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Archives: March 31, 2007

Bushco loses again: Fed Judge tosses out forest rules

Veterinarian Uses Drug to Treat Dogs Sick From Tainted Food

Federal Judge Tosses Out Forest Rules

At one point tonight I had three different Yahoo IM conversations going at once

Conversation chez Forradalom

Do you ever feel strong emotion in a dream (or nightmare)?

Anyone here have Skype?

Favorite Personality on The Daily Show (besides Jon Stewart)?

Friday Night Music Thread

Anyone have any idea what this sign means?

Senator Clinton:Help Needed for Vets With Brain Injury

Toons time!

Veterinarian Uses Drug to Treat Dogs Sick From Tainted Food

Email I got from Barney Frank today - Go Barney!

Bill Clinton has hosted 16 fundraisers for Hillary in last 6 weeks

Monica Goodling and Griffin were close associates, she pushed particularly hard for AJ appointment

Michigan getting wacked hard by Lending, job loss crises

New questions arise concerning Wade's first WH contract -- and his connections to Cheney

Real Time with Bill Maher was great tonight...

Wife charged after husband shoots her boyfriend


Edwards, Obama, and Richardson respond to DFA about the war....videos.

In which Barack Obama irks me

Haiti's children die in UN crossfire (Guardian)

The ecological and social tragedy of crop-based biofuel production in the Americas

Is the Earth dying of terminal religion?

NYT:The Rovian Era

Call that humiliation? (Monthy Python's Terry Jones)

'We Were Torturing People For No Reason' -- A Soldier's Tale (Amer. Prospect, via AlterNet)

Will Humanity go the Way of the Dinosaur? (AlterNet)

Temporary Insanity: A World in Transition-Philip Slater

Monica Goodling, One of 150 Pat Robertson Cadres in the Bush Admin - by Max Blumenthal, Huff Post

NYT Mag: Obama's Narrator

Intel Vets Question the Iran-UK Crisis (Consortium News)

WP: New Perspective, New Unity Among Hill Democrats on Iraq

An enlarging scandal at Justice (Boston Globe)

Real US battles with Iran still lie ahead

NYT: Clinton Camp Turns to a Star in Money Race

What More Proof Do They Want?

Toensing Doesn't Know Dick About Val ... [The CIA Leak Case And The Truth That Keeps Us Free]

US military increasingly relying on robots in war

STANLEY FISH: Religion Has No Truth ...


UN Panel Okay's Measure on Islam - by Eliane Engeler at Huffington Post

Will Bush Sneak Troops Out In The Night?

Talking Darfur to Death - Editorial, The New York Times

Michelle Malkin is Watching You

Arizona's Rick Renzi also in the middle of Gonzogate

(Goodling) DOJ Official Brings Storm by Taking the Fifth in Gonzales Flap

308 Afghan-area U.S. deaths By The Associated Press

Huge jump in (US) corn planting expected

Scientist: Warming Will End Some Species (forthcoming IPCC report)

Scientist: Warming will end some species - AP

Energy activists snipe at rivals (lol!)

Ireland proposed VRB system resized (wind power, flow batteries)

Sydney Blacks Out for Global Warming

The World Is A Better Place

Judge Advances Global Warming Lawsuit - AP

POSCO to Build (100 MW) Fuel Cell Plant in Pohang (S. Korea)

Diversified Energy & Evergreen Pulp Partner on Biomass-Hydrogen (syngas) Project

Oregon Dams Join Green Power Ranks

Plan for Wind Farm Off Massachusetts Clears State Hurdle (Cape Wind) - NYT

Spain inaugurates first CSP (Concentrating Solar Power) plant in Europe

Peak oil versus global climate change

EU agrees to deal with non-Hamas Palestinians

A Desert's Lion in Winter

'Israel is not a corrupt country'

Israel Will be at War by Summer, Politician Says

How Palestine became “Israel’s Land”

Olmert: 'Not one refugee can return'

Without Borders (Uri Avnery)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Saturday, March 31, 2007

Do Paperless States Want to Stay Paperless?

