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Bush: Turning His Back on Soldiers at Home and Abroad

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 279

Pan's Labyrinth - Fascism and Psychopathic behavior.

Cheney seeks greater war effort from allies

Who Will Protect and Defend Our Military From the Bush Administration?

State doesn't support McConnell; so Bush is coming to his fundraiser

NYT: Al Qaeda Chiefs Are Seen to Regain Power

UK Independent: Time to Ask Questions About Condi

Frank Rich: Oh What a Malleable War

Congress Must Defund the War (Sen. Russell Feingold)

End is Nigh by Jane Smiley at the Huffington Post

Bush looks to historic parallels for final legacy

Mia Farrow Reports from Central African Republic

Is it an accident that Genuine John Edwards has chosen this moment to emerge? (Newsweek)

Will the Dems Finally Play Hardball? By Robert Parry

Follow the Leader?

Stronger unions mean a strong middle class (LA Times)

Leaked letter explains why House Republicans refuse to debate Iraq war

Robert Parry: Moon/Bush 'Ongoing Crime Enterprise'

Newsweek: Mystery Man in Libby Trial and His "Off the Record Club"

TomPaine: Rendering the CIA Useless

The Progressive: Corporate Globalization Kills

Shame on the Washington Post, Again (ROBERT PARRY)

Charging Vacation Days for Jury Duty is ‘Contemptuous’

E&P: When the 'Surge' Might Have Been Stopped -- Editorial Pages Punted

Tom Hayden: Ending It: How to End the Iraq War and Occupation

Is war with Iran in America's interests?

Comair pilots have until March 4 to vote on new contract terms (cut pay by 11 percent)

InterPress: Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal

Britney Shaves Her Head while Neocons Finger Iran on the Cheap

Corporate America: Do The Right Thing

Immigrants: They Are America

Duplicate Post - Sorry

Clinton Tries New Approach on Iraq Vote (says to take a walk)

Dick Cheney’s Dangerous Son-in-Law

The American Prospect: Sick Transit

War with Iran: IEDs and o-i-l

Fighting them "over there"


IT outsourcing in US to increase at 5.9%

Gulf states eye oil windfall. Environmental projects may fall by wayside.

War On Terrorism: Protect them from us

Cheney comes with appreciation, though maybe not for Rudd

There Was No 'Smart' Way to Invade Iraq

Morford: I'm A Straight Liberal No More!

The Nation: War Drums on Iran

Cheney seeks greater war effort from allies

Oh What a Malleable War (Frank Rich)

Last chance summit for fading Condi

White House delivers surge in lies, hypocrisy

US servers now use more electricity than color TVs

Vegetarianism and the Environment

Investor group unveils climate blacklist

Rapid Climate Breakdown Presents China With "Unimiginable Challenges" - AFP

Guardian UK: Climate change: scientists warn it may be too late to save the ice caps

Live in the Bay Area? Maps to show you how 1 meter in sea level rise will affect your area

Wind Shifts Devastate Ocean Life (Re. Dead Zones In Oregon, Elsewhere) - BBC

Venezuela, Trinidad agree on gas field split

Oregon Appeals Court Overturns 22-Year Sentence In SUV Arson Conviction

Frisian Island Of Sylt Loses 800K Cubic Meters Of Sand In Two Months To Storms, Flooding - IPS

"Now or never" for CO2 cuts

Insurers' Retreat From US Coastline Continues - Baltimore Sun

Hong Kong New GHG Global Champion - Emissions/Square Meter 500X Those Of US

Wyoming State Gvn. OKs Some Landowner Say-So On Coal-Bed Methane Discharge

Global Governments Sign Non-Binding Climate Resolution Urging Action On Post-Kyoto Plan

TXU Wants Up To 11 New Coal Plants, But They're Really OK Cuz They Help Plant Trees!!!!!

In energy conservation, California sees the light

Australian Treasurer, Finance Minister Split On Climate While Howard Stalls - Age

Robot watches out for rare bird (BBC) {Ivorybill woodpecker, natch}


Region emerges as a leader in renewable power sources (MN)

Woman, 6 children die in Greene County fire

US, China 'must act to avert disaster'

Inherit the Wind

US, Israel threaten to shun Palestinian govt

Court orders settlers to leave building in East Jerusalem

Muslim prayer room found near Mugrabi Gate

Rice meets Abbas to discuss Palestinian unity deal

'Outposts,' stepchildren of Israel's settlement drive, are thriving in the West Bank

Israel, U.S. May Shun Palestinian Gov't

Questions Still Smolder!

James Bath, the Saudi Royals and Bin Laden

9/11 Questions Still Smolder

2008 Election Series Premiere - 10 dates in February

HOLT BILL ON TRIAL: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 02/18/07

Feinstein Hearing: The Hazards of Electronic Voting

Way to go: Kenya: leaders vowed to mobilise millions of Kenyans countrywide

Make voices heard on voting

Set up for failure: Working within the system for clean elections. Election Forum News 2/19

Can We Work within the system ? (Autorank hits a HOMERUN!)

There is something I'm not understanding about Mr. Conyers.

'08 hopefuls campaign amid vote on Iraq

Breaking BBC - Helicopter Down - Afghanistan

Rice in Jerusalem to press for peace (I wish Madeline was back in the

(HR) Clinton urges start of Iraq pullout in 90 days

Iraqi insurgents targeting US helicopters: report

Battle between ‘crock’ McCain and 'weird' Giuliani (age a factor for McCain)

Did Bush have financial linkswith the scandal-plagued Enron?

