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Large Format NiMH Battery Suppression

NYC teen accused of cutting Sikh's hair


Hillary says she's not blowing Iowa.....

I've not watched 7secs of even one (1) episode of AMERIKAN IDLE

I can *finally* un-hide all of the "LOST" threads! **SPOILERS**

Am I sane????

Do you ever get sad?

Must be a great party tonight

Women in art

America's Got Talent, now *there's* a TV show...

Gonna lay down my heavy load, down by the riverside...


I think tonight was THE BEST Bill Maher I have ever seen.

Why do the republiks and rw hate the USA? Why are they so willing

West coasters, Al Gore will be on the Charlie Rose show on PBS, for da whole owwa, starting now.

Goodling to Sampson: Have DOJ pick Griffin for political position, then detail him in as an interim.

Thoughts on taxes and climate change.

Calling all DU Investigators: Can we find out who put a secret hold on the OPEN Government Act?

Tonight Mike Malloy played Hendrix's Woodstock performance of the Star Strangled Banner.

We can't really criticize Bush too much.

Who is the "secret senator" that held up bill that would strengthen the Freedom of Information Act?

Al-Sadr's reappearance -- burying the lede

Name one mainstream media pundit who talked about: Impeachment, torture, gay rights, gonzogate.....,

Real punk. My friday night gift to anyone who needs to vent.

How will Neoconservatism present itself in 2008?

Texas speaker of the house being challenged!

How was Gary Webb's death ruled a suicide?

Lala RawRaw Alert: The Beeyoutiful Lady nails this one.

'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barrister (UK)

And as the first citizen of habitat for humanity, let me build you a house...

Clinton says she's not blowing off Iowa (AP)

Hostage Crisis in Iraq

Imperialism, War, Globalization and Resistance

(Afghan reconstruction) Unsuitable, unsustainable - Guardian

US unit created to pressure Iran, Syria disbanded (Boston Globe)

Mark Buchanan: A New Silent Majority

Shining a light on contractor deaths

Right Wing Itches to Strike Iran (AlterNet)

Real Flextime—Union Made

Democratic Blood Money (

A Katrina Health Care System

White House Said to Debate ’08 Cut in Iraq Troops by 50% (NYT)

BOB HERBERT: Arrested While Grieving

Castro: Bush expects everything to be solved with a bang

Bill Maher: The Guns of Homeroom (HuffPost)

The Case For Insanity

Secrecy News: CRS on Terrorist Precursor Crimes

The Nation magazine offers an alibi for Democrats’ support of Iraq war

Lie by Lie: The Mother Jones Iraq War Timeline (8/1/90 - 6/21/03)

Attention Immigrants: Thanks for Your Hard Work. Now Leave.

Al Gore: Modern Politics' Movie Star

War Without End

Bush's draft dodge

Iraq War Monument

Representative (Jim McDermott) Confronts American Empire on House Floor

Who Are 'These People'?

Our national nervous breakdown has begun (by Larisa Alexandrovna at HuffPost)

Sean Connery:Making History in Scotland

Craig Crawford’s 1600: Stubborner Than a Donkey

Rich - Dowd - Friedman OP-ED Links ....

"Wiped off the Map" - The Rumor of the Century

Can You Believe This War Is Still Going On? (by Jim Hightower)

Why Didn't You Stand Your Ground, Mr. Carter?

Natural History, Bible-style (Chr. Science Monitor, via AlterNet)

A Highly Charged Relationship (credit card companies)

Mexico avoids gas emission targets in climate plan - Reuters

At Least 13 Die Of Hypothermia As Heaviest Snow In 20 Years Hits S. Africa's Cape Province - AFP

Former Soviet States Choking On Toxic Garbage, Munitions, Radioactive Waste - AFP

Greenpeace posts leaked US objection to G8 climate statement - AFP

Activists: U.S. to Reject Climate Deal

senate website- climate change skeptics

Biogas-Powered Fuel Cell System Featured In Stockholm Environmental Center

Toronto's ‘hydrogen village'

This is what we are up against.

OPEC official sees no need for more crude

Oil companies are among the Houston-area employers encouraging workers to make their commutes by bic

Stage set for $US80 oil prices

Oil industry preps for Gulf storm season

Teens drive to work to earn money, watch it disappear into gas tank

Sunlight, only stronger: Rethinking solar

State acts to limit use of coal power (California)

This is what we are up against

running a car on salt water and curing cancer

Organic move to cut food flights (BBC) {air shipment ain't green}

Killed by a wind farm? (UK)

Brazil proposes building 8 new nuclear power plants to avoid further hydroelectricity.

Engulfed by Climate Change, Town Seeks Lifeline

EV World story, Prius plug-in battery

This is what we are up against.

