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Archives: February 28, 2007

What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire (Carolyn Baker)

George Lakoff: The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War (CommonDreams)

What's changed in five years? (Globe and Mail / Canada)

ICC names first war crimes suspects in Darfur

Rep. Slaughter on the Silencing of Walter Reed

Watch list dispute highlights U.S.-Canadian tensions

In U.S. Overtures to Foes, New Respect for Pragmatism

The Nation: Airing Out the Vice Presidential Bunker

BUSH VICTORY: final form of OIL law forced on Iraqis

The International Court of Justice: Serbia, Bosnia, and genocide

Myths of the Global Market

NYT Editorial: Government by Law, Not Faith

The Pentagon’s Power to Arrest, Torture, and Execute Americans

U.S. Knew of Threats as Cheney Visited Base

George Will: Democracy Is Uncivilized (Daily Kos)

More Americans in deep poverty

Elizabeth de la Vega: Public Misconduct: A Call to Investigate All of the President's Men

Katrina vanden Heuvel: News Not Fit to Print? (The Nation)

The Fourth Branch of Government (contractors & conflicts of interest)

Amy Goodman: We’ll Lock Up Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free

Two brainwashed children, vastly different treatment

Today's NY Post: I think someone's going to be offended...

Opinion: Return the Black Hills to the Lakota

The Half-Trillion Dollar Solution To Getting out of Iraq

Maureen Dowd: Ozone Man Sequel

TomPaine: Perennial Lobbying Scandal


Yeehaw the national security strategy (YNSS)

Gore's timing is just right

Mystery official briefs press on Cheney (was it Super Secret Cheney himself !?1)

Service Members Sign Appeal Calling for Troop Withdrawal

Pencil In That End-of-War Date (WaPo)

"Who Wins in Iraq?" (Foreign Policy magazine identifies the winners of Bush's disastrous war)

Maureen Dowd on Al Gore (NYT, Feb 28th)

Army Times: Walter Reed patients told to keep quiet


Even for the WSJ, this is sheer hypocrisy

These orchestrated attacks on Chávez are a travesty

The Surge That Might Work

AlterNet: False Choices in the Debate on Voting Technology

Robert Scheer: Going Back to North Korea, Hat in Hand (Truthdig)

As the Middle East's immediate western neighbour, Europe should act now to prevent an attack on Iran

From the war front to the back of line

Grand Opening of Hydrogen Fueling Station (Irvine, CA)

A question about tankless water heaters...

Welcome to the Hydrogen Highway

Arizona’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Tours State

Very Cool- Real time live desktop of the earth or planets for apple computers

Oklahoma town is in the middle of one of the nation's worst environmental nightmares.

Australia's first wave power plant ready to roll - Reuters

Scientists: "Global Warming" Debate over: Time To Act Now

Cleaning up the Big Smoke: (London) plans to cut carbon emissions by 60%

Brazil to seek lower US tariffs, accord on ethanol - Reuters

(British Columbia) energy plan pushes conservation, new technology

Not out of the woods (Acid Rain in Maine)

World Water Day Is March 22nd

Three companies looking at Ohio to make diesel from coal

Dania (Beach, FL) to power streetlights with solar energy

German Conservatives (CDU) Up Renewables Ante

First Part of Massive Spanish Solar Power Plant to Startup in April

CO2 ratings on US cars?

Wal-Mart stalls solar-power plan

Texas Sierra Club Press on TXU Cancellation of Eight Proposed Coal Plants

Scientists Wary of Lake Superior Warming

NYT article about Stewart Brand

(6 nation) Climate pact is "no post-Kyoto answer" - Reuters

Interior talks with companies over oil - AP

Border Guard kills Islamic Jihad commander, 2 aides in Jenin

Negev desert nomads on the move again to make way for Israel's barrier

Unauthorized but aided by Israel

Israeli Arab group proposes new 'multi-cultural' constitution

IDF sniper acquitted due to poor investigation

After Mecca / Hamas is still Hamas

Shin Bet: New system will ease checks of Arabs at airport

Star-Crossed Lovers (One Israeli, One Palestinian) Quit West Bank

Lebanon acquits Israel of using radioactive materials

Take citizenship off Arab Israelis: MP

Bedouin girl critically hurt when shot, apparently by IDF soldiers

To Inside Job Cultists, the BBC story must be part of the conspiracy because

BBC has been discredited.


"JFK II" #3 on google video top 100

The BBC Bombshell: Breaking Jim Hoffman Analysis

Bank of America had offices in WTC1 on 9/11 and survived 2 casualties out of 400 employees

Comprehensive coverage of BBC / WTC 7 at - new mini video

Where do I start?


The PentaCon: Eyewitnesses Speak, Conspiracy Revealed-RELEASED NOW!

Just because the BBC botched the reporting on the WTC 7 collapse

Voting Machine Company Tries to Blackmail Dutch Government

Latest on Blackwell at DU link below:

Bangladesh: People’s Expectation from Emergency Civil Government

Ed Felten: "Could a Bug Have Lost Votes?" and why I say YES

FL: CRIMINAL INQUIRY Into Missing Voting Footage-That & Other Election Reform, Fraud & News 2/28/07

Labor language threatens antiterror bill (Chertoff goes off the wall)

New Zealand forces complain at US treatment of Afghan prisoners

AP: Detainees Seek Fast Ruling From Justices

BBC: Airbus to announce major job cuts (10,000 to go)

Philips Agreement Boosts E.U. Incandescent Lightbulb Phaseout Plans

NATO: Intelligence suggested bomb threat (Afghanistan)

Remains of 14 victims exhumed in Colombia

Dubai eGovernment foils hacking attempts on government websites

NYT/AP: Duke University Releases Report on Campus Culture

Israeli Arab group proposes new 'multi-cultural' constitution

BBC: UK soldier dies after Iraq attack

Uruguayan ex-colonel detained in Brazil

Militants behead another `US spy` in Pakistan

Federal agent testifies Marine said he shot Iraqi man in head

US warns civil rights-era killers: we're on your trail

Britain to withdraw troops from Bosnia

Pencil In That End-of-War Date (WaPo)

Iran threatens to pursue Kurdish rebels inside Iraq

WP: Md. boy dies from toothache

Uncontacted Indians flee logging onslaught

Top Secret (see if you can guess the unnamed "senior administration official."

Car bomb kills 10 in Baghdad - police

U.S. military, media link under fire

The Politico: Democrats Snipe At Senate Leaders over Handling of Iraq Issue

Brazil Lays out Super Security for Bush

Pakistan denies bin Laden is regrouping there

US companies increasingly offshoring business nearer home

Jury sends note while deliberating fate of ex-Cheney aide

WP: New Profiling Program (ADVISE) Raises Privacy Concerns

Costs of UK's Iraq operation to top one billion pounds

Ailing Fidel Castro breaks public silence

Pakistan makes a deal with the Taliban

Does Fox Get Their News From Tabloids?

