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Archives: February 19, 2007

The Most Anemic Branch

Riverbend is back......The Rape of Sabrine

Al Neuharth: Bush Is Worst President of All-Time

It's A Dirty Job But You Have To Run, Mr. Gore

Mission Imperial = Surreal Life inside the Green Zone = The Guardian


Are There Nervous Nellies in the Padilla Case?

Waas: If Libby's found guilty, "investigators are likely to probe further"

Meet George, the shack-dwelling Bush hater

The Nation: The YouTube Defense

The Modern Muslim: Tariq Ramadan

Americans Need to Know the Facts Behind the Politics of Reversing Roe v. Wade

Courting the Supremes: Justice Roberts' big chance

Paul Krugman: Hillary, Wrong Is Right

John Nichols: Clinton Would Rather Be Wrong Than President

Hazard pay: Comparing a stateside CEO's job description with a Marine's in Iraq

Once George Bush has got hold of a bad idea he just can't let it go

"The Damage to Bush Is Enormous"

David Swanson: The Fierce Urgency of Impeachment

Terrorizing Lawyers: My Article in Today's National Law Journal

Truthout: Depleted Uranium: Pernicious Killer Keeps on Killing

Truthout: President's Day 2007: Where Has the Integrity Gone?

Once George Bush Has Got Hold of a Bad Idea He Just Can't Let It Go

CommonDreams: Casus Belli, Anyone?

The Big Chill (James Kunstler)

A Denuclearization Deal in Beijing:


Hans Blix: Will the United States Attack Iran?

K St Project forgets who they are in NYTimes Book Review letter

The Real Patriots

Let's face it, fake CVs are ruining IT (India)

Chalmers Johnson: 737 U.S. Military Bases = Global Empire

Climate change: scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps


A Giant Doom Magnet

Murtha in Command His message: I am running this show.

Questions Still Smolder!

Check out the Sterlic 1, GM's 1969,, 84 mpg hybrid with a Sterling powered generator.

Concert SOS

Does your local municipality collect green waste?

Saving energy, one bulb at a time

Global Warming: Cut the Carbon, or Die

Airtricity backs $1.5bn US project (Texas-sized TX wind power project)

Recycled Water: Would You Drink It?

AK Village Already Pounded By Erosion Now Can't Get Fuel Delivered - River Too Shallow - ADN

Australia to change lightbulbs to curb warming (ban incandescent) - Reuters

Multiplying the ocean's CO2 guzzlers (BBC)

Organic farming 'no better for the environment'

Up to five new nuclear reactors planned for the Carolinas

German Plan to Tax Cars on Emissions Gets Wary Nod

The Prophet of Garbage (

SOS - More about the concert and the beginning

Fueling A Sustainable Future

The Threat to the Planet........ by Jim Hansen

Melting polar ice would drown parts of San Francisco Bay Area

Bill McKibben: Warning on Warming

All Sonic, No Boom ( {Quiet SST, or QSST}

Australia Refuses Talks With Island Nation Of Tuvalu On Rising Sea Levels - SMH

Lack Of Security, Bremer Tarrif Decision Mean Iraq Now Facing Substantial Food Insecurity

Blair Intends To Continue Working On Climate After Stepping Down - FT

Wyoming plant being designed would be first of its kind (wood -> ethanol)

Does Bush enjoy his POTUS role?

Michiganders preach Al Gore's global warming gospel

Bangladesh - In The Sundarban Islands, Trees Suddenly Dying From The Top Down - New Phenomenon

Landfill Fumes to Power Sonoma (CA) Buses

Study sees harmful hunt for extra oil

Weather Modification: The Law, Polititical Action and other info.

Global Warming Scientist Is Encouraged

Obit: Creator of "doomsday vault" for seeds

Directory:Energy By Motion (EBM) this is from last Oct. but it's interesting never the less

Windmill, Wave Energy to Power Desalination Plant? (Cape May, NJ)

Native languages hold the key to saving species

heres a new concept on a vertical wind generator, new to me anyway

If you can stand one more post by me this morning, O'Conner Hush Turbine

Energy firms warming to emissions cut

Check this out, especially the photo gallery, I have an entry in the drawing for this '57 Plymouth

Get steamed: Congress should fund geothermal research (Salt Lake Tribune OpEd)

Abu Dhabi plans Gulf’s first solar power plant (500 MW)

Scottish firm interested in harnessing Ore. wave energy

Jane Akre: One Great Big Plastic Hassle

Germany plans to tax cars based on emissions

The Ecology of Destruction (Monthly Review)

'Iran center of US-Israeli talks'

I've Just Read Jimmy Carter's Book & I Have A Different Outlook

US Senator Jon Kyl: Dealing with Iran crucial to Israeli security

Senior military intelligence officer: Hezbollah has already rebuilt its force


Tales of 9/11 Truthiness

The psychology of conspiracy (BBC)

While you are in denial of MIHWAP, they are busy indoctrinating our youth.

Controlled Demolition Inc.'s phased CD of the Kingdome (with video)

BBC: The Conspiracy Files - 9/11 - YouTube vids


Dopp lobbies staff people about improving HR811.

Campaign Strengthens For a Voting Paper Trail

Advocates Urge O'Malley to Back Restored Rights

Complaint filed with Debra Bowen about "One of the Worst Election Officials in the Country."

Hoyer: "If we conclude ultimately the machinery didn't work then we need to order a new election".

Four dead, 49 injured as bombs rip through Thai Muslim south

Explosions rattle Baghdad neighborhoods (& 1 Marine dead--announ.Mon.)

Military Familes Respond To House Vote on Iraq. Group Says “Condemning the Escalation is Not Enough”

Bombs kill 63 on bloodiest day since Baghdad crackdown began

Climate change: Scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps

Iraqi Sunni Lands Show New Oil and Gas Promise

WP,pg1: Md. to Unveil Page: Washington's Resignation Speech Left Military in Civilian Hands

Connecticut State Workers' Info Ends Up on Web

One Third Of All Iraqis Live In Poverty, UN-Backed Study Finds

NY Man Charged With Trying To Fund Terror-Republican Party Ties

NYT: Al Qaeda Chiefs Are Seen to Regain Power

Car bombs kill 60 in Baghdad

WP: 6 of 7 Dismissed US Attorneys Had Positive Job Evaluations (Most investigating GOP corruption!)

