millions$ buying LIES = Pentagon aimed to control Iraqi media during war

Hey! Guess why more troops are dying...because more are there. It's the Surge stupid.

***Al Gore on CSPAN2 12noon eastern***

My new take on the WTC Collapse...+ questions

What exactly is Neoconservatism?

U.S. deaths near grim Memorial Day mark

Iowa Poll: Many would like Al Gore, Condoleezza Rice to run

CNN: The Dealer Next Door

Gut Check America

"Stubborner Than a Donkey": Bush's refusal to compromise keeps Iraq firmly in his own hands

"When Johnny come ROLLING home again (IRAQ! IRAQ!)"

How progressive are you?

I need a ciagarette. And I don't even smoke. Al Gore just did it for me.

So, English is about to become codified as the official language

GOP rivals embrace unproven Iraq-9/11 tie

For those who missed Michael Moore on Maher

**Official AL GORE ON CSPAN2 Discussion Thread**

In a fearful world, has safety become our false god?

What will happen to Don sL-IMUS. from "A Face in the Crowd"

Ouch !!! - Check Out The Latest Milestone On The Graph...

They Know They Will Not be Held Accountable! (From Gore Interview).

Former contractor at Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison gets 3-year sentence for child porn

West Point Rally & Cheney Visit: "Gathering of Eagles" Disrupts Rally

Legion commander attacks Edwards

Wounded Knee's ghosts ride again

Lara Logan returns to Iraq - "Something out of Armageddon"

Do kids still read 'Animal Farm' & '1984'?

Posted at Bartcop from worldnetdaily: Bush's power grad - Right-wingers don't trust the bastard, eit

We all like the Vietnam parallels to Iraq. So, in light of this week's events...

"I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty."

Soldier: We're just 'putting a Band-Aid' on Iraq until we leave

Hell No, We Won't Go

Al Gore Doesn't Accept the 9/11 Cover Up, So Why Do You?

Film About Abortion Takes Cannes' Prize (Palm d'Or)

DOJ Made Immigration Judgeships Political

Tax break fuels a lobbying fight over alternative energy

George Bush and Abraham Lincoln

My Goodbye Blog Post to the Dems Posted on

What do you think the national "democratic" party stands for?

Candidates to replace World Bank chief spark debate

We need to start playing Freda Payne's "Bring 'em Back Alive." Download it. Request it.

DU this poll on Moscow gay pride

Attn: Effort underway to find FOIA Sen. Anonymous

All you can do is laugh.

Does anyone know of a site, besides AAR, where I can stream Sam Seder's show?

Larry Johnson:Bleeding the Army and Marines

A Long Time Gone-As MN Guardsmen's Tour Is Extended, Small Home Towns Acutely Feel Their Absence

with 101 dead so far, May set to become third deadliest month in the entire war

Nextel racing, Fox and screw you amurika

Cheney"Al-Qaida's leadership has said

You are what you eat (who should be next president?)

If you want a bit of a sick joke from 10/10/2003 listen to the first bit of


Borger Predicts ‘Mass Resignation’ Of House Members Due To Stricter Ethics Standards

Women warriors face battle with stress disorder: Road home from combat a nightmarish one

Forget the Prius: MINI Cooper D to get 72.4 mpg

Peanut Butter-gate

Sadness and Outrage: Man kills 4 yr old while both parents deployed in Iraq

Weekend TOONS: Memorial Day Edition

Non Sequitur cartoon today by Wiley Miller

Heres something to keep your blood preasure boiling.

Medical experiments to be done without patients' consent

Against the war and joined the Marines just so he could play the trombone

Democrats feeling betrayed by war funding vote? Anyone watching C-SPAN Washington Journal?

Poll indicates Americans are getting used to gas prices but that it causes financial hardship

Kristol: President Was 'Furious' About Leak to 'NYT' on 2008 Iraq Pullout

Pharma-terrorists given license to kill by Bush regime

Opus -- :cry:

Richardson got pummeled on Meat The Press

Bush Impersonator - This Kid Is Awesome

Giuliani Leaves Early To Avoid Daughter At Her Graduation

So do employers have any responsibility to their employees at all?