Iraq Justice Minister Offers Resignation

Bush vows to fix problems at Walter Reed

War efforts funded through July, analysis finds

Hershey unions vote on whether to accept cutbacks

Car bombs target Shiites in Iraq (Saturday)

With eye on Iraq, Bush moves to rally conservatives over taxes

Top US Democrat's planned visit to Syria angers White House

House Committee requests deposition of former Rove assistant in connection with Abramoff (Ralston)

U.S. lawmaker queries lenders on links to colleges (SLMA, EFP)

Former Iraqi premier criticizes (Allawi)

Ukrainian rivals mass in capital

Emmett Till's Family Gets Autopsy Report

Iraq Veteran Calls for Accountability, Change of Course in Democratic Radio Address

(Schumer) Senator demands AG clear Iglesias' name

Bloody battle rages in Somali capital

Was Former Nevada US Attorney Investigating Gov Gibbons (R)

'Kid for Kerry' ponders 2008 role

Menu Foods says its pet food is now safe

Trial Delayed in Iraq Rape-Slaying Case

Shiite Cleric Condemns U.S. as His Militia Takes to Streets

McCain skips third of votes in Senate

MND-B loses Soldier to non-battle death

Bush to Iran: 'Give back the hostages'

Iran must release detained British sailors: Bush

U.N. chief: Arms crossing Syrian border

Recess won't halt probe of attorney firings

Pet food recall expands to new wet brand (ALPO dog food)

U.S. toll in March is twice Iraq forces

Gulf Hits Snags in Rebuilding Public Works

Iraqi government endorses decision to relocate thousands of Arabs from Kirkuk

Bush chides Dems on pork in Iraq bill

Bush Says Democrats Push Reckless Spending Policies (Update1)

NYT: Ex-Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President

Chicken Pox Hits School (All Victims Vaccinated)

Auto workers occupy Scarborough plant

Sydney in climate change blackout

Captives 'May Face Trial' (British sailors)

GOP Lawmaker Urges Gonzales to Resign

Gingrich decries bilingual ballots

Clinton Blasts Circuit City Layoffs

Does it seem like there have been zillions more horror movies of late?

Faith. For the future.


Night Owls: TV on the Radio is tonight's musical guest....

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!

I see trees of green...

Drunk as shit and all I can watch is this

ignore; please remove; kudzu

I saw a great bumpersticker today

Coffee cup in left hand. Look out window.

political reality TV - what would be more entertaining?

i'm a mile and a half away, and i can still hear it. Gran Prix St Pete

My sister and I have to buy our Mother a wheel chair, her knee now makes it hard for her to walk.

What, exactly, is a buck dancer's choice?

Maine couple to celebrate 80th wedding anniversary. Good Democrats.

Anyone else seen "Mirrormask?"

I just ate a small slice of the most decadent chocolate cake EVAH!

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

I didn't get the house

Yesterday I didn't need a straitjacket; today I'm mad

Can we talk about girls?

Anyone here have snipe?

My tremendous no Ennice

Rant - Lipton Diet Tea mixes - different formulas for different packaging!

Anyone here in charge of hiring at your business?

question about yahoo email

Sniffa got a special present yesterday....

Two hours of Baseball tunes starting NOW!

MrScorpio Will not be gone forever

Life as a Yooper.....

Holy crap i actually won something!! I never win anything!!

A social etiquette dilemma. What would you do?

I need advice re: a friend and his religion

Which thread will gain the most views?

Ewwww there is a big spider on my celling and nobody home to take care of this situation

What makes your eye lid twitch?

Have you gone through a smilies phase?

Who Will Win The Masters Next Week?

Congratulations PatsyStone!! 20,000 posts

Frequent flyers, beware -- there are reports of cracks in airplane window frames.

Sick? I don't get sick

To any DUers who play Second Life. I might have a job for you.

Can we talk about nits?

I don't want to go back to work on Monday

My desktop pic is better than yours

One time only, be the first to reply

Happy birthday Neoma!

Oh no, those singing bunny Skittles commercials are back

Anyone know if the symbolism in Children of Men was intentional? (spoilers)

First Week as City Editor--on the Clown Desk

Kind of long but a great read by Swami Beyondananda

On the use of nicknames for Bush

It's Cherry Blossom Time in your Nation's Capital!

Just 26 hours and 30 minutes until the baseball season begins for real!

Tonight I learned that a friend had been arrested

If a corporate chain closes a ton of its stores, will they haggle?

Here's an awwwwww moment:

Can we talk about gits?

Can we talk about bits?

I'm bored.

weird: I think Food Network is making me lose weight

My station's pledge drive exceeded its goal by almost $20,000

So, who will be the next University of Kentucky Coach???

I'll SEE your 7 days, and RAISE you 7. Smilie free.

A smile for all the ladies here, and any men who won't feel offended!

Personal ads: The good, the bad and the hilarious


Earworm for the day:

Any other parents being forced by their spawn to watch the Kids Choice Awards on Nick?