Iran to launch more military exercises

Increase in egg donors raises concerns

Human rights abuse rife in Saudi Arabia, watchdog says

McCain defends war in Spartanburg visit

BBC Breaking - Insurgents launch Kandahar attack

Both sides inspired by South Dakota bans on abortion. Lawmakers from other states try similar bills.

Measure would refocus U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (more accountability, more focus on environment)

Iraqi protest demands release of British-held detainees

Reid's Son Goes With Clinton Campaign (AP)

Rice: This is not 1938. Iran is not Nazi Germany.

Bush Compares Revolutionary, Terror Wars

IMPEACH Bush, Letter I sent to Congressman Dan Boren

Small U.S. towns bear scars from Iraq


Poll: Rudd overtakes Howard as preferred Prime Minister (of Australia)

Barclays taps into demand for global carbon market

Mideast talks end with little progress

AP Enterprise: Afghan army progress slow (but performs better than the Iraqi army)

70 non-combat troops for Iraq (Australia)

US Navy Denies Reports Of Offensive Military Build-up In Gulf

Colombia minister resigns as paramilitary scandal grows

BBC Poll: Islam and the West

Blast at St. Pete McDonald's Injures 6

Iran Fires Missiles in New Round of War Games/ VOA

Cooked Chicken Breasts Join Tainted-Food Recalls

Ice threatens to trap stranded Japanese whaler

Wal-Mart Names 9 Cities for Jobs Plan

Mexico welcomes Wal-Mart bank

Brits release Bush's Iran attack plans

Boston Globe: Democrats to revisit Iraq war authorization: Seek to limit '02 resolution

Nevada Dems Working to Lure Candidates

Iraqi Militants Launch Attack on U.S. Base

Vietnam Police Detain Prominent Catholic Priest And Key Activists

Iraqi Official, Now Awaiting Execution, Says U.S. Tortured Him

Some mull idea of Sen. Bill Clinton

Riverbend is back......The Rape of Sabrine

BBC: Five US troops die in Iraq raids ( on Monday)

Mystery dust baffles residents ( related to the "orange snow" in Asia? )

Insurgents slaughter 40 Iraqis in day of bombs (2 US troops KILLED)

High court to rule in landmark security cases (Canada / security certificates)

WP,pg1: Walter Reed launches criminal investigation of former aid chief: Official had own charity

Iran hangs man convicted of Revolutionary Guards attack

CNN: Officials: Iranian patrol boats probe Iraqi waters

Iraqi PM Probes Police Rape Allegations

Morales: `Job is to take care of poor'

ACLU supports student in flap over preaching teacher

At Least 64 Killed in India - Pakistan Train Blasts

Crews reach stranded Mount Hood climbers

Schumacher Furs owner plans to close store permanently

New US missile bases likely in eastern Europe

Mom of US soldier charged with desertion seeks help from Mexico

Quebec election campaign to revisit separation

New Jersey Begins Offering Civil Unions to Gay Couples

Russian general warns Poland, Czech Republic over U.S. missile defense system

NYT/AP: Overfishing Imperils Fish in Deep Waters: Response to declining catches close to shore

Romney joined NRA in August (previous advocate of gun control)

CNN: Lead-laden lunchboxes OK'd by government

Bush links terror war to U.S. independence war

Howard a 'risk to national security'

(Hillary) Clinton objects to Confederate flag

Saudi Arabia beheads 4 Sri Lankans convicted of armed robbery

NYT: Trial Spotlights Cheney’s Power as an Infighter

BBC - US 'Iran Attack Plans' Revealed

Two US soldiers killed, 17 wounded in Iraqi attack

McCain: Rumsfeld was one of worst defense secretaries in history

Prince Harry says he won't sit out Iraq

Iran denies delaying payment for reactor

Anglican Church Sets Deadline on Gay Unions: U.S. Church must stop blessing same sex unions


Damaged Japanese Whaling Ship May Resume Hunting off Antarctica

Lincoln Resumes Position as Americans' Top-Rated President (Gallup)

The Spinners! (Sunday night music thread)

Writing again

"Does the noise in my head bother you?"

Post here if you gave me a heart

Someone stop my capri pants- They have made a pair of daughters for me!

'Family Guy' is like 'Married... With Children'

W00t! 'Monty Python's Fliegender Zirkus'!

Cutest Youtube video I've seen today.

i think my fridge is dead

Someone stop me - I have now made a pair of capri pants for my daughter!

Bedways is rigthways now,

Someone stop me - I have now made a pair of capri pants for my doctor!

Omigod........They're gone.........

Urgh! Pet peeve!


the party's over


I miss my hearts!

Would someone mind answering a question about CCs.

Quiz: How green is your love?

Manly men mourn ... a great inventor passes on ...

Star Trek (The Original Series) "The Doomsday Weapon" clips

In what kind of bar did you lose your virginity?

The worst possible thing has happened!

The best possible thing has happened!!

Star Trek + Nine Inch Nails = Closer

Britney Spears hair up to $250,000 on ebay.

True or false: you have the legal right to fart.

Stallone busted in Australia

Do you let people have the last word?

The number Zero ( 0 )

Okay, I need help. I've got a nasty cold and have to give a reading tonight

Ray Liotta was arrested for a DUI

How was you weekend you guys? Is monday sucking for you?

totally cool monsters

A message from the GWB Monument Committee

British Show Top Gear exploits conservative rage....

I swear that I will keep my blog updated this time

Are you off today?

I need someone to go to lunch with me today...

We're a new aunt and uncle again (baby pics)

Cue Twilight Zone Music.

What it's like to drive your car 250mph

Does anybody have any questions?

I got a lot of wood this weekend

An exercise from my creative writing class....

Monday morning laugh, creationism.

Yet another Sarah Silverman post

The saturation gauge on my humidifier is broken...

Sucky morning? Have no fear, Mr. Writer is here!

Community service announcement: Do not, and I repeat - DO NOT

PSA: There IS white trash pickup today.

billyskank where are youuuuuuuuu?

Great YouTube video

I saw "Pan's Labyrinth" yesterday.

Fuck it, it's President's Day, so I am skipping class...

whats for lunch?

