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Archives: April 9, 2007

Aid flap is new threat to New Orleans rebuilding (Reuters)

Editorial: Get along? Ha! (Sac Bee)

Another Layer of Scandal

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 286

Protestors rally in Spain over cameraman's death in Iraq

I got an iPod nano and love it. When I did, I downloaded


It feeeels good! Yow! Da da da da da da da!

My friend was abducted by aliens the other night

Monday April 9th 2007 National POW Recognition Day

Mission to Find G.I.'s Remains in North Korea but look who is going

Two months into the "surge," "little sign that the Baghdad push is accomplishing its main purpose"

How did the debate get framed as "funding the troops" and not "funding the WAR"?

Unprovoked beatings of homeless soaring


NYT op-ed: "The Presidency’s Mormon Moment"

Which Candidates/Potential Candidates Have A Military Background?

Insider: Missteps soured Iraqis on U.S. (AP)

Army Is Cracking Down on Deserters


The Spurious, Curious Case for Tax Breaks on Capital Gains by Gerald E. Scorse

Laura Flanders: To Beat the Right, Clinton and Obama Need to Be Clear About Supporting Gay Rights

Praying for the Apocalypse (by Chris Hedges for Truthdig)

There’s something rotten in Wisconsin

If a conservative lies, and there's no progressive there to tell the truth, it's still a lie

Iraqi Who Helped Topple Statue: "We regret that Saddam Hussein is gone"

Does Inquirer have its head in sand? (US Attorney Scandal)

Gonzales Crams for a Senate Grilling

Brent Budowsky: Don Imus and the Cancer of Communications

Obstructed View

It's All Good(ling)--All the Time!

Bush's America: Stupid and/or Impotent?

Fingerprint Foreboding

The ERA has come back into the national consciousness

Loud Actions That Speak Wrongly

Prof criticized bush - added to terrorist 'no fly' list Obama and Clinton-get out of the Fox News Debate!

The Ultimate Reason For Impeachment NOW--Break the Bush/Rove Link!

Arianna Huffington: The Money Race: Politicians Win, You Lose

Iraq finally looking up — again and again

Press United over Iraq ‘Tragedy’

Bob Herbert: 6-Year-Olds Under Arrest


Barack Obama Calls For Investigation Into Long Term Health Care Industry

A cheerless anniversary in a broken country

Elliott Abrams and Déjà Vu All Over Again

Laurie And Sheryl Didn't Make It Very Far Before Exxon Tried To Slash Tour Bus Tires

Flunky Flying Monkeys: DOJ Has Been Katrina-ized

The Ethanol Hoax

NYT: Circuit (City) Breaker

Jesus Golf with me.

Max Blumenthal: The Press Discovers Pat Robertson's Real Influence (from blogs)

Hypocrites and Frauds Must Ignore George Santayana

Praying for the Apocalypse

Water and Youth

Communities Take Initiative to Combat Climate Change

Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy bolsters wind-power, solar-cell ops - report

Biodiesel bill passes N.H. House

Gas club seeks more clout, but not yet an OPEC - Reuters

Where China's Rivers Run Dry - Newsweek

Record Drought & Heat Increase GHG Emissions In Victoria State, Australia - The Age

Manitobans warm to geothermal

IPCC - Up To 35% Of Northern Permafrost Will Vanish By 2050 - Canoe

Chinese Academy Of Sciences - 5.5% Of Total Glaciated Area Gone In 40 Yrs - Melt Rate Accelerating

Tasman Glacier (NZ) In Rapid Retreat - Hectare-Sized Chunk Falls Off During Rainstorm

The Curse Of Akkad

THE Rhetorical Question - Was Rationality Banned From American Politics?

Russian Officials - Oil & Gas Reserves Fall 1994 - 2005 As West Siberian Province Fades

Passing the buck on fuel economy (Fortune)

A shift in types of critters in Michigan reveals a startling degree of difference (Climate Change)

Iran Expands Uranium Enrichment

Toasty Easter Weather Across Most Of United Kingdom - Up To 25C By Thursday - Guardian

It's Time to Fight Population Growth, Which Exacerbates Global Warming and Sprawl

Top hurricane forecaster calls Al Gore a "gross alarmist"

W. Rising Temps, Irish Peat Bogs May Have Only 20-30 Years Left - Sunday Business Post

Clouds cool and warm

The Green Issue........Vanity Fair......Links to Online Resources

Solar costs to match coal by 2010 (EU)

Censored Snippets From The Original IPCC 2nd Report

The Ethanol Hoax (The Nation)

Kazakhs get loan to save Aral Sea - BBC

Digging in: Britain's green revolution on the home front

Algae BioFuels Issues Australasia License to PetroSun BioFuels

wrong forum, sorry

Peak Oil in Greater Detail

Cotton acreage expected to decline across the South this season as corn planting increases

PA Chairman tells forces to help stop Gaza Qassam rocket fire

Article by Robert Novak

Military database released to Peace Now shows little land seized from Palestinians to build largest

Election Fraud Research & Discussion News April 9, 2007 (Easter Rising]

DC voters' rrights rally

Why Rolling St article on consultants should scare the pants off of us activists

2004 Presidential Election Ohio - Kerry Votes Switched to Bush says James Q Jacobs--X Post

OVERTHROWING OF DEMOCRACY (From Within) - "Pseudo Activism"

Immigrant charged in deadly crash expected to plead guilty

Patterns of War Shift Amid U.S. Force Buildup

US slowdown to hit top Indian IT cos

3 shot in Michigan office building

Manatees' Status May Change: Wildlife Service Considers Removing 'Endangered' Designation

U.K. tells military: No paid interviews

Bush almost blows himself (and Cheney) up

CIA and the Pentagon urged to assess warming's effect on security

BREAKING: One dead in Detroit area office shooting

GOP-issued laptops now a White House headache

Top hurricane forecaster calls Al Gore a "gross alarmist"

New York joins Feb. 5 primary slate

Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future

Shiites call for U.S. to leave Iraq

Guard Tapped for Possible Iraq Duty (units named)

Royal Navy boarding 'will resume' (Iraq)

Marine General: Anbar Getting Better

Halliburton Pulls Out of Iran

60 Shiite militants killed or captured in Iraqi city

Grand jury probe of sex abuse claims at TYC jail set to resume

Solomons corruption under scrutiny

"MSNBC, CBS Radio suspend Imus show"

Afghanistan's Karzai Says Taliban, Al Qaeda Have Been 'Defeated'