Okay, Harry Potter fans, identify yourselves!


Profiles in modern life...

I'm So Fucking Sick Of Jingoistic Bigots Who Surround My Life

Friday, Friday, Friday

How did you win that T-shirt?

Let's pick Karl's stage name!!!!!

Anyone want to add my Skype group chat?

Well Well Well..... It's sems as if the Buckeyes CAN play B-Ball...

The department you work in at your company... are they said to be deemed

Silly me.

My social commentary...

If the Buckeyes beat Georgetown

Dish extra innings update?

My Italy trip is just days away!

There's no good music today...

I've not smoked for 26 days. (well with one interuption). Yipee! Ask me anything!

I feel so discouraged by the way people act right now.

So I want to do the right thing and license an image but (Dial Up warning)

"Girls Gone Wild" founder plans restaurant chain

Our Graybeard tree is in full bloom.

can we talk about tits?

You've got a friend

I am brain dead, and I'll be gone for a day or two.

The Lake House

I'm of two minds as to whether I should post this here or not

Never heard of B-Tribe? Don't ya think it's time?

The training ground of Alexander Seymour Smith...

Does anyone else have

Help Finding Bumper Sticker

One of the best songs ever!! EVER!! American Pie!!

A very funny Pearls before Swine comic

Is Crewleader still around here?

What were the odds of this happening

Ok hit the floor it's an All Skate.

Wow, I found the perfect storm of "geek"

I feel so discouraged by the way people act right now.

I'm gonna go pass out now. Here's hoping I don't have nightmares as badly as last night.

What kind of sick SOB does this?

Long john pic! For KC2!

Anyone else watching the Buckeye vs Georgetown game?

dammit the bar is open, ask me anything!

Can we talk about kim chee (kimchi)?

Anyone else here swear copiously at inanimate objects? I treat mine like they were live fuckers.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 3/31/2007)

Garbanzo Beans or Kidney Beans?

Anyone else here copulate copiously at inanimate objects? I treat mine like they were live fuckers.

come on loungers, help me cheer up

Easter: Do you buy Toys or Eggs? (if you celebrate it)

An Unexpected Find on eBay!

Ah, you have to love the joys of different languages. Take "The Girl From Ipanema."

Sorry, but KEATON/NICHOLSON are creeping me OUT & thus EVERYBODY has to be creeped out!!1

'Times like this I wish I had a girlfriend...

"WKRP in Cincinnati" Fans: List of DVD music changes (the news isn't good)

I've not dated for 1129 days. (well with a 78 day interuption). Yipee! Ask me anything!

You want a piece of me?

I miss Teena around here.

JFK Speech on Secrecy and Freedom of the Press....

Fargin icehole!

can someone *anyone!* bring me up to speed on life in the lounge

Seven days, chocolate free!

Ava Appreciation Thread!

Drunks. Check in!


Fired lawyer bills Larry Birkhead $620,492.84 -- but there's no word on what cost 84 cents.

DEFINATLEY (grammar nazis, check in and let's party!)

What do you do when you start to feel that someone's untrustworthy?

Who leaves the license plate frame from the dealer on their cars?

My brother in law is NUCKIN' FUTS!

Yesterday I didn't need a jacket; today it's snowing

Everytime I look at the clock lately it is 4:44. or 11:11 or 3:33- WHAT the heck?

Does anyone else like "Pearls Before Swine?"

Is anyone watching the Tudors (Showtime)?

Time to order a pizza. What do you want on it?

Sanjaya the next American Idol....?

Ceiling Cat: Pics of Kitty Queerspawn

What television shows have you appeared on?

"I Will Survive" watching this but... 7-year-old daughter wants to give you a message...

What does it mean to say something is "Holy"?

Really, what is sacriligious about Cavallaro's My Sweet Lord?

UN Rights Panel Okays Measure to Give States Power to Combat "Religious Hostility"

One more game to go.

Paying College Athletes

Swimming Australia defends Thorpe (questionable drug test)

Rescue Internet Radio!

Found this by "accident" on Amazon.

Remember that girl from "Kids for Kerry"? podcast

Here to catch up and moan and groan

If anyone asks about Democrats who betrayed the party in 2004,

catch National Park Service GGNRA Superintendent Brian O'Neil in a bundle of lies!

New York Union Fights City’s Union-Busting Tactic

Union files charges with labor board against Albertsons

Obama; When Our Veterans Come Home Treat Them Right

Death Penalty Effects

Richardson On Iraq

Edwards:A Real Plan to End the War in Iraq

The Bush Administration's approach to Global Warming...

