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Archives: April 12, 2007

NYT editorial: "There is no possible triumph in Iraq and very little hope left."

The Government and Some of its Vendors Can Now Access Your Secrets

FLOC Staff Member Beaten to Death in Monterrey Office

Suicide bomb damages Baghdad bridge (at least 9 dead)

(Iraqi) Troops accused of killing suspects

Waxman wants answers on White House contract with MZM


Anybody care to dance with me this evening?

Did anyone else watch "Friday Night Lights" this evening?

I'm sorry, South Park is hilarious

Our long national nightmare is over...

Replace any word in a movie title with "IMUS"

So a Christian guy and his atheist girlfriend are having a passionate interlude

What exactly is supposed to be "beyond" logic?

Bill is bring Six Brothers Home From North Korea

Madtv - Apple I-rack

Iranians Behind Sept. 11 Attacks?

Kurt Vonnegut RIP

bits of news from the front

Climate report predicts deadly heat waves, flooding in Europe

Something happening? Why's the board so slow?

Just yesterday most journalists said they'd still go on Imus

What is more dangerous?

Novak claims CIA Chief Hayden is confused, for identifying Plame as 'covert'

Here's my new icon - what do you think?

Bernard McGuirk's task is to give the boss "some illusion of deniability or distance"

Coulter defending the Rutger girls and Colmes gumming her for it - I'm getting whiplash!

Found the late Kurt Vonnegut's appearance on the Daily Show!

Waxman: "This is a remarkable admission that raises serious legal and security issues"

I believe global warming is real, I just don't want to do anything about it

I cringe every time I hear liberals buying into the 'white guilt' meme

Will The Firing Of Imus = The Day That 'Free Speech' Died?........

Anybody see any MSM on the Easter Clusterbomb hunt at the White House?

Carrot Top, Gallagher and David Hasselhoff utterly silent so far on Imus's firing

This Is Not Over (I'm outraged!)

Kerry utterly silent so far on Imus's firing

Sidney Blumenthal: Upending the Mayberry Machiavellis


Public-Servant-in-Chief: In the President’s Own Words

Free Trade Free Fall? Utne Reader

Back To The Bunker: Bush Has Learned Nothing In Six Years

Spirit-Crushing 'McJobs' Are Putting an End to Upward Mobility

Old soldiers to the front: The resentful anger of aging males must be put to good use

Iran - and Others - Should Raise Monuments to George W. Bush

The Iraqi resistance only exists to end the occupation

NYT: Civilian Claims on U.S. Suggest the Toll of War

Help Wanted, General Idiot

Reuters: White House Pulls Nomination to Top EPA Air Post

Noam Chomsky: Rulers and the ruled: Dangerous disconnect

Remedy for Iraq. Simple!! LTTE in local paper explains it all.

The Iraq Parliament Attack: Al-Qaeda Sends a Message(metal detectors not working today)

Weekly Standard: Bush has "near dictatorial power" (Glenn Greenwald)

Lonely Planet (by Marie Cocco for Truthdig)


IRAQ: Green Zone Private Security Switch Causes Anxiety(11/4/05)

Boston Globe: Duke players' lives are "shredded"

Imus's Enablers

A Terrifying Truth

Thwarted Warrior: Depleted uranium and the mystery of sick and dying Gulf War vets

The New Watergate?

Karl Rove's Voter Fraud Fetish

Senate Finance Committee is Allowed to Have Prisoner Testify

The real roots of the U.S. attorney firings New Republic

Kurt Vonnegut: Custodians of chaos

John Nichols: Senators Expand Inquiry of Political Prosecutions

Nappy-headed Hos of the World Unite!

Bush's Gravest Impeachable Crime

Peeling the Onion

Robert Parry: Iraq & the Logic of Timetables

Vonnegut Made Life More Bearable

The World Bank, Stuck In the Mud

Slaking a thirst for justice (Economist re: Argentina & Chile)

Green Zone Down: Bomb Hits Parliament As Bush Moves to Make Baghdad a Prison

A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe... (Independent UK)

Berezovsky: 'I am plotting a new Russian revolution' (Guardian)

15 tons of $100 bills.

US admits Green Zone is no longer safe

A bloody message from Iraq: nowhere is safe...

Imus isn’t the real bad guy

Will Women Ever Get Paid What They Deserve? By Martha Burk,

Editors of The Nation: Pelosi and Diplomacy

Terry Moran (ABC) Don't feel too sorry for the Dukies

PAUL KRUGMAN: For God’s Sake

India tests longest-range ballistic missile

Deaths in Uganda forest protest - BBC

Al Gore for President... of Chrysler?

We Continue Our Greed And Waste At Our Peril

Crude Impact showing in Australia

Maryland Expands RPS: 1,500 MW Solar by 2022

ISU biofuels grant shows the lure of brainpower

ConocoPhillips’ Interest in Pyrolysis

Petition Calling on Car Makers and Congress to Increase Fuel Effeciency Standards

International Trade Endangers Sharks - Take Action to Help

AP: Group pays more than $3,000 to liberate 300 lobsters

From John Edwards, Reduce your "carbon footprint" - here’s how

It occurs to me....

Monster Nor'easter forecast for Sunday...

From Barbara Boxer: Fight global warming

Big Apple produces almost 1 percent of U.S. greenhouse gases {w/2.7% of population}

New York Times: Incredible Advanced Technology Could Immediately Reduce GHG by 3%.

There is climate change censorship - and it's the deniers who dish it out

Vegetable oil to go: PEAS farm gets grant to adapt alternate-fuel tractor

More efficient 3-D solar cells created

"The New Environmentalists"

Israelis: We came close to shooting down American passenger jet

First voter discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of whites under *

Great court victory in PA for voters vs un-audited voting machines.

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Thursday, April 12, 2007

Suicide bomb collapses Baghdad bridge

White House E-Mail Lost in Private Accounts: Some may be Rove's, some may be about U.S Atty. firings

Blast in Green Zone Cafeteria

Lawyers: E-mails prove case against State Farm

Vonage CEO quits; job cuts loom

Northeastern States Seek Tightening of Federal Standards for Mercury

Algeria fears return to "nightmare" of 1990s war

2 NATO soldiers die in Afghan bombings

Parliament attack work of terrorists countering US plan: Rice

US agencies still get low cybersecurity grades

(Gitmo) Prisoner Denies Knowing of Anti-US Plots

Colombian left aims to capitalize on "para" scandal

Breaking - no story yet .... CBS fires Imus

WaPo reporter's first-hand account of Iraqi Parliament bombing - amazing audio report

Democrats hit troop extensions in Iraq, Claim extended combat tours point toward failed Bush policy

T. Rex Related to Chickens

Injured NJ Gov. was to moderate Imus, Rutgers meeting

U.S. troops attack university professors in Diyala

House committee seeks Republican e-mails in Wisconsin case

Report: carbon emissions up 18 percent since 1990

Study: Army May Be Limiting Disability Pay

Suicide Bomb Explodes in Casablanca Suburb, no word on casualties

Tainted pet food still on shelves, FDA says

Education Dept. Oversight Questioned

Senate panel approves Medicare drug price bill

FDR statue unveiled at Warm Springs

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 12

Iraq parliament bombing possibly an inside job: Nelson

Turkey launches offensives on rebels(requests permission from Iraq gov't to go into Iraq)

Nebraska congressmen to travel to Iraq despite bombing

Contamination leads to recall of Listerine Agent Cool Blue

Pharmacies can't refuse to fill "Plan B" prescriptions, board rules

Roscoe Lee Browne Dies at 81

McCain campaign to cut back on staff

Nestle To Buy Baby-Food Giant Gerber

Jeb Bush joins board of (scandal-ridden) Tenet Healthcare

"I made a mistake," Wolfowitz says of promotion

Howard Dean: Stop Playing Politics With Voting Rights

Bank Staff Asks Wolfowitz to Resign

Duke DA Apologizes to Players (Nifong apologizes.)

