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Archives: February 9, 2007

Rawstory: Gore:'I cannot perceive circumstances in which I would'...

Professor outrages Jews with book claim

Keep Your Eyes On the Lies: David Michael Green

NYT: Giuliani Shifts Abortion Speech Gently to Right

Liberals vs. Leftists; the Fork in the Road

Afghanistan-Where the Lunatics are Taking Over the Asylum

No change in political climate by Ellen Goodman

Target Iran from The Guardian


Slum "Tourism" - Kenya

Will Bush Administration Provoke a War with Iran to Prevent Cheney’s Testimony in the Libby Trial?

Iran: Bush sticks with same calamitous playbook

Nicholas von Hoffman (The Nation): The Worst President Ever

2007 Intelligence Authorization Bill Advances in Senate

Office of Media Distraction

Helen Thomas: Cheney The Irrelevant

Joe Klein (WTF?) Time: What It Means to Support the Troops

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Exposing ExxonMobil, Part II

Roanoke (Va) Times Editorial: The Senate Must Grab Bush's Attention

View from Canada (CBC): "A rectitude that wasn't there before"

From Attytood: BREAKING NEWS: Young Woman meets Sudden, Tragic Death

U.S. needs the strength to be patient BY ANDREW GREELEY

Cronkite: Media companies' pressures to generate ever-greater profits threaten America's freedom

WP: Budget Games That Hurt Children

Bombs Over Baghdad: The Pentagon's Secret Air War in Iraq

Thelma and Louise Imperialism: Over the Cliff with George and Dick?

US think tank urges retreat from Iraq (AFP)

The Nation: Into 2008

GOP shows how to end the war with 41 votes not 60

NYT Kristof to Cheney: "you should resign."


Truthdig: Uncompassionate Conservative

Death of a Young Woman the Cable Nets Are Not Covering 24/7

PEMEX Says Cantarell Decline Faster Than Thought; May Hit 700K/D By 2012 - LA Times

PESWiki -- omnibus source for renewable energy

Ethanol subsidy 'worse than you can imagine'

The Future in a Tiny Sphere (New photovoltaic configuration doesn't need solar tracking)

Water Wars: Climate Change May Spark Conflict

Scientists to Vie for $25M Climate Prize (Sir Richard Branson)

Showdown nears in Texas TXU coal plant battle - Reuters

Climate experts & Pelosi testify before Congress on Global Warming - Repulics become comedians

EPA Toughens Toxic Emissions Standards (benzene) - AP

From The Just-In-Time File: Exxon Mobil Has No More Doubts On Warming - Houston Chronicle

Canadian Environment Minister - No Carbon Tax, No Participation In Global Carbon Market - AFP

Acoustic device may save India's river dolphins (BBC)

Scientific Report - Damage, Consequences Of Amazon Deforestation Worse Than Thought

Taste for leatherback eggs contributes to Malaysian turtle's demise - AFP

Sen. Kerry and Rep. Inslee Join Conservation Groups in Global Warming Lawsuit Against Bush Admin.

US to fund Agent Orange clean-up - BBC

Biomass plants find power in poop - USA Today article

Chinese Cops Bust Plant Manager For Selling Carcinogen-Tainted Chili Powder - Reuters

$25 million climate prize offered by Branson

Australian States Will Move On Carbon Trading By 2010 If Howard Does Nothing

Canada's Environment Minister - Adopting Kyoto Would Produce Post-Soviet Style Collapse Up North

Fossilized Horses' Teeth Provide Evidence Of Biggest Climate Shift Between KT & Present - Reuters

Among G-8 Nations, Canada Is Dead Last On Actually Controlling Emissions

EU May Make Harming Environment a Crime

New organic beers on the way

Germany Backs Down, Will Accept EU-Imposed CO2 Cap - Reuters

Germany accepts EU carbon emissions cap - Reuters

Japan Meteorological Agency - Globally, 1/07 Warmest January Ever Recorded - AFP

Ethanol - Is It Worth It?

No change in political climate by Ellen Goodman

Greek tanker runs aground in Gulf of Finland - Reuters

House of Representatives passes biofuels bill - Reuters

Coal mines must provide 4 days of air - AP

Israel intensifies military flights over Lebanon

Sheikh Salah calls to renew riots Saturday

Hamas says group will never recognise Israel

Israel snubs Mecca deal

Clashes at Jewish-Muslim holy site in Jerusalem

War Enters the Classrooms

Did Jews Drink Blood? (Return of the Blood Libel)

"20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse" (blg 7)

The First Internet Blockbuster!

9/11: The Case Isn't Closed - In defense of the "9/11 truth movement."

NJ EMT says workers told WTC7 was going to be "pulled"!

NYT editorial: Making Democracy Credible: Time short to head off more voting machine scandals

Son of Holt Bill: TechnoElection


Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 2/9/07 Bills in 110th Congress

DUers for ELECTION REFORM..The Chair of the C.H.A.,accepting comments on Holts bill

Bush's uncle benefited from illegal stock sale, records show (Also Marvin)

An inconvenient rush (demand for Gore tickets crashes U of Toronto website)

AP: 8 killed in U.S. airstrike near Baghdad

AP: 13 Iraqis Taken, 11 Killed Near Baghdad

Branson, Gore launch carbon cutting prize

BBC: UK wind power reaches milestone

Did I hear this right? Anna Nicole Smith Died?

Violent clashes at al-Aqsa mosque

Senators: Inspector's report is 'devastating condemnation' of Office of Special Plans...

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 9

Iran will ‘hit back’ if US attacks

Second IRS Violation Filed Against Living Word Christian Center and Pastor Mac Hammond

Judge blocks Verizon hearing (re:domestic surveillance)

(FL) Primary move upsets DNC

CBS/AP: Report: Drugs Found In Anna Nicole's Room

Government sued over citizenship delays

AP: 3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Anbar Province

Reports: Harvard could name female prez

Pentagon Says Pre-War Intel Not Illegal (OSP)

(Tennessee Governor) Bredesen wants smoke snuffed out at work

AP: Report says Pentagon manipulated intel

AP: Smith's mother blames drugs for death

Violence erupts at Jerusalem holy site

Report: U.S. airstrike kills 8 Kurds

Guardian: Roadside bomb kills British soldier in Basra

Declassified summary of Pentagon report sees problem solved, makes no future recommendati

Rep. Ackerman: ‘A Platoon Of Lesbians’ Could ‘Chase Us Out Of Baghdad’

Reuters: Spain to hand judge documents on secret CIA flights

Gore: 'I cannot perceive circumstances in which I would'

NYT/AP: Half of India's Children Are Malnourished: Despite dramatic economic achievements

WaPo: Official's Key Report On Iraq Is Faulted - 'Dubious' Intelligence Fueled Push for War

(Senator) Shelby worried Iraq’s oil will fall into Iran’s hands

'Doomsday vault' to resist global warming effects

OMG!!!111!!1: Zsa Zsa's husband: I might be (Anna's) baby's dad

Did Jews Drink Blood? (Return of the Blood Libel)

Collins introduces bill to delay implementation of Real ID

Homeland security chief accused of trying to protect America 'on the cheap'

Michigan Republican Activist Charged with Rape in Cleveland

Rep. Miller helped pursuit (an R in another major scandal?)

