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Archives: March 9, 2007

AIPAC conference opens to controversy, starting with John Hagee

Rove Doing His Part to Help Shape a Positive Legacy for Bush

Bush's Brush with Latin America's Drug Lords (The Nation)

Mother Jones: Breaking the News

The Fourth Coup D'etat (The End)

Dead or alive, on his 50th birthday ghost of the Hindu Kush haunts US

US immigration system at its worst

Chavez attacks Bush 'domination'


Cheney, Clarence Thomas, Bolton and Perle Applaud Endorsement of The Crusades

Somebody Buy Newt Gingrich a Dictionary! (LOL!)

Libby crowd is, like, so adolescent

KBR's $400 Million Iraq Question (The Nation)

Nonprofit drug company dream now a reality

Iraq's Mercenary King (Vanity Fair, via CorpWatch)

Privatization Costs Exceed Value of Care, Says AFGE

Asia Times: The futuristic battlefield

House of Death.

Eugene Robinson: In the Wheelbarrow With Libby

Rosa Brooks: Our Human Rights Hypocrisy (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Et Tu, Cheney?

Follow the Pressure: Some Questions About the U.S. Attorney Firings

Politics is part of the problem, not the solution

Salon: Walter Reed, on the cheap

Who's Afraid of Gardasil? (The Nation)

There's Still Time to Rethink Iran (RAY McGOVERN)

Pardon Me? Clinton Got What He Deserved but Libby Got a Raw Deal?

ANDREW GREELEY Betraying the truth betrays the troops

Naom Chomsky: A predator becomes more dangerous when wounded

Glen Greenwald: The FBI's lawbreaking is tied directly to President Bush

Paul Krugman: A History of America's Disappearing Middle Class

PAUL KRUGMAN: Department of Injustice

Bush Amigo's Para Pals (The Nation)

Scenarios for Iraq's future

WPost's Editorial Fantasyland (Cheney vindicated by Libby trial)

Weekly Thought Out News-

It Will Take the Left to Right This Ship Norman Lear

Salon: The private war of women soldiers

US Rights Report Glosses Over Terror War Abuses

The unreal travesty at Walter Reed

Nike is Leading the Race .... to the Bottom

Amy Goodman: Harry Belafonte, The Lion At 80

Palestinian water projects held up by US sanctions

Iraqis Seek Role in Rebuilding Their Nation

The Anti-Panda? Pity the poor Aye-Aye

Crap starting to hit the fan in Mexico due to lowering Oil production

Wind turbine combined with fuel cell awaits patent

Don't mention the polar bears, Bush tells US scientists

Not-So-Permafrost - Good Science News Article On Breakdown Of Subsoil Ice, Arctic Melt

Solar Power Can Ease Global Warming, New Research Shows

Battery out of cans and water

EU leaders to make Europe change lightbulbs - Reuters

Prairie Dog Poisoning Stopped By Angry Residents (OK)

China Will Begin Filling 3rd Strategic Petroleum Reserve By Mid-2007 - Times Of India

Sun's Rays To Power Up All Of Brunei By 2015

Climate Change Moving Diseases Northward: Expert

Times Of London - BP Reserves Down By 1 Billion Bbl in 2006 - Partial Relief From Russian J.V.

2nd Year Running Of Oil Trade Deficit For UK - IEA Cuts Production Outloook To 130K/Day Below Demand

Bush to sign biofuels pact in Brazil - AP

Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy & Efficiency - Fed., State, & Other programs

Bumper Crop Of Reeking Algae Hitting Ft. Myers Beaches - More May Be On Way - HT

Meat prices rising because of ethanol demand.

Wind power market blowing strong in Canada

Biofuels: An Advisable Strategy?

Lucha Libre Del Mar - Mexican Pro Wrestler's New Fight Will Protect Oceans

More Than 1 Million Chongqing Residents Face Water Shortages W. Yangtze At 3rd-Lowest Level Recorded

China Abandons Annual Energy Savings Goals, Keeps Five-Year Targets - Reuters

New Harper Canadian Emissions Plan - Task Force Will Study GHG Capture For Tar Sands - ENN

Oz - 36 Mammal Species In Victoria Alone Threatened By Habitat Loss, Predation, Climate Change - Age

Dynamotive Starts Commissioning Intermediate BioOil Plant in Ontario

FERC calls for comment on wave and tidal (power projects)

UK Will Miss Renewables Target Scheduled For 2010 - BBC

Renewable Energy Markets to Exceed $220 B by 2016

EU agrees renewable energy target (BBC)

Climate change pushes "African" diseases north: expert - Reuters

Canada to study greenhouse gas capture - Reuters

Rolling Back the Regs

EU agrees on carbon dioxide cuts (BBC)

U.S. States Undercharge Polluters by $50 Million, Report Says

Subduing the settlement enterprise

Officers slam PM for planning war but not preparing IDF

It is time America stops being held hostage by Jewish lobby.

ADL: German Bishops must repudiate comparison of Ramallah to Warsaw Ghetto

UN: Israel must stop discrimination against Arabs, Palestinians

YouTube Video: Interview with child taken as human shield in Nablus

Lebanese police confiscate anti-aircraft missiles

Hebron settlers filmed throwing rocks at Palestinians

How my eyes were opened to the barbarity of Islam

Carter stands firm on apartheid accusations against Israel

So began the neo conservitive moment to influence the media

Counterpunch: "What Did Israel Know in Advance of the 9/11 Attacks?"

Per Fainter. From a new DU member.

Why the Osama Confession Video Still Looks Fake

"Science thrives on errors, cutting them away one by one." - Sagan

Is it Vote pad that is the ERD's collective choice as a better answer

Election Reform & Related News, Friday 3/9/07 AVI RUBIN: 'After Four Years of Study

Stolen Election: ON TV

D.C. Circuit panel holds that the District of Columbia's gun control laws violates individual rights

No Military Solution to Iraq, U.S. commander says.

