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Cross Post: Rove targeting Voter Registration back in '71

OK, SPK....I'm taking my lips and going to bed!

Will someone PLEASE send me to bed?

For Old Time Radio freaks ' n me

Spiders. On drugs. :D

Wanna watch a million dollar Ferrari Enzo get totaled?

As a congratulations on becoming an American Citizen, I bought my husband an XBox 360... I fear

What's the most surprising thing that you ever got in the mail?

I'm too wired to sleep. I should be exhausted, but I'm not.

So what kind of spider makes a web like this?

New PBS show, America at a Crossroads,might be great!

VAOIG REPORT-Faulty Computer Security Contract Cost VA Millions

Eating beef in pregnancy may affect son's sperm

Goddamn you Townsend, it's Rock and Roll,

Two killed in Baghdad Green Zone rocket attack

Mild mannered DUer IntravenousDemilo is the TERMINATOR!!!!

Chinese and Gulf states switching to euros: the effect on USA ?

Hey, KGO (ABC) radio in SF just read my email about McCain on the air!

The ONLY reason bush will veto the funding bill is because he wants permanent occupation

Is anyone watching Larry King right now?

Russian weapons in America's backyard

Marines Call Up 1,800 for Involuntary Mobilization

Madeline Albright on Charlie Rose: We've been the sole power for 18 years,

What is Bush's most impeachable offense?

4 soldiers from 82nd Airborne blown up while passing out candy to Iraqi kids

McCain is becoming a really pathetic figure. It's a shame.

It's Time For That Beer ...

Guardian UK: Havana Rights (Legalization of same-sex marriage in Cuba)

Easter Surprise: Attack on Iran, New 9/11… or Worse

The Equal Rights Amendment is back

When Liberals Rule The World by Mark Morford

Why little Gonzogate might be Bush's Watergate

Blogging with Bush

Why Is a DOJ Lawyer Taking the Fifth?

Torture Her! (Monica Goodling) by David Michael Green

U.S. Iraq Role Is Called Illegal by Saudi King

Surveillance Makes You Paranoid (The Nation)


German minister under fire over ex-Guantanamo inmate

From Regressive, Red State USA: "Where's our leader?" Editorial!!!

For Prisoners, a Separate Kind of Punishment

Sexual Violence in Texas

Public to Dems: Investigate Onward!

THE NATION: Iraq Deadline: An Extraordinary Political Moment

Perry: A Baghdad bomb site everyone should see

Mr. Big Stuff, "Who do you think you are?"

Pentagon Cowers Behind Wordplay (Tillman) Robert Scheer

Paul Craig Roberts: 9/11 and the Evidence

"The Case Against George W. Bush" (former Congresswoman Eliz. Holtzman on Impeachment)

This Is How The Train Goes Completely Off The Tracks (Portland ME Press-Herald, via CommonDreams)

William Greider: Wall Street Journal Discovers Globilization's Downside (The Nation)

You... beat the drum to send these kids to war...turn around & accuse us of rooting for them to die?

The War Room: It's like "straight talk," only different (McCain)

Every Man for Himself-Bush administration discipline slips further

Do I Really Care About Oklahoma? (Jane Smiley at HuffPost)

After Bush vetoes Iraq bill...then what?

Car-bombers defy all odds

Congressional Spending Bill Targets Iraqi Oil

Another Tricky Dick and Dubya Adventure (funny read)

British pawns in an Iranian game

Creation "Science" Is the Christian Right's Trojan Horse Against Reason (by Chris Hedges)

Amy Goodman: American Kangaroo Court Claims Its First Victim (Truthdig)

US democracy ideals lose steam to Bush 'realism': experts

McCaffrey Paints Gloomy Picture of Iraq,Writes of 'Strategic Peril'

Embattled Smithsonian Official Resigns

Yucca Mountain Waste Dump Likely to Open 3 to 4 Years After Original Deadline, Chief Says

Peru's Alarming Water Truth

Australian Environmental Group Captures 'Monster' Toad the Size of a Small Dog

Energy Companies Touting "Low Sulfer Diesel" as if it was their idea

Report: China makes major new oil find

(Japan) Green and growing

Corn is not the future of U.S. ethanol: DOE - Reuters

Eye opener: Oil used since Bush took office

Canadian rebirth for wind power (vanadium batteries)

Ritter signs solar, wind, biomass energy bill (Colorado)

Nymex Natural Gas Rises to One-Month High as Oil Prices Surge

(UK) 'Preserve peat bogs' for climate - BBC

New Efforts to Predict When Polar Ice Will Melt (CSM, via AlterNet)

Sci-Tech Today: Endangered Species Act Getting Rewritten

Mike's Windmill Shop

Tiny island with a global warning (BBC) {one of the Sundarbans}

Eleven Megawatt Photovoltaic System Inaugurated in Portugal

Los Angeles Approves Two Renewable Energy Agreements

Greenland ice loss: Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (Grace)

Australian PM sceptical of climate guru's warnings - AFP

Connecticut Deal Powers FuelCell Shares

California Energy Commission Release on Klamath Dam Removal

Sunlight is free—and clean, says first solar power user (Toronto)

The 100-Foot Diet

Blue Haven: NZ Marine Reserves, Model for the World (Nat'l Geographic)

Bill would boost Maryland solar power

Monbiot: Biofuels - A Lethal Solution

I'm generally a half full glass type of person, but have you ever

Coal fired plant proposed on the grounds of decommissioned Yankee Maine Nuke site.

Israel condemns testimony release

Gunmen wound Hamas commander, wife, two children

Gaddafi: US sets Arab League agenda

'Welcome to Riyadh': Saudi Arabia officially opens its doors to Israeli journalist for first time

Arab states unanimously approve Saudi peace initiative

George Soros Takes on AIPAC

‘Marriage to an Arab is national treason’

Kansas City "Overzealous Electioneering versus 'Glitches'"

Did anyone get a letter from Dennis Kucinich this week?

Hacking Democracy film released on DVD!

Whose Election Fraud?

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 3/28/07 - HAND COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS IN 2008

HR811 Markup - If You Want REAL ELECTION AUDITS, Now is the Time to Ask for Them!

Ohio GOP,,

E-voting may see an early demise. Debra's promise on the way!