Jurors Ask for Clarification in CIA Leak Case (then settle issue themselves)

U.S. nuclear-powered carrier Ronald Reagan leaves Sasebo

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Revisited

Gates downsized war-crimes trials locale

Mystery official briefs on Cheney's trip

House Democrats strike compromise on war funding measure

Suit demands details on secret court's wiretap ruling

U.S. will not extradite CIA agents to Italy

CDC doctor (vaccine chairman) opposes law for vaccine (GARDASIL)

AP: Group: Gore a hypocrite over power bill

AK Steel Reaches Tentative Labor Deal (ends a year-old lockout)

False quotes shake up terror trial

WP: New light shed on CIA’s secret prisons

San Diego diocese files Chapter 11

House Committee Schedules Vote on Issuing Subpoenas to Prosecutors

Lawmakers Tout DMCA Killer (RIAA and MPAA pissed)

Guardian: Prodi wins senate confidence vote

Fake Private Parts Are No Joke, Myers (Maryland state Delegate) Says

Maryland boy, 12, dies after bacteria from tooth spread to his brain

AP: Gore: Web may affect campaign finance...interesting

U.S., North Korea to meet in New York March 5-6

CompUSA Closing More Than 50 Percent of Stores

U.S. warns against EU's CIA flight probe

Guantanamo prisoner Khadr seeks ruling by top U.S. court

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 28

Union: Airbus to Sell 2 French Sites

Computer glitch triggered Dow Jones plunge (AP)

Highlights of Iraq Spending Bill Add-Ons

(UK Guardian) Military chiefs(Petraeus) give US six months to win Iraq war

Afghan commission to act as detainee watchdog (for Canada's Afghani prisoners)

23 killed in Iraq attacks ahead of security meet (1 US troop shot dead)

AP: World markets plunge for second day

Advisers: Bush plan would cost taxpayers

Economic growth revised down in 4th quarter (Even worse than expected)

Mystery official briefs on Cheney's trip (Guess who it was!)

CNN: McCain announces '08 bid on Letterman

Key lawmakers skeptical of Bush fuel savings plan

Gov't estimates 754,000 homeless people

Bush's faith-based program debated in court

AP: Congressman in probe wants papers back (Jefferson)

VA to test all combat vets for brain injury

New court martial date for Watada

Swiss court acquits 7 of terror charges

Military commission unfair: Major Mori (Hicks case)

[Kommersant] US Stance Hardens on Russia

AP: Japan to pull whaling fleet in Antarctic...hunt ends early!

NYT/AP: Democratic Leaders Revamp Anti-War Plan: Proposal centers on overburdened military

Apartheid detainee to be exhumed (South Africa / 1963)

FEC slaps conservative '527' group with $750,000 fine

Study Citing Antioxidant Vitamin Risks Based On Flawed Methodology

CIA papers reveal 1950s Japan coup plot

AFL-CIO targets Wal-Mart in campaign to rein in executive pay

CNN: Lieberman slams Bush on first responders

E&P: Wounded Soldiers at Walter Reed Told Not to Talk to Media

Democrats to attach add-ons to Iraq bill

Iraq officials admit confusion over children killed(2 different incidents in Ramadi)

Soldiers Shift to Baghdad Outposts

Gore says media miss climate message: Fail to report consensus in favor of "balance as bias"

(James) Baker, (Warren) Christopher to head war powers commission

Ailing Castro says 'I feel good'

Immigrants boost pay, not prison populations, new studies show

WP: (Fired) U.S. Attorney Says He Was Pressured by Lawmakers

LAT: Costco halts liberal electronics return policy

WP: (Walter Reed) Hospital Officials Knew of Neglect

House Republicans will attempt to block Jefferson's assignment

U.S. Concedes Uncertainty on North Korean Uranium Effort

Inmates to replace immigrant farm workers(Colorado)

Accenture’s India headcount to hit 35,000

Breaking CNN - Padilla "Competent to stand trial"

Was a Jefferson ancestor Jewish? -- genetic puzzle

For Want of a Dentist (Uninsured boy dies of toothache in DC)

Ex-insider: Cuba has bioweapons

CNN: Jefferson gets seat on Homeland Security Committee

RIAA To College Students: Prepare To Be Sued

US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse

I have absolutely no desire to see or go to Puerto Rico.

awesome wikipedia article

Man, those nights when you really miss them suck ass, don't they?

Diehard DUers:

Why Are You Going To Live Longer than

who is tatooed?I'm contemplating my 3rd

ARRRGGHH! Illinois motorcycle training course reg' is tonight and it's taking forever to log in!!!

I decided to replace the engine in my Explorer

There are stupid people on ebay exhibit A

Say Something Mean to Someone Without

Why Mommy is a Democrat

Do you read in the bathroom?

Help Me Write A Poem

Most Beautiful Person In the Entire World

tipsy, that is all...

Want to see a computer on it's last legs?

Geroge Takei weighs in on Tim Hardaway's gay-bashing comments

Let Vegetarianism grow on you

three times not the charm

Man Tried To Smother, Stab And Blow Up Girlfriend - Sent Her For Breakfast Afterward

81 Year Old Woman Gets $9,500 Settlement After Garbage Truck Runs Over Her Dog

Will someone go to my physical for me?

For all you uke playin' Beatles fans

How have you been dealing with the snow???

100 Year Old Man Fights Off 3 Muggers With Kung-Fu - Shows Up To Work Next Day

County Commissioner Gets Package Full Of Feces In Mail

If you look back on your year...

So last month I called my ex-bf and had a chat

The City Manager of my town is being fired over a sex change

Shift Happens!

P. Diddy is a jackass

Town Law Requiring Cars Parked On Street To Have Light On Changed - Batteries Were Dying

Runaway Beer Kegs Bombard Village After Falling From Truck

If you found nude photos of a friend online, would you tell him/her?

Spring training baseball Friday noon on ESPN

Post a copycat of a thread that doesn't exist

wish me luck-I'm going to try and install a sound card today.

If the day continues as it started ...

I just counted and rolled $99.30 of pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters.

Paula Abdul has the potential...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/28/2007)

Driver using laptop dies in crash

If you could be anywhere other than where you are right now, where would you be?

I'm up to speed on the olive garden thing, but what was the meltdown

Gates vs. Jobs

TWO more MissIssippi cases in Virginia

Tater mitts? What kind of asswipe buys "tater mitts"?

Do you experience déjà vu often?

Today's the day!!!

post your best bookmarked threads

Are you one of those folks that always stays up too long?

Dear Parents and Children

Holy mother of gawd- That is an expensive drug!!!!

Remember how you always thought it would be so cool to work at the Zoo?

Man Tries To Cash $50,000 Check From The Lord - Arrested

TWO more "McMissile" cases in Virginia

For the record, I didn't win the $216 million last night

sorry dupe.

Check in if you dress like a douchebag.


I've been home with the stomach flu since yesterday, anyone else sick?

Are you superstitious?


Where is Midlodemocrat?

