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Archives: February 15, 2007

Deeper in Debt: Congress must get tough on the credit industry

Pentagon Red Tape Keeps Medical Records From Doctors of the Wounded

Co-Dependent Congress Must Wake Up: The President Needs a Straitjacket and a Padded Cell

Govt working for Hicks guilty verdict: Fraser (former PM)

The US Propaganda Campaign Against Iran (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Out of stricken Baghdad, into uncertainty. (Iraqi refugees, CSMonitor, 2/16)

The War Pimp ... by Karen Kwiatkowski

How not to win hearts and minds (Crispin Black / Guardian) this Congress, too, terrified of crossing the War Party? ('paleo' Pat Buchanan)

Tories prepped for March campaign - by Brian Laghi for The Globe & Mail

Judge deals blow to Blair's nuclear plans

U.S. needs fair legal system for Guantanamo captives

Improving Global Health — Margaret Chan at the WHO (NewEngJourMed)

NYT: For Liberal Bloggers, Libby Trial Is Fun and Fodder

Iran Supplying Weapons to Iraqi Insurgency? Cheney Abbott and Bush Costello say so! Sort of?!?!?

Politics and science - chalk and cheese? (BBC) {former Science Advisor Lord May}

"Cheney at the Bat"

The Unsung Hero’s in All This

Iraq invasion plan 'delusional' (BBC)

Special Plans: The blogs on Douglas Feith and the faulty intelligence that led to war

Arabs Fear the U.S. and Israel, Not Iran (JIM LOBE)

U.S. Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line (GARETH PORTER)


Douglas J. Feith: Tough questions we were right to ask (yeah right)...

Robert Reich: Balanced Budget Baloney

The "truth" about universal health care

South Africa to Invest 100 Billion Rand in New Nuclear Capacity.

Futuristic fleet of 'cloudseeders' (BBC)

McCain on climate change: "The debate is over, my friends" (Reuters/CNN)

How Coal Gasification Power Plants Work

Great Andean glacier 'will melt to nothing by 2012'

Gasification Technology R&D

Global leaders reach climate deal - BBC

Kerry Addresses Global Climate Change Conference

Power from salt water-Reversed Electro Dialysis

Could Australian recycling scheme solve our landfill problems?

Hydrogen from Coal Research

Big Oil's Hot Air Show On Global Warming

BBC: Nuclear review 'was misleading'

Tidal power test facility proposed for Maine river

Texas coal debate generates high-dollar ad campaigns

(Canadian Environment Minister) Baird stands ground on Gore

New Jersey Leading The Way On Climate Change

Canada formally objects to LNG tankers in Canadian waters - AP

Pro-whaling nations call anti-whalers 'imperialists' - AP

On anti-Semitism, anti-anti-Semitism and anti-anti-anti-Semitism

Olmert Urges Economic Sanctions for Iran

HEADLINE: Anne Frank was refused sanctuary by the U.S.

Germany jails Ernst Zundel (5 years for Holocaust denial)

Abbas, Haniyeh to meet over crisis in unity government deal

Turkey and webcams survey al-Aqsa

An Open Letter to Mitch Potter, on Truly Disgusting Racism

9/11 Conspiracists - "Believe Your Eyes"

Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory

Chomsky Joins "Jersey Girls" Petition for 9/11 Documents

Breaking News: Boloboffin Is No Longer An OCTer!

BBC: The 9/11 conspiracy movement

Village Voice : NIST hiring contractor to study WTC7

The Nation's Interest in Ohio's New Secretary of State

Major Pending Election Law Litigation = Election Law @ Moritz


Ghosts of Lindsey Graham - Graham loses 1 vote


Colonel and three of his men cleared over abuse of detained Iraqis

Official tells Senate Australia could not send psychiatrist to Guantanamo Bay

Sanctuaries of Taliban (in Pakistan) must be hit: US general

US likely to miss PM's Hicks deadline

Colbert to the World: "Eat Me!"

Douglas J. Feith: Tough questions we were right to ask (yeah right)...

AP: Baghdad Sweep Meets Little Resistance

AP: Guilty Plea by Former Army Translator

NYT: Study Questions Prospects for Much Lower Emissions

Moscow official nixes gay rights parade

Border Patrol agent shoots at immigrants

AP: Top prosecutor, lobbyist bought home...(gov envir. employee & oil co.)

Ads featuring wounded mark Iraq debate

Senate OKs budget bill with caps set by Bush

Ex-Justice official draws scrutiny

Marine wants credit for time in brig

(AP) Report: Russia May Exit 1987 Arms Treaty

(Tammy) Duckworth husband is headed to Iraq

NYT/AP: Congress Eyes Getting More Info Released under Freedom of Information Act

Iraq mission 'won't take decades', Howard says

Industrial Production in the U.S. Probably Stalled in January

(Wyoming) Gov may give new life to wolf management bill

Democrats to focus on troop funding

Secret new US spy base to get green light (in Australia)

Cuba Appreciates International Support To Close Guantanamo Base

Iraqi Parliament Chief Opposes US Offer To Host 7,000 Refugees

(AFP) Clinton to Bush: no attack on Iran without Congress approval

U.S. to build military base in Australia

U.S. says all nations should open markets

Murtha seeks to prohibit action in Iran

AFP: Senators introduce bill to restrict use of cluster munitions

WP: GOP Looks Beyond War Measure to Fight on Funding

MNF Iraq: MNF-W forces attacked (Marine killed in Anbar)

Miami Beach man's attempt to trademark Obama bin Laden fails

Reuters: Mauritanian plane hijacked to W. Sahara - police

Reuters: U.S. Senate to try again on Iraq troop debate

WP: Justice Official Bought Vacation Home With Oil Lobbyist

White House, GOP concede defeat on Iraq resolution

Bush to announce troop increase for Afghanistan

Watch Closely. --Does the Catholic Church Maintain Same Standards

Financial Power Shifts Away From U.S.

Venezuela to beef up security after al Qaeda threat

Gallup: Bill Clinton's Popularity Nears New High (63%) -- But His Wife Trails Rudy

Disaster Feared in Ship Fire off Antarctica

Al Qaeda in Iraq leader reported wounded in firefight

CNN: Iraqi terror leader reported wounded (al-Masri)

BBC: Madrid train bombing trial begins

Sadr “on short visit to Iran”: aide to Iraqi PM

Al Gore Sets Global Warming Concerts With Snoop Dogg, Bon Jovi

Hoekstra: Debate threat of radical, militant Islam (contributed to GOP debate memo)

US alleges Hicks collected embassy intelligence

QUALCOMM Appoints Carol C. Lam Senior Vice President and Legal Counsel for Company's Legal Team

Security certificate detainee to be returned to his family (Canada)


China defends trade with United States

Equatorial Guinea coup plotter battles extradition

BBC: Nuclear review 'was misleading'

SCLC: Get troops out of Iraq and money flowing to New Orleans

Spain Greens to Check CIA Link

Biden looks to revoke Bush's Iraq authority

Plane hijacking ends in Spain's Canary Islands, suspect arrested

Tim Hardaway: 'I Hate Gay People'

'Toto' pleads guilty in real estate fraud (Emmanuel Constant of FRAPH)

WP: The Forgotten Families (GParents Raising Slain Soldier's Kids Denied Benefits)

NYT: Judge Restricts New York Police Surveillance

I have a question about the surge

Marines to Buy Tougher Armored Vehicles for Iraq (available in 2009)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 15

Rep. Jefferson Gets Seat on Homeland Security - WP - WTF - this is going to

Elite Iranian Corps Enmeshed in Iraq.

