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Archives: February 2, 2007

What I heard on the W Train (Mickey Z.)

End the Crusade

Game Over: Thirty-Six Sure-Fire Signs That Your Empire Is Crumbling

Castro's Legacy

Colombia: Latest killing of human rights defender throws controversial paramilitary demobilization p

News Analysis: Chirac says what many have been thinking

Care for U.S. veterans could cost $662 bln: study (Reuters)

A Congressional Moral Obligation to the World: Impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

Union rallies against dictatorial Pentagon

Craig Unger in Vanity Fair: From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq

Bush Redefines Victory-- And We Don't Want It

Report Says Bush Downplays Costs of Troop Increase

LINDORFF: Congress can stop Iran War before it starts

Dan Savage: The Passion of Mary Cheney

The Ego and the ID (Intelligent Design Theory & Darwin Debate)

As US Power Fades, it Can't Find Friends to Take on Iran

US money is 'squandered' in Iraq

Beyond Oral Sex: The Bush Investigations

Will Bush, Cheney Attack Iran? When and Why?

Jeff Cohen: Will Health Care Timidity Trip Up Hillary Clinton?

Holding Bush Back from Attacking Iran

I just read the front page article on Gore's nomination.

Joe Conason: "MOLLY LIVES"

11th-hour bid to halt Iraq war revelations ('risks damaging morale')

WP, Robinson: What do white people mean when they call a black person "articulate"?

WP Op-Ed: The White House's Failed Cover-up by David Ignatius


The First Amendment: Good When You Can Get It

Paul Krugman:Missing Molly Ivins

The insane 'president'

Microsoft Tops J&J for Best Reputation

Maya Angelou: Molly Ivins Shook the Walls With Her Clarion Call

WP, Ignatius: What the Libby Trial Is Revealing: A Failed Cover-Up

Molly Ivins: Right on Iraq -- And Not Happy About It (Krugman)

Concrete 'to stem Java mud flow' (BBC)

PetroSun: Algae Biofuels Reaches Final Stage

Meet Daisy the cow – global climate’s enemy number one. (BBC)

Russia probes smelly orange snow (crosspost)

Japan's largest utility falsified data at its nuclear power plants for three decades

Researchers Find Substantial Wind Resource Off Mid-Atlantic Coast

From The "Oh The Humanity" Dept. - Japan Cuts Atlantic Tuna Quota By NEARLY 25%

Anyone buying Exxon/Mobil should be boiled in oil!

U.S. urges "global discussion" on U.N. climate report (no CO2 caps) - Reuters

What Warming Looks Like - Sun (UK) Runs Photos Of Polar Bears Waiting To Die On Remnant Of Ice Floe

Man Is Contributing To This Crisis-IPCC

Northern fur seal pup estimates decline - AP

Harper Will Support UN Call For Global Climate Summit - London Free Press

Now it is up to the world's political leaders to deliver more than hot air

Is it possible that the GOP or Bush Administration is hiring computer specialists

PUC cites energy program savings (Maine)

Bush Now Isolated At Home And Internationally On Climate - SMH

January 2007 Warmest January Ever Recorded For Moscow - AFP

IPCC report is out - get it while it's, err, not too hot yet.

Inuit Leader Sheila Watt-Cloutier Nominated For Nobel For Work On Climate Change- G&M

Island Nation Of Kiribati To World: Thanks For The Update, But You're A Bit Late

1/07 Warmest January Ever For Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, Hungary - 2nd-Warmest For UK

Humans blamed for climate change (link to IPCC Report)

Spain Now Officially In Worst Drought On Record - Reuters

European Market for Wind Turbines Grows 23% in 2006

China's first strategic oil reserve begins operation

British court to hear Ivorian waste class action - Reuters

Incandescent vs CF, do they REALLY save energy?

crosspost from LBN: Scientists offered cash to dispute climate study - Guardian

crosspost - Right Wing is Now Pushing 'Unstoppable' Climate Change

Reuters: Drought scars Australia's land and farmers

Australia:Climate debate over: CSIRO scientist

Hamas gunmen ambush Gaza convoy, six killed

Study: Anti-Semitic attacks hit record level in Britain in 2006

Palestinians: 'Ethnic cleansing' in Iraq

Palo Alto nonprofit works to rebuild Palestinian homes

Sen. Clinton: Iran Is a Threat to Israel - AP

Fatah: 7 Iranian weapons experts arrested in Gaza

Update on the money-trail: feds might go 'Al Capone' style on DMI and charge them with tax evasion

Alternet: "9/11: The Case Isn't Closed" - Sander Hicks

Is Zbigniew Brzezinski MIHOP?

AlterNet--9/11: The Case Isn't Closed

(PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE) A not-so-touching farewell to some machines

LIVE Townhall BradCast Today from Phoenix! Plus Libby and Other Disasters...

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, FRI. 2/2/07

Diebold Vote Fixing. Real?

On attacking election activists as "conspiracy theorists" THE FUNCTION OF SUCH ATTACKS (XPost)

Official: Mo. Boy Guarded Fellow Captive

Reuters: Drought scars Australia's land and farmers

WP Op-Ed: The White House's Failed Cover-up by David Ignatius

ACLU Mourns Passing of Molly Ivins

Wash Times: Majority in Senate support 'stay the course' resolution

Another helicopter down in Iraq?

Envoy presents U.N. plan for Kosovo to Serbia

Watchdog attacks US swoop for bank secrets (UK/EU)

AFP: Scandal in Turkey as police pose with journalist's alleged murderer

U.S. soldier dies in vehicle rollover accident

US forces clash with insurgents in Iraq, kill 18(airstrikes)

INTERVIEW-US unsure when, if can hand over prisons to Iraq

BBC: US military checks reports that another helicopter has come down in Iraq.

NYT: Panel Says Warming Caused by Humans

Report's forecast for Iraq is grim (NIE)

(Florida) House Speaker backs Crist plan to scrap touch-screen voting

Some Democrats unwilling to join GOP opposition to Iraq plan

Democrats say climate report smoking gun

Iraq slaps daytime curfew on Najaf

Reuters: China airs rare public criticism of Bush Iraq policy

HAMAS "terrorist" grocer found innocent

US troop surge in Iraq will not bring peace: Italy

US intelligence sees elements of Iraq 'civil war'

Holding Bush Back from Attacking Iran

Carrier dispatch to Gulf meant to dramatize U.S. commitment

CBO: Iraq surge could actually total 50,000

11th-hour bid to halt Iraq war revelations ('risks damaging morale')

KPRC Investigation: Drug Users Ushered Into Military Service

Film clip gets teacher in hot water (15 Minutes of R-Rated Amistad)

Bush Administration Says Human Climate Role Now Clear - Bloomberg

Pentagon alters how wounded are calculated

U.S. probing reports of Iraq copter crash (possibly 2)

NYT: U.S. Reconfigures the Way Iraq and Afghanistan Casualty Totals Are Given

AFP: Musharraf admits lapses in terror war

Slovaks pull soldiers from Iraq,PM says war wrong

Slovaks pull soldiers from Iraq,PM says war wrong

Breaking: Shrub Wants $100B More For War Costs!!!

Presidential Hopefuls Eye Forums Limit

Rep. Goode to attend Islamic service after singling out Muslims

Bush Administration Seeks $245B For Wars (Medicare Cuts)

Peru's Garcia announces reductions for 82 social programs

MSNBC: Bush admin seeks $245 Billion for wars (This HAS to stop!)

