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Archives: April 18, 2007

Dutch gov't: Haniyeh will be refused visa

Immunity for Ex-Gonzales Aide Weighed

(New York) City Settles With Protester Who Claimed She Was Kicked

Natural Balance pet food recalled...(linked to rice protein)

Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell after the rapture.

Someone sent me subscriptions to Stuff and Maxim magazines

Update on BrotherBuzz' surgery

Magical Name Acronym Generator!

It's Been A Long Day, & I Sure Would Appreciate Your Healing, Positive Thoughts For My Dad

cheap vanilla ice cream with hershey's "chocolate" syrup

So, how many people have you on ignore?

Tomorrow is my mother's funeral and she chose to have it at

Senator Kerry to go after McCain on the Senate floor next week!

How To Stop This War

What do you do when a total *sshat makes a mockery of a system

Six killed yesterday in Iraq

***April Photo Contest ... Preliminary Poll 1***

Why is Soledaid O Brien on the food channel judging food.

Gary Kamiya at Salon: PBS's "America At A Crossroads" Veers To The Right

Immunity for Ex-Gonzales Aide Weighed

What Bush policy is reducing the rate of US greenhouse gas emissions?

'Conscience of community' spurs fair trade town

US cannot be trusted to act responsibly in the world: global poll

This College Student's Thoughts on Virginia Tech

Debbie Schlussel: Suspected VA Tech shooter might be a "Paki," part of "terrorist attack"

"If one of teachers had been carrying a concealed gun ..."

Apparently, Cho set fire to a dormitory. WHY was he still at Tech???

You can't make this shit up. Wolfowitz girlfriend planned Iraqi government.

I have never. EVER. seen such a pack of slavering, flesh-eating GHOULS...

Democrats have almost twice as many donors

Another Path to Peace: The Case for Kucinich

Let's talk about what we owe Iraq and Iraqis

Iraq returns to its Persian heritage (ties closer to IRAN)----well worth a read

Robert Scheer: Heck of a Job, Wolfie

Inmates vs. Animals: U.S. Fails the Test of Civilization (AlterNet)

IRAQ: Thousands missing since war began

Drinking Liberally Reaches 200 (Chris Bowers at HuffPost)


SYRIA: A Lot of Uninvited Guests (Dahr Jamail)

Education System Undergoing Major Overhaul

Hounded by Insurgents, Abandoned by Us

Debunking the Gun Lobby (The Nation)

Milw. J-S on Tommy Thompson: Long shot made longer

The Politics of Supreme Court Nominations


Greetings from the Red Zone- Dispatches from a Five-Day Trip to Iraq

Trouble in the Magic Kingdom (The Nation)

Truthout: CREW Chief on Fitzgerald and the Missing Emails

Gun control unlikely to get on agenda despite shootings

Va. Tech Shootings: Olbermann Wonders, "Have We Suppressed Our Grief About Iraq?"

Human Rights Organizations Support Congressional Hold on US Funding to Colombian Armed Forces

What the rest of the world is saying about the Virginia Tech Shootings

Talk in "Military Times" about the draft, etc.

Rupert Cornwell: A brutal truth: Massacre is just part of everyday life in America

Bush: "Almost" Human

So You're Still a Republican? (by Jean Carnahan, at HuffPost)

The Lies Behind the War on Terror--Edmonton Sun

The Fraudulence of Voter Fraud

Bush Does Read... Over Your Shoulder

Silencing 'New Voices' (The Nation)

Letter to My Children’s Children’s Children On the End of Republican Government

We'll be in control by end of 2007 says Maliki

These Old Men are Getting Away With Murder!

Betraying Thomas Jefferson

NYT:Denying the Right to Choose

Post Office to the First Amendment: Drop Dead

Virginia Tech Massacre and our Sick Society full of Lost Souls

Bush will be the death of the Republican Party

Two historical links to consider.

CNN…The Most Twisted Name in News

Chomsky and Zinn on Patriotism in America (Interview by Amy Goodman)

A Feral Dog Howls in Harvard Yard- Joe Bageant

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Constitutional Crisis (continued)

WA POST Dan Froomkin: White House Blocks E-Mail Delivery

Presidential Simulations: A Better Basis for Choosing Our Leaders

Blind to gun problem (Toronto Sun)

The Frightening New Normalcy of Hating Your Body

Lawmakers push for fast action on 3M chemicals

Al Gore Dumps Barrick Gold Sponsorship For Chilean Visit

'Spring is new summer' - 2 seasonal indicators 3 weeks early in UK

China to become top CO2 emitter in 2007 or 2008: IEA - Reuters

Global Warming Increases Wind Shear; WInd Shear Reduces Hurricanes

Kyocera to Double Solar Module Manufacturing Capacity (to 500 MW/year)

Mariani Packing to Install 1 Megawatt Photovoltaic System (CA)

Energy-saving programs touted (AZ)

India Likely To Witness Shift In Monsoon Patterns - Financial Times

In The UK, Spring Is The New Summer, According To The Woodland Trust - BBC

Demand For Merbau Wood Shredding Habitats Of Just-Discovered Species In SE Asia - Independent

From Across Alaska, Residents Converge On Capital With Stories Of Warming - ADN

Next Generation Solar: Ready For Prime time?

IPCC Report On The Arctic - Thawing Ground, Retreating Ice, Other Major Changes - Science Daily

Poachers Kill Six Indian Rhinos In Four Months Within Game Preserve - ENN

CALIFORNIA / Nuclear power plant bill dies -- committee chair cuts off author

Air Force embraces solar power (15 MW PV, Nellis AFB)

Survey: Most unwilling to make changes to end global warming

Iraq may hold twice as much oil

Environmental packaging / mailing ideas ?

The Oil Drum: How Uranium Depletion Affects the Economics of Nuclear Power

China criticised for 'tiger wine' (BBC) {this is SICK!}

EPA Admin Johnson Claims GHG Increase As Proof Of Bush Policy Effectiveness; DOE Stats Contradict

Crops Across China, Esp. Wheat, Suffering More From Disease After Unusually Warm Winter - Xinhua

Scientists Unable To Determine Gender Of 25% Of Catfish Caught For Study In W. Pennsylvania

How's the brazillion solar roofs bill going? Are we powering the hydrogen Hummers yet?

In Bangladesh, An Entire Nation Grapples With The Concept Of Drowning - Independent

Study: Ethanol may cause more smog, deaths

Top Ten U.S. Cities Ranked by Use of Renewable Energy

Olmert: Israel can't meet inmate demand

Palestinians disavow 'right of return'

U.S. could ease flow of funds to PLO

Democracy Now!:Chomsky on Dershowitz's Finkelstein "Jihad"

Government disappointed with journalists' Israeli boycott call

BYE BYE TO "BALLOTS FOR BUSH" OHIO-ELECTION CHAIRMAN - Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 4/18/07

Oversight Committee: Ensuring Fairness and Accuracy in Elections Involving Electronic Voting Systems

Florida Senate bill replaces touchscreen DREs with opscan paper ballots & creates audit requirements

Foreign-Born Citizen Amendment

Missing Peace Corps volunteer found dead

Iraq: US forces seize 3,000 gallons of nitric acid amid weapons

Cambodian police chief's US visit condemned

Deal would permit executions of worst child predators

Afghan govt raids TV station over news clip-broadcaster

Supreme Court upholds first nationwide ban on an abortion procedure

BlackBerry outage hits network in North America

Freeport Mine Workers Gather for Rally; Copper Gains (US owned company, Indonesia)

SCOTUS rules abortion procedure ban constitutional

Even a heart transplant won't stand in soldier's way

Va. Tech Shootings: Olbermann Wonders, "Have We Suppressed Our Grief About Iraq?"

Beijing complains U.S. media were quick to blame Chinese student for shootings

2 explosions in Baghdad kill 15

Young Whale Found in New York Harbor

U.S. may open doors to 25,000 (Iraqi) refugees

Iraqi Oil Law Nears Final Stage

Iraq plans to control whole nation by end 2007: Maliki

Iraq chaos will hurt Middle East before U.S.-Gates

Bill Would Require Labels on Cloned Food


Breaking: 127 dead in Baghdad bombings.

