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Climate change to force mass migration

Nawaz warns Benazir against deal with Musharraf

Note to self: In future, do not eat while watching 'Family Guy'

CNN--Queen Noor of Jordan

Video of Frank Luntz on PBS in 2004 exposing his sociopath nature.....

History channel - 'Hippies' - 5 minutes - LSD - 7 minutes - Satan

Industrial hygienist:Ghouliani ran a "SLIPSHOD, HAPHAZARD, UNCOORINATED, UNFOCUSED" response to 9/11

Dan Quayle's Cerberus buys Chrysler. Hurricane alert for Chrysler workers and retirees!

Video of Frank Luntz on PBS in 2004 exposing his sociopath nature.....

NEW DOJ DOCS: Firings Were More Central To Rove & Bush Admin Than Previously Known (WaPo)

QUESTION for those who support the use of atomic weapons on civilian populations

Climate change to force mass migration

NY Times covers Katie Couric disaster at CBS; asks "Is it the woman thing?"

Lawmakers Warn Watchdog

Tom Tancredo: My newest bestest favorite (R) candidate

Giuliani's 1993 review of his own liabilities is published

Antiwar Iraqi in Washington Has a More Sectarian Agenda at Home

State of Surge (Patrick Cockburn)

Iraqi infighting hinders U.S. strategy


Republican Party starts damage control (In Alaska)

30% to 50% Discounts on Foreclosed Homes in San Diego

The Likely Historical Significance Of The War In Iraq

What Price Slaughter?

More Hadithas Are Likely With Stressed Military

The Poverty Business

Habeas Corpus Evaporating

GOP has a history of military retreat

Battle of the Network Stars

Dallas / Houston reps vote to keep jails dangerous, unhealthy

“The Color of Blood, the Color of Resistance, the Color of Iraq.”

Collateral Genocide

Bush doesn't want detente. He wants to attack Iran

WP's Eugene Robinson: "A Question Of Race Vs. Class - Affirmative Action For the Obama Girls?"

The Bookworm President

Why Karl Rove Cared

David Sirota: THE SECRET DEAL - DAY 4: Fair Trade Populists Go On the Offensive

Lax FDA allows us to be food guinea pigs (melamine, cyanuric acid, etc +industrial cheese)

The Journal of the American Medical Association vs. mandatory HPV vaccination

Republicans Unnerved by Paralyzed Presidency

Arianna Huffington: Bill Maher, Frank Luntz, and the Limitations of Reframing Reality

Loser liberals vs power populists

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 290

US seeks G8 climate text changes

Washington (state) pursues solar power

State-owned buildings get all power from renewable sources (Maine)

(Gordon) Brown to build five eco towns (UK)

Deer-Like Animal Rebounds in Arizona (Sonoran Pronghorn)

Rigged to Blow

Oregon could lead in alternative energy development

Southern Co. Takes Aim at Renewable Energy Bill

Sowing farm's future (farmland preservation, Maine)

Sowing farm's future (farmland preservation, Maine)

AP Moller Maersk North Sea Fields Off 7% For Oil YOY, 42% For Natural Gas Production

Deloitte Study - South African Oil Supply Chain Will Be "Significantly Constrainted" By 2008

New Scandal May Be Brewing Within Troubled PEMEX

Banks Of Yangtze River At Substantial Risk Of Collapse - AP

"It Is The President's View That Technology Is The Solution" - Sam Bodman & His Philosopher-King

Australia's Olympic Team Advised To Do Bulk Of Training Anywhere But Beijing

America's Mayor "Never Meaningfully Enforced" Respirator Rules For Ground Zero Workers - NYT

Disaster in Chuuk State

Asian Fisheries Failing As Boats Come Up Empty - 70% Loss Of Stocks In 25 Years - Reuters

Study Claims That "Virtual Extermination" Of Badgers In Ireland Has Done Zip To Stop Bovine TB - BBC

Algae explored as alternative source of fuel (AZ & NV)

Bush Moving on Air Pollution

Big Oil buys Sacramento

Sake may power cars in the future - Reuters

Biodiesel plant coming to Adrian, MI

US Government Will "Strongly Resist" EU Plan To Cut Aviation Emissions - Reuters

Gulf SST two weeks ago and today...

Citigroup commits $50 billion to fight global warming

Federal Loans for Coal Plants Clash With Carbon Cuts

Nikola Tesla, Greatest Inventor Ever

Snakehead Numbers "Going Through The Roof" In Potomac Basin - Baltimore Sun

230 Scientists Oppose Wolf Delisting - AP

Columbia Study - Evidence Of Ocean Current Shifts Producing Massive CO2 Releases

Mobile Phones-- the main cause of disappearing bees?

Fight Global Warming; Go Vegan!

Saudi Aramco To Cut Asian Shipments In June (8th Month); Will Also Cut Arab Light Shipments

Are there any IGCC Coal Power Plants doing CO2 capture - economically?