Russia, Qatar discuss creation of OPEC-style natural gas cartel

Democrats Fail in Bid to Vote on Surge


(Reuters) Four killed in Mogadishu car explosion: witnesses

Terry (R-Ne) backs plan to expand intelligence facility at Offutt (Air Force Base)

Hagel (R-Ne) cheers word of Middle East diplomatic plans

Gulf states eye oil windfall. Environmental projects may fall by wayside.

US Navy Responds to Iranian Naval Exercises (LA Times)

Cheney seeks greater war effort from allies

Bush looks to historic parallels for final legacy

Hagel(R-Ne), Nelson(D-Ne) blast Senate for failing to move resolution

JetBlue cancels more flights into Monday

U.S. base with vital role in drug war facing closure

2 Baghdad car bombs kill 56, injure 127

Woman, 6 children die in Greene County fire

‘Security forces’ rob Baghdad academics

Reuters: Black box in Brazil crash reveals series of errors

8 U.S. Troops Die in Afghan Copter Crash

Union workers rally against use of non-union workers in Reno hotel project

Comair pilots have until March 4 to vote on new contract terms (cut pay by 11 percent)

Marine gets 8 years in Iraqi killing

Reuters: Iraq VP wants Shi'ite militia named terror group

Stop & Shop union halts plans for strike (43,000 workers)

Reuters: Car bombs kill 31 in Baghdad despite crackdown

Democrats regroup after setback in Congress on Bush Iraq vote

3 climbers found safe on Mount Hood

Breaking: Explosives found near tracks in train kill at least 60 in India-Pakistan train

J POST: US, Israel in synch on Iran policy, Burns tells 'Post'

Impasse Eclipses Rice's Mideast Trip

AP: Verizon phone records case moved to California

Dems Mull Plan to Change Iraq Resolution

Report details expenses of National Guard soldiers on border

Ex-envoy says Iraq rebuilding plan won't work

Large Scale Search and Rescue Underway on Oregon's Mt. Hood

(Update) Newspaper editor shot dead in Mindanao

Politician 'said journalists deserved to die' (East Timor 1975)

MNF Iraq: Grenade attack targets MND-B patrol (2 incidents, 2 dead)

ABC (Australia): Hicks could be home this year, says Downer

New Weapon in Web War Over Piracy

Pentagon: National Guard Facing Shortages

Cuba honors American who made Castro a legend

Critics: Colombia Manipulates Crime Data

(Tony) Snow disputes claim that Iraq is blunder

Evolution Memo Prompts Call For Apology (Georgia Republican Legislator)

Rice scrambles to salvage Mideast peace initiative

Indian Gov't to Raise Unwanted Girls (ABC News)

Iran flap exposes public skepticism of US intelligence, intentions

Edwards Urges Talks with Iran

Explosion in Russian McDonald's ("hooliganism" not "terrorism") interesting times we live in

Inventor of the TV remote dies

FCC meeting to focus on media consolidation

Fox Opens Competition With CNBC With Jab ("more business-friendly" than rival)

Man sues IBM over firing, says he's an Internet addict

Reid: (CNN) Iraq war 'worst foreign policy mistake' in U.S. history

Iran alleges U.S. involvement in deaths of 11 Revolutionary Guards

McCain: Roe v. Wade should be overturned

Guardsmen serving in war zones await late pay

call the whitecoats! La Bamba

Why don't kids believe in Cheddar Man anymore?

Night all. Gotta work in the mornin' Have a good one.

So, this is how pretty I am

Hormel eating? Anyone else participate?

This is only a test

Am I in a musical nut?

Your favorite apres snack?

I am contemplating taking a break from DU.

Hey, Rev_Acts! I got paid.

14 minutes to answer all your questions

Am I in a musical rut?

This ol' douchebag is going to bed

Am I in a musical hut?

I rode 17 miles today -- on a porpoise!

Did you ever wonder... "What ever happened to Strawberry Letters 1 through 22?"

Half trashed... bored... and the last one awake... Ask me anything!

Has anyone seen "I Love Egg"?

Now I am going to bed.

In my day...

Say Something Smart

Why Didn't My Polls work?

I Have This Image In My Head That I'm Out On A Beach At Night Right Now

You have got to be kidding!


I walked 17 miles today -- on purpose!

If you were gender dysphoric or "transgender"

I can't sleep.

One more thing before I retire! With Elrond Hubbard in mind.

I'm 44 years old and I think I would like to see Justin Timberlake crushed

I just had a nightmare...

Xin Nean Quai Le - Happy New Year (Year of the Pig)

Grateful Dead Fans Check In

Am I a bad mother?

Anybody up for some dream analysis?

thank the GODS for bloody mary's

Britney shaves head, film @ 11 eom

Have not slept a wink....

This is quite annoying but very addicting.......

Making the parents proud!

DUers: PENISES: Remove them from circulation?

Any bad conversions of former chain restaurants near you?

I feel creepy. (lame copycat, sorry Writer!)

Happy Year of the Fire Pig!

Am i a musical slut?

So big breated scantily clad women are now using their bodies

Is the movie "Ghostbusters" any good?