Coalition of Immokalee Workers Wins Agreement with McDonald’s

Aid plan for unemployed gains support

Wolfowitz cites confidentiality in World Bank probe

Maine Groups Call For President's Impeachment (Maine Lawyers For Democracy)


Chairman Waxman Reiterates Request for Testimony from Secretary Rice

Tainted Pet Food May Have Sickened Tens of Thousands of Cats and Dogs, Data Suggests

Iraqis call for U.S. forces to leave

Gas prices jump 18 cents

GOP leaders want Pelosi to cut recess short

Tester rolls up his sleeves to keep farm running

U.S.: NKorea would allow U.N. inspectors

(Representative) Baldwin calls on Congress to look into prosecution of Wis. worker (Thompson)

MSNBC suspends Imus simulcast for two weeks

Patterns of War Shift in Iraq Amid U.S. Buildup (Surge is a Bust)

A "New" Taliban Proving Deadly to NATO Forces

McDonalds (China) to form union in first half of year

Halliburton Finishes Work in Iran

(Sen)Casey(D) to oppose bill on embryonic stem cell research

Romney insists he hunted, but without license

Maryland First State to Pass Living Wage

Republicans may be forced to filibuster Bush's Swift Boat nominee (this is good)

White House Tells Press: Huge Anti-American Protest in Iraq Shows 'Progress'

Injured troops shipped back into battle

Louisiana criticizes federal plan for homeowners

Imus: 'Embarrassed' by racial comments

GOP Rep.: Ousted Republican congressional majority has secret 'Plan B' for Iraq

Soldier Says He Had No Choice but Fire

Tour Of Duty For 15,000 U.S. Army Troops Extended

Turkey raps Iraqi Kurd boss over intervention threat

US expert rejects Iran nuke claims

Bush's approval ratings in N.H. on the decline

Elizabeth Edwards afraid of neighbor

Two Marines say Target store booted them for recruiting

Le Pen gains as French presidential campaign starts

Obama to skip Fox-sponsored debate

Like online video sites and believe in the Rapture? Then GodTube is for you

Anyone else here digging that new Amy Winehouse CD?

To All Fellow Babyboomers...

I'm feeling snarky today, anyone else?

How is the coriolis effect affecting you right now?

I am descended from Royalty.

One of my ancestors was sent back to the old country for being too ill.

I saw "Blood Diamond" last night. I will never buy a diamond, not that such a purchase

l'etat, c'est XNASA

New York City couple hail cab to Arizona.

I am not afraid of you and I will kick your ass

Columnist Eugene Robinson says terrorists win if Sanjaya not voted off AI

I am an Idiot!!!!

74 Year Old Man Spends 71 Days In Jail For Forgetting To Pay For 2 Hot Dogs

Today is my first day of school in over 15 years

what are your favorite wireless radiotelephone broadcasts?

what are you listening to right now?

i don't know what to make of these new "talkies"

57 Pound Mackerel Jumps Into Man's Boat - Bites Him

Some birds moved in to my front door.

Fight Over Children In Retirement Clubhouse Lands One Woman In Jail, One In Hospital

bwahahahhaha late e-mail "Easter" greeting I just got...(might be offensive)

can anyone recommend a good cooper?

What to do...old sick cats...

I did an upper-body workout for the first time in two years.

No matter how much your day sucks . . .

Moviegoers expected PG film, saw nude woman giving birth

there's only one beer that's fully krausened

I Get My New Computer Tomorrow!!!!

Is this an appropriate response to a user complaint from a webmaster?

Saved by the blind trust of a child

Monday Midafternoon Questions

when was the last time you were on a conference call and you had to mute...

Christian Propagandist and BC Cartoonist Johnny Hart Dead at 76

I Get My Huge Bonus This Friday

Saw Grindhouse on Saturday

Is this a holiday?

If I could raise a child, it would've been the girl in the grocery store.

Can we kill that idiot groundhog now?

It's Monday, 1:44 PM and I'm on beer number 6

Predict Everything 2007

If Jimmy cracked corn ,and no one cared

Anyone who got suspended on easter should be given a Jesus avatar upon their return

Sorry, I gotta go watch the lovable losers and their home opener

how many supplements do you take daily?

Enough with the shitty new-agey hold music

If you happen to notice time slowing to a complete stop

I don't know if this is old news, but congrats to Ava on the Mother Jones article!!!

How many personalities do you have?

PBS TONIGHT...Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple

What to do with leftover holiday ham?

I'm not afraid of taterguy and I will kick his ass if you ask me to do so

I think taterguy is bluffing.

Cute dog alert

Tori Spelling, Mom read about feud between themselves in tabloids. Believe it. Continue feud 9 mos.

Anyone famous from your hometown? Gameday? Where the hell are the count and the outs displayed?

Naked Man Spotted In Gibbsboro!

Computer question. Please be gentle.

Photothread: post your own!!

Wabbit season!

Congratulations matcom!! 50,000 posts

What state has the worst drivers?

How perverted are your personal problems

What do you think about the recent practice of sending one's remains into outer space?

I received an email with an attachment in RAR format--should I panic?

Taterguy told me secretly he's terrified of you.

These people seems like they are having a lot of fun! Wish I were there!

Shh! Don't tell anyone...I'm hiding from taterguy.

i'm not afraid of you -- and i will let you spank my ass -- buddy.

Death by sheep!

for the lounge cat lovers...bus riding cat

Hoy crap, is it snowing outside!

Strep Throat!

Deep Throat!

World of Whorecraft is no longer just a porn movie - see craiglists entry

its real simple

Here's my new kitten! He doesn't have a name yet.

A cross post to a piece of my original work....


an E mail from Crewleader got me to thinking~~

How's this for a blast from the past?

The Music MAn....

"Lie girls" - a freeper's dream! This is a riot.

Say Its Not So-Luke Walton Dating Britney Spears

Oh, My Gawds, They Got Me Good!

What is the heritage of your breakdown?

Are you the asshole of assholes?

Am I the only one who likes "Get Fuzzy"?

I want to brag about my new tee-shirt.


my head hurts, my feet stink, and I dont love jesus

Arrrrrg. I hate generating quotes for large and vague projects!

BB Pops Out Of Boy's Eye

So it turns out I'm not dead.

Jehovah's Witness, On Mission From God, Eats Man's Thumb

check your pm

Happy Dyngus Day everyone!