Iran 'working feverishly' on nuclear bunker: UN Atomic Agency

AP: Fewer jobs added; jobless rate climbs

Washington Says Yes to Brazil's Plan to Keep Its Military in Haiti

Pentagon official resigns over detainee remark

Jury shown images of July 21 'bomb factory'

Kim's son lives it up as North Koreans starve

Mint Road warms up to Yunus (credit as a human right)

Spitzer plan might mean fewer prisons

White House welcomes Democratic oversight

U.S. not planning for war with Iran, Gates says

NYT: Bush Seeks Big (more than $70 billion) Medicare and Medicaid Saving

(Reuters) -Bush seeks $100 billion for wars in 2007

Malaysia threatens to pull out from free-trade talks with US

Post mortem on dead WA birds completed

Maytag Recalls Dishwashers Due to Fire Hazard

AP White House rejects mandatory CO2 caps (says people will jobs)

AP Bush administration seeks $245B for wars

Army officer court-martial tests free speech

Justifications for potential attack on Iran on shaky ground

NYT/AP: British to show Al Gore movie, "An Inconvenient Truth," in all secondary schools

AP: Judge OKs Katrina flood suit vs. Corps

(WSJ/Harris Poll) Gays Should Be Allowed to Serve Openly in Military, Poll Finds

Colombia: Latest killing of human rights defender throws controversial paramilitary demobilization p

UN/Enforced disappearances: A decisive step for the victims of enforced disappearances

US charges David Hicks

185 professors killed since U.S. invasion

Jimmy The Groundhog Sees Shadow-----Punxsutawney Phil, did not.

Official quits over Guantanamo remark (Stimson)

US intelligence sees elements of civil war in Iraq (a Rose is NOT a rose)

Oil-rich Venezuela's leader urges energy conservation

Senate Republicans Threaten to Block Start of Debate on Iraq

AP: Defense Official Resigns Over Remarks

Poll: 55% Favor Firm Timetable for Withdrawing Troops from Iraq

Gun dealer cops a plea in weapons case

Tennessee latest US state to suspend death sentences

Carter to Receive Honorary Oxford Degree

Defiant Blair rejects quit calls (BBC)

Cuba Favors Elimination of All Nuclear Weapons

Fourth U.S. Helicopter In Three Weeks Confirmed Down In Iraq

Canadian detainee faces new U.S. terror charges

(Hundreds of Taliban) Militants 'overrun Afghan town'

14 dead in Florida Tornados

Iran hosts tour of nuclear plant (BBC)

U.S. unsure when, if can hand over prisons to Iraq

Soldier’s story brings tears to House

Care for U.S. (Iraq and Afghanistan) veterans could cost $662 bln: study

Taliban capture 'peace deal' town

Consumer Advocates Call on Congress to Subpoena Exxon's Funding Records

Burlington College Establishes Relations With Cuba

Bush, Pelosi plan joint news conference Saturday

Beef row imperils US-Korea trade

Lawsuit claims Dell hid Intel kickbacks (and another alleges insider trading)

CHP: Angelides campaign didn't illegally hack Schwarzenegger site

BBC NEWS: Russia probes smelly orange snow (large area)

French schools swamped by books challenging evolution

Michiganders question Bush -- new poll shows "one of the lowest marks since polling was invented"

Romney attacks Hillary over Iran

Hagel (R-Ne) panel details new system for health care (tax on alcohol and tobacco)

Michigan Court: No Same-Sex Benefits

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 2

Switzerland May Expand Assisted Suicide Law to Mental Illness

Ga. Mayor Converts to Islam

UK: 1,000 turkeys killed by bird flu

(Hillary) Clinton: I will end Iraq war

New York Sen. Clinton says Iran a threat

Texas Governor Orders Vaccine for Girls

BBC News: YouTube asked to 'remove' videos (by Viacom)

Brazile Thinks Gore Might Run

Terror alert elevated! Break in at Toys R Us, several lite brights stolen

I want to have a ground hog day like Bill Murray.

Yay! Giraffes on Africam, and NO MORE commercials!

Randi fans: Can I get 1 more rec?

Confess (or brag) did you bring anyone else to DU?

I was proud of my last GD post. So I am kicking myself

Please do not click on this, it is only a test

When should I read the book of doomy scariness?

Advice on dealing with a friend's bitter breakup

OMG!!! My mouse has The Gay!!!

Dave Chappelle: "I hated school"

has a lounge thread ever had less than 10 views?

Everythingsxen is going to eat sausages, how cliche is that?

Someone get me a helmet and a harness.

I made it to 1000!!!!

I just ate

the throbbing rhythym of disco burns in his loins

$5,000 Reward Offered in Sexual Attack of Pit-Bull Puppy

Doctor Hands Stolen Hand To Stripper

i was standing in line at freddy's on 31st and union

struggle4progress turned me on...

In honor of the death of the middle class, I will sing this song:

I got an email from HUGH11!11 Seriesly...

james brown celebrity hot tub party

People getting drunk on hand sanitizers. Pose extreme risk to children

Bob Geldof To Launch Peace Television Channel

Dar Williams dedicated a song to Molly Ivins

Woman Who Stole From Sheboygan Courthouse Tampon Machines Caught

i just got an email that says "Max has Tagged you! :)"

MatcomNews Update: Cop Who Towed Homeless Woman's Shopping Cart Did It Again - Gets BUSTED This Time

For my 1000th post, I present to you: DU's Ideal Doggie

The funniest Chinese fortune evah

Baby Jesus Statue Seen Crying In Texas Church

1 man + 2 saxophones = BLOW YOUR MIND

Best poker show on TV

Fake Employer Took Women's Urine Samples

who is picking on you?

A watched pot never boils.

"contrabando en los huevos"

It's -7 out right now. What's it like in your area, and who's complaining?

Hey all you Floridians

a young larry david does a good larry howard

is this too much?

I just had to kick some collective ass in my office...

the black gestapo

Only one post until I hit 5,000

Who has the better voice? Michael Jackson or Cee-Lo?

pimp colloquium

Foo Fighters fans - I need some help....

Well. I now believe in global warming. Punxsutawney Phil

Shit, 7-up had lithium in it until 1950!

Let's Vlasta!!!!!

what are some good things you remember about a teacher?

Happy Imbolc!!!

Rabrrrrrr won't refer to me as matcom. He keeps calling me: 'Gobbler's Knob'

Veterinarian, Addicted To Animal Sedatives, Fires Stapels Into Dog Brought In For Tail Treatment

Doctor Steals Hand From Cadaver, Gives It To Stripper

i had to quit school

I broke my flingin' flangin' space bar.

Has anyone seen the movie Flyboys?

who here has ever been at the corner of 26th and canal at 4:17 p.m on 2/17/05?

Bottle On Sidewalk Causes Bomb Scare (not Boston)

Don't employers HAVE to send out W-2's by Jan.31st?

Need help with a song, it goes...

Who here likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain?

Oh dear Lord, what is that SMELL?!?!?!?!!!

TOS be damned! Call someone out! I'll start:

"Cops do not trust people, period."

What's easier to be responsible for: Dog or kids?

a question for 30 - 40 year olds

I hate my pool already

who here has stuck it to the man?

Do the schools in your area still have recess?

Married folks - what's your favorite type of ring?

4 Year Old Girl Kicked Out Of Preschool For Having Pink Hair

I hate my tool already.

Who here has been to 53rd & 3rd and did what god forbade?