'Noah's Ark' of 5,000 rare animals found floating off the coast of China - Guardian

DU getting clobbered in "One Billion Bulbs" challenge

Cat-Sized Invasive Rat Latest Threat To Florida Ecosystems - Reuters

Ever Seen a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon

A dialogue of Qassams and air strikes

The Six-Day War: Forty years on

Self delete duplicate -- sorry about that

Hamas says no truce with Israel

UK architects petition against Israel

Nobel laureate cancels London trip due to anti-Semitism

Secret memo: Israel knew settlements were illegal

Court: Menu Foods harassed pet owners

Loud Boos Greet (Andy) Card at UMass

Pentagon issues blunt warning to China

U.S. military toll for May tops 100

War Widows Lobby for Better Benefits

Couple accused of leading $56 million Medicare fraud

Iran says it has uncovered Western spy networks

New museum says dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark

Bush salutes troops(radio address)

Obama answers GOP criticism of his vote on war funding bill

Separate attacks kill 8 U.S. soldiers in Iraq

Md. probes high gas prices

American men make 12.5 percent less than their fathers 30 years ago, report on mobility says

Airport Ag Inspectors: We Lied on Forms

Texas Legislature ignites with push to oust Craddick

Suit Cites Plane Trips for Clintons

Casualties near 1,000 since last Memorial Day

Iran 'uncovers US spy networks'

Leechburg(PA) Unveils First Iraq War Memorial (In Country)

Greenpeace posts leaked US objection to G8 climate statement

Mass Grave, Memories Feed Fear in Darfur

S.Africa, Brazil urge open World Bank appointment

U.S. Forces Raid Sadr City ( 8 US troops dead)

Chaos In Texas House Over Speaker Fight

Former Wal-Mart exec accuses CEO of ethics breach

U.N. Peacekeeper in Darfur Killed by Gunmen in World Body's First Casualty in Troubled Region

Neighborhood Swayed by 'Liar's Loans'

U.S. show of force in Gulf alarming: Afghan paper

Democrat Marine calls for Iraq withdrawal

US unit created to pressure Iran, Syria disbanded

Veteran U.S. Diplomat to Lead Iran Talks

US, British forces battle Mehdi Army in Baghdad, Basra

Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman

NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan

Zimbabwe police raid MDC office (200 arrested)

AFL-CIO: Mexican state officials say they have detained 3 in killing of union organizer

Skilled foreign workers add fuel to immigration debate

Cuba's Castro criticizes Bush on war spending bill

US says militant held in Iraq has Iranian ties

Kevorkian's Cause Founders As He's Freed

Beating Gas Prices by Skipping the Commute

Study: Men's earnings shrink

U.S. Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad (Blackwater)

Cheney criticizes the Geneva Convention in Military Academy commencement address

Venezuela court orders TV seizure

U.S. show of force in Gulf alarming: Afghan paper

Rival troops face off in Ukraine

Russian gay pride march to go ahead despite ban

Czech demonstrators protest missile shield plans

$27M Creation Museum Prepares For Grand Opening Weekend

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (3 incidents, 3 dead)

Caption this early career Grovelbot

You've been around for such a long time now.....

Are there any Chad Vader fans in the lounge?

You Tube and DU.....

and a goodnight to all: Björk - Hyper-ballad...

Are you Old School or New School?

Do you thing Giuliani will get punched before 2am?

dupe. delete please

7-year-old suffers serious injury in pit bull attack

Please help those who won't help themselves.

I made some insensative remarks to a member last year...

Does anybody else have Comcast blindfast internet that freezes

Are there any Darth Vader fans in the lounge?

2 classic movie scenes

Can somebody here please make my headache go away?

Any knowledgeable Pythagoreans here?

A Rhyming Thread.... :)

Is anyone else watching Freaks on TCM?

This is just F&#KIN' great. Here we go. Fundies win again.

I have got to go to bed but I leave you guys with this.

ok, ok

Free Kittens!

So, while I was asleep this morning my 7 yo unlocked the front door and let in

i'm tired of people's opinions in general

Comedian's rant on Pachelbel's Canon on YouTube-pretty funny!

Post your favorite pic of charles nelson reilly

Which life is more important? Yours or mine?

music like dirt

‘Fantastic Four’ character printed on 40,000 quarters without feds’ approval

The PICC Comes Out in 15 Hours!!

Judge to dismiss Carol Burnett's lawsuit over Family Guy

Can you help the FBI?

Sigh. My Grandma's House is On the Market.

There was a call from work on my phone this morning

Where do you set your thermostat in summer?

funny children's books

What to do today? Hmmm.... What are your plans for today?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Happy Birthday, BoyMidlo!

diamond dogs

Help me identify this plant?

I ate corn flake breaded chicken Parmesan at the Olive Garden with a woman who was breast feeding..

when you become dictator, who's gonna be first in "the line?"

Salad Dressing Semen Spawns Trouble

Congratulations babylonsister! 45,000 posts

Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman

Youtube: Superman II Recut Ending (spoof)

where do you see yourself in five years?