Live Mardi Gras Parade Cam

Bad (but funny) Bushie joke

fox news babes set to music----video from you tube


Storm whips paraglider to heights of 32,000 ft...and she lives!!

Plushy dog toy tip. Check sound before purchase. Hamster dance. Yes that. All day long.

I'm going to see Ghost Rider today before Daytona

Has it been too long?

Click here to see some balls

Youtube now officially sucks

Hormel eating- anyone else participate?

Who wants to cook dinner for me today ? I feel so lazy lol.

Symbol of our times

Thank you to the secret admirer...

Music teachers: what part of the national standards would ear training fall under?

I heard "Stuck in the Middle With You" on the radio today

Cat massages dog

What's the best way to refer to this area of Africa?

U.S. DUers: PENNIES: Remove them from circulation?

Help? Need a present for my best friend.


Isle-like pie.

I like pie

My Friend Won't Drink Water Out of the Toilet

Awesome online Word Puzzle site

Owen loves his momma

Have you ever discussed disgust?

Why am I always in a foul mood on Sundays?

It is *all* Spider Jerusalem's fault - Music for a Sunday Morning...

I like pi.

"High Plains Drifter" is on AMC right now

Valentines Day Poem...Read it and tell me what you think

I just made a giant pot of gumbo.....anyone up for some?

There's a Kitler in my back yard right now!

Why am I always in a Fish mood on Sunday?

I just made a giant gumbo of pot.....anyone up for some?

Has anyone ever told you s/he loves you when you didn't feel the same?

"If you like Pina Coladas..."

Suspect accused of hitting girl with frozen meat awaits preliminary hearing.

Thank you, secret admirers!

I like PJs...

OMG You HAVE to see this SICK hockey fight!

Sunday afternoon drinking thread

Roundabouts - worthy or waste?

I went to my (future)BIL's bachelor party last night, ask me anything!

I like PI's

I wonder if I can couterfeit valentine's hearts?

I'm like Pi.

I now know her name: Ellen Foley

Celtic Woman Fans: My PBS station is playing the new concert.

Describe your dream home.

Health Valley Vegetable Barley soup is wicked tasty! It just needs to be said.

THE ROAD, by Cormac McCarthy. Holy Shite!

If you HAD to live a life of complete abstinence, with what vice would you replace sex?


My Friend Won't Drink Beer Out of The Tap

My grandmother passed away this morning.

Cat location update

do you think auto repair places are all open on monday?

I've been asked to say "grace" at a Jackson Day Dinner

darn bug anyhow...

Old car buffs...interesting find here:


I like pie

Isn't this pretty?

Who is the wise-ass who got a valentine's heart for Name Removed?

Left Turns

Pan's Labyrinth

Does anyone know how to get rid of the DRM from itunes downloads?

Can someone explain the Barry Gibb Talk Show to me

It's 6:20 p.m. CST--Do you know where your 60 Minutes is (are)?

Official DU attempt to break world's record for most tangerines in one thread

Official DU attempt to break world's record for most trombones pics in one thread...

Hey Canadians, what happened after this old International Hockey Fight

The transistion to Mac from Windoze...Interesting so far...

I am a single woman for the next week.

Sunday morning breakfast with dad (pics)

You know, double majoring in Biology and English may be the best decision of my life

Time to check your elderly parents' medicine cabinet

Hey Rev Acts! I Got Laid.

Do you have a personal quality/characteristic/habit that even embarrasses you?


come join me in a victory dance

Uh. Oh. Someone's in trouble...

And now... a random YouTube Video thread.

My wife is reading "Tortilla Curtain."

Anyone get lucky with a single Democrat or some such?

Tickle my doodles....


It's a Sunday night PIC thread!!! C'mon people!!

I'm just going to come out and say it....

Who was the "sweet girl" in Wedding Crashers?

If you decapitate someone and throw the head in a river...

I have even more hearts!!! How the hell?!

'Spray more. Get more.'

If you give a man a fish and walk a mile in his shoes

Do you tip the person who pimps your ass?

Dammit! I'm cornfused. What shall I watch tonight?

I Think I Love My Wife

Anyone see that new presidents day sale for Saturn cars?

Inspired by HypnoToad's "doodles" thread...

Heaven help me. I'm in an introspective mood.

I'm leaving DU

Note to self: Do not use cheese that's been opened for 2 weeks...

I Think I Love Your Wife

If you castrate someone and throw the goods in a river

MASH (the film) is a masterpiece

I'm going down the street to the inconvenience store. Anyone need anything?

Mummified body found in front of blaring TV

Do you believe you are a slave to technology?

Are you the type of asshole who........

The wind is making my wall shake...

Where did "tastes like chicken" originate for weird food?

Ah Do Declare! This Sunday has moved slower than molasses

Can't make me!!!

Anyone had any luck with or other similar sites?


The Heck With This...

Another reason, among many, why dogs rule.

k b

The first part of Super Troopers is even funnier 2nd time around!!

Is UPS delivering tomorrow?

Spiffy, Kids drawings illustrated by professional artists.

Men who fold their hands

Best sad/melancholy/beautiful songs?

Man, these fucking fries suck fucking ass!

Is there trash pick-up tomorrow???

Yay!!! WV's coming out of the 'ice age'...

What's the difference between persistence and just being a pain?

For those needing a little pat on the back.