Man Tries To Rob Gun Shop With Machete - Shot

Woman Tells Friends She Is Dying Of Cancer - She 'Dies' - She Shows Up At Own Funeral - Arrested

help, do you have IE 6 and can QC my web page

Sliders vs Quantum Leap

Law Student & Former Iraq War Vet Fired Glock-9 Into Door Of Neighbors He Thought Were Terrorists

Eagles Attack Paraglider

So what do you do if someone *actually is* articulate?

This baby has a great laugh...

I'm a great prognosticator

O Brother, Where Art Thou? Is it a good movie ?

Have you seen "Epic Movie"? It was the top of the list last week, and not screened for reviewers!

Ever made a mistake in getting a new pet?

what is your reaction to adults who mock adults who watch/read harry potter?

favorite joe pesci quotes

Expose yourself - b00bies and the rest as well (lame copycat)

Forget Harry Potter, THIS is where it's at!

The Punxsutawney Groundhog Day ceremony is exploitative and cruel.

I can't seem to do anything right

Boy Doused Himself In Deodorant - Set Himself On Fire (Jackass Stunt)

Any suggestions for books to read?

Ha! I just discovered Molly Ivins' full name was "Mary Tyler Ivins".

Cross post: Phone Tax Refund you may be eligible to receive

Bad Joke Friday

what kind of person are you?

what is your reaction to adults who mock adults who mock adults who get offended when someone

I like that Elad is an optimist.

I'm gonna open up a can of whup ass if ya'll don't stop writing it as whoop ass.

So I've been thinking about this chick who I came out promptly to help with her floors.

Only 1,123 posts until I read 10k! Ask me anything!

What is your reaction to Colonel Sherman Potter?

Computer help needed - random shut downs

It is Friday - Y'all know what to do!

what is your reaction to adults who mock adults who watch Harry's spotter?

Post Your Favorite 80s Metal & Hard Rock Videos Here!

I got a nice note on my windshield today!

Brett Farve Announces He Will Return To Packers In 2007 (John Madden creams himself)

Explain a bumper sticker

Bull Semen Used As Hair Treatment At Posh Salon

If I get a boob job, will I be raptured too?

Happy Groundhog Day!!

They just laid my friend and supervisor off.

Cripes, it's cold outside!

I did NOT have cookies for dinner last night

Saw this rapture related license plate holder yesterday... WTF?

Band name question

I actually started a thread in GD and it' s not errupting

Want to have some fun with a Telemarketer

Looking for Marc Jacobs Hilary shirt

I have had a good day today

feel free to bong me.

feel free to mock me.

I have finished working for the week

Damnit! My fucking voice is going out

Steve Irwin meets a Gay fellow

Especially for Friday

It's Friday night

haven't seen Redstone lately. Hope he's okay.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 2/2/2007)

Man Asks Roman Catholic Church To Annul Marriage Because His Wife Smokes

feel free to rock me.(lame copycat)

what is the single nicest thing anyone has done for you?

If you like the Dixie Chicks you'll love the Wailin' Jennys

The Super bowl fan

I think somebody might be a little bitter...

The printer at work is chirping.

So I'm just feeling sorry for myself, thinking life is terrible and then I get home and check my

Fundy woman prepares for rapture by getting boob job.

I watched the new episode of "Ugly Betty" last night

Pedestrians in my city....Future Darwin candidates...

Mummified baby haunts police

How Many People are You Watching the Super Bowl With?

Do you believe random encounters happen for a reason?

Do you wash your clothes in Tide?

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Repairman fantasy!

Anyone l here have or like Directv?

Who here wants to publicly confess to the commission of a crime?

Have you been abducted by aliens?

Evidence Suggests Adam Walsh Killed By Jeffery Dahmer


And now, I will beat him to a bloody pulp.

Introduce yourself - n00bies and the rest as well

Screw this.

Congratulations JCMach1!! 10,000 posts

Happy birthday deadparrot & Solly Mack!

Chocolate Stuffed French Toast with Raspberry Sauce

after an exhaustive investigation, I give you the TRUTH!!!

very important stamps

The printer at school blew up today!

It's time to go home, read, suck back some beers, do laundry, and relax!

I aM AT a COMplete loss to describe how someone could use gerbils, WD-40, and

Interesting use for Vista voice recognition?

Why Would You End Up On DayTime TV?

Death Pony, the Fundies favorite playtoy, punishment from above

Post here and I'll deny giving you a nickname.

Post Here And I won't give you a nickname

Anyone using COMODO anti-spam?


Post here and I'll reply, giving you anything you want.

Why was HDTV invented?

Who Here has Kilt-A-Bar?

So I was walking to class and a man yelled at me, "You are going to hell!"

Baby shampoo won't sting eyes, but will it burn an open wound?

Just heard this one-liner about New Jersey...

Sam Adams again...


Does orange juice go bad if it freezes? It froze in the trunk of my car.

I got a haircut, say it looks good.

I switch from "Mad Money" to "Good Eats"

IHOP Streaker Left Clothes In Restaurant - Ran Out In Snow - Police Followed Tracks

Decisions, decisions

Hey! I found a viacom video clip that hasn't been deleted yet!!

Super bowl or the "Puppy bowl" on animal planet?

I just found out Lynnesin loves polka -- thus a moral dilemma

Today I went up to the elementary school to have lunch with Baby

new avatar

How did I earn this?

The word 'databank'

Anyone here been to the Tech Republic?

David Lee Roth Reuniting with Van Halen

Vanilla Ice is getting pissed off at Ron Jeremy on VH1.

Doing research on my home town, I found this.

Elayne Boosler "Is America Ready For a Woman President?" Go To Hell"

here it is, the one truly BEAUTIFUL audition on American Idol

Just finished watching Atomic Cafe...

Have you ever given an "ex bf/gf/significant other" a second chance ?

Alright, i have to admit something

Old avatar.

Well, my evening has been redeemed!

Man dressed as Chewbacca arrested for head-butting tour guide.

Feb 2 1979

In honor of Stalin .......... Forced Association Thread!

Post here only if you think you have a good Heart.

Ah'm moan make me a batchuh chili awn Sundee.

It's so cold, I need to cuddle with the beagle

Maintenance tonight will require some downtime

You have one day to rule the world from behind the scenes as you temp at the Vast Conspiracy HQ

Any Reno 911 fans here?

Love addicts check in

Random capitalization really Gets on my nerves

3 threads ...with NO replies.. does this make 4?

The Wine Lady at Whole Foods is batting 1000!

I've eaten next to nothing today and the damned website says I've used all my calories

Grammar/Syntax Situation

Watching "My Girl" with the kids

Friday Night 50's Science Fiction Double Feature

omfg--I found the puppy I want!

My friend would have been 47 today...if she hadn't been kidnapped

who wants to go get me a Steak Burrito???

Who Here Smokes Marijuana on a Regular Basis?


Anyone want to hear my voice?

How do I know if I'm a Lounge Loser?

GD just self destructed

Anybody watching Law & Order?

Boozo the Clown is now ready for your questions

Name the town where you grew up (if it's a small one), and see if anyone else

Does anyone remember an acapella cover of Ben E. King's "Stand by Me"

Did anyone watch Trading Spouses tonight?

Who here has killed a man?

I'm enjoying my 3 day suspension from work.

Please don’t call the SPCA

What Was the Scariest Movie/TV Show When You Were Young

It is time for temp check, it is only 41 in Houston.