Study Says Cool Water Gets Dishes Just As Clean As Hot Water

Taking advantage of Candians-is Dr.Phil Good wrong?

You write greeting cards for Wal-Mart. What does your card say?

Anybody want to help me with a song?

Gardasil, we hardly knew ye

Scientists assess DNA Hair sample - apparently not from Earth

Man reads between naked buttocks to predict future (Germany)

check out the crazy troll in GD

Do you experience déjà vu often?

Judge does cartwheels in court...

Parents; Do you regret the food you gave your kids?

I want 'pie back.

Is DU crawling for anybody else?

You don't know everything until you read this:

Hey kids! It's time for the first annual Lounge Lizard Talent Show. How will you entertain us?

Awww my mom just emailed me this about her visit

What is poon.....

Roman Decendants Found in China?

Things you never want to hear from a lover?

Global Warming my ass! It is snowing in Las Vegas right now.

"The Great Dictator" coming up on TCM.

How old were you when you got Tang for the first time?

Gordon Lightfoot...

back from my physical

Does anyone know if Anna Nicole Smith was an organ donor?

Anna Nicole to be Dredged in Cornflakes, Served with Breadsticks

Tom dropped me as a Myspace friend...

Suppose you had the power...

When the weight of the world has got you down.....

Congratulations bemildred!! 30,000 posts

An idea I had while posting in GD

Breaking MSNBC re: Anna Nicole Smith

Check in if you dance like a douchebag

Scientists Discover How To Remotely Control Flight Of Live Pigeon

I hate to say this...

I'm out of cigarettes

Anyone else watch Dirt.....

OMG.... baby tiger and baby orangutans...

Does anyone know if Anna Nicole Smith was an organ grinder?

When they tape some sitcom in front of a live audience...

whats for dinner tonight?

Parasite Hilton violates her probation!!!

"Idiocracy": who's seen it?

The first image that comes to mind

Blowing dust and windy.

Charlie Chaplin on TCM doing globe/balloon dance now!

Painted Skies Tonight..........Come have a look!

For my 12,000th post... I'd just like to say...

Was "The Last Supper" actually a beach party????

Anybody know how to "unmat" a cat?

Oh dear... the Van Halen reunion tour is canceled...

The Sundays.....

Today I saw a guy that looked like WCGreen

How do I get to the clipboard on adobe reader?

What's going on inside my head?

Who broke the veg*n/AR group?

So I got another dog...

DU'ers who've been through Ba/Bat-Mitzvah

It's the Chicken Police.

Air Traffic Control Humour

Dammit! I have CRAFT syndrome!

What is it with the Olive Garden?

What is poutin? It sounds wonderful.

What color is your sky today? Ours...? (dialup warning.)

"Why do all sentences start with a capital letter, Mama?"

A few random pictures from Mexico(dialup warning)

Finally saw "Mystic River" last night

Last night's Idol...


Maureen Dowd


Please could someone link to original Olive Garden thread.

A large coffee and a bagel from Dunkin' Donuts

My supreme pet peeve. Nothing in grammar sets my teeth on edge like this:.

What is poutine and is it good?

**Personal Milestones****

My 13,000th post

Practice makes Purr-fect

Scary video of a troubling trend that threatens our safety

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

The Black And White Challenge...OMG

Mmm, Chips and mango and peach salsa with Glenmorangie scotch.

How old were you when you first got high...

I hope "Ugly Betty" is on tomorrow night.

My brother Dave just launched his house into space

Now they've ruined the twist-tie...

Jack Handy

Damn! How long can one guy stay in the can?

Victory is mine! I ordered buffalo chicken pizza!

Name a major restaurant chain that you have never visited / spent money in.

SPK Appeals For Nicole's Body...


I live in a sea of unanynmity

Calling all hosers! Let's talk about things these Yanks won't get.

Red Lobster is celebrating Lobsterfest right now.

My son's D.A.R.E.

The gov't office across the street now has a metal detector. Should I be concerned?

My Head Through the Screen - An Ode to Microsoft Networks (help needed)

have you ever been behind this at a mcdonald`s drive up?

Do you consider tips to be something extra for a white person?

God I am sick to death of assholes that I have to work with...

Happy birthday ironflange!!

WooHOO My daughter got accepted

MODS: Can we have a Freeptard Tombstone Forum?

New York plumber and his assistant are arrested after the assistant was overheard saying...

Best Rush album?

Man, I saw a promo for that "300" film.

Read this...You won't regret it. Pretty funny and clever too.

I hate corporations.

Post your favorite Orangutan pic here...

So, apparently the freepers have monogrammed jackets

Do you ever feel like you have to boss your boss or supervise your superviser?

Ok, anyone here a car mechanic? Help!

I live in a sea of anonynmity.

For my 8000th post, a poem

Are you one of those folks that always stays up too late?

Tiger, orangutan babies playmates at zoo

I have a question regarding gay marriage/civil unions

I am such a douchebag!

I'm throwing it all in, quitting my job and I am going to wait tables at Olive Garden

Time To Bring The Poet out of You

I live in a Sea Anemone.

Hell freezes over: I just tried to vote on American Idol!

Is there a single negative to Rage Against the Machine getting back together?

Do you tip for poor or only adequate service?

who the hell are you?

I've never used Ignore before. Never thought I'd have to.

As part of my newly dictated "Community Service" requirement from Johnny Law,

ok... who gave my dog rancid kim-chi?

Am I wrong in being very angry?

The Employee Free Choice Act ! Please sign it now!!


Do you watch WWE wrestling?

Post a single word you like to say...

Sprouts ! woohoo! SPROUTS ! WOOHOO!

Anna Nicole Smith died of PNEUMONIA

Confess people, what are your favorite fast food chains/ menu items

Do you consider "Nips" to be an appropriate name for a topless bar?

Holy shit I may have just gotten a writing job on a magazine

YouTube scavenger hunt! Find a lame 60's video that still makes you happy!

sometimes i wonder if my mother knows me at all.

Wassup in Beantown?

Have you ever drank to kill the pain?

Name a band or a song that was a collaborative effort of several artists from different groups.

Is "Bull Durham" Gen X's "Butch Cassidy"?

Do you ever forget that you are anonymous on DU?

This is what a goddess looks like.

I'm normally not one given to berating people, but I'm very tempted today

There once was a man from Nantucket....

I've Lost 16 lbs in 3 mos. and I have Quit Smoking for Two Weeks!!!

Positive vibes for a friend of mine...

Crap. Just to keep you updated...

wtf happened to Jenna Jameson?

Post a pic of you and a friend!

Have you figured it out yet?

BEST Magician EVER! Beat THIS youtube! Even the Guns n Roses Midi and assless chaps

I just bit into my first moonpie

i'm getting indian food. what should i get?

Homies! Fffffff'n LOST is on tonight!!!

do you like hockey?

How to find someone

Beat this "getting fired" Story.

Tornado, tornado-should I call in?

HP printer help - PC using Windows XP

College admissions letters

Well, all my paperwork is in for a summer externship in London.

