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Archives: March 19, 2007

The regrets of the man who brought down Saddam (statue)


Lufthansa flying Airbus A380 superjumbo on 1st flight to America

Ryan Seacrest grabs his own butt while powerwalking (caution: graphic)

Downloading my songs - thanks and....

Combination earworm and blast from the past!

Does Canada have an extridition treaty with USA. Per leaving a spouse?

Someone tell me how I should spend the next 10 hours

When you have dreams of flying, do you "float" or fly like Superman?

The Hello Kitty Hell Blog

Just checking in, been gone all weekend at my convention. What did I miss.

Hillary...Apple 1984 parody. This is hitting the MSM tomorrow

WP:Iraq War's Statistics Prove Fleeting

Iraqi People to White House - Leave (the "timetable" debate is over) "Scoop"/Collins (autorank)

Poor test results for Windows Vista security software

Great report on the Pentagon March from Progressive Blend Radio

Indian workers allege 'inhuman treatment' by US firm

Madam Speaker: Impeachment Proceedings Against Cheney is No Longer a Choice

Mexico says oil monopoly struggling

sorry -- double post

Heads up for those that missed Bill Maher Friday.

Werbe's got a Dr. Helen Caldicott interview coming up in the 1-2am ET hour

Who Killed the Electric Car? Everyone in America needs

Is it true that elderly people do a surprising amount of shoplifting?

Chiquita Banana gets off with a slap on the wrist for murder

When Gonzales resigns

United States Constitution

When the government is a monarchy it's impossible to indict the king.

When Gonzales goes, it won't be for the right reasons,..

Bush - Hung Like a Carrot

700 military bases in over 130 countries. Why?

Iraq Chaos Dims Bush's Vision of Democracy in Mideast

Who is to Blame for the Mortgage Carnage and Coming Financial Disaster?

John Gibson today: "Minnesota: America's First Somali-Muslim State?" Yumpin' yiminy

David Sirota: The Real Legacy of the Plame Affair

Glenn Greenwald: Howard Kurtz, Michael Barone & Argument by Anecdote

Digby: hey, Joey, you like Gladiator movies?" (the fuss over "300")

Laura Flanders: Iraq Anniversary AARGH (Lack of women voices in Iraq debate)

Kitty Kelley: Why aren't the Bush daughters in Iraq?


Salon: Can American Jews unplug the Israel lobby?

Charter Teachers Fired for Trying to Tell Emmett Till's Story During Black History Month

Efforts to bully Tehran into abandoning uranium enrichment are both futile and dangerous. (Guardian)

Patrick Cockburn: Operation Deepening Nightmare

After Four Years of War, Congress Should Cut the Funds

Guardian UK: A Tale of Two Bigots (Coulter/Pace)

Dr. J.'s BF Short Shot: The Significance of Ann Coulter

White House Shopping for Gonzales Replacement; By Rob Kall

Tom Engelhardt: The Non-withdrawal Withdrawal Proposal

Iraq: A country drenched in blood

Stirling Newberry: Why We Went To War

Hugo Chavez steps up for Native Americans and the poor

Robert Scher: Dems Go Lukewarm on Global Warming

Impeachment As an Act of Patriotism (CommonDreams)

Why Conservatives Can't Govern

Worn-out hymnal, off-key chorus

Paul Slovic: Numbed by Numbers

FAIR: Iraq and the Media: A Critical Timeline

Truthout: When Climate Message Is Strong, Attack the Messenger!

Robert Parry: Iraq & Washington's Systemic Failure (Consortium News)

The Nation: The Power of Subpoena

UK Survey of Iraqi Opinion - The Murdochian Spin

Four Years Later... And Counting (ANTHONY ARNOVE--TomDispatch)

(GA) Confederate Heritage? Forget it


C. Welton Gaddy: Forsaking Our Morality

Dems' Strategy On Attorneys Takes Shape

Reader's Comments (Consortium News)

Chile: The Lesson That Venezuela Learned? (HUGO BLANCO)

Anatomy of a Con Job

Curing Walter Reed Syndrome; A Proposal Even Anti-War Doves Should Embrace

Imagine briefing Dick Cheney: ‘Now, don’t tell anybody about this . . .’

For the Christian Right, Gay-Hating Is Just the Start (Chris Hedges for AlterNet)

As Iraq Casualties Mount, So Do the Stories We Must Tell (AlterNet)

Shaky US economy spooks IT firms (India)

Vietnam experience creates differing views on Iraq for Hagel, McCain (NYT)

Heat remains on Gonzales: Schumer suggests a shortlist of GOP replacements

WaPo Editorial: Help Wanted-What's needed in the next attorney general

Robert Parry: Iraq & Washington's Systemic Failure

India, US asleep as China races ahead in research

Musharraf gropes for way out of Pakistan's crisis (Reuters)

Congress must stop administration's abuses (Romero Exec Director of ACLU)

McClatchy: Bedrock principle is at the center of U.S. attorneys controversy

Congress eyes lost billions sent to Iraq (Leahy holding hearing tomorrow)

BBC: From hope to despair in Baghdad

Cost of wind power compared to other power sources.

Is Global Warming a Hoax?

H2CAR YABB -- Yet Another Biofuel Breakthrough

Russia mine explosion 'kills 17' (BBC) {coal, of course}

2006: A very Good Year for Solar and Wind Power - a Very Bad Year for Nuclear Power

Global warming starts to hit critical crops

The cost of electrical energy generation, broken down by fuel type.

Bottlenose Dolphin Deaths Spike Near Galveston, Including Newborns W. Umbilical Cords - LA Times

2008 model cars feature BIGGER ENGINES! MORE POWER!

Another Chernobyl in Russia?

"U.S. Decries Key Points at Climate Talks"

Stop the seal hunt!

Rivers run towards 'crisis point'

Pentagon gets House OK to ease environmental laws

Some good news on GM rice

Health Advisory Issued For Marianas, Guam As Smog From SE Asian Fires, Chinese Factories Arrives

Official Defends Editing Climate Papers - AP

Global deforestation rate slows (Reuters/CNN)

Rapid Volume Loss From Two E. Greenland Glaciers Quantified Using Repeat Stereo Sat. Imaging - AGU

Reuters: Action on warming could curb nightmare impacts

Great Backyard Bird Count Abounds In Unusual Sightings Beyond Species' Ranges

Indian Government Finally Admits Pesticide Residues Found In Soft Drinks

Former CIA Chief Says US Must Act On Warming Or Lose Leadership - Reuters

Dominica party: No to Venezuela refinery - AP

Moore Spin: Or, How Reporters Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Nuclear Front Groups

90%+ Of Colorado's Lodgepole Pines May Be Destroyed By Bark Beetle Epidemic - Guardian

10-Year Study Shows Sea Rising At 3mm/Year In Bay Of Bengal's Sundarban Islands - ENN

Regional Changes In Precipitation In Europe Under An Increased GHG Scenario - AGU

700,000 Short Of Water In NE China Drought After Warmest Winter In 50+ Years - AFP

Warm Winter Wreaking Havoc With EU Harvests, Ag. Markets, Plant Diseases - AFP

Ivory Coast Drought Worst In Living Memory, According To Cacao Farmers - Reuters

The High Speed Passenger Rail Act, Draft 1 (from the Oil Drum)

Action on warming could curb nightmare impacts - Reuters

Debunking help needed

(Gov) Rell Announces Efforts to Expand Connecticut's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industries

Hospital, Heal Thyself

Solarbuzz Reports World Solar Photovoltaic Market Grew 19% in 2006

xpost: Waxman hearing on political interference on climate change starting NOW

U.S. refiners seek to be heard on energy policy - Reuters

In New Hampshire, Towns Put Climate on the Agenda

George Soros on Pro-Israel Lobby: From N.Y. Review of Books & Kristof & The Economist

MK Sarsur: We must act together to liberate Jerusalem

Militant killed in Gaza blast

Scapegoating Israel, again

Maker: Israeli 'Drones' Fly Over Iraq

Some Jewish Leaders And Groups Are 'Wary' Of Obama

Egypt arrests would-be Hamas suicide bomber near Israeli border

Hamas shoots Israeli, breaking own truce

Settler to activist in Hebron: Go to Auschwitz

Ministerial committee declares Lebanon conflict a war

'Anti-Zionism: Mask for anti-Semitism'

Settlers take over Palestinian home near Hebron

A Very Brief Course in “Voter Fraud” – Election Research & Discussion News 3/19/07

Ohio asks election board members to quit

Are "impurists" threatening US democracy?