Dr. Francis Fukuyama: We Got Iraq Wrong...

Iraq News

RFK: A Hip-Hop Tribute to Robert Kennedy

New Rules (03-30-07)

Mar 19: Occupation Project in Saint Louis #2

Veterans Health UpDate

Globalization Video: 'Banked Into Submission'

Bush Realtime Reaction to Colbert Speech...

Liberty News TV Ep25 2007 Vietnam, empire, USA dominance...

Proud To Serve You AFSCME in Connecticut

All You Have To Do Is Pray- And Furnish His House With Silver

Poverty in America

Snoop Dogg no friend of Bill O'Reilly

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Pedophile Puts Up Website On Where To Meet Little Girls

Bonaduce Says O'Donnell Should Be Hung On MSNBC

Why I hate War. Welcome to my Nightmares

The Killing of Children, That's What War Is

Virus hits Justice Dept

Yusuf (Cat Stevens) - Peace Train - Nobel Concert 2006...

Did the World Trade Center have a fire-suppression sprinkler system?

Man pleads guilty after weapons cache found in Norco home

My former friend/co-worker strikes again with his RW column

KGO now has archives for download and "listen later"

Karen Hughes says American students are inadequate

Everytime I look at the clock lately it is 4:44. or 11:11 or 3:33- WHAT the heck?

Walking till he drops, for peace

A not very appetizing post: On Foods

Has the nonblog media picked up the GSA/Doan/Jennings story at all yet?

Scholars file challenges to NIST reports on 9/11

;=D **Culture of Corruption Chart: From Brent Wilkes to Casino Jack, to Congressmen** ;=D

Let's send Karl Rove flowers!

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sat. 3/31 -- It's all YOUR fault

Wouldn't these guys be loving the political climate?

Stop me if any of this sounds've heard all this before, right?

Judge axes new U.S. forestry rules

LOL. Actually got a RW email fwd with a YouTube link. HRC singing National Anthem.

Dave Obey and Dems owe Tina Richards an apology!

Judith Miller Faults Media Reponse in Libby Affair

Sydney will go dark on Saturday to urge Australia to cut greenhouse emissions by 5 percent

Right-wing Gay Porn-making Coulter fan investigated for falsely soliciting funds for Iraq deployment

Iran Thinks We’re About to Attack – So They Grabbed the British Sailors…

Can America 'win' in Iraq? One Iraqi blogger's answer

"D.C. Madam" Seeks Federal Handout. Palfrey wants $500,000 from court to hire private attorney

County drug dog killed by former county judge

Could the impact of a Democratic White House be lessened

Important recall web site:

The Kennedy Asssasination: A "Friday News Dump"?

Ahhh...for the good old days, when we had an AG we could respect:

It's a pity Ann Coulter didn't write this new book:

Former kangaroo skinner Al Qaeda guy at Gitmo got 9 months

"Senator Demands AG Clear Iglesias' Name" (Schumer)

youtube find : HIP- hop tribute to RFK, a real AG

General tried to warn Bush about Tillman

This is what gives Freepers that warm and fuzzy feeling!!!!1

Suicide bombers kill 130 in Iraq - But NYT reporter John Burns reports everything is great there

Giuliani's ex-partner likely to face felony charges.

why carbon cap&trade can work

Interesting CNN story from 1991:

Self delete (Repeat post re: ALPO recall)

Who is Kathy Sierra and why do meankids want to "kill" her?


Best one liner about Faux loudmouth weatherman Steve DOOCY

Activism: Regarding Repeal of Medicare Part D, replacing it with real prescription drug benefit

Wormtongue will meet Gandalf....soon....I hope.

Who is putting alert messages on this post!

Want to support Rosie O'Donnell? Buy one of her COOL "Peace" T-Shirts and donate to America's Kids!

So, the first (and maybe biggest) '08 primary is tonight.

Caption the Frat Boy President with his "carrot"

Lieberman’s knees are hurting him. NT

Ich Bin Ein Auslander (You owe us everything)

WP: at Walter Reed, Bush tells press to snap photo of naked woman tattoo

The Facts of the Pentagon March - LTTE

I give up...

Does anyone here think Iran would be so stupid as to torture the captives?

Busy Bush Cuts Short Visit to Walter Reed

I have never wanted to slap someone upside

So bush; is Tel Afar still your "beacon of hope"?

Reps are heading home. Watch for "town mtgs" Call for impeachment.