This Simply HAS To Be Child Abuse

New Element Discovered

OMG! I finally got a picture of matcom's computer area

Does this look naughty?

I miss ....

Welcome back, and help out an ol' hillbilly!

Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick!

Cleaning and animal experts- How would you get cat piss out of leather seats?

Please tip your delivery drivers well tonight.

What's on your DVD player tonight? Me: The Last Waltz.

I hate my school already.

So, what's your theme song? Mine:

Is anyone else reading "In honor of Stalin"?

I'm in a politcal flyer!

Help! My husband is making me go see "Foreigner"!

Do You Take Naps During the Day?

In honor of Salin .......... Free Association Thread!

The ever changing moods of my cat, Molly.... taken over ten minute span! Kitty pics!

Who knows Molly Ivins' dog's name?


Find a job on Monster dot com ..

Sarah Brightman: Freak or Musical Genius?

Post images of Coach Ditka here.

"God cannot be proven to exist, therefore he DOES exist"

Wow talk about inflation - price of an oz of Pot

What Kind of Person Does It Take to Not Like

there is a special place in hell for

Anyone here been to the Czech Republic?

Debbie Harry fans?

How creative is your pets name?

Should I date a Republican? I posted earlier that I have joined eHarmony. I have received a match

BSG Has jumped the shark for me this season.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl?

I need to do laundry and go to the store

I met someone today

There is no need to respond on this thread, but PLEASE read it

If a movie were made of your life..what actor/actress would you like to play you?

Favorite TV Theme Songs ------ from You Tube

So, I watched a little bit of Sarah Silverman's show tonight...

Who Is Your Favorite Stand-up Comedian?

If Comedy Central had any sense at all, they wouldn't let

Women, Men, and Long Hair

Is there any webpage where you can type in what ingredients you have...


Post Here And I'll Reply, giving you a nickname

Chaplaincy in the army and government agencies

What do you do to feel closer to God...

When you say the word "God", what do you mean by it?

Beliefs and Action

Anyone watch "In The Life" on PBS?

Vigil marks year of healing since attack at Puzzles bar

Tennessee church takes their banjos and leaves Presbyterian denomination over gays

Please send some love to this wonderful lady!

Profile of Alvin Ailey--in honor of Black HIV/ Aids Awareness Day....

The rights rollback continues in Michigan (no benefits for state domestic partners)

Newsweek: One Son's Choice: Love or Country?

Gay rights bill 'threatens hotel'

What is your opinion of this story

Tom Hicks to Buy Liverpool?

This just in: Favre decides to suck for another year

What I really want to happen in the Super Bowl (scenario involves Bears win)

Unexpected (and very good) results from something I've been doing.

Friend needs love & light

The Use of Psychics and Astrologers in Lebanon

So, what is your opinion of this as a name for my floral business?'s my aura?

Welcome to my new business

VA loses another computer hard drive may have personal info

Kerry's character comes through

Interesting facts on current situation with Iran/Iraq

NIE on Iraq is out. Sigh. As usual, Kerry was right ... about everything.

Worcester Telegram: Kerry for "realistic" climate change bill

Found a few kind words from Dodd and Edwards after Kerry bowed out of '08 race

OT: So now Hillary Clinton is giving

Night of the Living Pic Thread.

New diary at Kos

A nice story from a guy who wishes he had voted for Kerry

Media Matters debunking WaTimes story on Kerry, Reid, Biden

Last week or so someone posted remarks McAuliffe was making about


The DNC winter conference

Sick of being laughed at and stomped on

(From BLM): The Story of Gary Webb and the ultimate price he paid for the truth

OMG, what have we, as a nation, done!

AFSCME action e form Tell Your Senators to Make Prescription Drugs More Affordable

Yepsen: (Iowa) Dems pursue right-to-work changes at their peril

Today's Libby trial update by Marcy Wheeler...FBI Fingers Cheney

VIDEO MASHUP: George W. Bush's Painful Decisions

The Nightmare of George W. Bush - SHRUB!

Is Bush an idiot ?

Dear Mr. Man - Prince Live

Money Don't Matter Tonight - Prince, directed by Spike Lee

OneVoice Movement

Obama's Message To Democrats (at today's DNC Winter Meeting)

Clark Cites Douglas MacArthur (at today's DNC Winter Meeting)

Olbermann and John Dean

Bush budget - $145 Billion for Iraq in 2008

Bush's speech writer speaks out LOL

Bush's New Math


'Surge Strategy' 'WE'VE BEEN PLAYED LIKE PAWNS' Olbermann

Edwards Takes Down The Decider (at today's DNC Winter Meeting)


Kucinich: Restore FDR's WPA, Establish Dept of Peace (at today's DNC Winter Meeting)

Patrick Fitzgerald - An Equal Opportunity Prosecutor

Hillary - If I'd Been President In 2002 (at today's DNC Winter Meeting)

Half Glass Cheney - Jon Stewart

Hit By A IED In Downtown Ramadi

The Dildo Diaries (TX legislature making Sex toys a crime Molly Ivins)

A glimpse of Richard Perle's domestic side

Epic battle for main Baghdad street heats up in 3rd week...

Bombs Over Baghdad: The Operation Iraqi Freedom Air War...

Cheney Half Glass Full mentality

Kucinich: To Be The President

Trial of the Century Lets go to the Movies

Hunters donate record number of deer to feed needy people

Terror alert elevated! Break in at Toys R Us, several lite brights stolen

The State of JoeMentum Accomplished


What I feel to be my best post ever at DU is sinking like a rock!

The 45th President of the United States Gave a Speech Tonight

The Iraq NIE Will Be Released Tomorrow

O'Reilly speaking at a benefit for The Natl Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Libby Trial: NBC Decides How To Cover Tim Russert's Testimony

"That's not a hair question"

There should be laws against stupidity.

All Hail the Squeaky Wheel

Ah, now I see why we need to try suspected terrorists in special military courts

Sen. Warner finds Senate afraid to exercise its power to challenge Bush...

I've always been for peoples choice about smoking pot.

Left Coasters - Chuck Schumer on Charlie Rose!

I am sitting here writing code, tell me if this makes any sense at all (about bush/et al)

WTF? Civil Support Teams Certified for Five States...????

US 'Victory' against Cult Leader Was 'Massacre'

The American Consumer: Constantly Screwn

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) is on Charlie Rose

Peter Berdovsky interview: AKA VJ Zebbler (Boston terra guy)

Anyone ever visit ?

DNC Winter Meet on CSpan1 at 10am ET today (08 candidate speeches)

The debate is over: Beyond doubt

Question.. Is Palosi just asking for her family to travel 'with' her in the air force planes.. or is

Molly Ivin's quips and quotes (Part 2)

Beyond Libby's perjury trial

When the presidential debates roll around

I bought some fig newtons today, and it got me to thinking about life and America

Blair: First British PM questioned by police

Which Will It Be America - Empire or Democracy?

EX-Mother-In-Law sends crazy right wing stuff to me

Right Wing is Now Pushing 'Unstoppable' Climate Change

Dahr Jamail: Government Lies Over Najaf 'Cult' Battle Exposed

Fla. Gov. Wants $32M for Voting Machines

Couple of Molly TOONS

MSNBC Live Vote: Should Boston officials prosecute the men responsible for the signs?

Fashion Week...Condi Couture...

Justice Department admits misconduct on mob case (the accused now works in counterterrorism)

Holding Bush Back From Attacking Iran

NEW Intelligence Report Says Iraqi on Iraqi Violence Surpasses Threat to U.S. Goals From al-Qaeda

Defense attorneys say they'll call Libby and Cheney to testify.

