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Archives: February 13, 2007

On Darwin's 198th birthday, opponents of his theory misunderstand what they don't believe in.

Truthdig: Elizabeth de la Vega and the Case for Impeachment: Transcript and audio

John Nichols: Aussie Attack: Is Obama's Race a Factor in Howard's Attack?

Military Requests More Felony Waivers (AP)

Where's the Smoking Gun on Iran? (TIME)

AlterNet: Is the Deadly Crash of Our Civilization Inevitable?

Let's Go Crazy: The Decline in US Mental Health under Bush

Times (London): General Clashes with Bush on Iraq

Mark Morford - Whip My Roman Sex Gods

Mitt Romney, blood libel, and that old time Jew hate

TomPaine: Democracy for D.C.

What It's Really All About

Enough with the Hillary -- she deserves to be called Sen. Clinton

Pentagon Caught Red Handed in an attempt to Frame Iran

No need to rush anti-cancer shots

State vaccine mandate takes good intentions too far

The Nation: Libby Trial: No Scooter, No Cheney

Ted Rall: How America Marginalizes Millions

The $56B Woman: Ethics Questions Surround Senior Bush Official

It's No Use Blaming Iran for a Lost War (PATRICK COCKBURN)

Dave Zirin: Out of the Closet and Onto the Court

Robert Dreyfuss (The Nation): Feith-Libby Lies Exposed

The Iraq War is President Bush's war (remarks of Jerry Nadler)

Stephany Kern: Please Don't Make My Grandchildren Pay for the War That Killed Their Father

CommonDreams: Flawed American Policies Cast Long Shadows

On the Lip of the Vortex: Surging to Disaster

CommonDreams: What About Iraq Isn't Sobering?


Democrats bar GOP alternative on Iraq (some Dems on the fence)

McCown: Governor's HPV order is unconstitutional

Cervical cancer vaccine has a few hurdles to overcome

Keeping choice on the Gardasil vaccine

States debating rules for cervical cancer vaccine

The Dumb Bleat Towards War


Ahmadinejad puts his faith in the 'wise people in US' to avoid conflict

Chris Floyd: Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq

Independent UK: Target Tehran: Washington sets stage for a new confrontation

Employing selective secrecy

E.J. Dionne: The Abortion Shuffle

Marie Cocco: High Time for Voting Reform

Response: Don't believe the official 'conspiracy' theory {Guardian}

Newsweek: The Hidden War with Iran

Putin: Unilateral force has nothing to do with global democracy

Terrorist comedy ignites

NGV relaxed about looted Nazi art (National Gallery of Victoria)

Significant cut in gasoline use is decades away: automakers

Spain's Environment Ministry Projects Toasty Madrid Temps By 2100 - 50C (122F) - Reuters

Matt Simmons At IPW Conference - "World Basing Energy Future On Non-Audited Books" - Reuters

MEPs vote to cut waste mountain (BBC) {European Parliament}

CAN WE STOP GLOBAL WARMING?...Phaeton’s Reins Kerry Emanuel MIT meteorology professor

IATA says shorten air routes to cut emissions - Reuters

Nicholas Stern ... Economics must be at the heart of any discussion of how to fight climate change

Ethanol's Growth And The Implications For Grain Producers - Agriculture Online

Britain tries to block European targets for renewable energy

As Blair Trolls For Climate "Legacy", Met Office Faces Cuts To Pay For Iraq Costs - Independent

China's Attempts To Block Bird Flu May Be Hurt By Unusually Warm Winter Weather - ENN

Forest Service Chief Defends Bush Budget - AP

10 global warming dinosaurs ( {investors rebel against GHG producers}

NASA Image: 2006 Fifth Warmest Year On Record

Oceans Pulling CO2 Deeper - May Slightly Slow Warming, But Will Speed Acidification - New Scientist

Sea level rise could hit poor countries hard: study - Reuters

Trafigura to pay $198 mln settlement to Ivory Coast (toxic dumping) - Reuters

Montana Sues Wyoming Over Water Rights

Over 11 feet of snow in Oswego County, NY

In Congress, a shift over fuel economy

Fed Fish From China's Amur River, Lab Rats' "Livers Decomposed Before You Could Start Cutting"

The Jet Man. Oh, to be young and dumb again with a pocket full of money

W. Flood Of New (Gas) Rigs, Drillers Lose Grip On Pricing - (Real Story - Red Queen Syndrome)

2 Of Greenland's Largest Glaciers Double Output In Less Than 1 Year, Then Slow - AFP

China Misses Multiple Pollution Targets - SOX Up 1.8% In 2006 (463 Kilotons) - AFP

Exxon CEO - "No Question" On Warming, But Offers No Specific Actions Company Will Take - Star-Tele

Mobile networks powered by wind (BBC)

Rising Chesapeake Bay endangering cemetaries...

FSEC Solar Trailer Provides Emergency Power to Storm Victims

North Sea Oil & Gas Output Now Projected To Be 10% Lower Than Thought Through 2010 - Financial Times

I hope it is ok to post this here, Mods if not delete.

Solar power brings light to the lives of tsunami survivors (Sri Lanka)

AlterNet: Unhealthy Flowers: Why Buying Organic Should Not End With Your Food

The Deadlines That Failed (re: DC, EPA, and pollution limits)

A third of Borneo to be conserved

Smoking out the world's lungs

Japan criticizes countries boycotting whaling conference - AP

Street named after Kahane irks residents

Company pulls plug on contentious Jerusalem walkway

Israel warns its citizens against visiting Iraq

Egyptian MP: Nothing will work with Israel except nuclear bomb

Settlers call on US Jews to buy West Bank homes

Video game tackles Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Of the conflicts and the "Muslim threat"

Mugrabi bridge built for attack on mosque, Salah says

Commentary: U.S. Financial Aid To Israel Supports Apartheid, Threatens World Peace

Response: Don't believe the official 'conspiracy' theory {Guardian}

9/11 Questions hit the mainstream in the UK this week

CSPAN - 911 report card

911 Case Study: Pentagon Flight 77 - video

9/11 Questions hit the mainstream in the UK this week

First military live-fly exercise on 9/11 spotted!

Subpoenas to investigate the events of Sept. 11, 2001...

U.S. House Ethics Counsel Hired: = Former Cuyahoga Prosecutor

Dan Tokaji's Equal Vote Blog: The Latest Version of the Holt Bill

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Tuesday, 2/13/07

Fairness, transparency are the most important considerations

Voters Unite! K&R! Essential Revisions to HR 811!

Democratic Party sues state alleging electronic voting glitch

The Citizens Right to Count Act of 2007


Damschroder likely President of Ohio Association of Election Officials

"Miami: Dirty Money" Presented in Fair

5 killed in shooting in reporting Philadelphia shooting

ABC: The Secret Is Out: Armitage Was the CIA Leaker

U.S. Toll Since Afghan Invasion Is 298

Rifles sold to Iran miraculously found in the last 24 hours in hands of "terrorists"

Iraqi court sentences former Saddam deputy to death by hanging

EU lawmakers pressed to dilute CIA flights report

Bombs Tear Trough Lebanon Buses

China seeks talks on space weapons treaty

Ahmadinejad puts his faith in the 'wise people in US' to avoid conflict

McCain To Deliver Keynote Speech For Creationists

Comair and Pilots Union Reach Agreement

Pelosi leads way in debate over Iraq war

AP: U.S. soldier killed in fighting in Anbar province, military says

Maltese company implicated in arms trafficking to Iraqi insurgents

Teen Gunman kills 5 in Utah mall

Former BNP candidate 'stockpiled explosives for civil war'

(Former No. 3 CIA official Kyle "Dusty") Foggo Indictment Expected

God, Darwin clash again in Kansas

Taliban switching to roadside bomb tactics - NATO

(NY Times) Editor Contradicts Reporter (Judy Miller) in Libby Case

Moscow asks U.S. for clarification following Gates remark about Russia’s future

Iraqis use internet (Google Earth) to survive war

Gallup: Most Americans Want Congress to Go Beyond Non-Binding Vote on War

Tornado Rips Though New Orleans Area

AFP: Bush dismisses as "noise" talk of US attack on Iran....sound familiar?