On now on 60 Minutes: They follow a unit of Iowa National Guard for 2 years.

You that feel let down by the Democrats

Want a quick, smart, basic understanding of 21st century China? Pepe Escobar!

Reclaiming the colonies

Does your community have a Memorial Day parade or other commemorative activities?

Fanblogging WisCon: Why Is This Universe So White?

Would you lie and say you were a Republican to get a job you wanted?

Review of The Assault on Reason, with several quotes

What're the chances George W. bUsh will EVER give a SOTUA where he DOESN'T tell any lies?

Antiwar Base Directs Wrath At Democrats

In this Shark Tale, Man Preys, Sharks are the Victims

Such madness , such horrid madness

Alabama DHS website angers activists

One more Memorial Day Thread...

I've now learned that the death of someone who has children is worse than the death of

Iraq soldier: 'What are we doing here? Why are we still here?'

With allies in enemy ranks, GIs in Iraq are no longer true believers

Question: Should Single Parents Be Exempt From Deployment To Iraq?

OK, now I'm paranoid. Why is DU crashing my Web browser?

Film About Abortion Takes Cannes' Prize

John Bolton: Still Revoltin'

From the "Wish I'd Thought of That" Department:

Do you have to be going outside the country to renew a passport?

Indian Point:: radioactive leaks

Posada case: Released documents spark new intrigue

No more TWIT moments of the day. I will never watch that show again. Tomorrow was taped two weeks

Does anyone know if this program to recruit and train 1 in 24 U.S.

DU has had some technical issues in the last few months

AAR: "That story is being reported on Fox news but hasn't been confirmed by a more reputable news

Does anyone know just how the phrase "Supporting The Troops" came to mean

Conyers to Participate in Town Hall Meeting on Impeachment

Memorial Day

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Sad...the local paper now has an interactive war dead map

USA Today Discovers Uncommonly Gifted New BRITISH Reporter

Newsweek: Mrs. Ashcroft said no

Libertarian student insults my brother because of his call for student unionization/organization

An interesting article

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee on HBO tonight

ROVE's Attorney Says: He Has NO PLANS TO COMPLY With Request For Attorney Purge E-Mails

Fatal wildfire brings policy questions

Non Sequitur is gettin' uppity! ('TOON)

Why did RUSSERT massacre RICHARDSON about his governor record, but NOT Shrub in 2000/04?

Lara Logan Returns To Iraq: “It looks like a wasteland”

About "supporting the troops"

Andrew Bacevich thought he was doing something useful


In Flanders Field

bang the drum slowly and play the fife lowly

"2007: Summer Of Death And Lies" - Our Grandchildren Will Ask 'Why Didn't We Impeach Bush?'

Cheney, Israel and Iran: Frustrated with Bush, the Veep Urges Israel to Attack Iran

Kurt Vonnegut: A Celebration of His Humanism (5/31, NYC)

Please unfreep poll! PLEASE!

Andrew Card getting booed off the stage at University

Sweet Home Alabama. Anti-War Groups, Social Justice Workers and Gays = Terrorists.

Never Mind - there already is a Genealogy group - Ancestry/Genealogy

Victim of Climate Change, aTown Seeks a Lifeline

War without end, amen.

Civil rights are things that people want. Like toys or playboy magazines.

Question on "domestic terrorism" if I may.

Any pics on the web from the "Support the Troops rally" in DC this weekend?

Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End was outstanding.

Re: The Haircut

"We're helping guys that are trying to kill us..."

I'm blubbering like a baby listening to the Memorial Day concert...

The Democrats’ cynicism will have destroyed them and opened new avenues to destruction and violence.

U.S. Troops In Iraq No Longer 'True Believers'

Feinstein fled Iraq oil theft law question VIDEO

Immigration debate puts up a wall in the GOP: Republicans Eating Their Own

What Biden REALLY said on CNN today -

Cheney criticizes the Geneva Convention

Red Cross warns of military scam

"Mistakes Were Made"

Of long holiday weekends and even longer limos

I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty.