Dems in Congress (Kucinich, Durbin, DeLauro) take on the Menu Foods pet food recall

The ATTORNEY GENERAL of the United States of America...LIED to Congress. Is that NOT a crime?

Has it come to that - is the US a class system now.

Bush attacks Pelosi's planned Syria trip while gop Reps are there NOW

"Bombings Kill 9, Wound Dozens in Iraq" Yep...that "surge" has really made things better in Iraq.

Ashcroft had a "particular taste" for Goodling's brownies

DUers who play Second Life check in. I may have a job for you

Residents of Fallujah Fear a US ‘Genocidal Strategy’

$12,000 for a broken rib. Another reason the whole goddamned system sucks.

HEADLINE: "Nevada Republicans feel their state SLIPPING AWAY"

Former TX Att'y General,(Gov. Bush Appointee), Released From Prison

Ex-US Atty chief - Goodling to plead the fifth

Rescue Internet Radio!

Can the US afford to "rebuild" the military?

China's Potential Role in Iran-UK Standoff: Remember the 2001 Incident with US Aircrew?

And the spin begins

Say there is a new constitutional convention and you are one of the delegates...

Is the Speakers' trip upsetting war plans?

Earth to John McCain, Earth to John McCain

More On Monica Goodling...

I just noticed something *interesting* in the Military Oath of Office..

Will FOX and MSNBC call for Hasselbeck's firing too, then?

Ms. Doan has created a new verb: "murky"

So does anybody know anything about Hillary's trip to Orlando?

Privatization of the Post Office...soon.

Tom Davis (A-VA) is a piece of work..

Alter: Bush/Rove has turned Justice Dept. into "banana republic"

General says U.S. Army has lost 130 helicopters in Iraq and Afghanistan s

'Kid for Kerry' ponders 2008 role

Has Waxman's Committee Released The Rove Power Point Presentation ???

How do you feel about gerrymandering?

Scandal gives Democrats a chance to investigate Rove (McClatchy)

Setting the Record Straight: Democrats Are Delaying Funding For Our Troops

AP: Gen. tried to warn Bush on Tillman (Bush Knew--or should have)

Former right-wing homophobe sees error of his ways

My responses to a Republican friend on Iraq

Housing Crisis Knocks Loudly in Michigan (real life in america)

Hmmm...The U.S. finds 'poison' in Chinese wheat product/China complains about quality of U.S. goods

Second captive Briton apologizes to Iran

EXTREME development (a picture of China's growth)

South Park, Hillary Clinton's vagina, and shark jumping

Pet Food Recall Expands to New Wet Brand (Alpo) - AP

Heads up: Purina is recalling Alpo canned food! Iams given FDA warning.

Every day it gets worse for Gonzo - Is he blackmailing W &Karl?

Brandi Swindell spams Idaho senators with *1400* e-mails; Senate responds by disabling mail function

"GOP Lawmaker Urges Gonzales to Resign" Here we go! Finally, a repuke calls for Gonzo to resign.

The Hydrocarbon Law for Dummies

What happens to the threads on the greatest page after they "time out"?

Bud Cummins: How Bush's Justice Department has "blown it"

This one is for "Joe for Clark"........ The Nachthexen

who will be our biggest April's fool? and why?

TOONS: This Past Week's Doonesbury Storyline

Giuliani recants statement about wife in Cabinet Meetings

Lurita Doan GSA Administrator/Director bio

Bush drunk/medicated in this video? "Our troop in harm way"

Newsweek Poll: Majority Of Americans Back Iraq Deadline

Real deadline for Iraq war money weeks beyond Bush’s deadline


Happy birthday, Senator Leahy!

Remember, Judy Nathan was F**king a married man.

Perino: "The president was surprised to learn that Congress went on vacation today."

I would like to see Time or Newsweek publish a special

Jeb Bush must hate his brother with a passion

I am out for a few weeks.

The saddest thing I have heard all night.

Two Documentaries On Global Warming - Which one tells the truth?

Some observations on street protests.

Sometimes, I feel so damn hopeful.....

Happy Birthday, Cesar Chavez... a worker for peace and justice. Presente!

EX-OFFICIAL GUILTY OF RAPE; NO APOLOGY-Kingston, Mass. ex-selectman gets 5 years for raping boy

Please! Do not allow the sale of vital organs in the US.

LAT: Romney names Jeb Bush as possible No. 2

Caption this one!

Two things that piss me off about defeatists

This has your basic chocolate Easter bunny beat all to hell and back...

