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Archives: May 10, 2007

FBI in Alaska closing in on Ben Stevens

United Nations African meeting on Palestinian rights opens in Pretoria with calls to relaunch peace

Democrats, White House clash on homeland security

Bribery pleas prompt look at donations

Number of Fired Prosecutors Grows


I graduate on Friday!

Have you ever had condom fail?

Ferrets for Freedom

About that meeting today with the Republicans and Bush

Bushes Best Day...

Karl Rove's Big Election-Fraud Hoax (Salon)

Gates: National Guard equipment levels lowest since 9/11; UNITS HAVE ONLY 56% OF REQUIRED EQUIPMENT

Five Months Later, 3 Prosecutors Still Want Truth About Firings - Seattle PI

Delete, please!

Retired generals challenge GOP in ads (Bush "endangers US security")



Wanna take a right wing straw poll?

The military industrial complex needs to end when it consumes 50% our taxes.

We are looking a massive disaster in the face in Iraq as each of these things come to pass...

ROFLMAO !!! - Actual CNN Headline: Bush's Mission To Boost Morale In Flattened Town

I.B.M. Effort to Focus on Saving Energy

Army sending soldiers back to Iraq, cutting ‘dwell time’

FDA warns staff on melamine health risks

Want to go back to the Founding Fathers' intent? Get rid of the active military


Stridently held opinion based on questionable pseudo-science but I'm right.

"Can you really call 28% an approval rating?"

Governor Crist assured by Chertoff that all is well in case of emergencies.

Kucinich: President’s Veto Threat Means War Funds Should Be Cut Off Now

Test - which candidate do you match up best with?

Read his lips -- then read his signing statements


Bill Scher: Big Business' Healthcare Solution Ignores Those Who Need It Most

Pentagon: Guard units half-equipped

Free Trade Free Country


Tension Mounts as Antiwar Movement Challenges Dems' Commitment to Stop the War


Time: Inside the Scandal at Justice

David Sirota: Blank Check Democrats & The Danger of Becoming A Blank Check Movement

Why Cheney failed

Taliban-destroyed Buddhas may never be restored

Garrett Epps / "Karl Rove's big election-fraud hoax"

Republican Death Trap: Bush Wants Iraq Escalation Well into 2008

GOP’s Reaganesque Tall Tales (by Joe Conason for Truthdig)

Limbaugh realizes Obama is black, warns nation (LAT)

The Moral Obligation to Lose The War

Trained to Harm: How the Military Abuses Its Own

A Small War Guaranteed to Damage a Superpower

Trained to Harm: How the Military Abuses Its Own

Forcing Factions (from

What Would Murdoch Do to the Journal? (The Nation)

Informants Scrutinized in Fort Dix Case

A Brewing Battle Over House Committee Assignments

Endgame emerges as Wolfowitz fights to stay on at World Bank

Closeness to Bush taints reputation in America

Playing Politics With the Iraq War Brings Out the Worst in the Duopoly

"Cheney In Baghdad: The Progress Of No Progress"

Impeachment Talk: Hold Bush and Cheney Accountable

Rove's angry conversation with leader of moderate repubs -

How close are we to when millions of Americans stop playing the "political game"?

Libertarian My Ass: By Any Other Name It Is Called Hypocrisy

Set in Stone: Chiseling Away at the Bush Liberry

environmental movie posters, grindhouse style (dial-up warning)

Extreme Weather: Once Every... Well, Every Day Lately (by Laurie David at HuffPost)

Fla. looks to storms for wildfire help - AP

The Age of the PV-Enhanced Industrial Park

PSCW Approves WPL's Cedar Ridge Wind Farm Project (Wisconsin)

Maine Governor Creates Wind Power Task Force

Electrifying change (digital power grid)

Denmark banks on offshore wind power for 'clean' future - AFP

California Governor Promises to Fix California Solar Initiative

Question about global warming and carbon

Peru communities sue Occidental for oil operations - Reuters

Project aims to extract dam methane (BBC)

Coral Reefs Are Dying - Not a Good Omen for the Rest of Us

PM to war probe: IDF let itself down in Second Lebanon War

Major Palestinian security operation in Gaza

Hamas TV refuses to axe contested kids cartoon

Israelis plan more homes on occupied land

Truthout: Congress Takes One Step Forward on Verifiable Voting Election Reform thread today.

Executed man's last request honored - pizzas for everyone

Scotty’s space ashes still lost on Earth

Cuba frees journalist after 22 months

Japan has drop box for unwanted babies

Today, the beginning of the end (Tony Blair stepping down in July)

OxyContin Maker Expected to Plead Guilty Today

Moderates trying to break the impasse

Attorneygate getting MSM traction.

Olmert criticizes army in Lebanon war testimony

Iraq PM may face problems over ministerial changes

Some Leeway for Wolfowitz, Who Gets a Good Word From Rice

House likely to pass Iraq bill Thursday

Video shows killings of 9 seized Iraqis

Colo. school locked down amid reports of masked men seen in building.

