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Archives: March 18, 2007

No Mo Money for War

Japanese labor union threatens sit-in at Yokosuka (US Navy base)

Chlorine Blasts Kill 8; 6 (US) Troops Also Die in Iraq (p. A-20)

AFP: Tens of thousands denounce Iraq war at Washington rally

Liverwurst -- to me it's worse than liver

I found somebody's voice! Ask me anything! I'll answer! With that voice!

"$20?! Let's go da movies!!" Mean Streets is on.

Shameless Promotion

The Miracle of Digital Editing - funny PowerPoint

"i wanna get high"

How long can you watch an ANSWER rally before they bring up Mumia?

Should I go buy some milk tonight? Or wait until Monday?

Home early... what a boring night.

I got my hair cut...

i am not irish. but i am drunk.

Always pads....

Guinness and Tullamore Dew...

Buddhism and Atheism.

Cindy Sheehan, March on the Pentagon, March 17 2007

Ski Industry Goes Green to Fight Warming

Something I learned from "The Power of Nightmares"

Real Time w/Bill Maher repeat coming up on HBO2

Has anyone asked the D.C. Bar to consider if Gonzales is worthy of membership?

Did you people not pay attention yesterday? (GI's and Vets?)

Just saw "A Prairie Home Companion" W/ Garrison Keillor & 1 protestor

Peace rally in Anchorage today - photos (dial-up warning)

Tues, WH will announce if ALLOW Miers, Rove others to testify:

Edwards goes on the offensive (global warming)

John Edwards on Poverty

Paul Krugman Don’t Cry For Reagan

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 283

It's STILL the Oil: Secret Condi Meeting on Oil Before the Invasion (Greg Palast)

Tracking Maureen Dowd on Al Gore.

Bedrock principle is at the center of U.S. attorneys controversy (McClatchy)

Canadian, U.S. and Mexican officials held secretive meeting on integration

Robert Parry: Plame-gate: Time to Fire WPost's Hiatt

It Wasn’t Just a Bad Idea. It May Have Been Against the Law.

Justice Dept. Recognized Prosecutor's Work on Election Fraud Before His Firing

Frank Rich: The Ides of March 2003 (NY Times, via Truthout)

John Nichols: "Malfeasance in Office" (The Nation)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: End the War (On Terror)

Newsweek: Disorder in King George's Court

Garbage In Garbage Out

Thirstier World Likely to See More Violence

NYT: "The Women's War"

In the Name of Improving People's Lives: Mounting Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq

Obama, Israel And Al Sharpton

Gonzales emerging as Bush’s creation

truthout: Once More to the Pentagon

Alec Baldwin: There is a Candidate Who is the Answer (awesome!)

WP: Egypt- Opposition Campaign Embodying Bush Vision Now Lies in Pieces

'Traumatized' Iraqis a growing concern

Nurse’s blog stirs dad against war in Iraq

Observer: How the good land turned bad - 4th anniversary of Iraq invasion

DeLay titling his book No Retreat, No Surrender is like Abramoff calling his memoirs Ethics&Honesty

Amid Concerns, FBI Lapses Went On (WaPo)

Iraqi Sunnis plan lobbying operation in Washington (Boston Globe)

Political intervention in prosecutors' duties is a bad mixture, Keating says

Al-Qaeda in Iraq May Not Be Threat Here

Release of Guantanamo Prisoners Undermines U.S. Claims of Threat, Analysis Says

NYT; The Army, After Iraq

NYT: G.O.P. Anger in Swing State Eased Attorney’s Exit

Army Foresees Natural Gas Crisis

Leak shows BP knew of Texas risk - The Observer

The race to 100 mpg (CNN/ {new X Prize to winner?}

Teenager achieves nuclear fusion at home

Scientists Question Climate Tinkering

SA - Fundamentally Conservative Outlook Of IPCC Report May Mask Worst-Case Potential

EPA Head At Failed Potsdam Conference - US Focus "Certainly Not On (Mandatory) Caps"

Interfaith "Walk For Climate" Will March From Northhampton To Boston This Week - Boston Globe

Young Poles battle government over swampland - Reuters

German Environment Minister - US "Blocks Environmental Progress" On Emissions Trading, Credits - BBC

Tenn. mine enriched Gore, scarred land

EU Site to Offer Extreme Weather Data

Jason Hill And G. David Tilman on Minnesota prairie biofuels

Xcel solicits proposals for local wind projects (MN)

Luke Metzger: Texas, warm up to solar (OpEd Dallas News)

Bald eagle nest found in Philadelphia - AP

Tens of thousands of Palestinians detained in 40 years of Israeli military rule

TV documentary: Egyptians killed captured IDF troops in 1973 war

West Bank homes for sale here (So. Florida)

Jewish grandmothers patrol West Bank checkpoints

Past shared, present shattered

Linguist, left-wing activist Prof. Tanya Reinhardt dies age 63

Poll: Over 25% of Israeli Arabs say Holocaust never happened

Statement by Mark Ortiz on fallacy of "accessible" voting

DIEBOLD SELLING E-VOTING? Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 03/18/07