Not Our Kind of People/"I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds..."

Turner Chief Resigns Over Marketing Blunder in Boston

2007 Intelligence Authorization Bill Advances in Senate

Reuters: U.N. troops storm Haiti slum, in gunfight with gang

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband: I could be Smith baby's father (Anna Nicole)

Engineer: GPS Shoes Make People Findable

Report: U.S. airstrike kills 5 Kurds (Kurdish troops--our friends)

AP: Infighting Hampering Baghdad Crackdown

US Military Leaders Give Details of New Africa Command

Man freed by DNA evidence to get $3.9M

Lawmakers slam faulty background checks

(MA state) Lawmaker reads crude Web posts at school

Honda recalling (45,000+ hybrid) sedans, minivans

Appeals Court Backs Detainee

(French) Court told Brigitte beaten by Australian police

Poll: Public view of Congress improves

Twenty Thousand Demonstrate For Death Row Bulgaria Nurses

CNN: Obama previews '08 announcement on the web (link)

(ABC) Gitmo Cover-up?

The Brain Scan that Can Read People's Intentions

Health undersecretary arrested at Iraqi government's orders-Casey

IAEA halts aid on projects with Tehran

North Korea Nuclear Talks Resume Amid Optimism (NK agrees "in principle" to dismantle nukes)

Court Blocks Suspect's Transfer to Iraq (American Citizen

All 435 House Members Can See Iraq Intelligence (WH not informed or consulted)

McClatchy: USDA may allow China to import chickens to U.S.

Army says it will withhold 19.6 million from Halliburton citing potential contract breach

(Robert Fisk:) Iraqi insurgents offer peace in return for US concessions

SFgate: Speaker, Republicans clash in global warming hearing

Man who faked retardation for 20 years pleads guilty to fraud

Sen. Tim Johnson Working From Hospital

Gates: U.S. can prove Iran's Iraq role

Former Ohio Rep. Bob Ney, a Heath Republican must report to minimum-security prison by March 1

AP: Judge blocks contempt hearing for Verizon in phone records case

AP: Unwed couples get new rights in Italy

Bill O'Reilly Removed from NCMEC Speaker Gig

Breaking: A Los Angeles judge orders the body of Anna Nicole Smith to be preserved

"House of Cards" Ian Richardson Dies

Biggs High School, student clash over anti-war display- (Butte Co, CA)

Frozen toddler's father also faces sex charge

Biblical creation museum founder not amused by Bill Maher visit

CNN: Nuke detectors to ring New York City, official says

Japan outraged by clash with anti-whalers

Hillary: I didn't vote for 'pre-emptive war'

Elie Wiesel attacked by Holocaust Denier

The s.o. has had the snifflies for 4 weeks and I'm starting to geek

Sober people.... Let's Do a Shout Out

Wow. It only took me 5.5 years

Props to the Mods for a quick response!

I need a sympathetic ear...

I have an uncaring transmission...

Ipod ?: My sister and her daughter share a computer. How does one share

Ramen or sleep?

Did you ride the bus...

Missing the Rev around here

I love when Jack Hanna is on Letterman

We are GD. GD is the Lounge

Starting To Feel A Little Melancholy

Whoa! dont ever click on "expand threads" by accident


Pheew, I dodge a female bullet tonight....

Am I the only person not PWI tonight?

I'm out of ramen

Have you seen my pants???


Somebody was playing The Commodores this morning.

BREAKING NEWS! Ice cream still delicious.

and ever since then . . .

Semi-serious question, why do you need someone?

What do you want for your last meal?

My roommate wants to pull his own tooth?!?

Yup been up all night.. not a wink of sleep...

Drunk Naked Man Runs Over 24 Mailboxes, Gives Cops The Finger, Hits 2 Cop Cars - Tasered

Anna Nicole Memorial Haiku Thread

Any Utah Phillips fans here?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/9/2007)

Man Sells Anti-Tank Weapon On The Internet - Arrested

Beat me, bore me, but never ignore me.

Am totally freaked--Called 911--2:15 AM some total stranger guy is ringing my doorbell.

what do you wish you had had for your last meal

Question for MAC users

goodmorning DUers.. just wanted to leave you all a smile to start off your day...

A shallow observation

The gathering of the herd

Cows Put On Special Diet That Include 40 Pints Of Beer A Day

Police On Manhunt For 'Black Jesus' Who Worships The Devil & Eats Girls

Don't hate ladies! Don't hate!

Anna Nicole Smith's Horoscope from Thursday (really - and interesting...)


Anyone know how to say "attachement" in Spanish -- as in email attachment? Is it "adjunto"?

I believe...

didn't you, just once, want the coyote to catch that Road Runner?

And you think YOU are having a tough day...

Would you prefer a partially shaved ring-tailed lemur or...

Good morning. Do any of you have high water bills? (vid)

Free chill pills.

self delete

Some people are like Slinkys.

I never realized, until yesterday, that Peter Stormare is the V-dub guy.

I can't stop swearing underwater again

Happy 30th Birthday, GreenJ!!!

Feeling very bad today...

o.k., quick... who else will complete the 'celebrity death' trifecta...

Scientists Have Figured Out The Formula That Creates 'Beer Goggles'

Woman sues town after cracking her tooth on a tootsie roll she got from the town hall's candy jar

Fox News to Air Shocking Anna Nicole/String Ray Footage.

Latest eye-rolling Freecycle request:

product endorsement (i need a spanking this is bad)

mattress recommendations

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband now saying he is Anna Nicole's

Africa Wildlife Cam..... live online

I just answered my phone and some guy said...

Food related injuries? "Orange finger" "pistachio finger"

Best/Worst alcohol induced garage band names

Survivor's new contestents seems like a lively group compared to most

Good thoughts are needed for an animal hero!

Here... have a lollipop!

I was on Stephanie Miller today!

Ian Richardson is the Celebrity Death Trifectorant - Grey Poupon guy

Breaking: LIVE SOON: Medical examiner news conference on Anna Nicole Smith

Breaking LBN-Anna Nicole may have choked on homophobic mini-wheats and/or Snickers

For your viewing pleasure

A girl at work got a death threat.

OMG, THIS IS HUGH!!!11 Britney in lesbian orgy scandel!!1

G'night, DU!