Are Voting Machine Purists Standing in the Way of Reform?

Clint Curtis is moving forward with discovery and needs $

OH SOS Brunner Calls for a Clean Slate in Cuyahoga County:

Chiquita Banana gets off with a slap on the wrist for murder


Son slain in war, dad re-enlists

The regrets of the man who brought down Saddam (statue)


Nelson (D-Ne) rises in 'power ranking'

Reuters: Few Iraqis trust U.S. forces four years into war

Smithsonian Documents Detail Chief's Expenses

Sectarian killing in Iraq has stopped: Maliki

US embassy officials bombed in Kabul

E-Mail to Gonzales on CIA Prosecution Preceded Firing of U.S. Attorney

Suicide attack on US embassy convoy in Kabul

It Wasn’t Just a Bad Idea. It May Have Been Against the Law. (Attorney firings)

Reuters: Kyrgyzstan demands U.S. hand over airman for trial

Italy hopes to mend U.S. ties after CIA indictments By Stephen Brown and Phil Stewart

Breaking CNN: Briefing on shooting of groom by police

Rice acknowledges Iraq troop errors

Ahmadinejad's UN visa approved

Bombings in Kirkuk and Baghdad Kill 20

Bush: Iraq pullout could spill 'contagion of violence'

Breaking - Shrub to speak at 11:30 - is this bye bye Gonzo?

Venezuela to Give Currency New Name and Numbers

EU lawmaker demands ban on Zimbabwean officials(from upcoming meeting in Brussels)

Walter Reed deal hindered by disputes

Canada minister apologizes over Afghan detainees

Action on warming could curb nightmare impacts

Saddam aide 'to hang on Tuesday'

Court hears Bong hits for Jesus case

Planner of USS Cole Attack Confesses

White House hopes Gonzales will stay on

Cleric: Can't ID alleged CIA kidnappers

What the hell is Condiliesalot doing now?

Siberian Mine Blast Kills 78; 50 Trapped

AP: Gunmen Kidnap and Kill Iraqi Mayor

New Goal - 500,000 Messages to Congress

Sadams Vice President Hanged.

Italy pays damages to Tunisian wrongly held as terrorism suspect

Iraq Hangs Former Vice President

War Bill Includes Tempting Projects

Ohio Asks Election Board Members to Quit

State Farm agrees to re-examine Katrina claims

Report: White House Eyeing Replacement AGs

OSHA scarce at area plants(over the last 5 yrs & fails to enforce it's own standards)

Bush and Congress at odds over Iraq war

Pentagon says Cole bombing chief confessed

NIH chief: Stem cell ban hobbles science

Official defends editing climate papers

Supreme Court hears 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' case

Seattle City Council votes today on Iraq war resolution

Washington companies don't want to release info on oil and gas pipelines

2 key players were up for U.S. attorney

More E-Mails in Fired U.S. Attorneys Controversy

Blair did secret deal with Saudis

GI Gets 10 Years in Deaths of 3 Iraqis

Bush: We can win in Iraq

Houses cheaper than cars in Detroit

Scientist accuses White House of 'Nazi' tactics

GOP Gave Joe (Lieberman) A Boost

Bush's health care plan not most effective: study

Moves to Curb Power to Name Prosecutors


Justice Dept. Recognized Prosecutor's Work on Election Fraud Before His Firing

(9NEWS NOW) EXCLUSIVE: Major New Problems At Walter Reed

Pelosi calls for new attorney general

Paralysis Sets In as DOJ Faces Crisis

Brazilian Pentecostal leaders caught in a scandal

WP: Fitzgerald Ranked During CIA Case (Purgegate)

Video: Lieberman 'won't rule out' switch to Republicans

US troops in Iraq want out

Many major rivers in danger of drying out

GM mosquito 'could fight malaria'

Court to Hear 'Bong Hits 4 Jesus' Case

Accenture Expanding Consultants Numbers

Saddam's Former Duputy Hanged in Iraq

Tests Of Suspect Pet Food Kill 7 Animals

Study finds one-third in D.C. illiterate

IMPORTANT: Updates coming to the Latest Breaking News forum

Is it unethical to get an ethnicity DNA test to see if I qualify for affirmative action?

Okay, there's a crazy man outside my house screaming

So I'm going to miss work for 2 more weeks...(Pic of the evil dog included)

Damn it was cold yesterday

I like to picture Jesus wearing a tuxedo t-shirt.

George Carlin special from 1977 on HBO Comedy right now!

What is the deal with the freakish hair growth as I get older.


Are Paris & Nicole Counseling a Weight Loss Camp?

Post a pic of you abiding

Man Wins $122,400 Award After Sister's Cat Bites Him

Man Says Sex Toy Caused His Erratic Driving

Newspaper Investigation Discovers 108 Piles Of Dog Poop In Park

Hey Northzax - is it lonely at the bottom?

Baby Bush Toys


What should *not miss* if in Pahrump, NV for a day (and not a T & A fan)?

Salt Lake City Bans 'Merlot' License Plate

Woman Set Her House On Fire With Whisky

I am so sick of paperwork days.

Hilariously funny article by the CWFA!

Question: Could this guy really be THAT nice?

Does anbody remember Pudding Pies?

I'm in the mood for stories about bad relationships.

I have not eaten in a Restaurant or had fast food in over 8 days

International tourism is...

Congratulations cali!! 10,000 posts

Stupid song commentary

Glorious Weekend pix (extreme dial-up warning)

Kayaking in Ireland

Congratulations HypnoToad!! 55,000 posts

What a woman should have:

that fucking asshole president interrupted ellen!

I know we're supposed to be boycotting ABC , but I love Brothers and Sisters

The phone is ringing. Should I answer it?

What should *not miss* if in New Orleans, LA for a day (and not an S & M fan)?

Booze Snobs check in - tell me what kind of good stuff you prefer!

what should I google?

My other gripe

Thge boys at Fark discuss a Detroit megachurch that preches the "Prosperity Gospel"


Is't 1:00 PM. I am still suffering from St. Patty's Day. When should I sneak out and head home?

How your mouse cursor really works

Dammit, we need a Monday Cat Thread!

I saw the ultimate sports fan today, still laughing about it

I don't want to be in any Posse that would have George W. Bush as a member

I will donate $20 to DU in the name of the moderator that locks the "please remove" thread

Please point me toward the Basketball Forum.

Did anybody else see that in GD?

I think I am posse whipped

For those of you not currently boycotting ABC

there's a spark of magic in your eyes

OMG, I actually started a thread in GD!

21 out of 30 hours sleeping...

Would you pay $15million for this picture?

I am alive

things i didn't know about david lee roth (part 1 of a 700 part series)

The 12-year-old arbiter of cool, Where he goes on the Web, legions follow Der Fuhrer

anybody want to trade barbs, sarcasm, and innuendo?