Italian police uncover weapons smuggling ring linked to Libya, Iraq

WP: Midday Naps Found to Help Fend Off Heart Disease

States debating rules for cervical cancer vaccine

HPV vaccine for girls promoted in Maine

Top U.S. general downplays claim that Iranian government giving arms to Iraqi fighters

(Reuters) Algeria hit by bombings, six dead: agency

Martial law grips Guinea, U.S. plans flight out

US military tells Jack Bauer: Cut out the torture scenes ... or else!

Ex-CIA Official May Face Charges ("Dusty" Foggo in Cunningham Bribery Scandal)

Judge Rules In British War Crimes Case

Grand jury to indict Wilkes, Foggo [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Dolphins, Sea Lions To Be Drafted For Guard Duty

No Shooter and no Scooter to testify in Libby trial

Venezuela: Bush`s upcoming tour aimed at dividing Latin America

AFP: British police told to apologize for anti-terror raids (chemical bomb plot)

Georgia Congressman Norwood dies

Venezuela Retrieves Key Sectors

Kurds take part in new security plan

Rep. Charlie Norwood loses cancer battle

Reuters: Fifth Marine pleads guilty in Hamdania killing

CBS: Edwards Campaign Blogger Quits (Amanda Marcotte)

WP: Research Supports Medicinal Marijuana

YouTube to Legally Air Classic TV Shows

WP: 'I'm Doing Fine,' Bush Tells Worried Father

White House sticks to claim of Iranian involvement in Iraq

Breaking on CNN

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 13

In northern Iraq, another war looms

General (Eikenberry): Bin Laden only 'one person'

Cop's role at World Trade Center questioned

Navy seeks to deploy dolphins to protect Kitsap base

House GOP leaders slam Dems' Iraq resolution, say it will 'deny success in Iraq'

World Bank to provide $500m loan to Iraq

Beard Shaving Forbidden in Pakistan (Bajur region)

ND agriculture commish to visit Cuba

Ecuador Roars for Popular Assembly

Anti-American cleric flees Iraq for Iran-Sadr

Questions arise about Iran bomb claims

Turkey threatens US troops in Iraq, say pro-Armenian lawmakers

NYT: Outside Pressures Snapped Korean Deadlock

Ex-Colombian president says Nicaragua's leader should broker Colombian peace deal

Costa Rica probes deaths of 500 pelicans

AP British destroy own aircraft in Iraq (damaged by explosion)

India, China and Russia hold talks

Scientists to save 5,000-year-old embrace

(Aussie) Greens, Dems urge crackdown on whalers

Study Accuses Belgium of Collaborating (AP)

Al Jazeera: Taliban seize second district

Black S.C. leaders back Clinton over Edwards

Iraq says to close borders with Syria, Iran

Navy Rejects Calif. Sonar Limits

Cheney National Security Adviser (John Hannah) Describes Libby's 'Awful Memory'

AP Newsbreak: Alabama moving up presidential primary to Feb. 2

US veteran (John Murtha) joins chorus of outrage at (Aussie PM) Howard

Howard Looks Rattled, Say Party Members

U.S. helicopter likely shot down, Marines say

CNN: Reid withdraws support of Warner Iraq resolution: Will use House Iraq resolution in Senate

AP: Tornado Hits New Orleans Area, 1 Dead

Nine killed in Lebanon bus blasts-security source

Tensions ease in anti-whaling fight

Spain's former government "illegally questioned Guantanamo inmates"

Al Qaeda Calls Bush an Alcoholic Liar

Neither Cheney Nor Libby Will Take The Stand ........

U.S. clashes with China, Russia in debate over space weapons

South Carolina black leaders back Clinton

US trade deficit breaks new high in 2006

Reuters: Iraq to shut borders with Iran, Syria

Military grants more waivers to recruits

Obama apologies again for saying soldiers' lives 'wasted'

Attorney: Marines involved in alleged attack on Yale singers

AP: Former Boston man charged in Texas with aiding terrorists

N. Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament

NYT: Bush’s Economic Advisers Call for Lower Taxes and Freer Trade

85 Killed in 3 Days of Clashes in Yemen (AP via L.A.Times)

China punishes 100,000 Party members in anti-corruption drive

Cuban official defends internet controls

(former Senator)Thompson: Libby prosecutor out of control

"Daughter Of Supreme Court Justice Charged In DUI"

CNN: Republican U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood of Georgia has died

AP: Ex-CIA contractor sentenced to prison...Killed detainee

Investor kills colleagues in Pa. boardroom meeting

Man randomly shoots several at Utah mall

CNN: Muqtada al Sadr Left Iraq For Iran

Harley-Davidson Inc. lays off 440 workers

Suicide truck bomber kills 15 near Baghdad college

Woman talking on cell phone killed by train

Where is BigMcLargehuge?

please delete

So has the genorosity of DU ever made you cry?

Anyone here good with budgets and finance?

WOW! Over 600 donations!!!! Booooyaaaahh!

wow....just noticed i got a heart.....

Humor in 'My Posts'

Route 66 - tell me all!

What is the funniest South Park moment ever?

i haven't been around so here's a picture...thread

I think I'm a magnet for whackos

Yegads, but I *HIC* loathe the hic*HIC*cups

It's about that time for TCO to donate to DU & pass the stars along

I just ate an entire pint of chocolate ice cream.

Hi This is a post to see if I have any farts..

Is 15 to young?

TEN Doctors?

the cheeze rides a bicycle at midnight

Holy shit, Death by Cheese... Karma..

Dayam, but I lurve this song and video! "Radio Ga-Ga" by Queen

I feel humble about my hearts

Can we find out who the secret admirer is


What is the man seeking?!

Who wants to know who gave them their hearts?

I'm not going in to work

Question about the Grammys

Slim Girl/Guy Fans - Check in HERE!!

Funniest SNL skit: Valentines Day with the Cheneys

Hey! I won the UK National Lottery!

Man Wants His Home Converted To Church Since His Garden Is Full Of Dead People

"Lung oysters" it's what's for breakfast

You've been away from DU for so long that....

Alright. Which one of you fuckers gave me all these hearts?

They're sprinkling holy water at the office today

I wish I had photoshop.

Man Repeatedly Stabbed In The Face With Tree Branch After Bar Fight

Thaks for the heart!!!

Police Catch Suspect Hiding In The Woods By Ringing His Cell Phone

Thank you to my Secret Admirers

I just took a parent questionnaire for school improvement.

How are you upstate New York folks doing?

I am actually sick enough to call in to work today.

Who ever gave me a Valentine

Man Shot Friend In The Face Over $15 Debt

Man Sues Telemarketers In Small Claims Court - Wins Thousands

Uncle Jay Explains the news

Chick Flick vs. Macho Movie

Everyone hates lawyers until they need one

Man Wins $1 Million Lottery - Gets $50k A Year For 20 Years - Problem: Only 1 Year To Live

Bill Gates wouldn't have enough money to give out all the Valentines...

I am going to see Loreena McKinnitt in April!

Ooh I need your love babe...

Navy To Deploy Anti-Terrorism Dolphins

Do you derive satisfaction when a sworn DU enemy is Tombstoned?


I need Laptop recommendations

Thanks !!!!

Graywarrior! Grease: You're The One That I Want

Attention Web Site design Gurus. I need help with an on line question form.

OMG, I took a day off and decided to turn on C-SPAN. What a damn freak show, these call in lines

"Sloopy lives in a very poor part of town

Thanks for the valentine!

To the person who gave me a valentine - thank you very much!

Northeast Snowstorm thread:

Thank you for the heart

To any Lucinda Williams fan

I hate suspense.

Yet another fruit question--anybody ever had a minneola?


I LOVE the internet commercials from Dove....

Who wants a heart?

what is it with women and stuffed teddy bears?

Has anyone tried Absolut Pear yet?

Wow, someone gave me a heart. Thank you.