First topic on WJ this a.m.: End of Paperless Ballots in Florida!

Bush, in his seventh TV season, has jumped the shark

"Every time I wake up, it's Groundhog Day"

Floridian DUers!! Are you OK?

A headline you won't read in the USA any time soon (re global warming)

Budget office: Surge short of money, troops | Report: U.S. aid in Iraq lost to poor oversight

Pardon me while I go crawl under a rock.

Truthdig: Did America Slaughter Iraqi Pilgrims?

White House on global warming: "the current set of policies are working"

Has anyone seen My Country, My Country? (Oscar Nom'd documentary)

Patrick Fitzgerald's Official Website Updated: Feb. 1 Court Materials Up

Sorry, churches, the party's over...

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Fri 2/1: out of tune

Inquest told of 'rogue' US attack on British convoy

Kerry's character comes through

Yesterday's News

New avatar?

Reuters: US military still probing Iraqi cult battle

Suspicious package in the same building where the White House press...

CSPN2 Gates & Pace beating the war drums... live.

Snow: "Osama bin Laden thought the lack of American resolve was a key reason why he could inspire.."

"Dear Lord, Please Let Cheney Lie Under Oath. Please, please, please! Amen."

New form of kidnapping?

U.S. military says copter down in Iraq

It's Ground Hog Day!! Did * see his shadow this morning?

Accused terrorist Salah acquitted of charges - 2004 Ashcroft case

Iran code words: "no option can be taken off the table"

John Nichols is talking of Molly Ivans this hour-can call in-1-800486-8655 on

I grow weary of waiting for the Democrats to stop bush.

Breaking--Apache helicopter down outside Baghdad, 4th in 3 weeks...cnn

Marine Lance Cpl. Adam Q. Emul, 19, killed in Iraq

Scientists Offered $10,000 BRIBES To Dispute Climate Change

Chance of Snow in Orlando, Florida ---today.

"We know that Iranian influence is here, even if we can't prove it."

Is Libby Trial Continued Until Monday? n/t

This one has to be shut down fast.. Rush nominated for award.

US Hamas case defendants acquitted

WH dodging CheneyGate? Bombscare interrupts today's press briefing

Bumper sticker phrases (from e-mail going around)

top of Google news: climate Scientist who stood up to UN "Junk Science"

DU-GD's third shift - what are you folks doing up this hour anyway???

Get a room

Apparently, the Weather Channel has metastasized.

"Fling food for peace!"

So there was an explosive device in Boston

What will happen to the world if the sea level

As with global warming, it's TOO LATE to stop the neo cons.

"No need to redefine the Dem. Party, we need to RECLAIM the

"Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town..."

US trained and equiped the militia we are now fighting in Iraq

How is the MSM covering the Paris report?

We are rapidly losing the luxury of time for full-length investigations.

Senator Clinton hasn't learned a damn thing from the Iraq fiasco

National Intelligence Report: Iraqi on Iraqi violence has eclipsed Al Qaeda violence.

MSNBC schedule: "Politics Day" - 9am-4pm ET - coverage of the DNC Winter Meeting

B*sh NOT being pressured toward a diplomatic track-- WHY?

I have a net neutrality question

"the term “civil war” does not adequately capture the complexity of the conflict"

Laura's Loss: Spokeswoman Leaves

Policeman dies a hero smothering bomb blast

The knock at the door the parents of Army Pfc. Jon B. St. John II never wanted to hear.

Montana moves to reject Real ID Act

D'oh! I forgot... AGAIN!

Here comes your next bout w/ $4-gallon gas

Please DU this poll (re: immigration law enforcement)

It's asking an awful lot,

Global Warming is "Unstoppable" ?

Florida Official is saying Some People were "Blown Away" and we might not find

No need to hurry the decision-making process, Congress. Bush is just playing with his boats again.

Free Scooter Libby! - By MICHAEL KINSLEY


Lest you forget that racism is not just about words, listen to this

CHENEY KNEW Intell For War Had Been Cooked - How Libby Became Cheney's Pawn (Salon)

SUPPORT THE US MILITARY MAJORITY! They do NOT support bush's war!

Here it comes

Latest Iraq NIE:Even if some how the violence diminishes, things are probably not going to be better

Ummm, else watching the Democratic Party Midwinter Meeting on CSPAN 1?

NIE text here:

poor Australia keeps getting whacked

dupe -- please delete

CSPAN: DNC Winter Meetings - NOW

So George wants another 100 BILLION for Iraq

Why I don't trust Florida Gov. Charlie Crist

It all depends upon what the meaning of the word 'war' is .,....

But when I see her again, all my--all the cootie vibes sort of resurrect themselves.

CNN.COM has front-page link to Onion Breaking News. How appropriate!

"the Bush administration is the LARGEST collection of misfits &

For all the talk that Dem's hate Hillary, she sure got a great response

Warner resolution isn't really anti-surge

Steve Hadley just finished lying on Cspan II about the NIE

Poor, poor Exxon, however will they survive...


Another helicopter down -- that's 4 birds in 2 weeks

David Corn --Was Scooter Set Up? Did Cheney Conspire?

link to IPCC Report

The Politics of the Acockalypse

Condi Rice lying on C-Span - on muddle east peace

What does the "I" in I. Lewis Libby stand for?

Terrorism is evidently winning

Are you aware that you may be eligible for a phone tax refund?

Shrub - No more money 'til you account for what's already been spent.

In Iraq, Bush's rent-an-army

"the best way to win in '08 is to lose in '06"

FLASHBACK: Next We Take Tehran

Guardian: American Enterprise Institute offers cold cash to dispute UN climate study

Guardian: Scientists offered $10K to refute global warming report by Cheney's favorite, the AEI

Has anyone heard if John Conyers is going to hold hearings on the Downing Street Memos (Minutes)?

National Intelligence Estimate: The Surge Can't Work

Sy Hersh: "Are we a democracy anymore? I really don't know."

DEM Rep. Ed Markey: Exxon's 40 billion profit "outlandish & at the expense of the driving public"!

John R. Bolton Lynn V. Cheney Newt Gingrich Frederick W. Kagan Richard Perle

Whaaaaa? Will Guiliani run as a republic? Form with little check box left blank-intentionally


Jim McDermott's letter to MoveOn members. I'm proud he's my Congressman!

A white man's response to Biden's DU defenders.

Reason for going to War with Iran. . .

If San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom were a Republican...

CNN: bush* gonna ask for another 100 BILLION. Time to cut funds Dems!!!

Screw Waxman: DC residents deserve democracy

Self delete

Should there be a summit (poss:online) for *all* opposition groups?

Seems like the Oil pinch is felt in Iran as well

President's 'HIV cure' condemned

White House rejects mandatory CO2 caps

Anyone have footage of B*sh terrorizing the media on the tractor?

On MSNBC crawl....Florida Governor "Christ"

What pig god does bush pray to?

Exxon offers bribes to scientists to discount global warming

Video of the Boston Massacre guys putting up the terror bombs

Exxon-Mobil reports 5 million dollars/hour profit!

2007 Farm Bill Proposal Slashes Organic Research Funding

Floridians! I hope everyone is safe after the tornadoes. Lady Lake,

I don't think it's at all out of line to criticize Iran, or even declare military force an option

The Man Who Knew Too Little (and will be confirmed anyway)

Source: Bush wants $100 billion more for wars

Molly Parker of the Peoria Journal Star corraborates story of Bush's Wild Ride

steve Hadley - C-span repeat - that lying sack of $&!#

zebbler and murphy: brilliant idea, yet the execution came across...