Busload of students held hostage in Philippines

Suicide bomber kills four in Afghan capital

FBI agent told to keep quiet over attorney firings

Websites That Support Impeachment of Bush

India's Satyam Computer wins US$200 million outsourcing deal from Applied Materials

Scores die in Nigeria tanker fire

Deal to aid Iraq's ex-Baathists imperiled

Iraq holding onto rebuilding funds: US

Officials: Policemen go on killing spree

MNF-W Forces Attacked (1 Marine killed)

Underworld kingpin Rosenstein returns to Israel in extradition

Unions ride Dem wave

Democrats oppose ambassador nominee over Swift Boat contribution

Bush to focus on Iraq war, economy, trade in remarks to cattlemen

100 Haitians scramble ashore

(DOJ) Error costs government $100 million (in biggest tax prosecution ever;)

Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai 'arrested'

Inhofe vows to put brakes on Gore’s ‘Live Earth’ concert at the Capitol

US blames Syria for letting bombers into Iraq

Iran says it will release female sailor

White House Spokesman's Colon Cancer Has Returned

Iran TV shows female navy captive

Hoekstra criticizes Bush for division - Lawmaker urges bipartisanship

Huffington Post, Create Group Blogs for '08 Candidates

Suicide attackers set off chlorine bombs in Fallujah, wounding 15 U.S. and Iraqi soldiers

U.S. to Keep Troop Levels Through Fall

Navy gets earful on plan to use dolphins, sea lions for security

Iran disputes U.S. assertion on Persian Gulf exercises

Community rallies around conflicted youth jail

Wounded Iraqi deputy PM transferred to Jordan

Baghdad Green Zone sees spike in mortars, rockets

Much Wider Use of M.R.I.’s Urged for Breast Exam

Justice official regrets e-mails (Elston)

Gunmen kill dozens in Iraqi town - officials(as many as 50 killed)

Prisons crowded since Baghdad crackdown

House Acts to Improve Care for Veterans

White House Asked to Reconsider Opposition to Rove Testimony in Prosecutor Firings

Bush cites upbeat bloggers from Baghdad

Bush, Putin Discuss Missile Defense Plan

Capture Footage is Aired

Naval Academy Looking at Cruise Behavior

Publisher Steve Forbes Endorses Giuliani

Pentagon Buys New Uniforms, Armored Vehicles From Recently Reopened Factories in Iraq

Justices Challenge Arguments in Favor of Shareholders Suing Companies

Report: Gitmo Inmates Abused in Russia

CODEPINK Dogs Clinton on 2008 Trail

Minimum wage hangs in balance of Iraq vote

Clinton Touts Her Feminist Background

Prosecutors Fired for Not Supporting Bush Priorities, Former Gonzales Aide Says

Worries grow over mental health of U.S. soldiers

'Flaming debris' nearly hits jet

Marines Ban Big, Garish Tattoos

House votes to protect 'John Does' on flights

Britain must admit sailors entered Iranian waters for standoff to be resolved

San Francisco lawmakers vote to ban plastic bags

UAW May Not Allow Health Concessions

Big U.S. oil supply to offset Mideast Gulf disruption

Burger King Shifts Policy on Animals

CBS Poll: Public Backs Iraq Timetable

Bush Accuses Dems Of Meddling

EPA Fines Energy Department $1 Million Over Violations at Hanford Nuclear Site

Democrats Predict Sizable Budget Surplus if Bush's Tax Cuts Expire in 2010

White House Floats Immigration Proposal

E-Mail Shows Rove’s Role in Fate of Prosecutors

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 28

U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales visits Houston

Zimbabwe opposition leader Tsvangirai arrested

US 'no longer technology king'

Hagel, Webb team up to urge limits on troop levels

Sperm Counts Are Low in Men Whose Mothers Ate Beef

Lilly against gay marriage ban

Womens' Groups, Once Friends, Now Foes Over Clinton

Swiftboat funder withdraws bid to be US ambassador to Belgium

UK reveals Iran dispute evidence

Aide (Sampson): Attorneys Fired For Not Supporting Bush

Want a job? Clean up your Web act

Saudi king slams 'illegitimate occupation' of Iraq

AFL-CIO Sides With NRA In Backing Employee Gun Rights

Breaking News 7:59 AM ET: Britain Freezing All Ties With Iran, British Foreign Secretary Says

Wal-Mart Chief Writes Off New York

WHO, UNAIDS Urge Circumcision for Heterosexual Males to Reduce HIV Infections

Iran to release British sailors

Analysis: Republicans Worry Firings Flap Is Distracting From Their Message, Hurting Bush

Court Blocks Horse Meat Inspections

Ex-wife becomes a man; ex-husband seeks end to alimony

Circuit City plans layoffs, hiring of less-expensive store workers

2 Executives of Company That Helped Build Border Fence Sentenced for Hiring Illegal Immigrants

Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible

My life is so weird.

Okay. This is weird. My cat smells like.....

Travel nightmare story

Cambozola cheese. Perfectly good, wonderful Cambozola... reduced to clear!

who else can't sleep?

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

Charges Dropped for Spray-Painting Goats

OMG, soooo sleepy....

I have the cell phone in a restaurant story to beat ALL cell phones

Did Simon on AI admit last night that this season is going to be a "wash"

anyone else read See the peanut butter story?

tell me about your best friend(s)

Who loves me???

Reason #98,342 why dogs rule, cats drool

Official appeal to the dream Gods:

is there any "good" fast food breakfast?

You can by Caskets at Costco. That is just wrong

You know what real love is?

I need a new Avatar. Any suggestions?

Oh sweet JESUS life is good

Name your favorite.

I violated TSA regs last night. Ask me anything!

I took my kids to a clothing optional beach on St. Maarten last week. What's the big deal?

I'm gonna punch MySpace in its nose

What is Brian Wilson's family had lived in a non-coastal area?

Pope Sternodox Keckhaver

"I'm going to kick your butt" oh my heart is breaking :(

How come girls' names started out as boys' names years ago?

Let us praise the king of all chow hall lunch dishes: Chili Mac

Nasty white discharge from patient's mouth; HOUSE last night?

A good joke reflecting our times

For My 1000th Post I'm Requesting: Tell Me a Joke!

I am so hungry I could eat _________ (fill in the blank)

Does anyone know the story of sombody spiking a pepsi w/ Purell

Really proud of one of my kids.

Hey Underpants. It really is nice to have an office door thta opens to the outside!

hahaha mudflap man

State Farm auto insurance, and nothing had changed.

In the future; when electric cars are mandated/the norm; what happens to classic cars?

Sanjaya! Sanjaya! Great parody!

Wow, first time I ever started a thread that got locked happened today!

Damn, I am just NOT an ebay person. I guess I'm totally lame.

Vienna Sausages?

Party on Garth!

Why to they call Wednesday, "hump day"...

Will a pellet gun maim or kill a raccoon?

Name a Du'er who you would want to be your sock puppet

Let's play "Will Jeremy find a buck to get him on the bus to work?"

Question - what does "buddy list" do?


Question for bird folk:

Man keeps 80 sheep in his house, authorities say

Owner Says Dog Saved Her With "Heimlich'

Kippers. Slops. Boomerangs. Check in here!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 3/28/2007)

Heading over to Raleigh Durham soon - what's to do there?

Have you ever gotten an email by mistake?

You Spin Round, round, baby right round... Like a record baby.

How long would you leave a stray cat 20 feet up a tree in your yard

WooHoo! We had training today and I made out like a BANDIT at the free pizza lunch!

I Have Set The Avvies (And Some Sig Line Pics) FREE!

A beatnik walks into a diner:

Why does today feel like Thursday? That makes for an extra long week!!!!

You're 10th in a line of 40. There are 10 pizzas, 8 slices per. What do you do?

Are pierced ears drafty?

It doesn't pay to teat on chests, people...

Damn, I thought it said 20 free pints!

Ageism, so soon?

It doesn't pay to cheat on tests, people...

I think there should be at least 2 hours of "behind the wheel" training devoted to

What percentage of people do you think are actually worthy of being allowed to breed?

Jeopardy Update: DU'er "IntravenousDemilo" will be on tonight (Wed)!

