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Witness for the Prosecutors (NYT on Goodling)

After a politically rough day for all, something special for you.

Training Day (Brevity Edit: 83 seconds long)

What is your term of endearment?

Woohoo -- 4000 posts!! Thanks, spineless Dems!

“There are only two tragedies in life:


Respond to this post in the negative

She came in through the bathroom window

Latest Book Purchase/Library Check-out?

DUers whose vices you'd like to hear

Nobody ever makes me their crush...nobody posts they want to hear my voice

When a group of musicians can do something like this, THEN

Theory of Evolution

Jesus & George

Kerry's national security adviser in 2004 says Osama bin Laden is in Pakistan

My new graphic: Monica Goodling in 'Legally Blonde - Disbarred'

Harkin Introduces The Guantanamo Closure Act of 2007

Dems in DC perfectly fit the absued wife scenario

John Edwards on PBS Tavis Smiley Show right now

What about separate legislation for timetables, benchmarks, milestones?

This is Edwards' big chance (the Bush war bill)

A Neocon War-Planning Vacation to the Bahamas! (May 30, 2007)

Is it safe yet for dems to stop playing it safe?

Pardon my cynicism, but good old fashioned blackmail may be at work..

AAR listeners: What has Lionel had to say on the Iraq Bill?

Have you read the "bill" and do you know what's in it other than no

Keith! Over the years we have thanked great patriots in a big way.

Pollution Enforcement Dropping Substantially under Bush, New Study Finds

What's Your News IQ??

What will you do to end the damn war?

Iglesias: "Want to get to the bottom of this? Get Rove and company in to testify under oath."

"Sicko" is Socko in Cannes.......

What does Sen Chuck Schumer say about McNulty after Monica's testimony today?

Funny ending.

Democrats should wait until the last second to vote on the military bill

Bush is buying time to continue his failed policy and escalate the war.

I've had it! There is Edwards and Dodd and fuck the rest of them

Sweet Justice: Rep Davis of Alabama who got to Goodling is a real law ...

Google is watching you (Independent UK)


Choreographed Victory, Dishonorable War

Domestic violence against children on the rise

Over 100 Dead in New Wave of Violence, etc (Juan Cole)

Joe Conason: Apocalyptic Times for the GOP Faithful (Truthdig)

Cast Your Vote for the Worst Offender in the Corporate Hall of Shame (AlterNet)

One-Third of Troops in Iraq Support Torture, Majority Condone Mistreating Innocent Civilians

A Japanese Export: Talent NYTimes

Apocalyptic Times for the GOP Faithful (Joe Conason)

Former Justice official says Congress misled about Griffin

Peace Through the Back Door (by Deepak Chopra at HuffPost)

Our Shadowy Iraq Air War (

Valuing The Votes Of The Poor (

Killing Us Softly: Uncle Sam wants you ... to die

WP editorial: "...that strikes at the core of what the Department of Justice is."


Big Oil Companies Hide Billions from Government at Taxpayer Expense

The truly progressive leadership of *our* Democratic party

House Democrats Buckle Under Pressure from Big Oil, Strip Down Price Gouging Bill

Man is the Most Amazing Jack ass

The Moon and the Sun Over Miami (An anecdote from the filming of "Sicko")

Commentaries from the Twilight Zone

The Bleeping Truth

Norman Solomon: Deadly Illusions, Rest in Peace

A New Silent Majority

Keith Olbermann: This Shameful, Bi-partisan Betrayal

The Rise of the Dick Cheney Democrats David Sirota

One-Third Troops in Iraq Support Torture (Alternet)

Congress knowingly throws billions at graft, incompetence and a growing mercenary army

Guardian:We should back Chávez

Reporting on Muslim polling (Moonie Times)

Justice Department editorials sampler

President Bush lets his bigotry show at his Thursday press conference

PAUL KRUGMAN: Immigrants and Politics

Bill Scher: No More Compromise (from

Arianna Huffington: What Do You Want to Ask Al Gore?

Ex-CIA chief: rendition flights put allies in difficult position

Michael Moore hopes 'Sicko' disgusts you

John Conyers: Goodling Testimony Revealing (Except to Republicans)

Private Company Defined Benefit Pension plans ending in US as companies react to U.S. Government

Cheney Staff Engaged in Insubordination Against President Bush

Politicians vs. America

Bird doo lands on bush's head/LINK

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: In a Room Without a View

So You Think I'm Crazy? Just Wait

The GOP Health Savings Accounts are a failure - not effective/as satisfying as traditional, too much

Gore, Obama, And A Coalition Against The Politics of Fear

Japan proposes 50 pct emission cuts by 2050 (non-binding) - AFP

"Cap't Killmore's Whale Removal Service"

ACTION ITEM: Emissions, Fuel Economy, and Consumers

Study Finds Hurricanes Frequent in Some Cooler Periods

Siberian coal mine blast kills at least 36 - Reuters

Agencies give final OK for wind farm (Delaware offshore)

Pumping Cash, Not Oil

It Might Be The End of The World’s Most Phallically Sad SUV. But Has The Damage Been Done?

Schwarzenegger says Feds are "bordering on malfeasance" over Global Warming foot dragging

Homegrown: Scarborough man plants seeds for more backyard gardens

Targets still out, Bali back in G8 climate draft - Reuters

Poll Finds Prices Must Go Way Higher to Alter Driving ($4.38/gal WaPo)

What will be gone...

Japan eyes 50% greenhouse gas cut (BBC)

Solar-powered plane prepares for aviation history (

The Ecology of Pizza - Why Organic Food is a Bargain

The global oil grab of 2007

Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

Southern California Edison Wants $52M Dollars to Study "Clean Coal."

Israel could buy Palestinian gas

Chandra Levy's Mother Wants Case Solved

Ahmadinejad: if Israel repeats her Lebanon mistakes, she'll be eradicated

Congress Poised to Vote for Higher Minimum Wage

(ABC) EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Intelligence Community Predicted Trouble in Post-Saddam Iraq

Wealthy Couple Charged With Slavery

Bush: Bin Laden isolated, not leading parades

World Population Becomes More Urban Than Rural

Iraqi translators feel 'abandoned'

New home prices plunge, sales soar

Colombia's Congress seeks peace observer's removal for ignoring paramilitary orgies

U.S. may shift to noncombat role in Iraq

Arson attacks ruled terrorism

Congessional Democrats relent to Bush on Iraq spending bill


Cuba and US clash at UN over release of militant

Report: Cheney aide clearing path to bomb Iran

BradBlog/Palast: The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom

Intelligence Report to be Released (section of Phase II Iraq intel report)

CBS Poll: 76% Say War's Going Badly (Bush at 30%)

FDA to monitor toothpaste from China

4.7-Magnitude Quake Shakes Hawaii Island

US Candidate Paul Assigns Reading to Giuliani

U.S. expert panel urges regulation of tobacco

president to reporter"they are a threat to your children, David"

Democrats introducing no confidence resolution in Gonzales

Costa Rica aims to win "carbon neutral" nation race

(Bush) 'US would leave if Iraq asks'

Giuliani: Dems in denial over 'War on Terror'

Abortion foes criticize one of their own (Dobson)

GSA Chief Violated Hatch Act, Special Counsel's Report Alleges

Gates: Violence In Iraq Likely To Go Up

Former Australian army lawyer says Rumsfeld's handling of Iraq almost criminal

Gaps in Mental Care Persist for Fort Carson Soldiers

More world Bank Candidates (Frist being considered)

Congress OKs Billions for the Iraq War

Gates on Iraq: "We can't turn it around overnight"

Pearce calls for McCain to resign


With U.S. funding, Mexico tracks communication

Lebanon to receive weapons shipment from U.S.

AP: Marines Fail to Get Gear to Troops

Three Bodies Found -- May Be Missing Soldiers

Former Aide To Gonzales Contradicts Him

GSA chief violated Hatch Act, report says

Iraq leader announces Cabinet changes

Iran's Latest Hostages

Insurgents in Iraq blow up oil well

Car bomb kills 27 at Iraq funeral: hospital source

Christian Aid partners back Brazil decision to defy US drugs giant

Iran probably 3-8 years off nuclear bomb: IAEA

Bush says summer critical for Iraq strategy

FDA Data on Gardasil May Fuel Controversy

Court Stands By Exxon Valdez Damages

ICRC still seeking access to Iraqi-run prisons

Spanish judge persists with U.S. soldier charges

Kenneth Eng in Custody

Two U.S. soldiers killed in Anbar province

Girl Ordered Held In Custody For Anti-Gay Fliers

Heavy Gunfire Breaks Truce in Lebanon

US probe of Iraq shooting incomplete - media group

Former Australian army lawyer says Rumsfeld's handling of Iraq almost criminal

(Sen) Schumer undergoing treatment for Lyme disease

Brazil proposes alcohol restrictions to address drunken driving

Gordon Brown 'may name Straw as British Deputy PM'

Bush Makes Power Grab

For the First Time, New York Links a Death to 9/11 Dust

Bush's Seat Belt Usage Not Locked Down


Recall Of Chinese Fish Product Ordered As Suspected Carriers Of Pufferfish Toxin

Greyhound Canada, strikers reach tentative deal

For the First Time, New York Links a Death to 9/11 Dust

House Approves First Increase in Minimum Wage in a Decade

Turkey's leader backs attack on Kurds

LOST Tonight - Wha? Huh? Eh? (spoilers)

I'm in love with my car.