DEADHEADS: there is rumor of a dead related big stadium tour this summer

11 hours of Anthony Bourdain today on the Travel channel

Medical care dilemma of sorts

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 2/19/2007)

Happy 49th to My Sister, The Blizzard!

Did Anybody see "Music and Lyrics" since we're on a movie kick?

Happy "Family Day" to all you hosers in Alberta!

stupid people on Family Feud

Happy President's Day To My President

In what kind of car did you lose your virginity?

It's not officially Presidents Day, by the way.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Hey you Mardi Gras/Louisiana experts

My car isn't starting this morning

the search is over

I'll do one more - What's your favorite car you've ever owned?

Is anyone else plagued with raccoon eyes??

"Calling Donner Party of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5....

Keep those good vibes coming... still waiting to hear on the job I applied for

Anyone know of a good book donation charity?

Just ordered my six-pack of Phillies tickets!

Me really like Gob's version of "Paint it Black"

Little Wing's *DUH - forehead smack* moment of the day

Norv Turner or Wade Phillips?

BEST product review ever!

I'm feeling melancholy this morning

White Trash

Goddamn stupid people are pretty

The call to arms was never true.......

Do you flip the person that bumps your mass?

"Bell, Book and Candle" is on TCM right now.

Name that video game!

Lost Item....

This isn't offensive at all

Well, what have you given the world apart from George Bush, Cheerios, and the ThighMaster?

Presidential trivia quiz...

So many scams, so little time

Time for a wee bit o' Robert Burns

I did it again.

britney's new wig

Watch Franco Unamerican by NOFX!

Do you Dump the person who grips your ass?

In keeping with the car theme, what car would you LIKE to own?

Anyone else here hate being so Fergalicious?

It's the DU poster word association thread!

Life sure is ducky when it's not sucky.

2001 a Space Odyssey

XM and Sirius to merge...

Posted this in "Pets", but I needed an answer ASAP! I bought a parakeet yesterday, and he can't

Do you thump the person who trips your ass?

whats that movie's name question

I just finished three days of work hell...

The poll results here are very surprising re: evangelicals & gay people . . . ???

Another episode of "Families Suck"

I was mad at my son and now I feel like a jerk.

Does your _________ hang low? Does it wobble to and fro?

Ha! My "Sent" box on DU doesn't make Safari crash!!!

When is Spring Break this year? Does anyone know?

aaaaah... it's nice to have a beer...

What the hell is with spam on You Tube?

I am a killer.

Monday Afternoon Questions.

They suck you in, get you addicted, then raise the price!

Post an artistic case of the emperor having no clothes

alert! alert!

Send good vibes for my pooch...

Wrestling with my conscience... what would you do?

Just one more day...

Happy birthday seemunkee & photogirl12!!

Top Five ways to get free drinks.

I don't want anyone touching me.

So I Suppose In A Way We Invented MTV.....

King Rex has taken over New Orleans

"New Barenaked Ladies video starring YouTube celebs"

That Comcast commercial with the kids...

Happy Chinese New Year you golden piggies you

Should I ask DU for advice?

Connonym is too chaste and pure to be a post whore

Boston Cream Pie ...mmm

I am going to Minnesota in April!

Hell's Kitchen scares me.

Vanity post

I'm an unabashed moderate for Obama

I loved the Rasmussen college commercial today!

Has anyone been here or even know where this plaque is posted?

Pop culture quiz. What do these guys have in common?

I saw James and Billie... oh my...

I saw James Bond in action on television in my living room! Ask me anything!

Are you as excited for Reno 911: Miami as I am?

What kind of bike do you ride?

Well, I did the right thing and called my boss

Take the Goddamn Deal!

ECW Wrestling Fans... Mike Awesome is dead. . .

Who's watching the History Channel?

FREE SPEECH sends W a clear message

So, um, if someone accidentally washes a $20000 check, how should they get it dry?

Has anyone here tried hydroxycut?

One of my favorite western films is on TCM tonight

self delete

Richardo's Science Corner: 1787 - Herchel discovers the "They killed Kenny!" nebula...

OK. I'm done for tonight.

Debit card robbery and dog vomit

Laura Bush look alot like Judge Judy...

Poll question: Can you bilk a dolt?

And now... presenting the Dick Vitale alarm clock!

Wow, and I thought it was hard being a mom....

i have a question regarding harry potter & the goblet of fire...

Should a 5-year-old boy have a pierced ear?

Saw the movie Hannibal Rising earlier today...

My Head Is Bigger Than Yours!

Hang on a sec, I gotta shut the lights off...

We're getting takeout Chinese food tonite, in honor of the New Year of the Pig

Umm, why is the History Channel running Planet of the Apes?

Men in Tutu's

What a nature walk it was today

I saw James Brown...oh never mind...

OK, anime fans, help me name this SOL BIANCA soundtrack tune!

I had a bad day.


If That Dog Barks One more time

I'm in one of those places where I got nothin' to say.

Ahh, coding homework... what a major pain in my ass


Oh, fuck you, YouTube! I WILL make "The Making of Deacon Blues" a favorite video!

back home in MN...

YouTuber's rant interrupted by attention starved cat

Post something dreamy for my forthcoming nap.

Somebody dumped a pitbull at my house yesterday

Tomahto time - CSI Miami

My Super sweet 16 on MTV-What happens to these kids at school the day after their episode airs?

It feels like a Sunday

Tell me how you feel, and I'll post a smiley to match it.

they say she's lost it, but man, it looks to me like she finally got it

Why is my kitty boy sneezing?

Rev Acts 04 Is A Liar!

I've lost about 30 pounds in the last few months!

Which of these songs should Britney record next?

You should probably see this.

The Mamas & The Papas sing The Beatles

I don't want to start no trouble here, but California Peggy IS snarky.

See you on April 8th, lounge!

How the fuck old are we all....really.....12? 13? 6?

Did anyone watch Wife Swap tonight?

Note to aspiring screen writers and novelists:

I propose "Specialness Day" here on DU.

If I averaged 9.8% on my stock picks over the last year, am I a good investor?

Ooh, I just got an email from Svetlana thanking me for my interest

This is my 1K post. Ask/tell me anything!!!

You are not going to believe the beauty of Mexico(picture)

Why do we say 'American soil'?