Attn Lounge Smokers: How do you get that smell out

Groperbot Appreciation Thread!

aw. cute. a Freeper Personal

So what else can you cook in a rice cooker?

An acutal license plate read this:

In what year did "the modern age" start?

I just ran over a motherfucking snake. Ask me almost anything

15 Best Game Show Hosts

Scottish wildcat kittie to save the world!

National Bingo Night, now *there's* a TV show...

Now I see why y'all call Target the 100 dollar store....Jeebus!

How do you handle the late night phone call from a drunk ex-fling?

Am I wrong to feel somewhat resentful?

OMG this is hugh!!1

Top Chef Grudge-Match Update!!!

Germ warfare stinks

my nephew Liam's post

It's now officially my weekend!

Who here has the Bowflex Revolution and do you like it?

how much $$$$ did ih8gop have to donate after his thread??

Yo ho

Happy birthday undisclosedlocation & in search of sanity!!

help me write a blues song

"Well there's a little boy waiting at the counter of the corner shop"

I'm tired of the anti Tom Cruise threads.

what is your favorite cockneyism?

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

am i bad because i don't actually want a job

Anyone need a set of fold-out bleachers?

i ate too much

thanks to the lounger who turned me on to doug sahm

Capillary action

Has the whole "metrosexual" thing gone too far?

A Memorial Day salute to all who have served!


spiderman 3? yeah right, i think not

where can i get a trophy wife mounted?

I want a future trophy wife!

Credit card debt question

taking them to the top of magic mountain

The driver of a semitrailer truck carrying 40,000 pounds of cheese escaped injury this morning

Its Saturday afternoon and there are men screaming fork at each other

Its Saturday afternoon and there are men screaming frak at each other

Ktchenwitch and datasuspect

Using an optical mouse on a black marble table

That plywood is not hurricane shutters, it's a skateboard ramp.

After seeing the Trailers for "Knocked Up", I hope they put a warning....

Ideas for next DU Fundraiser (post your own!)

Cap or cookie?

The movie Rain Man proves that

Book Advice - Drying

Thank you to the star fairy who gave me a star

Kitty steel cage match!!!


Hey, I'm 17 posts away from 33K, don't ask me anything

Where can I get a penis extention mounted?

I thought this was so sweet...

I think i need to steal a Pie off of retrolounges window cill

Nap or nookie.

We went out for a very nice dinner to celebrate our 17th anniversary tonight.

Ok, now what would you do for your 33,000th post?

They caught the guy that burglarized my apartment

PSP or video iPod?

Look what I can do!


rose and green

OOUCH! I pulled back my thumbnail at work today.

I asked my husband if he ever thought of buying a motorcycle

dude, i am so stoked

Hey, I just want to know

Ok, let's all go to the Farmer's Market

rock and roll mcdonalds

Ahh, dammit dammit dammit

Do you have vivid dreams all the time? I do. Tell me yours!

Warner Bros. Donates for Tasmanian Devil

Smashing Pumpkins...

Shit I Feel Old... I Got A Letter About My High School "Museum"

Blue collar appreciation thread

My 5000th post, dedicated to two special people:

Grovelbot come back!!!!!

Ow! My EVOO!

does this song work without keith moon?

What's up, DU?

lookit my rhubarb pie

Did you hear? Sylvester Stallone is going to make another Rocky film!!

Hey! I've Got 25,000 Posts!

Its Saturday afternoon and there are men screaming fuck at each other

Best bed for people with back problems?

Just Saw "Gridiron Gang" - Wow!! I Am More Than A Little Surprised . . .

Congratulations Tierra_y_Libertad!! 15,000 posts

I hate "airconditioner day"

Train Kills Man Trying to Kill Woman

Rose O'Donnell has quit 'The View' to start her own talk show.

So, who's drunk tonight? Let's chat

FRIDAY Night Pic Thread!

Pirates of the Caribbean III******spoiler Alert******

We're watching "Anchorman" for the first time

Working Class Hero by John Lennon

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/26/2007)

tomato blossom and bird pictures {dial-up warning}

God, I Love This Cell Wireless Internet Card!

okay, There's something I've been wanting to know and hope SOMEONE here can help me...

When is it time to break it off with someone?

Ben-Gay is doggie Kryptonite

I'm in the process of buying a condo

Today I got on my balance beam scale....

"Loving wife spanking in a Christian Marriage"-Crotchless Pantaloons?

Your favorite Peter Sellers role

Free Penis Extension! Not a sex thread!

New creationist museum says dinosaurs were on Noah's Ark

What have you found to be "red flags" when you meet someone?

i'm glad i don't mix barbituates and alcohol anymore

Favorite artist

I bought two new dresses! Weeeeee!

cowboys' fried eggs

Teacher Accused Of Slapping 6-Year-Old At Restaurant

What is for dinner, DU?

I survived (and I do mean survived) the Morrissey concert in Dallas last night

Silk soymilk donating one day of wind power for every UPC code. Prizes too.