A smile for all the ladies here, and any men who won't feel offended!

Nice explination of the importance of Peer Reviewed science by NOAA

Which item would William Donahue find more acceptable?

U.S. March toll nearly twice Iraq forces : AP

How do you think the UK-Iran hostage situation will

Glenn Beck again fails to make cable news top 10

3246 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Oh Yes, This is Crystal Clear. Like Cement

A Serious Global Warming Question!

Which do you feel is more of a threat?

It Seems To Me That "Contracting Out" Is A Major Part Of The Problem

Bush's Speechwriters in Cold Sweat This AM: "I Like PEANUTS As Much As the Next Guy" (Radio Address)

As if drunk driving isn't enough of a problem, here comes Beerbelly

U.S. death toll in first month of "surge" is nearly twice that of Iraqi army said to be taking lead

The worst bumper sticker yet

us troop death count of the last 7 month in iraq

A Fitz PIC for the Fans!

With jobs vanishing , the economy in the toilet , what will it take ?

Iraq Veteran Calls for Accountability, Change of Course in Democratic Radio Address

VIDEO: Rosie O'Donnell. Compare to O'Reilly

Ghouliani "can not remember" being briefed about Bernard Kerik's shady ties

I'm instructing my kid in sex-ed-- his first lesson is to listen to paradise by the dashboard light.

Studs Terkel doing Passover show now

Kindergartner arrested and charged with a felony

US financial sources in Bahrain advised to pack up & leave

Bush again affirms support for Gonzales

A DUer goes to snark level 10. Vexatious Ape brings on da funk!

Bush's 2004 Campaign Chief: "Kerry Was Right"

Camp Casey Easter...they can't rain out a Revolution......

Check this out: cats may be more sensitive to toxins in bad pet food than dogs.

Will Etta James come out with a new version of "At Last" when these bastards

Chris Matthews to wed Rudy in civil ceremony …

You know some people can play an instrument...(lots of pictures)

When all else fails … just blame the Clinton’s NT

Sigh......Why would Bill Maher defend a nasty bigot by

NEWSWEEK Poll: bu$h, Iraq, Religion and John Edwards

What is the difference between a blue dog Dem and a yellow dog...

How's that "Surge" Working? Not so good- 508 killed in Iraq the last 6 days alone

Lending vital organs: Why I disagree with the DNC.

Attention musicians! Check out Neil Young's website

What's the difference between General Discussion and General Discussion Politics?

Sex to be ‘banned’ in South Carolina …

Reporter's Diary Yields New Clues in Earhart (Amelia) disappearance

Privatization. A primary reason of where we are.

I was looking at Real time with bill maher and I was listening to Dana...

Bill Donahue is an ASS HOLE!

VIDEO: Artist Of Chocolate Jesus Counters Rants Of Catholic League Right-Winger Donohue

I cracked the GOP candidate code, let me tell who it will be...

Hillary plots 9/11 attack on Rudy

The Tacky Clintonista-CBC-Fox News Backstory

Question about that Rove rap thing?

Name the celebrity, sports star etc that you are most surprised is a Republican or Democrat

BILL MAHER VIDEO: George W. Bush - 'Honoring America's Most Beloved Fuck Up'

Finally saw "Erin Brockovich" and "Fun with Dick and Jane". They were pretty good

Did you know that the video U2 and Greenday won special effects for

Female ex-candidate to 'protect' Hillary Clinton

Malkin's Pretty Little Hate Club

BTW, the beginning of SNL tonight was hysterical, with "Wolf Blitzer"

Bush Calls for Iran to Free U.K. Sailors

Sen. Grassley (Reich-Iowa): "We ought to expect everybody who's in government to be truthful"

Blood Sprays Out of Sewer, On City Worker

I'm gonna miss my morning coffee with Amy Goodman.

Bush Says Gonzales is "Honorable and Honest;" I say Bush is out of touch with reality!

Am I the only one creeped out at the pet-food ads?

US Flag lapel pins are LAME!

Teenager repellent causes buzz

Abolish bilingual education, Gingrich urges

A tale of secrets, lies & love.

10-Year-Olds Accused in Homeless Beating | Hate, Violence, and Death on Main Street USA

U.S. Attorney Scandal... It's about oil. And PORN ?

11:00 News.. what a wasted half hour

Citizen's Lobby - Tina Richards' GREAT idea

DU has weighed in. Rappin Rove is now known as..

Snoop Dog lashes out of O'Reilly

Power of prayer flunks an unusual test

Do you notice anything curious about where all the military bases are placed in Iraq?