Shoot! I just spent my 4000th post saying something positive about a freeper

What did Clive Davis say on the American Idol finale tonight?

A Father's Last Request

Aaargh!!!!! I have a horrid earworm going on!

I too am thinking of leaving DU, but not just yet.

An error was encountered, please try again shortly


Cat grows wings

Burglar Dumps Man's Ashes On Front Lawn

Is snark a verb yet? "To snark"? for instance,

L O S T physics

I am soooo ready for the goddamn weekend!

DUers whose vices you'd pay good money NOT to hear

Restaurant Refuses To Change Name Of Burger (Wopburger)

Bailiff says he felt like 'house boy'

A discussion on the Sopranos (possible Spoiler for those who have not seen last week yet)

Anything good on TV last night? I watched 'Animal Cops Houston' last night **spoilers**

Woman Named Teacher Of The Year Arrested For Having Sex With 13 Year Old Student

Has anyone ever seen the word "Gizmo", spelled

So my company is having a "Wellness Fair" today

Scare Tactic Used on Wayward Whales

vaclav is do like theese very much to drive

I'm thinking of leaving DU, but not just yet.

Anything else happen in this world other than fake island in chaos & pop stars being manufactured?

"do you know what a hassa is frank?"

does anybody want to go to the mall?

does anyone want to listen to slayer with me?

Would you evaluate a friend more by their worship of slayer or by how they treat you?

Do you like this movie poster I made?

Studio 60 Fans

Lingerie Shop Raided For Selling Sex Toys - Clerk Arrested, May Have To Register As Sex Offender

Odd Headline in our local paper

Last night I wrote 8 pages in 2 hours. Please encourage me to be equally productive today!

Would you evaluate a friend more by their political orientation or by how they treat you?

Little Allegro goes to her first formal dance

I feel sorry for kids today -- prizes in cereal have gotten so lame

My Final is at 6.00 pm Today: Havent even started studying:

MatcomNews Update: Teen Who Ejaculated Into Salad Dressing Fined $750

"Nasty skinny girls" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread to include "nasty skinny girls".

I can has prezidents?

Would you evaluate a friend more by their worship of Player or by how they treat you?

Beatles songs performed on "American Idol" May 23, 2007

National Park Webcams

The World's First All-glass Undersea Restaurant Opens

Hey Lounge --Snakes on a plane ! Really!

Does anyone else here love Bragg's Liquid Aminos?

boom shockalockalocka boom shockalockalocka

On my way to NYC tomorrow. Please don't plan anything special.

How many times may one kick their own thread without incurring the wrath of the Lounge?

Drive-Thru Liquor Store Sells Cups Of Ice To Go

If you could change the time you were born in, would you?

You know what I'd really like?

What are your intentions, DU?

CONFESS!!!! What is your Major Malfunction???

I'm just going to let JackMN stare at the tv for the next hour.

What are your afternoon delights, DU?

Conman Jilted Fiancee & Left Her At The Alter - 3 Times

Colon must pay for party

uhoh! Adam and Eve.... .... and STEVE!

It's not about me.

Convicted Penis Pump Judge Argues Sentence Too Stiff

I was pulling weeds and got stabbed in the arm by a barb

Happy 66th birthday, Bob Dylan

a copycat: Haik-DU in the lounge!

Straight Dope scoop: The truth about the boy with "two spiders living in his ear."

if you could, where would you take a midnight train to?

BREAKING: Whoa_Nelly is totally crushworthy

It's been awhile since we've had a Molly Hatchet appreciate thread

this is one of the most useful things i have ever encountered on the world wide internet

Anyone want to figure out why my computer is freaking out?

What are your afternoon plans, DU?

This just in.... President visibly shaken!

Honest - a real life version of "Snakes on a Plane!"

I'm in love with myself...

WTF is a Borken PSP

We must worship at the feet of Grovelbot.

my favorite sly stone song

Woman Arrested For DUI - 10 Minutes After Leaving MADD Intervention

What should I listen to?

plans for my chest tattoo....don't you love it.... I do!

I think I would want my head examined before I did something like this!

I wish real life had ctrl + F

Question for DUers with ADD: Any alternatives to adderall?

Email from Mainframe programmer wanted

I give up.

IML this weekend here in Chicago.

I just hit 1000+ posts! Ask me anything.

Have any of you read Al Franken's "Why not me?"

Which U.S. federal agency, bureau, etc. would you work for?

What are you a "sucker" for?

Ok, need some parking advice


Taking a break between Power & Politics: Question for the Lounge

Listen Live online problem with AAR

Anybody watch that trainwreck called The View today?

July 4th movie this year...

just got back from my first day at the gym

Pros/Cons of owning a tiny dog

Why do women have full time breasts? (A biology thread)

Guy catches glasses with face

Ok. It's hot and almost 5 PM. Happy Hour begins now and I'm buying!

GROVELBOT!!! It's so good to see you!!

Who Is Your Favorite Arthur Of All Time

Favorite school cafeteria food?

Oh noes--Jen! Jen! Look, the Grovelbot ate my avatar!!111!!

Need help: I saw a post about a Jesus statue struck by lightning

Post a picture of a pie.

Grovelbot appreciation thread!

Police Arrest Teen For Intentionally Running Over Ducks

Give me one good reason I shouldn't sell everything I own

From the archives of "William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day":

Has anyone seen dead birds flying around lately?

Do priests still wear black clothes and a white collar?

Why do men have time for full breasts? (An ogly thread)

I want to have Gravelbot's baby.

I don't give a dog about no 'merican idol!

Holy cow, it's supposed to hit 90 tomorrow!

Not too shabby for a geezer


This Should be the Dems New Theme Song

Has anyone seen dead birds lying around lately?

Is anyone else having trouble with Yahoo Instant messenger?

Should I order the ostrich filet at El Gaucho?

I HATE those bag carousel things at the checkout line!!

Happy birthday aljones & petersond!!

Speaking of Bird s**t....

Why am I watching Bobby and Whitney?!

Do we most enjoy the music that we listened to when we were teenagers?

Spy camera footage of Rabrrrrrr's house last night

Is DU acting up again?

Anyone using Joost that would invite me to help beta test?

What kind of oil do you cook with most frequently?

Okay, if the halloween costume has to say on it what it's supposed to look like, why bother?

"Tank Girl" is coming back to a store near you

We need a DU ' NEO ' to stop the evil Grovelbot from eating our Avatars

For the cat lovers here!

All your icon are belong to Grovelbot.

Happy Birthday .....Robert Allen Zimmerman (66)

I'm going away for 5 days.

What do you know about spells and curses?


Look at the top of the screen!

Microsoft is lambasted for "iPod Amnesty bin"

Time for a lounge fix...

Don't forget to be Prepared - Towel Day Tomorrow!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/24/2007)

Well lets try this

Poll question: What kind of oil do you bathe with most frequently?

Woman, age 60, gives birth to twins.

I Need to Know Your Experiences in Dealing with Bullying Bosses?

Looks like the big job wasn't in the cards.... SHIT!

video editing - HELP!

Braves win! Braves win! Braves win!

Has anyone seen dead birds flying around lately?

I am back online.

Kitty Cat Pics For Catwoman

There is something weird with my ear. Here is a picture...

Post a Happy Video

craving a free association thread: thrill


My town has a theme song!

So has ANYONE noticed that GrovelBOT

I hurt myself today

What is your favorite candy bar?

Who wants popcorn?

Goodnight DU

Question about the movie "Mother, Jugs & Speed".

Hey, Grovelbot stole my Kirby!

why do I hang out in GD on nights like this?

To the lounge....

Woman Claims Her Sexually Harassed Cat Has Grown Wings

That looks like some brains.

Point out a common everyday object then criticize the fuck out of it.

Hey, why isn't McCain at 900 and Rudy at 800?

midlife crises check in thread...

How I feel about the House Dems right about now...

things are boring here tonight

Grisly Effect of One Drug: 'Meth Mouth'

Michael Moore to be on the Bill Maher show tomorrow eve.

Barrel cactus with fruit

I'm Eating Blue Diamond Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds-ask me anything

Albums that should never have been made....

Grovelbot Took My Avvie And Turned Me Into Nicole!

Skinner, how to you start a thread?

I almost threw out $25 just now...


One of the greatest vocal performances of all time....

Any Gene Shepherd fans here? 8 episodes on Mp3 at this webpage

Ow, Ow, Ow... These new fillings hurt...

Will my mother in law hate me forever?


***** 145,000 POSTS ***** newyawker99

Mere Coincidence? July 8, 1947

folk remedy for nausea?

FYI: Al Gore on Letterman tonight

Bertha Kicks Skittles' Ass # 2


Why do men have full time lust? (A biology thread....NOT!)

Post a song that has a huge emotional impact on you

Which version of Who Do You Love do you love?

Suggest an interesting posting affectation for me.

friends! Lounge countrymen!

Freeper Haiku, anyone?