Ladies' night.

What is it with stuffed teddy bears and blow-up dolls?

Starbucks Anarchist...

Aww - a Secret Admirerer gave me a heart!

I have three hearts. I must be popular!

Everything's canceled or shut down. I get to watch the debate

i figured out how to stop sandra Lee's "cooking" show.

As I write this letter... send my love to you,

Will Ferrel as Bush - Global Warming

We need a new video thread!

It's only Tuesday and we have 666 donations!

Hearts Schmearts

A message to moderator heidi

Speculation on why some Margarets are called Peggy

They are Lying to us...

Fed gov't closing at 2:00! I GO HOME EARLY!!

Bi-monthly rant about HBO cancelling "Carnivale," the best show ever.

Lounge Lizards Favorite Valentines Day Present Poll

Those lizards that grow their tails back....

Naked College Parties - The New Trend (NAKED COLLEGE PARTIES PEOPLE)!!11

Who is Joe Biden???????

The vet says my youngest cat is too fat, and MUST lose weight

My dad just gave me some pink carnations!

I got a heart! I got a heart!

I got a lap dance last night

anyone checked out

Well hello Mister Fancypants.

You ain't seen nothing, yet! I bet everyone is getting sick of seeing

Another heart? Dagnabbit!

my favorite cure

Is Rep. Ike Skelton related to Red Skelton?

A poem

Do blondes actually have more fun?

I have 999 posts, a new star & 2 hearts, ask me anything

"The Loin In Winter"

what is it with men and blow up dolls?

What if you were giving someone a lapdance, and you peed?

Stylish DU Men...Do You like the pinstripe pants from Express?



international klein blue

Thank you to my secret admirer!

dodger blue

I'm trying to get into 'Stereolab'... So far it isn't working. :-(

Take Your Sweetie To The Zoo For Valentine's Day - They Are Having Animal Sex Tours

Does anyone want me to be their secret perspirer?

Who is John Galt?

Yet again, my inherent physical grace warrants accolades.

Have you ever visited the grave sites of well known people?

NEW TREND!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!!!! Naked Duer Parties


Do you derive satisfaction when a sworn DU enema is Tombstoned?

I know a secret about laraMN

So, you wanna make Hedges cry?


Wow, the sky just OPENED UP here!

do you have a good sense of whimsy?

Thanks for the heart!

Would it be crazy to want to take a walk in this weather?

I hate being home

Life Cereal, you bastard, why must you be so tasty?

annual Wilt Chamberlain, greatest basketball player ever thread...

Question about gasoline...

Can Anyone Recommend A Good Mutual Friend?

Is someone missing a heart?

How long do the hearts last?

For Valentines Day: Dedicate a Song to the Bush Administration

Can Anyone Recommend A Good Mutual Fund?

Thank you for the heart!

'Horntones' Let You Download Any Song To Be Your Car's Horn

Attention, fans of the Los Angeles Angels, Chicago Cubs...

Does anyone want me to be their secret admirer?

"rabbit fight broken up by roosters"

Is "shabby chic" just a euphemism for butt-ugly?

Has anyone else's "ignore" list grown exponentially in the last few days?

Are we beginning another cycle of hope?

It's been a crappy day today. Ambivalence... Would somebody make me google?


OK. So this hearts thing gave me an earworm...


southlandshari just went and Psssst in the middle of the Lounge...

It's been a crappy day today. Ambivalence... Would somebody make me giggle?

Man...The whole world is fucked!

12 Inches of Snow.

Man... this multiverse is fucked

Thank you secret admirer! xxxxx

man...we are all fucked

Snow-themed YouTube thread for RandomKoolZip

redacted needs hearts! Anyone have some to give?

Thank you whoever you are....

Man... this multiple tabbed browsing is fucked

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 2/13/2007)

So Rockit will Get a Lapdance from me for Valentines Day and.. many posts do you need before you can get fucked?

how many posts do you need before you can recommed

Fitness Freaks Check In!

Zsa Zsa's husband is a boar!

Survey: French Men Are The Biggest Dicks In Europe

This is so weird...

Man Who Urinated On Canadian War Memorial Has Charges Against Him Dropped

just a word of warning

Daddy's little man.

DUers of Stunning Grace (or "grace that stuns") check in here!

Has a thread ever been moved OUT of the Lounge?

VD cards no one wants to receive

Down to 2 choices for my boys name, which sounds better ?

I know what Flvegan got LeftyMom for Valentine's Day

Tonight's rental: The Science of Sleep

So is Hillary really gonna be the president?

Dudes in corsets? WTF?

The freezing rain's been pelting the window for a couple of hours now

I think this is cute do they cheat in NASCAR?

Oh, man! My SO didn't do my #%$#^ laundry!

Hot chocolate and Breakfast at Tiffany's

speaking of the Anna Nicole Mom/baby thing

I can't believe I had to actually

The tofurky is in the oven.

Some people are human guardian angels...

To whom it may concern...THANKS!!! for the heart...

A sad cat update

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to.....

I want to thank the sweeties who gave me hearts.

Fill in the blank: If I had________________,my life would be complete.

Pfft...Call Me Wesley is locking threads JUST to show off his hearts.

Funny child story

I think anyone with more than two, err, three hearts

Alton on Avocados.

Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular!

Do you have a viagra joke?

I'm bullish on walking catfish. They're going places!

Hey everybody! I've got an ear infection! Hooray!

Somebody gave me a heart!

mmmm it's nice to be warm.

Humor: Dog Diaries vs. Cat Diaries


Steaming mad

Being crushed sucks!

Anyone seen my star???

College was canceled tonight for me becuase of weather conditions

So I Spent The Day At My State Capitol

What's the temperature in your house?

Aaaaaigh! Need Help! Earworm is gonna eat my brain!

So I bought LostinVA a romantic gift, but should I give her a lapdance, too?

its real simple

It rained hearts last night in my area

One heart, two hearts, three hearts.....

Oh, hell. I was already sick! And now I just turned on the TV to see...

hey I got another heart! Thanx eom

Hey Ronny!!! I have Britney news for you

Hearts = Fastest Fundraiser EVER

Miz t. has the grippe.

I can't believe this. I mean I CAN, but I CAN'T...

Lapdance professional for hire here.

Look at what I scored today!!!

Reality TV

I do not have any hearts to give

do you have a good sense of whiskey?

Someone gave me a heart - I haven't been forgotten

Who would spend $9,000 on a fudge engagement ring!?

OMG! OMG! Someone got me a star!

It's NOT "babysitting"

Who wants my heart? (lame copycat)

Paula Abdul claims she’s ‘squeaky clean’


Former History Teacher Poses For Playboy (Yup w/PIC)

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with #17! (todays distraction)

I wish I could send a little of my weather toward the folks bracing for snow:

The new Pedigree dog food commercial?

So when you buy something on ebay

I'm jealous. My husband gets more love than me.

Okay...about this weather...

I left my heart in San Francisco

Much obliged!

There is more to this Anna Nicole story than meets the eye.

who's that little Russian on the old Star Trek? He's cute.

Sincere thanks to my heart giver. How sweet of you.

What happened to the people I put on ignore?

Fess up! Who did you give a heart to and why?

who says Polish chocolate isn't any good?

Unrequited crushes suck!

Again....I HATE being sick!!!

I wear my single heart . . .

Customer support jobs

So, what should I do on my day off from class?

Who does not have a DU heart?

Has anyone read Born Fighting by jim webb?

What is this a picture of?

I am your favorite Uncle Bob

Thank you so much for my 2nd valentine!

I wish I could flick my broom and all the housework would be done

I fell in love with a dog at the shelter

"Dracula" on Masterpiece Theater--anybody else see it?

I need Lapdance recommendations


Dammit! Rickie Lee Jones was on Letterman last night...

Man Steals $6.9 Million From Boss - Buys Ranch, Al Capone Statue & Burt Bacharach Concert - Arrested

pssssst..... I got some great dirt on a Loungie you *gotta* see....

Okay, where is His Honor?. Where is the Magistrate?

