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Archives: March 2, 2007

CommonDreams: The Stolen Election of 2004

Fractal or Fake? Science News Online re: Jackson Pollock & fractals

Others To Choose From by David Michael Green

Wikipedia is not always right ---Guardian News Blog By Matthew Weaver

D'Souza and the Violent Right by Jeffrey Feldman for Huffington Post

Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein

U.S. Picks Wrong Moment To Poke The Russian Bear

Keep Your Eyes On the Lies: David Michael Green

Remember Baghdad Bob?

Bush and Today's Extremist Republicans: Greed and Ideology Uber Alles (Above Everything Else)

U.S. claims about Macau bank questioned (McClatchy)

NED LAMONT to Joe Lieberman: The Real Choice on Iraq

A Preview of Bush's 'Attack Iran' Speech

Secretary of the Army RESIGNS

Out of the dusty labs - The Economist

Bush to Privatize Daylight Savings Time

Ray McGovern: The Big, Unanswered Iran Question (Consortium News)

Most Support U.S. Guarantee of Health Care

TomPaine: Immoral Lack Of Care

Suppose they gave a Celebrity and Nobody came?

No Confidence? No Kidding!


The Nation: Will Blood Run in the Gutters (of the Iraq Memoirs)?

Truthout: Cheney's Bagram Ghosts

John Dean: The Supreme Court Is At the Tipping Point:

Budget-In Deep Hock

Wal-Mart thinks it finally understands its customers; they divide into three groups

Dupe; pls. delete. nt

Denying self-defense to GIs in Iraq

Conason: Why do journalists suddenly love Al Gore?

Blackwater air division nets $14.4M deal(provide cargo/passenger transport in ME war zones)

Buy American!

The Hired Gun's Hired Gun

Iraq: Free-fraud zone?(what does it take for a contractor to get convicted)

Former favorite rises again:Iraqi who lost U.S. support has a new government role(Chalabi)

Artist's war depiction has many faces, rough edges(UK artists places all 98 dead on stamps)

Saudi Arabian oil production - a very disturbing analysis

CO2 output from shipping twice as much as airlines - Guardian

Two oil giants plunge into the wind business

The year: 4365...

Who made global warming a partisan issue?

Can somebody point me in the right direction? Please?

Anyone here heard of OISM? Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine?

Solar power by day, hydrogen by night

Is offsetting carbon use by buying credits a way for the rich to cheat?

Ice shelf and glacier collapse: A picture story, with fish.

AP INTERVIEW: T. Boone Pickens says global oil production has reached its peak

What are the economics of dairy farm anaerobic digesters?

"global warming is no more real than Bigfoot"

Dutch pioneer floating eco-homes (BBC)

BioenergyWiki ..... new bioenergy and sustainability resource

Two oil giants plunge into the wind business - Boston Globe

City of San Diego Unveils 1 Megawatt Solar System

S.C. County Fights for Nuclear Landfill - AP

Bolivians Struggle to Cope With Devastating Flooding

End of El Nino: expect another hard Atlantic hurricane season

Climate change as dangerous as war: U.N. chief Ban - Reuters

From Biomass To Hydrogen Gas

Leading UK Tory On Climate - "The Sooner The Current Admin. Goes, The Safer The World Wil Be"

U.S. ‘stuck in reverse’ on fuel economy

EPA Proposes Cuts in Diesel Exhaust - AP

Your Candidates House (xpost from GD)

SPG Solar Completes 827 kilowatt Solar Energy System at Napa Winery

Mexico Turns Blind Eye to Endangered Species Sales

EU Tells U.S. We Can Work Together On Climate Crisis

Shell turns to wood chips and straw in search for the road fuel of the future

Hong Kong has hottest February as global warming evidence mounts

Lieberman says Israel can deal with Iran threat on its own

Balfour Declaration of 1917 - What was that and how might it affect us today?

3 Israelis convicted of manslaughter for transporting suicide bomber

Israel pushing to improve Saudi peace initiative ahead of Riyadh summit

Israel: We're not Nazis, we're punk-anarchists

The Democrats - good for Israel in 2008

Ahmadinejad in Sudan: 'Zionists are the true manifestation of Satan'

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israelis must choose between 'fortress mentality' or peace

Report: IDF used Palestinian human shields in Nablus

ANOTHER structural engineer questions WTC collapse

collapse of WTC 7, which housed CIA offices, Secret Service & Dept was omitted

YouTube(Google owns YouTube) and BBC have merged.

South Tower tilt

Richard Porter from BBC responds again.

Turkey Freezes Assets of Cheney Terrorist Associate

WTC7-- structural and fire damage was essentially all on the south side

OCTer's: Question..

Remarkable how quickly WTC 7 was rebuilt and with so little notice in the press

VIDEO: Did HBO Cover Up Bomb Use At The WTC on 9/11?

Titanic Truth Video #1 - Can Ice Break Steel?

Sound, shockwaves and transformer explosions

Are you currently archiving your 9/11 materials?

These are reasonable collapse scenarios for WTC7: Can anyone rebut?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 3/2/07 Public Disinterest

Top House Democrat pledges fight against 'deceptive' voter suppression

The Stolen Election of 2004 - by Michael Parenti

AP: Bombing in Iraq Targets Shiite Cleric

(Reuters) Salmonella found at peanut butter plant: FDA

Government routinely misses energy deadlines

US National Guard not fully equipped at home(or overseas)-paper

Iraqi UN Envoy:Syria Can Do More To Keep Terrorists From Iraq

Reuters: Pakistan arrests one of Taliban's top three

Former Canadian Defense Minister Says Alien Technology May Save Earth

Bogus medicines flood developing world: U.N. report

Democrats plan law requiring president to seek approval for military action

Iraq 'inconvenient truth' of war on terror: Cheney

Reuters: Germany wants talks on NATO missile shield

New Orleans asks whopping $77 billion in claim to Corps of Engineers

Boston Globe to lose 55 jobs to India

Senator seeks $300M for brain injury care

Six killed as bus plunges from overpass

Health care top domestic concern: poll

Newly infected spread half of HIV

President Carter's hospital hit by a Tornado

US base welcome in Sadr City, snatch squad not: mayor

AP: Islamic Group Claims Kidnap of 18 Iraqis

FBI creates hotline for reports of corruption

AP: We ignored Paris Hilton (interesting media experiment)

Japan's prime minister denies responsibility for wartime brothels

Sources: Republicans pressured prosecutor who was later ousted

Unusual Coalition Could Bring Defeat In War Funds Vote

AP: Bush orders review of conditions at veterans hospitals

France targets 'le snack' in obesity battle

Bush to name commission on veterans care

Cheney: Congress should back Iraq plan..."on time and in full."