Pelosi says 'So what?' to Bush veto threat on Iraq funding

BBC: Georgia to double troops in Iraq

Palestinian water projects held up by US sanctions

AP: FBI Underreported Use of USA Patriot Act

AP: Iraq's al-Maliki tours Baghdad streets

AP: Massachusetts Protests Feds' Immigration Flights

Bush creeps up from all-time low in poll(at 35%, still lowest in 56 yrs for 2nd term Pres)

Ahead of trip to Colombia, Bush tells rebels to release hostages

AFP: US forces seize 16 'Qaeda terrorists'

House approves warming committee

Turk guilty over genocide remarks (CNN)

E&P: Gallup: Public Has Opposed High-Profile Presidential Pardons

NYT: Veterans Face Vast Inequities Over Disability

Facing Our Constitutional Crisis (w/ Impeachment Poll)

Russia Criticizes U.S. Over 'Confrontational' Human Rights Report

Appeals Court Guts D.C. Gun Ban (Washington Post)

Justice: FBI Misused Patriot Act Powers

U.S. Heating Bills Up, But Fed Help Down

Child Abduction Emergency: South Carolina

Obey berates woman over war funding, later apologizes

CBC: Give Bush 'gold medal for hypocrisy,' Chavez says

Report finds apparent conflicts of interest (Reading First Program)


Alleged Madam's Criminal Case Comes FirstCriminal Case Will Precede Civil Case

Bloomberg News: Firefighters Say Giuliani Ignored Their Needs After Sept. 11

Violence taking a toll on Iraqi men's love lives

Owner of New Bedford factory received tax break ($50k--yeah...the one that was raided for illegals)

AP: Insurgent Leader Nabbed in Iraq Raid (Abu Omar al-Baghdadi)

Support the troops caravan makes stop at Griffith Park

US Refuses To Name Men At Guantanamo Bay Court

Forbes hails 'the richest year in human history

Major ruling against D.C. handgun ban

MNF-W Forces Attacked (1 Marine killed)

Anti-Bush protests in Uruguay

Kidnap Britons 'found' in Eritrea

Two Officers Arrested in Venezuela for Plot to Assassinate Chavez

Kidnapped Italian journalist may be freed: Taliban

Venezuela's Chavez leads protests against Bush tour of Latin America

US general wants more troops for volatile province(Diyala)

Harold Ford Named Fox News Contributor,Joins Rick Santorum/DeLay to Join CNN(good day to be a loser)

AP: White House bows on attorney reforms

Romney courts South Florida voters

Firefighters Claim Giuliani Ignored Needs After 9/11

Reuters: Climate change pushes diseases north

Richardson Bows out of Fox News Debate in Nevada and Update

Edwards pitches health-care plan in Council Bluffs (Ia)

Sports Illustrated to "withhold" Swimsuit Issue from all schools and libraries

Reuters: New York wonders as Giuliani gains support

(Ecuador's President) Correa to Boot US from Manta Base

Plane crashes on suburban Chicago street

Mitt (Romney) under attack by own party: Mass. GOP aims to sink prez bid

AP: Ga. close to OKing Bible classes

Kroger pharmacist refused 'morning after' pill; company reiterates drug policies

Gas prices may approach all-time high within days

AFL-CIO may ask Dems to move convention

Israel unveils the Viper

AP: Tape of Padilla interrogation is missing

Governor resists union convention (08 Dem in Denver) threats

AP: Gonzales, Mueller Admit FBI Broke Law

House Dems face uphill battle over Iraq -Pelosi does not have her ducks lined up.

(Elko) Free Press readers back Ann Coulter

Bush, Chavez on dueling tours of Latin America

Lula urges Bush to respect sovereignty (Extra)

Gingrich had affair during Clinton probe

Top US Republican (Sen. Mitch McConnell) says this is Iraq's last chance

Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit

'Planet Killer' Not in the Stars, Asteroid Research Indicates

WP: Lawmakers Vow Hearings on FBI Errors; Considering reining in Patriot Act

Fox News CEO warns against debate boycotts

Nevada Dems Nix Fox Debate

Lead Singer Of Boston Dies (Brad Delp)

(Reuters) Saddam trial judge seeks asylum in Britain: report

Fuck! Just ran to the store to get some cigs...

There is a rumor going around that there will be a MN DU meetup at Olive Garden!

presidential coins are a dumb idea

Hack Ghandi's words to the unwise...

Who wants to take me? Bueller? Anyone?


OK, help me out. There's this really old film...

My oven appears to be pre-heating but is as cold as the Arctic.


Dog named Lassie dies saving owners from fire

Naples anyone?

wow. just wow.

The $50,000 mattress-"TomKat" has one why don't you?

never mind

A Friday morning earworm

Priests To Purify Site AFTER Bush* Visit (Will Eliminate 'Bad Spirits')

Teacher Of The Year Finalist Busted For Holding Underage Kegger

Who's a bigger dork: Me, for sometimes calling my newborn son "MC Pee Pants"...

Girl Served Pot Brownies At Her 14th Birthday Party

Coworkers who come in sick and contaminate everybody must DIE!!!!!

Well, the real reason Van Halen canceled their summer tour...

I am tired of being fat. Rockit and I are joining a gym today.

John Mayer: Gravity

Did you know The Fruitcake Lady died?

Assholery and Power

A shoe saleman and a nun are having a beer together...nt

Looks like we are all square with those island people

When was the last time you gave up the funk?

Man, Getting Divorced, Chainsaw's House Down The Middle To Get His Half

Well, that was fun...

Man with TV show alibi wins settlement from L.A.

Okay, the *other* most contentious topic on DU?

The Secret - Law of Attraction --- Have you explored this?

The greatest creative forces of the '70's, together at last!

Parents Sue For Right To Continue To Use Cattle Prod On Their Autistic Son

SE Pennsylvania DUers: Which one of you did I see on the Rt. 30 Bypass this morning?

From the ignore matcom files.

Airbus A-380 To Land at JFK and LAX

Who fared better---Eddie or David?

Cross post from GD-P: This Toles cartoon made me LOL (Bush v Chavez)

HBO's ROME Anyone?: Love that Show

Message to Bush from Osama (joke)

Blind Roller-Skater Sues State Of VIRGINIA After Falling At Roller Rink

Did you know that Obama is black Irish?

If you have recurring dreams of your teeth falling out, what does it mean (if anything)?

for the first time my daughter slept through the night!!!!!!!!

The Benfold 5 has a USN destroyer named after them?

About my date yesterday - for people who care about it

Fox Delays Special Report on Content of Twinkies

I'm cycling a 100 miles tomorrow, so please send me good vibes!

advice please, oh wise ones......

I'm drinking 100 beers tomorrow so please sned good vibes

A sanctuary for disabled pets

Kate Havnevik=What a great singer! Anyone heard her?


Quick - To the Batmobile ...

For men: Do you prefer perfume or just the smell of soap, body lotion or shampoo?

I am on a never ending quest to steal your girlfriend...........

its one of THOSE days in GD

Anyone familiar with LaCie DVD burners with Light Scribe?

Please, DU me!

More evidence that liberals are smarter than conservatives:

I'm supposed to be 91 tomorrow.

Mud Season.....Yaaaaaay!

Berlin 3D in Google Earth: Click Your Way through the Brandenburg Gate

(fill in the joke)...Punchline: Wallet? I thought that was my dog!! nt

Is "Please remove." the new kudzu?

