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Archives: March 11, 2007

NYT Editorial: The Failed Attorney General

Newsweek:Fuel to the Firings

Salon: The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 282

Crisis Looms in Market for Mortgages

60 Minutes:The Plight Of Iraqis Who Helped The U.S.

The silence that fueled Walter Reed and Abu Ghraib

Bush Should Get on His Knees and Kiss Hugo Chavez's Behind (Greg Palast)

Businesses Prepare to Mount a Concerted Attack on Regulation

Robert Weitzel: America's Perpetual Nuclear War (CommonDreams)

Iraq talks could pave road home for America

Reporting the News Even When a Competitor Gets There First

Baghdad's Deserted Southern Zone ....... Militants in Control; Residents Stay Inside

CNN Sold Us the War. Now It Sells Us the Heartbreak with Unctuous Consoling, "Heroic! Brave!"

Bush's Crimes in Baghdad Have Parallel in U.S., U.K.

A Bush Abroad: George Does America Latina

National Journal : Rolling Back Pentagon Spies

Bush in Guatemala: Time to Tackle Impunity

Dumb Acts of Violence does not equal Patriotism Calls on Wal-Mart to Release Its Internal Investigation Regarding the Spy Scandal

Walter Reed. Halliburton. Privatization.

Paramilitaries reemerge in pockets of Colombia

IMPEACHMENT Talking Points from the right wing. "wasting their breath"

Independent UK: Ban pot? Then you must ban tobacco, too

Halliburton to be run from Dubai

Guardian UK: How Europe Can Save the World

Guardian UK: Listen to Mr Greenspan - there's nothing so fragile as a bubble

Libby truly is not alone; liars fill Bush's team

Bob Geiger: Mehlman Speaks Of Character - Now That's Funny

Granting pardons can cause leaders grief

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall


Bush's Crimes in Baghdad Have Parallel in U.S., U.K.

Episode at Guantanamo Leaves Family at a Loss/Cause of Injuries Disputed

WP: Agencies Tangle on Efforts to Help Iraq,Staffers Say Spats Displace Priorities

Critics: News media falling short in watchdog role

Former Iraq minister denies theft of millions

Lopsided provincial councils keep Iraq off balance

Political wrangling still stands in way of Iraq meeting major benchmarks

NYT: The Failed Attorney General

WP: Abuse of Authority, The FBI's gross misuse of a counterterrorism device

Ted Kennedy: What a Difference an Election Makes

Scientist Featured In Movie "Debunking" Warming Says His Work "Completely Misrepresented"

22 die in 'danger' mine flood (CNN) {China}

Czech Pres: Environmentalism is a religion

Inuit seek answers to Arctic sun quirks

[Autobahn] Highway speed limit plan irks Germans

Cancun, Nature at War Over Beaches

Check out this VW...234 mpg

National Association Of Evangelicals Tells Dobson To Pound Sand

Pelosi Reveals Who's Who On Global Warming Panel

Prairie Grasses Emerge As Rich Energy Source

Wind-Powered Montana Beer Festival

Thinking about petrodollars

Marco (FL) entrepreneurs gain steam in effort to create new fuel source

FROM TOO FEW TO TOO MANY--Aleutian goose's rebound a problem for agriculture

Solar Chariot - hilarious, possibly useful - definite "must-see"

A little levity - Protecting the Earth

This is REALLY Scary! Check out this Global Air Pollution (NO2) map for 2006 from ESA!

Hamas gunman killed in Palestinian Gaza infighting

Israel Revisited

Outcry forces Hamas to rescind book ban

Unsolicited advice from an Israeli visitor

We take Saudi peace plan seriously, Olmert says

Firefighter opinion

Crazy CT'ers actually plants to create background noise to hide behind?

BushInc is BANKRUPTING America to BANKROLL their New World Order.

Petition to BBC: No more Stonewalling

The Sarasota Show

MAKING THE BLACK VOTE COUNT: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 03/11/07

Texas Rep. Lon Burnam submits bill for Hand Counted Paper Ballots in Texas!


Rove admits he complained to Miers that "voter fraud cases were not being treated as a priority"

CNN: Dems CANCEL DEBATE over Fox chief's Obama joke

Prosecutor’s Ouster Shifts Political Order

French FM says Iraq's woes internal

Bush seeks 8,200 more troops for wars

Editor&Publisher: Editors Who Are Keeping Coulter's Column Explain Why

AP: Bush seeks 8,200 more troops for wars

Bush looking to rally support for Colombian leader

Idling till now, Hagel (R-Ne) may shift to '08 gear

Straining to keep a promise-Backlogs, long waits plague VA Boston Globe-6 page story

Bombers kill 29 after Baghdad (peace) talks

Crisis Looms in Market for Mortgages

U.S. acknowledges Colombia operation

Iraq: Seven people killed in bombings, shootings

UPDATE: Man Jailed for Life for Joint to Be Freed

Ahmadinejad Wants to Attend U.N. Meeting

Brad Delp, lead singer of band Boston dies

Bush signals disdain for Hugo Chavez

Climate report warns of drought, disease

Beleaguered Conrad Black Goes to Trial

France's Chirac says will not seek re-election

Iraq says Baghdad conference a success

Drug Raids, Related Trauma, On Rise

Video camera rolls protesters clash with Tacoma Police

Former Iraq minister denies theft of millions (“one of the largest thefts in history”)