Gonzales Denies Picking of Attorneys for Dismissal

Colombia Scandal Creeps Closer to Uribe

Police Prepared To Arrest 3,000 (protesters) At '08 RNC

Pentagon reviewing '03 contract for Wolfowitz's companion

4 bombs kill 178 people in Baghdad

FBI raids Doolittle's Virginia home

Pentagon gives time off not pay for longer tours

Virginia gunman declared by court mentally ill

BREAKING: Gunman contacted NBC News during massacre

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain promises public briefings on Iraq war if elected

What the rest of the world is saying about the Virginia Tech Shootings

Lay's widow claims assets:She says she is rightful owner of property sought by government

Soldiers kill at least 25 Islamic militants in Nigeria

Bush, Democrats: No give on Iraq

Gunman recorded video manifesto between shootings

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday April 18

AFL-CIO sending presidential candidates to cities for interviews

New equipment to be used to foil Baghdad car bombs

Nantucket summer homes swept into ocean

6-month IRS reprieve after Virginia Tech (victims, families, employees)

Raising Fears, Police Officers Raid U.S. NGO

Two Britons Are Accused of Leaking Bush, Blair Memo

Panel wants to interview Buchanan on U.S. attorney firings (PA US Attorney)

State Department got mail _ and hackers

They DID Fight Back

California Senate fights RFID tracking for schoolkids

Rice Resists Testimony to House Panel on Niger Claim

White House Outlines Bioterrorism Plan

Democrats Would Make Iraq Timetable in Bill 'Advisory'

Donnelly, New Democrats Urge Pelosi to Seek Compromise on Iraq

Australia and US to swap refugees

CNN Breaking News: Police surrounding a building at VTech

Democratic Race Tightens as Views of Clinton Become More Negative

An Image’s Ties to a Dark Movie

Task Force Marine Soldier dies in Baghdad

Mothers of soldiers killed in Iraq put hopes in Mary Tillman

Wildfire destroys 14 homes Georgia

U.S. Missile Defense to Top Agenda

Warning is sounded on ethanol use

Hershey shareholders protest cuts

Senate Bars Medicare Talks for Lower Drug Prices

Iraqi army commander arrested after Baghdad bombings

W.House says Bush still confident in Wolfowitz

Iran starts enrichment at Natanz site, IAEA confirms

Three dead in attack on Turk Christian publisher

Colombia Volcano Erupts, Thousands Flee

Breaking: University of Minnesota Evacuated 7 Bldgs; Bomb Threat

Gunmen take hostages in Mexico hospital

Top deputy tells Wolfowitz to step down- sources

Philadelphia Recognizes The Gayborhood

Iraqi army commander arrested after bombings

Police: Cho Was Taken to Psychiatric Hospital in 2005

Thai Monks Want Buddhism in Constitution

Loophole Let Wal-Mart Evade $2.3B in Taxes*

Big Pharma Wins in Senate. Consumers Lose.

(Amtrak) Train forced to stop, engineer beaten

FBI Raids Rep. Doolittle’s Home

Va. Tech Gunman Sent Package To NBC News

Democrats scramble to court Sharpton

Cannabis compound slows lung cancer in mice

Ex-TV Marti exec gets prison for kickbacks

Payoffs to Colombian terrorists scrutinized (Chiquita Bananas, Coca Cola, etc.)

CU junior arrested after comments about Virginia Tech gunman

Pentagon weighing news and spin

Supreme Court upholds first nationwide ban on an abortion procedure

11 killed in Somalia fighting

Shooting Rekindles Issues of Gun Rights and Restrictions

There is a God! Sanjaya is gone!!!!

Seven years, but it feels like freakin' forever. (Two photos: dial-up warning)

Were you or anybody you know harassed for participating in the "Day of Silence" today?

Explain (seven words maximum) latest lounge gossip

do women still hyperventilate when they get married?

If anyone cares, my husband's letter to the editor was printed today.

Post a random fact you would like everyone to know.

How gay are you? Take the test.


First Kiss

Say what you want about Sanjaya, but Howard is going to be

Joe Mauer is public enemy number one

Clint Van Zandt on MSNBC looks like the guy from "Not Necessarily The News."

Who wants to play with my balls?

LOST (spoilers)

I admit I'm clueless. Please explain why "please remove" has 2353 posts.

Which couple moest closely personifies Call Me Wesley and Heidi

I did not get an interview for a job I wanted because I lack supervisory experience

Cat people / TNR people: some advice, please (tonight if you're here!)

Do women still hyphenate when they get married?

I just asked a girl out via e-mail...

Is this the unseemly jester?

It's fun to stay at the...

Worst forum to be a moderator for right now

Just sitting here thinking about the events of the past day

Genie says: Your wish is my command!

I have not be watching the news since yesterday.

Hey Mods and Admins. Hang in there. You must be tired.

Banff ICE Vodka to the rescue !!!!


Star Trek (TOS) channels Monty Python (Grail)


For the life of me I can't figure out how to change my myspace profile picture

didn't sleep well last night

Any John Leven fans here?

Mmmm strawberry BBQ duck crepes

Polka Floyd

Lately my cat's been walking on the gas stove.

zzzz... mornin' *yawn* *grumble*

That Avis ad is so annoying!

Wow, Huey Lewis doesn't even pay attention to the news.....

I just killed "War Shrub!"

I hate Tom Bergeron!

BigwillQ called ME a TroubleMaker: What Should I Do With Him?

Do women still hyperventilate when they get married?

toilet-maker in the hotseat

Nude Smoker Wins Battle with Landlord

It is much too early for me to be awake.

29 Year Old Teacher Busted For Sex With Her 15 Year Old Student While She Was Pregnant

New Game: Who Said It?

A Frightening Vision of the Future?

This is a Lickable Thread

TurboTax just accepted our return! Ask me anything!

Pants-off Dance-off! Is it a sign of the apocolypse or the second coming?

Why Disney movies are evil

I'm awake and I really would rather not be...

Chimp Breaks Out at Zoo

Just spent two hours in the parking lot with a drunk guy!!

Arizona man sentenced for shooting at firefighters who refused to remove his cat from a tree.

Do women still hyperventilate after they get married?

Post your new product for the makers of Head On here.

Need help with DVD movie (technical)

Ebay helps save the world!

Would you join "The Christian Bedbug Power Society?"

Silversun Pickups= the Smashing Pumpkins

Monica Goodling doesn't want immunity!

Who broke DU this time?

Do men still hyperventilate when they get married?

Just when you thought you couldn't get enough (Anna Nicole Trilogy)

Any hot Mail users out there?

w00t! This semester is turning out awesome! Yay!

GLBT Du'ers, Did You Change Your Last Name After You Married Your SO?

This is a Lockable Thread

my name is mr. bloodvessel, i am your courier

If only they'd cast someone to play Inque this time.

umm hi lounge. i messed you.

Tech question re wireless internet

Who Else Loves Trader Joe's Stir Fries?

How long have you known you're a BREAST fiend?

i made messy

The vasectomy some guy had last Friday strangled me. Ask me anything.

Straight women Du'ers, did you change your underwear when you got married?

My new Vegan diet ISN'T working

Any hotmail users out there?

Anyone know a cure for stinky feet?

'Speak to the Hand' vs.

I spent 15 minutes writing a sad, depressing, thought-provoking..

My new Vegan diet is working...

My new Vegas diet is working...

I think it's time for Company Flow dont'cha think?

Are there sites to find press dates/values of (vinyl) LPs? LynneSin...Do you know???

Leaving for another hiatus...

I just hauled 700+ pounds of flooring into my house. Up a hill.

CONFESS!!! Who has kicked the "Please remove" thread just to piss off LynneSin?

OOOoooooooo I spent to long in GD....

umm hi lounge. i missed you.

One of my professors seems really uncomfortable talking to me

I feel like I need to wash my mouth out with soap now.