Making the Perfect Matzoh Ball

Where do you spend most of your time on DU?

The next two days are not going to be fun.

Entourage fans check-in!! Great season opener last night!!!

I think I'll go home and mull this over, before they cram it down my thrown...

Can you imagine doing this to someone's car?

I was out sick from work today, but that doesn't stop pyramid schemes.

Did you know that there's a MASSIVE AUTISM EPIDEMIC going on?

Showing my age, need an expression translated for me.

Would Jack Kerouac be as popular and well-known if his names didn't rhyme?

Oh, crap, she's back! Quick, clean this place up!


At the risk of exposing too much of my personal life I must tell SOMEBODY

what is the most effective cleanser?

Man Hid Bags Of Pot Inside Stuffed Easter Bunny

USB Humping Dog Doesn't Hump Your Leg

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 4/9/2007)

Happy Birthday to Hugh Hefner! 81 today.

What Triumph/Rik Emmett song would a non-Canadian most likely know?

I had a New Orleans layover on Friday

I need help re: video capture

I found the real chocolate Jesus

INTJ folks - check in or I won't judge you because I think I'm not extoverted.

Math/Geometry experts: what is the name of this shape?

The new GE Commercials


At the risk of exposing too much of my body I must tell SOMEBODY

Le pudding à l'arsenic, nous permet ce pronostic


Ink -A Dink -Doo...

Just a reminder, people.

You know, the more I look at it, Creationism is the way to go...

I did an upper-G.I. for the first time in two years.

I did an upper!

How perverse are personal problems here in the Lounge?

Crap I'm tired.

The next Stevie Ray Vaughan?

OMG, over a million views. I'm like TOTALLY famous

I WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuck. I got a new cell phone and I accidentally locked the phone :(

DU: Stinking hellhole of sin?

For SouthPawKicker: Proof I was in Dallas this weekend and other random pics!!

Yes or No? MrLaraMN should go get me my damn cookie dough BLIZZARD!

For this week we have my housemates mother, aunt, sister and six children staying at the house.

Meet Sammy Davis Jr. Jr., officious seeing eye bitch.

That new diabetes meter that negates the need to prick the finger...

PUN: a Good Zombylicious Evening to you

"Roots" 30th Anniversary Presentation on TV-One

Our guys and gals should like this. Whack your boss.

if you are outnumbered roughly 2-1 and yet your opponent's

Kitty catches the bus to Fish N' Chips every morning.

Anybody watch "Extras"?

What parts of your chocolate easter bunny are left?

Pics from Sunday...(dialup warning)

Post a safe uninspired cultural opinion

When I got MY prostate exam it was NOTHING like this

British Cat Takes Public Transportation to Fish & Chip Shop.

I misheard something on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me

Regarding Raquel Welch...

"Piano man he makes his stand in the auditorium"...

She's not a girl who misses much....(White Album...)

How the hell did I get logged out??

Fun Fact: Death Valley is higher than Mt. Denali

Geesh, you get a curio thinking you can use it to display knick knacks and such and . . .

I am sincerely concerned about important things, and lament the puerile postings of some Loungers

Did you ever ride one of these?


Hey, I live in a "stinking hellhole of sin".

Best XTC album

Like Dennis Leary says...

sarahbelle is back?

Helmet (live)- "Unsung", 1991

I am immortal like Lord Voldemort!!!1!! !!1!!!! !111!!!!!!!! 1!!!!!1111!!!

What state has the best drivers?

QUIZ: Which girl is your type?

Favorite words of wisdom from Beavis and Butthead?

You're No Good

Your favorite Neil Young album

OK--so you're unjustly accused of murder--whom do you want to help you?

just got off the phone with Sugar Smack, she is living RL thank you & misses everybody here...

Best Monty Python line ever

Recommend the best books about your religion/spirituality/ worldview

UFC 69 (Spoilers)

The Yanks should be wearing two black arm bands.

102 year old lady cards hole-in-one

Just once I'd like to hear an athlete say...

‘This Week’ with George Stephanopoulos - Transcript & Video

Shifting around on Iraq. (Be very careful out there this week.)

Did anyone else watch Olberman tonight ?

Tay, where have you been lately?

Stanford Hospital & Clinics and Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Reach Contract Agreements with Nu

LA Times: Giuliani foes hope 9/11 changes everything

Edwards Bets on Union Support to Grab Momentum in Early Races

Can 'ethical' companies be union-busters?

WWWD - Ski Dubai

Bush Sucks War Sucks Bring Them Home Now

No More Blood For Oil

Why Bush will never pull out of Iraq (like a monkey with a nut in a bottle)

Global Warming Its Up To YOU

A Way Of Life We should Honor Native Americans

Acidic Oceans Threatening Sea Life, UN Panel Says

Native American Inspiration

Specter Gives Lieberman A Lesson On Foreign Policy

Reason For Bush's War Oil Factor

The Pentagons Pain Ray used on reporter.

Apocalypse Now: Col. Kurtz's monologue on war and horror

CSPAN: Consumer Debt Call-In

G.W. Bush and Global Warming

Dick Cheney kills the easter bunny

Bush has turn his back on us. Will you

Its Iran Nuclear National Day Woohoo!

Time To Storm The Gates Again

TPM TV: April 9, 2007 -A Pelosi screw-up or a WH set-up?

Richard Holbrooke on Hardball

Why I support Barack Obama

Miltary Pain Ray Promo Ad.

Part1: Prologue by Mike Griffith (RE: TRENT REZNOR and dystopia)

Peter Werbe to freeper caller: "It's got a lot to do with Uranus"

If you missed the Gators' Joakim Noah's tribute to his mom...

Rules of Engagement

Craigslist makes the news again -- this time because of a teen-run escort service.

OK, don't laugh, but babylonsister wants the troops home now, sooner

Four Years Ago Today, Saddam Statue Was Pulled Down...

Constitutional law professor is on the Terror Watch List for criticizing Bush

3,282 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war against the Iraqis

watching meet the press - wwhich "journalist" sticks out like a sore thumb?

i cant even imagine how hard this is on the nerves for the Troops..

Acidic Oceans Threatening Sea Life, UN Panel Says

'Let's beat somebody up': Attacks on homeless surge

Families of diplomats held by U.S. meet Red Cross rep

No legal safety net for American sentenced to be hanged in Iraq

Radical Fringe Toon - 4/9 (Re-runs for a few days)

News media draw up escape plans in case Baghdad collapses

I'm watching Imus this morning.