My effin job actually gives report cards each week. What an effin joke.

Who will end the night as UFC Light Heavyweight Champion?


Ow! My balls!

Hero dogs

The Moran family gas station

Rattlesnake season is supposed to be really bad this summer here in SoCal

Name one of BlueIris's new kittens.

Proposed GrovelBot talk boxes (dial up warning)

I sold V.F.W. Poppy's to America today.

Clyde Jones Died on the Job. He Didn’t Have To. Here’s Why.

Editorial rebuttal : Right-to-work would further state's (Michigan's) decline

American unions must help raise standards for Chinese workers, U.S. labor leaders say

A Yahoo group for labor people: USDemocrat-Labor

Every Day Is Groundhog Day Under the Bush Administration

Read Workers' Stories: Workers Wait and Wait for the NLRB to Enforce the Law

Steelworkers endorse Franken for U.S. Senate

Union TV Episode 1(Britain)

On this day in 1937: one of the most famous events in the history of the American labor movement

Widow cries out for workplace safety

Oakand Port Anti-War And Labor Protesters Close SSA Terminal for the day - ILWU 10 & ILWU34 Members

Recruiters corrupt guestworker program

Rebuilding Hope: Pre-Trip thoughts from former "lost boys"


A Soldier's Duty? The Ehren Watada Story...

Maxine Hong Kingston - 'Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace'

Veterans Speak Out - Trailer From Operation: Veteran Freedom...

Pinky Show - "The Iraq War: Legal or Illegal?"

Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away (WARNING: Contains Graphic Images of War)

Darfur Genocide: What Do YOU Know About Darfur, Sudan?

(Top Ten Reasons) Homer Simpson For President

No Honorary Degree for Andy Card - Part 1

Make Mine Resistant Vehicles a National Priority

Africa - Keith Harmon Snow vs. The Man

Africa - What Does Keith Harmon Snow See?

Brian Williams bitchslaps a FoxNews viewer



Three Strikes Mr. Bush

Bush's "New" Army

Peace is Every Step : Meditation In Action (Trailer)


Sexual Assault in the U.S. military...

TDS on Monica Goodling

Darcy Burner (06/08 Congressional candidate) denounces the war funding bill

No Honor for Andrew Card

Lunatic Phelps on Baby Cheney

Educating Rudy Press Conference

Daily Show with Al Gore - Assault on Reason and Media

New Rules (05-25-07)

Bill Maher and Guest Give John Edwards Positive Review....

FYI - Dixie Chicks are on Austin City Limits this weekend.

The Charlie Rose interview with Al Gore is really good. nt

Where's the I'm fed up with Democrats.

Ever Seen a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon

Skilled foreign workers add fuel to immigration debate

Google defends data policy

I rather suspect the freeping rightwingnuts aren't gonna be too happy with George bUsh when

An interesting take on why Bush has not been impeached yet

Here's the gay marriage issue of the 2008 election - the ERA!!

Let the Swiftboating begin: Largess To Clintons Lands CEO In Lawsuit

Stmt of Congressan Cleaver On His Vote Against The Iraq Funding Bill

Does your mutual fund include Military Industrial Complex companies?

$100 Billion on the war? No problem. $4 billion on food stamps? Can't afford that!

NYT: Bush mulling 2008 troop withdrawal.

Wolfowitz: "This will start the revolution around the Middle East that will transform everything"

Enjoying Memorial Day, you Christian Iraq War Supporters?

Teaching "Christian" values: animal cruelty [strong content]

Chinese Poison Train Declared Unstoppable: Next Stop, You!

I miss having smart people in charge

"Reads The Intelligence" my ass

Prosecutor asks up to 3 years in jail for Libby

If the Bush regime has demolished America's Moral Authority in the world

UK and U.S. forces battle Mehdi Army in Iraq

Man crushed by a steamroller at a golf course

U.S. sends arms to Lebanon amid militant threat

Rufus Wainwright - the lyric that's causing a commotion

So Congress just passed $100 billion for Iraq and in Sept another $141 billion for Iraq

If a terror attack occurs under a D pres., THAT pres. will be impeached.

I see Greg Palast is on today's "THIS IS HELL" ....

21% of U.S. troop casualties are from California

And it just made me puke! Be gone bitch!

(FIORE) Cap'n Killmore's Whale Removal Service

Big Chill for Papa Rudy (at daughter's graduation)

I'm sorry Hillary

Larisa Alexandrovna-Our national nervous breakdown has begun

Andrew Card got booed for over a minute at the Univ. of Mass

End war to honor troops

Help Wanted

"God Hates the World"

Memorial Day and Uncle Louie.

Al Gore's book signing schedule?

Not a shred of reporting on Cheney West Point Speech.

Yeah! Dennis has the most contributions here at DU!

Greg Palast live on This is Hell: 11:07 AM CST

I just found out a very good friend of ours is a vietnam vet......

