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Archives: February 6, 2007

Divine Strake: Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test

Manichean delusions: Brzezinski

Democratic Presidential Candidates are Setting the Wrong Tone on Iran

Venezuela’s Enabling Law Could Also Enable the Opposition

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: Defense Budget Follies (continued)

Senate Dems to try again on the ‘surge’

Impeachment Now! - A Recantation

Clinton, Edwards and Obama: Strike Iran

Truthout: Ersatz Apocalypto: Slaughter and Spin in the Battle for Najaf

Mission Deflated: Army distributes flat soccer balls to kids in Iraq

Moonie Times goes nice on Al!

Pierre Tristam: Armed to the Teeth, America Marches Toward Military State

Blair's defence of special relationship with US has hollow ring

Are blue states better for children?

When the World Turns

Jesse Jackson: War Privatization is Public Scandal

A 9/11 conspiracy virus is sweeping the world, but it has no basis in fact

Polar opposites unite against Cuba policy

John Nichols: Holding Bush to Account for Climate Lies, Neglect (The Nation)

TomPaine: Our Children's Homeland Insecurity

Connecting the Dots with Oil

Iran: The War Begins- John Pilger

The Boob vs. the Bottle

In the Land of Our (Founding) Fathers


Quote of the Day

Kristof: Mr. Cheney, Tear Down This Wall

The growing danger

Mahdi Army gets unwitting aid from U.S.


Bush’s ‘08 Budget Slashes Middle-Class Assistance

Cheney's Fund Manager Attacks ... Cheney

FACT CHECK: Washington Times Publishes False Report On Pelosi’s Use Of Military Aircraft »

Paul Craig Roberts: The Real Failed States

Marie Cocco: The Budget Speaks Louder than Pandering

Global Climate Change? IPCC's latest report; "No big deal"

Game Over On Global Warming? Interesting Article From LA Times Notes Some Of The Numbers

Driving on gas - but not gasoline ( {methane-fueled Honda}

Harper Misses Vote Calling Canadian Government To Return To Kyoto Goals - Toronto Star

Food miles may be green, but are they fair? - Reuters

Premier: Alberta Won't Slow Oilsands Growth, Claims GHG Cuts By Province, Later Retracts

Why I like "exajoules per year"

Global Warming to Hit Poor Worst, Says UN's Ban

10 Greenest cars (

Warm Winter Pushes Irish Salmon Stocks Into Early Migration, With Disastrous Results - BBC

140+ Turtles Found Dead Along 2.5 Mile Stretch Of Bangladesh Beach In Past Week - Reuters

Methane Hydrate Release Now Underway In Tasman Sea Dingoes - GRL

15,197 MW Of Wind Power Installed Worldwide In 2006

Is Ethanol the Answer?

Geothermal R&D Funding Excluded from Presidential FY08 Budget

Iraq Won't Be Remembered As Bush's Low Point - (Climate Will) - Miami Herald

Test riding first hydrogen bike (BBC)

A future without fish? (Fortune/CNN)

Maine Audubon: Loon count reveals low number of chicks

John Howard - "Jury Still Out" On Climate/GHG Link - Later Retracts - "Misheard The Question"

January Temps In Beijing Highest In 167 Years - Magnolias Blossoming - AFP

No peace dividend for Nepal's wildlife (BBC)

Westin S.F. Hotel Installing Fuel Cell Electric Power Plant (CA)

Alt-power cars ( {alternative fuels, hybrid, fuel cell, etc.}

China to Research Global Warming

Study: Fla. can cut consumption of fossil fuel energy by nearly half

Sea Bird Tied to Logging Fight Dwindles (marbled murrelet)

Costco Wholesale Installs Solar-Power Energy System (Lake Elsinore, CA)

American Enterprise Institute Critiques of Warming Questioned

Ergon Energy Planning Underway for Solar City Project (Oz)

US Northern Fur Seal Pup Count Continues To Decline - Off 9% In 2004-06 Count - ENN

China is set on curbing fossil fuels: climate chief - Reuters

Israel begins renovation near holy site

Defiant Hezbollah returns to Israel border with flags and bikes

Olmert says still time to curb Iran nuclear plans (Reuters)

Israel's Economic Stranglehold of Palestine Is a Silent Killer

Israeli excavation in Jerusalem stirs Muslim anger

Who controlled NORAD on 911?

Spare Some Loose Change for George Monbiot?

An open-minded person who is inexperienced and uninformed will need to...

'The Forward' Covers Rabbi Michael Lerner's 9/11 Skepticism

How Many People Have Actually Read Judy Wood's Directed Energy Weapon article?

Who selected the book, "My Pet Goat", that Bush read on 911?

(Ed Felten on) Sarasota: Limited Investigations

GOP vote bill draws fire (trying to shorten election hours in Iowa now!)

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 2/6/07


BLACKWELL: "Helping to Leave Office $1 Million Short..." BradBlog

BRAD BLOG: Holt Election Reform Legislation Filed; Blackwell Shredded Documents; MUCH MORE...

New "Holt Bill": Fraudulent and Deceptive Use of term "Ballot"

New Holt Bill Fraud on the Public, Part TWO, Blackwell's and Harris's Revenge

GETTING OVER IT - The Citizen Push for Election Integrity

Cuyahoga Co. Elections Director Resigns (OH)

US companies eyeing $30 bn defence procurement (with India)

Breaking BBC: Iran envoy 'abducted in Baghdad'

Officials: Gunmen (Wearing Iraqi Army Uniforms) Seize Iranian Diplomat In Baghdad

The Boob vs. the Bottle

Cheney's Fund Manager Attacks ... Cheney

FEMA wants over $300M in Katrina aid back

US sets up task force on Iraqi refugees

NYT: As New ‘Cop on the Beat,’ Congressman (Waxman) Starts Patrol

NYT: In Public View, Saudis Counter Iran in Middle East

KKK is growing again, report says

Portugal Probes Alleged CIA Flights

Reuters: Pentagon could boost Iraq troop increase by 3,000

Reuters: Maliki orders commanders to launch crackdown

Fresno Co. hangings on the rise after Saddam

Blair: No military action planned against Iran

Iraqi lawmaker is U.S. Embassy bomber

Haggard Now "Completely Heterosexual" (It's a Miracle)

Pa. Senator (Fumo) Indicted on 139 Counts

Countries against change in Iraq are "clones" (of the dictatorship) - al-Maliki

US ''friendly fire'' video to be released to Britain

Bush seeks cuts for Sallie Mae, other student lenders (Reuters/CNN)


Reuters: NATO allies face new Afghan troop call

AP: Wal-Mart Bias Case Will Go To Trial

AP: Water Deal Illuminates Secret Contracts (Dusty Foggo and Brent Wilkes)

Growing income gap poses problems, Fed chief (Ben Bernanke) says (OWH)

Justice Dept. Attorney Defends Firings

Two hurt as second letter bomb explodes in Britain

US to get Africa command centre (BBC)

Iranian diplomat snatched in Iraq

Iranian Diplomat Kidnapped in Baghdad by Iraqis With Official ID

Insurgents target MND-B security post (1 Dead) # 3102

Paper releases video of U.S. friendly fire

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 6

Cuyahoga Co. Elections Director Resigns

Democrats to Launch PR Blitz on Iraq Vote

Bush Calls For Renewable Energy, Cuts Colorado Funding

Human rights body reconsiders Inuit climate change petition (against U.S.)