Please send out good doggie vibes!

I watched "American Hardcore" last night (a review).

It's official. I have a new job!!

Dying Grandmother Is Visited By Dead Siblings

Have you ever used a chiropractor or do you use one now?

Parents; Do you regret the names you gave your kids?

Do you consider tips to be something extra for a waitperson?

Famous Canadians--add to this list.

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them." -

What was the worst food your family ate?

Be honest - Do you like my new 'do'? Dialup Warning

Did Kate Bosworth Ruin Anything?

I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and,..........

Johnny Mathis vs. Diet Pepsi

DU Educators: What's the deal with bibliographies?

Anna Nicole’s body lands endorsement deal for diet regimen

Pet articles that describe a visual image...without an accompanying picture...

San Diego diocese files Chapter 11

TWO more MissMillie cases in Virginia

Dammit all to hell!

5 Year Old Says Teacher Duct-Taped Him To Desk

Campaign Worker Caught Dealing Drugs While Canvassing For Votes

Anybody know how to "mat" a cat?

Snow, Laptop, Imagination, You Tube humor

Cheney's Got a Gun

how to build a 2.5 scale Sherman tank

Are you using Google Analytics on your blog? If so, some questions...



Anybody ever see this nutjob site?

Query on Talpiot ossuary skeletal remains

Hello... is that you God???

Your choice of Operation: Atheist or Fundie.

Are religious moderates "true believers"?

Some Easter Humor

I hear that God doesn't like gays so for people who say that what...

Science vs. Religion Flow Charts...pretty funny...

How large a part of your identity is your religion/faith/spirituality?

Utah Bill 'Regulating' Gay Student Clubs Moved to Governor

Gay Philanthropists work behind the scenes...

Canadian Anglicans weigh in on primates' warning to US church

Drama troupe explores issues of faith for gay Christians

Madison, Wis. denies attempt for greater benefits for gay employees

'Episcopal School of Wichita Falls' school under investigation for expelling son of two lesbians

Fired city manager could be transsexual champion

PLEASE see my post in the GDP about Eric Alva

Gay group's school workshop on bullying assailed by some parents

US law trumps state on gay rights

John Edwards Supports Meehan's Legislation

Lawsuit defends teen's "that's so gay" putdown

Google defends decisions to remove anti-gay hate website

Free Republic Keywords

Ex-Rangers Goalie May Run For Congress (NY-4)

For the manifestation group - an exerpt from "The Greatest Miracle in the World"

what's going on with saturn and neptune?

Be What You Want to Attract., (an excerpt)...

This is...interesting.

The Changing Face Of Compassion: Love In The New Creation

Mr. Pluto's neigborhood

An artist you may like.

When You Attract Negative People--Be Thankful...

Rick DiClemente's Starself Astrological Newsletter for March

To Iraq and back

Well today I sent a letter to Boxer

Great post here!

Senator Kerry comments on the announced talks with Syria and Iran.

A little contrast: Kerry vs. Drake in dealing with activists

Question about McCaskill on Sam Fox

Unofficial Kerry Blog

Color me

Kerry's historic quote on the front page of dailykos -- lots of blogger outrage about Iraq

2008: Maybe this poll is meaningless, but I will never understand this.

Pelosi Influenced by Al Qaeda? Faux News of course

VA Secretary Jim Nicholson with Bob Woodruff of ABC News

Oh, Bev Oda

Karl Rove Parody Video to

George Clooney Interview about Sudan - Darfur

Mean World Syndrome Intro

Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Trailer

Can Mr. Smith Get To Washington Anymore Teaser Trailer

Johnny Got His Gun - 2

Johnny Got His Gun - 3

Teresa Joyce: Proud to be a CWA Member (Employee Free Choice Act)

Johnny Got His Gun - 1

Lura Bush on the War

Carl Levin on Syria and Iran -- WTF????

I have mystical visions and cosmic vibrations...

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again

Olbermann Smacksdown Hit piece on Gore's energy bill

Wow!!!!!!!! We Will Not Be Silenced - Part 2

George Clooney's video diary from Sudan and Chad - Part 1

Carl Levin at Michigan Democratic Party convention

The local FOX news team is LOL at Chimpy's B-Ball dribbling skills

Diehard DUers:

Pelosi on Larry King CNN repeating now eom

Gerry Spence on Mike Webb (re-run from five years or so past)

The Invisible Enemy

If you had money invested in a Chinese stock market, what would you do now?

Gore's Oscar in Jeopardy

Are you openly homophobic?

more unitentional hilarity from conservapedia-the bill clinton entry

Turning a RW email I got into a liberal one :)

How many here at DU have signed up as Founders at Nova M Radio?

"Increased Demand for Ivory Threatens Elephant Survival"

Native Inuits blame the US for the Global Warming destroying their Way of Life - BUT

Some Fox viewers are "Not Smarter than a 5th Grader"

Differences between 'progressive' vs. 'liberal'? In your opinion?. Edit

Bush Sends a Letter to Prince Harry

Your greatgrandfathers the coalminers are rolling over right now

A thought on blast near Cheney--how did secret service determine he wasn't dead?

Former Congressman Bob Ney's Prison Time Nears

how come i cant download Randi Rhodes from WhiteRose..??

Jerusalem Post: Cyberspace as a combat zone: The phenomenon of Electronic Jihad

Weather forecasters see La Nina brewing

Virus Myth.

I refuse to go down with another zero. Sorry. I just do.

So are we expecting a Libby verdict Wednesday?

What is a "carbon footprint" and what is the concept of purchasing offsets?

Japanese sailor regrets vivisection...

Left Coast Reminder GumboYaYa's movie at 11.30pm

Link to the travel forum and a show with the PM of New Zealand showing off her country

Democratic leaders to finalize Iraq plan

PhD student sues over citation for swearing at airport

BigPharma bullshit or not??

Stock Market Down 413 Points. How Long Before Clinton Is Blamed?

You think Gore could have kicked the manchild's ass in 2004?

A normal correction? A response to bad policy? Jitters about the war? A computer glitch?

Merle Haggard---You aint gonna believe this!!!!

Baptist Pastor David Troup Pleads Guilty to sex with young boys

Mercenary receives Defense of Freedom medal at Fort Gordon

House to debate and vote on Employee Free Choice Act tomorrow

Very well, so I'm at Long's Drugs, just yesterday, picking up some beer & cat food...

3,161 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

OMFG...In Long's Yesterday! I had this experience.....

Sinclair vs. Comcast-Richmond Va. Fox TV threatens to pull cable hookup tonight (Idol/NASCAR)

Could hackers cause a computer glitch resulting in a stock market crash?

Soldiers Want Out: An Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq

C-SPAN WJ: Should "Dont Ask Don't Tell" Be Repealed?....Did you hear the New Jersey caller?

Newsflash for Don Feder, why attack Friends of God?

GOP drops candidate over Jewish remarks

NEW Ballsiest Propaganda Ever Award! Glenn Beck calls Olbermann a BIGOT!