Food Safety: Waxman has been investigating this (also)

My comic's website is finally up.

Does FDA have the right to withhold the poisoned food supplier's name?

The Emails the White House Doesn’t Want You to See ((Mother Jones)

Debates used to define support for our candidates. So we're going to replace that with a money race?

German official wants Travolta booted from TV show set to air tonight because he's a Scientologist.

Wash Post LTTE: Facts Of The Pentagon March (Lies Of Protest Critics / False Reporting Countered)

Agitation, Alliances, and Action

Sensenbrenner's position on the firings of the 8 USA, in reply to my request.

scanning the cable stations, you guys notice it, too?

Transplant surgeon says kidneys should be for sale.

Sunday Talk Shows

Wow, we're just one month away from the 4th anniversary of Mission Accomplished Day

Bill Maher - collector plates- * scandals & f* ups


Hillary may raise up to $60 million in 1st Quarter Fundraising

70 % of Wheat Gluten in US for *Human* & Pet Food is Imported from EU & China! (Pet Food Recall)

Poor Nations to Bear Brunt as World Warms

DUers...please don't forget we have a PETS GROUP...feel free to discuss

Sydney shines a light on global warming -- by going dark for an hour.

Frank Rich:Elizabeth Edwards for President

Do you think it possible that the rising price at the pump is a gradual "desensitization"

I need to apologize for being so defensive on the animal food posts yesterday

Pick your own, brand new, Cabinet Posts!!

Are there any instructions on how to search on DU

Prosgate: It Was About The 2008 Elections, Y'All !!!

I'm Confused. The FDA Has Jurisdiction Over Pet Foods, But Not Tobacco?

Gas is over $4.00 a gallon in San Francisco now!

Romney Asks: WWJD?

An American Conscience ("Under this pres. and vp, we are beginning to live in a banana republic.")

Loony leftists on the radio in 40 minutes!

"Campaigns Save Energy With Hybrid Cars"

Iranian Aircraft Carriers have been spotted of NYC! NT

Rep. Tom Davis "special" on Fox tonight re: Sandy Berger

Gingrich refers to Spanish as "the language of living in the Ghetto" on CNN

Ah NUTS. Your Printer Now Has to Be "Vista Compatible." Thanks for SCREWING Us Bill.

Atheists Split Over Message

Caption this * pic

NYT: The Rovian Era ("Turn over a scandal in Washington these days & chances are you'll find Karl")

aminopterin, melamine, or 2,4,5,6-tetraminopyrimidine (TAP) in wheat from China?

The Most Dangerous American States

So Bush calls KATRINA funding PORK (in Iraq war Bill?)


Everyone here should take a few minutes to check out Monkeyman's post

Taxpayers last to benefit from stadiums

Alpo® Brand Prime Cuts In Gravy Canned Dog Food Voluntary Nationwide Recall

Welcome to the Home of the Healthiest Pet Foods in the World

working to crush "the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party"

Passengers May Be Sued In (6) Imams' Removal (from plane)

Lurita Doan hearing replay on C Span 1.. . . a must see...

Does it never end??? Delmonte pulls treats and wet dog foods

More Sam Seder rumors: gone from Air America after next week?

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 30, 2007***

Two Florida cities know just how to deal with those pesky 5 and 6 year old girls.

How far would the DLC Dems go to silence the progressives?

Bush's chief campaign strategist says 'Kerry was right' on Iraq

Matthew Dowd, Democrat who switched loyalties to Bush, now says Kerry was right.

Gingrich Decries Bilingual Ed.(bilingual education ="language of living in a ghetto")

British Sailors – Real Crisis or Excuse for War – Veteran Intel Profs - Johnson, Crowley, McGovern

6 year old is cuffed and dragged to jail, while a damn criminal lives in our Whitehouse.

Bees disappearing as mystery ailment sweeps U.S.

My cousin took a hose ... ran it from his 4 wheeler and into his truck where he breathed until he

gentrification and affordable housing.

How to score some fast cash... off of Bush supporters.

THIS Aspen Has Turned

Say you're at Best Buy or WalMart or wherever, and the inventory control device alerts...

My Dedication To Al Gore

NEWSWEEK: 27% of atheists& agnostics think God guided evolution; 13% say God made us as we are

For the record and in keeping with what we know, so far, here are Karl's girls...

Actor Danny Glover for San Francisco Mayor?

