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Archives: April 19, 2007

Dallas Morning News editorial supports death penalty abolition.

Russia Plans World's Longest Tunnel, a Link to Alaska

AP NewsBreak: Haggard Leaves Colorado

RIT senior faces gun charges

For just 2.99 you can get a liegirl

Proof that REO Speedwagon once kicked ass


Don't You Just Hate It...

Sometimes, when I first wake up from a nap, or in the morning...

Bangladesh: A nation in fear of drowning

UK High Commissioner: "We have never seen Iraq as part of the war on terror"

"South Park" ... looks like "Invasion of the Homeless"

Oh and uh by the way....anyone remember.....

C-Ya Rev haggard

OK I give up. DU is unworkable...if this gets through

Dolittle responds to FBI raid: "My wife made me do it!" (ROFL)

My 5 year old little girl just did me proud!

Relaxing concealed weapons laws would be disastrous!

What is it about firearms that promotes such heated argument and zealotry?

Charlie Rose and guests on cancer; very interesting, on PBS. nt

Oops. Callers to a sex predator hotline got a sex chat line instead.

The parents of the murdered students still have to pay the student loans?

My 5 year old little girl just did me proud!

"Bad things happen to good guns"

BREAKING on Hannity: Students said hi to Cho and he didn't say hi back

Most hilarious/appalling/ironical /sarcastic/something video I've EVER seen...

I know what the news shows will be talking about tomorrow, and it won't be V-Tech...

McCain To Send Self Back To Vietnamese POW Camp To Revitalize Campaign

Guns don't kill people, movies do.

One hour of US work no longer buys as many hours of Chinese work as it once did - The Nation

Not a poll, but does anyone like the new front page?

NYT editorial: Denying the Right to Choose

Wanna drive from the U.S.A. to Russia? It'll cost $10-12 billion

Help! Friend's forum seized by GW Deniers, Freepers!

The compromises may cost (Dems) votes among antiwar liberals, but they hope to pick up some (Repubs)

Obama responds to Bush's statement on Darfur

Are there any restrictions against Cheney being VP again?

Harvard professors shower cash on Obama

White House 2008--The year of the Washington Insider?

Health-care crisis

My Local Paper Compares VT Massacre To 9-11

IRAQ: Insecurity and lack of funds prevent cleansing of polluted sites

Giovanni puts VT tragedy in perspective

A Selective Definition of Voter Fraud (by Joe Conason for Truthdig)

Ten Questions for Alberto Gonzales (by John Nichols for The Nation)

Why Are Americans Afraid of Being Naked? (AlterNet)

Schools Review Safety After Virginia Massacre

"It's a remarkable country, izznit?"



Governing the Womb (by Ellen Goodman at Truthdig)

What Can The Danes Teach Us About Happiness?

Come On Out and We’ll Give You a Buick!


Iraq Refugees: The Hidden Face of the War

World Opposed to U.S. as Global Cop

UN lauds Al Gore, environment leaders at green awards

Family Planning And The World Bank(under Wolfowitz)

Bob Herbert: A Volatile Young Man, Humiliation and a Gun

Will conservatives support our troops when they mutiny?

Ellen Goodman: Governing the Womb

New Phil Giraldi article about Sibel, Waxman

Gun Industry Caught Lying for Profit in an Illinois Mailer. They are Addicted to Their Blood Money.

Psychiatrist: Showing Video is 'Social Catastrophe'

Sr. WH aides on Gonzo: "going down in flames"

War Plan B and Situation B

Joe Conason: A Selective Definition of Voter Fraud

Sun Kyung-Cho is employed by the Iraq Reconstruction Management Office

Hitting bottom doesn't have to be bad, since that's where all the bounce is!

U.S. needs a prescription for gun control -- Commentary by Robert Reich

Bringing Down the House of Lies,The Final "Leg" of the Journey(Steve Bhaerman)

The Feminine Face of Poverty

Supreme Court Upholds Late Abortion Ban: Right-wing Judicial Activism Run Amok

H-1B Answer: Innovation (Good Read)

PAUL KRUGMAN: The Plot Against Medicare

Tomgram: The Devil's Dictionary of War in Iraq

World Bank may target family planning

Iraq fourth in death penalty league, Amnesty says

Apple plugs 25 Mac OS X flaws

The Democrats Want a Non-Binding Withdrawal. Do You Know Why?

Deadly explosions in Baghdad rattle some at Pentagon

The Vast Power of the Saudi Lobby

"I HOPE IT'S YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS THAT DIE" - US Representative Dana Rohrabacker

Australia's Howard warns drought is 'unprecedentedly dangerous' - DPA

Help, my friend's forum seized by GW deniers, Freepers!!!

Japan contracts for a new fast breeder reactor with Mitsubishi.

Evergreen Solar to Build $150 M Manufacturing Facility in Massachusetts

Estée Lauder to Host (600 kW) Photovoltaic System at Aramis (NJ) Facility

Large PV project in Portugal

$79 Million Order for ZAP Electric Cars

48 hrs. to help Alaska's Cook Inlet beluga whales

Number of Alternative Fuel Autos on California's Roads Increased 17% in 2006

The defiant one (Exxon Mobile)

Schwarzenegger: The Fake Environmental Hero (AlterNet)

Barbara Boxer Promises To "Hound" ChimpCo On Climate Action - SF Chronicle

Climate Change Could Trigger 'Boom And Bust' Population Cycles Leading To Extinction

GAO warns of cost tied to changes in climate

Drought Down Under Drains Reservoir, Revealing Town Submerged For 50 Yrs - AFP

Hydroelectric (tidal) power studies gain approval (ME/NH)

Group: Amur leopard close to extinction (Reuters/CNN)

IOC wants contingency plans to fight Beijing pollution - AFP

Indonesia minister proposes new-car ban

US Ambassador To EU Rejects Any Carbon Caps W/O China, India, Then Brags Re. US Emissions Technology

Soybean boom spells bad news for climate - New Scientist

PM John Howard Says Jury Still Out On Possible Link Between Climate Breakdown & Record Drought

Australian Drought Worsening - Farmers Face Possible Irrigation Cutoff To Provide Water To Cities

Bush and Global Warming

Device Uses Solar Energy to Convert Carbon Dioxide into Fuel (still in R&D)

Group Calls for Population Control to Stop Global Warming

World needs to axe greenhouse gases by 80 pct: report - Reuters

Tata's $2500 car and Fords "Edge Concept" plug-in with diesel or Hydrogen fuel cell.

Coming to a garden near you - the solar-powered barbecue

Look - I know I am right about this.

A challenge to the nuke-firsters: where in California would you site a nuke?

Canadian Seal Hunters Trapped by Ice

Oh Look! It's A New Electric Car From GM!

Intifada leader: Free BBC reporter


BBC reporter kidnapped in Gaza is alive: Abbas

Former PM Ehud Barak deems Second Lebanon War a failure

Olmert's double failure

UN envoy: Israel's imprisonment of PA children feeds violence

Exclusive: IAF to ask US for world's most advanced jets

Gates: U.S. to sell smart bombs to Saudi Arabia

Jordan's Abdullah tells Israel: We share the same enemies

Justice Department Announces E-Submission Voting Rights Act Initiative

Link to Full Cuyahoga County Audit

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ohio Audit Says Diebold Vote Database May Have Been Corrupted

Raped 'for reading Holy Bible'

Senate bill OKs police latitude on roving wiretaps

Law blocks family's quest for justice:A state school where a retarded man was beaten severely has le

Iraq Reeling After Day Of Bloodshed (Bloodiest Since 'Surge' Began Two Months Ago)

Suicide car bomber kills 11 in Baghdad

Top deputy tells Wolfowitz to step down

Iraq Pledges $25M to Help Refugees

Bruning may yet take on Hagel (R-Ne) in '08

Iraq Qaeda kills 20 abducted soldiers, police-Web

Southern Miss (USM) student arrested on threat charge

Gates arrives in Iraq on unannounced visit

Colombia's Uribe calls senator who alleged he helped death squads a 'slanderer'

Iraq may hold twice as much oil

Corzine's car was doing 91 mph before crash

Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol(2 killed by IED and another killed by small arms fire)

Iran says no info on missing American

Filers Won't Be Penalized For TurboTax Jam

U.S. foreclosure filings rise 47 percent in March

Two British soldiers killed in Iraq

Wolfowitz Offers Changes at World Bank

28 killed in fresh Afghan violence

Gonzales: Firings were justified

Iraq Qaeda group names "war minister" - Web

Doolittle resigns from Appropriations Commitee.