Iraq Qaeda-led group kills abducted officers-Web

Iraqi bill demands U.S. troops withdraw

Pre-dawn clashes, air strike rock Baghdad

Immunity request to be formally submitted for Goodling

US Marine killed in fighting west of Baghdad

Bush Changes Continuity Plan, Administration, Not DHS, Would Run Shadow Government

Justice probe has a new target (John Nowacki)

No Child Left Behind Scandal Widens

Hamas TV refuses to axe contested kids cartoon

Retailers Issue Gloomy Sales Report for April

U.S. attorneys probe shifts from Gonzales to Rove

Blair will stand down on 27 June

Bush says he's OK with Iraq benchmarks

CIA Cited for Not Disclosing Covert Action

Child's arrest angers Minn. tribe

Rice works the phones to bolster embattled World Bank chief

Gonzales [confidently] deflects Democrats' criticism

(Rep. Dana) Rohrabacher rues support for Abramoff

Spellings Vows Headway on Student Loans

U.S. charges suspected bin Laden driver (Hamdan)

Experts tally Iraq war's health cost

U.S. focuses on hotel bombings after Posada is freed

Station jacks up gas prices in protest; Dealer says tactics used by Shell are unfair to operators

Iraqi lawmakers call for U.S. timetable

Violence mars once calm oasis in Baghdad

Calvert's appointment creates concern(replaces Doolittle but has some FBI issues along w/ Lewis-R)

Diplomacy Inadequate, Probe Finds

U.S. general didn't suspect slaughter in Haditha

McCain Says Bush's Numbers Hurt GOP

In Iraq, a stormy parliament session underscores sectarian tension

US DJ criticised over Obama song

Cheney Gives Troops Pep Talk In Tikrit

House OKs Iraq funds in installments

Iraqi Christians demand protection from Al-Qaeda


Wolfowitz’s tenure faces fresh test (emergence of a classified Pentagon report)

CONYERS on U.S. Attorney Purge: 'Bread Crumbs Steadily Leading Toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue'

Gen. Petraeus Warns Against Using Torture

OxyContin: The Giuliani Connection

Pressed by Police, Even Innocent Confess in Japan

Bush: Dems' Iraq plan won't work(but is open to benchmarks?)

Holbrooke: Iraq civil war is raging out of control

Troops in Iraq get safer vehicle

McKay: White House had us fired

US-led raid kills 40 civilians in Afghanistan-witnesses

Putin speech appears to link U.S., Nazi policies

Security crackdown leaves Samarra without basic necessities

Wal-Mart Sales Are Worst in 28 Years

State probes Michael Moore

Olson Picked to Lead U.S. Special Operations Command

Sperm donor ordered to pay child support

Rush Limbaugh billboard near I-83 defaced (Baltimore)

U.S. attorney defends prosecution of Border Patrol agents

Boy, 10, guilty of beating homeless man

Pentagon restricting testimony in Congress

Bush on Blair: 'I'll miss' him

Poverty drives children to work for armed groups

Romney slams Sharpton for "bigoted" comment (Reuters)

F-16s Destroy Purported Terror Camp in Iraq

Feds arrest 38 in Medicare fraud crackdown

do I have the TV on too loud???

Billy Joe Shot A Man While Robbing His Castle

the ultimate poll

Which is your favorite Poll choice color?

One of these days a REAL rain is gonna come and ....

Where's Bartcop?


Should I be offended that lionesspriyanka has not insulted me yet?

Is wearing shorts above the knee (for men) a gay thing ?

Anyone else notice lots of daytime headlights on today?? What was up??

Kitty pics I found

strangest dream ever: i dreamt of a corporate sponsored lesbian wedding

window decals

Have you ever had a condo fall?

Happy birthday GirlInContempt & jeme!!

Are you and your SO connected at the brain? We are!

What are you doing up?

Ok, who broke DU this morning

Shamelessly begging for lounge vibes: Job interview at 10 AM!!!

11 GOP congressmen to Bush: " You've lost credibility"

I've got a brand new pair of rollerskates you got a brand new key

Students can't stomach bare-bellied photo, so they swipe newspapers

Gonna find my baby, gonna hold her tight

who feels like reading the paper that i dont want to submit

Damn. Slow morning on DU, eh?

So I was off by several months.

a danger, inherent, of waking and eating breakfast at 5:00am

Fight breaks out during Boston Pops concert at Symphony Hall

Teen Grows Pot On Deputy Police Chief's Land

This is LynneSin's fault -- Plant some ear worms

The Yankees back at .500... OMG.....

OMG, Pet peeve!


DU Guys: if there were a birth control pill for men

I Got My Mom A $50 Olive Garden Gift Cert For Mothers Day

Does Southwest still have some seats that face backward?

This damn idjit in my neighborhood has his TV on too loud

Is AA the new Olive Garden?

"Delta Farce" is it too late to get in line for tickets???

PSA: PSA; Never sneeze with broken ribs!!

Need a Mother's Day card?

Mother and Hospital Battle Over Placenta

Today is my anniversary

Día de la madre feliz!

TMI, Rabrrrrrr, TMI!

if its not asking too much ---

Your "opinions" are stickily lies!

ever get the urge to copycat in GD?

Why do I always have to eat when I pee?

Proof that GD wishes it was the Lounge

Radio Controlled Vibrator A Threat To National Security

Go vote spring photo contest!

I wonder if any birds will come to our bird feeder...

I'm text messaging with RetroLounge!

Who would Buddha bomb?

Why does it always burn when I pee?

Paris Hilton Appreciation Thread

Why does it always burn where I pee?

DS1 Broke DU!!

Canada Post cowed by "very threatening cat"

"Performance Pouch Technology"

Why do I always have to eat when I pee?

Summer Will Be Here Soon. Let's Talk Ice Cream.

Only 4 more shopping days until my birthday - whatcha getting me this year???!!!

Could this day get any better? First a trip to Costco, now DS1 is back.

Pee will be here soon. Let's talk ice cream

I just screamed at the Chamber of Commerce Exec. Ask me anything! nt

I heard on the View today that if you have beautiful pee

Are the journals down or is it just the journal tracker function not working?

Pee Wars...

Ok time to fess up....