Final Thanks for the Heart Thread

I needed a new bookcase.

How much do you tip your paper carrier?

Are you f***ing kidding me?

do you tip the toLL booth coLLector?

Good evening from a third world country

Has anyone here told the person they gave a heart to it was them?

Good night DU. See you tomorrow!

Favorite and Least Favorite James Ellroy Novels?

Real Life Sandra Lee Quotes from Semi-Homemade!!!

Post an annoying moving gif or jpeg, then give it a sound effect

So I'm planning on buying a hybrid.


Which of these would have described your last relationship?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/18/07)


Online (free) poker...

You talking to me?

Our new puppy! ===> PICTURES


The Gospelaires of Dayton, Ohio - FABULOUS

I just posted in GD:

Just tell me - how much do you suck?

Congratulations undeterred!! 10,000 posts

found out my new boss's weak spot (but I still love my new job)

My week of 100% suckage

Uncle Richardo's Movie Review: 'Running With Scissors' extremely non-funny

Advice needed-spousal abuse

Medical terminology flash cards - what a blast!


I just got a new Dyson sphere and I'm so thrilled!

Don't forget! Bob Dylan-themed "Cold Case" airing tonight!

your perfect person

Penn State students raise record $5.2 million for pediatric cancer

Six years to the day after Earnhardt died, Childress sheds the Turn Four monkey

I like people who look "soft" and welcoming. Sensitive.

Official DU attempt to break world's record for most trampoline pics in one thread...

Does anyone have co-workers who insist on typing in all caps?

Hormonal eating - anyone else participate?

What do you WISH you were doing for a living?

Do you tip the person who pumps your gas?

What do you think of the new one dollar coin?

How much would this house cost where you live?

Was anyone else disturbed by the lobby shoot-out in THE MATRIX?

It needs to be said: dolo amber freakin' RULES.

I just bought some yaoi off ebay - Ask me anything

Official DU attempt to break world's record for most tangents in one thread

Do you ever get to the point where...

Preaching fashion. Minister advises clergy on style

Sisters in Islam (Malaysia)

Question for believers. Is doubt a vice or a virtue with regard to your faith?

I NEED AN ANSWER STAT!!! Right X-tian wing nut job

San Francisco: Demonstrators protest 'ex-gay' seminar

Gay Mayor of North Miami invites Tim HARDaway to spend a day with his family

A Kiss...Get Over It!

GLBT people should consider Richardson for President

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for February 18

Terps were lackluster at best tonight

The Stars This Week: "Endings and Beginnings" - Feb. 19 - Feb. 25, 2007

here's a GD thread that could use a little AS&AH love

A picture of Saracat who does thank you all I am sure!

I found some predictions for the rest of '07 that made my hair stand on end.

Havidol--When More is Not Enough!!

My friends, I need some positive energy

If you have PBS out of Boston; Celtic Woman is on now! Very uplifting!

Well, our 'forgotten' vets story made MSN

New diary at Kos

Support the Troops. Set a Deadline.

TomP needs

Lowell Sun mentions Sen. Kerry today. (No, wait, it's good!)

Senator Kerry Talks on Environment, Diplomacy (A blast from the past - 1998)

WaPo article: Walter Reed treatment of wounded, Welcome to Hell

The Boston Globe about how Kerry and Edwards responded to the Swift Boats

Bargaining Digest Weekly: by Gordon Pavy, Feb 17, 2007

The Person I Admire the Most

O'Reilly cuts mic on Radio Factor interview after guest questions his journalistic standards

Tim HARDaway's Frighteningly inappropriate comments elicit bizarrely inappropriate laughter

Labor 2006 in Columbus

2002 Barack Obama Interview: Against Iraq

Be Heard

TV show depicts plane crashed into WTC six months before 9/11

New Orleans- 18 months after Katrina.

Kicked Out of Hardesty PUBLIC School For Refusing To Say Lords Prayer

Sunni or Shiite? Don't ask the Chimp.

i'm mad as hell and I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

Panel on Atheism, CNN's Paula Zahn Now

Please send this to the lounge. I mistakenly posted this here.

Check In If you are experiencing Too Much Peace

I just realized somebody actually gave me a heart!

High suicide rate among troops in Iraq continues

Happy New Year! ***4705***

Bush World or Through the Looking-Glass

Peace and Air and Water

Body Found

9/11 Widows Keep on Asking the Tough Questions (Sign Petition)

I am confused.. I am watching the Health subcommittee hearings

BOO! Be VERY afraid...

Russia, Qatar discuss creation of OPEC-style natural gas cartel

2008 Democratic Primary: Has there ever been this many great candidates?

9/11 Questions Still Smolder

WJ this morning: Is there a liberal resurgence

"Democrats lose..." "Democrats defeated...", Not exactly...

A practical lesson in US democracy

FYI: Senate / House Iraq Resolutions links

N.J. police arrest man in S.F. attack on Wiesel

Teachers are the quiet heroes of Baghdad

Defunding the War, Dems in 2008, Political Considerations

Bush says call it "surge" and the media scum strap on their kneepads and comply

a chance to control the language. 'serial adulterer' as an honorific

As predicted - the media is devouring Bald Britney

NATO-led forces fatally shoot another Afghan man, mistaking him for suicide bomber

OMG... Tony Snow on MTP

Scalia Debates Canadian Supreme Court Justice Over Judicial Activism

Valentines Day Poem...Read it and tell me what you think

Leftward Ho: A Liberal Resurgence?