2 candidates to replace Lam suggested to White House

Skeptical senators take Gonzales to task

Iraq Sadrists vow no return to streets despite bombs


EU poised to outlaw genocide denial

Survivors mark Okla. City attack anniversary

Senate approves bill to overhaul troubled TYC

Guns-at-work bill defeated (Florida)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg To Fund Anti-Gun Ad Campaign

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 19

New vehicles protect Marines in 300 attacks

Gregoire signs bill rejecting national ID card

World Bank may target family planning

Doolittle steps down from House Appropriations

McCain heckled over gun rights stance

Kitty Carlisle Hart Dies At 96

I'm Signing On: Joe Trippi Joins John Edwards Campaign

Police Hunt Man in 19-Hour Torture of Columbia University Graduate Student

BREAKING NEWS: Melamine in Corn Gluten Linked to South African Pet Illnesses

Colorado to remember Columbine eight years later

Former high school classmates say Va. Tech gunman was picked on

N.H. governor says he'll sign civil unions bill

RNC To Waxman: We’ll Only Show You The Emails We Want You To See

Government should be the only party with weapons, says Sistani

U.S. Republicans battle charge Iraq war is lost

Gonzales rejects call for his ouster

Anti-war activists descend on WA Senate

Missionary's tap for water brings assault charge

Iraq may hold twice as much oil

New Push Likely for Restrictions Over Abortions

Roadside bomb strikes MND-B patrol (2 troops dead, one wounded)

Sutter County hunt for man who allegedly threatened rampage

36 California schools under lockdown

Wolfowitz skips appearance as bank board meets

Doolittle Resigns from the Approprations Committee

US Congress rails against KBR, former Halliburton unit, for fraud and abuse on $20B contract

Reid: U.S. Can't Win the War in Iraq

Boca high-schooler threatens to kill Jewish students

Joe Nacchio found guilty on 18 counts

Gonzales pummeled by Senate

Foley Paying Bills With Campaign Cash

Top US Senate Democrat (Harry Reid) to Bush: Iraq war is lost

White House opposes executive pay bill

Administration pursued aggressive legal effort to restrict voter turnout

HP, Sun, Accenture Accused Of Offering Kickbacks In Gov. Contracts

Alberto Gonzales to Be 'USA Today' Guest at WHCA (correspondents) Dinner

Mary Winkler found guilty of Voluntary Manslaughter (TN preacher wife trial)

Combat deaths rise in Baghdad, fall in Anbar

AP reports a second tainted pet food ingredient has been found; recall expanded.

Iraq warns Turkey on Kurdish action

Cuban militant released on U.S. bond

Iraq's oil reserves could be almost double current estimates

Senator halts $55 million for Colombia (Pat Leahy)

Breaking: FBI Raids Rep. Renzi’s Family Business

House OKs bill giving D.C. voting powers

Chemical found in third pet food ingredient

Chinese make first artificial snowfall

Flight from U.S. dollar gathers strength

Officials: Pet Food Poison May Have Been Intentional

McCain Sings: 'Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran'

GOP Senator (Tom Coburn) Asks Gonzales to Resign

Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

Backlash leads to pullback on Cho video

Web Source Of Tech Killer's Gun Revealed (22 Walther)

Rules should have barred weapon purchase

(Jimmy) Carter: Iowa Shouldn't Go First

Moscow Dorms Shut Before Hitler Birthday

Lenovo Cutting 1,400 Jobs to Improve Profits

Iran's Supreme Court overturns death sentence against hard-line Islamic vigilante

FINALLY. (Spoiler)

Serious question: How do you feel when DU is down?

Blast Hardcheese

The question is should I try to sleep for a few hours or stay up, I need to take my Mother to the

To help you chill out

Well if DU is having server problems

Because it never gets old... (wait for the surprise ending)

Since there's no forum for audiophiles...

Gizmo flushes

Pussycat Dolls: TNR or humane euthanasia?

Can anyone offer some wisdom?

To what extent is humor appropriate for dealing with the VT shootings?

It's "National Libary Week" on the Colbert Report.

Geekiest tattoos

Hey, A-Schwarzenegger, take me off Ignore, schmoe.

There was a shooting on my school's campus a few years ago...

And when you walk around the world, babe, {edit to add pics}

If anyone should write my life story

And baby, you can sleep while I drive; thank you WH

I give up. These cats are too smart for me.

The Washington Nationals wore Virginia Tech hats on Tuesday night

Favorite Jackson Browne Song

Let's Start A List Of People Who Are Cool. No Repeats, One At A Time. I'll Start:

Powerpoint presentations "a disaster" says professor

I almost killed our smoke detector last night and it's still on borrowed time.

Congratulations SollyMack!! 20,000 posts

Need some advice (worried about losing unemployment benefits). Anyone been through this?

Happy birthday Maestro!!

Woman Arrested For Shoplifting Blames Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/19/2007)

Police Searching For Lynyrd Skynyrd Platinum Album Stolen From Daughter Of Ronnie Van Zant

Yeah, as a matter of fact... Yes, I do this on purpose

Okay, I've had it! What are the best Spam Blockers out there?

Um, there's a CHURCH the size of a STADIUM next to my hotel

Ack!! My medical insurance kicks in on the 1st

Any Ideas on how to keep the kitty from urinating in the clothes basket?

A Stack of Fried Green Tomatoes for supper tonight

Ex-Principal Found Guilty Of Kissing Students' Feet

Today is Bicycle Day in honor of Dr. Albert Hoffman

Anybody else ever dream about having sex with an ex

Cats puke on tile for one reason only

I think I know what's wrong w/ my foot

Charles Dickens Theme Park to open in England

How Did Hitler REALLY die

I like to listen to Dr. Joy Browne, but 2 things I disagree with her about.

There *are* good, decent people out here

Icanhascheezburger is down!

Thursday Morning Questions

Robbie Robertson appreciation thread

Dick Cheney's haircuts

Anybody else ever dream about having sex with an X-Man.

Who Said it Part II

True or False: Cats are the whores of the pet world.

I'm so HAPPY! I bought my sister a home!

I figured out why I'm such a dolt

first time since Saturday--I can see blue sky

I haven't yet figured out why I'm such a dolt

It has been brought to my attention

A question for all you meat eaters.

HairJaya Voted Off American Idull

Test your knowledge of Fundamental Leaders: Take the Quiz

Bwahaha! YouTube: The I-Rack.

Speaking of haircuts: A true story......

Hoo boy. Parenting conundrum.

Its been brought to my attention

Hey, DU. How about some happy news from Virginia?

Is it pricey to get rings resized?

I don't suppose any of you have the karaoke version of "Leave The Pieces"...

Oh - the bees and butterflies have been busy....

Oh, Rabrrrrrr!!! I know how much you LOVE Rosie,

Does anyone know how to copy

I am scared - I dreamt about Rabrrrrrr last night!

Who would one call to install a sump pump?

I haven't heard "Major Tom" in a long time.

Yeah, it's a Bad Brains kind of day.

so, i'm emailing a collegue regarding a HUGE file he is trying to download

Are you cool or do you suck? Take the quiz.

I did yet another dumb/embarrassing thing.

Rain Cancels Drought Advisory Council Meeting

Woman Blows .47 On Breathalizer Test - Sets State Record

Why didn't anyone from Atlanta tell me about Vagina Power?

I just bought this from Joe's Record Paradise in Rockville, MD

I just have to say this...


Bad news and Good news.

I'm moving in! I'm moving in! I'm moving in!!!!!!!!

You know, seriously, regarding the Lounge and bandwidth issues...

Everytime I list a cat for adoption on, I get THIS weirdness:

what does a retired rolling stone do?-treasure hunt !!

Weirdest Song You Ever Heard. See my weirdest -- weird like THAT.

Make me laugh.

Post a random fact, about yourself, that you just made up.

Throw the mealy-mouthed bum out (Gonzales)

What the fuck happened here?

What positions do you prefer?

Sharon Tate

Man Gets Daughter Pregnant - Tells Her To Throw Babies Down Air Shaft

Okay, loungiacs, even though I have no skill in this whatsofreaking ever

Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

Is this for real? Olberman on O'rielly and Rivera

This is the most PATHETIC thing I've read today

How many times a day do you say "FUCK"?

Just another reason to love Lincoln

Rolls-Royces are really boring looking cars.


Warren Beatty Set To Play Richard Nixon

It's official: the new girlfriend is a hoochie

My husband gave me a concussion this morning...

