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U.S. Forces Almost Ready For Iran Air Strike, Say Sources

The Science Of Evil And Its Use For Political Purposes (Carolyn Baker)

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 278

Eyewitness: Watada Judge Panicked and Bailed By Gustav Wynn

William E. Odom: Victory Is Not an Option, The Mission Can't Be Accomplished -- It's Time for a New

Democratic Voters Growing Impatient with Congress

Britain needs a declaration of independence from America

Newsweek:Rumors of War

Target Tehran: Washington sets stage for a new confrontation

Cheney's To-Do Lists, Then and Now

Arab Experts: Putin Is Restoring Russia's Mideast Role

Oil industry finds hot rock resource by Tyler Hamilton for The Toronto Star

"...what do we call an executive who continues to bank fortunes on a losing marketing strategy...."

Toronto Sun: Squandering billions in Iraq while U.S. suffers

Noam Chomsky: The US says it is fighting for democracy - but is deaf to the cries of the Iraqis

Be sure to read Mark Lowenthal's markup of the NIE

Fear as a Political, Social, and Cultural Tool: Using External Enemies to Crush Domestic Dissent

Two year, billion dollar campaign and the McCarthyistic bind.(2008)

War: It's just a pretext away (lessons from Yugoslavia) (Mickey Z.)

Juan Cole: NYT Falls for Bogus Iran Weapons Charges -- Repeat of Judy Miller Scandal

Victory At Hand by Jane Smiley for Huffington Post

Viagra's reign in Spain is manly on the gain

The Big Idea (Hal Cohen)

Matt Price: Howard goes in hard over Os(b)ama

T.R.? He’s No T.R. (Teddy Roosevelt) Editorial at The New York Times

Fake bloggers soon to be ‘named and shamed by Sam Coates The Times

The Limits of Tolerance

McCain criticizes Europe on Afghanistan by Kristen Roberts - Reuters

Bangladesh cabbie is toast of NYC {Returns $500,000 worth of diamonds}

How Giuliani Will Help Elect the Democrat

Osama bin Laden meets Pat Tillman (Mickey Z.)

Of Illusory Democracies, Rogue States, and Accelerating Humanity’s Demise (Jason Miller)

The Nation: Will the Watada Mistrial Spark an End to the War?

Do NOT make Elizabeth Kucinich mad

WaPo: Victory Is Not an Option, by Lt. Gen Odom

An explosion of disbelief - fresh doubts over 9/11

"Historic, Strategic and Moral Calamity" - Brzezinski's Damning Indictment

Study concludes no-till farming in corn belt states can produce significant Carbon sequestration

To really get an education on biofuels go to this link -

Mystery ailment strikes honeybees

The ethanol bunfight continues: Patzek's response to Farrell

Rep. Rohrabacher: Global Warming May Have Been Caused By ‘Dinosaur Flatulence’

This governor's legacy runs on clean energy

Ohio landfill may be on fire

Storing wind power in cold stores

Power plant: Is Arundo Donax ("e-grass") the answer to our power problems? (FL)

top 4 oil producers in the world

Halliburton says committed to Venezuela market - Reuters

Stop Calling It Global Warming

Going Solar Isn't Easy in The District (of Columbia)

Nature Magazine's IPCC special

Biggest Chinese coal mining company plans huge coal to liquids programme

Schatz Center readies hydrogen station (Humboldt Univ., CA)

(NV Gov.) Gibbons' coal-to-liquid fuel plans not without problems

Warming Threatens Double-Trouble in Peru (Cordillera Blanca glaciers)

PA Gov. Rendell Urges Bush to Restore Funding to Nation's First Coal-to-Liquid-Fuel Pl

Europe Fights to Save Its Fish Stocks

TXU Giant Coal Power Plan Would Foul Dallas - Fort Worth Area's Air - Star-Telegram

Marsden B (coal fired plant) derailed by (GHG) emission rules (NZ)

Nevada gas seen doubling by 2025; power sector to lead growth

Bar-Ilan historian's allegations on blood libels spark outrage

Expanding his mission

Digs, lies and the Mugrabi bridge

J'lem Mayor postpones Temple Mt. construction

The Twilight Zone / Victims of the fence

Who is the Copernicus of 9/11 Truth?

Kevin Ryan debunks the official reports "explaining" the Wortd Trade Center collapses.

Important new movie about the truth of 9/11

$90,000 to spend on understanding the truth about 9/11.

Must see video - Lead engineer for NIST lying about the existence of molten steel at Ground Zero.

Could a 911 truth push helps stop the run up to war with Iran?

The Desperation of the Truth Movement

How the 911 myths were implanted (video)

Thoughts about this picture?

I’m Building a Skyscraper.

Proof the Flight 93 Crash Story Is Wrong

A lawyer calls them uncertified. A professor calls them easy to rig

BOE CHIEF VU OUT: Election Reform, Fraud, & News Sunday 02/11/07

§ 15483 Computerized statewide voter registration list requirements

Thoughts on Mandatory Audits: The Brennan's Support...and Question Holt Audits

Holt II to be discussed on Air American Phoenix by Land Shark, Palast also appears

Sequoia Makes Like Diebold And Gets Hacked By Princeton!!

Developer takes back Anna Nicole mansion

Diane Sawyer Is In Iran To Interview Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

KBR Driver Killed By U.S. Forces In Iraq

Australian leader: Al-Qaida wants Obama

U.S. Forces Almost Ready For Iran Air Strike, Say Sources

BBC: Iran insists on nuclear programme

Solace Found in Slain Soldier's Newborn

Republicans (Ne) also watch and wait for Senate cue (to run for Hagel's seat in 08)

140 arrested in Baghdad sweeps: US military

WiFi Turns Internet Into Hideout for Criminals

D.C. chat has Fahey (D-Ne) considering Senate bid

Twenty-three towns take up Bush impeachment resolution

Howard slams Obama on Iraq policy

Reuters: Dixie Chicks could bring political edge to Grammys

U.S.-led forces show evidence of Iranian arms in Iraq (Clever to announce

Auto insurers play hardball in minor-crash claims

Suicide car bomber kills 14 near Tikrit

Putin to make 1st visit to Saudi Arabia( Mideast tour after anti-US outburst )

US service member dies from gunshot wound in Afghanistan

WP: McCain Taps Cash He Sought To Limit

TV show to feature prison death case

AP: Derelict Power Plant Symbol of Iraq Woes

AP: Libby Trial Sheds Light on White House

Hagel (R-Ne) says U.S. will need moral purpose in a connected world

Bill to Honor Paine Stalls in Arkansas

CNN Breaking: US helicopter down north of Baghdad - residents

Reuters: Portugal abortion vote likely invalid

U.S. soldier killed northeast of Baghdad

U.S. launches artillery into Pakistan

U.S. defense secretary to visit Pakistan for talks on Afghan infiltrators, official says