UPDATE: 'Carter County' hit by Tornado

CIA Leak Scandal Plamegate to Become Major Movie

Florida Panel Urges Steps for Painless Executions

14 Iraqi police killed following kidnapping

Bush acknowledges frustrations in New Orleans

AP: 3 Acquitted in Chicago Club Stampede

Four automotive execs to testify before Congress (on climate change and energy security)

Route clearance patrol struck by roadside bomb (2 US Soldiers and Iraqi interpreter killed)

Surprise fall in US consumer data (BBC)

Colorado convicts to work on farms

U.S.: N.Korea sanctions to stand for now

World Bank to boost Iraq presence despite shooting (at a checkpoint in Baghdad)

Army News

WP: A Tug of War On Presidential Papers' Release: House bill would overturn Bush executive order

McConnell Gets His Payback from the Debt Industry

Jurists charge SL Government forces of extra-judicial killings, torture

Bulgaria still awaiting permission to question nurses over torture claims

John Bolton wants regime-change in Iran

CODEPINK Interrupts Hillary Clinton Again

NYT: U.S. Reviewing Safety of Children’s Cough Drugs

Appeals court throws out suit challenging lethal injection method in Ohio

Obama blames U.S. for stronger Iran

US appeals court dismisses CIA torture lawsuit

Libby jury breaks with no verdict on perjury case

Fifteen European Tourists Kidnapped in Ethiopia ( including Michael Moore's wife)

Jordan's King Abdullah: Israelis must choose between 'fortress mentality' or peace

6 killed as bus plunges from overpass

US may be 'undermining' Pakistan

'Surge' needs up to 7,000 more troops

Airbus Losing Remaining A380 Cargo Order

Belgium bans investments in cluster bomb makers

Committee subpoenas former Walter Reed chief

France says Iraq close to partition(calls for US to withdraw troops by 2008)

Govt. Picks Design for Nuclear Warhead

Maj. Gen. Eric Schoomaker named new Walter Reed head


100,000 Portuguese workers protest budget cuts

Crist delays vote on restoring rights to felons

Waxman's Committee Subpoenas Former Head of Walter Reed Hospital to Testify

Libby trial judge writes memorandum outlining reasons behind decisions on evidence

AP: Iraq Rebuilding Critic Joins State Dept.

(Seattle Mayor) Nickels warns U.S. Senate to not rein in cities fighting global warming

CBO: 50% chance Bush budget leads to balance

Bush aides tied to Denver 3 case

US offers Taiwan huge missile package

No attempted murder charge for astronaut Nowak

Georgia hospital 'gone, just gone' after tornado

Time: Firing the Wrong General

Yemen official says Libya, Iran groups back rebels

AP: U.S. Forces Pursue Taliban Into Pakistan

Full electricity in Baghdad 6 years off (2013)

WP/AP: Swiss Army Accidentally Invades Liechtenstein

Colombia orders political boss arrested

Army Sec'y Harvey Resigns

Boeing takes step to shut down C-17 production

Cuba oil boom may complicate U.S. embargo

Obama: Gore Would Make 'Formidable' Foe

Libby Jurors Raise Question About Reasonable Doubt

WP: White House Backed U.S. Attorney Firings, Officials Say

Police use stun gun on Liberty City squatter

NYT/CBS Poll Shows Bush Losing Support of Republicans

Ann Coulter calls John Edwards a "Faggot"

New U.S. nuclear warhead design chosen (WTF

Expert in Russian poisoning case is shot

Obama calls Iranian regime a 'threat'

A new twist to an intriguing family history (Obama Maternal Family had Slaves)

Attorney General halts BBC probe

Airline Employee Helps Al Gore Bypass Security at Nashville Airport

Toyota may face backlash from Congress

I have been listening to this Nelly Furtado song all week.

I think I've caught the gay

What Do You Tell Someone You Love When

I'm bored. Lets get drunk and throw things off the overpass.

I hate having to call the cops

what are you doing RIGHT NOW?

Question For a British DU'er Or Anyone Else That Might Know (re: slang term)?

Who Doesn't Yet Have Me On Ignore?

I have a Squirrel Army

Uh oh.... Lucy's in trouble


Who knew baking could be so tiring? Anyone wanna give me a massage?

Man questioned about Bush yard artwork

I Just Love this DUer !

Men, Women, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Do

I have come to peace with the knowledge that I will never ever be....

Just baked a 400 foot tall pastry puff! Ask me anything!

Hahaha. I am so smart!

Got pulled over last night.....

Gory internet pictures

Educator in chief? WTF?

Man Tried To Run Over Nun Before Trying To Stab Police Officer

Tripped over the dog, spilled coffee, blew a fuse

Man Stabs His Lawyer In The Face During Jury Selection

Angelina Jolie to adopt a Vietnamese child

Dylan Hears a Who!

Saturn from above ...Incredible picture from Cassini...

I have a pigeon problem.. Help !!

And The Rock & Roll HoF Inductors Will Be

I had a stare-down with my Microsoft Office Assistant today.

Ok who all is up

Montessori Schools....opinions/ experience please....

Shakira and Beyonce become one

Who got the cookie today?

Topless Wife Photo Ends German Man's Pole Protest

Songs ruined by current events

We own the right wing in humor

Is down?

Virginia Officials Consider Restaurant Smoking Ban - Cracker Barrel/Olive Garden Patrons Outraged

I hurt my girlfriend immensely on Wednesday. How can I make it up to her?

WOW! I just got a job offer (out of the blue)

A little down right now.....

Ava had a birthday AND a news write-up!

Snow and Wind and Thunder, oh my!

possibly the funniest thing i have ever said on DU

Something I've noticed about pedophiles


I think today's the day I'm going to throw my computer out the window

Astronaut Spills Wasabi While Trying To Make Sushi In Space (Flying Wasabi)

I saw the funniest and saddest thing yesterday

What are synonyms for "crazy like a fox?"

Who was an "Eddie Haskell" in their younger days?

So what do haruka3_2000 & LostinVA name 1st offspring?

Switzerland invaded Liechtenstein yesterday morning!!!

Hell, I hate to bother you guys again

Constipation thread

Does Your Spouse or S.O. Have Full Access To Your Cell Phone?...

Post a pic of you hungover - or not, I don't really care. Just keep it down

How many shots are in a pint of booze?

5 Years Later NOW They Are Outraged Over Easter Bunny Name Change

Dammit, my stomach's upset. I had a date today!

whatever you do, don't go in GD

The Soviets killed Kennedy and the government covered it up?

When photographing your kids, backgrounds are important

Instant Self Esteem Booster

Death Star conspiracy theory!

Condescension thread

"The Teletubbies" were on the television in the cafeteria here at work.

IF I was Rich and Frivolous!

How many years is a person allowed to stay in the Armed Forces? I tried googling

Favorite all-purpose drummer

Excuse me, is that glaze on your chin...?

Which Movie!!

AP: We ignored Paris Hilton (interesting media experiment)

Congratulations sweetheart!! 15,000 posts

The Biggest Phony Baloney Award goes to:

Question about removing adhesive from auto glass, need help please.

For future reference -- "Nestea Enviga" tastes like ass

Has anyone here taken the Miller's Analogy Test?

I like M&Ms as much as the next guy, but DAYAM!!