So Bush says the U.S. is the MORAL LEADER of the world, but the rest of the world

A Memorial Day Haiku

Remember the "Domino Theory"?


U.S. general: Iraqi militants trained in Iran

U.S. air strikes against Iran in 2007/08 as all-but-a-done deal.

All this BITCHING and GNASHING. This is what Democracy is SUPPOSED to look like.

New bumper sticker idea

An inside look at the Iraqi "government"

The Gonzales-ization of immigration judges.

"We're fighting a war over there because the enemy attacked us first," Cheney to West Point grads

White House plays down report of Iraq troop cut

If all the (off-budget) "Emergency Supplemental War Spending" Bills are passed in 2007,

'NYT' Report on U.S. Pullout in Iraq Next Year -- Have We Heard It All Before?

Four years of promises to draw down the troops by half "next year"

I remember a Memorial Day 39 years ago from about a click south of the DMZ

Experts Charge Bush Ignored Contradictory Intelligence Reports In Coast Guard Speech

Do you need a good laugh? Watch John prine doing Flag Decal

"more than a hundred deaths in U.S.-run torture chambers under George W. Bush "?

So Democrats can't be rich but Republicans can steal, lie and subvert

Is DU committed to democratic principles or the Democratic Party?

Iraq Refugees Find No Refuge In America

Notre Dame Quarterback and Browns 1st round draft pick Brady Quinn.

What has MSNBC been doing with the morning radio timeslot recently? (NT)

Increased Strife Is Foreseen in Iraq if U.S. Troops Leave

Coke faces new product contamination problems

LAT: Immigration judges lack apt backgrounds

Primaries - I will vote for Dennis - he is the only one who has

Dennis Kucinich just read a bit of the Gettysburg Address in a Donald Duck voice on NPR!

How many voters does it take to outweigh an oil company or the military-industrial complex?

WTF IS THIS?!? Are Google and the CIA spying on me?

L.A. Times: bu$h* was twice warned of Iraq challenges.

Officials Say Justice Dept. Based Hires on Politics Before Goodling Tenure

Insurgents in Iraq blow up oil well near Kirkuk

If anyone needs a lift today, please watch Andrew Card being booed and protested at U.Mass.:

should people who sneak into Disneyland be kicked out of Disneyland?

Michael Moore, John Edwards, Howard Dean, Tweety and a Pap Attack on wimpy Dems on Ring of Fire.....

Would you sneak into Disneyland if it improved your poverty-stricken family's lives?

As Condos Rise in Florida, Investors Try to Flee

CNN now: "Pimp my Humvee" -- What a huge waste of airtime.

Interesting... from "Grist" about environmental prosecutions...

Anti-war Iraqi Vets Threatened With Discharge

American men make 12.5 percent less than their fathers 30 years ago, report on mobility says

Largess to Clintons lands CEO in lawsuit

Oh oh, Mipe Papantonio

4 out of last 8 months have been 100+ dead U.S. soldiers.

EIGHT more US troops.... dead.

A modest proposition

UMass faculty, students boo Card

Pic: "They're here already. You're next!"--Dr. Miles J. Binnell

C-Span is repeating the Goodling Hearing and on re-watch I have different opinion

I have sent the following to:

Bobblehead figurine sends 350 state workers fleeing from building in Washington State

I just made my contrib to DU -

White House plays down report of Iraq troop cut

HUD Report Shows 16% Increase in Unmet Housing Needs of Nation's Poorest Families

Bob Herbert: "Arrested While Grieving." More harrassment of blacks by NYPD

Bush announces he will VETO gasoline price-gouging penalties

Protesters Barred From Cheney's West Pt. Speech

Thank you to all the soldiers serving in Iraq

Where to you feel this billion plus the Dems just handed for more death

Hillary and Bill divorce B.S. is a top story on FOX Web Site

Can someone explain to me how Bush's veto wasn't HIS defunding of the war?

Mike Papantonio ripped the Dems on "Ring of Fire," said they proved Nader correct

TOON: Which party is anti-war?

A giant letter to Gore

I am speechless, This is how we are going to win hearts and minds.

chris matthews being interviewed by David Bender said he voted for bush in 2000

I think there's 5 people at the massive freeper rally

What's Demorats excuse for not revoking Iraq War Resolution?

My young, ignorant brother-in-law

DIDN'T SEYMOUR HERSH WARN US ABOUT LEBANON? (Karmabanqueradio/New Yorker/Xinhua News)

Newsweek: Bush's Monica Problem

Michael Moore To Defend Ground Zero Workers

I stand behind/with my Dem representatives. I am tired of the bashing here.

Bush Blinks or Is the Ante Being Upped?

Dodd Calls for End to Iraq War

Thoughts this day regarding the democratic party and what they can and cannot do

In Search of a Political Savior - Evangelicals aren't flocking to the GOP front runners

I was given a flyer warning that black women were being targeted for murder

Only 25 more donations to go. . to punch that smirker off...