Power shift puts Bush team on defense

Flag, noose exhibit angers veterans group

Donald Trump on C*ndi

Large Iraq war protests across Spain

Iraq experts say draft oil industry law fraught with problems

Iraq says TNT traces found in Sunni lawmaker's cars

Feinstein Says Rove WILL get Subpoena

Lawyer to appeal Pearl case conviction

U.S. to allow some contacts with non-Hamas ministers

US 'blocks environment progress'

White House veto threats proliferate

Bush Urged to Develop Overall Nuclear Arms Policy

Gates sidesteps question on Pace apology

U.S. attorney candidate can't practice law

Confession of 9/11 architect backfires on US

Taliban chop drivers' noses, ears in Afghanistan

Iraq experts say draft oil industry law fraught with problems

Poll: Most Iraqis live in fear of violence 4 years after invasion

War protests to move to NY after march on Pentagon

Czech village rejects US radar base

AFP: Russia warns US not to use nuclear issue to change Iran

British Prosecutors May Explain Hold Up in Litvinenko Inquiry

Bush Threatens to Veto Democrats' Bills

Lavrov Criticizes U.S. Unilateralism

Several EU Flights Face a Ban

White House veto threats proliferate

Leahy presses for White House testimony

Israel, U.S. scale back war game

Reuters: Gates: "so far, so good" on new U.S. Iraq strategy

Bush adviser decries Democrat Iraq plans (Hadley)

Giuliani Defends Firm's Work for Citgo

Troubleshooting Starts As Energy Loses Steam(Oil Price)

Leahy to push for White House subpoenas

Russia Hopes for African Mega-Deals

Sunni, not Shiite, militants emerge as biggest threat

Uruguay rejects Bush Trade agreement

McCain Plays Down Issues of Age, Health

Iraq police find 9 decapitated colleagues

Supreme U.S. commander in Europe calls Israel 'model state'

7 US Troops die in Iraq Violence - AP

Taliban say have released Italian journalist

Zimbabwe opposition spokesman attacked (Nelson Chamisa)

Iraqis: life is getting better / Pessimism 'growing among Iraqis'

AP: US Airways Says Thousands Still Stuck

Mexico Says Oil Monopoly Struggling

E&P: Marking 4th Anniversary of War: 'Washington Post' Accepts Some Blame

Walter Reed privatization deal delayed

DeLay absolves himself in his book

Mugabe in fear of coup plot

Hicks 'given sedative' before being told of charges

Schumer: Gonzales unlikely to survive(people at DOJ want info to come out)

Confession of 9/11 architect backfires on US

New CNN Poll: Confidence In Iraq War Down Sharply ("61% Not Worth Invading")

Subprime lending worries hit home

Man freed by DNA found guilty in slaying

Colombian leader favors extraditing Chiquita execs

Military Ill Prepared For Other Conflicts

Survey: More reserve officers saying no to deploying

Gates Says He Writes Iraq War Dead Kin

Blair, Bush could face probe at The Hague

U.S. attorney's firing may be connected to CIA corruption probe

Goodnight Lounge

is there anyway to effectively combine my rock and rolling all

so let me get this straight

roger gold leader

2:00 and I bid you good night.

Mmmhh -- I like them French-fried potaters

OK, I'm on a movie kick - just saw "Stranger Than Fiction"

I'm up all night tonight.

I got fucked in Al Haig's driveway.

Do you have an assport?

I used to be harmless . . .

"Womens' Wellness Expo at the Big Wood Center in Fergus Falls"?

Battlefield Earth vs. Gigli

Bleached hair on dark haired men who grow beards

To all those who actually post on DU:

i have that "not so fresh feeling"

Two drifters off to see the wold.

"faulty uterus"

AARRGGHH! Black fly bites! All over my legs and arms!

Good Morning DU! Here's a song to start your day!

MMMMMMM!! Butter!!111!1!!

2/25/73 Dark Star > Eyes

It's Tax Time! And I just did all 4 of our returns in less than an

Sheesh, it's already 10:15AM.

Request for people that live in NCAA tourney venue towns

I got stuck in Al Haig's driveway

After waiting 2 weeks for delivery of our new refrigerator, it's broken.

For those of you that are hung over, some advice

Who else is mad because the 'Casino Royale' DVD lacks DTS sound?

Who wants to come to my coke party?

oh hell.

A little Dropkick Murphys to help with your hangover

The story of my night.

Penne in Pesto...

only amateurs get hangovers

‘Microsoft sucks’, says top blogger

Many Boston Plow Drivers Have Poor Records -- "potentially dangerous"

What does M.I.A. mean in hip-hop gangsta talk?


So, who's hungover today?

Is it a good idea to buy property without a real estate agent?

I put myself on ignore a while back...

Help an idiot: Cooking question

do you....