Federal agent penetrated Hells Angels, fears for his life

Russia wants U.S. to sign deal saying militaries don't target each other

U.S. to Cast a Far Wider DNA Net

Report: Supremacist activity flourishes

"...proposed burning Republicans on the statehouse lawn..."

Israel begins renovation near holy site

MNF Iraq: Insurgents target MND-B security post (2 incidents, 2 dead)

Blair: Brown Is Next PM

'Take back Baghdad' surge begins

Gunmen kill seven in Acapulco

(Senator) Grassley says Democrats are "disingenuous" on defense spending

Reuters: Senate committee recommends McConnell as spy chief

McCain touts ties with the right

Gallup: Bush Approval Rating at 32%, Hits New Low on Iraq (26%)

Rep. grills ex-US leader in Iraq: Where did 363 tons of cash go?

FEMA wants over $300M in Katrina aid back

WP: Court Hears Libby Describe Cheney as "Upset" at Wilson; Rove "animated" by Novak

WP: General Is Front Man For Bush's Iraq Plan

Gates: U.S. Withdrawal From Iraq Could Begin By The End Of 2007

House approves Bainbridge Island, WA., internment memorial

Gore says Bush administration paying scientists to dispute global warming

Pace: Not enough equipment for surge

Waxman Probes Iraq Contracting, Missing $12 Billion

British MPs Reject US Cuba Policy

Water Deal Exposes Secret Iraq Contracts

Venezuela: a financing center for Latin America

AP: Iran Said to Assemble Two Uranium Units

Avoiding debates? Obama says he's focused on announcing run

NYT: Iraqi Premier Admits Errors In Introducing Security Plan In Baghdad

(UK) Vet 'tested for bird flu' in hospital

Spiegel: Environmental Guru Lovelock Urges Expansion of Nuclear Energy

I-957 would require married couples to have kids (WA State)

Exasperated House bypasses Senate on Iraq

Democrats lay siege to Iraq war plans

Bloomberg: Waxman Probes Iraq Contracting, Missing $12 Billion (Update1)

Half of Democratic Senators Regret Iraq Vote

Bush administration plans new barge fees

CNN: Family Research Council president rails against Giuliani candidacy

Dems may override Bush on kid insurance

***Kerry Calls On Senate to Set One Year Deadline for US Troops to Leave Iraq***

Hackers overwhelm key servers

CNN/AP: Boston scare suspect videotaped bomb squad

Mich. Young Republicans leader accused in sex case

Reuters: US House taking up Iraq troop measure next week

Illegal logging hits Asian forests, orangutans: U.N.

NYT: Military Wants More Civilians to Help in Iraq

US should weigh war on terrorism tax - Lieberman

Ex-Iraq (Bremer) civilian chief defends doling out of cash

CNNMoney: Snickers pulls plug on Super Bowl smooch ad

Windows 'fails' active virus test (BBC)

1950s singer Frankie Laine dies at 93

Apple: Record labels should drop DRM

Video of US friendly fire unleashes storm in UK

Cuyahoga Co. Elections Director Resigns (OH)

if you think it's cold where you live...

Don't you miss it... some of you people just about missed it

new sig pic for heyhey

My favorite commercial from the Super Bowl was the GTA Coca Cola one

The Passion of the Astronauts

I'm Having To Close One Eye To Not See Two Computer Screens

question about Challenger disaster from Jan. of '86

God help me, I feel not so fresh

Can dogs get horse...?

WRITER THE LURKER for Lounge Moderator!


Trivia question!

After the weirdest night on DU in a long time, I'm going to bed.

Neener neener neener! or...

its gonna be another late night

I'm happy to be anybody's running mate as the Vice-Moderator....

Hank Jr. and Lynrd Skynrd... Are you watching?

Jello bathing for witches... What flavor?

If nominated, I will not run

I know what is wrong with Bush now!!!!He read the wrong constitution!

So last week's big debate was

Does 2007 Rose Parade float depict * driving Repug party?

Waking up


Good Morning

Your assignment, Lounge, is to say "Hello in there"

Fire Truck Catches On Fire Inside Fire Station

Women Rob Weiner Works Armed With Baseball Bats, Hammer

The Official George W. Bush "Days Left In Office" Countdown Clock:

Are we still allowed to say *snicker* ?

I screwed up

A haiku about my cat. Hope this is the right structure:

Congratulations JVS!! 25,000 posts

Answers to 5th grade Middle East Geography Test:

Those of you running for mod, I'd like you to know

Fuck censorship

A Little Fifth Grade Middle East Geography Test.

NOT Katie Couric so stop saying that

This thread is in appreciation of SNIFFA and OMEGA MINIMO.

HO-leee... okay, on Saturday night, my aunt went to hospital

Looks like I'm gonna have to start wearing underwear again

Please do NOT vote for me for mod...

An Amish woman was driving her buggy to town when a highway patrol officer stopped her...

I'm a sassy old broad who don't give a good godamn because


Did geek Squad (best buy) avertise on the Superbowl?

Bush & Fiscal Responsibility

Astronaut Wears Diaper, Packs BB Gun On Trip From Houston To Orlando To Kidnap Woman

Thieves Steal Electric Cable - Hide In Toxic Mine To Evade Police - Rescued

how sleepy do you have to be...

What's in a name?

People who stare...

Waiting for Spring...

Sigh. 10AM and Jerry Springer's show just started.

Hi Def commercials are lamentable...

Is Bob Marley's Birthday (Feb 6) Ya Mon!

Man Shot In McDonald's Parking Lot - Doesn't Sue Shooter ... Sues McDonald's

When God Paints.....

Man Loses $32,000 He Gave To Psychic To Bless

When a perfume/cologne goes rancid, is it very obvious?

Stephen Colbert and the Americone Dream

Is "Smoking Aces" the long awaited sequel to "Stroker Ace"?

Pirate keyboard

Man Discovers 1.96 Trillion Different Ways To Lace Up Shoes

Rescued trying to raft across Niagara River to U.S.

I was really offended by a commercial during the Super Bowl.

HELP! Dentist dilemma: Incisor tooth bonded in 10/06 is still VERY sensitive!

I just ate a Twix candy bar

I feel like I've been dragged through a knot-hole backwards

My daughter is still talking about "puxytonny" Phil!

Hey, there are sex threads in GD

I can't get DU videos (or any off of youtube or myspace) to load

How much are you paying for massage oil

Does anyone not look at the scale when they weigh you at the doctor?

I brought lunch today.... leftover chili from SuperBowl Sunday....

this picture makes me do a doubLe take every time

Does anyone else find the American obsession with mocking tragedy shallow (and creepy)?

Astronaut charged with kidnap attempt

I find diaper-wearing astronaut's offensive

The BEST candidate for Prez!