Do some Orange County communities have better dirt than others?

OMG local politics!

Disney killing puppies - again

Yellow haze

Kilt? Check. Rings? It's anybody's guess.

Twin Sisters Take Naked Pics Of Themselves With 5 Y.O. Boy - Have Pics Developed At Walgreens

Wow! Found a pic of my high school hangout. 1950s.

World's Tallest Man Ties The Knot

Female DUers: Have you ever received a "For a good time" call because your number was on a restroom

This thread's gonna turn into a flamewar.

Toilet paper poll

its real simple

Dog saves owner with modified Heimlich (Goldens RULE!)

There is a CIGARETTE MACHINE in the Break Room!!!!!

Coroner office with a hugh window....

Firefly...episode Jaynestown

Old Days...

Is Kyle Samson the illegitimate love child of Rush and Karl?

I control the weather. Part 312.

quick. what should i do now?

I made the front page of The Onion!

mahna mahna

Need non-chick flick suggestions

Sanjaya's hair inspiration.

Dammit! Don't run your agenda based on abandonment issues, you sick, sick pain in the ass!

I am

"I love to wash in your old bathwater"??????

Two good things: BenBen is having his nads nipped tomorrow and

i am so nervous. have my first midterm in 40 minutes. wish me luck!!

The "Song of the South" that's real to me and my family

I'm popping the corn and getting ready for the fun tomorrow.

Corner office with a HUGH window

Paging the civil rights wonks in here

What podcasts do you subscribe to?

Wanna talk about drive-in movies?

What Would You Do First If You Won $300 Million In The Lottery?

Thanks for all who were rooting for this Canuck DUer on Jeopardy! I had a great time.

People who hate American Idol check in! (A Rant!)

The Mighty trof rescues garter snake. Film at 11.

MatcomNews Update: Judge Denies Man's Bid To Change Name To Payton Manning

Hello, DU

Sorry, DU

Howdy DU

Has anybody read "The Sound and the Fury"


Ciao, DU

Your opinions please: Should Disney re-release "Song of the South"?

Another Jeopardy/Doug thread! (no peeking if you haven't seen it)


For my 1,000 post, I'd like to dedicate it to...

Alley Cat has gone to the rainbow bridge

Elliott Smith, acoustic cover

I need a favor. Check my website - I have to prove dickhead client wrong.

"You know what I hate about this town? All the damn vampires!"

Who buys Red Delicious Apples?

Here's some scary looking weather...

What's the most surprising thing that you ever got in the mall?

Did you know that fire hydrants are color coded?

I have to give a speech in class tonight about how the Bush Administration is "immoral."

You should probably be cleaning your house

A sincere and open apology for my use of the word "girl"

Stupidest song title?

This is so Fing unfair (SPOILERS)

I must be getting old

Have you ever lost a frienship over differing political views??

Happy anniversary/birthday wishes to.....

Congratulations kestrel91316!! 10,000 posts

"Eins zwei drei veir!" students loved Gattaca

Craig Ferguson Speaks From The Heart!

Okay, I usually don't talk about my health, or lack thereof, but today....

Good-bye, DU.


When life kicks you in the teeth, DON'T watch "Babel"


Buying a new car survey.

So what's going on with my web sites?

A traditional family

I finally installed my DSL today -- ask me anything.

What is the best drum solo ever?

Tell a fib about yourself that you wouldn't mind being the truth.

And THAT was the NIGHT the lights went out in GEORGIA!

Old (or middle) school Philly radio listeners: do you remember "Howard The Mailman" on WCAU?

Paper, plastic or bring your own?

Things not to do if your office has a window:

Imaginary picture thread

What's the division of labor in your household?

Bizarre Hexagon Spotted On Saturn By Cassini Spacecraft....

Apologize to a Lounger for something you didn't do

Should I buy my girlfriend an xbox 360 or a Nintendo Wii for her birthday?

post here if you have seen half-nelson

Aloha, DU

Y'know, I'm normally not prone to violence

SNL Season 1 Box Set: Which disc is the best?

So....what do you want to know? About me, I mean.

Would you go test drive a car for a $50 Target Gift Card?

A favorite movie of mine "Tank" is on the Sleuth Channel

Is there one song you credit for making you a whole lot of what is *you*?

So Pull Up A Chair... "final episode" of all time..."Six Feet Under"

In one word, describe what Gopsux is thinkin' right now.

I'm NOT changing my name to rbli. But I AM buying a house...

Lounge Denizens, assistance requested

My 85 year old mom wants to marry her 90 year old boyfriend...

Do you have crocs shoes? Are they really comfy?

Pretty Sure I found a Freeper over on

Cats will start eating the corpse of their owner before dogs will

"I wish I had a dad."

I heard some bizarre news about Walmart today.

ATTN: April babies!!

10 Ten things Canadians hate to hear from Americans

3 Billygoats Gruff vs. Hansel & Gretel

Deepthought42 appreciation thread

Random song lyric thread

Do you know how to use chopsticks?

"Creation Science 101" Funny video of Roy Zimmerman on guitar in a classroom...

How would you rate your perception of Islam?

The fires of Hell are real and eternal, Pope warns

Penn and Teller: The Bible is bullshit

"Stick that jab!"

All bias aside, who wins the NCAA Tournament?

Just how crazy will the AL Central be this year?

2007 MLB Predictions

Frank Gore to recieve $14 million in guaranteed money through 2011.

I just called Webb to tell him to vote against Fox nomination in committee

Supplemental debate - Hagel-Webb amendment.

The Fox Nomination and the Swift Boat Liars

Kerry and Hagel introduce Vet support bill

We have John Kerry to thank for this Iraq vote victory in the Senate

OT: Tit for Tat??

OT: The Equal Rights Amendment is back

Another Thing to be Proud of As a Democrat

sales of This Moment on Earth

JK says Thank you!

Sam Fox withdraws his name

War Stories from Iraq

Michael Ware- Iraq FOR REAL.

PTV's Top 10-Political Video's

Cities at Risk of Rising Sea Levels

Bill O'rally's Prank Call (audio stream with pics)

Iraq (Bush Now & Then

Wounded Soldiers Being Sent Back To Iraq

Look At Me

Wounded Soldier By Malanie Dekker

Message To Politicians

CNN: George Bush Flip-Flop on Iraq War - Then and Now

McCain call Reporters Jerks! On faux news

Shutdown of East Los Angeles Recruiting Station

The Doors Unknown Soldier

Hearing on Allegations of GSA Misconduct: Doan is infuriating to watch

Fallen Soldier Lost to Suicide

Brain Injured Vets Miss Out on Best Care

Soldiers With PTSD

Butchering Iraq-Bush and Blair's Crusade

Do The Right Thing Alberto; Quit Your Job (hillarious)

Bill Maher - Bush Sat Like Forrest Gump After 9/11

O'Reilly against officials testifying under oath to Congress

Now You Know

Meet John Edwards

Air Force readiness down 17% since 2001

Boehner, January 2007: "Benchmarks are good..." HAHAHAHAHAHA

Iraq veteran's family say he's a victim of PTSD, not a criminal

Photo: GOP Grim Reaper comments after Senate vote on Iraq

If bush vetos the spending/redeployment bill the Democrats MUST send the SAME bill again and again

Dennis Miller

Could Chuck Hagle be the new George Aiken?