‘US fabricating evidence against Iran’

DU: DeepModem Mom Thanks Secret Admirers for Valentine Hearts

Hoyer Puts Republicans in a Bind Over War

Harvard names first woman president

Dixie Chicks, " Not Ready To Make Nice" wins Grammys

McCain denies links to 'soft money'

Iranian bombs have killed 170 Iraq coalition troops: US

Gates Counters Putin’s Words on U.S. Power

Resentments sustain a moribund meat trade

Warning of viruses in Valentine messages

Gates calls for partnership with Russia in security matters(one Cold War was enough)

Reuters: Four killed in south Somalia blast - witness

Rep. Hoyer: Vote on Iraq will be limited (& Boehner has a cow)

Democrats skeptical of administration talk on Iran

AP: Ex-Pentagon official (Feith) defends Iraq stance

Lawmaker says state needs prison in Mexico

Egypt release 'rendition' cleric/ BBC

BBC: Nine killed in Rio slum shoot-out

MNF Iraq: Insurgents target MND-B security patrol (1 soldier killed)

McCain calls report on possible use of soft money a 'hit job'

Campaign against Wal-Mart (India)

Report: Cheney to snub Japan defense minister for calling Iraq war 'mistake'

Giuliani praises Bush's Iraq policy, foresight

(NYT) Cheney Testimony in Libby Trial Would Carry High Risk

Rudd moves to censure Howard over Obama attack

U.S.-led forces show evidence of Iran weapons in Iraq(and it begins)

Obama blasts Howard on Iraq

AP: Dixie Chicks Lead Grammys With 5 Awards

Howard steps up attack on Obama

Sea Shepherd in plan to ram whalers ("steel enema")

Duke Student Allegedly Assaulted at Off-Campus Party

Hey Lounge, aren't you proud of me?

Tickle me Emo.

and ever since then . . .

Did you know about Karl Marx's extensive family?

I just came back from the movie "The Messengers"

My fortune cookie said that my wife and I would be very happy together

I found a delicious dust mite deposit under the couch. Should I eat it?

Let's get this saturday night rolling!

May I interrupt this program to tell you: I will be 45 years old

And she lived happily ever after.

In two months from today, I'll be 40.

I am thinking about cutting my hair

Call me silly, but I love this song

Van Halen - Amersterdam on the Jon Stewart Show...

Lesser known anti-Bush music video

TCM showed 2001; coming at 3:00AM EST - STARSHIP TROOPERS!

Elite XC results! (SPOILER ALERT)

Goodnight all - getting an optical migraine

Goodnight DU

Wicked Game

G'nite, DUniverse..... sweet dreams 'til the morrow,

Quick, stop the sex threads - Peggy is here!

How to attract women - stop bathing!

When are those annoying Valentine's teddy bear commercials going to start?

What's your morning earworm?

If I Had A Stealth Sailboat

If you think you had a bad day.

6,124 couples kiss, break world record

A chain letter from Pickles!

Tell us what YOU think the grossest comestible is...

Admit it. In 1987 you got this birthday card

This will be my Valentine's day card this year

In my spam today: "Fast Cash For Christians"

car question: "Automatic (4 speed)"

Anyone ever collect 7up state cans?

Problem with Google Searching

like a rolling stone

mein dickie old chum

What if the Hokey Pokey really *is* what it's all about?

What media player should I use?

70 years ago today was the Flint, Michigan sit down strike

This is an Idiot thread!

NAME CONFUSION: How is Howard K. Stern, the lawyer, viewed by Howard Stern, the shock jock?

Questions for TiVo series 3 DVR owners:

i almost aspirated stomach acid last night

Dick Cheney Stars in Feature Film

My cat is snoring

another awesome Melanie video from 1969....

Something's wrong my toes are actually warm

AARRGGHH! I have work to do! I want to be lazy all day!

Coyote Ugly visit postponed until tonight...

You ever have that dream

Rhinestone is on!

People in your cars, I don't care what you think.

Interesting forms of ID

this has got to be the saddest day of my life

I found ephedra today, woohoo!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 2/11/07)

Does anyone know anything about Japanese art/artists?

Who else likes the Soundscapes music channel on Music Choice?

Cooking question, need a little advice please

motown interprets the psychedelic idiom

Wow, I am 80 posts from 10,000

And now, Victor Borge and a friend will play for you "Hungarian Rhapsody #2" by FLizst.

what do you get when you cross an

And you could have it all My empire of dirt

People on your cars, I don't care what you think

HAHAHA! Worst line ever used in a diet ad on tv!

imagine yourself the dedicated director of a non-profit

Is everyone OK in here?

Here's a joke ( not too dirty) So there's this old couple and the husband

Pain, stress and anxiety suck

Old People

A Poem........thanks to RetroLounge for reminding me

I feel like a stranger here.

I've been here a little over two years. This is my 3000th post. Ask me anything.

Local news interviewed my CBA coach brother.

If I had the World's most Powerful Microscope, I still could not....

My 1000th post, ask me anything!

Oh, here comes the quarter drive again! Bar at top of screen.

The problem with sculpture as an artform

6 years ago today, Febuary 11, 2001...

Finished Chapter 10 Yesterday!

Thank you to whoever gave me my heart

I'm watching the entire Farscape series.

Which would you chose?

Here's a picture of a cat being rescued:

omg! Thank you who gave me my heart!

Andy Rooney appreciation thread!!!

A Dr. Cox appreciation thread

Coal appreciation thread, hot dayum!!!!!

OMG, Simpsons is hilarious tonight!

Both kids are asleep

Since the last poll was such a success, what should I get flvegan for Valentine's Day?

Wednesday I go to the DMV!

I carried up 3 flights of stairs, 80 pounds of weights. That beats your 8lb chicken...

Watching the Grammys?

Has anyone here ever been to Playa del Carmen, mexico?

Naked College Parties

My Aunt had two daschunds.long haired

Were 'The Police' ever a "supergroup"?

Congratulations applegrove!! 20,000 posts

Ice cream!!! (dial up warning)

Singles: Is there any first name someone could have that would prevent you from dating them?


What if you have only $10 or $20 to donate

Steve Winwood earworms. Oh dear.

Too Bad They Didn't Run The Grammy Commercials for the Superbowl

I just got two Valentine Hearts!