Israel approves targeted killings to counter Gaza fire

Battles Continue in Gaza, Despite Truce

Israel shocked by Sarkozy's pick for FM

Jordan's king warns Cheney on Mideast

For Palestinians, memory matters

Rove, Ballot Challenges and a Request for My "Updated Signature"

The monstrosity of HR811

More Repug "robocalls" -U.S. Attorneys Office: Calls Were Possible "Voter-Suppression Tactic"

What resources are there for answering this question: Did "the Catholic Vote"

115 CA Consumer Groups Call Upon Home Mortgage Lenders to Halt Accelerating Foreclosures

Cheney says Wolfowitz should stay

EXCLUSIVE: FL Election Supvsr Questions Coulter's 'Stalker' Explanation for Felonious Voter Fraud

House votes to put 'under God' in Texas pledge

U.S. Embassy employees fearful over Green Zone attacks

Posada comes back to Dade, but he's under wraps

Giuliani Slams Ex-Aide

Brazil's Indians offended by Pope comments

Colombian court orders arrest of 5 more congressmen

US high court throws out compensation for accident victim

Bush met with Dobson and conservative Christian leaders to rally support for Iran policy

BREAKING: McNulty is to resign (Deputy AG)

Shell exec: Oil prices could continue to rise

Cruise ship runs aground off Alaska

Interview: U.S. soldier blames reporter in Italian death

Gingrich may get into presidential race

Unconfirmed report: Gaddafi in coma

Dead Taliban Leader Was Training U.S. Recruits

Wolfowitz 'broke World Bank laws'

Chinese Trade Officials Tour Miss.

Tester requests Attorney General for information collected on Montanans

Extremist taunts his victims from prison

Cerberus to purchase 80% Chrysler stake; UAW chief supports deal

Giuliani's clients could pose conflict

US confirms soldiers kidnapped by al-Qaeda

Voter-Fraud Complaints by GOP Drove Dismissals

Inspectors Cite Big Gain by Iran on Nuclear Fuel

Deputy Attorney General McNulty Resigns

Bank files may undercut Wolfowitz, critics say

Trial of Jose Padilla, accused of aiding terrorists, set to begin

U.S. Army faces shortage of junior officers-memo

Doctor said he'd treat anti-U.S. forces

Rice: No "New Cold War" With Russia

Witness tells reaction to Haditha deaths (shouted "my men are not murderers")

Iraq depleting Guard's equipment, Easley says

(Iraq) Extension Sought for Amendment Report


U-S says five Americans died today in Iraq

TYC suspends four superintendents

Atomic Agency Concludes Iran Is Stepping Up Nuclear Work

President Bush Discusses Cafe and Alternative Fuel Standards

Iraq school crisis: `Future is at risk'

U.S. Air Marshals Flooding German, British Flights

Iraq to bar press from blast scenes

Journalist slayings in Mexico on the rise

Cheney sees Arab support on Iraq

2 U.S. soldiers killed, 4 wounded in Baghdad attack; Danish soldier killed in Basra(+ 1 US killed)

Defense Skirts State in Reviving Iraqi Industry

Iraqi police, civilians killed in attacks

Cautious Approach To GARDASIL

(George) Tenet to cooperate with panel’s investigation

Alaska Recall effort under way

Iran will 'retaliate strongly' to US attack

Obama attacks Bush in Kansas City

Lawmakers Warn Watchdog

Ground Zero Illnesses Clouding Giuliani’s Legacy

Japan takes step towards revising constitution

Gunmen kill top Pakistan court official

US, Pakistan soldiers killed at Afghan border

Blast hits Western forces in Afghanistan, several hurt

TV Viewing, Through the Lens of Politics

Three Danish soldiers kidnapped after their patrol attacked in Basra

Thousands flee upsurge in violence in Diyala province

Plight of Iraq's Palestinian refugees worsens: UN

Militants kill U.S., Pakistani troops in convoy attack

Step right up....Late Sunday POOTIE party

The worst thing a guy can do for himself is throw out his junk.

If you believed in destiny (not to say that you don't) what would yours be?

Ugh. Who ordered another Monday...?!??!

Woman Dies When She Is Thrown From Motorcycle & Hit By Passing Ambulance

this is funny...

"Help desk" fiascoes.. (to be fair, mine have all been with Dell)

You may be wondering what to order *ME* from

I've been drinking a lot of green tea lately, could it be causing tummy trouble?

What was the last *GOOD* film to come out of mainstream Hollywood?

Man kills prostitute with a hoe!

Can someone go clean out the car, throw my pants in the dryer, and

what happened???? My DU is empty!!!!!

Potter author adds to U.K. reward fund

Remember when cartoons had messages? real social values?

Okay Ladies! What's a "Kevin James" type of a dude?

matcom, if I told you once, I've told you a thousand times, TeenMidlo doesn't drink wine coolers.

PSA. If you are ever lucky enough to have lunch with swimboy

We met the new neighbor yesterday - HOLY SHITE there is a Pervert living next door!

The atheists make a lot of noise here. So do the religious faithful.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/14/2007)

Problems with Dell account

Dumbest bumper sticker: "The Power of Pride"

I bought a painting

A fun Central VA DU meetup on Saturday

I wish they could find her...

I webbed you!

Uh-oh - I now know why the price of gas is going sky-high....

Getting into Business School

How many Samantha Fox songs can you name without resorting to Google?

My house is vibrating

How many Samantha Fox thongs can you post by resorting to Google?

It's a good thing I enjoy cleaning my house....jeebus

You know who's 70th birthday was yesterday?

Do you keep reloading or waiting for news of a new toon?

F*ing thunderstorms

Oprah's Commencement Speech at Howard University...