What surge? Hundreds of thousands say get out!

Russia, Iran, Venezuela, others to form Natural Gas cartel??

Will the next President revoke Executive Order 13233?

NYT: For the Chief Justice, a Dissent and a Line in the Sand

I think that the DU staff should plan a mega DC party on Inauguration day 2009

One guy who literally chopped off his trigger finger with an axe to prevent his deployment

Why do we tolerate homelessness?

my LTTE re:Ptsd/personality disorder misdiagnosis and the VA

Imus statement on his show about the "nappy headed hos": I AM NOT A RACIST!

Future lead story on Fox News: Comic Book Superhero kills President Bush

Huge anti-US rally marks Iraq milestone

Work to do.

Under the God

c-span 3pm edt - Allawi at National Press Club

Will Keith Olberman be allowed to name Imus "Worst Person in the World"?

Family values?

Flight canceled after pilot curses at passengers

I'm really liking Joakim Noah!


Guardian: Hundreds of thousands protested against "US occupiers".

Anyone know of an all-in-one listing of Congress critters' E-Mail addies?

AP: Allawi Book Rips 'Incompetent' U.S. Occupation

US soldier re: "surge": “It’s like a game of cat and mouse. It’s just a really, really smart mouse.”

Mr. N*gga (by Mos Def) - A Dedication to Don Imus

USNews: GOP insiders predict that Democrats and Bush will find a compromise on the Iraq funding

Imus controversy breeds mass anger... what about Rush, O'Lielly etc...

The Establishment circles the wagons to protect its own.

Contrite Don Imus: 'I'm a good person', sure you are don sure you are

Didn't somebody at Fox basically admit their job was to get Republicans elected?

Katrina vanden Heuvel on The Colbert Report tonight

New letter from Waxman to Rice telling her to get her butt in here & address Niger Docs

The Root of Our Failures in Iraq - Conservatism

I hope Keith Olbermann makes a comment about Imus on his show tonight

Mr. Fish Does Tony Snow

Did anyone else see the "cross" on a Happy Easter NBC promo??

This administration must be impeached!!!!

Thanks George Bush

Iraq war anniversary: The quagmire enters its fifth year

Tell this to outsourced IT workers and/or people who don't like unions:

10 US soldiers killed in Iraq over the weekend, including 6 killed yesterday ...Bush prays for peace

SALON-Uncovers Further Evidence That Soldiers With Severe Injuries Ordered Back To Iraq

Our kids are killing the homeless for fun. I think I'm going to cry now.

Lieberman is not a Democrat! We need to contact all news

Brother Randy at "" explains it all for you.

ArmyTimes: Attacks on Green Zone increasing

Georgia Power selling green energy.

$4.00/gallon in San Fran

Shopping list could make you 'a terror suspect'

Cal Ripkin Jr. cancels appearance on Imus

Great Salon Article: Injured troops shipped back into battle

Sheila Samples: Surviving at the Pleasure of the President

caption this Pickles pic...

Iraqis march today, chanting "Get out, occupier!"

Which story was the Fryday News Dump?

McCain and Guiliani both had cancer; why MSM focus on Mrs. Edwards

GOP to Target Recess

US accused of using neutron bombs (4 years ago in Baghdad)

Green Zone cabin fever: Prime Minister Maliki, help help help!

Dow Chemical up for sale - guess the CEO's will buy ranches in S.A.

Sweet Little Lies--Article by Krugman

: (

Wolfowitz Responds to Controversy Over Staffer

US admiral Mark Fox regarding Shiite anti US rally: "a mark of a democratic society"

*uck Imus.

Judge Urges Steven Hatfill To Compel Outing of Sources in Anthrax Lawsuit

Iraqies Call For U.S. Forces to Leave!!


If this protest had been here in the US... the headline would have said "100's"

Why oil corporations love Bush! Occidental boss took home $400M in 2006.

Four years after Saddam’s fall, regret in Iraq

WH regarding Shiite anti US rally: "I'm not sure that we've seen that, those numbers materialize"

BBC: hundred-thousand; NPR: tens of thousands...

When did politicians start wanting us to sign petitions? Was the election not enough?

Don't worry about Imus, he's not a racist.

Is anything more infuriating and racist than the wet-foot, dry-foot policy?

Romney names Jeb Bush as possible No. 2

Reaction to Imus interesting and somewhat laughable.

BREAKING: One dead in Detroit area office shooting

Al Gore will open the Tribeca Film Festival with global-warming themed SOS Short Films Program


Two rather... annoying op-eds on the recent crisis between Britain and Iran

Bush in AZ right now making an Immigration speech--"Inferrstrucurrr" is the word of the day so far

Bob Geiger: This Week's Senate Committee Schedule

Who is REALLY to blame for the latest obscene hike in gasoline prices?

Bush on CNN now

A symbolic picture on the fourth anniversary of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq

The Hollywood Liberal's Weekly News Video for NBC News Raw

The Imus Ranch

Step It Up 2007: Global Warming Action Day (The Nation)

Howard Fineman defending Imus right now...

What I find interesting about Imus is this: No one listens to him

So much for a 'flourishing' democracy in Afghanistan...

In praise of hatred.

Which federal level politicians are in favor of ending the War On Drugs?

Has Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama ever hunted?

Environmental Issues Move Kathy Mattea to Speak Out

Texas men's innocence puts a county on trial

DU this CSPAN Poll - Is the "surge" of U.S. troops in Iraq working?

NYT: Patterns of War Shift in Iraq Amid U.S. Buildup

My letter to NBC/Universal regarding Don Imus

My wife's cousins wife is headed back to Iraq this June

Get on the &@%$-ing plane and shut the @$%&* UP!

How many bu$h-loving, repug businesspeople hire illegals for cheap labor?

what is the bill number for troop funding?

Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future

I can't believe this BS.

sabra and DU, take a bow. You're being quoted:

Anyone watching the BushenFührer on the border and immigration ?

Two Foreign Policies! I Shudder...

Fox News suggests Edwards was using Fox to score points with his political base

list of stations carrying al sharpton. imus on at 1pm edt

A Paper Economy

So, what is really in your pet's food

The best way to pressure Imus is to pressure his guests. . .

NYT: Democrats Seek to Lead the Way in Tax Overhaul

Iraqis protest the illegal occupation; McCain is in denial, what's Levin's excuse?