Does anyone want to have a "post from your cache" thread?

Sweet Sixteener Isn't Allowed To Drive Her $96,000 Car To School

Children make coffin for dying teacher...

You Look Absolutely Beautiful

Outspoken women REPRESENT!!

Bahamas Cabinet minister responds to bedroom photos with Anna Nicole Smith


Some things you don't get tired of looking at

If You Happened To Be A Commercial

Hey! Lounge Lizards!! I have something to say to all of you

Who are the three sweeties that I get to kiss?

Has anyone heard from merh?

Christ, am I decadent, spoiled, and/or just plain LAZY enough?

Wow. Frustration can be a useful emotion. My kitchen is spotless.

Who Says So?

If you could drop anything out of a 20th floor window....

If hearts are equal to "popularity" then CaliforniaPeggy is homecoming queen!

What Are You Going To Say to your Valentine?

well Lounge Folks, you're stuck with me ...

So, I go to visit Das Ex this weekend

Ebay users, What is the craziest, most impulsive thing that you have bought?

Happy Birthday RetroLounge!

....and I give you....


Hey, the third kudzu thread is finally dead. And I'm done with 'em.

Know what Rooster Fries are?

Psssst.....I know who your secret admirer is.....

I am the Best. Who Dares Challenge Me?

It's not techno... it's electro...

The Strawberry Roan

Why didn't I ever do drugs?

cold, snowy day soup thread - what do you put in yours?

Saddest Music Video?

Survey: British Women Have Biggest Breasts In Europe

Here's a video of that UFO sighting in the UK!


who do you think has donated more to du with the heart

What makes Bill O'Reilly such an asshole?

Is Valentine's Day over yet?

I am making a motherload of Sugar cookies...

New Jersey is fucked.

Sorry - I need to whine.....

Man...central Illinois through upstate NY and down to VA is fucked!!

How the Fuck in Duluth, MN do we have no fucking snow?

Post your DU Valentine messages here:

ABC Primetime just had a special on Polygamy

only 147 to go--think we will punch him out tonight?

Bored at your desk? Try this!

I know the weather is getting really serious here in Cleveland....

Anna Nicole was 140 lbs when she was Playmate of the Year

So I'm snowed in...

I think anyone that has more than 4 hearts are stupid Meanies!

So, you wanna make Hedges cry?

Who else wants to exchange your SO for Valentine's Gifts?

its real simple

31 weeks -- and the babies are still doing well!

Thank you, thank you for the beautiful heart!

Who else doesn't exchange Valentine gifts with your SO?

Satisfied customer reviews sushi restaurant

Outspoken women, repent!

it's got a death curse

Story of a Blind Llama



Marty Schottenheimer FIRED From The Chargers!

Post here if you have nothing of interest to say

Congratulations catmandu57!! 10,000 posts

Okay, who's the wiseguy who sent me a heart?

"Contentment is not the fulfillment of what you want...

Canola oil

This is TOUGH! Favorite Stevie Wonder Song!

Man...Chicago is fucked.

So I hear the lounge is a

Man...swag is fucked.

m4n, w3 4m teh fux0red!!!!1111!!

I HAVE MY NEW CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Who the fudge would spend $9,000 on an engagement ring!?

Winter Storm Free Association Thread:

If you love incredible live music & live near Chicago read this post!

Your first crush?

Turn off your cell phones!

My dear friends.......this is so damn unreal!

A Pizza Mogul Funds a Moral Crusade

Gay churchgoers more likely to quit mainstream religion

I just donated to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell!

Feb. 13, 1633: Church vs. Galileo

Isaac Asimov on "The Reagan Doctrine"- an oldie but a goodie!

NJ Group seeking to ban gay marriage

Anti-gay bigot Rev. Ken Hutcherson thinks he may look foolish

Barstow High School students form Gay-Straight Alliance

Should Heat Let Riley Return?

Pitchers and catchers report!

MorningGlow and Jr with his cars

Just another potentially useful site...

Anyone here who could use a heart?

Thanks for the heart!!!

Palmistry question

Okay , question, if I am manifesting good health for someoneelse

Anyone get discouraged?

Volunteer needed to coordinate the March prayer, light and healing thread

We need to stir up a good discussion about the misunderstood 12th House

Some Mercury Rx thoughts and I'm asking for Dreams.

VA notifying 1.8M of missing data

Ok, who's the culprit!?

On JK Blog: cool map plus Donna Brazille: Why John Kerry's Presidential Primary endorsement matters

Just got my first email from Chris Dodd

where's the link

Small Biz hearing live now

Zeyad: The Iraq That Was

Ad watch: where do you see JK's setadeadline ads?

Today's miscellaneous news items

Aw, whoever gave me the heart...

New diary:

On Frontline now -- a 2 part series about the press

JK on Hardball tomorrow (Thursday).

Help request: Need Kerry-lovin' blogs

Bill Donahue attacked Kerry campaign hire, too. Kerry fought back


My Dog it's been 10 years and I wanted to remind you that (everybody's free to wear) Sunscreen

Rep Ackerman:Terrorist platoon of lesbians could chase us out of Baghdad

A Very Important Message

Cynthia McKinney about Mario Savio

Veitnam Vet Speaks the TRUTH

Borat On Politcs

Barney Frank as Speaker

Bush Rallies GOP Base

Barney Frank - The Plane Boss!

Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007 - Chris Dodd (D-CT)

Net Neutrality Video; Caution Beginnin is Graphic, only beginning is

Al Gore Interview On CBC

A Letter To The President

Messing with freepers in the deep south

The Chipmunk Strategery

HUGO CHAVEZ by Greg Palast. Part 1 of 3...

Bush - You're Pitiful

Collection of House speeches from the escalation debate

The guy that said "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney!!"

Why Obama would get my vote.

OK, I guess this goes without saying

War Room w/ Tim Grieve: "What Fox News Won't Tell You" (Iran Arms Claims) Job Cuts Fuel Foreclosures in Midwest

NYT Says 'Skeptics' Doubt the Iran Hype Their Rag Has Been Presenting Since Saturday As 'Proof'

NYC Supermarkets have baggers working for nothing but tips

America's First Gentlemen?

I propose a proper labeling of "The Iraq War."

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The Peace Poem--Awesome

Cheney refuses to meet Japanese defense minister

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Hey Iraqis. That noise keeping you awake all night is the sound of freedom

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"The surge is a faith-based alternative." -- Bill Maher on Tavis Smiley tonight

This might be "no duh" for some of us but I have to say it

Libby trial: Why assume Ari is lying? Why not assume Pincus is lying?

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Funny flash cartoon (the end of the world)

Bernie's calling the claims against Iran as BULLSHIT -- stream

16 WORDS..........

Egyptian MP: Nothing will work with Israel except nuclear bomb

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A Song For America

New Polling. Hillary's Lead is Narrowing

Great Googly Moogly

Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and their Good Friend Dennis Miller?

McCain fears 'Tet Offensive' in Iraq

How Many Iraqis Have Been Killed In The War?

ARMITAGE and the Water-cooler leak

McCarthy Lives on in O'Reilly. I Beg to Differ, Mr. Olbermann

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Could a 911 truth push helps stop the run up to war with Iran?

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The 2 faces of *ush

Even husband-in-chief forgets Valentine's Day

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'John' Howard

I would GLADLY support more military spending, if...

The shadow government -- SAIC makes Halliburton look like pikers

Lack of Staff Stifles Opening of New Prison Facility ($390 Million new prison hospital...empty)

CSPAN caller's suggestion: Get Congress to quit funding Halliburton,

Did MSM interrupt the Anna soap opera

3,125 U.S. troops now dead in W's war

We need to be "in this fight to win."

gd current headlines : Bush to cut vets healthcare; while: * Admin allocating 43 Bln bioweapons

Men urged to get 'the snip' as Valentine's day present

How We Won The War

The Dixie Chicks...

if Obama is elected, will many new leaders join hands to end Terror ?