Man Stabbed Over Who Was Next In Line For Take-Out Crab Cakes

7 life insurance policies exist for ANS - ALL of them cite Howard K. Stern as beneficiary!

Man Sues Tattoo Parlor For Mispelling (CHI-TONW)

ABC New 'Geico' Caveman Show To Air

Kenny Chesney fans? He's live at the Hog's Breath Saloon, Key West, now.

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Look at my silly Hank-y poo!!!!!

Swiss accidentally invade Liechtenstein

help-I'm having major keyboard problems

It's all good, it's all right, everybody gets laid tonight! (Not a sex thread.)

I'm going to complain about something that's not really worth bitching about, so

How do you pronounce "Oklahoma?"

Anyone else got the flu?? I do, and it sucks weasel testes.

It's Friday night and I have nothing to do

Big Pussy quits....


It's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!

St Louis DUer's......Jeff Smith documentary

oops I think I OD'd on the yeast

Do you ever lie in your internet interactions with others?

This is a cause we may all want to consider.

"I have a dream, Mr Krabs" "I had a kidney stone once and it passed..."

Anyone notice the music on Malloy's show, when he talked about Coulter?

This thread is NOT about Kellie Pickler

Sorry to innocent people born in the '60s, I'm officially branding you "Generation W"

Ever get bored and irritated with DU?

Help! My computer is driving me nuts with "Error signatures."

Sword fight ensues after S.C. break-in

If I ever answer the phone again, please shoot me

I wrote a check for almost 3 grand today.

Which DU'er Would You Want To Meet the Most

For the first time in my life, I am disappointed by HP - no Vista support for my old printer

Can we please have some of that famous Lounge mojo?

Dear guy across the street:

Name A Band

If Your Grandpa Was Nuts, but still gave you Words To Live By

Guerilla gardening

If I win this Mega Millions jackpot, you know what I'm gonna do?

People Are

Hey teachers....what's the funniest thing people say to you...

Chickens flying everywhere around the plane

What are the Great Lakes like during Winter?

Virginia Man Charged With Distributing Homemade Sex Video (Placed Copies On Windshields) Virginia

Any good and cheap Mac versions of....

Any new Anna news this morning?

my houseplant have to much acid in the soil..

I think I want to be a librarian...

Where You Live Is The Worst...

If You Were Asleep, What Would Others Hear You Mumbling?

Let's build the absolutely most pure candidate that can't be called DINO - come on!!


Where You Live Is the Best

there is not enough discussion on how awesome Hank III is

My cat, Riley, is gone. This is a tribute to you, my buddy.

I sprung Winston today (update on my sick pooch)

Spring as arrived , I bought a new Deluxe Ice Shaver to go with my Ice Tea Maker.

Have a good weekend, fuckers.

Name a band in which the primary vocalist CAN sing

Has anyone read "The Great Limbaugh Con"

Nobody will be surprised to learn

Accept it losers: Pantera was a fucking awesome band!

BREAKING: Hillary switching perfumes; now uses Eau de Anna Nicole

Greatest of the Seattle "Grunge Bands"

I auditioned for a solo in my choir last night!! This is huge for me.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 3/2/2007)


I'm pretty sure I have a kidney stone

Its poker night


Anybody shave with a straightedge razor?

Can you find a new PC without Vista pre-installed?

My husband talks to cats.

I'll be getting my car back tomorrow

I think we need some bassoon jokes.

Do you consider this woman ugly?

I think we need some drummer jokes

Damn! I may be getting diverticulitis again!


Attack Of Two Killer Clowns On Me...

I'll say this about smoking...

DU couples?

I found this beautiful bottle of wine last night...

American Idol 6: Antonella May Have Sucked, But She’s Staying

Congratulations Starbucks Anarchist!! 10,000 posts

In a gada davida baby...

I wrote a check for 10 bucks today.

Which do you want to do when someone ticks you off?

How many chugs are in a pint of booze?

MySpace friends progress report thread

View from our bedroom balcony. (Dial up warning)

Nirvana doesn't totally suck

What is this contention going on in DU lately? I can't read through a thread

Best Drummer Ever. Period

Best TV game show host?

How come this smiley doesn't have arms?

So, say you're just sort of seeing this guy

Does anyone else think that Nickelback is one of the most obnoxiously terrible bands of all time?

Name a band in which the primary vocalist can't sing.

Remakes that don't live up to the original....

Swiss Army Accidentally Invades Liechtenstein

i've finally figured out why the metric system never caught on in the u.s.-

I just found out I was fired.

Who's your favorite SNL character or Actor?

I have an exciting announcement to make!!!

First natural or national disaster you remember?

Video of a drunk squirrel trying to climb a tree.

Talk to y'all later... I am off for four days. This is the first birthday I have had off in 2 years

What your momma says is very important

Sod off, MSN. This isn't news; it's an "advertisement".

When I press the "purge" button in my e-mail client I think of Stalin...

'CHI-TONW' tattoo lawsuit filed/ dupe matcom beat me by a minute

Just received an email from about virus spread using their moniker.

Man pleads guilty in pot-candy case: sold Munchy Way, Rasta Reece's, Puff-a-Mint Patti

I wrote a check for almost 4 grand today.

Question about radiocarbon dating

How to make your boss stop laughing

Apparently my "leftist kool-aid" has a little extra kick today...

Early March questions

Look at all the birds!!!!

Guardian: 'The show is like a coffee morning in slow motion'

Opinions on Masonry (Masons/Masonic)

The greatest threat today is fundamentalism and materialism

What's the difference between a rod and a staff?

CNN: Extremist rabbis call for return of animal sacrifice

Canadian Supreme Court grants pension benefits to surviving same-sex partners

Coincidences with Mad Dad Video

Domestic partnerships likely a done deal in (Washington) state

Sorting the Nuts

Vigil for Andrew Anthos Tonight; Sketch Released of Killer

'Shocking' program could carve $60 million out of HIV/AIDS prevention budget over next three years

Michael Savage Fired from CAA for Homophobic remarks towards Melissa Etheridge

Gay marriage is just like yours ...

Equality Florida activist in Largo arrested for handing out anti-discrimination flyers

The N.F.L. Is Reviewing the Behavior of Pacman Jones

Boxing: Miguel Cotto vs Oktay Urkal & Marquez vs Vazquez

Love and Light to Scooter24

Timing this Lunar Eclipse for Washington DC

Concordance on March 3: Balance in us and in our world

Creating Coherence for Global Awakening and Oneness

Where is the link Rumpel posted

So I'm picking up my Numerology books again...

Eclipse on March 3rd - my birthday!

Today. I got it.

Is there bad energy about for '07?

Another kick ass immune booster besides colloidal silver.

delete - dupe

Front Page dailykos entry with poll on if you support a date certain out of Iraq

Max Cleland's LTTE in the WaPo

OMG-Democratic Senate colleagues say they may vote against Fox!

please help this effort to spread the truth!

Crime forum in MA 3/2

Full text of Kerry's bill for redeploying the troops.