More US troops for Iraq, Afghanistan,,,

Bush pays brief call on Colombia

Conrad Black's U.S. trial hinges on executive graft

Among Recent Presidents, Clinton is Tops With Historians

Democratic senators say Gonzales should go

The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq

Paramilitaries reemerge in pockets of Colombia

Giuliani speaks in favor of Gingrich

Bush Dodges Chavez Questions, Despite Repeated Prodding

(Bainbridge, Georgia) Pastor accused of sex with minor arrested (in Costa Rica)

Immigration raids split families

In rare move, Yale New Haven Hospital calls for new union election

Labor seeks unity through “Three Cities, One Future” campaign (janitors make as little as $26 a day)

"An Inconvenient Truth' on Show time 8pm EST. NOW Sunday

(Iraqi) Political wrangling hurts Iraq progress (bencmarks)

Former U.S. secretary of state calls for broad talks with Syria

White House seeks to boost aquaculture (deep waters fish-farming)

U.S. and Iran See Iraq Talks as Good ‘First Step’

Reuters: U.S. groups mount grass-roots battle over Iraq

No. 3 Senate Democrat: Gonzales must go

Maya to 'cleanse' sacred site after Bush visit

New York town defies U.S. on Hispanic voting rights

Comic Richard Jeni dead of apparent suicide

After Tough Week, Gonzales Says He Remains Focused

Kidnapped Texas newborn found in N.M.

In New Tactic, Militants Burn Houses in Iraq

Task Force Lightning Soldiers attacked (2 Soldier killed)

Germany's Schroeder slams U.S. missile shield plans

Fire forces evacuation of hundreds in Southern California

South American Integration Sealed in Bolivia

LAT: Fallback strategy for Iraq: train locals, draw down forces

Donor to Stanford: No Big Oil; university donation rescinded over ad

McClatchy: White House says Rove relayed complaints about prosecutors

U.S. Gas Prices Up 20 Cents Over 2 Weeks

The Times (UK): Thousands face pay cut under new equality law

'Smart' rebels outstrip US

Schumer calls on Gonzales to step down (AP)

White House lists cuts to pay for more troops (agriculture, education and other programs)

Romney says government was wrong in Schiavo case

Dozens of protesters arrested at Port of Tacoma, WA (military vehicles to Iraq)

US says no plans to resume UAE trade talks

Colombia protesters riot as Bush arrives (LatAm loves El Mono)

WP: Justice Official 'Horrified' Phone Call Was Seen as Threat (Elston)

Halliburton Will Move HQ to Dubai

NYT: Crisis Looms in Market for Mortgages

Comic Richard Jeni dead, police investigating possible suicide

Reuters: Zimbabwe police crush prayer rally, seize leaders

Trial imminent for beleaguered former press lord Conrad Black

Chavez launches biting US attack (Chavez is now in Bolivia)


It's 10:24pm. Should I go ahead and set the clock ahead to 11:24pm?

Should I have another beer?

Damn, this is the biggest bruise I've ever had.

How often do you go to plays, musicals, other live theater?

ewww, clean up of what looks like old mayonnaise on isles 6 & 9...


go over to gd :politics and vote for your dream ticket


"Why are all these animators so obsessed with squirrels and penguins?"

I just searched some of my old old posts....

when i interviewed for the job...they said it would be

What should I spend my extra $200.00 a month on?

Van Johnson, sick crazy, strung out on gin & opium, looking great

What Time Is It?!!

‘Berserk’ cat sends woman to hospital

I don't care how fucking friendly your dog is...

Is DU new DST compliant?

So, isn't this the night of the CST time change?

My computer just jumped ahead an hour

This dog hasn't a hair in the world!!!

help, I need to buy an RFI phone line filter

Fuck... that hour I'm losing tonight

"they're having a breakdance fight at the abandoned members only warehouse"

Leaving now for Petsmart, hopefully to beat the masses. Think I'll be successful?

O.K., these are some funny ass urinals

Punched card appreciation thread!!

No, "Britney Spears Fiend", I don't want to be your MySpace friend...

Did anyone ever notice that the GOP logo has inverted stars...

The s.o. let Caesar go out into the yard the past 2 days

How do you get new fat integrated with the existing fat?

the messageboard clock is wrong

Elad forgot to reset the DU clock.

Rubber appreciation thread!

What's wrong with this Mother's Day greeting card?

This dog hasn't a care in the world!!!

Wine, Wine, Wine

My computer is smarter than yours.

What would you do if your SO brought home an 8 ball of blow and didn't share it with you?

Oh fuck this.. Now I apartment hunt...

should I have a midnight snack?

How do you get a new cat integrated with the existing cats?

My computer is not updating the time

There is a Prince-style picture on the front page of Yahoo! today.

I'm going to Petco to get wheat grass for the hordes - anybody need anything?

Hot Brittney News


How's this for a weird movie no one else has heard of?

I experienced an HOUR of LOST TIME! Agent Mulder, Agent Scully, HELP!

my new tat...yay!

Uh oh.... I just heard...

I'd like to invite all my friends over for a Chinese Clambake,

Why Does Anyone Choose This Avatar?

OK, which one of you did this?

Who's life needs more cowbell?

Do you feel Geico is insensitive toward cavemen?

Ahnuld speaks from the heart...

did the denver atomic clock not get the memo about the time change?

Anyone else have a computer that went an extra hour ahead?