Pentagon plans to cover army costs with air force, navy funds

Waxman investigation on trail of e-mails from White House officials

College presidents plan 'U.S. News' rankings boycott

‘Girls Gone Wild’ founder indicted in tax case

Chavez: Troops to Escort Oil Takeovers

U.S. citizen charged with plotting terror attacks

Biden Calls for Military Force in Darfur

Imus fired by CBS

BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Corzine involved in serious car accident

BBC: Explosion rocks Iraq parliament (inside green zone)

China's food safety woes now a global concern

WTO: China overtakes U.S. in exports

Clinton suffers virtual defeat in MoveOn vote on Iraq

Imus: 'I've apologized enough'

Leahy: Bush aides lying about e-mails

White House Won't Rule Out That Lost E-Mails Involved Firings

RE: Imus

I too, am leaving DU.

on the internet, no one knows you live here

I qualify for the Horses Ass of the night award

tell me to go to bed

Enlarging your "business" (Reverend Tilton)

Who lets their dogs get this fat? (Dial Up Warning)

Wow, I better crash out, I have to be up in thirteen hours!!!

If Virginia is for Lovers, then Houston is for CRAZY lovers


Hell with it, I'm making a chocolate milkshake....

Goodnight to all of you night owls still up, I am going to bed.

Post pics of your vasectomy here !!!!!!

300 Pound Man Crushes Mets Fan At Game

What is the character trait you most value about yourself?

What do you think about National Geographic's Genographic Project?

Man Loses His Fake Leg In Attempt To Steal ATM

Happy 45th Birthday dear and lovely Pip...

Stephanie Miller talking about DU right now

'Geek Squad' Employee Accused Of Videotaping Woman's Daughter In Shower

I forgot to stockpile the chocolate

Vonnegut's asshole

Spring, where are you??????

I was reduced to a stuttering idiot by a girl this evening...

Two moose (or mooses or meese???) in my yard last night.

Woo hooo... Go me!

Beer Truck Overturns In VIRGINIA - One Dead

my buddy, Rocky.


Apparently I'm lacking parenting skills...

Does this seem "normal"?

Worst current pop song by a female performer

Fill in the blank with the name of a celebrity: ___________ Beaten, Stabbed By 7 Lesbians.

Jesus H. Christ! Enough about Imus!!

I'm going to be a grandmother!

Post a word that rhymes with Primus.

I Never Understood Imus's Appeal At All

So I read "Breakfast of Champions" in its entirety last night.

Plushie WHAT??!!??

Man Beaten, Stabbed By 7 Lesbians

Where does the time go???

So I'm Thinking Of Changing My Name To Edward

Treadmill automatic "Fit Test" -- do you know what these results mean?

today must be my lucky day-

Is there a worse word than ONUS?

My son's friend had a going away party (he's terminally ill)..(the friend)

Once again, to much for lunch.

Dansko shoes - let's talk about them

Bush's Last Day

So, let's talk LOST.

Jesus H. Christ! Enough about Primus!!

Signature lines are currently turned off due to high traffic.

whats for lunch?

A Da Vinci prequel?!?

Bush's Last Day

Nail Gun Injuries on the Rise in Consumers (Lounge LBN)

I bought my first Playboy in about a century

Today's trivia: "Gilmore Girls" is shot on the same back lot used for "The Music Man."

Those little stickers they put on produce. Am I the only one they annoy?

Ladies and gentlemen I proudly announce you that I'm going to bed!

cheese grits, bacon, eggs over easy, fresh coffee....

Damn, I am *rocking out* in my Stats class! w00t!

No restrictions. Name someone, anyone, that you would like to be President of the US of A.

Went to the doctor and suddenly I have high BP. Took my midterm

Frakking Hotmail!

God Bless You, Mr Rosewater.

Man, my toping just sux

I just got the letter that will change my life forever.

Describe your funeral.

In honor of Vonnegut

Savings.... do you put something aside for a rainy day?

Kurt Vonnegut obit on front page of L.A. Times

Cat Trap Equipment (no flames, please)

A minuite and a half of Baby Sloth.

Replace any word in any title with an entirely different word.

Coffee you make it weak, medium or strong?

I need $10,000 ASAP, no questions asked

ZombyCoffee: It's an Imus-free thread

How well do you understand the DU rules?

Born Under a Bad Sign

A Green Arrow live action movie??!!??

this cute baby is screaming for a caption

I'm going to Las Vegas tomorrow

If my dog passes gas one more time...

Nasty storm up here.

Yaaahoooo! my new neighbors are Bush-despising liberals, just like

That pervasive personal problem my dog has is solved by Gas-X

"Dupe" vs. "Kudzu" vs. "Please remove."

sucks: my 'new' boss is probably a 'pub.

Worst allegedly "comic" performer of the last five decades

The Tripper: A Ronald Reagan obsessed serial killer is on the loose...

jpgray Coffee

I think everyone should change thier siglines to

How do you make plane reservations?

LADIES!! Danny Bonaduce Getting Divorced!

Movie titles "in the bathtub"

31 Year Old Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Her 13 Year Old Student

Am I the only one having Snickers flashbacks?

A question fo the du ladies about matcom's thread about "flying solo"

KamaAina Coffee!

The view-count is gone!

Pissed Catholic mother rips on son who comes out of closet as an Atheist:

What Star Trek movie sucked the most?

I found it! The greatest skateboard bail montage EVER... warning..not for the faint

Is there a convenience store on the LOST island?

I just found out my work blocked youtube.

I just washed all my winter gear, and put it away for the summer.

Professor with the wisdom of Solomon...

Worst fascist ice cream flavor?

I think the kids (at my college) are getting the end-of -the-year crazies.

is Bush appointing Meteorologists now?

Are you an early riser or a night owl?

Today! Rachel Ray does sloppy tacos!!!

Nooooo! Vonnegut is dead

Has anybody used Makana Technologies broadband DSL service?

This time 38 years ago: Mother of All Hangovers.

Worst Star Trek Themed Ben & Jerry's Ice Creams?


taxes are not due until April 17 this year-- 2 more days to procrastinate!

How soon before Imus is on Sirius or XM?

Coincidence? Old Gregg and Elrond Hubbard of DU's Birthday Today?

Survey Suggests Single Women Reach Orgasm More Often

The magnificent wild and free Dumbass

I am sick of the never ending winter

Rodney Mullen turns skateboarding into an artform

Just returned from Pompeii. (dialup warning)

Do you name your axillary glands?

What color should I paint my dining room?

Oh my, heard this on Stephanie Miller

Tax advice....

Do you name your vehicles?

The office building where I work is gently swaying back and forth.

Vonnegut fans, iPod owners --

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue

What's Imus' duck gonna do now?

i now proclaim myself "King of GD and Overlord of all internets"

Dana Perino... I've gotta say...

Star Trek the Motion Picture Appreciation thread!

I'm forgetful

The God Warrior is back.

Paging wildhorses...