Hillary Clinton to Help Tom Vilsack With Campaign Debt

Just heard a report from the American Cancer Society. They said

A little late night breather,some relief.....

Tiny island with a global warning

Two judges in Anna Nicole cases swap jobs -- a move prompted by one's pot arrest.

A little late night breather,some relief.....

List of Lawsuits Filed in Federal Court Against Menu Foods

the wanton and Even Boastful stealing of Votes is an insight into sociopathy and psychopathy of the

Websites That Support Impeachment of Bush

An African American candidate vs A woman candidate

Rosie O'Donnell Posts Information about the Gulf Of Tonkin On Her Blog, Trying

Wal-Mart Chief Writes Off New York. - NYT

ERA will be brought back in this congress. CSPAN just said something

Will a SBVT be confirmed by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee - Fox nomination is for today.

Mercy, Mercy Me

Funny Video: The iRack

Sun Tsu: What distinguishes a sucessful general....

Blind Man, Deaf People

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Republicans should have thought twice about making personal lives an issue

Kids at Wilton, CT high school cannot do Iraq play: CNN

Who cant stand Coulter? (TAKE ACTION)

KARMA CIRCLE - (I know that I sound like a broken record)

New place to put and find revealing documents - Get the Memo out

Congressional Democrats are showing no signs of backing down on their rebuke of the Iraq war

Hillary Clinton 'Visits' South Park tonight

NYT: Sweeps in Iraq Cram Two Jails With Detainees

Send Dennis Miller's kids to fight in Iraq

Looters pillaging Iraq’s vast ‘sea of antiquities’

100-Year Forecast: New Climate Zones Humans Have Never Seen

I hope Fred Thompson runs..and Chuck Hagel...and even poor ole Tommy Thompson

What Happened to Flowers for Elizabeth Edwards?

British Warned In Advance of Hostage Threat: Israeli Intel Foretold Iran Reprisals for Abductions

More irony.. This Biblical "Temple of Bush" could be pulled down by....

Chimpy gets tough with the Easter Bunny

Secret WH strategy for handling the ever-worsening Gonzales scandal

Reminder, Rep. Waxman Hearing @ 10:00 est (GSA,MZM)

Live radio show on DOJ & WH gutting case against big tobacco-on now

Gonzales: Serving to Pleasure the President.

Right-Wing Outcry Over the Day of Silence

Army Officer: Long-Term Morale a Concern

Congress Likely to HALT Proposal to Alter Endangered Species Act

Since when did Bush get his own radio station?

NYT: Wal-Mart Chief Writes Off New York

Here is how we get out of Iraq: we pass a law stating that all future

If Bush is allowed to go to war with Iran, I'm moving to another country

The Other Surge (The Nation)

BYU organizing against Cheney visit and for a "Fair and Balanced" commencement.

Gonzales Directly Contradicts Himself: "I Know Why I Asked Them To Leave" But "I Was Not Involved"

What Deeper Crimes Are Beneath The Watergate Break-In? So Often Intimated, Seldom Expounded Upon

We're winning damnit!

"It is clear for the first time in a long time, there is reason for cautious optimism about Iraq"

Wow the piehole effect is back big time

1 Reason Goodling Is Pleading The Fifth - She Was Involved In 4/6/06 Call Between DOJ & Sen Domenici

David Brooks Is An Idiot Of Immense Proportions

Anyone have a link to Rove's speech to lawyers listing 2008 swing states?

Delete or lock

At least 45 dead after police officers go on killing spree in northern Iraqi town

1.4 mil. women should get MRI, not just mammogram

Would you support cutting off funds for the war if the end result was a government shutdown?

There IS a Way for Congress to Question Gonzales and Rove

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Wed. 3/28 The Dubya 3-Ring Circus

McCain gets PWND...

Piehole Boy on CNN right now

WH Personnel Have Been SYSTEMATICALLY AVOIDING Using Gov E-mails Because Of Fear Of Subpoenaes

WH Personnel Have Been SYSTEMATICALLY AVOIDING Using Gov E-mails Because Of Fear Of Subpoenaes

WH Personnel Have Been SYSTEMATICALLY AVOIDING Using Gov E-mails Because Of Fear Of Subpoenaes

GOP Straw Man: "The military must be allowed to operate 'unencumbered' by a deadline."

FBI chief in San Diego lauded Carol Lam.

Buxh is voicing a refusal to compromise on war spending

****Official House Oversight Comm Thread - GSA Administrator****

Regarding Elizabeth Edwards

Shifty is on TV and getting some applause

Help please, need to find a Rush Limbaugh lie.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting starting (Ambassador confirmations, Fox)

Kucinich on Democracy Now, today ...

Interrogator at Abu Ghraib Prison: 'We were torturing people for no reason'

Anyone Else Find This Adm. Fall From Grace Painful -

Schumer: Rove, Miers subpoenas authorized, ready to be issued

Juan Cole: McCain Checks in to Cloud Cuckooland

anyone have the clip of Michael Ware handing John McCain his ass (CNN)?

Barbara Starr who called the 14 year-old Iraqi girl who some US soldiers raped and killed a woman...

Bushco disproves the Peter Principle. (Another fine Jackpine rant)

What Bush's veto means...

Surge in homeless hits New Orleans

WH using to make Partisan Presentations to GSA!!

How about two DU's, one for the South and one for the North?

The Truth Wins One Round...

French & Russian News Reports US Will Attack Iran In Next 10 Days

Cities set limits on serving food to homeless people

Message from Geraldine Ferraro to Hillary Clinton's supporters

"This Moment on Earth" - Teresa H. & John Kerry

Fox News does a Reality Check (for real)

Can someone be "pro-gay" but not be "pro-transgender"?

Marketwatch: Dow Jones eliminates Venezuela from its indexes

Hero Cops Taser, Arrest Dick Cheney

Iraqi Police and Shiite militants work together to massacre Sunnis

On-duty Chicago police shielded thug cop at court hearing - Cop beat up woman bartender

Time Magazine -Why We Should Teach the Bible in Public School

My cat is a democrat! Cute picture..feel free to caption!

This is the BEST line of the day in the posts that I have read

What exactly is a "wage management initiative"?

Why are Republicans so concerned about the appearance of defeat in Iraq?

The Taliban pays its members better than Afghanistan's national army pays its soldiers

Minister admits Afghanistan troop attack

Check out what you get when you Google

Cheney speech at BYU causes outcry (bigtime)

You guys are missing the grilling on CSPAN3--WH Spokesperson

Video on Bob Dylan - Masters of War - A Song for Our Times

World's Tallest Man Ties The Knot

Chicago Trib: Gonzales bolts from briefing in Chicago w/ Fitzgerald

CSpan Kool-aid drinkers, untie!

Webb Live on C-SPAN 2 re: Webb/Hagel Amendment

when do the Gonzales appointed DAs get booted or voted on

Question: Has Alberto Gonzales ever actually prosecuted a case?

Metaphysical question: If someone can't remember committing a crime, are they guilty?

Foley Back From Rehab; Florida Considering Charges

look for big changes from insurance companies

Boxer is explaining why disaster appropriations are not "pork"..