Another random cooking question.

you know you're from Oklahoma...

Just saw "A Prairie Home Companion" W/ Garrison Keillor & 1 protestor

Solar eclipse heralds Vernal Equinox collapse of Bush Evil Empire

I am on the air till 6pm CDT

Does one really need a big shiny & expensive degree to get ahead (or even get by) in a field?

So my son came up to me, having watched 'The War at Home', and asked me what a douche bag was...

Ex-girlfriend turns wedding into a brutal fight (VIDEO)

Fauxnews claims Al Gore is going to run

Wisconsin UPSET by UNLV 72-68

I am looking for a "career change" buddy.


What is the meaning of this song?

Bush and his minions can't suck enough.

Would you ever drink this right from the bottle?

Simon Cowell gets a taste of his own treatment on 60 Minutes tonight?!

i'm back. did you miss me?

What 250 milliom dollars looks like:

I am good at video games, I am intelligent, and I am good with logic problems. So tell me

Last Huzzah for the Celts on St. Paddy's

Anyone have pics of the Portland Oregon peace march?

60 Minutes just PISSES ME OFF!

I can't take my family anywhere.

Back from the SF Iraq War protest.

Seen any fabulous Freeper flameouts lately?

Remember the DUer stuck in Chicago? Jasonc?

I just drank an entire bottle of Lambrusco.

My First Full Day In Memphis...MLK

Anybody else catch Andy Rooney tonight?

Apparently, the duck went to Southie last night.

OK, how do you get the stink out of a pair of shoes?

This is a tough time of year up here.

"The Secret" is apparently a diet plan

anybody get knee crawlin', slip slidin', Reggie Youngin', commode huggin' drunk last nite?

only 620 posts to 12,000

have a blessed day everyone

I think the hangover has passed...

they were playing the 99 names of allah when i went to the al khayam bakery today

bwaahahah! Some greedy idiot just got SLAUGHTERED on Deal or No Deal

Well I tried to say I was sorry...but...

it's not lackin' any meat, and that's what real women need, heeheeheehee

So, who would win in a fist fight between Burt Lancaster and Margot Kidder?

A bit of a rant about...Music

Cat fights Fox's right wing bias - YouTube video

Happy birthday RandomKoolzip & datsafact!!

Receipt with you or in the bag?

CHICKS RULE. 'Nuff Said.

From one of my favorite perspectives - which do you like better?

Why, oh why, oh why do I keep posting in GD?

Just saw "An Inconvenient Truth".


My hunt for strange bands finds me...

Eleanor Roosevelt on being "up against a wall."

Simon Cowell justifies his comments as human nature and we all want to say it.

Mellencamp's "Freedom Road" is fantastic.

let me tell you about things i hate

Anyone want to marvel at how big of a WoW geek I am?

Bands Against Bush.

Come and get your Lounge Drama! Ooooooo, DRAMA!!!*

Rude anagrams of the "American Idol" cast

Some fractal art- WARNING: take some Dramamine!

Anyone here watching "The Dresden Files" on SciFi?

Guinness, Smithwicks, or Harp?

That's it. I'm moving to Gondwandaland.


Why don't I start lounge threads anymore?

Does anyone here like The Killers?

If Purina cat food could see:

Which year do you miss the most?

Your thoughts on foil?

Mind you, I'm a big fan of female orgasms, but...

As God and BenBen are my witnesses, I WILL

Father of two close friends died last week. He was a good journalist.

In keeping with Saint Patrick's day, I met a cute Irish girl last night

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/18/07)

Whatever's worrying you right now, go to sleep. It'll seems more manageable in the morning.


I bought Cheech and Chong's up in smoke, oreo sandwiches...

"Have a Guinness When You're Tired."

I think it may in fact be RandomKoolZips birthday today

87 posts to 5K...

Anybody from the Dayton, Ohio area need a room mate?

So, I finally bought a copy of "From Dusk To Dawn" tonight.

And how are things in Glockamora

Woman in Italy buys bag og potatoes, receives free hand grenade

Mercedes is ready for a rise in sea levels as a result of global warming

Well, Lounge...I'm bored. Wanna see my bored face?

What do 'Red Dwarf' and 'American Idol' have in common?

Do you have any writing tips?

Spring is coming...New garden pics today...

The Golden Gate Bridge Was Just Destroyed

Best Drummer Alive Today

What robot are you? Take the quiz!!

My favorite stout is NOT Guinness

4 year anniversary of the war - VIGILS TOMORROW!!

For those in crispini's Career thread, here are some links:

Meredith Baxter and a clown

Post your St. Paddy's day pics...

Female type DUers - does being called Ma'am piss you off?

I just saw "Idiocracy"

Appeal to the Lounge fashion gurus... wedding attire?

I'm too old to fall for a young singer, but I have: Sandy Denny.

Liberals Losing Lots of Lbs.! New Spark People "unofficial" DU team!

What are you turned on by that you're not *supposed* to be turned on by?