Lawmakers seeking method to choke off funds for Guantanamo

Building products maker Masco reducing work force by 8,000 jobs

NYT/AP: Lawmakers Push for Tobacco Regulation

Tennis Ace Sharapova Named U.N. Goodwill Ambassador

Freshman WA state senator seeks Iraq probe, possible impeachment

Libby trial ends with abbreviated defense... closing arguments set for nextTuesday

Iraq invasion plan 'delusional'

Judge Restricts New York Police Surveillance

Reuters: CIA sounded-out Italy about "renditions" in 2001

U.S. and Iraqi forces raid leading Shiite mosque in Baghdad

Sadr orders militia heads out of Iraq : president

McClatchy: Democrats push economic policy to better serve poor, middle class

Four More Years for Keith Olbermann

Kerry legislation would punish profiteers in Iraq rebuilding

Labor Lawyer Provides True Picture Of Law Workers Face When Organizing

Mitt Romney Accepts Pat Robertson Speech Invite

Salmonella Outbreak Due to Peanut Butter

Auditors: Billions Wasted in Iraq War

Republicans Block Bill on U.S. Attorneys

Pelosi Backs War Funds Only With Conditions

Japan repeats threat to quit whaling body (anti-whaling nations' "imperialism")

Nevada Governor Investigated For Corruption (repuke, naturally)

Air Force Academy Cheating Scandal Grows

NYT: White House Is Reported to Be Linked to a Dismissal

Senators Give TSA Screeners Union Rights (Homeland Security Committee vote)

Industry stumbles, jobless ranks rise

'Made in Iran' isn't proof of complicity

State Farm to stop writing new commercial and homeowner policies in Mississippi

Sailor's Testimony: Marine Joked Using Iraqi's Body

Chirac backs easing pressure on Iran to protect UNIFIL troops

In rare appearance, justice asks Senate to raise judicial pay

WP: Al Gore to Sound Off On Climate Change With Concert Event: Modeled after Live 8

New abortion ban gets House approval (in South Dakota)

Pelosi: Bush Lacks Authority to Invade Iran

Edwards: Bush waging War "Without Authorization"

Hershey Plans to Cut Work Force by 1,500 (union jobs to Mexico)

AP: Holocaust Denier (Ernst Zundel) Gets Prison in Germany

AP: Judge Says USS Cole Trial Will Proceed (lawsuit against Sudan)

Whenever I hide a thread I always say "GO AWAY, ABE VIGODA!"

So who has used the search function to see what the people you sent hearts to said?

An angry rant---with a positive ending

and finally:

Long live the struggle for freedom, for joy, for the flying heights of life!

Hey DU! Happy V-Day!

Network/Cable TV or YouTube?

WOW! Thank you to whomever it was that gave me a heart!

Comic strip that must have been drawn with Bush and the neocons in mind!

I am SOOOO glad Valentine's Day is OVER!


Who is the naughtiest DU'er?

How come nobody's contrasted Obama with Yo' Mama?

Back home from the Hospital again...Yeaaaaahhh

How come nobody's contrasted Obama and Alabama?

somebody needs to call this damned thing to order.

They should make it so that for each $5 more you donate, you find out who one heart came from.

I may take a drive to Arizona!

Beware of Hollywood's Walk of Shame

I can't sleep.


I spent my day knocking down and swallowing throat hurts!

a bush on a rock / or in a pocket? / why not in a thread?

The gyrations one goes through filling out taxes!

I'm cold

Thank you to who ever gave me my last few hearts

Why do my feet ache after a coughing fit?

Here It Comes.......The Milli Vanilli Movie

Sex or not

Sex or not

Three people

Argh! I Have To Restring a Necklace For The Third Time!!

So my Barber has a Webcam.. And I need a hair cut....

If it be your will...

Beer and milk, anybody?

Let's give GoPsUx a bit of travel advice before he leaves for Mexico.

just some art

I f*cking HATE conservatives...

I'm watching "Hide and Creep" on SciFi and two things...

Someone tell me what enviro-scare is/was.

i just got a heart -- and it's not even valentines!

I would like to thank the person who gave me a heart

Suicide is painless...

HAHAHAHAHA blast from the past:

How come nobody's contrasted Obama and Yo Yo Ma

Couple Catch Speeding Police Officer With Cameras, Radar Gun - Cop Presses Charges

Batman Sighting Causes School Lockdown

Ex-Congressman (R) Charged With Indecent Exposure On Beach

CT editorial criticizes weather forecasters for scare tactics

How come nobody's contrasted Obama and Roseannadanna?

Romaine Goddard Brooks

DAMN! I can't cook!

How come nobody's contrasted Obama and Adama

Teens plowed into snowbank, stuck for hours

Damn I Love this Tattoo

This hearing for Anna Nicole is the worse thing I've seen lately. The judge seems like an idiot,

Carlos Mencia steals material. (Very not work or kid-safe.)

I also hate excessively happy people...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 2/15/2007)

Woman Gives Birth In Her Pants

Being laid off fuck

Attempt To Break World Record For Snow Angel's Cancelled Because Of Too Much Snow

The smells of the NYC Subway System...

80 Year Old Drives Into DMV Building Injuring 11 People

Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping To Avoid Telling Wife He Crashed Her New Car

How many inches?

I'm back, I think...

I have authorization to order things for the office now

Just so you all know

For those who gave me their hearts!

Someone had fun with the Sacramento Kings Wikipedia entry...

Oooh, I'm all pleased with myself!

I'm starting to accept the fact that I am NOT Lavalife's Number one single

Who is the nausiest DU'er?

New George Washington dollar?

Blame it on the rain, suckas! There's a Milli Vanilli movie on the horizon!

Deep Observations Of Life

79 Year Old Man Stunned To Find Town Changed To Right Hand Traffic In 1967

Some thoughts and questions about "Idiocracy"

I'd like to catch a break. Just one?

I'm wearing my husband's dirty sweater

New York Unveiles Country's First City-Themed Condom (Subway Theme)


It's been a year already? Wow!

I have tickets to see Dave Mason & John Mayall. Belly Up Tavern. Solana Beach CA

DUer's who don't post anymore cause they got TSd or left in disgust.

So many of the best and/or my favorite vocalists of all time were smokers

Plane Diverted After Squirrel Found On Board - Squirrel on a motherf*cking plane!

ice and snow sliding off the metal roof is driving the dogs nuts!

Who is the NOISIEST DU'er?!

Any "Take Home Chef Fans?"

Can we have another fundraiser and give out "Leperchauns,"

Tell us about one of your Eureka moments

Coming soon to a movie theater near you: Milli Vanilli: The Movie

I still don't have power, ask me anything!

I need some good mojo sent my way

Have you ever eaten Feijoas?

Who is the oddest person you remember when you were growing up?

Weird Web Trail: Conspiracy Theory — Or Marketing For Nine Inch Nails LP?

Jesus Christ... what in the fuck are they cooking downstairs

Sunny skies, VD Day over, the snowblower is working and all's right with the world!

Big doings in the InternalDialogue household:

Who's your daddy?

The Royal Guardsmen

Feb 15 1936

Im in HEAT!!!!!!!!!

DU made me look like an idiot in front of my husband...

I can't believe it!

Not to be paranoid, but which active Lounge thread disturbs you the most?

Wow! Just wow! Six months ago this guy couldn't even speak his own name!

Do you sing in the shower?

Judge in the Anna Nicole hearing is a riot!

I'm on the HEAT!!!

Camille Paglia is Back and Comments on the 2008 Presidential Race with a mention of CODEPINK

Lounge Winners thread - why can't we winners have a thread

Who is the oldest person you remember when you were growing up?

is there anything soul train CAN'T do?

Today in history 2-15

Human brain can make new cells, study finds

I'm glen beck...why don't you like me???

the egyptian lover

to the DUer who warned me about washing machines and drains

Do some DUers just browse threads looking for a chance to scold others?

More Evidence Found for Water on Mars

All your Quds are belong to us

Camera Captures Runaway Truck

Anyone ever use Empire Today for carpet or wood floor installations?

you know what today is, don't ya??

I'm so bored....make this day be over now....please!