OMG Bridezilla.

Does size matter?

Van Heflin, healthy sane, no booze or drugs, looking great .....

i got about 400 posts till i reach 10000

What is the point of a luxury hybrid?

datasuspect faq

Man, I can't get any work done

favorite things i've heard in texas

I just made my first apple pie ever

I hate to be a ditz, but what time is it?

At least your kid never did this . . .

I'm beginning to feel like I have to sign off DU and let everyone here know

One more video that will only offend the environmentalist in all of us.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise

Sunday afternoon Hades appreciation thread.


Repost: How to make the Olympics more interesting:

My nose is a faucet, dammit

Ooh, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien.....

Got another nice blurb....

What would you do if your pet brough home a new SO without your input?

Hot Brittany news

Which TV version of Catwoman was the best?

I finished our taxes this morning.

Favorite MADtv character

HELP! I can't get into my Yahoo! Mail!

"Please let me get the Satan worshipping family down

This may be a stupid question, but what time is it?

Mach Go! Go! Go!

this reminds me of my first awareness of sadness as a child

what TIME is it?

Would Adam West have made a good James Bond?

Little Debbie Snack Cakes or Hostess Snack Cakes ??

little joys in life: finding a baggie when you thought you were out

RIP Bad News Brown (Allen Coage)

Hot Brit knee news

Kitten vs Powerbook

WEIRD graphics for your Sunday entertainment:

You know procrastination is bad...

What's all this crap about iPods not playing MP3s? I don't think people get how it works.

HELP WANTED: Newshounds, Daily, Fun, & Entertaining. Must be DUer!

I had a really good week


Goddamn, I'm Having A Lazy Sunday!

Anyone See The Bush Biography on the History Channel Last Night?

So, I went to see "300" this afternoon (no spoilers)

Is DU becoming the new Discovery Channel?

a dramatic reading of a real breakup letter

Back from 3 fun days in Hollywood

Do you enjoy films in which the actors are frequently without apparel?

G.I. Joe PSA collection

My insane friend delayed my drinking several hours

Must be a slow news day.

What's with all the Youtube threads in the Lounge? n/t

Bill Hicks: "We're the Bullies of the World"

Think we'll ever see this on Animal Planet?


Do we have a DU March Madness pool going this year?

Looking for Fox News Photoshop images

I just found Wild Strawberries in my yard!

Everyone's a little bit racist....



I am eating in the kitchen!

Sunday afternoon billyskank joke

Today we went to OLIVE GARDEN, and we brought our child. AND WE LIKED IT.

Lounge Rats have really too much time on their hands

crim son and BarenakedLady are MIA. Have they eloped?

I think people should be arrested for coughing and sneezing without covering their mouth.

My toenail polish is missing....grrrr

Today our child ate olives in the garden, and SHE LIKED IT!

OMG. Don't tell me Michalel Jackson went and got MORE plastic surgery!!

Great 'Family Guy' on tonight!

Oh my god

'Skewze Me...

Scare Tactics - Rat Monster

American DUers - Love 'em or hate 'em


Hey! Guess what...

Screw the video, read the viewer comments for this youtube clip!!

testes n/t

I found Jesus--and he's pretty cute!

about to buy a new car, advice wanted

Does anyone here have a ski boat?

Wanted to share this with the "cat" people of the Lounge

"My whole family thinks im gay"

Is "Dog Bites Man" (on Comedy Central) ever coming back?

Back in business w/Yahoo!

‘Berserk’ house cat sends woman to hospital

I. Lewis Libby - picks up the rice in a church where a wedding has been

What smiley are you guilty of overusing?

Anyone watch The Winner with Rob Cordry? Is this terrible or is it just me?

Today my Garden yielded OLIVES and my child

Suggestions for a St. Patrick' s Day music play list.

Ee-e-e-um-um-a weh

WooHoo! My college is going to The Big Dance for the first time!

Ah, nuts! My wife got laid off Friday.

Good, good earworm. I like when this one is stuck in my head...

OOO, something I ate is going south quickly

I just smashed some chocolate chips with a hammer!

Wrestling fans . . ANOTHER DEATH AGAIN! R.I.P Ernie Ladd...

What does this symbol represent?

Rome was DAMN good tonight.

What do you do with someone who's terminally manipulative?

If anybody sees my good friend on here, let me know. He is considering

Lorry-load of marijuana abandoned (BBC) {$20M worth?!?}

Ugh, 102 degree fever and my busiest week at work coming up

Kitten talk!

I made sure I posted my 6000th post in the Lounge.

Other than where the product is inserted...

The preparation IS worse than the actual event

Every computer moment is now a lifetime experience.

Does this make me a peacemaker, an alpha male, or an asshole?

I made strawberry jam in my breadmaker last night!

Apparently I owe a few apologies.

Just made the easiest, YUMMIEST cookie recipe ever...

I just saw THE funniest "Oh shit" moment in an ad...

Lime In The Coconut!?

Today we went to OLIVE GARDEN, and we bought a child. AND WE ATE IT.

Is it too early to judge, or is 'The Winner' the least-funny sitcom

The old priest lay dying in the hospital....

Is anyone else here a landlord?

Mrs R is spectacularly ill with the flu, or something like it. Any thoughts/prayers/vibes/

Keith O's lips

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 3/11/07)

TV ads that make you want to eat your face.

How do I start a thread?