Am I the only one who can't stand Sting? I think he's always been

I don't know why I'm addicted to award shows...

I got a heart! Thank you, nice anonymous person!

Hey, whoever did that

WHOOHOOO (Grammy spoiler!)

I feel like the Tin Man

thank you to my 'secret admirer'!!!

Damn this is a sexist post.... But that Shakira is hot... lol eom...

How Many Cups Of Coffee Do You Drink A Day?

Disney movies on TCM?

Now I am looking to see who is popular by the number of hearts they have received....

I watched Black Dalhia for the first time last night on PPV

OHMYGOSH!!! My crush has been hinting at how I might get a V day gift...

Help! I'm computer challenged.

I want to thank

A Dr. Who appreciation thread

Grammy Spoilers are not Making Nice! Can we have some consideration please?

Thank you secret admirers!

reminder and request for spoiler alerts--grammies don't air live on the west coast

Thank you.

I have a job interview tomorrow. Please send good vibes


I want to thank

Nobody likes me. Nobody uses freaking spoiler tags. Not a great DU night for me.

Hank Williams V Don Henley

In the name of all that is holy, I cannot believe I've been sucked back in!


Grammy watchers: have they done any of the "surprise" performances yet?

Grammy Spoiler: Why did this person thank Bill O'Reilly?

Is it true that a 66 year old dude won a grammy?

Question for the Sudoku players

self delete

So my trip into Jesusland is scheduled.

Velveeta Shells and Cheese mixed with diced jalapeno peppers...

Secret hearts, secret hearts!

Since everyone seems to be watching the Grammys....

Grammy Had A Spoiler

If Words Could Make Wishes Come True

So, Smokey? How're the facelifts and botox working out?

The John Mayer Was Great Thread


Sting looks as sexy as he did

Hee. Does anyone else read the PostSecret blog? It's great today.


90 minutes to put up a single curtain rod..............

My cat is wigging out

Happy birthday swimboy & miwsher

My daughter turned 13 today.

I saw a really fun punk band last night.

So I had the window open

I'm trying not to say, "I told you so, dumbass."

Melanie performs "Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)" with The Edwin Hawkins Singers

Uh oh, spades

If I had the money, I'd get a heart for every one of you

"Cyrano de Bergerac"

I need a new computer chair! - Recommendations???

Friends List Question.

60 minutes: Nora Jones - election day

Movie alert, Blast from the Past just started on Encore, a must for all Brendan Fraser fans.

BareNakedLady is back!!!! Yay!!!!!

Oh, damn, Shakira's doing her thing on the Grammies...

Grammy Spoiler

The ephedra has worn off, finally...

I gave a heart to a DU man who I find very sexy. He doesn't think he's sexy, but he's Da Sex Bomb.

What a nice surprise! Valentine's hearts!

Sorry this was a DUPE....but thanks to whoever gave me a heart...I LOVE YOU!!

How about an aversive therapy cholesterol med?


I'm gonna show some love for the newbies

My cat is getting even with me for the "raw food." Puking all over my house.

what the hell is a willie?

alright, so which DUer has the least hearts so far?

Thank you to the sweetie who gave me the heart....

I just saved a bat

i've had a sore throat for 4 days now

Cold weather be damned! Name you dream vacation spot

My new sig pic appreciation thread!!!

To whoever it was that made a donation to DU for me and gave me a heart

telling me that watching Smokey is not worth it

Someone explain how Iowa on one hand is so plain - but on the other progressive?

If I posted a thread saying I didn't want any hearts

In honor of Patrick Fitzgerald.....I HEART!



The hearts are back! The hearts are back! YIPPEEEE!!!!!

OK, so if I got three hearts last year and one heart this year...

OMG I bought a Keyboard - I'm gonna learn how to play it

do you love what I think of as incredibly stupid "music"

should I write a poem about loss

For long time Solitaire players...a question?

Me vs. Text Twist

Calling RevCheesehead! Great Kitsch site just for you!

what the hell is a wallie?

Howard K. Stern is just plain scum.

SPOILER!!!! I never, ever want to hear -------- sing again!

I ruined my dinner tonight

REM fans -- "Driver8" and "Can't Get There from Here" on youtube.

I'm out for the week

Wife & I just saw Babel. What was the point?

Sad. So it's now socially acceptable to

Last week was the week I would have been married

Enforcing Family Values

Do we EVER get to find out who gave us a heart?

Oooh, masterpiece theatre has vampires tonight!

There is nothing like a fine leather chair!

DU: DeepModem Mom Thanks Secret Admirers for Valentine Hearts


Christina Aguilera just sent chills down my spine.

OK ..... La Timberlake ...

Review a movie in one paragraph:

I just got back from dinner with Robeson and Mrs. Robeson...

Rub-a-dub-dub, three kitties in a tub (pic)

Whish is most indicitave of an imminent apocalypse?

I'm getting a CT scan tomorrow

I went to an adult toy party this weekend....ask me anything...

Thank You, Oh Secret Admirer - You Rock

Well, there IS proof that I am not heartless!

World's best chocolate truffles for a star! You won't be sorry!

"Kelly Osbourne Turning Japanese" = the zenith of reality TV

What Woodstock '09 lineup could partly make up for '99 ? My catchphrase would be: "Nothing Nu"

The most transparent repetetive dream I've ever had.

Probably the best rock song about Abe Lincoln...ever!

Another article about the couple having sex and letting the 9 year old watch

How to Write a Fugue...YouTube

How much clutter do you have in your house?

Baseball's about to screw the fans again

New Bramaged pictures (feel free to add to the thread) (dial-up warning)

Do you sing in your car?

ACHTUNG! Reba's on!

Photothread Featuring STARBUCKS ANARCHIST the DU STUD!!!

alright, so which DUer has the most hearts so far, i seen one with 7 so far...

UPDATE on my son in the hospital--good news!!

60s pop rock youtube thread

Going to Miami Mar 5-9... Anything I shouldn't miss while there?

Hey, billyskank!

Grammy Had A Spoiler

Music thread-Blow your mind!

bigwillq...I Miss You...

Who's the coolest TV doctor?

The heart campaign........

My husband is watching "Army of Darkness" for the 1,751 time. . .

Ah, geez, now, come on, please don't do this to me, OK?

What's the greater ethical sin in men's clothing?

This is a thank you thread for all secret admirers

Uh oh, hearts

What is the most obscure piece of music you know?

Congratulatons greyl!! 10,000 posts

this should stir debate


End times for the Christian Coalition?

