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Archives: May 22, 2007

E. J. Dionne: Free To Be Al Gore

US to power up global interest in nuclear energy - AFP

Paramilitary ties to elite in Colombia derailed

Onetime Giuliani Insider Is Now a Critic From Outside


GAH! Look at my post count. You'll see why I need to post seven more

GD in Melty Gooey Mode...

It's the Pseudointellectualist Thread

One day, more than twenty locked threads concerning the male anatomy. Today? Immanuel Kant.

I was a highwayman.

WOW! Heros tonight!

January 21, 2009 - what can happen on that day to end the war?

Austria Says EU Progress on GMO Crop Law Too Slow

Retired Major General Paul Eaton (VoteVets TV ads) leads on Tavis

How does Newt keep his speech fees "confidential"?

Charges Expected in Litvinenko Case

Never thought I would see the day it is cheaper to fly than to drive

FBI entraps doctor.

We are paying Pakistan $1,000,000,000.00 per year....

Rant agains Dems in my mail...please help rebut!

WOW. Letterman just let Rudy get away with blaming Iraq on CLINTON.

Study: Students admitted through Affirmative Action perform better than "Legacy Admissions" students

Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement

NYT editorial: "Giuliani’s administration failed in its duty to protect workers at ground zero."

Still eating at KFC?

Bush Anoints Himself as the Ensurer of Constitutional Government in Emergency

Cruela "Bay" Buchanan denies her brother threatened the Clintons...Wrong!

Bill Richardson: One Handshake At A Time

Already the inspiration for "A Few Good Men," David Iglesias is now fired US Attorneys' public face

Al Gore's New Book Examines 'The Assault on Reason'

Frankenstein Immigration Deal Angers Left, Right and Center (NYTimes, via AlterNet)

God, it Just Gets Easier

A Loaded Issue (VaTech-guns) Marie Cocco for Truthdig

The Fraudulent Fraud Squad-The incredible, disappearing American Center for Voting Rights

Pentagon's Teen Recruiting Methods Would Make Tobacco Companies Proud (AlterNet)


Saving Sgt. Ryan: A father's sacrifice - Putting a human face on the need to end the Iraq war

All the President's Men in Trouble

Iraq War Funding: “Compromise” or “Sellout”?

Another Chapter in Hillary’s Attempt to Rewrite History on Iraq

Official Identity Theft (

Wolfowitz and the 'American' Way of Thinking

No Time, No Spine! Democratically-Controlled Congress Capitulates to Bush's War of Perpetuity

Grieving Moms vs. Washington Pols

Democracy. An Idealistic Fairy Tale

Muslims 'well integrated' in US (BBC) {Pew Research Center survey}

Dr. Death To Be Paroled June 1

Rockridge Institute : Shifting the Climate of Security

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The relentless GOP attack on the very idea of professional government

Paul Rieckhoff: Veterans' Suicides: The War Casualties You Aren't Hearing About

The Nation: Stanford Students Expect "Moral Integrity" from Prez (logo clothes/sweatshops)

Democratic Senator's Courage Backed by Facts

Now... Is This The Summer Of Our Discontent?

Amy Goodman: Trading Secrets (Truthdig)

Delete, wrong forum

Gonzales should resign (Dover - New Philadelphia Times Reporter)

The Myth of Muslim Silence; The Persistence of MSM Silence

The Rise of Market Populism: America's New Secular Religion

Another Gonzales Horror Story

Wanker LTE - Sick Leave Hurts Low Wage Employees

This Is Not a "Compromise," It's a Blank Check (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Why the US Government Is Hated All Over the World

Just Off The Phone With Al Gore -- With Special Note To Tony Snow

Thuggery in Iraq and In a Hospital Room

David Sirota: Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying

Should Marijuana Be Legal?

THE CLEAN-UP - - - and - - - Signal Accomplishments of The Worst President Ever

Is the Public Finally Beginning to "Get it"?

Science team lands on Ice Island

Uganda shelves plan to give rainforest to cane farm - Reuters

Is thorium still there after all?

NYC's taxi fleet going green by 2012

Singapore Points To Higher Temps As Likely Reason For Nearly 50% Increase In Dengue Cases Over 2006

IHT - Overall Chinese Environment Continues To Deteriorate Rapidly

Queensland Tourism Minister Slams Howard Government For Climate Inaction

This company puts solar panels on your house for a small fee.

Boeing assembles first 787 plane (BBC) {20% fuel savings from lightweight composites}

Cheaper solar power heads mainstream - Reuters

China's Solar-Powered City

Eco-trike (sun-powered vehicle goes 30 mph w/no gas!)

China insists rich nations must lead global warming fight - AFP

Growth Rate Of Global CO2 Emissions Since 2000 Already Beyond IPCC Worst-Case Scenario - NAS

Breathing Earth

Expert: "Peak oil" will force changes

Stanford University In The Middle As Fight Builds Over Exxon Funding - "Perfect Marketing Tool"

Beijing Olympics Watch - 40 Athletes Sickened By Filthy A/C; Cancer Now #1 Killer Nationwide

McConnell, Byrd Squarely Behind $35 Billion Federal Loan Proposal For More Coal Plants

Is our culture's current strategy of "famine relief" a sustainable solution to relieving famine?

U.S.: No heat on Israel to shun Syria

A kind of military coup (Ha'aretz editorial)

Give the Arab Peace Initiative a Chance

Azmi Bishara Case: 'Don't Believe the Shin Bet'

U.N. Relief Convoy Hit in Lebanon Battle

(Chicago) Teachers union chief: We're not afraid to walk

GSA chief violated Hatch Act, OSC report finds

War stretches nation's ammo supply

Quotes by President Bush in Reuters interview

Thousands Turn Out for Falwell Funeral

Treasury Union Wins Fight Over (21,000) Border Officers

Not-yet-candidate Gingrich on book tour in Iowa

Congress limits Bush in naming attorneys

Agreement Near on Iraq Funding Bill

R&D president, CFO among (10,000) job cuts at Pfizer

Bush may turn to UN in search for Iraq solution

Military Dragged Feet on Bomb-Proof Vehicles

Wolfowitz Shunned by European Developers

BP closes Alaskan oil field for 'few days'

Pricey gasoline costs U.S. consumers extra $20 bln

Musgrave: Gonzales should resign

White House says bin Laden ordered Iraq plots

How long will it last? ( Montreal's transit workers strike)

U.S. to complain to IAEA chief over Iran enrichment

Democrats Drop Troop Pullout Dates From Iraq Bill

Company Recalls 129,000 Pounds of Beef in 15 States

Russian faces Litvinenko charge

Officials Describe Interference by Former Gonzales Aide

U.S. Govt Forecasts Active Atlantic Hurricane Season

Gore's 'Assault on Reason' an Assault on Bush

Huckabee to skip (Jimmy) Carter conference

Congress Investigates MacDonald's Farm (Bushbot removed fish from endangered list for personal gain)

Halliburton seeks Middle East investors

Most People Believe the President and Republicans Make Things Sound Better Than They Are

(Canadian PM) Harper makes surprise visit to Afghanistan

Texas short on guards as lawmakers mull new prisons

Liberty University student arrested with explosives.