Last night was shitty all around

Peeity pee pee...

All we are saying is give pee a chance

Why do I always have to pee when I eat?

Did someone pee on the server? nt

To all of my detractors: Go pee in someone else's cornflakes!

My dog Vicki peed on the carpet at 3 AM this morning.

To pee or not to pee

With all the peeing in the Lounge

CONFESS!!! Name 3 people you want to pee on before you die.

I pee on your Coffee Shop if you pee on my Olive Garden

I'll be right back...I've got to take a leak.

My cat's in the hospital...because he couldn't pee. nt

Replace one word in a movie title with the word "pee"

The Lounge smells like pee today

Which Battlestar Galactica character would you DO?

What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?

dark hosiery.... 80 degrees

the lounge is icky today


Visualize whirrled pee

Man saws off mother’s head, dies doing his own

Soviet Symbols

Funny story - HR at my company told me I needed to attend a seminar on people skills

"Pee" is the Lounge word of the day. Modify any thread to include "pee" or any variation of "pee".

DU is broken on the day that DS1 returns - you do the math

I just have not been the same since I was spanked by a Pirate!

i guess we are back to coffee shop wars

In honor of Mother's Day......MOMISMS!

Permanent change

The hardware store is out of padlocks today

I heard on The View today that if you have beautiful feet you'll

Who's your mommy?

That's it. I'm going home

Cheese Whiz

Killer pea

Have You Ever Stopped Mowing Long Enough And Realize

Pisum Sativum

So these two peas walk into a bar...

Pea brain

To pee or not to pee. That is the question.


OMG, I'm away for two hours and there are 16 locked posts!

JERICO--anybody watch it?

Thursday morning questions

Fuckity fuck fuck...

How do you keep little critters out of the birdfeeder?(pics)

confess what secret things

No playing in the playhouse.

peas porridge hot. peas porridge cold.

I've got a busy weekend ahead!

Catmandu57 presents rules for the married man and closet space

Just because nobody's said it yet - you're all a bunch of peas in a pod

Today's random thought...

Which Battlestar Galactica character are YOU?

Happy Whacking Day!

Ever fall asleep in your chair at work?

Life in the gladhouse is never dull...

Why Cats Don't Wear Hats


I love you guys

How old will you live to be?

"Nobudy cumz in here. Sekrit."

SophieMN is the world's biggest nark.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/10/2007)

Les Paul Returns Home

Garage Sale: Ever had one? Got any advice? Such as, how much

I like big butts, and I can not lie

Call Me Al -- HELP!

Ever slow down long enough to find your metier opprobrious?

So seriously, what were Matcom and DS1 doing at the Boston Pops last night

You realize, of course, that everything you post goes on your Permanent Record

Does anyone here live in Tacoma, WA?

Hallelujah, it's back

WOOHOO! I just got through to Randi!

Is Crest a communist brand?

DS1 is back! DS1 is back! DS1 is back!

UPDATE: Server issues, maintenance, downtime, glitches, etc

I just found a very good computer-generated video starring Neal Peart. Check it out!

Anybody else have coworkers who tattle?

Okay, if I go to the grocery store one more time and see

Two days ago, I had the fireplace turned on. Today, I had to run the A/C in my office.

I need some "Earworm-B-Gone". Anybody have some I can borrow?


True or False: People tend to remember the negative things they hear.

Are all men

Off to Ireland and England

I LOVE it when my little sister attacks me.

Wow, the afternoon is just wizzing by today

Best GD thread ever...


If DU goes down too much,

Those little etiquette quandaries....

Does this book make my knees look fat? I don't want people laughing at me.

Has anyone gone to Colombia?

unofficial lizard poll for president

Turn me on to a really cool website

Group proposal: DU PM circle!

how explain quantum theory to a dog

For mzteris...

Where is haruka3_2000?

I know this sounds juvenile, but since I am still somewhat juvenile...

Last year I had a good year with sunflowers

OMG!!1!! Beer truck damaged in accident

Good Morning DU!

have you used a service called billmelater -- 90 days no interest?


Post whore thread!

Oklahoma Flooding, Funnels, Storm Damage--Locals' Photos

Yaaay! Let's have another Picture Thread, boys and girls!

My roomie rules

How do cats know how to stretch?

Say it Ain't So!-"Oral sex can cause throat cancer" 5/9/07

Left-handed users, can you recommend a good leftie-friendly optical mouse?

do you think that just because we post on du that we could be

Electric rice steamer, worth it or fugedaboudit?

So, what did you do with your two hours nonDU time?

Psycho squirrel stalks students.

Favorite thing about being sick?

For the NASCAR fans

Life and Death In Rome

Is it wrong to pm your butt??

Am I just being a cold hearted cousin?

i just had one of the worst panic attacks ive ever had

Does toothpaste make you puke?

What I Am

I'm addicted to the show "How Clean Is Your House"

Pancakes: Maple Syrup vs. Karo Syrup

Stupid Moron 14 yr old guitarist has no clue at all...

I'm watching Silver City on Encore, and WOW! Maria Bello

Hey all....check this 1980 JC PENNY Catalog out

Fear (of B-52 strikes) and loathing (of Polish people) in Las Vegas

There's one good thing about death.

That was THE greatest episode of Survivor, EVER

Naughty girls! It's Naughty girl check in time.

May 10 is kind of a tough day for me, psychologically.

Dear GirlinContempt

6 pages of fraction homework last night for 2nd grade granddaughter.


School days punishments?

Is Charlie Sheen a total asshole?