Redmond church faces fines for hosting Tent City (WA)

Website to Expose Sen. Obama Launched (From the Church Report)

Church Hopes to Break ‘Spend, Spend, Spend’ Wedding Culture (UK)

This is a thread for asking big questions.

Complaint: TV probe made pastor kill himself

Dallas dudes who inspired Willie Nelson’s salute to gay cowboys usher in star-studded Aetheria bash

Support Rally planned for transgender Prof (Michigan) X post

Right here, e-mail the school district that pulled the film on family diversity

African Anglican bishop Ndungane pleads for acceptance of gays

Wow . . . I got a heart!!! Thanks. Seriously.


Anti-gay Maoist Fag-Hag Brian Camenker Disrupts Gay and Lesbian Youth Commission Meeting

Northen Ireland, the "hate capital of the West"

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report for February 11: Two major events this week

Guess why Rush Limpballs thinks people are picking on Rex Grossman:

Arm Strength

I bought the book "The Secret" and I have some questions.

I would just like to say thank you to those who gave me my hearts.

Anyone here use orgone accumulators?

Why do some people feel the need to put people down, who

Mercury is in the process of going retrograde

The Stars This Week: "Take Your Time" - Feb. 12 - Feb. 18, 2007

A question for Iraq vets: are medals cheap these days?

VFW's and American Legion closing post all over the Country


Alexandra Kerry To Direct First Feature Film

New diary at Kos


This is so true!

A Conversation with John Kerry


Kerry -Engage with Syria, engage with Iraq.

In case you still wish JK were part of the '08 circus.

An Evening with John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry

Whadda Ya Think

Family Day 2007 - Georgia Capitol

All Americans Are Gay

Little Dickie Cheney

Cafferty- Bush Looted Your Money

(SNL) Weekend Update: Blackness Scale

Americans' war on geography

'Iraq for Sale' bonus scene: Blackwater...

The Clash 'The call up'

To: America From: Iraq

Barack Obama's Announcment - Part 1

Escalation: 1968 war protest short by Disney animator (video)

60 Minutes 1998 Sun Myung Moon's x-daughter in law describes beatings from Moon's sinless son

The god gene - unbelieveable

Molly Ivins We love you

Privatized Warfare in Iraq (1/2)...

Not Ready to Make Nice - Go Chicks Win that Grammy

Kennedy on Democrats working with Nixon

Private contractors in Iraq...

What kind of rock is this?

We are the bad guys in the eyes of the world

Iraqi Arabs revolt over cash offer to quit Kirkuk...

Swami Beyondananda’s 2007 State of the Universe Address

The religious right will vote for Rudy because they care more about war than abortion?

A Valentine Greeting From George Bush

Where is the White House Chef thread? The DU search function is really lame.

Sounds like Nate Clay is wall-to-wall Obama tonight

HEADLINE: Carlyle Makes A KILLING With Defense Sale

"Prince's Super Bowl prancing was downright pornographic!"

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury (Iraq - Not A Movie)

Memory Refresh: Inside Account of OSP & Feith Fabricating the Case for War

I would rather live under a 'Sex Pistols Administration' than the 'Bush Maladministration'!

My LTTE to the NYT Re: Michael R. Gordon National Congress Call-In Day Tuesday ("De-escalate, Investigate")

US air strike kills Iraqi troops

Anyone watching Smily on Cspan? and RE Obama

Addressing the substance of Sen. Clinton's Iraq plan.

Reuters: NATO chief sees Afghan insurgency smashed by 2009

I am more progressive than you are.

Wj this morning: Charlie Cooke

"Iranians have reason to feel paranoid . . . A hidden war is unfolding."

N.D. Senate OKs Cohabitation Law Change (AP)

Activists ‘Step Up’ Challenge to Climate Change

Solace Found in Slain Soldier's Newborn

Wait for the punchline....(TOON)

3,121 troops now dead in W's war

“off the camera news conf” saying there is proof that Iran is involved

13 LBN articles on Iran on page one...

Ever wonder what would happen if you put coins instead of a stamp on a letter?

Think Progress: Evidence Grows That White House Planned To Release Cooked Intel On Iran

Lincoln, Reagan, George Bush, and Giuliani

Help save PBS/NPR funding

U.S. contractor shot by American forces in Iraq...

Putin Attacks 'Very Dangerous' US...

Obama myspace page flipped to Hillary page on the day Obama announces

Charlie Cook? Does he or his work lean to the right? or left?

The importance of links

The Shoe On The Other Foot (Iran)

poorest of the poor fight desertification, warming

Oh you have to read this BS:

Did I hear Al Franken's last radio show on Friday, Feb. 9th?

Boehner BS-ING on MTP: "Pelosi Wants to Take her Family, Friends, Staff on Plane."

6,124 couples kiss, break world record

Washington Post.....Victory Is Not an Option........NIE declaration of defeat.

RADICAL FRINGE TOON Sun. 2/11 - wild blue yonder

What goes around, comes around.

I know that Saddam poses no imminent and direct threat to the United States, or to his neighbors...

My letter to my Congressman demanding Impeachment

Feith with chris Wallace on Fox news sun. Now.

Celebrate Darwin Day

Sombody please put the "This Week" roundtable out of their misery...

Weirdest LTTE...

Jr. wants Congress to give his adm power to set the standards for cars,

Top story on Fox this morning

Wyden on Wolf calling for diplomatic surge.

Need unflattering photos of Republicans

will the Sunday shows be discussing Thomas Gimble ?

Well, Those Idiot Journalists Still Refuse To Get It - Plame

A request for Skinner et al: Candidate Links

FEITH is being blasted by Wolf - "Lots of mistakes were made" (FEITH)

If we go to war with Iran

Yahoo Answers Cons displaying obsession over Bill Clinton

Pickles says George is a lousy Valentine.

Twenty-three towns take up Bush impeachment resolution

The word Redeployment concerns me

'America's mayor' praises Bush in state GOP speech

Some great panelists on religion debate, C-SPAN 2 now

Would you be happy if Congress passed NO legislation but, instead, focused on investigations?

Zimbabwe on the brink of total collapse

2008 Democratic Delegates Allocation Site

Snap back at a cold snap with a whipcrack, . . . then please come CAPTION!!!

LA Times: Updating Bush's spin on climate change

Dems: Propose creation of new Cabinet post: "Global Warming Prevention

Feith on Late Edition sounding utterly delusional

Gay Actors? Public OK but Biz Still Wary

I do not want a Constitutional Convention, I want a Constitutional Crisis

Curl up with a bonny book on cold Sunday . . . Then come CAPTION!!!!

Cornyn on with Blitzer banging the drums of war.