Because kids' drawings aren't already scary enough....

So I'm the last person ALIVE to see TheSopranos & am underwhelmed.

Anyone else hate daylight savings time?

Two turtles engaged in violent lovemaking


Post a youttube of a favorite scene from a film

I saw the craziest puppies ever today.

Mementos from past relationships ...

Anyone else here have a crush on the artist babe in that Xerox Color ad?

I just found wild strawberries in my yard!

Richard Jeni died yesterday, an apparent suicide

Sunday afternoon helderheid appreciation thread!

If this is offensive please take it off. This video blew my mind.

I drove DC to Westlake, Ohio in 5.5 hrs...

Orchids! (You won't be sorry for looking . . . )

Of all the dogs that ever were, are, and ever will be

I found a swimsuit for my 5 year old daughter! WooHoo!

I am the father of Salma Hayek's baby

Two songs running through my head all day:

Free Association: "Has anybody hear seen my good friend Abraham"

If you had to be one of these superheroes,

NCAA Basketball Tourney Brackets

Like GoPSuX says, you can never have too many PIC THREADS!!!!

Ah....the smell of charcoal.

Not a tearful goodbye, but goodbye none the less.

I am posting on the Internet!

Sunday morning Heidi appreciation thread!!!

I saw "300" last night, did anyone else?

Drinking to the fallen

I had to turn "Borat" off, twice. (spoilers)


Does age matter?

favorite elton john tune

Whine, whine, whine

Canadian DUers. Like em or hate em?

Sunday afternoon Billy Joel joke

Have you ever gone to post a poll

I had a professional bra fitting today.....

Step one: Steal two lobsters.

Who is your all-time TV crush?

Here's One For You. Favorite Fiction Writer!

Anyone Wanna be my Bookstore's MySpace Friend?

Post here if you're a CAROLINA fan! (Especially if you LIVE here)!!!

Sunflowers 2007, Week #3 * * * *

free shit to do in chicago this week?

Episcopal Bishop Jefferts Schori faces rebellion among liberal allies

Reverend Magdalen still hasn't gotten her son back

22,000 Evangelical Christian teens openly gather at "BattleCry" to claim they're oppressed

PGA player investigated in high speed crash

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for March 11: Anand wins Morelia-Linares

Appropriate punishment for trying to chop a guy's head off?

Cricket World Cup 2007


Ok. That's it. People are dropping left and right.

The Universe is challenging me..

The Stars This Week: "The Yin and Yang of Order and Chaos" - Mar. 12 - Mar. 18, 2007

'The Divine Matrix' by Gregg Braeden

Dupe; sorry

Former Republican Veterans Chairman Lashes Out at Politics That Hurt Veterans

Sending Sick ,Injured or Troops with Mental Problems back into the Sand Box

it is not the mold or paint on the walls at Walter reed.

Self Delete. Dupe.

Sen. Kerry Visits W. Roxbury VA Hospital Sunday

Hey gang - the senator needs to hear this news QUICKLY -

Boy, do they have it wrong.

Ramblings over the Democratic Iraq Bill : Caucus unity vs standing for your ideas

OT: Need a few song suggestions for a non-political video

Bargaining Digest Weekly by Gordon Pavy, Mar 10, 2007

Lazy Ramadi

Democracy Now coverage of Galloway debating Hitchens...

Natalie Portman on David Letterman 04

Bill Maher with pics of Rudy

Giuliani in '89: "There Must Be Public Funding For Abortion"

Steve Jobs introduces the next product after the iPhone the iRack (Mad TV)

General Paul D. Eaton On Real Time with Bill Maher

A Citizen Call for Voter Integrity!

MUST SEE: Jon Stewart and the Forged Niger Memo

Vulture Funds

FOX News Calls Democrats Fascists

Robert Cray sings it....

Joan Baez - Joe Hill

To Karbala They Traveled, by Foot, Donkey, S.U.V. and Helicopter

Agencies Tangle on Efforts to Help Iraq

Turley: Bush May Have Order Torture of High Value Suspects

Bought gas lately?

Edwards Plans "Edgier" Campaign For '08

My dear Dems! Are you in love with someone and why, from your heart

U.S. agencies tangle on efforts in Iraq

I think this belongs here in GD re: Coulter's "faggot" comment

Was it a mistake to say we pulled out of the Fox debate because of a joke...

Pls. delete. nt

Do you feel Geico is insensitive toward cavemen?

Hey everyone, a question please....

Helena mourns Iraq veteran who committed suicide

CBS/AP: GOP Chief Says He Approached Rove About Ousting U.S. Attorney 'After The Fact' Of Firing

Peter Lance on cspan 2 now!

A most interesting study

CNN's Ware asserted that Democrats' call for Iraq deadline is "aiding the enemies ... of America"

LA Times Obit of Baudrillard (simulacra, hyperreality, violence & death, 9/11 & Disneyland)

Jews 'Partly Responsible' For Their Troubles: Churchill

Bush seeks 8,200 more troops for wars

It just happened. Did you feel it?

Lax financial oversight riles some church followers

Bush seeks 8,200 more troops for wars


Dear Molly: I miss you!

can someone name the papers who dropped coulter

Ted Kennedy misspoke.

Shouldn't Rice be meeting with the Iranians in Iraq? Isn't that her job?

"I Did Not Order Torture of Those Prisoners!" Uh Huh. Uh Huh.