Bomb in Turkish capital kills 5; 80 hurt

Pilotless police drone takes off

Iran crackdown on ‘thugs’ comes under fire

Iran's secret plan for summer offensive to force US out of Iraq (The Guardian)

Iraq's Al-Sadr Harbors Ambitious Plans

Hepatitis C drugs offer 'cure'

Bush declassifies intelligence asserting bin Laden ordered cell to launch attacks outside Iraq

Fred Thompson Ends Fund That Paid $178,000 to Son

China Investigates Contaminated Toothpaste (which was exported)

Kazakh President Signs Office-For-Life Amendments

Bush may turn to UN in search for Iraq solution (ANOTHER PLAN B)

One in six European mammals faces extinction risk

NASA Rover Finds Surprising Evidence for Mars' Watery Past

House Defeats Bid to Reprimand Murtha

Bush could double (combat force in Iraq) by Christmas

Man Had Bombs (Napalm) to Stop Protestors at Falwell's Funeral

President Bush Job Approval (33% Rasmussen)

Withdrawal timetable dropped from war spending bill

Vaccine linked to sickness


Illinois Congressmen Ask FCC to Grant Tribune Co. Cross-Ownership Waivers

Leahy, Specter push DoJ on spying program

Car bomb kills 25 at Baghdad market

US media group urges Iraq not to hinder reporters

Congress wants answers on Iraqi forces – now

Ohio town joins about 60 others in wanting Bush impeached

Craddick called to step down:GOP committee chair urges him to avoid '18 months of hell' in Legislatu

Gore Visits San Diego

Soldier accused of Iraqi detainee abuse (beating with baseball bat, cover up)

Cops Say Iraq Service Cost Them Promotions

Bush admin opposes Democratic push to sue OPEC

Iraq lawmakers deadlocked over constitution reforms

Departing Wolfowitz Names New Iraq Director

Lawmaker risks health to stop voter ID bill (Sen. Mario Gallegos, Democrat)

Philippines poll body investigates massive fraud allegations

Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

Former Rove aide pleads the Fifth on White House contacts with convicted lobbyist Abramoff

U.S. Government Gave Airtime to Terrorists, Official Admits

"cast the first empty beer can of scorn"

I need ideas...

Calling all Social Science PHD's

Emmanuelle Can't

The Ladies Restroom

"Tuesday's predominant weather is forecast to be sunny"

Best. GD. Thread. Ever. (Seriously, Lounge-worthy)

I was curious.. How do you listen to music?

Hey! Post your favorite vegan/vegetarian recipe!

I know Immanuel Kant. I studied Immanuel Kant. I wrote a paper on Immanuel Kant...

why does everything seem worse in the middle of the night?

Assault Charges Against Former Creed Singer Scott Stapp Reduced (Assaulted Wife)

I'm taking the GRE today. wish me luck

Is DU slow as molasses in January for everybody, or is it just here

Marathon Runners Take Wrong Turn, Run 3 Extra Miles

Buckle Up DU! NATIONAL "Click it or Ticket" Campaign Started Yesterday!

Detectives Searching For 2 Teens Who Stole Box Of Condoms - Offer Cash Reward For Capture

Plumbing Companies Battle Over Rights To '867-5309'

I got a letter recently about a class action lawsuit against Carmax.

Children are a never-ending source of joy

"Heroes" fans that speak Japanese, help please!

Four NH Women Fired for Gossiping

Peace. I hate the word...

Caught On Tape: Pit Bulls Attack Boy

Man Stopped For DUI - Driving His Wheelchair

9 Year Old Girl Puts Sign In Window Urging People To Call Police After Being Asked To Clean Her Room

So General Mills claims they use whole grains for their cereals

So, if you use fertilizer on your lawn you may want to postpone conceiving

Anybody here use Google Apps/Office?

U.S. Marshall Sues Cold Remedy Maker - Says He Can No Longer Smell Meth Labs

Post a near-homonym here and I will judge you with utter contempt.

Anyone watch HEROS tonight ??

Rant: I'm feeling another "love you" thread coming upon me...

Here's a song whose lyrics haven't dated and seem more relevant than ever:

Hey don't feel bad... I know what will cheer you all up!!!

I think you better call Tyrone

An ant just bit me so hard, it got stuck in my skin!

Cop Pulls Over Drunk Driver - Let's Him Go Without Arrest - Driver Hits Tree & Dies


Do we still have wikis here on DU?

"The Addams Family" to be a Broadway musical

Little Leaguer Slides Into Second Base - Gets Hurt - Mother Suing Coach

I just Donated a Star to Someone!

"Here's a song by a gay guy"

Beard Team USA

Great deal on itunes right now if you like the Smashing Pumpkins.

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, we have something special down here at Birdland this evening

depreciation: being broke

CONFESS!!!! What's your favorite Karoke Tune

Does anybody else out there have to be covered up to their neck,

I discovered the Best Alarm Clock Ever this morning...

Can I cut my own mini blinds at home?

Man Leaves Girlfriend In Car On Tracks To Kill Her - Train Hits Car - Car Falls On Man - She Lives

It's the Psilocybinintellectualist thread

Were any of the BeeGees ever involved in any sort of social activism?

He Ain't Heavy - He's My Brother (talk about breaking my heart!)

One Final down, 2 to go....I want it to be Thursday already....

Too much month at the end of the money!

Vacuuming the cat

I need to take a GD break. I am so depressed about the

Anyone familiar with Ken Blanchard?

Paula Abdul Falls, Breaks Nose - Chihuahua Unhurt

Sigh, my wife locked herself out of the house.

Stand back, people. I'm getting ready to PM JulieRB some M&Ms.

Innocent Flirtation

I joined the gym today

Grandpa, what's trance music?

I want to dowload "Dear Mr. President" by Pink in Limewire

Misheard lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam, video with Captions

If I stay in this field much longer I am going to go nuts.

If Hersheys made chocolate just for men,

There is light at the end of the tunnel

The Simpsons explains why Fox News, Fox Network are so different

hypothetically, if one was facing foreclosure

Testing, one, two, three

Hey white boy, what you doing uptown?

Woe is me. Patrick Fitzgerald had a date Friday night.

Did You Get The Memo About The Cover Sheets on the TPS Reports

Researchers say Viagra could help solve jet lag.

post some meaningless information

Even worse than people who build in the country and mow a 5 acre lawn

I have to hang out in the lounge for awhile...I cannot hang in

One Darvocet, one Flexorill and three PBR's later and I am finally good

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/22/2007)

Are you knotty?

Gawd. The WORST thing about switching phone carriers are the 'is everything satisfactory?'


Waterproof Home

please remove II, the Sequel

Old men really shouldn't wear eyeliner

I just read an article about life after there's no olive oil

I just went bathing suit shopping!

Im gonna have a big piece of chocolate cake

I have never watched Desperate Housewives.

What's a fibula?

LOL. My little friend Nadilee who is 10 with Down Syndrome

Post Here And I Will Give Your Monkey Love!

I think I chose wild freaky sex, drugs, and rock and roll over love...

Cool. It's raining out. All nice and cozy tonight.

And THIS ladies and gents, is why I don't surf

Does anyone know what happened to arwalden?

Is addiction to automobile usage physical or psychological?

Whats The Best Song To Listen To While Drunk

I think I chose security over love...

the worst thing about my job is calling rude people when you are just asking

How do counselors and case managers work?

DAMMIT...don't ya just hate it when you bite into a WHOPPER...

Anyone here familiar with Microsoft Access (please help)

Gay Flamingo Couple Adopt Baby

Happy birthday gr8dane_daddy & nini!!

I've got to learn to type faster!

Worst song ever:

Boy who fought cancer treatment dies.

What if the 1960s counterculture never took off?

Mick Jagger, Embarrassed By His Small Penis, Tried To Enlarge It By Having Bees Sting It

i am 'good' with a small bit of hap-penis...

Hey hey DU, what's for dinner?

What specific food (dish) do you find most intolerable/nauseating?