Auto insurers play hardball in minor-crash claims

1000+ evacuated from shopping center - heavy rain, flooding

Is the Big Ship America Sinking?

Boehner on MTP: "All of our allies had the same bad intelligence" - What a LOAD!

Charlie Cook is ignorant about the power of the internet

Iran's reformists want Bush to tone it down: He helps Ahmadinejad, "they are helping each other"

From this Month's Harpers, a couple of points on Torture and counterinsurgency

Kristol: Obama would have suppirted slavery

Why does * keep insisting "no war with Iran"?

Learning about torture from TV

Rudy was in California yesterday, some interesting responses to him on the news.

Troubles Grow for a University Built on Profits (Univ of Phoenix: 16% graduation rate)

U.S. sending third carrier strike group to Gulf.

Did you see the news today?

Where is East Greenbush, New York? Have there been any incredible snow amounts in that area?

States fund antiabortion advice

The very suggestion of reining in Cheney makes Bush laugh

If anyone can watch BBC news or listen please do so

TV show to feature prison death case

Valerie Wilson NOC Document

If Cheney admitted 100% guilt in providing phony intel, would it make any difference?

AP: Derelict Power Plant Symbol of Iraq Woes

4 year old toon that works today - sub Iraq for Iran

Listening to MacCullife on Blitzer... More of the same

Are We Even Asking the Right Question??

The Big Idea (Hal Cohen)

Viagra goes OTC in UK - Valentine's Day

Dick Cheney Stars in Feature Film

Save NPR and PBS once and for all (easy petition to sign)

In hindsight, why was Paul Wolfowitz nominated to be President of World Bank?

The following redefines American civility - be warned:


TO: DU bigot-defense brigade. SUBJ: Your mascot needs you!!!

Iraqis using Iranian weapons

Giuliani: I Want To Be Decider Like Bush

Probe this!

Are moderators Deleting Posts against Hillary?

Media Matters & Israel

Rudy has his head so far up W's a$$ that he can look out his throat

Terry McAuliffe....

Why are leftists treated like Freepers?

Ensuring soft landings for departing CEOs (big $$$ for getting fired)

How Many Cups Of Coffee Do You Drink A Day?

Wolf Blitzer lobbed softball by Doug Fieth and he didn't even swing??

Photothread Featuring STARBUCKS ANARCHIST the DU STUD!!!

Neither Capitalism, nor Socialism Made America Great

Reuters: Dixie Chicks could bring political edge to Grammys

Giuliani: I Want To Be President Like Bush - Giuliani praises Bush's Iraq policy, foresight...

"You go to the Democratic primary with the candidates you have, not the candidates you might want"

William Kristol would have supported slavery and DOES support killing innocents

NYT Flashback: "For Some, the Suspense Over Cuomo Has Faded" (Al Gore's Candy Heart "Maybe")

Ahead of Olympics, Beijing cleans up its 'Chinglish'

Bush's Budget- Death And Taxes- For Everyone Except The Rich

Christopher Dickey of Newsweek in Baghdad says military didn't make a solid case against Iran

3123 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

If you were in charge of Senate Committee, what witnesses would you call first?

U.S. ties Iranian leader to bombs killing U.S. troops. The IraN leader. I

Who, in your opinion, is the most dangerous man on the planet?

Has DU become a certain way FAR too often?!?!

FReeper post of the day!

U.S. launches artillery into Pakistan

Sunday Comics and TOONS

From African-American blogger: What Obama means to Black voters

Caption the wanna-be dictator

When even my Right Wing Republican Dad says its time to bring the troops home, its time

Do you agree with Putin's critique of US power?


Kristol: Obama Is ‘The Opposite Of Lincoln,’ Would Have Been Pro-Slavery...

It doesn't work, yet we teach it more and more...

Am I a racist?

Some opinion from TPM that makes sense. Odom, Hillary, et al.

It's not easy being tween, 10 year olds with eating disorders, etc

Seeking U.S. Health Care statistics

John Howard should be condemned

OK, so imagine this scenario:

SEQUOIA TOUCH-SCREENS HACKED BY PRINCETON; 'Gannon' Scrubbed from White House Website; MORE

Rudd at 60%, Howard at 44% in Australia

Pat Robertson: "Giuliani Would Make Good Prez"

Can Global Warming/Climate change be stopped?

36 Sure-Fire Signs That Your Empire Is Crumbling

Raw Story: NYT: Cheney expected to make 'historic appearance' on witness stand (developing)

I’m Building a Skyscraper.

Hee's baaack! (Newtie and bomb throwing)

Minority Report becoming real....

Free Republic flame war on Giuliani

Axis of Evil (one down, two to go)

On starting an Impeachment Group

Your thoughts about the confederate flag

Just watched Bill Moyers Capitol Crimes

Damn--Tim Russert looks like a damn garden gnome.

Headline: Dick Cheney Blasts John Howard for al Qaeda-Obama remarks

Obama is going to be on 60 minutes tonight

Bush blames Iran for 170 US deaths in Iraq - Americans blame Bush for the 2,953 others

one U.S. bomb on Iran and the regime we all despise will remain in power for another 20 or 30 years

Bush is banging the war drums on Iran - when will he attack?


More From General Odom: Victory Not An Option: It is a Congressional Myth!

Let's talk about Racism.

Gulf states load up - Americans run very successful public relations campaign against Teheran

60 Minutes Tonight: Barack Obama Starting Now

Important new movie about the truth of 9/11

Here is PROOF? Military link pics etc. of Iranian involvement.

The Obama Muslim Shell Game: Catholic School Docs Show Obama Registered As Muslim (blah blah blah)

Anna Nicole Smith Died. So Did Three American Troops.

General Odom: Victory not an option, mission can't be accomplished, NIE is a declaration of defeat

Juan Cole: Cheney blew off Iran's overtures to help stabilize Iraq in 2003

george and laura plan South American tour in March for "freedom, prosperity, and social justice"

Oh Dear: Faux news Washington post and usatoday lead with Iran

So are freepers really capable of understanding how traitorous they are?

Harvard has a female President

Is Barack Obama still boycotting Fox Noise?

Yeah! Mike Huckabee!

Biggest war and death budget in the WORLD

Obama Hoping To Quit Smoking Before Elections

The election will bring to the surface the misogyny and racism that still exists in this country.

What's Happened to CNN's Michael Ware...he's Verifying Bush's Attack Iran Strategy?

Juan Cole: Completely Implausible Numbers are Thrown Around - Repeat of Judy Miller Scandal

Damn them all to hell!!! "...he was just 18."

Will Bush library be a target?