Beyond Quagmire

A question to ask regarding:

Beyond the Surge: President Bush approved 8,200 more U.S. troops for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Straining to keep a promise-Backlogs, long waits plague VA Boston Globe-6 page story

Someone Yelled an Obscenity at bush and pickles last night at dinner in Uruguay!

Breaking: Kidnapped baby found in Clovis, NM

The age old big corporate/industry rule:

Sunday COMICS and TOONS of mass distraction

It appears the Bush regime isn't fooling the Russians

Thank god Bob Dole was never elected president.

What time is it? (EST)

This one is interesting RE: 1st Amendment Rights in the workplace

President Bill Clinton made a small investment in a land deal in Arkansas and lost a few bucks.


Democratic Pork

Were all these angry whitest of white men fathered by the same man?

The 2006 Election was about Iraq = Pressure on Dem. Committee Chairs is a Good Thing

Saddam Trial Judge Seeks Asylum in UK

2 Nevada papers "not joining trickle of papers dropping Coulter"

James Brown's body finally makes it to a grave

Truthdigger of the Week: Patrick J. Fitzgerald (from Truthdig)

Bush Strips Libby of Nickname (from Truthdig)

Navy officer relieved of duty amid anti-Semitic accusations

Shrub "cuts loose" with samba. His two wives, Pickles & Condo, join in dancing!!1

What percentage?

Banks Thriving Despite Chávez Bravado

Could bush find Uruguay on a map and spell it before today?

Broder's column, "The Fading Freedom Mission" was lead article on WJ this a.m.

My Rant; On the US Atorneys "The media and Hagel's phony shock at crimes."

'Islamo-Fascists' (part 2)

How to nail a Repub on Libby when they say:

Bones of missing woman found at her home

Does anyone know where I can find Walter Reed Building 18 photos?

Arlen Specter is doubting the fired lawyer David Iglesias's testimony

Why is the Rush Limbaugh Show not considered Propaganda?

What would be the effect on the troops from a rejection of the Iraq supplemental budget request?

Purged Prosecutor - DOJ Called Him In December: "Keep Quiet & We Won't Say Anything Bad About You"

What's wrong with the search function? 'Libby+fox+not guilty'= blank page

Donna Brazile just now on Late Edition: "Dems do not want to 'micromanage the war'."

Claire McCaskell is great on CBS re Walter Reed, but she doesn't mention Privatization

So who forged the Italian uranium documents?

Fitzgerald Bashing on ABC This Week: What The Hell?

EU suggests speed limit on Autobahn.

One-term spendthrift George HW Bush gets aircraft carrier named after him

Gonzales should step down. Please vote this MSNBC article up!

The Right Wing’s Resemblance to Stalinism--Response to Kondracke

Why I Like Ann Coulter

..a New Age of Pragmatism in Washington.???

Jay Leno Jokes Around About John Edward's New 28,000 ft2 Home in North Carolina

So, I checked this morning

How a Libby Pardon Would Hurt Guliani's Candidacy

What disturbs me watching CNN

What Is Your School System's Policy on JROTC/Military Recruitment?

Watched "Iraq for Sale" last night. .....

How is this for coincidence:

The surge is working--see?

Obama Not Riled by Fox Chief's Word Play

Robert Nant vs Robert Nant

CNN: Rioting in Columbian streets as Bush visits Bogota

I just saw "The Ground Truth" last night ... an independent documentary.

Voting to continue the War...

30-day Countdown to War (Bob Moriarty)

Rove was asked to fire U.S. attorney

I did a search on "VX gas Turkey Brewster Jennings" , re Neo Cons try to smuggle VX into Iraq

Newsweek: Stealth Warrior (how Gates is trying to save Junior's presidency)

3193 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun 3/11 - and then there were TWO

Barack Obama's team just called my home. wanting money

Crisis Looms in Market for Mortgages

Before You Enlist! (YouTube Video, 15 Minutes; Parents, Vets Tell Real Stories)

Among Recent Presidents, Clinton is Tops With Historians

Why not micromanage the war?

Have we reached the tipping point yet? When will Americans finally have enough?

NBC news doing a good segment on the Enviromenatl Christian Evangelicals.

Bush Dodges Chavez Questions, Despite Repeated Prodding

Meanwhile over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

BushInc is BANKRUPTING America to BANKROLL their New World Order.

Y'know? George W. Bush IS kinda hot

Is this when I'm supposed to get excited about Rove "going down"?

Rice grown with Human Genes -

The Week Ahead: Accountability Returns to the House Floor

Video camera rolls protesters clash with Tacoma Police

AP: Has Ann Coulter hit her tipping point?

Walter Reed hearings repeat on CSpan 1 now n/t

Sunday Talk didn't mention Pentagon to use Dubai company as main contractor (William Chirolas)

Columnist Hails 'Surge' In Iraq -- Paper Does Not Disclose His Brother Was One of its Architects

Why hasn't Rove been indicted!?!

* "but also to the people in my Congress."

NC citizens very unhappy with Sen Dole & Burr for not opposing Navy Landing Site...

As the world burns

Comedian, Richard Jeni Died Saturday

BBC: Halliburton plans move to Dubai

Anybody have problems today with yahoo email ?

Keep Anti-IraN War restrictions in spending bill. Action needed.

Giuliani in '89: "There Must Be Public Funding For Abortion"

Comedian Richard Jeni dead at 45. Police investigating suicide.