407 KmPH = 253 MPH in VW Bugatti Veryron

I'm on the air 3-6 CDT

Boob Snobs check in - tell me what kind of good stuff you prefer!

Corned Beef, Take Deux...

Anyone here listen to The Pillows? (Japanese Rock Band)

My god, it's a blessed mess over in GD

Bob Ross just told me "Thank you, and God bless."

judge in Anna Nicole Smith case accused of smoking pot in Hollywood park

I will donate $45 in the name of the mod that locks Lynnesin's please remove thread

The Ghastlycrumb Tinies.

How friggin' embarrassing...

These arms of mine....

who the fuck is peter seychelles?

I will donate $500 dollars to DU if one of the mods helps me steal LynneSin's car.

I will pay $75.98 to DU plus a 15% gratuity for a night of unnatural pleasures with GrovelBot

What would be the ultimate in conspicuous consumption?

OK where the hell is MissHoneyChurch??

Just in case you need something to make you laugh uproriously,

Has anyone seen "The Last Mimsy"...?

I can't stop sneezing

Well, I carried up a 50LB weight bench with my left arm up 6 flights of stairs...

Did anyone else think that that's what Ira Glass looked like?

Christ, my hamstrings!

I will donate $50 TO the mods....

Financial gurus - tell me about underlying shares.


What's the best crank you ever pulled?

Would you want this cat?

How do you handle gossip?

i'll give $50 to anyone who takes this newspaper over to guy on the blvd by the place with the good

what's your problem?

I will donate $50 to the mod that bans GoPsUx

Day 6...smilie free.

Honey Baked Ham: A blessing from God or an abomination to the Lord?

Anyone got a link to that veggie samosas thread?

i'd like to propose a new DU group

this is the thread where you can post thread titles you wanted to post but didn't at the last moment

Ok do a Google Image search for freeper

Which will get more posts? Midlo's Posse or Lynnesin's Clique?

Why would the Lounge crucify you?

Congratulations lionesspriyanka!! 15,000 posts

if there's a cure for this, i don't want it

'The Best of the Chris Rock Show' - can Chris Rock sue OJ Simpson?

OK, back the fuck off. . .I've had it with Mormons, physicists and dental technicians!

Have you ever lost your head during sex?

I hate being called 'sir.'

So, bracket builders ... How many of the Sweet 16 did you pick?

Judge busted for smokin' pot!

Americans Aren't Eating Their Vegetables -- are you?

500 to 55555, ask me anything!

i'm gonna start a DU brothel

i'm gonna start a DU street gang

i'm gonna start a DU 2 a.m. interstate rest stop

i'd like a new DU group to propose

I'd like to thank the mods for deleting one of my posts

My endocrinologist, poor man, looks very like Alberto Gonzales.

Why are people so disgusting?

Oh no. I just ate that pickled garlic you get at the grocery store olive bar.

Name that Tune

Anyone interested in seeing what I posted in GD yesterday? It's interesting.

Happy birthday neverforget, berner59 & nykiera!!

i normally don't care about fashion shows, but this is one i could get behind, so to speak

People who say "You're just jealous" when you disagree with them

Dessert at the Prophets - Brandied Plantains Flambe

My "listen to the contents of my sandwich board i will wear on michigan ave in about 6 months if i

Heather Mills on Dancing with the Stars

Can I have a hug?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 3/19/2007)

24 has really jumped the shark!

Love has sprung in the park...

DU guys: would you be pissed if someone called you

ooooh. DH finally got a turntable up and running.

24!!!!! Holy CRAP!!! (Spoilers)

Watch these Trailers, it looks like they will be great movies

have you been through psychotherapy...and did it help?

Judging by the threads, I see I'm not the only one who had a shit day

I need professional psychiatric help/ Politics is better than sex

Anyone ever gotten teaching certified late in life?

Airline passenger wakes up next to corpse

Can anyone give me a fast, easy recipe using tofu?

Got on the bus this afternoon and heard a voice I had not heard for 24 years say my name.

Pink to white; what a delight!

Ha! I'm leading the DU NCAA bracket!

Sweet nothings for your Significant Other(s)!

Satellite shot of GM's Wixom Proving grounds. Michigan Autobahn complex


Who needs another Bikini like they need a hole in their head?

Munich Automaker unveils their new Lowrider concept

Who needs a Martini?

Who needs another Martini like they need a hole in their head?

I can't find my cat

If you had to choose your epitaph right now, what would it be?

OK, back the fuck off. . .I've had it with morons, psychopaths and mental defectives!

OMFG, I am so stressed out.

$300 Panties on Ebay - Could someone please explain this to me?

ok=I am officially drunk-I hate these bastards,

Phil Spector trial starts with a new do for Phil!

how do you handle being incredibly sexy?

Some pictures from a recent trip up the CA coast - Comments welcome!

June bugs - at half past March

Who needs a hug?

Hmmm, $40k loan for a diploma for jobs that make $30k/yr (entry level) - is it worth it?

Clique of One? your table is right here, sir.

Pictures from the South Carolina Aquarium, mainly their Amazon exhibit. Not dial-up safe.

Wedding Pix!

Chris Rock breaks down the 2008 election

What's the best med to loosen tight muscles?

300: My review.

My "listen to me whine" thread...

Pet Owners - Please Read!!! Pet Food Recalled

And people wonder why I keep recycling The Brazilians Joke

I'm starting a DU Clique - post here if you want to join - we'll rumble with the Posse!!

Okay, so THIS is a little unnerving.

I just rediscovered this gem. The Smith's "Stop Me (If You Think You've Heard This One Before)

Ummmmmm, what the fuck?

What are you worth?

Just say "NO" to (Spiders on) drugs!

What vehicle is more obscene than a Hummer or H2?

WannaB needs your healthy, happy, healing vibes...if you've got them.

What's with the stick figure families on the backs of SUV's?

Confession: I Hated the film Premonition

When I say "Gonzo" who do you think of

What are these?

What's the best prank you ever pulled?

Who Needs A _____________

Choosing an MP3 player

Post here if you want to be in mine and matcom's posse.

A Poem for March...


I'm changing my DU Clique to a DU Flight Club

Rrr...fucking GD. There's yet another South-bashing thread.

What should I read on the plane?

should i be worried that i don't get hangovers anymore?


Man Forced To Urinate In Airsickness Bag On SkyWest Flight

What city needs an NFL team?

Any homebrewers in da'house?

I need some advice on how to hit on interns and or student journalists

So Did Anybody Else's Monday Just Bite The Big One?

I just made my dog cry

How I spent my day (or: well, I can't afford a DSLR) - minor dial-up warning.

Regarding people you find attractive...

I will donate $40 in the name of the moderator that locks that damn "please remove" thread

I will donate $40 for the Mods keeping "Please Remove" open!

Please remove kudzu.

Just booked a trip to Italy in the spring. Would appreciate advice.

Need help from somebody more talented than I am...

My 15,000th Post: I got engaged this weekend ladies and gentlemen!!

Please Remove thread - will it...

I have a new contender for the Stupidest Driver Ever Award:

Stop the seal hunt!

what's the most fucked up thing a boss ever told you?

40+ Years Old: TV shows I remember....

Christianity is not the enemy.

Here Follows Some Psycho-Metaphysics:

Who Here Has Read "The Jesus Family Tomb"? Your Comments.

True or False: If God does not exist, life could not possibly have meaning.

Ring of Fire: 3-24-62 to 3-24-07

ATTENTION: to anyone who says you can't score from anywhere in Soccer

Any other Colorado Avs fans here, watching their amazing late season comeback?

Another healer link:

May I ask for some quick advice please (again!)...

Advice on my workplace situation.