Please name one thing Bush can do competently.

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit punk.

Online game playing children - are they really the future of mainstream America?

No restrictions. Name someone, anyone, that you would like to be Bush**'s "War Czar".

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit infatuated

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit drunk.

RFK: I Miss him every Day. Any thoughts or Observations?

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit Caffeinated.

If I could remove my face, what would you expect to see inside?

Somewhere along line in my random postings, I got a wee bit punk.

Help me and hedges settle a my parents owe us a grand?

Do you name your testicles?

Now he's throwing discus for Liverpool and Widnes...

As I say goodnight tonight I want to leave you with a thought

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 4/12/2007)


Merle Haggard!! (now watch this thread drop like a rock)

Do you name your Mammary glands?

I'm drinking what Clooney's drinking. Who's with me?

Anyone wanna play a game of 20 questions?

Boston Legal watchers: help me fill in the last few months?

Don't you love it when you look back, turn your signal to move lanes,

What are Georgia sanity laws? I want Nancy Grace committed tongiht!

Any Minnesotans out there, check out the Minnesota Forum

Name a band that is deservedly overrated.

When's the last time you spent an eternity waiting for ONE phone call?

Anyone else like Beth Gibbons?

IE.7 Send Error Report = WTF 5.0!!

Extremely esoteric Johnny Carson Tonight Show bumper question.

Uhm, hate to bother, cause I'm not a usual "lounge-lizard" - Moon Hoax

Youtube: Crazy anti-dark sided Jesus woman. (outake from trading spouses?)

I'm at my dad's, using an old, slow PC...


happy birthday elrond hubbard!!!!!

Favorite Star Trek Generations Bad Guy, I vote Dr. Soren...

are your taxes done

Can anybody explain to me the plot of "The Big Sleep"?

Hello antique hunters,,, IF YOU CAN LIFT IT YOU CAN HAVE IT

Vonnegut is dead--so which literary giants are left?

5 Conversation Starters

Alltime BEST Star Trek Episode

And now a blast form the past... REM with Radio Free Europe!

I Think That I Need Anger Management

Post things that DO NOT go with EVOO

A question for daytime DU posters.

NATION! Have you tried Stephen Colbert's "Americone Dream"?

Post a song that makes you happy. And one that makes you sad

Thursday Morning Questions.

does anybody want to snuggle?

You know that look your dog gives you when you pee on their head?

Shit. I need a new DSL provider

Are you amphibious?

Getting pumped for our vacation next week in New England

Is this morally wrong?

Do you beat yourself up ?

How's this for nerve?

JVS Coffee!

If you were going to reread all of Vonnegut, how would you do it and why?

I bread my T Rex in Corn Flakes before frying

UPDATE on my friend

I'm going Ireland - Need info on cool things to do and see

Are you a collector? What is your hobby?

What is the longest that you've gone without something that you enjoy(ed)?

Best New Artist Grammy 1960 - 2007: Discuss!

T. rex thigh reveals chicken family ties

Is it Elrond's birthday today?

"Resurrection Cookies"

Replace any word in a movie title with "Being fired by MSNBC for being a racist shitbag"

I defy anyone to watch this Futurama clip without tearing up a little

I found out today that I'm going to be a teacher.

Damned malware, adware and computer virus creators!

Attention Old Timers

Forgotten and/or unappreciated rock'n'roll thread


The waves at the beach today...Pic heavy...

Do you name your computers?

Introducing SKITTLES and her SKITTENS (only one photo)

Where were you married?

It's that time, once again....PIC Thread!

What's your favourite cornpone saying?

Since I always get in REALLY LATE on pic threads

Question: Our Family Wants To Go To D.C. The Week Of July 4th, What Are THE Places Not To Miss?

Another meltdown, even though we had a GREAT day today. Anyone who lives with a PTSD person,

What's the funniest video you've ever seen on YouTube?

Happy birthday querelle & grannylib!!

Belief in Reincarnation Tied to Memory Errors

Why I Reject The Christian Church

Dope dealing priest nailed for possession of cocaine, with intent

Sometimes we all sound silly.

Another bigoted anti-christian cartoon :

Probably the worst thing that ever happened to

If free will does not exist, can we distinguish between experimental and observational sciences?

19-yr veteran NBA coach: "I don't know if I've seen a team play as quick as they were." -Which team?

I like this guy Spier, (Angels' pitcher).

Eagle Fans make your Christmas travel plans

Drew Bledsoe retires.

Weekend Boxing: April 13-14

Need help......referral to article about Army lowering disability ratings....

Several DU members have expressed sympathy for veterans. You can be more active by working with

Calling all Southern Iraq War Veterans!

Daughter wants grandson to go into airforce reserves to pay for college. Help!

White House wants War Czar?

(04/12/07)11:17amCT: Kerry speaking on Senate Floor, CSPAN-2. nt

Good editorial in the Hartford Courant about the Fox Recess Appointment

Our work on Kos is finally (yes, finally) bearing fruit

Kerry speaking about Iraq now n/t

Intelligence Authorization bill: on the Senate floor today

That's it. We need a pic thread, damn it.

Omaha forum on labor law exams court decision on unused vacation

NABET-CWA Applauds Labor Board Ruling against CNN for Tearing up Union Contracts in New York, Washin

Washington Post: Coffee Break; 'Top Employer' Starbucks Has a Crack in Its Image-3 page story

AP: Arbitrator says Tribune sale of Advocate violated union contract

Weekly Summary NLRB April 6, 2007

Give farm workers a voice

Circuit City, A union contract is the best way for employees to earn more without getting fired!

Do I have an age discrimination case?

UNION MADE Hoodies Are Here

For My Fallen Wife Janet A Voice For The Forgotten

What if George Bush Was a Jedi

U.S. Veterans and Depleted Uranium

Leahy talks about WH emails

BARACK OBAMA - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall - Full Video

CHRIS DODD - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall - Full Video

Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Joint

Iraq-Day By Day

Fight War--- Not Wars

The (Oval) Office

Four years into the war...

Walk a Day in my Shoes(SEIU): John Edwards/Elaine Ellis

Here's W comes to save the day

Kurt Vonnegut

The Look On Your Face...I Hate It

Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual

The GOP's Quiet Revolution...

Anita Dancs on the Costs of the War to the American People...

Harlem's Mart 125: The American Dream...

That is the War on Terror -Roy Zimmerman!

"THE TRUTH" husd rally 3 28 07 Teachers strike

End of Oil: The Bush Agenda - Invading Economies...

Excerpts from Henry Rollins - Uncut from NYC (various political topics)

BILL RICHARDSON - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall - Full Video

Thank You From Elizabeth Edwards

Will Ferrell playing George Bush

Oops Whitehouse lost the emails

HILLARY CLINTON - MoveOn Virtual Town Hall - Full Video

George W. Bush Drunk

Sorry DU, not leaving. Hey please tell me someone.. what percentage

DU, MSM, and 'hot' a problem with it? Discuss....

West Point grads exit service at high rate

Kurt Vonnegut, 1922-2007


I too, am leaving DU.

GOP DOJ Targeted Dems, Immigrants, and Disenfranchised in Hyped Dragnet for Phantom Voter Fraud

Republicans are INSANE


"I still remember when I got my first library card"

Imus was a flea, when du we eradicate the maggots on the back of our democracy?

Why are people going of their way to demonize the Lacrosse players?

Condi of the Month(Decade)

Don Imus and the "innocent" Duke Lacrosse men.