Bush to Hold Democrats `Responsible' on Iraq Pullout (Update4)

Ana Marie Cox asks boss Rick Stengel why he is "uninterested" in Dems going after Rove

So. Calif. had some rip roaring weather yesterday

Quick Poll: Do you like quick polls?

The Bush Administration is overrun with officials suffering from amnesia ....

Something else you can thank Junior for.

ProgressOhio: Right-Wing Group Hid Campaign Cash

A First Lady like this one would be very amusing

****Official House Oversight Comm Thread TWO - GSA Administrator****

Only Christians and Jews in Arlington Cemetery? D. Hunter R-Cal.

Contest: Rename John Mccain's campaign bus:

Clinton and the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Office building - what did he do the

National Review DUMPS Gonzo: "Alberto Gonzales Should Resign"

National Review Dumps Gonzales

Inhofe vows to put brakes on Gore’s ‘Live Earth’ concert at the Capitol

Anyone else get / watch ABC News Now?

hmm...LA Times Crossword, 31 down, "George W. Bush, for one"

Bush: Dem meddling could harm troops - But Bush sending thousands of them to their deaths doesn't?

Spooked - Tension over Iran is helping to push up oil prices once more

****Official House Oversight Comm Thread FOUR - GSA Administrator****

New York Daily News: 'Open Warfare' At The Justice Department

AP: Foley page investigation continues

A quick poll--What's better--NORTH or SOUTH?

Mosul: Worst violence since March 2006 (when Bush said it was Peachy-Peaceful)

Saudi King Condemns U.S. Occupation of Iraq

TOON: Torture memos & Brits held in Iran

How important is it to be fair to Republicans?

Army recruiter to gay guy: "Go back to Africa and do your gay voodoo limbo tango..."

You've got to see this!...

Star Wars Stamps

NYTimes: bush* Vows Not to Negotiate on Iraq Timetable

Hey pubics--CHECKS AND BALANCES--get used to it!

Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes One for Boosh

So, King George is quoting bloggers to prove "The Surge" is successful?

would impeachment for Gonzogate alone be enough?

In the end, the GOP will have no one to blame but the 'culture-media' it created.

How has everyone's heating bills been this winter...

Newsweek: Did Karl Rove have a hand in replacing the fired U.S. attorney in New Mexico?

Is all this worth it, Mr, President?

McCain denies ever saying Iraq is safe even though he said it on television. Live.

Didn't Britain used to be described as Chimpy's "Coalition" partner by our media?

The DLC has more operatives inside some online communities

Veterans Director in Arizona Steps Down After Violations

Doan "totally paranoid" (caught on audio)

New JibJab Video Coming 7PM - "What We Call the News"

Dear Mr. Prezident, Why not try 'fightin' 'em over here'?

Mr Fish: Bush takes the 5th!

C-SPAN Screen - Removes $100 million for Republican and DEMOCRAT convention

****Official House Oversight Comm Thread THREE - GSA Administrator****

Military update: 'Bush's war' seen as depressing black re-enlistment

The theme song for this week's Hearings on the US Attorney firings...

GOP trailing its constituents on global warming.

Fellow Madrassa student claims Obama was seen

How Dems can look tough without starting war or increasing defense spending

Is this not a man who is comfortable in his skin?

Washington Journal... Issa "explains" the USA firings

Petition needs DU help - re: Rove testifying under oath

Advice to all White House/Administration Employees --GET OUT NOW while you still can!

Bernanke question: is he a moron or in denial? Or...

My rep., Mica R-FL 7th, is a total hack

Leahy and Conyers's Letter to Fielding

Who votes AGAINST funding the troops?

Caption *

If you haven't already, you've GOTTA go watch the "iRack" video!!

Science, Religion and Atheism on Fresh Air This Afternoon

Can't find Cheney: I heard on AAR this a.m. that Cheney was out and about today.

Amusing-Boehner Booed because of bullshit. Unions +5

Iran disputes U.S. assertion on Persian Gulf exercises

The Attacks on Obama Get Sillier and Sillier: Obama Confuses Time and Life

Modified Rhythm Method Shown to Be as Effective as the Pill

Have you seen Leahy's latest Letter to Gonzo?

NYT: Fed Chairman Says ‘Uncertainties’ Have Grown (3/29)

Should our military let soldiers re-enlist right after having their brains scrambled by an IED?

McCain going to Iraq next week. Wonder if he'll be going for a stroll?

Anyone Going On The Alaska Cruise With Randi?

Do you get regular cancer screenings

The drug store wouldn't sell me a box of 10 Claritin D today

Caption Alberto Gonzalez

OIA Epidemic sweeps Washington.

Should we start a fund for Lurita Doan's Oath Induced Amnesia (OIA)?

Direct from Guantánamo Bay. Hicks' Trial. Amnesty International Report

The fact is we are succeeding

McCain has no credibility left

"Your one man show is over Mr President!" Barbara Boxer CSPAN2

Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch are both "turdblossom's" work

Deleted by another OP


War with Iran unlikely if Gates has any say

Fertility problems seen for sons of beef-eating women

Pope says Hell is Real

Inland reaction cool to immigration detention centers

With the war games in the Gulf, it's time to dust off the War Powers Resolution

I can't figure out the problem the freeps have with these DU threads.

Swift Boat Funder Fox Quits Rather than Lose

Russia, China, and Iran to hold joint military exercise off U.S. coast in April

Are the GWB43 Secret Emails Any Different Than the Nixon Secret Tapes?

McCain reverses position on gay marriage.

New Poll: Obama and McCain neck and neck

deleted by OP

Grassroots Vermont Democrats urge impeachment of President Bush


100 days later....

Question for any Army rangers (or someone who knows about them)

AP: Vermont Democratic State Committee Overwhelmingly Backs Movement On Impeachment Resolution

Your opinions please: Should Disney re-release "Song of the South"?

"He determines". Two words that changed America.

Giuliani may refuse to testify in 9/11 Ground Zero air quality hearings.

Alec Baldwin: Another Thing to be Proud of As a Democrat (HuffPost)

Urine test for welfare email - WTF?

Bush demands Iraq money with no strings, is told to ’calm down, take a breath’

Space fireball just misses jetliner - Holy Jesus!

Apple: “A democracy in Iraq is quite unlikely for now or any time soon”

I know this will upset NYCers - Wal-Mart Chief Writes off New York CIty

So... the map was just made up by the British Ministry of Defense

Attention Arizona DUers: Do you know about Joe Crummey in today's NY Times?

...unbelievably, many in Britain fear America more than they do Iran. I believe it

Forget the mainstream media.

Doesn't bush know? we already won the republican war in Iraq?

World's coastal cities get warming warning

OxyMoron: Gonzales attacked by white liberal racist Senate.

Disabled Salt Lake Vets Face Bus Nightmare

Gonzo cuts his news conf short

Debate for Wounded Warrior Assistance Act of 2007 - C-Span One

See how Transparent it ALL is

Senate Hearing (Sampson) tomorrow on C-SPAN 3 (?? why 3?)

Alexander Cockburn CSPAN BookTV Sunday April 1

FDL: Why Isn’t Brett Tolman In Prison Yet?