Ironic, isn't it? Memorial Day weekend is the "roll-out" of the War-Stunt..


The Christian Boy of Nascar Is Out....

Auto Companies Create Fake Grassroots Campaigns Against Fuel Standards

This country doesn't even make sense to me any more. Can anyone help me?

Do you think bush ever feels real grief, loss or sorrow for those he's ordered dead?

Al Qaeda Torture Manual, Tools, Victims

This Modern World - It's campaign season on the northern land mass of planet Glox...

A gun is a thing someone want.s. Like a toy or a playboy magazine.

The forecast for today’s House Judiciary Committee is tears, with a chance of some sobbing.

An open letter to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy

Joe Lieberman (R-CT): Public opinion doesn't matter

VOTE NOW! MSNBC: Do you think Attorney General Alberto Gonzales should have to step down?

60-Minutes Iowa Guard unit.. Guarding KBR trucks

Darfur women describe gang-rape horror

Biden just said us "" types are UNSOPHISTICATED.

Newsweek: "Bush's Monica Problem." Analysis: "The Constitutional Crisis Within"

Only 603 days and 11 hours left until Bush gets away with his crimes...

How do you motivate people?

DU this: Who is the worst President... Bush, Carter or Nixon?

Venezuela TV station to shut at midnight

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please...

i need to run this thru again... White House Release of martial law plans after nuking IRAN..LINK>>

I know this has been asked before but what is with the shut down problem in IE

Ted Rail nails Falwell with his own quotes.....

Joseph Cirincione on the real threat- Pakistan

Group: Terrorism not focus of Homeland Security

"The Soldier Vote" - a Memorial Day Tribute - "Scoop"/Collins

Bush endorses CIA plans for regime change in Iran

If/when we attack Iran (w/nukes) what are you gonna do?


When Al Gore announces..........

Heartbreaking pic

I am the NightWatcher, and according to Alabama, I am a terrorist

Neo-Cons To Plot Iran Strategy Amid Caribbean Luxury (May 30)

Greg Palast 500 Rove e-mails.....etc.

Darfur Women Describe Gang-Rape Horror

USA Today: (May 25, 2007) Writer (Palast) has Rove's e-mails

"I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty." (WaPo op-ed)

If Gore ran as an independent would you vote for him and could he win?

Vets Check In - What are you doing on Memorial Day?

Police dog randomly attacks man - Police beat man for defending himself....

"Bush is Not a Nazi, So Stop Saying That!" More True than Ever, no Godwin's Law allowed

Hey Current And Former Mods !!! - Al Gore Has A Job For You !!!

New PeaceTakesCourage Video - Memorial Day

I'm an Unemployed College Graduate (a rant)

Confessions of a Military Wife

Rolling Thunder

Reinvent the Book

NYT: Militants Widen Reach as Terror Seeps Out of Iraq

***Honoring President Bush For His Service To His Country On This Memorial Day Weekend***

Breaking: ABC is off the air. Fire.

Next STOP Iran? More BUSH LIES and Surging Toward War With Iran

America: The most religous-stupid country EVAH!

The Dems folded the nuts.

Just now on radio: "A lot of areas of the country don't support our troops like NASCAR..."

Senior CIA Analyst Believed Iraq Had No WMD

Unbelievable. Bush is using religious right leaders to push the danger of Islam, Iran. .

So, Does "ANTI-WAR" have to mean "Get the F*ck out NOW"?

"Nation of Assholes"

DIA SPYING: NGIA collecting data, 133 U.S. cities, ID everyone, nationality, political affiliations

The energy you could save by line drying YOUR washing instead of a drier

We're locking up pot smokers and ignoring the real threats.

In Annual Rights Report, Amnesty International Says U.S. “Unrepentant About Global Web of Abuse"

Palast: Congress won’t do squat

We The People demand the removal of this criminal administration.