Believe it or not, I need a site that "funnifies" a Web address -- for work!

Has anyone here ever been to an Animae Convention before?

You have a doppelganger for one day. What do you do with him/her?

It is hard to scratch an itch through blue jeans!

985,000 Easy Bake Ovens Recalled - They Get HOT!

I just wanna say... I love The West Wing

Yorktown Church To Celebrate "Great Sex" On Valentine's Day

It is hard to do damn near anything through blue jeans!

Just like a women.....

Funniest thread EVER in GD Politics.

Vista users, what do you think?

Fish Story (Dial-up warning)

I have a feeling this is a silly question but here it goes anyway...

Will there ever be a boy who can outswim a shark?

Spin-off.. Prom pictures..


It's 12:30pm EST, tell me what I want for lunch!

I put on some body lotion this morning, and it made my skin burn...

RANT: I have no phone service, but I have DSL. WTF?

Quiz: Are you an asshole (in the workplace)?

Okay, I spilled wax on the kitchen floor. How do I clean it off?

I love sunflower seeds...

Funny story Eddie Murphy told on "Inside the Actor's Studio"


On the list of bad smells, cat turd ranks pretty high.

I email my congressman every day to ask him to bring the troops home

Ted Haggart is UNGAYED!!! This is HUGH!!111!!!

If you have it; you don't need it.

Spin-off.. Porn pictures..

We got us an indoor dryer vent

My cats are anti-immigration

Snickers Representative: "Feedback from our target consumers has been positive"

Flaming Cheetos chicken wings.

And now, a very intoxicated Jake the Snake Roberts.

When your hand lotion is too low for the pump to pump it

Today, I think I'll try celibacy.

Should Easy Bake ovens use compact fluorescent bulbs?

Before and After, pt. 2

You're running for President. What is your campaign's theme song and why?

The weirdest kid I know in junior/senior high school was...

The cornflake chicken thing...

Help! I'm addicted to C-Span!

Woman Gets On Wrong Bus 25 Years Ago - Didn't Go Home - Lived As A Begger For 25 Years

I wore out the "f" key on my keyboard!

How cats listen to music... (dialup warning)

Happy birthday ronnykmarshall!!

Justin is bringing Sexy back!

The hgtv home will be mine!

Praise the Lord! Ted Haggard is now "completely heterosexual"!

Greatest Scott Baio/Willie Aames vehicle

Note to self: Do not lick that tasty puddle that dripped under your car...

Vintage shoe collectors click here and thank me later.

Happy Birthday ronnykmarshall AND Zsa Zsa Gabor!

I have to go to the dentist in 40 minutes. How much will it hurt?

Post here if you change your sig pic

If you're happy and you know it...


Speaking of India, who knows who Padma Lakshmi is married to?

"We are not doing it as an excuse to show Harry Potter's willy."

Seize the Moment!

Documentary just waiting to happen - What happened to Lung Leg

I ordered fried chicken and just ate the skin.

Note to self: Do not lick that tasty poodle that dropped under your car...

Quick! The Last Commercial you saw or listened to

Do you care what others think of you? Why?

360 TONS of U.S. dollars.

2004: A relative's X-mas card depicts him shaking Bush's hand. 2007: He's being sent back to Iraq.

My three-week mystery illness? Apparently a form of bronchitis

Before and after.....

Is it unethical to erase frown lines using photo shop?

Smoking: So let me get this straight...

What would you do to improve your workplace?

The last person that you knew who was BI? (lame copycat)

I have the most accursed luck with headphones! (the nib broke off and stuck in the headphone jack)

Astronutty Question

"People aren't as inbred here as I thought"

Naked Man Arrested For Beating On Car With Dead Pigeon

Congratulations Amerikat!

An essay about loss by Cortney Davis that was on NPR "This I Believe"

"Gil Thorp" - worst-drawn comic strip ever

Is it wrong of me to use PHP?

Ask Me A Question, or Die

"it has a decidedly feminine feel" is how the lady at the store

Have you cut ties with your family? Do you regret it? n/t

pencil art... literally

Anyone here ever lent money over

2 weeks ago another co-worker and I had set up a time for lunch...

When lats attack

Free Republic need Knuckledraggers to serve as moderHaters

Dinner at Chez LeftyMom in twenty minutes.

Snow Pictures

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/6/2007)

Goin' for my Bachelor's degree, ask me anything!

Anybody else have trouble connecting to the internet late this morning.

I think the astronaut lady has a clear case of a mental disorder

Why do advertisers use the sound of an alarm clock screeching in their ads?

Call in the National Guard if I'm not back in an hour.

Is it wrong on me to use PCP?

Today someone gave me a double cassesste tape deck and a big box of cassesstes.

How many Daddy Long Legs can you count in this picture?

Who here has been physical with someone famous?

Smell Bad or Take a Shower?

Tuesday, February 6. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

If they wrapped the shuttle in a big diaper, would that stop bits falling off during takeoff?

Who's watching Gilmour Girls this season? (Spoilers)

I am going to take my pain meds

Freemasons appreciation thread!

I have to wait two weeks for an appliance technician to come out,

Has anyone here ever played Twilight: 2000?

What's a good anti-spam program?

"The Cuervo Gold; The fine Colombian; make tonite a wonderful thing..."

World's most expensive cat toy...

does anyone feel like a circus poster...

Does anyone ever feel like a hamster?

It's been snowing since noon today

Kung Fu Jam: Carradine, Feliciano and Cannonball Adderly

what is the absolutely worst thing to joke about?

...the cable is croaked...

The Year Was 1906...

Can you see your surfaces?

Nanny nanny boo boo... I've got hot cherry cobbler fresh out of the oven with vanilla ice cream...

80% of the emails I get are about stupid shit.

Who's a fan of Warren Zevon?

I want new Radiohead!

My Chihuahua just got sprayed by a skunk!

When Tom Leykis talked about politics.

Post The Firefox Add-Ons You Think All DUers Should Have!

What Would Your Last Words Be

wet celery and a pool table ...

The lounge seems really heavy today, subject-matter wise.

When Cats Attack

You know what sounds really tasty right now? A Root Beer Float

do you own anything made in bumfuck, egypt?

Can You Whistle?

a music video I made

Congratulations haruka3_2000!! 20,000 posts

My motherf@#$cking pipes are frozen...

The ghost is active in the attic again, sounds just like foot steps.

Which on-line company did you have the hardest time canceling your subscription with?

If you had to be stuck in Rabrrrrrr's mind for all eternity, which part would you choose?

Is it true Gen X'ers have no loyalty to businesses and vice-versa?

This Is How I Got, and Kept, My Lover

If you had to be stuck in a CD/Record/Tape for all of eternity, what would it be?

Brutal cell phone policy in one of my classes

Help! The cutest 1 yr old pure bred Aust. Silky terrier w/tons of personality needs a home (Miami).

Has anybody used these products instead of dryer sheets?

The s.o. just called one of the cats an "insolent little snot".

Why men aren't secretaries, Husband's note to wife left on the refrigerator:

I AM OUTRAGED! People like me are the constant butts of jokes and bigotry.