Yet another reason to ban the bomb.

computer geeks:

"Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" Has anyone else

Dubya (Will Ferrell) on Global warming. video

A little Friday Morning Humor in honor of *'s trip to Latin America:

It's supposed to be 91 tomorrow.

There's a condo complex near my campus offering ownership of 2-bedrooms for 795 down + 795 a month.

The credit card company refunded the fraudulent transactions.

Anyone notice how much Adam Sandler is starting to look like Dylan?

I just forwarded all my clocks.

Has anyone here ever flown LOT, the Polish Airline?

"Grey's Anatomy" does it exist to be a show or for gossip media?

MatcomNews Update: Bill To Ban Testicles On Trucks Dies

Are you in denial?

Man's Toaster Catches On Fire While Cooking Meth - He Drives To Wal-Mart To Buy Fire Extinguisher

Awww, I forgot all about Brother Blue.

And now a wise saying...


Breaking News - White House to "come clean" about Plame Affair 2:30 AM Sunday Morning!

Might as well make yesterday and today a holiday here in NC

How long can poll choices be?

No, for the last time, I don't want to "increase the size of my manhood"

Reno 911 movie

My governor is running in the St Louis Marathon. Ugh.

Wow... Those old Nashes...

Why I am always so tired in the afternoon?

We can all pretty much agree that Insane Clown Posse sucks, right?

*sigh*.... that whole transporter thing from Star Trek isn't available yet is it?

Does anybody know mutley_r_us offline?


Are you in the Isle of Denial?

Mayan Priests to purify site after Bush visit

Now HERE is something you do not see everyday - a free opossum!

Hi billyskank!

Simpsons Fans! What is your favorite chalkboard quote from Bart?

Do you have any sympathy for this man?

How sad is eating alone at the Olive Garden?

For the man who has everything: The Watch Winder

BREAKING NEWS! The father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby is...

Well, I've come to a conclusion: if LK wants to post on DU, he really has to get his own account.

Did Singer/Songwriters Kill The Rock & Roll?

I got an early birthday present. Any guesses what it is?

Please kick - Almost at 200

I wish to bang my head against the nearest brick wall.

OK, why won't iTunes open?

Anyone speak Dutch? Need an obituary translated

It's almost Spring and the deer are wandering all over my yard

I missed my second DU anniversary yesterday...

QUICK! Someone PLEASE Say Something Intelligent!

Bwahahahaha hahahh ahahha hahah hah hahaha haha hah haha hah hah ha hah hah ah hah ha ha *snort*

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Mrs Grumpy - when did you learn to play the Viola and why are you smacking kids with the bow?

In defense of Sarah Silverman

Buttchoowanana! Roger Hodgson-Had a Dream, Sleeping with the Enemy

I have nothing useful nor funny to say.

I'm off work tomorrow - any good movies to recommend?

Scott Adams is doing Bush now? Who knew?

the dean's throwing a campus party today

Apparently I can't keep my mouth shut...



HELP!!!!11 It's been 4 hours

Finally got around to reading The Half-Blood Prince is Faux News - the Music Version

If you were going to go on a road trip to Florida, what 10 CDs would you bring?

Mmmm...just had some caramel toffee scones!!! *drool*

Modify an active Lounge thread to include the phrase "Sex With Cars".

"Why are you looking at hunks?"

Who is to blame for the continuing decline of civilization in the DU Lounge

I just had coffee with an Iraq war veteran. Ask me anything.

If you had a trouser puppet, what would you name it?

What 70's rock band are you?


Here's the tiny little thing that bugs me about Katie Couric.


Countdown, KO (and Alison Stewart)

How's this for a Friday night creep-out?


Our light bulbs are slowly turning fluorescent

is 10:45 at night too late to vacuum???

5 Questions to end the week...

Low rise pants- whaddaya think?

whats everyone doing this weekend?

Minimum-wage job pranks

My dogs ate food from Bern's Steakhouse tonight

Mechanic Admits To Sexual Fetish - He Has Sex WITH Cars

The Greatest Gift You Give Is The Smile You Give To Your Brother

BeeGees? n/t

I just spent 3 hours restoring my home network, ask me anything!

Stupid electronics/electricity question; a 27" LCD TV uses much less electricity than a 27" CRT?

Most suggestive musical group name?

I really miss speaking French...

I really miss kissing French...

Least. Popular Hot Wheels car. Ever.

So I had a conversation with one of my employees this morning...

Uh-oh: Not only is Tom Brady's ex-girlfriend pregnant, but his current one might be too

We received a sympathy card today.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/9/2007)

My mom had surgery today on her foot and lower leg

God damn, why the hell did I eat so many fucking fish sticks!?

Do you call certain duers by pet names?

Is your computer ready for the early Daylight Savings Time?

Pic thread with a twist - what's your phone's wallpaper?


How many living public figures have been portrayed on US coins?

Isn't anybody going to wish me a happy birthday?

Five random questions

So for $20 today at the Goodwill

Post a picture of the LAST concert you have seen!!! (bonus - post the NEXT one too)

Night of the son of the revenge of the TMI thread - post something we didn't need to know!

In the last six threads that I've posted in........

Brad Delp (Boston lead singer) dead at 55!

I know what this place needs....

Amazing juggling

Myspace, I am friend shopping, I'll add you if you add me.

Do you call certain pets by Duer names?

Is musical compatibility important in a relationship?

don't f%#* with my family- woohoo from the twilight zone.

I am bored... PIC THREAD: post your pics

Quick Poll: Which DVD should I watch now?

I just saw "300." And my verdict? (Maybe some spoilers)

Why is Robb a dingbat?

Hey, is Sugarsmack still around? Not sure if that's how she spells

Everyone I meet these days has AADD.

Do You Ever Feel Numb...

Has anyone ever dined at an East German restaurant?

Question for DU'er that make Cafe Press stuff.

Sweet merciful crap! The Jam shilling for Cadillac!

Hey! They're making a movie based on a Kinkade "painting"!

Question: How do you deal with your SO's anger?

Five Random Questions for a Thursday Night:

Holey Smokes! The "Average" Cost of a Wedding is Now $28,000?

Car got stolen tonight.

Lousy interview today, followed by coming home to a rejection letter from an interview from last

Has Your Significant Other Ever Physically Hit You?

Post a picture of the first person/band you ever saw in concert

C'mon Loungers! Post your Desktop!!

If You Can Remember, Name All Of The Bands You've Ever Seen In Concert.

Have you been to a concert(s) that now you are embarrased to have gone?

Worst 80s sitcom:

I think I've found my lot in life: Harry Potter Expert.