The night and the light are dancing together

Compounded medications--post in Health Forum

Buddhism Art Dance- amazing YouTube video

A different revalation

Recurring driving dream...need help, please...

I hope all of us pet owners have seen the recent discussions

'The VA is waiting for us to die'

Peace rally this Saturday, 3.24.2007 on Boston Common (xpost from GD)

Climate Science fraud and Reselling the War hearings 3/19/07

3/19/07 -- The War itself was a mistake.

FNS Interview (video)


Great HuffPo post from former Sen. Gary Hart (Gee this sounds familiar)

Hey, A new e-mail from our favorite senator concerning the Iraq War Anniversary.

Hillary 1984

UPDATE: Book Tour

DailyKos Diary to rec and comment (about JK and Fox News)

JK was at BC today!

Hearings this week. (Big week)

Imus on Friday

Please help! Need interview advice

Caesars Atlantic City has voted to join a union.

Bill Maher - New Rules - 3/17/07

Political Interference on Climate Reports: Waxman's Opening Statement

Valerie Plame testifies in CIA leak hearings (part 4)

Barbara Lee Calls for Fully Funded Withdrawal from Iraq, Enforceable Timelines

Bob Dylan - Gotta Serve Somebody + Acceptance speach -1980...

JOHN PRINE - Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore (LIVE 2004)

Classic Bushisms

Republicans who hate the troops but love war profiteers...

Rumsfeld Admits 2.3 Trillion Missing on 09/10/01

Dennis Kucinich warmly received at Saint Patricks Day Parade

One of These Mornings

GOP 'Find the Illegal Immigrant' Game Catches Flak...

South Park Takes On

Let's leave Iraq...***graphic warning***...

Seymour Hersh and our inept foreign policy...

Robert Greenwald on Countdown with Keith Olbermann...


The Last Time I Saw Jessica Rich V. 5

Barack Obama on Iraq, Opposition from the Start

Nine Inch Nails - Right where it Belongs (graphic content)

Montel - Tears up Exodus over Homosexuaity--Is There a Cure? lies

War Veterans Die from overdoses at VA hospital; neglect allows to over-medicate

Bill Maher to Bush; Maybe You're Just Not Lucky

Kucinich: Impeachment, I'm asking you, do you think it's time?


3,218 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

ROFLMAO !!! - From The Mind (pfft) Of Malkin !!! - Pro-Warsters 30,000 Strong !!!

A good friend of mine just called to say he was going to Afghanistan in April, I am torn about this

More Fun !!! - Rate The Vice President !!! - (AOL Poll)

I serve at the pleasure of the President (Spolier)

Does this tax cut explanation hold water?

The all new Washington Note blog

Scientists Create Ice Hotter Than Boiling Water

CNN Poll: Should Gonzo's apology end calls for his resignation?

Alternet: As Iraq Casualties Mount, So Do The Stories We Must Tell

Bill Maher thinks his friend Ann Coulters "faggot" comment was perfectly appropriate

Ann Coulter simply lays low until she can come up with a good zinger.

Mothers raise anti-war voices...parents of service members, vets no longer are content to just cheer

Investigators: VA not doing enough to help veterans from Iraq

This Modern World: Why Do Liberals Hate People With Heads?

The Looming Constitutional Crisis..... is Here

4 years after the Pentagon predicted "shock and awe" would lead to a quick and decisive victory

Presidential Primary Gut Check (worst case scenario)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

War outcry hits U.S. base in Italy

The Physicians for a National Health Program single payer plan is only one Americans should support

NPR story this morning on desertion, perhaps as high as 5,000 last year

What the purple fingers were really about

Report from the March on the Pentagon

Idiots in my community are trying to de-fund our Local Library

Peace rally this Saturday, 3.24.2007 on Boston Common

Giuliani: Helping Citgo helps U.S. - The devil isn't going to like this

Bush ADministration's OSHA is AWOL

The RNC is subject to subpoena and must comply....

All this by Rove just to create a "war president" and flag waving

DC demonstration & counter-demonstration

Scientists: Trying to change earth's climate is tricky

Imus sucking up to Romney (and vice versa) now

Ray Talafiaro just posed a question re: Iraq

U.S. Carbon Capture Program Inadequate, MIT Report Says

Anyone watching the 21st Century Flat Earthers on CSPAN now.

British Paper: Man Who Brought Down Saddam's Statue Now Has Regrets

TV news, except Keith and Jack Cafferty, was two months late with coverage of U.S. Attorney firings

ABC: More Than Half of All Iraqis Say It's 'Acceptable' to Attack U.S. Troops

'Surge' in hijacked PC networks

Justice Dept Recognized & Heralded Prosecutor's EXPERTISE ON ELECTION FRAUD Before His Firing

How bad is it in Iraq? Got to see Flash of ABC/USA Today poll data.


The US and N. Korea sure get along well now that N. Korea possesses a credible nuclear deterrent?

New e-mails to fuel scandal over US attorney firings

AP: Bush to ask for patience in Iraq war

Are you smarter than a neocon? From HuffPo.

Outline and primer for Lam firing from good article in KC Star

Security risks encircle Wi-Fi

Pearl murder: Appeal after 9/11 suspect confesses

How do you find out who owns a website?

New Bumper Stickers or T-shirts for 07

Dems "haven't sent one bill to the president since they've been in."

A Sibel Edmonds Video...

For Many Iraqis, Hunt for Missing Is Never-Ending

Pentagon acts to crack down on recruiter misconduct

18 percent of Iraqis trust U.S. forces - Hows that hearts and minds thing going for you George?

So I guess conservatives will call for Plame to be prosecuted now?

"scan my own pork"--- A first one for DU...

Suicide bomber hits U.S. embassy convoy in Kabul

DOJ is expected to document-dump paperwork on Congress today

LAT column: Why aren't the Bush daughters in Iraq?

71st US Servicewoman Killed in Iraq, 470 Servicewomen Wounded

Iraq war trial has soldier's fate on hold

Artist of RAYGUN's tear doesn't get the controversy. Time mag photoshops LOTS of covers.

More than half of Americans 50 and older now oppose war in Iraq

Now if this Gal stood behind Plame in the hearings, well---------

Pastor Jose C. Galvan of Iglesia de Dios Sinai Churh of God, in Tuscon, AZ arrested on theft charges

Christianity is not the enemy.

Rice Urges Patience Over Iraq

what time is Chimpy's press conference?

need credible examples of people being assaulted/imtimidated for protest

Bush to ask for patience in Iraq war today

Bush Admin Officials Confused as Ever: Condi Rice, Cheney, DeLay, and the Question of WMDs

Is Google pushing stores up to the top of searches?

Coalition forces?

The tyrant has been held to account....

Messed up

David Gregory is standing up to Tancredo's bullshit on MSNBC

Idiot Son coming out in a moment

A US soldier stands guard as Iraqi children play - pics

Anyone else irritated by news stories that only appear in video format?

Books! he got books behind him.

It is truly sad that I have to post this poem another year

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon. 3/19 -- flaming bag of poo

Is there anything left of our government that isn't corrupted, outsourced, or broken?

It Wasn’t Just a Bad Idea. It May Have Been Against the Law. (Attorney firings)

enemy of america Richard Viguerie on with Thom

bush* speech...same bullshit, different day

Isolated Bush delegates to point of detachment, discourages dissent, relies on loyal Texas advisers

Has anyone heard what the postive things are they are happening in Iraq....

Growing lettuce in small spaces

Southern Baptist Leader Takes Pro-Torture Stance Against NAE Anti-Torture Statement

Four Steps to Stop Agbiz Polluters

Bush: Pass a clean Iraq bill that doesn't use troop funding as leverage for spending in districts

How we affect each other: the ripples of our actions and words

Was Rove and Cheney's aim disable the Counter-Proliferation Division

Barbara Lee Calls for Fully Funded Withdrawal from Iraq, Enforceable Timelines as House Panel

Tony Snow: "I don't think we saw any pullback shots of giant protests.''