So i'm looking for a used car

So my husband went to the Olive Garden for Dinner

I have NEVER watched

Rant: I'm feeling another "fuck you" thread coming upon me...

Fuck Me wait...

So I was out mowing my 5 acre lawn, and humiliating my bully child...

ROFL. The nurse did a double-take when she looked down and

should i go out for coffee, or is it too late...

Please help me decide!

Post an Obsession Here and I will Judge You Harshly

Shear Genius -- what a shock last week was!!! ***SPOILERS***

TicketMaster -- never again!

My bi-monthly rant on the fact that HBO cancelled Carnivale.

Have you had a order canceled after purchase before?

congrats to the portLand traiLbLazers

Has anyone ever spent just $1000 on a car

Okay, I had a post ready before my Safari crashed but I'm too lazy to rewrite it

congrats to the chevy traiLbLazers

tattoo solutuion

Why She Slays Us

tell me about your greyhound trips.

List of people/ entities who are trying to ruin my life:

Proof that god exists. Right here.

"Heroes" Seaon Finale thread: Possible spoilers ahead

Best tune for drunken reflection?

I would like to become a stay-at-home ticket scalper


Student governemnt sucks.

I'm beginning to see the need for a group "Fuck You" thread.....

appreciation threads appreciation threads appreciation thread

Any Sage Rosenfels fans in the lounge??

Any Sage Francis fans in the lounge??

the appreciation thread for the appreciation threads for appreciation threads for the appreciated

It snowed today. SNOWED! All day long! SNOW! At the end of May!

HELP! I need young (wild) bird help...


My husband's handcrafted leather pouches are selling like gangbusters.

the unappreciation thread

Baseball is pissing me off tonight, for series!!!!11!!

I am operating on several levels.

Fuck You Thread: Not by Writer but by Lionesspriyanka

Does anybody here know what "Ticc-ya-toh" means?

If anyone is interested in underwater archaeology

Golfer dies after cart plunges off cliff

I Wanna Start Some Shit.

What a difference a month makes

I just got home after spending four days in the hospital.

I've Been Shooting Up In Public: Ask Me Anything

Hopeless and Hopeful romantics check in here

How the hell am I supposed to cut JackMN's hair?

In the wake of his Acquittal for crimes he Obviously Committed, OJ is now a pariah.

I Just Had An Epidural Steroid Injection: ask me anything...

Ouch! Boston got owned in the NBA Lottery

I love me some Elton and Betty!

My daughter wants a part pit bull puppy...I say no way.

My 13 yr old son has lost 3 teeth since Friday....2 of them just last night

Damn, my star expired!

New neighbors, eating from my garden. They are not my kind. {Did I say that outloud?}

Thunderstorm! Thunderstorm!

Wanna know what I did this weekend (photos)

So, is it in?

Pic thread since I'm back (In black)

I want my state to change its name to "Maxisota."

Know who's damn sexy--Layla Ali


Your Female Dream Celeb?

Does anybody know a LEGIT source of cheap printer cartridges? For HP?

Great movies coming out my ears!

A culinary tip...

Who wants turkey?

Yes its my birthday!

today, my sister had the erector set removed from her leg

was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

aww are we experiencing moments of jealousy

Auntie Lisa wants to show off two nephews and one niece. Okay?

Post a Profession Here and I will Judge You Harshly.

If only somebody would invent self-folding laundry.....

I love Prime with 1-click. Though it's also dangerous.

Do you believe file sharing is illegal?

Rules of Bunco I just found online -- very interesting

Red & Jerry's Rockin' Metal Revival!!! HELP SAVE INTERNET RADIO....


I got a new-old job today

If anyone is interested in underwear archaeology


I'm on administrative leave.

Are Cat Vocalizations True Speech?

In spite of my dentist phobia, I'm going to the dentist tomorrow

Hey, JVS, I found your favourite music video

I gotta a question about those household sprays (febreze..etc)

Check in and wish SCRUBDASHRUB good luck!! Work that Lounge mojo!

Vaughan's heavy groin

DU'ers who are musicians, please check in here--

I just watch 6 episodes of How Clean Is Your House from BBC America, I will never say I have dirty

I took a shower and my tan came off.

June is a 3 paycheck month.

Fountains Of Wayne Appreciation Thread

I can do ANYTHING it takes to CATCH a CAT!

Damnit! I'm completely unable to make non-mushy brown rice.

someone paid $742 for Schumi's used underwear at an auction

I just read an article about life after there's no oil

So, this weekend is my Mother's Family's Reunion. (I need reunion Stories)

What's your cycling range?

How About A "Don't Fuck With Me" Thread?

appreciation threads appreciation thread

Favorite T.V. game shows, past or present...

Mrs. Sniffa appreciation thread.

Jasonc Appreciation thread...

Am I the only one a little disappointed by Heroes last night?

Post Here And I Will Give You Monkey Love!

Benefits children have that you do not.

OK - How much money have you spent on cosmetic procedures?

Please help. My cat has gasoline on his fur. What to use to clean it off

Post a Confession Here and I will Judge You Harshly.

So, is it on?

Your favorite Pink Floyd album

The phrase of the day is "small penis" modify a thread to include "small penis".

DUers whose voices you'd like to hear

Please remove.

Weirdest items on your desk:

What City Do You Live In

Post anything here and I'll reply with "I thought we progressives were supposed to XXX"

George Foreman vs Ron Lyle

Jeez=== speaking of 4

Liverpool has a rematch of 2005 with ACMilan tomorrow. Go Reds!! nt

Portland Wins NBA Draft Lottery (Greg Oden sweepstakes)

Meet the Dolphins new Fullback.

W Post: Turbulence Over Executive Pay Airline Workers Question Leaders' Bonuses

Vegas dealers use Web to unionize

Employer violated NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) by prohibiting union e-mails on company system

AP: Polish doctors launch open-ended nationwide strike seeking pay raise

California Workers' Compensation

Sen. Bill Bradley: New American Story book tour

Bush and Rove: Thug Life

Gordon Brown-noses the NWO (New World order agenda )

This is the Moment - Dennis Kucinich (campaign 2004) Worth repeating

Hey Bush---Keep Your Word On Darfur

Candidates Hit the Talk Show Circuit

I hope you all are proud!

Obama SNHU Commencement Address

Family Guy -- The World is Beautiful w/ Gore as President

3rd ID looking for our MIA's

Robert Greenwald-on Murdoch's Page Six Scandal

Coulter and Hate Hags Go Wild

Michelle Obama on Good Morning America: Part I

Al Gore on the Ellen Degeneres Show

America needs Elizabeth for First Lady!

The Justice Department and the Kennedy Assassination

The Justice Department and the Kennedy Assassination part b

WP, Dionne: Free To Be Al Gore: "...right about the power of the Internet, global warming, Iraq."

Now I lay me down to sleep.....


Gotta love the Italian sense of humor (found this on an Italian blog)

Macho Mistakes at Ground Zero

ABC News: Researchers Challenge Kennedy Lone Gunman Theory

Comments on the Bush war bill

Com•Log•ic's TOON SneakPeek: Gonzo's and Andy's Hospital Road Trip

Pres. AL GORE to be on Larry King - email your questions

Faux News on The Simpsons

Senate Immigration bill status uncertain - NYTimes

Blair comes for a farewell tour, and the AP photogs take this pic.. Hmmm

Bush lied, right?

Free tradin' in Worker's Comp...

Press conference in Dublin - Cindy Sheehan is guest speaker

just spent a few days in Salt Lake City....Al Sharpton...