Totally cool! Killer Whales squeeze the meat part of penguins out of their skin to eat them

I. Can't. Remember. SHIT!! (doctor? is there something i can take?)

For the over-40 crowd: "Back in my day....."

Yes, it's true. I've escaped the land of the dead. And I brought video of the event

Boxing Champ Cintron Accepts UFC Challenge.

Bye Bye Blair

Outfoxed: Fox attacks immigrants

TPMtv: May 10, 2007-Alberto Gonzales' role, explained

Gary Hood & The Last Show Ever - 'Sibel Edmonds' (LIVE)

IEC Fusion for Dummies

Olbermann - Bush & White House Have No Credibility on Iraq

Gonzales 8

KO---Generals Speak Out

Mr. President---A Reminder who we are fighting

A look back at the Blair years: The Prescott Punch

Dome Nation--- Senator John Kerry

Pap--Kansas Tornadoes and National Guard

Robert Greenwald testifies before Congress on war profiteering

Speaker Pelosi on Revised Iraq Accountability Act

Conyers grills Gonzo (or How to NOT answer a question, especially if you are AG)

Gallup Poll Iraq

John Edwards - New Orleans, LA - 05/04/07

IEC Fusion vs Tokamak Fusion

Iraq for Sale - - Banned Excerpts

Wes Clark nails Bill'O'Lielly on Iraq, Soros

Imagine Bush doing a "Prime Minister's Questions" type event every week..

Of Mice and breast cancer

Terrific Mike Gravel encounter with Tom political editor of Huff Post

Another Day, Another Scandal in the Bush Administration: The College Loan Fiasco

Gonzo at House Juiciary Committee, C-SPAN3 9:30am!

Will these freshman Democrats be responsible for giving Bush a blank check on Iraq?

what might the pigs in china might be dying from?

NYT editorial, "US Attorneys, Reloaded": Schlozman installed to help GOP win pivotal Mo. Senate race

Tony Blair announces today he's leaving office

(OpEd) Eureka Reporter: No wonder we're ready for revolution

Cover Of The Independent Today you ever worry about your children doing something stupid after they are scolded

Iraq...Just gets better all the time

Well THAT was annoying! :)

Hannity board's Crusader Frank "ENDS the evolution 'debate' here"

Tony Blair's future

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Thurs 5/11 .... lost

Everyone hates dick & w's war, so how will they get us back on track?

Wash. Post asserted as fact that critics are unable to attack Giuliani "on national security"

Thursday Toons: Get Your War On Edition

Wolfowitz’s Girlfriend Resigns as Wolfowitz’s Girlfriend

I say that we keep pushing for impeachment no matter what some politician said yesterday,

In case you missed it, 11 monkeys on bushitler's back.

Pentagon restricting testimony in Congress

Has this 'Support the Troops' bullshit finally petered out?

E-Mails Show WOLFOWITZ Girlfriend Recommended By Elizabeth Cheney (Interesting?)

Iraqi lawmakers' vacation plans rile Republicans

Program Reminder: Gonzalez testifies before House Judiciary Committee at 9:30 edt

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Todd Tiahrt just took a whipping

Russ Feingold wants info on secret stupid pug senator.

Bob Dylan Radio Hour

More dead babies in Iraq

Why is there a prayer to God & pledge to the flag to open the U.S. HOUSE?

Sorry, George, I was so wrong.

Unbelievable! Air Traffic Controllers disciplined...for being polite!

Experts: Brown widow spider seen in La.

Iraqi civilians shot trying to surrender: Marine

Regular gasoline at $4.29/gal? It's already here, for a reason...

Partisan O'Reilly lifts boycott of France now that neo-con elected

What are the requirements to be Attorney General?


Michael Moore faces U.S. Treasury probe

How many times will Gonzo not remember?

Bill board bloggers in Jerusalem

...and this is why some Dems can go on Faux...

John Kerry and Teresa to be on Lynn Cullen on her show- NOW!

Q for Gonzo: "IF an AG were to lie under oath to Congress, should he/she be criminally prosecuted?"

Should there be a timeline for troop withdrawl in Iraq?

Gonzo appears before the House judiciary 9:30AM cspan3!

The New Art of Diplomacy

High gas prices, the iraq war and war profiteering

LOL! Did Obama "steal" from Edwards for the title of his book?

Can someone with broadband call Conyer's office now and ask

One headline marginalizes Democrats...I hate the fucking mediawhores

Gates: "Al Qaeda has actually expanded, I would say, its organization and its capabilities."

Flashback: US Military, on Orders from Bushco, Killed Reporters in Iraq.

Is Alberto Gonzales the reincarnation of Richard Nixon?

Truthout gonzo blow-by-blow real time blog here:

if GOP Congressman are worried about Iraq why not vote with Dems instead of

****OFFICIAL GONZOGATE THREAD #2 - House Judiciary Cmte******

Labor Law Reform Not Just For Unions

Hearing ala Republican Idol - what diversion will they bring up next?

Here's A Poll To DU ......

****OFFICIAL GONZOGATE THREAD #3 - House Judiciary Cmte******

First major studio full-length Iraq War movie opens tomorrow

Jim Ward is doing James Lipton interviewing Keith Richards

Cheney spends the night in Iraq, eats breakfast, says it's "game time"

BREAKING: House To Schedule Straight Up-Or-Down Vote On Withdrawal Today

Request To Clarkies: Could Someone Please Find The clark Smackdown OF asman (faux) 11-17-03?

Oh The Irony! - ROVE Thinks Gonzales Should RESIGN

Baltimore Good Samaritan Fixes Hideous Eyesore Billboard

Snow: "I guarantee you there is far more disunity on the democratic side now."