Israelis: We came close to shooting down American passenger jet

New Fiore!. . "MC Rove"

Ghouliani ducks question: Apologizing for slavery is a "local" decision.

Anyone watch Black Gold on PBS (about int'l coffee trade)?

I Can't Believe That I'm Beginning To Respect Bob Barr

We're lost in a huge smoke cloud. Lambs being led to slaughter. Can we handle the truth?

DOJ investigated Dems 84.79% of the time, surely there's no connection

McCain falls to 3rd BEHIND Thompson in GOP race

Anyone remember a moron on Cleveland radio back in the early '70s?

Upending the Mayberry Machiavellis-Up To Congress To Save Exec Branch From Rove & Bush (Salon)

Patrick Cockburn: Under siege: A special report from war-torn Mosel

Interactive Flood Level Map Shows Effect of Global Warming

Recent PBS interview w/ Kurt Vonnegut (Reads letter to *)

Website posts said he was unfaithful & had VD -- but when he sued, he hit a snag.


Some genius should hold a "Tread Water Marathon."

White House rejects calls for national catastrophic (hurricane) insurance

You've got free speech. Use it everywhere. (Dial-up warning)

Robert Parry: 'Surge' Architect Rejects 'War Czar' Job

AFRICOM- US Military Heads Into Africa

Pelosi and Reid to meet with bush next week on Iraq

Does anyone know if the "Halp Us Jon Carry, We R Stuck Hear N Irak" brigade is still stuck?

CNN quick vote on Stem cells, vital or immoral?

ACLU Releases Files on Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq

Civil suits are completely on the table according to one Duke player's attorney

Bushonomics: Jobless Claims Rise Dramatically; Prices for Imports Jump

Flame away.

Saudi newspaper rips on Bush as petulant and praises Pelosi

Did any liberal bloggers write that Imus SHOULDN'T be fired...

Sleeping With the GOP - Al Sharpton

As McCain told us, Iraq's situation gets better

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Oh no, White House, go back and try again.

Biblically Correct

NPR Story about * administration suppressing identity theft testimony

Since the RNC setup an eMail system, why not a "forum" for talking points?

Public-Servant-in-Chief: In the President’s Own Words

" Shhh - There's a Boycott Going On": Christian conservatives whine "Hey! WE ruined Ford!"

Will be gone all weekend...RCL has given hubby and I a make up cruise We leave tomorrow be back MOn

Imus isn’t the real bad guy

US forces to 'wall off Baghdad streets'

Files on U.S. Reparations Give Hint of War’s Toll

Roscoe Lee Browne has left us

RFID Feared as Possible Terrorist Target

Direct URL for windows media stream of Air America?

McCain's voting record 2nd worst in Senate

The email thing? It's Clinton's fault

U.S. Deaths Confirmed By The DoD: 3287 (PLUS 7 pending ID)

I'm going to be a grandmother!

Red Cross Warns "Disastrous", “Immense” Iraqi Humanitarian Crisis "Ever-Worsening"

How are the Insurgents/Shiites/Sunnis Responding To 'The Surge'??? And Bush's response???

Sen. Domenici - retirement rumors

Saw Rice and McCain in some kind of press conference together this morning

"I made a mistake," Wolfowitz says of promotion (Reuters)

Does Congress have any "enforcement" capabilities?

"It's up to Congress to save the executive branch from Bush's and Rove's radical experiment..."

On The Today Show this AM, Nancy Pelosi gave a kick-ass interview with

Lieberman: Critics Of Bush’s Iraq Policy Are Engaging ‘In A Kind of Harassment’

Who was Gates talking about yesterday?

Imus on WFAN this morning doing the children's charity show,

"There will be good days and bad days," Rice said, speaking of the new US security plan . . .

Foreign policy has isolated U.S., candidate Dodd says

Damned malware, adware and computer virus creators!

Armed Forces/Veterans committee meeting on CSPAN3

Fixing A Gingrich Disaster

Election 2008: Obama Grabs 6-Point Lead Over McCain

The persistence of racism...

I saw a great bumper sticker this morning

It's time our candidates confront hate speech in all forms.

Here is a clue about the current meme war.

Bush avoided email from the start because of potential for investigation

Let's see. Bombs in Casablanca, Algiers, Baghdad (inside the Green Zone *and* a bridge destroyed)

"nappy-headed sucker"

BBC: Turkish army chief argues for Iraq op against Kurdish guerillas

I'm going Ireland - Need info on cool things to do and see

Question to the mods: Any Hate Mailbag postings coming soon?

Wolfowitz is facing questions over the pay of an ex-colleague with whom he is involved.

The Wax-man returneth on Tuesday, with a whole heap o hearings

Campaign Promises- you can almost taste the irony and hypocrisy (from PDA Email)

"L'il 9/11 The most adorable day in modern American history." (a short satirical video)

Military people: Where are all the troops? Aren't there supposed to be about 480,000

The biggest asshole on TV

You know the Nazis invaded countries preemptively so I see nothing wrong with us doing it.

Breaking: Explosion in Parliament Bldg in Green Zone in Baghdad

Imus on MSNBC

There needs to be a letter writing campaign to MSNBC

Senator $itch McConnell is lauding Ted Stevens c-span2

Kilgore Trout said it best:

"another died-in-vain black wall. Or even worse."

Just ordered my Countdown to * gone keychain......

Planes wait while controller takes potty break

The Public is to blame for hateful rhetoric on the airwaves

Imus' Replacement - Just as Bad!!

Bush Before the Green Zone Blast . . .

Johnny Cash's Tennessee Home Burns Down

DU (and de-Freep) This Poll! NY Daily News asks about Imus

L.A. Times op-ed, by Senator Carl Levin: "Cheney lied. Again."

Looks like Reid has done an end-run around Liebertool...

Let's talk about forgiveness and redemption.

Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraqi Parliment Inside the Green Zone

CNN Breaking: Suicide bomb inside Iraqi Parliament

Baghdad bridge blown up in suicide bombing-Freedom® is on the---whatever.

Kids' Mouth Rinse Recalled By Listerine

an analysis of the sharpton attackers/Imus defenders out today

Are product sponsors cowardly for caving in to threats of a boycott?

A DU Manifesto: What to do about it all? --in honor of Kurt Vonnegut

McCain has taken an indefensible position on the War in Iraq. He is toast....

NYT - Turkey Invades Iraq: "An Operation Into Iraq Is Necessary"

Diabetics cured by stem-cell treatment

Hey, Maybe McCain is smarter than we give him credit for…

LATimes.....White House to begin Forensic Process to Reconstruct "Killed Emails"

Cindy Sheehan, Al Sharpton, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Jimmy Carter,

can i get a little du love for a man fighting the swifties?

Maj. Gen. Caldwell: total number of deaths -- civilians, Iraqi and US forces up 10% since "surge"

TOON: Ted Rall - Giuliani and Iran

Wonder who they're targeting with this ad...

Cutting through the middle: Anybody feel like me re: Imus?

Obama/Edwards "Win" in Out of Iraq MoveOn Town Hall Votes

Any tech experts - volunteer your information & service to Waxman

John Kerry on Senate floor giving a speech on IRAQ..... ON NOW!

Iraq deployment shakes Fort Rich families

Turkey launching offensive against terrorists. Guess where they're coming from.

Any guess as to when the FBI raids the offices of the RNC?