Media Rights Group's Open Letter to Maliki

I am *EXTREMELY* frustrated about the fossil fuels/climate change/pollution debate

Good satire on McCain's market romp

Mike Gravel vs. Ron Paul

Transcript needed of Bill O'Rielly sexual harrasment case

Car bombing in Baghdad market kills 25

Americablog Takes NYT to task for Picture Choice in Gays-in-Military Story

Stephanie Miller and Madison

If I was an immigrant, I'd stay "in the shadows!"

Not good for Avandia: Risk of heart attack seen in diabetes pill

Will We Ever Leave Iraq? Pentagon's Plans To Keep Troops There For DECADES

Next time you wonder about Arlen Specter (Dialup warning!)

Have you contacted Congress about...

Missed deadlines, broken promises, and media coverage: Why?

Lieberman, Sticking With Democrats for Now, Warns Them on Iraq

Iraq plans for scenario of U.S. withdrawal

Impeachment Town Hall next week in Detroit

Air traffic controllers forced to work through carbon monoxide poisoning

CSPAN!!!! the Murtha Porter fight is subject to a bill of censure

DU this poll: Should Bush be impeached?

5 Georgia State Parks partly closed after legislators slashed budgets

Deforestation: the real cause of global warming?

Ron Paul’s bill re “Fixing What’s Wrong With Iraq”

Here's a good, dispassionate challenge to "The Great Global Warming Swindle"

Kucinich vows to oppose Verizon deal

I first posted this on DU a bit over a year ago and thought I'd repost it in light

Do you think you know a lot about the Right Wing?

Senate Put Off Action on Immigration--Question

House session coming up at 10.00am

I'm sick of congressmen & senators saying, "I've BEEN to Iraq".


The CIA's latest "ghost detainee" (renewing suspicions agency could be violating law, using torture)

The BoGo Light . . . helping to light the world . . .

Are you good at drawing? You too could have a lucrative career in animation!

Just heard on TV that Dems are offering funding bill with no timeline

New Documents Confirm Gonzales Lied To Senator About Plan To Install Rove Protege


Pease sign the Free Alan Johnston Petition on the BBC site

Bush to double surge?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

dupe, self-delete

The University Should Not Play a Part in the Production of Nuclear Weapons

Junior's Legacy

Who said this?

New Documents Confirm Gonzales Lied To Senator About Plan To Install Rove Protege As U.S. Attorney

I am going "lights out" on DU for Memorial Day (what are you doing?)

UK: Pilotless police drone on a very sepcial mission ...

A Widening Chasm Between Congressional Democrats and Voters on Impeachment

Juan Cole on Simon Tisdall's "silly article"

Senate Judiciary Hearing - Restoring Habeas Corpus

Stephanie Miller just had on a gay Betty Davis impersonator ......

Stupid King Coal question.

Delete, posting bug error

It makes you want to move to Colorado......

Margaret Spellings on The Daily Show tonight.

Google to Show Daily List of Hot Topics

the WORST thing Bush has done in office

***** TUES. MAY 22: CALL CONGRESS TO PREVENT HUNGER! ***** 1-800-965-4701 *****


FYI: Gas Buddy - find the lowest prices in your area

Japanese war crime trial - A Relevant Quote


Until there is a full accounting of the profits made during the last 6 years, there can't be justice

Iraq policy: flop around like a fish on a dock.

Giuliani's 9/11 Stories Contradicted By His Emergency Management Chief

Caption Mittens

I am not going to vote, give money or support anyone, until

global warming poll needs some DU love..

Without your Consent

"I am never going to hire another woman because they just get pregnant and leave."

The Assault on Reason - from Al Gore to my Inbox...

Would You Compromise For The Following???

Just in time for the holiday, Mid-Michigan gasoline prices jumped .30 today.

AMAZING: Former Democratic Senator is a closet Neocon after all!

NYT review of "Reason": Diagnoses "the ailing condition of America as a participatory democracy"

Secret U.S. Plot to Kill Influential Iraqi Cleric (Muqtada al-Sadr) Exposed

I just did a Yahoo News search on cheney

Gonzales Backdated Griffin's Appointment To Get Around The Senate

Who says we're not headed for a recession?

Dear Senator, Hunger, Housing and Disparity

The Trouble With Testing

Gore's Book rapidly moving up the best seller list!

Nancy Pelosi has a question up on yahoo


We can together lower gas prices.

DOJ Official's Anonymous Advocacy of Voter ID Law Spurs Outcry

Huckabee to skip Jimmy Carter conference after Bush remark

Israeli Forest Named After Australian Prime Minister - strange but true

The Cultural Melting Pot Has Boileth Over

Al Gore's new book is also available as an audiobook

Early Arrival of Butterflies Demonstrates Impact of Climate Change

Goodling REFUSES To Turn Over Subpoenaed Docs To House

Needed: Bush Audio Regarding Gonzales

VA Tech killer Cho was armed with 377 rounds..

In the last 4 SCOTUS sessions, Clarence Thomas has spoken exactly 281 words.

Bush could double force by Christmas (second, hidden 'surge')

Has there been ANY binary Impeachment Poll done by the MSM?

intelligent design freak up for job as head of Natl. Edu. Assoc.

After Falwell, evangelicals at crossroads, Movement in transition --LINK

DERF COMIC: If this wasn't so sad, it would be funny...

Al Gore Has Already Won a Popular Vote

$3.65 per gallon this morning north of Detroit....

C-SPAN2 - WH press briefing

Bush admin opposes Democratic push to sue OPEC

Medea Benjamin: Have You Called Your Senator Today?

Residents of Denver: Do Not Eat Squirrels. Repeat: Do Not Eat Squirrels.

Army will now always capitalize the word Family

Patriots for Al Gore Remarks on the Release Of The Assault On Reason

Congressional Democrats tell Herr Decider: "WE SURRENDER" - WTF?!?

Reporter asks Snow: " Why doesn’t the president wear a seatbelt in his pickup?"

US govt radio in Mideast gave airtime to terrorists, official admits (no managers spoke Arabic!)

More outposts being built to accommodate troops for ‘surge’

Senate Judiciary Committee Will Meet Tomorrow - A Most Important Topic

Letters to my congresscritters

I just told my Congressman's Chief of Staff that if he votes for asupplement w/ timelines

A question for the Ed Schultz daily listeners

I'm so happr ol Davie is having a great time!!

"Bizarre notion substitutes 'balance' for what used to be 'accuracy' or 'truth' or 'objectivity.'"

Snarky, Tin Foil Poll re: February 2009

I was against the war before I voted for it.

"Pure political theatre"

Nice to know Congress is working on important stuff like this...

It gets "better"...not only NO TIMELINES, Bush can waive the benchmarks.

TAPPED: Washington media set to give Bushists yet another pass on Iraq fiasco

LEAHY To Gonzales"Your Answers Have Been Wholly Inadequate & Misleading"

Think for yourself (LTTE from a soldier in Iraq)

Why Do We Let In Cubans But Not Mexicans?

Are gas prices, bottled water, and starbucks coffee prices related. I think so. I can image

Vote to Impeach via msnbc poll - takes 10 seconds

Want cheaper gas? Use less (You won't)

232 Years ago in July, the 2nd Continental Congress sent King George III the "Olive Branch Petition"

Gonzales MUST Go - But Don't Stop There!

Hmmm.... I just voted in the Kentucky Primary, and I was asked for ID

Name Jenna's Book!

Blast in Ankara, Turkey: 4 Killed, 56 Hurt! Bomb or Explosion!

We must admit it: the Democratic party is as self-serving as the Republican party.