What issue do you think is more important? Iraq or global warming?

Detainee confesses to USS Cole bombing

Can you say flip flop?

500 Months! Bush pleads for patience in Iraq war (will take months)

Caught offguard today - a woman with an Atheist T-Shirt said hi to me ... I truly had no idea

Tony Snow gives Alberto the kiss of death

Since we are into anniversary poems...Hail to the Chief by Daniel Thompson

Looking forward to the spectacle of more freeper

Israel Develops System to Neutralize Nuclear Waste

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Gasoline powered boots let you run 22 mph, get 70 mpg

So what was the threat to the US from Saddam Hussein's Iraq in 2003????

is anyone aware of any organizations that accept donations of used prosthetic limbs?

Evan Thomas, on Imus, just assured Imus that

Any anti-war people on MSM today?

Iraq: "I Think That The Networks... Don't Want To See Things Going Bang Anymore"

Does anyone have a link to the New Heritage Article Sam Seder was talking about this morning?

Condi: "We need to complete the job."

Son slain in war, dad re-enlists

Republicons say if america leaves Iraq it will be a training ground..

U.S. pays kin in deaths of Afghan boys

Are Black immigrants from Africa and the Carribean the real "model minority?

Amazing Mental Rot (James Kunstler)

On 4th Anniversary, Editors Say War is Taking Toll -- But Vow to Keep Covering

Professional printing question.

Light A Candle For Peace

"No treasury deep enough; no army large

Monsanto - How Now Brown Cow?

Howard Dean on Iraq: "Today, as the President sits in his 'beautiful White House' "

"Now, I Am The Terrorist"...I wrote this four years ago, during Shock and Awe...

I have to change my avatar

has there ever been any actual study?

felines facing slaughter,Help end it.


Good morning everyone! Have a blessed day!

Roll Call: Rove As Witness On Hill Would Be 'Standing Room Only'

Ali was just 12 when he lost both his arms in a coalition missile attack in Baghdad in March 2003

This Means WAR With Move America Forward ORG

I bet even Rove, Chaney and * are going, "We should be done in by now!"

"Bush Pleads for Patience in Iraq War"

How important is it to consider how DU looks to the outside world?

Cricket ball sized hail & 15+ drowning islands 3.14 mil yr. rise

Santorum joins law firm

AP spin on Walter Reed privatization scandal

Caption *

Republicans in Deep Doo-Doo for 08

Kay bailey hutchinson(R) says that they lost even though we have a good economy...

The only poll I want to see on CNN...

Remember this? Bush removal ended Guam investigation (US Attorney)

For us poor folks...WOW is this a website.

McCain optimistic about war in Iraq; Local residents not buying his BS

Last night's "60 Minutes"

Glenn Beck attacks Keith Olbermann

PALAST: It's STILL The Oil: Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before Invasion

Why do you think that Rudy Giuliani is leading early polls both for nomination and GE?

I am switching detergents.

What time does the military parade start?

This picture is interesting

US public's support of Iraq war sliding faster now

Bushonomics: Cuts in top tax bracket cost US government more than most expensive social programs

"The democrats will be held responsible "John Roberts-CNN

**Sen. Dainne Feinstein C-SPAN 2 NOW** US ATTORNEYS

DEMS Will Fight To Get Rove's Testimony & Find Out From Him What The President Knew

Vote for Katie Couric's next intern (no joke)

What Happened To Kristin Breitweiser? Where Is She Lately?


The housing meltdown and the free market zealots

Tony Snow ‘Defensive’ On Iraq Anniversary, Tells CNN’s Ed Henry To ‘Zip It’

Jack Cafferty's 4:00 question .....

Center for American Progress: Iraq By the Numbers

Ensign ‘Flabbergasted’ Over Attorney Firing - VIDEO

Having to dig deep to find good news on Iraq

Tune into cspan2 if you can. So far, Feinstein, Spector, and now

Pelosi calls for new attorney general - VIDEO

Milbank v. Leibovich: Who's Got Hungry Eyes?

Waxman isn't going to quit until he has Bush and Cheney impeached

Why Won't MoveOn Move Forward?

White House delays action in U.S. attorney inquiry

Report: Adult illiteracy rate high in nation's capital

Shame of America CNN at 8PM Homeless Veterans

A question about purchasing a cashiers check

"I'm 88 The War's a Mistake!" -- WWII Vet

Help me with this...I can't see a way out.

Guy set to hang for killing Daniel Pearl wants appeal because of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession

Is Bush Administrations 'success' the full installation of military bases in Iraq?

The Firing of The "Gonzales 8" - Start Tossing Bodies On The Burn Pile!

By way of anniversary observance: The War Prayer by Mark Twain

Has anyone heard anything about the Emails that are to be released today?

Hitler's Children, airing on ABC March 21st at 1:30 AM.

Randi's On Vacation??

Caption this pic

Jane Hamsher: "The only thing he's betting are the lives of more and more people Not Named Bush ...

Q for the Greenie-leaners....?

Jeff Session (R - Bush Asskisser) is up mis-representing USA firings

HEADLINE: "Iraqis see hope drain away"

Bill O'Reilly plays the Nazi card

Dammit! Where's my Gonzo frogmarch?!

Bill O'Reilly flips over "unfresh" croissants

Remember when Bush said he didn't write e-mails...

Even if we pull out of Iraq today

Some idiots send Jessica Lynch hate mail

Apple may soon introduce speedy mini-laptop (Reuters/

GOP slugfest: Matt Drudge mocks Michelle Malkin, National Review Online eviscerates Dinesh D'Souza

I think LA needs a bigger airport.

Why do so many confuse "Cavalry" with "Calvary"?

I'm loving this new thing that Randi Rhodes is doing . . . .

Bush - The Ultimate Flip Flopper

Document Dump Gives "Misleading Rationale" to U.S. Attorney Firings

Kucinich coming up on Tucker MSNBC

500 US hosp. agree to scan inserted chips in unconscious patients

Jeff Sessions question

"Billionaires for Bush" at the NYC Rally

"Ex-gay evangelist & Christian recording artist rejects 'gay gene' talk"

the "You Don't Speak For Me Cindy" Campaign Leader on CSPAN

Ted Kennedy follows Jeff Sessions. Kind of like Shakespeare following Spike Jonze.

Crunch Time for Gonzales...

Top NASA Scientist: Bush is Politicizing and Screening Global Warming Science

God, Threats, Taxes, and Pat Robertson (More on the death threat from Pat Robertson)

Some more dog food brands have been added to the list of those being recalled

U.S. Attorneys dot not "Serve" the President

Kyle Sampson's gonna sing :)

CNN: 2,000 page document dump tonight.

Gore: New Goal - 500,000 Messages to Congress

Message to GOPers : Stop micromanaging the US Attorneys

What is becoming clear that the freepers don't understand re: USA scandal

Rice just said nuclear threat from Iran "small."

HA! I told ya! Expecting document dump TODAY, as late as 7:00PM!

Iraq and the Media: A Critical Timeline (FAIR highlights some of the worst press coverage)

China: The Government Serves Only The People

Cafferty's first question today:

Mayor "Rocky" coming up on CNN. He wants Chimpy impeached.

The only way to end the war and stop the one coming in Iran is

Confederate flag as art? Great rant against racist bigots

are you smarter than a. . . or as smart as a. . . ?