Who has Monday off for the holiday?

Write Something That Hasn't Been Written Before

painted cats...

I wish my laundry could masturbate...


Can you put your toes in your mouth?

Meet Charley Girl, The Cat With an Ear and a Half! (photos)

Let's Play Dead Or Alive. I'll Start: Karl Malden

Tiger, tiger burning bright...

Graywarrior is so emo!

My heart is breaking.

It is getting close to time for THESE!!! Storm Pics from 2005... (Dialup Warning)

Name a movie EVERYONE has seen...except you.

Cowper's gland, orchidopexy, epispadias, balanitis. Yes, it's the glorious male

People are pretty goddamn stupid

What Have You Gained or Lost Lately?

What is the point of coffee if they make it 'decaf'?


If a person...

I'm fixin' to tell all'a'y'all

I know I'm a doofus that many don't like, but ask this

Was Frank Zappa a rightwinger?

Post a really good cover version of a song that's already really good to begin with.

How do you deal with friends who have more money than you?

Oh wow... Wife Swap and this family

The conservative Daily Show

Cat bathing....

I challenge you to post one line of song lyrics more painful than these

How Long Do You Hold Grudges?

Should I?

Battlestar Galatica discussion thread?

I have 10 minutes ask me anything

Radio Lady Previews: "Annie" the musical in Portland, OR (Opens Tuesday, Feb. 20!)

I saw James Taylor in concert on Saturday in SF! Ask me anything!

Winter is over

Picture of My Main Man

Name a television show that EVERYONE hated that you liked!

Name a movie that EVERYONE hates that you liked.

"I love sweaty basketball players"

Who's watching Heroes tonight?

Have You Ever "Lost It" On DU?

Someone needs to punch Sandra Lee in the neck.

Name something that is peculiar to your state.

The Febuary photo contest is up and running over in GD

DU Loungers - What do YOU drive?

Ever purchased a Main Street home (Texas)?

Radio Lady Invites You to View: Madrid, Spain and vicinity, including Toledo (1994)

The birthday dinner from Saturday ***PIC HEAVY***

Question for the women here

Can you milk a goat?

On President's Day: Faith in the Public Square

The VA Episcopal clash: Martin Minns vs. Bishop Peter Lee

Anglican and Roman Catholic churches back plan to unite under Pope

San Diego Diocese Considers Bankruptcy

Romanian priest sentenced for exorcism death

As New Jersey Opens Door to Civil Unions, Couples Rush In

Tennessee considers specialty license plate promoting equality for LGBT people

Italian Catholics say Pope Ratso's Opposition to Marriage Equality Goes Too Far

Politics is no place for hate

Indiana rally urges lawmakers to vote against proposed marriage amendment

Barbara Gittings, early gay rights activist, dies at 75

Have you seen this in GD? Military chaplan denied transfer to Wicca

Blessings to everyone who is currently in need today.

What is going on with Leos this month?


Liz Greene's analysis of USSR breakup

"Blocks to Prosperity and Manifestation"

If ya wanna see something, look at the Solar Eclipse of 9/11/07!


Monday Feb 19th on the Discovery Times Channel at 9PM EST.

Another Walter Reed horror story, from the Army Times

Iowa guardsmen put on alert for Iraq duty

15 Guardsmen prep for deployment to Middle East (Guam)

News from Around Minnesota (200 from 148th MN ANG to Iraq)

Growing Claims Backlog Frustrates Veterans

Eielson Air Guard readies for deployment (AK ANG)

Confirmed The Article about Walter Reed is true

Kerry: ‘The Guy Who Put the “Entrepreneurship” in the Senate Committee'

Here's another coincidence for the coincidence theorists reOhio voting.

Kerry’s input to be valued - Boston Herald.

Hey, we never had a pic thread this week! Not fair.

Meatpacking injuries spawn union drive

Nightmares - search pattern: cognitive dissonance...

When Are We Gonna Stand Up As People?

Mission Welcome Home-Tribute

The Whole Truth About The Iraqi War

Seeds of Change...

Bush's manipulation of the media

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy by Pete Seeger

Love is our platform

Obama admired in Europe, Asia and Africa

Antartica underworld uncovered its melting faster

" Whatever"..... Asylum Street Spankers.

Peace on Earth...

Bill Maher - George of the Bungle

Big Brother is watching you! (AT&T helps NSA read your emails)

True or false: you have the legal right to fart.

Juline Jordan (Co-host with Peter Werbe) has made some of her mp3's free.

So what happened to the number one guy in Iraq

House Resolution to limit Satellite Radio Emergency Broadcasts

The Gwb Iraq flow sheet

Here's some info on that GOP terror donor's F.E.D.I. scam

3,136 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

3,137 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

02/19/07 MNF: Multi-National Force - West - 1 Marine killed

Military Familes Respond To House Vote on Iraq. Group Says “Condemning the Escalation is Not Enough”

What happened to W and the rapture?

Iraqi Sunni Lands Show New Oil and Gas Promise

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Deep Sea Research: 71% of the Earth As a Fallout Shelter


Transsexual pioneer Renee Richards regrets fame

P*ss off the thugs, smack their nasty mugs . . . please come CAPTION!!!

Wicked anti-Bush music video, in Arabic

ya gotta see this.."Oh Can't You See What Love Has Done?"

Write your Studio pResidunce a fine Victory song on HIS day...

North Carolina's state constitution: Is this part well-known?

If the U.S. doesn't plan to occupy Iraq long-term, why is it building "enduring" bases?

PBS' Frontline: News War: A special 4-part investigation into the future of news

Condi the not-so-great Communicator. Mideast talks end with little progress

Coulter voting-flap home sells

"Language Doesn't Lie"

Malkin: I'm skeptical of anything with "Bill of Rights"

Tony Snow: Politicians Warning Of Iran War ‘May Be Trying To Protect Iran’ (video)

If Someone Had To Make $10,000 Fast For Emergency-- Dem v. Repub

E&P: Both NYT editorial page and Frank Rich suggest their own paper overhyped Iran weapons charges

Al Qaeda "Intact And Strengthening" In Pakistan

Iraqis still dying everyday in the hundreds, 2-3 US soldiers still getting killed everyday. . .

Khalilzad: Iraq bombings underscore the "increasing desperation felt by criminals"

I wonder if Democrats fear their communication is being monitored by BushCo?