*Ostentatious post about my obviously superior taste in music.*

Heaven's door closed to Dylan

An enthusiastic recommendation for God: The Failed Hypothesis

Australian clerics 'in media ban'

Giving fundamentalism a secular boost

What Happens When a Country Gives Up Religion: as Spain Shows, Nothing Much (HuffPost)

Must a monogod be omniscient?

Vukovich dies

Delete. Another dupe!

Delete. Dupe

I found more info on Esther Hicks and "The Secret"

What a strange afternoon...

Montel's show on Monday March 12th is on "The Secret"

PRESS RELEASE: AP - Fire Destroys Presidential Library...

Another "Secret" thread in GD!!!

Good grief--article on The Secret on the front page of my local paper!

Good morning-here's a "Daily Om" keeper

Problem with the Peace Symbol?

"Where is the Rage" - another VFP project (xpost from GD)

Cape Cod man, N.H. native, killed in Iraq dismantling munitions

Washington Times Op-Ed

Daily Kos diary up. Fire Gonzo

Diary to rec and comment

Channel Surfing the Apocalypse


The Network.

Stone Sour - Sillyworld (anti-Bush music video)

Tin Soldiers.......'The Surge'

Lizzie West - 19 Miles to Baghdad


St. Petersburg Declaration - Secular Islam Summit

Texas Republican slams Bush 'demented philosophy of conquest'

CNN Video - Covert War With Iran Has Begun

Silent Warrior

16 Words - the President knowingly lied to Congress and the American People

Deborah Palfrey, Washington Madam (Hookergate?) on CNN

Occupation Project meeting with Congressman Obey

Max Blumenthal: CPAC PART DEUX: Conflicted Conservatives in Crisis

Fox News chairman makes unfunny jokes about liberals.

Kucinich with..... well....everyone: Sean Penn, Danny Devito, Willie Nelson etc etc etc.

Does it feel like Bush's house of cards is beginning to come down?

WAPO: FBI Repeatedly VIOLATED LAW To Access Phone, Financial Records

Path-Breaking Iraq Plan Unveiled for Fully-Funded Withdrawal

Republicans take lead Sinn Fein and SDLP 34 to 33

Do You Think W Will Get Libby To Take Care Of Cheney?

Dick Cheney in Twilight

Bernie Ward had Joe Conason on his show...

Asia Times: Bush down south

Stars & Stripes letter: All suffer when standards drop

Each day, we are more Nazi Germany.

More evidence chemical poisioning is causing obesity

3,189 U.S. Troops now dead in W's war

This war is a runaway train

Dems fall 08 Iraq pullout plan: too late, too soon, or...?

The Plame Hearings

I Heard Zogby On Hannity's Radio Show & Guess Who He Predicted Would Get The Democratic Nomination

NY times news page tomorrrow.-- We lied------dial up warning

Torture need not involve physical pain

Al Gore’s Outsourcing Solution (excellent article on Gore's house & offsets)

Please DU this poll -- another one on a timeline for withdrawl

"Democracy" LEONARD COHEN one my favorite poets that the pope doesn't like

Plight of babies born into a Nazi nightmare

On A&E, 2am CST...Skinheads USA: Soldiers of the Race War

Morale Booster for troops, or torture?

Go! Switzerland!.. They are prosecuting executives who "killed' Swissair

serial adulterer Gingrich tells Christian group of affair(s); still scum

This Post Brought to You by the Letters L, A, M, and E

WJ this morning: What's the Impact of Dems' Pull Out

Michelle Malkin Uses Controversy Over Right-Wing Ex-Pornstar To Excuse Ann Coulter

Betraying the truth betrays the troops

Don't you love hearing rich SOBs whining about paying AMT?

Reality check: The GOP congress will STILL not hold the

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval at Lowest Level in Two Months

pamela hess on c-span, a UPI reporter

Will George be speaking to the people of Latin America?

Chomsky: The US invasion of Iraq virtually instructed Iran to develop a nuclear deterrent.

How's This For CYA?

Reid unifies the caucus behind his Iraq War proposition

Anti-Gay Marriage Movement Fractures

Major Player Involvement In Iraq

Don't worry, good citizens; FBI didn't spy on you intentionally. Move along.

Last week's cartoon caption contest winner.

Bush arrives to Brazilian protest

Robert Novak is a lying scumbag .............................

People in high places pay lip service to troop support

cspan1 --now: Pete Sessions R, TX---ragging on bout Dems

Thousands Protest Bush In Brazil

Support Fair Trade coffee... Buy your coffee from certain expresso machines (Saeco)!

City attorneys asks judge to block Daley deposition in torture case because the Mayor is too busy

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Stop the Outsourcing of Torture (The Nation)

FCC Commissioners Attend Media-Ownership Meeting in Ohio

Reaction to Coulter's slur hints at shift in view of gays

Draft Board Conference for three days this summer in D.C.

Nike once again demonstrates its "commitment" to worker's rights.



quick help...alternate streams for AAR...please and thank you

This post should get some love

On International Waxman’s Day

Good Lord! Mark Styen on NT Times Best Seller List....Read

FBI Underreported Use of USA Patriot Act

Gingrich acknowledges affair during Clinton impeachment

No Community Board Approval for a Jerry Orbach Corner in NYC

The Secret - Law of Attraction --- Have you explored this?

Youth Minister At Center Of Church Sex Scandal. Archdiocese Of Miami Sued Over Sexual Misconduct

OMG! THE OFFICIAL CENSORSHIP that never happened (D&G)

MSNBC dropping Rita COSBY despite vocal cord surgery & heroic Anna Nicole coverage!!1

Caption this: *

Has Anyone Seen The Executive Order Declassifying Plame's Status? (pardon my ignorance)

Bill Richardson signs strongest protection in nation against Oil and Gas Drilling

If Executive Branch Can Declassify Plame's Status At Will, Can They Ignore Protocol As Well?

Would you vote for Al Gore in the primaries (assuming he throws his hat in the ring)?

Priests to purify site after Bush visit

Bush's Troop Buildup Getting Bigger, Costlier And May Last Longer

How RW'ers manage a scandal

Mayan Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit to Eliminate "Bad Spirits"

German man chainsaws house in two in divorce split

Fitzgerald's "Folly" (Krauthammer to the rescue)

"Where is the Rage" - another VFP project

Has the White House erased Jeff Gannon from the White House's web site?

Parents in Delaware County,Ohio complain about ' A Picture Book of Martin Luther King Jr.'

SE Pennsylvania DUers: Which one of you did I see on the Rt. 30 Bypass this morning?

Bush: "We don't have a lot of sugar cane"

Japan to receive bulk of Brazil's ethanol exports

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Friday 3/9 -- the obligatory clot toon

When will Coulter have her "Blanche DuBois" moment? And where?