Play in Chicago about Pres 2004 Debate. (honest.)

Good diary to rec about Foxy and our values

Is anyone familiar with Tim Griffin?

DailyKos diary to rec and comment ASAP

Okay, I admit it. Sometimes Kos's writing style works. Harry's "Fuck Democrats" week

Interesting article on Sen. Kerry's Jewish roots-possible linage to great Rabbi Judah Loew

this post proves the difficulty that Kerry

What do you do to counteract the outright lies of far left Counterpunch?

John and Teresa will be on Imus on March 23rd

Speeches from the Employee Free Choice Act debate

Ahhhh... no words are needed, except, W is a tool.

Theresienstadt: The Führer Gives a Village to the Jews

Big Oil and Bad Habits

YouTube Get Out of Iraq Campaign-my contribution

Rep. George Miller (D) shows us how it’s done! - The Employee Free Choice Act

Glenn Beck Asks US Weekly Editor to Pose Nude

Obama Rocks Cleveland

"Rep. Dennis Kucinich" This guy is amazing.

The Truth about 'Assault Weapons'

In Belgium, warmest winter ever recorded

Divine Strake: Terminated // Divine Strake's Program: **Active**

Failing Justice

"Sometimes it's hard to see progress when you're living close to the scene"

North Korea and Iran threats???

Is Thom Hartman live on KPHX 1480?

Bush's new theme song.. no more "Hail to the Chief"

he Pentagon plays war games with Iran

Lieberman says Israel can deal with Iran threat on its own

Airplane Passenger Bill of Rights: AWOL

Balfour Declaration of 1917 - What was that and how might it affect us today?

D.C. Madame to Sell 10,000 Phone Records of High-End Washington Clients

Hold The Mushrooms - The Mushroom Cloud, That Is!!!

Countdown to 2,000

No one cares anymore

THIS MODERN WORLD: You can't trust science!

Turkey freezes assets of Cheney terrorist associate

3,164 U.S. troops dead in W's war of choice

Someone Died Today

Romney smears Giuliani on the 700 Club

I sometimes look inside myself and re-examine my beliefs

Your Candidates House.

This Thing Is Not Quite Done, Be Careful Out There !!!

I guess I should write: 1-2, 1,2. testing, testing.

Sen. Kerry vows to add $18 million to budget to improve VA Vet Center services

Bob Woodruff on Letterman - almost had his head destroyed and is still 1000 times

Now KGO's reporting a meteor or a plane crash or SOMEthing falling

Telegraph UK: "Why Was Killed Soldier In Iraq?" Grandfather Attacks British Presence In Iraq

Recent Passage from Deans Conservatives Without Conscience

(TOON) Steve Bell: Yo, Evildoers!

Amy Goodman interviews Wesley Clark

An Open Letter

So how was Letterman's interview with Dennis Miller?

White Rose Society...

(Halliburton)Military contractor charged with assault for alleged stabbing

Palatial Baghdad Embassy diverts cash from diplomatic efforts worldwide

============= MARK MORFORD'S NOTES & ERRATA =============

If everything California is called "Hollyweird"..why is't DC called WashingToon DC?

Self Delete by request, sorry I forgot to run it past 'snopes'

House and Senate hold hearings on Walter Reed on Monday and Tuesday

How did the rest of the DU deal with high school bullies?

The Bush conversion: How the president saw the light and changed foreign policy

"Where's baby's chin"..Point to your chin"..c'mon you can do it

Today at CPAC, the repuke candidates

The devastation in the high school in Alabama brings home an important problem.

88 percent of Army National Guard units rated ‘not ready’

Background info on Rudy (circa AUGUST 2001) before he was made a saint

Simple George thinks that "everything's OTay" because the Saints are doing fine.

Malkin to receive Accuracy in Media award @ CPAC

Who Pressured Ingesias (Fired U.S. Attorney)? Dominici and Wilson

Bob and Lee Woodruff on Imus now

The Senate’s Forgotten Iraq Choice

Sharpton's Ancestor Was Owned by Thurmond's

Researchers slam Dobson for 'distorting' their work

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Fri. March 2 ... grass fire?

A Unique Way to Help the Troops: Operation Hero Miles

King Abdullah II visits Boston to drum up support for boarding school

c-span2 - pentagon briefing from iraq - check out the Multi-National Corps logo

Catholic body opposes telecast of Jesus documentary

Bush crashes in Atlanta, 6 dead, 29 injured

A Freudian slip on Google News?

A thunderstorm named David Iglesias will come crashing down next Tuesday in DC.

Conservapedia - the US religious right's answer to Wikipedia

President Bush gets off Airforce One with a piglet under each arm.

Presenting All Girls!

After FBI sting, Bristol, Mass. officer faces witness-tampering charges

Can Al Gore save us?

Who is going to the March on the Pentagon March 17th in DC?

Unions gets break from Democrats they helped elect

Washington Journal - Should Al Gore run?

Inquiry: Jobs best suited for the ordinary, but politically keen newsjunkies

NYPD Stop and Frisk


New Walter Reed commander has also ignored complaints about conditions

Gonzales tells group worried about "overzealous prosecutors" to be patient

Happy belated Birthday to Cat in the Hat

Tony Snow: "We didn't create the war in Iraq. We didn't create the war on terror."

Former Canadian Defense Minister Says Alien Technology May Save Earth

Walter Reed Whitewash: Kiley Replacement ‘Demoralizing’ To Hospital Staff

Helen Thomas: Bush Should Listen To His Father

Olbermann to interview Plame on 3/17

Does this pic of Condoleezza Rice bother you as much as it bothers me?

Clark's interview on Democracy Now - transcript

Are You There, George? It's Me, Ava.

BUSH family LYING gene identified!!1 Shrub "overstated" N.Korea intelligence!!1

A class action suit against Cheney

CAA Dumps Der Weinerfuhrer (Hateful Radio Host Michael Savage) after only 3 days

Suggestion: March On Washington to protest the outsourcing of America's jobs

MoDo et al. doing the Lucy-football on GORE, tempting him IN to destroy him later

Dems statement on the firing of the commander of Walter Reed Army Medical center

Anti-gay ballot petition pushers indicted

Scientists probe 'hole in Earth'

200 transportation centers for the St Patty's Day March on Pentagon

Imus just refused to have McCain on and called Lieberman "a lying skunk"...

Melissa Etheridge on Stephanie Miller!

The Mushroom Cloud On Hold - Now, Increased Compensation For Victims

Fuhrer appoints principal for new charter school in Cambridge Lakes

When did the future become so important?

The Chimperor handed out US Flags yesterday on the Gulf Coast.

Do you think there will be an "Extinction Level Event" on Earth soon?

When Moonies Attack

Today at 10:37AM EST The Libby Jury will return their verdict,


Arthur Schlesinger: "No phenomenon has been more surprising than the revival of conservatism..."

Global Dimming: Goodbye sunshine

Bus Carrying Baseball Team Falls From Overpass

Letter From Director of Peace - Rep. Carnahan NEEDS to hear from us!


