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Archives: February 14, 2007

Guardian UK: Once the most beloved country in the world, the US is now the most hated

The Ugly Side of Valentine's Gifts

Anne Frank’s Family Denied US Visa

An 'Open Letter' to the Iraqi Resistance; Call for 'Joint Action'

"Sunni, Shi'a and the Trotskyists of Islam"

'Wash Times' Columnist Uses Fabricated Abraham Lincoln Quote

Blumenthal: Libby's cynical defense

Thomas Schaller: America's View of Republicans Crumbles in Iraq

Katrina vanden Heuvel: No Katrina Hearings? Gotcha, Joe

John Nichols: "For Paul's Seat"

Not Supporting Our Troops

NYT:A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues

David Corn (The Nation): Libby Defense Rest on a Thin Case

Edwards Urges Congress to Cut Iraq Funds

Britain needs a declaration of independence from America

TomDispatch: The Undertaker's Tally (Part I)

Fool Us Twice? From Iraq to Iran

War with Iran? .......... Part two of an online forum: the CIA officials

UK Independent: Iraq Death Toll Is Far Worse than Our Leaders Admit

Enough with the Hillary -- she deserves to be called Sen. Clinton

Team Hillary's Latest Excuse for Iraq Vote: 9/11 Made Her Do It!

Please read and recommend...


Dixie Chicks, Valerie Plame & Bush BY ROBERT PARRY - 2006

On the Mystery of Muqtada al-Sadr's Disappearance (JUAN COLE)

Venezuela's Chavez sets fast nationalization pace

Douglas Feith: Tough Questions We Were Right to Ask (WaPo)

CNN analyst Bill Schneider: The public wants action on Iraq -- now

AlterNet: Straight and In the Closet on Valentine's Day

Iran reformists want U.S. to tone it down (Murphy, LATimes, 2/11)

Robert Scheer: Before the Invasion, There Was Feith

Borders shut, liberties cut to make Baghdad safer

Before the Invasion, There Was Feith (ROBERT SCHEER)

Phoenix Motorcars manufactures zero-emission, freeway-speed fleet vehicles.

New nanotube technology developed (desalinization)

Arbor Foundation Updates Tree Map - Most Regions Gain One Full Zone Rating

PEMEX And Cantarell Say Hello To The Giant Sucking Sound

Industry CEOs testify for emissions limits (Boxer committee, Inofe quite ironic)

PG&E and BioEnergy Solutions Use Manure for Renewable Energy

Gov. Tom Vilsack's energy program - seems excellent - missing only

Canada earmarks $36 million to promote green automobiles

Rigzone - Oil Exploration & Production Costs Up 53% In Past Two Years

Solar Power Breakthrough: IAUS Hits Milestone Previously Thought to Be Impossible

Research Team Uses Satellite To Track Earth's Water

Second US judge criticizes USDA over genetic crops - Reuters

Exxon Chief Cautions Against Rapid Action to Cut Carbon Emissions

Canada House to try to force Kyoto compliance - Reuters

Finally, Rain In Desert Areas Of Queensland, But Not Nearly Enough To End Drought

Flannery - Coal Not "Clean", Australia's Geology Wrong For Sequestration

Milwaukee's Urban Ecology Center Installs State's Largest Solar Energy System

Laws, Health Threats Doing Nothing To Stop China's Trade In Illegal & Endangered Wildlife - AFP

Life on the Ethanol-Guzzling Prairie

Lawmakers From 20 Countries Meet With Senate Panel, Press For Climate Action - IHT

Germany's Amphibians Threatened By Warm Winter - Already Breaking Hibernation - AP

B.C. Premier Unveils Plan To Cut Emissions By 33% Below Current Levels By 2020 - Toronto Star

GM's Production Sequel Fuel Cell Vehicle to Arrive in 2010

New transportation committee chairman wins passage of solar energy legislation (PV 4 DOE)

Polar bear, walrus protection sought - AP

Nevada's gold diggers mucking up the air - Study finds high levels of airborne mercury near mines

CorpWatch: Remembering Oil Spills, Old and New

N.J. Gov. Corzine orders big cut in greenhouse gas emissions

Anti-whalers end Southern Ocean protest - Reuters

Stern Confirms Economic Benefits of Halting Climate Change

Sen Sanders suggests a hearing on "Who Killed the Electric Car"

UN says Israel, Lebanon armies violated ceasefire

Trio held over Valentine's Day flowers protest

What a strange 'abroad'

U.S. lawmaker blocks money for Palestinian forces

U.S. politicians and the fruits of pandering

Israeli Arab couple petitions High Court after residency denied

I/P: (Palestinians living) Just like life under Pinochet

The Middle East: Peace can be imposed.

Do building designers/engineers fireproof structural steel?

I am open-minded about MIHWAP. The twelve planes theory could also be true.

OK Folks its do or die time..........

Just saw "Loose Change, 2nd Edition"

Raging Fires in WTC 7 - Steve Spak video

The PentaCon Movie - Scam preying on Truthers, just incorrect, or genuine?

Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 2/14/07 VALENTINE’S DAY EDITION

Democratic, Republican Politicians, Had enough yet?

New Version of Holt Bill: A Giant Step Backwards

Serious Question: Would Andy Stephenson Have Supported HR 811 as Written?

Parties put their vets out front for Iraq debate

New Baghdad Crackdown Is Announced

NYT/AP: Second Blogger Quits Edwards Campaign

More military recruits have criminal pasts

Times (London): General Clashes with Bush on Iraq

Report Says Pentagon Manipulated Intel

Google loses ability to spell its own name over Valentine's Day...

NATO may have killed 'senior' Taliban leader(another #2)

Aznar sent police to interrogate Guantanamo detainees illegally

British and US children, among worst off in industrialized world

Katrina homeless hit by tornado

U.S. soldier abducted last year shown in terrorist video alive

(UK) War crimes charges tossed for 5 soldiers

15 insurgents killed, 27 arrested in Iraq raids

Army Giving More Waivers in Recruiting (recruits with criminal records up 65%)

State leaders propose new voting systems

Bush to meet with Congressional Black Caucus (first time in more than two years)

Calif. Senate OKs resolution against Iraq (Repugs follow script)

CNN analyst Bill Schneider: The public wants action on Iraq -- now

Study: Prison population on the rise

EU endorses damning report on CIA

(John) Bolton hits (North Korea) agreement as 'bad signal' to Iran

Rep. Ellison calls the cops to snuff Tancredo’s cigar

U.S. Agency Violated Law in (genetically engineered) Seed Case, Judge Rules

Venezuela's Chavez sets fast nationalization pace

Microsoft fixes 20 security holes (BBC)

Morales seizes control of Swiss tin smelter

Guardian: Met inquiry into Galloway recommended

'Wash Times' Columnist Uses Fabricated Abraham Lincoln Quote

Bolivia to return Entel to state control

Bush to Hold News Conference at 11 a.m. Amid Iraq Resolutions

(At least) 13 dead in Baghdad attacks

Did George Bush just say, ''Money Trumps Peace''?

Hope for end of climate deadlock

Bush calls on Congress to fund U.S. troops to Iraq

14 U.S. Attorneys Never Officially Nominated by President

Radio Station Cries 'Enough' -- Won't Quote From Certain News Stories Relying on Unnamed Officials

Cheney Expects Tough Fight Over Trade

AP: Lebanese Mark Rafik Hariri Assassination

Argentina asks Spain to extradite Isabel Peron

Ecuador Congress votes for Assembly

cheney: Pres will Veto "Card Check" Bill......

McDade Facing Charges

Bush: Iran Supplying Weapons in Iraq

Bush on Iraq civil war: Hard to give assessment 'Living in this beautiful White House'

Merck to pay $2.3B in IRS dispute [$2.3 billion]

Merck Cancer Vaccine's Cost Is Delaying U.K. Funding

Powell tried to push Iran talks in 2003 and was rebuffed

Hearing set on vaccine mandate (Texas legislature)

(AP) Iran Ex-Leader: Tehran Seeks 'Good Will'

Libby rests!

Troops out in force for Baghdad sweep (1 US troop killed on Wed)

National greeting card company carrying 'Love Democratic style' card with Pelosi, others in bondage

Bus bombed in southeast Iran, 18 dead

Al Sadr flees to Iran

Bush Uses Clinton's Approach to Secure Korean Accord

Financial interests blocking Iran pressure (Bush: "money trumps peace sometimes")

(Australian PM) Howard accused of being gutless, without plan for Iraq

NYT: Pact With North Korea Draws Fire From a Wide Range of Critics in U.S.