Houston Mayor apologizes to Native Americans

So, I'm doing some professional research on the battle of Chipyong-ni

Bush is Holding Soldiers in Iraq HOSTAGE, but Lieberman Accuses War Critics of HARASSMENT

Look who is on the Defense Policy Board

Thoughts on the virtual town hall on Iraq with Democratic presidential candidates?

County Commissioner Supports Slavery (if constituents do)

There's a new sheriff in Kabul

HEADS UP! Anyone walking on First St. SE in DC

"Hate speech" is perfectly normal

Leahy: "They say (the e-mails) have not been preserved. I don't believe that!"

The new "homeland" passport requirements for border residents

Great lyrics on the new Norah Jones CD

We're Number 3, We're Number 3. China passes US as exporter

Any word on...(also known as dropping off the radar)

French neo con Sarkozy and pedophilia

Breaking: Explosion in Iraq's Parliament bldg. in green zone,

Dan Froomkin: Countless White House E-Mails Deleted (WP, 4/12)

As is said this Iraq war was lost long before the first bombs started falling

"War Czar" sounds like a job for a fall guy

Bush Broke the Army

Now I guess we will find out if there really is a 'Deep Throat' in this White House....

Calvin Trillin, George Bush, icy snowballs, and military funerals.

Imus (yes another thread) doesn't practice free speech

Frakking Hotmail!

There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no . . . .

Once more, for the record:

Question for all candidates: Why Grow the Army?

c-span - wh press briefing 1:15 edt

The Rude Pundit: Vonnegut Gone

Sam Seder had the fake Katherine Harris on - TOO FUNNY

Al Sharpton, please shut the fuck up!!! You media HO...

I'll Forgive Imus/Rush/Coulter When They Apologize For Polluting Our Airwaves & Public Discourse

"There gotta be summa them dang emails around here somewheres..."

It's OK to strolling through Baghdad, right? 2 lawmakers killed in explosion inside the Green Zone

How the hell did they get a bomb into the middle of the Green Zone?

"He Was Not Tortured, He Was Just Shot In The Head."

Thoughts and introspection on the Imus firing.

Hearing on the contaminated pet food is going to be on cspan1

Issue the damn subpoenas already...

Didn't Rove have some sort of office set up in the WH during the 2004 election?

Help, my family is stranded in Orlando and wants to get to Norfolk, How

Lee Iaccoa speaks his mind by writing a book from retirement...

Uranium tests for veterans proposed (Minn.)

Will Email-gate eclipse Imus-gate in the mainstream news?

Check Out The RNC's Whole Case Against Pelosi -- All In One Tidy Memo

Suicide Bomber Strikes Indiana Farmer’s Market (Satire)

Can Someone explain where the line is between government work and political work is

Suicide bomber 'was MP's bodyguard'

I thought only REPUBLICANS ignored the needy, ill, and poor. Guess I was wrong.

DU this poll About the Rocky debate please

How many more must die??

Tom Hartman is covering the Dogate E-mail Scandal

Leahy accuses White House of lying

Leahy: "Like the famous 18-minute gap..key documentation has been erased or misplaced."

Is the Duke "rape victim" going to face charges?

Biran Williams giant head on the new Daily Show set is cracking me up.

Great guest on "The Guy James Show" today

Accordin to,, Obama beat Edwards...Hillary way down on the list

Has a turnaround point been reached?

Washington state pharmacies MUST fill all persciptions, begining in May

Could someone anyone please tell me

"A hungry man is an angry man"

Extension impacts - legal issues you may run into.

Here's an ironic twist...

I find it frustrating that most people here won't hold Republican donors accountable

(3) - extensions - mental health issues memo -

WH says they have 'lost' email messages. Guess which person may have 'lost' the most email.

There's a pattern of missing documents in the Bush administration

Breaking: All WH Staff Computers Using RNC Email Servers Spontaneously Combust! LOL

NYT: In 5-Year Effort, Scant Evidence of Voter Fraud...Most of those charged have been Democrats

We're All Monsanto's Guinea Pigs Now

President Bush, can you please answer one question?

Think about Rove and Co using Instant Messagers

Caption this.

A question for daytime DU posters.

I love this stupid ass caller on Randi right now.

Tony Blair blames violence on Black Culture

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic...

Wait til Santy says "Ho, Ho, Ho" next Christmas

Perino Says Non-Governmental E-Mails Used For "Convienence"

(AP) Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM) rumored to retire early over US Attorney scandal!!

"Who could've imagined?" "Bad intel." "I don't recall." and now "We lost 'em."

New White House Excuse "We screwed up and we are trying to fix it" --WH Press Sec Perino

Colleges get failing grade teaching civics.

Larry Johnson: "I love the smell of perjury in the morning. Scooter may get some bunk mates."

Oprah has the Rutgers team on.

Some in the World Bank want Wolfowitz to step down

Snarky Dana Perino at the White House: Is Senator Leahy also an IT expert?

Dana "DisgustMe" Perino now bullshitting on CSPAN

Film confronts genetically altered crops

A question for the truckers out there...

Major Document Dump Expected By the End of the Week

Racism between white men and black women

RIP Kurt Vonnegut

Oh crap we're at Level One, no more "hide thread". sniff, whimper

Imus on CNN, Umbrella over head in rain, puts hat on Entering Building. Drugged?

Guard allegedly hits inmate with Bible

SMU Faculty Senate: Clear separation of SMU, Bush institute urged

Recover lost emails!

Here We Go Again American Legion and VFW show they are right wing

Freedom of Speech for Conservatives is a Luxary we can no longer afford!

CNN: All DoD personnel are required to wear body armor and helmets in Green Zone

Iraq ambassador to US explaining emerald city attack.

Tired of hate radio - or not so much ??

Karl Rove In Tigard, Oregon Friday the 13th. Make his welcome a warm one.

Poor George Is Barely Keeping It Together ---pix--->>>

Charlie Crist (Florida) finally showing his true Republican colors.

Bono is a hypocrite.

"Supporting our troops"

Internet liberal talk radio ?

Reauthorize NoChildLeftBehind, necessary to keep USA hopeful!

Picture story via motor bike through Chernobyl and the "dead zone",

Gore to Announce for President (lostnation TV) another hint??

Fellow DU'er, our secret plan to destroy the GOP is

*'s comments on Parliment bombing, amazing how he speaks the truth, yet doesn't realize it.

noob dupe

TIME: Iraqi official says suicide bomber was a guard for one of the members of parliament

Clerk: Gunman Called 911 For Me, Apologized During Store Robbery

Level 1 my ass! Level meltdown comming!

Video of Leahy on WH's a beauty

"Wonkette" Ana Marie Cox: "My giving up the show, I acknowledge, is too little and too late."


WhiteHouse: We Live in a New Time

$425 Million a Year

did anyone telnet to port 25 of the email servers in question???


Tastes like Chicken

They just need to begin impeachment hearings on this president

Imus: "These bastards went after me. They got me. But they didn't catch me asleep."

Conversation in an Oklahoma Wal-Mart

Captain Jack talking about the email thing right now

5 Things Said by Radio Personalities That Did Not Become Top Stories on the National News

Joe Galloway: Costs all around to prolonging the war

To any brilliant computer geek - is Patrick Leahy correct that you can't erase emails?

Imus gone, Hannity/Limbaugh/Beck/Savage to follow

Is everyone at DU who flamed me gonna flame John Edwards too???

SMU smackdown of Bush

Bomb blasts Iraq Parliament Building in Green Zone

Dick Morris Ripping Imus

Democratic Underground...THANKS!!