Update on the young couple trying to win a wedding...

please delete

I have HEAT!!!!!!!!!

25 Foot Tree Stolen From Front Yard

Forget Justin bringing sexy back...

Okay. I think I could be a very good personal assistant.

we need a new dungeon forum

One of my bosses may end my job within a week

I was drunk and lost a bet with my roommates. Does anyone else know what former Russian Navy guys

I was drunk and lost a bet with my roommates. Has anybody made a Yurt before?

i found some squirrels!

Which Famous Homosexual Are You?

You like me! You really like me!

Couple Gets Married At McDonald's

did chili's plagiarize bennigans?

Hotmail users: "Server too busy" message ?

jesus h. christ in soiled diapers! am i the only one here who

I hate fucking people.

Thanks for the heart whoever just gave it to me!

People I hate fucking:

The UN's new symbol for radiation.....or... Run! Pirates!

Caterpillars and snow. Got any snow day pics?

muthafucka i got five on the twenty sack

In case you're all wondering where I am later....Another Night at the Opera

I hate not fucking people.

It only costs $10 to be a CARD CARRYING MEMBER OF THE ACLU!


I have one heart to give away - who should I give it to?

Now, I shall make all DU girlfriends swoon and make all DU boyfriends look like billy ray cyrus.

Congratulations catgirl_25!! 20,000 posts

I'm in sunny mexico and it's like the mid 80's

I fucking hate people.

I was drunk and lost a bet with my roommates. Anybody know what a "Snuff Film" is?

Fuck! This thread has the word "fuck" in it three fucking times!

**Nineteen Hearts**

Study: Women's Offices Have More Germs

Is "fuck" the word of the hour?

Okay, which wunnayou stoleded my star?

what is your unique perspective on the human condition?

There's a lot of gay showering in GD...

Should I bid 7 Hearts? Or No-Trump?

Scene from a neighborhood coffee shop

I Fucking Hate Fucking

Has Katie had a little nip & tuck?

police truck

So Which Gay Man Should I Shower With

what little things get you through the day?

Good news, everyone.

You're so vain... You probably think this thread is about you.

People I love fucking:

Freedom of the Press Thread

Anybody else watch "Living with Ed" on HGTV? I have just seen a couple of episodes and it is really

Times up! What's the NEW word of the hour?

"You'll be laughing about it someday." Are you?

What can I do to become the naughtiest DU'er?

Guacamole, what did I do to deserve this?

Report status here.

Alton is making the avocado icing.

This Was Pretty Much My Day...

Please come over and help me pack boxes.

Hello! 3 Random Questions!

Mama cat adopts abandoned baby Rottweiler pup (with pictures)

My Ipod went boom

My son volunteered me to make enchiladas for 26 tomorrow for his Spanish Class.

Support College radio

save the drama for your mama

What do you do with a bowl of SpongeBob SquarePants cereal?

Did Red Hot Chili's plagiarize Tom Petty?

Does anybody know what's going on in the Anna Nicole Smith thing?

Ultimate Digital Gadgetry? (concepts from NEC)

My grandma and your grandma sittin' by the fire

I DO NOT watch wrestling, but my husband does... Why is Trump on here?

You ate a Booger

Awe. I'm so touched. I just noticed I have two hearts.

Do people love themselves too much or hate themselves too much

Well, I thought it was hysterically funny...

Give it up for the fabulous Chipotle pepper!

Best movie about snuff films poll

Any legal-eagle tax pros out there?...........

Entertain me: Answer some weird questions

I am only here for a minute

Talk about your Traffic Jam from hell: There's one in PA going on 24hrs & 40 miles

What are baby seahorses called?

Food poisoning. Slight temp. I just called the doctor.

I'm too ethical for my own happiness sometimes.

Temporary layoffs. Good times.

Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Is there one particular word that will make you hide a thread without reading it?

I just have a minute...

'Insurance Companies have lawyers working hard on their side, and so should you.'

Your Best Physical Feature

What if South Park released all the episodes,

High Five!

Sarah Silverman's idea of a joke:

Sewer Rat in Blawnox dies of Rabies Vaccine - all vaccines are being pulled

How is a hit single measured these days?

I love old concert footage on you tube

Ya know what's disconcerting?

Medical Advice Thread: If you get a little speck in your eye

Got a new PC. Just downloaded foxfire and I cant find it anywhere.

Hey hey, the blues is all right

Is there any way to diminish an emerging back problem?

Photos of people passing through subway turnstiles

Name a food with an expiration date that expired years ago, you ate it, and you didn't die...

My husband is cleaning out the fridge.

Pet peeves

Anyone have the "tried and true" method of answering the Salary Desired question?

Help with a song (a current one)

Ask me anything. I'll answer using a Magic 8 ball

Tough love. (long rant)

Where's Rev-Acts?

GoPsUx comes in first, but SouthpawKicker is the Naughty Grand Prize winner!

May the Kudzu Force be with you.

Ugh. It's so gross when people live up to stereotypes.

How do you raise a perfect kid?

My doctor put me on a TV ad drug

Are we never allowed to change our DU names???

Has anyone else noticed the trend of moms in commercials getting younger?

An actor from my old favorite tv show appeared on my new favorite tv show!!!

Visit the Dealey Plaza Cam

Check in if you heard (and understood) the Todd Rundgren joke on prime-time network TV tonight!

Fucking Viacom pulled EVERY video of its off YouTube!

Does anyone detest the Disaronno commercial as much as I do?

Bob Dylan-themed "Cold Case" airing this Sunday

It was inevitable: Dennis Rodman has completely lost his mind

T-shirt slogans

Personal Relationship Poll!

Hey smokers (weed)

What did you have for lunch today?

JackBeck appreciation thread!

"Dance and drink and Screw.....

Happy birthday MsAnthropy!!

hahahahhaha - Sarah Silverman Program

Now, I'm a pretty big lesbo, but DAYUM Paul Newman was HOT!!111!!

Help me Loungemates, I've been drinking and looking on ebay

Britney Spears is starting to look a lot of Lizza Minelli.....

So say we all -- BSG fans represent

What should I do with my salmonella-infected peanut butter?

The Real Housewives of Orange county, making freepers look smart since 2005

Some little asshole at the gas station was driving a car with one of these:

Woman allegedly stabs man during sex

Thank you, Secret Admirer(s) for the hearts.

Groomer Accidentally Cuts Off Dog's Ear - Tries To Hide It By Superglueing It Back On

Congratulations depakid!! 10,000 posts


Congratulations WI_DEM!! 15,000 posts

Joe Rogan takes out unfunny fake Mexican comic Carlos Mencia

Does anyone remember the movie The Dark Crystal?

I just saw the most wonderful sight on the way in to class this morning.

How would you make the world an itsy-bitsy bit nicer?

What's the first thing to come to mind when I say "Curtis LeMay"?

I had my head examined. Ask me anything.

Chris Cornell Leaves Audioslave Permanently

LaraMN's great thread made me think of my drive home tonight...

Steve McQueen or Paul Newman circa 1974

Name a song that makes you happy when you hear it.

I quit smoking Monday.

List here people who are dumber than Tony Snow

BIlly Idol was hot.

So... my wife and I are thinking of adopting this guy tonight...

who *won't* you shower with?

FUCK...I got stopped and ticketed....

Does anybody else hate this "miniature killer" thing on CSI?


I left a case of Guinness in my trunk

Oh Bummer: Egyptian queen Cleopatra was no stunner, coin shows

Why do people use communal showers at the gym? I've never used one...

Gun battle erupts after a teen tried to prevent a mosquito from biting a friend's face

I am so doing this at a party...

Who's Anna Nicole's baby daddy?

There has never been a more DIRECT attempt at a Darwin Award than this video

How will you be accessorizing your wardrobe today?

What are the best lines to make fundies heads explode?