Check Out Karl Rove's List Of Targeted 2008 House Races

Food for thought (and for the soul)

`Carrier-Destroying' Missile Poses Threat to U.S. Warships, Officials Say

Horror follows troops home

Last female WWI vet dies at 109

Investigators want to know: Who's the woman who keeps abandoning her newborns?

U.S. shakes fist at Iran - But that's all we're likely to do, key experts say

Is Britan going to start the Iran war for GW?

Scientists create a sheep that's 15% human / Gods and Monsters

Cuts May Affect Medical Access on Military Bases

DU - When Times are Tough: Find Your Inner Rush Limbaugh

TPM: New documents show false statements were cleared by WH

Things are looking SO grave on SO many fronts for those in "power." Does this mean war?

== When Liberals Rule The World = By Mark Morford

Polar Bear SOS Banner

the View's EH TWIT moment of the day....the democrats are on a political witch hunt

This makes absolutely no sense to me...what about you ?

US to end show of force in Gulf

Eli-Lilly speaks out against same -sex marriage ban.

So, Coulter can't say "faggot" but Adam Sandler's...

US 'no longer technology king'

What's your Iraq IQ? take this knowledge quiz:

So, I have this crazy idea. And I need your advice.

Bush v. Gore: legally, why this was bad (aside from installing the Chimp)

U.S. Wraps Up Persian Gulf Maneuvers

John Dean coming Up On Countdown 8:15 or so Eastern Time

Sampson will tell Congress: Firings were legit. CNN

When Hillary wins (if Al Gore doesn't run).

Don't like limits, Mr. Prez? GROW UP!

KeithO on McCain. Iraq Reality check by Rajiv Chandrashekeran

Conn. Cops shock guy who claims he's Cheney

Powerful video: "Mr President"

Hirsi Ali under threat in US

Gonzo and gaydar

Fireball: Pieces of a Russian satellite narrowly miss hitting a jet.

Phew. Looks like the Iranians are going to release the British sailors

US Begins Gulf Maneuvers - Iran Captures 15 Coalition Marines In Gulf - US Ends Gulf Maneuvers

Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater - C-SPAN2 Saturday at 9pm ET

White House subpoena evaders put national security at risk-

Was Dole ever leading Bill Clinton in the Polls back in '96?

Dobson: If you're not evangelical, then you're not a Christian

Scientology "mounts offensive" in Europe

Bush*/Cheney* and the NeoCons live in two dimensional world.

Codepink tells electrical workers to "kiss Hillary's ass"

A Syrian's risky choice to help young Iraqis heal

Caption this Kyle Sampson & Gonzo pic...

A George W. Bush postage stamp...what gives?

Richardson: 'Nuclear 9-11' Is Possible

Does Goodling NEED her law license to keep her job?

AAI/Zogby Poll Finds that Four Years Later, Arab Opinion Troubled By Consequences of Iraq War

I f--king hate suburban upper-middle-class Republicans.

Same guys who said Iraq can kill us in 45 mins tell us that North Korea is NOT a nuclear state

WTF! Rev. Moon's Address To Congress 2004

Some perspective: What Bush said at the 2001 Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner

Hillary's New Hampshire Edge

New South Park - Muslim kid goes to South Park Elem.

LOL !!! - Caption This !!!

Tomorrow's word for the day: PRIORITIES

After Bush Vetoes The Iraq Bill... What?

Complaint filed: Group says right-wingers hid financial info in Ohio campaign against gay marriage.

White House OK'ed Sampson Statement on Rove

Obama vs. McCain... IT'S ON!

C-SPAN2 - Radio Television Correspondents Dinner 9pm EDT

Sampson: It depends on what the meaning of "performance" is.

Rep. Stephanie Herseth to marry former Congressman

Breaking: New DOJ Document Dump!!!

AP: Sampson to Ask, What's Political Mean, Anyway?

Media Matters: Drudge links to Politico 45 times in its 2 month existence.

Worries grow over mental health of U.S. soldiers

Body of British teacher found buried in bath full of sand at flat in Tokyo

Where is the post about the blogs bush quoted...I have searched

NYTimes: Legislating Leadership On Iraq ("Only rational objective left...organize inevitable exit")

can someone explain to me how a 19 year old English speaking GI..

Spooky ...they start a UFO website, then it crashes

Insight Mag: Gore mulling third party run in '08

Faux's John Gibson cites anonymous posts on liberal blogs as proof of the "angry left"

OMG!! White House OK'ed Sampson Statement on Rove>>

Dr. James Dobson: Fred Thompson 'Not a Christian'

"unarmed Humvee" - what is it?

POLL: Only 29 Percent Of Americans Believe The Escalation Is Working

Look at the number of views here compared to number of replies.

Does anybody else here get the DNC survey?


Anyone who loathes the MSM while enjoying great commentary is in for a treat!

Did anyone watch Jeopardy, if so how did IntravenousDemilo do??

McKay says he doesn't want his job back

White House seeks limits to endangered species act - Jesus Christ!

The Republican Mystery (Washington Post, Harold Meyerson)

Onward Christian Soldier! America's Private Army: Blackwater Connections W/ Christian Fundamentalism

Oil Bonds Slake the Thirst for Dollars in Venezuela

BBC: Portugal opens major solar plant

People that back wars should go fight them

The Onion headlines are no longer satire

Anyone watching Karl Rove rap at the Radio and TV Corres.. Dinner?

NYT: E-Mail Shows Rove’s Role in Fate of Prosecutors

Coverage of Obama's interview today with Wolf Blitzer

Keep in mind..."A Fish Rots From The Head Down"...

Gonzales Draws Strong Criticism of Prosecutors

Heads Up! Al Franken is on Letterman's show tonight!

British Consul Strip Searched At Israeli PM's Office

E&P: More Editorials Join Call For Probe Of Tillman Coverup

Joe Conason: If D.C. Pundits Say 'Stop,' Go (Americans sick of unchecked & unaccountable Presidency)

Single-family home prices are depreciating

Actor Mike Ferrell was on Fox Noise (BO) this evening.

The ages of Republican candidates

Governor Richardson on the Daily Show any minute now. nt

Rove’s PowerPoint Presentation Revealed During Oversight Hearing (Find it Here)!!!

do you ever just think when the fuck is all this gonna stop

Wilmore & Oliver!

Connecting dots: Kyle Sampson, Orrin Hatch, and Brett Tolman. And Arlen Specter.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

lots of tornadoes in the midwest tonight.....55+ so far

Newsweek: 'Thanks for Everything' -- gotcha, Karl ...

Dennis Miller is a clown. And I hate clowns. Especially ass clowns.

Beginning Sunday, tattoos taboo for Marines.

****Official House Oversight Comm Thread FIVE - GSA Administrator****

Army told parents who wanted to see their dead son that they would be arrested if they persisted

O'LOOFAH talking about violent WOMEN in prison, I can't decide whether to BARF or RETCH!!1

Chavez Denounces Effort to Give Venezuelans Political Refugee Status in the U.S.

Army's Acting Surgeon General says DoD Doesn't Have the Money to Care for Returning GIs

Make Iraq the 51st state

The Real Story Behind Sub-Prime Borrowing and Lending

Bush sounded seriously downed out/drunk again tonight at the Radio TV Dinner:

Chilly for Cheney at BYU - I am really starting to like Utah a lot

TWO Australian Soldiers Who Served In The First Iraq War Have Tested Positive to Depleted Uranium

Complete Leahy-Conyers Letter to White House Attorney

Did anyone see Dennis Miller on TDS last night?