Who is the better actress? Jenna Jameson or Asia Carrera?(a biology thread)

Mid life crises last about 2-5 years in women

Road food

Anyone ever worked as a professional recruiter?

A Bird Cam - Stork On The Nest - Four Eggs

What is your favorite San Francisco treat?

A treat for the David Lynch fans here.

Reality TV 'stars' who are annoying as hell and still pushing their 15 minutes of fame

I can has preshidunts?

American Idol winner an anti-choice activist

So, DU what are your Memorial Day plans?

Who is your favorite author of all-time?

Where do you get your kicks?

Dang, I was all psyched about applying for this job

midwife crises check in thread...

Are there any Chad VanGaalen fans in the Lounge?

Does DU need Pepto Bismol or something?

Got a recipe? Post it!

I'm in a good mood, and the first _TEN_ non-star will get a star tonight/tomorrow

My Theory on Last Nights LOST

I just bought a pair of fake crocs!

Post a pic of yourself during an 18+ mile hike

i'm waiting for the i iz groveLbot threadz

Went to the Monet in Normandy exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of

Jeppidy update (Update on my tryout for "Jeopardy!")

THANK YOU DU! I just gave $49.20 thanks to my other thread! Won't you donate too?

A new coworker was fired the other day...

Any knowledgeable Catholics here?


Whats The Rarest Animal You Have Ever Eaten In The Wild?

Thomcat Prepare Yourself: My finals are almost over: Soon it will be time to POISON you

tee hee .. enjoy

Steve Spurrier (South Carolina football coach) caught taking a leak on the hallowed ground of ...

Advice, please, vets, re DU.

Any help would be appreciated ~~ for the family of a newly deceased VN vet

Special Memorial Day weekend episode of Bill Moyers - D-Day Revisited

For all our brothers and sisters who gave that last full measure

"Coming Home" for all my brothers and sisters in arms who died for their country.


Delay keeping strike alive Ruling on union decertification at Bach plant could take until July

Double trouble for unionbusters

Obama wows union faithful in N.J. visit

Old Glory Robot Insurance. For when The Metal Ones decide to come for you. And they will.

What have we become? (Turn up volume in player to hear it clearly)!

Chloe Versus Hilliary: Campaign Song Part 1

Chloe Versus Hilliary: Campaign Song Part II

McCain Curses Cornyn

It's time to be Patriotic about something other than war!

News Hour - Gen. David Petraeus Loses All Credibility...

Pretty funny stuff...update on Hillary song search!!!

Michael Moore's SiCKO (official trailer)

Boner (sleazy repuke - OH) weeps like a baby when talking about the "war on terror"

Women@Google: Hillary Clinton

VIDEO: Bird poops on Bush, he wipes it off with bare hand, YUK

Edwards: "War on Terror" is a Bumpsticker, not a Plan!

Sen Kerry Senate Speech on Iraq Supplemental part 2

Sen Kerry Senate Speech on Iraq Supplemental part 1

Schumer Announces No Confidence Vote for Gonzales (set for early June)

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich:"Privatizing Iraq's Oil is Theft!"

Our Only Gay President


The Drug War Is People

Okay, I am DONE with ever wearing Doc Martens.

Michael Moore's SICKO Trailer

Mike Gravel is on Bernie Ward right now

OK, I am a total fool about American Idol

3,432 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Denying VA benefits to veterans is on the rise!

Jesus & George

WP, Dana Milbank: Monica's Own Monica Problem

Democrats could own a Baghdad summer of hell

Illegal Immigration, or "How we took over Iraq while bitching about Mexicans here"

I thought this was just standard DOJ operating policy

JUst a little reminder, Two special elections in the House this coming month

C Span is running the GOODLING TESTIMONY again (now).

Thursday TOONS: Worst, Worthless and Whimpy edition

Dow Jones owner Bankcroft: Murdoch will destroy Wall Street Journal's Independence

Convicted Penis Pump Judge Argues Sentence Too Stiff

House Oversight Committee holding hearing on Veterans Mental Health

Please come & subscribe to my new Youtube Political Channel

Is Bush Leading Us to Nuclear War?

C'mon people.. We need to cut Monica some slack.. It was not her fault

CNN-I......Air France-KLM has a 1.7 BILLION...Profit!

Christian newswire: Of GOP candidates, only Brownback & Hunter understand Terri Schiavo case

I saw 3 more "Gore 2008" bumper stickers in Owosso this week.

WJ this morning: Monica

Condi Jeered at Baseball Game

Bill Press finally gets the Memo on Presidential Directive 51 "news just breaking this morning"

Bush Administration on Iraqi Refugees: I don't care about you, go back to Iraq and die

GORE: Bush Interpretation of Power Leads To The Worst Nightmare Of The Founders (The Guardian)

MS. GOODLING: I crossed the line of the civil service rules

Out of millions of Iraqi Refugees, Bush Admin resettles *one*

Was so proud of my step daughter and her husband.....

Best use of a pregnant belly

Reid, Levin, Biden and Rockefeller Write to Bush, RE: Iran policy/strategy

I'm sure everyone here has been helped by other members of

Using drugs as weapons 'unsafe'

Monica Goodling is no Ollie North.

House panel rejects Bush administration plans for new nuclear warhead

Public office should be like jury duty

I just want to say congratulations to Mary Cheney & her partner on the birth of their son

Can bush use the 'Goodling Maneuver' & say "I didn't mean to"?

Happy Buddha's Birthday to all you Buddhists out there

Bank moving local jobs to India

George Bush Claims he is Adolf Hitler

Bing West, Reaganaut, on CSPAN

Gonzales Response To "Shaping" Monica's Testimony-"I was just trying to comfort her"

Duties of the #3 at DoJ

USA's political/corporate influence in Mexico,...

Step 1: Imagine that Chelsea Clinton is gay.

Anyone have an e-mail address for Charlie Savage at the

So, at 11:01 Eastern time, is the Chimpenfuhrer taking us to war with Iran?

Toles does it again: TOON on funding bill tells it like it is

Where Are They Now?: Republican Psychos Edition.

A you tube video titled "Leftist Propaganda"

Illegals should spend 4 yrs. in Iraq to earn citizenship, cspan caller

Bush to hold 11 a.m. news conference (Reuters)

McDonald's begins McJob petition

What exactly does the $450 billion dollar a year Defense Budget pay for if not the Troops?

Is it me or is our party turning even more right

Are you listening to Marsha Blackburn (R-Tn) on CSPAN?

From New London: great coverage of our anti-Bush demonstration. (photo)

Al Gore's message to readers ("Assault on Reason" still #3 bestseller on Amazon)

Fred Thompson shuts down his PAC -- and there goes his son's income


Everyday, we, as individuals, pay for the Iraq war machine with our tax dollars. Perhaps,

POLL: How many more years will our soldiers be dying in Iraq?

A Deadly Search for Missing Soldiers

Re; The wayward whales in California. WHY DO WE "help"?

I'll always remember bush's grinning & giggling thru all the horrors.

Il Dunce will be gloating live on teevee at 11.01 AM EDT

U.S. navy begins war games on Iran's doorstep

10 Things You Can Do Over Memorial Weekend to Support the Troops and End the War

Question: Does funding for Walter Reed and Vets come from the same place as

Steve Spurrier (South Carolina football coach) caught taking a leak on the hallowed ground of ...

We have some REAL sickos amongst us..

David Drier slicked up like a mob boss today

I just can't shake this horrible guilt.

bush being heckled at press conference

NYT analysis: Democratic leadership ceded ground to Bush to avoid White House attacks

So Now Does Bush Get to Strut Around like the cock of the walk?

I wonder if the chimp can hear the protestors in the background

New name for DU:

House Intelligence Committee to probe phone companies cooperation with NSA wiretapping

House on C-Span 1: McGovern (D-Mass.)

Police fork over secret RNC documents that make it plain there's plenty more

Refute: we have met the enemy and it is the part of us comprising a vast RW criminal conspiracy

This just in: Damage Control at 11 AM

Edwards said terrorism doesn't exist?

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

How much would it cost to buy the loyalty of Dems in Congress?

Skinner, could you please tell us if the Secret Service asks for any more transcripts

I don't give a dog about no 'merican idol!

A poll from an alternative universe - wishlist candidates

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Casually browsing DU, I found the reason they're demonizing people who download music:

"I would like to see us in a different configuration at some point in Iraq"...

NYTimes feels the wrath of Vegans in their letters (response to op-ed Monday)

Just asked by David Gregory

Iraq Funding Bill: A picture worth a thousand words

Anyone have a count on the number ot times 9/11 was said?

Flash from the past: Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service

View of Rudy from a Pub.

You want an Iraq withdrawal that makes sense?

Al Gore will be on the Daily Show and on Letterman Thursday night, 5/24

I'm not worried about any of the banks I do business with failing but has there not been


law that would transfer control of most of the Iraqi oil reserves to foreign corporations

Mr. President

OK... Shut this down mods if you must, but here is what I plan to do.

Dear World---I'm so sorry! Please forgive us!

The magic Dual world of * administration

"Something's Wrong--On Every Side of the Aisle"

Congratulations Dems; you caved & Bush just bashed you for it

A protester is screaming something

Rasmussen: Democrats Trusted More Than Republicans on 10 Key Issues

Feces Left At Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's Office

If Clinton, Obama, Dodd, Biden or Kucinich votes for the funding. (edited)....