The wheels of justice grind slowly

Hey, Bush - CIVILIAN leadership DOES trump the miliatry in THIS country

so, are the people in Ft. Dix trembling in fear, have they been traumatized?

Cheney: "Extremists from inside and outside (Iraq) want to stir an endless cycle of violence"

Rush Limbaugh defends "24" against charges of "shark jumping"

It is horrible to think that our soldiers have died & been injured in vain.

Gonzales to Congress: Get Over it, I'm Staying

Just wait til a Dem President gets to set the political agenda

****OFFICIAL GONZOGATE THREAD #4 - House Judiciary Cmte******

Gore, in AIA Keynote, Urges Pollution Penalty

House debating Iraq Redeployment now! 12:15pm C-Span...

Bush to foreign investors: The U.S. is open for business

Iraqi Bill on Troop Pullout Discussed

AP Confirms: Majority Iraqi Lawmakers Want Timetable

Bush said a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq could cause the sort of chaos that occurred in VN in 75

Why did Gonzo leave the Air Force academy?

was Mary Cheney too pregnant to go to the Queen's dinner?

Who else is sick of the Football analogies in regard to the 'war'?

Chimpy: "Puny humans. You must have the strength for Victory, like I do!

Hah, Conyers just called Rove "a pretty big breadcrumb"

****OFFICIAL GONZOGATE THREAD #6 - House Judiciary Cmte******

Thinkprogress: Did Cheney Ask For A Timeline?

Cheney to troops:"We are here, above all, because the terrorists..have made Iraq the central front "

Glorious leader on teevee, looks like he loaded up the bong with ethanol and switch grass this morning

Helen Thomas: Bush Passes The Buck On War

Man saws off mother’s head, dies doing his own

Statement in Response to Bush Administration's Investigation of 'SiCKO' by 'SiCKO' Producer!

FBI informant may have pushed Ft Dix group toward terror plot

News Hounds gives Clark "Top Dog"

The Freepers made me feel special! :)

What the committee should ask Gonzo ...

Wes Clark left O'LIEly sputtering, as usual. General smackdown!

****OFFICIAL GONZOGATE THREAD #5 - House Judiciary Cmte******

Canada Post cowed by "very threatening cat"

Bushco Takes Charge of Continuity of Government Plans

Gonzales Is Said to Seem Confident He Will Stay

Crooksandliars: Jon Stewart on Cheney in Iraq and the Hamas Mickey

Just A Cool Pic Of * I Found:

Fundie E-Mail RE: Obama

The Queen and Potential First Lady: Kucinich Meets Her Majesty

Question on limiting scope

Gonzales to Congress: Get Over it, I'm Staying

Murtha will support McGovern withdrawal bill (bill text at link)

American Thinker? RW or just plain nuts?

CSPAN watchers: What is the house voting on, the McGovern amendment? And what's

Dupe n/t delete- see Kpete's powell chief of staff.

Dick Morris saw a Chris Matthews-Politico debate conspiracy to "hurt Rudy"

Creepy TSA Posters, Revealed!

Gonzales: "The Attorney Generals Serve at the Pleasure of the President of the United States." WHAT?

Are there ANY former US attorneys who were elected to the house?

When will we make it clear (WAr Funding)

So what's the latest on Condi defying the Congressional Subpoena?

Post-birth abortion & the Bush family

An error occurred during processing.

What the fuck is wrong with Conyers?

>>>Official Gonzogate Thread 7-due to bugs I apologize if a dupe

Nothing is going to happen. The war continues, no accountability by anyone....

CNN trying to use Sharpton to rehab Beck...

What if Blair hadn't gone poodle?

Mitt Romney: "My first reponse to the Virginia Tech massacre was to pick up my Bible."

* admin goes after Moore's latest film, "Sicko"

Bush is feeling heat, offering half-measures to appease the growing dissent in the republican ranks

Fellow DUers, I present one of the 28%.

Why is the Treasury Department investigating Michael Moore now?

Hey fine DUer's, what Democratic Universe do we live in?

Question for any lurking freepers


Disappointed to see that Buy is done

Here is my favorite picture of Reagan with Chimpy

To all Giuliani supports. A recap on the poisons he let people breate after 9/11

FBI INFORMER Offered To Lead Dix-Six Into Battle &To Provide The "MOST" Potent Weapons

A real interesting "Dr Phil" is coming on at 5PM. A man so obsessed with his

"Portraying the scene there as Shiite killing Sunni and Sunnis killing Shiites is totally untrue"

WashPost: Iraqi Bill on Troop Pullout Discussed (the Iraqis want us out)

Procedural questions (re: Gonzales' committee appearance)

Spammers try new tactic -- death threats

Working Assets: E-mail Your Representative - Vote To End The Occupation Of Iraq (TODAY'S HOUSE VOTE)

'Breadcrumbs' lead to White House

Letter to Nita Lowey, D-NY: I DON’T "SUPPORT THE TROOPS"

Sanchez on the AG hearning NOW---worth it hear her (rerun)-cspan now.

Rudy's gonna shoot up in the polls and make the religious right irrelevant in both parties. BWAAA

More Christians for Bush

"evidently this Administration felt that it could not trust the DAG's Office to march in lockstep"

Anyone else watching the debate on the McGovern withdrawl bill?

Bush Blinks

Crass, disgusting, self-absorbed, peanut-brained...

Bush today: "We can debate Iraq & should, but no debate on getting money to OUR KIDS!"

Pelosi: 'Benchmarks Without Consequences and Enforcement Are Meaningless'

McGovern introducing his withdrawal bill on the House floor now

YAYYY!! You're back

Excuse me, But It Is Time Colon Powell Stepped Up To The Microphone & Tell What He Knows...