Austin City Limits Feb.10th-Lyle Lovett

I was supposed to die in France. I never even saw France.

Is Starbucks a decent place to work?

Lounge: I don't need your vibes, I need your mojo

OMG!!!111!!1: Zsa Zsa's husband: I might be (Anna's) baby's dad

Who here likes the new special effects on the original Star Trek?

I've decided to change the expression "Going Postal"...

My little Tipper posing for her closeup

Incredible singer: Vienna Teng

Hospital Dumps Homeless, Paraplegic Man On Street In Soiled Gown

Are there any countries yet with government regulated, taxed, marijuana sales ?

I'm kinda feelin' like it's Warm-Up for Talk Like a Pirate Day

Grammer question

iTunes sucks

After 4 years of Du. I have ceased to care whether I am welcome,

I tell myself, what's done is done ......

..I am The Father Of Anna Nicoles Baby!!!!!!!

Should I Yell "FREEBIRD" Tonight At The Richie Havens Concert?

NOW this is the "AWWWWWWW" photo to end all "awwwwwww" photos!!!

5 Grammy Nominations for James Blunt

Stupid Cat!

Zsa Zsa now saying this

Two unrelated events: 1) going out tonight as usual 2) my kitten has grown (pic)

Welcome a new VERY committed DUer

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

My Dear Country Norah Jones

"Spa Bandit" caught.

I got a DUzY award!

what did you have for your last meal?

Boy Critically Injured After Being Run Over By Childcare Van - Twice

Gamers: How many times have you died fighting World War II?

Great big gobs of greasy grimey gopher guts!

It's 6:00. Do you know where my wife is?

It's 6:00. Do you know where my life is?

Ron Popeil could learn something from this guy...

The crew of the Starship Enterprise sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

I can stop wearing underwear again

Ruh roh! I just accidentally flagged an email from my boss as spam!

Is there a point to pursuing a degree?

hubby's band featured in really weird video

Diana Ross just killed my love of music.

If you had to be attacked by something, would you rather be attacked by:

Mom Leaves Children In Freezing Car While She Gets A Tan

Anyone else miss Jesus besides me? I wish he/she would be allowed back

Should I tell my friend his play stank?

At this hotel you can't book a room at the front desk.

8 Year Old Caught Making 135 Prank 911 Calls


"I'm the coolest kid in the world!"

How crazy is GD?

Friday afternoon Bouncy thread!

First ultrasound is done and I can breathe now

Should it bother me that everyone at work forgot my birthday?

So you say you want to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

What if they think human sacrifice actually WORKS?

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a little good Toto

iPod WINS! (Cow parts all over freeway)

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a little good mojo

Unlock your car with a tennis ball

thought of this todd snider classic for some reason

I found the best site with the best people I've ever talked to.....

The internet is just fad....

I have a feeling Zsa Zsa Gabor will be booting hubby to the sofa.....

SpongeBob Square Pants

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a little good Tojo

Just felt like posting this ... (saw it recently) ... what a great film!

I got my own DUzy!!!!!

Zsa Zsa's Husband: I Might Be Baby's Dad (had 10 year affair with anna nicole smith)

Hey, the temperature is going up!! It's up to 10 degrees.

Will this whole Anna Nicole Smith Circus top other ones?

It's 6:00. Do you know where my scythe is?

So I may be actually wearing dog?

My 19 year old cat is bleeding from the mouth a little today

Who is Anna Nicole's baby's daddy?

I hurt my ankle...Listen to me whine, please...

Scrooge McDuck is a bourgeoisie bastard!

for anyone watching/watched "smackdown"

well,here we are.......

Woman who helped boyfriend rape her 15 year old daughter shows up to court in a "#1 Mom" t-shirt

Random thoughts about Anna Nicole Smith

My young cat's name is now Dammit, that is all I ever call it, as in Dammit get off the table.

RevActs: The last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you.

I know a bunch of you hate my guts, but please send me a good little HoJo!

...and the Executor of Anna Nicole's will (she did have one) is:

So, who here has figured out that you can communicate with your cat

If Stern and Smith had been married, would paternity be an issue?

Is this normal? Re: New Glasses

I hate to ignore another Anna Nicole thread, but I'm going to anyway

Andrew Loyd Webber ripped off Pink Floyd!

Find out about your name.

flat to .0004 in

Help Nominate This Thread For The Greatest Page

My 7 y.o. is in the hospital again...

my god--a truly deep thought

New freeperism-type word: RIDICULES!!!11!!!

A love story in just 4 images.

Has anyone seen that movie 'Transamerica'

I am going skating tomorrow!!!

Starbucks Anarchist! I need a pick-me-up!

The cat does not love you

Shake it

Since Thanksgiving, I have lost 15 lbs....

How do you sleep?

Say what you want about Eddie Murphy and his new movie,

I'm having a rather lousy day.

Do I have to put on pants to go to Coffee Cat?

Are there any electricians out there?

Is Anna Nicole the USA's Princess Dianna?

Happy birthday GreenJ!!

My survey: Men would rather have (blank) than sex.

For computer techs: a classic web page on router in memoriam

Who will be next to claim to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby?

Has anyone ever seen Hogan Knows Best?

We need new smilies!

Okay, this sounds dumb, BUT...

Are you a joiner or a loner?

6 Arrested Following Wet T-Shirt Contest - 4 Women Charged With Exposing Breasts

Shiny Happy Simple Folk check in here!

I declare a Television Theme Song Battle!!!

Anyone seen "Empire Falls"?

Find your elf name.

Now that evil Pelosi won't let Dennis Hastert have any plane at all!

Hey Pssssssst.....

LOL! This is the truest personality quiz result I've ever received! "What's Your Rising Sign?"

For U.S. residents: Do you currently live in a red or blue Congressional district?

avocado poll

Former McDonald's workers, check in!

We are going to foster a dog for a week

I hate to add another Anna Nicole thread, but I'm going to anyway

What TV series on DVD should I watch next?

Any modern convenience you don't have in your house?

Most Annoying Televison Characters

I just looked through all of the writing on my computer and was tempted to delete the whole folder.

I wrote a new poem today

I came to a realization today: I love bad metal music.

Survey-- Women would rather have clothes than sex!

Name a celebrity who has lost his/her looks

Question for baby boomers between 1955-1965

Truck Spills 40 Tons of Cow Intestines

I'm watching 2001 A Space Odyssey

After 16 months in the lounge I still care if people like me.

What color green are you?

I think these are fake - how can I search snopes for them?

I'm bummed about everything.

The Duggar Family is now expecting their 17th child....

Prayer service for Hicks attracts 800 (downunder)

Is Jesus God?

Seriously, we should all get together someday.

Do you have to be miserable to be Born Again? Semi-serious question.