Is the Bush administration behind the bombings in Iran?

The thing that worries me more than anything is if there is another terrorist hit on our country

Romney's wife is pretty impressive....


I woke up and turned on the TV and the first words I hear are "but it wasn't shot down"

Seeking Answers. Is oil being used as a weapon? If it is, for what cause is it fighting?

Britney shaves head, film @ 11 eom

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - Sun 2/18 - Worst Juggler Ever

The Feith channel: How Pentagon hijacked intelligence for war

Anybody hear of an elevated terror threat level?

Good shot by Juan on FOX News this morning.

Being a grandfather ain't as easy as it looks sometimes...

Notice that WH surge talking point going by?

Britain will reduce its number of troops in Iraq again - Down to 4000 in May

Insurers shrink from coasts (not just in the Gulf, it's happening on the East coast too)

Why is the West heading for catastrophe in Iran? Because we have a nut for a president

Sometimes you gotta just laugh

CNN's New "Infotainment Format" Continues with Wolf still "doing Vegas!"

Great watching on FREE SPEECH TV

we wanna forget this don't we....

I want DU's opinion of this article

Chinese New Year starts 2/18 yr of the Pig

Heck of a job, bushie: New car bombing kills 36+ in Baghdad.

Triangulating the IWR:

Bush looks to historic parallels for final legacy

Tony Snowjob on MTP BS-ing away

GOP Senators up for reelection in 2008 and how they voted on the Iraq resolution

We know who's responsible for the deaths...

SFGate: Global Warming - Consequences Of A Rising Bay (maps)

2 Baghdad Car Bombs Kill 56, Injure 127

Anyone else catch Hagel on MTP "if I run for president" not if I run for the

Homebuilders, Bob Perry, and Business change tune on immigrant bashing.

Looney electrical engineer proves earth is moving in a straight

Did not Lieberman run on the Lieberman Party ticket?

Conyers Demands More Answers on Corruption Fighting Attorney Dismissals

Over at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Romney to heckler: "We need to have a person of faith lead the country."

R-Mitch McConnell is hypocritical amnesiac Number One.....

CNN (Blitzer) just labeled Lindsay Graham as a (D)

Bringing the Troops home is going to require four things in Congress.

Road Rage 'McMissile' Moment Lands Mom in Jail - 2 Years

How to celebrate Presidents DAY?

Trickly down attacks on the middle class

Reuters: Hillary urges start of Iraq pullout in 90 days

I just saw the most OUTRAGEOUS WalMart Commercial: "Healthcare Plans at under $1/Day??"

Bush's SEC Slashes Regulatory Fees on Corporations: Expect More Enrons

This strikes me as a bit twisted

The vice president told Libby that the president had waved his wand.

Remember the Gulf of Tonkin

Bush looks to historic parallels for final legacy

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Meanwhile, In Iraq...)

OK folks, it's time to get off your asses.

Pres Candidate Gov. Bill Richardson wants a vote to de-authorize the Iraq occupation

your perfect person

~Listen Now!~ Background Briefing with Ian Masters: Chalmers Johnson coming up

Weird experience and frightening

Anybody know what's up with AMERICAblog?

The Dodd candidacy

Tiny duckling has rare mutation: 4 legs

Has McCain been to Iraq??????

North Dakota Lawmakers Vote Down Resolution Honoring Bono

New Statesman: Plans For Attack on Iran Are Complete.

Wallace Calls Out Feith For Lying On Fox News

Tell me this is a joke...

In all complete seriousness...Mexico, Canada, or somewhere else

OOPS...Tony Blankley Calls Chrystia Freeland of Financial Times "Honey"

Will the Rove Connection Ramp Up Media Discussion of the Secret 2003 Iran Negotiations Proposal?

Wounded and waiting

As for the gridlock in the Senate on the Iraq resolution, I think this applies

Tony Snow Disputes Claim That Iraq Is A Blunder

How Bush and a horrible Congress have made me a better citizen

Amending the Constitution to Permit Impeachment to Originate with States

How Wealth Creates Poverty in the World

How Fares My Sweet And Sinful New Orleans?

Wounded in Iraq, Neglected at Walter Reed

The Kids are Alright… (albeit not in the U.S. and G.B.)

The danger that the Democrats face in their struggle with Bush

SO was firing the Justice Dept investigators a RICO situation to protect the crimes of the president

Building 18--- A WAPO story about inured Vets, Walter Reed, and a shameful bureaucracy!

Awesome online Word Puzzle site

Military exercise question?

Wake Up America! (Dial-Up Warning)

Your Anti-Terrorism $$$$s At Work

Wolfie with Reid:

On talking points regarding the armed forces

newest media distraction - watching famous women have nervous breakdowns

Chalmers Johnson coming up LIVE on CSPAN2

Nine GOP Senators MIA and AWOL on Iraq Vote

Hypothetical: If Sen. Clinton doesn't win the nomination, what happens to the $$?

In honor of "Never Will Be Presidents Day" (today)

Know you neighbors Redux: Exclusive: Andrew Victim Gets Power After 15 Years

parents slapped away the candy and lollipops given to children by soldiers.