Teddy-K in da howz on CSPAN-2

Bush's health care plan NOT most effective

PELOSI: "I Don't Think Gonzales Understood Difference Between Being Bush Lawer & Attorney General

Iraq: Faux Covering The 4th Anniversary A Lot Less Often Than CNN Or MSNBC

The Bible on immigration.

Did vote warning just slip her mind? (Sarasota voting machines)

Walter reed is..OMG..

Bush As King Lear...surrounding himself with "yes men"...

Rise and shine: the GM wake-up call


Arlen Spectar is such a fucking hack

Impeachment As an Act of Patriotism

Have you sent a card from yet?

Have you heard about code pink protesting in front of veterans

Why Aren't Cheney, Rove, Armitage & Bush In the Dock Alongside Libby? (Robert Parry)

Executive privilege for Rove and Miers?

WH flip-flopped on their memes against Dems last week and media didn't NOTICE?

Bush adviser: Cheney has agreed that it was time to give diplomacy more of a try

Will Israel ever be progressive again? Will it ever be worthy of progressive support again?

Snow donuts are real...

I realize I'm stepping on a landmine here....

Upcoming Impeachment-related Events Schedule

Keep Pulling!!!

CNN: Sectarian violence is down in Baghdad because U.S. troops are...

OK gang.. It's 7:00!. . . Where are those documents??

Former White House official defends editing of climate papers

September the eleventh two thousand and one.

Wanna Make $40-$50K As "Launderess" For A DC Political Family?

Fox News: “4 Years Later: Iraqis ‘Thanking’ America”

Bombings triple in Afghanistan in 2006

"Bush may have to cut loose the man he affectionately calls Fredo"

Bill Richardson says he'd meet Chavez, leaders of Iran, Syria

I'm mostly in agreement with the notion of 'bong hits 4 Jesus'

Think Progress: Was Carol Lam Targeting The White House Prior To Her Firing?

Email shows Gonzales "unhappy" with McNulty's testimony

I have my head stuck so far into DU & other LW sources of information that

What phrase did Novak use in describing Armitage?

“I really regret bringing down the statue,

Just in from TPM : Roves Talking Point

Protesting, yet, uninformed - what to do about it?

Police: Smith Judge Caught Using Pot

Well, this jaded, cynical dude is getting hopeful again

On CNN: Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson calling for impeachment.

Krugman: "Don't Cry For Reagan."

Leader of Sudan on NBC w/ Ann Curry

'300' Flick Is Ready-Made for the Right-Wing Crowd

Help protect compounded medications against Wyeth and the FDA!!

White House Seeking Gonzales Replacements - Chertoff?

Burglars Steal 220-Pound Gold Bar

Pet Food Recall: UPDATED - Pet Owners should keep checking list.

AFP: Iran stop inspectors visiting nuclear site: diplomats

Anna Nicole judge caught smoking pot...

News media and politics: an uneasy union (who's married to who?)

Waging Peace in Flyover Country

Raham Emanuel just told Chris that 2,000+ pages of docs are

I could be adding another X real soon.

Boy do I ever remember this differently...

MSNBC Breaking: Fran Townsend possible successor to Gonzales.

Chris Matthew's show this evening is worth watching, MSNBC

Ohio Asks Election Board Members to Quit

Nova M and XM Radio?

if this youtube montage doesn't leave you weeping....then I don't know what...

Hey GONEzales, YOU FORGOT TO FIRE SOMEONE!!! (Unofficial buh-by Gonzales Thread)

Supreme Court hears ‘Bong Hits 4 Jesus’ case

"Bong Hits 4 Jesus": Free-Speech Case Divides Bush and Religious Right

where is the website.. im sorry.. where you post your picture with a sign to tell the world you are

Ok DU, get to work!! Keith says the emails have been released!!

The Dems should tell Bush to pick any one of the 8 US Attorneys he fired to replace Gonzales

Independent frontpage on four years of war in Iraq

Feminism 101, I highly recommend you add this new blog to your favorites list.

I think your goose is cooked when they start interviewing for a successor...

Bush continues lying to the stupid

Where's Pat Buchanan Today?

GONZO has NOT resigned!

The truth is, we need to worry about the remaining 85.......

CNN International: A close look at the opposition to the war. Watch it HERE

45 arrested at SF 'die-in' war protest

The Senate has to approve any successor to "Fredo" Gonzales, right?

One more big push (for Sibel)

What happened to Howard Zinn?

Shrub: "We're still in the early stages of this war."

From Iraq Body Count, it's ""... Guess what they say is a bad idea.

Must block the funding, as if everyone didn't know

Sunsara Taylor on O'Reilly NOW

(VIDEO) Rocky Anderson calls for impeachment on the Situation Room

Mark Fiore does "Gonzo"

Anybody here interested in "politics?" Obama on with Larry King...8:04PM CST

NIH chief: Stem cell ban hobbles science

I hate to break your bubble folks, but we need 218 votes in the House to stop the occupation.

Iraq War Anniversary Vigils across the country tonight - ATTEND ONE!

Re: the detainee from Gitmo who confessed to bombing the USS Cole:

Has anyone said that the fired prosecutors should get their jobs back?

I'm starting to like The Great Unraveling

1/3 of Iraqi children now malnourished 4 years after US invasion

Just watched "Good Night and Good Luck"

Just say "NO" to (Spiders on) drugs!

Are they dusting off Ed Meese yet?

I feel for the soldiers over seas, especially after watching 60 Minutes!

Christopher Bond calls Valerie Plame Wilson a liar

Support for Gonzales appears to collapse

Just booked a trip to Italy in the spring. Would appreciate advice.

What the hell is Condiliesalot doing now?

My advice to the next Democratic administration: Tell the truth no matter what!

Who will Bush pick to replace Gonzales?

U.S. Federal Government need to be given back authority to create money

NBC Nightly Features Anti-Hillary "1984" YouTube Video

Al Gore's New Goal - 500,000 Messages to Congress

I love Bob Hope, well, no, I tolerated Hope, but CSPAN coverage pisses me off

I remember a news magazine segment...

I'm happier than the blind snake that married a garden hose.

I'm not surprised that these cartoons about the US Attorneys Scandal were made,

HARDBALL: Rahm Emanuel livid re Corruption Investigations by fired US Attorneys

Bush is a brave brave man

Why are they afraid to utter the words? Bush and Cheney must resign immediately

Why the fuck does Craig Crawford have to have such an annoying personality ?

Killed in Iraq on Saturday

The Justice Department is freaking out.

Congress' Subpoena Power and Executive Privilege

Congressmen battle to represent Homer Simpson

Know what's weird? Toensing hasn't been on any news/talk shows

Are Mooslim tayorists driving your children's schoolbuses?

A few fun facts about Ted Olsen from Wiki-add your own!

Another vomit story from DC

I think one of the Democratic Presidential candidates

Al Gore Almost At 500,000 Signatures!

Army Brigade Finds Itself Stretched Thin

What is with the "Monday" night news dump from the Bush regime?

The War Hasn't Ended? ...and Code Pink and Cindy and Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

OH BOY! Feinstein now in the Senate and Thom Hartmann today.

Sign The Call To DRIVE OUT The Bush Regime

Alive In Bagdad Watch and tell me what you think


Dear Barack Obama: I like you and everything, but for chrissakes--

DUer Joanie Baloney could use some good thoughts sent her way

Vet Protests Iraq War 75 Minutes After Mom's Death

we've been "winning" since the war started...

on the advent of the 4th year-"no Bravery" deserves a second look

Survey: More IRR officers say no to deploying

Fox Taking a Beating - OReally Not Cutting It:

Where is the pic of the 88 year old protester??

Bush is Politicizing and Screening Global Warming Science

Privacy Note Found on Google Blog

As I was watching CURRENT TV today they said France made it illegal for citizens to video violence.