Okay, I saw the Departed. If you saw it, tell me

Anti-gay Repuke Mass. Legislator reads profanity-laced speech to High School kids

check this out

10 Minutes. Every Sunday. ENVISION A NEW AMERICA!

I wish we could sage DU.

Dog Day - Cat Day Excerpts

The Ground Truth: After The Killing Ends

Nice post about Kerry and the MLB on The Dem Daily

More on Sen. Craig's staff being rude to the Vote Vets guys

OT: insights from Glenn Greenwald

Because it's like this in Iraq

Question about the latest plan

Kerry to be on Imus on Monday

We're not the only ones...

Poll that needs help on Sestak's war proposal

Guys, we need to talk

OT: Bad news from France :-((

Interesting summary of the 2008 dem frontrunners

This is pointless but....I love you, John Kerry.

Billions missing in Iraq without a paper trail

The Ground Truth (trailer for documentary)

America's Distribution Of Wealth (1955)...

Solidarity Forever (Pete Seeger & The Weavers)

Speaker Pelosi testifies before global warming hearing (House Science and Tech.)

Obama on Conan! Awesome!!

Jay Rockefeller grilling Negroponte

Highlight's from Waxman's hearing on Homeland Security Contractors

WTC 1&2 in the furnace with baudrillard

Barney Brings Down the Gavel

Dean addresses DNC executive committee post election. Dec. 2

Alan Shore takes on Big Pharm and Big Religion


Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) goes off on the Republic Party and De Plane

California Dreaming?

Black children prefer white dolls

I didn't realize it was this bad in Los Angeles - -


Iran: Victory will Defeat Us.

Charlie Rose rocked tonight, calling Rob Portman out, another * enabler.

EMERGENCY Conference: Impeach Bush for War Crimes!

Cindy Sheehan: Dennis Kucinich most reflects my values

Red Eye "I think we should kill all liberals" Faux News

Vulgar, trash-talking anti-Catholic.

BREAKING NEWS! Ice cream still delicious.

Bush 41 and Terri Hatcher's ass -- did I see that correctly?

Joe Trippi Talks to the London Times about how Blogs are going to be a Factor in 08

USA says 13 insurgents killed in Iraq airstrike; locals say 45 civilians, women & children die

Happy Anniversary, Collin

Barney Frank has fun with the gavel (video)

Something a bit old but you may still like it.

Bush's Upcoming Excellent Adventure

Do you think the news this week could get any weirder?

In this current environment should Pelosi

WJ: Danger in Reporters as Celebrities?

Regarding the Libby trial...I am confused.

Report: U.S. Airstrike Kills 8 Kurds

Doctors' Moral Views Influence Their Advice to Patients


If CAPTIONS come, can spring be far behind?? . . . Then please come CAPTION!!!

AUDIO and video of Mary Matlin on Imus yesterday (13:11)

Murtha holds hearing on war funding at 10am EST on CSpan1

They brainwash us young


It was probably a given that Tom DeLay would become an exterminator or a politician...

horrible pic of dead Iraqi on print edition of Wash Post:

Arkansas News: "U.S. Attorney Flap Escalates" (Senate Dems Liken To Nixon's 'Sat Night Massacre')

LAT: Feith's prewar work faulted in Pentagon IG OSP report

BREAKING NEWS! Pamela Anderson NOT dead!

Bodybuilder says Robertson threatened to kill him and his family

Pentagon investigates Pentagon. Pentagon concludes that Pentagon's pre-war intel not illegal

House GOP (And Lou Dobbs) Blast Pelosi for Plane Request

Did I hear this right? Anna Nicole Smith Died?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON: Fri 2/9 -- trick of light?

"Surge" undermined by Incompetency & Corruption

Senator Clinton could not hope for better enemies. It is like playing softball against drunks

Levin: Pentagon Iraq intelligence report 'very damning'

Please help me out here? How can the Pentagon manipulate Intelligence and not break any law?

The irony...

Damning Report Says Pre-war intel Work Inappropriate but not Illegal

What the fuck does America have to do to get Wolf Blitzer fired ?

Yay! Michelle Malkin is pissed at Anna Nicole Smith too!

Prosecutor says religious parents punished their 8-year-old son to death

"Students speak out against campus finances, diversity"

Is C-Span down for anyone else?

Does Anyone Know If The Senate Armed Service Committee Is Being Streamed Anywhere? Thanks! eom

"Keep Away From The Funerals:" An Exhortation on "Christians" Protesting Military Funerals

Probably 95 percent of Reparable Scientists have confirmed....

How would you like living like the * Administration was sharing your house?

Maybe it's Because I'm a Pessimist

"the Dems should have started impearchment proceedings, I am very

Unbelievable... El Paso Corp. buys 21 million barrels of Iraqi crude illegally and get this...

Are Levin hearings today??

I can't believe I didn't realize it until now...

US air strike kills Iraqi troops

New Bill - Seeks To Curb Justice Dept Power To Replace Fed Prosecutors

Sen. Lindsey Graham: "The war on terror is about headlines"

CNN had a bit comparing A N Smith with Marily Monroe

I finally figured out what Tim Russert reminds me of...

it's Offical: Bush lied about the War....

Walter Pincus and R. Jeffrey Smith on IG Report:

U.S. needs the strength to be patient

Gates **THINKS* he **MAY** have **EVIDENCE** against Iran. To the media, that's proof.

Small town fire dept applies for DHS grant to buy a new truck.

Faked Iraq War Intel "Not Illegal": Questions About DoD Inspector General's Flawed Report

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Mainstream Local "News"

There Were Murals on Walls in Iraq of the Planes Flying into the Towers?

Declassified summary of Pentagon report sees problem solved, makes no future recommendati

Pelosi's plane, Anna Nicole's death, non-binding resolutions --what do they all have in common????

IG executive report: Actions were legal because of Deputy Sec of Def authorization

Russert: "I don’t hate Chris Matthews."

Great LTTE on Lt. Watada

Tweety on Imus 2/7: "I think the country wants... a little bit of fascism, just a pinch"

Fundraiser in Chico CA for single payer, universal health care- SB 840

The Political Imagineering Challenge:

Question About Pelosi's Plane, Is It Usual Practice for SOTH To Receive Government Transport?

Anna Nicole Smith's Horoscope from Thursday (really - and interesting...)

Homeland Security spokesman: Morale is low in the agency because of the media

Lawmaker Reads Crude Web Posts at a High School - while discussing his stance on gay marriage

Latinos lob a few words at governor

Gore: 'I cannot perceive circumstances in which I would'

Man faked retardation

Rep. Ackerman: ‘A Platoon Of Lesbians’ Could ‘Chase Us Out Of Baghdad’ (relative to DADT)

It takes a village...