U.S. groups mount grass-roots battle over Iraq

Anyone watching 60 Minutes?

Giuliani in '89: "There Must Be Public Funding For Abortion"

What is the missing piece?

Immigration raids split families

video:McCaskill Says VA Secretary Nicholson Is ‘A Brownie Situation,’

College drug problem,...... an allegory

In contrast to the riots, which NBC showed--they said Bush only saw the

Should Congress Amend the Buy American Act to Give Preference to US-HQ'ed Contractors?

"Mistakes were made." Anyone else getting tired of hearing this phrase?

Dr. David Kelly / The Hutton Inquiry

Ever get the feeling the Hillary has already been chosen as our next, Queen.

NBC Slammed For 'Anti-Semitic' TV Show

Hooray to George W. Bush* for tonight's sunny evening!

Documentary questions Moore's tactics

Delve into the wingnut mind via Conservapedia:

Labor seeks unity through “Three Cities, One Future” campaign (janitors make as little as $26 a day)

Are we at the tipping point? We read many posts

I know you would all like to be there

Bush administration takes six blows in a row

Between Barbarism and a Solar Transition

has anyone reveled the Griffith Justice appointee vote stealing scheme yet.?? randi rhodes talked

"An Inconvenient Truth' on Show time 8pm EST. NOW Sunday

Iraqis should have talked to the Hmong before working with the US military

Fired prosecutor, John McKay: GOP pressured for probe in voting fraud to tilt WA governor's race

Senators Hagel & Warner: Will HAL PAC $$$ Influence Vote to Investigate Dubai HQ Move?

On Friday, I saw a "Homeland Security - Federal Police" van.

2008 voter issues, the war, big oil, and defeating more republicans

FreewayBlogger on Impeachment: Clinton v. Bush

How long till bigoted freepers/DUers call for a boycott of ESPN?

Larry Johnson's wall of shame of Faux screencaps (libby innocent, civil war a good thing...)

Freeper logic: "Blame Democrats for Iraq War"

When Waxman Subpoenas Karl Rove (Or, When Harry Met Karly)

Iran Expects Russia To Supply Fuel For Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant By End Of Month

Pastor Arrest on Molestation Charges - thought he could get away, front license plate read 'Jesus'

The Politics of the Cricket World Cup

Actor Fred Thompson considers 2008 run

Corporate America and the Navajos - Where are the Navajo millionaires

Prince William Peacemakers (VA) encounter War

Thank you Ken Starr. Can Bush be impeached by being charged with an 'Abuse of Power'?

Iran president seeks UN audience

North Korea warns of ‘actions’

Why can't Billy Bush be president instead of George?

White House promises to look into Rove's action w/ U.S. Attorneys

'Smart' rebels outstrip US

State Journal Register (Springfield, IL) has not dropped Coulter. . .yet

NYT Headline Change: "Halliburton Moving Its C.E.O. From Houston to Dubai"

Waxman Should Ask Defense Contract Audit Agency: How Many Auditors in US vs. UAE?

Theocratic agenda heading for a Statehouse near you

TV Tires Of Coulter: Producers Say Pundit's Shelf Life Expiring

Caption this * pic...

Hillary Compares herself to JFK in New Hampshire Today

Jerry Falwell Embraces Newt...

You walk out of "300" with whatever baggage you brought in with you

The Army is ordering injured troops to go to Iraq

Tired Of This Congress

I finally went to the Hispanic Cable Channels for News!

Anyone watching Richardson on CSPAN right now?

A soldier alone: Quadriplegic Army veterans mother speaks about VA care

Greg Palast

David Swanson: Subpoena Dick (YES!!)

I still hear people complain about Al Gore claiming to have "created the internet"

Immigration Raids Divide Families

Bush's S. American ethanol triumph hasn't won many hearts or headlines.

About a mile away from the palace, some 2,000 protesters chanted "Down with Bush"

60 Minutes segment on Iraqi refugees -- an important story done well.

A Word From David Swanson To David Sirota Regarding David Obey

DU Political Video's Forum....How many go there?

Steve Jobs introduces the iRack:

Fake Dem. Zell Miller blames military shortages, social security, illegal immigration on abortion

Are we just not going to be free anymore?

Russia Elections Blasted As Orchestrated

Russia Criticizes U.S. Human Rights Report

Com•Log•ic's Comic on Prosecutor Purge: Smoking Guns Magic Bullets *Large Graphic File* PART 2

BIG DOG ALERT: President Clinton (past not future, ) to be on Family Guy

I love Maxine Waters

Can anyone explain to me how and why the word "UNDERGROUND" applies here anymore?

DUPE (Halliburton Move) - deleting... sorry.

UPDATE: Man Jailed for Life for Joint to Be Freed

Prior to Iraq invasion, CIA paid Iraqi oil workers not to burn the oil wells

Expert says global warming is pushing "African" diseases north - Reuters

Tony Soprano = AG Gonzales? Crooks in DC told prosecutor to keep quiet or else...

Giuliani’s Ex-wives March on Washington

Missing Inaction: Switchgrass

Conservative Voice: Should President Bush Be Impeached?

Paul Krugman: Overblown Personnel Matters

A lot of people don't think Bush should hang these three Iraqi women POWs


Anybody else watching the Koppel Discovery special?

What's a daddy to do?

What do you make of this?

Here's the Showtime schedule for Inconvenient Truth.