As a casual poster

Thanks for the Valentine heart

Official leading polio drive killed

Bush/Cheney Impeachment Resolution Passes New Mexico Senate Rules Committee

He was stranded, now he's steamed (PA Nat'l Guard?)

Bruce Tinsley lowers the bar. To support a claim in Mallard Fillmore, he quotes...

LAT op-ed: Stronger unions mean a stronger middle class, but joining a union now a risk, not a right

Ben Stein just gave a left wing editorial on CBS Sunday morning news.

George Bush's burgeoning credibility

Washington Journal today said: original vote to authorize Iraq war was 98/2. Whats's up with that?

56% of Senators Against Surge; Same as in the House

3135 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Warmer world


Novak and Pelosi on Hohlt -- 2001

Well, I know what book I'll be reading next.

GOP activists circling Clinton's campaign

Launching an attack on Iran

Lamar Outdoor refuses center-left politcal ads

So I re-read "Vortex" last week, and couldn't help drawing comparisons to Bush

Barkley Bavetta Hardaway the Man Kiss and the NBA: no snickers here.

Pardon, America, I know Britney's latest antics are really important, but there

MONITOR coming up on air at 6pm CST: (1) Echelon. (2) Debt..

American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Wikipedia

Newborn baby skeletons found in bag

Why not Nationalize the US Oil Industry?

Scientists See Costly, Disastrous Search for Oil in Just 15 Years

Daytona 500 question

First, American soldiers scoured the home for weapons as 4 veiled Iraqi women cowered on a dusty rug

One way to get out of extended active duty

VA Repub has an epiphany of logic regarding min wage..

Where there's smoke there's fire? (Chimpy's marriage, drinking)

Poll on whether Congress should attach conditions to Iraq war funding

An idea: Citizens questions, send in questions to Congress to have them asked in hearings

FBI works to thwart kitchen sink bombs

Rice fails to deliver at Mideast negotiations

Caption this pick of Dubya and "Mitt"

Woo Hoo! Shrub is coming to my home town Thursday!

New Rules or Special Comment...


Bumper Sticker Sighting

Bush should be warned to stop "MEDDLING" in Iran...

"A clear attempt to influence the (Libby) jury"

Obama wins Va. governor's endorsement

Iran's February 21 Deadline Probably Won't Result in War >>

A song for Molly Ivins from Praire Home Companion...

Stupid BC cartoon -- can someone explain why Doonesbury is on

Glenn Greenwald: Gen. Odom Counters Hugh Hewitt's Pro-War Smears (MUST-READ)

Labor museum plans Newton strike exhibits (Monroe County, Republic Steel)

20 (now 64) feared killed in India train fire/explosion (terror attack, live bombs found...)

For my 1000th Post - Why I became a Progressive

Italy takes a stand against torture - Indicts 26 Americans (CIA, Air Force)

Losing it in these United States

The Surge Is Bullshit.

Union Support Building among Verizon Business Workers

Hume: Murtha Is Senile, Doesn’t Have ‘The Foggiest Awareness’ Of What’s Going On In The World


Revealing the sperm donor caused disappointment for women

Hillary and the Iraq problem

need a simple line drawing - I have a great idea for a bumper sticker

Another spear thrown in NeoCon attack on Fitzgerald - WaPo Feb 18

Another clip of Faux news half hour news show (nasty dig at Cindy Sheehan)

Cuba Embraces Open-Source Software

Republican al Qaeda Terrorist (but NY Post says businessman/peace activist)

Bush et. al have set a dangerous new precedent for US


Text of House Resolution against the Escalation (in case you missed it)

RePUKES who don't believe in evolution are like Oprah watchers who believe in horoscopes

Obama in 2002 video clip on Iraq...

Phoenicians only. McCain is channeling Pat McMahon. I closed my eyes for his Iowa gig.

TIME: Roberts wants unanimity on the court

Chalmers Johnson, author of "Blowback", is on CPSAN2 live, talking about the US imploding

Hardaway agrees to spend day with Miami's gay mayor

Dear Rupert and Roger: Your programming SUCKS!!!1

Republican terror donor may also be Tom DeLay's telemarketing scam victim.

"This is America" Dennis Wholey interviews Thomas Ricks,

Can we try to get this Surge Money Straight???

Iraq was dangerous, but at least we thought our parents will get to see our corpses if we die here

A truly sad and disturbing photo (warning)

Mama Mia

What DOES Hilary know now that she didn't know then?

Did Bush have financial linkswith the scandal-plagued Enron?

Triumph of a Shill

McCain: Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned

Indian Gov't to Raise Abandoned Girls

Did anyone else watch Extreme Home Makeover? 5 kids with Autism

Any airline employees here? Check in!

Neocons Trying to Influence Democratic nominations in favor of Their Choice.

FAIR GAME: Liberals should talk about the "weirdness" of Romney's religion

Did Bill Gates say this?

Just saw rapper 50 Cent on Britney's 'haircut'

Jerk of the day award goes to...this fellow:

He's Home!!!!

More New Orleans footage. (video link)

Give 'em Hell Harry needs YOUR help my fellow DUers!

you know, it's almost like the election of 2006 never happened

Bush thinks February has 30 days

Breaking Hearts and Minds, One Victim at a Time

I got this in my inbox today.