You're either with bush* or you're the enemy. Tony Snow: Troop withdrawal bill 'victory for enemy'

Did Anyone I hope get the Homeless Veterans off CNN tonight

At night, I think republicans dream more about this man than George W. Bush!

Bush's defenders are absolutely right - U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President.

Christopher Hitchens quote on people against the Iraq War,

I just saw the most obnoxious PBS promo in memory...

Please someone help me. I need everything ya got on this Howard Kaloogian.

Satellite shot of GM's Wixom Proving grounds. Michigan Autobahn complex

Administration official edited climate reports extensively

Elisabeth Hasselbeck shouldn't even be on TV

In case you missed it the poodle is poisoned from the dogfood he eats.

Normally I like Lawrence O'Donnell

What the Butler didn't see - The Guardian U.K.

Prosecutor Email - Text of threat letter

U.S. approves visa for Ahmadinejad to speak at UN

Waxman hearing on political interference on climate change starting NOW

The EX-Knife collection...One might see where this could be offensive (and yet it sells...)

South Africa looking to Russia to acquire nuclear and space technology

It's STILL the oil: Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before Invasion (Greg

Kill all the lawyers?

WH denies they dubbed anti-gay pastor the US "special envoy"; pastor says he has video proof

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Iraqi prison population soaring

"Do we really want to occupy Iraq for the next 30 years?" bush & his Cabal are stupid...

Does anyone know the story behind that Hillary as "Big Sister" ad?

Despite what some people say

a MIXED report: Ben JONES (Dukes of Hazzard) just handed O'LOOFAH his ass, BUT

Important message from the founder of Greenpeace.

Heads up, WP dropping a small bomb on Purgegate

An Important message from James Lovelock, founder of the "Gaia hypothesis"

What the pet food recall means for the rest of us:

What ever became ofthe investigation...

A Constitutional question: if Bush were in a coma and Cheney were ready

Looks like Gonzo will soon be out!! WH looking for replacements! Breaking MSNBC!

A moving picture

I'll take one for the team and volunteer to be Gonzalez's replacement.

Obama on L.King. I was cooking in the other room. He did not sound great.

Bush: All we need to win in Iraq is COURAGE and RESOLVE!

GONZALES Gone? Could be this week if the bushies 'stay the course'

Iraq: Why Won’t MoveOn Move Forward?

The next AG will be: (drum roll, please)

Al Gore To Receive Honorary Doctorate From Concordia University


I see now the problem with Olbermann's new glasses

Isn't it obvious what BushCo is doing? re: "Reports the surge is working."

"Law, PR Firms Help Contractors Navigate (Waxman's) Reconstruction Inquiries"

Sunni? Shi'a? How to tell the difference..(In case george still wonders)

Hillary: GOP's New Best Friend( warning, NewsMax)

Mission Accomplished: Halliburton Stock Triples Since March 03

Joe Galloway: A desperate Army is scraping the bottom

The DOJ Documents are up at the Judiciary website!

Help Me Compile a List for Tony Snow Today. Would You?

On this ghoulish anniversary. . .an amazingly powerful piece. . .

BREAKING on Countdown: Document dump has just happened.

How many people here thought the war would still be going after 4 years?

Laptop Stolen in Break-in at Minnesota's DFL Headquarters

Best. Protest. Sign. Evar.

Steven Pinker: “Our ancestors were far more violent than we are.”

I Loved This Pic From CNN.Com. Glad I Saved It - Wasn't Up For Long:

Women Stand For Peace and Justice

Jon Soltz (VoteVets.Org/StopIranWar.Com) Was Just On Keith!

**** Federal Budget Calls Urgently Needed; Monday, March 19 - Call to support education funding ****

David Corn responds to Victoria Toensing's testimony

George, You Ignorant Slut!!! -------------->

I've got it. Bush and Gonzales in cartoon form.

Air America will swing to the “Center’.

For Those Of Us Who Loved "The 300"

Transatlantic pilot 'more than six times over alcohol flying limit'

Who in the hell are these asshats from Move America Forward?

Anyone notice how the Crack Epidemic sort of ended when the Contra wars ended?

OMG! Jason Jones and The Daily Show blow the lid off of "Curing Gayness!"

Well well....another ulcer for the Bushies.

Stop the seal hunt!

Cheeeeney buys a boat for the Dukestir through the Wadestir.

People here seem to respect Cindy Sheehan yet they

DU the hell out of this poll!

Pictures from 4th anniversary event in Kansas City yesterday

I Called Waxman's Office Twice Today

Senator Feinstein on CSPAN2 - EMAILS


The little things you learn when you're occupying a congresscritter's office.

Cindy Sheehan: Tragically Accomplished

Blackwater USA ...Very scary

My fellow DU'ers, start reading....The Emails

Tonight's Auburn University Peace Rally (photos)

With partisan US attorneys, even child molesters go free if they are Repubs (shocking details):

Phoenix Driving Instructions

About the new AG just occurred to me....

Crazy rumor: Has Sam Seder been fired from Air America?

Off of Craigslist. This is such bullshit. What a piece of misogynist crap.

LieberBush "will not rule out" joining GOP - live, MSNBC right now!!

Limbaugh calls Valerie Plame "a babe." Said he'd "throw his hat in the ring" if she weren't married.

Should we sacrifice the Senate?

c-span2: deborah johns - "you don't speak for me , cindy"

Big ol' honkin airplane comes to LAX

Kucinich: Impeachment: I'm asking you. Do you think it's time?'s Monday again. Time for a TOON update

Faux is at it again: Kerry catches Chris Wallace in a lie...

Postal Rates Set to Go Up on May 14

BREAKING: Replacements for AG Gonzales being interviewed by WH

the everyday psychopath

LA Times: Obama the 'Magic Negro'

"YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW BAD IT IS HERE"....Justice Dept. official

What if The Gay was The Norm: A Cartoon

My brother-in-law died suddenly 2 weeks ago, from eating Peanut Butter

The Navy should name a ship in honor of Bob Hope. What do yo usay?

The Great Political Divide in today’s United States

Study break: Terri Gross on NPR did a great interview about Blackwater

Activists Seek Alternative Model to ‘Neo-Liberal’ Trade Pacts

For Some Americans the War in Iraq Isn't About Oil

We don't have a volunteer army.

The Significance of Ann Coulter

Virginia Gun Dealers Taunt New York Mayor

IHOP Kicks Lesbian Couple Out For Friendly Kiss

Setting up people for Arrest - news story


Welcome Karl Rove to Michigan

"Keep Them Safe": Washington Post calls for early Secret Service protection for candidates

Democrats in Congress kick oversight into overdrive

Clinton's offkey Stars and Stripes proves file-sharers' hit

StopIranWar Button Distributors Needed In Your Hometown! (From Clark Group)

Standoff over Iraq war funding looming (AP)

Iraq Green Zone Construction Boom

DoJ Officials Point to Sampson, Sampson Points Back

For Bush, 'executive privilege' excuse shouldn't fly:

C-SPAN is allowing a guest to speak FAVORABLY about Newt Gingrich -- try calling in.

But hey you've gotta admit Bush has things running like a top

Who is to Blame for the Mortgage Carnage and Coming Financial Disaster? (Roubini)

NYT: Official Alerted F.B.I. to Rules Abuse 2 Years Ago, Lawyer Says

Bush to make statement on Iraq war anniversary (11:30 AM) - Reuters

LOOK what Joe diGenova said!

Move America Forward ad campaign to resell the war. C-Span2 10 AM

"Valerie Plame is what Ann Coulter thinks she looks like"

You can help Sibel Edmonds & your country, today.

An old saying in politics,.....