What happened to ", "

No "Conservative Idiots" this week?

Democrats are boycotting FOX so should we

Bush having a few with his best buddy

Drudge making fun of Belafonte

"Washington Journal" took my call this morning.

National Debt Load Is A Fiscal Time Bomb

Did everyone's computer advance to DST okay?

Bob Schieffer On The Libby Case - These Guys Make Themselves More Irrelevant By The Week !!!

Buzzflash: More States Pass Resolutions Demanding Congress Stop the Escalation

How happy are you?

Rev. Ted Haggard massage table on eBay

Why don't we DEFUND the mercenaries?

Can someone answer a few questions about the proposed plan for withdrawal?

Meanwhile, back in Iraq - from a 15 year old Iraqi blogger.

America's Funniest Home Videos

Votes be damned, sometimes you just have to do what is right

PHOTO: "Halliburton thanks you, America, for your BILLIONS & BILLIONS of dollars!

Halliburton Plans Dubai Headquarters - Away From US Investigators

Could GM Crops be Killing Bees?

NYT Calls For DISMISSAL OF Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

Giuliani: "There must be public funding for abortion"

ANWR and the Halliburton Hightail: No Oil Service Contracts for Non-US-Based Companies?

Cindy Sheehan speaking today: ON FIRE!

AP: Billy Walkabout, decorated American Indian veteran, dies at 57

Fox News at Its Finest.

Bush Dives into Crowd to Press the Flesh, Hailed as Man of the People!

National Security demands that the US government seize Halliburton.

She Who Must Obey! "Idiot Liberal"s Soldier Son's Poetry & Hallway Transcript

A pictorial biography of FOX News - CLASSIC!

An American Classic- Dubithy and The Wizard of Oil

No Place but Texas. State Rep buys himself $1500 custom boots with campaign donations.

good comeback a friend used on a fellow worker

Fuck it. Wer'e doomed. Why even TRY to take the WH in 2008

National Guard "not ready".

ROVE & BUSH ADMIN Acknowledge Rove's Role In Prosecutor Purge

How does moving Daylight Savings Time up 2 week save us $?

Hillarious MUST SEE: MadTV- Steve Jobs announces The iRack!

Where in the US could sugarcane be grown other than Hawaii?


Proposed dog law may bite into SPCA coffers (shelter below 85 degrees, etc)

Killed Cartoons: Censorship of opinion in America

Bush administration takes six blows in a row

OH Despair! The world was not saved by Nov. 8 '06 !!!!!!

Former Ann Coulter advertiser pulls ads in the best way I have ever seen...

I truely believe this Iraq war was designed chaos

What is privatization of military services and Halliburton move to Dubai leading to?

Curious comment I heard on Faux News re LA Wild Fire.

Halliburton shifts headquarters to Dubai.

Dem State Legislatures: Is Dubai-Based Halliburton a State Contractor? Preference for US-Based Firms

"This Is Not Right"

VULTURE FUND **CERBERUS**Weighing Bid for Chrysler.....

Mar. 11 Daily Impeachment News: post high crimes and misdemeanor news here

Where did all the boomer hippies move to ?

I'm tired of hearing the Democrats whining about the war....

The Army is Ordering Injured Troops to go to Iraq...

video:Sen. Schumer Calls For Alberto Gonzales To Resign

Is 300 right wing propaganda?

Plague of locusts greeting Bush arrival to the Yucatan

Religion's Generation Gap

Got Privitization? "Children, even babies, wear prison garb and sleep in cells"

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Not Silent Anymore (lack of access to dental care)

Right Now I'm FUMING PISSED OFF At Irresponsible Parents.

UPDATE: Henry Waxman is likely to hold a hearing on Halliburton Move.

Will There Be An Attack On Iran? If so, Israel or US inititates attack?

Looking for the top ten stupidest business decisions

Is making others' equal rights dependent on your comfort level bigoted?

"Rainy season" is almost over here, and it's already "Fire Season"

Teen drinking. How do you deal with it do you allow your teens to drink at home or do you send

That Armitage leaked first doesn't make the rest of what happened OK!

Could Amendment to Waxman's Accountability in Contracting Act Prevent Halliburton Flight to Dubai?

Waxman plans hearing on Halliburton move.

iWaste: Ten thousand songs in your pocket. Ten thousand years in a landfill.

OIL TOO CHEAP if no Iraq War says Oil & Gas Journal in 2002

WH Staffers: "VP's Office Out of Control"

What have you done to help the planet lately?

PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE: Young student's documentary leaving audiences stunned

Keep talking.

Fred Thompson Considers 2008 Run

47 Killed in Baghdad; 3 U.S. Troops Dead

How Much Evidence Do they Need Before Congress Begins to Remove the Cancer on Our Nation?

Halliburton Already Has a Dubai Bank

My brother is going back to Iraq.

Why the lack of interest in the March in March?

Would impeachment of Gonzo hurt Dems w/ Hispanics ?

There's a competition going on on this message board.

Very Very Cool Stuff

House, Senate Dems Realize Power Limited

The Failed Attorney General: NY Times calls for removal of Alberto Gonzales

WP's series of memories from friends of the candidates: Bill Richardson, "With Energy to Spare"

Poll: Character Trumps Policy for Voters

The American legion has been AWOL

Chuck Schumer calls for Gonzales to Step Down on CBS/Schieffer.