Among the many, many things I don't understand about language...

Give me my F***ing Job!!!

Did anyone else leave their hometown to get away from "bad influences"?

you're a prima ballerina on a spring afternoon

i'm listening to "never let me down"

My new Vegan diet is working

This is a Lockeable thread

if loving monkeyfunk is wrong

Was eating a hamburger and someone poked a damn hole in the middle....

Any hot male users out there?

panaphonics. magnetbox. sorny.

why is it so wrong to not like Tori Amos?

Lazy Questions

it's worth repeating

Edwards' Haircut? And not ONE WORD about Gingrich's bikini wax?

New Jesus Christ Action Figures!

Calvin Broadus' house is up for sale!

Does anybody watch "The Deadliest Catch" on discovery?

If you poke a hole in the center of your hamburger patty

John Edwards just announced he will no longer get $400 haircuts

Windows question... I have Vista, and I can't get my DU to refresh

You know that little black thingie at the bottom of a peeled Banana

I'm going to say this.... I don't want to work for this guy anymore

Should I apply for this Job?

Hit redial 200 times tonight voting for Sanjaya

Vasectomy Update: A woman in Michigan prayed for my balls.

I just had a vasectomy last Friday. Ask me anything.

I just hauled 700+ pounds of rubber nipples into my house. Up a hill.

So I did a google image search on Dana Perino

My foot hurts so much I can hardly walk

Congratulations TahitiNut!! 45,000 posts

For the fans of Rowan Atkinson, THE funniest sketch (IMO,) I know of...

who here knows something about labor law?

RIP Kitty Carlisle

Sex predators need to call this number:

I think Gore's next movie should be a live action Captin Planet. Let's talk casting

Now why the hell does Sue Ellen put up with J.R.'s bullshit?

The eighteenth of April in '75

Who wants to pray for my balls?

Who wants to pay for my balls?

****April Porno Contest is up in GD.****

I never looked like this even at 20!!

Best smelling laundry detergent?

Man shot at firefighters who refused to rescue cat

CONFESS!!!!! No, I would never be caught________________________

Assault Charges Filed, Duck Unharmed

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 4/18/2007)

So I went to the vet today.

Anyone want to start a Morbid Loners group?

I just spent 125 plus tax on a pair of hiking boots, the boots were on sale.

I can't seem to not clench my jaw. It's terribly frustrating.

Dana Perino. Dan Marino. Al Pacino. Thomas Mennino...

Have you seen Will Ferrell's new webmovie- The Landlord?

Chopper Lands at McDonald's for Lunch

Heather Mills should not have been in the bottom two....

Hubby and I in a ROW...I say "Conspiracy" with VT Murderer...He Says He's Had Enough of it!

Stay out of GD if you value your sanity.

Anybody watching South Park?

Hallelujah!!!! Praise be to Zeus

I can't deny it any longer.

The Pre-emptive NO IDOL SPOILERS thread

So when did DU change its layout around?

AAHHHRRGGG!!!! What to do with a Java developer this stupid?!!

Internet Radio might be dying soon

DU midweek poll: 5 random questions about you

Another night I won't be around. I see a pattern developing.

the thread in which we praise the mersey beat

What is your oldest material possession?

who wants to ball for my prayers?

I haba code and all people say is don't cough on me.

What the fuck is going on around here?

It pains me to say this, but Dana Perino is a babe

What is the greatest amount of money you've spent to be romantically involved with someone?

HOT!!! Naked Fireman photo!

Is Sanjaya going?

How long have you known your BEST friend?

What is the greatest age disparity between you and someone you have been romantically involved with?

Who is getting kicked off American Idol tonight?

Wisconsin State Senate Ok's FREE BEER In Supermarkets

Something I need to get off my chest

Straight women Du'ers, did you change your name when you got married?

Word to the wise: Don't fall off ladders

****April Photo Contest is up in GD.****

Free Association thread: USA scandal version ... "Purge"

I got 95% on my second midterm !!!! Yay Me!!

Happy birthday wishes to.....

Nostalgia Time- Name Something Fun

Completely Vain - My site about Trains, pt 2

Anyone want to start a Sordid Stoners group?

Man, I know I'm kinda cheap, but $150 for a cut and color?

so this ain't the end i saw you again today...

Easier solution to the DU server problems

My ex employer is going to appeal my unemployment compensation

How to write the blues. A good chuckle...

Name something/someone that sucks:

Can someone go slap the toddler down the hallway who thinks the screen door is a toy?

Jeesh! I just had to0 buy dogfood. No idea what is safe anymore.

Post what SHOULD be a state's motto:

Is your area "Cyclist friendly"? As in bicycles?

What are you listening to?

i could really use a spanking

Exodus: From The Mountaintop Into The Desert

3 killed in attack on publishing house that prints Bibles in Turkey

Reform Jewish Leader Condemns Today's Supreme Court Ruling on Late Term Abortions

Hindu Priests Administer Polio Drops as Blessings

A progressive perspective

Nice gesture by the Washington Nationals Tuesday Night

Patty Murray introduced Bill to let priority 8 back in VA

Maybe this is a 'safe place' to say this.

Statement by Senator Kerry on the VA Tech Tragedy

Bob Geiger interviews John Kerrry; here's a link in case you miss it:

The Kerrys, the Environment, the West and Me

JK on TV momentarily

"John Kerry yawned and asked for a chocolate cupcake"

THK Blog Tour, Day 5: Big Green Purse - post is up!

Here's the TPM video with Senator Kerry (more to come tomorrow):

***Cambridge book event: Venue has been changed***

All senators who voted for cloture on Scalito:

Diary to rec and comment (by Whometense re: alito)

Small Biz hearing 10 AM on Sarbanes-Oxley regulations reforms

Kos diary to recommend if you chose

CA and "domestic partnership" rights

TWU Launches 'Online Picket Line' Against Corporate Greed at American Airlines

Oregon Bus Driver Risks Job, Health Coverage to Support Choice to Join a Union

Russia’s ‘New Wave’ of Organizing

On National Library Workers Day, AFSCME Vows to Press Fight for Critical Funding

5,000 attend Carpenters unity rally in Portland

Autoworkers Get A Billion Dollars Worth Of Good News

Janitors for Justice march in Cincinnati

NLRB Regional Director Rules Connecticut FedEx Drivers are Employees

You And Your Bloody Guns

Lafayette Iraq War Memorial

The Nightwatchman: The Road I Must Travel

"I Can Not Tell A Lie" - Bush Gets Animated

KO: Over Here Over There

O'Reilly attacks...and attacks.

Texas Roadblock Voter ID bills

TPM TV: April 18, 2007: Interview with Senator John Kerry

'Browbeating' or The Boss Wants to See You!

Tribute To Those Affected By The Virginia Tech Shooting

Another Pet Food Recall Natural Balance Food

Fox News' Kurt Vonnegut Obituary

Speaker Pelosi leads the House in a moment of silence for the victims at Virginia Tech

The Wish From Me To You

Kucinich on CNN

Kucinich: There WILL BE a Domestic Policy Committee Inquiry into 9/11

Senate Ethics Confirms Domenici Probe Over U.S. Attorney Firing

April Photo Contest...Preliminary Poll 3 ***

FYI: XM Listeners... the Schultz replay is history.... replacing it...

Garry Trudeau, Stop It. You're Killing Me! LOL Yes... WEDNESDAY'S DOONESBURY!

Nuclear spy' arrested in Egypt

More Background on Richard Perle --->>>


Aren't you glad you have TAXATION with representation now?

Human division and anger, hatred and violence. I don't know how you consume this everyday.

Youth of a Nation

Close to home

Why Disney movies are evil

I just heard the Richard Pearl is a registered Democrat... Can this be true??? If so Why???

3,111 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

High Treason: Paper Claims that a "Prominent Deputy" was Implicated in Parliament Bombing

dupe - self-deleting

So where do you stand on this science issue.