Melanie Morgan (Insane, Wingnut) accuses PBS of censorship

Joe: just fucking go. Stop with the stupid threats. You won't be missed. Just fucking GO!!

How long will it take American English to recover from Bushisms

What's more important: Ending Iraq war vs. Minimum wage increase?

Ok, so what would happen if the DEMS refused to budge on the Iraq time-line?

TSA Confiscates Congressman's (Tim Ryan, D-OH) Peanut Butter And Jelly

OMG!!! The Bush twins' rolling party machine is back in D.C.!!

China invests $US 3 billon in Blackstone Group private equity firm

Republican: "I wish the Democrats would get on with it. Bush and Cheney NEED TO BE IMPEACHED!"

Congressional Term Limits and Iraq: Good Idea or Bad Idea??

The troops will stay. Gonzo will stay. No one will even get a slap on wrist.

Bayh asks Bush, FDA to restrict Chinese food, medicine imports

DU Poll: Is Impeachment Enough, Or Does It Have To Be Impeachment And Conviction Too ???

Democracy, Freedom, Liberty, By the People, For The People...

$4 a Gallon?! (MoveOn Petition to Make Gas Price Gouging a Crime)

Help. I'm hot under the collar from a note from my SIL (freeper).

Freeper response To Pelosi declaring Democratic defeat

The very LEAST Ms. Pelosi can do is to put impeachment in the media


Ok just got off the phone with my Congress Critter

I don't think we should legalize marijuana.

Dept. of Evil: 'All Of You Must Die'

I got my copy of "The Assault On Reason" yesterday - - have you got yours yet?

Oh Randi a rerun again?

Letter to my delegation over the bending over

Car Bombing in Baghdad Market Kills 25

Keith Olbermann to discuss the Second Surge TONIGHT:

Panel: Iraq rebuilding program mired in 'incompetence'

JOHN W. DEAN: Gonzales Displays Contempt for Congress, And Perhaps the Department of Justice As Well

Boycott Exxon

Remember all the "He's toast!" posts?

Democrats have given Bush what he wants

The People want the Democrats to be tough

Can we start a list of every DEM who preached peace in 06, but supports escalation in 07?

Let's say Pelosi and the House actually do impeach Bush...

Tinfoil to the 1,000th power: Is it possible that BushCo replaced some Dems with robots?

David Talbot, author of "Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years"

Slaughter: Horror at Sony's depraved promotion stunt with decapitated goat

Guys... It's time to stop making fun of Kucinich

There aren't enough legislators to pull off an Iraq funding cut or immediate withdrawal, so . . .

Harry Reid Statement on "Leaving Out Benchmarks".. (Hold Your Breath...Count to 10 before reading..)

60 votes needed to vote for cloture

Mike Malloy Fans: Last night he was talking about Dirk

Costco got unfairly badmouthed yesterday... A word of props from me today!

Many Gas Stations Running Out Of Premium Gasoline

CNN : Democrats Blink

Crazy Christians donated $27 mil to build anti-evolution "museum"

Nancy Pelosi will move to a vote on H.R. 1252 this week--Contact your Usual Suspects

* still slipping at Rasmussen - now only 14% Strongly Approve - 48 % Strongly Disapprove

TV Newser: Al Gore Critiques Sawyer's Interview: "Listen To Your Questions..."

Car Bombing in Baghdad Market Kills 25

U.S. Military Aid To Foreign Countries Has Increased By 50 Percent Since Sept. 11, 2001

Snow: Gore’s Book Should Be ‘Reprinted’ Because It Calls Bush On His ‘Deception’

Power to the a National Strike an option?

Democrats are proving prevailing conventional Beltway wisdom WRONG

I will again donate to DU when they allow discussion of President Kennedy's murder

Election fraud, Supreme Court Justices, War Funding - The Dems cave on EVERYTHING.

What would happen to the US economy if the Defense Industry tanked

What Are Cheney and Addington Hiding About NSA Spying on Americans?

So DU wants our money but not any discussion about using donations for leverage.

Rethugs in TX try to cram through discriminatory voter legislation-force very ill senator to appear

Let's just quit this fucking "dog and pony show" right now.

Christian terrorist bomb plot thwarted - planned to bomb Falwell protestors!

Reid on why pulling timeline wasn't a defeat for Democrats

OMG! Iran has a secret plan

GOV DEAN: Show Them The Door

Dutch Foreign Minister: Feith Named Unknown Dutch Company in Iraq/Al Qaeda Report

Soylent Green my ass!!

What is Democrats strategery for ending war if they don't even include suggested timeline?

Is this all I need to do to get on the DU Journal sidebar?

We've spent an extra $20 billion on gasoline so far this year:

"One who breaks an unjust law must do so openly"

Pelosi has decided to support impeachment.

Anyone cynical yet about our victory last November?

An ex-Prez does not criticize a sitting Prez? If I hear this hollow remark one more time I'll puke.

Edwards leads Dems in Iowa Caucus poll with Obama and Hillary slugging it out for 2nd


'Weaponizable' Gas for Your Backyard Barbecue

Are illegal aliens,,,

INTERVIEW - Bush: successor should be braced for terrorism war

TOON: Debating the immigration bill

Where is Randi Rhodes today?

What is that 800 number for Congress? If you now, please post it here.

The Democrats Are Set To Inherit Iraq War In 2008.

Please tell me what you think of this. A song for the soldiers.

Are the Democrats Facing a Locked Convention in '08? Could That Favor Al Gore?

At times I wish Dennis Kucinich or Russ Feingold would form a 3rd party!

What we can do for Memorial Day here at DU.

Daily Kos Diary: "I Saw Al Gore Speak Last Night at UCSD"

I'm now convinced the 2006 election was "unstolen" as a set-up for the dems

After the pain of loss in Iraq, families are dealt a second blow

New Energy Rules could boost Economy and help squash climate change

Do you know anybody harmed by Big Pharma?

Reid Wants To Keep Promise To Bush He Would Have The Iraq

One building that's been built on time and on budget in Iraq: America's fortress embassy

'Family Guy' visits the Crawford ranch...........

Any update on Sibel Edmonds?

Forest Service Outsourcing Plan Produces Big Losses

Pricey gasoline costs U.S. consumers extra $20 bln in one year.

We Wont Get Fooled Again..or Will we???

Impeachment Chronology from beginning to end, 1968-Present, = WATERGATE

GORE Responds To White House: "This Book, Unlike State Of Union Address-Has Been FACT-CHECKED"

Fining residents for shabby homes...nearby town

Will Gore Run Third Party? --Poll

Democrats surrendering (how the NYT conveys this message iconically):

AB Stoddard: Gore's book is "So Angry! I haven't read it yet, but the reviews I've read said...."

I would love to Move to Mexico and start a small business but it's illegal.

Rep David Obey...WTF

No GOP candidate attended Foulball's funeral. Interesting.

Cattle Antibiotic May Pose Human Health Risk

Breaking....DLC is On MSBC Talking about How They Bent Over

Why should Dems go through a charade if a veto is inevitable? It's STUPID

There it is - David Shuster, hardball - "Dems Cave In".

"Who do you have to blow to get impeached around here?"

C-Span resources on U.S. attorney dismissals:

Who Best Represents The Democratic Party - In Your View - Today?

Freeps on Michelle Obama

How many House Democrats will vote against the Bush War bill?

Provocative article...

Friend of mine who's immigration status I don't know "if people don't want to lose their jobs to

Bush declassifies al-Qaida intelligence

An Open Letter to John Conyers, RE: Impeachment

Pentagon considers staying in Iraq for 'decades'

Rahn Emanuel just said the Iraqi gov't will be on vacation for

NBC news just read letter complaining about calling Clinton "Mr President"

Should We Rename The DU....?????