We closed on our new condo today and then disaster struck.

Forget Prince, THIS is who needs to be at the Superbowl!!


Who Here Has Touched (Physically) Someone Famous?

Who here has touched (psychically) someone famous

I just made lime Jell-O

101 ways you know your from Boston...

"Offer: Bag of frozen ravioli, approximately one serving removed."

Astronaut's arraignment hearing live on CNN.

Has anyone here suffered from NetFlix throttling?

I've decided I need a bucket truck

****Questions Americans Need To Answer****

Name a little thing that brings you joy every day.

Favorite version of You Really Got Me

The last person that you knew to die?


Billyskank hasn't drawn anybody in awhile

Ford is bringing the Taurus back!

What's your deal-breaker?

Does anyone ever feel like an imposter?

If you had to be stuck in a movie for all of eternity, what would it be?

It's the recursion appreciation thread!! (pic heavy)

If you had to be stuck in a TV show for all eternity, what would it be?

Here's one to make you smile: true love in the parrot world!

I'm working an eBay scammer, too funny. How stupid do they think we are?

Eleven months to the day since I was dumped by email.

And then there's...

When was the last time you moved?

Better question: Does anyone own anything made in their own home town?

Questions for vegetarians

I appreciate running water

Well........I thought that maybe I didn't look too repulsive today...

Do any of you own anything made in East Germany?

The last time you were in a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, or other place of worship?

CONFESS!!!! What childhood fad did you really want but your parents wouldn't give you

Online Banking and Bill Paying

Nashville, TN, area DUers: Things to do?

Do any of you own anything that was made in the Soviet Union?

You get to redesign any animal. What do you do?

My life - a rant

Does anyone else find the American obsession with marketing propaganda shallow (and creepy)?

what is your favorite wildflower?

Anyone else watch "Extras" on HBO?

Famed 50s singer Frankie Laine dies

I Am Not Spock

Returned To Heterosexuality, Haggards Ponder Move To Iowa or Missouri

God sends tornado to silence Baptists. (What’s good for the gay is good for the gander).

Has anyone here read the Thomas Gospel??

What religion are you? I'm 100% Neo-Pagan!Take the quiz to find out

So atheists don't believe in better living through chemistry?

I know a cat lover

What do you admire most about Jesus of Nazareth?

My startling revelation.

Looking for conservative/right wing commentary re. marriage

Mrs. Grumpy ROCKS!!!

Haggard not gay, only f *** ked the one guy!

Woman-beating gay-basher Larry Cirignano may not be able to hide from the consequences of his crime

Anti-Equality Demons on the Prowl

David "Mad Dad" Parker's Gaybashing Circus Starts 2PM Wednesday in South Boston, MA

Petitions for I-957 (Washington Defense of Marriage Initiative) now available

I don't know if there are any SW Missouri GLBT's that

Remember I said I'd never want to piss-off Jon Aravosis? Reidblog... not so concerned.

Initiative ties marriage, procreation

San Diego - Chicago favored to make next year's Super Bowl

Here's a list of political contributions by athletes, coaches and team owners

You all have got to see this > please k&r

I just took out my cards for the first time in years

Has anyone read any of Michael Sharp's books?

Fun quiz to take for beliefs here...

I had a strange dream. Prophetic, or Pathetic?

FYI: The Secret on Oprah this Thursday /nt

6 A.M. Tuesday Morning (2/6/07)

OT#1: NOVA tonight on AA scientist

JK on Bush's Budget

Interesting Amendments yesterday from Feingold and Clinton on Iraq

Pakistan secures Turkey's support for Mideast peace initiative

delete - dupe

Any Kerry fans out there?

OT #2: Globe oped on US and Davos

New diary

Still no debate in the Senate

JK press conference and

Kerry Slams Inaction in Wash DC - Remarks as Prepared

JK on Senate floor now, 4:11pmCT. nt

It is early, but I need a picture thread -

I have *got* to stop posting on this website

family emergency.

Trial of the Century Tapes released to public

howard stern 9/11/01 radio show on video part 1

Howard Stern 9/11/01 radio show on video part 3

Howard Stern 9/11/01 radio show on video part 2

World, Hold On ................

Bill Clinton Video from DNC 2000.

Al Gore Davis Guggenheim, Santa Barbara Film Festival 2007

Al Gore vs Dick Cheney

omg!!!...too funny....BUSH GOLD DIGGER

People like us. Story of the people from Iran

Howard Dean visits Madison, WI 7/13/05 (Part 2)

Howard Dean visits Madison, WI 7/13/05 (Part 1)

Howard Dean visits Madison, WI 7/13/05 (Part 3)

CNN Reports on Depleted Uranium and the lawsuit by exposed soldiers

Is Feingold the only one with the Courage to end the War?

Video from today's House Oversight hearing on the CPA

What Did The Democrats Say About Iraq's WMD

No Bravery-The Ungrateful Iraqi Mix

Rudy Giuliani Blames the Troops

Friendly Fire - US Kills Brits in Iraq - Leaked Video

The Daily Show - Facts, not Fear!

Tell me Why.......

North American Union - Bush Has Illegally Signed Away Our Sovereignty...

My car got stolen last night.

Ahhhh.... Doonesbury, ya gotta love em'

ACLU Alarmed U.S. Gov't May Begin Collecting DNA Of All Suspects, Even If Innocent

Is Iran next ? Not if we can stop it

Things With An Approval Rating Higher Than George W. Bush

Court-Martial Begins for War-Resisting Soldier

Private Health Care Sucks

3,100 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

Mike Savage for prez? Oh, PLEASE RUN!

Scooter Shooter....

Iranians claim to have "nuclear rights" and an AIDS cure.

Libby May Not Testify - New Brief Filed By Scooter's Lawyers

Obama testifies at Senate Hearings on Global Warming

Libby May Not Testify...

California Democrat Unlikely Protest Target (Sit-In To Get Vote Against Appropriation)

"What Do You Think?"

Should Cheney be impeached and GWB 'flipped' against him?

Hawaii Cold Spell (Temps dip into the 50's)

Could Corporate Law Be Our Biggest Problem?

Judicial Misconduct in Watada Case.....

Vote in these polls: rate Bush's performance and do you share his priorities?

What happened to the nuclear option?

The Scooter Libby Trial: The Ever-Present Cheney Question

....The White House welcomed the Senate vote. “ (smirk time at the WH)

Cockpit Tape Shows U.S. Firing On Brits

It's funny how Bush's "democracy in Iraq" meme got so firmly imbedded into the discourse

Indian immigrants enticed to go home

Cheney's Fund Manager Attacks ... Cheney

U.S. military: Iraqi lawmaker is U.S. Embassy bomber

Spare Some Loose Change for George Monbiot?

When it comes to context, I believe that some DUers are of the cup half empty variety.

Were Capitol Police told not to arrest possibly non-existent Anti-War Vandals? No.

Independent UK: 2000 Death Toll Last Month In Iraq (Not counting this weekend)

The headline says it all...

This whole bloody mess is MY fault.