Oh Jack Thompson, I fucking hate you so very much!

Saw a good bumper sticker

Its OK kids, even Satan smokes

Preacher's wife guilty in husband's death

would you be offended?

I love my parents so much but...

I'm feeling my Celtic root tonight

It's OK kids...even Jesus smokes.


How did you learn to drive?

Bush talks smack about Kanye West

Play with me!!!!!!

Who thinks Peter is going to kick Sylars Ass???

It's OK kids...even Gandalf smokes.

Finish this sentence...

Ok, try to follow me on this one...have you ever

So...who's excited for tomorrow?

I need to learn how to sew asap..

My good boy...

Do you live with a blood relative you don't really like?

How much money, per month, do you budget for living expenses?

La mere's logic this evening while watching a program on Islam:

He's moving out! He's moving out! He's moving out!!!!!!!!

What the Hell is wrong with DU the last few days

There is nothing more dismaying than OJ writing "If I Did It..."

Jesus loves me, this I know.

Logically speaking ....

Cold Case Video... Have You Ever Seen

Miz t. has the grippe.

What do you want for nothing?

If you work on a network computer do you pick your nose?

If you work on a network computer do you poke your nose

Old Christian couple complains about 'filth' in high school musical (Jekyll and Hyde) a sandwich for me.

So, let's say you were interviewing for a position at a grade school.

I am bringing the Chips and Dip to Crim Sons party

I'm staying glad I found this place....I'm f***in' DU!!!!11

Graywarrior says I have to pimp my blog.

I'm fuckin' glad I found this place....I'm STAYING DU!!!!11

Boys and Girls State Participants Check In

College kids: have you registered for fall classes?

There is nothing more dismaying than OJ after you brush your teeth

I'm moving up! I'm moving up! I'm moving UP!!!!!!!!

Any Facebook people here?

RANT: Why are there people like this?

Sometimes I wonder if the people on the Daily Show are for real...

Berto Gonzales (new lyrics)

Omg, I am *totally* moving here!!

All the discussion of bullying is bringing back memories of middle school

KISS in not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Is DU messed up because Sanjaya was voted off of AI?


Extra hour of daylight "another plot by a liberal Congress"

Please come over and rub my head

I'm conflicted...

It's ok, kids...Even Santa smokes!

poetry thread, anyone?


The triple ignore feature really is better than the nuclear ignore thing...

Google Maps Directions from New York to Paris....

The Lost Tolkien Novel

Do you now or have you ever owned a waterbed?

Anybody wanna try a fun game?

Is it 4/20 yet?

Special Gift Advice Please

For my 18354th post, a Marshall McLuhan quote

Bush does smack with Keith Richards

Beware the beast man, for he is the Devil's pawn.

My speech about SEX and "living in sin"

List of People "Who Just Make You Want to Vomit"



What positions of authority have you occupied?

Favourite lines from the MOVIE M*A*S*H?

Should I splurge?

Probably the saddest song ever written ..don't you think ?

Which vacation spot would you choose:

When Neil Young sang of "big birds flying across the sky,"

Guess who we're seeing this weekend?

Let's Start A List Of People Who Are NOT Cool. No Repeats, One At A Time. I'll Start:

I'm Alberto Gonzales!! Ask Me Anything!!!

Is replacing the card/chip in a cell phone easy?

I am approaching 3000 posts, my friends.

Last Thursday I jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet

BMI is at 25.1, I'm officially an overweight American now.

Sammy Davis Jr. had hip surgery in 1985

Last Thursday I pushed swimboy out of an airplane at 10,000 feet

what's with bandwidth?

Customer Service Nightmares

I've fuckin' had it with this place....I'm LEAVING DU!!!!11

Just a friendly invitation. We have this really cool forum here

Memo to the old folks:

I'm feeling my Celtic roots tonight

Can you guess which HGTV personality I used to work with?

For my 3000th post, I want to revive the Lounge Losers!

Is The Music of Today Not As Good As The Music of 60s and 70s Or Am I Just Getting Old

Well, I'm off to my thesis defense......

My husband and I are both quitting our jobs today!!!!

Theodicy for Atheists. The Problem of Evil in a Darwinian World

Dinesh D'Souza, a worthless piece of shit if ever there was one

Hate Crimes Bill Hearings Begins Amid "Christian" Disapproval

Golden State makes basketball playoffs for first time in 12 years

It is way early but Arod appears to be on a mission.

Any golfers out there?

"...the Warriors have a chance at pulling off a first-round upset of the Mavericks..."

Another rebuttal to the Swifties

Edwards 2004 and Now

Kerry speaking at Commerce Committee hearing on basic research funding

TPM TV: April 19, 2007-Senator Kerry on Iraq (Part 2 of interview)

Bill Clinton (Big Dog) on Iraq

New cartoon featuring Greg Palast!--"The Leak"

John Edwards - Only in America

Walter Reed Follow - Up Hearing

Zach De La Rocha and Tom Morello (RATM) reunite for CIW victory rally

Darryl Hanna's video on Biodiesel - Includes Bill O'Lie-ly actually speaking the truth

Conservatives Ruined the Military

McCain: Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran

Jack Thompson blames Virgina Tech Shooting on Video Games (he had none in dorm)

Don't Laugh AT Me - Peter, Paul and Mary

1st Amendment Right to Assemble Under Threat in NY

Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag (some graphic images)

Murtha brings the righteous anger: Don't say WE are fighting this war!

Ladies and Gentlemen--- The stupidest man on the planet!

Amish Forgiveness is Christ Like

GonzoGate Virus infects Justice Department

John Edwards YouTube: You choose---what are you going to do?

Kenneth Eng 'Why I hate Black People'

Do you think the Bush administration should have a monopoly on guns?

NYT op-ed: A Dozen Questions for Alberto Gonzales (from four legal experts)

Whatever happened to the "memos" re: Plame?

Crossposted: These Old Men are Getting Away With Murder!

Time for pitchforks

Abortion in Britain and the USA

Rightwing Taliban USSC rules women must submit to their will

There was a shooting at my school a few years ago....

Salon: "U.S. Attorneys Scandal Gets Dirty" (Another Issue Connected To Firings - Pornography)

I wonder if anyone has ever polled the parents/survivors of school violence

Sheriff Plans For 3-5,000 Arrests At Repub Nat'l Convention

What was this I heard about Bush making people faint at Virginia Tech?

karlschneider, I wish you hadn't turned off your PM function.

Hey, A-Schwarzenegger, take me off Ignore, schmoe.

Anybody noticed that Kitty Carlisle Hart is dead?

Some things we can all agree on... (PLEASE stop with the yelling)

AP: NRA Cartoon Of NYC Mayor Raises Concerns

damn delete

Interactive Photo Essay At "Guantanamo"

Laws Limit Options When a Student Is Mentally Ill

"There can be no debate over how much bigotry is too much bigotry. Any bigotry is too much."

McCain, Ghouliani, speak up to assist the healing process: NO GUN CONTROL!!!!1111

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs April 19 - Plan B, C, D, E,.....

Questioning Cindy Sheehan

The VT shooter played the media like a drum.

The Media are MORONS - Why on earth did they show that vid?

Raped 'for reading Holy Bible'

Let's Have the Whole Virginia Tech Shooter Video Aired

Democrats Search for Exit Strategy From Iraq Showdown With Bush

New Fiore. . featuring "Knuckles" the torture guy..

Secret Hold Placed On Senate Electronic Filing Bill

Cho rants about Osama, Kim Jong, and Bush

If you are pro choice and didn't vote for Kerry and Gore

Sociopaths and Socio-psychopaths make up 12,120,000 Americans

Who is the more dangerous maniac? Cho or bush?

Stop blaming firearms. It's a natural, but isn't where the real problem lies.

What happened to my "right" to freely move about in public

Rove says preemptive Iraq war was Bin Laden's idea

Get ready for M$M talking about John Mark Karr!

That Nikki Giovanni poem has...

Email to CNN about hard news vs. sensationalism

Laws Limit Options When a Student Is Mentally Ill, colleges can't tell parents child is mentally ill

If Cho had been Aziz...

There was a shooting at my school a few years ago....

Guess How Many Official Threads There Will Be On gonzAllAss' Testimony Today:

Second Lassen County man to be arraigned in cross burning case

"The phrase that pays" on WSBG-FM ... "I'm a nappy-headed ho"

Monsey day camp faces fines over child's death

Youth pastor on trial in molesting

Student bomb maker won't be sent to jail

Poor alberto, this morning must be TORTURE for him!