Head Of CIA's WMD Division-Told Underlings To GIVE BUSH -The Intelligence To ALLOW Him To Go To War

Just watched 'Hacking Democracy' from netflix, this is a must see flick.

FReeper thoughts on cutting forces.......

How Democrats Should Talk by Michael Tomasky

Texas Senator Risks His Health to Block a Voter-Identification Bill

Blackwater employees shooting in streets of Baghdad - a privatized military?

Chicago event expected to raise at least $1.5 million for Obama

Which Republican presidential canidate would you want operating on your child's brain?

Can raging moderate make any difference?

Toon extra: Nixon on BushCo

23% of Dem Senators Deny Funding, Contrasted to 62% of Dem Representatives

GOP rivals embrace unproven Iraq-9/11 tie (Boston Globe)

The report Pat Roberts tried to hide. "Iraq problems were expected"

Kristol: Bush ‘Was Furious’ Over NYT Report Of 2008 Withdrawal

How about Gore running as an independent?

Economic smoke and mirrors of Blair and Brown exposed in a new book

Edwards speaks in Iowa about Supporting our Troops

Broadband Data Improvement Act, S. 1493 is Important in Effort to Bring High Speed Internet to all

LOL, Biden is sticking with his "no more words" pledge

concepts carved out at the Nuremberg Trials regarding degrees of guilt

Very good article from a Sergant in Iraq who no longer supports us being there

CNN is DISGUSTING!!! with there all day fell good Iraq stories

Howard Fineman: Running Hard By Staying Out ("Gore is a deep-dyed Democrat. ... He is "50-50")

Edwards, mandatory service, going to wars, candidate's own words

C.Sheehan, others

There's a new money in politics search engine...

Freepers cheer Russians who assault gay parade

Newsweek: Bush's Monica Problem

Hey, Dems....heard of the frog/scorpion parable?!?!?!

Cindy Sheehan letter (from Daily Kos)

Still Here

A Republican party Poster

Turn on State of Belief....Dobson and religious leaders met with Bush

Study alleges a disconnect between agencies’ anti-terrorism mission and reality

Clinton Unveils Edwar... her health care proposals.

Everyday, we say NO to a dictator in the USA.

Why the US is losing its war on cocaine

outta curiosity, why is the alleged presidential plans by the Clintons even remotely scandalous?

Declare Victory - Bring The Troops Home! My Memorial Day Message.

why does a five-times deferred asshole address West Point grads???

I think the war funding bill was entirely a setup for 2008

One State's Story (KY): Turning Blue Faster Than Previously Thought (Dems "crushing" in poll)

If you see other candidates entering the presidential race, when do you see it happening?

Why is Gore considered the "Savior" of the Democratic Party on DU?

Evangelicals are feeling unloved and unsettled

US Media: Distorting the Venezuelan media story (FAIR)

Denmark, Finland, Norway & Canada offer more economic mobility than the U.S.

Gore will get in (predicts Howard Fineman). And he may hook-up with Bloomberg.

In grassroots efforts so far, the only ones for Senator Clinton are Bush supporters

Chicago (and Illinois in general) Loves Barack Obama

Clinton Aides Being Paid By Colombian Government to Push Trade Deal

The Ultimate Campaign

To cheer yourself up after last week, read "Blue Grit"

Oh wow. DailyKos is NOW having 2004 election discussions we had years ago.


Elizabeth Edwards: "John is not in favor of a military draft. Never has been."

Bush's new "dictator" directive seeks to supercede "National Emergency Act"

Which Democratic presidential canidate would you want operating on your child's brain?

I was impressed with Richardson on Meet the Press

Huffington Post's Clinton-phobia is really starting to get the best of them...

Obama: mandatory troop mental health screenings needed

Barack Obama's wife crowd favorite in campaign appearance with husband

Richardson on MTP BOMBED !

Cindy Sheehan.........."I am leaving the Democratic Party."

The Sociopathic Disease of Conservatism

The path to Kerry-Feingold, the withdrawal debate began nearly two years ago.