Folks,I've just about had it!

What's better - a pro-war Democrat, or an "anti-war" Repug?


Wal-Mart Cuts Taxes By Paying Rent to Itself

"Yesterday Boston Was Under Attack By Lite-Brites" (A Funny Randi Rant, Edited)

We will lose in 2008. Reading Molly Ivins. . .

Hadley Ignores NIE, Says White House Will Still Not Call Iraq A ‘Civil War’

Good to know the Governor of Florida got dressed up to address the state

Superbowl fans

NIE Report Paints Bleak Picture of Iraq

David Swanson-Live blogging from Congressional Progressive Caucus Committee Chairs Conference

How common is it to have tornadoes in January or February?

Speaking of articulate, name the most inarticulate dumbass of all time?

Funny Poem about Pro-War RW'ers

Official Obama Soap, Get It Now

Isreal will be our Proxy for Attacking Iran

It;'s Called Journalism - CNN ad smacks Faux

Biden's Ignorant Comments About Obama Uncovers Another Form of Racism

What Has Man Created?

Gobbler's Knob Evacuated, Local Police on High Alert...

Its Friday, ya bastads!!!

Bob Boudalang, angry American patriot, responds to the NIE report.

Paris Hilton drops the N word AGAIN!!!!

Did anyone catch BET documentary American Gangster that was rerun last night?

Anyone else having trouble streaming Randi?

So EVIL asks for $240 Billion more right now! And the vote on the resolution is next week?

When did Bush say this? "All options are on the table"

Bush wants probably at least $100 billion for Iraq

Beyond Oral Sex- The Bush Investigations

3090 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

BUSH Is Hiding The Ball On Iran - By Robert Parry

Bush Commits One Additional Troop To Afghanistan

Caption this....

LIVE Townhall BradCast Today from Phoenix! Plus Libby and Other Disasters...

Todd on msnbc right now saying the Warner/Levin Res. says nothing

Donna Brazile Thinks - GORE MIGHT RUN - "I Believe He Is Ready For His Moment"


Matt Taibbi nails it: Punish the Right-Wing Liars

Gen. Pace: Iraqi troops are not showing up at expected levels, but at least they are showing up

Can we all remember this????????

Did anyone here see a vet in a wheelchair get spit on at Saturday's rally?

We need more suspicious packages

Brownback again attacks Judicial Nominee who attended lesbian civil union in 2002

Please List All Countries Who Would Be Our Allies In An Attack On Iran.

Bush is bald???

Too Bad-Too Many Monkeys Flying Out Of Bush's Ass Was Left Off The New Iraq NIE (Larry C Johnson)

If you remember the cuban missile crisis .

Anyone else concerned that this jacked up 08 campaign season will

"Why is America so divided?"


I've been missing DU

Just a joke people...

Hadley is asked @ press briefing how can the public be assured the policy isn't driving Intel

What did John Gibson do when he reported that Al Gore was nominated for the Nobel Prize?

WP: Over all, trade has been very good to the United States,

FYI: (Tuesday) Senate Armed Services Committee Defense Authorization Request for FY-08

Anyone see the Barry Goldwater Documentary on HBO?

Heh, Heh! Caption me!

Have people lost proper respect for nuclear bombs?

Mike Keefe at The Denver Post remembers Molly Ivins

Is the DHS ramping up the paranoia or what?

In Iraq, Kurds Train to Battle Iran

The Future of U.S./Iran Relations

C&L:The Daily Show talks to Chrissie Gephardt about the Cheney family hypocrisy

Kucinich will be in Maine and New Hampshire this weekend

Is this guy still employed at CNN?

Today is Groundhog Day. Why does it seem like we've been living the same day over and

New Hampshire holds House hearing on gay marriage: "Christian rights at risk!"

Why is the MSM "surprised" Cheney told Libby about Plame when Cheney CONFESSED ON NATIONAL TV???

What does all the Homeland Security money pay for, exactly? (Boston/Mooninite thread)

Obama really is articulate.

Time Mag: Sadr plans to sit back and let the US/Iraqi forces fight the Sunnis

Dept of Peace and Non-Violence (Kucinich)

With a Huge Deficit, Are we Heading Towards Another Great Depression?

Early Friday TOONS

breaking news. Repugs say they will block the Warner/levin Res. cnn

UN Climate Report on CSPAN now! n/t

"I won't be voting for the Democratic nominee if it's ______" threads

$64,000 question for Floridians:

Poxuponye Dick Sees Shadow: One More Year of War for America

Speaker Pelosi: There is a deadly circle in Iraq

Where inflation is hitting us average folk....

Muslim leader claims Britain 'has become like Nazi Germany'

Sometimes I amuse myself, re: another discussion board topic

The White House Chef thread made me wonder about something:

How do we get our reps and talking heads to destroy the myth of the liberal media?

Any DEM that does not vote to stop $$$ for escalation is NO longer a DEM in my book.

Just Pick Up the Goddamn Trash and Vote Your Conscience

The DN Convention is already paying me dividends!

Remember the Schism on DU Before the Iraq War Started?

Al Gore: Just say 'HELL NO' to Donna Brazile

2 soldiers killed in downed copter. also DOD has confirmed 6 more

Cindy Sheehan: Grannies do Heavy Lifting, Literally

Laura Ingraham Confronts O'Reilly (anyone have a clip???)

Michael Weiner Savage drops the F-Bomb in Live Radio

On climate change, Rove's AEI and the Bush admin have no

LA Times Review of Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?

No Super Bowl Parties

Has anyone compiled a timeline of events regarding the Libby trial?

By January 2009, will we have 7000 dead soldiers? Will that be "enough"? The Power Of King George (Bush Exec Order Power Grab)

Thank God the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram is on top of this!!!

Hillary supporters, tell me why I should support a candidate who

Our Modern Concentration Camp

I wonder How many Florida National Guard are in Iraq?

Chief suspends two KC officers

A Serious Constitutional Question

caption this

I hate the word "unelectable"

Sign the Petition to "Protect SMU" from hosting the B*sh Library...

Do US Army uniforms remind you more and more of the USSR?

Weather report....check in.

3092 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Hey, guess what everybody! Looks like we owe President Bush an apology.

Russia probes smelly orange snow

Rapture-Ready explains media bias.

Pentagon alters how wounded are calculated

Elements of 'civil war' in Iraq (BBC) {or maybe two ... or three ... or four?}

{Microsoft} Word works with open file styles (BBC)

just a reminder: LIVE Townhall BradCast Today from Phoenix! 3p PST

Quickie Biden Poll - Joe Biden is:

A nice tribute to Molly (editorial cartoon by Benson)

Feeding people.

To the 60,693,281 geniuses who voted for Bush in 2004...

Breaking! This is Hugh "Cheney to quit.........

Someimes As DU'ers, We All Must Stand Together For A Common Goal In Order To Get Things Accomplished

New Twist in Jeffrey Dahmer Saga: Evidence linking Dahmer to Adam Walsh Disappearance

Switzerland May Expand Assisted Suicide Law to Mental Illness

You do understand we are just one "Archduke Ferdinand"

Kucinich spent $380 on his presidential campaign in '06.

Saber-rattling on Iran is no way to win my vote.

Should I be offended?