Soldier of conscience

The Other Hollywood Oscar Ceremony - The "Oscar for Peace" Awards

So Let Me Get This Straight

"Evenhanded" analysts are wrong about partisanship: It's Bush, conservatives who are "hyperpartisan"

Suddenly there came a tapping, as if someone were gently rapping....

John Pilger's first feature film, he War On Democracy, hits cinemas in June

Demand for corn (from ethanol plants) driving up meat prices

Why is the right SO SHRILL AND ANGRY about Scooter? Kate O'Beirne

The lesson of Ann Coulter

"R2D2 mailboxes from the US Postal Service"------

"But it's not related to what happened."

Bush's popularity creeps up in poll

Will Waxman have witnesses under oath in the Plame disclosure hearing next Friday?

God's name isn't "Tucker Smallwood"

Where two or more students are gathered in God's name . . . there is controversy

George W Bush is the most unpatriotic American around, & this is why


Bush Apologist Matt Dowd: We Couldn't Reform Gov't Because We Were Too Successful"

President Bush's Trip to Latin America Is All About Denial

DoJ Whistleblower posting at Kos. Fire Gonzales!

If justifiable homicide is a valid legal defense, then why not justifiable assault?

neo cons scrap new radiation poisoning medicine

Alrightee; the *other* most contentious topic on DU?

Gay slur attack photographs

What is going on in the House?

My radio interview on the enactment of a real prescription drug benefit under Medicare Part B.

LETTER TO CONGRESS: 2008 is too late to pull out of Iraq

Belafonte on Rice (AP/CNN)

House Conservatives Name Chief Climate Skeptic(Sensenbrenner R-WI) To Lead New Global Warming Panel

Russia, China drag heels on U.N. Iran sanctions

Kids, can we discuss this at home?

Dupe.......please delete.........

Anyone else having problems with

Washington, D.C. Circuit Court Strikes Down 30-Year Old D.C. Gun Ban

From Media Matters: List of Newspapers that carry Coulter's column

"The D.C. Madam" . . . . . . a Distraction Extrordinaire?

Gingrich Admits Having Affair

Mayan Priests to Purify Ground After Bush Visit.

Raid in New Bedford left nursing babies

What about the Bills to stop outsourcing and Sweatshop Labor?

The consensus from experts: Iraq a failed state

A question about "greymail" and Dusty Foggo. .

Caption * and Lula

We attacked Iraq based on a lie, the polls say mccain & Giuliani beat any Democrat

My LTTE on the Libby verdit published in today's Daily News

Who was reviled more in the 60's and 70's?

“Black Tuesday”; après le deluge

Pro-Bush demonstrators call crosses a slight to soldiers

Libby Rove drinking game (oldie but goodie)

Women's Day - the Private War On Women Soldiers And Thoughts On Iraq

Ok ,you have got to see Team America

Just an FYI -- Waxman will be on with...

beltway madame pleads Not Guilty....

Was Reagan the best groomed president?

Firefighters Say Giuliani Ignored Their Needs After Sept. 11

Facing Our Constitutional Crisis (w/ Impeachment Poll)

Official escapes rat poison label (BBC), the last dog to hang on "": here's the story:

Newark family files suit in inmate's death

Rep. Gingrey Blames Soldiers For Walter Reed Squalor: ‘If You Leave Food Around You’ll Get Mice’

Holey Smokes! The "Average" Cost of a Wedding is Now $28,000? and Georgie's statement on Scooter-gate

News media falling short in watchdog role, critics say

Godless dollar? How about an upside down God?

Woman is the Nigger of the World

FBI director should step down....Immediately

Evangelical Board Split Over Leader's Global Warming Efforts

German MPs raise retirement age (BBC) {from 65 to 67}

Cartoon Caption Contest!

Shabby Treatment of Native American Military In Iraq

Anti-McCain vets ready salvo against Senator's presidential campaign

So now the troop surge may be bigger than 21,500?!?!?!

Is this what you morons want?

Caption Alberto Gonzales addressing the International Association of Privacy Professionals

Planet Prosperity Foundation: Dutch Run on Al Gore

Kucinich owes public funds used late in '04 run



Why I am always so tired in the afternoon?

RW Tailspin Continues - Now they're going after Rush for not properly leading Conservative movement

MI Lawmaker blasts Schwarzenegger via billboard (he says arnie has become the Republican Al Gore)

Iraq Troop Buildup May Be Bigger, Costlier And Longer Than Expected. Perhaps endless?

"And the war on rationality marched ever onward."

Why doesn't anyone frame the pro-gay marriage argument in the First Amendment context?

Check out this video, proceeds go to AIDS awareness.

Cafferty 4pm Q: Does it surprise you that the FBI misused the Patriot Act to get personal informatio

early poll indicates Rudy and McCain have edge vs. Dems with Indie voters

What will Iraq be like in 20 years?

Is Ann Coulter's racial insult being deliberately ignored by the media?

House Demands Answers From White House On Purged Prosecutor Probe

If the 'christian' Right formed their own party

Its that time of year again.

Roger Ailes Jokes About Obama as Terrorist

USDOJ evidence from the Libby case: I'm very curious about this change...

Well Spoken/Obama

Repukes just tried and failed to take the Davis-Bacon provisions out of a bill

Tom DeLay says he’ll be CNN commentator

About Women in Ground Combat

Energy savings that were supposed to be achieved by early DST will likely be minimal

A cynical reason not to impeach Bush/Cheney: Ford v. Carter 1976

Halliburton, Other Robber Barons Running Scared: Lobbying against Waxman Contracting Reforms

Priests to purify site after Bush visit

Will lack of presidential certifications end the war in Iraq?

Ann Coulter and her "manly man"

Reasons NOT to impeach them

number one guy of the 2nd largest terrorist group in Iraq may of been caught

REID Told By Former Prosecutor That ADMIN Intended To Use Patriot Act Loopholes To Purge Attorneys

Coworker: "People who say the troops shouldn't be there don't support them"

Other than Guiliani (who won't win the nomination) the Repub candidates crash and burn head-to-head

Glenn Beck: Supporters of Dems Iraq bill "as responsible" for troop deaths as suicide bombers

Tom Tomorrow drew a cartoon for Bill Maher

"Ga. Moves Closer on School Bible Classes" PUBLIC SCHOOL Bible classes.

A horrible case of journalism, AP style.

What Kind of World Do You Want?

Developing: Dems May Drop Fox-Sponsored Pres. Debate...

Fox Noise Channel CEO Calls Obama Terrorist/Unfucking real

Really cool site showing animation of comets & eclipes


State Rep found in ethic violations after using his Legislative ID to get out of a DUI

Portrait of seriousness

So they'll replace Coulter with Malkin in the newspaper syndicate. I'm OK with that.