Little known facts about holding elections on first Tuesday in November

Mehlman Speaks Of Character -- Now That's Funny

Donations Pooled Online Are Getting Candidates' Attention

The Counter-Revolution WAS Televised*

Wounded Predator Becomes More Dangerous

Something to remember about the 2004 Democratic Debates on Fox

NYT: Another Grim Week in Iraq

"I'm the cult of personality"

Rev. Ted Haggard massage table on eBay

Purged Prosecutor: DoJ Offered Me "A Deal"

Dream Ticket?

Kristol Claims A Libby Pardon Would Remove The ‘Cloud Over The White House And The War’

Gonzales approved torture, spying on Americans and firing U.S. attorneys

Newsweek: Fuel to the Firings

Chicago Tribune: Averting another Walter Reed

Fox News tries to whitewash the record.

Bush Is Right Not to Set Date for Troop Withdrawal, Baker Says

Medical marijuana: Gov. Richardson's wrangling revives measure

Does anyone know the source for this for all to see? Walter Reed

Is Halliburton taking the money and running to Dubai? Walter Reed or Cheney animation must see!!!

Not Long ago or far away Star Wars Storm Troopers clear streets of Anti Emperor protesters

On 'Face the Nation', Sen. Schumer Calls For Alberto Gonzales To Resign

Idling till now, Hagel (R-Ne) may shift to '08 gear

Army Times Reports : The Military Says Deletion of AP footage justified.

How does one get an initiative

Privatized Walter Reed Workforce Gets Scrutiny

Obama's team just called me---assured me Gore wasn't running


Jack Cafferty ever wonder why he does not get his own show?

Dangerous Ideas and Today's Conservative Agenda: A Video Analysis

Ok so I can't tell if this is conservapedia vandalism or conservative idiocy...

David Sirota, David Obey, and Idiot Liberals

Was watching FOX. They said Clinton dismissed 94 federal attorneys?

Obama classmates saw a smile, but no racial turmoil: No idea of inner conflict

Police Break up S. Korea free trade agreement protest (AP) as temperatures dropped to freezing

AG Gonzales feeling the heat from his own party~

In Uruguay, Bush Finds a Leftist He Can Embrace (and Name)

Down By Law: Vulture Funds Feeding on the Dispossessed

Freeperville on Ken Starr and Clinton Impeachment

Raw Story/AP: Bush, Laura and Condi get jiggy in Latin America

Former Iraq minister denies theft of millions ($800 MILLION)

U.S. agencies tangle on efforts in Iraq: Staffers say spats... displace priorities

Employee Free Choice Act brings fresh hope to working families

Halliburton Moves HQ To Dubai

With all the "Focus on Iran," some history.

Switch to private maintenance company may have left Walter Reed Army Medical Center understaffed

If Chuck Hagel runs as an Independent, is that good or bad for Democrats?

Waxman to hold hearings on Halliburton-

New John Edwards Sells Less Biography, More Liberal Issues

McCaskill Says VA Secretary Nicholson Is ‘A Brownie Situation,’ Calls For Him To Resign

Card-check' was just part of labor union bill ''The Republicans' motives are abundantly clear

A Letter From Michael Moore to Shrub.........I love Michael!

‘Public Enemies:’ They’re Not Packing Heat—They’re Casting Votes

Halliburton shifts headquarters to Dubai.

Cancelled Presidential debates smack of manipulation by ‘run and hide’ candidates

I challenge Democrats to simply vote down funding, instead worrying about their perception

Report from Edwards Event in Newton, Iowa

Newt and Rudy's Skeletons Could Fill Ten Closets

Chuck Hagel: Tomorrow

A Bold New Plan to Secure the Homeland

HUGE - Media hypes nonstories while FASCISTS are moving HQs and papers out of sight.

(Lindsay) Graham: ‘The Fact That Schumer Asked For [Gonzales] To Step Down Means He Won’t’

Newsweek: An 'Out of Control' Veep's Office

Who, In bu$h's Failed Administration, Is The One Making Things Happen?

"The Surge is Succeeding," says Kagan in WaPo

Upset Over Cancelled Fox Debate, Kondracke Attacks ‘Left-Wing Liberals’ As 'Junior-Grade Stalinists'

Everything that's wrong with this country,...

Mixing Bill Richardson and rurals could help turn Nevada blue

Q: Would impeachment of Libby prevent his pardon?

The simple reason why conservatism stinks

Col. Rodriguez, part of the opposition to Chevez in the attempted Coup, says Chevez

Pelosi Cautions Bush Not To Veto An Iraq Bill - AND

Giuliani speaks in favor of Gingrich

The Split Among Dems

The Republicans say that they "would love" to have Clinton as our

W.Va. Teachers Union Plans 1-Day Walkout (WP)

Why are so many people here convinced that Gore will run,

Does anyone remember the name of Nixon's criminal Veep?

Cancelled Presidential Debates Smack of Manipulation by 'Run and Hide' Candidates

Are there any Democratic candidates you would have a hard time voting for in the General Election?

Rank the Democratic candidates.

(Hillary) Clinton: America's middle class has become invisible (AP)

Robert Reich's new blog: Who's Digging Dirt on Obama?

A solution to the problem of all those evil illegal immigrants

Please wake up over these NSL Letters

Obama: " I believe in and trust women in general to make the best decision."



Blue Dogs say they represent the majority, but they don't want to "play general" with the war.