Excessive abusive behavior ='s "freeping." **Snort**

Tune up for a Tuesday, . . . Give ol' DU a CAPTION!!!

The priorities of the Bush budget -

nytimes editorial wants Cheney to explain his actions to the nation:

The Rightwing and Their Comedy Problem

Bush budget not DOA? Democrats Face Limits in Changing Bush’s Budget

cspan Morning Jour. is having lively discussion about the Repugs cutting

CBS: CIA warned the aftermath of the Iraq invasions could get ugly

* Needs More Paint

Republic block of Iraq resolution

I wonder if these are the Iraqis in uniforms (Death Squads) going around drilling peoples heads?

No news yet today (must be late afternoon in Baghdad) of bombs,

UK media reveals 'friendly fire' tape

Please, Congress: do something

Photo's from Lt. Watada Day of Action

Remote Polish airstrip holds clues to secret CIA flights

What a Tuesday without a careless tune??? . . . Please come CAPTION!!

3100 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Holy Moley.....(NYT Letter to the editor on global warming)

So Hagel buckled and went with his Republican brethren yesterday, I see.

C-span callers, Am I biased?

Friendly fire video on The Sun (UK) website -- US gov't would not release it

Why would LIEberman promise to caucus with the them the majority

Who controlled NORAD on 911?

New Report Says Hate Groups More Active

C-Span Radio only place to hear Waxman's cmte. today

Hey fellow DUers, I need suggestions on Liberal columnists

How do you think the 110th Congress is doing overall?

Egypt blogger maintains innocence (his crime is "apostasy" )

Newsweek: 'Ambiguous' Intel on Iran's Meddling in Iraq

Is Paula Zahn taking on Lou Dobbs?

"ratings of the Democratic Party and Democrats in Congress have spiked"

Price of Gas is going Up Again - went down to 1.839 and now

Iran envoy 'abducted in Baghdad'

Astronaut charged with kidnap attempt

Poll: Why are the Repukes going to lose the elections in 2008?

Waxman hearing on C-span!!

Fresno Co. hangings on the rise after Saddam

FNC Alert: Rudy Is Running To Win

Is Bob Marley's Birthday (Feb 6) Ya Mon!

I saw a really offensive ad for Kleenex this morning

Why did Reid vote AGAINST the Iraq debate?

The Republican Party has chopped the legs off every American...

During Senate Debate, Lieberman Accuses War Vet Warner Of Not Supporting The Troops

Breaking: Judge Refuses To Block Reporter Subpoena In Libby Trial

Anyone listen to Mornign Edition today?

Re a LTTE: Was yesterday's Senate vote to filibuster or not?

Senator Webb on Cspan2 now. Talking about iraq. VERY impressive.

Remember this headline: 'Vote is blocked by Republicans'

BBC: Iran envoy 'abducted in Baghdad'

Dodging the Block

Armed Services Hearings on Defense Budget

UK Telegraph Reports on British Special Ops in Iraq

24 cents

Tom Delay: CSPAN has made life easier for lazy reporters who can do most of their job by watching TV

I find the war in Iraq offensive. Can we put a stop to that?

Ministers show media how they straightened out Haggard.

The not-good, the bad and the ugly

Reid petition: Up or down vote on escalation

Gallup: 32% approval for Shrub. 26% approval of Iraq policy.

Big Ed Schultz is ripping into Rudy...

Fellow DUers, may I please make a friendly suggestion?

Caption *

CSPAN-2: Jim Webb talking on Senate floor. He's great!

Let us pretend for a moment there is no such thing as Global Warming

This Alien Life: Privatized Prisons for Immigrants...

Praise Jesus!!! Ted Haggard is now completely cured!!!

Washington Post: left or right leaning?


Recently Fired U.S. Attorney Speaks Out

Josh Marshall shoots down the Pelosi military transport airplane bull crap!

"our troops deserve more than what we saw in the Senate yesterday" say

Weather report--2/6/07. Check in, America.

Norah O'Donnell has a snarky laugh

Why can't we learn?

Conflict of Interest at the DOJ?

Haggard Now "Completely Heterosexual"

Waxman hearing on the CPA starting NOW (webcast at link)

Which is sleazier? Kate O'Beirne or her husband?

Rural America Dies For Bush's War in Iraq

I believe

'Man In The Hood' Tells Of His Tale In Abu Ghraib (**warning graphic**)

now it's 'attempted murder' charges for the astronaut

'Man In The Hood' Tells Of His Tale In Abu Ghraib

the filibuster will not work for Republicans with new spending bills

rush limbaugh is a terrorist

One small step for man, one giant leap for womankind (AP/CNN)

New Term : Lamonting (a la Swiftboating)

In appearances promoting The Enemy at Home, D'Souza backpedaled from book's central conclusions

The Republicans move in the Senate is a repudiation of Democratic voters.

Russia's poisoning 'without a poison' (BBC) {Litvinenko not the only one}

Can Bush ever tell the truth?

I had to turn off the Bremer hearing this morning when I heard the

$2 million US settlement in Boston TV ad bomb 'hoax'

So, if I found the Snickers ads funny

Bremer/Waxman back live on CSPAN-2, 1:14pmCT. nt

$924 billion for more war

Webb: "This is not supporting the troops. This is misusing the troops."

I love Lieberman …

Family Research Council president says if Giuliani gets GOP nod, Democrats will win in 2008

Hidden Costs of War: Long-Term Price of Providing Veterans Medical Care Could Reach $660 Billion

Lieberman wants a "War on Terror" tax so that we can stay in perpetual war

So, psycho astronaut makes front page, Cheney involved in outing a CIA agent.. nowhere

How can Republicans throw support to a lawyer from New York...

Libby regarding Cheney: "I recall that he was very keen to get the truth out"

France can destroy much of US if it wanted to …

The first "benchmark" expected of the Iraqi gov't. has been missed.

If she sas 'NO' and you pull out, is it still a rape?

Loneliness Could Boost Alzheimer's Risk

Looks like Cheney will not testify---on al frankin show right now.

WAR Question

I don't get it: If Armitage admitted to leak Plame's name

Snickers: Why is it for me or against me?

Larry Johnson: Pincus lit the fuse on the Plamegate Bomb

I need an article/info on the millions Bush had budgeted for a celebration for Iraq war

To any fellow DUers suffering in the cold out there

Cindy Sheehan: The Destroyer and His Helpers

Cheney's own fund manager on oil policy "What were we thinking?"

The Preacher

Family Research Council president rails against Giuliani candidacy

Smile for today: Defining a Malkin

Just a thought- When ** says he is the decider

Legendary astronaut still finds herself star-struck (CNN)

Libby Trial Could End With A Negotiated Plea .....

After viewing the alternate endings to the Snickers ad...

Should threads about 2008 Presidential Candidates be in their own forum?

The Snicker's commercial in and of itself was just silly

Where to find video of Bush Sr. vomiting on Jp. prime minister Miyazawa Kiichi?

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tues. 2/6 - dropping it lower

Methinks they are getting defensive, scared

That Alexander Litvinenko story sure fell down the memory hole, didn't it?