Plame Film Developing At Warner Brothers

YouTube Get Out of Iraq Campaign-my contribution

Contrasting the War Records of George W. Bush and John F. Kennedy

WP editorial: Why is General Kiley back in charge at Walter Reed?

taking bets - How long before blivet** makes it to the tornado cities?

"Science Team to Search Gulf of Mexico"

Romney to give Regent Univ. commencement speech. Students & alumni outraged b/c of his Mormonism.

Robert Baer: Signs of a New "Sunni Offensive"

Last night I watched Obama's pastor kick Hannity's ass

That 18 year old kid from the

Rude Pundit: everything you need to know about Fox "News" in a single image

1 in 4 women have STD linked to cervical cancer

America has more political prisoners than any other nation on earth

"Italian Teacher Allegedly Cuts Boy's Tongue"

The Gov't *GONZO* wants access to your photobucket, flickr, imageshack accounts

What Happens When Bush Unilaterally Starts A War With Iran?

Swiss Soldiers Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein

Alabama and Georgia-Kim il Bush is going to visit you tomorrow

BREAKING--Bush White House celebrates

DUers: re the Libby trial -do you think they'll

LAT op-ed: Swift Boat goon-squad is back, proof of conservatism's takeover by right-wing extremists

Guiliani vs. Hillary (and Giuliani's winning?!?)--vote up this poll

Big Ten commissioner equates speed and dark skin to lower academics

Presidential '08 Poll: Firsts

Reading Hillary Rodham's hidden thesis

i wish the churches would start talking about the reverse rapture

update: Growing Chorus Slams War-Brothel Remarks

Cheney Warns Against Hasty Pullout ---pix--->>>

I'm so beyond the point where I have any inclination to listen politely and allow Republic zealots

Taxpayers continue to fund right-wing meetings - - -

question for Mitt Romney

Young Blair's obscene gesture

AP: Astronaut Charged With Kidnap Attempt

7 life insurance policies exist for ANS - ALL of them cite Howard K. Stern as beneficiary!

Tom Tancredo coming up on CPAC, freepers go wild.

sorry dup post

Libby Trial Exposes Neocon Shadow Government

Somebody call a Waahmbulance - Far right feeling left out

Liechtenstein: no retaliation for Swiss 'invasion'

Wesley Clark being interviewed on Democracy Now! today

The New New Republic

Anybody know what happen with the earthquakes last night ?

Richardson Responds to Bolton's Saber-Rattling

End of Week TOONS

German incest laws challenged (CNN Blog & Story)

Weather vs. War - First Katrina/Rita, now tornadoes traveling

Prostitution Ring Owner Threatens To Sell Her Client List (High-End D.C. Escort Service)

YouTube Gets Serious With Links To Candidates

Arctic natives take U.S. to task over warming

What exactly do they mean by "Constitutional Crisis"?

Arrogance, analogy and Iraq: Brilliant, sharp criticism of the West's Pro-War Liberals from Germany

Did bushco* jump the shark with building 18

CBS: Conservatives realize Bush years hasn’t worked out that well for their ideals

Shrub sez our country is made up of some "prayerful" & the rest, HEATHEN SCUM!!1

Bush Administration Selects Plan For New "Safer" Nuclear Warhead

So, why is firedoglake offline?

Making war is stupid.

I'm sorry for the "Dead Child" picture

1700 signatures now on the freegarytyler petition!

Obama Blames U.S. for Stronger Iran

Politician as TV prop can defeat TiVo

Sam Brownback-Pandering poser or authentic lunatic?

Humorous ways to convince the right about global warming

I’m awaiting the time—not far off now—when

Send a post card to Al Gore to run. Send a post card to phrma to get a real drug benefit.

Black Vote: Hillary vs. Obama Pt. 3

Body Image: Cultural pressures keep some black women from working out

Okay, so what is this dustup between Obama and Hillary this weekend

jury and congress go home early on Fridday afternoon (congress not

St Louis paper - Cartoon Caption Contest!

Mrs. Laura Bush tags an albatross - pics

Smoke em if ya got em. No decision in Libby case. Jury goes home

GOP House Minority Whip To Aid Group Seeking Nuclear War, Holocaust

Poll: Most Americans support federal health care guarantee (NY Times, via CommonDreams)

Emmbedded - Tim Robbins

You can complain about our candidates all you want

The right blogoshere covers Walter Reed

Agency dumps Michael "Weiner" Savage after homophobic anti-Etheridge rant

Anyone else noticing higher gas prices?

I really wonder if 2006 was the best time for the dems to win .

The "Minutemen" are in a melt down !!!!!!!

Romney calls for a cap on non-military spending

Bizarre Alternate DU Universe

Never mind the Air Car, check this out!

"It was an act of god. . . " ('bama storm comments) Give me a break.

Mad Melanie strikes again!

Had a pretty somber reminder of things on the way to work today

anne coulter on CSpan

Gates coming up on CNN about Walter Reed

Any Thom Hartmann fans? Where's the list of 52 congressional investigations he keeps talking about?

John Edwards on Poverty (please share your favorite candidate's comments on poverty)

A Modest Proposal: Let's have a ban on Ann Coulter

Plame Movie ?

Texas Congresswoman Asks Bush To Restore Military Sales To Venezuela

I'm So Glad We Didn't Get a Verdict Today!

There's just something about a flute player wearing a gray business suit

Eclipse set to be 'best in years'

Free Speech Victory (includes speakers for March on the Pentagon)

Lynne Stewart


Breaking: Secretary of the Army steps down

On my 63rd birthday - some things I've learned.

caption again

Breaking!! Forbears of Obama's white mother owned slaves!!1

"And the moon shall be turned to blood...."

awesome video about the pace of change in modern life....

Wes Clark on Democracy Now more honest on foreign policy than most elected Dems

Ousted Attorney Claims Bush Fired Him Because He Resisted Pressure To Indict Democrats

3166 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

NOLA - bush* has washed his hands of the New Orleans situation.

Osama Bin WHO?

Photoshop Contest --->>>

Buzzflash: Hypocrite of the Week

OK, ‘fess up. Do you have more compassion and courtesy toward drivers with “Kerry/Edwards" stickers

Snowflake man indicting in assault on woman in Iraq

"Man Questioned About President* Bush Yard Artwork"

Bush to form panel to review wounded soldiers' care

Organic Watchdog Obtains Suppressed Public Documents From USDA Lawsuit

Committee SUBPOENAS Former Head of Walter Reed Hospital to Testify

Have any Duers seen Amazing Grace as yet?

Swiss accidentally invade Liechtenstein

Rockridge: The Words None Dare Say

Do you consider this woman ugly?

0% of right wing bloggers think global warming is caused by mankind

Ebony and Irony

Denver3 Name Bush Staffers

Something to Make Cheney Smile

If money = speech

Only Small Change for Organics in $100 Billion Farm Bill

What in the he** are TORNEDES?

Have you seen the AIR CAR?!