Group of radical environmentalists facing long sentences as terrorists

U.S. set to reject targets on climate change: report

Cheney delivers warning on war in Iraq

We've gone from the SOTUS ate my vote to Diebold ate my vote to...the *Dems in Congress* ate my vote

McClatchy: White House rejected warnings on Iraq War

Someone please tell me I'm wrong,

Breaking on MSNBC - Four more military

Sometime on this Memorial Day weekend, find five minutes

David Brooks: ‘Majority Just Isn’t There’ For A Withdrawal From Iraq By April 2008

Why Do You Think Rosie "Left"?

Only 42 of us need to donate to reach the goal

HEADLINE: Bush CELEBRATES VICTORY after signing Iraq war fund bill

If you're going to talk about immigration, please don't use lame comparisons

God, I Love This Cell Wireless Internet Card!

"They want to kill your children, Matt!:..."They are a threat to your children, David..."

US Show of Force in Gulf Alarming: Afghan Paper

Who is Randy Forbes (R-VA), and is he crazy?

Examples of Christian persecution in America

Tennessee trooper accused of on-duty tryst with porn actress is fired

Iran: Western Spy Networks Discovered

Bill includes funding increases for veterans' care

Democrats trusted more on 10 key issues...

On Friday, did House Dems announce a new Iraq withdrawal timetable?

MSNBC *Live* Poll: Vote for the Biggest Winners and Losers of the Week

Quotes from the American Taliban

Heard the Bush Twins were back at the Bars in DC...When Parents Leave they descend!

Editorial: Special prosecutor, or ... Assault on elections needs full airing

For Memorial Day: Keepsakes of life cut short by war (88 years ago)

White House Is Said to have ’08 Cut in Iraq Troops by 50%

Caption this pic of Laura

Get ready folks--we've been played like fiddles

Hurry up DUers! 935! I'm waiting....As I wanna throw the last punch!

To my benefactor on behalf of DU's fund drive

Call Them On This Big, Damn Lie

C-SPAN now: Role of US Attorneys by James Eisenstein Penn SU Emeritus

Nov 08 elections will be about an Iran War Resolution vote, not Iraq.

This will dominate the news for the next week:


CNN doing the first patriotic thing this weekend....Combat Hospital

WP: Dodd calls for end to war

Memorial Day Weekend: Total American troops killed in Iraq

Administration reportedly studying Iraq troop-reduction

Can someone please tell me what this means

If Dems won't fight or impeach, they should at least go for jugular on investigations

Feith: "you really know the Arabs this well?..... that's too bad...."

"Americans have opened nearly 1,000 new graves to bury troops killed since Mem. Day '06"

Twinkle, twinkle....thank you for my little star!

Georgette is was offensive to DU Gay Community who

Saturday: 8 GIs, 80 Iraqis Killed; 106 Injured

Here's to the most widely read political pundit in California!

Layman's Assessment Of Al Gore's Book: 1. The Introduction

"cut off funding to the troops"

Hey lonestarnot... Was that YOU?. . . n/t

Request: guest schedule for Sunday morning

I'm going to the Jefferson/Jackson weekend next month where Pelosi will be the guest speaker.

CHENEY Has The Nerve To - Criticize The Geneva Convention In Military Academy Commencement Address

$100 billion divided by 12 million undocumented workers

Internet stalkers.

Sunday Talk Shows

Bush defends 'war on terrorism' label

Al Gore: Modern Politics' Movie Star

Logan tests device that sniffs out explosive liquids

Great news for UCLA - FlyAway bus from Westwood to LAX

Obama: "the most rhetorically effective exponent of liberalism in my lifetime"

Manufacturing Consent is just beginng on Link TV (9PM Pacific)

For those of you with loved one's serving...

So, who's drunk tonight? Let's chat


Seven Insurance Companies Pay Silverstein Properties

Ticking Time Bomb Scenario: Somewhere in New York City a bomb has been planted...

Free Republic Purge: Conservative Web Site Bans Giuliani Supporters

US rejects all proposals on climate change

Al-Sadr Calls for Shia and Sunni to Unite and Fight US/Brit Troops, Ignore Iraqi Forces

AEI warmongers conspire with Cheney to foment war with Iran

Venezuelans march against closure of TV station

are gore book signing dates online?

I am watching Gore on Larry King

A Memorial Day salute to all who have served

Help!!! There was a response to my Letter to the Editor.......

3,452 U.S. troops now dead in W's war on Iraq

Something Shrub said last week re Iraq is giving me the creeps...

Thought for the day, by Thomas Jefferson

Two photos of troops in Iraq

The grid for tomorrows Indy 500. 3 women will start for the 1st time ever

the sharpest insights into the president's psychosis are in his ad lib ramblings

Neglect of FDR in wake of "conservative revolution" is an "injustice"; new bio recalls his greatness

Who'll finish the last 11 donations!