USPS grants scholarship awards, write about US postal history and you can win

VIDEO: March 17 "March On the Pentagon" (plus new organizational info)

Fox News' Repeated Attempts To Discredit Obama

White House bows on attorney reforms

Who want's to drown the government in the Bathtub again?

Gingrich: I had affair during Clinton era-BUT, Please Do Not View Me As A Hypocrite

Caption Time! "Do I drink it?"

"Kinky Sex Makes the World Go 'Round" (not a sex thread).

Is this a DUers web site, cause it sure looks familiar. (Jenna's book spoof)

MARCH 17 PROTEST! Listen to video and watch audio

So, about those Abu Ghareib boy rape videos the Pentagon is sitting on....

And the Buzzflash Hypocrite of the Week Is....

New York wonders as Giuliani gains support

Nice pic of Sen. Obama and Big Dog

I can't post this again in DU videos. It won't let me.

Jack Cafferty: "Who names a kid Newt?"

Caption this * photo from last year

Harvey Milk sculpture planned for San Francisco

A few chicago area Savage Weiner advertisers

Christian Coalition in doldrums

Newt: "Liberalism made me cheat on my wives"

5.5 Earthquake in Honduras

Numb3rs Tonight to be on Vote Fraud

Alternative Spring Break: Students Against the Death Penalty (The Nation)

Russia, China balk at financial bans on Iran

a little something I wrote and the editorial cartoon that inspired it

OMG! I'm so proud of them. Freeperville is ACTUALLY CRITICAL of the FBI BS!

OK this is weird

Angry U.S. Democrats threaten to limit FBI anti-terror powers

why does Matthews (tweety) pronounce it "cheeee-knee"

Robert Greenwald: Fox Is Not News (HuffPost)

need a well-sourced, concise description of CO2 as greenhouse gas...

Democrats have the POWER to ruin Fox's "fair and balanced" brand for the brain dead who believe it

NBC Brian Williams / Gen. David Petraeus...empty interview. Not a hard question asked. Transcript.

WASHINGTON DC: Biggest week ever?

Coming Home: Seven Families Lay Their Fallen Soldiers to Rest. A Photo Essay

Zell Miller Blames Troop Shortages, Illegal Immigration, On Abortion

Concerns about the Safety and Regulatory Safeguards of Medical Devices

Real Time with Bill Mahar tonight on HBO Guest list

Chavez goes on counter-tour to Bush trip

Hasn't Anybody Been Listening?

NUMB3RS: Democracy, voter-fraud conspiracy - 10:00 CBS

Another * and Lula pic to caption

Fed officials, contractors pressure schools on reading; contractors WRITE programs they profit from

Anybody see Brian Lamb having multiple orgasms over Bob Tyrell's column this morning?

The GOP's Raging Pardon

Republican Bloggers attack Vietnam Vets

funny, all that GOP *talk* about Condi running for Pres in 08 has ... disappeared.

The natural shape of Newt Gingrich's head

Firefighters Snub Giuliani

KTLK host eviscerating the Gore Electricity Phony

My first Semi-professional feature column

Radfringe comic made it on Bartcop

Anyone watching Rove on CSpan1

MediaBistro reporting Tom Delay NOT joining CNN

News You Can Use: Trust, But Verify

The first Secular Islam Summit

Does Wes Clark still work for Fox News?

Nasty Bush toon-Bush pavilion

House Panel told of the warnings about the VA

NY Times: The Rational Mr. Buffett.

Wounded Dove: Alaskans Sing of War and Peace

I need a link to the video of the Chambliss ad that put Cleland and Osama side by side

John Edwards, that faggot, that Breck girl, that silky pony

Chimp's K9 bomb sniffing dogs dognapped...then recovered

Newt Gingrich: tender, fragile, fallible child of God.

Matthews said Dems pulled out of Nevada/Fox Sponsored Debate...Is this True?

Didnt Al Franken write in a book that Newt was having an affair?

DynCorp Hired For Somalia 'Peacekeeping'

'Lehrer Newshour' Did Sensenbrenner call for Gonzales head?

Gingrich served divorce papers on first wife while she was being treated for cancer.

FOX just called MoveOn "radical fringe"? Oh, IT'S ON you filthy RePUKEs.

* smells a beaker of biodiesel - and other pics

Brooks"Joe Wilson made charges that turned out to be false"

Is "Truth" Enough?

Evangelical Christians Debate the Environment....Moyers PBS

Rep Obey votes NAY to IWR

Editors Who Are Keeping Coulter's Column Explain Why

Internet Radio May Be Doomed; Congress Appears Unlikely to Help

Boa vinda ao presidente Bush de Brasil!

Reverand Questions Sean Hannitiy's Faith

What a swell party this is! [LOTS O PICS]

Chavez rallies w/Madres de la Plaza de Mayo. . .

Watching C-Span. Shows Karl Rove giving a speech on Thursday at

Warning about March 17th

Please, please, please, I want to see George address the Brazilians

TimesOnline: At least 200 unclaimed bodies are buried every week in Iraq.

AIDS Vaccine Nearing Reality at Emory

READ THIS to imagine yourself living in Iraq: "If L.A. were Baghdad, if California were Iraq"

Lots of DU fretting about Rudy. Will he even bother to run in Iowa? The New York press doubts it.

Video of Encounter Between Robert Hunter and Kaiko Maru

Today's hug fest from the rear (photo)

***Seriously, a WARNING if you pay bills via

Reports of Progress In Iraq Challenged

IS Shrub EVER actually INVITED to the various Countries he visits,

Marine corps investigating right wing ex gay porn actor

Real Time starting now.

Military Mom Confronts Congressman Obey in the Hallway (Video Clip)

Bush Will Certify Iraqi Benchmarks? Who is going to certify the certifier?

3190 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

ABC NEWS: Bush sending medical ship to Latin America to give free care.

Gonzales, Mueller Admit FBI Broke Law

Funny line on MSNBC today re: Newt

Re; Joe Wilson: What This RW Idiot Is Talking About?

Major ruling against D.C. handgun ban

Fox Attacks Edwards -- Message From Edwards

Newsweek: Iraq situation so dire US willing to trade-off promoting democracy for some kind stability

One of the goofiest * pics....

Another VA horror story

IRAQ: Killings drive women to become suicide bombers

‘Mrs. Grumpy Lady’ hits student with viola bow

Tables Turned In Anthrax Investigation

Falwell invites Gingrich to give address

Our Vietnam Brother Senator Jim Webb will be on ABC's This Week

The TRUE cost of war - and a war based upon bigoted lies no less...

Mayans to 'purify' sacred site after Bush visit

I saw Frank Millers 300 today--- It's just a big dumb old movie.