Should society be criminalized?

What a shitty day

Skype users: Check in.

Should sobriety be criminalized?

University of Wisconsin light bulb jokes!

How many teamsters does it take to plug in a lightbulb?

How can you not love Cheese?

Dress...check! Veil...check!

Ok, Can we agree that Disco was the most fucked up genre in popular music history?

Question about "dupe" and "kudzu" and their ilk.

What year did guys have to stop drinking wine coolers?

UH OH....

Sprechen Sie SASSY?

GoPsUx needs a Mug (lame copycat)

Hey! They're showing 'The Simple Life' on E! - Jessica plays a cop!

HypnoToad needs a Hug (lamer copycat)

You are So Lame

I am a concept!

There were 3 chocolate "accidents" at the grocery store

Do you read peoples blogs on myspace?

Oh funk. I am drunk. Is it Friday yet?

Irish Viagra...

I just had a moment of self-realization...


I just spent three hours trying to get my daughter registered for swim lessons

Does anybody else wanna take a hammer to Dennis Hopper's teeth?

Parents are lame, always.

Reading Material at the Family Planning Clinic

Why women are smarter then men.....

The 70's, on the History Channel?

Teenagers are so lame, sometimes.

good things are happening for me lately so I think it is time to dance!

KamaAina needs a Rug (lamest copycat ever)

I am so lame sometimes.

A gift for that IT person who simply cannot move away from the computer

'Big Boy' Back Home Following Apparent Prank


What would you do if you met a Jiboo?

I just found a quarter in my shoe! (The shoe I've been wearing all day)

Anyone else out in DU land dig The Shamen?

Say your name, hometown and Decoder number

Parents are so lame, sometimes.

George W. Bush is so lame, sometimes

Never seek to know for whom the bell tolls.........

my nephew's poem to my sister on mother's day

I yelled at a neighbour yesterday, what an idiot.

Happy birthday wishes to.........

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip has been cancelled.

I changed my mind

The King of all lame threads

Caution - Lame!

The Chairman of all lame threads

Title for the newest flame wars:

Writer is lame because SHE needs a little love. (copycat)

A poll for Heroes fans:

Just... what do you say about this?

Hot damn, did I ever score a rare one!

Cerberus Capital Management

Is it really less dangerous with the lights out?

I lost my sons Mothers Day gift!!

I don't generally do On-call

My Treasure Hunt yesterday

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip has been cancelled.

If I give a kid crayons, does that mean he or she should be expected to cry or scream without end?

decided not to go to the Pagan festival

OMG My usual train just crashed (I was on an earlier one)

If you Google "hummer" you can find some interesting & unexpected pics ...

What's for dinner, people?

I met my new neighbor yesterday. Holy Shit. What a perv.

This is pretty cool, Stephen Colbert being himself behind the scenes

Is Grace Slick a republican or a democrat?

Happy 70th birthday George Carlin! I've been a fan since Class Clown

Warning: stay AWAY from The Stuff.

Anyone remember that great Power-Rock Trio from NOLA "Zebra"?

Does Mrs Sniffa really sniff?

So should I sing My Sharona for you all?


OPUS has a showdown with Starbucks

"Southern Fried Assholes"

Study: Prehistoric Man Had Sex for Fun

what are you currently paying for these services per month?

Tomorrow I'm moving in with a younger man

I'm watching the Moyers/Campbell Power Of Myth interviews

Am I wrong for hating Utah even more, just because so many

Screaming Baby In Restuarant Leads to 5 Arrests

EEK. It's storming like mad here in Denver.

If you give a moose a muffin...

Holy Crap - Just got home from picking my daughter up at school and she went straight to bed

Breaking: Spider Adopts Vegan Diet

Road trip with the wife and kids

Doctors can be so stupid

I have discovered the Stupidest Organized Sport in History

Um, I can't find my birthday thread in the Lounge.

So here is the rest of my story.

da da de da tequila!

Check out these cakes from Russia! Wow!

Has anyone in here ever used ear candles?

Teacher Shows 'Brokeback Mountain' In Class - Student's Family Sues

God Proves That Kirk Cameron Exists...

Hey guys, is there a list of freeperisms somewhere on DU?

What's your favorite comedy duo?

Billyskank needs a hug

LostinVa doesn't love me anymore!!

Picture upload question. Please help!

King for a day, what law do you decree?

Oi, is it a good thing to exercise while drunk on a 90 degree day with no A/C?


So my brother paid the check at Chili's a few days ago with Complainer Cash!

My bro's dog lifted his wallet, took out the cash & credit cards.

I want to bitch about my mother, but am too pissed off to do it.

This thread is for BarenakedLady

Have you ever considered wrapping yourself in plastic wrap?

Awesome YouTube video for film buffs!

Internet Fuckwad Theory

I'm back from my Alaskan cruise! Ask me anything.

If you give a mouse a cookie,...

Sopranos??? Spoiler Alert.

So, tell me, what did the lousy bitch/bastard do to ya?

What smells make you sick?


Oh, no, no, no, noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm picking up #2 son's cap and gown this afternoon...ask me anything

Have you ever come across people that act a certain way

You know what's interesting to do on Myspace?

We met the new neighbor yesterday - HOLY SHITE there is a Super Model living next door!