On Iran Weapons, Major Papers May Have Second Thoughts

Rifles sold to Iran miraculously found in the last 24 hours in hands of "terrorists"

Gallup: Most Americans Want Congress to Go Beyond Non-Binding Vote on War

Funniest SNL skit: Valentines Day with the Cheneys

Bush Interview on cspan now Link

We had to invade Iraq to free the OPPRESSED SHIA.

McCain To Deliver Keynote Speech For Creationists

Sea Shepherd locates and disrupts illegal Japanese Whalers

House Concurrent Resolution on Iraq

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WP, Cohen: The Explanation Hillary Clinton (and Dodd, Biden and Edwards) Owe

If you've listened to any Libby tapes.....

those iranians are quite tricky they are

Bumper Sticker: "At least in Vietnam Bush Had an exit strategy"

It's Snowing! --- My answers to some common questions/Rant

Military on Tues announced that a troop was killed (on Sunday)

Send Bush 41 and Clinton To The Middle East

TOON: Meanwhile, back in New Orleans . . .

Al-Qaeda Disses Democrats

Ah' the spam. Got a new one.

is there a registry of companies that do/don't outsource to India and other places?

Procedural Question About The War Debate Which Will Begin This Morning

MediaMatters: CNN granted Bush official anonymity to criticize Obama

Caption this Libby trial pic...

I just with the candidates would show some sack

What a perfect analogy! Found on a blog:

Al Qaeda Calls Bush an 'Alcoholic Liar'

How are the Dixie Chicks playing in Lubbock these days?

Breaking DPRK grees to Nuclear Disarmament

QUIT treating the SYMPTOMS---We have a CURE!

Did you know we need only 218 NO votes in the House to kill the (occupation) supplimental?

Strange; 4 years ago Iraq was "reconstituting their nuclear weapons" and yet this year

Freshmen House Members Have A Duty To Perform ....

Rove: "It would not be like America to leave our promises unkept..."

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I have to assume that some axe-to-grind Chalabi guy is "finding" those bombs in Iraq

3 Latest Polls Have Bush at 32%

Boston traffic deputy quits after losing his license

When i was a kid i watched tv a lot

The Corrupt Hide Behind Information Overload ....

TIME's internatonal editor was a fellow at the Hoover Institution?

Has there ever been anything vaguely close to this in this nation's history?

Obama's "Wasted" apology

Profiles In Courage...

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A Reminder : Why I vote Democratic

Waxman Reform Act Hearings on now (webcast at link)

Anyone listen to the NPR story on Iraq contractors and EMDR treament?

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I don't advocate violence, but this little Patrick McHenry prick from N.C.....

MUST READ @Dkos. Lindsey Graham on Abu Ghraib vs Ted Kennedy and Janice Karpinski.

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Did you know you can email John Howard?

The republicans are crying like little babies in the House. Link.

"Paddy's Lamentation" lyrics ("There is nothing here but war...")

A Troubling Rationalization

So did we invade China during the Vietnam War for supplying them weapons

Glen Beck: Obama is "colorless ... he might as well be white"

More Snow Expected in Midwest, N.Y.

*&%^$#* XM

Hmm, PBS Frontline tonight.... Secrets, Sources and Spin

"Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11..."

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Anyone watching the debate on Iraq in the House?

Iraq says closes borders with Syria, Iran

If you haven't sent in your DCCC 2007 New Directions Survey, here's an idea...

Trade gap hit record in 2006. Imports top exports by nearly $764 billion.

Republic or Empire - A National Intelligence Estimate on the United States

Support Waxman's new legislation

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Iraqis use internet to survive war (BBC)

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Top U.S. general down plays claim that Iranian government giving arms to Iraqi fighters.

It's time to fight the "war on terror" in a different and smarter way...

Properly Framed, A vote For the Surge Should Be A Vote For Draft....

Do you remember the day after last years election ?

2,500 Neighbors Protest Planned Wal-Mart in Austin

Broken-hearted Baghdad lovers mourn Valentine's fun

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When the Right gets smeared, they ignore it. We embrace it. Why?

Does anyone have the Bush v Bush Iraq/Iran video link? (KO)

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questions about c-span's interview with smirk

Can we get the House debate tagged to the top? It is important but

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Rumsferatu Is Still With Us

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C_SPAN snow taking heat for gen pace comments

Does Anybody Know About the Ralph Reed/Bush/MICROSOFT Connection?

A Modest Proposal: Obama and Clinton Tell Donahue They're Not Anti-Catholic, Just Anti-Idiot

BE HEARD - PLEASE sign up to be a co-sponsor of the Set A Deadline legislation.

Hearts for America's children: SUPPORT SCHIP - CALL CONGRESS TOLL-FREE ON FEB. 13th @ 1-877-509-KIDS

Preliminary Report on the validity of evidence presented at Baghdad briefing:

Iran vs. North Korea

Propaganda Alert: Questions about Iran's "Supplying" 81mm Mortar Shells to Iraq

Please help a DUer that has been out of touch with what has been going on for 2 weeks.

Look who wants protection from foreign rivals now

Boehner on a Crusade

NOW needs your help, support pro-choice license plate for Florida

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Zoos Hope To Cash In With Risque Sex Tours - Champagne, Dinner, Animal Sex Facts

Copyright 1937

Controversy over 'Jesus loves Osama' billboards

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Bird Released After Getting Feather Implants

A glorious day when no one says this word (may be offensive to some)

why did millions in 9-11 federal loans go to Houston?

Cheney is under Subpoena to Testify in Libby Trial, Where is he???

NYT: George Tenet's new book will give the "real context" for the "slam dunk" episode

Retirement can be so much fun...

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Global warming fan and oil company flak Christoper Horner on The Daily show tonight

Keith's contract is up soon. CNN wooing?

I take it that election campaigning will be nothing more than apologizing for saying the wrong thing

The other thank you thread's getting way too long so I'll say it over here

PHOTO: "Presidential Prayer Team" front page.Our Savior of the Simians.

Tony Snowjob trying to dance around Iran "background briefing"

John Nichols: Bush's Australian Poodle Singles Out Obama for Attack as Terrorist Favorite

Crist: GOP Shouldn't Pay For Gay Marriage Ban

EEEK Condi RIce on CSpan II in fear of the caliphate....

Cheney aide describes Libby's memory as 'awful' (on certain things)

CONYERS: " Stop Wasting American Lives & Resources in This Disastrous & Unnecessary War"

Rivers Set To Burst Banks

Apology to Native Americans again introduced in Congress


Sorry didn't see the other tread on Norwood

Do we live under a dictatorship, yes we do...

It's time for Dems to quote Al Qaeda #2 al Zawahiri

Is anyone else watching the Iraq debate in the House?

Wingnuts planning counter-protest in Washington on 3/17...well maybe?

Tell corporate America to stop sponsoring hate

New polls for Chimp: CBS 32% (+4), AP 32% (-4), Gallup 32% (-4)

Hey, Tony Snow! We support the troops. It's you and your idiot bosses we don't support.

The Kansas school board to repeal science guidelines backed by social conservatives

IMAGE: NY Times Finger Pointing Map

How about stars instead - or in additon to - hearts?

A giant moonbeam reflector may shine away depression

Bush's 'sour-faced cynic-imitation' of critics of his Iran attack plan

Do you believe Obama's expression of faith was appropriate?

Email war with repuke co-worker. You won't believe this.

Now the House is wasting time on a non-binding resolution

North Korea agrees to nuclear disarmament

I was feeling a little "heartless" until last night...

Emergency Demo in Los Angeles Tomorrow Night (2/14/07) I.C.E. Raids at the MTA

How many here think the media will make election season so annoying that voters will stay home?

Has anyone been listening to Al Franken today?I am so moved...

The Terror Alert levels: A Brown Person's Guide (warning: SATIRE)

why are the young turks on now on AAR?

Syndicated Columnist Eric Margolis on The Guy James Show today

Email received from XM re Schulz/Hartmann

Folks---this is the type of crap that your average Moran American sees on their telly.

Is Boehner ashamed of being a chicken hawk?