Joe Conason: "A Selective View Of Fraud"

I find no Humor in Virginia Tech Massacre

Domestic Terroism...Plain and Simple

Profiles of victims in Virginia Tech massacre--- Be prepared to get very upset.

need a little advice / help / info regarding my new job

What every college student needs -- UK “Parents buying body armour for children after teen murders”

Does anyone know how to make the new home page fit...

Jane Smiley: What I Think About Guns (and what they have to do with Georgia Thompson)

Teacher (Rev. Renwick Pollard) Accused Of Exposing Himself To Student

Oregon House approves two gay rights bills.

Why It Matters That Kuwait Controls Daimler-Chrysler

A Libety U. (Jerry Falwell's -bailed out by Sun Myung Moon) alum said something that is so

Evelyn Pringle: Iraq Money Trail to Bush Cronies Must End

Simon Cowell and VT Tragedy

85 found dead or killed in, & death goes on.

Great tax day protest: "Are YOUR taxes buying what you don't want?"

3 bombings kill 25 in Iraq

I Hate Change (Home Page Rant)

85 killed or found dead across Iraq, is bu$h going to visit Iraq and mourn?

dubya: " we ask a loving God to comfort those who are suffering".

"Sweets and flowers."

Call on Congress to investigate WHIG!

U.S. eyes Iran in Afghanistan, How many die by the use of US weapons, georgie boy, how many

Soldiers and vets blast military health system

Exec: Government is hindering BioShield efforts

How pathetic are you when you have to give your girlfriend a raise?

Dozens attend vigil for 'little Audrey' (The exploited living corpse in Worcester, Mass)

Supreme Court will not hear appeal by Rabbi Fred J. Neulander

Catholic Diocese of Des Moines withheld details of abuse, critics say

cspan 2 Senate in session already--debating Prescription drug changes

Priest in sex scandal urged to surface

Afghanistan: US-led convoy hits, kills Afghan boy

Let's FLIPFLOP this: Conservatve media doesn't tell us how NICE

Has there been much discussion on Prozac and the VT killer?

My one and only Subject Post on the VT shootings

It's Hard Work Upstaging the Grief-Stricken ---pix--->>>

Gore vs Obama

Curious: Edwards vs Obama at DU Poll

Sierra Madre Measure V Special Election - Real Estate Developers LOSE!

NBC Iraq Blog: Sources say al-Maliki crossed al-Sadr

Sen. Grassley on Senate floor ranting about "gov. run Health Plans"

Is Your Website Blocked in China?

Breaking: 127 killed in 4 Iraqi bombings today. Stay the curse.

Bush's mistake returns

Study suggests chimps more evolved than humans.

(TOON) Steve Bell on the Chimp, Broon and the $2 Poond

Fitzgerald gets tough with deputy US marshall

Should The Government Have The Ability To Regulate Your Rights?

UFCW workers pressure Paula Deen on her partnership with Smithfield Foods...

Buzzflash picked my nomination for their "Wings of Justice" award!!

CDC: A&M researcher infected by bioweapon

Has Bush scheduled a television press release for the carnage

Senate Ethics Confirms Domenici Probe Over U.S. Attorney Firing

Look at this wonderful young person who died at VA Tech. So many sad stories.

Prosecutors owe loyalty to the public


Ben Stein: "Raise the taxes on the rich to give the military pay raises."

Just when I thought it was safe to go back to MSNBC in the morning...

Cheney's office responds to Kucinich's email regarding impeachment

A whale grows in Brooklyn

Amazing and Frightening New Album

Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed Against Cheney by Kucinich

Do you cry when your relatives die? How about when mine die?

Bush Won't Reveal Locations Of Secret Prisons - The Bush administration’s allies in Congress...

Sens. Colins, Snowe, Obama, Coleman voted AYE so far on Dem perscription

Bush's Surge...

Is the claim that second hand smoke is a Class A carcinogen based on "phony science"?

Different Tact, What Is The Most Realistic 'Positive' Outcome For The Collapsing Dollar?

MSNBC: White House says there will be no negotiations @ today's Bush/Congress Iraq meeting

WH taps Commander who failed to get UBL as State Dept's coordinator for counterterrorism

3 bombs kill 33, wound dozens in Baghdad

The world according to Walmart

Potential organ donor was wrongly declared brain-dead

You are already seeing politicians tapdancing on gun control

Lighten up with Republican Call Girls (video)

Breaking: CNN: Cops back at VT and heavily armed

It's more difficult to buy cold medicine in Virginia than it is a gun...

== You Cannot Save The Earth = By Mark Morford

The elephant with a gun in the room...

Wolfowitz Faces New Allegations of Favoritism

RIM says BlackBerry service back for "most" users


If Roe v. Wade gets overturned, can Congress pass a law undoing such a ruling?

About the Listerine Agent Cool Blue recall- this is fucked up.

Should medical privacy laws apply to the mentally ill?

A repost in honor of today's Supreme Court decision (originally posted by lwfern)

Did anyone notice the sickening Bush love fest on NBC yesterday?

Ladies on the fence, get your abortions early just in case there is a problem later

Tech shooter had a history of stalking behavior

Republican Elephant sh*t is good for the environment!!!!

I feel I can safely say the DU Admins hit a home run with the new home page

USNews: Intel sources say new "threat streams" suggest attack by Al Qaeda this summer

NBC: Why Sadr pulled out of the government

Finally... "JesusLand" is video

US evangelicals aim to influence European law

Important bills in the House today

No Offense Intended With This Year’s Choice of Entertainer, but Still an Outcry

We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing a right to privacy.

Lighten up with Republican Call Girls (video)

"we see you, we hear you, we embrace you, we are going to lift you up."

Caption * at VT

NORAD Exercise Planned for Wednesday/Thurs (DC area)

Neo-Nazi rally planned for S.C. - Group protesting illegal immigration to gather at Statehouse

TX House to make gun owners' names secret

I see a lot of Edwards attacks recently in both the media and online. Why is that?

Rich LITTLE announces he will kiss Little Boots' rear at WH Correspondents Dinner

Am I the only person who doesn't particularly care about the gun issue?

Bomb threat alarm reported at Virginia Tech campus

did Stephanie Miller just let an f-bomb get by & on the air?

DU getting buggy again today

4 Bombings Kill 157 People in Baghdad

We're so much more valuable.

Why the shootings mean that we must support my politics

McCain pays $30,000 to S.C. supporters

This is all a lesson that my political views are correct!

Something that just occured to me

Rep. Juanita Millender-McDonald (D-Calif.) has cancer, takes leave

Senate Ethics Confirms Domenici Probe Over U.S. Attorney Firing

In other news...160-170 innocent victims SLAUGHTERED by car bombs in Iraq TODAY


Stephen Colbert to Battle Sean Penn in Fight to Finish on Thursday

Republicans Never Cease To Amaze me in a Negative Way

"1,000 shooting deaths off-camera for each victim at Virginia Tech"

Shouldn't someone be analyzing the psychological health of the guy who is causing genocide in Iraq?

College for Everyone

Dear D.U....

MASSIVE Failure of TurboTax Servers

VA killer was a conservative,christian...

An actual letter from an actual reader.... traffic hit an all-time high on Monday; 15.3 million users, 37% increase over Katrina

The first guy Bush appointed Iraq PM worked for the CIA. Guess what his specialty was? Car Bombs

Conyers postpones Goodling immunity vote

Have You Read the Plays Written By Cho Seung-Hui?

UNICEF Afghanistan Appeal: $100,000 in 10 days...

Friday, April 20th: Virginia Tech Solidarity Day (Hokie Hope)

Suicide bombers In Iraq Mostly Saudis

Soldier leaves dying mother to return to war

Just when you thought you couldn't get enough (Anna Nicole Trilogy)

PEW: Daily Show audience most knowledgeable

If the government does it, they don't call it a massacre

Were there early warning signs that young g.w. bush would become a psychopath?

The JFK Challenge

Is Gonzales going before the Senate tomorrow? If so, what time?

Is there anything more pathetic, but funny at the same time, than Republicans grasping at straws?

Immigration: The Human Cost

Can we call a Glock 9 a Weapon of Mass Destruction?