U.S. admiral says talk of potential war with Iran is 'unhelpful, distracting'

Saudi al-Qaida urges strikes on U.S. oil sources

Reuters: EU lawmakers accuse EU govts on secret CIA flights

(Aussie) Govt gets whaling data from Japan: Labor ("asking a burglar for a list of stolen goods")

Opposition forces through bill compelling (Canadian) government to respect Kyoto

Pro-Whaling Nations Discuss Reform (resumption of commercial whaling)

Bush: Iraq plan on course

Sadr aides say cleric still in Iraq

Feds: New Wave of CEO Indictments Expected

Bush to allow 7,000 Iraqi refugees to immigrate to US

Blair bypasses Bush to build a consensus on climate change

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 14

Switzerland Approves Probe of CIA Flight

Nigeria moves to tighten gay laws

A great big "Thank You" for my Valentines Hearats.

GOP opposition to Bush plan forms

U.S. military documents had upbeat view of Iraq by 2007

Greenspan says economic growth means working longer

(Reuters) - Conservatives lose latest Darwin battle in Kansas

Gov. Kaine (VA) to endorse Obama

2 Ex-Enron Traders Get Probation (CA F Grandma Millie)

TN legislature intros bill: Death certificates on abortions proposed

Polls show Clinton, Giuliani ahead of rivals (NY voters)

US gets military base in Western Australia

Saudi says no bar to nuclear cooperation with Russia

AP: GOP Opposition to Bush Plan Forms

6 U.S. troops killed in separate incidents in Iraq

Marine parachute jump off Okinawa disrupted by locals

LAT: U.S. backpedals accusations against Iran

WP: "Restoring the Constitution Act" Would Restore Detainees' Rights, Define 'Combatant'

TV Martí executive admits taking kickbacks

Ga. county declines to act on '46 death

Karzai, Blair upbeat as report warns Afghanistan at 'tipping point' (AFP)

NYT: Exxon Chief Cautions Against Rapid Action to Cut Carbon Emissions

BP lands in more trouble on Caspian pipeline (The Guardian)

AIDS virus weakness detected (Reuters)

UK is accused of failing children (US next to last)

U.S. military not confirming claims that Iran's gov't was involved in production of powerful explosi

Wal-Marts open walk-in clinics (in Alabama)

Colombia's president remains popular despite growing political scandal

India, China, Russia call for fairer world order

Peru and the USA in Joint War Maneuvers

Ex-Aide Says Rice Misled Congress on Iran: Rejected Iran proposal akin to 1972 opening of China

Bush Administration Warns Bloomberg, But Leaves Lawbreaking Gun Dealers Alone

NYT: A Prewar Slide Show Cast Iraq in Rosy Hues

Breaking: Al Franken To Run For US Senate (Minnesota)

Chrysler to Announce Job Cuts, Plant Closings (11,000 jobs)

Police: Ex-Congressman Exposes Self On Beach

London Times: Giants India, China and Russia meet to counter US power

Memo: Stop teaching evolution (What's the Matter with Texas and Georgia?)

Whaling ship 'ablaze after blast' (141 crew evacuated)

Chavez threatens more nationalizations (privately owned supermarkets and food storage facilities)

To both my secret valentines...

Breaking: A new White House sex scandal!!

"Contentment is not just a river in Egypt"

Movie Thread Response

If There Is Ever A Chance In Hell

what does it mean when the thumbnail for the thread is on fire?

Wow, My Kitchen Is Frustrated

Clean floors, multiple animals?

Angels said

I feel stupid for asking..... "ROFL"?

Tyler got his first "tooth fairy" visit this morning.

What are your favorite ebay stores?

Oh sweet sassy Jesus my computer is running slow tonight...

Damn, almost 900 donations and it's only Wednesday

Who is still up?

For the ladies...sexiest older male actor?

Snow day!

Google loses ability to spell its own name over Valentine's Day...

Idiotic corporate propaganda "superhero" gets the axe (HA HA)

For Valentine's Day: How To Escape A Bad Date

Update from Khashka

Give me your heart... make it real... or else forget about it.

I'm off to bed.

I would like to dedicate my 10,000th post to the following:

Congratulations BerryBush!! 10,000 posts

Valentine Snow Day Drinks: Hot Chocolate or Latte?

I heart you all today!

Question about the hearts: Did anybody else get theirs at the exact same time they made a donation?


Bite Me!

Who's going out later this week to get the cheap candy?

Valentine's Day(s) in New York, New York.

I love you all! Happy Valentine's Day!

Deleted. Posted in wrong place.

Would you want to be able to read faster?

"Feels Like Home" - anthem by Randy NEWMAN - hallelujah!!1

I'm really pissed off at my so-called conference friends...

So, whatever happened to your love of the life?

So, how oblivious of the world are the average Americans?

Samual Adams Unveils State Of The Art Beer Glass

The beauty of the sun after an ice cream

Happy Valentines to all the duers i have -- er -- um -- certain

It's colder than a........

Two for Valentine's Day . . .

I had another Harry Potter nightmare last night

Happy anniversary wishes to Mr & Mrs catmandu57!!

The beauty of the sun after an ice storm

I do not want to dig out my car I do not want to dig out my car I do NOT want to dig out my car

Swedish children's book teaches youth the virtues of helping alcoholic Finnish immigrants


This is what I got for Valentine's Day

300 - Is Gerard Butler the sexiest man alive?

Boss Called Me On My Way To Work! TURN AROUND!!

Happy V-Day Honeys! A favorite song of mine:

Ok which one of you wonderful people gave me a heart??

Let's have a thread for the boners this Valentine's Day

This mention on the news made me sad...

I need a heart

My Valentine to GWB...

I just received a heart from someone. You've made my day..Thanks so much

U-Haul Chase In FLORIDA!! U-Haul Chase in FLORIDA!!

Here is a rednecks V-Day gram ;)

OMG! Someone gave me a Valentine! Thank you!

I need a hug.

13 Year Old Sodomized Other Boy With Drumstick

To all of you who gave me a heart...Thank-you!

I want a nostril transplant...

Slept 16 hours last night! Damn! Been sick. :(

Holy moly....the Banana Phone is ringing on MSNBC!!

I have to bring my cat to the vet's in 15 minutes...

Has anyone had a gum lift?

Procrastinating over here....sigh...Ask me something!

New development in the Anna Nicole Smith death.

Only 8 donations to go to 1000!

So...happy Valentine's day, my friends.

Vodka & Lemonade And French Bread Pizza For Lunch

How the hell did I get a heart?

To whoever sent me a heart (even if it was grovel bot).

The kitty has a new favorite spot

Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhammedow wins! Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhammedow wins!

Happy Valentine's Day to all Naughty Girls!

-»(¯`v´¯)-» Happy VD Everyone! -»(¯`v´¯)-»

Man, that glove is close to that fuckers face

Ugh bad day..

When the Urologist tells you "no shoveling snow" for at least two weeks

Anybody else not gettin' any for Valentines day?

Argh. Work called.

Happy Valentine's Day, DUers!

Your all time favorite Newbie? (lame copycat)

What should I have for lunch--Airport Pizza or Airport Mexican food?

Nice!! No classes tonight!!!

I envision "Menstrual Wings"

romance is dead.

Bill Shatner "sings" Taxi

In anxious anticipation for Spring/Summer, I ordered these shoes...

Anybody else not get anything for Valentines day?

How does someone post a picture (non avatar) here

sad but true

"Wyatt gave me a valentine, so I pushed him."

For Valentine's Day: How to be Romantic

whoo hoo someone else gave me a heart!!!! I usually get

It's currently 52 and sunny, with a slight breeze. The expected high is 64.

At 1:20 in this video the audience reveals that they really don't know what's going on

Neener neener I got flowers

I just got a dozen red roses from the most incredible SO ever, LostinVA.

This isn't Fracking SNOW!

In my email: "Free mini dog, with Victoria's Secret Pink purchase."

Le Charme Discret de la Bourgeoisie

My evening class has been cancelled!!! I get to spend 3 more hours with Rockit

Beyonce is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition cover model.

It's a Poll!!! Vote here and now!

"It's been a very trying week for Anna Nicole Smith."

Can't you see that Holzer mane? What's her name?

fuck. email to my brother.

Valentine ideas.....

Song threads are annoying...

Midlo, were you in NJ on Rt. 80 yesterday? I saw a blue minivan with VA plates and...

Wife and kids home today because of weather, so cooking lesson. Bolognese sauce.

"do you have biases against the defendant?"

Army now letting recruits in with serious misdemeanors

Hah... my silly e-mailed quote of the day thing is mocking me.

Who else is getting WHOMPED by this storm?

I have the worst cramps. Somedays i hate my body!!