New Comic: John Mc Cain: Flipflopping with Disaster

Shutdown Day--getting people off the computer for a day

I can see why the country is in the shape it is in...

I have no fear of the Swift Boaters of 2008...

Coulter calls Edwards a "faggot":

Should adult recommended vaccines/boosters be mandated?

help-I'm having major keyboard problems

Don't micromanage my ding-aling-aling!

Family's tragedy tells of Iraq's divide

Re: Libby jury note

Sea Lion-Just Lyin'

Just received an email from about virus spread using their moniker.

Why are some so afraid of ...

Can someone tell me who's on Bill Maher 2-nite?

Neglecting our Soldiers encourages the enemy...

Caption this photo the smirkster ....

Why is Rudolph Guiliani like a jack-o-lantern?

Merck, Sanofi end Gardasil studies due to "success"

Transgenic Rice for Cannibals

Was the Libby jury fairly chosen?

Lou Dobbs - Walter Reed/Haliburton connection

The Reason why Army Sec. resigned

Christ Jesus we have a country of morons

Designing a new Warhead.

Did WH Pull Nomination To Avoid Questions Over 2004 Minority Voter Suppression? (Think Progress)

Latest on Waxman's Hearing into Walter Reed/Privatization (Waxman Signed a Subpoena)

My insurance company "strongly suggests" I see a doctor

Stephanie Miller read my letter on the air and gave a shout-out to Democratic Underground!

From FaithfulAmerica - passed on without comment.

Ann Coulter is socially retarded.

Churches in partisan politics.

Micheal Moore's wife kiddnapped in Ethiopia

How do you keep up with everything going on ?

Raw Story: 'Shocking' program could carve $60 million out of HIV/AIDS prevention budget over next th

"The stop Hillary express"

Young Blair's obscene gesture

13 Accused of Trading as Insiders

A group of people who cheer upon hearing faggot

Regarding Coultergeist's CPAC comment...

cspan to carry Clinton and Obama in Selma plus an Edwards segment on Sunday

Oh my God! The war we've been fearing has started!

So when does Ann Cold Heart go into rehab?

Libby jury has 2 more questions - for Monday

Mark Kleiman: Subpoenas in Fired U.S. Attorney Probe (HuffPost)

Rudolph Giuliani has calmly asserted, "freedom is about authority."

Investigation article on SAIC Vanity Fair /March issue

Reid: "It is time for Republicans to stop carrying water for the President"

Tom DeLay lives on in Texas! Buying custom $1500 boots with campaign cash.

Virginia Second State To Require Cancer Vaccine For Girls

BREAKING: Bush announces Iraq exit strategy!


GOOD GOD. Yahoo must be having a fun CAPTION DAY

DOW Drops another 100 points today

Rush is on at least 6 stations on my radio.

Do you pay income tax?

Is Michele Malkin a shill you ask? A useful test:

So it's the middle of the winter and we have thousands of tiny ants

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

"Faggot".."Our Blacks are Better than Their Blacks" - a day with Ann Coulter

Does anyone have a link to the "Morans Through History" thread from maybe a year ago?

Eating lots of ice cream could help you get pregnant

Finally! Princess Di's death gets jury of 12 citizens

A Love Letter to Ann Coulter....

Uh oh! Libby jury seeks definition of "reasonable doubt"

***DUzy Awards for week ending March 2, 2007***

"Ahm goin ta Alabama with a heavy hort, ta see the victims of the tornadas."

What do you all think about this?

Merle Haggard Rocks New Song for Hillary

Hypothetical question - the year's 1988 and you live in Connecticut

George Takei should do another PSA regarding Anthrax Coulter

"Politics of Cynicism" editorial derides Dems for acting like Republican-lite

Right Wing Lies Help Us Draft Gore

If Tweety doesn't get a Hillary-Rudy race,

Yet another Republican criminal goes free

Foreclosures rising among high-risk US mortgages

Wes Clark on Democracy Now! for the hour. Watching on FSTV. You

Is Ann Coulters sour grapes re Edwards.....

Did you see this one -

Thank GOD: AP issued week-long ban on news about Paris Hilton

Let the enablers help out the vet's

Lord, the wind has been howling for almost three days, and

Thank you Ann. Coli, ya filthy slag

Buzzflash: Fired Walter Reed General Had Questionable History

Breaking: President Bush has Walter Reed fired.

Jan 2009 - The End of an Error

How do you rate "America: Freedom to Fascism"

Irony, Ann Coutler, and Homophobia

The True Face of George Bush

Federal Appeals Court Denies Day in Court for Victim of CIA Kidnapping, Citing “State Secrets”

Why Is The MSM Playing Coulter's Clip With the F Word Unbleeped?

Freeptards orgasming over death of lady who wouldn't get abortion to save her life

Nancy Grace producers make stunning programming announcement

The Battle for Sadr City

now buried, Anna Nicole is STILL dead! in other news, Gen. Kiley is booted,

Delusional Sociopaths Drool and Self-Flagellate in Support of the Liar King

Anyone out there who remembers the CAGING capture?

Sen Dominici (R-NM) tried to influence fired US attorney Iglesias

Are Bush administration Iran hawks keeping pro-democracy Iranian reformers out of the U.S.?

Hang COULTER around the neck of EVERY GOP candidate in '08

Mars Melt Hints at Solar, Not Human, Cause for Warming, Scientist Says

Sign petition to take on Fox News.

Student rebels in Iran expelled and earmarked for army (Guardian)

Help! If an investigator from a District Attorney's Office comes to your door

CODEPINK Interrupts Hillary Clinton Again

I call BullS**T!

Kellyanne Conway: "Obama 'toast' because no one heard of him pre-9/11"

Newsweek: The Case of the Missing Movie (interrogations of Jose Padilla)

People for the American Way kicks the tar out of CPAC

RAWSTORY: US court throws out CIA torture case, cites "nat'l security"

Ya know, If I had a disaster in my town, I wouldn't WANT Shrub to visit!

"Cassini spacecraft snaps new views of Saturn "

Some news regarding Hartmann and Malloy on XM 167:

Raw Story: 'Shocking' Program Could Carve $60 Mil From HIV/AIDS Prevention Budget

Principal arrested with sex toys and meth..( and gay porn)

what was the most GLARING absence at the CPAC gathering?

AP: Geico Cavemen May Get Own TV Show

Onion cartoonist really sticks it to those simpering libs

Are we headed for schism (progressives / DLC)?

Real ID A Real Nightmare

CEO parachute deals come to light in new filings

Judge In Plame Case: Libby's Prospects Could Have Been Improved If CHENEY Had Taken The Stand.

Viewer's Guide: March 3 Total Lunar Eclipse (Totality 5:44-6:58P EST)

VIDEO: Marine with Brain Injury refused treatment by VA

On the VP visiting war zones:

Filthy Slag Ann. Coli is trying to be Sarah Silverman, who is cute and doesn't have an adam's apple

Is this what Conservatism has become?

Switzerland just invaded Lichtenstein

How the Bush Admin changes a light bulb

Senate Appropriations Committee transcript?