HELP! I'm looking for the title of a youth fiction

Rosie O'Donnel and Ted Nugent versus Cal Thomas and Sharon Stone

Burial or cremation?

An RC cola and a Moon Pie: 'Southern Delicacies'.

My own "special comment" on the war (a.k.a. a grief-filled rant)

Are you scared of clowns? Or know somebody who is?

Has anyone here run a marathon?

Does anyone know anything about collectible figurines?

Cute Pet Pic Thread.

Newbies! Say hi and get a heart!

Think you haven't showered with a gay man

Forgotten hip-hop YouTube thread

Congratulations CatWoman!! 50,000 posts


Country music - a list of Democrats and Republicans

BRANDI CARLILE. Holy fucking shit!

Radio Lady Reviews: "Music and Lyrics" (Opens 2/14/07)

Entertain me: Ask some weird questions

Keneth Branagh/Shakespeare fans...

Letters reveal desperate plight of Anne Frank's family

Episcopal Leader's Gay Views Won't Waver

Help me understand the effectiveness of bashing other people's beliefs

Immigrants 'overwhelm' UK Catholic churches

Lutheran Leaders Join Call to Protect India's Drug Patent Laws

Know ye the truth

Jewish group demands apology from Georgia lawmaker

Losing my Religion

How will things be better after the Rapture?

Anti-gay Mass. Rep. Canavan hiring Admin. Assistant-- application deadline Feb. 16th

You all might want to hit this, Tim Hardaway poll

Community needs to look at history (Jena Holt is a selfish, fucking asshole)

Comedy Spotlight Shines on Out Comedians at Winter Party Festival

My GLBT anthem, finally available again


Tim Hardaway (NBA) Says He Hates Gay People

'I hate gay people,' former Heat star Tim Hardaway declares

Online wedding photo of gay mayoral candidate creates stir

Are you fucking kidding me

Mormon Couple Featured in Video Showing How 'Ex-Gay' Message Causes Heartache and Divorce

Counter-protesters drown out anti-gay rally

Tune into comedy central - tonight's episode has the creep making a very crude joke...

Amaechi responds to Hardaway's anti-gay comments

If even a number of liberals consider us sex crazed, potential rapists

Tim Hardaway is a caveman.

Beyonce on the cover of SI's swimsuit edition

Forsberg traded to Nashville

Arkansas sports soap opera continues (cue music)

February = Month from Hell for Sports Fans

should the cubs be sold? who cares?

Has anyone attended Mike Dooley's World Tour?

TODAY's Oprah has John Edwards and Allison DuBois!!!

Have we discussed the concept of Pro Peace?

I'm back...still wondering about my haunting.

New Moon in Aquarius - Saturday, February 17, 11:15 am EST

John Edward, Sylvia Brown on Oprah right now. Contacting the departed.

Update on Sara. Things are NOT good. She began bleeding from the nose.

'Viewing the Other Side of the Veil" - a Kryon channelling from Jan. 7, 2007

February 18, 2007 - Chinese New Year - Year of the Red Fire Pig

Interesting, this, from !


Senate Passes 2007 Veterans Budget Increase

C-118 at McGuire AFB

2008 Independent Veterans Budget

SFRC Confirmation hearing. Feb 15th 9:15 am

JK on c-span 2 NOW.

Thread for red and purple state DUers.

Tragic on so many levels

Kerry Addresses Global Climate Change Conference

SFRC hearing from today on C-Span 2 right now! n/t

You know that er, problem with the fun activity....

New diary

Senate debate on Iraq for Frid & Sat, Feb 16 & 17

Senator Kerry speaking on the floor today (video)

Politics and Technology has noticed JK's "Innovative list-building Flash BlogAd"

I had the most horrible Kerry dream....

Woo-hoo!! Kerry legislation would punish profiteers in Iraq rebuilding

NY Union Semester accepting applications for Fall 2007

Nancy Pelosi's YouTube Vlog Debuts

The Smurfs

Escalation Debate: Enough With the Lies, Deceit & Evasion

Alachua, Florida, chief threatens activist with taser for passive resistance.

Let's Bomb Iran!

Stop the war!

System Of A Down/Michael Moore - Boom (4th anniversary of Iraq protests)

Women Freedom Fighters with Love

Virgil Goode On The Surge Resolution And Muslims (money may soon say "In Muhammad We Trust")

Arudhati Roy: Iraq War and choosing between detergents (Dems Vs. Repubs)

RushLimpbaugh and AnnCoultergiest introduce 1/2 hour news hour. UFB.

Millions of bees dying Ecological Disaster

Bush Rejects Osama Surrender - 02.21.2001

Elizabeth Kucinich introduces the 9-10 forum in New Hampshire

Is it for Freedom?

Trial of the Century Libby Rests

Polk County Jail Nurse Arrested (for stealing prescription medication of inmates).

It's not unfeminist to go on a diet

Senior intelligence official: Baghdad briefers had gone beyond vetted information regarding Iran

If Arizona can file a recall effort for McCain - how about Connecticut following suit on Lieberman?

3,131 U.S. troops now dead in W's war of choice

DEA Judge Recommends End to Government Obstruction of Medical Marijuana Research

Just saw "Loose Change, 2nd Edition"

Saudi foreign minister: Kingdom ready for military and nuclear cooperation with Russia

CRIMINALS AND SCOUNDRELS: The 25 Most Corrupt Bush Administration Officials

I have decided privatization is not such a bad idea after all

Motherly love may alter genes for the better

Freedom for Prisoners of Voice Mail

Another GOP big lie revealed

I got a heart

Mayor Daley added as defendant in suit alleging police torture

Air America in Seattle is playing college sports instead of Franken's finale

Bernie Ward's talking about Tim Hardaway

Taggers cover the freeway walls every night around here & can't

To American WASPs, I'm sorry

Under pressure from United Nations, U.S. agrees to Iraqi refugee program

I'm looking for Symbolman. There is a video/flash he made

Can we have a tribute thread to February 15, 2003. Lots of pics please.

Sadr 'on short visit to Iran': aide to Iraqi PM (a routine trip) - AFP

Two convicted Chicago Politicians want their Jobs Back

Then and Now: A Photo Comparison

Latin America 40 Years Nuclear Weapon Free

The real reason the new presidential dollar coins will never replace the paper bill

V for Vendetta (conservatives bashing "The Vagina Monologues" on campus)

FOUR YEARS AGO TODAY - Feb. 15, 2003 "The Largest Anti-War Rally in History"

Is It Me, Or Is soledad's Neckline A Little Low This Morning?

Getting It Right on Iran

Confirmations hearings today for new Ambassador's to Iraq and Afghanistan

Okay, Mr president.. an easy question. What is 5 + 6 ?

Colbert to the World: "Eat Me!"

Watch Bush today. It is arrogance defined.

Happy Valentines Day...NRA

Question about Hatiti

New Mexico orders 500 talking urinal cakes.

ACTIVIST ACTION 11th Congressional District, VA

America.....IT IS TIME.

CIA Approached Italy About Renditions in 2001

National Security Archive Release: 2002 Iraq war planning assumed 5k troops by 12/2006

Breaking: Latest Democratic Anti-Escalation Resolution!

People fuss because Biden voted

Shouldn't we just trust this President when he tells us what Iran is doing?

Let's talk about Racism.

Virginia Governor to Endorse Obama

So many shiny objects, what is MSNBC to do?

Gen. Tommy Franks is 2nd "dumbest SOB in the world" ??

Vulture Funds Threat to Developing World

are open homophobes themselves gay?

In terms of cutting funding for Iraq,

Deepwater flaws draw Congress’ ire

Why Don't We Talk More About the Money Going to Iraq - the billions

War Profiteers Must Go To Prison! Why? They Cost Lives .....

Tim "I Hate Gay people" Hardaway's apology?

Bush's 2004 chief strategist: "wholesale change" is needed in Iraq

Advice To Nixon on Vietnam --"Declare Victory & Go Home" ....