Rebecca Car on Wash Journal is doing a decent job of explaining why USAtt. scandal a big deal

South Koreans mortified by massacre; hope for calm and safety for Koreans in US

So is the NRA going to organize a rally in Virginia just like in "Bowling for Columbine"?

You know, casinos have security cameras watching every machine.

Meet Michelle Obama, audio link...

The reason that Republicans don't spend much on their hair is because they get a group rate.

Ya think Abu has the trots right now?

"American Morning" host implies that mentally ill people are "monsters"?

Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me): Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs, Bad Decisions, and Hurtful Acts

Report: Space Adventures CEO’s Daughter Injured in Virginia Tech Shootings

Beaver Creek Baptist Church in Baker, FL Pastor takes his life after being charged with sexual abuse

Does everyday life in America make people crazy?

GOV DEAN On SCOTUS Decision: A Women's Decision Should REMAIN HERS & HER DOCTORS

Leahy vs. Gonzalez will be on at 9:30 a.m. (est) on C-Span I and III

C-Span Conspiracy? Why is Hearing on C-Span3?

Was Cho at all a victim of campus politics?

Lesser known Bush Administration member to attend Ultra-Right Wing Conference in Europe

Soldier denied extension of leave to be witih his dying mother.

Latest Michael Savage insane rant

Did anyone watch Crossing Jordan last night on NBC - One of their own was held by Homeland Sec.

delete already started.

Rice trying to squirm out of having to testify about Yellowcake Forgeries

A clue re melamine in pet food

FBI searches Republican lawmaker’s home

He's a killer, he's a star.

If the Dems let Bush and his minions pin losing Iraq on us we will never win another election

The NBC folks were drooling all over themselves last night

C-Span Host Susan slips and says: "Our Call in Line for * Republican Officials* is..."

Pastor's wife says she shot husband after years of sexual, emotional and physical abuse

Where is Cho's complete "manifesto" that NBC received?


WaPo: REPUBLICANS Block Medicare Drug Price Bill

CNN now airing Gonzo Hearing...NT

Gonzo Hearing online link....

*****************OFFICAL THREAD GONZO GATE 4*********


Hillary and Edwards have chimed in...but what about OBAMA'S haircuts?


WH says no to polygraph test for Sandy Berger

the CSPAN site is really slow and the Judiciary stream says its reached its limit

VIDEO: McCain sings, "Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb, IRAN!"

CSPAN1 and 2 are CONTRACTUALLY BOUND to cover LIVE House and Senate Sessions

The War Against Our Kids


Warren Beatty Set To Play Richard Nixon

I know who to blame for the haircuts being bought by Edwards and Hillary. The inventor of Politics.

Madison mayor leads protest against same-sex marriage ban



WBAI (Pacifica) covers Gonzo!

Why are we scrutinizing Edwards every breath? are we

Chronicle articles on VT shooter

ABC on gunman video: "Once First News Cycle Has Passed," Repetition "Little MoreThan Pornography"

If Cho was at the post office between shootings, where's

How many copycats are DYING to have their last video get wall-to-wall coverage?

Here's a live WaPo link to video coverage of Gonzo's hearing:

Links for Gonzales / Senate Committee on the Judiciary hearing (9:30 AM ET)


Alberto Gonzales.

A positive suggestion for Virginia Tech and all other universities: Instead of using

was Gonzales sworn in?

UN lauds Al Gore, environment leaders at green awards

Cho "manifesto" cites "Democratic Terrorists". Hate/talk radio fan?

Go Ted Kennedy!

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The price of no filibuster on Alito for the Supreme Court. "Partial-birth" abortion now a crime.

Campaign against alleged voter fraud fuels political tempest

Wave of Bombings Continues in Iraq

How long has the GOnzales hearing been going on FOr?

Question for DU Lawyers...

I reached the conclusion that all Republicans should be excluded from running our government. Either

C-Span 1 or 2, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, & NBC not showing Alberto

The Fate of Gonzo: Will he quit, be forced out, or survive?

Rove: "it was Osama bin Laden's" idea to start a pre-emptive war


Wow, Gonzales is dumb

What is the reason I can't get ONE answer to this question?

Moscow Dorms Shut Before Hitler Birthday


Gates vows to defend Baghdad to the last Iraqi....


Rep. Ellsworth: There are no judges, lawyers and prosecutors in Iraq


Erasing the name "Cho" from the web.... (pic)

I have a feeling that we will be hearing from the fired DA's

Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now! today, talking about new Blackwater facility in CA,

has anyone asked him about Monica Goodling and why she was promoted

Did the gopers on the judiciary committee get the memo from the home office to attack?


Toon for Gonzo

"April is the cruelest month"

Gates to Iraq: "the clock is ticking"

233 Killed in Iraq on Wed; 183 in Single Incident in Baghdad; More Than 430 Dead Citizens Since Sun.

Gov. Corzine Still Critical, Breathing With Ventilator

Anybody Else Having Problems With C-Span 3 Streaming ???

Edwards spokesperson: Haircut bill paid in error, Edwards will be reimbursing the campaign

I have kind of a weird idea about how to warn an entire campus that there

Would you object to a church using public school property?


Iraqis ‘Curse’ U.S. Security Plan Following Deadliest Day Since Escalation Began

If only Edwards had taken grooming tips from Wolfowitz...

Are you ready for some GONEzoGate?



will gozno return after lunch? (poll)

ROVE-ish: 700 days like 16 words

At the Gonzo Hearing Lunch Break - The crowd erupts in "LIAR! LIAR!" "IMPEACH"

Have they asked about yet?

Just on C-Span: Schumer tells Leahy "there's too many people to kick out"

Shumer skewers Gonzo at impromptu press conference in hearing room

Remember Smirky's promise to restore integrity and accountability

MSNBC is carrying the Gonzo hearings live at their website

so Kyle Sampsons plan to remove the AGs

Here's something that is perplexing the hell out of me

Gone-zo watch: When will he be out?

Caller to NPR just saying Gonzo NOT put under oath! Is that True. Saying

Does anyone know if the money for the contractors in Iraq...

Iraq is not part of war on terror, says top UK diplomat

Gonzo's OFFICIAL Resume

I used to be acquainted with someone very much like the Virginia Tech gunman.

Confirmation roll call vote of Alberto Gonzales - 60 - 36 - he was given to us by the GOP

Anyone care to give us cuberats a brief rundown on the Gonzo hearing?

will gonzo return after lunch? (poll)

Rove tells Ohio crowd GOP will prevail

As I understand it, AG the AG was a street-fightin' kid

How much does Mitt Romney pay for his haircut???

3rd mental exam for man accused of killing wife, 4 relatives

I dont recall 55


Where is America's moral outrage?

Chicago Trib blog's take on the Gonzo I don't recall fest

Gray Wolf Federal Protection Removal as Early as May 9th

Let's debunk another rw talking point, shall we?

Iowa's Steve King shooting "price of freedom"

Rumsfeld squashed Bush's first attempt in creating czar-like war adviser

Classic Freeper Stupidity On Gonzales\Senate\Constitution !!!

Deleted post

UK homicide rate doubles since 1967

Gonzales Hearing in a Nutshell (Wonkette sums it up for us cuberats!)

In South Korea, a collective sorrow over Virginia shooting

Media Matters: Boortz, others blame VA Tech victims for not fighting back

Join the military, get all your teeth pulled out?

Senate to Gonzales: "We don't believe you"

.... to Wolfowitz: what part of 'resign' don't you understand?"

***** Official "I DON'T RECALL" Thread*****

AAR R.I.P. in El Paso....last Saturday I tuned in only to hear Ruby & the Romantics

Apparently the first requirement of the Bush* Administration to top government office

TPM: What's really at stake for Schumer in Confronting Gonzales


Will the GOP nominee pick Cheney for VP or will the VP pick the

What does it mean to be put under oath?

Michael Moore's new documentary 'Sicko' Selected for Cannes Film Festival!

What if Fox

55 times "I DON'T RECALL"


Pentagon Says They Can Pay for War Through June, Despite Warnings From Bush and Cheney

Is there any other place besides Cspan that I can watch these hearings?

Bush to Ohio Crowd: "I'm praying fer ya..."

Let's really fix Shrub's ass

mccain sings "bomb bomb, bomb. iran" at rally

If Cesarean birth is legal--could this be an alternative to partial birth?

Damn, time to move on

Gonzo the torture guy

Another Schumer Gem: "Anyone Watching The Attorney General's Testimony...