To whomever gave me my hearts: thank you.

I guess I should scrape the ice and snow off my car now

Fashion Question: Can I wear a diagnal striped tie with a vertical stripe shirt?

Got my traditional red heart box of candy, a beautiful card and

I got a big dumpster for Valentine's Day!

Post if you got something for Valentine's Day that you can't post about

So I'm sitting at the Nashville airport...and my flight is delayed...

First Internet Experience Stories Anyone????

Of course my husband would have to be 'gone' TODAY.

The snow has ruined my Valentines Day

Weather check in.

If I see one more person in GD or GDP spell "lose" as "loose" I'll scream.

I was trying on some "frilly things," in anticipation of my evening festivities

Anyone having a problem with google redirecting to other sites?

special Valentine video : Love Power !

Anyone got any spare torpedos?

Ron & Fez listeners?

Bad day to get busted at the titty bar

Dinner was cancelled tonight due to snow

I'm bored.

Al Franken is running for Senate!

It's Valentines, but I don't heart huckabee

Little fat man who sold his soul...

Soy Sauce poll

Scads of men at the grocery store today.

Just finished shoveling the walk, and the sky opened up again!

Is there any possibility that these past few days won't set an all time record for uses of "Howard"

Make me feel like a woman

I had ingested two hits of yellow micro dot about a half hour earlier

Someone Sends You Long Stemmed Red Roses.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 2/14/2007)

Don't you just hate it when you get a mustache hair in your chewing gum?

Tell me the God's honest truth!

May I go home?

I'm wearing white panties with red hearts.....and nothing else!

Oh, and P.S. I'm virtually HEARTLESS...

I'm wearing white panties with red hearts.....on my head.....and nothing else!

Known this guy for eight years, and now I find out he's a Freeper

I heart my heart donor!

We need to spend more time in GD. Those suckers have, like, 20 hearts apiece over there.

Women are all the same

My cat sits on my arm and slobbers.

Man there is NOTHING like having a hired snowplow!

I'd just like to say to all the awesome people at DU...

How come every time Bush holds a press conference it's during the Price is Right?


I saw this photo on bartcop yesterday and it stopped me cold

Four hearts left ...

Congratulations LaraMN!! 10,000 posts

I'm in Charlotte now...

I shall now evoke the green-eyed ire of many of you

Since my man is involuntarily absent; will someone bring me a bottle of wine?

Valentines Day Gifts!

So, I just got a filling, and now I look like a chipmunk.

I'm looking through Miss Marmelstein's window right now

I luv you

Remember how I went to a funeral the other day?

Hedgehogs on kitty.

Outspoken women, repent!

RANT: Why are people like this?

Regarding Coachella:

One benefit of the crappy weather... I'm done with my work early!!

Thank you secret admirer!

my wife got the Lilly Allen cd Alrighty, Still

Have a drink with me

Writer the Lurker is a lurker no more.

Anyone else pissed/sad that they're single on Valentine's Day?

I spent my day swallowing down...

My cat has a fat ass, where's the baby & snow through the window


How could you not laugh...

Hypothyroid or depression?

How do you argue with a pro-lifer who's COMPLETELY pro-life?

What movie is "Dances with Wolves" for Scorsese this year?

What do you think about my St. Valentine's Day plans for my wife?

American Idol - Is it the music industry standard now???

Congratulations BurtWorm!! 30,000 posts


One Valentine's Day, something incredibly weird and shocking happened to me.

A Valentine's Day thought:

Stephen Colbert and Ben & Jerry - The Americone Dream

Whatcha do on your SNOW DAY????!!!!

Our home buyers just backed out of their contract

Feeling Groovy

Who else really likes Ted from Scrubs??

What are symptoms of bronchitis?

"Nora, The Piano-Playing Cat"

Hi--thanks to whomever gave me my heart...

Drunk Valentine's Day thread.

Announcing the arrival of a beautiful new baby boy!

Important tax advice from the IRS:

My 6 y.o. son is watching "Cinderella" with the spanish translation turned on...

Birds in an Ice Storm (photos - dialup warning)

Gee, thanks Loungers for giving me VD

What's your least favorite flavor of ice cream?

Snapshots of The Universe from Hubble (dialup warning 1.4 Mb)

A big thank you to my secret admirer, and to my DU family.

What kind of toppings would be on an emo pizza?

Love ain't grand

Any condo dwellers around?

Is it too late to buy hearts tomorrow?



Hazy Shade of Winter

Feeling down on Valentine's Day? Come here; I got whatcha need!

So what does it mean when Lynn Cheney appears on a grilled cheese sandwich? (lame copycat) n/t

I'm a big, huge, sloppy sap, but this made me smile today:

ok who hearted me

An exam for wannabe fantasy writers

Thank you for the VD warts.

Good night my good friends

A great big "Thank You" for my Valentines Hearats.

So what DOES it mean when Carol Lynley appears on a toasted cheese sandwich?

almost time for The Daily Show...

thank you for my heart!

What are you wearing?

Help my sister-in-law with baby blues: Tell me a good joke!

Did someone give me a heart?

For Valentine's Day: Your all-time favorite romantic movies

Everyone in the cold weather areas of the world at this moment...

A sympathetic ear, redux...

DAMN! These ear infections are killing me!

Fox (har har) "news" tries imitating The Daily Show...

Who has seen Wicked? I'm seeing it in L.A. this weekend.

Who would have the raunchiest sex threads: Freepers or DUers?

I burned my tongue on my tea.

It's just another day! It's just another day!

There is still beauty left in the world.

MrSG's newest cake: A Pearl drum!

Any Bruce Springsteen fans here tonight?

Hearts for each and every one of you!!!! (dialup warning)

WHY do womens clothes button/zip backwards?

Leave it to me to fuck up Valentine's day

What defines someone as "smart" v. "stupid"?

Fuck Valentines Day.

So, whatever happened to the love of your life?

DU Lounge Lonely Hearts Gather Here

Happy VD...

Wow, my Doctor's son is a way better doctor than him

I heard a singer on Dave Chappele's show-Anthony Hamilton...

I didn't give GOPisEvil a DU heart, but he gave me one.

"Bright Eyes"

Fuck that...I'm skipping school

To the Lounge on this Valentine's Day

My latest Celb sighting.

Post a random You Tube video

I like you!!

Written threads are annoying...

Where am I?

Super Short fiction......

I spent my day knocking down swallow nests.... Ask me anything!

Police: Blood-drinking woman slashes man during sex


The biology of Godzilla!

Ok, it's Valentines Day, now do I get to know who hearted me???

I do not find Angelina Jolie attractive....

Let's have a thread for the loners this Valentine's Day

Letters from Anne Frank's dad released

Teenage model dies six months after anorexic sister

My father-in-law died this morning, just three months short of his

Help! What to do with my ex's overbearing wife who wants to take over as "grandma."


I'm spending the weekend with my fundie parents...


Valentine's Day PICTURE THREAD!

I am so angry right now, I may take a life

It appears my valentines day plans went well and were a success.

What aren't you wearing?

How Far Will I Go For my Chocolate Craving?

New freeway blogger signs ...

Happy Valentine's Day to our DU GLBT contingent. And love.

I never knew my heart was breaking, but today I found out.

My manager promoted the worst person in the group

"To Catch a Predator": Entrapment? Why? Why not?

Now, I shall make all DU girlfriends jealous and make all DU boyfriends look bad.

Southpawkicker: My Valentine to you is a pic of me in Valentine lingerie

Congratulations Southpawkicker!! 15,000 posts

The better animal: chipmunks...or squirrels?

Fellow Lounge Lizzard givin' 'em hell in GD

thank you for the VD hearts

Valentine's Day Picture Thread.

What is the point of advertising how absorbent toilet paper is?

Kudzu threaders, I'm questioning your patriotism

Post your all-time favorite album covers.

Valentine's Day dysfunctional relationship song thread

Tim Hardaway really hates gays

LOST starts in 7 minutes. Let's discuss (Spoilers for west coasters)

OFFICIAL "THANKS FOR MY DU HEART" THREAD #3 would be better than nothing

Dedicated to my one true love

Share one of your favorite film moments

I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me.

A Church Protest Ends Quickly, but the Anger Is Likely to Endure

Synagogue at famed Polish yeshiva opens in emotional celebration

Letter to Williams calls for rejection of alternative primatial oversight (Episcopalians)

The War On St. Valentine's Day Has been won!

Poll: Romney's Mormonism May Be An Issue

Believing Scripture but Playing by Science’s Rules

‘Blasphemy Challenge’ lures kids to renounce Holy Spirit;

Dh'iaa al-Mossawi (translated): very interesting muslim cleric

Is the Bonobo Chimpanzee's sexual activity genetic?