Kucinich on with Whora O'Donnell

WTF is with Keith's eyebrows tonight?

McClatchy: Cost of Iraq War (in dollars) Will Far Surpass Vietnam

Biden/Obama in '08

Did Barack Obama vote for the Bankruptcy Bill? NO

What REALLY pisses me off about the Iran situation....(another reason to hate Bush)

So... Do Ya Think Gavin Newsome Just Proved That The Threat To Marraige...

Jan 27 marchers - check this email out!

Jan 27 Cops on the Capitol steps

Black History Month profile of Alvin Ailey...

Hillary Clinton has the same exact views on Iran as Edwards and Obama

Laura Bush at Fashion Week

One of my favorite Molly Ivins stories.

Appreciations: Molly Ivins, by Maya Angelou ("I am shouting, with two voices...")

A Question: On The Possible Franken Candidacy...

3093 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

The only resident of the White House with a sex life...

Prophecy: Gore announces candidacy during his acceptance of the oscar for ''An Inconvenient Truth"

WSWS: A political bombshell from Zbigniew Brzezinski

Video Wanted! 2000 Debate With Bush Ridiculing "Nation Building" & Global Warming

msnbc just showed Crist getting a cell phone call from Bush. Thank you

TIMELINE: George W. Bush and Global Warming

Ok, Mister Iraqi.


Please send support this lady in her fight for gay marriage!

Randi had a blind date last night!! Not good. Too funny, says it's

All It Takes Is Two Minutes On Google To See How Commonly Used "Articulate" Is In Politics. Just Two

Using Force and the Middle East...Edwards and Clinton

If you died in a car crash--whould you want a memorial sign at the crash site?

AP implies Chirac must be mentally incompetent not to join Iran war-mongering.

Anyone watching Law and Odor?

CSPAN2: DNC Winter Meeting Candidate Speeches - repeat NOW

Clinton Promises to End War if Elected

Do Obama supporters not equate funding the war with support for the war?

Laura Bush at NY Fashion Week

Whoa! AP paints a devastating portrait ::: "U.S. intel report: Iraq spiraling down"

Hillary widens lead in New Hampshire (39-19 over Obama)

Was already took a peek at the freeper board...

John Edwards on Iran: "ALL options must remain on the table"

An Article about the State of Healthcare..

Was Erasmus envisioning George W. Bush when he said this?:

Going to see Big Dawg at the Nokia Theatre

Cafferty: Idiot Son just asked for another $245 BILLION to "FLUSH DOWN THE TOILET"

Obama's speech was about answering His Critics and no one caught it.

Hadley calls Iraqi PM, "Abd al Madhi" @ Press Briefing

OK lets say the bushco* crime family are successful in holding off the impeachment of junior

"Edwards '08: Talking Tough"

Mike Webb will be talking about his firing by Entercom and the

Surveillance of Soldiers' Blogs Sparks EFF Lawsuit

Sadly, Ft. Lauderdale to host Frank Pavone, Phyllis Schlaffly, Ann Coulter,and Tony Perkins

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Brad Friedman of

Will Hillary ever go on "Hardball" and let Tweety Interview Her? Will She..

CNN headline couches and lies.

Two Word's Hillary.......

Maintenance tonight will require some downtime

Perhaps the reason Pelosi says

Are You a Liberal Anti-Semite? (from Slate)

I dread the day...

I'm beginning to think our Constitution is terribly flawed...

Don't eat orange snow

Television is a CURSE. A hideous CURSE, I say!

"What do you want to talk to the Congressman about?" "Iran, Iraq, & Impeachment."

They kept Iraqi brains in the fridge for trophies

Molly Ivin's quips and quotes

A comment left on my blog by a republican.

Film clip gets teacher in hot water (15 Minutes of R-Rated Amistad)

Remember the troops who were terrorizing the poor dog?

Interesting encounter with a freeper couple

Shrub wears a rug?!

CNN headline up now says: "Thousands of Homes Damaged/Destroyed in Lake Co.,Fla

Measuring and Muffling Dissent - By the Numbers

CA: Clerk protests gay marriage ban -plans to present "certificates of inequality" to same-sex pairs

Should schools do BMI screenings?

could Iran already have purchased a nuclear weapon ?

Pentagon Official Resigns After Criticizing Lawyers Representing Gitmo Defendents

They arrested a guy for saying "That's why you're in a goddamn lawsuit".

Groundhog Day

Quite frankly, I don't like a piece of advice Bill Clinton gave House Dems today.

Russ Feingold: How to End the War

Can a vice-president be arrested for treason?

... the most intelligent female in America...

Landmark Legal Foundation Nominates Rush Limbaugh for 2007 Nobel Peace Prize Thu Feb 1, 1:27 PM ET

Barack Obama: U.S. one day might have to launch surgical missile strikes into Iran and Pakistan

Michael Ware appreciation thread

Russia probes smelly orange snow

The perfect candidate would have..

"Die, TV!" - Universal remote silences public televisions

Just who is Iran supposed to be backing in Iraq?

Cheney the Consummate Coward by Stephen Hanchett

Beck is banging the war drum ...

People are Still Mad at Ralph Nadar, shouldn't they be at the Ones who Voted for him?

John Edwards on Iran (interview with Ezra Klein, American Prospect)

All 49 Repubs to vote against Levi/Warner resolution?

I am an Exxon-Mobile shareholder. Any DU gadflies out there?

Chewbacca Detained: "Nobody tells this wookie what to do."

What I Wish Our Congress Was Willing To Accept As Fact:

Katie Couric just read her CBS Evening News ratings!

There's a rumor going around that Bush has asked to throw out the first pitch at the Super Bowl.


The Passion of Mary Cheney - By Dan Savage

I want to, expect to win the war on "terror".

2000 Good Ole Boy Bush Good. "Articulate" Gore Bad. 2004 Bumbling Bush Good. "Articulate" Kerry Bad.

Clinton-Warmonger Part II

is climate change so scary it stops contemplation?

Rebroadcast on C-Span of today's Dem winter meeting?

Jan 27 Anti-War Protest pics- 2224 in total Wow

I won't be voting for this warmonger either....

Melting glaciers, sinking isles: Warming hits India (104 islands already gone)

Another chopper down in Iraq. 2 dead.

The Bush Defeat In Iraq - Is It Our Defeat, Or This Administration's Defeat?

FL storm survivors claim "gawd was there with them." Apparently She didn't give a shit about

Should War be an option to prevent nuclear proliferation ?

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

EDWARDS on IRAN: An Interview with The American Prospect (2/02/07)

Y' know when he gazes adoringly into her eyes,

Binge eating

Where is the EVIDENCE that Iran threatens the US.....

Ever talk to someone you really like and then lose all respect for them because of their politics?

Southern California Meet-up final details.

Non union Toyota workers in Kentucky plant made more than UAW members last year

John Conyers "There isn't time" for Impeachment!!!

My first campaign signs

A 'christian' Right group makes HUGE u-turn on Separation of Church and State

The Ultimate Cover-up? (Is * bald?)

Ok. What does Wes Clark bring to the table?

Paging H2O Man: You were right. I was wrong. Impeach him already.

***DUzy Awards for week ending February 2, 2007***

DU MEET-UP! Saturday, February 3, 2007, Portland Oregon

Cafferty read my email tonite on Wolf Blitzer's program

Narco News Books to publish Nancy Davies "The People Decide"

Scott Ritter On War With Iran ...( 20 min Interview) ......