Do Dems in DC view DU as the base or as a fringe?

If we don't send our troops to be killed over there__________________

Sexist Spin on "THE VIEW" melee...

Lives in the Balance

Whiney Sensenbrenner Doesnt 'Fish'

Marking the first year occupation of Iraq

Is monica playing the poor little innocent white Christian martyr card?

With American Idol over (for now), what will the media talk about?

Amnesty International - Torture blogad yields freeper response

Amnesty International Decries Governing with Fear

Laura Flanders: (Vote against the) Sacrifice The Troops Bill

More on the Rosie-Twit incident; Alicia Silverston totally snubs Elizabeth.


"We let them have a pass in the 1960s"

bush is giving a press conference, but the press is SOOOOOO lame

Newsweek: U.S. counterterrorism officials rebuke Bush's latest Bin Laden/Iraq intel leak

yesterday we saw the face of the evil

Sometimes I feel like it's one step forward, and two backwards

TROUBLETOWN on Mad Cow: "Stay away from the brain stem, Mrs. Ruttledge."

A few words from a guy named Tom.

12 Days To Go

Goodling's lawyer told Dems to ask about AG

U.S. maps new course for troubled Iraq — again (guess what, why, how, how long & a bonus article)

I am once again embarrassed to live in Kansas when I listen to these kids on CSPAN

TIME: Neo-cons tried to recruit Robert Baer to Iraq after invasion for an Iran operation

Cindy Sheehan: Friends don’t help Friends Commit War Crimes

I just emailed Obama's office and his campaign

Dems back down,, Warships near Iran any connection?

Bush Attacks Critics Of ‘War On Terror’ As ‘Naïve’

"I made the decision to fight them. We're fighting them here, we're fighting them there - everywhere

What part of this do the Dems not understand?

Chris Dodd says no more blank checks to bush, Edwards says vote No on the funding

George Gets Groped ---pix--->>>

On MS NBC - Charles from the Imus show is on the air???? They had Chris - Imus sports guy

NYT, pg1: Oil Industry Says Biofuel Push May Keep Gas Prices Up

The Wash Journal callers surprised me this morning

"Let me finish...I'm on a roll here."

Remarks-U.S. Senator Russ Feingold In Opposition to the Iraq Supplemental Report, delivered today

The entire government has failed us on Iraq

Help. I need Keith Olbermann's news show ratings.

When did our local governments stop protecting the public interest?

Judge Warns of Vets Disability Backlog

"Their strategy (Al Queda) is to drive us out of the Middle East"

All Gore Book signing - tomorrow, NYC, Union Square - 12:30 PM - Barnes & Noble

House session - Obey speaking now on CSpan 1 n/t

Elizabeth Edwards interview on Wisconsin Public Radio

It's morning and the winds have come again.

Caption this pic

Americans love higher gas prices, and are getting use to it..

Chimpy giving press conference ... he's pre-empting The View so Rosie can't dis him.

Bush just said if Iraqis ask us to leave, we'll leave--them Iraqis better get that vote by the end

Wake-up call: long after Bush, Rove, & Cheney leave, the lobbyists will still be there

More on Dick Cheney DemoRats....

Navy has swastika shaped bldg. complex - people upset

Work for

Chapter 3 of "The lost war in Iraq"

Iraqi Labor Leaders Spotlight. Protest US Consulting Firm Hired to Write New Iraq Oil Law

Is bu$h threatening nuclear war?

Iraqi war funds---Who actually gets the money?

My local FAUX station is officially batshit

Majority Leader's Office Says They Are NOT Putting The Vote For Funding

ABC News responds to critics of US/Iran covert operation report

Today's Polls - Rasmussen: Dems win on all 10 issues over Pubs, Bloomberg wins 20%+ of the vote

Have any Dems said anything yet about the Chimp's Emergency Directive?

"He's a danger to your children, Jim" ... "He wants to get your children, David"

U.S. foreign policy: Let's liberate that oil!

US Health Officials Checking for Contaminated Toothpaste/China Exports Toothpaste to us!

To Do list for today....

"Romney: ABC Story Puts Lives at Risk"

Same answer from Gabrielle Giffords as yesterday

One good thing about war spending bill - Minimum wage increase could be added to it

I have my worst DJ gig ever this Saturday

EPA Scientists Protest Planned Laboratory Closures

By Definition... Doesn't Courage Involve Taking Risk ???

Bush: "I would hope the Senate and the Congress would move expeditiously to finish their hearings"

Will the Democrats in Washington grow a spine regarding war with Iran?

So, does the Democratic Congress own this war now?

The Federal Law that Goodling and Co violated

Speaker Pelosi's office: "No answer is available at this time."

Ironic, Isn't It ??? - The Dems Are Trying To Shed The "Weak On Security (War)" Issue...

Headline on MSNBC..."SICKOS TARGET ALL AGES"...Freudian?

No Gas

How organized (or disorganized) is the impeachment movement?

Deadly week for Ft. Rich gets worse with four more killed

Why don't the Democrats take their clue from William Lloyd Garrison

Another thing the soldiers lose

I am sticking...but I am an embarassed Democrat.

Jon Stewart on the Democratic Cave In (video)

Obama's email reply to my plea for supporting the 'no confidence' vote on GONZO. He calls for GONZO

Anti-War Activists Attack Democrats over Iraq Bill

"Thought the Super Bowl Half-Time Show Breast-Baring Stunt was Bad?"

Wasn't the 'surge' supposed to curb sectarian violence?

Question about open borders...

Why so surprised about Pelosi and Reid?

Senator Kerry has a diary up at

Had enough of Dem cowardice???

Agencies warned U.S. about Iraq-invading could create instability- give Iran, al-Qaida opportunities

Military Gambling?

Is a Gore Obama ticket intriguing enough to entice Al to run? What a dynamic

For what it's worth, and I hate to disappoint DU, the presidential candidate who can articulate the

Caption *

"Well, today we're talking about this very important

While Freepers Party, the nations crashes.

This War Funding Bill ensures a Dem Prez in 08

Who is really in charge? - pic

Is DU crashing or just GD? Wicked slow!

NYT poll: Opposition to war at all-time high.

Republicans Praise an Admitted Law Breaker-Monica Admits to Hatch Act Violations

John Kerry Votes No

MOYERS: A Great But Broken Promise

Hey Democrats in Congress!

The Dem vote on the Iraq Spending bill - my list so far

MoveOn.Org is right to target DEMS who ran anti-war, but vote for the occupation!

What A Shitty Voter I Have Been

Democrats have not failed us, Rubber stamp republicans have.

10 Things You Can Do Over Memorial Weekend to Support the Troops and End the War

Beware bogus Better Business Bureau e-mail Trojan

Why are we not marching on DC?

Sen. Whitehouse: Gonzales May Be Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice

Mary's child (Samuel David Cheney) gets an easy ride

Slaughter just smacked down Lundgren in the House!

A strange, multi-colored bedsheet.

Forget, For A Moment, That The Dems Just Caved On Iraq Funding Bill

Strange but True: CIA Project Acoustic Kitty

Bush: "I'm credible because I read the intelligence, David"

Is there a thread here yet identifying who is voting for Iraq War Fund?

His body may come home, but his mind never will...

Have FReeps turned on *?

How would it look....and play into Repuke echo chamber...

could we have recognition to the ones who donate from time to time as is the inspiration

Sen. Whitehouse: Gonzales May Be Guilty Of Obstruction Of Justice

Time to come clean: Have you ever *really* called your congressman/senator's office?

and...How many US Iraq casualties?

If Dems won't end the Iraq War, tell them to investigate the OIL MOTIVE and privatization

His body may come home,,, but his mind never will.

It's becoming harder and harder to tell the difference....

John Kerry voted "No."

Ok, if you are really pissed about the War funding bill these TOONS are for you

Ron Paul: Ghouliani not qualified to be President. issues "reading assignment" to the Prez of 9/11

Rove's Monica problem.

Romney is a cyborg? He's not getting along so well with the Christianists. Great read from Slate.

Would You Support Your Congressperson..Even If He/She Votes Dead Wrong?

John Kerry's Kos post today.

The real reason for Memorial Day

Best cartoon on Bush's new 'evidence' for the need to invade Iraq.

This picture sums up my thoughts about our democratic leadership right now

This pic of * really needs some DU captions!

Wisconsin Supreme Court Judge-elect zeigler (repuke of the worst kind)

My letter to Barbara Walters

Democratic Congressmen Band Together On Iraq

The Hard Tyranny of Bush's Low Expectations (re: the surge)

Wow! did you see that tantrum Frank Wolf (R-somewhere) just threw on the

The Dems Help Bush Pull Domestic Political Victory From the Jaws of Defeat

Gas price record? Feds move target higher

A time-line for troop withdrawal will only benefit our enemies

General Petraeus

The MSM finally found a blond woman in distress that it will ignore

Thank you for your book "The Assault on Reason" Al. You answered the question I asked Tipper

Trump and WaWa on the View feud

Who's right?