The greatest thing about Monica Gooling testifying tomorrow---

any word on an al gore book tour yet?

GSA chief violated Hatch Act, OSC report finds

Email or call the Spinelss - tell them what you think of their so called compromise (#'s here):

Goodling broke down over firings (AP)

Breaking...Dems to drop case on Gonzalez


A small Hurray! for Big Pharma.

Giuliani, Bush & Whitman Leave New Yorkers For Dead

DKos Diary - Glengarry Glen Congress

Terror Alert! Terror Alert! Terror Alert! Terror Alert! Terror Alert! Terror Alert!

I'm as mad as hell...

Access Hollywood on right now ..... what crap.

The "Show Some Love for Your Local and State Democrats" thread.

Blast from the past! American hypocrisy.......

Forgive me. But EFF Bush and EFF the newly elected so called Majority. They have let us down...

Send the Democrat elected officials a raw chicken's back bone,

In low-key service, a final goodbye to soldier (Andrew J. Bacevich)

Military Waited Year To Fulfill "Priority 1 Urgent" Request For Bomb Proof Iraq Vehicles

Des Moines Register poll gives Mitt double-digit lead in Iowa GOP Caucus

GoreVidal: "Gonzales our Attorney-General, thinks he's Attorney-General of Mexico. Where he belongs"

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold On the Iraq Supplemental Conference Report

Bush Administration: Track & verify NUCLEAR WEAPONS? Nah! - R.I.P. START Treaty

The USA is a relative teenager in the world being about 230 years old

C-SPAN -3 Monica Goodling Wed.

Just called Nancy Pelosi office

If troop surge fails, Bush to...

The real courage would have been to let the veto ride.

TPM: Another Surveillance Program or a Lie?

Why did you donate?

Sounds like KO is pretty pissed off at the Dems, too.

Results Thread for the Kentucky Gubernatorial Primary

A Freshman at Falwell's Liberty University arrested w/bombs...

Have you changed your party affiliation since Democrats took control of congress?

Dear Monica Goodling... I know you are a good Christian, so:

When did the Democratic party jump the shark?

Senator Feingold post @ DKos:"A Collapse for Democrats"

You're a Veteran? Shut Your Mouth

They voted for the IWR and the Patriot, and said they were misled

So...whatever happened to that 'message' we sent to D.C. last Nov.?

Breakfast with an American hero

US Consumption, an artistic perspective

Kerry, Clinton, Emanuel, Murphy and Walz Fight for Full Troop Pay Increase

Did anyone listen to Thom Hartmann today, re: Bush's action to give himself unlimited power....

Jonah Goldberg: If history can rehabilitate Ashcroft, can it do the same for Bush?

At least 100 Iraqis killed or found dead

If the Democrats decision to remove time lines from the funding bill annoys you do this.


Do Democrats Really Believe This 'September' Bushit?

For millions of Americans the next ten days will be rough, for millions more

CNN: sources say Dems knew two months ago Iraq funding bill would be without time-line

Huffington:Congress Needs to Find Out:Did Bush Order Gonzales & Card to Put the Squeeze on Ashcroft?

I woke up angry and I am

Snowjob Just Insisted That * Never Said Saddam/Al Qaeda/911 Were Linked

Tucker: Dems "Bent over again."

A Email forward to me that hurts like hell shades of when I came home

Iran planning strike on Europe: analyst

its not that we don't care about High gas prices...its that we can't change our lives. We do withou

Why Bush hasn't been impeached

Sibel Edmonds, democracy, want 4 minutes of your time. Call Waxman. Demand hearings.

Did Republics call them "surrender dates" when GEORGE W. bUSH was FOR timelines

Democrats have funded the war for four more months.

They'll die. Lots of them will die.

Your mood after today's news from our Democratic Leaders?

Rep. Tim Ryan for new Majority Leader

You guys are bringing me down

Dems Drop Troop Pullout Dates From Iraq Bill: Arming the Left: Is the time now?

Kucinich blasts 'minimum wage for maximum blood' report

The Rise of Market Populism: America's New Secular Religion

The November election was the high point....

It's too bad our dear dems cannot keep their mouths shut sometimes.

Porn for the Gun Guys

The condemnations of Dems are big on emotion, short on reason

The ONLY damage control that can be done now is for Democrats to put on their best faces

Kucinich Calls For Aid To Palestinian Authority

They say the "base" is going to be pissed

Bush Authorizes Covert Ops Against Iran

Dear Sisters & Brothers at the DU. Take Heart! All Americans Now Know Our Democrats Oppose This War.

Is Monica Goodling testifying tomorrow?

Has Bush said he will sign the bill with the Minimum Wage increase attached?


Swiss authorities question U.S. counterfeiting charges against North Korea

Congrats Dems! Bush has two new Poodles. Pelosi & Ried

Is the Senate "No Confidence" vote still on deck for tomorrow?

A Widening Chasm (House Dems and voters)

Lieberman threatens to leave...20 hrs later, Dem leadership caves....

Gore up on Larry King now!

Gore on Larry King now 9 pm EDT nt


Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

Draft reinstatement: How likely do you think it is?

Microsoft to EXPAND Fargo operations.

Ron Paul speaking Truth on c-span now

Moscow, ID Sniper update

Bin Laden intel declassified ahead of commencement

WOW! Tweety just backed me up...Guiliana was FULL OF SHIT on Letterman

Lapdog Media has their marching orders. Dems caved to Bush.

Must Read: THE WRONG STUFF - Pulitizer-Winning Reporters Write Book on Duke Cunningham

It finally happened. Someone I know was killed in Iraq.

Rant #354.05 People come to DU for Sharing, Learning, Bonding, etc. NOT INFORMATION OVERLOAD

*Reading EMAILS from DOJ: Worried about Iglesias Press Conference, Alert KR @ his email*

Rudy Giuliani Said bu$h* Carried Out the Clinton Policy in Iraq.

George Has His NAME on His PJs - Special Jammies for the Plane ---pix--->>>

How many members of the Bush Administration does it take?

BUSH Secretly Implementing - SECOND SURGE - Double The Number Of Troops By End Of Year

why the spin to pretend today's vote was a good thing-OUT of IRAQ NOW nt

my old neighborhood in Chico is being evacuated bcuz of 200 acre FIRE-very windy here

Police: Baby Burned in Microwave Also Put in Fridge

Bush declassifies bin Laden intel

Iraqi kindergarten: Smiles and vows to fight

Just opened today's mail. Begging letter from the Democratic Congressional Campaign

my old neighborhood in Chico, CA is being evacuated bcuz of 200 acre FIRE-very windy here

I am watching President Gore on CNN

Even a crappy high school team gets on the field to play

Al Gore on Larry King Live - CNN

Indian dealers are squealers over Microsoft piracy raids

The cruel fate of the democratic voter...

Watching our truly elected president on Larry King, I am absolutely struck by

CNN: Dems To Give Bush Blank Check On Iraq

My poem on the occasion of every Democrat surrender:

We got the PIG in the ground! We got some beer on ice!

Those "Twin Parties of the War Machine" signs that often turn up at war protests.....

this was written during WWII

"I'm going to bomb, bomb, bomb the school with everybody in it," says Iraqi kindergartner

Haikus for Al Gore....

What was the whole point of Unity '08 again?

What happens when your antivirus software is past the renewal date?

Guest blog/Adam Schiff (D-CA): Pulling the Plug on Warrantless Eavesdropping of Americans

To all of you folks who seem to have opened a Lemonade Stand today

The most discredited President in history threatens a veto and WE BACK OFF?!! Are you kidding me?