Anyone listening to Thom Hartmann

In light of the Supreme Court decision to uphold abortion ban...

Pelosi & Reid meeting with the Chimp today!!!

Iraqi commander : "it proves that the (terrorists) are bankrupt and that the plan is succeeding"

Have you had a personal, specific experience with Evil?

Is Rove busy deleting the BlackBerry e-mail servers?

Washington D.C: 169 murders in all of 2006.......... Baghdad: 170 murdered today

dupe- delete

Meanwhile, back in Iraq...

Rhode Island Votes To Move 2008 Primary To Tomorrow

Portland photographer physically removed from Rove event

Gun License vs Driving License

My local municipality passed , for the schools, a "no-bully" policy

Court rules that government can't hold Posada until trial

Has the stress of leadership changed the president's appearance?

Pet Food Updates: Chemical found in second pet-food ingredient AND Natural Life Recall

Statement by Senator Barbara Boxer on Today's Supreme Court Decision

Ticking by Elton John...

Does the 2nd Amendment apply to all Americans?

"Analysis: Bush's Record Mixed on Disasters"

Homicide in America .....

Gun Control -- When You Elect Me King

OMFG This is HUGH!!1 "Edwards' haircuts cost a pretty penny"...

Congress: You're ALL a bunch of hypocrites!

My 1000 th post... The symptoms not the cause

Why do you need a partial birth abortion?

VT Gunman had 2 past stalking cases...was suicidal

Rep. Sensenbrenner accused politicians and pundits of stoking children's fears (re: global warming)

The text of Gonzales v. Carhart is available online.

Repub convention plan calls for prep for 3,000 arrests

Salon: "America at a Crossroads" veers to the right

What we can do to stop lots of gun related violence...

Living With Water Scarcity -- World Must Act Now

Why not number the days of each month starting with the number 13?

Brownback supports partial birth abortion ban ruling by Supreme Court.

Analysis: Bush record mixed on disasters (Whaaaaat?)

Brits retire phrase "War on Terror"

Secret Iraq memo leaked by civil servant

Why the GOP won't ban abortion altogether but will just chip away at it like today's ruling.

Please let DU get more servers quick...please let DU get more servers quick...

What I want to know is how MSM can

WOW ! Speaking of mental health issues.

Saturday, April 28, 2007 ROVE in Hendersonville, NC

Isn't dilation and extraction the only medically safe procedure available for pregnant women

No one deserves a tragedy

Kucinich: Three Point Plan for Resucing the Nation From Violence

Gangs of Iraq

Harry Reid on MSNBC right now n/t

So even if a woman is in danger of dying, she can't get an abortion?

Easy solution to the DU server problems

Bush is having a meeting with the Democrats ...

Finally the Congressional Democratic leadership has pointed out that the timeline

why does B*sh have to read EVERYTHING he utters off a piece of paper?

Harriet Miers returns to private practice

How many makeup sessions or hairstyles has Hillary had with Campaign Contributions?

Coulda, woulda, shoulda - more thoughts about VT

This poll needs DU help!!!! Thanks!

Profiles of all of the victims in Virginia Tech massacre

Nov 2006 was like the gigantic 2003 protests against the looming war--

A gun happy nation

Hey Boehner, do you live in a tanning bed?

For fans of satire...

dem press release over bush talks

Caller to Randi: Proof that there's no intelligent life on earth...

Oh yeah???? Well you should see my old man's magazine!

You know what truly amazes me?

SCOTUS decision on abortion seems to ban all D&E procedures

Brownback supports partial birth abortion ban ruling by Supreme Court.

Deadliest Day In Iraq Since 2006

Frontline: The Killer at Thurston High

Collective Soul's "Shine" Soon to Be Christened Virginia Tech's "Helter Skelter"

Spin Dana Spin

Java developers please express your sympathy for me in this thread...

Now that the ban for Partial Birth Abortion has been upheld

WSU Vancouver evacuated due to threat; Patriot Act forum rescheduled

Easier solution to the DU server problems

I just heard the same damned "Dems going to take our guns" AGAIN...

Calvin Broadus' house is up for sale!

CSPANner alert: The idiots are out in force.

Anyone else aware of this Diane Feinstein flap? AND a DU Opinion: Is this a "gotcha"?...

IRS grants Tax Filing Extensions to Northeasterners (April 26)

A grain-free pet food: Innova Evo. For all the pet owners that

What if a person had to be 28 to buy a gun?

Miami: Potential Padilla jurors admit bias

CHENEY's Press Secretary Re: IMPEACHMENT REPORT-VP Has Commited No Impeachable Offence

Law that protects library records also protects man who masturbated among the books.

Next month headline: John Edwards cuts ahead on the list while at the local Pro-Cuts

There already was a mechanism to deny the VT shooter his gun, but it wasn't used.

I keep thinking about this, even days later

They Were Simply In The Wrong Place / Wrong Time * said yesterday

TDO's aren't part of a background check?

Gallup: HCR Favorability Plunges from 58 to 45 !

Miami: Potential Padilla jurors admit bias

does the Bush administration have a list of everyone who has ever used anti-depressants?

Nationwide Bush-Induced Psychosis At Work

Car bombs kill nearly 200 in Baghdad

It pains me to say this, but Dana Perino is a babe

Whacko email going around.

Bush affirms abortion rights in today's executive order amending the Manual for Courts-Martial

Duke D.A. admits primary motivation: "million dollars of free advertisements"

Read it & weep people.

Russia Plans World's Longest Tunnel, a Link to Alaska

While pilots take pay cuts and concessions, American Airlines give bonuses to execs

MSNBC on-air: "NBC News is becoming part of the story": Cho sent communication to NBC...

I work in a HS and the career specialist just sent an invite to Seniors to attend Baraba * event Sat

Where are the Campus Cops when you need them

Wiki on Newt

(VT) Before the gun debate, can we talk about mental health issues?

Chemical found in second pet-food ingredient (rice protein)

Court order declared killer "mentally ill and a danger to others", NRA still enabled him to buy guns

MSNBC (link now): Gunman contacted NBC News during massacre

Realtime this week: Bill Moyers, Gov Schweitzer and others

more evidence the empire is crumbling....Nickles almost worth 10 cents

The Katrina Gun Grab

TV personality Kitty Carlisle dies at 96

Why is the right to bear arms not in the 1st amendment???

Cho Taken to Psychiatric Hospital in 2005?

Justice Ginsberg gave a RARE ORAL dissent from the bench today-:

Massive bomb blast in Bagdhad

I am trying to imagine a more dangerous place to have guns than a college dorm

President Bush has ordered the flag to fly at half-mast for the VT victims....

Brian Williams:"You have all too much experience in dealing with grieving families going back to 911

here we go

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 4/18 - White House gets a parrot

What will you do when your (Dem) Representative opposes Kucinich's articles of impeachment?

You haircut people need to get a grip.

I honestly believe that the disregard for human live in Bush's

I just asked a question in my post about Kara Knott

Poor Wolf Blitzer ..he tries SO hard, but NBC seems to have "won" the day

Alright, I'll be the first to admit I cannot stand to watch

What to do if just this once, you can't afford to pay your taxes?

MSNBC: Two people shot at University of Missouri?

VT Killer Ruled Mentally Ill by Court; Let Go After Hospital Visit

Did anyone watch...

One woman's story (regarding late-term abortion)

NFL player (Urlacher) fined $100,000 for Super Bowl hat

In other news - Explosion Outside Of Baghdad Hospital Today - 35 Dead

If violent video games make people become violent in real life why

CNN ratcheting up the fear, distracting from the issues, as per usual

Easier solution to the DU server problems

Why does the Fed Govt keep a database of the prescription drugs we use?

Top deputy tells Wolfowitz to step down- sources (Reuters)

Why some women need a D&X, a.k.a. partial birth abortion.

Huntersville, NC - teen took gun to school, waved it around, left and shot self.

Who knows what a bonobo is?