Is it time to bring back P.O.W. bracelets?

"This American Life" today! Amazing. Heartbreaking to know what we could have done in Iraq...and

Memorial Day tribute: "In Flanders Fields"

Al Gore on the Bush regime's drive for global domination

Katrina debris buried hastily in landfills may threaten rural well water

Al Gore Discusses The Assault On Reason On C-Span 2 Tomorrow

Al Gore Urges Us To Think Differently

NEWSWEEK: BUSH's Monica Problem & Gonzales twisting slowly in the wind = Long Article

Freeper twofer: In Iraq by request/Jews of Germany had their heads in the sand

The Specter of Bush's Terror War

The Word Is Blackmail

Jerry Falwell only said bad things about gays and women and etc

NYT: Bush "swaggering a victorious general because he cowed a wobbly coalition of Democrats"

I think I know who will be the repuke prez nominee, tell me I'm wrong. Please

Treason is As Treason Does - by: Larry C Johnson

bush: 'At least Osama's not out there traipsing around leading Mem. Day parades'. BIRDSHIT!

Top U.S. Climate Scientist Issues New Warning On Catastropic Sea Level Rise

Pollution is Turning the (White) Tower of London Yellow

Dodd and Biden differ on funding bill

EIGHT troops slaughtered today. Lord Pissypants response: "It's a snapshot"

‘Our pride and our joy’

Al Gore and the internet

The Intelligence Officer's Bookshelf-From the CIA- you may be surprised.

Iran says it has uncovered several Western spy networks

With his five deferments during Vietnam, Cheney lies to promote Iraq war to West Point class

OK GD, let's lighten up.

Historian Reflects On War and Valor And a Son's Death

Chavez Coup Co-Conspirators Transformed Into Free-Speech Martyrs

I'm so sick of

RIP Sgt. Walsh

Gay Youths Find Place to Call Home in Specialty Shelters

Michael Moore's words about Gore tonite on Maher's show moved me.

More power grabs / No jobs for US citizens without Homeland Security approval

Fox is having a Discussion of What Would US Economy be if Gore was President!

The Mythologizing of History - An Essay for Memorial Day by Capt. Paul Watson

In honor of my 1000th post....

This will drop like a rock; however

1992: George H. W. Bush mocks Al Gore as "Ozone man! Ozone! He's crazy, way out, far out, man."

"Doctor" Laura pleads for privacy while her "son is probed" over lurid MySpace page

Enough John Wayne already!! I realize it's the 100th anniversary

If a tragedy in a metropolitan area killed 27 people, there would be outrage and grief

11,000 Mainers Call For Impeachment (Petition To Be Presented To Legislature)

Anyone remember this Pix of poppy?

Who do you think will be the Democratic nominee for president in 2008?

A young man with a wife and 2 kids told me he was going to Iraq next week

Al Gore Superstar

I'm an American first, Democrat second.

2 US soldiers beheaded in Iraq (link contains GRAPHIC photos)

Is this True? No jobs for US citizens without Homeland Security approval

Turn off your TV

Caution: Some soft drinks may seriously harm your health

ABC News: Kucinich's Secret Weapon

Drunk+Driving+speeding+cell Phone+ No Seat Belt = Death

Why do we court and accept voters with different views in the general election . . .

Pirates begins with suspending habeaus corpus and other rights

Sen. Robert Byrd called ILLEGAL Immigration Amnesty Bill a Bad Dream

Civil War monuments and the Confederate States of America.

Your tax dollars at work in the Defense Department.

Why Al Gore Will (probably) Not Run in 2008 (or ever)

Dear Democratic Congress, by Cindy Sheehan

WH now using Gestapo euphemism to describe torture

High Number Of Phoenix Moms And Teachers Admit Pot Use

WHY Is a Crazy Monkey Still In Charge?

Imidacloprid Pesticide Most Likely Cause of Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, CA Use Up 35 times!

"It it Still a Crime to Lie to Congress." Gonzales Delivers Indictment, Charges BUSH with LYING.

Gore Porn

God damn, Ron Paul is a Republican I'd vote for. (Except for the fact that every single one of

Dennis Kucinich on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!

ONLY SEVEN (7) Dems ACTUALLY voted against this war.

BO, U R So Gr8

Clinton, Edwards, Obama outline gay stances

Come See The Documentary "Iraq For Sale: The War Profiteers" (Columbus, OH)

How did your senators vote, and how does that reflect the opinon of their constituents?

Asheville, N.C., City Workers Get Living Wage

A Bush Loyalist Gently States His Case to Neocons

The Saturday Cartoons... The Political Week In 'Toons

By Holding Minimum Wage Hostage, Senate Republicans Cost Workers $750

An Agenda For Labor (where the candidates stand on an Agenda for Labor)


IWW Starbucks Union Organizer Pete Montalbano on RadioNation with Laura Flanders

NYTimes: White House Is Said to Debate ’08 Cut in Iraq Troops by 50%

Michelle Obama's ties to Wal-Mart cut

Bush mulling 2008 Troop Reductions?