I've emailed and faxed and snail-mailed my resume to about 5 million places.

Top Ten Bush Bumper Stickers!

Please help my daughter get a scholarship with your vote

X-post: So I was looking for Celtic Bluegrass and discovered some diverse and amazing

What's your favorite pissed-off breakup song?

Seattle DU Meetup, Sunday, June 3, 1:00 PM

40 Years ago today (May 14th 1967)

I know many here aren't Detroit fans, BUT.......

Boxing (May 16 - 19

CAW seeks guarantee from Cerberus

Barack Obama on ABC's This Week Part 1

Bill Moyers Journal-The Cost of War Part 1

Kennedy calling Nixon a circus elephant...

Vietnam War Ends......The Watergate Scandal Escalates...

Amnesty International 'Armies of the World'...

Beginning of the End...

Afghan: Other War LAV3Strykers Ruin Effort 1...

It's the End of the Neocons...

Colbert vs. Rain

MADtv - iRack (including blooper)

Dallas Trinity with the 700 Club Wrath of God Accu-Wrath of Weather Forecast

Arlington West Mothers Day----- Veterans For Peace

Bill Maher---Christoper Hitchens

Women abused in Afghanistan

Iraqi Refugee

ali g interviews noam chomsky...

Just Try to Stop Us...


Mexican Border Patrol: The Video

KO----Fact or Fiction

Sen Clinton Questions Bill Gates on American Competitiveness...

Peace Movement--Fort Lewis

The Long Emergency Part 1

TPMtv: May 14, 2007: Why isn't the firing of Lam being addressed?

FauxNews racist segment on illegal voting in SC

Bush Family Fortunes: The Best Democracy Money Can Buy...

Iraqi Women Prisoners

Vanishing Honey Bees

General Eaton: If Pres. Bush Won't Listen, Congress Must

ABC 20/20---Corn Ethanol

Four More Years of Darth Vader - Funny Video (and so true...)

A Tribute to Communism

(atheist) Nicole Smalkowski interview on 20/20

Rosie on The View Today

Chinese Press Workers: Why American manufactures can't compete

Stop the Clash of Civilizations...

Dream Democracy

Biden's tribute to his mother - worth reading

Syria Sentences Democracy Activists

top 10?

Battles Continue in Gaza, Despite Truce

John Sinclair (White Panther Party) visiting Peter Werbe now -- stream

"Goodsearch: You search, we give"

This perfect storm will finally destroy the neocon project 5/11/07 The Guardian

Serbian Right-Wing Leader Resigns

Vermonters love our deer and moose but....

Unaired Romeny 60 Minutes segment: "I pulled off the road when blacks could become preists!"

The atheists make a lot of noise here. So do the religious faithful.

Program designed to to bring electricity to rural areas being used to build coal plants

3,396 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Looking for an old DU post that needs to be reprinted.

Note to the 'christian' Right - Is spell check a creation of the devil?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

The Pres. of Shell Oil is on NBC explaining

The Case Against Intelligent Design: The Faith That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Alberto Gonzales digs himself a deeper hole

Scarborough educating the public about Einstein's intellect:

The McCain/Bush Corruption Cover-Up

Lipitor and anemia?

Turks in droves defend Ataturk's Revolution

Bush meets with congressional republicans

Lawsuit over (teacher showing) Brokeback Mountain in class

Do you think Lou Dobbs will report on the Minuteman/Freeper who was recently arrested?

Sen Boxer: "The LOSER Is The Commander In Chief-Who Has NOT Led Our Country Well"

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Wahsington Whistleblower Week on c-span3 this AM 10:30AM est.

What's behind the postage hike

Bush stalling for time while Americans die in Iraq - Salt Lake Tribune Editorial

Insurgents "learning how to defeat" Strykers

The Freeway Blogger

HuffPo: Bloomberg Trounces Giuliani in Pres Poll

The madam, her girls and a city in fear

Perhaps he is a robot

Procedural DU question...

Inciting a New Cold War: Hypocritical U.S. Views about Russia's Democracy

Ok my fellow DUer's from the south can any of you help me debunk this Reagan lie that

Pentagon Opens Inquiry of Troop-Support Group

I'm so freaking tired of this Orwellian charade...

The Pope presents a dualistic message in Brazil

Romney on 60 Minutes

World's most impossible poll

Rising Exports Putting Dent in Trade Gap

Jim McDermott on CSpan1

The buck stops elsewhere - Helen Thomas

Cruise Ship Runs Aground Off Alaska

Wouldn't you think that our soldiers would carry some kind of tracking device on their person?

Lawsuit blames disability on insurance delay

Why can't Air America hire people who proudly proclaim themselves as Liberals?

How well do you understand Darwin's theory of natural selection?

"Admitting Defeat" - Banana Republic-Adventures In Amnesia

Bill Kristol regarding "The gang of 11 Republicans": "They're being extremely stupid."

Mars starts using animal products: BBC

‘Honk for Peace’ Case Tests Limits on Free Speech

Student Loan Consolidation Telemarketing Calls

Gen. McCafrey - MSNBC

Italian Women Opposing New U.S. Military Base Lobby Capitol Hill

Sunday Shutout: The Lack of Gender & Ethnic Diversity on the Sunday Morning Talk Shows

What Libertarian government ever ruled on Earth???? What country was that again?