Why voter IDs are a waste of time and a suppression tactic

Holy Shit! Just got this from the ODU President. WTF?

UN warns of Iraqi refugee crisis (40,000 Iraqis displaced monthly)

Advice needed. Tax deadline missed.

ACLU Demands Update on Status of NSA Surveillance Program As Re-Authorization Deadline Passes...

Cho victim parents on CNN now.

DOD: "a very bad day in Iraq." - 4 Bombs Kill 178 People in Baghdad

Phelps fanatics to protest Virginia Tech funerals...

Is it just me, or does Chris Matthews seem desperate to pin the VT shooting on violent movies?

Give 'em hell, Harry Reid

Cho's SuiteMate in College never saw any sign of what he did...and

WE now have the proof the GOP needs to trigger impeachment - BEHOLD, Brian Williams

233 killed in Iraq today

The gun , the silent killer , until the triggers pulled .

Cho had a demon. Televangelist Franklin Graham says so.

U.N. seeks aid for 4 million uprooted Iraqis

Tucker questions whether ethical for NBC to air video

Iraq’s education system on the verge of collapse

Ladies and gentlemen ... Debbie Schlussel

Some Apropos Songs and Movies for the current VT Multimedia Obsession

Public health crisis for Iraqis is dire, new U.N. report says

Bush Regime's Tipping Points

FBI Searched Calif. Congressman's Home Last Friday

If you had a bad day at work at any time the past couple of weeks...


A question in light of the SCOTUS abortion decision...

"The liberal media refuses to report all the good news about campuses that didn't have shootings."

Will/Should Leahy delay the hearings again?

this is just gross

Same proportion of nation's population on 9/11 killed today in Baghdad. Now back to

Did you know that Richard Perle was a registered Democrat?

I Need Help About The "Forever Stamps"

U.S. Senator blocks aid to Colombian military (Leahy)

Hastert spends $70,000 on trial lawyers to keep his butt out of jail.

Does showing the "multi media presentation" from a killer encourage others?

BREAKING! FBI Searches Doolittle Home in Northern VA and

Pelosi: 'We Came in the Spirit of Hope That the President Would Take Yes for an Answer'

Brian Williams: "This should be the best time of these kids' lives"

Echoing GOP attacks, AP, CNN's Roberts suggested Dem bill would "cut off" funds, strand troops

Do you think Keith Olbermann will show the VT killer's videos?

Obama's statement on today's Supreme Court ruling on PBA

Is my response to a letter on Fox News too snarky?

Richardson: Decision on Abortion a “Dangerous Step Backward"

Court Found Virginia Tech Gunman 'Mentally Ill' and 'Danger to Others' in 2005

Christian Coalition: "Roe v Wade" days are numbered, hallelujah!

Hubby and I in a ROW...I say "Conspiracy" with VT Murderer...He Says He's Had Enough of it!

A Special Message To Anyone That Actually For A SECOND Can Voice Outrage Toward Edward's Haircut:


The VTech Massacre might lead to racism!

Check out

Supreme Court Rhetoric Reveals Deep ‘Hostility’ To Women’s Rights

Rupert Cornwell: A brutal truth: Massacre is just part of everyday life in America

Iran nuclear operations confirmed (by IAEA)

Bush: Chosen as a Role Model?

HAH!!! Doolittle (R) ca-district 4 House raided by the FBI!!

Hillary's statement on PBA ruling

BREAKING! FBI SEARCHES Doollittle Home in Northern VA and

Anyone else see a post about a shooting on the MU Campus

"Ismale Ax" tattooed on VT shooter's arm. May have math connection.

So how will this new abortion ban actually be enforced by the federal government?

They hate us for our sex toys

Larry Johnson: How Many Dead Equal Failed Government?

Before this one gets scrubbed. (photo)

Boxer introduces Web site to help consumers fight global warming

"Was he into Counterstrike?"

Update: At least 170 killed, 193 wounded, in six bombings in Baghdad today

Would it be TOO much to ask that in order to own a gun

Which Glock would Pollyanna carry?

Have we heard anything about Cho's family?

The barrage of violence and copy cat incidents

New light on the Nick Berg case: US contractors ‘tortured’ for talking to the FBI

Vermont's 3rd Largest Newspaper - 'Impeach Bush, or get out of the way'

That's it...I will only support a candidate with bad hair who lives in a shack!

Why didn't his gun(s) jam?

Restoring Habeas Corpus _ ACLU

RNC To Waxman: We’ll Only Show You The Emails We Want You To See

Doolittle Throws His Wife Under The Bus

I am officially boycotting CNN...I've

Wal-Mart takes top spot on Fortune 500 list; GM 3rd

Creative, Crazy?

Wolfowitz. Ladies Man. --pix--->>>

Will Asian Americans be targets?

A Pink Protest at the World Bank

Partial-birth abortions and assault weapons... like two peas in a pod.

Reid To Bush: If You Come After Us, We'll Hit Back Every Bit As Aggressively

Which 5 in Congress Do You Want To See GONE in 2008

Wheat/rice gluten in Heartworm chewables???

With the release of these videos

Anyone else's tinfoil hat starting to buzz on this Cho stuff?

Giovanni kicked killer out of class

has Bush EVER said under what conditions in Iraq that we can leave???

Michael Devlin Charged With Attempted Murder

Death in Iraq since 2006: 215 (11/23), 198 (3/27), 194 (3/6) 179 (3/29), 167 (2/3), 164 (4/18)

Escalating US Military Spending Is Income Redistribution in Disguise

NBC Nightly News: Showing the Shooter's Video and Photos

8 Buildings At University Of Minnesota have been Evacuated - BOmb Threat

Boobs bigger than Beth the Bounty Hunter (Dog's wife)

Here's what I sent to ConNN

Unlike Columbine, the SWAT team kicked in the door while Cho was still shooting

Bush mourns VA Tech victims yesterday; Kills 183 in Iraq today.

umm... this search on Doolittle's house took place last Friday.

REAGAN, BUSH 1, or BUSH 2 who was worst about mental health?

HE FILMED IT!!! Cho filmed and sent message to NBC between murders

I LOVE the new Home Page!

Are we going to have another anti-geek backlash?

Kitty Carslile Hart Has passed Away

Brian WILLIAMS, please STFU!!1

US accuses Iran of supplying arms to Taliban insurgents

Was Cho another victim of Accutane psychosis? He used acne meds

America at a Crossroads: EUROPE’S 9/11 and THE MUSLIM AMERICANS on Now on PBS

(WTF?) Australia, U.S. Agree to Swap Refugees

If we had had battleships, cruisers, destroyers, airplanes and anti-aircraft artillery at Pearl

Crossing Jordan takes on the Patriot Act and Homeland Security.

Just a thought (about Gonzogate)

Hounded by Insurgents, Abandoned by Us

C-Span Trent Franks - AZ (R)

Has Cho's family surfaced yet?

I am going to copywrite the word "gate", so that anytime a new

(Someone's) going home. Spoiler Alert.

Are RW lunatics planning a violent confrontation in Greensboro, NC this Saturday?

Are RW lunatics planning a violent confrontation in Greensboro, NC this Saturday?

Limbaugh: Media Matters out to "kill conservative information, which it labels 'misinformation,'"

The Supreme Court's backward ruling today will backfire in 08!

Someone please explain why the rightwing wants a "muslim influence" for VT murders?

Where is the news...?

Fears grow on pet food - 5 foods nonrecalled listed repeatedly in vet reports

so anyway, asbestos gonzales testifies tomorrow


Okay, I give up, I give in.

Running the Numbers - An American Self-Portrait

So I got to thinking...

"I'm praying that he is some other Asian."

Elayne Boozler: "We Are Getting Tired of Prying Your Guns out of Your Cold Dead Hand "

Um, people? Isn't this kind of, well... child pornography? Look at the title.

We're aware that some people are having problems loading the site and we're working to fix it

Does Anyone Use Green Dimes Or Another Service To Stop Junk Mail?

Ginsburg: "....the Court blesses a prohibition with no exception safeguarding a woman's health."

greta has the scoop on VT shooter

Breaking! NBC has EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to Air the Box of Cho's Video's sent to them!