HEADLINE: Anne Frank was refused sanctuary by the U.S.

Bush on MSNBC now

Freeped poll on basketball player's comment 'I Hate Gay People'

Russia may scrap U.S. arms control treaty due to Bush's "Star Wars" program: Interfax

Perhaps as a species, we don't deserve to survive: an example

The world is round...

the msm has already chosen the candidates for 2008...

Pres candidate Gov. Bill Richardson to visit New Hampshire

Some advice to the Coward-in-Chief

Anyone seen the tally on the Resolution?

NYT--Why Accuse Iran of Meddling Now? (Anonymous!) U.S. Officials Explain

MSNBC coverage of Anna Nicole Smith Hearing is Exhibit A of what they deem important....

The main question I ask myself when considering a candidate...

NYT Edit: Not Supporting Our Troops

WP: Skepticism Over Iraq Haunts U.S. Iran Policy

I just saw the most wonderful sight on the way in to class this morning.

Sens. Feinstein and Leahy Introduce Bill Banning US Cluster Munitions in Civilian Areas

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

"What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate" ....

Nancy Pelosi's own YouTube link

NY Times, CBS, NBC report Bush allegations about Iran without context, skepticism

With a nod to Chanel No. 5, R.J. Reynolds introduces Camel No. 9, packaged in hot pink, for women

Auditors: Billions wasted in Iraq war

AmericaBlog: Former top Bush strategist knocks Bush, "surge"

"The reason I mention 'success' is that it's important for us to succeed"

I want to kick this 3 yr. online 'friends' ass!

Iraq War Plan Projected Just 5000 Troops in 2006 --Rawstory LINK

Ex-aide says Rice lied to U.S. Congress on Iran

Why are Dutch children so happy?

Listening to WJ now...."Active duty" callers only...

A question, possibly hypothetical

Florida again...rape victims treated in hospitals may not get Plan B offered.

Monkey trumps peace JW 2/15/07

Sen. Leahy giving excellant speech about Irag on the senate floor NOW>

Monkeyboy and "his" Press Corp

Don't understimate the Power of a Slideshow

KAZAKHSTAN: Work on Iran pipeline to intensify

Cheney vows he will fight for workers and their right to unions

I am Congressman Trent Franks R-AZ And I Am An Idiot

Simplicity::: the GOP chose Bush..and supported him 2x..Simple Answers for Complex Probs don't work

Caption *

The People vs. the Powerful...

US Prison Population to Add 200,000 Convicts by 2011: Study

Teen journalist Haggard was determined "to right wrongs"

James Ridgeway: Bush on Iraq Surge: A Kissinger Ploy?

What happened to all my spam?

Please, would you give me the link to: Radio Station Cries 'Enough' -- Won't Quote From ...

You'd think GOP would stop Iran for their own future

B*sh ex-strategist: B*sh presidency may not emerge from toilet.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Thurs. 2/15 - I call 'em as I see 'em, flame away

After summoning reporters to the WH to question him, Bush petulantly refuses to answer questions

I love the big headlines for Presidential candidate's announcements...

Late-Night Political Jokes for Dems

Unthinkably appalling amount of blood on their hands!

Fair Comparison?

Hypothetical question on corruption...

Local commercial that pokes fun at Shrub

Security operation intensifies in Baghdad, as car bombings continue . . .

Fresno: "Sale of KFPT signals end of liberal talk" (changing to sports)

Church Leaders to Visit Tehran, Hope to Defuse Nuclear Tensions

US and UK are at the BOTTOM of list of 20 countries in Child Welfare survey

Number of Iraqi refugees US has allowed to immigrate since Bushists started war: Less than 600.

New '08 Polls show Clinton strong in South, Obama doing well in West

Lets all try to shame the Senate: NO RECESS until

Money, Trumps, .... Peace.

I have been saying they are clearly using Orwells book 84' as a Bible for years

Bushist Environmental Lawyer Buys $1 Mill Vacation Home with Oil Lobbyist and Abramoff Crony

Run for your life Patrick Fitzgerald. Cheney's invites him on a quail hunting trip!!! Satire?

Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory

Rahm Emanuel: WithJustice Dept-DO YOUR JOB & GET FIRED-Protect Special Interests & Get Vacation Home

Whatever happens with Libby Trial there's still Wilsons' "Civil Suit"

you know, if this were smart it'd be funny......

Watch Al Gore Concert Announcement Live Right Now

Iranian Para-Military Cooks responsible for contaminated peanut butter

why is the Death-Monkey giving so many speeches lately?

Watching the vilification of Hugo Chavez has taught me Oh So Much about the history of my country.

I have no problem showering with Men

Do you believe political change is in the air?

Viral emails. Is there any way to investigate the sources of this Repuke propaganda?

Deveopling on CNN: Reid and Schumer on. New Iraq vote in Senate

3132 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Just cancelled my membership to Blue Mountain

I am very, VERY tired of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith.

ipod emergency

Duers, please give your opinion on the "snake pit" forum

According to MSNBC front page..Next week is Preacher Primary

DAMN how I despise corporate executive whore-speak

Was Anne Frank Israeli?

I watched that Red Eye show on Fox Noise Channel, and want to share some thoughts on it

Nevada Governor Faces FBI Probe

Great Breaking News!!! KO gets four year extension & Specials on NBC

DU made me look like an idiot in front of my husband...

ABC: Pentagon rejected qualified experts for reconstruction work in Iraq - deemed not loyal Repubs

Planes Were Grounded For 10 Hours Or More At JFK International

question about refinancing and the legal jargon that goes with...

Irony alert MN GOP accuses Franken of Polarization and vitriolic personal attacks

heres a twist on Impeachment theories

Letters To America - On Awakening

I have no problem showering with attractive, gay women.

Carl Bernstien: Bush disinformation the worst I've ever seen

Staying on message: Iran is meddling in everything!

Give Virginia Foxx a gun and point her in the direction of Baghdad!

Rep. Virginia Foxx (A-North Carolina): F*CK YOU!

Do you sing in the shower?

Congressman Murtha's idea for checking additional Iraq troops: demand adequate training, equipment

Question. If Chrysler goes down like it very well might, What will happen to Jeep?

Retired Marine Gen. Anthony C. Zinni: "I think we're headed toward (U.S.-Iranian) confrontation."

I just found out...

Is Randi live today?

is FUX using the term "civil war"?

Democrats push to speed Katrina aid

Fox "Conservative Daily Show" fails. Why can't conservatives understand humor and be funny? (POLL)

Is this guy for real on AAR?

Iraq troops must wait until summer for life-saving FRAG Kit 5 armor

Sen . Snowe on Senate Floor now taking of Iraq vote.

The One Question I'm Itching to Debate a Freeper On.

Sen. Robt Byrd is giving a beautiful speech honoring Sen. Ted Kennedy's birthday on senate floor

Need info Chicago Swamp said Democrats in Senate will force Iraq vote

Oh my God! Virgil Goode (A-Virginia) speaking in the House right now.

Pentagon lets the press take a peak at their Iran-Iraq meddling evidence

A thought about anti-gay bigotry

Joe Biden on CNN now n/t

Wikipedia on The Half-Hour News Hour (FOX's Daily Show ripoff)

Who's on AAR right replace Al Franken?

I found this (garbage) in the staff lunchroom today...

Who is the BUCK PASSER IN CHIEF passing the Iraq disaster buck to this week?

Q: What's the diff. between the U.S. "meddling" in Iraq and Iran "meddling" in Iraq?

AP: Quds Force backing militiamen to ensure Shiites win Iraqi civil war

Caption Poppy Bush and Barbara Bush

I hope DUers are watching Gates

Are we ready for a Vaccine forum yet?

Fear Of Drunks, Panhandlers At New Liquor Store Forces Play Center To Close

BREAKING CNN: Abu Ayyub al-Masri wounded in Iraq by Iraqi police.