Didn't Don Imus state Cheney should be arrested and tried for war crimes?

Has any MSM mentioned e-mails, DoJ, Rove, bypassing subpoenas,

As far as I am concerned James Carville and Paul Begala can hit the road with Imus too

re: wh emails - dana perino said today the rnc paid for phone lines

Wisdom from Whoopi on the N word..


Cafferty on the emails

David Gregory hangs tough against the anti-Imus lynch mob

These notices we got witht the extension notice could be

Peanut butter contamination source determined...sorta...a leaky roof

no wonder sharpton wont accept the apology

So Imus Is Done?

WaPo reporter survives Iraqi Parliament bombing - reports experience in amazing audio stream

A Baghdad man can find no safe place to mourn his mother

I don't see the big deal over Imus. Does that make me racist?

Huffington Post: The New Watergate

DUers where's that photo of Rove

Racism, Bigotry, and Insensitivity

I just don't get it

The "Ecological Fallacy" ... and what it might mean to us

Senate to White House: Really? Tell Us More

why are all these people up in arms against the GOP who regularly

who knows that the Green Zone was bombed today???

Jack Cafferty's received email on the lost RNC server emails:

Politicaholic's Guide To International Exports (download warning: satire with lots-o-pics)

Deval Patrick fantastically open and insightful interview on NECN now

Bank staff asks Wolfowitz to resign

I blame us in a way - we did not ask the right questions.

North Koreans deny eating Giant Rabbits

I cannot wait 'til next week, so some DUers can defend some other rich jerk

DAYUM: Meridith Viera Nails Al Sharpton on Today Show >

Learn from Tucker

The beautiful thing about republican corruption....

So has anyone been convinced by these discussions over Imus?

Philly Channel 3 CBS reporting that NJ Governor Corzine has been in an accident

Dems chide Bush over port security cards

CDC says (more) gonorrhea is drug-resistant

Teacher Accused of Simple Assault and Battery of Student

Remains of six American soldiers from the Korean War repatriated after Richardson recovery effort

White House: "We're being very honest and forthcoming."

Public-Servant-in-Chief: In the President’s Own Words

"CBS, don't negotiate with terrorists!"

Meanwhile The US Military Takes It's Road Show Into Africa

Most Important Issue in Today's News

Dobbs poll:Do you believe the U.S. military is stretched

Fruit could curb Ugandan poverty (BBC) {apples -- the EXOTIC fruit!}

I'm looking for a book

Did anyone see Bo Dietl on Fox news arguing ...

Lawyers: Emails Can Aid Katrina Case Against State Farm

Gov. Corzine in Accident

caption needed

"America Speaks Out" on Bush's Failed Iraq Strategy in New DNC Video

Hate to be using this language so soon after Easter, but we are

Bush condemns Green Zone attack -- (Defends fighting 'em over there)

T. Rex Related to Chickens

Let's get one thing straight about Karl Rove....

. . . by that logic, Perino, Bush and his republicans are a 'small universe' in a country of 300m

Al Wasat - Is this a legit paper?

It's about talent. Imus didn't have enough talent to overcome his filthy slur

The Nation: The Saddam Statue-Toppling, Four Years Later

So the NJ Guv was in an accident going to a meeting with Imus and the ladies of Rutgers...

Military Families Respond To Announcement of Troop Extensions and 15-month Tours of Duty in Iraq

One of my Dad's friends a 70+ year old Princeton Prof put on "No Fly List"

I often get my weather from the weather radio, with the computer voice. Why can't

How is LimpBogg still on the air????

April 12, 2007 @ 11 AM!

Conyers: Evidence that some of those RNC emails contain info re: Wisconsin Attorney

Why did I watch "The Today Show" this morning?

After Imus, MSM turns to rightwing radio hate speech...NOT!!

They're waking up! A comment from a RWer that will make your day:

Imus gets fired, but Michael 'Weiner' savage lives on (My rant. Albeit a short one)

NJ Gov. Corzine in car accident, leg broken

Why do so many people misunderstand what Freedom of Speech means?

Imus is such a blessing ,,just like the war was over, wish it was so for the poor soldiers

Calling all Southern Iraq War Veterans!

Okay, Imus gets fired for a stupid comment, Bush abadons minorities to death during Katrina

Bulletin on MSNBC

OK CBS had now canned IMUS...Huge price. Can we now get back to issues that matter???

Question: Our Family Wants To Go To D.C. The Week Of July 4th, What Are THE Places Not To Miss?

Any Constitutional lawyers here? Question about the public airwaves

What really did Imus in was the pulling out by the advertisers

What would your ideal Administration look like

Boxer calls Faux fair and balanced

During CNN Appearance, Al Franken Calls On CNN To Fire Glenn Beck

Wolfowitz must be told to resign now Financial Times

Keith Dobermann has grabbed some Bushco ass and he's chewing

Sam Seder is on Keith's show

Beyond 1984: Orwell's "Notes on Nationalism".

Reminder- Nancy Pelosi is on Jay Leno tonight - 4/12

Don Imus and his "wardrobe malfunction" (a blog post I just put up)

Do you beat yourself up ?

Mimes STILL completely silent on Imus...

Meanwhile Back in the Green Zone: Suicide Bomber at Parliament Kills 8 Iraqis

Will the US become a "Second World" nation?

EBAY US Govt surplus laptop, check out the seller's name

Have to ask in poll form - reaction to Imus comments - overblown? Please vote.

Did the White House ever turn over the 18 days of missing documents???

Is it technically possible to recover "deleted" emails from computers?

Liz Cheney attacked Nancy Pelosi today, aided by the Wash Post

Republican phone sex.

Next: Stop O'Reilly, Beck and Limbaugh

I have one particular comment about the Duke University fiasco...

X-Post: 75,000 voter registration cards found in trash bin in Atlanta

TWIT moment number 2 for Hasslebeck fox talking point...SURGE IS WORKING

The View's Elisabeth's TWIT moment of the day...Fox shows both the good and bad of iraq war

My Recent Personal Encounter with Racism

Our one-week-long national nightmare is over

impeachment does NOT require "proof" of high crimes and misdemeanors

E. Edwards now on Larry King

"Baptist Ben, a Christian blog" HATES liberals! (We're evilutionists!)

The media always tells half a story

A constantly lying White House is far more egregious than those who make racist's new daily video piece is highly addictive.

Divorce, suicide, helpless dreams. I'm losing it. >

White House looking to create new cabinet position "Lost Email Czar"...

Kerik cancels Caribbean consulting contracts (AP)

rant against the press

How Can We Best Support the Troops? Impeach the President.

"Resurrection Cookies"

Gonorrhea now among "superbugs" resistant to common antibiotics.

Sean Hannity calls Pelosi "embattled"

Tom DeLey calling for Rosie O'Donnell's firing

American Tortured In Iraq Sues Rumsfeld

CREW: White House lost 5 MILLION e-mails

Retailers urged to check pet food again

Which is worse, DU? A bigot or a huckster?

The irony of wolfowitz and the World Bank

Has our Congress done anything about improving public transportation?

Bush: "...there is an enemy willing to bomb innocent people in a symbol of democracy."

Glenn Greenwald: The Bush administration's terrible luck with finding documents

Over 25 National Groups Endorsing Impeach Bush/Cheney Drive

So The Iraqi Govt Contracts Security Out To A U.S. Firm (read no-bid crony)...