Roehm: Wal-Mart CEO Broke Ethics Policy

Douglas Feith invented a Dutch company to fake ties

"We gave you a chance, you betrayed us."

Did the Clinton campaign leak "Her Way" to the WP on a holiday news-dump Friday?

Pelosi going on the global warming tour brings up what happened in Tx.

Bush transformed Iraq into a Disneyworld for terrorists. We have 2 options.

How Monica Goodling played the gender card and won.

Randi with Palast (re-run) on now. I had missed it so it's great...n/t

For Democrats, Debate on Fox Reveals Divide

WP: CEO funded Clintons' travel

The phrase "Ending the War"

Marine who served in Iraq delivers Dems' radio address: End war to honor troops

Activists: U.S. to reject climate deal

Edwards wants a mandatory military service

Attention Paid Obama Campaign Workers on DU

U.S. intelligence officer Patrick Lang recounts Doug Feith’s Arabic problem.

Dick Durbin wasn't very helpful with his "supporting the troops" remark.

Editorial: Special prosecutor, or ... (Sac Bee)

I commit myself to writing at least one letter to the editor or a pundit in defense of our nominee.

Security Council Drops Appeal to Sudan to Quickly Launch a Robust Peacekeeping Force in Darfur

What are the candidates' plans for Iraq ?

Oliver North and Ronald Reagan killed our GI's.

Cheney Attempting to Constrain Bush's Choices on Iran Conflict: Staff Engaged in Insubordination...

GOP Senator Criticizes Iraq War in Emotional Speech

101 U.S. troops killed in May so far

Bring the Troops Home -- AND.......?

Tell Wal-Mart: Require Chong Won to negotiate with independent union

Join Final Push for Employee Free Choice Act

Do you think the religious right is correct about anything?

Which side is your candidate on?

Must Read: The Bush Haters Handbook

Pennsylvania House Calls on Congress to Defeat Fast Track Renewal

9 more donations till someone INDICTS Chimp (on our own)

We are one President away from ending this war

Now that Bush has the $$$, what is going on about troop withdrawals?


BILL MAHER VIDEO - Must Watch Ron Paul Interview on HBO's Real Time

Can Al Gore lead the revolution?

Hillary leads, but Obama is the man to watch

Edwards criticizes president, says GOP candidates trying to be 'bigger, badder Bush'

Primary Poll

One of Their Own

Looking to become better informed (Clinton)...

Terrific song at!

Edwards offers plan for vets, troops

Edwards: Get out of Iraq now

Who among us thinks there will be a Presidential election in 2008??

MSNBC wants a rightwinger to replace Imus. FIGURES!!!!

I loves me some Elizabeth Edwards she will make a great first lady.

Suspected illegals (more than 100) arrested in raid

Yep. Andrew Sullivan is in love and forgoing his conservative leanings.

Union Man (Edwards)

If Nader runs again, here's something that DEFINITELY needs to be brought up

Charlotte Busch Series Race


Howard Dean on Ring of Fire today....Transcription from Renee at HEP

UMass faculty, students boo Andy Card, Protest honor for ex-Bush aide

Can We Turn DU Into A Committee of the Whole For a Constitutional Update?'s Withering look at the Democrats' Week that Was

Soldier's wife thanks Biden

Thinking about that Time Warner deal with the postal rates -

Al Gore is the only Democrat I will vote for

For Democrats, Debate on Fox Reveals Divide

Is Our Peace Activists Learning?

Clintons planned to have eight years each as president, book says

Who said this in September '05?

DKos: John McCain's Spelling Mistakes

McCain: Current Iraq Plan Is Best Option (AP)

Barbara Boxer on why she voted AGAINST the Iraqi Funding Bill

NEW book: It Can Happen Here: Authoritarian Peril in the Age of Bush

"It's going to be difficult for a Democrat (presidential candidate) to win in 2008."


Presidential and Congressional job approval both at 33%

Why I support Edwards more than even Al Gore (should he run)

Wes Clark & Al Gore Are Going To Run Together, Just Watch

It's a wrap, Hillary is the 2008 candidate

Clinton widens lead over Obama.. Clinton 46%...Obama 24%

Bush on Iraq, Bush on Afghanistan. Bush even on G8 climate proposals...

In case anyone missed a 14 page detailed Health cost saving proposal by Hillary - here are

Edwards campaign on Hillary's health care proposals: "Today's ideas have a familiar ring."

One of New Hampshire’s premier Dem activists backs Obama

Real Time with Bill Maher

Obama tackles real issues plaguing blacks


Rangel..."bam, seal it and catch hell" ...about the trade deal

I'm reading Al Gore's book...

We must also keep the heat on the Republican in order to end the war

Soldiers are dying for real so Congress needs to pass an Iraq bill with real consequences