'Law & Order' Senator Fred Thompson Rips Libby Trial Tactics: Blasts Fitz

When Should President Gore Announce?

Rep. Westmoreland(R): Dems believe if we pull out of Iraq, that Iraqis will go back to tending sheep

Daily occupation of McCain's office.

PNAC: "Going Soft on Iran:" Realists vs. Idealogues; Iran WMDs, and Al Queda IN IRAN.

The American Experience...Fatal Flood: A Story of Greed...Power and Race

Why hasn't Lebanon filed charges at the Hague against US made weapons killing their citizens?

Mike Pence is coming up on CNN UGH!

Okay DUers...I need a tutorial

Please send some prayers my way.

Will Fitzgerald present a prosecution rebuttal case after the defense rest?

Promos for Faux News: The Half-hour News Hour"

This is so weird...

New Comic: You Say You Want a Resolution...

Destroy the morale of our troops? Why not let (((THEM))) vote whether they want to stay in Iraq?

It seems the Iran bombs supplied to Iraq are not working well

***Reminder***Frontline "News wars" starts tonight on PBS

First time in about a month that I have watched CNN

If comments not supporting the war shows nonsupport for the troops why did Repugs say the following

House Republicans are giving Dems plenty of ammo to use against them in 08

The FDA thinks YOU'RE stupid!

hehehe Dixe Chicks now number 2 on Amazon.

Finding immunity from moral panic

Why would bush care about balancing the budget by 2012 ?

Romney Chooses to Announce in Museum Honoring Notorious Anti-Semite

Frank Wolf going ballistic

One of the repukes Frank wolf is speaking and saying , "maybe our side has treated you wrong"

Text of: Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007

What can you tell me about ?

Austrians Helping Kill Our Troops In Iraq?

C&L: Watch Australia's Opposition Leader try to censure John Howard

India urged to end caste "apartheid"

Just say NO to Hillary & Edwards

Bush Caught On Tape LYING About 2003 SOTU '16 Words'

KNOR : 110 kilos in 25 weeks (you won't want to eat pork again)

Funny freeper thread...

Christian groups still targeting John Edwards staff: "This isn't over yet!"

Scotter Libby Watch: David Shuster coming on Hardball after the break

PBS has a new documentary starting tonight "News War"

Raw Story: Cheney, Libby Not To Testify In CIA Leak Trial

Clinton, Giuliani pull ahead in poll-USA Today 2/13/07

The U.S. military didn't shoot him in the head. It was "U.S. coalition forces" who did the deed

...I'm gonna eat some worms.

Cheney wont be testifying at Libby's trial........

I watched a minute or two of my local Fox News affiliate last night

Ex-Sen. Fred Thompson Criticizes Fitzgerald in CIA Leak Case, Depicts Him As Out-Of-Control

It has begun! Pelosi up first

I lost my star

If (when?) we go to war with Iran - WWII and rationing - some thoughts

Detention Center Blues

Iran: Supreme Leader Khamenei 'Gravely Ill"

Here's a video of that UFO sighting in the UK!

Who Said It? Islamic Extremist or Right Wing Christian

CHENEY & LIBBY Will - NOT - Testify At CIA Leal Trial

Do you have a telephone or access to a telephone?

TPMMuckraker: Tony Snow Spins! And He Misses! (VIDEO)

Query about Cindy Sheehan and "Gathering of Eagles"

Military gear bound for Iran, China traced to Pentagon surplus sales

How many times on Hardball are they going to allow Kingston

They Can Send $400 Billion To Iraq, But Cannot Fund Amtrak

Bush Admin Manipulates Oil Supply

Who says communists don't have a sense of humor?

What happens after libby is convicted?

Couldn't sleep last night,

*** New Thread at Libby Live: Jill Abramson

what's with this IDIOT on Hardball?

Group Protests Hooters, Wants to Keep Their Big Beaver Corridoor Clean

Friendly Reminder to view Frontline this evening (Bush administration and the press)

Do You Know which Senator voted the Most With Bush Policies

The MUSE Campaign

Somebody Hearts me!

Fox Noise Channel's "Daily Show" Ripoff Airs Two Test Episodes —

US military tells Jack Bauer: Cut out the torture scenes ... or else!

Bush to Invade the United States: Evidence points to US arming Iraqi Insurgents.

Selections from members of on Bush's legacy

This may be the funniest Daily Show I have ever seen!

White House slams carpooling, new road fees better

To John Boehner: sending more troops needlessly into a lost cause IS abandonment!

Bingo..connection between TX's gov and Merck (cervical cancer vaccine)

As Randi would say - with one word changed - Heart You Back.

2 Key South Carolina black leaders endorse Hillary Clinton

Teacher Faces 40 Years Over Porn Conviction - pop up porn during class, says not her fault

PHOTOS: 19. 23. 24. 21. Behold, America, as your future is sacrificed.

"Why is you pro-abortion?"

Once Iran is Attacked, There Won't Be Any Going Back....

5 Ousted US Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations

where can i find a website to download Bill Moyers 1/12/07 speach for the 3rd national..

Despite their Grammy haul, Dixie Chicks still on the outs with country radio

Continuing with the Lincoln theme - a most excellent quote.


Thank you for the heart! Here's another meaning of Valentine's Day...

Write your resolutions and do what you want with them

Ancient chimps used tools to build first African Creationist museum

Tony Snow to WH reporter: "Ed, calm down. I know you're excited, your voice is rising..."

Iran Propaganda is Not Just About Attacking Iran. It is Also About Staying In Iraq.

Leaked Letter Reveals Conservative Strategy For Iraq Debate: Don’t Talk About Iraq

Chavez to Build Socialist Cities

So here's what I'm thinking - IF Hilary wins the nomination...

Los Alamos scientist criticizes federal approach to nuclear arsenal

Thanks Corporate News! We Couldn't Control The People Without You

Scaring Off Science

Georgia Republican Congressman Norwood dies

OMG, Hardballl has a hard on for Mitt!

"Illegal invasion" on floor of HOUSE! whoa

Escalation: Five Questions and Their “Yes, BUT” Answers

Kucinich on CSpan 1 now n/t

Kucinich on the floor now


Rudy Giuliani's Vulnerabilities

Well, Kansas Public Schools believe in Evolution again.

TV is all court, all the time and yet no coverage of biggest trial of all

Hillary jokes begin. This one today from my Republican brother:

I Vote NORAH JONES as "Most Admired Singer." (Re: 60 Minutes Interview)

Tell them Lois Capps

Iraqis using Google Earth to plan escape routes, blockades

Someone explain to me how staying in Iraq is supposed to stop terrorists from attacking us

The Ever-Neocon John Boehner: "If we leave, they'll follow us home. It's as simple as that."

Freepers starting to Freep The Dixe Chicks reviews at

As if * hadn't already tarnished our image- what will the world think if we elect a mormon potus?

Watching Hardball....

Pics of John Boehner crying like a whiny titty baby!

Tornado in Breaux Bridge La takes out FEMA camper that family

Don’t forget to ask “which one?’ when someone mentions Iran's nuke plant as a reason to go to war.

LOL. BBC News talking about Romney said

Who is in the secret indictment?

“Sen. Graham…I consider you as cowardly as Rumsfeld, as Sanchez, & Miller" (Janis Karpinski)

It's gonna be Giuliani. How we gonna stop him?

Cheney gets out of testifying. Grrrr.

Woops! Another preacher nabbed for seeking sex w/13 yo

Waxman's Whistleblower Protection Bill Introduced (HR 985)

Bush shows "evidence" that Iran sending weapons to Iraq. World yawns and ignores him.

Michelle Duggar is pregnant with #17! (todays distraction)

Rudy Giuliani's Vulnerabilities

Luckovich cartoon on Iran intelligence

This time around was really fun

ABC: Now It's Personal: Al Qaeda Calls Bush an Alcoholic Liar

New Frontline Tonight on Bush Misuse of the Press

New Digby Post "Clean Break" At Firedoglake Is Excellent

CNN does BIG REPORT on Foggo Indictment but Never Mentions Prosecutor Lam who was Fired

CNN, FOX AND MSNBC BREAKING: Abe Vigoda still has not died.