Lets show some compassion for the 23% still out there

Cerberus Global Investments, LLC -how could it *possibily* go wrong?

We had dinner with the daughter's future in-laws Saturday. They are

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The Sarkozy puppet. Enjoy.

Daimler actually paying $700 million to dump Chrysler.

Warren G. Harding also "looked like a President"

Lioniel has been on for about 20 minutes on AAR, I am so underwhelmed

Oh. My. God. Teachers stage fake gunman attack on sixth-graders

Paul Bremer: "I've grown weary of being a punching bag"

Journalist Kate Webb Dies at 64

Test your knowledge of Natural Selection here

How many times has Shrub implemented a "new strategy" in Iraq?

No doubt about it, romney is the cutest of the repub candidates.

Oh snap!

Vote Vets New Ad - Gen. Eaton: If Bush Won't Listen, Congress Must

Cheney talks to the press....sort of

The BS olympics

Novak: ‘Poor Gonzales’ Is Terrible, ‘But There Are A Lot Of Bad People In This Administration’

Tonight on Countdown

Countdown to $100 oil (40) - Oil production plateauing

Wal-Mart Under Investigation for Mislabeling Organic Foods

Check out romney's 5 hunky, strapping militarily eligible sons!

Gingrich Says There Is a 'Great Possibility' He Will Run for President - ABC

Neal Boortz mentions DU!

Rice testimony postponed to allow for Tenet testimony

Which is dog food and which is people food? 1 or 2....

The scariest man in Washington:Ewen MacAskill meets Waxman

Caption *

My LTTE, "Computers may not be easy, but all can learn"

"largely without the knowledge of the US taxpayers that foot the bill"

Re: Attorney General scandal. Who was the woman released from jail on appeal?

Bond’s motives are a mystery in U.S. attorney ouster

So a freeper was arrested at an immigration rally and

Ex-ambassadors seek removal of appointee (Fox in Belgium/recess appointee)

The Lionel beeps are driving me nuts. Is he mocking AAR for agreeing

Randi. In Quite a Mood Today.

More captions of * in VA

Another * caption

how many freepers must commit terrorist acts before the goverment steps in?

They just keep coming. Captions

The Day KansDem Became Enraged and Cut Up His Sears Card: His Rant

TPM Asks: Why are Investigators Dropping Ball ...USAttorney Carol Lam?

George W Bush: Orchestral Conductor!! (Not a joke!)

"Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it."

4000 look for 3--- How many looked for 1000's during Katrina?

Pelosi Approval Unharmed Despite R.W. Smear Jobs on Syria and Iraq

If Tyler Froatz' name had been Abdullah Abbas would CNN, MSNBC, etc have had reported his story yet?

Caption Dim-son

Kurdish Leader: Oil Law Is a Deal Breaker

100,000 to 300,000 barrels of oil a day unaccounted for in Iraq

Navy lawyer on trial for leaking names (of Gitmo detainees-possible 24 year sentence)

US resettled ONE Iraqi refugee in the month of April

Extremist (Eric Rudolph) Taunts His Victims From Prison - AP

Iraqis resist U.S. pressure to enact oil law (sloppy, rushed document)

Sen. Brownback loses the Wisconsin GOP primary...already.

Snow Job is looking terrible

Councilman packs on 2 lbs., feels lethargic on food stamp diet

Teachers Terrorize Elementary School Kids !

"Vote Kristin: More Porta-potties per person than any other Freaker"

Today is Wiretap the Internet Day

Dirty bomber? Dirty justice. (Jose Padilla)

How about a DU book drive for Rwanda?

As president, I will BAN all unnecessary travel.

Is a politician a hypocrite if they support a war but their children do not serve in the military?

Unaired Romney 60 Minutes segment: "I pulled off the road when blacks could become preists!"

Campaign in freefall, desperate McCain fires New Hampshire campaign manager

Is there any circumstance you can imagine that would justify military intervention abroad?

Service records of Dems vs. Repubs?

How to best serve the sheep of America

September! September! September!

What does everyone else think?

This one's begging to be Photoshopped with a caption

CHIMPAPALOOZA ---pix--->>>

Slain Man's Heart "Broke" for Iraqi People

Bullied Australian teen gets income for life

BREAKING... Incident on my campus! I'm OK.

A great blog piece on Rudy...none too flattering.

*AHEM***COUGH*COUGH*!!! How many of these Military age young men are serving in Iraq??? THE ROMNEY

What's a good interest rate on a mortgage right now?

The demographics of attrtion in Iraq

What can we do to convince Gore to run in 08? Is Tipper the key?

Wolfowitz gets torn to shreds (by Juan Cole) in Salon

Maybe all roads really do lead back to Rove

Wolfe just announced that McNulty of DOJ will resign.

You Evil DU-Propagandists - you control Wiki ...per a certain conservative site!

TWIT moment for 5/14....arguing with Rosie about WT7....

Cerberus buys majority of Chrysler for 5.5 bln euro (Reuters)

Why would Tweety Matthews be doing an Exclusive Interview with Russert?

They want the flag in every classroom I want a copy of The Constitution in every classroom

Kirk Cameron Proves That God Exists...

can you still use the 39 cent stamps ? the ones with no price printed

FEINGOLD Statement: On Feingold-Reid Being Brought Up for a Vote

Ha! Wolfie just said, "...including Laura Bush's past as a smoker."