Little Lord Pissypants announces our troops will be slaughtered until the IRAQIS say so


Caption China's Vice Premier showcasing the US economy's Blue screen of death.

Byron Dorgan and Bernie Sanders...what a hard-lifiting pair of workers.

An email I just recieved...Stories we should have heard but didnt in 2007

Sec. Defense Gates: "Is it better to give a soldier a pay raise or be able to buy MRAPs?"

So... David, do you love your children...or not?

Senator Leahy: Why I'm voting "NO" on the Iraq Supplemental...

This time around, will you be a "single issue" voter?

Does it ever feel like Democrats with fresh ideas are continually marginalized?

For DUers who love to bash CNN as "pro Bush"

Obsidian Wings: Bush's Pyrrhic Victory

No Rosie on the View today.........

My .02 cents - Dems cave on War Funding / Gonzo Resigns

I'm tired of sitting on my ass, bitching

If we have a troop withdrawal, what will happen to Iraq?

Fundie Freaks: What do you think is the most disturbing thing that you have ever heard about.....

On a lighter note, I just had a lol moment watching the Goodling hearing.

Democrats voting yes on the rule are the ones who are casting their vote to give Bush a blank check

(Senator Feingold on MSNBC-video, transcript) ‘This Is No Time To Back Off’

it's becoming harder to tell the difference

you know what's conspicuously absent?

Pressure Since Last Vote Has Impact: Rep. McNearny to Vote No

Ron Paul gives Giuliani some homework

Did I miss something?

I'm am so sick and tired of the "support the troops" mantra I could eat my liver...

Dick really, really wants to bomb Iran

Angry Atheists Are Hot Authors

In a country where liberty and justice are valued

Why aren't our Dems as articulate as the Pubs are?

Elected officials have to stop giving our tax-dollars to support military recruitment advertising

George Bush is absolutely correct...

Why do people refer to these times as interesting and exciting ?

Here's another twist to the 'illegal immigration' arguement.

Diethylene Glycol in antifreeze, brake fluid and "toothpaste?"

We are the Democratic Party

Suppose Congress/Dems did refuse to fund Bush's War

Bush: "This investigation is taking a long time, kind of being drug out....for political reasons."

John Manzo (Randi's executive producer) to join Nova M Radio as Chief Operating Officer

Bwahahaha! Shit and Awe!

This is a low down dirty shame!

A letter from Raul Grijalva, on the Iraq war funding bill...

Looking for reaction to Keith Olbermann's Special Comment last night?

Gates on Iraq: "We can't turn it around overnight"

Are Duers Too Quick To Judge?

Keith's comment last night - a MUST see!!

so did chucklenuts take the place of the View today???

Well, Congressional DEMOCRATS, NOW IT'S YOUR WAR TOO!!!

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now--a Memorial Day tribute Recruits Primary Challengers Against Pro-War "Bush Democrats" (from AfterDowningSt)

Ok so I have a very important question?

Miami to Cuba: A Personal Account

Study: 38 Percent Of People Not Actually Entitled To Their Opinion

I keep reading about those that aren't supporting the bill--how many non-supports do we need to kill

Little Lord Pissypants has passed the buck to generals, the "war czar" and now Iraq. Who's next?

Why is everyone so negative?

General Orders No.11, WASHINGTON, D.C., May 5, 1868

Dangerously dumb

Democrats 'capitulated' to the troops, not to Bush. He doesn't give a damn about funding.

Congress Pug: The US is "the largest, MOST IMPORTANT nation in the history of mankind"

Memorial Day Weekend CSPAN-2 Booktv (Gore talking abt. his new book)

The Republicans have no souls, brains or hearts and the Dems have no spines.

Last 24 hours in Iraq, while Congress vacillated ....

Bey Buchanon: "I have a Ph.D. in life"....

And Saudi Arabia, a key ally of the US, sold nukes to Iraq

All wars are wars among thieves who are too cowardly to fight

What's is the welt on Bush's left cheekbone?

Pro-Life Activist: Birth Control Is A ‘Pesticide’ That Will Make Women ‘Like Men’

Does this seem to be a violation of the 4th amendment?

"the President refuses to comply with the will of the American people"

so what happens if 1 vote is up and 1 vote is down?

Two F-## just BUZZED downtown Richmond VA

Pelosi is on the House floor NOW. C-SPAN 1. n/t

Shades of '68

Gore: Bush successor will be "taking the wheel in the middle of a skid" (Iraq)

Boehner: "We went into Iraq to eliminate WMDs...

Maybe tomorrow - this congress will


Minutemen Founder Corrupt, Dreams of Hundreds of Racists Shattered

Can Lieberman shift the balance of power in the Senate by becoming Republican?

Rummy's company sold nukes to North Korea!!!

Umm...why so many low-flying Navy planes?

At some point, we have to demand an end to "preemptive" war, lies, and crimes.

Do the elected Dems know what it means to "show more backbone" ????

Feith Referenced Fake Company As Evidence Of Pre-War Ties Between Iraq And Bin Laden

"We didn't attack them, they attacked us" Shays on Iraq C-SPAN

Murtha up now, says he will vote for bill......n/t

CBS-Insurance Companies Are Asking Your Neighbors About Your Morality & Liffestyle

Open phones on cspan 1

Help! WTF are they voting on in the House?

Byrd on C-SPAN 2 now

I Need to Know Your Experiences in Dealing with Bullying Bosses?

Senate report says US intelligence warned Iran, al-Qaida could gain from invasion of Iraq

US ambassdor: - You've had terror in Norway

Pelosi up now - CSPAN

CNN showing HUGE 5 alarm warehouse fire. Support the firefighters! Keep them in the building!!

Funding Bush's War: Are Dems Too Scared To Take on the President?

Does this Suplemental Bill contain Minimum Wage Hike?

2003 Intel: Iraq War Will Aid Qaeda, Iran

CSPAN caller a bit ago called out the Republics for lowering the morale of the trooops

What's is the welt on Bush's left cheekbone?

Don't know how this will shake out, but Ms. Pelosi making a good argument

How does one go about replacing a Majority Leader?

Between Tucker Carlson & George Pataki, one would be hard pressed to find more than a coat hanger ..

JOHN KERRY is on the SENATE floor NOW! C-SPAN 2. n/t

No funding =in harms way? BULLSHIT

Boehner will vote no?? AND HE'S CRYING???!

Would your DEM Rep. vote for the Iraq Funding Bill jeopardize your future support for him/her?

Whose "compromise"? Ask Harold.

Do religious crazies want to ban vasectomies? It's birth control after all.

One bird shits on Bush? No big deal when Bush shits on an entire country

I'm beginning to think .....

Speaking of Bird s**t....

I do not want our troops in Baghdad, Kuwait, or the Gulf. Bring them all home NOW.

The Dems Seriously Disappointed Me On This Bill.

The Scarlet Pimpernel: I'll Fight 'em Here. I'll Fight 'em There, I'll Fight 'em Everywhere

Kerry on filibuster of Iraq spending bill: only one-fifth would support it

Bush came on television and told American citizens and

Are we "Liberals"? Are we "Humanists"? Or are little bit of both?

We voted against the war before we voted for it.

Al Gore on The Daily Show tonight.

I just want to thank the dems for giving the republicans something to be happy about

a bird shows Bush the proper respect

Mike Gravel On Bernie Ward's Show Last Night

Did "some" Dems just sell us out for $17 billion in PORK?

Is the impending attack on Iran the explanation for the Dems' cave?

Oh great, another comeback, MY RESPONSE TO EMAIL: Great Comeback.

'Hate' column writer held on assault charge in N.Y.

Need Tweety update.

Glenn Greenwald: Joe Klein is the new Judy Miller

Reunifying immigrant families

Did you see it?

This could be the definitive moment for Obama.

How come Pissypants has never told the nation to pray for the 9/11 attackers' souls and forgive them

Okay - anyone been checking Louise Slaughter's diary

How 'bout we send 12million republicans to Mexico instead?

Number of Presidential candidates about to be reduced in my book.

Timely post worth repeating (These guys gotta go)

Heres the Supplemental Roll Call

There is a new Studio 60 tonight

Patty Murray needs to shutup, she is making an ass of herself CSPAN

Anyone in Denver want to chip in on the asses for the '08 convention?

deleted answered already

Dupe Delete

TPM: Iraq and Vietnam

Writing From the Inside

why is this a bad word? Liberal

55 MPH, is that at least one small way to

Trump calls Elizabeth Hasselbeck "the dumbest person on television".

Thank ye Sister/Brother Sparrow.

Its political reality.

In the Spirit of The Assault On Reason: Faith and Reason

Man accused of trying to smuggle 700 snakes on a plane at Cairo airport

Durbin voting YES

VIDEO: John Boehner Breaks Down Again, Weeps Openly On House Floor During Iraq Debate

Heres the bird poop video, Sparrow poops on BUSH

Cheney Attempting to Narrow Bush's Choices on Iran.

Sen. Kerry calls for changes in immigration bill

Kucinich..."No one should assume.......