A Return of the Heartfelt Blessings

Cheney called Feith's findings,-"the best source of information" on links between SH and al-Qaid

karen tumulty: "i think their organization is called Code Pink

Central Florida Restaurant Plans Fundraiser For Arrested Astronaut


If Barack is the nominee, how would the Repubs attack him?

Budget Games That Hurt Children: Hank Paulson, at least, is embarrassed; Bush is not

MoonieTimes: Conservatives say they pick "none of the above" with '08 prospects

Dumb thread......Didn't Anna Nicole Smith have White House lawyers?


Columbia Univ. Study: $45 BILLION per year savings for lower dropout rate

Pentagon investigates Pentagon on Iraq intel: no wrongdoing.

Waxman hearing on Allegations of Waste, Fraud & Abuse of Big Pharma! Starting now.

didn't you, just once, want the coyote to catch that Road Runner?

Rep. Ackerman: ‘A Platoon Of Lesbians’ Could ‘Chase Us Out Of Baghdad’

residential WInd power is here

Pentagon: Iraq Intel Manipulated for WH

As Baghdad's Sadr City thrives, Sunni areas die

Slavery Today - Drissa's Story

KUDOS to NBC Nightly News w/Brian Williams: Spoke the TRUTH about Pelosi Plane last night.

Are There Recent Approval Numbers For Madame Speaker?

Gore, Branson Announce Climate Prize

Canada, US and Mexican officials held secretive meeting on Integration

Senate Intel Chair: Pentagon Office DID Break The Law

David Corn talking on Diane Rehm show now. Intel Report, Link here:

Great moments in RW citizen jounalist fact-checking

Ron Paul wants Condi to prove Iran has nukes


Discover Magazine article re. brain injuries in service people in Iraq

Personal Appeal from Actor Mimi Kennedy (please forward)


Pentagon Manipulates Intel

Poor Tim Russert said that being in testifying was "uncomfortable" waaaaaaa

Republicans and Katrina

WH: The president takes responsibility for Feith's office "manipulating" Iraq intel

A troubled U.S. military presence on Ecuador’s coast

question for DU GLBT community

The Carlyle Group to buy visual effects company

Bush pushing biggest fake free trade deal since the NAFTA disaster

Bush Uncle Profits From Options Scheme


A trip down memory lane. Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondence Dinner

Sen Coleman: Senate should be 'ashamed' for failure to vote on Iraq

So is the twelve billion dollar heist the largest in history or what?

RW Catholic League may have broken 501(c)(3) Laws, also doesn't mind RW Anti-Catholics

ROTC trolling for middle school kids now?

Just in case you missed it on Hardball last night

Why don't some on DU get it that we can't think about only the IWAR ALL the time? The ANS story is

Let us talk about the real Pap Smear problem (for men too)

Close Guantánamo, candidate Richardson urges

Ann Coulter jokes about Female Genital Mutilation

New Hampshire & Iowa: DU volunteers

Anyone with thoughts on why the Levin Armed Services hearing isn't being covered on CSpan today?

DNC Says Debate

I love doonesbury-drink the kool-aid

"But I thought we banned them!"

Hunt begins in town

Iraq's U.S. General Petraeus -- myth and reality

SEE how sick things become

Surge Protection Brigade: Nonviolent resisters returning to recruiting center today

According to CNN Anna tried killing herself

Bush Budget Raises Drug Prices for Many Veterans

Upcoming video game lets you kill brown-skinned folks at the border

Anti Iraq war song I just recorded Monday, please listen

The politics of the man behind “24.” - U.S. General Bashed Torture Scenes

Since it takes Senate approval for many of the President's appointments

Mass media mergers, more lies on the way

Truthout: DoD Report Appears to Confirm Downing Street Memo

How many of you understand the difference between pragmatic and principle? Would we be better off if

Real News Loses to Fluff Again

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband now saying he is Anna Nicole's

Clint Eastwood ADMIRES Bush's "tenacity"

Lack of intelligence from Inhofe. Claims that Office of Special Plans improved intelligence process.

Why is Ariel Sharon being kept alive?

Fucker Carlson on Obama's church: Hard to call that Christianity .

I read the National Enquirer every week

"Why are they killing each other?"

Let's see, Cheney lied for war, Rumsfeld (Pentagon) lied for war, One name missing for trifecta!

Anything On Al Gore July 7 Global Warming Concerts Announcement?

It’s Friday, ya bastards!

Clint Eastwood comes out against the Iraq Ware

People talk about media multi-tasking .

per Drudge: Cartoon Network prez resigns over ad blunder

Lost 12 billion dollars

Helping Israel Die

You know things are getting bad when...

MSNBC Laff Riot :

Just thought you all should know....

When Bremer said Salaries were paid with US Dollars how does he account for this?

What should get more funding?

OMG, THIS IS HUGH!!!11 Britney in lesbian orgy scandel!!1

First report from "the surge" - Iraqis forces are a mess

Meanwhile, young Ms. Barbara Bush is mingling with the fashion elite. "I'm completely spoiled."

Wow, Sanders reading Paulson the riot act on CSpan2!

CIBER under Fire; Russert on the Stand; VIDEO FL SoS 'Exhausted' Defending Touch-Screen Voting...

For those who missed it, Speaker Pelosi tesitfying on Global Warming now

For those who missed it yesterday, Speaker Pelosi testifying on global warming NOW

In today's paper......5000 die

Panelist calls Texas liquor regulation 'corrupt' system

Marine Cpl Jennifer Parcell age 20 killed in al Anbar

So THAT"S why they didn't hype the last Helicopter crash as an Iranian al-Qaeda attack

Thank You Lt. Ehren Watada: West Point Graduates Against the War

You know what'd be a good idea? A BushCo lies wiki...

3118 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Budget: Bush revives call for private Social Security accounts

US trains its enemies in Iraq

Report says Pentagon manipulated intel

I think there is a market for a news program that stays away from celebrity gossip

A question about the character Ronnie for those of you who have seen Little Children?

Gunmen kill three illegal immigrants

Mars Inc should make a donation to the Point Foundation

Feith, Libby -- just more noise. No results.

Can we PLEASE impeach already?

What MapQuest and G.P.S. Don’t Tell You Can Get You Lost

Giuliani went against the advice and placed the city's emergency command center in WTC complex

Anna's Mom trying To Take Baby

Best. Idea. Yet. For getting out of Iraq

Maybe we should change the names

Michigan Republican Activist Charged with Rape in Cleveland

Follow-up post on home wiretapping

Good news! Sen. Tim Johnson starting to do light work from hospital

Senate Panel Debates Iraq Intelligence....This is unfrickin'believable!

Wall Street Journal: Pentagon Pushed Al Qaeda-Iraq Link

Christian Wire: "Pro-abortion Obama not fit for President! Supports abortion to day of birth!"