Thank God I'm an athiest

The Vernal Equinox is nearly upon us...

What should *not miss* if in Nashville, TN for a day (and not a C & W fan)?

Advise me on my debt problem.

Apple's newest product: the iRack ! (youTube)

What booze do you like that the Lounge Booze Snobs would crucify you for if they knew?

I think the Lounge needs some of this:

My Gov's dog is cooler than your gov's dog! St Pat's in Butte, MT (pic heavy)

Finally had the chance to see JESUS CAMP. Are these folks nuts or what?

"The Pornography of Everyday Life"

James Randi loses million dollar challenge

Truth about 666, the beast and the seal of beast

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for March 18

Boy oh boy. The Big Ten(11) flamed out of the tourney fast

Pluto will be a planet when visible from New Mexico

The Stars This Week: "Think Before You Leap" - Mar. 19 - Mar. 25, 2007

Good aspects for sale of home

Chalk one up for visualization

Healthy eating. What are your secrets?

What effect

Larry Scott of VA Watchdog is looking for returning vets who have has Medical Records problems

Stunning recap of how Iraq war unfolded

Biden needs to hire a new joke writer.

Live Blogging JK on Fox News Sunday

Anyone else want to take on Scafe's paper The Tribune Review? It is trashing TMOE.

A Message from Santa the North Pole is melting

Red Dwarf - Tikka To Ride (What might have happened if JFK had lived)

WTF!!!!! Well the rethugs have started the mudslinging on Hillary DISGUSTING video bashing Hillary

They Say We Have Won The War - Rex Alpha

Protest Music 3/17/07

Brzezinski: George W. Bush Gets a "Failed F."

Our Choice

Dem O'Crats and Republichauns

Fox News co-host exposes Fox News bias

March 19th 2003 according to CNN Money

On Plame, the war, code pink, du, liberals, religion, etc - and the US (a rant of sorts)

Strength Through Diversity - This is the essential foundation of any true people's movement.

Veljko Kadijevic: Former Yugoslav General Indicted for War Crimes Advising the US DoD?

Why do the right wing sites refuse to acknowledge our Iraqi dead

Berkeley...getting naked to save tree grove.

Projected corridor from Mexico would route hundreds of semis daily through one-stoplight Marfa, TX

This next week may be historic

Louvre museum to build branch in UAE

International ANSWER... I know, I know the question is asked

Problems for the US missile shield?

WJ this morning: Oh look at those protests

VIDEO: Actor Martin Sheen joins 6,000 at Hollywood & Vine Protest (KABC Los Angeles)

Woman dies after police restrain her at group home


* * Is the traditional "document dump" doomed? * *


Ted Haggard's troubling behavior, including in front of Alexandra Pelosi's cameras, was overlooked

Kristof Pleads for More Debate Over U.S. Embrace of Israel

3,216 now dead in W's war of Choice

Mornin DU, peace rally/march photos

FBI Stalled and Used DENIAL/POSTPONEMENT/COVER-UP Tactics To Continue To Spy On 1000s Of Americans

According to U.S. Military Theory, We Can't Win in Iraq - "Lose Moral Legitimacy, Lose the War."

Bush suddenly remembers where he put his veto pen

Can MTP be streamed?

What I've Learned

A few photos from Fayetteville 2007 Peace March

To all those who actually post on DU:

Tom DeLay coming up on MTP. Is he in shackles & chains?

David Shuster acting weirdly this AM:

Not billions but TRILLIONS, and just look who lost it.

Everything Bushco related that Congress has looked at has had problems

The Bush Gonzales relationship

Did Bush's Australian lap dog almost get shot down over Iraq? Sounds like it


steffie's show and guest selection

sunday tweety - top story? it's rudy!!!!!

WTF Is Tom DeLay Doing on MTP? BS-ing on WMDs, Terror Camps in Iraq, etc.

Who cares if Gonzales resigns?

Albertogate--What legal charges can come from this?

Iraq is a Failure, not a Defeat

Perle --Reason # 14 of why we went into Iraq, Saddam Had To Be Removed...

Church youth leader arrested on charges of molesting girls

Who else had success in local marches/rallies on Mar. 17?

'D.C. Madam' Ordered Not to Sell 'Little Black Book' to Media

This is the man the WH sent to negotiate with Democrats on USA dismissals

Jesus H. Sunday, Why In The Hell Are delay and pearle On MTP?

What a crew!!1 Hadley, Brazile, & Waterston on Stepanopoulis

Cong. Black Caucus is working with FoxNews to host a Democratic debate

Iraq gas attack makes hundreds ill | U.S. protests

Colorado farm owners replace immigrant labor with 'chain gangs'

Four Years of war by the numbers - incredible breakdown by StarTribune

We do not need to impeach Gonzales We need a Resolution on Confidence

Glen Beck is on Reliable Sources begging to be treated as

News you probably didn't hear about - White House threatens to veto pro-whistleblower bill

Asia's Code Pink

Hahaha don't you just love Tom Delay and Richard Perle? LOL

What exactly did Karl Rove mean by his comment "She is fair game"?