Mike Stark: What is Missing at CPAC? (HuffPost)

How to Look up Privatized Walter Reed Contracts

Tonights line up on Real Time with Bill Maher--looks like a good one.

Biden Trails in Delaware

Transcript of Patrick Murphy, D-PA, on Countdown..pray for the troops.

Iraq War: Reader's Digest version.

Anyone interested in the current New Orleans conditions?

Matthews is pushing the new meme, "all NY election" Rudy/Hillary and

John Dean: Supreme Court Is At the Tipping Point (Senate Dems, heads-up from the expert)

Mitt Romney's home page (campaign for president)

the time has come to let coulter be coulter

American Blood is the new bait in the new Bait & Switch: The Redirection

I have to ask this

Hollywood studio making CIA leak movie

The Nation: Libby Trial: More Waiting, More Jury Notes

Barney Frank on Real Time w/Bill Maher tonight! Here's the guests:

Why do conservatives "get off" on hate?

This one made me think

Real Time starting now.

Real time with Barney Frank (D-MA), Fmr. Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL)

cspan is having Obama, Edwards and Clinton on Road to the White House

PHOTO: "Oy gevalt, get him away from me already!"

Breaking: Rep. Slaughter Calls For Kiley’s Immediate Removal

Rage Against The Machine-People of the Sun

Lieberman to give Weekly Democratic Radio Address...

Obama: I don’t care how poor you are. You’ve got $5 - promises UHC by end of 1st term

The infamous Tony Blair wank-gesture photo

c-span is repeating cpac fest. when does coulter come on? brownback is on now.

Another Look at the GOP '08 Lineup

NYTimes: "No More Denials, Please" (Attorney Firings)

We Are All Just Animals

Man, the quality of trolls has really been slipping lately.

RAND Corporation Rethinks Homelessness

Living ‘poor’ in USA and loving it

Economics of Attention

One more reason to admire Glenn Greenwald's media scrutiny:

So Stephen Spielberg has a stolen Norman Rockwell

Pro-choice should mean exactly that.

If a Coulter falls in the forest ...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Do you believe Hersh when he says Shrub & Cheney really believe

This is from General Clark's interview this AM - scary.

Statement of Ross C. “Rocky” Anderson, Mayor of Salt Lake City Before the Washington State Senate

I just learned today that next year, I get to take a semester PAID sabatical

UN Reports that Global Warming Impact is More Extensive Than We Thought

Disgusting: Report prepared by the Whitehouse on emissions by the US

Keith was right-he is a barbarian!

Freeptards pissed they're going to get a liberal nominee and reign of fundy right is over

Alberto Gonzales Appearance Unwelcome By Some Law Students

(Video) The Oil Factor: Behind the War on Terror

Neo-Con War Blogger First to Admit "Our Opponents Were Right"

Max Cleland shows Democrats how to stand up for Democrats

*** Friday TOONS: The Good (Al), the Bad (Cheney), and the Ugly (Cheney again)***

What is the Worst Company in America?

they printed my 67th LTTE re:how we treat our troops when they come home


Has CNN fired Glenn Beck yet?

US selects next-generation nuclear warhead

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

CNN & HuffPo: Libby Judge Says Cheney Should Have Taken Stand

Bay Area - Bill Moyers Capitol Crimes on PBS now!

Is Justice Ginsburg okay?

Name Max Cleland Secretary Of Veterans Affairs

New Nuclear Warheads for Bush

A local columnist responds to my impeachment Op Ed.

Feingold Warns Congress

AMERICABLOG : New head of Walter Reed let soldier sleep in his own urine

Japanese rightwingers trying to outdo America's: Deny Chinese rapes in WWII

Andrew Sullivan comments on Coulter's disgusting appearance today

Rotavirus Vaccine: Once Burned, Twice Shy or Why So Many People Are Skeptical of Vaccines.

C-SPAN - anyone watching this?

Highest Levels of Severe Poverty in America: A Growing Threat to Public Health

O.M.G. - Really

What's the hardest thing to fake at DU for fakers?

I just got terminated by having my accounts turned off

Truth Revealed- Direct Order From White House Lead To DENVER 3 Removal At Bush Appearance

Bill Maher: Christians want sex to be as SCARY as possible.

Pentagon tries to block testimony by Walter Reed chief.

How do you handle e-mail threats from a FReeper? LIKE THIS!

The Savage Weiner gets the boot...again!

EH's the View ...her twit moment of the day

Young Blair's Obsene Gesture

Some of us here on "DU" are Infected with "Atlas Syndrome."

Came in Late..but did Andrea Koppel say "Privitatization of Walter Reed Hospital" Was Problem?

Students and Alumni of Pat Robertson's Madrassa are upset that Mitt Romney is coming to visit

Portland, OR March DU MeetUp Saturday!

A Decent Respect for the Opinions of Mankind

The last word Matthew Sheppard heard may have been faggot

Matt Taibbi: Why Can't We Talk about Peace in Public?

And the Great Republican whines, "but they volunteered for this"

Saudi Arabian Oil Declines 8% in 2006

Next Veterans Scandal? The Benefits Denial, Review, and Appeal Process


Dean Blasts Coulter’s Slur

"Heavenly Eggs" aren't so heavenly....Monks abuse chickens

Million rounds of ammo at Calif. house

Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

ROBERT FISK for the hour w/ Bob McChesney -- Sunday 2PM ET

Yellow ribbons dwindle with war support

USDA Backs Production of Rice With Human Genes

Money as debt.... may be one of the most important things you might ever see

UPDATE: Liechtenstein declares WAR against Switzerland.

Food or Fuel? The Ethanol Scam

Incest laws challenged

If Dems don't have votes for impeachment, why not say so and tell public who needs persuading

Book TV Schedule: March 3th - 5th

and caption again...

Lieberman wants to privatize the VA??

Imus finally figures out Lieberman

Mich. Sheriff goes insane and auctions off machinegun

Do you have any thoughts on Polling Point, the place that asks you to

Who'da thunk it..."Marijauna a Wonder Drug" says Neurology journal.

Lukery explains the Sibel Edmonds story (interview)

Coulter uses the word "faggot" on CSpan; UPDATE -- caught on tape!

Michigan rightwingers call school-assigned Vonnegut book "porn" -- get Bush's FBI to "investigate"

Walter Reed was privatized by Halliburton subsidiary

Another Halliburton/KBR Key Exec - Dave Swindle - in Leadership of Walter Reed Contractor

Obama to offer pro-Israel views at Chicago gathering

Dispirited conservatives haunted by the unthinkable - a Clinton victory

Rudy McRomney - little love is expressed for GOP.

Angus Reid: Mr. Clinton Would Influence Ms. Clinton

I'm More Pro-Troop Than You Are

Ru Paul is running for the Republican nomination for President?

Reading Hillary Rodham's hidden thesis

Democrats want troops out if goals unmet (A real plan??)