Tell me what you think Al had for lunch and what the

FANTASTIC headline, i had to share: Gonzales pummeled by Senate

Hearing starting up again!!!! n/t



Distraction ALERT:

* speaks at Tippecanoe High School about "Global War on Terror" - pics

Caption Condi

They have no shame, Gonzo will still be in office in Nov 08.

Um... Just How Close Did We Come To Supreme Court Justice Alberto Gonzales ???


Because what really matters is the hair.

Meanwhile, over in jimrob's freeperland, pigs are flying. we agree. gonzo must go.

A Point that John Edwards' Steadfast Defenders May be Missing...

ACLU and Natl Abortion Federation criticize Scotus decision...

How big do you think the risk of anti-Asian backlash is?

I just spoke to Diamond Pet foods about all therecalled pet foods.


"Protesters" in the Background at hearing

Gun Industry Caught Lying for Profit in an Illinois Mailer. They are Addicted to Their Blood Money.

Men Against Violence: Reflection on the Virginia Tech Shootings

Truthout is covering the Gonzales hearing today

The Day So Far: GONZO PICS!

"Get your hands off of me, you damn, dirty ape!"

America needs to learn to mourn more than just their own

What happened to Specter's eye?

3 year old daughter of Iraq war veteran has a message for Karl Rove

Castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually

In the 1960 Nixon-Kennedy debate, Nixon showed up with a poor shave and refused make up. I'm glad

Demonstrators hold up signs during a break in Attorney General Gonzales' testimony - bwahaha pic


Taking bets on when Gonzo "resigns"

Bill Moyers will be on Real time with Bill Maher tomorrow night--yay.

******** OFFICIAL GONZO GATE THREAD 16 *********

HELP! I can't seem to find a way to email NBC and MSNBC

Best question of the day...Why shouldn't we measure you by the same standards

******** OFFICIAL GONZO GATE THREAD 18 ********

Giuliani: "Terrorists don't understand America, they don't understand freedom"

Copy Cats are NBC's Fault?

I take it back kyl is a tool

Former 'Wash Post' Columnist Expressed Concerns About Editorial Page In Farewell Memo

Haircut Poll.

Gonzo is a sorry ass liar. A good liar must be impeccable.

Question for DUers with experience working in mental health

Should the sectarian violence be strictly viewed as an Iraqi problem...

******** OFFICIAL GONZO GATE THREAD 17 *********

Gun Shop Question: if guns are banned on the VT campus...

Gun Control: The repubs would still control the Senate

Is it sane to try to kill innocents in Iraq?

What KIND of toast is Abu Gonzales?

Breaking: Rep. Doolittle (R-CA) resigning from Approps committee

more pet food info

Steve Bell cartoon on Bush's response to VT murders

I *heart* Senator Whitehouse.

What I am sending my delegation over the US MAIL

The Party Line from Pravda/USA

Republican strategy for the AG hearings?

NRA Lobbyist: “Lock and Load; We’ll Be Back”

Photo Gallery: Baghdad Today

OK, Enough Already, Stop Showing His Face, Stop Showing The Video

Who In the World Is Ruben Navarrette - And Why Does He Love Gonzo So?

America's tragedy; Its politicians are still running away from a debate about guns

NRA-driven bill fails in Florida (NRA wanted to force businesses to allow guns in worker's cars)

This is good for a of those days you just CAN'T win

Did Orrin Hatch Just Say "Flatulated" ???

Message-Minded Admiral Ditches 'Long War' Phrase

******** OFFICIAL GONZO GATE THREAD 19 ********

NEW HAMPSHIRE Governor will OK Civil Unions for gay couples

Cheapskate Billionaires

Can the Democrats win the war funding standoff?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Where were you 12 years ago today?

This is must read! (thread from free republic!) about Gonzo

Skeptical Senators Rake Gonzo Over the Coals

the NY Times has a nice tribute page for the victims at Virginia Tech

Today's Future Terrorist for Jesus award!

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran

I wish I had the hope or inpiration some people have here .

Thousands of Children with Mental Illness Incarcerated Awaiting Mental Health Treatment

NBC Has Answered Cho's Psychotic Dreams

Ok Boys And Girls... What Was The Phrase That They Prepped Gonzo To Use Today ???

CNN-Senior Administration Official-Gonzo testimony - "it is like watching a baby seal get clubbed".

MORFORD: You Cannot Save The Earth

******** OFFICIAL GONZO GATE THREAD 20 ********

3315 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

It's not Attorney General Gonzales. It's not Gonzo.

Speaking of the Oklahoma City Bombing....whatever happened...

Bush: Be Sure to Question Odd Behavior

Embattled lawmaker (John Doolittle (R-Naturally)) gives up panel seat

Does anyone have a child in a Waldorf school?

84 Years Ago in Time

The backlash has already started...

OK, who here believes that the 'magically appearing' list of USAs to be fired came from Rove?

I'm so embarrassed by this hearing and I've never voted for any Republican in my life!

Look at these young women....they were kicked out of the prom

We need a "GonzoCam" mounted on AG's head to cover him walking back to the White House.

Gate's 'clock is ticking' is a timetable

Orrin Hatch is an insufferable windbag that looks like he'snot done an honest days work in his life.

Na Na Na Na....GOODBYE!!

Well i'm looking forward to The Daily show tonight.

I don't like Mondays - Dedicated to the NRA

My analysis of the supreme court's decision

Disease incidence increasing in GM cotton in Oz

Cho's family speaks. "Gunman's brooding disturbed his family"

******** OFFICIAL GONZO GATE THREAD 21 ********

bush: students in class & in their dorms are "in the wrong place at the wrong time".

74 times he said I don't recall

"How'd he get through law school?"

Science Media Centre - presenting personal opinions as scientific findings

A question

Gonzo hearing replay: 5:50 EST C-Span2, later tonight C-Span 1

Honestly, if I hear those three words from Gonzo again, I'll scream

Ya think we'd be having these hearings if we didn't win in Nov. 2006?

DOJ Whistleblower Jesselyn Radack's "Blogging the testilying"

Does Schumer know that mike is on?

You can't tie down electoral defeat to a single issue

Schumer: "The Arrows All Point To The White House" nt

Na na na na, Good Bye!!

Anyone care to give us cuberats a brief rundown on the Gonzo hearing?

Listen to "The George Bush Blues"

I am writing to apologize for never having apologized ...

How come no one asked for the minutes of


Tweety has Robert Raben on

It seems to me that once the VT news dies down

why are Senate hearings so limited in time?

Oh Mr Conyers, your turn

Just heard on KPFA: Hatch is supposedly pushing to become AG

The Only Question I Would Have Had For Gonzo Was "Where Is The Paperwork"

The war in Iraq is lost and there is only one party to blame..the Republican Party.

Cenk Uygur: Guns at Fox News Channel

I am so ashamed and I've never voted for a Republican in my life!

War Casualties

Rutgers women's basketball coach to write autobiography

I dont recall!!!

AG: "I recall making the decision, but don't recall when I made the decision."

GUNS!! If Wishes Were Horses...

Perhaps a Paraguay bound plane will soon

Senator"Chuck" Schumer scored 1600 on his SATs and it showed today

Have all the Don Imus threads gone to the DU's "great reward" (ARCHIVED?)

Well-to-do Subdivision in Houston wants to switch to a nearby "whiter" School District

Congress Discusses Organic Agriculture (at last) & New Farm Bill

Something to ponder:

Dumbest headline EVER: "Va. Tech Shooter Was Laughed At"

Qwest verdict reached and to be read shortly EOM

Reid: Pentagon Confirms President Misstating Funding Facts in Iraq

"Congratulations, incoming students..Welcome to P-U"

Thank you, NPR!

Is Gonzo Smoking Ganja?

"The Fire and the Dogs"-An NRA fable by Bicoastal

Reid: U.S. can't win Iraq military fight

who wins this IQ test

Every time Gonzo said "what the American people have to understand" I felt like

Cho got his ammo at the local Walmart.

Couric just reported on CBS . . .

Question about the assault weapon ban and the VT tragedy

British Court Proceedings Establish BUSH THREATENED TO BOMB AL JAZEERA

Have all the Anna Nicole Smith threads gone to the DU's "great reward" (ARCHIVED?)

So, per MSNBC, Gonzo has the prezeldent's full confidence and the dim

Does the Senate Judiciary Committee have the power to fire Gonzo?

McCain is DONE. Even Tweety is freaked out by his "Bomb Iran" shit.

Bwahaha! Fox Poll: Big Majority Rejects Withdrawal = Surrender Rhetoric

What effect did this scene from his high school days have on Cho's mind?