Private sector can do it better

Fun and Giggles of occupation....Blowing up sheep with grenades.

“Never trust your assailant.” What would you do?

A Definition of Secularism

Mr. Papon relentlessly proclaimed his innocence, arguing that he was only carrying out orders...

Increase in egg donors raises concerns

I Can See The Future Clearly

A Freeper's rationale for invading Iraq

Here is a TRULY Revolutionary quotation:

Newsweek: Bush relies far less on Cheney's judgment now than he did earlier

Iraqi Sunni Lands Show New Oil and Gas Promise

"Evoting researchers buy used "secure" voting machines for $82"

Here's the church where bush* & cheney pray (pic)

Tony Snow: "Things always go wrong. As a matter of fact, it happens in every war"

Were you born an asshole?

Human rights abuse rife in Saudi Arabia, watchdog says

Of cats and non-binding resolutions . . .

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Mon. 2/19 -- cherries

Faux Smears Murtha !

CNN: 'Bullet magnet' fears for Harry

Preznit Potty Mouth has plans

Iraqi Insurgents did something unusual today

Rep. Barbara Lee asks Bush if he intends to use military force against Iran

Both sides inspired by South Dakota bans on abortion. Lawmakers from other states try similar bills.

The one thing that I take comfort in is that these people are total incomps

Today I learned about the Peekskill Riots of 1949.

Neocons Revive Committee on Present Danger

NYTimes: As US troops flood Baghdad, Sunni militants seek to gain firm control of other areas

Non Sequitur just gets better....

We have set up a new place to post issues

Caption this Bush pic...

Iran: Claims explosives came from US

Authoritarianism can happen in United States

SO.....did anyone watch the Fix's answer to the DS last night?

I'm in the library studying breach and duty and it occurs to me

Man Reports Stolen Marijuana, Police Say

Dave Sirota should be allowed to cover Congress:

Which One Never Told a Lie? ---pix--->>>

Visiting Kyl says he saw Iran arms in Iraq

Bush Administration Condemns Iraq Resolution, Then Uses It As A Diplomatic Strategy

Romney Joined NRA Just Six Months Ago

A pledge I'd like to hear from presidential candidates' spouses

Sherman Alexie is going to release his first novel in ten years..

More pictures from my trip to Crawford, Texas.

Police seek 'Onion Field' killer

CNN ASKS (vote now)

Science Finds New Ways to Regrow Fingers

Confession video is a hoax says Lawrence!

Mitt, Rudy and McCain seem to be having a competition

Documentary at 1:45 p.m. EST on Sundance

Possible Progress on Health Care Coverage Reform

U.S. Congressman (Don Young) calls for war critics to be hung

Things that make you go "hmmmm..."

Bush Compares His Tyranny at Home, and His Imperialism Abroad, to U.S. Revolutionary War

Being a hawk has nothing to do with national security

Will Pitt on with Peter Werbe now (10PM Pacific)

Evangelical Leader: In late 2002 many of the Iraqi leadership agreed to leave country and go to UAE

Michiganders preach Al Gore's global warming gospel

Sincere Idiot, Persistent Ass, Incompetent President

Newsweek on Fox's "News Hour": only time I laughed was during a commercial for "The O'Reilly Factor"

CNN Poll - Is Iraq War worst mistake?

A Rose For DU

Tell Don Young (R -ALaska) how you want to be executed.

Poor RimJob. His Cranium Explodes At the Prospect Of Rudy.

Why is April 16 a holiday in DC?

Small U.S. towns bear scars from Iraq

thanks Flarney!

Let's think of some things we can say bye to if Roe V. Henry Wade is overturned

Senator Bill Clinton? Just read this interesting in RawStory.

Rice Admits To U.S. Troops: ‘Your Honor and Your Sacrifice’ Is ‘Appreciated’ By Iraq War Critics

I NEED AN ANSWER STAT!!! Right X-tian wing nut job

Suspect arrested in attack on Nobel laureate

3140 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

I want my dinars

Anyone listening to this asshole talking to Thom Hartman

List of "no-show" Republican Senators on Saturday's vote?

Protestors, Don't be Afraid to Show Your Anger

So CNN's "news" today has been a car accident in Miami, a brush fire in

Have you ever talked to your Congressional representatives, and if so how long ago was it?

Ed Schultz was just quoting Harry Reid saying Iraq is a bigger blunder than Vietnam

. . . but, he said and did NOTHING to end it

How many issues has John McCain flip flopped on now????

Iraq: The Hidden War (great 48-min video on the real war)

I saw a Hummer with VA State Senate plates on it yesterday.

They call THIS "Support Our Troops"?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon donated $1 million to B*sh 41 Presidential Library

Climate change: Scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps

Murray Waas: The Libby-Cheney Connection

Do you think Bush will proceed with the Divine Stake Bomb Test

Wolfowitz intends to dramatically expand World Bank-funded projects in Iraq in the near future

Jesus' General does it again: Multiple Choice McCain....graphic

I actually know Republicans who hate Clinton so much, it's changed their lives.

Picture from my visit to Crawford.

What happened to him? He looks like a bloated Shar-Pei wearing rouge ---pix--->>>

Changes coming to meat, poultry inspections (AP/CNN)

Greenwald: Brit Hume is a partisan advocate, not an objective journalist

What, McCain flip flop? No way...

Triangulating the IWR:

Bush's new Iraq security strategy: US troops will become sitting ducks in small combat outposts

I'm so sick of Texas (Politicians that is.)

Carter: Energy crisis will test America's character

Conference to mobilize Christian leaders to "vote and win!"

For my GLBT brothers and sisters

Japan's Aso: U.S. "sex slave" resolution regrettable

uh...bad news for us

**Caption Patrick Fitzgerald**

Please do something about Racism . . .

A True Conservative Would Be Ashamed of Fox "News", Limbaugh, and Anne Coulter

How duped was this country before the Internets?

Bill Richardson to new Dem congress: "Move away from non-binding resolutions

If you cannot stomach the "screaming head" shows today

US wrestles with execution question (BBC) {MD bill to ban all executions}

WaPo series on shameful neglect and treatment of Iraq War Veterans. Links here:

The Senate vote to cut funding in Somalia

Reverand Dan just called Thom Hartmann

IMPEACH Bush, Letter I sent to Congressman Dan Boren

Bush links the war on terror to the American Revolution

RFK's son is a correspondent for FAUX news?