Danny Schechter (“In Debt We Trust”) on with Tavis Smiley tonight

The law on Presidential records


NYT:Missing E-Mail May Be Related to Prosecutors

Vermont - Shumlin Shuts Legislative Door On Impeachment (Burlington Free Press)

What's the e-mail to get on Sam Seder's mailing list?

So much scumbaggery! So little time! Look out Karl, do you feel the walls

My Godlike person and your Deplorable person might be the same person

Goodling May Be Offered Immunity

Doonesbury's Excellent Vermont Impeachment Saga DAY FOUR! - "President Pelosi!"

Rush Limbaugh

480 US nuclear warheads in Europe

Which One's The Worst?

If David Gregory wasn't hosting Hardball this week

Why can't AAR put Randi up against Rush?

CBS says Couric unaware video essay plagiarized

Full Memo From Rahm Emanuel Urging Dems To Hang Tough

Imus Radiothon gets funds despite furor

Meanwhile, it appears they are now short one bridge in Baghdad

Reminder: Pelosi on Leno.

Ga. lawmaker: Refusal to hang Coretta S. King pic "like calling Mrs. King a nappy-headed (n-word)"

Whistleblowers to CREW say: White House Given Plan of Action to Recover 5 Million Missing Emails!

What's the e-mail to get on Sam Seder's mailing list?

Anyone know what the War Czar job pays?

I have learned one thing this week

Conyers: Dearest RNC, we want you to work with our technical experts, mmmkay?

NYTimes Editorial: Loosening The Stem Cell Binds

Today's Quotable Quote

Henry Rollins season premiere (w/ Janeane Garofalo commentaries) is tomorrow

White House might not give up Emails, but the RNC WILL HAVE TO!

Guess who 'suggested' the war czar to the wh? This is who they're taking advice from?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Really..What the hell IS Mark Green thinking with the Seder/Lionel switch?

Why is the World Bank paying the salary of State Dept. employee (Wolfowitz girlfriend)?

Two illegal immigrants died in flood waters here a couple of days ago.

Bush Threatens a Veto Over Intel Bill

separated at birth?

WaPo's three-fer: Liz Cheney hits Pelosi; George Will hits climate change; Bob Novak hits Waxman

nappy is the new swastika -- an old word now a bad word

10 ways to be a law abiding Republican

Michael Weiner aka Michael Savage ... complain to his sponsors

Any comments about my LTTE?

Burlingame schools pull 8th-grade book pulled from class

Sen. Leahy in LA Times: "Tell Us Another One, Mr. Vice President"

I have a newfound respect for Elizabeth Hasselbeck (sp?)

(Duke Rape Case DA) Nifong's Non-Apology Apology

The militant ignorance of Freepers never ceases to amaze me....

Say, Kurt. There it is.

This is a present for DU sister BLONDEATLAST (re: Stem Cells)

Democratic politicians support a *major* policy based entirely on fantasy.

"The Firm" vs. Bush White House w.r.t. the deleted emails.

DNC appoints RIAA shill to run Public Affairs for convention

When are people going to understand this ONE BASIC RULE ABOUT RACE?:

Tasteless Humor

OK, suppose Congress serves subpoenas for people & documents.

E-mailgate is the absolute last straw; It's not even optional anymore....

Imus and Michael Richards now totally free to launch their hair care product line

Old soldiers to the front: The resentful anger of aging males must be put to good use

look up server information right here (

Finally, a brutally honest Presidential candidate.

anti Pelosi smear ad on TV - from "Republican Jewish Coalition"

'NYT' Headline of the Week: 'Is Your Car Gay?'

Hillary's going to Rutgers to talk to the basketball team

Lou Dobbs delivered moving eulogy for Vonnegut


India Times: US hawks slam ‘greedy’ India over nuclear deal

Retired Generals: Bush is ‘Breaking the Army’

The 'Apology', not Imus, the biggest loser

Shame on them for firing Imus --- Big stupid ass media, ALL OF THEM M$M are trying

What the GOP "promised" America back in 2000; How funny is THIS?

CREW is reporting FIVE MILLION Emails Might Be Lost at White House

OK, I have to ask. What happens if the Rutgers team 'forgives' Imus?

Did Imus say a "dumb blonde joke?"

Imus Witch Hunt Update

White House lost Over FIVE MILLION e-mails in two year period?-CREW

Have you noticed how the CORP media is spinning the Imus thing to protect itself ?

CBS has fired Don Imus.

Imus fired but the slimy pig Limbaugh is still on the air?

WSJ Investigative Report on Imus Ranch/ Charity spent 2.6 MIL on Just 100 Kids.

rush & imus both call their shows 'comedy'.

Pet Food Poisoning Hearing up now on CSPAN n/m

Hey, tblue.

TIME: Congress considering giving immunity to Monica Goodling

David Byrne on another government-corporate attack against indy media

Rudy being advised on Iraq by won't believe it.....John Bolton.

If you have the cash, but not the job security, is it better to...

Apple delays Leopard; iPhone on schedule (CNNMoney/Reuters)

The Constitution does NOT grant anyone Free Speech!

Woman accused of spraying cop with breast milk

2nd Congresswoman quits Hispanic Caucus

NSA should be able to find the 'lost' WH emails.

Can I Say the N Word?

How and Why the Right Wing Brought Down Imus

I wonder what South Park's take on Imus will be...


DNC appoints RIAA shill to run Public Affairs for convention??

"My goal is to goad people into saying something that ruins their life."

Paying the Price

Morning news WITHOUT imus is so refreshing.

Does Anyone Here Think We Could Have "Won" The Viet Nam War?

Bush Psychology 101 – “A Terrible Secret” - Excellent stuff

TOON: Don Imus & Ann Coulter ---->

50 White House Officials used the RNC email accounts

David Gregory Danced with the Devil and is now so Corrupted it's hard to see his Soul.

A Scandal Bigger than Walter Reed – The Rape, Assault and Harassment of Women in the Military

Would Imus still have his job if he'd just called them HOES?

HEADS UP: Conyers/Sánchez expand US Attorney investigation to RNC (E-MAILS!!!)

All we need now is a Bush sex scandal and the White House will implode...

During CNN Appearance, Al Franken Calls on CNN To Fire Glenn Beck

Fluorescent Bulb Break Creates Costly Hassle

Moezeldin Ahmad Elmostafa

Did Fitz know about the OTHER computers?


BUSH: " emails over there" RUMSFELD: "We KNOW where the emails are..."

Kurt Vonnegut, Dancing Animals and the Secretary of Peace

Enough. Conyers et al need to send the US Marshals to impound the RNC SERVERS ...

And so it goes - Kurt Vonnegut

BBC: CATS’ hunger for flesh has ..them branded “SERIAL KILLERS”

Snoop Dogg weighs in on Don Imus. Time to FIRE Snoop

Focus. Focus. Cast your gaze this way

Elizabeth Edwards accuses supporters of Hillary and Obama as Suffering from Cult of Personality

No, it's RUSH LIMBAUGH who has to go. You Won't Believe This:

Are you sick of what's left of YouTube like I am?Then here's 3 non-restrictive, non-Google sites...

Dumb Anus

Cindy Sheehan: Number 3291

The problem isn't Imus.

DNC Brings Out Big Guns for Its First Campaign Ad of the '08 Race

"Imus isn’t the real bad guy"

I think Imus got a raw deal!!!!111

WAXMAN: WH Is Stalling On Answers To Cunningham Case

a layman's explanation of "free speech", as it relates to the current Imus situation.