Republicans to Filibuster Their Own President to Support Him

It's OK, Mike Pence

PHOTOSHOP: Why Bush will never pull out of Iraq (like a monkey with a nut in a bottle)

Danny Brown lives in limbo. Maybe you and I can help pull him out of there.

Called "Porno Girl" and videotaped in the john, teen intern sues(NM) DOT

Imus takes his lumps from Sharpton

Ok, Now the Argument is that people are violating Imus' right to free speech

An Offering to Imus

Americans offered 'aggressive patrols' in Iranian airspace

*** C-SPAN Ali Allawi Book Discussion Thread 1*****

Middle East press "united in its condemnation of the invasion of Iraq as an unmitigated disaster."

Is the USO active in Iraq?

GOP Website: "Countdown to Troop Funding Cuts" - only 5 days left

has any candidate taken Lou Dobbs up on his offer of free air time?

If Limbaugh can be dumped by ESPN for an ill-informed opinion about Donovan McNabb...

Karl Rove must be slipping, accidentally reveals PowerPoint presentation that shows GOP weaknesses

Canadian journalist -- "Americans ... least appreciated people on Earth."

Gonzales: "I've got 1 foot in the DoJ, 1 foot out the door, and 1 in my mouth!" (GRAPHIC -- FUNNY!)

Russia to launch new nuclear submarine

Wolfowitz's girlfriend paid more than Condi !

"Bush directs a Tallon 3 remote control robot into a crowd of press photographers"

Two 12 Year Old Girls Charged With Attempted Poisoning of Teacher

McCain: "Well, again, I disagree with what the majority of the American people want."

Students protest arrests at anti-CIA rally

Richardson 'not negotiating' but N. Korea offers him nuke deal anyway

Info on increase in anti-american sentiment and violence since Iraq war?

The Natives Are Getting Restless(Lieberman)

Can someone here at DU help me find

Halliburton getting out of Iran

"He's a scared old man trying to hold on to his job" says T.Carlson about IMUS

How many lies till it's murder?

Whatever happened to Sam Donaldson of ABC news?

"Dear Senetor, I am a mother in a family of 3."

MSNBC: Gonzales has "made a lot of calls" to Republicans telling them his side of the story

Tom DeLay has lots more to say about why liberals are like Nazis

remember the image of Karl and the computers during the 04 election?

Tonight on Countdown, email message

Lyme Disease- a chronic illness?

Imus' comments

Bush Calls Decreases (And Increases) In Border Apprehensions ‘Examples Of Success’

David Sirota: If A Conservative Lies, & There's No Progressive Around To Tell The Truth...

Critics Question Status of Abramoff Probe

Could the British 'hostages' be pressured into telling "stories"?

(CBS) Allen Pizzey: "I think that a lot of politicians have...a nodding acquaintance with reality"

Pet Food Hearing Thursday April 12

"BC" creator Johnny Hart, Dies at 76

Is anyone communicating with their community on Craigslist?

Oil tumbles as tensions unwind....Let's see if this 'tumble' makes it to consumers.

Would like to respond to an email I rec'd, but not sure if it's appropriate.

I'm willing to take this bet

Today is also the 4th Anniversary of We Will Not Be Silenced

Tours of duty for 15,000 U.S. Army troops extended.

Ghouliani: I supported efforts to let Terri Schiavo have a chance to live

Re: Imus....Should African Americans be held to the same standard as Whites?

Iraq's homeless poor crushed by war's aftermath

Obama also not participating in The CBC debate on Fox "News"

Shiites Call for U.S. to Leave Iraq

State Department Refusing To Say Whether Pelosi Trip Violated Logan Act

Imus comments more cruel than racist.

Seven Retired Military Officers 'Come Out' in Response to General Peter Pace

Beneful - alerted to problem in January

An Alaskan cruise with ROBERT BORK?!

13 Men Falsely Convicted by D.A. Wade (of Roe v. Wade Fame)

SAM SEDER SHOW cancelled on AAR!

Went to the post office this past Saturday--saw a large number of people waiting there...

Any guesses on Exxon's profit last quarter?

Who Are Imus' Commercial Sponsors?

Obama is going to skip fox sponsered debates.

'Christian Medical Association': Senate Stem Cell Bill Exploits Women

Patterns of War Shift in Iraq Amid Buildup of U.S. Force

Professor who criticized Bush added to terrorist 'no-fly' list

Are "senior citizens" the next threat to the US?

Ed Schultz apologizing for Imus apology.

Price of oil dips $3, to $62 a barrel. I wonder how long it

Pickles Reads A code

Shell Chief Executive Says `Easy Oil' Is Gone

Brit Officer: "We're perceived as an invading army, and we're radicalising the population."

Did The Chimp say Anything about today being National POW Recognition Day

Do you think the politicians

The view's EH's 4/9 TWIT moment of the day. Imus should be in Time out. Ann Coulter is fine just

The myopic, anti-American folks at and offshoring.

Ed Schultz wants to know why Imus' apology isn't enough

New Ras Poll: Edwards Leads Giuliani, Thompson

Bush almost blows himself (and Cheney) up

Is it me or is today's breaking news just kind of boring?

Sharpton is missing a great opportunity here.

Wolf Blitzer: "EVERYBODY, including John McCain, seems to think Imus deserves another chance"

Edwards will announce his "Form 1" plan to overhaul the tax filing system LINK

Where's Tweety?

Dupe; pls. delete. nt

Waxman won't let Rice off the hook

Holy crap! Tucker just said that both party "elites" favor illegal immigrants.

HA! Imus show suspended for two weeks (NBC news)

Don Imus is a racist? No shit?

If you caught Dobbs (puke) he had two Black Leaders dissing Imus

Name The Famous Imus Guests...

I'll accept the Imus 'suspension,' IF...

It's official - This is Sam Seder's last week. Here's his letter.

The only reason Imus was suspended

Imus Get's it and he has "Historical Pain" according Mike Barnicle

Are you basically screwed getting a job without a credit rating?

I have a CT scan tomorrow

Let's talk impeachment.

Anyone have listening information for the Bev Smith show?

RW buys a seat in WI Supreme Court

Landscape Architects' Meeting to Feature Vice President Al Gore

Jesse Jackson just 'got' Lou Dobbs.

Breaking; Imus MSNBC broadcast suspended

Anyone listening to the AA caller on Schultz right now?

Proposed state law impose fee on gas-guzzlers, hand cash to gas-sippers

3287 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Boy, wingnuts are still dogging Nancy, neglecting the facts....