U.S. won't extradite CIA agents to Italy

From the "If you can't fix it, cover it up" file. Today's Army Times:

Internal debate steers Democrats on new Iraq course

Fox News takes on Thinkprogress? Oh please do

North Korean nuclear envoy makes rare U.S. visit - All kinds of doors open up when one has nukes

Iraqis being blown up daily and the government we gave them finds the time to give their oil away

Sex offenders: Throwing away the key . . .

What In Hell Is Wrong With Joe Lieberman's Brain? ...I Mean, Seriously...

THE RADICAL FRINGE - Wed. 2/29 --- Not on the menu

I read on DU last night a few times that Sy Hersch was going to be on

On CSPAN, this Susan Crabtree from "The Hill" has been parroting Repug memes all morning...

I Am The MSM, and I don't Care What You Want To Learn About

Someone asked a question yesterday on Holt's new H.R. 811

I use to be against term-limits. Not anymore.

Some editor is in trouble with Cheney and/or a sodomy suspect

Buyer's remorse (a heartening story)

When will bush/cheney use Walter Reed for a photo op?

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (CASSE) . . .

Pollutants change 'he' frogs into 'she' frogs

12-year-old uninsured Maryland boy dies of tooth decay

Iraq Was Easy To Resolve But "Greed" Intervened.

Libby trial update (Libby's lawyer: "Jacuzzi doesn't work")

Pentagon says War on Terror to end Oct 2008 - just before election

The City Manager of my town is being fired over a sex change

Forget about Gore, what have you done for global warming?

Army orders wounded vets not to speak to media.

Adverse drug reactions leading cause of death in U.S. (Re: Gardasil)

Help me with discussion with RWer re: Automatic Congressional Pay Raises...

Need some verification of my premises for a LTTE on Iraq

Just now on CNBC, messaging software at NYSE has more glitches...

Once Libby verdict is announced, what may happen next ....

wish me luck-I'm going to try and install a sound card today.

Hey Drudge!!! Al Gore spotted with a short, nude man

Robert Fisk: In Iraq, The Killing Of 18 Teenagers Is A Horrible Routine

Union of Concerned Scientists Finds Widescale Political Interference in Global Warming Research

Laura Bush - Iraq is "stable"

Mexico Vows to Improve Migrant's Treatment (AP)

Stop Your Criticism!

Independent UK Cover: How The War On Terror Made The World A More Terrifying Place

What do we know about Tennessee Center for Policy Research?

@#%$&@ gas went up .19 overnite........

Just heard Richardson he's great.

GORE Will Not Only Run - But He Can And WILL WIN in '08

So Harry Reid wants to 'embarrass Bush into abandoning his war strategy'.

Honey bee crisis

Olbermann - Setting The Record Straight On Gore's Energy Use

Dan Savage (Savage Love) rips FreeRepublic!

So much for the "Axis of Evil" (Party is over for the NeoCons???)

Libby trial abuzz about 'mystery note' from jurors

N.D. weighs repeal of cohabitation ban - this is a doozy

cool video from code pinker e-mail -REMOVED from You Tube???

Annthrax Coulter: Environmentalists "want to destroy the middle class"

On the MSNBC site - Breaking News: Stocks expected to rise in early trading after sharp drop on Tues

HELP!! Need debunking for Gore House RW smear

I also want ot say

Mississippi all shook up about Toyota

Olbermann on Gore’s Energy Use: Setting the Record Straight

Yeehaw the national security strategy (YNSS)

One Repub's take on their candidates

Freed from the Bushist Gulag, detainee gives view inside a black hole

ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING - "India's Missing Girls"

The football version of No Child Left Behind

Pentagon Meet Discussed Escalating Pressure on Iran

Our Party needs a General of political warfare

Opportunity NOW to Move Toward Ban on Cluster Bombs

CBS Nitely News way behind.

RFK Jr. rips President Bush for environmental policy

Was it possible for the Democrats to stop the surge

WP, "Justice for Darfur," by Angelina Jolie: "When crimes against humanity are punished...

We can take credit for Arnies green inititivs...kinda.

Libby Jury Note

Real READERS don't get FOOLED so much...they know BS from TRUTH

Tucker Carlson, loser

Dupe -- self-delete

Regardless of whom you support now, would you be happy

Pentagon's number two suggests terror war will end in Oct. 2008 (Just in tiome for the elections)

Stars & Stripes letter: A nickel-and-dime ‘surge’

A new string in the Taliban bow

Tired of partisan divide? wants you

AOL Poll: Rate his Chances: Gore -- Hillary

International court names first suspects to be accused of war crimes in Darfur

AP Entertainment Editor Institutes Ban on Paris Hilton Coverage

Whatever happened to Peak Oil?

Excellent Toles Toon

Anna Nicole Smith: She Died for Your Sins

Suzanne of San. Fran. speaks about Laura Bush

National Enquirer reporting that Anna Nicole died from pneumonia

Flash Animation to, We Didn't Start The Fire

More confirmation that BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance

Spooks in Congress

Gore's Hypocracy

"US's Iraq oil grab is a done deal."

tsunami warning for Italy, vol. Stormboli eruption

Wounded Soldiers Told Not to Talk to Media

A memorial to JacksonWest - 561 posts - not bad. So glad you finally came out of the closet.

a way poor women can survive without whoring

Hey sports fans

i just watched, NEVER ON SUNDAY

World stocks shaken for second day

"Ridge to Serve on McCain's '08 Bid Board"

Scarborough: Gore, take the dive; throw your hat in the ring!

Seymour Hersh on Democracy Now! today.

Freeper outed for lifting whole paragraphs from RNC website in LTTE

This, from Kurtz? To drop this stink bomb the day after the Oscars made it look like a hatchet job.

Prince Charles calls for 'ban' on McDonald's

Gohmert on House floor

TomPaine: Silencing Soldiers

Why all the surprise about the way the disabled soldiers are being treated?

Boy dies of toothache

Does Fox Get Their News From Tabloids?

Would you vote for Gore if he was our nominee?

Video of first responders 9/11. Someone should have demanded they were

Senators have Backed off SB-4 cause of Lieberman-Ried assured him

Ugh - Lieberman on CSPAN2 re 911 Bill

Boy the trolls are out in force since this Al Gore thing came out

Saw 'Triumph of the Will' last night. Lucas completely ripped it off.

"SEIG HEAL" hahahahahahaha

Even British Victorian authors hated current republicans.

It appears that "someone" in Iraq is "manufacturing" Iranian weapons for some reason

Brain Injuries Overlooked at Some Veterans' Hospitals (Bob Woodruff's documentary)

I am so freaking pissed and I need your help

Hope in Iraq and the region? Iraq's neighbors agree to Baghdad summit

Tweety is at the Libby trial

Top Secret (see if you can guess the unnamed "senior administration official."

False peace talks

Why are Democrats so "skittish" about Iraq?

Jon Carroll responds to the "Why I hate Blacks" article

I believe gardasil was sean hannity

CNN.Com - Woman accused of using infant as a down payment on a car....