I finally got it today...Hannity, Coulter, Limbaugh, et all absolutely QUAKING in their boots...

In Memory of Vonnegut: A Drawing of GWB

How do you feel about feminism?


Sexism in rap sparks black magazine to say, 'Enough!'

Nappy Headed Host Lances Boil of Bigotry that Feeds Corporate Crapola Machine

Radio Lady Discusses: Mass Tram America -- Would YOU use it? (SEE ARTIST'S DRAWING)

Could Randi & Hartmann & Rachel get Sam his slot back?

Imus in the Seventies — article about Imus from 1972 (and he hasn't changed)

What the hell is a 'ho' anyway? Anyone? Hello???

The power of hate on the radio

Cold Turkey By Kurt Vonnegut

Why 'nappy' is offensive

UNICEF fund drive for children in Afghanistan

One Potato, Two Potato, Hot Potato…No One Wants to be “Blamed” for Ending the Iraq War


Taking aim at Glenn Beck ... contact the sponsors

Gay Teen Attacked in Colorado.

Report: Gun ownership is at 35 year low and dropping


2003-- Ashcroft DoJ gave WH 24hours to "clean e-mails" (Plame)

A Bartcop reader

Remodeling begins on Senator Tim Johnson's office in anticipation of his return

We are being successful over there in IRaq....

Freedom of Speech

I wonder how Imus feels now about his producer, Bernard McGuirk. Democratic Presidential Candidates Scorecard on Iraq

Is there a public listing of the monies already given to presidential candidates?

Slate's John Dickerson: John McCain does the full Cheney

Lee Iacocca, retired Chrysler chair, says Bush & Co. are "clueless bozos"

Clinton leads in South Carolina (Clinton 32%, Obama 23%, Edwards 21%)

Here is a great picture for you McCain... :ROFL:

New PAC aims to solicit money from Mormons for Republican Congressional candidates

Tim Robbins..........thinks the nominee should be Al Gore......

50 White House officials have used RNC accounts.

It was only an explosion in a cafeteria at lunchtime

I have a question for any legal scholars here.

Dodd Challenges All Presidential Candidates To Lead On Ending War

The time has come to subpoena everybody and everything.

At Fort Drum, Senator Clinton vows to send her staff to help wounded vets

Huffpo: Move on Town Hall: Snapshots


One more Imus thread

LEAHY calls out the WhiteHouse on their Obvious Email LIES!!

Recovering Deleted Emails and Drawing Adverse Inferences

McCain Admits He’s ‘Digging For The Pony’ In Iraq

McCain Chooses his favorite Kool-aid

Dupe. Pls. Delete. nt

AP: "Leahy: Bush aides lying about e-mails"

Former Justice Department Aide (Sampson) to Return to Capitol Hill Friday

I grew up in a house that when we got our first Colored TV, my

Flame Away - But I think Imus Had the Right to "Say" Anything he wanted.

Holy crap -- A bomb at the Iraqi Parliament?!?

I find it frustrating that most people here won't hold Republican donors accountable


Congressional Oversight of the Clinton Administration by Rep Henry Waxman

Dear Skinner - Can we have a separate forum for Scandals?

Senator (Carl Levin) calls for restoration of U.S. image

Campaigns may consider Super Bowl ads (AP)

Why isn't there pressure on Pete Domenici to resign?

POLL: Obama opens up lead on McCain, trails Hillary by five points

Robert Fisk: America's plan for Baghdad revealed,,,,,,,,

Anyone out there have an informed opinion on Lyndon LaRouche?

War Czar? We already have a chain of command

Senator McCain condemns latest bombing in Iraq's Green Zone

Kerry on C-Span 2

Tonight On Countdown

The Reverend Al

Video: Leahy says White House is lying about lost emails.

Who should take Imus's spot on MSNBC?

Vote for Dennis tonight on

So, will the AG Alberto Gonzales resign before his testimony?

Do the 5 million e-Mail Messages = Nixon's missing 18 minutes?

Shadow Government

White House "Lost" Political E-mails About US Attorneys (by John Nichols for The Nation)


McCain tries to Reboot his Campaign

LA Times poll question: bias in favor of Bush (mediamatters)

Can Congress subpoena blackberries and laptops?

Why hasn't Primus written a song about Imus?

White House Falsely Claimed RNC Emails Were Archived, Only ‘Handful’ Of Staffers Had Accounts

Rep. Emanuel: Don't Yield on Iraq Debate (AP)

C-Span -- Senator Durbin doing a good job of asking right questions

george w. bush condemned today's bombings in Iraq

Prediction: Fred Thompson will be the next U.S. President

People who are still shopping for your presidential candidate, please look at this!

Exclusive: Full Memo From Rahm Emanuel Urging Dems To Hang Tough On Iraq Obtained

The WH has a new website.

Why are the Presidential nominees being asked about the Imus affair?

Bush 43 Invites Congress to Soviet-Style Meeting; Bush 43.5 Issues Pravda-Like Propaganda

Novak Fabricates ‘Confusion’ Over Wilson’s CIA Status

Kerry, PLEASE DON'T COMMENT on Imus. Whole thing is stupid!

PROOF! The Hateful Left

Folk Beliefs of the Far Right:


Leahy: Missing RNC E-mails are like Nixon's 18-minute gap

So, who will be fired for not having adequate documentation control?

Making Elections Fair (The Nation)

Is the gov spending us into destructive massive debt for security reasons, or to help the rich?

Interesting show on NPR today.

condoleezza .."good days and bad days"- green zone bombing

CNN reporting CBS Radio has now fired Don Imus, effective immediately.

Law of unintended consequences

bush will get to the bottom of all these lost emails

BREAKING: White House lost Over FIVE MILLION e-mails in two year period

I got a question

FDA says tainted pet food still being sold!!

If DHS had to recover emails of a suspected terrorist, do you think

" You realize,... this means war." (B. Bunny)

Bill Scher: The 'Voter Fraud' Fraud Exposed (

Elementary students' Stop-the-Seal-Hunt animation

CREW: Millions More Missing White House Emails

Mr. President... I'll be your War Czar. Really.

White House Stonewalls Waxman’s Inquiry Into Cheney-Linked MZM Contracts

McCain Panders To Bloggers After Previously Calling Them ‘Infatuated With Self-Expression’

Caption *

Does anyone have a link to the 2006 cut and pasted Bush SOTU?

Vivian Stringer, Rutgers women‘s basketball coach, on Countdown:

Perino ‘Defends’ Email Statements: I Didn’t Lie, I Just Had No Idea What I Was Talking About

Dan Burton says Waxman and Dems going TOO FAR

ah iraq that safe haven

REPORT - WITHOUT A TRACE: The Missing White House Emails and Violations of the PRA

Senate to White House: Really? Tell Us More

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Yanno, even in the face of the endless series of scandals, it all seems to tie back to just one guy:

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White House says it will not turn over RNC emails.

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Alrighty, It's time to get down to business.

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Here's Conyers' letter to RNC, demanding their e-mails:

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Why is Bush extending military time in Iraq? Didn't his Blackwater pals say they could handle it?

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My Thoughts on Impeachment.

Don't forget the "Blackberry" usage at Blackberry=wireless=cell towers.

Wanna see how bad things are with housing and mortgages?

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so now that imus has been fired

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Real RNC email question is WHY are people on the

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Annoy the Right...

"Are we really that stupid? It’s not rocket science."

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