Scott Ritter coming up on Randi (AAR) to discuss Iran

LOL! McCain: Rumsfeld One Of Worst Secretaries Of Defense In History

Is the Surge Working yet?

Key to Opening the Gates of Hell? Another questionable slideshow. Bush Admin makes another weak case

Who Do YOU Think the Repukes Will Run in 2008?

HEADLINE: "Bin Laden rebuilding al-Qaida, U.S. officials say"

The wheels are coming off

In South Dakota, Gardasil Isn't Made Mandatory via Executive Order. It is FREE.

How do Cities Work With Venezuela For Low Cost heating Oil?

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Ted Koppel: Our Children's Children's War

Will the Bush administration remit the American cult of viewing self-examination and doubt as weak?

Satellite radio's XM, Sirius to merge

It’s Reported, They Mock, You Decide

Hispanic youths launch movement against mounting deportations

PHOTO: Actor portraying George Washington in President's Day ceremony

Bush: War On Terror Like U.S. Revolution

Saudi Report: Condi working with Allawi in regards to contigency incase Iraq security plan fails

Another line item in the the total cost of Bush's and Cheney's wars......

How many U.S. Senators do you know by sight?

Iran And The U.S. What Is At Stake

3144 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

The upside to a Hillary Presidency

Dolphin mortality high at Las Vegas casino exhibit

TALKERS magazine's Top 250 list is out!

NYC's 9/11 Heros are on their own when it comes to medical bills.

Terrorist Fundraiser of the Year

Please join us tomorrow at Rep. Markey's office (xpost from MA forum)

Good; Tweety is covering the deplorable treatment of wounded Iraqi vets.

Does Bush really believe it's patriotic to scare people with his

Nine US troops killed between Saturday

Hillary on Iraq, Afghanistan, and our need to sacrfice (is she right?)

Shrub to make another Executive appointment while Congress is off!

Previously unseen home movie of the Kennedy motorcade just released.

Chain male :-)

How will republicans show support for the troops now after the Post article?

Daylight-saving bug could foil computers

John McCain below the belt inspires kids to quit having sex

SCI-FI to SCI-FACT: Plasma Converter

No Apology Needed From Hillary

What's Amazing is that Brittany had Camera's for Head Shaving and

Military chaplan denied transfer to Wicca

While Iraqis struggled, Americans sent to rebuild led cocooned existence in centre of the capital

Headline: Moynahan expecting ex-boyfriend Brady's child (huh?)

Breaking News....Film doesn't show JFK being assassinated!

i'll bet Gregory Steven Hart didn't think the whole world was going to find out what dirtbag he is

US 'Iran attack plans' revealed

This is actually from a week ago - but significant though.

Small U.S. towns bear scars from Iraq

Condi: "We understand there's still the shadow of what happened about weapons of mass destruction"

We Hold These Truth's to be Self Evident: Impeachment, Iraq, Katrina, Habeus Corpus, Source Code,

Peter B collins guest talks about Iran

Replugs Support the Troops and Veterans (NOT)

Is Sweden Socialist?

Bush (with smirky grin): "This Thing is Wilder than the Wild West."

Hey! I know how to tell of dumbya's lying!

Did worship of the Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages give rise to feminism?

Chimpy is comparing Iraqi war to Revolutionary War on KO.

McCain says Roe v. Wade should be overturned

I do not think it gives the man justice. Say Murtha -

US Navy denies reports of offensive military build-up in Gulf

Obama in California, Iowa, Texas, and Ohio (Cleveland) this week.

Concerned about global warming?....If so, "step it up" on April 14

Reasons why being a righty sucks right now...

Question about USPS (Post Office) and holidays

Senator John McBush.

So the Shiite radicals are just going to lay low until we leave

People Live, and People Die

Dana Milbank COMPLETELY missed the point

Smackdown of Rush in a Republican stronghold paper (re: Obama)

DUers scream about a 3 yr. old that delays flight 15 min. but accept 11 hours?

Commander Coxey's Army

Cry Me A River Joe

Dana Priest to be on Hardball in few minutes.

Hurry! The president is about to speak the truth

"Senator John McBush" - Thanks, Tweety!

Mummified, dead, shot through the heart body speaks

Money trumps....ah.....ah......ah

Paul Rieckhoff on Hardball and Jon Soltz on Countdown (video)

Pentagon Intentionally Hiding 1/2 of Iraq Injured and Wounded

How many different ways has Cheney and Bush escaped criticism?

Why do conservatives hate the UN?

Guarantee 13 year old males a future and we may "end" terrorism.

DU's own David Van Os: The Hell with "Phased"--excellent essay


Something to think about: Number of Tim Hardaways: 1, Number gay people in America: 30 million

World's Largest Science Group Chimes in on Climate Change

Obama swiftboat?

Rapture Ready board in a lather over "illegals" getting credit cards

BBC: US 'Iran Attack Plans' Revealed (& it's not just nuclear sites)

Dixie Chicks Still Not Ready to Make Nice

Hey, who's the crazy bald chick on CNN the past couple days? n/t

What A Class Act Our Chimpy Is...

Little Lord Bush Dwarfed by George Washington ---pix--->>>

this is crazy, right?

Whatever happened to the "Health Care Debate"?

NYT:Trial Spotlights Cheney’s Power as an Infighter

Bush compares Revolutionary, terror wars

Just saw on CNN: so, 10-20 people in a compound,

NYTimes Op/Ed: "Moral Waivers & The Military"

NY Times: The Hot Ticket in Hollywood: An Evening With Obama

Good Luck to Patrick Fitzgerald on the Libby Trial

Does anyone know if Keith O. is on live tonight? Thx n/t

Walter Reed Army Medical Center Begins Repairs on Building 18

Final arguments in Libby trial set for Tuesday

civil unions set to begin in New Jersey....AND we still won Congress...holy shit!!

AP: Home Movie Shows JFK Seconds Before Death

Stock market, get out before we hit Iran or...

Ted Haggard wins 130,000 lottery, or as his church calls it "Day of Hope"

Just What Is 21st Century Socialism?? (Venezuela)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Yay!! Mike & Kathy are back!