Edwards endorses involuntary servitude , it might as well be slavery.

It must be fun to be a Republican -- at least your reps support YOU

What's your favorite documentary film?

NYT: As Comrades Search, Fatal Bomb Wreaks Havoc


John Edwards to Attend the YearlyKos Convention in Chicago

We must be pragmatic.

Leahy Holds Hearings On Habeas Corpus Today

In thirty years, my grandchildren are going to be learning about GW Bush "the great president"

F*ck you, Dems in Congress. ("Democrats Concede" - "Democrats Retreat" - "Bush Wins")

Time for Democrats to play hardball

Bush Declassifies al-Qaida Intelligence

Did Fitzgerald know about Rove's connection to Abrahmhoff

Why do the Democrats fail to learn ANYTHING from GOP about how to fight?

Pelosi: ‘I’m Not Likely To Vote For Something That Doesn’t Have A Timetable’

Do you think it was worth it? The six year looting by right-wingers.

What the Mainstream Media Can Learn from Jon Stewart, KO also mentioned.

Shell considers halting U.S. refinery plans

US weighing military aid for Lebanon

I'm afraid that the Dems think we're as stupid as the Repubs do.

Some thoughts on courage

Bush plans "2nd surge" - number of combat troops may double by Christmas.

Is there a call in or some action to immediate call to Congresscritters

A call -- for constructive solutions to helping/pressuring the Democratic leadership

Bob Kerrey invokes 9/11 to justify invading Iraq. Harold Ford calls it today's Spotlight idea.

Enemy of the State (Ted Rall)

biggest Embassy Ever!

so did Fred Phelps show up at Falwell's funeral?

The worst hostage situation possible

HEY BUSH, If you want to JUSTIFY the War in Iraq, you may want to use PRE-2003 Intelligence!

With the days developments I can think of nothing more fitting than

Meanwhile in Iraq. NYT homepage, "22 minutes ago," photo.

Steven Jobs: Gore will become president if he runs

The Fraudulent Fraud Squad: The incredible, disappearing American Center for Voting Rights.

Until "disposable income" industries complain gas will spiral to $6-7.

Student at Falwell's university arrested for planning napalm attack on protesters at Falwell funeral

Alert: Congress Dems found small lump in groin

Security Companies Doing Business in Iraq (No, really - read this)

Gore: My book, unlike the president's state of the union, was fact checked.

You won't be able to convince me that Trump's stupid feud with Rosie

EMAILS Show That WH COORDINATED With GOP Operative On US Attorney Scandal


Departing Wolfowitz Names New Iraq Director

Bush-bot "Education" Secretary Margaret Spellings is the Guest on The Daily Show Tonight!

We had a saying in VietNam...

Iraqi Kindergartner: "Now I am a soldier in the liberation army"

Liberty U student plotted to set off explosives, police say

How high does gas have to go in order to make buying a hybrid car economically feasible?

"In the absence of genuine leadership..." ( A message for the Dems in Congress)

I don't think it can be stopped from the left, and 'they' know it; it was started...

There was a time, back during the Nam war...

Perhaps It Is Time For Americans To Revisit THIS G*dammn Piece Of Paper

New Documents Confirm Gonzales Lied To Senator About Plan To Install Rove Protege As U.S. Attorney

Waxman denies Ralston immunity, for now.

A Subversion of American Democracy? White House & Democratic Leadership Agree On Secret Trade Deal

It's time to GO TO your congressman & senators' LOCAL OFFICES and ask questions in person

This could be a brilliant move by the Dems

Iraq Vote Pledge-Sign It Now

Who is ?

'When The Moon Is In The Seventh House

Message to Dem Leadership: America is Giving You a Time Table

I love Al Gore

Price gouging by 'American' and other oil companies

Goodling Fails to turn over subpoenaed....

From Elation To Screwn... That Was A Quick Six Months...

The confederate flag imbecile returns

Did Pelosi cave to Lieberman? Are Dems paying for their committee posts

Al Gore's new book is on sale today

WHO Is Feeding Lines to Bush Thru His Earpiece??? ------>>>

I'm challenging all DUers to a FWB post out!

If gas goes to $4.00, the US economy will go in the toilet.

Call Pelosi's Office Now and Call for.....

Nancy Pelosi OPPOSES Impeachment

Before the Sam Ervin (Watergate) hearings, NO ONE would have guessed...

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

Lieberman, Sticking With Democrats for Now, Warns Them on Iraq

How Long Did It Take To Impeach Clinton

Holy cow..student with 4.0 grade avg. won't get diploma due to OGT tests(no child left behind)

CNN Poll: Do you agree with the WH that Carter is increasingly irrelevant?

Democrats pledge to try again in July to push through troop withdrawal efforts

Save a LOT of gas without buying another car: No bull here

"...not enough votes to override a veto..." is a meaningless canard....

To Democrats in Congress: I take back my apology!

Phelps Clan Pickets Falwell Funeral

An ode to Dems who "Keep their powder dry"....

Oberlin (OH) asks Congress to impeach Bush, Cheney - HA!

The Gore Book: Sweeping Indictment, Rousing Challenge, Massive Best-seller

Iraqi kindergarten: Smiles and vows to fight

"Second thing is, we're going to shove it down his throat." Don'tcha just love the BULLSHIT rhetoric

How high is Bush's IQ?

Tuesday TOONS:" What's giving you gas pains?" edition

Randi's unexpectedly MIA today. Airing Best of. She was really pissed and trashing the Greens on air

POLL: Congressional Democrats = Washington Generals

Howard Zinn has it right:


Statement of U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

Supporting Vick - Skins Portis, Samuels ridicule dog fighting as crime

I love my job, but I hate the people here

What percentage of the U.S. population are criminals?

Hey there, am I missing something? Aren't we in charge? So....

Al Gore Speaks Of A Nation In Danger

Gas Prices: an email from PAC group

I am addicted to Nazi Documentaries.

We need to design a "whatever" smilie for DU.

I assume we're going to raise taxes to pay for Iraq.

Folks, we are one terrorist attack away from a dictatorship

Joss Whedon....Dua Khalil...The Dishonorable Killing

Today's pet food recall news

No messiah is coming to save us, we are on our own out here.

READ THIS National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive

Man with unloaded gun killed by victim

If a hybrid is a bit out of your league, you can still save lots of gas...

Speaker Pelosi, lead or step out of our way. We The People are coming to IMPEACH THIS CHARLATAN.

Hersh-BUSH "Taking Exec Privilege To Absolute Limit"-Secretly Funneling $ To Violent Al Qaeda Groups

Mitch McConnell dealt a blow at home in Kentucky.

LOL! "Maybe his solution will be to get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off...

We must be heard immediately!

W Stands for Wisconsin Impeachment Summer

DEMOCRACY-FEST '07 - Dean, Edwards, Gravel, Bev Harris, and more.

How To Start Each Day With A Positive Attitude!

Want to help put some right wing kooks in their place?

Boston's WRKO-680 decides to not go forward with Imus's Bernard

Bush, NATO chief regret Afghan deaths

Ras Poll: Romney only 3% behind McCain

Florida moves up primary, shakes up election

Obama most "experienced" of Top 3

Impeaching Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors is bad politics?

Straight Talk: Paul Has a Point

Biden Favors U.S. Troops for Darfur (AP)

Clinton third among Iowans, would like more choices.

Because of the tried hatchet job this morning.