Congress to hear the inconvenient truth. **Al Gore to testify**

A FAILED COVER-UP: What The Libby Trial Is Revealing (WaPo)

Illegal Immigration / English As Our Official Language

Barack Obama is AWB: articulate while black -- a commentary from 1/25/07 (pre-Biden)

My personal story

B.C. seizes surviving sextuplets

Pickles attends "Fashion Week"

Let me just beat them to the punch: Iran did 9/11

DU gear with designs submitted by DUers?

Libby Fighting To Suppress Grand Jury Tapes

(DIALUP WARNING) Hugo Chavez: No friend to our sacred institutions.

Impeach Dick Cheney (Plame Thread #12)

DNC Winter Meeting on C-Span : Which speaker did you like best today?

Downed Choppers - Saudi Citizens Funding Shoulder Fired Rockets


White House Chef Confirms Bush is Crackers!

free from itunes: podcast of jim webb sotu response

Book TV Schedule: February 3rd - 5th

Isn't the "articulate" put-down commonly understood?

Simple Proof: "Conspiracy Theorist" Attacks Function to Protect SECRECY

Gee, Dennis Kucinich sounds like a, well, real Democrat....

How do you know if you are racist?

That Boston story REALLY WAS was about acts of terrorism, and here's why

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Wow. The NIE is bad, bad news for the administration.

Should the Fremont Troll in Seattle be demolished? Should neon signs be strapped to buildings?

Why is it that the CIA and NSA get scorn; are they less human than our other troops?

Should Hugo Chavez have the power to govern by decree?

LTTE: If Venezuelans have a dictator, what have we here?

Iran war following "a terrorist act in the US blamed on Iran " ((("Blamed"))) Carter Adviser

Does it just exceed all possible definitions of irony that

Day One at the DNC Winter meeting comes to a close. Good coverage at DNC blog.

my apologies if this is a dupe

(NIE) Report's forecast for Iraq is grim

Murtha finds outlook bleak for Bush's Iraq policy

Rush Limbaugh nominated for Nobel Peace Prize???

Just Do The Right Thing

Clinton to donors: NO money to anyone else

Senator Obama is speaking at DNC meeting.

U.S. military says copter down in Iraq

C-Span just joined DNC Winter Meeting. Chris Dodd speaking.

Which '08 candidate is gonna make the Military Industrial Complex a major issue ?

Some Democrats unwilling to join GOP opposition to Iraq plan

Please kick my thread: Re: looking for signs of the GOP's next move

Freshman Rep. Heath Shuler (D., NC), an NFL bust, finds football talk scores with voters

Mods Can I ask what happened to the thread...

Senator Clinton sets record million-dollar goal for donors

A preposterous 'what if' to toss around ......

When Is Cheney Supposed To Testify In The Libby Trial? And ....

Rethinking the whole Biden foot-in-mouth.

British to Show Al Gore Movie in Schools , every secondary school

Tomgram: Swanson and Schwarz, The New Investigation Season

Coburn Says Vote Against Minimum Wage Was "To Protect Salaries of Low-Income Families"

America's Day of Shame

How much difference would it make in the war if Bush and Cheney left

Kucinich speaking at DNC about his Lebenaon visit

At DNC Winter Meeting, Democrats launch campaign to win White House in '08

Bush wants another 245 BILLION!!! for war. lets see how the candidates vote on this

I wonder if Bush's brother's state will get more help/cash/attention than NO?

Here's your headline: Bush Cuts Medicare for War

Gen Clark is up NEXT at the DNC meeting.....

Some Lawmakers Shun Big Game Pass

AUDIO: Edwards' Speech this AM at DNC

The Poor Republics

Here's Hotline on the DNC speeches (none dare call it dull, but I will.)

They deserve nothing.

Edwards is tied with Rudy in latest Rasmussen poll

Rudy sunk in GOP, Dean says

The candidate I'll vote for:

Frameshop: LIVE AT THE DNC (Obama, Clark, Edwards, Kucinich, Clinton)

Russ Feingold: How To End The War

Democratic National Committee's Annual Winter Meeting : VIDEO at

BREAKING: Iraq National Intelligence Estimate Released

Can someone explain to me the REAL reason bush wants to attack Iran? eom

Global Warming thingy

Whats this about a congresswoman being called a whore?

It's Way Too Late for Non-Binding Resolutions on Iraq

Several States Revolting Against Real ID

The candidates and the bloggers at the DNC WM

Are you getting robocalls to call your senators for the war resolution?

"Obama has apparently reconsidered his position against setting a 'date certain'"

Senator Clinton 'heckled' at DNC winter meeting for stance on Iraq

Bush wants 245 Billion more for War effort! No More Money, Asshole!

Anyone buying Exxon/Mobil should be boiled in oil!

WP: A Failed Cover-Up - What the Libby Trial Is Revealing

Quote: "Is anyone dumber than our Dem Party activists?"

Clinton: "If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will."

Delay Pays More than $450,000 In Legal Expenses

Mahdi Army Gains Strength Through Unwitting Aid of U.S.

HELP - need links to flag desecration by bush, franks, et al

CLARK Speaking next on C-SPAN...Road to the White House.

Still waiting...

Better strategy to win elections - 50 state strategy or targetted state strategy?

23,000 + signitures DRAFTGORE.COM petition

Why does Hillary get bashed more than Edwards for sucking up to AIPAC

If you opposed impeachment before, I can understand that ...... but .....

Dislike of Wal-Mart prompts union worker's suit to block development

New Orleans Laidlaw Drivers & Monitors Overwhelmingly Vote for Teamsters More Than 15-1 Margin

Entire DNC meeting video up at the DNC...around 3 hours.

Study: U.S. trails most nations on family-oriented workplace policies (USA Today)

DU OWH poll on Hagel's new health care plan, yes or no?

What REALLY pisses me off about the Iran situation....(another reason to hate Bush)

New York Workers Claim Abuse, Supported by the New York District Attorney s Office and unions

Mobilized Online, Thousands Gather to Hear Obama

Don't believe "articulate" is more often used to describe smart blacks than smart whites?

WP: DNC Turns Focus To White House

Digby's Hullabaloo on Dems and Iran - interesting reading

JEFF COHEN: Will Healthcare Timidity Trip Up Hillary Clinton?

Dean on Al Gore's award nominations....has affected public policy.

Poor Biden. I know what he meant, but there is no way

Is Obama Losing Web War?

Disappointing that Dem candidates validate RW and GOP talking points against Democrats.

I'll bet if a Democrat started pushing IMPEACHEMENT instead of ending the war...

Please don't tell me the Congress cannot stop a President from going to war...?

GOP caller to Malloy's show: Why do you want clean elections? You're going to win

Edwards up now at DNC meeting....

"Big-Foot" Hillary "Setting $1 million Goal for Donors." Ten times goal of Bush's Pioneers.

For all the good it did

Using Terry McAuliffe's targetted state strategy, Hillary would win __ states in 2008.

Democrats Say Climate Report Smoking Gun

ONE MORE HAT ( in a very cluttered ring)

Global National TV in Canada ... Leading off with Climate Change

Can a guy 4'9" tall with a hook for a left arm take out Sen. Gordon Smith R-OR?

I just noticed this about George W. Bush...

Presidential Candidates Pick Tunes at DNC Meeting

Same Clinton, Different Gender: Hillary Clinton Launches Corporate-Backed Bid For White House

The DNC speeches today...If I had to rank them...

What Biden's Comment Really Meant

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