And this is only from TODAY

US Think Tank Urges Reteat from Iraq! (Council on Foreign Relations)

Chavez Sets Fast Nationalization Pace

America is fast becoming one gigantic company town

please unfreep this poll you know what to DU...Kansas Science standards

Is the 2008 Election already lost (i.e. Diebold)

Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) dies at age 65,

Thank you to whomever gave me a Valentine's heart.

My "Why Trust Bush?" letter makes it to print

New Dems Third Way Think Tank says screw you you non-weathy people

the Boner is still spinning that "follow us home" crap???

'I'm Doing Fine,' President Tells Worried Father

New Poll: Obama gaining ground on Hillary

Our girl Helen has to move to the back. It aint right. It just aint right.

Republican moran: Al Qaeda is "lethal and deadly."

The wasteland: how years of secret chemical dumping left a toxic legacy [Monsanto pollutes UK]

Sen Wyden: Bush administration have promised, and postponed a briefing for lawmakers on Iran

Anti-American Shiite Cleric Al-Sadr escapes to Iran.

Just on MSNBC - Huckebey called this WW-III !!!!

Bush Takes Budget Axe To America’s Volunteers

I guess I'm Notty (or, maybe naughty - depends on ones perspective)

Hey Floridians, am I nuts? I think I'm beginning to like your repuke governor.

News Alert CNN: Kyle 'Dusty' Foggo to be indicted!

Frontline: "The Lost Year In Iraq" Coming On Now

Did PBS Pull it's Frontline Series: "News Wars?" My local NC PBS

What is this Third Way group this idiot on Lou Dobbs represents?

"Obama Bin Laden" Fails To Register

CNN Breaking news: Cleric Sadr fled to Iran....

As if Doyule hasn't pissed off enought people in Wisconsin...

It's tough being a Republican....Came across this and thought I'd share...very funny!!

Frontline, PBS now on. News, plamegate. So far good.

More recruits accepted with criminal waivers

Rep. Issa (R) Calif. basically says "Fuck You" to mothers of murdered contractors in Iraq.

Crawford and Imus: Impeach Cheney

KAREN HUGHES is currently in MEXICO, improving our image.

Oh, Good God, she's at it again...

Why does the New York County Democratic Committee have male and female district leaders?

Sick and Twisted...

Bloomberg: Bush Uses Clinton-like Diplomacy to Strike North Korea Accord

Sad story about an American peace Activist from Lebanon

Most realistic approach to dealing with illegal/harmful/dangerous drugs? this picture authentic?

Iran president 'ready for talks' about nuclear program - BBC

Remember, Smirky likes to catapult the propaganda...

OMGs, the guest on the Daily Show is such a moron!

"defeating radical Islam in Iraq"

Military grants more waivers to recruits

A Divine Strake Trilogy - Utahns Say 'No'!

Have you really read the terms of service??

The Office of Official Sounding Names and Fucking Up

Your mission...should you decide to accept it (A heartless mission)

Bush hates Muslims, Bush loves Muslims

Soldiers Who Suffered Injuries Are Billed As Much As $3,000 For Not Completing Tours !!!

It's Valentines Day

Lend a hand to a young couple...

PlameGate: The Death of American Jouranlism

Any marine biologists out there? What kind of animal is THIS:

EMAIL: Majority Leader Update on Iraq Debate Speaking

sometimes timing is everything. Australia's John Howard...My students just learned

You Cannot Claim To Support Our Troops By Sending Them Into An Endless War...

Iran Ambassador to UN on Charlie Rose Tonight!!

Beard Shaving Forbidden in Pakistan (Bajur region)

Former CIA official, contractor indicted

Pelosi: Vote Against Escalation in Iraq Is a Message to President Bush. No More Blank Checks on Iraq

In northern Iraq, another war looms

CentCom Commander: ‘I Have No Idea’ If White House Iran Claim Is True

Does Dems' Campaign Detract From Hearings, Trials, Accountability, Impeachment & War in Iraq/Iran?

I figgered it out. Just which cartoon describes our administration

How Many Sick Bastards Does It Take To Screw

Global Warming: Unstoppable train or reversible phenomenon?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Aaron Freeman Tonight

**Bush plans to CUT FUNDING for VA health care**


EU ruling bars Google News from linking to newspapers - will this apply to bloggers?!

Donahue's Catholic Soldiers Assault Pandagon's Marcotte

BOTH Edwards bloggers have left.. CNN!

MSNBC BREAKING - Kansas education board OKs evolution-centered science

Utah Mall Rampage Kills Five, Wounds Four

Need your prayers, good karma, strong thoughts, friends -

On Barack's Smack Down Of Howard...

Excluding announced, withdrawn, or unannounced* candidates --

A barely passed non binding resolution means less than nothing

Teri Hatcher elaborates on her relationship with Poppy Bush

Cheney Says Dems Can't Stop Bush's War With Iran

Anyone watching the Senate Environment Committee on C-Span3?

Only Iraq War Vet in Congress Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-PA) Kicked Ass In The IWR Debate...

Women make the best soldiers?

Courthouse named after Rush Limbaugh

This coming November will be roughly a year away from Election Day 08.

Why didn't Fitzgerald call Cheney to testify when he obviously

Psych Study: Real personality diffs between Libs & conservatives:

I have one heart left, this Valentine's eve...

My son really surprised me today

Somewhere over the rainbow

My local liberal radio station got rid of the local liberal hosts for "The young Turks"

Our Constitution's Greatest Failure

Official Frontline Newswars Discussion Thread

Nader voters only, put your money where your mouth goes.

Why is there no thread honoring President Carter's Grammy?


I'd like some help editing/refining my letter to my local paper

O'Reilly thinks Edwards has made a fatal mistake! O'Reilly thinks Neil Gabler is a liar!

Cheney Not Going To Testify!

British destroy own aircraft damaged by an explosion of unknown origin in Iraq

500-Pound Man Fights For 'Lifesaving' Surgery

Vermont Legislature Calls For Immediate End To Iraq War

What have we learned from the 'give a heart' thing? Maybe this:

Chavez Pushes "Polite" Socialism

CNN BREAKING: Second Edwards Blog Staffer Quits (AP Article Added)

I need another heart. I broke up with the RW DBF last fall, and

Why The Repukes Are Sooo Screwed In '08

You all stop picking on the President now, Poppy is getting agitated!

Republican Ethics and Values - in case you forgot:

RawStory: "'Like Martha Stewart,' Congress Investigates Student Loan Stock Sales Before Bush Budget"

It is my opinion that anyone that says politicians debating in Washington will hurt

I've never seen this tinfoil theory here...

Great Toon about the Dixie Chicks and W

What I REALLY feel about Obama's expression of faith.

Was I the only one who heard Rep. Hoekstra say Obama when talking about radical Islam?

Andrew Cockburn: Rumsfeld dismissed 9/11 warnings as “vast doses of Al Qaeda disinformation”

Media Matters: Myths and falsehoods about Hillary Rodham Clinton

Sandra Day O'Connor

Who is Mike Gravel?

Healthcare vs. Money poll

More Wives Becoming Main Breadwinners

SC State Sen. Ford: "Obama winning the primary would drag down the rest of the party"

Tonight I give my heart to the ones who have truly suffered - Onde esta voce?

War with Iran: "You and what Army?"

People here at work PISSED about Dixie Chicks

I had a *LOL in Public* moment this afternoon.

Republican Congressman just called the Democratic bluff!

My thousandth post: On murderers and thieves in high places


Flap leaves library pink and blue

Stars & Stripes letter: Fund welcome-home parties

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room [2006] DVD

Sen Wyden Introduces the “Stop Arming Iran Act”

I'm outsourcing my Dentist next week

After 2005 bankruptcy law, foreclosures up 42%.

Olberman: General askes "24" creator to cut it out...