French Police Arrest 11 in Recruitment for Al Qaeda

Don Imus just called Joe Wilson a "Fat Weenie & a lying Scum"!!! WTF??

Randi Rhodes: "Rudy G. Will Get A Bump In Middle America....

Question about sniper rifles in Iraq...

In the House Debate Replugs have just used VFW and American Legion

Would allowing 7,000 Iraqi's into US who worked for Coalition mean more Chalabi's in the US?

Update on the couple trying to win a wedding...

Gates Dragged Out General Pace to Hype Iran

Student Strikes Against The War Today

Is a second American revolution necessary? And if so, could it succeed?

Heres Jack Cafferty's questions for today

Where do I find # of US troops in Iraq in 2005?

Where do I find # of US troops in Iraq in 2005?

Why do Freepers hate peace??? Check this out!!!

Rep. Tim Waltz (D-Minnesota) GREAT GUY!

Watch Closely. --Does the Catholic Church Maintain Same Standards

Hey! Let's apply the Bush Doctrine!

Repukes slam Pelosi's Blog, claims it violates C-SPAN copyright/trademark (via KOS)

Is Bill Mahr due back 2-morrow nite?

Do any of your local TV news programs use their time to promote network television shows?

Minnesota Bill H.F. No. 224 (appointing a poet laureate)

Oh Bummer: Egyptian queen Cleopatra was no stunner, coin shows

Mandatory Gardasil Truth from Fiction Thread #2: "Merck Says It's NOT a Cancer Drug."

I have no gay men showering with my problem

Michigan DUers: Fred Upton--Anti-Surge. Please phone

Camp Pendleton Regimental Combat Team 5 has lost 101 men in Iraq. Pics from memorial service today.

British hacker fights extradition (BBC) {hacked US military computers}

I dunno--George Washington looks pretty pissed off at the 21st century

Thank you, Thank you, Secret admirer, for the hearts!

remind me...the congress cut off funding after the vn war ended

Senator Kerry now speaking on Senate floor on supporting the troops by providing proper equipment.

Drop in Smoking Means Less Tax Revenue

I want to thank whomever it was who gave me a wonderful heart.

Lawrence O'Donnell: Libby Is "Going To Be Found Guilty"

Bush speech (AEI) on now on cspan 2 Afgan talk

Did I Just Hear Correctly? Bush is SURGING 3000 More Troops to AFGHANISTAN?

Big downward revision to GDP coming

So Which Gay Man Should I Shower With

Gordon of 'NYT,' Criticized for Using Unnamed Sources on Iran Story, Returns With More of Same

Tony Snow: I'm Not Sure Anything Went Wrong In Iraq .

The Perilous Position in which Job/Manufacturing outsourcing

Rawstory: Biden wants to take away B*sh's car keys

Court Rejects Sentence for *Eco-Terrist*

OK I need help from an old hippie

Think you haven't showered with a gay man

Good news, everyone.

Cheney’s insistence on leak investigations led to the Plame Case/ Carl Cameron sang like a bird

Key House Democrat: For the Bush administration, politics comes before justice

Foreclosures rip neighborhoods

NY Post put "Osama" headline over Obama article

Does anyone else ache when trying to listen to Bush?

Snow: "I'm Not Sure Anything Went Wrong" In Iraq

Chalk up another Republican "Yes" vote...

Cheery Story

Which straight man should I shower with?

Mine safety bill stalls; widows urge lawmakers to take action

Threat of prosecution grows for CIA agents

Why don't republicans just get September 11 tattooed on their foreheads?

Does anybody know what's going on in the Anna Nicole Smith thing?

Where's the 'Bush Fatigue'?

Congrats to Senator Johnson/Family: " Still-hospitalized U.S. senator co-sponsors bill"

Bill Maher implies that Ann Coulter is going off the deep end

I have no problem showering with gay men

US to Build Secret Base in Austrialia. Deal is set

The Hidden Black Hole in the Child Protection Act

Libby Is Guilty

Just curious.When did the thugs let everyone have 5 mins?

Anderson Cooper is in Brazil

Cervical cancer is not a public health emergency. Lung cancer is.

Bush can't back up Iran claims

Time to re-think the Reserves & Guard

Murtha touts way to choke off Iraq war

Slovakia not involved in suspected CIA activities in Europe

WHAT would be the EFFECT of voting against the Iraq appropriation bill ON THE TROOPS?

ADMIN Includes Iran In Axis Of Evil So Bush Can Look Like Ronald Reagan

Racism . . .

Why do people use communal showers at the gym? I've never used one...

NY Times Editorial: "Not Supporting Our Troops."

Homeless woman set on fire in SF

Virgil Goode: Ignorant Bigot at it again.

Haha! Everyone laugh at John McCain! Social Conservatives still don't like him.


This Non-Binding Resolution is an anchor in a maelstrom....

Coalition Plans May Day Actions (and you thought last years protests were big??)

Still no armor for Humvees in Iraq

Sometimes it still happens

Fake Lincoln quote enters congressional record (video)

What ever happened to good old fashioned smiting?

Which threads should drop like a stone without comment?

Keith O has 4 more years? He had his thumb up. Fantastic. n/t

GOP values on display during Libby trial

BBC 9/11 Documentary Likely Hit Piece

Iraq War Plan Assumed Only 5,000 U.S. Troops Still There by December 2006

GOP values: our 11th commandment is more important

How Long Before We Get Upset About

"Gate crashing" for profit

Why was my post locked?

This- is the problem with the U.S. today

Scooter Libby and the Clinton Pardon of Marc Rich

Mistaking Slavery and Dictatorship for Freedom and Democracy

Let's see, scientists who warn us about global warning are accurate;

1st Stinger Battery makes first deployment in support of OIF

The Greening of a Hard Red State

This week at the Rapture Ready board: HEADLINES OF THE RAPTURE!!!11

NY Union Semester accepting applications for Fall 2007

Anybody watching the new Nixon biography on the History Channel?

Anyone want to know about this web site? - Offshore Watch

Al Gore Is A Global Inspiration!/Live Earth Announced

NYT review of "Breach," a film about Robert Hanssen, a "creep's creep"

Our 11th CD VA Impeacement \Prince William Peacemakers video

How bad does your rightwing satire show have to suck for freepers to hate it-Hard.

Ore. woman, 84, pleads guilty in boy's sex abuse case (just goes to show stupidity has no age limit)

You know what's really a crime .

CNN finally Posting Tommy Franks/NeoCon's Rosey Scenario Power Point Presentation!

RW 'christians' whine over homophobic Snickers ad being pulled

He was wearing a cap…

Fox News Poll: Majority Of Americans Would Vote To De-Fund Escalation

Rush backtracks on racially charged comment, says it was just to "tweak the media"

Traveling consultants opt for homelessness

John Amaechi responding to Tim Hardaway comments: 'His words pollute the atmosphere'

Vulture Funds - Greg Palast Dem Now - result in England today

Jr says he 'admires AEI" and has used their scholars and work

Ok...Rush Limbaugh...What in the Holy Fuck?

Soldiers' daughter is on duty at home -

Iowa Senate Sends Message to Presidential Candidates on Iraq (good read)

Venezuelan Congress committee attributes Al Qaeda's threats to the United States

The cult of "rights" and bickering as politics.

Anyone just see Rep. Mica, R-repugnant, from Florida?

The "War" party

What do you need?

(AP) Georgia Lawmaker: Behind evolution

Norovirus hits Durham VA Hospital and Area Nursing Homes

I have a show idea for ABC: Desperate Republicans

U.S. 'likely' to seek second Iran resolution:Rice

Watch This Case -- Panther 10 Go On Trial

How will things be better after the Rapture?