This Is My1000th Post

DeLay & Perle on MTP show how chickenshit the republican leaders are.

"U.S. approach to counter-terrorism is that 'enemies simply need to be killed or imprisoned'"

I wrote to Stabenow re:AIPAC

Compare these pics, and tell me....

"Leahy to Push for White House Subpoenas"

A fiercely loyal, longtime DUer just passed away

DU DeLay's poll!

Josh Marshall gets credit on This Week for busting AG on Attorney scandal!

What would another Great Depression look like? Here's one view...

NYT editorial, "The Army, After Iraq": Repairing the damage Bush has inflicted on our Army

Now they are trying to say the Iraq war is a bargain...

Wow, check out this pic of Obama speech in Oakland

Too soon to weigh impact of troop 'surge' in Iraq: Gates (AFP)

So who DID review the USAs and find them underperforming?

Iraq violence blunts US claims

Executive Privilege (another flashback)

Where's The Tweety Show?

There ain't no gays in this man's A-R-M-Y!

Analyzing the Surge: A Creeping Suspicion

All dem Senators from Republican Governor States should hire 24 BODY GUARDS

Iglesias: My Firing Was A ‘Political Hit’

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Join The U.S. State Department! Openings At The Embassy In Baghdad!"

Will someone please define "freedom" for me?

Newt the Beaut, et al.

Attention right wing idiots, the country you despise has had a right wing government for years.

Veterans groups fight for homelessness funding

GD, please watch this short video trailer, and then listen to what Granny says at the end . . .

4-Year Iraq War Anniversary Protest Coverage In Sydney Morning-Herald (PHOTO & word 'Impeachment')

Senator says Libby trial should have never happened

The "left wing blogs" get credit for Gonzalez losing his job.

Kevin Sessums and the Power of Sissydom

Jeffrey MacDonald: A Time For Truth

Where have all the militias gone...

Contractors rarely face disciplinary action in Iraq

Rep. Delahunt to investigate immigration raid fiasco

Western Shoshone Nation Fights For Environment - Against Administration

VIDEO: Sestak, Andrews Dominate Debate With Tom DeLay and Richard Perle

Hundreds Arrested At White House Christian Anti-War Protest

Today's video from the backward, repressed Middle East...

Why does he look so awkardly STUPID in 90% of the photos taken of him?

Bjorn Lomborg is now also a witness with Mr. Gore this Wednesday (?)

Meet the 11.5 French presidential candidates

Why is Waxman Not On Sunday Morning Talk Shows?

Helen Thomas regains her front-row seat in WH press room (guess who got booted)

Too Funny! Tom Delay Will Be On Meet The Press this morning

TahitiNut launched a level 10 snark rocket @ Brit Hume

How Does Bush Plan to Mark the War's Fourth Year?

Ben Stein on CBS Sunday Morning just now : 'buy mortgage stocks now and you'll be glad you did'

Fashion Critique for the House of Cheney & Clintona: Pink Bhurkas Make for Lousy Camo

Carville On Late Edition Nailing The US Attorney Issue

Donald Trump on C*ndi

4 Years Ago: A Press Briefing on the Eve of War

Al Gore To Headline PBS Celebration of Teaching And Learning

AP article asks: Is the Iraq war a relative bargain?

Cheney Converts to Islam

The framers of the Constitution were not stupid, but the document contains some monumental screw-ups

Diane Watson is on kpfk right now

Gore Advisor:"He lost a few pounds, Hillary can read into that what she wants"

Syria has had a Technological Disaster

MSNBC: Teacher who seduced boy sentenced to 10 years (talk about obvious MSM hypocricy!)

Republican support for Gonzales erodes ( another fall guy for Rove?)

Bush AWOL payoff scam

Yes Master

Just Got Back From D.C.!!

Kagen's views on troop withdrawl draw cheers in Kaukauna

Time to investigate why reconstruction of Iraq is going slower than molasses

Advocates Praise FDA's Choice to Fund Office of Women's Health

Waxman/Plame hearing on C-Span1 now...

Who else had success in local marches/rallies on Mar. 17?

We are starting our 5th year of the war in Iraq.

So the impression I'm getting from the Main Stream Media is

Donald Trump "it's all a big stinking lie" r.e. the Bush Adm

Stars & Stripes letters: Won't sit down for "stand up" (Ann Coulter)

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 3/18 - White House to Purify?

Senator Tim Johnson seems to improve quite nicely. Sorry Freepers.

I've been thinking

Why do you think so few Presidents have been impeached? Here is why...

The completely unassailable RW talking point which can never be defeated

AOL Polls on the war and protests

It's the Senate's turn to have Plame hearings

What do you think is most likely, if you saw a "I reget my abortion" bumper sticker?