Former Aide Takes Shots at Edwards (says he was not comfortable around gays)

the bill with Timelines called for the 1st withdrawls on Oct 1

BREAKING NEWS/MSNBC! Senate Will Vote Tonight! on Iraq War Funding Bill/

Now that there are more funds so people can continue to die

It's time to purge the DLC from our party

Questions for the "fight them there so we don't have to fight them here" nitwits

here we go

Please god - look beyond the morons -

Tweety just jokingly referred to Muslims as towel heads...update

Intelligence report warned invasion could aid terrorists

So why would anybody want to keep fighting this war?

Edwards getting my Vote

Boehner bawling on TV

Barbara Boxer is voting NO on Iraq supplemental!

Biden: We HAVE to fund the "SUPPORT" the troops

Bush predicts bloody summer in Iraq

Using nag-avatars: Fine. Using nag avatars for those who've already donated: not as cool.

Do you want the minimum wage raised and do you care about Katrina victims?

Dems voted FOR funding the war before they voted AGAINST it (because Mr. 28% forced them to?)

Shadow's Taxicab Reports: 16 Months, 406 Kills and the forgotten war.

I would have loved to have been the bird that shit on Bush...

Short list of republican cry babies.

Buddy - I I think there is a moderate view -

Kerry calling Bush on his lies C-SPAN 2

"I'm credible because I read the intelligence" - GW Bush

obama voted no. Would have been nice to come out and ask for others to join him

Do people who say "we" have to fight them etc. all have frogs in their pockets?


HOW the BLOODY HELL are the troops "fighting for us"?

Does anyone know how Obama voted?

CSPAN2: Senate vote time

Fighting on Three Fronts

Vote on Iraq bill expected at 8:25

No candidate not in the house or senate deserves credit for what they "would have done" on a vote

House Judiciary, GOODLING "Spoken Testimony on 05-23-2007" & DOC DUMP

After a yucky day, good news.

80-14 Passes Senate

Is Bush starting to sound worn out?

"Republican intransigence has left us with no good options"

God damn it , Tom Harkin!

Yoo hoo! Senators Obama and Clinton?? Cat got your tongue?

Democrats: Punk-Ass Bitches or Hostages to Lieberman?

Weeping for war....Iraq = Vietnam - Boehner weeps.

Why is the GD forum stretched out so wide?

IF the bill had timetables, when is the earliest it called for troop withdrawl???

Can You Say "Fait Accompli" ??? - Sure... I Knew Ya Could...

Now this vote REALLY surprised me---->

Waxman Calls GSA Chief Back for Encore

Clinton - NO! nt

Check in here when you have called your congresspeople.

LOOK UP! LOOK UP! Help hit the R-Presidential candidates!!

SHAME on all of them that "support the troops" by keeping them there.

Anybody see Boner bawling on KO?

3438 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Congress' failure: "not merely meaningless symbolism, but optional meaningless symbolism"

C-SPAN 3 LIVE NOW - Dems Announcing No-Confidence Measure on Gonzolies

What BS is Biden now spinning? Talking about the rights and power

REDUX - Sorry, Fresh Out of Weapons... Would You Like Another Vietnam Instead?

Rep. Murtha: To end the war, September will be key

We can boycott big oil, we just have to boycott it one company at a time.

After voting YES, Durbin now addresses the genocide in Darfur.

Developing New Bush Scandal Help Big Oil Companies Hide Billions from Government at Taxpayer Expense

MSNBC...Wasted Breaking News...

monica goodling sure is one ugly skank....

Grovelbot has taken over our avatars!

Why would a lowly Halliburton project manager be paid millions?

OK... NOW can I move to Canada?

Is Being Pooped On By A Bird Considered Good Luck?

Self righteous indignation

Would Al Gore have voted for this Iraq supplemental?

WTF! Coburn voted no???????????

OBAMA votes NO!

I got mail from Bill Richardson's campaign, and I am very impressed

Iraq funding and the Democrats' specific function within the political establishment

DCCC email saying how great today's vote was.

Anyone else think all this Bush visibility

Since the vote, why not just give him everything. Money, troops, a DRAFT.

Crooks and Liars video: Olberman's Special Comment last night

Massive covert operation to ignite a religious war in the Middle East

New software can identify you from your online habits

Congress Gives Iraq War Profiteers Another Hundred Billion

My kid is dead in the middle of this fight now.

Senate roll call?

Who's Bright idea was it to vote directly before Memorial Day?

Did some Congressmen recently try to live on minimum wage for a month?

One Day in the World's Most Dangerous City

Orwellian character Bush "Made it abundantly clear

Fogerrox post: How Iranian "war" will start, and make Bush a dictator

Isn't it getting more and more obvious to everyone, on both sides, that publicly funded elections

So let's give him the whole enchilada. Money, troops, a draft.

Why hasn't bin Laden been caught yet?

Bush: If we leave Iraq, Al Qaeda is going to kill your children. But ...

I Find These Dramatically Critical Posts Of Obama & Hillary Voting No To Be Monumentally Ridiculous.

WTF? 3 Repubs voted no?

14 Token Nays...Wow...The people must REALLY want us out of Iraq...

I'm very sick with pneumonia. Five people have told me to go to a doctor.

I wrote this book -

**** The New National Security Directive--and the media

This fight moves north now -

Iraq veterans stage protest outside gates at Katterbach

Iraq Vote Pledge & Other Actions to take .......... NOW!!!

"They're coming for your children," Little Boots bellowed.

US Gov't claims it is acting 'in good faith' in Posada Carriles case.

Malloy just hit on why many of us feel so burnt

Funds Cleared

Calling Dr. Dean - are you listening?

Here's my letter to the DCCC. I urge you all to do the same.

“Something big must be happening” a startled Specter said as he watched Rove walk out the building..

Reid And Pelosi Need To Step Down Now

So, are there any major 'anti-war' protests planned for this summer?

Pat Buchanan was correct: "The Dems will fold."

Senate Roll Call up now

We are sorely lacking in LEADERSHIP

Thursday: 101 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 81 Iraqis Wounded

Campus Unrest (The Nation)

So what's your vote for Hillary's song?

Heads up! Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is on tonight!

These folks must be Republicons....

Do you think Obama and Clinton didn't know the bill would pass?

I am so effing sick of this purity bullshit.


This headline says it all - 'Bush sees bloody Iraqi summer, will approve war funds'

"Wis. Gas Station Shuts Pumps Over Prices" YES! ALL stations should do this!

My solution? I am just going to teach the Dems how to "defund"

Everyone wants to shit on Obama and Clinton.

OMG...the ultra-freeps just called me out for misspelling "seriesly." Seriesly.

Bush: US 'closely watching' Chinese currency

Why are YOU a Democrat?

The Daily Show: Rob Riggle is hilarious

US checks toothpaste for toxins (Gah! Anti-freeze. China's gonna kill us all.)

Statement from John Edwards re: Congress' passage of an Iraq war funding bill

The grief of a family, the shame of a nation.

Arianna Huffington want your questions for AL GORE

REQUEST: Please call/write your DEM representatives tomorrow that caved!

Twisting others' words to suit your own goals is what debate is about!

CREW sues White House over missing e-mails

Did you think the war would end today?

I understand Reagan's Diaries are being published --anyone here gonna snap it up?

Obama and Hillary test the waters and play it safe

how many breaks do they get?

Why did Coburn, Enzi and Burr vote no?

* escapes...

Rove, Fielding pay mysterious visit to Capitol

AP: Marines fail to get gear to troops - less than 10 percent of requests have been fulfilled

Rove, Fielding pay ‘mysterious’ visit to Capitol.

emal address for Keith Olbermann?

For all the Dem's that voted against us i have a 2008 slogan

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Is it okay to play politics and compromise with LIVES at stake?

so how low will voter turnout be this year?

**Rove and Fielding just seen leaving Capitol Hill**

Why it bothers me so much that the Dems knuckled under

Parole Board to Manson: I don't THANK so!!!

So, whose compromise is this anyway?

Kucinich Urges Colleagues to Find Will to End Occupation

For christ sake -

Kucinich Urges Colleagues to Find Will to End Occupation

Can somebody PLEASE explain the vote on H.R. 2206/Iraq Appropriations? Please?

Who will challenge Reid for Majority Leader

Kucinich at Press Conference Today on Oil Theft

Al Gore on David Letterman tonight


Set Your TEVO/DVR/ VCR for 11:00pm EDT, Al Gore is tonights guest on The Daily Show!

Bush said whoever is in that oval office ...

To DUer's

Letter to the editor about caging. Do I explain it properly?

Durbin Just Introduced the Gonzales No Confidence

Will Al Gore be on the Daily Show?

Is It True? The Troops are Funded in the General Budget, The Supplemental is to Fund the Contractors

If you are watching the Senate Vote on Iraq know they Threw the Left Dems Under the Bus

Giuliani biographer: attacks on Rudy are comparable to Swiftboating of Kerry

It's nice to be noticed!

Revised Roll Call vote with explanation per CSPAN

Monica, sweetie. "I may have crossed the line" is what

Dan Abrams evidently misplaced his razor-blade. Sitting in for Scarborough.

House backs billions for troops in Iraq

Crucial question concerning the scary “National Security &Homeland Security Presidential Directive"

Who wants to start a Nader/Green bashing thread?

Al Gore just said the Daily Show was an excellent place to find real news

I just resigned from my DEC.