Douglas Feith and his delusions of madness on NPR today

This is just starting, there are layers and layers of scandal

Gonzo isn't qualified enough to put the toy in the McHappy Meal

Have all the "great reward" (ARCHIVED?) threads gone to the DU's "great reward" (ARCHIVED?)

Okay what now? gonzo isn't going to quit, and the chimp* won't fire him

Second bomb threat at St Edwards U in Austin (and TX School for Deaf)

A little something that has been basically forgotten - The Energy Task Force

This weekend, grab a kid you know and get outdoors...

What sort of "other interests" is gonzo going to be pursuing real soon?

MSNBC Breaking News: bush* happy with Gonzo's testimony today.

You Can Call Me 'Al' - what one Hispanic blogger thinks of Gonzo

Article claims Gonzo not getting a fair hearing. You democrats are mean to him.

NY Times again ignored Giuliani's shifting position on abortion ban

Lou Dobbs says a White House INSIDER said, "GONZO WENT DOWN IN FLAMES TODAY!"

Gonzales testimony from this morning on C-Span2 online right now

How long has Gonzales been the Attorney General?

ABC Nightly news actually covered the Gonzo hearing very well

Has McCain's "Bomb, Bomb Iran" already been done here on DUP's Forum?

Why does my computer cut out when Gonzo is being drilled

Ethics for government lawyers 101

Wow these Gonzo threads are amazing. I am presently at thread #12

'Sicko' Selected for Cannes Film Festival!

CSpan II will have LIVE REBROADCAST of Leahy vs Gonzales Hearing!

Senator Whitehouse's numbers: 7 vs. 400+ (WH/DOJ contacts)

Qwest Verdict - Naccio Guilty on 19 of 42 charges

* is going to a High School to talk to students about terrorism (pic)

Official Gonzo Thread # 22: Post-hearing Discussion

Military announces DEATH of 3 MORE americans (News hr, PSB) just now

MSNBC's Kelly O'Donnell doesn't not mention pork in prior GOP war funding bills

When RW sites begin an email campaign

Yahoo News: Reid to Bush - "Iraq War Is Lost"

(Yahoo)--Shrubya's Speech of Aimless Rambling

Senator Orrin Hatch would be very much like John Ashcroft as Attorney General

How the Bush Administration could live on, and how to stop that from happening

Hey "principled Dems," did y'all enjoy that abortion decision?

did anyone discover who the "cougher" was at Gonzo's testimony today?

Steve Capus Should Be Fired

Bush "Pleased" With Gonzales' Performance (TPMMuckraker)

Can Gonzales Be Impeached? Shrub Will NOT Let Him Go.

Somebody should check the VFW hall in South Carolina to see what's in the water...

Joe Galloway: Back Bush's war strategy? Then bring back the draft

Senate committee should use the 'Stare Down Sally' technique

Soldier who refused 2nd Iraq tour is released

Pentagon cleared Wolfowitz in hiring of girlfriend

Dubai to host meeting on Iraq's oil

O'Reilly sends his producer to Denver to stalk a critic at the supermarket

Sens Leahy and Spectr coming up on News Hr (PBS)

MSN-Zogby Poll - Americans Speak on Gun Control

Iraq Vet Talks With Kingsford Children

A reminder - today is 12th anniversary of OKC bombing.

CREW: Issues NEW Fact Sheet - There Are TWO E-Mail Scandals

Bush won't let Gonzales go. That's my bet. Al is too good of a straw

CSPAN: Hoyer is reminding GOP they voted yes on a timeline in Bosnia

Training Iraqi troops no longer driving force in U.S. policy

Hillary leads with 42%, Lieberman second with 15% (Feb 2003)

USA is great because total strangers in Ohio pray for Virginians! (mrbush)

UN Lauds Al Gore, Environmental Leaders At Green Awards

According to Lou Dobbs, Arlen Specter is the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A request for DU v 4.0 - Hide threads without clicking on them.

This killing had nothing to do with bullying: Cho was mentally ill

More oil than expected in Iraq--Financial Times, UK

World Bank May Target Family Planning

A sniper to catch flag thief? The cops said no. He suggested a bear trap? Again the cops said no

Great picture on "front page" on NY Times online of Gonzo and protest sign

How much of Cho's actions were his fault?

We just got our new tax assessment for our home.

bill clinton on larry king now (n/t)

President Bush Pleased with Attorney General's Testimony (Press Release)

"Coughing Man" versus "The Umbrella Man"

McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran.

"Bowling For Columbine" is on Bravo today

Three days after guilty plea, Griles ties the knot

How to argue with a liberal if you're a fundie (warning, long)

Look at these young women....they're wearing beautiful clothes

Bush spoke 35 mins in a small town hand picked crowd by Boehner-no applause

Kucinich to launch Cheney impeachment push on April 25

Gonzo protestors Pix

CSPAN2: Gonzo roast repeat, starting now

Keith is kicking some a** tonight!

Report from Vermont State Impeachment Effort

Bill Clinton on Larry King right now

Blue Ribbon Kennel in Missouri

Has anyone seen the point made, ANYWHERE that the vast majority of mentally ill...

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) Vetoes Anti-Abortion Bill

AGAG to Senator Durbin: "Be careful about criticizing the Department."

So my niece just called. Shippensburg University has the bomb squad there.

Democrats to cave in on Iraq . RE: R Wolf

DU POLL: Should Attorney General Gonzales resign?

KO connecting the dots on all the missing documents from the Bush administration!

Great news! My neighbor (VT student) showed up here (Greenville, SC) today.

"Terry" 1969~1986

"Scoop" IV With Palast - Democracy, Gonzales, NOLA & Corporate Fascism

Former Mossad chief: Kill Ahmadinejad

Republicans chose the WRONG war and then they LOST IT!

To those who watched, help with some questions about today's hearing please.

self delete dupe

VITALLY IMPORTANT: Please post link to full transcript of Gonzo Day when you find it.

C Span has a poll too... Should AG resign.....

Clinton supporters check in NOW: Larry King Show w/ Bill

Caption Mr. & Mrs. Nacchio!

So many Republican little time...Here is yet ANOTHER one

Rahm Emanuel plans major speech about Bush corruption

Edwards campaign pays for haircuts, but not video production services in NOLA

Lou Dobbs poll: Should AG resign? I voted and the poll wasn't registering yet. Link:

Gonzales Hearing Transcript Is Up !!! (Three Parts, Five Long Pages Each) - WaPo

That's it... WTF? The practicing paid off for them

The wingnut media meltdown

John McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran

Dupe, please delete.

Wall to wall endless coverage of the VT tragedy....trying to figure out

on publishing the unabomer manifesto vs. the cho manifesto

Twit moment of the day 4/19 the ban on partial birth abortion is a good thing for women

Liberals need to reach out to the pro-life movement on the subject of guns

Anyone else having issues getting into GD Politics?

Pet food recall widens! (Just how wide is this BS?)

President Bush Discusses the Global War on Terror in Tipp City, Ohio

Media backlash at Virginia Tech

Presidential poll Three days left

Viewpoint: Virginia Tech's President Should Resign

Congress rails against fraud at KBR, former Halliburton unit

McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran

Olbermann and Zahn Beat Billo in the Ratings!

Even today - we can declare victory and leave.

Jeannie Babb Taylor: Reading between the (head)lines

BREAKING: Audit uncovers 2004 federal election law violations by Sen. Mel Martinez (also RNC head)

"If Gonzales goes, the whole pack of cards collapses" (Help me find this old Greatest thread?)

What are the specific laws forbidding election theft/disruption?


What's up with DU? Slow as our political system! n/t

Microsoft aims to double PC base (BBC) {$3 OS/software bundle}

Gun hating, godless gay hairdressers giving $400 haircuts to candidates

I think we need another Martha Mitchell.


the feds have your prescription records...

More on the once and FUTURE president?

Replay of Gonzo hearings starting on CSPAN1 NOW

Gonzo said "I don't remember" 45 times before lunch today.

Coming up now Colbert vs Sean Penn battle of metaphors.

Holy usury Batman! I just read a new credit card contract.

Hey DUers! If you're missing Mike Malloy tonight, it's worth the price to get the podcast

If this shit is true, I'm quitting the Democratic Party.

Proof that Global Warming Deniers are a bunch of Crazies

The GONZO hearing is being shown on C-SPAN 1 right now.

Hello Margarita!!!