Directed at asshole Joe Klein: "You cocksuckers beat the drum to send these kids to war...

Independent Frontpage: Target: Tehran

Anna Nicole vs. The Troops

Got Valentine Hearts to give! It's Valentine Fundraiser Time Again!

The Reich Wing Media Hounds of Hell. Who's the absolute worst?

Concering internet privacy at work -- where are YOU posting from?

Halliburton contractor killed by U.S. forces in Iraq

Larry Johnson: Doug Feith, Reinventing History

If a NeoKnowNothing party is created for the 2008 Presidential campaign

Love Is the Measure

what do barack obama, John Edwards,the pope, james dobson, & jerry falwell have in common?

"9/11 Press For Truth" showing on LinkTV now.

Hillary is the strongest candidate

CHENEY (1975): "Start FBI Investigation (Target-S. Hersh & NYT)-With Or Without-Public Announcement"

**A reminder: it was called the "Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution"**

Am I the only one who can't stand Sting? I think he's always been

It seems like every country has had its worst leader,

Breaking on BBC: US accuses Iran over Iraq bombs

AP: U.S. toll since Afghan invasion is 297

dum dum da dum...dum dum dum da da dum dum dum da dum...dum dum dum da da dum

Thanks to someone with a kind heart,

Egypt orders release of Muslim cleric in CIA kidnap case

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Putin heads to Saudi after anti-US outburst pedalling tanks and helicopters

Fatah has a habit of holding onto his left leg

I have Fox News deleted.

I'd like to thank the Anonymous Donor.

Wow, my very first heart. Thank you, Secret Admirer, you don't

Should countries that manufacture the AK-47 get attacked by the USA too?

* offers a toast to honor the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln - pics

Thank you for the heart, Secret Admirer, it was very sweet of you!

H.L. Mencken, Homebrewer

Extreme Makeover Home Edition: The 9/11 Episode

There are four articles on va watchdog this for me is heartbreaking

Diplomatic Disconnect: Iran & the Bush Admin

CHENEY Expected To Take Witness Stand & FITZ Is Prepared to "SLAM HIM"

Why did Google decide to "be evil?"

Everyone cannot be "urban elite"

Anyone can go to Baghdad. Real men go to Tehran.

My hard-nosed @#!!%++ Libertarian husband . . . !!

Check out Dennis Kucinich photo (Spinning on a chair - saying, I have no strings attached)

U.S. asks Japan not to schedule Cheney-Kyuma meeting after remarks on Iraq war

US think tank (Council on Foreign Relations) urges retreat from Iraq

I have a job interview tomorrow. Please send good vibes

Who are these three people performing on the Grammies now?

Howard K. Stern is just plain scum.

"The intelligence has gone cold on Osama bin Laden."

Florida Teens Criminals for Taking Private Photos of Selves - "Child Porn"

If Mexico had a leader similar to Hugo Chavez, would Mexicans still flee

North Dakota Downgrades Unwed Cohabitation From Sex Crime To Fraud

Has the republic died?

What will we talk about today you and I?

Are We Going To Be Able To Buy Hearts This Year?

WiFi Turns Internet Into Hideout for Criminals

Wouldn't it be something if the Iranians sold the Iraqis the same TOW missiles Reagan sold to Iran?

Thank You - Secret Admirer!

North to Ladakh ( a wonderful different story from John Burns NYT)

Thank you...

AEI hires Controversial Critic of Islam

Thank you to who ever donated and gave me a star - it is a very nice Valentines day gift! :-)

Freeptards want Watada executed

Bush still won't give up ---> "U.S. Says Iran Leadership Arming Iraqis"

All sorts of topics and confusion

US navy warned of 'suicide drones' (Iran)

"How in the world can somebody write a letter saying shut up and sing or my life will be over..."

Grammies: John Legend doing "Coming Home," Dixie Chicks doing "Not Ready To Make Nice"

Dixie Chicks Performing On Grammies Now!

The valentine hearts are back!

West coasters did you see Obma on 60 minutes?


United States v. George W. Bush

Romney: "Asking if Obama is black is like asking if I'm Christian"

Grammy Spoiler

Anyone STILL watching 60 minutes? The horror show begins...

Every time Hillary Clinton dials up her Iraq rhetoric, I get turned off

Bushco forcing GOP into both 'escalation' support and 'Next Stop Iran'... party killer

A heart? For moi? Thank you!

Did I only DREAM that Stephen Colbert was to host the Grammy Awards?!?

Don't Quote Me: Mary Cheney's Baby


Ludacriss just gave a shout out to Bill O'Liely in his Grammy acceptance speech.

Newsweek: Cheney plans to leave (escape?) country for 10-day trip to Asia on Feb 19.

If Obama isn't black, does that mean I'm not white?

My Letter to MY Congressman


Dixie Chicks win 2nd Grammy

Mother allegedly had sex with boyfriend in front of 9 year-old daughter to teach birds and bees

Boost for Obama from Australia (The Guardian)

Please, I need help getting this to the Greatest Page!

Let’s Go Crazy - The Decline in US Mental Health Under Bush...

Grammy question: Ludacris/Bill O'Reilly

Possible 3rd carrier to the Gulf.

OK, who did it? Thanks secret admirer!

Can an Obama supporter help me out?

Gays might do well to stay in the closet

VOTE - Will the United States launch military action against Iran over its nuclear program?

Thank you to Secret Admirer

Wow! I got a heart. I am amazed. Last year, I was heartless. I'm paying it forward!

"I can’t prove it came from Iran, but we are a few miles from the border. How else did it get here?"

Talking urinal cakes offer drinking and driving advice (political ads next??)

A sincere note of thanks...

Grammies do not air live on the west coast--PLEASE use spoiler tags!!

ACHTUNG! Reba's on!

"Not Ready To Make Nice" is Grammy Song of the Year!!! "Impeach Cheney First" Petition

Thanks for the heart

Escape From America (Joe Bageant)

CNN Headline:U.S. ties Iranian leader to bombs killing U.S. troops

Tonight! Dixie Chicks predicted to bring politics to Grammys

I'm not ready to make nice

Thank you!

Widening Sunni-Shiite divide roils Arab world, "never revealed in such a stark fashion"

Hybrid Sports Car Faster Than Porsche, BMW And 1/4 The Price

Cheney: "A deputy president with a shadow operation"

It's been one year to the day since this happened:

US says no more bargaining with NKorea on nukes

Defense officials: Weapons sent to Iraq from 'highest level' of Iran's government

Lookism thread: FEITH looks like G.WILL. Country needs to KNOW!!!1

Sydney Morning Herald: Chicks pick anti-Bush winner

Wife & I just saw Babel. What was the point?