Tree in Texas forms image of Christ crucified, believers say

Happy Valetine's Day to all my GLBT friends and supporters!

I've got a heart to give to my GLBT kin. Who needs one? (eom)

AIDS virus weakness detected (Reuters)

Some California licensing clerks join gay marriage fight

The Holy Father is at it again

A bit of Walt Whitman for you all on Valentine's Day.....

To Whoever sent it- Thank You for the heart

Git-R-Done! Fred Phelps sets sites on Larry The Cable Guy

NCAA wises up, apparently will eliminate new clock rules in college football

Obama's "Galactic Profile" from Maya Del Mar's Daykeeper Journal:

To the most kind person who gave me a heart!

Did everybody see this thread?

Here's my heart to all of you here

update on my kitty, Sara. I thought I would lose her last night.She doesn't appear to haven eaten

I want to wish A Great Valentine's Evening to all here..

When was the last time anyone looked at Gore's chart?

Tomorrow on Oprah

OK, Now that I've started this mess re: 12th house...

Something I must post: Silver hydrosol (aka "colloidal silver") is saving my life.

Soldiers Back From War Fight Different Battle


Interesting diary on DKos about climate change hearing

leftover hearts?

Obama and the Boomers

Hey friends.... just so you remember.....

Two subtle pro-Kerry posts

Come blog with me!

Happy Valentine's Day to all

New Buttons

Kerry's interview by Tom Finneran on his talk show.

This thread made me really glad Kerry has chosen to focus primarily on the war.

Nice bit in the Baltimore Sun about Kerry's Iraq vote

Markos on Hillary and the IWR -- Deja Vu all over again

What's been going on ?

I like Obama, but...

Longtime lurker checked in to say hello to Kerry group

Julie Christensen and Perla Batalla - Anthem

GroundHogs Day with Tony Snow. Same sh%$ different country


Tony Snowjob, doing what he does best

Back to Skool Blues

Fox News Continues Non-Stop 24/7 War on Obama

The Bush Beatbox; Meaningful Lyrics Through An Unwilling Medium. Hope You like

Here We Go Again - Anti War Video- Bring our Brave Children Home!

Teachers Verbally Abuse, Threaten to Punch, and Hit Students. Fox sides with teachers

Conservative Comedy Show: So bad it’s hilarious

Hi, I’m Al Franken. I'm running for the United States Senate here in Minnesota.

Olberman; Worst Person In The World; Producer of 24

Zack De La Rocha & Dj Shadow - March Of Death

Wussies For War

The-50-State Strategy: The First Two Years

Dear Mr. President, Pink, Live In Wembley

Scalia's daughter charged with DUI and child endangerment

"Temperature may have gone up,but I don't know humans did it." Dennis Miller on global warming

Just found this out,Cindy Sheehan's mother died over the

Global Warming: A Hoax... It's decided, Dennis Miller doesn't believe in it...


If There Is Ever A Chance In Hell

Soldiers Back From War Fight Different Battle

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will be our undoing...

The Politics of the Man Behind "24"

Feith on a frenetic tour-de-force of spin control: authors new OpEd in WaPo

Thanks so much for the hearts

Alleged "liberal" columnist smears DailyKos...

W plans to bring several thousands Iraqis to the U.S.

"That's What Your Purpose Is--Is To Take Life"

Caption this photo

Fair-Trade Chocolate Arrives in D.C.

A tribute to February 15, 2003, Thank you Symbolman. We need to remember the day now!

Hospital denies treatment to man with cancer who won $1 million

NYT: Survey Puts New Focus on Binge Eating as a Diagnosis

Heartwarming Valentine Day story from Vermont

HOUSE RESOLUTION re: Iraq escalation

Florida State Fair.

For My 12,000th Post, I'm Tickled Pink

LTTE: I have inside stuff on Anna, Brad, Barack

Man who raped, killed, 14 month old released from jail (confession thrown out)

Never to late to donate, as they say. . . . Then please come CAPTION!!!

Remember , tell all Republicans to watch CSPAN it's their American duty.

Marjorie Cohn: Fool Us Twice? From Iraq To Iran

The Greatest Generation Learns About Great Safe Sex

There is an absence of Black Judicial Nominees in the South

Worth reading: Pat Buchanan's analysis of Putin's speech

time to vote Green?

'Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007' Would Restore Detainees' Rights, Define 'Combatant'

Alternet: Challenge To Go Whole Day Without Revealing Gender of your Sweetie

I just called into CSPAN Washington Journal and told people to call GE

Tim Walz (DMN) on C-Span Now...He's Incredibly Good! tune in

Gifts you would love to send to your favorite pundits on Valentine's Day.

"Fighting Them Over There...": What I Hear.

The all Wise Internet Oracle answers the question:

What's up with the slow growth in workers' pay?

US says "sophisticated weaponry" hit chopper in Iraq (Reuters)

Sunni rebels blamed for deadly attack on elite Iranian guards

Happy Valentines day DU and stay safe and warm!!

Accuracy for Moonies? (Unification Church in bed with Cliff Kincaid and Accuracy in Media?)

Col. Karpinski to Lindsay Graham: "You're As Cowardly As Sanchez, Rumsfeld and Miller"

CSPAN WJ next guest is Joe Wilson the Congressman from SC

Army recruits with criminal records has grown 65% in three years

President Bush to hold press conference - 11:00 a.m.

The People's Victory Over Propaganda

Rep. Joe Saxton, NJ---is guest on WJ---He has the Talking points memo

DUers we need someone

fastest donatation drive .... evah. it seems to me. so cool

Wow. Scully's face on WJ when 'the letter' mentioned

HO HO--vet reading the Repug talking points memo. saying Cspan should

YouTube pulls video, bans user for quoting violent Qur'an verses

RW Group gives Obama a Religious Test

Just a friendly reminder.

KUCINICH: American people need Congress to surge toward the Constitution, surge toward the truth.

Bush budget plan cuts veterans health care

GOP PR Strategy Blames Dems For "Status Quo"(stay the course) On Iraq

To all the lovely ladies on the board, you know you are ;)

New indictment reveals Duke Cunningham was entertained by prostitutes hired by Wilkes

Justice Kennedy testifying before Senate Judiciary Cmte Now

Tell me what you think of this video blog it's great.

"The cover up is worse than the crime".

Donation Challenge

* having a press conference this morning?

Justice Kennedy testifying before Senate Judiciary Committee right now (live video feed)

On CNN: Al Qaeda strikes with bus bomb in IRAN

Links to C-Span Taped Interview with "Unhinged President"...and Text

Fitz puts a dent in Libby's "I was too busy" defense

State Department: "The Iranians are up to their eyeballs in this activity."

Everybody ready for "trick question" time at 11am?

Pipes on Peace! TILT!!!

Still Crazy After All These Years

11:00 AM EST cspan 2 will air the Bush news conf. according to this

Kilroy calls for 'backward' Islam to open mosques to women

Perfect Iraq War Song

Did someone play us for complete idiots

This Dog Won't Wag

:shrug: -- rawstory is saying on their Front page that Bush has cancelled

Me and my wife find the show "24" one of the funniest most campiest shows on TV.

Coincidence? Bush's 11:00 am PC same time House GOP backers slated to take the floor

Microsoft fixes 20 security holes

Any candidate who uses the services of woman- and gay-hating bigot William Donahue

dennis miller is an ignorant, ignorant man

Little Dougie Feith comes out Swinging in WaPo against Dems and Gimble

Scott Ritter on AAR with Sam Seder: re Bush and Iran

The top American military officer (Pace) had no knowledge of the Iran-Iraq meddling briefing

Helen Thomas Losing Her WH Press Briefing Front Row Seat?

Why did Sadr "escape" to Iran ?

Has Hoekstra been publicly called on referring to bin Laden as "Obama"

Bush Channels Bill: The new North Korea deal is surprisingly Clintonian.

Kansas board boosts evolution education...

"A Man Called Jeff" - a new Gannon/Guckert story from Americablog

'New' North Korean plan just like the 'old' Korean plan of Clinton's.

Bush: "The Quds force is part of the Iranian Government...and I'm gonna do something about it."

What's Worse, Bush Adminstration Knew Or Didn't Know Iraq Had No WMD?

what the hell is a Quds force???

Happy Birthday, Arizona - The Valentine State

They want a "real" vote? Let's give 'em one...

Right-Wing Attack Puts Bloggers' Lives in Danger

Just spreading...

American Idol - Is it the music industry standard now???

In a little while the Decider is going to make a broadcast appearance.

Bush: What's worse? That the government knew or that the government didn't know?