Global warming, meteors, nuclear war, peak oil, genetic crops,...all doom and gloom for decades

More photos Anti-War March, Hollywood -dail up warning


Protest Fatigue

The question you'd most like to see put to Gonzo, under oath?

Firemen douse Rudy’s image as 9/11 hero

The guy may as well have been making rabbit ears over Valerie

This week in Senate Judiciary Cmte: War profiteering, Patriot Act abuses and more

Was anyone here in New york...

VIDEO | Hollywood mobilizes against war (Martin Sheen, Laura Dern) (France24/AFP) a marriage.


Waxman's cmte on Monday: Political Interference with Climate Change Science

Desperately Seeking CAPTIONS

FYI, the membership of the joint cmte. President Gore will be testifying to

Warming World is Harming Crops - but offset by genetic crops and better farming

Barbara Bush -- disgusting!!!! (Like mother, like son)

Think Progress: Iglesias On Fox News Sunday - My Firing Was A "Political Hit"

3218 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

We had over a thousand at San Diego's march yesterday.

Any guesstimates on numbers at yesterday's march?

Schumer Says Former Gonzales Aide May Testify About Firings

Heaven's Gate revisited


Help debunking this email

On 300 and partisan eyes part two

Play the devil's advocate: I still say the timetable argument is totally illogical !

Is This Censorship?

Just watched three films today , man I tell you

Why wasn't Waxman on the Sunday shows?

This is a volunteer military. No one forced them to enlist, and I don't see many refusing to serve

Walter Reed was selected for privatization in 2003.

NPR spotlights "First U.S. Casualty in Iraq"

Flag, noose exhibit angers veterans group

NBC Nightly News...Gives Tom DeLay airtime..Clip from MTP

Receipt with you or in the bag?

What do we win, if we win in Iraq?

Al Gore in the House (and the Senate)

Schumer: Gonzales Unlikely To Survive

Peace forces take over recruiting center

Right wingers making a big deal out of this. Anyone have a response?

Obit: Ida Honorof, radio host who investigated pesticide contamination

Deuce of Spades gets flushed

Who looks more like death warmed over?

Another Al Gore hit piece:

Oops! I've been chatty today and my 1000th post almost snuck up on me!

Ya think Miss Vickie is on the short list for new AG?

McCain doesn't know about condoms and preventing H.I.V.

Specter...evil bastard to the end on Faux re; Patriot act, the USA issue and Schumer

Need a list of RW media figureheads/talking heads

Presidential candidates on myspace (the kids don't like the Repubs very much)

Enough with the Pink Lady

Iditarod disqualifies musher for abuse (AP)

Lets hear it for Ralph Nader and Code Pink!

What a Repub said about the US atty situation....

Thank you, George Stephanopoulos

State's stem cell institute gives 29 grants (CA)

Doesn't anybody want to yell at MTP/NBC re booking DeLay?

Everyone is missing Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's true message.

MTP is A War

Vet must prove injury

Perle and Delay Need To Be Arrested Not treated as honored Talk Show Guests

protest banner says it all

Lots of same-sex couples featured on HGTV - AWESOME

need help please. the person who posted on friday about the pet food recall also posted a link

AIPAC speaker hopes US gets nuked after Israel provokes war with Russia

Just back from DC; several observations

A great article on complicity in religion in the LA Times:

OMG! Article I Posted on Home Page!!!!

My storage unit is going up in flames, massive fire in whole building.

'300' Reasons to Cry

Is the US kidnapping and torturing Iranian military officers?

WaPo: Military Ill Prepared For Other Conflicts ("Serious & Deepening")

How the Iraqi People Must Hate Us! How would you feel if this were your living room? updates - Three Thousand Two Hundred and One

Lam dismissed on the eve of issuing search warrants on ranking CIA official

FOX: Hume: Valerie Plame LIED Under Oath

ehm, something we're just not talking about.....

Gawdamighty you should read this transcript with Ari F., Bush flak, and the eve of war...

Inflation is eating US wage gains

For those who listened to the Malloy show friday night

The Ground Truth


Minuteman Project headed to court over internal fight

I've seen many posts regarding the Confederate flag art exhibit and would like to clear something up

Iraq troop buildup put into action

Pix From Today's Protest In S.F. !!! - (Dial-Up Warning)

"All the makeup in the World could not erase his bags" (Richard Pearle)

Arianna Huffington: "Iraq At Four Years - Past Is Prologue" (Excellent History of the War Scam)

Will Bush Attack Iran?

Billboard's 'Captivity' audience disgusted

I think Steve Doocy updates his own Wikipedia page

Utah papers won't leave this alone: Right-hand man now a scapegoat?

Disturbing Video: Halliburton Poisoning our Troops

Author: Rummy's been seen at a big DC law firm - preparations for various lawsuits?

I just got a call from a democratic group wanting my money.

LEAHY: “I want testimony under oath. I am sick and tired of getting half-truths on this.”