Green Power Switch

They hate us for our freedoms

Numbers . . .

Why do I fan the flames? Or more aptly titled, my last post on this subject for awhile

On a similar topic: How would you vote in '08 if...

Here's the note from the jury:

C-Span2 having a referendum on U.S. Attorney's firings

Labor language threatens antiterror bill

Who was that mysterious briefer on Cheney's plane?

WJ: Todd Akin : The Terrorists Won't Be Happy Until Every Jew and Christian Is Killed

Ashcroft Pizza Party Raises Ethics Eyebrows

3 die at Vets Home after errors

did the Al Gore swiftboat story come from the American Enterprise Institute?

BREAKING: Earthlings Are Officially The Most Stupid Race Of Beings In This Galaxy (Mogambo)

Don't make Tyra Banks throw her cellphone at Santa Monica!

Okay. Who left the back door wide open?

Bob Woodward: "The only way to find out if (WMD) really existed is to get on the ground."

World stock slump hits second day

Paul Riekoff vs Sec Nicholson: Today on The NewsHour w Jim Lehrer

Is Whole Foods Straying From Its Roots?

One Million Iraqis have died in this war

Halliburton pumped up about new Iraq contract awards in 2nd qtr

AP Misses Scoop on Pig Poop

please check out this thread....has this been debunked

OK, let's say that Clinton did not order the killing of bin Laden

most emailed and Most Viewed on Yahoo is Gore=Hypocrit.

GM crops and a herd mentality (Round 2)

VIDEO COMPILATION: Matthews Obsessed With Clinton Sex Speculation

When is the last time America had a non-millionaire President?

McDonald's Responds to Prince Charles' Proposed Ban

Worried about "Home of the Brave"

Todays Elisabeth Hasselbecks twit moment...troops are not censored

Senators Want to SUBPOENA Ousted U.S. Attorneys - Who Are "Willing" To Testify Against Bush Admin

Bolton wanted Iran to pull out of NPT, to induce "counter-reaction" by the US


Eek.. Place of Conception confers citizenship/jurisdiction ...slippery slope here?

Intel officials: Rummy set up a covert operation - used ethnic separatists as U.S. proxies in Iran

One more time .... The Next 6 Months important in Iraq ..... The Guardian

Gore should stay out of the race until the RePUKE bullshit attacks are "old"

Laura Bush Slightly Misunderestimates Iraq Attacks

Here's today's Elephant in the Corner news story.

MODS: Can we have a Freeptard Tombstone Forum?

Anyone listing to the faux troop hating librul on Randi?

George Lakoff: The Words None Dare Say: Nuclear War

Would it bother you if we give the Senate back to the Republicans?

Was "The Last Supper" actually a beach party????

Mods, please move this to the lounge--Wrong forum inadvertantly.

Are we besieged by gay-baiting trolls here at DU?

Gore attacks are getting so old

Open Letter to Tweety (Chapter 2)

* gives tour of Oval Office to members of military service organizations who support U.S. troops-pic

A great Onion piece on Al Gore from 2000

Fighting Warming Key to Anti-Poverty Goals

Gore's gonna do it. It's in the air.

Group represented by Bush's campaign lawyer pays campaign fines; third largest in FEC history

Olympic skier Dawson reunites with biological father

Welcome to Combat, Dick Cheney: (Rude Pundit)

Principal charged with dealing crystal meth

Kerry Puts Bush Nominee/Swift Boat Funder on the Hot Seat

Promoting vegetarianism - creative ad

Who can we contact at the AP to express our displeasure with their running a RW think tank story?

Ray McGovern: Iran's Very Bad N-Word

Hypocrisy’ Seen In New ‘Religious Freedom’ Initiative

Laura Bush and Westmoreland, a comparison.

where do i find out what government contracts have been awarded?

Military chiefs give US six months to win Iraq war (Guardian Unlimited)

The Occupation Project and Sen. Kerry (xpost from MA)

60 Votes are needed for Cloture

I have a suggestion. Let me know what you all think.

The Official Draft of the Oil and Gas Law of The Iraq Republic

Brain-injured soldiers: Local news follow-up!


Faux Gibson's Chapter Three in 'Welcome to the Big Leagues, Mr. Obama'

Some predictions on how the 2008 Primaries will play out

Republican fear of Al Gore is palpable. .

CIA papers reveal 1950s Japan coup plot

96-Year-Old Mobster May Avoid Prison - Albert "The Old Man" Facchiano Pleads Guilty To Racketeering

Jesus saved my school bus.

Anna Nicole Smith died of PNEUMONIA

YearlyKos announces unprecedented 2008 Presidential Candidates forum

Can we have a Hot Bulletin Spot?

Remember Nader?

OH GOD! The pubies are leaning toward Gingrich!

New Home Sales Plunge in January (growing glut of unsold homes)

14-Year-Old Girl Arrested On Grand Theft Charges -- For Fifth Time (in 5 months)

They can't find a single pro-war person in Vermont to debate Sheehan

Antioxidants Don't Extend Life-found a higher risk of death for people taking vitamins

LOL, look what accompanies a story about TV on cellphone

Important message from General Clark re: Iran.

Stop The War Now!

anyone remember this film? ----"Article 99"

$9,500 settlement in dog death breaks legal precedent in Illinois

Hey "Plame Leak Junkies". . . did you see the new Fiore?

Some Americans sorry Cheney survived

Rising Hegemon has some questions for Hillary

White House Threatens Veto of Antiterror Bill Over Union Clause

Curious. All those Waiting for Gore to run. what if he doesn't. Who would you support?

EEK! Statewide poll shows Pennsylvanians leaning Repug for 2008 POTUS race

Hi DUers!

McCain announces '08 bid on Letterman

6 months to win war!

I think yesterday was pretty important.

No end in sight to imprisonment of Al-Jazeera cameraman at Gitmo

ah ha ha ha ha "they got the wrong country."

Amazing anti-Gore LTTE..

Any update on Nova M Radio/ Mike Malloy move to XM?

So let me get this straight. If I spend 50% more for Green Power.

Sugar Pie is not dead.

On KO: Obama pulls ahead of Hillary among African American voters.

Have you ever been screwed in an Airstream? Now you have (Cheney)

Women, Older Troops Dying at Record Rates in Iraq; 2x as Many Children per Casualty Lose a Parent

Once Again From Florida

Texas House Slows Push For Death Penalty In Child Sex Cases

Gas is $3.11 a gallon for regular on Market St. in SF today.

"Uncle Walt" comes through! "Iraq War Is A Disaster"

New Beach Impeach Video has a host + more impeachment info

A Followup Post/Poll To Bresntspeak's "Disruptor Post": Have You Ever Disrupted A repuke Board?

Think we have seen this before?

"Laura, what does canned prosecutor taste like?" How big will the consequences not be for Bush...

Here's a genuine hero.

Everything you need to know about world economies in 30 seconds

If you were to write to Al Gore...