Which Is Worse? That Reagan Knew About Iran-Contra, Or That He Didn't?


Thanks to whomever sent the hearts

Which Is Worse? That Bush Knew That Colin Was Being Used at the UN, Or That He Didn't?

They are arming our enemys, hmmm...

Pssst...Hey Congress...If you don't do something now

Waxman Seeks Iraq CPA Hiring Docs Production (Political Influence in Hiring?)

Bush: Iraq plan on course

What Bush won't mention -- These Iranian agents were found in Iraqi ally compounds

The Decider's saying "Democrat" lawmakers. Thought it was a slip at the SOTU.

Mysterious disorder destroys N.C. honeybee colonies

After 8 years of Dubya, the slang term "Eurotrash" should completely

Bank of America Offers Credit Cards to Illegal Immigrants

Obama and the black vote

UNICEF: U.S., British Children Worst Off

I admit, I had almost lost heart for the future...

Bush & Pubs "circle wagons" around failsafe justification for endless Iraq occupation - talking pts

CNN says Bush to back off Iran Gov involvement claim

I know how the dems can win 2008 presidential election - without hardly campaigning


CBC News Morning reports stock uptick since Chrysler announces 13K layoff...

What's going on with the Libby trial? I checked FDL and there's nothing there.

If you hurry, you can be the one to sock the shrub!!!...n/t

Business Owners and Executives to be proud of

Computer problem delays deployment of new US fighter jet

So who gets to punch out George with the 1,000th donation???

Do you see what Bush is doing?

Radio Station Cries 'Enough' -- Won't Quote From Certain News Stories Relying on Unnamed Officials

Rogers (MI-R) telling about a soldier who asked that his leg be amputated

Does anyone else find it ironic that...

WTF???Obama apologizes already? Is this the tough candidate?

Who is the moron currently speaking on C-SPAN 2?

Apple Hard At Work Making iPhone Obsolete

Thank you for my made my day! ( a little thread of gratitude)

Thank you to my secret admirer!

Did anybody hear one good question/ follow up. Were the American people served properly by the media

Justice Kennedy says morale low over pay

What exactly would happen if Congress withheld funds for the war in Iraq?

Today is the last Al Franken show

I like all the Democratic candidates

* is one seriously out of touch dude.

Ugh! When did iTunes get "Fox News Talk Everywhere"

Bush, on meeting with Iranian leaders: "This is a world in whiuch people say MEET!"

Attention Democratic Congress: Bush has thrown down the gauntlet.

Obama vs. Romney: Who would win?

Today the Rs are pitching the "caliphate" on the floor of the House.


Gas prices spike $.25+ in L.A. No reason?

Thank you to the nice person who gave me a heart. Happy Valentines Day to all.

That was a shot at his dad out of nowhere

Down with Tyranny: Biden will quit; Michelle Obama is Da Bomb

Money Trumps Peace ... In the news!

let me be the 1st: The Quds did 9/11

End the Funding (drive) Now!

55 more donations needed DUers!

Another * pic to caption ...

Grabbing * by the short hairs when it comes to Iraq.

When the Republicons say "they" will follow us here

Senate Approves February Presidential Primary for California

Bush accuses USA of supplying weapons linked to deaths in Iraq!

Repug on House floor now USING--Shadegg talking points letter

The "Breaking News" that SHOULD be on every network!

Are Democrats going slow on ending the war to let oil companies lock in oil deals?

CALIFORNIA Senate OKs Resolution Calling For A Halt To The Surge

Uh. oh. Conclusive proof Iran is providing weapons to insurgents.

Bush Critic Receives $ 3.3 Million In Jewelry and Marriage Proposal from Anonymous Fan

Michael R. Gordon & New York Times win Presidential Finger Award.

So, which Democrat read the Congressman Shadegg talking points letter on the floor today?

Rep. Ellison calls the cops to snuff Tancredo’s cigar

Concerned Christian group to hold WEEKLONG lecture series: why gay rights are not human rights

Cheney's Energy Task Force Contacts: Inspiration for Waxman's Legislation?

Tom Toles toon (I guess you showed everybody)


Bank Of America now pitching credit cards to illegal immigrants- Is this a good idea?

Bush KNOWS Iranian government supplying weapons even though no proof - "Gonna Do Something About it"

We Need A Word or Phrase to describe

GOP sex strikes again!

WH Site....Bush speech Up.....

Disclosing All Federally-Funded Advertising: Waxman Bill Seeks to Curtail Bushesque Propaganda

Anybody know of a live blog or link for the House debate?

come on DU - punch that smirk off his face NOW! Just a few more...

There is no doubt, he is going to go after Iran...

Ron Paul up on the floor now giving his party hell.

Toons for Wednesday afternoon.

Is there a video link to the * press conference anyone?

Yep, War With Iran Likely: Al Sadr Has Fled To Iran!

About Frontline's "News wars" last night--

15 Donations to Go

CNN Situation Room was hilarious yesterday

USA..USA.......we're #21....we're #21


Bush to WH reporter: "Being the kind man that I am, I will recycle you."

Quds Force (Also Spelled Qods)

Taking heads wonder, "Why'd Libby tell such obvious lies?" The answer is simple.

How many House Republicans have said they're flipping?

Neocons are not happy with Bush -- wondering where 'axis of evil' went

Who else is getting WHOMPED by this storm?

Did any of you see Betty Bowers column on Haggard?

I need help, I have some clear cling sheets for my printer that I want to make a sticker that says

A Valentine for Cindy Sheehan

Fox News Channel Bombs with Comedy Show (from the Orlando Sentinel)

Tree in Texas forms image of Christ crucified, believers say

ATTENTION: Troops serving in Iraq who don't have body armor: Please call Rep. Duncan Hunter

Nationwide fine for stolen laptop (BBC) {$1,900,000 fine}

CSPAN, Did anyone catch Hillary from the floor?

So, basically, Bush said he's going to 'do something' about Iran?

NY 20th district heads up: Gillibrand on the floor at 3

Huff Post JUMPS THE GUN on Al Franken's Statement — SPOILER


Judge: Defense misled court about Libby

Republican Rick Renzi - "I was recently in Al Queda..."

"Pyrrhic Victory" Officially Renamed "Bush Victory"

They are putting up a pretty stiff fight to maintain the status quo in Iraq.

Worst Right Wing Authoritarian/Social Dominator presidential candidates?

GLBT Issue: IF the Florida court upholds that Stern is Anna Nicole Smith's

Scalia's daughter charged with DUI

(Yet Another) Study Said To Show Medical Benefits Of Pot

Duncan Hunter is insane- unofficial house debate thread

Thank you, Al Franken! Good Luck in Minnesota!

Rep. Randy Forbes (r) asshole comparing Eyerack to WW2.

Can someone fully explain "Money trumps peace"?

Virginians 4th district - explain to me the Randy Forbes...

"Hi, I'm Al Franken and I'm running for the United States Senate" - Franken tells why he's running

Peace and Love to All the Wonderful Men on DU!

Ready... Set... CAPTION

Hoyer lecturing those hiding behind troops! CSPAN

Tonight on Countdown

Rep. Westmoreland((R-GA)Warns That Iraqis Won’t Just ‘Go Back to Tending Sheep and Herding Goats’

Dodds bill offends me because...

Live Coverage: Waxman Committee Markup of Whistleblower Protection Act (Extending FOIA, Too)

Ron Paul R-TX Rocking the House!

Congressman Jack Murtha to Outline New Strategy to Counter Bush Troop Escalation

Where did the 9/11 hijackers get their passports?

Rep. Boehner: "terrorist sympathizers around the world are trying to divide us here at home"

A little freeper shadenfreude story for your amusement.

A more direct request: help get to 1000 donations by 11 press conference

This predicament we find ourselves in is not the work of one man. IMHO, bush* isn't smart enough

Watch the Language: Bush Refers to Irani Energy Program as "Weapons" Program at Today's Press Conf.

CNN Breaking news...Not Bush caught on tape lying....

The Hearts that I gave are in memory of

Bush's chief chef: first choice for lunch is peanut butter and honey or grilled cheese

So Shooter Knew Team Libby Would Not Call Him To Testify. What Does That Mean?

"If we leave [Iraq], they will follow us home."

I like Ike

To whomever gave me a Valentine's Heart, THANK YOU!!!

Why not ask the patient to name the two-cells before the abortion begins?

Note to BushCo: We are fighting them over there, and they are already coming here

Heather Wilson on House floor now------Repuging away!!

Breaking: President Bush declares new US motto: "Money trumps Peace".

Calling people with Democratic Reps.! Please make sure that they are aware of

"no one aught to Hide behind the troops" Hoyer to Healther Wilson. He

If we don't keep fighting in Iraq, Saxton's family will have no future.