Grammy for RECORD Of The Year: DIXIE CHICKS "Not Ready To Make Nice" !!!

West Coast Grammy Watchers.. Did you just get goosebumps?

If you pray, this is the time to start. Iran has an actual military:

First we are asked to donate to campaigns , now it's push the dems

Al Gore's on the Grammies with Queen Latifa.

Oh my ZEUS!!1 Queen Latifah just told President GORE "THEY LOVE YOU!!1" n/t

Thanks to the person who gave me the hearts!

This give a heart promotion is the best idea since the sticky campaign!

RECORD OF THE YEAR - the Dixie Chicks!!!1 Tony BENNETT just SAID so!!1 n/t

Gore is on the Grammys.

Even Faux News has a breaking news banner "Dixie Chicks album of the year"

Obama, but not in a swimsuit...

Dixie Chicks..."HEH Heh"

Who got Album of the year?

Dixie Chicks album of the year!!

Mexico's staple under threat - Rising prices put tortillas out of reach for the poor

Obama to Howard "It's Easy to Talk Tough"

A short, nasty history of race relations in California

Grammy ALBUM OF THE YEAR: DIXIE CHICKS "Taking The Long Way" !!!

Peace and Love

N Korean Website...(You have gotta check this out)

Oh the hearts again! I love the hearts!!

MSNBC:Defiant comeback :Grammy digs Chicks!

LOL !!! - Scooter's Post-Prison Career !!!

Does any one know what states have the most women?

I'm not believing what I saw today...I live in NW Ohio and it's been

NYT: Cheney expected to make 'historic appearance' on witness stand at CIA leak trial

Dixie chicks win Album of the year!!!WOOO HOOOO!!!

I find it frightening that Tim Russert is still on the air.

Indian Mothers Paid To Have More Babies

If Cheney testifies in the Libby case, will he tell the truth?

CHAD CASTAGANA: What ever happened to him? Why no mugshot?

Beware the laziness.

Gates to Putin: 'One Cold War is enough'

Brzezinski's Damning Indictment

Any news on the abortion vote in Portugal?

BLACKWATER USA Onward Christian Soldiers!

Why are RW'ers so spiteful of people on welfare?

Sent to me in Spam Email. This is what the other side is spreading. (Barf alert!)

KRUGMAN: Scary Movie 2 - With CHENEY Calling The Shots

The anti-TOONs

White House ‘red-faced’ over Rove remark

Caption *

If you're going to Church in the morning, would you please pass this information along?

And who forged those Niger yellowcake documents anyway and...

Of Propaganda and the Truth

Congress Finds Ways To Avoid Lobbyist Limits

Stars & Stripes letters: Many liberals in the ranks

The Cheney Presidency

Impeachment on a plate - serve immediately

CNN: Versace says, " Hillary can't win wearing pantsuits".

"Not Ready To Make Nice" wins grammy for song of the year.

Thank you for my Valentine heart

I have a simple question:

Where Will The GOP Hide Georgie Bush During Their 2008 Convention?

Sen. Wyden: "there are serious questions about whether Mr. Feith broke the 1947 statute"

Libby & Destruction of CIA Counter-Proliferation

Rudy vs. Hillary, DU vs. FR

Iraqi media source "outs" the anonymous Senior US official claiming Iran meddling

Salon: Obama is "uppity".


IRAN IS NOT responsible for the IEDs used on our Soldiers: THE BUSH ADMIN IS!

Feith's OSP = Richard Pipes' & G. H. W. Bush's "Team B"

Jello Biafra on St Louis radio.

UPDATE: 'Wash Post' Joins 'NYT' in Trumpeting 'Anonymous' Claims on Iranian Weapons in Iraq

Oh Boy... This Day (Feb 15th)... We REALLY Do Need To Remember The Maine !!!

America's Poverty death toll rises by 5; Blaze engulfs 5 who apparently took refuge from cold

Giuliani: "We learned from Ronald Reagan that the way we achieve peace

Obama's Record in the Senate: 69 Bills Introduced as Lead Sponsor (MUST READ)

Who does Barack Obama think he is?

Battlestar Galactica fans

Show of Hands --How Many Saw This In the MSM News? How Many Knew About IT? LINK

Obama Hits Clinton On Iraq: I Was Always Against War

This is Iran (long picture thread)

How do you label yourself politically?

Pro-Life: The most inaccurate term ever.

Please! Let's talk about Racism . . .

On giving the 'hearts'

My son just took off for Iraq again.

Democrats back massive hike in military spending

Grammy Country Album Of The Year: DIXIE CHICKS "Taking The Long Way" !!!


To the DUer's not living in Pacific time, could you please not

Breaking news from Baghdad - PROOF!

Cool Cuba cartoon

Song Of The Year: DIXIE CHICKS "Not Ready To Make Nice" !!!

BWAAA!!! Obama "biotch-slaps" PM Howard

Record lack of snow in Japan

Best Grammys EVER. Al Gore, Dixie Chicks, Police reunion,

It's official: William Kristol is the dumbest, and slimiest person on the planet.

Which Democratic candidate can restore honor and dignity to the White House?

Grand Canyon Skywalk opens deep divide

Ex-Agent Ties Firing to CIA Pressure on WMD

The 2008 GOP Iowa caucus results:

What do you think about this article?

Did You See the Obama Campaign Signs? Powerful Symbolism

GRAPHS: how many nukes do we have compared to any potential threatening country?

"Heart" thread for the Dixie Chicks!!!

Snorkler shot in face

Sen. OBAMA is Black! Any more questions? Cause there shouldn't be!

VA Bill to Punish "Forced" Miscarriages ---------

The, "I won't watch a show/movie because a Liberal or Conservative is involved" is just silly.


Detroit Free Press: Impeach The Two Of Them

A Word About Critical Thinking


A quick word regarding that "bad intell" that "fooled" bush & his allies...


Howdy DU Buckaroos ............ Home on the Fringe

Boston Globe: "Told to wait, a Marine dies"

Centrist Democratic group in Florida...doesn't want party activists, won't cave in to party unity.

Stop Iran War: Ask your Congressperson to cosponsor.

Attacking Iran based on “Fake Incidents” –an Insider Blows the Whistle – “Scoop”/Collins

Rep. Carson Continues Battle on Homelessness (*** TAKE ACTION *** on H.R. 840 - HEARTH Act of 2007)

Pot Prisoners Cost Americans $1 Billion a Year

Iran-Contra - Where are they now?