Remember.......this is really true.

Melanie Morgan is KO's worst person in the world.

Scarborough leads off with how Dems are failing to rein in Bush

Political polling subject of comic NON SEQUITOR today

Why do we only talk about campaign reform AFTER elections

Lenten message I thought is good for all seasons

What do people think of for carbon offsets?

CompUSA Closing More Than 50 Percent of Stores

U.S. Attorney Says He Was Pressured by Lawmakers

While the world burns, * enjoys some Shaq and awe.

Panties in wad over Al's electric bill - Sounds frugal to me

Conyers:Troop Escalation and Clandestine Operations

TOON Roundup for Today

paraphrasing T.S. Eliot

Vote for Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? Audience Award at ITVS.

Mandatory spay/neuter bill upsets dog, cat breeders

Gore's energy bill is $1300 a month?

TN - A Dem gov cleaning up a Rep Gov's mess. And Al Gore news!

02/28/07 Toons

2/28/91 GHW Bush declares ceasefire in 1st Iraq War

Why Giuliani Will Never Be President ------>>>

Virgin Mary now seen in a toilet bowl stain. NT

Operation FALCON and the Looming Police State

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!


the Morning After

The Discovery Channel has a discussion blog re: The Lost Tomb of Jesus

Local Sheik in Ramadi provides info on attack (Soccer field bombing)

Tweety obsessing ober the mighty Clenis - again:

Henry Waxman on with Tavis Smiley tonight -- I'm skipping Letterman.

Glenn Beck Claims Olbermann Is ‘Killing…The World’s Democracy,’ ‘Smacks Of…McCarthyism’

Has anyone seen the movie 'Silver City' with Chris Cooper?

I don't think Jeb will be GOP prez nominee in '08...but I don't rule out VP

WOW: Ed Shultz has spent last hour talking about Democrats NOT ending war fast enough

50 to 60 car pile up on I-90 Westbound to Seattle

Guardian UK: US commanders admit: we face a Vietnam-style collapse

Can a DUer show me an article about Bush's private bathroom when he travels (drug testing)?

Jose Padilla and me (reflections on solitary confinement) - repost

What if Gore Ran as the Unity '08 Candidate?

Secretary of VA regarding 200k vets treated: "A lot of them come in for, for dental problems."

Karl Rove heckled

my weekly LTTE on our treatment of vets and wounded

Where can I find information about the divisions of U.S. troops in Iraq?

KO is covering the Brigadier General complaint re "24" story!

Here's a little something worth reading...

Bush Faces Opposition on Iran Attack

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Americans want the troops out of Iraq but they don't want to lose in Iraq? Cake and eat it too?

Pentagon Whistleblower on the Coming War with Iran & Why Bush Admin Is HAPPY With Iraq

"Today in Iraq" News you are not likely to see on TV

Bill Would Give Every Calif. Newborn $500

Help, there's a BOMB in my potatoes!!! (Granny finds grenade in potato sack)

Dennis Miller to appear on Letterman

Baker, Christopher to head bipartisan panel to study who has power to begin, conduct and end wars

What grade would you give DEM leadership since 1/4/07 on dealing with the Iraq War?

I feel like giving up

Colbert Exposes More Al Gore Hypocrisy

Three cheers to the mods for sweeping up the trash...

so, how's the surge going? is it working? has bush been vindicated?

US post-Iraq invasion policies 'incompetent': US diplomat ("incompetent, foolish, dubious")

Talking Points on the Gore Pseudo-Scandal (Great debunking tips!)

In 2000 how many thought Gore was boring, wooden, loser, did not care,

Angelina Jolie on shortlist to join Council on Foreign Relations..

$2500 reward for info on bald eagle shooters in eastern OK

Demeaning Al Gore's Conviction

House Oversight Subcommittee Hearing on Walter Reed - ***AT*** Walter Reed

Prosecutor says he was fired because he refused to "play ball" with the GOP

Judge Sends Libby Jury Home

Cindy Sheehan: Open Letter to the Wife of The 'President' of the United States

Arthur Schlesinger, Historian of Power, Dies at 89

BEACH IMPEACH video back up after being pulled by Youtube for "inappropriate content" (war photos)

PROOF-Admin Fired Fed Prosecutors For Political Reasons -They were told so!

DU is filled with Flip Floppers.

(Dear Senator) It's A War Crime

Oh, This is going to get Interesting!! (Canned Prosecutors Want to Talk)

Vets charged for lost & damaged gear (including their uniforms)

VIDEO -- BBC concludes Dr. David Kelly was murdered

US reporter (Bob Woodward) urges more aggressive media

“It’s kind of like SWAT,” he said. “We’ll go on raids, kicking people’s doors, search the homes...

NYT editorial: Stock market's rebound was as troubling as Tuesday's rout

Walter Cronkite:"We Should Have Gotten Out a Long Time Ago. This Entire War Is A Disaster."

*******ABC: AL GORE POLL******

WP: Md. boy dies from toothache

Rocky [Anderson] to be speaker at impeachment rally - Washington State

XM / Sirius Radio C-SPAN Hearings

So since Cheney is out of the country right now...

Gore's electric bill - 100% GREEN!

AP: Group: Gore a hypocrite over power bill

Idea: House Dems should attach Universal Health Coverage to any Iraq funding bills

Stephen Hawking to go weightless in April

KC Duers check in, local Tulsa news said tornado up there!

Sean Hannity's adventure at the Bunny Ranch brothel

Alright, who has an effective legislative path to 'pulling the funding' for Iraq?

Kucinich introduces bill to immediately end Iraq occupation ...

OK,DU-we need an action alert Re: Walter reed soldiers being censored.

Any CUT-OFF of Iraq funding MUST be PRECEDED by a clear plan for WITHDRAWAL

Dying a slow and painful death from HIV - and what a RW'er told my wife tonight about it...

Florida again: Police remove teachers' leader from heated meeting.

Basketball Jones ,I got a Basketball Jones ,baby ooh ooh ya

Don't cave in to the disruptors and dividers on DU

Slavery in the Modern World

Cheney's plane (Spirit of Strom Thurmond)

Did you sign The Employee Free Choice Act yet? Hurry!!

The Poverty Forum

Columbia Journalism Review blasts WP's John Solomon for bogus stories

Sex Offenders Might Have Special License Plates

Where is the "Al Gore" of Election/Media Reform to challenge the Swiftboating of American Democracy?

Al Gore To Present An Inconvenient Truth At Univ.Of Miami This Evening

MSNBC (David Shuster): Verdict in Libby trial could come at any minute

Why, in your mind, Does DU exist?

I'll post the contracts for Walter Reed -you help me get the dirt

I became an Independent today.

The most important thing our candidate can bring to the table in 2008

The Mysterious Flight of the Bumblebee's...

This is why your obscure candidate will NEVER get the Dem nomination

This is the most beautiful picture I've seen today.

What are you paying per kilowatt hour for your electricity and who

McCain floundering badly, fundamentalists growing uneasy with Giuliani, no other Repub viable

What is with some people on DU ?