US astronaut tried to kidnap love rival

Speaker Pelosi's 2007 Calendar For Democrats Has Anniversary Of Cheney's Hunting Accident

which is worse

Al Gore, Davis Guggenheim at Santa Barbara Film Festival 2007

Rev. Ted Haggard is now 100% certifiably straight

Was anyone listening to Hartmann just now? I missed part

DU The Watada Poll .... Help...... Freep Attack.....

Oh man, I am watching the new fox channel show red eye

3102 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Those ungrateful Iraqis

You're not as important as a judge

Frustrated with the War? Try Citizen Impeachment

Astronaut love triangle gets much bigger headlines then yesterdays vote.

GLAAD, Matthew Shepard Foundation Condemn Anti-Gay Snickers Campaign

Super Disgusting Cover of This Morning's NY Post!

Ice on the Potomac

BBC: (US) 'Friendly fire' video unearthed

The Senate Dems have 49 votes...Give Reid credit

I'm just a sucker for this kind of stuff. Maybe you are too. (Enviro-DIY)

I'm a Republican and I like all the Killing and Death in Iraq.

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Neil Cavuto?

3103 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

In reluctant praise of nuclear power.

Obama, Thompson, Murphy Present Plan to De-Escalate and End War

they say "the troops" a lot in the Senate

After putting all the data through - I have redesigned the snickers commercial for DU'ers

Advertising is not a trivial matter.

Let's talk about sex...

CSPAN2 Reid vs McConnell - now!

Granny Bee – Money Is Power

Perhaps we should support Rudy's candidacy

You don't think you can find porn with out looking for it?

Has anyone collected together all the psycho-chick astronaut threads?

I just got my 1st anti-Hillary spam!

*** New Thread at Libby Trial: Motion Opens Door For No

Would withdrawal from Iraq increase or decrease human suffering?

I am so confused . Iran ?

Bush's new budget includes tax cuts for the rich of $162,000/yr each. And it is permanent taxcut.

Historic speeches right now in the Senate- check out CSpan 2

Take a break for an "Awwwwwwww..." moment

Cynthia McKinney 08`

Congregating May Get Gang Members Arrested

***CSPAN2 Reid vs McConnell - now! PART 2***

OK so Pelosi is offer an Iraq Resolution next week.

Haggard says he's cured from homosexuality.

Jesus Either Does, or doesn't, Like Black People

Did "Fitz" go Easy on Cheney?

What religion are you? I'm 100% Neo-Pagan!Take the quiz to find out

Freepers Freak Over "Pelosi JetGate!" And More Freep-Like Pearls...

Can Libby take the 5th?

An open letter to Bill O'Reilley warning graphic text

Snickers ad pulled after complaints from gays

All this brouhaha about the astronaut makes me wonder just what

If the 22nd Amendment were repealed and Bill Clinton vs. GW Bush in 2008

While I was spending the day trying to "lighten up," I was

Haggard Now "Completely Heterosexual"

Meehan Seeks to Overturn "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

I could never be a US Senator-

While you were BULLSHITTING! Deaths pass 3100 !

How about some Colberry Ice Cream? I hear it tastes "truthilicious"

Bushs budget and social cuts

Too funny...EPA googling for "global warming dissidents"

If only the little shit in the White House had done LSD instead of cocaine

HAHA! The House is going to pass a resolution disapproving of the surgescalation!

The Snicker Add Poll with some reasonable options.

Waxman hearing live now on C-SPAN 2.

***CSPAN2 Reid vs McConnell - now! PART 3***

It's Time To Begin A new

Norman Soloman: Making An Example Of Ehren Watada ("Kangaroo Court")

Anyone here have any thoughts on Unity08?

The Scooter Trial

Should volunteers have a right to refuse an Iraq deployment?

Heard it here first: Gates, the new SOD is in over his head on Iraq and Defense matters!

Have you ever seen congressmen and women who...

Fucking Bill Cosby

We All Waste So Much Time

Documentary just waiting to happen - What happened to Lung Leg

World's churches go green and rally to cause

Josh Wolf and the need for a Federal Shield Law...DFA links to petition.

Did Iraq contractor fleece American taxpayers?

Snickers, Mars bars, Milky Way, M and M's

Easy Bake Ovens Recalled!

Does crying wolf hurt a cause?

Still No Habeas Rights for You

Randi (Rhode's) style is becoming very annoying, IMO

Harvard Study: U.S. Nicotine Boost Was Deliberate

John McCain 2008 Fleece. Only $200!

Enforced Orthodoxies and Iran

Lieberman calling for a War Tax

does anybody have a link to the Soldiers Comercial calling for no surge.?? the one where the soldier

Senator Obama, Rep. Murphy, Rep. Thompson Introduce De-Escalation Act

Terrorist Ringleader, Master Shake, on Liberalism, the Media, and Dental Hygiene - pushing Monica/Clinton as #1 scandal of all time

The Great Dollar Crash of "07 - Forewarned is Forearmed

US won't endorse pledge that aims to punish people who force children to be soldiers

Well, whoever kidnapped this Iranian diplomat sure is looking for an Iran-USA war

The Independent's frontpage filled with tombstones

NPR and other media have convinced me that nothing is going on in this world

So Mayor Newsom is going into Rehab?

Jack Cafferty railing about the missing money in Iraq:

Jobs to record labels: Unlock your music (Reuters/

Do You Want To Go Back To The Tax Rates Of The 50s and 60s?

Gov. Proposes Selling Texas Lottery

Bush feels betrayed by GOP ("arrows in his back") - wingnut source - HUGH111

CSPAN2 WH Presser from earlier today on now

Rudy Giuliani, October 28th 2004 7:15 am, Today Show:

C&L: Waxman asks Bremer about Mr. Kate O'Beirne's hiring practices

Iran challenges Europe to hand over Holocaust 'proof'

Sen. McConnell is on Newshour whining about how the Senate majority is not

DKos Diary: "Debbie Does Impeachment"

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey unbuttons his mind, dumps on DeLay, says Bush is a failure

Bush's farm bill "reform" proposal falls woefully short

What a crazy country .

It sounds like Republicans think that they are still in the Majority

This Is The Age Of Dudley Doright

Making an Example of Ehren Watada

Edward Luttwak: To Help Iraq Let It Fend For Itself

C-Span I is running the Blue Dog Dem Caucus(Bush's Budget) now and it's a Good watch!

Who in their right mind would send 360 tons of cash into a war zone? Bush did

I think it was brilliant to craft a bipartisan Iraq resolution first.

Trying to clear up confusion WA I-957, The Defense of Marriage Initiative

Freeperville is in meltdown.and isn't sweet

Being Offended - Where Do You Draw The Line ?

CSPAN2: Boxer giving diatribe on Iraq!

Perfect. Republicans block debate on ANY initiative on Iraq and folks blame Democrats

Michael Savage Mulls Presidential Run

Democrats to Join Veterans in Demanding Debate on Iraq Escalation

Weird Astronaut story second story on NBC NEWS with Brian Williams.

Civil unions vs. marriage

Dear fellow DU'ers. While YOU Were Bullshitting

Rotten cheese, dog poo and something dead. And it's blooming early.