Family values! Uncle Bucky Bush linked to $6M options SCHEME

if I understand his sharp accent, about Anna's death (Med Examiner speaking)

My kids had to get immunizations before attending school...

Is The Media Using Edwards Bloggers As A Way To Attack Bloggers?

John Dean: Bush&Cheney KNOW CONGRESS HAS PWR TO PREVENT WAR-The ? Is Will Congress Use That Power?

Zsa Zsa now saying this

The diapered Astronut

"Alberto Gonzalez's coup d'etat"

Anna Nicole Medical Examiner - no illegal drugs; no pills in stomach

Ordinary Men, Band of Brothers, Natural Born Killers

Caption *

Random thoughts about Anna Nicole Smith

Anyone watching Blitzer?

AP: Al-Qaida-Tied Insurgents Release Video (helicopter shootdown)


Courage To Resist: Watada Mistrial Clear Victory (Forbidding 'illegal war' debate created catch-22)

Why is Anna Nicole Smith's death trumping everything else in the news?

Why on Earth...

Anna Nicole Smith And Our National Media Embarassment-- ThinkProgress

Tweety will be discussing Feith

Waxman Tackles Fraud in Pharma Pricing Today

Isn't it a shame , the way things go ?

Adam's First Death

Every Home in Iraq Has an AK-47

CIBER under Fire; Russert on the Stand; VIDEO FL SoS 'Exhausted' Defending Touch-Screen Voting...

Here's something new about Gardesil:


THE gateway to impeachment, imho

I'm reading more about the recent wave of lethal attacks against immigrants in Arizona

WaPo: Tenet told Rice OBL danger was real in July 2001

India's Air Force may buy Boeing copters

Disney's 'Beast' Cast Member Arrested In Child-Porn Case (51 counts, ages 3 and up)

..I am The Father Of Anna Nicoles Baby!!!!!!!

WHY is Anna Nichole Smith on LBN 5 times?

Yuk, yuk, yuk, very funny! :sarcasm: Fox News copy of Daily Show jokes about "killing Liberals"

A note about Edwards

Trial exposes White House crisis machine (Seattle P-I)

Not Our Kind of People/"I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds..."

Judge: (Calif.) Sex Offender Limits Not Retroactive (AP)

U.S. airstrike kills 5 Kurdish allies in Iraq; "Not a good sign for Bush's New Way Forward"

Free music, 43,000 downloads for Beyond the Outer Limits of the Solar

The "cervical cancer" vaccine is NOT about saving lives. It's about scaling back pap smears!

Iran Fax: Condi, Maybe This Will Jog Your Memory

AAR co-host- "I respect Bush. he's a GOOD MAN!"

Why is Pat Buchanan taking the anti-war position on Iran?

So today's score, the White House blames the war on bad CIA intelligence?

Where do you go to report phishing and/or fraud?

Zsa Zsa's Husband: Easily 20-30 men could be the father

I think someone better say this -

Heads up West Coast: Watch NBC Nightly News tonight

The Independent: The Great Black Hope (Obama)

An Iraq Interrogator's Nightmare: "I will never forgive myself."

OBAMA on 60 Mins: "If I don't win this race it will be because of other factors (than race)."

do you think cheney will be on MTP anytime soon?

A new look at the prequel to the Iraq War

is there ia Keith Olberman "Special Comment" tonight???

Evil Thought: Are Republicans Wellstoning Nancy?

Is Hillary Clinton Now a Peacenik or Just Playing Politics with the War in Iraq?

On Obama's choice to skip the Nevada Presidential Forum - - - wise or not?

Homophobia - just wondering

This has got to be a new low for Tucker.

Out of curiosity is there anyone who believes Howard K Stern is ANS Baby's father?

Tucker just shut down an anti-drug warrior on TV just now....

Here's the HARDBALL wrap up of the Week...Fantastic Reporting

Why wait for complete public funding of campaigns? Why use the government, why not a charity?

Is tweety's skin melting off his face?

Over 3000 troops die for an inappropriate act by Doug Feith?


Douglas Feith will by lying his ass off with Wolfie on CNN about the IG Pentagon Report. eom

Disease Resistance to Antibiotics Continues to Rise

Does anybody here have screen captures or records of Tony Snow's writings on Freep?

Are We Going to Get Rid Of Cheney....

Are there any electricians out there?

Guardian:Target Iran: US able to strike in the spring

Who is Anna Nicole's baby's daddy?

Zsa Zsa's Husband: I Might Be Baby's Dad (had 10 year affair with anna nicole smith)

My Dear Country Norah Jones

Take the "Set a Deadline" survey. Be heard.

That climate hearing on SPAN was the most informative things ever seen on TV

General Motors to edit suicidal robot ad from Superbowl

Is Gates Stirring Up Trouble With Iran To Boost Oil Prices?

Contentious NPR interview with Doug Feith

Revenge of the Far Right

Anyone want to join me in DUing this poll?

ON CSPAN: Sen. Sanders says he does not believe the Bush Admin is trying to help all the people.

What do you think about Sexual Predator notification for towns and cities?

How to save the world (partially) if bored

Triqui Peoples in Oaxaca Take Over

Black History Month.. Do you know Elizabeth Key?

Judge says residency limits for sex offenders aren't retroactive

I haven't highlighted individual soldiers' deaths. Who knows why they enlisted, what they believed?

Chris Matthews and Jim Warren (ChicagoReporter) LIE!!!say Obama Trained in a Militant Madrass!

Time to do the math.

Anybody watch The Journal, German news in English on

Auto insurers play hardball in minor-crash claims

Cindy Sheehan: Rightest America Haters

Al Gore And Richard Branson Join Forces For the Planet

Isn't Pelosi SECOND in line, not third?

There is a reason Cheney will not be running in 2008.

Fairfax Resists 'No Child' Provision

Merry Merry Fitzmas

They never get tired of spreading Bush's crap. NYT hawks lie that Hezbollah is aiding Iran in Iraq

According to man named Phillip Busch, Pat Robertson told him that he would kill him and his family

Video:...."The Republic Party" ...Rep. Anthony Weiner

Why I hate Big Pharma and why I have to trust them

Dear Secretary Gates:

Criminals Control The Executive Branch - Chilling Insight

Take your home equity and run

Cancel The Divine Strake!!!

I have read the stautes barring action aginst the United States

I've come to the conclusion not that English is evil as a language but


And some people think *I* have too much time on my hands? Check out this:

The morals and values crowd from my hometown (North OC, CA):

U.S. preparing to charge Iran with "HARBORING" al-Qaeda suspects who Iran has under ARREST

DFA's Peace Plane...grounded by Super Bowl fly over Grammies

I cannot post the title of this link because it would be locked....

No "Giuliani time" in America please

Pssst---did you hear about the * connection to Anna Nicole? true!

Could this lady possibly get the Republican nomination?