Did GW gives OBL back to his family?

Is their a right to peaceful revolution?

Report from the trenches ... our vigil today in North San Diego County, Ca.

Reuters: Australia to ban incandescent bulbs by 2009

Nasty verbal fight ensues between Duncan Hunter and Giuliani supporters

Novak: Murtha is moving close to command over U.S. policy on Iraq

Malloy RETURNS to XM 1 March '07

What are the circumstances, in the U,S., for Bush to declare Martial Law?

Could you imagine an Edwards vs Romney general election?

Poll up at Cnn lou dobbs page: Legalize Marijuana?

Republicans on the rampages

Those bastards let kids eat out of shitty lunchboxes with high amounts of lead!

Here is the reason we need to leave Iraq...props to northofdenali

On KO: "Forgotten Warriors." Walter Reed treats returning war vets like

Who Represents YOU in Congress

Cheney's Hotel Requirements

ROFL!!! Keith running the Fox laugh track


Lone clapper Kramer applauded by Republicans for celebrating record profits for big oil companies

Pole that has Hillary on top

Tue NYT article to paint porttrait of Cheney doing whatever he wanted re:Plame

Prince Harry prepares to possibly do what the pResident nor his spawn did not.

Well, here we go: It's kook time! (Email I got a bit ago, 6:30est or so)

US traitor Robert Hanssen was a source for Bob Novak!

Saw Letters from Iwo Jima yesterday - wonderful

White House delivers surge in lies, hypocrisy

Army Fixing Patients' Housing (Dana Priest and Anne Hull follow-up)

Is Mitt Romney too good to be true?


Sen. Clinton Using Surrogates to Reach Anti-War Congress Members

FL teachers seek to hold Gov. Crist to his promise to raise their salaries to "over $100,000"

After spending millions to discredit him, Mellon Scaife thinks Clinton was "a pretty good president

Impeachment... What's the point?

OMG...Novak: GOP removes Chairman of Vet. Affaris save money

HOLY CRAP!! GOP Donor INDICTED for Trying to Fund TERRORISTS!!! (Not a Joke)

* being spanked by the Statue Of Liberty (float at Rose Monday street carnival parade- Germany)-pics

Hardball is GREAT tonight-I think Matthews is genuinely outraged

TARGETING LAWYERS: A blacklist's real face

bwahaha...pResident Weed. someone called him that today...LOVE IT

Great site for gathering bible versus not taken literally even by fundamentailists

What did you think of Scott Ritter on Randis show ?

Black Eyed Peas, Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Sheryl Crow among performers at Gore's SOS concerts

Republican calls for monitoring of ALL email and IM's

Sexual Predator Panic: A Closer Look

Sometimes I quake with anger at the Mormon Church

Separated af Birth ---pix--->>>

Hospital Investigates Former Aid Chief:Walter Reed Official

There Will Be No "George W. Bush Day" ====>

If every household in Canada replaced 1 incandescent w/ a flourscent bulb = 66,000 cars off the road

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

I heard Noam Chomsky say something really disturbing in a documentary last night

this editorial in my paper from Rep Joe Barton : dems don't support troops-DU TIME

Dear DUers - please help keep "Money Trumps Peace" in the foreground.

If you could help to free a political prisoner with a few clicks of a mouse

St. Patty's Day MARCH ON THE PENTAGON !! 150 Cities Organize !

Here's what 3,137 looks like.

Attack on the Homeless in Fresno, CA is broadcasted.

I'm sorry but did people think New Orleanians were going to stop murdering people

Dana Priest slide show - The Wounded at Walter Reed

No Shopping April 15-22!!!: National Boycott for Peace

USA Today: Police needing heavier weapons

Gun-toting Texans aim for a 'shoot thy neighbour' law

NY Man Charged With Trying To Fund Terror-Republican Party Ties

I'm worried about our chances in the 2008 Presidential election

PHOTO: Chimpy gets a spanking

I'm ashamed to admit I never saw "Why We Fight" until just now.

dKOS: CIA "torture pilots" discovered

Have you thanked those Washington Post women for shining a bright light into

LOL! "If you love the President, take this poll."

Hidden Inside The Defense Bill: Making Martial Law Easier

Hillary using right wing talking points--- against her Dem opponents?

Wes Clark: Party Builder, Nose Picker

Mummified body found in front of blaring TV

Children's TV 'is linked to cancer, autism, dementia'

I better do this before I leave or I will feel badly about it-

Charles Langford, 84, Lawyer Who Represented Rosa Parks, Dies

Anyone think Martial Law was anticipated, but the sheeple

Check out this website I found today

Please do something about Racism . . .

New Film released moments before JFK got Shot

Is the Olberman vid available anywhere?

Some mull idea of Sen. Bill Clinton (Spitzer could appoint Bill to Hillary's seat)

RiverBend - Baghdad Burning - New Blog Post 2/20/07

The U.S. health care system SUCKS!!

“I will screw him in the ass!” (Sure you will, george. Sure you will.)

Holy crap: McCain "Rumsfeld the worst Defense Secretary ever"

Anybody else think that since McCain is missing part of his FACE that he won't get elected?

Right Wing Site Targets Cindy Sheehan and calls for her death

Just bought some CARBON OFFSETS from a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit

free gary tyler! Amnesty Int'l and Bob Herbert think he is innocent

Greg Palast: Iraq Study Group or Saudi Protection League?

I'd vote for Hillary, but I won't work for her.

SAIC -- "Washington's $8 Billion Shadow" Vanity Fair Investigative Report

Mother of murdered girl is a Democratic activist from my neighborhood

I am sick of republics and their like. I am tired of trying to reason with them

Make English the official US language!

Hillary now ranked LAST among Dem Senators

Apocalypse Not: Leaving Iraq will not lead to bigger bloodbath

The Left and Right agree to hate Hillary!

Tim Hardaway now says he DOESN'T hate gay people.

Listening to Ed Schultz for the first time

I think Bush is crazy enough to use a nuke on Iran

Dahr Jamail: The lack of security in Iraq is leading now to a collapse in food supplies

ABC: GOP doner with terrorist connections, may have also had contact with Department of Defense

Do you think we are on overload ?