In the spirit of bipartisanship, I offer a proposal to work with the GOP

Cawford's largest gift shop owner: When Bush's ratings will go up, the sales will go up

John Gibson: "Three things the media isnt suppose to do"

Listened to John Kerry speak today in the Senate. VERY powerful. True leadership.

Reid: Iraq NIE Offers No Support for Escalating the War

French PM Blasts US Plans For Iraq Troop Surge

Watch Waxman Hearings Live This Morning!

Tuesday TOON update

John Aravosis on Paula Zahn right now.

Another EXCELLENT piece by Will Pitt

Radical Progressive Agenda To Stop War

Mercenaries Welcome: The Private Security Company Association of Iraq (The Blackwater Boardroom)

Since We're Headed for a Depression, let's remember songs from the past

Free-Lancer Becomes Longest Incarcerated Journalist In U.S. History (Protest Footage)

KKK Rebounds With New Focus On Immigration, ADL Reports

This is funny because it's true

Rickie Lee Jones Receives Some Divine Inspiration

Poll Results @ The Nation - Most likely conseuence of Iraq War

I just got into an argument about "Frazier" of all people

Update on the bu$h land purchase in Paraguay (TPM):

I had no idea that there was a cheat menu for real life

5,000 year old bones found locked in an eternal embrace

The Modern American Detention Camp: jailing 5-year-olds!

For those who just can't seem to figure out the internets yet,

LOL Boston Legal doing Anti-gay program malpractice suit!

U.S. sent giant pallets of cash into Iraq

A story that will *never* get old: Neil Bush's herpes

Has anyone seen China Blue yet?

"Heaven's Gate" to be presided over by tribunal of Texans.

Why can't we let everyone play by 'Bush Rules'?

It is 72 degrees F at 3:00pm on February 6th

Edwards, Obama, or Clinton?

best reason to boycott Mars/Snickers products

What Does Freedom Mean To You?

A strange statement overheard at the grocery store earlier today

Gallup: Chimp @ 32% job approval ( -4 points) & record low Iraq approval

Stop Being So Busy!

c'mon, are you serious about global warming....

Tourism lags in Crawford


***CSPAN2 Reid vs McConnell - now! PART 4***

Randi has been ripping Ralph Nader a new one most of the afternoon

define the Democratic base.

Wal-Mart to stand trial for gender discrimination

It's chaos now or it's chaos later. Bring our troops home NOW.

CSPAN2: Waxman hearing with Bremer regarding waste in Iraq - starting NOW

Via Scarborough: Gallop Poll - 72% disapproval!

Well I Guess We Know Who We Won't Be Voting For

This "Mayor of America" crap

Cheney’s Son-In-Law Blamed for Delaying Investigations of Homeland Security

If U.S. troops aren't home by 2008, isn't it likely that the

What would wipe that smirk off his face?

Anyone else see Haggerty's re-orientation as the new ring-wing social scientists...

Update: Kerry to introduce bill calling for a November 2007 deadline for withdrawal.

These are the critical questions in the Plame case...

Paul Bremer: "Chaos in Iraq in May 2003 was not brought about by war...."

Fill Out the DCCC Online Survey and Tell Them to End the War

Judge Walton: "If Mr. Libby doesn't testify, there'll be no memory defense"


"It's old news," said Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va. (Wait 'Til Waxman Trots out the Recent Stuff)

1000 Army vehicles destroyed in Iraq (so far...)

Boston has officially banned death.

IWR...why has no one tried suing in court...

The Daily Show reporting bad news for "the Gays"...

Who is funding global warming?

"We are in a war against terrorists, to have a blame meeting isn't, in my opinion, constructive"

What the hell?

dont worry, polar bears are not drowning. and there is no global warming

Media 'Hate' - The most EFFECTIVE anti-hate sitcom ever.

A Karl Rove wanna be in Kansas City

Transcript and video: US friendly fire killing of British soldier

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Henry Waxman and Patrick Fitzgerald are making today historic.

Armed US police could be on London streets

just look at his nose

Tweety asks, how did Giuliani get the pee smell out of the subway?

I wish the Democrats would just call the Republicans what they really are

Alan Keyes is running for President …

Pallets of US cash sent to Baghdad before handover

"Friendly Fire" Story on MSNBC

Hypothetical scenario: If a cure for cancer or AIDS was discovered

Boston Legal awesome tonight ...right on theheals of Haggard being "cured"

Lieberman - US should weigh war on terrorism tax...

ADL: Klan is resurging, fed by anti-immigration sentiments

Here is a Really Good Chuckle

Bush's 67% Gallup Disapproval Number In Historical Perspective ( to be him)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Will I. Lewis Libby Testify? (Plame Thread #14)

Why Are Internet Hoaxes Always Right-Wing?

Predict which of the 08 GOP candidates will be left standing

An important reminder for the freepers

Carlson changed his tune on independent counsels, importance of lying in an investigation...

Where is the ENFORCEMENT in our friggin Gov't????

Well, the Democratic party is getting schooled

NYT Editorial: "It's The War, Senators"

Democrats Should Force the Republicans to Physically Filibuster...

North Dakota Issues Nation's First Hemp Permits

BRAD BLOG: Holt Election Reform Legislation Filed; Blackwell Shredded Documents; MUCH MORE...

We spent $47,126 for every person in Iraq

Attention, XM AAR listeners: Ed Schultz coming to ch. 167...

AP Poll : Bush worse than Satan

URGENT: Today is last day for Divine Strake comments here's the deal. I'm not gay.

According to Tweety, Rudy Giuliani has 'street cred' on fighting terrorism

Olbermann will talk about O'Reilly's upcoming award

Judy Shepard: The Snickers ad campaign encourages hate

Teacher accused of having sexual contact with student

Anyone watching Boston Legal?

Media Matters: Scooter Libby and the Media Debacle

Meanwhile, on "24" - spoiler alert

Which is more evil

Cheney's Son-In-Law "Major Stumbling Block" For Investigations Of Homeland Security Dept.

Iraq is going to hell and the economy sucks, and we are obsessing over a TV comerical?

None of the freepers I work with have ever heard of Libby, Plame, Abramoff, Hookergate, etc

Advertising Age review: "Snickers! For macho young men insecure about their sexuality!"

The C02 you can't reduce you can offset: Website listing offset resources including gold standard:

Another nail in the US dollar's coffin


Iran to hold wargames in Persian Gulf

If Monkey says: ''I messed up. Now help me fix it.'' What do You say?

Jim Webb has it nailed...

Are You a Liberal Anti-Semite? (quiz)

Coach Dungy well aware of what he said.

Should Inmates be Allowed to Smoke in Prison

'Startling moment' at Libby trial as President Bush is referenced

Filled out my DCCC Survey today:

Children of war: the generation traumatised by violence in Iraq

U.S. contractors becoming a fourth branch of government...

Dick Cavett Slams Bush: ‘It’s Only Language’

Crier Refers To O'Reilly As "Ludicrous" (O'Reilly To Speak At Nat'l Center For Missing Kids Event)

Garrison Keillor on Hillary:

Who here can I count on to support my quest for equal rights as a gay citizen of the United States?