I am a member of Truemajority.

The Obama'''''s will be on 60 minutes this Sunday night.

Moving photograph

Ed Schultz: what would hurt troops more--senate debate of Iraq or wall to wall Anna Nicole Smith?

BREAKING: Bill O'Really will not be speaking at National Center for Missing Kids benefit!

Don King is a Bush fan!

Reminder: Tavis Smiley's Annual State of the Black Union is Tomorrow

An inconvenient rush (demand for Gore tickets crashes U of Toronto website)

So , what are your plans when the genital herpes vaccine comes out?

Will Cheney pull political strings and not testify..It sure looks like it

NBA players reaction to a gay teammate: kind of what you'd expect

Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband: I could be Smith baby's father (Anna Nicole)

In the immortal words of Daryl Hall & John Oates...

Pentagon Manipulated Pre-War Intel

Can losing a child kill you too?

Is fanatical Christianity curable?

A freeper fundie and the black churches.

U.S. in Bind Over Men Held by Iran

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Jeff Farias of

growing old

Man Suing Pat Robertson Says Broadcaster Threatened Him

Which story is the biggest and most important ?

NewsHounds report O'Reilly is out as speaker!

Y'know what would be an AWESOME feature for DU ?

Why is Al Gore deemed the second coming on DU? He's not.

Has anybody seen the homophobic frosted mini wheats ad?

Every Network will have live coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith press conference

A TRILLION spent on Iraq? What the HELL did Americans get for this expenditure?

FYI! The Audio of Libby's Grand Jury Testimony Is Up At C-Span.Org

Sold into Slavery: The Boy with the Haunting Eyes (The Little Boy Oprah Couldn't Forget )

New DU Group: Crafts Group

Key Iraq war hawk had 'inappropriate' intelligence activities: Feith

Fox Snooze: Is Obama the black JFK?

my shiny object thread

Rove: immigrants, not my son should pick tomatoes, make beds in Las Vegas

Kris Kristofferson "In the News"

Remember when DOD dumped Saddam docs on the web for "translations"?

Sludge smudges Toyota

Father kills three children, himself during routine separation visit

What's up with Citgo's profits?

Windows Vista has issues, driver support and AAR

Doug Feith is a lying muthafuckin shitheel. on CNN

The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O'Reilly

Folks, this is it. We're are now officially living in an Alternate Universe

Some threads prompt this question from me. Are buxom blondes

Agricultural Noah's Ark: Doomsday Seed Vault In Arctic

Senate Intel Chair Not Buying Pentagon Whitewash of NeoCon Spy Shop

Olbermann really on it tonight:

ok, Keith was reporting on the Pelosi smear

The KKK (and their ilk) is alive and well and inhabit the Republican Party.

Emergency Animal Rescue Needed in Ohio -- Can You Help?

My viet nam vet friend sold his house to send his sons to college

DoD spokesman rejects IG report,says what Feith and his team did "improved the intelligence process"

John Smoltz (Atlanta Braves): Karma sucks, man.

If Only Doug Feith Had Big Tits

Student paper's piece on "benefits" of rape causes uproar

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center dumps paraplegic into skid row gutter

Gore, Clinton, Obama, or Edwards

How many Republicons are really in the Democratic party...

*** A few Friday TOONS for people with short attention spans ***

Obama isn't really black? Huh?

End of the week TOONS

Earn < $100,000? All of your fed taxes go to private contractors

What does the world think of US citizens?

Report says Pentagon manipulated intel

This is what we're dealing with, folks.

Tom Vilsack is not really white.

Did you see Move on . orgs add? starts with brownback

"I can be a chiropractor,' added Kucinich. "Stand up straight Democrats."

My only complaint about the new HPV vaccine:

about the military recruiters who lie to recruits about Iraq

NYTimes Editorial: The Build-A-War Workshop (OSP used to get us into "disastrous & unnecessary war")

CNN has report with Iraqi Black Market Arms Dealer.....Question...

Important update from Carl Levin's Committee hearing

Diana Butler Bass: Paying Respects to Anna Nicole Smith

Strep throat...have good insurance and still cost me almost 200 bucks

Quote: "Mr. Gore is quite possibly the hottest ticket in North America right now."

To help us control our DU experiences...

I'm starting to doubt global warming (somewhat).

The DU Rorschach Test - what do you see

Young Woman Meets Tragic End: No, It's Not Anna Nicole

Ice Caps are melting because it's been cold for 2 weeks. Not!

WP: $25 Million Offered In Climate Challenge (Great Gore Picture)

Rove on amnesty: "I don't want my 17-year-old son to have to pick tomatoes or make beds in...Vegas."

Pentagon IG: White House Refused To Cooperate With Investigation Into Manipulated Iraq Intel


Can you imagine if the Polio vaccine was invented today?

They took paradise and bull dozed it into something that will “increase property values”. [RANT!!!]

McClatchy:SPECIAL REPORT 'DISPOSABLE SOLDIERS'-VA system ill-equipped to treat mental anguish of war

Chomsky: Not funny, just smart

Draft Gore video-- anybody have CNN segment today?

Next Thursday - Screen this movie with your community and write Congress >>>

Bush V. Vermont (Impeachment Resolution)

New PeaceTakesCourage Video: California Dreaming?

What's happening to us????

Violence is not a joke and jokes about it are not funny.

Why is same-sex marriage such a controversial issue?

The Declassification of Dick Cheney

Earlier there was a thread about a new wind turbine. I can't find it now.

What Family Looks Like (dial-up warning)

A Houston protestor ticketed for carrying an Anti-Bush poster

Al Gore and Richard Branson offer $25M Prize to Fight Global Warming

Ex Cheney aide Eric Edelman: Wolfowitz asked Feith to ignore intel rebuking Saddam Al-Qeada alliance

Former Iraqi Interrogator ADMITS ABUSE OF IRAQI PRISONERS: "I Will Never Forgive Myself" (WaPo)

Police probe alleged L.A. homeless dumping

"loot and waste repukes"

Law of Attraction (metaphysics), comments please

New DU Group: HIV/AIDS Support Group

Using Gardasil will NOT prevent women from having regular screenings (pap smears)

Connecticut DUers - Please contact Rep. Joe Courtney

Kucinich Attacked For Supporting Peace

What happened to the word "Ex-President?"

Randi Rhodes vs. Ed Schultz

Addington has written a memo saying Cheney doesn't have to do anything he doesn't want to.

Do you understand what Peer Reviewed Science is?

Iraqi Insurgents Offer Peace Talks --Quick Get Condi A Copy! LINK

The Atomic Bomb, the Redemption of Harry Truman and the Tyranny of George W. Bush

The Soldier I wrote about this morning...

Bush did NOT lie.. The war with Iraq was necessary.