Goodling to bring down Gonzales?

Hasn't anyone mentioned this site, Conservapedia???

Outrage of the day video: 91 year old man beaten in the face by carjacker

It is not a surge. It was an escalation of our occupation.

3400 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Secretive Right Wing organization being investigated over sexual abuse claims

Someone at TSA at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport

Extremist taunts his victims from prison

When do we get hybrid jet planes?

Ha! Freepers are pissed that Stephanoupolos called republican voters as Racists!

Reid To Allow Vote On Feingold Measure To End Iraq War

LABELING OUR FOODS (Yes. Consumers have safety fears)

IT'S RAINING!!!!!!!!!

Anyone else see a silver lining to the GOP voter fraud scandal that is unfolding?

Now HERE are some REAL Christians in action

Hagel: It might be time for an independent candidate - AP Hagel/Bloomberg?

NOOOOOO! Those damned Republicans ruin EVERYTHING!

Who do you think Lieberman voted for in the '04 presidential election

Blood for oil.

Caption Cheney

Why Are the Feds Giving Disneyland Special Anti-Terrorism Protection?

My friend is a "Coward."

Can you guess what this is?

Fox Segment On Illegal Voting Features B-Roll Of Only Black Voters

Republicans fear defeat over Iraq - Financial Times

Is that Glenda coming in to the Chimp's rescue?

Dem. Now! today: Greg Palast Reports on the Firing of NM Attorney David Iglesias

Tribal Indians condemn pope

CBS On The Defensive, Offers Third Phony Rationale For Firing Gen. Batiste

MODS: Oops: Good DUers delete dupes bad

McNulty RESIGNS...

From Yahoo! Front Page: "The Number of Pentamillionaires has quadrupled in past 10 years"

Investing In Sustainability: An Interview With Al Gore And David Blood

I think e ought to allow Boehners and McConnel's bills to be voted on

Gregoire signs law to ease tuition to fallen Soldiers kin

The View's EH TWIT moment...almost saved a Virgin in the park

What benefit is there to being a Republican?

Humane Society pushes to ban pet sales to labs

Bill O'Reilly's camera crew harasses Vermont legislator: "EXTREME VERBAL ABUSE"

Now that Gonzo is all alone...3 of his top aides have resigned....who is gonna replace them?

A-bomb drawing campaign entitled "To Convey...the Desire for Peace Across the Centuries."

$1000.00 per household would net $105,480,101,000.00 per year

Senior D.C. Woman Arrested While Demanding End to Iraq War

I saw Steve Forbes today...what a sour spirit he has...

Who do we want as the Republican nominee?

Violence in Pakistan could be bad news for Bush

McNulty resigns because he needs to make enough money to put his kids through college?

Hardballs...Timmy and Tweety, talking about Hillary...

Long, white superstretch Hummer limo filled with schoolkids on a field trip

Christian terrorist/extremist Eric Rudolph taunts victims from inside prison

U.S. tries to stall World Bank report on Wolfowitz

The George W Bush Digital Library

RE the flamewar about the Hiroshima Bombings...

USAgate & Scars of Bush/Gore 2000: Follow the "Election Fraud"

Gonzo's classmates give him a failing grade

Is Air America website down?

Report: Wolfowitz broke World Bank rules

Do others pay $0.75 for air for your tires?

Arguments in Federal Gas Mileage Suit

Caption this * pic...

TX: Baby has no "constitutional right to life-sustaining treatment".

Noam Chomsky (new)-How the US can help Iraq

Chrysler workers skeptical about job security.

al-Qaida: Stop Search for U.S. Soldiers

Get Zak's back

Bush Shifts Iraq Burden Onto General

This is dedicated to the VA Hospital Workers of America ~ FLORENCE NIGHTENGALE nurse/ activist

4000 troops search for 3 missing soldiers.

Hello DU! I have a question...

You can't keep a Good Activist Down!

Hate Crimes

I'm agreeing with Tucker Carlson

Lobbyists got Florida to pay $7.2 million for bottom of Biscayne Bay.

For Missing Soldiers: All Bets Are Off!

Why no DU story about the 3 captured troops?

"FBI Whistle-Blowers Urge New Protections"

Iraq school crisis: `Future is at risk'

So what about that huge whistleblower "coming out" in Washington today?

Yesterday a soldier died, today a soldier died, tomorrow a soldier will die...

So... Al Gore Doesn't Get To Hold His Global Warming Awareness Concert...

TPM Cafe: Reid To Allow Vote On Feingold Measure To End Iraq War

Starting right NOW. US Attorneys Firings Discussion of their Firings on C-SPAN 2

Wanna see somethin' funny?

Laura Bush - "smoking is bad for you".......and crabs walk sideways....


Justice for Iraqis? much bullshit.....time to whack every user from DU....

Newsweek: Number of Iraqis detained has jumped to almost 38,000

George W. Bush 45 years ago

If we did have another great depression ?

GEEEEEEZUS! Read this!! "Giuliani's Clients Could Pose Conflict"

Regent University Executive Leadership Series Features

I'm very worried about the repuke front-runners for 2008

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

WAXMAN Announces That TENET Will Testify Before Congress Re: HYPED INTELL & NIGER

Oil is $67/barrel; not the $70 it was during katrina last year, yet gas prices are well above

White children are less likely to be abducted/kidnapped than black and hispanic

Bread of life

The Repuke Smear machine makes it so easy.