WP: 6 of 7 Dismissed US Attorneys Had Positive Job Evaluations (Most investigating GOP corruption!)

What's Sadder Than Republicans Trying To Be Funny?

Taking the Hill - Documentary On War Vets Run for Congress

LAT: Obama memoir left out credits for activism, critics say

Health benefits, Congresscritters and 'what is good for the goose....."

Romney Supports 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

One More Time: "This resolution, like others before it, does not declare anything.

WJ Question: Who is your favorite Pres'd

The demise of the "living-room" campaign in Iowa

Who is this idiot from the Cleveland Plain Dealer on C-Span?

Al Qaeda rebuilding its network, U.S. says

Former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Endorses Obama

Arundhati Roy: a devastating video

Dave Letterman the other night

I had dinner with Barack Obama saturday night

Excellent Edwards update (for those inclined) of his campaign activities over the weekend

Should I be outraged at NPR or just Fox?

(Multiple-Choice Mitt) Romney joined NRA in August; Was advocate of gun control

DU a poll: imit the 2002 measure authorizing President Bush's use of force against Saddam Hussein?

Der Mittenfuhrer: Posing with Guns (Multiple-Choice Mitt Flip-Flops Again, Discovers New Hobby)

Some in Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy, including Scaife, call off battle against Hillary Clinton

Where's Bill Clinton?

The Sunday Times: Secret aid for al-Qa'ida in Somalia (by Saudi Arabia and Egypt)

Harry Reid's son signs up with Clinton campaign...

Al Qaeda Chiefs Are Seen to Regain Power

Why GWB has kept Osama alive for so long

The Big Chill (James Kunstler)

Militants Attack U.S. Base in Iraq

wingnuts still lying about Plame; Help me debunk LTTE

Voters' Hunger for Change Threatens Republican Dream of Eternal Power

La-la land has lots of liberal talk available?

Guliani has joined the religious right

could someone please explain to me why this isn't genocide?

Texas Republicans and the "Shoot Thy Neighbor" Law.

Our Valentine hearts have disappeared! Thanks for mine, and for this community.

John Nichols: A Nobel Peace Prize Winner for President? (The Nation)

TPMuckraker reports Hillary campaign reaching out via surrogates to antiwar members of Congress

The Big Dawg in the Senate?

**MY** anger is directed at the Republic's side of the equation ......

Looks like the Dem candidate they are most scared of is Hillary.

Yanno .... it occurs to me that John McCain has invented a whole new political tactic .......

The US Senate isn't worth a bucket of warm spit.

Great scene from the movie "Reds" ... video

Former South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Endorses Obama

McCain: Iraq war mismanaged for years (praised, now criticizes Rummy)

Is anybody else tired of RWers talk of our "Micromanaging this war"?

RE: Dixie Chicks. A brief history of politics and country music

Is Giuliani's hawkishness on Iraq any more forgivable because ...

"Barack Obama's On-Point Message Man," David Axelrod, to be on today's HARDBALL

Republican Terrorist charged in Manhattan

Candidate Romney defends opposition to stem cell research, despite wife Ann's MS

Bush's liars have been saying that the Iraqis were now leading

CNN Reporting That Al Qaeda And Osama Bin Laden - Getting Stronger........

A Little Joke For My New Friends At DU

Conservatives Target 17 GOP War Critics in Congress

Clinton comments over the years on Iraq - incl end the war plan below - what are other candidates

Two candidates down in the 08 presidential race already.

PLEASE PLEASE!!! republicans nominate this guy

AP: (S.C.) (Hillary) Clinton Defends Consulting Contract

Iraqis Blogging for McClatchy Provide Brutal Insight

Conservatives Target GOP War Critics in Congress (Dems and GOP)

Proposal for new forum: flashback news stories

Will Any Senate Democrats Step Down Soon?

The End of the Era of the Single Issue Voter...

Tweety just invited Obama to a collage tour on a campus of his choice

As Clinton Runs, Some Old Foes (Scaife) Stay on Sideline....

In S.C, Clinton doesn't rebuke Ford for saying Obama would bring down Dems in '08 because he's black

Tweety: hows Obama going to beat Hillary in the primary with all that money she has..

Dodd Finishes Fourth in Home State Poll (behind Clinton, Obama, Gore)

Most pathetic, shamelessly-pandering Republican presidential hopeful recent flip-flops

They will fight us here because- they're back!

Do you believe Bush can use the IWR as political cover?

Sen. Bill Clinton?

US 'Iran attack plans' Revealed

Which President was right on all the issues?

To his credit, Tweety is about to cover 'The Other Walter Reed' with Dana Priest, who .....

Small U.S. towns bear scars from Iraq

How to Spot a Republican Congressman (humor)

Murtha's support-the-troops legislation de-escalates Iraq.

Ok, who slipped the Kool-Aid to Hillary?

Stop the cheerleading: Let's start comparing candidates on the issues - Kucinich vs. Clinton: Choice

The troops aren't coming home. We're building permanent military bases in Iraq.

An Email From Elizabeth Edwards

This is priceless

troops are volunteers--quit whining when they die.

Edwards Supporters: Weekend Roundup from Dkos

Daily Kos "Why America Needs Wes Clark"

I finally had THE conversation with a stranger, out of the blue, who immediately admitted he voted

Hillary Clinton channeling Lieberman today in South Carolina?

Obama Team in Rapid Response Mode...

'Money Trumps Peace' (Mary Lyon)

Which candidate would be best able to pull the others into their administration?

Perhaps the ANTI-W site of the month!

Stop the cheerleading: Let's start comparing candidates on the issues - Kucinich vs. Clinton: WTO

I fear our Democrats are appealing to THEIR base rather than ours.

Anti-Hillary campaign losing steam

Gallup red-state, blue-state poll paints Alabama purple

I see nothing wrong with Hillary telling people who disagree with her war vote to look elsewhere

The IWR issue is WMD. What did you know that Gen. Clark didn't?

Gore rules out bid for US White House in 2008

Get in your FUCKING black Suburbans and drive the FIVE fucking miles ......

Why would Harper's Magazine do this to Obama?

Ed Schultz: The US needs to attack Iran

Why the Dem candidates' feeble health insurance proposals are a bad idea

Man Bites Dog

"Hillary Clinton could be President, and Here's How"