You know why Columbine was more scary than VT?

On TDS and Colbert Report tonight:

The massacre is an argument for free health care

What I wish for Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel calls for Tommy Thompson to drop out of race

Wolfowitz's top deputy joins those calling for his ouster

Has Cho's video been posted online yet?

Scientist says cremation should meet a timely death (contributes to global warming)

Is GD running slow for anyone else?

Thousands of US Troops Will Return With Head Injuries

I'm sorry.....but this is "very convenient" such evil and so calculated

"There is no joy in this" - Brian Williams. What is that about?

There's one problem with the "the answer is more guns" argument

Meanwhile in Baghdad, another 173 Iraqis were killed today

Congress needs to pass a law that recognizes the right and the obligation of all physicians...

April 18th time for another ride?

John McCain visits Colonial Williamsburg..

Warning is Sounded on Ethanol Use

Gaithersburg Elementary parent threatens school shooting

Guns in church. How do the gun nuts feel about packing in church?

Did anybody see this?

We know the disease, now to the cure.

So you thought TN was a red state, huh?

Holy Vomit. Dinesh D'Souza comments on VT.

Retired missionaries and pastors may sue church that sold their mobile home park

Iraqi officials are now estimating the war has produced 900,000 orphans

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

What damn purpose does it serve to air the voice of the killer's violence?

What should we learn from V Tech?

McCloskey Leaves Republican Party

Tell my simply, why? If you are tired of discussing VT murders, tell me why THIS happened....

I don't get it: why didn't school contact you-know-who's parents with mental health concerns?

Students' mental state is confidential

well, I sent a note to Senator Saxby Chambliss re: his vote on negotiating


The future role of the Emergency Room

Good News! Gonzo on both C-SPAN1 and C-SPAN3 tomorrow!

ChristianForum OP: It's SICKENING to be child-free!

Alliance for Separation of School and State - OMG!!

Today's SCOTUS Decision: Bad News and Better News

There are two Americas: Supercuts America and Torrenueva Hair Designs America

Bush Embraces the Culture of Death

Our Okla legislators are right on the job. We now have a State Vegetable!

Is the Lounge down?

OPEN THREAD: Speak your mind.

My friend would have died without the late-term termination she had.

I'm actually beginning to miss the ANNA NICOLE stories

Could some artist do me a big favor?

Rockefeller: "POLITICS PUT OVER NAT'L SECURITY-I Am Furious, Double-Crossed, Misled & Minimized"

Al Gore Gets Approval To Install Solar Panels On His Tennessee Home

I would never have a partial birth abortion so this doesn't affect me

McClatchy article recycled weekly's claims against Feinstein without noting inaccuracy in report

Pissypants Learns to Pronounce "Darfur" ---pix--->>>

Killer's parents hospitalised 'with shock'

From our "I've Seen It All Now" Department: Jesus not mentioned at VT memorial!

Second Tainted Pet Food Ingredient Found

* visits the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington - pics

Why does the Bush administration have a list of everyone who has ever used anti-depressants?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

re: Shootings -- when are we going to talk about the need to restructure our society?

What makes a haircut worth $400...

To John Edwards: Pay back your campaign, or else

I don't even own a gun, and I don't want any one to take it!!

Vonnegut's obituary, Fox news style.

"The 100 Unsexiest Men of 2007" LOL

I just got laid off.

Hell. I paid 150 bucks for a color & cut last Saturday.

BREAKING OPINION: The VA Shooter Was A Terrorist Lashing Out At American Policy.

House Democrats Consider Making Iraq Timetable "Advisory"

RNC to Conyers: 'We will give our emails to the White House first.'

Franklin Graham being celebrated on CNN. "Islam is an evil and wicked religion"

You know what REALLY pisses me off about John Edwards haircut?

I need some Swamp Rat Magic .... shout out to Mr. S Rat

"Wearing sunglasses indoors is a hallmark sign of paranoia,"

Check out this survey.

Online privacy issues -- what do you think about this statement?

A nice homage to the murdered victims of the Tech tragedy

CU junior suspended, arrested for comments

Wild Wild West College?

Was it a good idea for the Edwards campaign to spend $800.00 for two of his haircuts....

Cho Seung-Hui is the 9th School Shooter Under Influence of Psychiatric Drugs

Are RW lunatics planning a violent confrontation in Greensboro, NC this Saturday?

So you think someone may have "psychotic tendencies..." What's the next step?

I love Edwards, and I've defended him a thousand times here on DU...

I think today's SCOTUS decision is about much more than abortion rights.

Should crazy people have the same constitutional rights as everyone else?

Device Uses Solar Energy To Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

We had a shooting, quite possibly the worst in

Where are Cho's parents?

Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds ‘Partial Birth’ Abortion Ban

Why would JE's campaign committee even APPROVE to pay for a damn haircut?

The Club as a steering wheel lock?

Stop trying to make logical sense out of this fucked up freak

They DID Fight Back

Fyi: Mental Health America Warns Pulbic to Avoid Diagnosing or Profiling Others

Cho's sister works as a contractor out of the State Dept.

Help need a complete list of bush fallacies

Open letter to the crazed fundie fuckers

Enough of the "Haircut" Posts!

Moyers lays it on the line: Bush lied and the media helped him do it.

It appears to me that without gun control - these VT incidents will always

Massachusetts GOPblog says Virginia Tech happened because people didn't pray enough

ESPN Radio "Jock" questions NBC hiring Olbermann

The lie that "if everyone had been able carry a gun, the massacre could have been stopped"

*** TOONs Tribute to VT ***

A retort to the Edwards "Haircutgate" nonsense.

Wow, one of the most DISGUSTING cartoons I've seen in awhile

Freedom vs. safety

Letter To Newsweek Re: Richard Lindzen, Climate Skeptic

Should people with green cards be allowed to purchase guns?

I Don't Want To Rattle Anyone About Edward's Hair But We All Know...

They DID Fight Back

Gun Control: another reason why legal abortion got kicked in the nuts...

Imus watchers - what are you watching in the mornings now? I'm at a loss. I was accustomed to

Wow, Jon Stewart just did a GREAT interview with one of the Former Iraqi Govt guys on The Daily Show

Thompson blames fatigue and cold for earning money is "part of the Jewish tradition" comment

They should stop airing videos by a murderer, and we should stop watching them

Cho (VT gunmans) gun purchase was ILLEGAL. the background check FAILED.

From the Brady campaign---"32 dead: what are we going to do about it?"

DU'ers unite. Enough. Just say no more. I'm watching CNN, I know I

Stopping Nuts With Guns - Myths and Reality

Dear SCOTUS: If you haven't had one, then you need to STFU. (caveat -- this one's personal)

Cheney travels in a plane named "Spirit of Strom Thurmond."

BRIEF Planned Parenthood statement on SCOTUS ruling

NEW ALLEGATIONS: Anonymous Letter-Reveals-DOJ Hijacked Entry Level Lawyers-Not Just U.S. Attorneys

Thoughts on late-term abortion and the woman-hating right

You know, people need to really learn about mental illness and quit imputing

Please stop using the VT shooter's writings to analyze him.

I'm tired of the Bush Admin. getting a free ride

Presenting the next school killer: Edward Ji of Frisco, Texas

I think cars should be banned cuz anybody can use their car as a weapon & kill a bunch of people.

"We Pretend to Vote, They Pretend to Get Elected"

Why are people calling the owner of the gun shop and telling him he is a murder.

I feel sorry for the family of the shooter

Disgraced Evangelist Haggard Leaves Town As Part Of Agreement With Church

Need some help with Legal Descriptions (land)

April is the cruelest month

Look at his house!!! Look at his haircut!!! Why on earth would anyone support Edwards' candidacy???

Record of Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS

Michael Savage just said he "Hates homeless people and detests them!!!"

Americans aged 18-29 support the war and Bush in higher percentages than other age groups.

Where has your candidate realized their aspirations or initiatives into policy, practice, or law?