Bad Day Chicago

New blog post on international issues from Elizabeth Kucinich

Leaked Letter Reveals GOP Strategy (Iraq Debate)

Tuesday TOON update


God, I love this place

Rudy Giuliani is a DRAFT DODGER

Pelosi's plane is too big. Obama is too white.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Tue. 2/13 ... if Cheney takes the stand?

One of the saddest pictures that I've ever seen.

Something is happening in Iraq

Killed in the Line of Duty

Al Gore Won Florida in 2000 by 77,000 Votes - By Greg Palast

Man, I'm all messed up

Solar manufacturing Breakthrough

OK. The Faux "Daily Show" ripoff officially sucks *Video*

Cell phones dangerous to your health? I have started to have cell phone headaches.

I have a girlfriend who went to Iran a week ago with her husband. I begged her not to go.....>

Substitute teacher's porn conviction sparks tech debate

Tuesday Night at the Theater- Hilarious

Ghosts of Lindsey Graham - Graham loses 1 vote

Doing the hearts donation thing right now = wonderful timing.

* asks children to put their hands down as they ham for the cameras while he tours the YMCA-LOL pics

WARNING: this is bitchy

Why is Ed Schultz on a rant against Air America?

Police Shocked 56 yr old Woman (in wheelchair) 10 Times - she died

Science, vaccines, and fear mongering (regarding Gardasil)

Serious question to Kucinich supporters, how does he get the nomination?

Anti intellectualism and the future of the country

THEY HAVE GOT TO BE INSANE! Look at this and tell me they aren't. I dare you! Iran's HUGE Military!

My one and only Anna Nicole thread

Foggo, Wilkes indicted

Cheney's Top Aide Says War With Iran "Real Possibility in '07"


My dear friends at DU,

petition to free Gary Tyler has over 600 signatures so far.

The Office of Strategic Influence

At what level do contributions to presidential candidates get listed?

NY Times editorial: Iran and the Nameless Briefers

Are Dick and George willing to attack Iran and Syria before leaving office?

What is a neo-con?

Remember William Haynes? Here's something I got in the mail by him...

AP: Libby to Call His Former Deputy (John Hannah) to Stand

Primary Poll

Vilsack is chomping at the bit to debate Obama...

McCain Angry About Campaign Finance Reform Scrutiny, But Earns Falwell Reception (DNC Release)

Become a citizen cosponsor of the Restoring the Constitution Act of 2007

SEE! The Bush foreign policy plan worked after all

Republicans have to vote YES Resolution

Beck: Obama is "colorless ... he might as well be white"

Does anyone believe, when rethugs and dems

In Silicon Valley, Giuliani praises Aaaaaanold, disses Gore

Bill to Audit the US Intelligence Community

63% Want All Troops Home By End Of '08: USA TODAY Poll

Being the nation's "first gentleman" is just fine with this guy!

Great Editorial on Supporting the Troops

If they wont withdrawal troops or cut off funding then what are they going to do?

Pelosi to Lead the Way in House Debate Over Iraq

Senators as President of the United States

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 1******

"Spincycles". The Canadian Broadcast Company (Radio) did a nice

20 Minutes on the Nordic Track accompanied by the Dixie Chicks

Words I would love to hear some candidate say.

"Walnuts" McCain

ABC Breaking on Foggo

What a debate when does it start

Obama zings Australian PM

Another media made storm against Obama

How many times will be we hear NOT supporting the troops? Debate has

Obama misspeaks... except it's true. Their lives WERE wasted.

Hotline got it wrong. AFL-CIO to begin endorsement process in March, NOT endorse

Getting separated from the herd.

Remembering Our Embryo-American Heroes

John Bolten on CNN right now giving his opinion

A primary poll to make everyone happy

Gore fans: Check this out -- There is hope!

Hillary's Nightmare: Ralph Nader

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 3******

Does anyone have the Bush v Bush Iraq/Iran video link? (KO)

Shut Up and Stop the War!

Who does the GOP have as presidential material?

The Rude Pundit: "Evidence" of Iranian Involvement in Iraq - Are They Even Trying Anymore?

The horribly impolite truth

Okay which one of you liberals planted Arkana boy in Kenya?

Clinton, Edwards and Obama are going to make mistakes early. Better early than late

Great Editorial on Supporting the Troops

Jack Kingston (R) (Iraq war resolution)

Dan "Watermelon" Burton quote - "Those who don't profit from history...

Libby Trial - What Next - If The Defense Rests - Does It Go To The Jury?.......

Boehner, leaning on golf clubs, wants troops to fight some more,

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 4******

Libby's Bad Memory Defense...

Mitt Romney: Let me be the first

New Comic: You Say You Want a Resolution...?

Comgressman Wexler's office 202-335-3001

The Price of Shame (Mary Lyon)

How we won the war

How does one go about launching a PAC?

The FEIGNED OUTRAGE from GOPs is good for our Dem candidates?

Some donors ditch Romney for McCain

"If I were King of the Forest"

Greening of Presidential Politics

The DU,........circa 1957

Which will be the greatest disaster? Going into Iraq or leaving Iraq?

U.S. Congress urged to act fast on climate change (Reuters)

When is the MSM going to say Giuliani was an adulterer?

Jewish group blasts Romney over launch

Barack Obama's 60 minute interview (video)

The Federal Job Machine

Solve it: one rowboat, two one-armed men

Fired U.S. Attorneys Received Positive Job Evaluations From Justice Department

Georgia House OKs concealed, loaded guns in cars w/o a permit

he has seen no information linking Iran's government to an effort to supply weapons

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 5******

I'm sick of these "DAMN SPEECHES"

sue myrick (rat) was on the floor saying...

Congressional military veterans?

Obama apologizes for saying troops' lives 'wasted'

Why is Bill O'Reilly So Afraid Of John Edwards?

As a Hillary Clinton supporter, the one person I think would give her a serious run...

Romney's first name is Willard. For the sake of the gravitus that is DU, shouldn't we use his given

Big Eddie dissing AAR and Sam Sedar...lame...

I just got a telephone call from the Obama Campaign "demading" a donation

Iraq/Iran are really the same war.

2008 election: GOPers in Florida are preparing to get same-sex marriage on the ballot

Edwards has much time to recover from his "Left wing Blogger Hiring" trashing...

DU on Open Thread at John Apparently we're known for hashing out candidates... :)

Shakespeare's Sister becomes second blogger to quit Edwards campaign under barrage of threats

C-Span - Dan Burton (R) Certified Asshat of Congress

Jonthon Turley on KO, Habeas Corpus, reminded me of Dodds bill

FNC's version of THE DAILY SHOW

USA # 1!!!...Not.

A letter from my senator-- Higher minimum wage will hurt workers

Add your dot to this cool map and Donna Brazile on why Kerry's endorsement matters

Word: Thomas Jefferson on Banking and (In)Corporations

has the PNAC changed their "statement of principles"?

Pssst, GOP ... We're On To You!

Instead of hearts, how about we donate a pair of brass balls .......

Airlift from Iraq?

Obama "Misspeaks"

White House Cuts-And-Runs from Poets

California Approves February Presidential Primary

Line up, Dem Candidates, a Catholic group Fidelis, wants you to condemn Edwards' bloggers.

Iran War Emergency Response Protests

Haim Saban, Hollywood mogul, Clinton supporter: "I'm a one-issue guy and my issue is Israel."

New Primary Poll

S. Carolina Black Leaders Back Clinton (AP)

Dick(less) Morris promotes a Newt run in 2008 **LOL!!**

If Obama runs he better have more media savvy than recently shown.

Constitutional Gay-Marriage Ban Clears Senate (Indiana)

Obama within 5% of Hillary; Edwards a distant third.

Media Matters:"Myths and falsehoods about Hillary Rodham Clinton"

Photoshoppers: Ed Schultz Fake Book Cover Contest

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 6******

Grant County NM - Dems Endorse Bush Impeachment

HOT !! HOT !! Leaked Letter Reveals GOP Strategy: Talk About Anything But Escalation

*****Official House Debate on Iraq War Thread 2******