Families of slain, wounded troops fear sacrifices will be forgotten

My encounter with a nutjob right wing "psychic" today

Breaking: Explosives found near tracks in train kill at least 60 in India-Pakistan train

The real treason. Our maimed soldiers are living in cockroach infested ghettos back here in the sta

Captain Phonesex cuts mic on Radio Factor interview after guest questions his journalistic standards

Bill Oreilly loses it on his radio show (over the dixie chicks)

Sunday Comics and TOONS

Larry Johnson: Washington Post Enables Toensing's Delusions

Very cool site! Rank the U.S. Senators by

I wonder what plan B is after this surgiculation plan fails

VA House offers remorse over slavery

Stunning video of Regional Airline Pilot salaries on youtube

Quite frankly,I think getting the troops home is a lost cause until 2009

Did the Iran-Contra Weapons That Reagan Officials Shipped Help Iran Blueprint Today's Weapons?

I'd really like to support Obama but I'm concerned about his energy/environment policies

Lugar Leaks Bush Plans to go across Iran Border & Blow up Munitions Depot

SHAVE YOUR HEAD to Show solidarity with troops and support for ending war

Know Your Republican Front-Runners: Rudolph Giuliani's Adultery With Christyne Lategano (Photo)

Woohoo New Jersey. Pull the plug!

Neocons Have Been Planning For War With Iran For Long Time

Which historical world leader would you equate Bush to?

LAT: High school sports "teaching our kids to cheat"

Hartford-Courant BURNS Lieberman (Your Guess Is As Good As Ours-Conn.)

The Hohlt Fax shows INTENT - A clear violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act!

Senators Set Sights On Overseas Tax Havens

my weekly letter to the editor-should be printed Wed...make noise,people

Please do something about Racism . . .

Do you find you're more brave about standing up to the Kool-Aid drinkers

Un-President's Day: Until You Change How Money Works, You Change Nothing (Carolyn Baker)

How cute is baby Laren: We all are one

My Husband is a Freeper.

OK thats it. Now they are messing with ZZ Top

I was in Crawford, Texas last Monday.

Heads up Keith Olbermann will be on CBS Sunday Morning

If somebody (or a group) does something crappy/immoral to someone else (or another group)...

What if 34 GOP Senators Stubbornly Refuse to Convict Bush/Cheney of Impeachable Offenses?

American Troops Killed with Armor-Piercing Munitions Reverse Engineered from Iran-Contra Arms Sales

This is a hooot! FASCISM! Suppressed WWII War Dept. Document

What would you do?

Bombshell from Newsweek: Rove & the White House had heads up on Novak column...

Haunted by war, unwilling to seek help. (Suicide among vets)

Do you know your neighbors?????

Andrew Victim Gets Power After 15 Years

Man found in his chair with the television on a year after he died.

I'm a straight, white middle class American who can acknowledge my own privilege and latent bigotry

VOTING NIGHTMARES Back to Ohio The Bush Connection (Adults Only)

If you care to bother, or test your stomach strength, the Fox "comedy" half hour is on at 9PM CST.

Video: DU'er Paul Thompson on Link TV

With One Word, Children’s Book Sets Off Uproar

So I'm planning on buying a Hybrid.

Yes it's redundant, but this travesty needs to be blogswarmed as far and wide as possible.

Henry Cisneros: Seize chance to end national tragedy of homelessness

Why some of us are so ambivilent about Robert Bryd


Ape-like Appendage Found In VA Landfill, Proof of Bigfoot?

Want to be happy?

Women will be paid to donate eggs for science

A Question Regarding Baby Boomers and The Value of Their Homes

Socialism of a flavor is not optional: it is essential.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is in trouble because he caught Andrew Lester

Thousands in Italy protest larger U.S. troop presence (anyone here read Italian?)

Furor on Rush to Require Cervical Cancer Vaccine

Military amputee uninvited from Bush event because the press would see him with no legs

General from MIT says UN Resolution on Iran ends Feb. 21st....Case for Strategic Bombing..

AG Gonzales fired US Att'y who convicted baby shark poachers w/ ties to Rev Sun Myung Moon

February Photo Contest, Group Three

'08 hopefuls campaign amid vote on Iraq

Bush suffers worst political defeat (Love the India headline--India)

Washington Goes Hollywood: Democratic Hopefuls Seek Cash

Boder Guards should be pardoned......... (part 4)

McCain Tied With Edwards, Obama (Rasmussen)

Joe Klein: How to Build a Bonfire

Hollywood's glitterati line up for Obama

Churches Going Back To The Garden: Faithful Take Small Steps To Address Global Warming

Bush Expected To Nominate Industry Lobbyist To Head CPSC

Where in the world is Gov. Bill Richardson?

Old enemies of Hillary are out in force, a reflection of conviction that she's "a formidable threat"

Why Bush is not an embarassment

Just heard Romney admit ON MTP

Senator Lugar Does Not Support the Troops

PBS---NOW show----Powers of the President. Yoo, the Justice lawyer

Bob Inglis (R-SC) breaks from party-line on Iraq. Ooooh-whee! Hold on!

GOP activists circling Clinton's campaign

Maybe I'm way out of line here, but Maybe Anna Nichole had "an Unfortunate Accident"

so, the US will talk with IraN and syria?--per Hagel (from talk with Hadley)

So Would You Refresh My Memory, Why Isn't cheney Running In 2008?

Was it normal for the so-called "liberal media" to donate to Bush? Or even the Swift Vet liars?