My father passed away last Saturday; question for HR and legal DUers

Is the captured woman British sailor, Faye Turney, the new Jessica Lynch?

Matt Pudge has SPAWNED and named it "The Politico" (Mike ALLEN)

Surge in homeless hits New Orleans

"Overthrow Of Premier Mossadeq Of Iran"

Bush withdraws Swifboaters nomination as Ambassador of Belgium.

'Calm down with the threats, there's a new Congress in town,"

I'm Hunting Witchessth

Bush talks about converting switchgrass and wood chips into ethanol again

Is "apitamy" the epitome of freepspeak?

Democrats say McCain nearly abandoned GOP - The Hill

Boycott Circuit City!!!!

National Review Editors call for Alberto Gonzales to resign

How many other administration offices held GOP brown bag Hatch Act violations?

"Can Katie Couric Ever Win?"

Olbermann 'mad as hell,' and MSNBC the winner

Gulf Allies Say They Won't Allow U.S. Attack On Iran From Their Territories

*** Wednesday TOONs: Pat Tillman ***

MC Rove.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they get better.

If you’re a MoveOn member…

Uribe aloof as 'paragate' creeps up on the palace (Bush ally)

Bush's Royal Trouble: Why Is King Abdullah Saying No to Dinner?

Why Gonzogate might take Bush down the way Watergate did Nixon (not what you think)

Scummy Republican telephone push-polling company faces extinction in court next week

I was tuning in to my local sports talk radio station this morning and the callers

New Restaurant for the rich opens "UNDER the sea"!

Inhoufe and other Repubs stop Gore’s ‘Live Earth’ concert in DC!!

For the First Time in 7 years, Democrats and Republicans may see eye-to-eye... on Impeachment

Z. Bresinski: The world now sees Guantonamo as the symbol of America

I'm curious -- what is the law keeping us from voting NO CONFIDENCE?

Could Iran strategy rerun of Iraq beat down: short war, long sanctions, occupation?

If Hilary Clinton gets the nomination..."I'll never vote for her."

Fears of mass TYC releases are growing

I'm a dentist and I vaguely resent

San Francisco votes to ban plastic bags

'If We Want To Save The Planet, We Need a Five-Year Freeze on Biofuels.' Very Important read.

"Anything Rove Sent Out In E-Mail From RNC Is NOT Privileged" & Neither is He

ASPCA : other contaminants in Menu pet food may be involved.

Circumcision cuts HIV risk: UN

House & Senate Dems Vow To REINTRODUCE Equal Rights Amendment!


U.S. Income Inequality highest since 1928

Regent University: The Bush Administration has 150 grads on board

It's not funding 'the troops.' It's funding Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater USA.

Is that McCaffrey character on Tweety brain damaged?

LEAHY & CONYERS Demand All "Non-Internal" WH Docs & They Are Also Onto GWB43

If Hillary Clinton is nominated

The Hydrogen Economy – Energy and Economic Black Hole

Jim Wallis: Prioritize the Poor

PROPS to Babylonsister!!!

Urgent: Tell Congress to pass a moral budget

Jesus - The Rove machine wormed its way into the GSA

Karl Rove at the annual Radio and Television Correspondents Association dinner - pics

Salon: Iraqis' highway from hell

Oh shit! JibJab puts out new animation, and damn it's good:

I Can't Sleep

Re: the 2 good news blogs from Iraq, are they manufactured?

For the record, if * Vetoes the Bill, I WILL BLAME HIM not the U.S.

Why they haven't impeached: I think it's simple.

DU, we are so busted!

Ok... The World Is Turnin Upside Down... Bob Barr Is Now Pro-Pot !!!

New York to Wal-Mart: Get Lost!

Does McCain look like a healthy man to you?

WTF??? Circuit City to layoff higher paid workers, then let them reapply for LOWER wages

Rolling Stone: The Enemy Within-Dems Most Dangerous Opponent In '08 May Be Own Campaign Consultants

Old news but: Fury as Iran shows footage of captured sailors on television

Back from the Interview.... looks good

We Dissent

Guns designed for a war zone missing from Ohio home.

"Eating Up the Amazon" (another "inconvenient truth")

The Complete List Of Countries That Iran Has Invaded In The Last 200 Years

I've got to ask... What the hell is Iran doing? thats why Clinton got Vilsack's endorsement! Follow the $$$....

The GSA Administrator Lurita Alexis Doan is going to be sworn in

Saudi King Abdullah slams “illegitimate Iraq occupation”

The best thing that ever happened to Hillary was Edwards staying in the race

Pet food recall warning to all (Canada refuses to regulate food, contains condemned meat)

Vista heads up

Rove, Ralston and Blackberrys. Can Blackberry records be subpoenaed?

Lurita Doan.

Sen. Inhofe Trying to Freeze Out Al Gore's "Live Earth" Concert

Attack on Iran: Trouble in Paradise?

Boycott palm/soybean oil to help GLOBAL WARMING. Read grocery store labels!

Roses for Elizabeth Edwards--Just arrived at Edwards Campaign HQ


Premature Impeachment: A play with 3 endings.

Circuit City will fire 3,400 sales people and replace them with employees willing to work for less

Lou Dobbs just got busted on his connections to white supremacist groups

When did the ‘Bible’ get banned in the USA?

More "hidden scandal" reports

It is SO necessary that I copy this post. I have not asked permission but everyone should read>>>>>

"private property is evil" ?? WTF? Communism/socialism taught in WA school?

***TOONS: Bush Movie Parodies*** (dial-up warning)

McCain mistook Bagdad, Kentucky for Baghdad, Iraq on CNN

Corporate America is in the process of destroying itself

Email-Gate FACTS: Felons,, , et. al.

dupe .. delete

Monica Goodling should eat LOTS of mushrooms.

Bush's Royal Trouble (His Saudi owners distance themselves based on his numbers)

Onion News Network...

"I'm going to hand everybody in America a shovel and we're going to start digging our way out."

Sean Penn on Iran and Impeachment

The Daily Show with Bill Richardson

Clinton, Gingrich lead in Georgia Insider Advantage poll

Nothing happening here, folks, please just go shopping.

Robert Scheer: Pentagon Cowers Behind Wordplay (Tillman)

Governor Richardson will be on the Daily Show and Hardball tonight (Wed)

Has anyone ever heard D. Miller say anything substantive?

How many reports of Patreus walking on water do we have now?

Whose Election Fraud? (

McCaffrey Paints Gloomy Picture of Iraq

eighteen days

David Corn: Cunningham Scandal; A White House Link?

What was that crap Doan (GSA admin) was talking about...

The party of 'family values'

Geraldine A. Ferraro: Making history together (Endorses Clinton)

MoveOn organizes '08 cyberspace forums

Unions ride Dem wave

DNC searches for the next 'Macaca' moment

White House Withdraws Fox Nomination

The Rude Pundit: Why Michelle Malkin Ought To Be Caged Like a Rabid Shih-tzu

Senator Ensign (R-NV) thinks 2008 will be tough for GOP in the Senate

The Case Against George W. Bush

Jim Webb "Born Fighting" Pac to support Mary Landrieu, Tim Johnson...