AmericaBlog: " House votes to kill more US troops so Bush won't call them names"

Jim Cramer on MSNBC is illiterate and an hysterical fool:

Which vote took more guts today?

This is just crazy 75% of Republicans

If you don't know what happened here, you got a lot to learn about Politcs

Did a single member of Congress ask where that $100 billion is going to come from?

The REAL Reason Dems Backed Down on War Funding - They Aren't Prepared to Impeach

I sincerely apologize, DU.

Lets assume Bush is a monster willing to sacrifice the troops

Seat belt laws, helmet laws, gambling laws, all laws designed to protect people from themselves

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on C_SPAN now, I despise this

VOTE ALERT: Dems Plan To HIDE Votes On Iraq Today (David Sirota)

C'mon people!! Less than 290 donations of ANY denomination and you punch Bush in the face!!!

Don't Leave The Party, Change The Party!

CBS evening news did a story on uninsured Americans last night.

Here's a list of how Dems may be voting today, updated frequently~

There are enough days between now and September for each yes voter in the Senate to own a day

Teenage girl ordered held in custody for her anti-gay propaganda

Woah back to Vietnam days

who organizes the 'toon' threads? here's one for you

Isn't the fact that Osama is STILL free a repudiation of the effectiveness of TORTURE!

Here's How to Follow Today's Big Vote!! Sirota warning Dick Cheney Dems for wimping.

Ten Ways to End the War from

What better time for the Dick and the Duck to hit Iran?

"Al Queda will fight us whereever we are." But I thought we were fighting them over there.

Goodling hands the Dems bush's impeachable offense

People who suggest we switch to Independent, are missing something

The MSM finally found a blond woman in distress that it will ignore

**IAEA Report CONTRADICTS MAJOR MEDIA Narrative on Iran**

Grrrrrrrrrrrr - Dems Kill Minimum Wage Increases

Correcting misinformation on the iraq and Min wage bills!!


Marc "Mr. K" Germain

6 Navy Commanders Sacked in 6 Weeks

Bird poops on Bush as he expresses confidence in Gonzales

Bottled Water Has High Environmental Costs

May 24, 2007: How many DEM voters did we lose today?


Remember Lyndon Johnson please while you are trashing the Democrats

Ancient Headline: c. Nov. 13th, 2006--'Voters Send Message, Time for Change'

His body may come home,,, but his mind never will.

Father of deceased St. Louis Cardinals pitcher suing...well, everyone

Remarks by Senator Barbara Boxer on Emergency Spending Bill

Don't get a boner...Clinton and Obama voted NO after it was already safe.

Edwards assails Bush, GOP rivals-(R) candidates are trying to become "a bigger, badder George Bush"

Commanders getting fired, Carriers in the Gulf, does something stink?

DIVIDE the Democrats, defund them, fuck them,..and if we do... Prepare for more GOP Victories

I know there is a lot of anger over the D's in Congress, and

Is there anyone willing to give the Dems a break ?

Absolut Commercial:WOW

The Torture "Debate"

Kerry: I Vote No

Congratulations Dems, you caved and Bush just bashed you on TV for it

"Christian newswire" bemoans Samuel David Cheney's "Two Mommies"

AU: Air Force partners with activist evangelical groups for celebration

Would you evaluate a friend more by their political orientation or by how they treat you personally?

Iraq is now Nancy and Harry's war just as much as it's Bush's and the neoconsters'.

Post here if you have health insurance and have received substandard treatment

Murray .Levin. Durbin .Cantwell. Reid. Inouye. Biden. Tester. Mikulski.Feinstein.Bayh.

Will you join the boycott of 5 restaurant chains to increase the minimum wage?

Was Dick Working on the "End Run" on That Mideast Tour Last Week? ---pix--->>>

The Rosie/Hasselbeck kerfuffle

Okay, since our party has failed us, how do WE stop this damned war??!!!

Congratulations Congress on a job well done

Bush Makes Power Grab

A license to kill tortoises (Perverse Florida policy allows endangered species to be buried alive)

Why do our schools rely on calculators and Indians have to use their brains?

Why vote?

Guys - Send a "BACKBONE NOTE" to Congress! Here:

Gore on Fire - Dave Johnson, Huffington Post

Emergency rooms are not supposed to refuse service.....

Time to predict the Memorial Day weekend news dump...

TOON: Bush In **SHREK**


Please Help! Terrified and Single Woman being terrorized by LAPD!

Breaking news from the DCCC: "the President has agreed to accountability and reporting provisions"

A response to Reid & Pelosi, Obama & Clinton (Profane & Uncivil)

The Sparrow: The New National Bird?

Not one red cent until Dems stand up to the fascist bastard in

"And watch the Democratic Party leadership walk on eggshells, try to meet him, please him,..."

"Her skin just felt really weird...Like rubber, like an animal..Like she wasn't real"


Bird craps on Bush at outdoor press conference.

Is it time for us Dems to get behind Ron Paul?

Monica and the Magic Memo: A Morality Tale

Define "corporatist" for me, please

The Only Things Truly “Compromised” - Keith Olbermann, MSNBC

WHY? If anyone gets a response from their congress people, please post it.

Sibel Edmonds: There are traitors in our midst. Call Waxman. Demand hearings. (with video!)

NO: in protest of the "vote" that didn't represent US , a silent thread

do you find these ads creepy and/or disturbing?

Kerry's Senate floor speech urging a NO vote on funding bill:

Many of us worked our asses off to flip the Senate; the freshman Dems SOLD US OUT.

Halliburton Charged with Selling Nuclear Technologies to Iran

God Frickin Jesus (if I wasn't an Atheist) Skinner! I'm trying to survive on $623/mo! Get that

Fighting on Three Fronts

A bird shat on Bu$h today. A special bird, IMHO. Maybe sent by Molly.

Would you be willing to participate in mass demonstrations for national healthcare?

For me...this may be the last straw.

When violence against women is 'honorable,' 'religious' and 'legal'

Who else got the DCCC's "breaking news" email, extolling the virtues of the funding bill?

UH-OH! I don't think the Dems EVER anticipated THIS heavy a negative backlash from the citizenry.

Your one all be all list of email addresses...

Project for everyone: Family emergency/ survival kits

Judge Reggie Walton, from (CIA leak) Libby trial, appointed to FISA court

The Goods on Goodling and the Keys to the Kingdom by Greg Palast

Reckoning With Restoration

making a list, calling them twice

Obama to meet with veterans in Davenport on Memorial Day

Iraq bill contains: no benchmarks AND first minimum wage increase in years

So should we start a 'no confidence" vote for Reid

Did you all do your job?

Hopkinton Town Manager charged in fatal crash

Finally! Excellent article on a wedge issue that threatens to tear the Repukes apart.


the dry-powdered democrats.

The Iraq funding vote means Smirk is untouchable

"Dick Cheney Dems"? Now THAT's an Insult!

pResident Bush To Give Puff Speech 11 ET on Immigration Reform and War

Edwards Takes Political Gamble with Holiday Offensive (from McClatchy, via CommonDreams)

Rhode Island's former Thug Mayor Vince "Buddy" Cianci promised job at fancy hotel after prison

Tell Bush the surge isn't working and he has already destroyed Iraq

bush has come along way in six years

I'm totally conflicted this morning ..... in a real snit .....

Bush speech at 11:01 ET for those who might want to tune in

Why Do Most Democrats Only Theoretically Care About The Iraq War?

"She's Smart!"

Bush: Dems don't support troops but I'll keep soldiers' votes from counting

Joe Klein Thinks You're Stupid

What is the name or number of the war bill voted on this week?

Iran and Nuclear Weapons

"I know the Iraqis are better off without Saddam Hussein."

Was there a Plan B before the Plan B for this Iraq War?

Funny cartoon about Romney and Kerry

"Bin Laden is not out there leading any parades. And he's not feeding

Americans More Alike Than Different?

Gore's wisdom and Obama's idealism to create the ultimate Democratic ticket

So this vote is the Iran war funding bill. Has to be.

Kucinich: OPPOSES Iraq Benchmarks

Kucinich Claims War Masks the Real Objective: Iraqi Oil


“That’s how we stopped the war in Vietnam. We stopped the money. We cut off the money."

Hartmann is lambasting the Dem congresspeople

Joan Walsh-Salon: Can Dems spin Iraq war cave-in as a victory?

Fingers in the air

Today's presser has convinced me that NO one believes this fucker anymore

Colombia says will work with Democrats on deal (Reuters)

The Failure of Privatization in New Orleans

C-Span I -- Rules Committee - Lobby Disclosure Act

AS USUAL... I Can't Get Through To MY State Senators!

Is the "compromise" bill that much worse than the "timetable" bill?

'DC madam' lawyer: Cheney isn't not [sic] on phone records

CSPAN3 - coverage of the no-confidence vote for Fredo

Ms. Goodling, please tell us all the ways you communicated..

Obama votes yes, I'm off the bus. Am I typical?

The Media are the ones to apply pressure to the Bush loyalists in Congress

C-Span III -- Caller mentioned Monica revealing the WH doing illegal Political Caging

Well, congratulations, DLC! you're gotten us exactly where you wanted us.