"There is no truth to media reports claiming that the IAEA was not able to get access to Natanz"

How long do you think it will be before Lieberman officially becomes a Republican?

E-Mails to (greg palast talked about them)

I would vote for Obama......or would I.....Part 2...?

Somebody 'splain to me, please: How the HELL did bushyboy get to be a pilot?

For US DU'ers following the UK PM Election: Meet Brown's challenger, John McDonnell

WARNING: 80 cents postage, (not 41) on 9x12 envelope.

How to end the war, address global warming, and clean up the ocean all at once.

Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'


Jon Stewart on Indiana Republican Mike Pence: He's a Fuckin Idiot

Military Families Respond to Reports of Inadequate Care For PTSD

So none of Mitt Popeil's five healthy young Romney-bot sons served in the military?

A one day boycott will not hurt the oil companies

seven today

Chinese factory linked to tainted pet food found demolished

Lieberman to host fundraiser for Republicans

What laws could have been broken? (Prosecutor firings)

OHHHHH...Ya GOTTA WATCH THIS ...if you have High Speed Internet!

PALAST: Rove's Obstruction of Justice, The E-Mails, The Cover-Up & More

Organic farmer sues over neighbor's pesticides

Bush meets with Dobson to rally support for Iran plan

The Next Enron Scandal

Can't Stand Lou Dobbs but David Sirota is coming up to Talk about Dem Cave /Secret Agreements

Where there is smoke...etc. All these resignations at the DOJ are NOT because Gonzo and Co. (Let's see how long it takes THIS one to sink...)

Rep. Rush Holt's bill, H.R. 811, has passed in committee! BAN ON PAPERLESS EVOTING!!!

I submit that if you are of military age it is IMMORAL to support the war and NOT volunteer.

New postal rates take effect today

Alaska Congressmen Attempt to Earmark ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ For Personal Profiteering

Reid To Allow Vote On Feingold Measure To End Iraq War

Jason Gooljar: The Rove Emails That Palast Has...

Retired Army Col. Andrew J. Bacevich. * critic and BU professor, lost his son in Iraq today:

Anyone who disagrees with me is inherently evil, and less than fully human.

Puerto Rican activist under Israeli house arrest

The bread we eat

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! That was David Iglesias being portrayed!!

Brazil's native groups offended by Pope's "arrogant and disrespectful" remarks

48 Officers Intentionally Killed in 2006

The GOPranos!

Bill promoting Hillary

Prove to me that women stood around burning their bras back in the late 60's/early 70's

Common Chemicals are Linked to Breast Cancer

"Democrat" caller to Hartmann back Clinton's impeachment

Depleted uranium linked to cancer? New Scientist

McClatchy: U.S. Embassy employees fearful (& angry) over Green Zone attacks

What has Bush done to the image of Texas?

Code Pink March - (hey dial-uppers there's a couple photos)

Waxman Threatens to Subpoena CIA's Plame Documents

How was Lionel? (Sam Seder's replacement on AAR)

Romney's sons on why they won't enlist

The five people gatekeeping the Media, What Are their Names?

Whistleblower Week in D.C. Cspan 3 at 10.30am

Greensburg to rebuild as a "green" town?

Does everybody have fricking Cancer?

Unbelievable story: Boy, 11, Killed by Friend's Father (Shot in the Back as he ran down the street)

How Much Is Gas Where You Are? $3.29 in Northcentral Wisconsin

Wolfowitz violated his contract

Gas spiked another 25 cents a gallon today.

Day One of Bush's attempt to destroy both the Postal Service & American small business

"Tenet Did For BUSH & CHENEY What Goebbels Did For Hitler" Ray McGovern

Lanny Davis is quitting, too

Son of war critic is killed in Iraq

I'm torn on this "Brokeback Mountain" thing

Damn :(

Nutrition--Hempmilk: Doesn't Taste Like Crap, Pudding, or Glue

I hope the 3 captured soldiers don't have to make any mea-culpa type of statements......

5 Arrested - Argument over crying baby sparks Mother's Day brawl in restaurant

Please help my daughter get a scholarship with your vote

Are politicians hypocrites if they vote for or support a war if their kids aren't in the military?

Cerberus is taking controlling interest of Chrysler-privatization is on the march

So, I just looked at the contents of the Mott's apple juice boxes

The Poverty Business...Link - OUTRAGEOUS

Find your local farmers right here (link) and have some control

Bobby Kennedy: America's first assassination conspiracy theorist

Jesse Jackson Jr. to Black Democrats: "Support Barack Obama"

NYC's Mayor Bloomberg Denies Political Bid but Fuels Talk With Actions

Clinton To Receive Endorsements from NY Top Dems

Blog’s campaign against Calvert to intensify

Pentagon, State Department feuding in Iraq.

Excellent Video About Political Arguments Online. I Suggest all Watch this Video

"Today is America's wiretap the Internet day"

Direct talks with Iran?!?! "signaling for weeks"!?!?!