Living without cable / Politics / Election Night

This is what bush* is counting on: Dem. Senator Carl Levin: 'Senate will pay for Iraq war'

If the French are "cheese-eating surrender-monkeys", then weren't the Confederates

Who is more repugnant: Imus vs. Ann Coulter?

Natl. Organization for Women (NOW): DUMP IMUS

Bush Prays for Iraq (unofficial transcript)


What are the odds that Keith will call Imus the Worst Person in the World

ON KO: Man who hammered Saddham Hussein's statue regrets that

CBS radio suspends Imus too

Pick your candidate


April 17th people, don't forget.

Bedbugs make a comeback in all 50 states

I see NBC's and CBS's 2-week Imus suspension >

Malcontent finds CNN subliminal message

Free Republic Takes On Evil Communist Schoolteacher

Don Imus a distraction from war with Iran

That was Sweet! Amb. Richard Holbrooke spanked David Gregory

My Son told me he cannot be deployed for a year

George Bush is a saint.

Bush Last Year: "The most important issue facing us today."...yeah, right...

By This Time Next Year Our Candidate Will Be Known

Damn KO's producers for showing animals hurt on a daily basis!

Air America dumps Sam Seder for some chump named Lionel

Don Imus' new show format?... Soul Food Cooking Show

Tainted Food May Have Hurt 39,000 Pets (AP)

The Dems need to start blaming big media for the Iraq war


Apparantly D.U & F.R. now agree on something.

Seems to me that the rush to February 5 pimary is self-defeating for many states

Just to make it clear: I don't give a shit about Don Imus. And you all know that I HATE racists more

News Flash: Plastic bottles bad for babies - use glass, if you can find e'm

Teen hero rescues tourists in carriage pulled by runaway horse.

Don't mean to start no flame war here or nothing but whatever became of "Cold Fusion?"

I was asked to remove my T shirt or remove myself Part 2

Another GREAT graphic from BartCop!

Dan Abrams says FOX is using Imus' comments as a way to attack MSNBC

Senior U.S. lawmaker says he'll go back to Syria

"Spring cold snap not peachy for farmers"..or you!

AAR is moving toward the center for advertising $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

My town made it on the Worst Person in the World...

I guess this is a real newspaper, but does this sound like Elizabeth Edwards?

update on the harp seal hunt- we can still help

John McCain: "Straight Talker" or "Straight Jacket"?

Colonel Boylan: Pig Make Up Artist Extraordinaire

Lockerbie Bombing /Movie

McGuirk started the nappy headed ho comment

Good evening DUers!

White House Tells Press: Huge Anti-American Protest in Iraq Shows 'Progress'

Oil drops $3 despite Iran uranium news - glut at key Oklahoma storage hub

Hillary Clinton also backs out of CBC/Fox "News" debate. thats 3 so far.

I'm not a racist cause I know a couple of black people.

My dream ticket for '08? Obama/Imus!

Bush v. Congress: The Looming Battle Over Executive Privilege

Stephanie Miller

Former MO US Attorney Todd Graves Revealed to Be Ninth Attorney Targeted By Alberto Gonzales (?)

Workplace violence: Are you or have you ever been afraid?

Bernard McGuirk called the players Gigaboos

Is radio talker "Lionel" taking Sam Seder's slot on AAR?

AC 360 Covering Edward's Neighbor Story

Want to DU a poll--Should Imus be fired?

New GOP Hippo Logo: Feedback PLEASE ;=D

Democratic politicians support the War On Drugs

MSNBC Has Armstrong Williams Commenting On Imus!!

Two weeks for Imus is bullshit.

I don't get the Imus defense here.

David Gregory Defends "Allison Stewart's The Most Show" as Rep of Black TV!

Language. Actions. There is a difference. They are related but there is a big difference.

Phucque Imus, why can't we get Hannity, Boortz, Rush and Focks News for their Garbage?

On Sen.Carl Levin: WTF does Levin thinks folks are doing to "press" Shrub at all?

Elizabeth Edwards afraid of neighbor because he brandished a gun at surveyors

People: Imus is the least of our problems. Is he an ass? You bet your own ass he is

When did 24 become a comedy?

An ambitious attempt to create the Department of Pat Robertson's Justice and a theocracy

What If Imus Left Radio And T.V. & THEN Apologized?

They've got more say than the people...

Question-What is acceptable to say here on DU?

Legless Lizard Tour De Tejas for Disabled Americans completed

Obama on Letterman

Thanks, Duers. If you haven't experienced it, trust me, losing a pet ...

Suicide soldier exposé - Copenhagen

Al Sharptons email box is full. Does anyone have another address?

Bush's "hopeful sign of freedom"

I just applied for a US Passport. I'm a DU Dem and have been to many...

Merchants Feeling the Credit Card Pinch

Seattle: Liberal yet "Conservative" city?

For any time a conservative says you don't value life, that Bush does, etc

3,288 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

Darfur Genocide: New Google Earth Presentation

I hope this doesn't sound racist, but I find Latino people to be

General Leonid Ivashov says U.S. still planning to attack Iran

NYT: Huge Protest in Iraq Demands U.S. Withdraw

New information shows tainted food may have sickened or killed 39,000 pets -- mostly cats.

Why has AAR dumped its best programs?

NYT transcript of Don Imus on Al Sharpton's Radio Show

Katrina Vanden Heuvel really does wonders for the anti-bumper-sticker-discourse movement

Imus can only survive by throwing McGuirk overboard

OBAMA is on Letterman tonight - 4/9/07.

ABC News and the anthrax attacks..

We interrupt Imus day for a message from your local Army Recruiter

What does Don Imus and Michael Jackson have in common?

Air America Radio has jumped the shark

Specter, Leahy, Feinstein and Schumer ask Justice for ALL documents related to U.S. Attorney firings

is alternet an acceptable site for info

Elliott Abrams behind Pelosi attacks?

Ix Indoor Amusement Park Cleveland is criminal .

Sam and Marc on NovaM Radio???? A real possibility!!!


NEW Daily Show on NOW!

CBS NEWS reports that environmental toxins are contributing to lowering Male birth rate

A Call for Manners in the World of Nasty Blogs

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Can I please get a tinee bit more DU love?

Hopefully, Don Imus will be just the beginning

Imus to Sharpton: "I can't win with YOU PEOPLE"

Have a look at this racist site (nappy hair)

Have you noticed any similarity between how quickly Enron & Bushco unraveled?