Rawstory : CBS: Bush created 'safe haven' for terrorism with Iraq invasion

What Jefferson would write today. 21st Century Declaration of Independence. Sign Your Name.

The Rude Pundit - Democrats: Punk-Ass Bitches or Hostages to Lieberman?

Congress should simply declare victory.

CBS Poll: Record high of 76% Say War's Going Badly; 63% Support Timetable

Newly elected Nancy Boyda (D-Kansas) to vote YES on Iraq funding.

Can we filibuster the Capitulation Supplemental?

Dem Leadership: If We'd Confronted Bush On Iraq, White House Would Have Criticized Us

Bush has a Plan B-H?? (Plan Bosshog?)

I'm almost certain Obama will vote no on the Iraq funding

"The Mid East looked nice and cozy for a while"....Bush

email from Patrick Leahy: Why I will be voting against this flawed bill.

Goodling admitted crossing the line but did not intend to commit a crime

I've decided to vote for Libby Dole and the GOP nominee for President

House Dems set today to pass lobby reform now stripped of disclosure of bundled contributions

What I don't understand about Sirota's theory of the Rule vote

Constitution - Branches of Government

when is this funding vote supposed to happen today?

Prewar intelligence on occupation correctly predicted violence (Phase II today or tomorrow)

Just Received Letter Back from Holy Joe (I am wondering if he is Israel First) Lieberman

POLL: Democrats trusted more than Repukes on EVERY SINGLE ISSUE

Did Richardson express his opinion on the new bill

CBS Poll: 76% believe the war is going badly.

Feingold: ‘This Is No Time To Back Off’ (VIDEO)

Are those Senators who won't say how they'll vote on the war funding bill waiting for polling data

TPMCafe: Public Overwhelmingly Wanted Withdrawal Timetables

ok, I'm beyond disgusted. How do we move on from here? what strategy takes us past capitulation?

Who are the real suicide bombers? Who are the real fanatical martyrs?

GOP slams Pelosi in new ad campaign: Freshmen House Democrats targeted

How much do constituent phone calls actually figure into congresspersons decision making?

Here's How to Follow Today's Big Iraq Vote by David Sirota (exposes Vichy Dems chicanery)

Let's beef em' up

AP: House Passes Lobbyist Disclosure Bill

The darker side of Mormonism ......

Murtha up now. On Iraq Funding Bill. C-SPAN.

Any chance today's vote is the result of past agreements?

Cheney Attempting to Constrain Bush's Choices on Iran Conflict: From Steve Clemons

Google is watching you

Barbara Lee on Why She'll Vote No and Others Should Vote No

Let those who voted against McGovern bill in House, Feingold/Reid in Senate, pass Bush's Iraq bill!

Bob Shrum can suck my ass

Great John Edwards speech!

Profiles in Cowardice

Live Blogging of House proceedings here:

The Reagan Of The Left

Giuliani failed to prevent 9-11!

Somebody get Byrd's breathe tank!!!

Who here has read/heard that many Iraqis want us to leave?

John Kerry: Round One

U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee on Why She'll Vote No and Others Should Vote No

Dissolve the Union--Just Like Yugoslavia!

Iraq would be better off if Saddam Hussein were still in charge

John Kerry speaking NOW on the Senate floor against Bush's Iraq Supplemental.

So wehre is the damn voting list, I need to know how my rep voted

Just get to the damn voting...

New Gallup Poll Shows Clinton Leading All Major Demographic Groups

Ending the torture "debate"

Where are Hillary and Obama?

Bob Shrum is a failed Democratic strategist who is now selling a book.

CNN talks about a poll (CBS NYTIMES) says only 24% of Americans

self delete duped itself

self delete duped

Despite Early Campaigning, Name Recognition Stays about the Same

Code Pink ready to put pressure on Obama

Both Kerry and Edwards have come out against the Iraq funding Bill.Since both suffered the

After the shameful vote coming up by Congress - GORE NEEDS TO MAKE ANNOUNCEMENT

every small victory is important-

Only $1.6 billion of the Iraq supplemental is tied to benchmarks, and Bush can waive those!

I Called Our Entire Congressional Delegation Today.

Guys - Send a "BACKBONE NOTE" to Congress! Here:

With 2 Aces showing in a game of 5 card stud, they fold.

Obama votes NO


Clinton votes No

POLL: Only Obama beats McCain and Ghouliani head-to-head

Richardson on Iraq war funding vote

Senate vote on Iraq supplemental will take place at 8:25PM.


Obama Vote NO

Bird craps on W in Rose Garden right after he affirms his confidence in Gonzo!

Our "Glorious" Congressional Leadership...

Update: House Dems give Bush blank check

Where can I find a list

DCCC Email... Anybody buyin' this?

I feel pretty lucky to have Dennis Kucinich as my Congressional representative...

Rep Louise Slaughter (D - NY) ::: "A difficult day for all of us, but the fight is not over"

"So put on your best-Larry King suspenders, HuffPosters: What do you want to ask Al Gore?"

Reid to support Iraq funding bill

Al Gore on The Daily Show tonight.

Obama Names S.C. Senior Staff

Swarm on Congress!!

When you vote **before** a decision, you make a statement.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Will Moderate AFSCME Presidential Forum

Oppose New Nuclear Weapons (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Question for Biden, Clinton, and Obama supporters:

70% of the people against escalation, 80% of the COngress votes for it

Lets Draft Russ Feingold to be Majority Leader of the Senate.

The way I see it, Rage might be the best thing we have right now. Recruits Primary Challengers Against Pro-War "Bush Democrats"!

MYDD: On Clinton and Obama and the NO Vote

IMHO Bush needs bin Laden

John Edwards Op Ed: Bushes War on Global Terror Has Backfired.

Get Iraq off your chest! Sen. Kennedy & The Committee for a Democratic Majority want your opinion

Why do Ignorant People Feel they have the right to pass judgement

Reminder: Democratic Traitors in the House who voted for this are all up for re-election next year.

Al Gore could head a progressive, environmental, ethical, anti-war 3rd Party and win in a heartbeat

Fred Thompson: Registered Foreign Agent, 20-Year Lobbyist, S&L Criminal

Clinton Aide Mixes Campaign Role, Advocacy for Companies

Andrew Sullivan: The Reagan of the Left

Heads Up... Al Gore on The Daily Show Tonight

Depressed, disgusted, disappointed, Democrat

Congress Approves Minimum-Wage Increase,

Reuters: Revolt against new U.S. ID card grows (New Hampshire)

Portions of pre-war intelligence warning the administration of risk to be released Friday



Yay! My Congresswoman is on record that she will vote NO today

Maybe I'm just getting far to cynical in my old age....

Obama votes against minimum wage increase!!!!

How do we recall all the Dems who voted for the war funding bill?

58 Arab linguists fired for being gay.

Clinton votes no

HOUSE ROLL CALL: Iraq War Funding Bill passes (280 - 142)

Mrs. Clinton VOTES NO!!!

U.S. candidate Paul assigns reading to Giuliani (Reuters)

I think Obama's and Clinton's NO vote


Al Gore. How fun it is to watch this guy

This vote might nudge Jeb into the race

Shrum: Edwards said "I'm not comfortable around those people (gays)"

It almost seems as though Obama and Edwards supporters need to team up

Who Followed Who in the Senate Vote?

Caging: It's Voter Suppression, Stupid!

Abortion rights don't matter.

SENATE ROLL CALL: Iraq War Funding Bill passes (80 - 14)

Which candidates won on a cut-war-funding platform?

Zbig: Carter's National Security Advisor Discusses the Candidates

Is this for real? I go to Obama's web site and see a clip of him

CBS/NYT Poll: Hillary leads Obama by 22, Edwards by 32

Howard Dean on the Iraq War Funding bill now before Congress

Jim Webb's statement on the Supplamental...

Just got this in my email from DCCC...does it mean what I think it does?

Hugely disappointed in Senator Jim Webb

Kerry regrets choosing Edwards

Why I think Bush's veto of the timeline benefits the Democrats

The Only Way Impeachment would happen...

Hate to say it, there is virtually no way troops are going to be removed before Sept. 30th anyway

The USA is not a Democratic state

Obama's statement on his No vote on the Iraq supplemental...

Have people who voted FOR this war in the first place disqualified themselves?

Tell Harry Reid to Go-To-Hell for his Vote & Legislation

Dems: No-Confidence Vote in June

Allright - anyone have a list of which Pres candidates voted for the Vichy Iraq bill?

Local church bringing Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Ollie North to a huge rally- help, DU!

Can This Be True??? Bush grants presidency extraordinary powers

Never Forget -- John Kerry on the War Dead

Clinton and Obama voted against the first minimum wage increase in 10 years.

Did you hear.... Obama voted no....

"This is not a game. They run out of money next week," ~ John Murtha

"I don't know how Democrats could have handled this better"

Hillary's statement on the Supplamental...

Clinton and Obama votes mean nothing

Question about the VP "vetting process.... Does anyone know...

WTF is this anyone being asked for a password to listen to Randi?

To save a nation.

The Hon. John Conyers, Jr.: "The Constitution in Crisis: A Blueprint for Impeachment"

I think Hillary will lose Iowa and come in 3rd

"The worst part of it all was the overt efforts to deceive the public"...Amen.