Update on Waxman's Hearings into Sibel Edmonds' Case

I'm impressed with the understanding of mental illness I've seen on DU

Iraq war veteran holds hostage, wants treatment

15 year old girl sentenced to seven years in prison

Bioweapon Infects Researcher at Texas A&M, Goes Unreported while Def. Sec. Gates was President there

Manufacturer’s truck, rifles stolen from KCK hotel

Spending $400 for a haircut epitomizes everything wrong with American politics today.

Here Is The Screen Cap Of The Cho Manifesto Page. Please Read And Decide For Yourself.

2 police confrontations for stalking and the NRA made sure VT murderer could still get a gun

Liviu Librescu should be awarded a Congressional Gold Medal

A Perle of wisdom....

***April Photo Contest...Preliminary Poll 2 ***

Doonesbury's latest "Impeach Cheney Too!" Gotta love it! Go Gary Trudeau

Barack Obama leads in Oklahoma fundraising

This is HUGH!1!! Defense Sec'y Gates is saying the Dem's timetable is a good thing

Celebrities divided between Obama and Hillary

The Marital connection in the DOJ scandal - One in the WH, the other

It takes a village idiot. Der Mittenfuhrer flip-flops again

Europeans Critical of Rendition by U.S. (AP)

Der Mittenfuhrer helps tap new donors using Mormon, business connections

First climate debate divides UN (debate initiated by UK)

Clinton hoping focus on"small-scale initiatives", attention to detail will lead to victory

Oooh lookee! the "Becoming Illegal" email

Goodling immunity hearing at 10:15

Media Matters poking limbaugh with a sharp stick

Impeach Cheney First? (by John Nichols for The Nation)

FEMA emergency plan delayed

ABC Primetime runs clip of Bush placing flowers at VT labeled "Killer Revealed"!

Insurer's workers get rare perks (Paying lower-paid employees' health-care premiums is good for

Gates Contradicts Bush, Cheney On Timelines


US cannot be trusted to act responsibly in the world: global poll (AFP)

Kucinich Urges Terrorist Be Returned To Venezuela. No MSM attention for this item

Statement by Senator Kerry on the VA Tech Tragedy

John Kerry explains the importance of raising as much money as possible in a Presidential run

Former US Senator Mark Dayton announced he is running for Governor of MN next term

Hagel's Dilemma (He Is A Big Chicken!)

More people have died in Iraq in the last week than

Flick 'Numb' sounds like what this WH admin suffers from.

Blackberry Rove is hard at work.

Democrats' drug price bill blocked in Senate (Reuters)

Democrats delay major moves in two House investigations of Bush officials

John Kerry just killed any hopes of running for president

Sen. Coleman Falsely Claims He Never Nominated Paulose As U.S. Attorney

Dear ACLU Friends,

Former President Clinton Triples College Speaking Schedule as Hillary Campaigns

Proof not all Conservatives/Republican are asshats...

WP: Independents continue to support Congressional Democrats as they push Bush aggressively on Iraq

When exactly is Goodling testifying? nt

Silent Rage: From Columbine, Virginia Tech to Iraq and Back

Dupe, pls. delete.

Milwaukee U.S. Attorney To Be Interviewed In Attorney Probe

Democrats soften stance on Iraq withdrawal (AFP)

FLASHBACK: Gonzales Couldn’t Name A Single Mistake He’s Made


How would having a ten-ton monument to the Ten Commandments have prevented

At Bush DoJ, Dems Need Not Apply

Richardson 42% , Romney 34%

RNC to White House: Don't You Worry

The Politics of Supreme Court Nominations (by John Nichols at The Nation)

GOP Senators Misled (by * admin) on Prosecutor

Conservatives Take Aim At Bush-Backed Gun Law

Okay, I admit it. I actively practice political profiling.

Two days later Rush tells us all about the Tech shooting

Wings of Justice Award goes to the Rutgers University Women's Basketball Team and their coach

Breaking: FBI raids Doolittle’s home (buddy of Abramoff)

Earth Day Network Kerry urges all to send Message to Congress (here):

For background on Dolittle, here's a link from TPM with lots of

Time for Pro-Choice Leaders' Heads to Roll?

Rasmussen : Giuliani 33% McCain 19% Thompson 13%


Rudy the draft dodger!

In other news from Iraq

(Since we're on the subject of Abramoff, Conrad) Burns Legal Fees Near $300,000

Rush Limbaugh is LOSING IT over Media Matters

President Bush and Congressional Leaders Fail to Reach Agreement on Iraq Funding

Pet food recall: Stunning news

Dems court voters in 'Sharpton' primary (AP)

Dear Democratic Party

'IF' People Had Guns To Protect Themselves There Wouldn't Have Been A Massacre.....

Why was the body of the Romanian/Isreali Professor able to be released for a funeral

Feingold on Anonymous Republican Hold on the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act

"Sup.Ct. Upholds Ban on [partial birth] Abortion Procedure"

Waxman Sends More Requests to Unitary Executive

Ex-felon disenfranchisement and the struggle for voting rights

Weeeee let's arm the teachers with guns

Feingold writes CNN's John Roberts who said his bill would cut off funding to troops in the field

Emanuel, Pelosi jump on Gates' comment about Iraq debate

Obama's statement on today's Supreme Court ruling on PBA

The country would have been much better off with President Kerry

Sorry to introduce another Edwards hair thread....

Bush gives Sudan's president `last chance' to end violence in Darfur

My Conversation With John Kerry

A shout out to the top three

How do you stop Crazy people from getting guns?

Burning Bush-Can he take more heat?

RNC To Waxman: We’ll Only Show You The Emails We Want You To See

John Edwards must be "coloring his hair and Al Gore does sometimes and not others.....

Doolittle Throws His Wife Under The Bus

Bush gives Sudan 'last chance'

Jon Stewart just did about 10 minutes of solid a news interview

Bush Brings Iraq ‘Death And Destruction’ Tour To Local High Schools

For the record, if Clark doesn't run I'll be supporting Obama or Richardson.

A Dark Day for Women's Health

Mild-mannered Dem senator flips his lid

Comparing VT Tragedy To Abortion

Hotline reports on Roberts Gates' Iraq gift to Dems and Obama's picking up on his remark

Getting ready for Gonzo hearing tomorrow.....what all links do you have?

Jon Tester and Jim Webb, rock!

Kerry Says Republicans Sided with Big Drug Companies over Seniors

Why is John Edward's campaign paying for his haircuts?

Repub Shill Tucker Carlson asks why Cho mental illness didn't lead to his being detained

Bye bye to Cleveland GOP Election Chair Bob "Ballots for Bush" Bennett

Stopping Nuts With Guns - Myths and Reality

Man Of Integrity, Al Gore, Dumps Barrick Gold Sponsorship

Michelle Malkin is a dangerous idiot

Women Hating Bastards

2006 National Journal Senate liberal ratings (Durbin 1st, Obama 10th, HRC 33rd, Lieberman 37th)

Mandatory Gun Training for 3 months?

Which America do you live in, John Edwards?

You don't get it people: John Edwards NEEDS that kind of haircut to win.

Dems divided over Webb's proposal requiring approval for attacking Iran


Reid To Bush: If You Come After Us, We'll Hit Back Every Bit As Aggressively

Fred Thompson will never win

Dems cave to Bush on Iraq

Does one have to have sex to be able to vote?

Edwards: "Could not disagree more strongly with today's Supreme Court decision" on abortion

Senators Clinton and Harkin's speeches opposing Alito nomination.

Gun laws are adequate? There are 30,000 gun deaths a year in US

Hillary's statement on Supreme Court abortion ruling

Should NBC have waited before releasing Cho Seung-Hui’s package to the network?

So how did Fred Thompson get out of serving in Vietnam?

Senator Kerry presented his case against Alito in three gripping speeches

Aren't we glad the 'smart' Dems undermined and attacked the Alito filibuster

Statements of a Vermont doctor about the so-called "partial birth abortion" ban.

Don Imus and what's wrong with the media