WHY exactly are we supposed to believe the "intelligence" on Iran is any more honest or accurate

AP: Dixie Chicks Lead Grammys With 5 Awards (PHOTO)

Beware the TROLL BAIT! We need a NEW RULE re: starting threads

Is Rupert Murdoch tilting towards Hillary in 2008?

Romney's stem cell view may upset the right (Boston Globe)

Iraq Resolution Typifies Rift in Senate

Democratic candidates for President shouldn't be taking a stance on gay marriage

Iraq In A Nutshell

Republicans (Ne) also watch and wait for Senate cue (to run for Hagel's seat in 08)

Gates: I'll Move Troops Out Of Harms Way

Dumb and Dumbo (One act, two parties) (Mickey Z.)

Dollar or the Euro? Impact of Bush Foreign Policy

I am enthusiastic about Obama's run, but he shouldn't let people post their own blogs on his site.

John Howard chimes in on Obama...Johnnie's trying to replace tony as the new poodle

Obama in Iowa: "Courageously low" level of pandering, "wildly responsible" campaign

Care 2 daily action site shows off Obama with video and more

A thought on the next President....

Rep. Hoyer: Vote on Iraq Will Be Limited (AP)

Poll Question: Hillary started World War I....True or False

stunning pictures of China

I saw a GROUP of Republicans waving BUSH is a traitor signs etc...

Sen. Obama for President

Slate: Putin Provokes

"Believed to be coming from Iran"

The US Department of Peace?

Bush budget slashes Indian health care, education funding

Hill will make Bill and his administration's accomplishments a central part of her 2008 bid

The differences in Hillary campaigning VS. Obama and Edwards campaigning

Media Madness (a Liberty Belle editorial)

New term for hippocrite.......... McCainocrite.

Obama calls name recognition big hurdle

Methinks he does protesteth too much...

Obama Event in Ames: Live Blogging

Stinky's Home, and is supposed to avoid "stress." Should I turn off the teevee??

Declared presidential candidates answer, 'Where do we go from here in Iraq?'

AP: Libby Trial Sheds Light on White House

IWR -- I am so sick of seeing only certain candidates criticized for this --

AP: Libby Trial Sheds Light On White House

I'm way behind the curve here. I just watched Feith on CNN clip and all I can say is...

Okay, Here's my crazy idea for 25 million

Davy Crockett's Rules for Politicians

U.S. Attorney, NJ Legislature in high-stakes battle

McCain Taps Cash He Sought To Limit - WaPo Front Page

MSNBC Poll on Impeachment - Doesn't need Duing, but it couldn't hurt

No one can touch Obama's prescient view of the Iraq war

Right Wing friend says Valerie Plame sent Joe Wilson to Niger.

We have to learn to trust each other when it comes to the leadership race.

Say Goodbye To Civilization (Mickey Z.)

Don't forget Obama is on 60 MINUTES tonight. Come one, come all!

Damn Reid!!! He's too weak and easily out foxed.

emotion and reason in politics

NYT Falls for Bogus Iran Weapons Charges...Repeat of Judy Miller Scandal

Clinton uses term Obama got in trouble for

Question about Neal Boortz referring to Clinton as a rapist

Dumb ass John Howard on the attack on Obama already

Freepers are Imploding over Rudy

Things that just aren't true

Duncan Hunter NT

Mass. Governor Deval Patrick holds federal loan program up to public view

In New Hampshire, Clinton Owns Up to Her Vote on Iraq War

I just figured out I'm not really white.

Der Mittenfuhrer wraps self in Reagan lingo

I'm back Plenty Of War Money In Bush Budget, Not Enough For Poor Kids' Health

Workers To Congress: Our Most Basic Liberties Must Be Restored

Damn this is a sexist post.... But that Shakira is hot... lol eom...

Obama: "I'm rooted in the African-American community, but I'm not defined by it."

He could have been a contender

Why I am running for an at-large seat on my city council.

Clarkies: What do you think.....


'Air Pelosi': Payback for 5-Day Week?

Yeah! Dixie Chicks are back!

I love how Obama answers seemingly impossible questions from the press

Holy crap... Thats all I gotta say.. lol eom

From Sept. 2002, Gore on how a vote for the IWR was a vote for preemptive war

oh my ... are we in trouble ...

Mature Women Support Hillary

Have you decided yet on a candidate to support in the primary?

Did the Dixie Chicks win yet?

Everybody should read Hillary's IWR floor speech

Wow. Michelle Obama has a pretty impressive resume herself.

this is the price one man and his bride paid in this war on terror

Obama, but not in a swimsuit...

Twenty-three towns take up Bush impeachment resolution

Deadliest Weapons in Iraq MADE IN THE USA! Does this mean W. at War w/ the USA?

Unfucking Believable - Australia PM puts his two cents in our elections.

Was that Ann Coulter pictured at the Grammy's? I couldn't believe my eyes but it looked like her in

Another hypothetical nomination poll

Steny "K Street" Hoyer sides with R-John Boehner when questioned re public campaign financing on MTP

When i have decided on a candidate to support i will build them up on their own merits

I hate myself for doing this poll, but I hate straw dragons more. Is Obama black?

Obama challenges Hillary on Iraq (AFP)

Universal Health Care: a worthly litmus test?

Example of what we face in Florida..."unions, teachers, or left-wingers" not preferred.

The notion that he's not "Black enough."

Why hasn't Clark announced any plans to run?

WP: GOP Expects Defections as House Debates Iraq Resolution

Dennis Kucinich might be a great guy who is very smart but...

None of these late apologists who voted for the IWR made any "mistake"

Hillary: I said I opposed pre-emptive war but then I voted for it

The line I'm waiting for a candidate to utter is:

Darth Cheney Declares He Is A "Fourth Branch" Of Government

Anyone see Obama on 60 minutes

Where are the '08 candidates on IMPEACHMENT? Various supporters please respond.

It's time to finally put to rest the "Obama's not really black" meme once and for all

Interesting observations about Hillary Clinton

Hillary on Rove, Gingrich, and DeLay: "Bill and I have beaten them before and we will again."

Teenager's jobs hurt as a result of Minimum Wage Hike

Hillary's model is Margaret Thatcher.

"The Man who saved Bill Clinton's Ass" - The Anniversary, 2/12/99

What was THE moment? Who was THE candidate for you?

Is the War on Terror a Hoax?

The United States vs. George W. Bush et al" and government as business?

Onward, (Alleged) Christian Soldiers!

A reminder in cartoon style of what the world thinks of our leaders.

DC EVENT.... March 17th, plans to deface the Vietnam Memorial ?