34% of homeowners have no idea what type of mortgage they have

Wow, was yesterday's Supreme Court decision a wake up call

An insider's perspective on mental illness and perhaps Cho

Stephen Colbert Vs. Sean Penn Metaphor-Off On Now

NBC News defends its use of material sent by killer; some, including Lauer, had reservations

FDA: Pet food poisonings may have been intentional -- for profit.

McCain's 'Bomb Iran' joke is moving up YouTube's charts

Sean Penn Beats Colbert!

Daniel Hopsicker on how the Carol Lam firings tie into the bigger picture of rampant criminality

How Can I Find The CSPAN TV Schedule?

Soldier Forced to Leave Dying Mother for War

Gonzo's twin brother is very, very upset with you guys.

Gonzo belongs in one of those "Focus Factor" ads.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

I am not that particuraly liberal - I don't think.

HELP Can you get into your yahoo email?

Do you have a problem with the following statement by Bill Richardson?

India's Skewed Sex Ratio Puts GE Sales in Spotlight

The electrician working for me might have MRSA (methicillin resistant staph)

What should be the theme song for the Bush Administration?

Even those at Freerepublic think Gonzo was pathetic today

As Schweinfurt readies tribute, word comes of more fatalities

All these Tech theories

BREAKING: The Attorney General of the United States is dumber than a bag of doorknobs.

Carolyn McCarthys bill H.R. 1859 is being freeped big time this needs help

Alberto Gonzales is Dumber than:

Partial Birth abortion ban bill - vote and signing ceremony (let the excuses begin

DU this Gun Control poll

AP reports a second tainted pet food ingredient has been found; recall expanded.

"Biblical Family Advocates" co-opts Virginia Tech tragedy to campaign against gay hate crime laws

Gonzales: I wasn't part of the review process, I just happened to be reviewing the attorneys I fired

Dr. D. at college reunion (Agnes Scott): Will "Cruella" Harris be there?

Counter argument to the 'don't set a date for surrender in Iraq' nonsense used by Republicans

Rate of U.S. losses in Iraq is highest yet

For 6 Years-BUSH Admin Tried To Curb Election Turnout In Key States To Bolster GOP

McCain regarding "Bomb Iran" song: "... was just trying to add a little humor to the event"

Breaking: FBI Raids Rep. Renzi's Family Business

Rove warns of threat of terrorism

“Southern U.S. town proud of its mandatory gun law”

US military to erect 3-mile-high wall across Baghdad

Anti-immigration students made VA Tech killer angry

How about we make abortions as hard to get as guns?

VaTech and Columbine should not be compared to 9/11

A preview of Moyer's PBS show about the selling of the Iraq war...

The NRA's Image Improves as Support for Gun Control Slips

It sucks to be a Republican.

Can you take the time to save an innocent woman on Texas' Death Row?

Bush In Bizarre Appearance: "Polls Just Go Poof," "If You've Got A Chicken Factory," .....

Under The Heading: Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics... Check Out This Headline !!!

I Have Nothing to Hide... Except the Truth - pic

VIDEO: Murtha SLAMS Hoekstra On House Floor Over Iraq Statement

Dems: please stay away from health care, cultural and domestic issues b/t now and 2008 election.

World Bank slobs met on the comb licker today.

Just so it doesn't go completely unnoticed... today is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising

FWB Impeachment movement has kicked off. Join us.

Stars & Stripes letter: The Horror of Virginia Tech and Iraq

Causes of schizophrenia: Genetics, child trauma, racism, unpopularity during adolescence...

Imagine if you went to live in South Korea knowing no Korean at the age of 9

Va Tech families skip NBC after it aired killer pics


Is anybody else pissed off at NBC?

V Tech victim families CANCEL "Today Show" interviews after NBC's airing of gunman video

How bad do you think KO will skewer Gonzales tonight?

I have no problem with anyone condemning Cho.

"'Berto Gonzales" (new song lyrics)

FDA: Pet food tainting might be intentional/ plus new names - Blue Buffalo

When was the last time we had a crazed LIBERAL gunman?

Administration opposes 'say on pay' bill (would give shareholders say on Exec. compensation)

Do you believe NBC made the right choice in showing the Cho Video and Pictures?

Pro-war wing nuts who want to kill you...

House vote on Iraq bill

NYT Analysis: Gonzales On A Very Hot Seat ("not a single Repub... came to his defense...)

More than 200 Iraqis killed in the past 24 hours

Olbermann and Zahn Beat Bill-o in the ratings

HEY! Look what happened when you weren't looking!.... "House OKs Bill Giving D.C. Voting Powers"

So "The government has a legitimate and substantial interest in preserving and promoting fetal life"

I think the Left Behind Novels were a CIA/pentagon psyop

The Daily Show reporting on A.G. A.G.! "Nailed it!"

Alberto Gonzales Is Not The Problem

I just contributed $33 to The Brady Campaign To End Gun Violence. They MATCHED my donation. NOW...

Don't Laugh at Me...

I heard Rush say today that the VT killer had to be a LIBERAL

Are too many young people taking too many anti-depression meds?

GONER! ----pix--->>>

OK I just biased, or was that really as bad as it seemed?

Our insane mental health laws

Of drinking laws and legal ages.

DNC Files Lawsuit In Effort to Obtain RNC - Justice Department Communications

BREAKING New Hampshire governor signs bill establishing same-sex civil unions!!!!

“Scientists: You Can’t Profile School Shooters”

Cho's granddad: We are glad he is dead, son of a bitch deserved to die


Another perspective on Cho Seung-Hui

Subpoenoes issued for Rove and Miers reported on CSPAN3

BRAD BLOG: Direct, Unreported Connection to White Houes in U.S. Attorney Purge Scandal...

Were you bullied in school? Let it out here; let's share our experiences.

BREAKING NEWS: Melamine in Corn Gluten Linked to South African Pet Illnesses

HR 1234: The Plan to End the Iraq War

Why do public utilities treat customers like slaves?

Mental Illness and Murder

Two US lawmakers seek to protect abortion rights

Gonzales Testimony in the News

My sister just called for help

A sampling of freeper responses to Gonzo testimony

Are we ready for a more 'engaged' Attorney General? A more conservative one?

"Terry" 1970~1986

A good ltte from a real life veteran

RW'er is desperate to tie the VA shooter to Islam.

Well, I was never bullied and was accepted

Senator Schumer regrets not filibustering Ailito

(R)ampant Amnesia

The Roots and Consequences of U.S. Overseas Imperialism

Do you know of any cases where the decision by the SC today might have caused the mother's death?

New vehicles protect Marines in 300 attacks

Everybody is bullied and there is no harm in it.

Blues for America - Vonnegut

Larisa Alexandrovna: Karl Rove Determined To Strike In The U.S.


Man brings donkey to testify on its own behalf

Have you seen the Korean movie Old Boy???

Want to stop spree killings? STOP BULLYING AND OSTRACIZING PEOPLE.

Disappointed in Jon Stewart's interview with Jeremy Scahill on Blackwater.

What is your worst bullying story?

Barack Obama thinks COAL is the green fuel of the future.

I am starting a Draft Jim Traficant movement

NY Times Editorial: Gonzales v. Gonzales ("...dull-witted apparatchik")

Bush administration is prying into your medical records in violation of the law

Hillary Clinton's $1500 Haircuts, Expensed to the Campaign ---------->>>


Schumer: "The White House Will Not Keep Him After Today." nt

BradBlog: A Direct, As Yet Unreported Connection Straight Into the White House

And now, for all the Edwards detractors, some ***** TRUTH ***** about the haircut...


NBC as an element in the production of mass murderers

Althecat "Scoop" IV With Greg Palast - Democracy, Gonzales, NOLA & Corporate Fascism

71 percent of school shooters felt bullied--US Secret Service psychologist

Bullying isn't kids being kids - people really need to learn more about it

No more "They stand up, and we stand down."

Weber & the New World Order

You are only as safe and stable as your neighbor, the gunman

The Dem's made there point on the Iraqi war funding...

AP: (Dem) Activist to Seek Oregon Senate Seat (against Gordon Smith)

How Dare He?

Doonesbury v. Romney

So Gonzales testifies today? Will it be televised? n/t

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Constitutional Crisis (continued)

In Akron, Rove preaches to the choir ... obscene stretch ...

BOOSCH visiting Tipp City OH today

Baghdad bombings killed at least 183 people yesterday, 233 killed or found dead in Iraq overall

again, I ask: where is Gannon/Guckert?, where is Foley? Where is Halliburton?