Clinton 46% vs. Brownback 41% , Obama 49% vs. Brownback 34%

Maher and Olbermann

Who/what can RAISE Shrub's poll numbers? Hugo CHAVEZ

Its TGIF and time to remember who we are

A poll to piss EVERYONE off: What percentage of DUers are genuine morons?

What really happened between Robert Hunter and Kaiko Maru

Letter-"Thank you FCC for turning my son Gay" LOL!!!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Longtime Resident Holds Her Ground

This Obama is "articulate" used as a slur thing can backfire with a little help,

More on the New Bedford raid...

Pigs are flying over in Freeperville - Blue Moon expected

so what`s fox going to put in place of the debates? any idea?

Who is Da IDIOT who scheduled BUSH to South America??? The Poor thing is gonna

Can we be ''nice'' to Newt....for awhile, at least? Here's why:

"Plame Film In Works At Warner Bros."

Rove: Next President will embrace 'Bush Doctrine'

Hey, I found the whalers' excuse:

Don't you love it when Republicans start comparing sins? (My sin wasn't as bad as your sin

Numb3rs is doing an election fraud case.

For All The Taser Lovers Out There.

The local TV station did a segment on my arrest for photographing Miami Police

Sex In School

State Deletes Controversial Textbook Photo, and covered in books already in circulation

It's official: Ike Will Run!!!!

What punishment would fit this crime?

Does anyone get Air America on ITunes Radio?

Fox Prez Roger Ailes tells us "you must resist urge to boycott Fox." FUCK YOU JOSEPH GERBILS

Male Coach of Female Wrestling Team Accused Of Lewd Behavior

Great Global Warming Swindle how to destroy it....with the truth

Children of Men (Limited spoiler alert)

Anybody notice the growing use of terms like strongman, dictator, thug to describe Chavez?

Another info request.. List of Congress members that have been in the military

Brazilian protester punches Bush in the face (pics)

"Congress Must Finally Hold Public Hearings on Sibel Edmonds Case"

Massachusetts students launch "NO PROM FOR DARFUR"

Have any of the Democratic candidates had any improprieties that we know of?

So did gas prices merely dip for the election

Missing local boy found in Simpsonville (SC)

Katrina's tears

Child Abduction Emergency: South Carolina

In the midst of the Walter Reed scandal, the army keeps privatizing.

Sensenbrenner rips FBI & DOJ on Lehrer News Hour

KRUGMAN: The REAL Scandal Is The U.S. Attorneys Who WERE NOT Fired!

FEINGOLD: "Trust Us" Doesn't Cut It When It Comes To Government Power.

House Purged Prosecutor Probe Moves to White House

6th newspaper drops coultergiest

Kerry and the swift-boating victims - Wash Times Op-ed

"It's time these idiot liberals understand . . ."

Larger CIA and DoD Privatization Scandal Emerging from Walter Reed Story and US Attorney Firing

New Royalties threaten to KILL Internet Radio

Parents: School district didn't protect son from bullies

Friday Bush Administration Bad News: FBI abused power...time for a little Congressional oversight

Fox News Calls off Rocky vs. Hannity

Sick People Used Like Laboratory Rats In GM Potatoes Experiment

We Must resist.

Richardson Drops Out of Fox News Debate!!!!

Poor Chimp, he's exhausted from his Latin America romp...

Did you know that Newt's first wife was one of his high school teachers?

Would You Privatize Defense?

Three cheers for Obey!

Man (disabled Air Force veteran Randy Gurchin) saves dog with CPR (10-month-old English bulldog)


A note to Randi RE impeachment

Bush** Katrina czar says recovery "better than I thought"!!

Mar. 9 Daily Impeachment News: post high crimes and misdemeanor news here

NYT: Violent Crime in Cities Shows Sharp Surge

What is the deal with "Savage Nation"

Fox sponsored Democratic presidential debate in Nevada has been cancelled

Unimpeached Bush and Cheney are "clearing, holding and building" . . .

Just got this activist email: FOX NEWS DEBATE IN NV CANCELLED!!!!

When they were young and responsible, they did young and responsible things.

Chavez: "The US President today is a true political cadaver."

$192 for electric bill last month!

On Monday Chuck Hagel will . . .

What's a good subject for an American (British Style) Pantomime?

Conyers:An Apology for Libby?

Friend asks my advice on unwanted pregnancy

Dem Rep David Obey calls anti-war Dems "Idiot Liberals" in exasperation.

How many books do you read? this a "lost" Bible passage? or have the fundamentalists been into the white-out?

NYC Firefighters to Giuliani: "Not just no, but HELL NO."

Edwards: Fox "Corporate moutpiece of Republicans" "We'll deal with Fox News on OUR TERMS"

State prison medical treatment called 'hoax'

Mom Jailed For Driving Son to Fight

I think Giuliani may win the Rep. nomination

Praise Be!

Senator Chuck Hagel will announce......???

Make that 7 newspapers that have dropped Coulter--and this one did it good!

It is never right to call a mother who is trying to bring her son home from a war an "idiot liberal"

"Here, in silence, are fifteen more"

The private war of women soldiers

The Rise and Fall Of Bob Dole...

Male escort auctioning off table he says Haggard used

TOONS: A Week of Non Sequitur - "The Political Zoology Field Guide" (Stayus Thecoursus)

I'm 100% In Support Of Rep. Obey And I Now Have Even Greater Respect For Him. Do You?

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Myth: Clinton committed perjury. Fact: Clinton’s answers were legally accurate.

What is the actual British National anthem?

***DUzy Awards & Announcements for week ending March 9, 2007***

Book TV Schedule: March 10th - 12th

Speaking of transexuality, has anyone been keeping up with "All My Children" recently?

Zell Miller: Abortion has shrunk our military, hurt social security, caused illegal immigration

New Hampshire Voters Support Medical Marijuana, New Poll Says

Is there any real difference between Obama and Hillary

Sibel Edmonds: Sorry, No Room on the MSM

May I Ask a VERY PERSONAL Question? What is your claimed religion?

Polar bears? What polar bears?

FBI Patriot Act probes underreported, audit shows

Mass. Republickers were for Der Mittenfuhrer before they were against him

Fort Knox general to lead Walter Reed

Gingrich Acknowledges Affair During Clinton Impeachment

Emanuel: "Let's Be Clear about the Differences"


Rep. Joseph Pitts -- remember Clinton's Penis

This is why you don't appoint hacks to important jobs

New York wonders as ex-Mayor Giuliani gains support (Reuters)

Wow. Pamela Hess (UPI) on WJ.