Did Sampson's May 11 e-mail refer to May 8 notification to TENET Healthcare?

Cindy Sheehan on "The Guy James Show" today

Breaking News: House of Reps Passes Iraq Spending Bill

...a man who's kept his word -- which sometimes is rare in the political circles I run in.

McClatchy: VA medical system isn't as big a success as officials have asserted

Biased, disgusting spin

Lott: Republicans Should Have ‘Kept Their Mouths Shut’ About Bush Meeting

DU is back up? Dipping my toe in gradually...

(TOON) Steve Bell: Regrets, I've 'ad a few

Not all Greensburg residents impressed with Chimpy....

HAAAAA! The News Hour w/ Jim Lehrer got "Worse" (3rd place) Person

Socially Relevant GREAT Quote!

Is Senator Ted Kennedy shooting himself in the foot by cosponsoring the Gonzo Gun Grab?

General Batiste is quite a guy. I had major respect for him, but after

The Independent tells it like it is on Tony's "legacy"

R&B singer Akon sorry about underage stage romp

Moderators - Skinner - I so underestimated you guys!

This is why I couldn't be in Congress...

Front Page Magazine has some pretty interesting search engine keywords

Help children in honor of your Mom.

Senator Joseph Biden on C-SPAN 2

Bush today: "Maybe I was wrong. That's your call."

Does the state have a legitimate interest in monitoring armchair or weekend revolutionaries?

Does anyone know how abortion even became a legal question?

From the "No Shit, Sherlock" Department....

"Minn. Man Has Close Run-In With a Wolf"

Here's a question Conyer's Committee should have asked Gonzo today:

Putin compares US foreign policy to Nazis - Whoop there it is

Wal Mart has worst sales in 28 years- an indicator?

Murray Waas: Administration Withheld E-mails About Rove

Republicans warn Bush of US fatigue over Iraq war

Pace Expected to Stay Joint Chiefs Chair (if confirmed by the Senate)

How effective a Congressperson would you be?

Newly Released Report reveals - US nuclear chain-reaction accident spill-in '06

J.C. Watts (CNN) compares abortion to slavery.

Former 'LA Times' Baghdad Chief Says Iraqis Are 'Humiliated'

Iraq cannot be "solved" militarily. This is why the Bushists are clueless about it.

Video tribute to Tony Blair

The following is Robert Greenwald's (Iraq For Sale) testimony...about war profiteering

When this era of darkness in America ends (if it does),

Psycho squirrel stalks students.

Michael Savage: we could learn a few things from Islam

Contractor Surge

So.. did you hear the one about Giuliani and the World Series rings?

Did Rangel make a deal on free trade?

Hannity, freepers claim Howard Dean told Kansas governor "to lie"

Are Americans ready for Ms. President? It appears so

This is really cute...Have you seen this?

"Libertarian My Ass." Next time a republican tells you he's a libertarian...

Kondracke Advocates Ethnic Cleansing Policy In Iraq, ‘Also Known As Winning Dirty’

Aw poor McCain! Bush's numbers hurt GOP.

Mass Businesses Dodging Share of Health Care Costs

Tell me why we should wait until September

Alberto Gonzales, Zen Master

Another one for the stupid email files...

Wave of crackdowns against leftist/activist groups sweep across Germany ahead of G-8 protests

Rove berates GOP lawmaker over Iraq meeting

****OFFICIAL GONZOGATE THREAD #1 - House Judiciary Cmte******

Is it possible for Bush to kill all the Iraqis before he leaves office?

Rove pushed voter fraud cases before ‘06 election.

Michael Moore In Trouble For Cuba Trip

Gonzalez lies & obfuscates the truth & the press says he confidently deflects Dems criticism

Greensburg looters appear in court

This picture of Chimpy on CNN says it all

Nation's Letter Carriers Prepare for 50-State Food Drive Saturday

From the cool map department:

Dealer prices gas over $4 in protest - He says tactics used by Shell are unfair to operators

Guests on TDS/Colbert Report tonight:

Wow. Just clicked one of DU's Google Ads... "Should Christians Vote?"

Many years ago -my brother got real sick at Ord - he did.

CBS fires Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad.

When Someone Points Out Awful Votes Made By My Favorite Candidate...


Another Great Daily Show "*Bush's lowered expectations" video inter-cut!!!

Alleged terrorist was a whistleblower!

Please Explain HOW THE FUCK Republicans In The House Get To Ban This ???

Editor&Publisher: Blog, Then Mainstream Press, Find 9th Fired U.S. Attorney

Pelosi had the trade deal press conference without filling in labor voices in the caucus.

Today, 38 years ago, began the senseless battle of Dong Ap Bia (mountain), Viet Nam

Joe Klein cries because Greenwald criticized his class.

NY Times Editorial: "Mr. Bush Alone" - Reality in Iraq

Newly released evidence shows Kent State shootings were likely deliberate murder

McClatchy: White House sought investigations of voter fraud allegations before elections

Oral sex may cause throat cancer

Why Is the MSM so Afraid of Being Accused of Liberal Bias

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Jeff Farias subs for Mike

More governors express concern over depleted National Guard

Civil Union/Gay Bishop

Who were the 11 Pubs who trotted to the WH to confront the Shrub?

Last straw yet?

I got an e-mail from Barbara Boxer's pac asking to contribute to her 2010 re-election

U.S. melamine probers find empty Chinese factories (Reuters)

Bush aides berate GOP members-- rift between Bush and congressional Republicans intensifies

Polls: Americans want Bush Impeached more now than they did Clinton in '99

Talk Left: DC Madam Banned From Releasing More Names

Gonzales does NOT have to be under oath, folks. Chill out.