Is homophobia a trivial matter?

New Orleans Firefighters Forced to Ask for Aid from Charity to Rebuild Firehouse

I need some good info on Hugo Chavez to debunk some letters

Should the US Government issue energy saving bulbs to Americans

O’Reilly And Beck Agree: We’re ‘Afraid’ To Have ‘A Lot Of African-American Friends’

"A citizen, no less than an alien, can be an enemy combatant,"

All the posts here forced me to watch the snickers ad

You know I was strongly in favor of "turning the other check"

The Great Dollar Crash of ‘07

Bees are dying in mass numbers So we are in deep shit.

Commercials.. come get your brain washed free of charge.

Democrats won't overcome the balance of power without convincing republicans to sign on

"...proposed burning Republicans on the statehouse lawn..."

Permission Be Damned

Why Does the Bush Administration Hate the Gulf Coast??

REALLY stupid minister...

Noah's Animal House: A Las Vegas pet shelter with a difference

I am not posting this in anger, or in the heat of the moment

Seymour Hersh: WH is afraid Congress will vote a binding resolution to stop a hit on Iran

Feingold: It's us vs. the Clinton consultants

Malloy and Randi both pounded Nader voters and missed the broader point...

New Mexico Impeachment Resolution Goes to Rules Committee

Should a campaign be organized against "Norbit" for its bashing of overweight women?

Iran's weakened hard-liners crave a US attack

Feinstein calling on Newsom to resign!

9:30 a.m. Senate Armed Services Committee

Bush is going to finish his term with NO IMPEACHMENT AT ALL on his record.

New Book, 'Contenders And Pretenders,' Evaluates the Growing Field of 2008 Presidential Candidates

Let's redeploy the troops to Israel

Riptide of Investigations (Waxman)

Waxman to Probe Iraq Contracting, Unaccounted-For $12 Billion

Matt Sludge has link to Timothy Ball's screed saying "Global Warming" is bunk

Katherine Harris needs to return to reality - she's still parking in the House Parking Lot

Do Americans have the stomach to admit to war crimes?

During Senate Debate, Lieberman Accuses War Vet Warner Of Not Supporting The Troops

DU Can Do Better

Will the Ghosts of Pro-War Statements Past Haunt the 2008 Campaign?

Atrios, Kevin Drum: New York Presidential poll preview of national race?

Based on current events, how many Senate seats do we gain in 2008?

FYI it is REPUBLICANS supporting the smoking ban legislation in *gulp* Virginia

Lack of Unity continues to"dog" Dems

U Are Unworthy to be Prez if U supported Iraq War At Any Time

Bill Richardson: The Tribune interview

A kick-ass response to "What is your plan for Iraq"?

Der Mittenfuhrer's Health Care Bill allegedly provides taxpayer-funded abortions

Edwards, Richardson outshine Democratic front-runners

POLL: Are the Waxman hearings de facto impeachment proceedings?

Bush's war in Iraq -> Republican war on Iraqis

did nixon really say that christians are the easiest people to brainwash?

Stop the H1B Madness ... Support "Bright Future"; DADA Act

The REAL reason for Iraq war......Grover Norquist!

Bush Slashes Aid to Poor to Boost Iraq War Chest

Action Alert from Veterans for America.................

January in Iraq: A picture is worth a thousand words

Leader Reid "Joe Lieberman has been given up" just now on c-span 2

Clinton and Obama might skip early debates. WHAT!!!!!!

WE Have to Pay for W's Legal Defense of Torture???

Michael Weiner Savage explores a presidential bid (Even the Freepers think he's crazy!)

Zucker named to succeed Wright as head of NBC .... what does this mean ....... ?

Prez campaigns asking DNC to make the decision about all the they don't have to.

Lawrence Korb & Stephen Xenakis: Troop morale a casualty in Iraq

Nevada to host Democratic debate: Richardson, Clinton, Biden, Gravel, Vilsack, Clark, Dodd in

Tom Bevan joins David Broder's smear of Democrats

Key Corzine aide to join the Edwards campaign

The Top 100 Senators List - And You Rank Em'

We need to attack these key Republican "strong points" much harder than we have been

Savage for President!? (wtf)

"Outrage: Republicans Dodge Debate on Iraq"

Kalamzoo school system offers free college

Impeachment time

South Side Chicago church's tenets spark criticism of Obama by some conservatives

Senate Dems May Attach Binding Limits on Iraq to Pending Bill

Fruitcake Polling Higher Than Bush

See why Hastert's Plane can not make it cross country

Pelosi settles battle with Dingell over special panel on climate change

Would being an Oscar winner AND a Nobel laureate help or hurt Al Gore?

Right-wing Catholic group slams Edwards for hiring pro-gay bloggers

need help, please. anybody have a list of the representatives whose offspring either are currently,

Talk Radio - Why do Progressives

"Support the troops" has become an empty slogan.

Lieberman is so flirting with jumping parties

Here's proof WES CLARK is going to run!

Edwards follows Clinton. Will not accept public money for primary or general elections.

A visual representation of 1% of the Iraq death toll

Oliver Willis: David Broder Libels Democrats (and Clark indiv.)

Would some DUers feel different about the mandatory HPV vaccination if it wasn't Rick Perry's idea?

Sen. Edwards helps local woman make home more energy efficient

Wesley Clark on Facebook is...

My letter to Senator Gordon Smith (R-Oregon)

Daily Howler:IN WHICH IT’S FINALLY REVEALED! Fifteen years of liberal silence is finally explained..

Kerry wants most U.S. troops out of Iraq within a year

Nancy Pelosi: In need of treatment?

Will Al Gore run for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination?

Sean Penn speaks out at a rally in support of 1st Lt. Ehren Watada

It's Ronald Reagan's birthday. How shall we celebrate?

Here's your daily Gore-watch gossip: "Al Gore Calls New Hampshire"

Act For Change: Stop playing games, and bring the troops home

Rudy and Judi in clinch on front page of NY Post: "I've always liked strong macho men."

We Need Another Old Hickory - Mike Lyon on Clark '08

Clinton, Edwards and Obama: Strike Iran -- Why the Democrats Won’t Save Us (Joshua Frank)

In Election 2008, do we play it nice or do we play it mean?

E.J. Dionne: GOP motives are suspect on Senate antisurge votes

One more strike against Biden

Is using the name "Hillary" sexist?

What Do You Think Is The MOST Important Quality In A Presidential Candidate?

Feingold: "It's Time To Play Hardball" On Iraq War

Its a MIRACLE! Praise the lord! Ted Haggard is now 100% heterosexual!

Edwards' campaign manager Bonior: 'Total bull' that Congress can't stop Bush Iraq escalation plan

I admire Edwards' honesty and his refusal to pandering

"Blue Dog Dems" are burning up the House Floor on C-Span Now

Something Very Wrong

Republicans send 360 Tons of Cash into a War Zone

Big mouth Terribly McAwful scapegoats immigrants

Kerry up on C-Span 2