Did Newt keep his affair "in house" -in the Republican side

Things I have learned from the Republicans which are good:

Is This The Democrats Strategy: If Pelosi Can Pass This Bill In The House

Tacoma Peace Activists Stage Blockade of Stryker Vehicles Headed for Iraq

Senate Democratic war council forges single voice on Iraq

Sen Dorgan on the Senate Floor...

Extravagant Creature-Comforts for Our Soldiers in Iraq. Is there is such thing as Too Much Comfort?

So when and how will the "slime machine" go after Rep. Waxman?

WashTimes Op-Ed: "The Senate must reject Mr. Fox."

Bush's accent seems to have changed

The Progressive Caucus Plan, The Pelosi Plan & the House BlueDogs:

Christine Pelosi: Walter Reed Travesty a "Katrina Moment" for the Bush Administration

Imagine how this concept could be used for fundraising and/or building an online campaign community!

Libby trial, Walter Reed scandal, Iraq war challenge public's ebbing faith in leaders

The Rude Pundit: In Brief ...

Senate Republicans Deliver Sharp Criticism of Gonzales

Conservative pundit: Leaning on prosecutors for favors should be allowed

For DUers interested in the legacy of a GREAT Dem Senator - Tom Eagleton

House Conservatives Appoint Chief Climate Skeptic To Lead New Global Warming Panel

Protesters Aim To Take Over Lawmakers’ Offices, Fight War Funding


WhiteHouse backtracks in row over fired U.S. Attorneys

Ryan Lizza, The New Republic: The Agitator, Obama's Unlikely Political Education

Priests to purify site after Bush visit

Democrats shift debate to Iraq endgame

More States Pass Resolutions Demanding Congress Stop the Escalation

History Channel: Kent State

Family values and politics

The 5 Governorships most likely to change party: "Breaux or No?"

Alies a little touchy about Edwards dropping out of FNC debate

Beck: Supporters Of Dems' Iraq bill "will be just as responsible" for troops deaths

The War Money Can Be Stopped

Listen here, you pugnacious little prick .... you call this a good will tour???

Serial misinformer Kit Seelye reportedly set to become NY Times "Web political correspondent"

Can the President veto a Congressional war bill?

It’s time for Congress to wake up and smell the coffee. Don’t buy Bush’s war, again!

"Average" Joe vs the billious Billo .... this IS Bizarro World.

Who Killed Captain America?

NYT: Historians Fight Bush on Access to Papers

Credit cards companies suddenly think twice about gouging consumers. What timing!

What if Chaney resigns in the next 48 hours?

Brazilian Reactions To The U.S. President: Then And Now

Dan Froomkin: Where's Karl Rove?

"Mere collegiality": Will it work?

Damn MSNBC, Olbermann & Matthews!

Army Secretary Who Resigned Over Walter Reed Given Lavish Farewell Ceremony

Here is the list of newspapers who still carry Ann Coultergeist in case anyone wants to write them

'maybe we need the sacred ritial of Impeachment to cleanse the soil

It is time America stops being held hostage by Jewish lobby.

Headline: Bush not ignoring Latin America

Nevada Dems Nix Fox Debate

pulled by Op.

Proposal: Subtract-a-Rec

Dennis Kucinich: We Hardly Knew Ye....No he's not dead...Blog about 04 elections

Is Ralph Nader an Unreasonable Man? (AlterNet)

Bush has had a really bad week. He needs a nice Uruguayan vacation, I think

HuffPo: Democrats Dump Fox

Army Times: Officers get more, higher disability ratings

Muslims for Kucinich ....

Edwards, Obama, and Hillary all paste Romney in early head-to-head polls

Rachel Maddow on AAR gives link to Al Gore's Speech from her Show...

Video: March On The Pentagon, March 17th

My radio interview on the enactment of a real prescription drug benefit under Medicare Part B

"Something new, though, is going on inside the Democratic Party"

2008: The Late Entry Strategy? Smart or dumber than dirt?

Bush Dodges Bullet in New Mexico - ( Impeachment Bill )

AL Gore on Issues! For those who Like to DIGG!

Richardson calls Kos to tell him he is out of Fox News debate in Nevada

Department of Peace has been around since the days of Thomas Jefferson

The Fall of Pete Domenici: Just the Beginning? (by Mark Kleinman at HuffPost)

Way to go, Hillary!!

Giuliani Slammed by NYC Firefighters for "lack of respect"

Anyone else getting McCain banner on DU?

Irony of all Ironies -- on the defense of Gingrich.

Fox Attacks (Edwards' deputy campaign manager on his blog)

"I purposely gave several Members of our caucus wrong information" Obey

Bob and Lee Woodruff on Hardball .........

The BEST "Countdown" tag line EVER!

Giving DC a Vote (The Nation)

Tonite's episode on Numb3rs appears to deal with voting machine fraud

Why the Dems have to pass "Card Check"

Pro-Israel Lobbyists Push to Eliminate Anti-Iran War Language from Pelosi Iraq Bill

Hillary = female Lieberman

Obama's NY $100-a-head fundraiser tonight sold out--even after moving to bigger venue

Falwell: Why I Asked Newt Gingrich to Speak at Liberty’s Graduation

218 votes?

BECK - blechh!

How come I can't find a conservative to answer two simple questions?

Bill Richardson on Healthcare for our Soldiers

Update: CNN says Tom DeLay not joining network.

Re: Obey .... here are names of possible targets for pressure that might make an actual difference

Sorenson Endorses Obama, Conjures Kennedy, Jabs Clinton

Edwards Seeks Momentum in Iowa (great NY Times article)

Bush Lies About Latin American Aid

House Purged Prosecutor Probe Moves to White House!!!

Great UN-FUCKING Belivable picture on CNN!

Medicare Could Save $30 Billion A Year By Allowing Government To Negotiate Prices

SNL: If Al Gore Were President.......Oh please?????????

Dave Obey - do you agree with him or not?

Is there a clip of Maher on OReilly's show from the other day?

Zell Miller: Don't abort babies -- we need to send them to Iraq!

The Delegitimizing Of Fox News Is The Biggest Story Of The Year

President Condi Rice - - 2007 to ??

I think those who condemn David Obey hurt the Democratic Party and the left!

Breaking!!--Divorce to Become a Sacrament!!

Is Edwards getting desperate to compete?

Dear Senator Clinton: Don't apologize

DFA joins with SEIU for the DFA Night School Spring session. Building coalitions.

In the future, should Democratic candidates EVER consider a Republican for their running mate?

Frigging Scarborough just made me laugh

Rep. Gingrey (R-GA) Blames Soldiers For Walter Reed Squalor: ‘If You Leave Food Around You’ll Get Mice’

Amazing quote about Repubs by retired Major General

Transcript of exchange between Obey and activists (as seen on YouTube)

The Friday Five: DNC's new weekly feature. Five events from the 50 states.