The MOST important question for Democratic candidates in presidential debates (IMO)

Democrats about to pass on America's best chance of survival?

GOP Hagel: "I'd Be Open" To Murtha Iraq Proposal - Video

All they ask is our silent, obedient cooperation

Any chance at all that a GOP senator will 'flip'?

I think the WH just might see Murtha's comments as a challenge and

Does anyone see what is wrong with this website other than it being Republican?

Mass. congressmen eye new fight over Iraq war funds

These Aren't the Blogs You're Looking for (McCain's Blog = Triumph of The Will + Darth Vader)

Italians protest: Yankees OUT!

lots of ammo needed to make a blast this big----look at the pic:

'Sharp Politico' or 'Flip Flopper'?

"Mean" Jean worries about the cost of the Iraq Debate!

2 more US soldiers KILLED in Bagdad---- on Sat! (buried in a story)

While Majority Leader Reid Stays Out of '08 Fray, Sen. Clinton Signs His Son

“Hell, ya, this is a liberal moment...."

Obama is proving he's not the typical Chicago politician

Tony Snow is brilliant

Afghan copter crash kills 8 U.S. troops

Freepers: Baghdad car bombs = Pelosi's fault

Major right-wing blogger (Redstate) dumps Der Mittenfuhrer

Mitt Romney thinks gay marriage is worse than murder

Lincoln Quote is Circling Still - Please restrain me...

Is Rep. Murtha senile? Brit Hume thinks so.

Battle between ‘crock’ McCain and 'weird' Giuliani (age a factor for McCain)

Franken made campaign appearances in Northland last Friday, AFSCME was there

China Currency Bill Goes Beyond Empty Bush Promises

Machinists Reach Tentative Agreement in Harley-Davidson Strike

Retirees Want Results, Not Rhetoric, from Bush

How would I post a picture on DU?

Democratic senators considering new war authorization measure

Miners' survivors plead for safety bill

I'm Curious About Where Al Gore Stands On LIEberman,

Proof From 2005 It Was All About The Oil!

Looking for a way out without leaving home (Gary, In.)

Republicans Vote To Continue Their Slow Bleed Of Our Troops In Iraq

Reid's Son Goes With Clinton Campaign

Another Great OpEd

63 die in blow against Baghdad clampdown

PM would not win his own seat: poll (Australia)

Murtha de-funds Iraq to SUPPORT the troops.

Margie Burns - - "Hillary's biggest boosters: neocons"

Concentration Camps In Iraq

To NJ: Pull The Plug On Sequoia!

A poll: Have you decided who you will support in the 2008 primaries?

Video clip of Obama discussing Iraq from 2002...

If you knew then what you know now, would you have voted for Bill Clinton in a primary in 1992?

Letter from a wingnut....they're still out there...!

Great bumper sticker in Louisiana.......

Why Must The Opposite of Winning In Iraq Be Losing?......

STITCH Delegation to Learn Firsthand the Impact of CAFTA

Vice-President Claims Immunity to Restrictions Placed on Executive Branch

Rove Said to Have Received 2003 Iranian Proposal (from Bob Ney)

I'm a flip flopper

Give 'em Hell Harry needs YOUR help my fellow DUers!

Here's What Happens to Workers Who Support Unions: John Sweeney AFL-CIO

Oregon and Minnesota were trending Repub in presidential elections

Setting the Record Straight: Correcting Misinformation About the Employee Free Choice Act

Half Hour News Hour

How Hillary will fight assaults from the Right

Check out Hillary's view on EXECUTIVE POWER--in today's

Why do you post on DU (by candidate)?

Senator Bill Clinton? "Top Dems" say he could be appointed to Hillary's seat if she wins Presidency

Tough stands on issues are keeping John Edwards in the race

Which GOP Candidate Would Make The Worst President?

What do you think of Richardson

Moderates Move To Right (GOP Flip Floppers)


Obama: The first post-baby-boomer candidate

Why Obama reaches young voters.

Just saw the Romneys on This Week....

Will Robert Byrd step down soon?

Will Bush try to use a "Signing Statement" to kill the new Minimum Wage Bill

Edwards Urges Direct Talks With Iran (AP)

After viewing Chalmers Johnson talking about his Book "Nemesis" Have hard time voting Hillary/Bill.

My light bulb moment - what would it take for a GOP win in 2008?

After this quote, Hillary is FINISHED as far as I'm concerned

Rudy Giuliani's Diva Style Tour Rider Includes $47,000 A Flight Private Jet Transportation

Bush is ignoring Congress. Is Congress ignoring Americans on Iraq?

This story SHOULD transcend politics -- please make it so

Edwards talks about his universal health care plan to Las Vegas union workers

Clinton, Obama and Edwards - They ALL PAY to PLAY!

Dear Ralph Nadar: Go #*(& yourself

Gore rules out bid for US White House in 2008

Rep. Sam Johnson, (R, TX), House Floor, 13 Dec 1995

I'm really impressed with our 08' candidates.

The senators who voted for the IWR were not misled.

Boston Globe: Edwards Tough Talk Claims of '04 Disputed by Kerry Camp

What is this? Clinton Hate Day?

The Roots Of RW Philosophy

South Dakota Democratic woman lawmaker will introduce new abortion ban bill.

How about this for an unbeatable agenda?

Obama Is the Best BS Artist Since Bill Clinton