Holy #&!#!! Rick Perry's Gardasil EXECUTIVE ORDER, + Merck's Plans for the ENTIRE COUNTRY

E&P: Gordon, 'NYT' Reporter Who Got Iraqi WMDs Wrong, Now Offers Claims About Iran

***DUzy Awards for week ending February 9, 2007***

Book TV Schedule: February 10th -12th

10 Minutes. Every Sunday. ENVISION A NEW AMERICA!

Questions about "institutional racism" and the "only whites can be racist" thing...

Agree or disagree: Does Gore have to be drafted to be credible?


The important, unasked question in the Pelosi plane issue

I'm an anti-war I in the minority here at DU?

Penis shadow on McMansion wall of inarticulate Blonde dead of Snickers OD & RestlessLegSyndrome

Windows expert to Redmond: Buh-bye

LINK-- Sec of Defense Gates says We Can Prove Iran's Iraq Role...

Important: Here is the declas IG executive report on OSP

This Will Be My ONLY Thread Regarding The Gardasil Vaccine

Shocked speechless - a young Marine's wedding portrait

Did another chopper get shot down today?

WP,pg1: Obama Forged Political Mettle In Illinois Capitol

Political Hazard: Candidates Bilked By Their Treasurers

John Kerry On Imus On Monday (2-12-07)

2008 Field Sprouts Rootless Candidates

Flawed Intelligence

Repugs blasted away. good story-(plane AP, Friday)

Who is blowing smoke on Hastert's old plane having to land..

Dumb Stuff Republicans Say On The Senate Floor

AP: Romney Concedes Iraq War Poorly Managed (but supports escalation)

The War .... in books.

Mark Warner not running for Senate in 2008?

Death of the Mainstream Media

Bingo the Pentagon wants more Luxury Planes that what's this is all about.

Millionaires' Electoral Campaign to Defeat Antigay Candidates Receives Little Notice

Murtha's Defense Appropriations Subcommittee now LIVE on C-Span at 10AM EST.

Bush, New Leaders in Congress Receive Low Ratings in New Poll

Clenched-fist progressive politics

Some people say that Pelosi's plane could have saved Terri Schiavo's life

Is Washington fiddling while Baghdad burns?

Pelosi never requested plane

This is what Democrats need to be investigating !

My LTTE was published today

Google works with anti-net neutrality cable companies

4th Graders Advice For The President (April 2003):

Unlike Dodd or Edwards..Richardson has clear lead in home state...


America: A Nation in Crisis - And leading the world to destruction.

Please View This Movie with your community and Write Congress >>

Time for Congress to demand Bush/Cheney Resignations

"Bush may never have encountered an eye he wasn't willing to at least consider poking.

Hey, you ****ing Media Whores!!! The next time you accuse the Speaker of “wasting” tax dollars...

Obama campaign dares to make most of parallels (to Lincoln)

Semantics 101: "Pentagon" means "Rumsfeld"

Iraq insurgents threaten US helicopter fleet

Fired U.S. Attorneys Rebut Administration Claims They Were Pushed Out For Poor Performance

Hillary Clinton prepares for first N.H. trip in a decade (AP)

Robert Gates is banging the Iran War drum

(no proof but) McCain's Nixon 1972 Style Presidential Campaign Strategy

After The Disaster Of Iraq, Bush Turns His Attention To Algeria


note to nominee hopefuls: NO MORE FRIGGIN WAR!

Call, Write, Email! Call, Write, Email!

CFR: The French Military in Africa

Did Wolfe on CNN just say that Al Gore is seriously thinking about running? n/t

In The Run-Up For The Iraq War - All The Lies We All Knew We.....

Clinton/Webb 2008...?

Hate speech from 2004....Falwell says Dean would have had us speaking German in 1940s.

Bombs Tie Iran To Iraq Extremists....Bullshit! ........Here we go!

Huckabee (R in NH) warns of wars with Islam, unhealthy behavior - AP

Global Warming Info Wars


My thoughts on Kerry supporters&Kerry stalkers.

Ayatollah: even Bush can be brought to his senses

Poor Condi!

Diaper-Free Edition

How dedicated to Bush are the Dirty Thirty?

Great tirade from Congressman Weiner (D-NY) on Youtube

China acknowledges risks in aggressive quest for African energy, minerals, consumers

Montana Republican lashes out at Indian Democrats

"Dems running 4 Pres. stories" bug me. They distract from real stories like the MISSING BILLIONS

Republic Pollster Frank Luntz is on the Jim Bohannon Show Tonight

U.S. airstrike kills 5 Kurds in Iraq

Feith Based Intelligence

Please DU this Sestak (Democat PA-7) Poll

Should racism dictate foreign policy debate in Congress?

pResident * Has Just Made Issued A Statement That He Is The Father....

If Democratic candidate wins presidency by same 3% margin as Bush, can he/she claim mandate?

Kudlow swiftboating Edwards and Pelosi right now

For Lawyers, No Clear Favorite: Litigators Backed Edwards in 2004, but He Has New Competition

Fox News no longer the choice in my doctor's office nor my YWCA

"Bill Clinton is the most influential man alive today"

George Bush flinging about

William Donahue compares interracial marriage to bestiality, polygamy and incest

For Barack Obama fans: A glorious photo gallery!

The luxury plane

Trial exposes White House crisis machine

Watch Barack Obama's preview announcement at his website.

John Kerry to deliver this week's Democratic Radio Address 2/10

On Tucker: McAuliffe says Hillary passes beer test.

Beware the ides of March... (Iran attack, IMHO)

Hillary surges, now in dead heat with Edwards in North Carolina....

New "Move On" ad goes after GOP's who Stalled "Surge Debate!"

Holocaust Survivor and Nobel Prize Winner Attacked in SF Hotel

Truth Exposed at Senate Armed Services Hearing

What if we had not been "wrong and strong" about Iraq?

The US will use UN troops in the Middle East as their ground troops in

I don't buy the I voted for the Iraq War BS

Obama is NOT Black according to Debra Dickerson

As more and more candidates are skipping public funding

"Dems united on Iraq bill, but divided on Iran "

Our Canary in a Neocon Coal Mine

The CAN'T-DO Country

In AIPAC Talk, Clinton Offers Up Red Meat

In case you're unaware of George Galloway...

Iraq Pre-War Intelligence Manipulated by Defense Dept.

Husb2Sparkly is in the Hospital

Gore: 'I cannot perceive circumstances in which I would' run

Draft AL GORE .. because BUSH was AWOL

GORE SUPPORT GROWING: Al Gore Urged to Jump Into 2008 Race

Gore in Blistering Speech Urges Repeal of Patriot Act/ 11/10/03

Weird notion about a Gore candidacy in 2008.

Dear Senator Clinton, we all lived through 9/11...PS Iraq has nothing to do with 9/11