TOON: Doonesbury Takes On Impeachment!

Air America signs Lionel to take over Seder's slot

Okla family sort of mourns dead son in Iraq

Troop deaths have doubled last 7 weeks compared to prior 7 weeks-since

Can anyone help find this quote about Propaganda?

Barack's on Letterman now

Weel, I think Imus should be given community service...

In the world I live in: a person who deceives in order to take advantage of another is a felon.

$10 a Gallon Gasoline

Ok don't laugh but my dream ticket is GORE/KUCINICH '08

Can someone please tell me how the Imus Show has lasted for so many decades?

Imus and Sharpton Square Off Over Racial Remarks (audio)

When Incompetence and Cronyism Merge

Bush loses in court AGAIN!!

Surging Toward Failure in Iraq. How Many More Deaths? Robert Parry

Fineman to Imus: "It takes a lot of guts to say what you just said." In the spirit of Easter!

Europe: Majority supports strike on Iran

Discovery Hellth, speaking to diabetics, and not one word about

Apparently, you go to NewsBusters when your tinfoil hat is on too tight

Kudos to CatWoman for pointing out that Imus has nappy hair himself!

Half-Staff Flags

Sex, Drugs, and Soybeans

World Scientists: Global Warming Could Wipe Out 25% Of All Species

There are three things about this war that are problematic -

Bush Approval Ratings Running the Lowest Ever

Obama says Imus comments "divisive, hurtful and offensive."

Baby goats disappear near Lawrence

Schoolchildren to be fingerprinted in Big Brother-style shake-up

I'm not a racist or a homophobe

Are all these old Repug farts on Viagra

Carl Levin....Kiss My Ass. You blinked you whiney-assed bastard.

Was the two-week suspension against Imus reasonable?

All Black People Are Jerks. Jerks I say!

WHO WILLED IT? In Honor of the "Easter Rising" IRELAND, April 1916

Breaking News: Three People Shot in Office Shooting 5 Miles North of me ...

Is General Wes Clark still a "paid consultant" for Fox News? If so, he needs to quit now.

PBS TONIGHT American Experience:Jonestown:The Life and Death of Peoples Temple

Hillary Pulls Out Of Fox/CBC Debate

"I am hereby submit": Has CNN cleaned up Monica Goodling's resignation letter?

Woman offered strangers $500 to kidnap her 2-year-old son -- and they did.

Special-need children need health-care allowances

What govt sources peddled fake Saddam-Anthrax links after 9/11 to ABC's Brian Ross? (Greenwald)

"We'll leave when asked." (GW Bush) "Get out! Get out, occupier!"

USAF Colonels Charged for Drawing Weapons on Blackwater Personnel

chandra levy/ DC madame's black book connection?

An Inconvenient Truth /Young Readers Edition To Be Released Tomorrow

NY Magazine article about Keith Olbermann with a bad title: "Limbaugh for Lefties"

It's too early for national polling to have much meaning but these numbers ought to throw cold water

Edwards is the real threat to Republicans, and here is why .... short and simple

Elizabeth Edwards afraid of neighbor

Caption This !!!

Yes he is!

Should they play God Bless America at Major League baseball games?

Yikes Almighty ! NY SUN: Cheney for Prez in 08

If Clark or Gore were going to run for Prez, they would've declared by now.

Is It Illegal For Private Armies/ Militias (Blackwater) To Operate In The US?

DEAN: "The war that was supposed to be a 'cakewalk' has disintegrated into a civil war"

Dave Zirin just called. He was looking for hubby, not me.

"My Name Used to Be #200343"

Hate Imus or else

neat! a way to add pics with no photobucket acct and no hotlinking!

"D.C. Madam" Speaks with ABC News

If only the County would've kept up the road, these 2 teens would be alive.

"Wow, she is really a towheaded little whore, isn't she?"

TIME's TV critic: Imus: From Non-Apology Apologies to Non-Excuse Excuses

Larisa Alexandrovna at Huff Post: Why Are They Trying So Hard To Distract Us?

Thorium-based nuclear reactors - a better, greener power source?

Which 1st Lady do you respect the most??

LAT: GOP-issued laptops now a WH headache: Dems say e-mail system used in violation of federal rules

Taxes, debt shadow Extreme Home Makeover family

Keep the outrage going

I'll make a prediction that Imus will not be back

A freeper melted my brain yesterday. It's taken this long to even *TRY*

MSNBC's Dan Abrams (Son of Floyd) Programming Chief says Fox News has Attacked them to Fire Imus!

The Silent Debate: American Jews & The Iraq War

E-mail campaign against IMUS on NOW website

Whoa, did you hear abut what Imus and his minions have said about

NYC: Greg Palast, Randi Rhodes, & Robert Kennedy Jr. appearing May 1

Sam Seder and Janeane Garofalo belong on TV.

The Imus comment was more than just an insult to African-Americans but to all women too

Regent University.

Bush Milwaukee U.S. Attorney Disgraced by Appeals Court for Politicial Prosecution of Innocent Woman

Really the only thing I ever get in fights on here about is Don Imus

Are you on a US terrorist watch list? Have you been to any peace marches?

Capitol tunnel workers have lung disease

UNBELIEVABLE: Scandal puts spotlight on Christian law school. ASHCROFT changed hire rules.

Six U.S. Attorneys Given 2nd Posting in Washington

Americans love outsourcing

About the Imus "surge." My theory as to why the numerous threads.

MYTH...Reverse Racism

Marcy Wheeler: "I Smell A Subpoena Coming On" (Waxman vs. Condi)


I posted this on the Veterans now lets here your ideas April 9th POW Recognition Day

Fund the Troops! Defund the Illegal Occupation!

This Modern World: Fluffy Bunny and Happy Mouse are worried about Iraq!

Fish's advice for Democrats: Run against the other party

Iowa Will be Even More Influential in 2008

Media Matters has documented several other racial slurs on Imus' show

WP: Democrats back away from Iraq troops withdrawal demand

Why does David Gregory hate America?

Obama's long lost son mystery solved!!!

The Rude Pundit: Every Day, More Bug Bites From the Bush Administration

San Antonio War Reporter Challenges McCain's View of Iraq


Oversight hearings, related legislation at HIGHEST LEVEL since Depression

Anyone else catch Kondracke's Democrat's have vested interest in Iraq failure?

Join us for a National day to Demand Impeachment

These are the recommendations from the DLC for exiting Iraq.