Gary Hart: The Lessons of Iraq (HuffPost)

Why didn't someone tell me that there are two countries named Iraq?

Bill Richardson: I have done here in New Mexico ... what I can do as president ...

Senate on CSPAN2 is pretty good now -- editing of scientific material..

Now hears a real plan for Iraq

Another great bumpersticker sighted in the french quarter

Terrorists HAD a stronghold in Afghanistan???

Anybody watching C-SPAN and the hearings on Political Influence on Climate Change Research?

Bottom Line:The poll you won't see on MSM

CBS "breaking news"--Bush about to speak

Tony Snow ‘Defensive’ On Iraq Anniversary, Tells CNN’s Ed Henry To ‘Zip It’

U.S. attorney's firing may be connected to CIA corruption probe

Glennbeckitis; WARNING! Democrats NOT immune.

Good News: Helen Back In The Front Row, faux Booted To Second

White House Hopes Gonzales Will Stay On (AP)

Clinton Hires Deputy Campaign Manager

Feinstein: U.S. Attorneys Are Not ‘Political’ Appointees

The Rude Pundit: Bush the Perfunctory

Democrats need to develop a position now to defend

Geiger: Leahy is BUSY this week. Check it out!

POLL: Obama pulls within five points of Hillary

"I can get bipartisan support... bring Democrats and Republicans together... bring nations together

O.M.G. on March 19 2006 bush gave the exact same talk as today's

Five Minutes of rush this morning

Schumer: "We Do Have Evidence" Gonzales Lied Under Oath--Video

"Its worth the sacrifice." Kindasleezy

Senate Debate On Revoking Gonzales's Appointment Authority Begins

Katrina vanden Heuvel: End the War (On Terror)

TPMCafe reports that Rock the Vote political Director to Head Barack Obama's Youth Outreach

RRTP or Conservanalgia; WARNING ! Democrats not immune !

Expel Lieberman!

Thanks Al - defending environment shouldn't have been such a lonely battle for any of you.

Are we suppose to believe that Iraq is out of control because of the ...

Gonzales to join an ever growing list?

Santorum joins DC law firm - Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott

Some Jewish Leaders And Groups Are 'Wary' Of Obama

Iraq War/Occupation 5-Year Anniversary Must-See Videos List

Chicago Trib: Pelosi calls for new attorney general

Any Update On Daily Kos - Rove's Dirty Tricks - Private E-Mail Servers - Next * Scandal?......

Is there a new right wing talking point about global warming??

The Power of Subpoena (The Nation)

PWNED....almost 3 times as many people hate him as love him.

The media is starting to tell us the surge is working

Obama: "It Is Time To Bring This Conflict To A Responsible End"

Here's an idea to further investigations on Gonzales.

Whoopsie! Dupe-please delete. nt

Obama Working to Boost Jewish Support

If that MF says "WE" need courage one more time I am going blow up

Don't forget Senator Obama is on Larry King TONIGHT

John Murtha: Four Costly Years at War (HuffPost)

I didn't know Susan Estrich could sing!

White House "Hopes" Gonzales stays - Does that mean he's as good as gone?

The Gitmo 'confessions' - why they HURT the US of A

Iraqis see hope drain away

U.S. Attorney's Firing may be Connected to CIA Corruption Probe (McClatchy, via CommonDreams)

Purple Hearts, Democrats Abroad and Kucinich

RepubCong. Jerry Lewis's defense firm hires US Attorney, employees other bushies

Howard Dean and the Last Laugh

Lesbian kiss falls flatter than a pancake (two lesbians are thrown out of IHOP for PDA

Why its Little Andy Card ...... one LYING motherfucker ......

If Gonzo pick for Attorney General...

Can Congress Fire Karl Rove?

Has Anybody Heard Any More On This Story From Daily Kos - New * Scandal?.....

“No Crime was Committed” Argued Victoria Toensing - As the Lawyer for Fox News, ABC, CBS, NBC & CNN

If Gonzo resigns or is fired, won't the investigation continue?

WaPo: Iraq War's Statistics Prove Fleeting

Tom Delay On MTP - Why Do They Think We Want To Hear From A Criminal......

Exclusive: E-mail Shows Internal Rift At Justice Over Firings (doc. dump)

ThinkProgress: Justice Department documents released.

Next candidate for president from GOP:

ABC Breaking: DOJ Releases Thousands of Pages of Emails

Gonzo's Assistant buys vacation home with Oil Prez & Lobbyist - I missed that

Paralysis Sets In as DOJ Faces Crisis

With all the scandals overtaking the D o J, the White House, & the D o D ...

Paralysis Sets In As DOJ Faces Crisis

DFA Night School tomorrow night. Topic is how someone can run for office.

Bush on Iraq pullout: "contagion of violence...could engulf the region"

U.S. News: Email Shows Gonzales "Unhappy" with Deputy Testimony

Has the "document dump" from the Justice department happened yet?

White House Seeking Gonzales Replacements

Finally, tweety asked a "hardball" question! Yippee!

Pelosi Plays Hardball, Clyburn Something Else

Obama just 5 points from Hillary. The race is TIGHTENING

have you heard of unity08?

Attorney firings may have been against the law (Four potential crimes)

Was Carol Lam investigating Cheney?

Gonzales Approval

Lieberman: No Democratic Presidential Candidate Has ‘Strong And Muscular’ Foreign Policy

The DOJ Docs are up at the Judiciary website...

Rove's involvement in Ohio US Attorney placement (2005)

Ya know, Obama isn't where he's at today because his wife used to be President.

Congratulations to all the Democrats who supported Lieberman over Lamont.

Carol Costello CNN Says Good Looking Candidates Face Uphill Battle

Christian right at crossroads

Lieberman refused to rule out a switch to Republican party, and may support the Republican in '08!

NBC says Dems "trying to make it seem as if there is a scandal" in the firing of U.S. attorneys

Here's a good site for keeping track of Bill Oreilly -

ANOTHER reason to fire Lam? Cheney's dirty water boondoggle: Larisa Alexandrovna.

Talking with one of the angry vets. "Meeting the other reality face to face."

Why Conservatives Can't Govern (from

Detailed analysis of how Clinton never committed perjury.

Obama closes to within 5% of Clinton; Edwards falls, Richardson rises.

Cunningham and Wade connected to Dick Cheney by contract.

Howard Dean played Hardball today. Strong interview. Video.

Brent Wilkes sure knew how to throw a dinner party for John Doolittle

Jeb bush is going to run with whoever the repug candidate is...

Bush Private Army at taxpayer expense

How do you Feel Obama did on CNN Tonight?

MoveOn To Back House Dem Leadership's Bill On Iraq

The Bill Richardson Watch, 3/19/2007

Did GOP Lawyer (Toensing) Mislead Congress About Plame Case? (The Nation)

Bill and Hill appear together at million-dollar NYC fundraiser; "You are the best," he says.

Did anyone see the prime minister of Australia running from the aircraft...

Kucinich Asks 'Is it Time for Impeachment?'

Let's make believe for a minute that Bill and Hillary never got married.

Ned Lamont: Two Months (HuffPost)

The term "enemy" truly bothers me

Can Gore Let It Rip?

Can anyone give me a good reason to support Hillary?

Remember in the 04 election, the W fans chanting FOUR WAR YEARS!!!!

With partisan US attorneys, even child molesters go free if they are Repubs (shocking details):

My study on co-sponsorship of Kucinich authored bills April 05 to present

US attorney Yang takes $1.5 Mill to work at Lewis defense law firm

I think Nancy Pelosi is afraid to start impeachment and that is just unacceptable!

Political video smackdown (Hillary 1984)

Pat Oliphant attacks Hillary