Ex CIA Agent who headed group reviewing Saddam-AQ: Feith's unit report "rather amateurish"

War with Iran

Criticism of Holt Bill by Election Integrity Comm. Ignored by Dems, Dem Groups; More Libby Trial...

1,245 + suspect "transfers" (extraordinary renditions) through Europe since 911


It was "plausible" during Iran-Contra that Reagan didn't fully know...

Bush's Beautiful Bubble

Did I hear Marshall say he's voting against?

a big THANK YOU to whoever gave me the heart--I hope you know how very much it means to me!!

WOW--another heart!! thank you to my wonderful donor! may your day be absolutely wonderful!!

Fundamental Principles of Democracy

Valentine's Day TOONS

Caption beggin' time

Are Democrats actually going to DO something to prevent Iran War?

Girls have more germs

Bush: "What the troops really need now, more than anything...

Wow! Three for me?

Former Nat'l Sec Council Official:'RICE LIED-About Powells Rebuffed Attempts For 03 Talks With Iran'

thank you!!! thank you!! thank you!! to all you wonderful, generous donors of hearts here at DU--

Census results: 890 homeless were at shelters one day in January

Congress to FCC: You've got some splainin' to do


Has anyone with a Democratic Congressperson contacted them about the GOP letter?

Making Telemarkerters Pay - In Cash

Things Will Be Fine...Just Don't EMBOLDEN The Terrorists!

Death Certificates on Abortions Proposed (Straight outta the rightwing files)

Don't give John Edwards the shaft because the bloggers left.

STENY HOYER is on the House floor and is MAD, MAD, MAD!

Leaked Letter Reveals Conservative Strategy For Iraq Debate: Don’t Talk About Iraq

Why does Georgetown keep Doug Feith on as a Professor?

Pills, pills, pills, pills...

New WH Talking Point: "What's worse, that the government knew or that the government didn't know?"

Bush will be making a speech about Afghanistan tomorrow-Afghanawhere?

To whoever gave me a heart:

What do you think of congress with the 5 minute speeches ?

Share your Valentine's Day poems & prose here!

Radio Station Cries 'Enough' -- Won't Quote From Certain News Stories Relying on Unnamed Officials

thank you!!! thank you!! thank you!! to all you wonderful, generous donors of hearts here at DU--

Bush affirms Seymour Hersh statement: He is afraid of a binding resolution to stop a hit on Iran.

Thank you to all who hearted me! I wish I had many more hearts to give to

Miltary Industrial Complex

San Diego Padres/US Marine

So Hillary, I've got a question:

Anna Freaking Nicole..

The "Money trumps Peace" thread

Will We Be Able To Hear Closings From Libby's Trial?

And I thought my dog would be my only valentine today....

"What's worse, that the government knew or that the government didn't know?"

Democrats started the War in Iraq

thank you!!! thank you!! thank you!! to all you wonderful, generous donors of hearts here at DU--

Duckworth makes one more sacrifice.

Clan Of Young, Attractive Gypsies Swindling Central Florida Men

a heart is given

Emergency Summit to Impeach Bush for War Crimes

Iraq Refugees/7,000

This shit has got to stop

Chrysler's Valentine: 13,000 Pink Slips

Thank You For the Heart

How many Republics have announced they are voting for resolution and against the surge?

Thanks, Secret Admirer!

CNN weatherguy.. "It's all white.. I'll show you why.. let's look at the map."

Breaking on CNN @ 4:20PM EST Libby Lawyers Rest Case

AP: U.S. Troops Sweep Through Baghdad (Operation Imposing Law)

Who is the more evil???

Ramstad, (R-Minn.) vocal opposition to Bush "Surge"

‘Blasphemy Challenge’ lures kids to renounce Holy Spirit;

More from 'Frontline' Interviews: Carl Bernstein on Nixon vs. Bush

Unlike New York Times, Fox news, CNN and TV networks, General Pace refused to lie for Bush Regime

In light of the pending attack on Iran

Aircraft crashes in Moscow

The weaknesses I perceive in the Democratic position on the surge debate

Proposals would change rules for kidney transplants (age would now be a factor)

A president who is a chronic liar, EMBOLDENS The Terrorists.

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart,

'Wash Times' Columnist Uses Fabricated Abraham Lincoln Quote

Did Bush take a little swipe at MSNBC's David Gregory?

Do Animals Love Each Other?

Ed Schultz meltdown re AAR mp3 link here

Tweety was just talking about the weirdness of "the Homeland"...

3127 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

Peace and Love to all the wonderful women of DU on Valentines Day

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Protector-in-Chief

Real kerry hater on House floor now--Miller of FL. whow, i hope Kerry

Happy Valentines Day

We are number 20 (out of 21)

Pelosi on Newshour-PBS - Says "We, the people, are ahead of the congress"!

Woman, 69, hit by stun gun after honking at cops

Gee, thanks, CT!

What is it with left-wing radio hosts bashing AAR?

The real question for candidate Hillary is... do you support the doctrine of preemption!

Al Franken announces for Senate run (mp3 link)

I see that the republicons are trying to irritate us...

I am torn about many Katrina victims esp in Miss.

At year's end , the Dow Jones average came in at 1004.65

Yolo County Recorder hands out 'Certificate of Inequality' on 'Freedom to Marriage Day' - pics

NASCAR crazy to allow 72-year-old driver in Daytona 500

Shooter And Scooter ....

Being Valentine's and All, Can I pour out my heart?!?

Of Rage and War...

SC Senator apoloizes to himself: First blood n the Obama-Clinton war drawn

Switzerland Approves Probe of CIA Flight

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Wed. 2/14 -- take it on FEITH?

Shadow's taxicab reports: The dogs of war part deux

Reid and Pelosi Demand Adequate Armor and Equipment for Troops in Iraq

State Farm halts new insurance in Mississippi (Reuters)

I can’t remember if I committed a crime so …

Bigfoot-Simian Hybrid Spotted at WHITE HOUSE! (photo)

To the five who sent me a Heart ...Thank You!

Speaker Pelosi on NewsHour with Jim Leher

My New Congressman, John Hall's Floor Speech Yesterday!

NGA's "Eyeball on Earth" Logo; Geospatial Data and the Iran Strike

My 83-year-old father

Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced in Congress

Personality pushers, lifestyle complainers, etc - I just wonder, WHY?

Huffington Post: The Law, Slaves and Jack Abramoff

Siding With Big Business, Cheney Announces Bush Will Veto Workers’ Rights Bill

College Enrollment Hurt By Rising Cost Of Tuition

full circle...

Blue Mountain greeting cards depicts 'Love Democratic Style' - not good

Six More U.S. Soldiers Die In Iraq

Bush/Cheney can literally do anything they want to. Who's to stop them?

If Unions in this nation wish to remain relevant.

A Freeper Just told me that the term TRAILER PARK TRASH is worst than the N word

On Countdown tonite: Ollie North vs Joe-mentum & McCain

Hugo Chavez Says He Misses Condoleezza Rice in Valentine's Day Speech. HAHAHA

Georgia Congressman promotes site which promotes GEOCENTRIC model of universe

Money trumps Peace

I am really touched. Thank you for the heart. how sweet.

Separated at Birth? Douglas Feith & Buddy Hackett

Religious people crack me up... yet scare me at the same time...

So the new Repug meme is: By voting for this resolution, Dems are responsible for war outcome....

Bush gives a free commercial - They have been exposed!

Radical jihadist snowboarders attack US embassy

Clyburn says he will not endorse primary candidate

I feel a "Special Comment" coming on from Keith

Hillary jabs Barack over his Iraq dig. Barack won't back down.

Okay, this may seem 'silly' to some, maybe even a bit of a trifle

Meet the Key Players in the CIA Leak Case

War by slogan: “Operation Law and Order” (AKA "Operation Kick Your Door In") now in effect in Iraq

Sen. Lindsey Graham and Ghosts of Abu Ghraib - By Janis Karpinski

Wednesday TOON update

Va. Governor Kaine, expected to make an endorsement this weekend

Dear Troops: If you want to come home from Iraq CALL....

Bush & Co.'s Intelligence on Iran: A Preview

Mandatory Gardasil Truth From Fiction Thread #1: "But It's Easy to Opt Out!"

"Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream."

Scalia's daughter charged with DUI

what`s in the big red lake in baghdad ?

AP: Death certificates on abortions proposed (by Tenn. lawmaker)

Six degrees to Ahmadinejad

Smiling St. Rudy on with Larry King tonight....8PM CST

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and Iraq Vets

US military officials backtrack: 'Sophisticated weaponry' did bring down helicopter in Iraq

Overheard on KO, someone in the press asks * about using the

Senate '08: Maine DUers or those in the know: Do you think that Tom Allen can beat Susan Collins?