Bush could double force by Christmas ( Surge II )

AG Gonzalez is a man of integrity and should not resign

Sign the Impeach Gonzales Petition

Just wondering. Wouldn't the Iraq spending bill be an appropriate

"anti-American Democrat" Accusations

Barrack Obama - Corporate Candidate

House to Vote on Reprimanding Murtha (AP)

The Rude Pundit: The Warning of the Plague Monkeys

Other Popular Democratic Blog/Forums?

Another new low on rasmussen - woohoo sheep are awakening

Florida's new election are pertinent parts of concern sent by our county party.

DSCC Doubles NRSC Fundraising

A question for non impeachment people

Even though I am not really interested in the elections...

California May Sue EPA - Pretty Sad State of Affairs

Retired General: 'War Czar' position proves Cheney has been 'ineffective'

Have the Democrats won the web war?

Could it be that nothing's getting done because there's so much to do?

Who is most dissatisfied with the current field of candidates: Democrats, Republicans, or DU?

I just got off the phone wiht my Congree Critter

AMA helping Drugmakers with data-mining of individual physicians and patients

US effort in Iraq "abysmal": top congressman

American Dream Team by Brent Budowsky

We do not negotiate with terrorists

After moving up Florida's primary date, Governor Crist will fight party penalties

My solution for the "illegal" immigrant problem (half lib, half conserv):

How to protest the do-nothing democratic politicians....

Is it too late?

There are 11 co-sponsors of Feingold's amendment:

(Alert! snakes in the wh!) White House considers making war czar a “staff job.”

The real war in Iraq... The true story

Statement of Senator Feingold on the Iraq Supplemental Conference Report

Wow, The house did something today!

Reuters: Dems to Fund Iraq War with No Pullout Date; Pledge to fight with new legislation in July

AMA helping drugmakers with data-mining of individual physicians and patients

I am hating everything today!

Ralph & the Rabbi: a thinner Reed?

Can someone explain to me what is the deal with Florida primary?


Former Mississippi Gov. Ray Mabus becomes M.E. adviser for Obama

The Iraq War: Hillary Clinton’s Achilles’ Heel?

Repubs who broke the "unspoken code" against criticism -- George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole

Hatred and Online Political Discussion

House expands visas for Iraqi, Afghan translators (Reuters)

Republicans said that after weeks of struggle, they had forced Democrats to give up their demand for

Obama expected to raise $500,000 in Philly, gets rock-star treatment at electry factory

Why do people pay attention to National Dem Polls when there will never be a national Dem Primary?

The Nation's Ari Berman responds to TPMCafe's Rosenberg's questions on his article, Hillary, Inc."

OMG! I Want Michelle Obama to run!

My email to Pelosi

The empty Obama - against Iraq war and nothing else

Drown in your attic or bleed to death on your 3rd tour. It`s all OK.

Hillary Clinton Backer's Firm Alleged to Aid Scammers in Bilking Gullible Seniors

"Democrats don't have a plan"

Dorgan: Scrap temporary worker program (AP)

If There Were A Time For Al Gore To Step Into The Race...It's NOW!!

Gas prices here in Columbus, Ohio 3.49 for regular! I thought the Dems were doing an inquiry!

Adam Schiff on the Ed Schultz show today...he bothered me about funding troops.

Edwards Gains Support in NJ

A Big Surprise: Clinton Best Candidate Yet on Katrina Issues

SAG condemns guild quitters Board cracks down on 'fi-core' (political activities)

Is Monica Gooding testifying tomorrow? if so, what time?

Bush declassifies bin Laden intel

Have too many posters here lost their marbles/ability to use their heads?

Political Idealism vs Political Realty

DC Madame supports Hillary ... hates Chimpy

Elizabeth Edwards liveblogging now on Daily Kos (8:30pm-Tues)

Evil Republican Ron Paul To Speak Tonight

Predictive Democrats step aside -- we need some "damn the torpedo's" type in your stead

Democratic Congressional Committee just called me for a donation

Help with quote - Iraq commander

If Congressional Democrats Cared More About the Troops than Politics They Would Impeach Cheney

Al Gore is on Larry King now.

Pissed off about today's spineless dems? Ever give to the DCCC?

Barack Obama to unveil Health Care Plan Next Week

Sign the "Online Card" to your Senator, Support the Employee Free Choice Act

I think I'm gonna send Reid & Pelosi a copy of "The Prince" and "The Art of War"

Will conservatives pick lettuce and clean motel rooms?

McClatchy: When it comes to solving big issues, Congress often comes up short

Holiday Timeline For *Co......

New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial power

Dems: No withdrawal timeline, but time-sensitive benchmarks with 'consequences'

If you want Gore to run, read this

Iowa: Gore 44% Kerry 23% Clark 20% Sharpton 6% - should get in the race

Pelosi: "I would never vote for such a thing."

The Sanity Party (if there were such a thing)

To Monica Goodling: Do you have this kind of courage?

I had hoped that after Gore Slayed Diane Sawyer he'd come out Swinging on Larry King Tonight!

Edwards Gains Support in New Jersey

Much ado about nothing?

New GRAND THEFT ELECTION: Fredo Visits AG Ashcroft in the ICU- (illustrated)

Larry King said there would be a poll on whether Al should run for Prez

Suggestion for political symbolism moment if DUBSTER/MIGHTY HUNTER impeachment reaches Senate floor.

Edwards to air anti-war TV ads in Oregon

Campaign Apparel

Hillary's classroom photo-op

I care not a fig for those unwilling to vote their conscience, regardless of the outcome, anytime ,

A Collapse for Democrats

Bush Won Again - And Here's His Thank You To The Dems That Made It Possible......

Rep. Obey says the Dems haven't decided on the Iraq supplimental

"We do not have enough votes to override Bush's veto at this time."

Stephen Colbert "blowing the lid off of" the latest Sen. Obama non-scandal Scandal tonight!

Al Gore and Russ Feingold. A winning ticket and a revitalized party. nt.

Obama's wife resigns from board of company that supplied Wal-Mart

The "Hispanic" voting bloc is a myth

Edwards Leads McCain, Giuliani

District court postpones sentencing for Abramoff, DeLay's home searched??

SF Chronicle called Edwards' speech fee "whopping," ignoring Giuliani's much larger fees

UK's Brown; will he or won't he support the blivet? This

What do you do without???

Gingrich: may announce White House bid in November

Monica Goodling testimony: live on C-Span3 tommorow.

X post Link to HR811 committee report

Oil Law on House Floor on Wednesday

Edwards Statement on China Currency Manipulation

How many people here on DU have run for office...

Gore is on Larry King tonight....FYI

Why can't Pelosi pass a bill that makes not having enough votes to pass a bill irrelevant?

Edwards: Iraq funding deal in Congress "isn't a compromise at all, it's a capitulation"

Al Gore's weight--should he run would it be an issue?

Congress does NOT need a veto proof majority to stop funding war crimes....

ABC News: Bush Authorizes New Covert Action Against Iran

This is cool, you can see the number of signatories increase as they sign

we currently live in a fascist dictatorship

Edwards for MANDATORY service?

I want to become a politician. Where do I get the form?

Dems lost me today.

Ron Paul

I am so pissed at the democrats... They haven't stopped the war...

My new article: "Texas Poled 'Em" - for your consideration

Paul Rieckhoff says troops will be happy funding is coming.

Someone has to save us. I thought the Democratic Party would save us..........

Think Hard! Why Haven't Ted Kennedy, John Kerry & Wes Clark Endosed Anyone Yet?

Hypothetical ? Should Gore Pick Kerry or Clinton as a Running Mate?

It was 42 years ago that I cast my first vote for President.

RANT: The Party Formerly Known as "Democratic"