Iraqi bill demands U.S. troops withdraw

Cheney is pond scum waste

Boehner: All House Members 'Except One Voted To Send Our Troops Into Iraq'

Since he never chose to respond to me - and


Atheist activism balances an overbearing right wing (by B. J. Paschal)

McCain's national political director leaving to spend more time with the family

5/10/07: The Chimp looks________(fill in the blank)

Activsts Planning to Swarm on Washington, DC for a Summer of Action to oppose the war

Speak The Word: Revolution

So I heard today that bush is willing to negotiate milestones with Congress

Tell the Pentagon what YOU Think about Official Iraq Propaganda Videos on YouTube

CBS fires Gen. Batiste over VoteVets ad.

Aaah, I remember General Petraeus. He was the one responsible for

FEMA provides toxic trailers for hurricane refugees

"If there ever were an oxymoron in the English language, it should be homeless veteran,"

Senselessbrainer does it again!

Stephen Colbert is finally taking on the his Time 100 disappointment!

FDA claims infected pigs from china OK to eat??!

Finding Hope In A Dismal World

Pentagon Breaks Pledge To Troops, Sends Them Back To Iraq After Just Nine Months At Home

For veterans in rural areas, care is hard to reach.

AMERICABLOG: As US House prepares to vote on Iraq, Iraq's parliament tells us to get the hell out

No question about it, Edwards is saying the right things

What an interesting time we live in.

Whatever became of the "liquid bomber" case?

How to gently bring someone back to reality.

On September 12, 2001, how did you feel about george bush?

GWB at the RNC Tonight: DRUNK, or INSANE?

Another "panic room" for DU'ers if we keep going down..

Anyone know anything about this or ever tried it?

Former Powell aide says Bush, Cheney guilty of 'high crimes'

Did you see Batiste on TV the last few day?

Whoa! Anyone in the greater (?) Houston area out there that can

And there it is, folks, the plan for 2008.

Informants scrutinized in Fort Dix case - did the FBI agent entrap them?


"What the hell was Clinton thinking when he hired this talking p**** on wheels?"


Funny Bumpersticker on an old black truck- ENOUGH BUSHIT!

Haditha marine 'watched superior kill surrendering civilians'

You knew they'd have a study like this eventually.

Is Rove Skull & Bones?

Clark: "We will never succeed in protecting this country if we become what they are."

You are going to meet the queen.. What to wear?

Conyers: "The breadcrumbs are leading us to 1600 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE"

Gonzales: ‘I Haven’t Really Thought About’ Habeas Corpus

I was doing some work on the movie "Full Metal Jacket" today and one

Did Bush Try to Order the Murder of Al Jazeera Journalists?

How many 12%ers do we have here?

Cheap poisoned food additives a reason for trade tariffs...

NY Yankees use chains to keep fans still during the anthem - patriotism run amok

Torture Architect Feels Guilt For Abu Ghraib-But Says It Is "TIP OF THE ICEBURG" (Harpers)

BWAAAHAA-HAAA-HAAAA!!! Take that Limbaugh!!

"In the Arab world, they view this as the Americans destroyed an Arab country."

A cynical old Hokie thanks America.

Republicans who hate w's war discovering they are NOT really republicans.

Not sure how this will be received: I own an unregistered gun.

Insight on how to communicate effectively with Congress!

HEADLINE: Farmed fish given meal tainted with melamine

Blackwater - one good reason to own a gun

You know, legislatively, Democrats can't end the occupation with their votes alone

Forty percent of 3-month-olds watch TV, DVDs, or videos

When someone trashes & bashes a Democratic candidate...

Variety: Should NBC & Universal unplug from GE?

UPDATE: Server issues, glitches, maintenance, etc

Top Republican Rejects Advice from 11 Generals on Coping with Climate Change and National Defense

FDA Warns Staff On Major Melamine Health Risks

New evidence suggests White House lied on Bush's involvement in attorney firings

KC Star Says 'No Disclosure Necessary' Concerning Hatchet Job of MO 'Voter Fraud' Story

OK... I'm sold on the Prius.

Bush orders contingency plans for attack on U.S.

US Healthcare vs the rest of the world

Why did everyone cover up Sibel Edmonds' 911 warnings?

Troubling Bush Power Grab -- Secret Government Moved to White House Control

Some tips for saving some of that $3 gasoline

Earlier today, 59 *cough* "Democrats" showed they don't want this war to end

Frustrated by constant errors and glitches? Spank a DU Administrator here.

NYC Cab Drivers Threatening Strike Because Of Big Brother Technology.

Tonight on Countdown

Opie and Anthony Joke Describes Violent Sex Assault of Condoleeza Rice

Congress Not Told of Covert Action, Committee Complains

Charges may result from firings, say two former U.S. attorneys

Tiahart (R KN) on WJ. JAW DROPPER!

Pentagon restricting testimony in Congress

Well W, this war is officially yours.

Bush lauds Kan. town's spirit of resilience

"He Briefly Grabbed A Chain Saw, Ripping It Into Action For The Cameras..."

Self-Delete -- there's already one!

Waters, Lee, Woolsey Urge YES Vote on McGovern Bill, But Fail to Urge NO Vote on Supplemental

Breaking: Boulder HS Locked Down After 2 Masked Men Allegedly Entered

Fredo is claiming he doesn't’t know what happened

Bush/Cheney and Republican Party Hypocrisy

GOP to Bush: If I wuz you, I'd keep an eye on this Iraq thing

House to Vote on War Today

Has Kurdish OIL Law opposition caused retaliatory attacks in Irbil?