New York moves its primary up to Feb. 5

Does Anybody Know Where My Policy Laptop Is?

The Hollywood Liberal's Weekly News Video for NBC News Raw

Duckworth knows Hines' ills-Injured vet says she was 'scared off'

Msg. from Senator Russ Feingold (pls. sign petition!):

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The Media's Ideological View of Pelosi's Trip

Obama's starting to show us what "new politics" means

Lieberman pulls a Cheney on Pelosi

(David) Gregory Repeats Claim That Pelosi Was ‘Sloppy,’ Gave Incorrect Message To The Syrians

Rasmussen Reports: Obama within Five Points of Clinton

What limbaugh's lemmings were tittilated by today

Christian law school 'has had no better friend than the Bush administration'

RNC lists "Top 10 Obama Fabrications"

Dean in Denver says "new Dem majority does not get a free pass...we want change."

John Bolton Bashes Brits and Won't Settle For Less than War with Iran (HuffPost)

NY Joins Feb. 5 Primary Slate

The Family-Friendly Easter Bomb Hunt

What would be the effect on the troops if we just cut off funds?

So poor, so black.

Politico's Ben Smith: Obama Ditches Fox Debate

They've learned nothing since Rumsfeld.

Top 1%'s income rose 14% in 2005, bottom 90% lost 0.6%

Ron Brownstein: "My wife works in McCain's Washington Office"

"Why don't we kill him?"

Just heard on Tweety: Rp.Gringrey (R): Give victory a chance!

Unity '08 Organizer does Thin Veiled Hatchet Job on Pelosi's "Katrina Problem."

Waxman to Rice: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get

OK, just HOW full of shit is John McCain?

I'm willing to give Victory a chance under following conditions

Four years later - lest we forget ........

AP Poll: Congress Approval Up

Are Congressmen REALLY Aware of their roles as 'Servants to the People'?

OH BOY!!! is this much to do about nothing on Obama

Breaking: Big News Org Reports Aggressively On GOP Attacks Over Pelosi's Syria Trip!

little lord pissypants in trouble? why, just fire up the immigration debate as a distraction

The Way its Looking, Both Parties Will Have Presumptive Nominees After February 5

Susan Estreich links US Attorney scandal to Duke students' rape prosecution

"...Reconcile this and move on" Carville says, when Imus has trashed Hillary more than anyone.

JUST IN - Don Imus suspended for 2 weeks

Waxman Going after Rove’s Rogue Email System

Attn Ohio, Western PA, and West VA for $40.00 you can see Karl Rove 4/18

Watch the Barack Obama Healthcare Forum

LA Times: This time, we want healthcare reform (Don't forget the lessons of ClintonCare)

Shiite Leaders Call On Iraqis To Join Anti-American Militia To Actively Combat U.S. Troops

ABC Breaking - Imus on two week suspension

Tell me Duers, If all Congressmen become members of the same exclusive Washington Club

AP Poll: Congress Approval Up

Kucinich to speak at climate rally

Can someone help keep my wife and I keep this all straight?

McCain: Baghdad Market Was Safe (AP)

Democrats and Republican donors

DFA Training Academy in Missouri April 14.

Obama Ditches FOX/CBC DEBATE! Just in over at "Politico"

Edwards Bets on Union Support to Grab Momentum in Early Races

Korean Anti-FTA Rally Held Despite Ban (text and audio in English)

Prime News asking for story ideas

Easter, 1916 (William Butler Yeats)

Impeach at the beach, latest news, please kick

Fred "Hollywood" Thompson

Jesus' General: Army of Bens

Just IN: Clinton Is Also Backing Out Of The Fox News Debate


Al Gore vs. Hillary Clinton vs. Rudy Giuliani...what if?

Fred Thompson: Another Abortion Flip-Flopper

Here's an idea for the next Survivor..... Imus, Rush, Fallwell, Colter...

OBAMA is on Letterman tonight - 4/9/07.

GOP-issued laptops now a White House headache: LA Times Story ready for the big I?

Obama AND Hillary to skip Fox Debate.

Is standing up for a principle, sometimes requiring vast courage, an accomplishment?

How can we get Congress to accept their role as a servant of the people

CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL, WATER COOLER, please...--Stem Cell funding bill in Senate

Bush, speaking in Yuma about border security, Hard Work!

Ed Schultz : Don Imus SHOULDN'T be fired

Fox as "The Monster"

Which Presidential candidate would you prefer to run for VP?

Even Michell Malkin is upset with the Imus comment

State Dept. Blows Off Waxman’s Niger Inquiry, Falsely Claims Rice Has ‘Answered In Full’

Little ways in which climate change has affected your life...

Clinton leads little-known Brownback by 5 points (10 points worse than Obama)

Ed Schultz

Club for Growth pulling a Chafee

Must watch tv debate Tuesday

U.S. Attorney Investigation: Meet The New Boss

AOL Poll on Bush's Ratings

Bill Richardson's Diplomatic Missions

The Kucinich 50 Million Doors Campaign

Al Gore v. Fred Thompson, who wins Tennessee?

DU a few Imus polls (if you feel like it)...

Can somebody please explain to me again why the Dems won Congress?

Warm Reception on Chilly Day for Circuit City Protesters

Korean War hero branded a terrorist by draft-dodging Shrub

Waxman Lays the Pressure on Rice

Find another candidate who would dare touch this....

Why aren't hip hop/rap artists taken to same level of outrage as Imus?

How long will it take FAUX to realize they have a tarnishing reputation? Do they care?

Rasmussen: Edwards now leads all Republican hopefuls in 2008 polls (8-point lead among independents)

"you have to remove the President." -- John Yoo

Richard Holbrooke Blisters Media: Syria Story "Exploited By Journalists Looking For Fake Controversy

Dean speaks in the Denver press today....believes "the west is key to the Democrats"

Since Clintons feel that Bill-Poppy relationship should be kept under wraps now

C-Span Independent caller refers to * as a "draft-dodging closet queen,"

OMG! Did you hear what Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation just said on The Colbert Report!!!!

Any Du'ers with HI TECH Skills , other SKilled Workers--

Digging deeper into the Denver protests.....what is it really about?

Rassmussen: Edwards Defeats all goppers

Imus visibly shaken. Meeting with the women from Rutgers, very apologetic

I credit Edwards for leading the way on Fox

Homeschooling and Scientific Ignorance

Its possible Imus is not a racist.

Al Sharpton show