Framing the debate of religion and public policy: The Christian Cartel

Did somebody say Fitzmas?

Officials Confirm Marine Helicopter Shot Down

Bushco is Looking for a Pretext to Bomb Iran

Save your old low def TV for the chimp's last press conference, and throw rotten

Libby Trial and the Valentine's Day Gesture by Jury in Courtroom

Any chance of getting an Al Franken avatar?

Who saw Max Cleland tonight?

I Shall Be Released

Big Raise for Olbermann at MSNBC????

A Valentines Day letter to my horrible Senator

Guiliani on Larry King live "For the whole hour!"

360 Tons Of Money Sent to Baghdad

Soledad O'brien Can't Understand Why A Black Senator Wouldn't Back Obama.

Wow! Was Georgie punched in the kisser in record time or what?

7,000 Iraqis can enter the US

Almost all the cons are on the same old tired message again.

Apparently SCREW YOU Sacramento progressives. This pisses me off.

Bush press conference scheduled at last-minute for exact time Republicans opposed to "surge"...

Teenage model dies six months after anorexic sister

Somebody gave me a heart!

TOONS TOONS TOONS for all my Valentines on DU (and a few kisses too)

I think this would be the PERFECT campaign for someone

On this bracelet of hearts -- DU

Wow,just realized I have 3 stars,thanks so much,you guys

What's not to love? DU my children and you shall hear...

At a Bush Photo op, one kid expresses who his favorite president is

I got this from my "left wing religious group" today -

Cheney Says Bush Will Veto Pro-Union Bill

whats up with "benchmarks?"


NEW Bill Would Prevent BUSH ADMIN From Determining WHO Is Enemy Combatant (WaPo)

Is it just me or is this just nauseating? Column about workplace attitude by Barbara Ehrenreich.

Dr. Laura vs. Anna Nichole

Libby Trial -- It's Going to Be a Hung Jury

Washington State Senator Introduces Impeachment Resolution Wednesday

All you need to know about GOP presidential hopefuls

Ag Antibiotic prohibition introduced in Congress

Here's the kind of irrelevant, gossipy news story I wish there was more of in the media

Bush just needs a moment.

My Valentine Fantasy -

If you're new to DU, it's best to learn the vocabulary, or someone might think you're a moran.

Impeach the Cheerleader - Save the World

Bill tries to limit student credit cards (Maine)

so I consider myself smart on the issues...tell me about Fonda...did she give NK SS#?

Why not just go after Cheney and impeach him?

(FL City Comission) candidate's letter to fellow parishoners criticized as `anti-Jewish'

Polio cases jump in Pakistan

almost time for The Daily Show!

WH Press Corp laughing along w/Bush at His Refusal To Answer A Real Question....

Congress puts the smack down on bush, re: Forest Service Budget

Clinton Challenges Bush on Iran

I'd Like To Thank The Person Who Gave Me Hearts To Give Away

Ricky Martin Gives Bush The Finger During Concert

Judge: Defense Misled Court About Libby

Mandatory Valentines Day Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Aaron Freeman Tonight

Bill Donohue takes on Lipton Onion Dip (Firedoglake)

Were any Democrats Involved with the Bloggergate episode of Edwards campaign?

Why is it, when I pull up a page on DU, the page never fully loads and

Cheney throws Libby Over. Will Libby take it? What do you think?

Bush*/Cheney can't finish a job...

These Yet To Be United States

Dan Abrams is on crack - says Bush looked "confident" today

Money Trumps Peace (a few thoughts)

Someone fill me in, please (re: Ed Shultz)

Is Mitt Romney Mormon enough? Is anyone anything enough?

AP: Governor announces resolution to secede from the union over abuses of power by President Bush.

I refuse to be made into a tribe. I am a member of the reality-based community.

18 Members of Iran's Elite Guards Killed

What's the diff. between us giving Stingers to the insurgents fighting Russia in Afghanistan

Destiny's Child: The Radical Roots of Barack Obama

Oh my! Thank you mystery DUer for the heart.

Bill Maher returns this Friday! Guests:

Follow me to Binka's Birthday Thread

The WHOLE story about the two border patrol agents who were sent to prison

Newsweek: Internal Pentagon memo reveals Cheney ally pushed for softer IG Iraq intel report

Did you know that Rudy Giuliani's father was a convicted felon?

Giants meet to counter US power (Russia, China, India)

Joe Edwards, longtime Archie comics artist, dies at 85 (And Li'l Jinx character)

OMG! Bush has signed a secret deal with the Saudi Arabia to open military bases in America.

Some pics of * from this morning...

What the Management at DaimlerChrysler isnt telling the public

USDA Approved GE Alfalfa W/O Enviro Review

Congesspukes: "In November...Americans voted for escalation in Iraq"

Happy Valentine's Day to our Mods! A picture to enjoy!

A Playboy cartoon - "the moral of the story is..."

I watching clips of this lunatic's Press Conference

Four more today, two yesterday

who needs a heart???

Gore will consider entering the race—if an opening presents itself—in September.(NY Observer)

Thoughts on the "Bottom Right"...

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Winter Photography winners have been posted in the Photography forum

State Farm halts new homeowners insurance in Miss

The Money Trumps Peace T-shirt and button

Antonin Scalia's daughter busted for DUI.

Judge: Libby defense misled court.


Thanks (?) whoever....your heart came at a much needed time.....

The Cold Within

Can I tell my Son he goes to war because "Money Trumps Peace"?

Dave Barry: Tom Tancredo (R-NonSuperBowlState) Is An Ignorant Yokel Blowhard!!!

Open letter to Tweety (Chapter 1):

Greenpeace try eating whale to stop whaling...

"Please Don't Make My Grandchildren Pay for the War That Killed Their Father"

Appalling behaviour on the floor of the House today

The world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love.

I think a boycott of the Blue Mountain card company is called for.

the NATION? or the New Republic? inquiring minds wanna know.

4,300 Year Old Chimp Tool, World's Oldest, Found in Ivory Coast Rain Forest

N.M. Orders 500 Talking Urinal Cakes

Chinese Workers Paint Mountain Green

NYT: For Liberal Bloggers, Libby Trial Is Fun and Fodder (Firedoglake)

Baltimore Sun: Brand Republican Crumbling

"Money trumps peace." GWB 2/14/07

Yeah! Randi's back today!

Al Franken's last show starts now

Limbaugh: Obama Should ‘Renounce’ His Race And Just ‘Become White

National greeting card company carrying 'Love Democratic style' card with Pelosi, others in bondage

Fleecing the right wing suckers - Free Republic, not so Free.

uh oh, bush has gone coo-coo again...

Neocon Iranian Mortar Ruse Fizzles

An open posting to the DU Admins

A closer look at who is opposing Gardisil vaccinations in Texas

My wife of 20 years died yesterday morning....

George Tells Children to Stop Flashing the Peace Sign in Front of Him ---pix--->>>

Dr. Justin Frank: B*sh needs psychiatric evaluation

I think I will send Al Frankin some money.

New ice cream named for Stephen Colbert

Who on DU was listening when AAR first went on the air?

liar liar condi's panties are on fire. Fmr Aide: Rice Misled Congress On Iran

Oops! Chimpy admits that Nov. 2003 trip to Baghdad was fake.

Blue Mountain Greeting Cards: Boycott them!

Bob Herbert: Until the War Ends ...

WP, Froomkin: The Libby-Cheney Bummer

Salmonella Found in 2 Brands of Peanut Butter (Peter Pan & Great Value)


What are we (as Democrats) going to do to save the U.S. auto industry?

Photo Memory Refreshment for Scooter - Let's Help Him REMEMBER

Is Condi Rice Capable of Wiping Her Own Ass?

Little Lord Pissypants -- an amusing anecdote

Politico Reporter To Bush: "Is the current debate grounds for divorce?"

Question for a rocket scientist or an MITstudent:

Anybody catch the Iranian Ambassador to the U.N. on Charlie Rose last night?

Judge Jumps Ugly on Libby Defense

It is starting to sink in how badly the Boomers have boned my generation for me...

It never ceases to amaze me how stunned I am after a press conference

Gallup Poll Shows Growing Support For Al Gore

Why Do Some Working Class Americans Hate Unions?