Karel just cleaned some freeper clock on KGO

From A.N.S.W.E.R.:Tens of Thousands March on the Pentagon

Which will be more important, DU or MySpace or YouTube to the

Feinstein Says Rove WILL get Subpoena


David Horowitz

I'm watching a program about Heaven's Gate on The Learning Channel

Pretty good synopsis of my feelings about Clinton: HuffPo

Freepers - Midge Potts ran for Congress as a REPUBLICAN

We are doomed! No...really...we are...

Leading Southern Baptist suggests hormone patch for expectant mothers to prevent gayness

NZ 'a close friend' but no US ally

NEWSWEEK: Gore isn't running. But in fact he is.

Caption: "Lonesome Rove...

While we were protesting the Iraq War here in the U. S.

Some Observations of Recent Events

WaPo: 4 Years After Start of War, Anger Reigns

Pastor convicted of molesting a teenage boy

Oh Oh: To the Hague

Huffington Post: The Washington Post's Missed Lessons (Rebuke of Post's Ridiculous Editorial)

My mom's march on the Pentagon - thank you, Molly Ivins

LATimes: California Attorney's Firing Draws Democratic Ire (Carol Lam)

Larry Johnson: Undercover, Covert, and Classified (Also Hush Hush)

Back in Iowa after the March on the Pentagon. Pic heavy...

Pix from yesterday's peace rally & march in Toronto (dial-up warning)

Holy Crap, Is THIS Depressing ??? (And Long)

Sen. Schumer: “We do have evidence” Gonzales lied under oath

Does anyone know anything about railroad track safety regulations?

"Peace Sucks"

Commander Bush is Hamstrung by Democracy

A Big Diff Between Watergate and the Bushgate Scandals...

Sibel Edmonds: we aren't safe today. you can help.

Backlash to (UU) Rep. Stark's "Religious Confession"

Reclaiming What Makes Us Human

too funny: Rudy in drag gets smooched by Donald Trump! (video)

Bush U.S. Attorney nominee CAN'T PRACTICE LAW.

Please tell him about charging soldiers for uniforms when injured....

I've figured out something that had given me road rage many times.

Do YOU support the death of between 2 and 5 billion people?

Mobile Veterans for Peace Rally (dial-up warning, lots of photos)

URGENT: Vote in the MoveOn Poll (pass it on)

Ahmadinejad's blog: Iran would not initiate any war

I am told that my views are "radical" and "controversial"

Is something fishy about yet another USA's departure?

AP: War Protests Continue Nationwide (PHOTO of Protestor: "I'm 88 The War's a Mistake! WWII Vet.")

Caught offguard today - a woman said "Have a blessed day"... I truly had no idea

The MSM has successfully minimized the Plame hearings, and parade delay and Perle on MTP

Sen Kerry on Fox News Sunday

DKos Diary by Mayor Rocky Anderson, Speech at "March on the Pentagon"

Congrats New Zealand

In Defense of Midge Potts (Code Pink Protester)

Pictures from anniversary event in Kansas City today

Leahy presses for White House testimony

Uproar hits Fla. Confederate flag show

Woman who stole baby in Texas had two miscarriages and wanted a baby for "years"....

What's with the "I Regret My Abortion" bumper stickers?

The left's Roe v. Wade: Corporate Speech is not 'Free Speech' (overturning Santa Clara Co. v. So.PR)

WOW! Did you just hear Bob Schieffer's comment at the end of his show?

Contractors Sought for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC): Too Few Soldiers Stateside to Implement

I wish there was a law that opposed

Is Alberto Gonzales still pleasuring the President?

What would be the effects of a catastrophic volcanic eruption on global warming?

NASCAR fans and Valerie Plame

Official Iraq Invasion Anniversary Protest Picture Thread.

Meanwhile, in the James Baker Cone of Silence, AG Candidate Interviews Are Underway...

"see change". . . OBSW

Uproar hits Fla. Confederate flag show

I think it's great that people protest the war, but I wish some would shave their beards

I was diagnosed with cancer on friday. Female DUers ( please check in; especially those 50+

This coming Wednesday it will be Al Gore facing off against Freakoid Jim Inhofe.

What do you see in this image?

Danziger nails it big time.

An urgent call to cat lovers!!

Should the Iditarod be discontinued?

"There is a price to be paid for candor"...Howard Dean 2004

300.... Is the most insulting movie I have ever seen.

Rolling Thunder get a taste of pay back

Did anyone just see the Haditha story with that marine on 60 mins.

Al Gore On Capitol Hill Is The Defining Moment of His Life

Prediction: Gonzales gone by the end of the week.

Teacher, 21, accused of sex with student, 14

7 Year Old Handcuffed, Arrested & Booked For - Sitting on a Dirt Bike on the Side Walk

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: Our Choice!

Target is transferring cashiers who avoid pork

Please DU this stupid poll: which is better the US free markets system or the EU

DU is going to Hell in a handbasket.

they printed my letter about helping the least among us

Trump: "Bush worst President, Iraq biggest U.S. Disaster."