Don't we have a de facto conspiracy to conceal information

Faced With Facts, McCain Denies His Own Straight Talk

Foley Page Investigation Continues (AP)

FLASHBACK: One Year Ago, Gen. McCaffrey Said Iraq Was ‘Inoculated From Open Civil War’

Baby Boomers shaped our Past. Watch how they shape our Future-

How important is it to you that we finally get a female president (democratic of course)?

FBI Director Rebuts White House Claims That U.S. Attorneys Failed To Pursue Voter Fraud

REMEMBER THIS SNEAKY 2005 LAW as more and more whistleblowers come forward:

If you only had 1-2 years to live, what would you do?

Pre-Season Power Ranking of Congress Members

"America will have lost its moral purpose in the world" sez shrub

"This Isn't American Idol, We're Choosing the President of the United States" - Kucinich on Dem. Now

Saudi king slams 'illegitimate occupation' of Iraq (Bush whines)

My 'love' letter to Senator Mark Pryor, who likes to vote with the GOP.

William Greider: Exiting Iraq: An Extraordinary Political Moment (The Nation)

The four big issues (besides Iraq)

You don't like Joe Lieberman - here are 20 solutions to take care of it

How Bush and the GOP lost the war in Iraq.

Stop the Money Chase. Sign the Common Cause petition to support Fair Elections Now Act.

I'd like to thank the Senate Democrats for their unity on restrictions for Iraq funding

Ok whats that CNN anchor that questioned Mccain about what he said about Iraq?

'Thanks for everything,’

Bush: "Look Laura, look what I'm doin' with my toes, get it? V-toe...*snicker, smirk*"

Dems (Leahy, Conyers) to White House: C'mon, Let's Talk

Democracy Now: Without DOUBT - The BEST candidate for President

TPM's Horse's Mouth ASS Award Goes to AP and writer Nedra Pickler

GWB43 psychology--question for any DU psychologists or psychiatrists....

High Court Advocate Ken Starr Is Justices' Summer Employer

ANOTHER Dem Debate Scheduled on Faux??

E-mail Controversy Prompts Many (wh) Aides To Stop Usage

How did McCain get bad info about Petreus's vehicle? Is he being used?

Check Out Karl Rove's List Of Targeted 2008 House Races

Monica Goodling - one of Pat Robertson's grads.

How to stop FOX news.

It's "open warfare" at the DOJ (NY Daily News)

why doesn't Bush sign bill with another signing statement?

Romney’s tax record gets a closer look

Bush Cites Upbeat Bloggers From Baghdad (AP)

A Big Victory (Give 'Em Hell Harry email)

Harry Reid's statement in support of the Hagel-Webb amendment

Newsweek: e-mail to Rove may implicate him in firings

‘It’s open warfare over there’

Impeach Bush LETTER edit and sign - sure yet another but we are getting closer I think:)

Timelines and Deadlines

Bob Barr: Clinton Foe to Pro-Pot Lobbyist

The Swiftboating of David Iglesias begins

What do you think about this virtutal IMPEACH Rally by 1 MIl. bloggers for Peace?

Richardson's New Realism on Nuclear Terrorism and Proliferation

New Docs Show Sampson Behind Misleading Statement to Congress

Jesse Jackson will vote for Obama: OK Jesse get ready for your phone call from Bill

Billionaires for Putnam....should be interesting. Dress like you're rich.

Politically Speaking - Will Bush or Congressional Dems come out on top in Iraq legislation...

Obama To Head To Iowa (again this weekend)

Is there one establishment Dem pundit on MSNBC or CNN who is not in the tank for Hillary?

Will subpoenas get issued?

Keith Ellison...attacked from the Left...

Is there any chance the GOP WANTS to be rid of * sooner rather than later?

Lawmakers prod White House about Rove

OK, so * vetoes the supplemental. Then send a bill that rescinds the

Has W pissed Off The Saudis?

Dobson Says Fred Thompson Is Not A Christian

Are they subpoening emails with FULL HEADERS or Standard Headers?

The battle for the spin on the war funding bill

Congressman's (Issa) letter to US Attorney said to violate House ethics rules

AP: Sampson to Ask, What's Political Mean, Anyway?

Here's how we bring the troops home...

Bush threatens veto as Senate puts him between Iraq and a hard place

CBN: The Gathering Storm Against Giuliani

I do not believe that the president can fire US attorneys at will. Yes

Who's Blaming Whom; Where the fingers are pointing in the Bush administration meltdown

GAO Looking Into Faulty N.O. Pumps (AP)

AP falsely claims Obama has delivered no policy speeches --

Bush: On Iraq, Public Opinion Is On My Side

More "hidden scandal" reports

Bush at the Radio and TV correspondents dinner

what time is the fun on Thursday?

Rudy is ahead?? No way! We've never had someone that goofy as president before!

guess bush was the educator today: te he

Go Figure, An Honest Answer From White House On Fox

Obama lands a left hook on McCain

POLL: Only 29 Percent Of Americans Believe The Escalation Is Working

Buchanan thinks Bush, GOP setting up Democrats for anti-war hit

Publicly traded companies that solely enrich the top tier are scams - no more, no less

Pelosi To Bush: Calm Down With The Threats.... Huffington Post

Did Chimpy just quote these two "Iraqi bloggers?"

NYT: Saudi King Condemns U.S. Occupation of Iraq

NOW Set To Endorse Clinton;

Kerry, Hagel Introduce Bill to Support Veteran, Reservist Entrepreneurs

Breaking: Bush withdraws Sam Fox’s nomination.

ONE OUT OF EVERY FORTY (The Lancet Report)

2008 Candidates Hammer Home the Message That America Needs Unions

Robert Parry: Rise of a Very 'Loyal Bushie' (Consortium News)

Support Levin Resolution to stop the seal hunt.

Mueller:"mistakes, carelessness, confusion, lack of training, lack of guidance and lack of oversight

Bush:"If Congress fund troops..., American people will know who to hold responsible"

So * may veto because the bill will have pork. That will be his out?? Hmmm. Let him.

Fellow Obama Supporters: I'm Getting Nervous

Olbermann alert -- Keith, here's a story for you

Women's group (NOW) plans to endorse Clinton

Fred Thompson? Grasping at straws? Trying to regain the old glory?

Concerning Lieberman -- I believe we must temper our actions against him

Mydd via The Hill: McCain Approached Dems in 2001 About Leaving GOP Caucus

Wow, if only 50% are saying they wouldn't vote for her, it looks like Hillary is our next Prez

A Fake British Map??

American Kangaroo Court Claims its First Victim

My vote for the little thread that if tugged will collapse the whole house of cards

This line will unite Kucinich supporters and detractors....Serious!

DLC Chair Harold Ford calls for a ‘primary of ideas’

For the Record: Ten Reasons for Kucinich; Eight Reasons Against

Gerth working on Hillary hit piece, book due in August

Scaring The Pants Off Men (

One paragraph by Al From right after our win in November...I saw red.

Bush house vs. Gore house-- anyone already get this email and address it?