Ok what happened to the

Tenet Agrees To Cooperate With Congressional Investigation Into Niger Fraud

TV Viewing, Through the Lens of Politics

McClatchy: Iraqi political feuding has paralyzed Bush's strategy

Is gun not really necessary?

Your opinion on my LTTE:

Hillary's Message Aimed at Texters

Bush to detail plan to curb US 'addiction' to foreign oil (AFP)

Obama says he's received racial threats

Mullah Dadullah, we hardly knew ya...

Pakistan militants kill American soldier

Interesting - Conservative French Pres-Elect promises "retreat", Taliban releases kidnapped worker

So ... it looks like Chrysler will return to American ownership ........

Rawstory: Bush, Cheney see Iraq as '51st state': Max Cleland

Imagine bill krystol calling someone stupid and dishonorable

Great Day for Conservatives. Our kids got killed today

Newt says there is a "great possibillity" he will run.

What do you all think of Congress's low approval numbers?

This Modern World: Another bad hair day

Cheney is Out of Town, Right? Terrorist Fears Alert

Gonzales as Alfred E. Newman. "I was not aware of that, er I don't think I was aware of that."


Great Day for Conservatives. Our kids got killed today

Pelosi Approval Unharmed After Syria, Iraq Smears

MyDD: John Edwards Journey

Chicago Financier backs Hillary...

US Crony Capitalism: Halliburton's Iraq War Fraud by William Rivers Pitt

Who was it that was trashing Durbin?

The Rude Pundit: Cap the Ass of the Giuliani Campaign

Donkey in the middle

U.S. Attorneys Office: Calls Were Possible "Voter-Suppression Tactic"

Romney Expresses Regrets ...

ThinkProgress: BREAKING: Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty To Resign

Is Farmers Branch, TX, bigoted or justified?

D'you think they'll get away with it?

Obama getting Backing of Two in New Jersey

Sheila Jackson-Lee endorsing Hillary...

Nine Presidential Debates

"Leading Wisconsin Officials Endorse Clinton"

Leahy, Conyers, Emanuel react to McNulty resignation:

Obama and Hillary are within 2 points of each other: Rassmussen

Clinton extends lead over Obama in Several States & Nationwide Polls

Obama THIS WEEK video now up on the internet at link below

Can someone explain why the assault weapons ban is a good thing?

Alberto Gonzales' Statement on McNulty Resignation

Wow...Leahy lays into the Pope in response to Benedicts recent remarks...

"Bill Clinton, working for Hillary's campaign, brings back memories of scandal in the White House"

Boehner tells members to ignore Calvert campaign.

SC is gonna be close...polls going back and forth...Obama ahead in latest

See What Lieberman's Been Up To.....

CN8TV is broadcasting on web Asking Questions about Barack

Hazelton, PA and Farmers Branch, TX: Howl all ya want ...... it is BIGOTRY

Media Matters exposes MSM coverage of Edwards

Kucinich Writes to Colleagues About Oil Law

Obama Addresses AFL-CIO in Trenton Today

Waxman continues call for procurement reform

Do you ever wish you were adopted?

Quayle in '08?

Bush said his adm. would decide how to reg. emmissions "by the time he leaves office"

"How Hillary has personally touched my life"

US lost in Iraq. It doesn't matter what else happens.

Baby boomers beware: Obama is the face of a new generation

Hillary Hires Corporate Advisor

Chimpy's flight suit costume - avatar

Nail in Guiliani's coffin...he's got "Toe Sucker" Morris pullin for him...

Need quote from Clinton book on how Dems countered draftdodger charge in 1992.

Will Bloomberg Run for President?

Government taking away soldier's link to family and friends...

Salon, "The Matt Drudge Primary": "What kind of dirt do you have for me?"

'The scariest man in Washington' (Guardian re: Waxman)

Bill narrates a promo for Hillary. He says "Watch This"

Commerce employees call for firing their boss

McNulty: I did it for my kids.

The McNULTY MEMO and what does it do? = Tone Down Corporate Fraud Prosecutions

A Bloody Good Letter to the Queen via LTE, Boulder Weekly

Look Who's Joined Code Pink! ---pix--->>>

Mitt Romney "Highly Recommends"

ARG Poll: Hillary leads Obama by 17, Edwards by 20...

Law School Classmates Criticize Gonzales

Is the 2nd tier of candidates fading fast this year?

Senate To Vote Tomorrow On Cutting Off War Funding

New Yorkers give nod to Bloomberg in match up with Giuliani

Update: LA Times Bloomberg nixes running

a couple more

Anybody Have An Idea Why Clark & Gore Haven't Made A Decision Yet?

Current list of Senators and Reps. supporting they can be trashed all at once...

"Schwarzenegger Falling Out With GOP"

Obama Seeks War-Funding Compromise With Bush

DoJ officials never told to preserve documents related to dismissals

"I've seen him walk into a room, and the opposition candidate will literally start mumbling,"

what do Bin Laden, Limbaugh & (Pat) Robertson have in common ?

Activist/actor Danny Glover endorses John Edwards

Durbin's statement does not make Edwards look bad: the SIC's investigation concluded the intel

The Boston Globe: Youth voters a force in '08 race

Obama Taps Youth to Help Make White House Run (tries to avoid "Howard Dean" mistake)


Those folks who wore orange hats in Iowa are still working to take our country back.

Why when Bush is at 28% would they send him out to do buffoonery?