FBI Informant organized neo-Nazi rally in Orlando, Florida

What happens the day we find out that Repubs had access to our records

A response from Iceland to a letter I wrote protesting whaling

Joe Scarborough has been visiting Capitol Hill

Authority's Demands Hang Over Port Sale

Democratic Congressman: Rest assured that history, fact will not be kind to decision-makers of this

I've gotten caught up in a local peace movement

'Debate doesn't hurt the troops,' says president of Iraq, Afghanistan veterans group

NYT: Did former Bush Counsel Harriet Miers 'intervene' on behalf of replacement for US attorney let

Burial or cremation?

CBS needs a dictionary!

We will never have a world without war will we ?

Tracking Giuliani's approval ratings, as of today, Feb. 15, 2007

Democrats pushing for 'up or down vote' by Senate on House resolution supporting troops, opposing es

Halliburton Iraq Waste Exposed by Waxman's Hearing Today

Mods, could you please move this post to GD:P? Thanks!

No Apology Needed ... from Hillary on the war.

Incredible TV

Harry Reid: "We demand an up-or-down vote...."

AEI: The Root of Bush’s Right-Wing Ideology

Each time credence is given a speaker cause they aren't Dems or Liberals, an Angel loses its wings!

It's time to Connect the Dots...... Isn't it?...... You know it is....

Rubella and autism: the real story

January was warmest ever recorded in the whole planet

So what happens next in the Scooter trial?

Senator Boxer to Introduce Passenger's Bill of Rights

A google video about a New Hampshire Guard Unit in Iraq

Home prices show biggest drop - EVER!

I wish Olbermann would stop using Michael Musto...

NYT: Bush and Rice "wanted a deal" with North Korea, may have bypassed Cheney

Who will Rudy pick to be his running mate next year?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseeker Check-in Aaron Freeman tonight!!!!

Hey, bush, you forgot Canada. Again.

MSNBC Has Signed New LONG-TERM Contract With Keith Olbermann

Plane jacking now being reported on CNN...

Thanks for all the love...

Republicans are absolutely incapable of speaking without

I Get Tired Of Band-Aid Health Proposals (Chirolas)

Who's watching the House debate on Iraq?

'I Think Tim Hardway's 'I Hate Gays' Comments are:'

Here is today's heartfelt blessing:

I want to know why we the people/citizens of this country are tolerating

Obama and Hillary offered to buy the support of key black South Carolina politicians

NM Impeachment Resolution Gets Hearing, 2/16/2007

Passengers stranded on parked JetBlue planes for 10 1/2 hours

Do all candidates or just the nominees of each party get secret service?

Open Question - How Many NeoCons Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?...

GOP retracts its criticism of Pelosi

A one question test

Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory:Robert Dreyfuss

"Thank you for your bodies,."

I'm So PROUD Of My Parents (and THANK YOU Al Gore)

I have a question about the surge

Ted Haggard TOON: Hilarious (Idiot Box)

Congressman Jane Harman taking a morning jog with Michael Chertoff??

Pictures of Al Gore and others at the 'Live Earth' news conference today

Prominent Repugs Wanted To THROW CHENEY UNDER THE BUS-But LIBBY Refused

Why isn't Arlen Specter facing any pressure for the clause which gave Gonzo

Thursday TOONfest

Jane Fonda on Caroline Casey's radio show today (2 pm PST)

Universal Catastrophic Health Care

HEADLINE: Anne Frank was refused sanctuary by the U.S.

Gardasil: "Save the girls . . . and Merck!" (And what about boys?)

Care about affordable education? Want reform? Go here.

Post your Peter Pan peanut butter expiration dates here!

Harold Ford, Jr. - DLC Chair, takes on role as vice chairman with Merrill Lynch


Remember when Bush said there were no plans for war back in 2002?

Newsweek: Quds Force have close relationship with Iraqi president, also helped US fight Taliban

U.S. Senator [Ted "Tubes" Stevens, R-AK]: It's time to ban Wikipedia in schools, libraries

HuffPo: Senate Dems To Force Up Or Down Vote On Bush's War Plan

Ricky Martin Gives Bush The Finger During Concert

Pentagon Red Tape Keeps Medical Records From Doctors of the Wounded


From the bottom of my broken heart...

If we nationalized all extractives; oil, gas, minerals, coal, ect....every child in the US......

"Libby is Guilty" by Lawrence O'Donnell --- LINK

Don't toss the lids! Peter Pan recall refund info:

Do you think that any of the 7000 Iraq refugees will be...

Former BIL deploying to Fallujah

Anyone ever hear of "Mancow"?

Four More Years for Keith Olbermann

We need to get serious about impeachment ( Must read)

$wiftboat financier, Paul Singer pops up again-- stealing from Africa, donating to Giuliani

Sacramento Station To Dump Air America Radio For ESPN !!!

we need to eliminate presidential ability to pardon

Have you signed up to co-sponsor a BINDING resolution to end the war?

Dick Cheney (nailed on house floor) on Baghdad, quote from 1991: MUST SEE THIS!

B*sh admits he lives in a beautiful (white) house and

Murtha Seeks to Restrain Action in Iran

A Letter in this morning's Post-Gazette about the Dixie Chicks

So... red-headed Adam "Opie" Putnam set up a war room with orange juice.

Please give me your best argument for net nutrality!

Georgia Lawmaker: Jews Secretly Behind Evolution

Utah mall gunman was Srebrenica survivor, cousin says

outrage about a b-ball player? heres the functional face of bigotry....

forget EVERYTHING ELSE.. stop the ATTACK ON IRAN..ships in the gulf are sitting ducks for superSonic

Waas: CHENEY's ACTIONS- Set Stage For Events That Lead To Prosecution Of Scooter Libby

Two chilling shows on the history of Nazis working for US biowarfare and the anthrax attacks

Scooter, We Hardly Knew Ye

The 1976 movie NETWORK is as timely as ever!

Another Personal Story Regarding Broken Immigration System

New bill to forbid covert action against Iran

Three faces of positive change in America (A motley crew of Skinner and Admins - caption the pic)

Schuster Connects Dots in BlockBuster Report on Hardball...Goes All the way to Bush...Catch Repeat !

Impeachment: "Congress is not leading on this, the American people are."

Has Bill O'Reilly commented on Al Franken's announcement...

"Iran: The Next War Is Closer Than You Think"

Impeachment! Let there be JUSTICE and rule of law or let there be anarchy. Either we are a democracy

Why Are Americans So Docile?

So, all yinz who have been carrying on recently about how Capitalism needs to be regulated and...

DU this abortion poll

Kyl blocks Schumer....US Attorneys Purge

Conservatives To Bush - BYPASS CONGRESS ALTOGETHER - Issue MORE Executive Orders!


TX court ruling gives police power to stop/arrest people for partially obscured license plates

The conservative version of The Daily Show sucks like nothing has ever sucked before! Watch clip...

Are we a Fascist State?

Biotech's War on Mexican Corn

Chief Blue Meanie says "money trumps peace!"

Neo-Nazi rally was organized by FBI informant

Cindy Sheehan: Money Trumps Peace...Sometimes

What other President has taken us so far in the wrong direction?

How about a SNAKE PIT forum? (Seriously)


Bush is a disingenuous asshole

10 Things you May or May Not Know About John Edwards

ON RECORD: U.S. Senator & CIA Chief Implicate Cheney in 9/11 Cover-up!! Look!!

Paul Krugman: The Health Care Racket

Remember the Reichstag Fire

why is the alamo such a proud piece of texas heritage...?

Homophobic NBA player should keep his mouth shut, shouldn't he??

Kerry/Dorgan legislation to punish war profiteering.

Jail for German Holocaust denier

FEMA trailers making people sick

what proof are we given that the Quds force did anything???

Christian pediatrician denies child service because parents are tattooed

AZ GOP - "McCain is mentally unstable and out of control and vindictive,"

Bad news and harsh reality on impeaching George and Dick.

FDA has Been in Turmoil Under Bush....Cronyism/Crookery...