Freepers get revenge !!

Has Merck Turned Mandatory Gardasil Lobbying Efforts Onto a New Media Offensive?


Seeking Stephanie Miller joke explanation (O'Reilly)

Oh Gore is going to run.

Wounded GIs CENSORED From Talking About Their Neglected Treatment At Walter Reed Hospital

650,000 Iraqis have been killed in the war

Garry Trudeau nails another one: "In his own special way..."

Walrus Gumboot?

The Bush Administration in One Sentence

For Everyone Who Thinks Civil Unions are the Solution

DIRTY TRICKS IN WISCONSIN: RW smear firm involved in Wisc.State Supreme Crt election race

End Domestic Violence...

I just had a realization.....THIS is why I don't want Al Gore to run:

MyMcCain and MyObama: How the candidates are using the web...

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (from March 5, 2006.) --prob. sent home

Earlier Calif. primary has hidden motive

anyone heard anything about Mark Foley or Jeff Gannon?

Bush should watch the Bob Woodruff story to see what his lies did to those soldiers.

Just heard on MSNBC TV--Jury in Libby Trial sent note to judge.

Carl Levin sabre rattling on Syria?

Pelosi and Cunningham Prosecutors Strike Deal on Docs

Boston Globe: Document shows Romney's strategies (hair, flip-flopping, France)

WP/AP: Republican Officials Convicted in the Abramoff Case

The 2008 GOP October surprise is here

Gibson's rebuttal confirms his idiocy

Congress Wary of Justice Department Firings

Everything's fine at Walter Reed

Kuehl Re-Introduces Healthcare Bill w/Wide Legislative, Labor and Community Support (CA)

Right now on Huff Post. "Wounded Soldiers told to avoid media,

Was the computer too fast for the market?

Nicholson Downplays High Numbers Of Injured Vets: ‘A Lot Of Them Come In For Dental Problems’

fox news-iran and russia-new axis of evil...

Watched Comedy Central Comedian -- Guns

The Veterans’ Health-Care Crunch

I support Tom Tancredo

Supreme Court to take on a Faith Based Issue Today

Listen to this song

Robert Parry: Bush Faces Opposition on Iran Attack

I looked up Gov. Bill Richardson (a fellow I knew john excrement about) and I like what I saw.

Lt. Gov. Says Ky. Pardons Were Strategic (AP)

"El presidente de que?"

How one Portland patriot confronted Dick Cheney

Call To Expand Union Rights Could Derail Antiterror Bill

Pentagon Meeting Discussed Escalating Pressure on Iran (Two weeks ago)

Dem Congress caves yet again on Iraq

Only Nonviolence Can End the War

Democrats to load Iraq bill with add-ons (AP)

Antiwar Leader Tries To Light Fire Under Dems Over Iraq

Global Warming for Dummies...

"All the candidates" have been too,too quiet. Is Iran a go?

Charlie Chaplin on TCM doing globe/balloon dance now!

Pelosi: Bush thinking on Iraq 'impaired'

Would Al Run As An Independent Or Green?

Greg Sargent Skewers Maureen Dowd on her Insinuations against Gore!

AP: Retired hockey star considers run for Congress (CT-04)

Congress should ax Bush's new martial law powers

Top All-Time Donor Profiles

Shut your mouth, Triv

Democrats Snipe at Senate Leaders Over Handling of Iraq Issue

With no health insurance, a boy dies from a toothache

Does this look like a fair fight to you?

How is it that Steven Colbert can identify the Tenn Center for Policy

Don't Ask, Don't Tell: From the Inside Out, Eric's story at the Huffington Post

Dear Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid ....... an open letter from a fan ......

Obama's closing the gap against Hillary. Would a Gore campaign mess it up?

McCain to Enter 2008 Race in April (AP)

Obama hires Howard Dean's personal office director as his Political Director

Military chiefs give US six months to win Iraq war

Why do you think Obama

Here's great on the job training for you.... ugh...

Talking points on the Gore pseudo-scandal (3x, not 20x and PSF is average)

Hillary Clinton forgets to declare $5m family charity

Some questions for conservative Global Warming Doubting Thomases out there

Science vs. Religion Flow Charts...pretty funny...

COHA: President Bush to Visit Colombia

Bush Domestic Agenda --health and energy-both are DOA---but

Early pushback on classified-leak crackdown scores a win

Doug Feith versus The Blogosphere

Is China headed for "cultural revolution II"?

WaPo/ABC - Obama rising, Clinton lead cut by half, Giuliani 2-1 over McCain

TIME: How the Front Runners Lost Their Edge; Clinton "is fighting the last war"

Who is Sam Fox and why is he being considered for an ambassadorship?

Anyone seen this before? God this is so hard to believe!...

I sure hope that some big time money and name gets behind...

Senators Vow To Block White House Effort To Defund Office Of Women’s Health

Gore or Obama? No

Edwards on WNYC via DKos...on the issues, THE ISSUES!

about patrick murphy's (d-PA) on KO last night. need some perspective here.

WaPO: Mark Warner seriously considering running for US Senate

Airing Out the Vice Presidential Bunker (Engelhardt / Nation)

Hotline: "Why James Carville Thinks Gore Will Run"

Middlebury College History Department Bans Citing Wikipedia as Research Source

Obama shows "stunning" 24-point gain among blacks, but....

DIRTY DOINGS IN WISCONSIN: Conservative PR smear firm involved in Wisc. Supreme Crt election race

Help Gore Send a Message to Congress (and send one to Gore)

Wingnuts fear Kerry putting a damper on their agenda; here's their take on the Fox hearing

Eric Alva : I was visited by President Bush, Laura Bush and Donald Rumsfeld (link added)

DU this poll on Senators! Freepers are ruining it!

Crooked Congressman Bob Ney (R., OH) is off to jail with an e-mail and a Garth Brooks song

Stop impeach talk, legislators urged

SPTimes Buzz Blog: Gore's longtime friend, top fundraiser, Mitchell Berger says he's not running

Can Lieberman be recalled?

Secretary of Defense?

Al Gore is not mulling it over,

AOL News: Should Gore Run? (great pics) and petition

AOL Polls: Should Gore Run?

OH SHIT!!! Obama is closing in on Hillary among blacks

What's It Gonna Take?

How Maureen Dowd Transforms Gore into Pompous Bore with Creative Editing!

Wes Clark and Amy Goodman at the 92nd St Y, Manhattan

Soros bought CVS, Rite Aid, Halliburton in Q4

Can Oscar Go to the White House? (Mary Lyon)

Blackwell Writing a Conservative Column, Debut says Libs Bad @ Talk Radio

I'm seeing Sen. Chuck Hagel on this friday - who has questions?

Beck: Olbermann killing democracy

Major Swift Boat Donor To Kerry: "You're A Hero"

The Swift Liars are not just another 527; Also is Mitt Romney being groomed?

Pres. Gore, if you're reading....time to pass the baton, PLEASE!