Riches await as Earth's icy north melts

Robert Baer thinks war with Iran may be inevitable

Pornographer Al Goldstein is running for President

Got really mad last night watching Numb3rs

Hillary Clinton Finds a Friend in (Md. Governor Martin) O'Malley...

Did the WH know of Tillman mode of death early on?

That's a dangerous thing to do in a democracy, .....(stand by your man)

Does anyone have a link to an article about the term liberals

Fred Thompson is more concerned that the PATRIOT act might be weakened than with corruption

The Saturday Cartoons

Is money everything? As we reach the first quarter deadline.

Activism: Regarding Repeal of Medicare Part D, replacing it with real prescription drug benefit

Fred Thompson--(actor politician) Plutonic Warming

US winds up biggest war games in Gulf since 2003


AP: Bush Chides Dems on Pork in Iraq Bill (weekly radio address)

Play About Iraq Divides a Connecticut School (super wealthy Wilton, CT)

“The incompetence charge has gained such traction that even many Republicans buy it.”

A Young Karl Rove plots for College Republicans [VIDEO -- 1972] (from AlterNet)

Marine Corps wraps up Matt Sanchez investigation.

GOP lawmaker urges Gonzales to resign (AP)

Press Advisory: Kucinich Press Conference on Rising Gasoline Prices Set for 5 p.m. PDT

Scandal gives Democrats a chance to investigate Rove

In Big Shift, U.S. Imposes Tariffs on Chinese Paper (NYT)

Barack Obama will be holding a LIVE WEBCAST TODAY ONLINE at 4PM EST

Obama Is First in Their Second Life

Anyone else nervous with Waxman's decision to go to Syria with Pelosi?

So when do you think the Interro-gate scandals will produce results?

Romney Faces Skewering at Gridiron Club (AP)

Here's a poll worth DU' ing

Another excellent line on NPR today

Poor Nations to Bear the Brunt as the World Warms

Raising Roberto (Again)

Anyone attend a Obama Community Kickoff event Today?

O.K. , I'm Watching GSA Hearing On C-Span. Is That doan Woman Nuts?

McCain skips third of votes in Senate

Obama in Iowa: War must end if we are to effectively address domestic issues

TPM Cafe: Sen. McCain Staged 11/17/05 Fake Senate Indian Affairs Committee Meeting?

Rove in Chattanooga visiting Coptix (

Only requires Bush to seek Congressional approval before extending the occupation....

Southern Clout in Congress Hits Low

A simple misunderstanding - they thought it was the JUST-US dept., not the JUSTICE dept.

Democrats' Pork Problem ("Tax and spend")

Sonja Henie's tutu! The Dallas Morning News is calling for Gonzo's resignation.

Latest Rasmussen poll--Edwards up by 9% over McCain and trouncing Romney

The Generation X's and Y's in the Neocon Political Incubator

U.S. Income Gap Has Doubled Since 1980 -

The country was betrayed by three Democrats: a mole, a self-serving a-hole and a party switcher.

Obama: War hindering domestic policy (AP)


time for our own supply-side theory!

Angus Reid Poll: Giuliani Leads Hillary, Obama Closer

...Let me explain what it will mean for your annual tax bill if the Democrats get their way.

Getting Around The Official White House E-Mail Server......

Leno NAILS it!

Right Wing TV - FOX Fair and Balanced????? Bwa ha ha

The phony UK/ IRAN "face-down"

must read EXPOSE of Goodling-Griffin's mentor at DoJ

Edwards hits $2 million in online donations

Guantanamo’s kangaroo court convicts Australian David Hicks

Proposal re the Cons dropping the 'ic' from Democratic. 'Republic' doesn't work

Bush: "I like peanuts as much as the next guy"

Wow! Tim Griffin was Barbara Comstock's Deputy!

Problem I'm Having With My Local (So-Called) Democrats

Newsweek's Fineman: Glory or Folly? (Get ready for the GOP's "Countdown" clock)

Kucinich: About Authenticity, Integrity, and Telling People Exactly What’s Going On”

Bill Richardson: end the war THIS year.

Obama, Feingold co-sponsors of Durbin's S. 936, A Bill To Reform the Financing of Senate Elections

Lets overlay a map of US bases in Iraq on a map of Iraqi oil fields

John Edwards For President Fundraising Deadline

What's Freaking Out Bushies Monica Goodling and Sara Taylor?

Former top election strategist breaks up with Bush: report

Hillary's Negative Halo Effect

Happy Birthday President Gore!

"Why Hillary is Not the One" - The Progressive

Kucinich: "Anyone who thinks this Congress is trying to end the war had better think again"