What are the odds that Tim Hardaway is a closet homosexual?

Lawmakers seeking method to choke off funds for Guantanamo

Project Hamad, worthy cause, adds new blogger, Brandon Mayfield.

The preacher primary

NYT: In State Legislatures, Democrats Are Pushing Toward Parity Between the Sexes

The Book Of Revolutions

Das Swiftenfrau joins McLame Camp, disses Mittenfuhrer, 3 Mass. Repuke senators back Der Rudyfuhrer

Guiliani Actually Made a Good Point on Larry King

Flunkin Duncan Hunter

St. Jude program taps the fund-raising power of Hispanic radio stations across the U.S.

Now That Using The Term "Democrat" As An Adjective Has Been Exposed

Franken's announcment video

When is Clinton detailed Energy Program coming? - Vilsack's is excellent after Obama's coal disaster

"Treasonous:" Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT) & pres candidate, re: "highest level of gov" on Plamegate

Chavez says he misses Rice's criticism (AP)

Bush war of choice not fair to troops - Bring them home

How 'bout some meaningless speculation about the 2008 Senate elections?

Newt at the Gates?

There are no depths to which these pukes will not stoop. Romney sucking up to Pat Robertson now.

Murtha Only Intends to Undo the Escalation

Blaming Iran for Iraq bombs is nothing new. October 6, 2005.....

The Rude Pundit: Things the Rude Pundit Learned at the President's Latest Press Conference

Anybody watching C-Span 2? Senators again debate the debate on Iraq

America's View of Republicans Crumbles in Iraq

Obama/Kaine 2008?

Sen. Schumer talking of fired US attorney generals by WH. on Senate

9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11 9/11


T-shirt maker's attempt to trademark "Obama Bin Laden" is denied, but he's stil making shirts

"more than a half a dozen" House Repugs Defecting to vote for Resol.

Bush Screwed America And We Demote Her?

Once again Republicans got it wrong about The Democrats and the war

"......Sometimes wisdom quits the mind of the Americans."

Chuck Todd named NBC News Political Director

Republicons are a virus to Democracy.

Democratic & Republican Senators Oppose Policy on U.S. Attorneys

Dubai Ports: Sale Of US Port Operations In Danger, Blames N.Y., N.J. Port Authority

Diary of a German Mother--1918

Sick of hearing the pukes invoke God.

GOP Losing Ground in Party-Affiliation Polling

Virgil Goode....OMG!!!

Reid speaking on Senate floor now about Iraq war debate-cspan

Dear Hillary

An Email From Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Teammates in hate: Basketball's Bill Donohue

11 Republicans have spoken in support of the Democratic measure):

Newsweek: Who Is the ‘Real’ John Edwards?

I'm sick of these left, right speeches

I have a question that I hope someone can answer...

A Public Reading of this Statement Should Be Required...

DU needs an Al Franken avatar (please) There is a fantastic pix of him on the front page of today's

ACLU Urges Congress to Protect Freedom of Information Act

Bush seeks to tamp down revolt on North Korea deal (Reuters)

On Wes Clark - any new rumblings that an announcement is coming soon?

ACLU Condemns Bill Eliminating Online Privacy

Unionizing bill advances; Cheney threatens veto. (Reuters, 2/15)

CNN: Iraqi government: al Qaeda in Iraq leader wounded; top aide dead

My 'avatar' for Mitt Romney

I wonder.....

Who Are The REAL "Terrorist Sympathizers"?

Interesting post up at TPM.....

Addington Testimony on Libby

What lessons did we learn from 9-11?

Duncan Hunter is ignorant of the English language, Democrat Party

Lordy Lordy ...... come testify about YOUR favorite Republic Nutter

House Committee Says Yes to Employee Free Choice Act

I assume Reagan will (eventually) be on the new dollar coin.

Cheney and NAM Want to Protect Workers? Yeah, Right! (W's next veto?)

Union belts it out to boss on YouTube Anger over contract impasse set to music on Internet forum

Religion, values, and politics

Maremont striker hit by security vehicle

Rep. "nothing short of victory"

Saturday vote on Iraq resolution scrambles plans of Senate Presidential candidates

America's Next First Couple? Photos and video of Barack and Michelle Obama from Ebony mag

Two sides speak out on 'fair share' proposal

Let's See.... I Got The Milk, Bread... Oh Yeah, And The BRIBE Money

Did Judy Miller lie during the trial to help Libby because she had sex with him?

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee takes early aim at Smith, Sununu with ads in Oregon, NH

John Edwards hired lesbians, but Bill Donahue hired and defended a sexual predator

Ok...Here is "Crazy" Virgil Goode today...

Thinking Olbermann .......

No One's Drinking Bush's Kool-Aid on Iran

Why the Daily show works and the half hour news show won't...

Just called Schmidthead (OH-2) office to tell her I oppose the surge

TV show The War at Home, somebody in production is a democrat

Without flaming anyone or anything, can someone direct me toward HRC's Iraq plan?

Interesting snip from a Fortune article on coal-fired power plants in Texas:

Injuries Spawn Immigrant Workers at Tyson Food Plant in Kansas to Start Unionizing Drive

Generations to come will ask: Why did you not get rid of him?

Democrats should not only offer a plan for the War in Iraq but also...

The thing I like most about John Edwards is his straight-up support for public financing.

Mods, could you please move this post to GD:P? Thanks!

NY Times on Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson, Brown University's basketball coach

Der Mittenfuhrer touts GOP support - in his home state (Since when is Mass. his home state?)


Michelle Obama: Barack is ready to be President

Hillary doubled Obama's $5k month offer to South Carolina politican for endorsement

Kerry Addresses Global Climate Change Conference

Who would make the perfect Keynote Speaker for our '08 Denver Convention?

UK Minister Peter Hain endorses Hillary for president

?? What's Up With New Mexico Legislature & Joint Res. 5 To Impeach Bush & Cheney?

Free Trade Hurts American Workers, AFL-CIO Director Says

In state legislatures, Democratic women surge, as Republican women lose ground

Shark on CBS tonite was a slap against Repugs!!!!!!!!!

Opinions On Lou Dobbs

edwards is a resident of second life

Bill Richardson: Diplomacy, Not Attacks

Purple/red state and local Dem party workers, volunteers: What differences do you see

Is there any member of the pundit claque more smug,

GOP retracts its criticism of Pelosi

Send a strong message to Congress: co-sponsor a BINDING resolution to end the war

Reid Tries Again to Force Iraq Debate in Senate

Rep. Virgil Goode: A prime example of why party switching isn't always a bad thing

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 7******

Howard Fineman: I Know Al Franken. Al Franken is a Friend of Mine. Norm, You're No Al Franken

Anyone else like Bill Richardson ?

Burton(R) apologizes to voters for missing so much work

Purpose of IWR is completed and IWR is no longer in force

Edwards netroots coordinator Melissa McEwan resigns...

This post to some might look like it is coming from way out...

Why do the repukes not trust the strength of our men and women in Iraq?

If Gore runs Hillary is toast, war chest and all.

Whaaaaaaat? Tammy Duckworth being deployed to Iraq???????

Carville Attacks Dean Again! This time at George Washington U in front of Students.

Barack Obama in this week's Rolling Stone - GOOD Article

Senator Clinton offers $10,000-a-month contract to South Carolina endorser

"If you fund it, you've bought it and you own it."

Hallelujah, Tweety Just Discovered That Bush Uses Nazi


Who were some of the greatest people that were never president?

John McCain will be 72 in August 08, as opposed to Ronald Reagan

Yes, Hillary, We Do Need Moral Leadership


Do you want the next President of the U.S. to be using rhetoric like this?

Murtha Moves to Forefront of Iraq Debate

The Republicans used code words to back us into a corner on religion, faith, and values.

Arguing Against Escalation: Five Key "Yes, BUT" Answers