One more addition to the Dems' '09 "To Do" list

Judiciary Committee Link to LIVE video of Alberto Gonzales hearing

Soldier forced to leave dying mother for war

Conservatives sour on 'rebel media' (conservatives turning on other conservatives)

to haircut apologist on DU

Schumer: ‘We Will Get To The Bottom Of This While Bush Is Still President’

Specter Presses Gonzales on Details of Involvement

I just got this email from the College Republicans

Gonzales: Firings were justified (AP)

Hatch to Gonzo: "Attorney General, just how long HAVE you been a saint??"

The "OFF" Button Is My New Friend

"I Do Not Recall"

Gonzales Faces Skepticism From Lawmakers

Why the American public is confused Re: Gonzales hearings

Schumer on testimony... We sorta have a "Abbot and Costello" Gonzo vs Sampson

Gonzales’ big day

They are rebroadcasting the Gonzo hearing now

Suicide bomber kills 12 in Baghdad, Iraqi recalls taking part in 18 funerals this morning

No purchasing 30+ bullet clips by members of the public?

Is Hannity Chickening Out Of Rocky Anderson Debate?

"I Don't Recall" Gonzo --- Someone stated they counted 55 times

You're doin a helovajob Gonzo!

Toll roads hit speed bumps

Historic Chicago barber shop that served Ali, Obama Must Find a New Home

Gun-control returns as campaign issue

If management conflict was the main reason for the firings...

Will Gonzales resign before the hearing reconvenes at 2PM?

Gonzales Recognizes The Issue: Political Prosecutions

Gonzales hearing starts at 9:30am; Link provided

Would a good Attorney General know every 93 of his USA's

Per TPM, hearing delayed until 2:30pm.

Gonzales hearing should be reconvening soon (Almost 2:30PM)

Rove: ‘I Wish The Iraq War Never Existed,’ It Was ‘Osama Bin Laden’s Idea’

Bi-line of the Bush administration

Starting Gonzales Hearing NOW

More Hot Color From White House Meeting Between Bush And Congressional Dems!

Grassley interrogating Gonzales like a pussycat

CRS syndrome epidemic in * admin

I predict the Repos will move post haste to remove Gonzales.

Breaking: Rep. Doolittle (R-CA) resigning from Approps committee...

Cardin of Maryland questioning Gonzales now

VA tech killer moves attention from *co and friends, doesn't he? how often do the lying, thieving,

Coburn of OK is up now "questioning" Gonzales

Whitehouse of RI questioning Gonzales

The Rude Pundit- The Carhart Decision: Keeping Women Moral

Kyl of AZ questioning Gonzales now

2nd round of questioning Gonzales -- Senator Leahy

2nd Round questioning of Gonzales - Specter

"*I* did not want the Judiciary deciding who would be on *my* staff."

National Asian American And Pacific Islander Leaders Endorse John Edwards For President

Prominent Georgia Leaders Endorse John Edwards For President

Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) to Gonzales:You should resign

Orrin Hatch -- Do the Mormons really support this asshole?

2nd Round questioning of Gonzales - by Feinstein

2nd Round questioning of Gonzales - Hatch

The entire Gonzo testimoney will come down to ONE word:

"as someone who grew up in a poor neighborhood"

Top Senate Democrat to Bush: Iraq war is lost

Too bad Janet Reno couldn't step in and described how she functioned as AG

British Animals Speak Out on the Iraq War!

2nd Round questioning of Gonzales - Senator Whitehouse

2nd Round questioning of Gonzales - Senator Schumer

The DLC's Insidious Plot To Control The Netroots... Bwahahahaha!

Gonzales Hearing -- Specter (wrap-up?)

Which Hispanics still consider Gonzales a role model for them?

Gonzales Hearing -- Senator Leahy (wrap-up?)

Gonzales has all the qualities that a Republican wants as a Supreme Court Justice

Alberto Gonzales and Shultz from Hogan's Hero's

Where can I find a comprehensive list of Bush scandals

TPM: Big majority rejects "Withdrawal Equals Surrender" in Fox Poll

2nd Round questioning of Gonzales - Senator Cardin

Sympathy vote for Abu Gonzales dry cleaner

Gonzales believes in his heart that he is an effective leader

what chart that had them oohing and aahhing on Gonzogate?

Who's waving the bigger dick this afternoon?

Dems stand up to Bush** on Iraq

Gonzales replay on Cspan 2 right now....just started. n/t

When Gonzales stated that he would not resign

Lobbyists love Hillary - 700k in contributions

Pentagon Confirms: Bush Hyped False Iraq Deadline

"Obama Outraises Clinton on Wall Street"

code pink at Gonzogate sign: going going gonzales

(The worst) Artist's impression of how gonzo did today (pic)

Okay, bone picking time ...... who could you support to replace Gonzo?

I need some straitening out here.

I think we are seeing the erosion of power of the President

A few of questions about the hearings today Gonzales toast?

Court Rules Against Bush Administration: DoJ Failed To Show ‘That Any Voter Fraud Occurred’

Who is this bootlicker David Rivikin on Hardball?

Being rich and having a rich lifestyle does not make you a hypocrite helping the poor

Edwards and Obama take lobbyist money even though they said they would not

Let's start an oppo research thread on Giuliani

Does BushCo pay a price for standing by Gonzo??

Gonzales Hearing -- Audience giving Gonzales sendoff LOL

President Clinton: Gonzales Should ‘Step Aside’

Al Franken shuns "Big Oil" and "Big Tobacco" for "Big Comedy"

The Accomplices: Sundance George and Butch Reid and the Virginia Tech Massacre

Kremlin justice in the U.S.

Bwa-ha-ha!! Peter King (R-NY-Asshole) raises NEGATIVE $16,700!!

Senator Whitehouse (D-RI) Unveils Flowchart of WH/Justice Department Communications Expansion

TPM has video of John McCain singing, "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran" to Beach Boys tune

Al From, Harold Ford, getting the ideas ready, will be "policy shop" for 08 candidate.


Memo to Babs & Jerry on their "Freedom of Choice Act"

Edwards Calls Imus Insult Symptomatic of Inequality

Quinnipiac New Jersey: Hillary leads among Dems...all three lose to Guiliani ...

If you have children age 40 or younger, make sure they know these two faces of future evil ........

Something to ponder today: the REAL First Lady's (Tipper Gore's) pet cause is mental health.

Multiple Choice Mitt uses VT tragedy to pander: “the first thing I did was pick up my bible.”

Is It Ten Minutes Past Fascism Yet?

Is Mayor Bloomberg "agitating the dots" or is he setting

President Clinton to Larry King: Hillary will be "fine" if she loses nomination

"Larry King Live" tonight, Former President Bill Clinton aka Big Dawg

"Na na na na, na na na na, Gon-za-les, goodbye."

Republicans ridiculous roster

.... Gonzales is the most pathetically inept liar I've ever heard

Gonzales reviews are in: ‘Like clubbing a baby seal.’

Bush's reaction: He was "visibly angered" (he was Challenged)

Media Matters challenges RW: Can conservative bloggers tell the truth?

Bush says Gonzales to remain in job regardless of outcome of

ABC: "Edwards Flattens Coif Controversy"

Christians are offended by partial birth abortion

McCain Rejection Rate Spikes; Clinton, Giuliani Still Lead (Hill's unfavorable at 45)

Today's abortion ruling is just the tip of the iceberg. Say goodbye to Roe v. Wade after 2008

60% of Americans think Bill Clinton would be an asset to his wife in the WH; 30% think not

"I don't recall." ... but .... "I take responsibility."

Obama calls for common sense new gun control: Stop the mentally ill from gun buys

51% of independents say they "definately would not support" Hillary Clinton

Why I Think Gonzalez Will Not Resign

Better turn on KO, OMG he lists all records lost, including bush's national guard record

Lets arm every student in college with automatic weapons

I'm Signing On: Joe Trippi Joins John Edwards Campaign

Gonzales Lied To Senator About Plan To Install Rove Protege As U.S. Attorney

Does anyone else here think that Gonzo got the piss kicked out of

Anyone know why C-SPAN only covered a couple of hours of AG testimony?

Hillary has the highest unfavorable rating (52%) of any Dem, she should pull out of the race.

"Kerry Faces Warning Signs at Home"

Joe Trippi Joins Edwards Campaign

Which one of John Edwards' five top issues is the most important?

John Edward's haircut

Contrary to DU lore, NO 2008 candidate voted for cloture on Alito.

Clark rips into Giuliani: "He has has no relevant experience that's in any way useful"