A DU collaborative investigation: National Energy Policy Development Group/NEPDG

About Binka: Does Anyone Here Have Personal Contact With DUer Binka?

Al Qaeda "safe-haven" built by Halliburton.


tainted Dog/Cat food story. Why so few facts?

Edwards presents ‘big ideas’ in addressing U.S., world poverty (Concord Monitor)

SIX US troops die on Sat!!

Professor Testifies Before Congress: Protecting The Right To Vote.....

The other Massachusetts Republicker running for President

Check Out These Articles To Be Released this Week......dr. elsewhere here

What's the status on the Draft Gore initiative?

Straight-talking McCain vows to fix world's view of the 'ugly American'

Did Anyone Notice That KKKarl Uses The Phrase "Pleasure Of The pResident," And

A plurality call themselves DEMOCRATS.

I hope Newt Gingrich runs for President


Video: Iglesias: My Firing Was A ‘Political Hit’ (faux)

Why is Tom Delaid brain on Meet The Press

Rev. Jesse Jackson to Push for Improved Working Conditions, Patient Care Protections at LA Hospital

Jeff Cohen 1993: Clintons vs. Insurance Industry: A Media Myth

Power shift puts Bush team on defense

Parsing Hillary Clinton on Iraq (5 Letters)

Get the kids out of the room and watch Stovepipe Johnson rip up McCain! (video)

Another US Attorney who ought to be investigated.

GOP's Remaining Talking Point: CIA's Fault We Outed Plame

Excitement surrounds Obama's visit to Oakland

Meet the Press studios surely need a cleansing ceremony now.

Party Before Country - the motto of the Bush Administration

Oust the Bush regime before Iran becomes a threat

War milestone marked by tombstones (link goes to pictures of 4th anniverary display)

Bush is a DAMN!!! lier

New Yorkers Pataki

Victoria Toensing specifically said, "I wrote the law" when she testified?

Seems to me there's a good chance of Bush delaying impeachment until after he's gone.

Will /can someone please explain to me why

Amid Concerns, FBI Lapses Went On-Records Collection Brought Internal Questions But Little Scrutiny

Even Gates now says it: "This is not going to be solved by the military."

Glen Greenwald: The significance of the FBI's law-breaking

No to the Iraq supplemental spending bill! truemajority campaign here: please sign on.

From now on lets call them anti-peace demonstrators

They Put Me On A Political Hit list: US Attorney

colo spgs police rough up 65 year old peace protestor

Take hope, Clarkies! Proof of netroots influence.

I swear, every single time they continue to say "She was not covert"

Return to Treasure Island

On Recapturing The Language Of Liberalism

Will Voter Fatigue Figure In Long 2008 Campaign?

Stunning recap of how Bush's approach to Iraq failed, and the idiocy of escalation.

Why Congress works 5 days now.

Giuliani Defends Firm's Work for Citgo (AP)

Leahy intends to subpoena Bush officials

Congress eyes lost billions sent to Iraq

MySpace to help elect next president?

Donald Trump critique of George Bush (YouTube)

Tom DeLay was on today's Meet The Press because:

McCain is in Trouble, but It's Still Early

Do you consider "yes or no" questions simplistic and boring?

If you're a Moveon Member, vote to "oppose the Plan". What dos this mean

Hume Launches New Smear: Valerie Plame Lied Under Oath

57% said they think Obama's middle name

Another vital laptop stolen from another Democratic headquarters

Unity08? Don't make me laugh...

Joe, Val, Wilson and family moved to Sante Fe, NM.

proof of Bush drinking?

Bob Perry (SBVT backer) joins Romney.

How do we get over watching a young marine justify killing 24 civilians....

I've got some BITCHING' to do RE: World Net Daily

Rate left-leaning media's ability to push a story into the mainstream from 1997-2007

We had dinner last weekend with some Republican friends, nevermore?

Leahy intends to push ahead with White House subpoenas

Sibel Edmonds - Brewster Jennings - ATC - AIPAC

mass consciousness and a pink tiara

Wanna know why I support ANY candidate in the current 08' field?

New Zogby on Candidates' negatives

What I want to know about the Plame outing and her appearance:

Newsweek: Gore on the Un-Campaign Trail

colo spgs police rough up 65 year old peace protestor--more pics

how did they get this shit to FLY?!

Mr. Limbaugh since you like to read the DU...

Dean in CA: ""The Bush people rely on us to be chicken to talk about the tough issues."

You Can't Argue With Stupid

John Edwards Earns Support of Key LGBT Leaders

Disillusioned at the Capitol Dems

"Plame Outed As Non-Covert CIA Employee" YouTube clip

Sharpened Edwards ahead in Iowa (new outlook is winning support)

A scary kind of anger...picture and article from does not want free speech.

An Intolerant Minority - Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Bush aides try to "stop the bleeding" from Gonzales firings before Rove, Bush himself endangered

What Is Your Favorite Name For Bush?

Should Wesley Clark Run For President ?

The Gonzales watch.