Is Gonzo 'passing the buck' to Miers today?

Cheney defends extended deployments (AP)

McGovern's Bill to End the War - As Offered Today on House Floor - Talking Points

If the 3 I's - Iraq, Impeachment, & the Invironment - are vital, then Kucinich must be considered

RNC Nov.6 ,2006: BEWARE OF VOTER FRAUD! Nice Job for Rove in MO, Schlotzman!

Cheney couldn't get Malaki to move on oil law---70% to company..That's all he wants out of Iraq

Laura Bush, House GOP-ers to mull No Child Left Behind

RE: Gonzo hearing, what does Jefferson have to do with anything?

Speculation on GOP whitehouse visit yesterday.....

Heated Argument Cancels (Iraqi) Parliament (over deteriorating security)

"Sens. McCain and Obama fail with firefighters’ union" -- The Hill

Reframing in U.S. Attorney firings

Karl Rove is a classic James Bond villain...

Obama article, 5/7/07 New Yorker

Rove 101 How to steal elections; Step # 1 ... stop the other side from voting

Tammy Bladwin--zapping it to Gonzo on csapn3 now---about WI AG case

Is the first salvo being fired in the fall of BushCo?

LaHood: Bush ‘Surprised,’ ‘Sobered’ Over GOP Frustration About Iraq

Dem resigns to be UMass chancellor (Rep. Marty Meehan, D-MA)

Rudy Giuliani raked in more from speaking gigs in '07 than the Big Dog: $11.4 million

tony snow press now (while Gonzo hearing is in recess for House vote) cspan3 now

Rice's Chevron Scandal

Bush Officials Mocked Sen. Pryor’s Concerns About Gender Discrimination At DoJ

Gonzales Refuses To Say Whether More U.S. Attorneys Have Been Fired

DISGUSTING display of Republican WHINING

Who says a moron can't be President?

Holbrooke: Iraq civil war is raging out of control (Reuters)

I'm sensing a lot of despair on the board lately. Is it the "come down" from the 2006 election

"Gas Out" Day Doomed to Fail Unless We Park Our Cars and Walk on May 15th.

“I think I may be aware of that.”

The Rude Pundit - Iraqi Parliament and Cheney: What a Bunch of Dicks

On The Issues, Round 1: Health Care

A Real Leader and Woman of Courage

Rice Decries Putin's Power Grab (AP)

Source: Most Blue Dog Dems Will Back Short-Term Iraq Funding Bill

Wal-Mart Sales Decline Is Worst in 28 Years....wonder why

Self-Demoted Prosecutors Send Paulose Letter Over Media Comments

To all of you who were complaining Hillary's website had no issues section...

House passes Iraq Accountability Act.

Has this been posted? "I have decided to run again for the United States Senate!"

Cheney and Palfrey

Disgraced HBO CEO, Chris Albrecht and the Democratic candidates

KO did a side by side of Gonzo in April and in May testifying

Watching Scarborough for first time

OMG i have to share this Doolittle story, it's local but it is hilarious i swear.

Number of comments seems down on candidate blogs "Obama's economic brain trust breaks with status quo"

Biden - Climate change is a security challenge

Congress has the Commander Guy between Iraq and a hard place

Cheney: “We are here, above all, because the terrorists...made Iraq the central front in that war"

"Rudy Giuliani may turn out to be the sleaziest presidential candidate ever"

Will Murdoch beat the Hispanic vote in 2008?

Is Obama Readying TV Ad Blitz?

Dean says Denver is going to be "transitional" convention. .."more relevant to average people."

GOP keeps the heat turned up on Pelosi: Speaker's foes likely to sling mud until something sticks

What Happens To gonzAllAss Now?

AP confirms: Iraqi lawmakers want timetable.

Time to impeach Gonzales for obstruction of justice,

Pittsburgh paper does a Q&A with Senator Kerry about the Kerry's new book.

Powell's Chief of Staff Proposes Impeachment

Did you notice the detail about the latest terrorists?

Limbaugh taking heat on Obama song

DeLay Calls Liberals Nazis, Then Claims ‘Only’ Liberals Make Nazi References

Mr. Gonzales - If Your Integrity Is Important To You - Why Are You......

A poster said we should bomb other countries/go to war...

PoP QuiZ Time! Recalling the Clinton Economy ...

Wolfowitz’s girlfriend known as his “neoconcubine”

Latest in AP's series of personal questions for the candidates: What do you drive?

How can Edwards fight poverty?

(%*#!$@)) Gonzales: ‘I Haven’t Really Thought About’ Habeas Corpus

Bush's gaffes with the Queen were staged.

Hey Congress, Gonzo's been bitch slapping the shit out of you.

Top Nazis got less time than a non-violent drug dealer in the U.S.

Media Matters: DNC issues a cease-and-desist letter to XM's Rose and Quinn show.

Power Attorney Denny Crane blames Gitmo on Hillary Clinton

Kucinich on Supplemental: It's About Oil

Tension Mounts as Antiwar Movement Challenges Dems' Commitment to Stop the War

John Edwards: No More Chances for Bush! (Daily Kos)

Edwards Adviser Joe Trippi Slams Rivals' Iraq Strategies As "Baloney"

No matter how it looks, Bush and Rove are winning everything 110%!

Durbin helping Obama by making Edwards look bad

Economy: April Retail Sales Worst Ever Recorded

Will Obama endorse Bush's end of Social Security via "partial privatization individual Accounts"