The time is eradicate any and all "free-trade" platforms within the Democratic party

Rawstory Decodes Redacted NYT Leverett/Mann Op-Ed on Iran .... LINK

Ever notice that every Gore thread goes straight up the greatest page but the Al Gore 08 DU group

ABC i-view with soldier:"I don’t want to bad-mouth the President at all. I mean, to me it’s treason"

Chomsky Joins "Jersey Girls" Petition for 9/11 Documents

The vaccine issue - A serious examination of a media dominated issue

John Edwards: Time to end the war

John Edwards: Time to end the war

Libby rests!

Everything is BEAUTIFUL for George W. Bush (Total reality break?)

Teen shot under 'home as castle' law

Tim Hardaway (former NBA Star): "I hate gay people...I'm homophobic"

Can we please have a forum with a moritorium on outrage?

Fund drive goal has been reached! Thank you!

MARCH 17th "Why I'm marching on the Pentagon" MARCH 17th

C. Berstein-BUSH Is A President Of Great DISHONESTY-Who Went To War Based On LIES FROM TOP TO BOTTOM

So, all y'all who have been carrying on recently about Evil Capitalism and how Breaking: 18 killed in bus bombing in SE IRAN

Is there any REAL EVIDENCE that Iran is making nuclear bombs??

There's NEVER Been A Real 9/11 Investigation

Who shall replace Norwood?

1993 memo from Giuliani staff warned about his "weirdness factor"

Nader voters only, put your money where your mouth goes.

Tougher Standards Urged for Federal Education Law (No Child Left Behind)

Times interpreter is forced to choose between being "house-jacked" or slaughtered like his neighbor.

Florida Gov., GOP Chair Spar Over Anti-Gay Amendment

Serious Democratic Beef? Or Little Soggy Patties?

Republican on Washington Journal - "Bugga Bugga Global War on Terror"

I called CSPAN Washington Journal just now and told people to call GE

Bush will have press conference at 11 AM

No matter how hard I try

Shrub will hold a press conference at 11:00am

Student Strike Against the War Feb. 15

Iraq's involvement in 9/11

"Obama Bin Laden" Fails To Register

Please delete.

DU official thread re: Iraq War debate in House on CSpan now---where is it?

Who is this rambling idiot interrupting The Price is right?

Unofficial Bush press conference thread


bush has validated my worthless ass

Premise: Bush ready to attack Iran!!!

Is the honeymoon between Obama and the media coming to an end?

Negroponte becomes Deputy Secretary of State, McConnell approved as Director of Nat. Intelligence

I need an interpreter - does anyone understand this stupid Monkey?

Southern Baptist leader blasts Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton for religious politicking

Bill O'Reilly: Edwards is finished as a candidate

Remember the WH saying the use of "Democrat majority" was not intentional?

"Money Trumps Peace" - Now I Don't Think That * Thought That Up Himself....

"From the Wonderful Folks Who Brought You Iraq": Craig Unger on How the Neoconservatives ...

How a Tradition Ends in New Mexico

U.S. says "sophisticated weaponry" hit chopper in Iraq

Emanuel: GOP uses tax credit as tool against poor

Democrat race for 08 narrowing. according to brand new poll

What makes anyone think there wil be a 2008 election as Bush expands his kingdom

Become A Citizen Co-Sponsor Of The Restoring The Constitution Act Of '07

Don't fall for the GOP spin on how many R's will vote for Iraq war resolution

Daughter of Supreme Court Justice (Scalia) Charged In DUI

Two problems with the press conference this morning....

Filling the Vacancy Created By the Death of Rep. Norwood

A New Hampshire Ghost: Can Hillary Clinton Avoid What Ed Muskie Couldn't?

Regarding 2000: What Good Do Articles Do Now?

Nice speech by Keller (R-FL) opposing the surge

Chuck Todd Becomes NBC Political Dir. - Isn't he RWingnut?

DU Congress Rep Tim Murphy's(R-PA) Poll Iraq

if i were bush, i'd read DU....and here's why.....

Mr. Bush if you're not going to attack Iran?

Thank you for the Valentines Day hearts, whoever you are!

I am Spartacus

What dem do you think will get the nomination?

MFSO McCaskill Protest in Springfield MO attracting support

Team Hillary's latest excuse on Iraq vote

"Good work, boys!"

Court TV doing Libby trial now with Libby's released Grand Jury testimony

Cut to the Chase: Nixon Was Bad, Bush Is Orders of Magnitude Worse


For 62 federal trial judge openings in the South, Bush has nominated ZERO African-Americans

The RWers will have to change Wikipedia on the al-Quds Force being from IRAN

senate mental health parity bill just voted out of committee

Did Bush refer to the "Democrats" leadership, again?

Ulster On The Euphrates: The Anglo-american Dirty War In Iraq (GREAT READ!!!)

I finally found something Bush beats Clinton at!

Newest Poll: Clinton favorability highest since 1999, Negatives dropping...

Al Franken's announcement was very sincere. I don't live in MN, but I hope

About the debates

Primary Poll Poll

One more voice: Get out of Iraq now. Anna Quinlan in Newsweak.

84% of GOP Congress members reject global warming. 95% of Dem members accept it.

GOP Opposition to Bush Plan Forms

Southern Baptists, legislators, "family" groups, possibly Catholics organize for political reasons.

IDEA! Let's dig up as much DIRT as can be found on the GOP Nominees....

Edwards: "We must ESCALATE our efforts to stop [the war in Iraq]"


Ex-aide says Rice misled U.S. Congress on Iran

Why aren't Libby and Chaney testifying? I smell a (pardon deal) rat. Am I wrong?

Vulture Funds - Greg Palast report for BBC Newsnight

RNC--The evil and secret Democrat Party "Slow Bleed" strategy

WP: Bribery Indictments Include Long List of Expensive Favors

Libby & Cheney PIC after Fitz rested case today!!

So, in other words, "authenticity" is what matters in terms of the

Maureen Dowd rips into Obama: he looks as if he needs a smoke BAD

Kerry on Hardball re: IRAN

Maybe the discussion went something like this.

Scrap Lockheed/Northrop deal -Kerry to Coast Guard

MCCAIN 'S PROVEN Ineptitude in Foreign policy! He's BAD News for this country!

Destiny's Child: The Radical Roots of Barack Obama

Did George Bush just say, ''Money Trumps Peace''?

Ahhhhhh! Could someone PLEASE re-assure me that Mitt Romney has NO Chance of becoming President!

Could Gore afford politically to make global warming proposals

Which is your favorite current GDP Poll?

Calling all Arizonans: McCain Recall effort filed yesterday!

Did you see the '' ad...

Is there a way for bigotry to be declared a mental illness?

Harold Ford, simultaneously DLC Chair AND now exec with Merrill Lynch

Clark is not going to be the puppet of some media-created timeline, capiche?

Who would be the easiest Republican to defeat, that could still win the primary?

Obama has to earn blacks' votes, Sharpton says

Giuliani's "temperament?"

Some excellent and old...from Wes Clark on Daily Kos. Sums up

Which of these Democrats NOT running would you root for if they DID run in the Primaries?


Bush environmental lawyer shares $1 mil vacation home with oil lobbyist

NY Observer claims Gore is mulling a run, will decide in September

AP.: Virginia Governor Tim Kaine to endorse Obama

Why Al Gore is keeping his 2008 options open

The moran in chief said it again....but I'm sure it was a mistake! *rollseyes*

Vermont Becomes First State to Call for US Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

Money quotes from Bush's press conference

Is Giuliani Italian enough?

New poll shows Hillary out front, Ghouliani highest repuke at single digits

GOP Looks Beyond War Measure to Fight on Funding

Edwards: Congress should cap funding; would pull out a third of combat troops

So I heard that america will be receiving 7000 iraq refugees...

DEA Judge Calls for Government to End Obstruction of Medical Marijuana Research

Greeting Card Company's E-card bashes Democrats

U.S. 2nd worst in wellbeing of children

NY Observer Interview with Albert Gore III: My Father Isn't Running

OK.. Here is something that I would like to know.....

'08 Primary Poll! Because we can't do this enough!

Calling all Clarkies!

Obama reminds me of Kerry, but only

Randi talked about Bush selling f-14 parts to Iran. Did anybody else hear? I need

Puzzled by Iran/Iraq Powerpoint evidence

SIGH. I just don't understand why I'm not more of an Obama fan

MP3: Big Eddie proves he's a closet Repug

Former Congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr. (DLC Chair) Joins Merrill Lynch as Vice Chairman

The "Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007 is the test for HRC.

Would you sign up for a new DU Forum for the purpose of gathering & storing "GOP OPPO RESEARCH"?

Dean taught us how to speak about faith and religion back in 2004 in his book

Link to Albuquerque Journal five part series on Richardson

Does it annoy you when people threaten to vote third party?

How Conservatives Exploit Our Five Core Concerns