Guiliani wins So.Carolina straw poll (Fox News)

Dear Senator Lieberman, (from Ned Lamont)

Conyers pledges fight against 'deceptive' voter suppression

Der FlipFlopFuhrer McCain, once a folk hero, bombs prime time

The Employee Free Fire Zone Act

Lessons from JFK on power, diplomacy

Will Republicans Apologize For Hanging With Hatemongers This Week?

The Sunni Islamic State of Iraq Movement abducts 18 Iraqi Ministry employees

Will the Real Rudy Giuliani Stand Up at CPAC today?

Need some help for other DU ers

Students, alumni don't want Der Mittenfuhrer to speak at Pat Robertson's Xian Madrassa

Need help refuting e-mail from my repuke Congressman

The Bill Richardson Watch, 3/1/2007: " El Presidente de Que?"

Der Mittenfuhrer criticizes rivals after pointing to rancor among Democrats

Bushspeak "Tornadas"

'Prez on the Rez' gets a site and a candidate

bush is Wasting our Troops not Sacrificing them


TomPaine: Right Wing Swings and Misses

Tornadas? Our leader just expressed his concern about

In this talk about Gore's and Edwards's mansions, we've forgotten truly important stuff

Lieberman On Appointment Of Kiley: ‘It’s A Good First Step’

I Love The Smell Of Impeachment In The Morning! A Free Speech Victory!

Guiliani just read a Bush speech to CPAC

Bush Picks Executive as Consumer Watchdog (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Bill Clinton to appear with Hillary in Selma

Hilarious new wingnut meme: "Rudy McRomney"

David Sirota: Obama Asks Regular Folks to Buy Into His Campaign; D.C. Calls it Scandalous

Bush appointing special "bi-partisan panel" for Walter Reed

Der Rudyfuhrer Smeared by '08 Rival. GOP Frontrunner Called 'Pro-Gay Marriage' by Der Mittenfuhrer

Grover Norquist now introducing Willard Mitt Romney on C-Span to speak at CPAC

Please watch this and ask why Bush want new nuclear weapons

Newt won't stand for Rudy getting the nomination...

TPM Cafe's Rosenberg: Obama's speech to AIPAC "good, not full-court pander, no Palestinian bashing"

About Vet's health care: I don't trust Repubs OR Dems to fix it ........

Richardson says Iowans like an underdog


Sam Brownback is running for President and he is taking the yellow brick road to the White House

Richardson nixes fixation on fund-raising, rock star status

WaPo: How Much Embassy (in Baghdad) Is Too Much?

Black Vote: Hillary vs. Obama Pt. 3

Tony Snow: ‘I Don’t Know’ If Bin Laden Is The Leader Of Al Qaeda

Live ACU Conference & Coulter

Heads roll over Walter Reed as "US Army secretary resigns"

What are Candidate Blogs For?

lovely slide show of Tehran. A friend just sent this, and I realized I had no

Growing Jewish Woes Seen For Sen. Clinton

New Comic: John Mc Cain: Flipflopping with Disaster

White House staff ordered ejection of "Denver Three": respond

Gen Kiley out at Walter Reed

faux attempt at humor - pairing limbaugh and coulter

Far right feeling left out

Rally for Kyoto in Toronto

Send a post card to Al Gore to run. Send a post card to phrma to get a real drug benefit.

Election 2008 (Fri Mar-02-07): Giuliani 52% Richardson 35%

Watch American Conservative Union Conference CPAC LIVE on C-Span NOW!

More from the clueless clown of Congress: Lieberman

Wonkette calls Ann Coulter "Edgar Winter"

Madness! Madness! Madness!

Norquist Plans Conservative Agenda: Learn To Belly Dance, Golf, And ‘Say No, No, No, No For 2 Years

Dispirited conservatives haunted by the unthinkable - a Clinton victory

Rosa Brooks: The Lunatic Right Returns (LA Times, via CommonDreams)

Support Iraq Unions being destroyed by Bush via Armed forces raids of their offices

A Mood of Gloom at CPAC

The real issue about Hillary that no one wants to mention because its so obvious.

Hillary Clinton on Ed Schultz

John Edwards Supporter since 2003...Post something here to change my mind :)

Remember the Iraq Liberation Act?

Big Dog coming to Alabama.

Did White House Pull Nomination To Avoid Questions Over 2004 Minority Voter Suppression?

Help me here. I don't understand. This is from the Washington

In AIPAC speech, Obama repeats support for Israel, peace talks

Pin the war on the donkey

The era of this particular brand of Republicanism is coming to an end (UK Independent)

Establishment Frightened Of African-American Swing to Obama

Well, we sure know who Margaret Carlson loves.

Man to stand trial for sex with Coulter.

AP: Obama Blames U.S. for Stronger Iran in AIPAC speech today in Chicago

Allen Says Clinton Charity Was "Already Very Public."

Afghan Taliban says sending fighters to Iraq: TV

War is just playing with radio controlled airplanes and boats.

When will Romney, Giuliani, Gingrich, Tancredo, Hunter, etc. denounce Coulter?

I've been out of the loop for awhile... a couple of ?'s and comments

Not that it would be difficult but Gates seems to be an upgrade over....

Anybody else heard of "Cultural Creatives"?

Switzerland invades Liechtenstein!

Der Chimpenfuhrer confronted by angry Katrina victims

Constitutional Crisis; the last days of the American Republic

The GOP's "controlled controversy"...outrageous enough to make us angry. Deliberate.

Quoted here, the patriotic sons of Congressman C.W. "Bill"

Lieberman (CFL-CT) to give weekly Dem Radio address

I think all our candidates thus far announced WAY too soon, imo.

Repugs new Obama issue: His ancestors owned slaves!!!

Is the right wing getting even more dangerous?

You know .... its really pretty damned simple ..........

If you missed Mike Stark's diary... read it now. He is at CPAC.

Ann Coulter refers to Edwards as "faggot" during CPAC speech.

(Surreal life) H&C -John O'Neill rebuts Kerry's questioning of SBVT money man Fox

'Dr' This and 'Dr' That ...... is it me or do the bushies overuse this title?

Take your mea and shove it right up your fucking culpa.

Geo Soros just did this to Haliburton?

OMG!!!! Coulter calls Edwards a faggot

Politico's Ben Smith : Clinton Speaks to Gay Group, (Human Rights Campaign) Privately

Who would McCain and Giuliani be most likely to pick for their runningmate ?

Edwards: "Long past time" to end unfair "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy

The best thing about Obama vs Clinton is that it's a win-win situation

House GOP Leaders Threaten To Vote Against Money For Troops

New Orleans Survivor Council Turns to Venezuela for Support

Edwards looks to lock up union support in California

Nickels warns U.S. Senate to not rein in cities fighting global warming

Gen. Clark interview on Democracy NOW - watch it


Joe Conason: Media tempts Gore into Presidential race, only to destroy him again. And he knows it.

Jan. 19, 2008 - Bill Richardson's big chance for a breakthrough...

Hillary...clinging to her husband's coattails...

Kucinich: Because he doesn't speak doublespeak and we're so used to seeing that as leadership